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James M. Albright Collection Relating to N. C. Wyeth

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Albright, James M.
Title: James M. Albright Collection Relating to N. C. Wyeth
Inclusive Dates: 1908-2009
Quantity: 9.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Books, periodicals, notecards, calendars, address books, single-sheet illustrations, advertisements, jigsaw puzzles, and other items with Wyeth illustrations or artwork; auction catalogs, exhibit catalogs, clippings, and other items about Wyeth and the Wyeth family.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945), better known as N. C. Wyeth, was an American artist and illustrator. Born in Needham, Massachusetts, he attended Mechanics Arts School, the Massachusetts Normal Arts School, the Eric Pape School of Art, and Howard Pyle's School of Art in Wilmington, Delaware. During his studies he worked with Pyle himself, as well as with artists George L. Noyes and Charles W. Reed.

Wyeth's first commission as an illustrator was the February 21, 1903 cover of The Saturday Evening Post, for which he drew a bucking bronco, but others were quick to follow, and Wyeth shortly became recognized as one of the foremost American illustrators of his day. Over his career he illustrated editions of classic American children's books (Treasure Island, Kidnaped, Robin Hood, Last of the Mohicans), and his work frequently appeared in prominent periodicals including Century, Harper's Monthly, Ladies' Home Journal, McClure's, Outing, and Scribner's. Other work included advertisements, posters, calendars, murals, and many other formats.

Wyeth was a member of the National Academy, the Society of Illustrators, the Philadelphia Water Color Club, the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the Chester County Art Association, and the Wilmington Society of Fine Arts. In June 1945 he received an honorary master of arts degree from Bowdoin College. His work is held by museums across the country; in particular, the Brandywine River Museum in Wyeth's home town of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania has a large collection of his work, as does Maine's Portland Museum of Art in Portland and Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland.

Several of N.C. Wyeth's children and grandchildren became artists as well. N.C.'s son Andrew and Andrew's son James "Jamie" Browning Wyeth, both noted painters in their own right, are represented in the collection as well.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The majority of the James Albright Collection Relating to N. C. Wyeth consists of examples of Wyeth's artwork as it appears on a wide range of printed material and objects. The collection contains clippings, correspondence, donor documentation, exhibit and gallery material, printed material, and objects.

Clippings consists of magazine and newspaper articles about N. C. Wyeth and other members of the Wyeth family, and their life and work. These range from brief mentions in local newspapers to feature pieces from Architectural Digest and other national publications. Included here is the obituary of Wyeth's son Nathaniel, inventor of the plastic soda bottle.

Correspondence contains a few pieces of correspondence between James Albright, the donor of the collection, and various owners or holders of Wyeth art.

Exhibits and galleries consists largely of material relating to the Brandywine River Museum in Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania and the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine, both of which have for many years been closely involved with the Wyeth legacy. This material includes not only brochures and other items directly related to exhibits of Wyeth's work, but also museum publicity, membership and donor material featuring Wyeth's artwork. Also included are more than twenty years of the Brandywine's newsletter, Catalyst.

Printed material is the largest section of the collection, comprising a wide range of printed items featuring Wyeth art. Address books, advertisements, book illustrations, periodicals, calendars, notecards, posters, and miscellaneous other types of printed matter are all represented, including a World War I Red Cross poster illustrated by Wyeth. Several of these items are quite large. There are also a few books about Wyeth and his work.

In Objects the researcher will find an equally wide range of artifacts bearing artwork by Wyeth. These include jigsaw puzzles, DVD packages, plates, commemorative medals, bookmarks, mugs, paperweights, stamps and a Coca-Cola advertising tray. Where possible, the title of the artwork used is provided.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is divided into clippings, correspondence, donor documentation, exhibit and gallery material, printed material, and objects. Clippings are arranged chronologically. Material in the other series is in alphabetical order by type or title, except for objects, which are in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

James Albright also donated hundreds of books illustrated by Wyeth. These have been transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging. A complete listing of these books may be found by searching for "Gift of James Albright" in the Classic Catalog .

