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Approach Archives

An inventory of its records at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Approach magazine.
Title: Approach Archives
Inclusive Dates: 1913-1968
Quantity: 12 linear ft.
Abstract: American literary journal. Collection contains editorial files, correspondence with authors and contributors, copies of other "little magazines," indexes to APPROACH, more. List of names given in subject headings below is not comprehensive.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

APPROACH was an American literary magazine that flourished between 1947 and 1962. It published both prose and poetry, and counted among its authors Robert Bly, Charles Bukowski, Daniel Hoffman, Lachlan MacDonald, Thomas Merton, Howard Nemerov, and many more.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The APPROACH Archives contains editorial files, books, magazines and miscellaneous material. The donor's original organization has been retained. This Scope and Content section has been written by Special Collections Research Center, but all folder titles and descriptions in the "Inventory" section below are taken directly from the donor's extensive and detailed finding aid.

APPROACH files contains issue files, correspondence and miscellany. Issue files consists of one file for each of the 64 issues of the magazine; each file may contain a wide range of material including letters from authors, permissions, copyright information, financial material, drafts of prose or poems, receipts, notices, precis, reports, subscriber names and addresses, and so on. Correspondence is subdivided into correspondence with contributing authors and correspondence with others (would-be contributors, readers, the general public). Miscellaneous files at the end of this series include advertising rates, unfinished articles, inventories, lists of nominees for prizes, circulars and rejections from other magazines, correspondence with bookstores and libraries, policies, submissions, and assorted other material.

Books consists of -- to use Approach's own words -- "Published works of our contributors, plus those books judged important for understanding the period from 1947-1967." The first section consists of prose and poetry by authors including Robert Bly, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Albert Fowler and Thomas Merton, among others. The second section consists of references works such as "indices, bound volumes of out-of-print little magazines of the preceding generation, histories of little magazines, general works of reference and anthologies." Two vanity press items complete this series.

Magazines consists of issues of publications with which Approach had an exchange agreeement, and a selection of publications which wished to exchange with Approach but which Approach rejected. Most of the former have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging and may be located via the Classic Catalog. The latter range from college English publications and University press organs to publications from correctional institutions and religious organizations; most are American but there are also a few from Britain, Canada and Spain.

Miscellaneous items consists of back issues and reprints of issues of Approach, indexes to the publication, three books of expenses and receipts, and notebooks of subscriber names and addresses. There are also three copies of Berdyaev "On Suicide."

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Arrangement of the Collection

The APPROACH files retain the original organization, structure and file names as received. Issue files are in chronological order by issue number. Correspondence is in alphabetical order by correspondent name. Books are in alphabetical order by author while magazines are in alphabetical order by title. Miscellaneous items are in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Many of the books, serials, journals and periodicals that comprised the original donation have been transferred to Rare Books or to the circulating collection for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.

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Subject Headings


Aiken, Conrad, 1889-1973.
Bly, Robert.
Brooks, Helen Morgan.
Bukowski, Charles.
Carruth, Hayden, 1921-2008.
Everson, William, 1912-1994.
Foley, Helen.
Fowler, Albert Vann, 1904-
Kreymborg, Alfred, 1883-1966.
Landstrom, Elsie H.
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.
MacDonald, Lachlan P.
McCandless, John H.
McDonald, Frank.
Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968.
Murphy, Carol R.
Nemerov, Howard.
O'Connor, Flannery.
Savory, Teo.
Swallow, Alan, 1915-1966.

Corporate Bodies



American literature -- 20th century -- Periodicals.
American literature -- History and criticism -- Periodicals.
American poetry -- 20th century -- Periodicals.
Literature, Modern -- 20th century -- Periodicals.
Poetry, Modern -- 20th century -- Periodicals.

Genres and Forms

Drafts (documents)
Magazines (periodicals)
Manuscripts for publication.
Reviews (documents)

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Approach Archives,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Albert and Helen Fowler, 1968.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Approach magazine
Date: 11 May 1968
Revision history: 25 Mar 2011 - updated, converted to EAD

