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Images were selected based upon their representation of the major decorative artwork in each manuscript. In some instances, this just includes decorative and historiated initials (e.g., MS 12), or a large percentage of decorative borders which frame the text (e.g., MS 2). When the binding or layout is of some related interest, images of these were also included.
A 35mm Pentax camera with macrolens supplied by the Library’s Media Services Department was used to photograph most of the manuscript images appearing in this site and the resulting slides were later scanned professionally and the images placed on Kodak Photo CDs. Additional images of the MS 11 were taken with a Sony Mavica by Ron Bouverat of Media Services. Images of MS 27 come from a selection of slides from the Fine Arts Slide Library. These, in addition to two slides from MS 11, had been taken by the University photographer, Dave Broda. The remainder of the images were photographed by graduate intern, Jennifer Casten.
The digital camera images and the images from the Kodak Photo CDs were then adjusted for sharpness and color, and cropped and resized to 600 pixels wide, and saved as "tiffs" in Adobe Photoshop 4.0. These tiffs were then batch-converted into "jpegs" using Graphic Converter 3.6.2. The resulting jpeg images range in size from 400-900+ kilobytes.


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