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Subject Headings


Wyeth, Andrew, 1917-2009.
Wyeth, Ann C. (Ann Caroline), d. 1914.
Wyeth, Jamie, 1946-
Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945.

Corporate Bodies

Brandywine River Museum.
Syracuse China Company.

Associated Titles

Brandywine catalyst.


Illustrators -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Address books.
Auction catalogs.
Calendars (documents)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Cup plates.
Dinner plates.
Greeting cards.
Jigsaw puzzles.
Sound recordings.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

James Albright Collection Relating to N. C. Wyeth,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of James M. Albright.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 25 January 2008
Revision history: 27 Jan 2011 - additions; updates to scope and content and to subject headings (MRC); 7 Jan 2014 - additions; expanded detail (MRC); 17 Mar 2015 - map case numbers corrected (MRC); 4 Apr 2017 - map case numbers updated (MRC); 6 Sep 2019 - plate added (MRC); 7 Jul 2023 - "Christmas in Old Virginia" added (MRC)

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Box 1 About N.C. Wyeth 1984-1985, 1988
See also Printed material : Periodicals for a few feature articles on Wyeth.
Box 1 About Wyeth family 1984, 1986, 1988-1991, 1996-1997, 1999, 2003, undated - includes Jamie Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Betsy Wyeth, etc.
See also Printed material : Periodicals for a few feature articles on the Wyeth family.
Box 1 Featuring Wyeth's work 1986, 1997, 2001 - article on collecting Rafael Sabatini, many of whose books were illustrated by Wyeth; article on a show that included Wyeth works; advertisements for books with Wyeth illustrations; etc.
See also Printed materials : Clippings and Printed material : Periodicals for Wyeth's work as published in books and magazines at the time.
Box 1 Albright, James 1981, 1989, 1998
Donor documentation
Oversize 2 Donor's inventory (binder) - extremely detailed inventory of items, including photocopies of Wyeth bibliographies
Exhibits and galleries
Brandywine River Museum
Box 1 Catalyst newsletter 1981-2009 (3 folders)
Box 1 Donor and member mailings - all include Wyeth information and/or reproductions of his work
Map-Case 126 "Brandywine Spring" exhibit poster 1989
Box 2 Exhibit material and reproductions - postcards, brochures, mailings, fliers, etc. (2 folders)
Farnsworth Art Museum
Box 2 Exhibit material and reproductions 1998-2004
Map-Case 126 Exhibit poster 1998
Map-Case 126 "N.C. Wyeth / 100th Anniversary October 22, 1982 / Town of Needham Massachusetts" 1982
Map-Case 126 Miscellaneous (oversize) 1976-1991
Johnson-Humrick House Museum (1991); "Missouri Murals" (1989); Millport Museum, "N.C. Wyeth and His Family" (1991); New York Historical Society, "200 Years of Illustration" (1976); unidentified exhibit in Japan sponsored by AT&T (1988)
Box 2 Miscellaneous - fliers, mailings, exhibit catalogs, etc. from other galleries, museums, exhibits, dealers etc. (2 folders)
Printed material
Oversize 1 Andrew Wyeth: The Helga Pictures 1987 - portfolio of six portraits and outdoor scenes, te Neues Publishing Company
Box 2 Address book - Green Tiger Press; one illustration (facing C) by Wyeth
Oversize 1 Advertisements - loose sheets, including some Coca-Cola ads on metal backing
Map-Case 126 Advertisements (oversize) - "The Overland Out West" automobile ad