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Issues files
Box 1 #1 Spring, 1947
containing letters from Frank T. Prince, James Agee, Kenneth Patchen, William Eshelman, and the Hambleton Company of Wilmington, Del., printers
Box 1 #2 Summer, 1947
containing a letter from Hubert Creekmore of New Directions, from the Hambleton Co., financial reports on the first 2 issues
Box 1 #3 Fall, 1947
containing letters about copyright, about permission for the translation of Ricarda Huch's "Verses for our Time," from Lloyd Sullivan, and Libertarian Print Shop of Newark, N.J.
Box 1 #4 Spring, 1948
containing letters from Kenneth Rexroth, Anne Freund, Elsie Hines (Landstrom) the Copyright Office, and Libertarian Print Shop
Box 1 #5 Spring, 1949
containing letters from Marie Rexroth, Kenneth Patchen, James Laughlin, Edwin A. Sanders, the Printing Department. of William Penn College, Oskaloosa, Iowa, and financial accounting
Box 1 #6 Spring, 1950
containing permissions from Houghton Mifflin 0o. for certain lines from Archibald MacLeish's "Poems, 1924-1933" and New Directions for permission to quote from Ezra Pound's "The Seafarer" in Personae, letters from John H. McCandless who he'd-set and printed the issue at Black Mountain College, Black Mountain, N.C. and Frank McDonald, APPROACH editor, financial reports, a copy of the first, APPROACH advertising in Mason Jordan Mason's Notebook 4-23. Also permission request from William Hull for "Song Some Scientists Don't Sing"
Box 1 #7 Spring, 1952
containing a copy of the speech given by Albert Fowler on the 5th birthday party of APPROACH given at Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pa. on May 25, the first & second drafts of J.H. McCandless' poem read on the same occasion, "Milton, Thou Shouldest Be Living at This Hour, or One of Our Editors is Missing; greetings from Howard Brinton, APPROACH newsletters by Frank McDonald, J.H. McCandless, letter from James S Holmes written from Holland, 14'.17ine(r or people sending in contributions, financial report, and inventory, no letters from Roberts of Media, Pa. who did the printing for this issue since Frank McDonald was business agent and did not turn over to us later, this correspondence
Box 1 #8 Spring, 1953
reports from Frank McDonald, Albert Fowler, Peter Docili, J.H. McCandless, Elsie Hines (Landstrom); a letter from Libertarian Press which did not handle the printing (Suburban Publications of Wayne, Pa. did the printing but there are no records of receipts); financial reports, notices about APPROACH in Friends Intelligencer, Pendle Hill Bulletin, Quaker Wider Fellowship, and letters from Olive Johnson, Vincent Kanes, Lesley West, and John L. Heller
Box 1 #9 Fall, 1953
proposal to change APPROACH to a quarterly basis, letters from editors, McDonald, Landstrom, Murphy, Docili approving the change of address and timing, cover proof, treasurer's report, report on subscriptions, reports from readers, letters from Richard Kirk Washburn, Norman Whitney, Ruth Forbes Sherry, John L. Heller, Kenneth Burke, Katherine Bragdon, poem by Albert Fowler, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #10 Winter, 1954
letter from F. McDonald, from Charles Scribner's Sons, printing receipt from Suburban Publications, precis for Contributors' Notes from Milton Gordon, Elsie Landstrom, Frona Lane, Glen Coffield, Mildred Murphy, Olive Johnson, William Hull, LeGarde S. Doughty, letters from Richard Kirk Washburn, Anne G. Sneller, APPROACH ad in The Creative Advertiser, editor: Glen Coffield, Vol I, No. 1, Spring 1954, Contributors' addresses
Box 1 #11 Spring, 1954
report from H. Fowler, vita from Vincent Oredson, and Dachine Rainer, letters from Olive Johnson, Richard Kirk Washburn, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Elsie Landstrom, Trace No 8, Aug. 1954 descriptive of the issue, Suburban Publications receipt, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #12 Summer, 1954
letters from Glen Coffield, LeGarde S. Doughty, Richard Kirk Washburn, R.S. Fetters, Frona Lane - asking for permission to tape record poems of Ethelford Carroll, Suburban Publications receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #13 Fall, 1954
A. Fowler's treasurer's report, list of contributors' & exchange copies, request. from Kenneth R. Jones of Salem County Farmers Almanac to reprint Mary Hoxie Jones' "Man and Child," M.H. Jones' permission, copy of the Almanac for Jan. 1954, letters from Frederick F. Manfred, Ruth Domino, and Borestone Mountain Awards' inquiry into APPROACH's status, APPROACH's nominations for 8th annual contest, Suburban Publications' receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #14 Winter, 1955
A. Fowler's financial report, letters to and from the copyright office concerning the lost certificate No. B 522716, date Feb. 20, 1955, vitas from Charles Edward Eaton, Theodore Enslin, George H. Moorse, letters from Norman Whitney, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Chet Bryant, Peter Docili, and Theodore Enslin, from George Knox re an article on Kenneth Burke which did not materialize, Suburban Publications' receipt, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #15 Spring, 1955
reports on make-up from H. Fowler & finances from A. Fowler, letter from copyright office concerning printer's error in dropping copyright notice on title page after approval of page proofs, and a copy of the law, vita of Barron Mills, letters from Margaret Kirkpatrick, Roy Livengood, and Norman Whitney, listing of copies & contributors' addresses
Box 1 #16 Summer, 1955
A. Fowler's financial report, letters from and to F. McDonald, vita from Charlotte Marletto, letter from Marion Kingston of Beloit Poetry Journal re Carroll Arnett, Suburban Publications' receipts and Contributors' addresses
Box 1 #17 Fall, 1955
letters to and from John V. Sankey of Villiers Publications, London, England & James Boyer May and receipted bills from the same, copy of U.S. Law implementing the Universal copyright Convention & a letter from U.S. Copyright Office, vitas from Don Geiger & Emory C. Pharr, letters from Richard L. Barrows, Jr. and Elizabeth Schneider, note from William Newberry, clipping from Intro Bulletin-Jan, 1956, Albert Fowler's financial report, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #18 Winter, 1956
letters to and from John Sankey, receipted bills, letter from David Hudson requesting permission to reprint Helen Morgan Brooks "Three Poems," "The Sere, The Yellow Leaf," "Letter to Sheila," letters to and from James S Holmes who assumed proofing and paging from his home in Amsterdam, Holland, vita of Holmes, clipped from The Friends Intelligencer, early Feb., 1956, part of a letter from Addison Allen, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #19 Spring, 1956
first draft of Albert Fowler's "Poor Man's Saturday Reviews," first draft of Wolf Mendi's "Angle of a Screen," note about first copies to writers' conferences, letters to and from John Sankey, James S. Holmes, and James Boyer May, printing receipts, notation about shipment, card from Bernard Raymund, Albert Fowler's financial reports, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #20 Summer, 1956
first draft of Harold Grutzmacher's "The Clearing," carbons of title page and Contributors' Notes, letters to and from Sankey, Holmes, May, and printing receipts, routing of copy for the issue among the editors, notes for editorial meeting 4/15/56, letters to Collector of Customs, Philadelphia, receipt for duty paid, letter from U.S. Treasury, Customs Service, about what to do to avoid duties, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #21 Fall, 1956
minutes for editorial meeting 8/26/56, copy of Opal Shannon's letter to The Golden Goose, requesting return of the mss "O, That Is This to me ...", letters to and from Holmes, Sankey's delivery note, printing receipts, note about Helen Fowler's publicity letters, copy of Albert Fowler's "Meridian at Midcentury," letters from Norman Whitney, Ruth Smith and Richard Barrows, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #27 Winter, 1957
Helen Fowler's editorial queries about Arnett's article on William Jay Smith, carbons of contributors' notes & title page, letters to and from Farrar, Straus & Young about permission to quote from Smith's poems, letters to and from Arnett over what to do because we refused to pay the charges, letters to and from Sankey, Holmes and May, printing receipts, H. Fowler's minutes for editorial meeting, letter from Olive Johnson and Frederick Bock, clipping from N.Y. Times book review, Mar. 24, 1957, reprinting Alan Donovan's "Of Bones and Stars," contributors' addresses
Box 1 #23 Spring, 1957
letter from Wolf Mendl, Albert Fowler's financial reports, carbon of title page, make up of cover for 10th Anniversary issue, letters to and from Sankey, Holmes & May, authorization for business reply cards, printing receipts, record of shipment, notes about complimentary copies and publicity letters, letter from J.H. McCandless, note on gift of mailing envelopes, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #24 Summer, 1957
carbons of title page & contributors' notes, letters to Sankey, Holmes, letters from Holmes & May, printing receipts & shipment records, N.Y. Times Book Review for July 21, 1957 containing reprint of Gerhard Friedrich's "Four-Thirty by the Clock" and contributors' addresses
Box 1 #25 Fall, 1957
carbon of contributors' notes, letters from & to Sankey, letters to Holmes, printing receipts, shipment record, letter from Irving Leiberman of Cleveland Writers' conference re cost of names of participants on gummed labels, labels, contributors' addresses, letter from Elined Kotschnig
Box 1 #26 [Winter 1958?]
Contributors' notes, make-up, letters to and from May & Holmes, letters to Sankey, printing receipts, invoice, letter from Miriam T. Ellison of Best Articles & Stories, requests from same for permissions to reprint Robert Sward's "By the Swimming," and Philip Appleman's "Muses des Beaux Arts," copies of permissions granted Sward for said poem and Lee Brown Coye for "The Way to Go Home," contributors' addresses and Appleman's request
Box 1 #27 Spring, 1958
letters to and from Sankey & Holmes, letters from May, printing receipts & invoice, note from Philip Appelman, and Ray Smith, permission requests from BA&S for J.H. McCandless' "Salute to an Honest Confectioner," Margaret Tongue's "April's Child," and permissions request from Robert L. Tyler for his "First Person," contributors' addresses and carbon of contributors' notes
Box 1 #28 Summer, 1958
make-up for contributors' notes, letters to Sankey & Holmes, letters from Sankey & May, printing receipts & invoice, letter from Waddell Austin asking permission to reprint Joseph Tanda's "Cum Laude" in Borestone Mountain's 11th annual anthology, permission for Barriss Mills' "Everybody Cried at Our Wedding" in BA&S, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #29 [Fall 1958?]
Helen Fowler's notes of 1/10/68 explaining background for the following letters from Sarah A. Haigler, David Lyttle, Howard Comfort, Eugene Exman, F. Edward Lund, Tom F. Driver, Edith Warren Johnson, letter to Holmes, letter from Sankey, page make-up, letters to and from J. H. McCandless who took over the printing of the magazine for the rest of its life, receipts for carting & printing, note on typographical errors in Albert Fowler's "The Rebels Against Man's Condition," part of a letter from Anne G. Sneller, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #30 Winter, 1959
carbons for a flyer and title page, letters to and from J.H. McCandless, letters to Holmes and an editorial minute letter to absentee editors Landstrom, McDonald & McCandless, printing receipts, copy of change in the notice provisions of US copyright law, permission requests from BA&S for Marie Chay's "We're All the Same Now" and Joseph Joel Keith's "The Pen," request from James L. Weil of The Elizabeth Press for permission for Keith poem, copy of permissions granted Keith for "The Pen," LAND OF MORNING, IN A FAR COUNTRY, THE IDOL, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #31 Spring, 1959
letters to and from J.H. McCandless, carbons of cover, salute to Hemlock Press, title page, contributors, features of #32, proofs of title page, J.H.M's poem "No" and Pasternak translation (1) and APPROACHing, printing receipts, letter from Donna Collins, coordinator of Views receipt of payment for ad in the London Times Literary Supplement, letters from Miriam T. Ellison requesting permissions for George Garrett's "The Only Dragon on the Road," the two Pasternak poems "The Drowsy Garden" and "Resting Oars" translated by Kayden, and Peter Crumpet's "Roll Over Poets," permission request from University of Massachusetts for David R. Clark's "The Promise," letter from Willis Eberman about mention of his book THE PIONEERS AND OTHER POEMS, break-down of distribution, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #32 Summer, 1959
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, recent comments about APPROACH, title page, contributors, APPROACHing, printing receipts, letters from A. Fowler, trying to elicit comments from Eugene Exman & Tillich on C.S. Lewis, letter from William Hubben, editor of Friends Journal, letters and permission request from BA&S for Albert Fowler's "The Lost Relevance of Religion," copy of application for registration of a claim to copyright, letters from Den Wilson, Anne G. Sneller, and Josephine Benton, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #33 Fall, 1959
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title page, contributors, APPROACHing, reprint cover for John Nist's "Brasil is Awake," note for Albert Fowler's poem, "Loon Lake," H. Fowler's tentative paging, and letter from Bradley on make-up, letter from Marion Stocking of THE BELOIT POETRY JOURNAL releasing copyright on Nist's translation of Bandeira's "Profundamente," printing receipts, letter from Margaret Widdem of Huntington Hartford Foundation, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #34 Winter, 1960
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title page, contributors, APPROACHing, printing receipts, contributors addresses
Box 1 #35 Spring, 1960
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, notes for inside front cover on Lyttle's & McAfee's books, and note on purpose of Notes and Cross References to Nature, a subdivision on title page, title page, contributors, APPROACHing, proofs of covers, printing receipts, permission request from BA&S for Carroll Arnett's "The Question," copyright transfers to Ann Stanford of "Small Garden," "The Protestant," "The Sleeping Princess," contributors' addresses