Box 3 Auction catalogs 1989-2000 (2 folders)
Box 3 Book catalog, Book Supply Company 1915
Map-Case 126 Book posters
The Boys King Arthur (Lanier); Mysterious Island (Verne)
About Wyeth
N. C. Wyeth: The Collected Paintings, Illustrations and Murals, by Douglas Allen, and American Masters: The Voice and the Myth, by Brian O'Doherty, have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.
Oversize 2 Illustrated by Wyeth
Arundel, by Kenneth Roberts (paperback; cover illustration)
Rabble in Arms, by Kenneth Roberts (paperback; cover illustration)
The Boy's King Arthur, edited by Sidney Lanier (paperback; cover, color plates)
The Scottish Chiefs, by Jane Porter (paperback; cover, color plates)
Oversize 2 Featuring Wyeth or his work
Price and reference guide to books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, by James A. Bergan
The Postal Service guide to U.S. stamps, 28th edition
2001 commemorative stamp yearbook
Saturday Evening Post treasury (one Wyeth item, page XV)
Oversize 1 Calendars
Oversize 8 Calendars
Map-Case 126 Calendars 1942
Box 3 Clippings circa 1900-1950 - pages taken from books and magazines of the time, showing Wyeth's work as published
Oversize 8 Notecards
Oversize 7 America's Civil War Sep 1993
Oversize 7 American Art Review Feb 1998, Jun 2000 (2 items)
Oversize 7 American Artist Feb 1975, Nov 1977, Mar 1998, Dec 1998, Nov 2000 - 1975 issue includes feature article, "Three generations of the Wyeth family" (5 items)
Oversize 6 American Gun Spring 1961
Oversize 7 American Heritage Dec 1956, Dec 1961, Dec 1964, Oct 1965, Dec 1971 (5 items)
Oversize 7 American History Feb 1996
Oversize 7 American History Illustrated (issues) Jan 1967, Jun 1967, Feb 1968, Jun 1968, Nov 1968, May 1969, Jun 1969, Jul 1969, May 1970, Jul 1971, Jan 1987 (2 copies), Apr 1988, Oct 1992 (14 items)
Oversize 7 American History Illustrated (standalone publications): The Concise Illustrated History of the Civil War (2 copies), Declaration of Independence Keepsake Album
Oversize 6 American Legion Magazine Feb 1944
Oversize 7 Architectural Digest Oct 1990
Oversize 7 Arizona Highways Nov 1953
Oversize 7 Art & Antiques Summer 1987
Oversize 6 Century Sep 1915
Oversize 6 Collier's 6 Jan 1917; 19 Nov 1932 (2 items)
Oversize 7 Colonial Homes Dec 1988 (2 copies)
Oversize 7 The Conservationist Aug-Sep 1954, Mar-Apr 1979 (2 items)
Oversize 6 Country Gentleman Jun 1944, Nov 1944 (2 items)
Oversize 7 Civil War Times Illustrated Nov 1964, Feb 1966, Jul 1969, Feb 1977, Nov 1977, Aug 1980 (6 items)
Oversize 7 Early American Life Jun 1983
Oversize 6 Fortune Jan 1939
Oversize 6 Good Housekeeping Dec 1935
Oversize 6 Harper's Magazine Jul 1916, Nov 1927
Oversize 6 Ladies' Home Journal May 1929, Nov 1928, Jun 1929, Dec 1928, Nov 1924 (5 items)
Oversize 6 LIFE 9 Dec 1957; 17 Jun 1946; 24 Apr 1944; 17 Dec 1971 - Dec 1971 issue includes feature article, "Christmas in the Wyeth family" (4 items)
Oversize 7 M: The Civilized Man Dec 1984
Oversize 6 McClure's Jan 1908
Oversize 3 National Geographic, bound volumes Jan-Jun 1928, Jul-Dec 1928, Jan-Jun 1929 (3 volumes)
Oversize 3 National Geographic, single issues March 1928, May 1928 (2), July 1928 (2), Jan 1929, May 1935, April 1949, March 1960, July 1965 (2), Nov 1966, Jun 1968, Jun 1970, July 1991 (2) (16 items)
Oversize 7 National Parks Nov/Dec 1993
Oversize 6 The Outing Magazine Jul 1907, May 1907 (2 items)
Oversize 7 Persimmon Hill 1989 (vol 17 no 2), undated (vol 2 no 1) (2 items)
Oversize 6 Photoplay Dec 1932
Oversize 7 Portfolio May/Jun 1981