Box 1 #36 Summer, 1960
letters to and from JHM and Sam Bradley who had the management of this issue about the 7 APPROACH poets, carbons of flyer, cover, title page and contributors, letters to SB about the issue from P. J. Kaufman (Critical Quarterly) Theodore Weiss, Robert Lescher (Henry Halt) Arthur R. Borden, Jr. (Shenandoah) John Hall Wheelock, Richard Kelly (Half Moon) Evelyn Thorne, Dick Evans, Reed Whittemore, August Derleth, Joli Morgan for John Logan (Choice) about mention of this forthcoming magazine and the Poetry Contest of Poetry Seminar, Chicago, .permissions for Charles Black's "Aspects" and "Old Woman Serving Behind a Counter," lists of writers to be informed about APPROACH's plans, printing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #37 Fall, 1960
letters to and from JHM, carbons of insert, cover, title page and contributors, printing receipts, permission requests from BA&S for JH. McCandless' "How I Became an American Citizen," and Bernice Ames' "Under a Banner," copyright transfer to Charles Philbrick for "The Presence Upstairs," contributors' addresses
Box 1 #38 Winter, 1961
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, notes on retirement of Frank McDonald & Elsie Landstrom as editors and the McCandless' lawsuit (not used) title page, contributors' notes, APPROACHing, requests for back copies for libraries, some page proofs, N.Y. Herald Tribune of Feb. 26, 1961 reprint of Lloyd Frankenberg's "A Case of Identity," permission from University of Detroit Press to quote from Brother Antoninus' THE CROOKED LINES OF GOD, permission from Grove Press for Michael Hamburger's translations, permissions from Charles Philbrick & Wake Brook House for quotes from WONDERSTRAND REVISITED, permissions request from Charles Scribner's for Peter Viereck's "The Aunt Creed," which was our title, permission to Bink Noll for "Wallace Stevens," to William Jay Smith for "Bachelor's Buttons" & "Dachshunds," printing receipts, contributor's addresses
Box 1 #39 Spring, 1961
letters to and from JHM, notes from editorial meeting (early spring, 1961, undated), carbon of Foreword to The Fish God, original drawings, page proofs of drawings, carbon of Index #34 to 38, and cumulative index up to and including #39, page proofs of both, copy of printed cumulative index and Fish God flyer, printing receipts
Box 1 #40 Summer 1961
letters to and from JHM, letters to Grove Press asking permission to quote from John Muir's COLLECTED POEMS, to the Hogarth Press re: Muir's AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, to Encounter, Robert Fitzgerald & Bollingen for permissions to use the translation in part of John Perse's "Chronique," to POETRY for John Ciardi's "Divorced Husband Demolishes House," to Scribner's for Paris Leary's Views of the Oxford Colleges and Other Poems, letters to and from Edwin Geauque of Wake Brook House re a full page ad in APPROACH for Sister Mary Honora's, Charles Philbrick's and Edna Meudt's books, letters from John Berry and his agent about our permission for "The Pious Puzzles," permissions granted to Elizabeth Randall-Mills for "Every Sleeper Loved," Donald Baker for "Penelope Weaving" & "Biography," printing receipts, distribution note, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #41 Fall, 1961
letters to and from JHM, H. Fowler's report to editors, carbons for cover, title page, contributors' notes, letter from Sam Bradley about Kayden's refusal of honorary degree for his translations of Pasternak and carbon of note on same, Sam Bradley's Note on Alexander Tvardovsky and carbon of cut copy, note on make-up of insertion and carbon of insertion, note on distribution, proofs of ads in The Nation, copy of second class postage, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #42 Winter, 1962
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, note on John Berry's THE FLIGHT OF WHITE CROWS, title page, contributors, insert, H. Fowler's report to editors, some page proofs, publicity letter from Dodd, Mead about Marie Chay's PILGRIM'S PRIDE, printing receipts, copyright assignments for Jane Esty's "An Unworthy Season," Robert L. Tyler's "Deposition of Don Quixote," Chad Walsh's "Population Explosion," James T. Brunot's "The Skin Dive" letter from John Edward Hardy, editor with John Logan of short story textbook requesting same for Ray Smith for "When Springwinds Boom," "A Summer's Loss," "Seaboard Burial Ground," "At the Art Institute," "On This Green Hill," "Because My Starstruck Nights," "The Coming of Venus," "The Greening Tree," "Winter Wind," his "Eve" and "Eden Diary" published under International Copyright and letter from Smith covering same, clipping from N.Y. Times 11/12/61 of review of Berry's book, flyer for Winifred Rawlins' RUSSIAN PICTURES, 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #43 Spring, 1962
15th anniversary issue letters to end from JHM, letters from Sam Bradley about a) French translation of Berdayev "On Suicide" and letters to Morosov, director of YMCA Press of Paris who published same carbons of insert, cover, contributors' notes, Index, title page, original card of Thomas Merton's "If You Seek a Heavenly Light," request and granting of permission for use of H. Fowler's "Interpreting the APPROACH Story," which appeared in TRACE No. 17 and copy of same, page proofs, from S.B. b) letters from Limbach Co. granting permission to use Jacob Landau's woodcut & copies of same, vita of Joseph Luke Agneta, c) about ad in TRACE, from ESQUIRE refusing our ad, letters to and from Simon Doniger of PASTORAL PSYCHOLOGY about an ad in that magazine, copy of letter to selected libraries covering gift of SCYLLA THE BEAUTIFUL and acknowledgments from Albright College Library, Amherst, Atlanta University, Ruth Stephan Poetry Center, Ball State Teachers College, Boston Public Library, Bowdoin, The British Museum, Bryn Mawr, Bucknell, University of California at Los Angeles & Berkeley, Chicago, Colorado, Cornell, Delaware, Dickinson College, Duquesne, Earlham, Guilford, Harvard, Haverford, Tulane, Indiana, Kansas State University, Kentucky, Lebanon Valley College, Lincoln University, Los Angeles Public Library, Louisiana State, Michigan State, Minnesota, Moorehead State College, Nebraska, N.Y. Public, State University of N.Y. at Morrisville, Northwestern, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Purdue, Rutgers, Smith College, Southern Methodist, Stanford, Temple, Texas, Union, Washington and Lee, Williams College, Yale, printing receipts, names for publicity letters, permissions granted to William Stafford for "Conservative," W. R. Moses for "Emblem: Beaver," and "One Time on One River," Lewis Turco for "Mrs. O'Malley," "For Aunt Cossie, Who Must Die" and "Scarecrow," 2nd class mailing receipt, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #44 Summer, 1962
letters to and from JHM, carbons on Note on Nist's MODERN BRAZILIAN POETRY, contributors' notes, cover proof, carbon for insert, vita from Elaine Greenspan, letters to-and from publicity director at Indiana University Press about reviews for the above mentioned Nist book and Carolyn Kizer's THE UNGRATEFUL GARDEN, H. Fowler's notes for make-up, printing receipts, 2nd class mailing receipts, permissions request from Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards for Exta Williams Wolking's "Metamorphosis," permissions granted for same and William Stafford's "On Quitting A Little College," Mother Mary Anthony's "Election," "Many Mansions," "Husbandry," and "Rockabye," contributors' addresses
Box 1 #45 Fall, 1962
letters to and from JHM, H. Fowler's report to editors, originals of bits on Faulkner and John Holmes, carbons of title page, insert, contributors, proof of cover, from S. Bradley on Philip Silver's translation of Mora's book on Unamuno, letters, copy and proof of THE FAT ABBOT ad in APPROACH, card from Mary Fowler, printing receipts and 2nd class mailing receipts, permission request from Jerome Mazzaro's "Port-au-Prince," contributors' addresses
Box 1 #46 Winter, 1963
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title page, insert, contributors' notes, obits of e e cummings and Hermann Hesse and clipped obits of same from N.Y. Times, clipping of picture of 3rd century fish from Thuburbo Majus, cards from Philip Silver & Alan Swallow, H. Fowler's working make-up, letters to and from SIENANDOAH about exchange of ads, permission asked for and granted of BELOIT POETRY JOURNAL for John Nist's translation of Carlos Drummond de Andrade's "Childhood," and Indiana University Press for Nist's translation of Jorge de Lima's "Rag Doll," copyright permission to Hugh Zachary for "Where There Is Gold," request for permission to translate Nist's Brazilian Modernism" in REVISTA DE CULTURA BRASILENA, letter from Harper & Row about Stafford's TRAVELING THROUGH THE DARK and refusing to take an ad in APPROACH, printing receipts, 2nd class mailing receipts, cards returned from insert, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #47 Spring, 1963
H. Fowler's report to the editors, letters to and from JHM, carbons for insert, William Carlos Williams obit, contributors, Index, cover proof for first art work on cover, correspondence with Naomi Christensen about Reed Whittemore essay, letters asking permission and permission grants from University of Minnesota Press for lines from AN AMERICAN TAKES A WALK and with MacMillan to quote from Whittemore's THE SELF MADE MAN and THE BOY FROM IOWA and copy of contract, cancelled check showing payment and letters requesting duplication of payment and copy of check, part of letter from Robert B1y, letters from Herman Elstein, make-up of insert advertising APPROACH to be put in Pendle Hill's pamphlet written by Mrs. Thorne on Quaker poets, letters to and from THE ACTIVIST about their use of Ayala's article without acknowledging either the translators or prior publication in APPROACH, letter from M.G. Jacobs, printing receipts, 2nd class mailing receipts, permissions granted to John B. Hughes and Miguel Gonzalez Gerth, translators and Francisco Ayala author of "The Writer in the Mass Society," contributors' addresses; note on distribution
Box 1 #48 Summer, 1963
letters to and from JHM, H. Fowler's tentative make-up, carbons of cover, contributors' notes, APPROACHing, original and 2nd versions on note of Dorothy Gilbert Thorne's POETRY AMONG FRIENDS (a Pendle Hill pamphlet), proofs of art work, first draft of Ralph Luce's "Sea Town," letters from Insel-Verlag about permissions and payment for Salinger's translations of 2 Rilke poems, letter from Pendle Hill publications about the APPROACH flyer in the above pamphlet, permissions to Daniel Hoffman for "Climbing Katandin," Gerald Locklin for "Hart Crane," request from Borestone Mountain for Ann Stanford's "The Protestant, and David Clark's "Metaphora Mundi," also permissions granted to Norma McLain Stoop for "Landscape Without Figures," and to Mark McCloskey for "Prothalamion," note on distribution, printing and 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #49 Fall, 1963
letters to and from JHM, first draft of Albert Fowler's "Holy Violence," 2 cards from Sam Bradley, carbons of tentative make-up, cover, insert, title page, contributors' notes, note on Daniel Hoffman's THE CITY OF SATISFACTIONS, letter from copyright office on non-receipt of their copies, letters to and from James Hanes with rough draft and proof of his cover, permissions granted Jocelyn Macy Sloan, for "Figure of a Priest," Thomas Whitbread for "Old Coat," David R. Clark for "Metaphora Mundi," printing & 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #50 Winter, 1964
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, 1st & 2nd versions of title page, insert, C.S. Lewis obit, contributors, letter from David Bragdon and card from Henry Bragdon, part of a letter from Anne G. Sneller, letter from Benjamin Britten's secretary, clippings from the NATION, 11/16/63 and NY TIMES Magazine, 11/17/63 on Britten, letter from Post Office correcting our wording about 2nd class postage, requests for permissions from Borestone Mt. for: Ronald B. Ribman's "Magellan: 1521," Harold Witt's "Into Mountains," Winifred Rawlins; "Vincent," Alberta T. Turner' "Things In Love," Helen Morgan Brooks' "A Young David," grant to Ribman, note on distribution, printing & mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #51 Spring, 1964
letters to and from JHM, carbons of index, contributors' notes, cover, 2 versions of title page, announcement of the APPROACH Prize Poem for 1963: Mildred Cousens' "Questions Requiring No Answers," carbons of Helen Fowler's letters to Arthur Lawson & Biagio Pinto, card from Sam Bradley, card from Robert Sward, letter from Thomas Merton's secretary about A. Fowler's article "Possessed by the Holy Spirit: the poetry of Thomas Merton & Vassar Miller, publicity on Merton's EMBLEMS OF A SEASON OF FURY, clipping of ad from NY TIMES 1/24/64 announcing Stafford's winning the Shelley Memorial Award, permissions for inclusion of Witt's "Dogs have as much right as people in Nevada" in Scott, Foresman's school text anthology, printing & 2nd class mailing receipts, note on distribution contributors' addresses
Box 1 #52 Summer, 1964
letters to and from JIM, carbons of tentative make-up, note on Elizabeth Randall-Mills' COUNTRY OF THE AFTERNOON, cover, 2 versions of title page, APPROACHing, contributors' notes, letter from Gonzalez Gerth, to and from the Makler Gallery, Virginio Ferrari, Aldo Casanova, permissions granted for Mildred Cousens' "Questions Requiring No Answer," Alberta Turner's "Things in Love," Philip Appleman's "Kites on a Windy Day" & "A Malediction, Forbidding Morning," Robert Wallace's "Lines for a Friend" & "Susan," Stanley Cooperman's "The Moulting" & "Mount Hebron," distribution note, printing & 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #53 Fall, 1964
letters to and from JHM, carbons of title page, change in editors, cover, and contributors' notes, negative of Sklarow's photo of Esherick's "Reverence", catalogue of Bethell-Wilkinson's one-man show, letters to John Reilly Parrish and Joseph Tanda, permissions granted Eleanor A. McQuilkin for "A Mountain in my Pocket," to Helen Morgan Brooks for "A Young David," to Harold Witt for "Into Mountains," to Winifred Rawlins for "Vincent," to Theodore Holmes for "Uncle Henry, to Marvin Bell for "Believable Linden, etc." to Ida Fasel for "Metope" & "On the Bridge," note on distribution, printing & 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #54 Winter, 1965