Oversize 6 The Popular Magazine Dec 1912 (no.5, vol.26), Jun 1912 (no.4, vol.24), Mar 1912 (no.5, vol.23), Aug 1912 (no.2, vol.25), Dec 1913 (no.1, vol.39) (5 items)
Oversize 6 Red Cross Magazine Jun 1918, Jul 1918 (2 items)
Oversize 6 St. Nicholas Nov 1927, Dec 1927 (2 items)
Oversize 4 Scribner's, bound volumes Jul-Dec 1904, Jan-Jun 1906, Jan-Jun 1907, Jan-Jun 1908, Jul-Dec 1909, Jan-Jun 1910, Jan-Jun 1911, Jul-Dec 1911 (8 volumes)
Oversize 5 Scribner's, bound volumes Jan-Jun 1916, Jul-Dec 1917, Jul-Dec 1919, Jul-Dec 1924, Jul-Dec 1928 (5 volumes)
Oversize 5 Scribner's, single issues Mar 1906, Feb 1907, Feb 1908, Dec 1909, Apr 1911, Jan 1937 (6 items)
Oversize 6 Saturday Evening Post 18 Jul 1908; 1 Aug 1908; 26 Sep 1908 (3 items)
Oversize 7 Sky (Delta Airlines magazine) Oct 1988 (2 copies)
Oversize 7 South Carolina Wildlife Jan/Feb 1979
Oversize 7 Southwest Art Oct 1987
Oversize 7 USAir Dec 1987 (2 copies)
Oversize 7 Wild West Dec 1990
Oversize 1 Woman's Home Companion Aug 1908
Oversize 1 Youth's Companion Mar 1908
Map-Case 126 Poster, Red Cross - "The American Red Cross Carries On," undated, probably World War I
Oversize 10 Print, "Christmas in Old Virginia" - very large print on rigid mount, resembles canvas
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous illustrations - loose sheets, some clipped from books or magazines
Map-Case 126 Miscellaneous illustrations - enlarged prints, mostly of book illustrations; very large pieces, some matted
Map-Case 126 Miscellaneous illustrations
two "opium den" scenes; untitled of man in frock coat outdoors; prints of Wyeth paintings and murals
Miscellaneous printed material
Box 3 Featuring Wyeth - items whose main purpose is to showcase, advertise or feature work by one of the Wyeths; for example, postcards or greeting cards with reproductions, or an Easton press advertisement for Wyeth-illustrated books
Box 3 Including Wyeth work - items which happen to include work by one of the Wyeths, but whose main purpose is something else; for example, a corporate annual report which uses Wyeth art on the cover or title page (2 folders)
Almost all of the following items bear Wyeth artwork in some way. Where possible, the title of the artwork has been identified.
Oversize 8 Bookmarks - detail from "Invocation to the Buffalo Herds (2 items)
Oversize 8 Boxes, decorative - "The Hunter" and "Chadd's Ford" (3 small, 1 large)
Oversize 8 Cup plates, Needham Free Library - unidentified pirate (3 items)
Oversize 9 Dinner plate - "Return of the Hunter"; manufactured by Syracuse China and Onondaga Pottery for the Hotel Utica (3 items)
Oversize 8 Jigsaw puzzles - "Treasure Island" and "Caravels of Columbus" (2 items)
Oversize 8 Magnets - "Friar Tuck" and "The Hunter"
Oversize 8 Mug - no artwork but printed with signatures of all three Wyeths
Oversize 8 Paperweight, Brandywine River Museum - "Fence Builders"
Oversize 8 Photographs of Wyeth paintings
Oversize 8 Plaque with Father Christmas painting
Oversize 8 Stamps - "Great American Illustrators" series
Oversize 8 Tray, metal, Coca-Cola advertisement - "Sea Captain"
Oversize 8 Audiorecording, "Last of the Mohicans" commercial audiocassette
Oversize 8 DVD of classic Westerns - insert has unidentified painting of man
Oversize 1 Record album, "27 Musical Portraits by Ann Wyeth" - portrait of Ann Wyeth by her husband, John W. McCoy
Oversize 8 Videorecording, "N. C. Wyeth Special, 11/9/86" VHS tape

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