letters to and from JHM, carbons of tentative make-up, cover, note on Gertrude Scwebell's CONTEMPORARY GERMAN POETY: AN ANTHOLOGY, announcement of 1965 Bragdon Awards, title page, contributors' notes, purchase order, correspondence with David McReynolds about our plug of the 1966 Peace Calendar, requests from American Poets Fellowship for inclusion of "Union Station" by Charles Tinkham, "Chez James" by Arnold Lazarus, and "Two Sketches" by Lewis Turco in their anthology, permissions granted for same, printing and 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #55 Spring, 1965
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title page, T.S. Eliot obit, announcement of 1965 API)ROACH Awards to Robert Wallace for "Susan" and to Philip Murray for "Marcus Aurelius," contributors' notes, index, page proofs of the Johns Hopkins & Wesleyan University Press ads in APPROACH, correspondence with Warren Kliewer about en APPROACH ad in RELIGIOUS THEATRE, carbon copy and their proof of ad, requests for 1965 THE POETS VIEW anthology for Felix Stefanile's "Nocturne," Audrey Fernandez' "The Saints," & Richard Curry Esler's "Watchman, What of the Night?" grants for the same, grants to Harold Witt for "Doves," to Joseph Joel Keith for "Man in the Back Room," to Laurence Lieberman for "No One to Blame," to Robert Wallace for "The House," to Albert Fowler for all his material in APPROACH to date, printing & 2nd class mail receipts, distribution note, copyright law, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #56 Summer, 1965
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, Harold Vinel obit, title page, contributors' notes, A. Fowler's reworking of Jack Tootell's "Elijah," proofs of ads in NY Review of Books, letter to and from the manager of Vassar Cooperative Bookshop, printing & 2nd class mail receipts, contributors' addresses plus review notices for books reviewed in the issue
Box 1 #57 Fall, 1965
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title page, contributors' notes, carbons of letters to John Hultberg & Lee Brown Coye, letters to and from Carol Murphy, letters from Sam Bradley, page proof 1966 Award flyer, letters requesting & granting the Auden quotes from Random House, notation of source of quotes, permissions granted to Helen Fowler for all work in APPROACH to date, printing & 2nd class mailing receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #58 Winter, 1966
letters to and from JHM, working lay-out, carbons of cover, 1966 award announcement, title page, contributors' notes, proof of cover & note for illustration, proof of ad for Sam Bradley's book, correspondence with Dennis Hale of THE ACTIVIST about APPROACH ad and working copy for same, letters commending issue from Sam Bradley, Alan Brilliant, the Rev. Robert Pollard III, Joseph Joel Keith, Carroll Arnett, Ann Fortenberry, permission granted Carroll Arnett for "The Promise," printing & 2nd class mail receipts, distribution note, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #59 Spring, 1966
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title page, contributors' notes, index, proof of 1966 Awards to Don Mager for "Choreograph" & Constance Carrier "At Tripolis," letters to and from THE ACTIVIST about exchange of ads, our proofs of their ad and copy of Larch 1966 Activist, letters from David McReynolds of WRL about our note on their Peace-Calendar and proofs of same, proofs of title page, letters about exchange of ads with THE WESTERN HUMANITIES REVIEW, copy of letter to David Bragdon, copy of private printing of °Footnote to a Crusade," catalogue of 160st annual exhibit at Pa Fine Arts Academy, showing prize to Reilly, letters to Mildred Monge & Robert McGovern, letters from Charles Ufford, Audrey Fernandez, Barbara Chapin, receipt for ad in NY REVIEW OF BOOKS, receipt for print of Reilly picture, receipt for listing in Franklin Square periodical handbook, letters & enclosures from Cecil D. Smith disapproving of avant-garde poetry, notices from Post Office about zip codes, permissions granted Audrey Fernandez for "Resurrection," to Harold Witt for "My Sudden Cousin;" distribution note, printing & 2nd class mailing. receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #60 Summer, 1966
letters to and from JHM, letter to Theodore Holmes about use of his letters to Albert Fowler and makeup copy for submission to him, clipping from Knopf Quarterly News Notes about Frank O'Connor's death, carbons of APPROACH Poetry Awards, cover, title page and contributors' notes, letters about this issues being a Little Magazine of the Month in the club file, letters to & from George P. Elliott about reprinting the Mager poem, letters to and from Smith Alumnae Quarterly about reprinting the Carrier poem, letter from Betsy Colquitt about corrections, letters to and from Dr. Robinson about corrections, letter to H. M. Brooks about correction, letters from Elizabeth Green, Jocelyn Sloan, Barbara Christopher, Don Mager about the dedication to L.L. (which Laurence Lieberman, one of the judges, thought might be taken to refer to him) letters from Sam Bradley, permissions granted for: Stanwood K. Bolton, Jr.'s "A Perhaps for the Frogs," Don Meur's "Choreograph," Charles Philbrick's "Declensions oz Summer," Laurence Lieberman's "Hands and the Fisherman's Wife," Barbara Howes' "The Lovers of Delicate Things," Constance Carrier's "At Tripolis," printing & 2nd class mail receipts, distribution note, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #61 Fall, 1966
letters to and from JHM, carbons of cover, title Page, contributors' notes, proof of Exposition Press ad in APPROACH, requests from Borestone Mt for Carroll Arnett's "The Promise," Laurence Lieberman's "Hands & The Fisherman's Wife," Felix Stefanile's "Letter from a Friend in Exile, Hayden Carruth's "Concerning Necessity," & J.H. McCandless' "God Will Be A Little Late This Year," permissions granted McCandless, Carruth & Stefanile for the same, letters from Dennis Trudell, William Heyen, Hayden Carruth, David Madden, Wm. E. Byerly, letter about including Harold Witt's "Bees, Suns and Blueberry Muffins at the Dickinsons" in the projected Dickinson anthology, printing & 2nd class :ail receipts, distribution note, letters & memos from the Post Office re zip codes, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #62, Winter, 1967
letter to JHM, carbons of "Approach Authors Appear," cover, title page, contributors' notes, of letter to John Reilly, new rejection slip, Exposition Press contract for ad, printing receipts & same for 2nd class mail, note on distribution, contributors' addresses plus review copy notices
Box 1 #63 Spring, 1967
letters to and from JR:, carbons of cards sent to subscribers about the last issue, cover plus original tracing by Sam Bradley), Alan Swallow obit (clipping from NY TIMES Book Review 12/18/66) title page, contributors' notes, H. Fowler's notes on cutting Albert Fowler's "From Fish God to Fools Island," letter about 230 copies of this issue for class use, letters from Alan Brilliant, Teo Savory, Margaret Menamin, William Hull, letters from Roy Proctor, permissions granted Philip Appleman for "summer Love and Surf," for Dilys Laing's "Declaration of War on Me," "Poem:, note on distribution, printing & 2nd class mail receipts, contributors' addresses
Box 1 #64 Summer, 1967
letters to and from JHM, 1st draft of "Credit Lines," rejected histories of APPROACH, returned letter to An Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, letter from Henry Bragdon, distribution note, master file on subscriptions, copy of account with Bryn Mawr Post Office, printing & 2nd class mail receipts, Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards from Winter '67 "Mark Twain" by Paul Petrie (copyright grant in #62 plus Waddell Austin's letter) and Kenneth F. Rosen's "Cows" and Philip Appleman's "Summer Love and Surf" from Spring, 167. Permissions for both the latter in #63.
Correspondence, contributors and authors
[This subseries includes] correspondence with APPROACH contributors plus letters from a few well-known authors. (N.B. Such files were not kept systematically before 1955, a few letters were kept in the first 8 issue files and are still there; the rest of the correspondence is lost); letters from APPROACH editors.
Box 1 Agneta, Joseph Luke
Box 1 Aiken, Conrad
Box 1 Allen, John
Box 1 Anderson, Wendell
Box 1 Angell, Barbara
Box 1 Ames, Bernice
Box 1 Anselm, Felix
Box 1 Antoninus, Brother (William Everson)
Box 1 Appleman, Philip
Box 1 Arnett, Carroll
Box 1 Awner, Max
Box 1 Baker, Donald W.
Box 1 Balaban, John
Box 1 Barrows, Richard L., Jr.
Box 1 Bartlett, Elizabeth; Baybars, Taner; Beecher, John
Box 1 Bell, Charles
Box 1 Bell, Marvin
Box 1 Berland, Jayne
Box 1 Berlind, Bruce
Box 1 Berry, John
Box 1 Berthoff, Warner
Box 1 Beum, Robert
Box 1 Bice, Clare
Box 1 Black, Charles
Box 1 Bly, Robert - "a few letters lost"
Box 1 Bradley, Sam
Box 1 Bragdon, David
Box 1 Bloom, Robert; Bock, Frederick
Box 1 Bolton, Stanwood X., Jr.
Box 1 Brentlinger, Patrick
Box 1 Brian, Lee
Box 1 Brooks, Helen Morgan
Box 2 Brown, Harper
Box 2 Brown, Rosellen
Box 2 Browne, Michael Dennis
Box 2 Brunot, James T.
Buckley, F.R.
See Crumpet, Peter
Box 2 Burch, Charles
Box 2 Bukowski, Charles
Box 2 Byron, Stuart
Box 2 Carrier, Constance
Box 2 Carruth, Hayden
Box 2 Casanova, Aldo
Box 2 Chapin, Barbara
Box 2 Chay, Marie
Box 2 Childs, Barney
Box 2 Christensen, Naomi
Box 2 Christopher, Barbara
Box 2 Clark, David R.
Box 2 Codey, Regina
Box 2 Coffield, Glen
Box 2 Cole, Lois Dwight
Box 2 Colquitt, Betsy Feagan
Box 2 Cooperman, Stanley
Box 2 Conrad, R. William
Cousens, Mildred
Box 2 Coye, Lee Brown; Crandall, Ruth
Box 2 Crowley, J. V.
Box 2 Crumpet, Peter (F. R. Buckley)
Box 2 Cunningham, Julia
Box 2 Cutler, Bruce
Box 2 de Longchamps, Joanne
Box 2 de Martelly, Janet
Box 2 Docili, Alexandra and Peter
Box 2 Domino, Ruth (Mrs. Mario Tassoni)
Box 2 Donovan, Alan (pen name of Evelyn Thorne, q.v.)
Box 2 Doughty, LeGarde S.
Box 2 Drake, Jack
Box 2 Eaton, Charles Edward
Box 2 Eberman, Willis
Box 2 Eckman, Frederick
Box 2 Eibel, Deborah
Box 2 Eller, Ruth
Box 2 Elliott, William I.
Box 2 Elstein, Herman
Box 2 Emblen, D. L.
Box 2 Empringham, Douglas R.
Box 2 Enslin, Theodore
Box 2 Esler, Richard Curry
Box 2 Esty, Jane
Box 2 Evans, Abbie Huston
Box 2 Evans, J.A.S.
Everson, William
See Antoninus, Brother.
Box 2 Fandel, John
Box 2 Fasel, Ida
Box 2 Farber, Norma
Box 2 Fernandez, Audrey
Box 2 Ferrini, Vincent
Box 2 Fiedler, Leslie A.
Box 2 Flanner, Hildegarde
Box 2 Flowers, Nancy
Box 2 Foster, Ruel E.
Box 2 Fowler, Albert
Box 2 Fowler, Mary D.
Box 2 Fox, Ruth Berrien
Box 2 Francis, Robert
Box 2 Frankenberg, Lloyd
Box 2 Fraser, Kathleen
Box 2 French, Warren
Box 2 Friedman, Norman
Box 2 Friedrich, Gerhard
Box 2 Frumkin, Gene
Box 2 Fuchs, Patricia D.
Box 2 Frost, Robert - complete works, not listed
Box 2 Gardner, Delbert R.
Box 2 Garrett, George
Box 2 Geiger, Don
Box 2 Gersh, Gabriel
Box 2 Gibbs, Margaret
Box 2 Gibson, Walker
Box 2 Gilmore, Edith
Box 2 Gonzalez Gerth, Miguel
Box 2 Gray, James
Box 2 Gree, Scott
Box 2 Greenberg, Arnold
Box 2 Greene, Jonathan
Box 2 Greenspan, Elaine
Box 2 Greenwood, Robert
Box 2 Grutzmacher, Harold
Box 2 Guenther, Charles
Box 2 Gunn, Louise
Box 2 Hall, Donald
Box 2 Hall, Walter E., Jr.
Box 2 Hamburger, Michael
Box 2 Hanes, James
Box 2 Harten, Jaap
Box 2 Hazo, Samuel
Box 2 Hejinian, C. H.
Box 2 Heyen, William.
Box 2 Hiner, James
Box 2 Hoffman, Daniel
Box 2 Holmes, James S.
Box 2 Holmes, John
Box 2 Holmes, Theodore
Box 2 Hovde, A. J.
Box 2 Howes, Barbara
Box 2 Hoy, John C.
Box 2 Huddleston, Blanche
Box 2 Hudson, David H
Box 2 Hudson, Deatt
Box 2 Hughes, John B.
Box 2 Hull, William
Box 2 Hultberg, John
Box 2 Jerome, Judson
Box 2 Johnson, Olive
Box 2 Jones, Mary Hoxie
Box 2 Judson, John
Box 2 Kaplan, Ellen
Box 2 Kayden, Eugene M.
Box 2 Keith, Joseph Joel
Box 2 Kemp, Lysander
Box 2 Kirkpatrick, Margaret
Box 2 Kizer, Carolyn
Box 2 Kliewer, Warren
Box 2 Kreymborg, Alfred
Box 2 Kristen, Marti
Box 2 Lacey, Paul
Box 2 Laing, Dilys (Alexander) - posthumous
Box 2 Lindstrom, Elsie
Box 2 Lane, Frona
Box 2 Langton, Daniel J.
Box 2 Laws, Betty Ann
Box 2 Lawson, Arthur
Box 2 Lax, Robert
Box 2 Lazarus, Arnold
Box 2 Leary, Paris
Box 2 Lehamann, L. Th.
Box 2 Leonard, David
Box 2 Levenson, Christopher
Box 2 Lewis, C. S. - several letters not accounted for
Box 2 Lieberman, Laurence
Box 2 Lipton, Lawrence
Box 2 Locklin, Gerald Ivan
Box 2 Logan, John
Box 2 Loescher, Frank and Mildred
Box 2 Luce, Ralph
Box 2 Lyttle, David
Box 2 McAfee, Tom
Box 2 McCall, Virginia
Box 2 McCandless, J. H.
Box 2 McCloskey, Mark
Box 2 McDonald, Frank
Box 2 McGovern, Robert F.
Box 2 McLintock, Kenneth
Box 2 McQuilen, Eleanor A.
Box 2 MacDonald, Dwight
Box 2 MacDonald, Lachlan
Box 2 Madden, David
Box 2 Mager, Don
Box 2 Mager, Gene
Box 2 Marsh, Willard
Box 2 Mary Anthony, S.H.C.J., Mother (Mary Anthony Weinig, Sister)
Box 2 Mary Honora, O.S.F., Sister
Box 2 Mass, Stephen A. - publisher, Olympia Press
Box 2 Mauch, James
Box 2 May, J. B.
Box 2 Mayer, Parm
Box 2 Mazzaro, Jerome L.
Box 2 Menamin, Margaret
Box 2 Mendl, Wolf
Box 2 Merton, Thomas
Box 2 Meshorer, Rayna (Silvera)
Box 2 Meudt, Edna
Box 2 Michaelson, L. W.
Box 2 Middleton, Elizabeth H.
Box 2 Millar, Joseph
Box 2 Miller, John N.
Box 2 Miller, Vassar
Box 2 Miller, William F.
Box 2 Mills, Barriss
Box 2 Moffitt, John
Box 2 Mongé, Mildred
Box 2 Moorse, George
Box 2 Morabito, Mary Matosian
Box 2 Moses, W. R.
Box 2 Murphy, Carol; Murphy, Joan
Box 2 Murray, Philip
Box 2 Nelson, C. E.
Box 2 Nemerov, Howard
Box 2 Neville, Helen
Box 2 Nist, John
Box 2 Noll, Bink
Box 2 Nowlan, Alden A.
Box 2 Nuhn, Ferner
Box 2 O'Conner, Flannery
Box 2 Oden, G. C. (Gloria)
Box 2 Oerke, Andrew
Box 2 Offen, Ronald
Box 2 Oliansky, Joel
Box 2 Openlander, Peggy
Box 2 Overmyer, Barbara
Box 2 Patten, Karl
Box 2 Petrie, Paul
Box 2 Pettinella, Dora M.
Box 3 Pharr, Emory C.
Box 3 Philbrick, Charles
Box 3 Pinkney, Dorothy Cowles
Box 3 Platt, David
Box 3 Plotinsky, Melvin
Box 3 Plutzik, Hyam
Box 3 Poots, Tom
Box 3 Powers, Jessica (Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit)
Box 3 Porges, Michael
Box 3 Proctor, Roy
Box 3 Pustilnik, Jack
Box 3 Rae, George William
Box 3 Rainer, Dachine
Box 3 Ramsey, Paul
Box 3 Randall Mills, Elizabeth
Box 3 Rawlins, Winifred
Box 3 Ready, Richard
Box 3 Reilly, John William
Box 3 Reiter, Thomas
Box 3 Rexroth, Kenneth
Box 3 Ribman, Ronald B.
Box 3 Ridge, (George) Ross
Box 3 Ristau, Harland
Box 3 Ritter, C. H.
Box 3 Robinson, Donald
Box 3 Roseliep, Raymond
Box 3 Rosen, Kenneth F.
Box 3 Rubin, Larry
Box 3 Sainz de Cueto, Francisco
Box 3 Salinger, Herman
Box 3 Samford, T.C.
Box 3 Savage, Catherine
Box 3 Savory, Teo (Mrs. Alan Brilliant)
Box 3 Schevill, James
Box 3 Schwebell, Gertrude O.
Box 3 Shaffer, Blanche
Box 3 Shapiro, Karl
Box 3 Silver, Philip
Box 3 Simon, John Oliver
Sister Miriam of the Holy Spirit
See Powers, Jessica
Box 3 Sles, Steven L.
Box 3 Sloan, Jocelyn Macy
Box 3 Smith, Ray
Box 3 Smith, Ruth
Box 3 Smith, William Jay
Box 3 Sneller, Anne G.
Box 3 Stafford, William
Box 3 Stanford, Ann
Box 3 Stapletop, Laurence
Box 3 Steere, Helen
Box 3 Stefanile, Felix
Box 3 Stoop, Noram McLain
Box 3 Stonesifer, Richard J.
Box 3 Stryck, Lucien
Box 3 Sullivan, Lloyd
Box 3 Summer, Hollis
Box 3 Swallow, Alan
Box 3 Sward, Robert
Box 3 Tanda, Joseph
Box 3 Targan, Barry
Tassoni, Mrs. Mario
See Domino, Ruth.
Box 3 Thomas, A. F.
Box 3 Thomas, Donald
Box 3 Thorne, Dorothy
Box 3 Thorne, Evelyn
See also Donovan, Alan.
Box 3 Tinkham, Charles B.
Box 3 Tomlins, Jack E.
Box 3 Tootell, Jack
Box 3 Tonge, Mildred
Box 3 Tongue, Margaret
Box 3 Trudell, Dennis
Box 3 Turco, Lewis
Box 3 Turner, Alberta T.
Box 3 Tyler, Robert L.
Box 3 Van Nouhuys, Dirk
Box 3 Viereck, Peter
Box 3 Votaw, Galja Barish
Box 3 Vroman, Leo
Box 3 Walker, Dorothea
Box 3 Walker, Florence
Box 3 Wallace, Robert
Box 3 Welsh, Chad
Box 3 Welsh, Zach
Box 3 Walters, Colin
Box 3 Wang, David Rafael
Box 3 Washburn, Richard Kirk
Box 3 Watkins, Edward
Box 3 Weeks, Robert Lewis
Weinig, Mary Anthony, Sister
See Mary Anthony, S.H.C.J.
Box 3 Wesley, Cecil Cobb
Box 3 Wheatcroft, John
Box 3 Whitbread, Thomas
Box 3 White, Claire Nicolas
Box 3 White, Lourine
Box 3 Wilkins, E.M.
Box 3 Wilkinson, Bethell
Box 3 Wilson, Robley, Jr.
Box 3 Witt, Harold
Box 3 Wolking, Exta Williams
Box 3 Woods, Carl
Box 3 Yelton, Donald O.
Box 3 Young, David P.
Box 3 Young, Mildred
Box 3 Youngblood, Sarah
Box 3 Zachary, Hugh
Box 3 Zahn, Curtis
Box 3 Zander, Williams J.
Correspondence, general
[This subseries includes correspondence with] would-be contributors, general readers, etc. Names in each file are listed under the appropriate letter.
Box 3 A
Abbott, Lola Creak; Abbott, Warren D.; Abele, Paul; Abrams, Paul D.; Adam, Antoniette; Adams, Phoebe; Adams, Percy; Adler, Carol; Alba, Nanina C.; Albanese, Margaret; Albert, Walter; Alfieri, Benjamin A.; Allen, Jane Ellen; Allinder, Craig; Allison, Sigrid; Altman, Forrest; Altman, H. G.; Amanuddin, Syed; Amelar, Richard; Amsel, N.; Anders, Kaaren; Anderson, Alettre; Anderson, Philip; Andresen, Taddy & Bent; Ankenbrend, F.; Angraves, Hugh Oliver; Arms, Jane (deceased); Armstrong, Richard D.; Ashman, Richard; Atkins, Russell; Ault, Louise; Austin, Alan D.; Avrett, Robert; Ayer, Ethan
Box 3 B
Bache, Kaye Elizabeth; Bachman, Charles R.; Bail, Jay; Baird, Newton; Baker, Mrs. L.E.; Banke, Loy; Barolini, Helen; Barr, Gayne; Barrese, Pauline N.; Bartlett, Robert; Batie, Jean; Bay, Kenneth D.; Beaver, Wilfred E.; Beisch, Michael J.; Bell, Wm. W.; Bennett, John M.; Bennett, John Z.; Benton, Josephine; Berens, Rita; Bergeron, Lucien A.; Bereday, George; Berges, Ruth; Berman, Bruce A.; Bernard, Kenneth; Berney, Geoffrey; Bilyard, O.E.; Binsfeld, Edmund L.; Birney, Earle; Bissell, David Paul; Black, David Hodosh; Blackwell, Louise; Blake, Richard A., S.J.; Blei, Norbert; Bliss, Alice; Bloomindale, Judith; Bluefarb, Sem; Blum, Etta; Blumenthal, Myron S.; Bodin, Edward; Boggs, W. Arthur; Boros, Ferenc; Boothe, Anna; Borchardt, Georges; Bowen, Robert O.; Bower, Martha Ann; Bracy, Addie Lockridge; Bradley, Anne; Brainard, Franklin; Brashers, Howard C.; Bray, Kathleen; Breedlove, Mildred; Brower, Adam Vincent; Brown, Barbara; Brown, D.; Brown, Joseph Lee; Brownstein, Harvey; Buchanan, Cindi; Buchanan, Pegasus; Bull, Elias B.; Bullock, Marilyn; Bushnell, Scott M.; Butler, James A.; Burelbach, Frederick M., Jr.; Burnam, Tom; Burr, Pamela; Burton, Sheri; Butcher, Grace; Byrne, Joan
Box 3 C
Cahen, Alfred B.; Callahan, James D.; Campbell, James B.; Canfield, Joan G.; Carlson, Helen; Carogher, Mary E.; Carpenter, Richard C.; Carroll, Donald; Carroll, Sue; Cary, Mary; Casper, Leonard; Castle, Trevor A.; Castleman, Wm. J.; Caltofen-Segura, Rodolpho; Cebulash, Mel; Chamberlin, Myrtle; Chambers, Leland H.; Chappell, Jeannette; Charles of Cheraw; Chase, Dean; Chatfield, Hale; Chatman, Seymour B.; Chickering, Howell, D.Jr; Chrisman, David F.; Christopher, Mary, S.H.C.J., Mother; Cismaru, Alfred; Claire, W. F.; Clark, Kenneth R.; Clark, J. Wesley; Coates, Carrol F.; Cochran, G. Lyne; Coffin, Patricia; Cohen, Marcus Anton; Colabrese, Francis; Cole, David A.; Cole, James; Colvin, Frances Rodney; Colwell, Robert; Contoski, Victor; Cooke, F. B.; Cooke, Robert Crane; Cooley, John R.; Cooper, J. C; Cooper, Kay Anne; Cooper, Ren; Conversi, Leonard; Copeland, Gigi; Corrington, William; Corwin, Walter Joseph; Courtney, Barbara V.; Cowen, Joseph Robert; Craig, Earl; Creighton, John; Crowell, John J.; Crum, V. E.; Cucinotta, Maryanne; Culver, Marjorie Lyle; Currie, Mrs. A. J.; Currier, Raymund
Box 3 D
Dady, V.R.; Denby, Septimus; Darius, Gregory Denyll; Dash, Robert; dlAuria, Gemma; Davidson, Arthur; Davis, Rik; Davison, John; De Feo, Ronald; DeJong, David C.; DeLaurentis, Louise Budde; de Leevw, Doris Y.; Dell, Wm. C.; Dent, Thomas; de Pledge, Orin C.; de Paola, Daniel; Deutsch, Emil M.; Deutch, Richard; Dike, Ethel H.; Dickey, Helen Gail; Doebler, Bettie Anne; Dokey, Dick; Dorn, Alfred; Downey, Jacqueline; Doyle, Walter; Dragonetti, Mary; Drake, Alfred; Drake, Harold Lee; Dratz, Wm.; Driskell, Leon V.; Ducat, M.; Duke, Phillip S.; Dunetz, Lora; Durrett, Eustace; Dzwonkoski, F. Peter, Jr.
Box 3 E
Easlic, Annette; Eastman, Margaret; Eaton, Dorothy Burnham; Ebelt, Alfred; Eigner, Larry; Ekern, Raymond; Elcott, E. M.; Elevitch, Y. D.; Ellenbogen, George; Ely, Gladys; Ericksen, Charles; Eshleman, Clayton; Eulert, Don; Evans, R.J.
Box 3 F
Fackler, Herb; Falleder, Arnold; Faulwell, Dean; Fayne, Louis Lucian; Feathers, Laverne; Feibelman, Marguerite; Feirstein, Frederick; Feld, Brusce; Feldman, Herbert; Fenner, James L.; Figel-Hartman, D.; Filler, Louis; Finch, Donald G.; Fingerman, Chas.; Finch, Donald G.; Fishman, Charles; Fitzsimmons, Thomas; Fitzell, Lincoln; Flanaga, Robert; Flosdorf, James W.; Flynn, Robert John; Fogel, Ruby; Folk, Barbara Nauer; "Forsaking Fathers"; Fowler, Janet; Fox, Chas. A.O.; Fox, Robert R.; Fox-Hutchinson, Mrs.; Franks, Mikhail; French, David C.; Freibert, Stuart; Fried, O.; Fried, Stanley; Friedman, Judith S. & Perlmutter, Ruth; Freidman, Paul; Friedman, S. H.; Frierson, Meade III; Froelich, Quentin; Fuhr, H.D.; Fuller, Larry E.
Box 3 G
Gallo, Louis; Galt, Toni; Garber, Ethel; Garey, Doris B.; Garrison, Philip; Gatti, Arthur; Gaughan, Dennis N.; Gayet, Patricia; Gecan, Carolyn Elizabeth; Geismar, Maxwell; Georgakas, Dan; George, Richard A.; Gerro, Caron; Gibson, Morgan; Gidley, J. (Mick); Gilkey, Helen L.; Gillespie, Gerald; Gilsdor, Gordon (Rev.); Gladwell, F. E.; Glenn, Nancy S.; Glicksberg, Charles; Goba, Ronald J.; Goldknopf, David; Goldman, Lloyd N.; Goldman, Mark; Göbel, Robert J.; Göller, Carl; Gonzales, Rafael Jesus; Goodger-Hill, Trevor; Gordon, Robert; Gouczy, Janis; Grandin, Ruth T.; Graves, Marlene L.; Gray, Don; Green, David; Green, Louis & Elizabeth; Gregory, Mary; Greaser, Seymour; Griffin, Win. Lloyd; Grilikhes, Alexandra; Grisham, Judy; Grogan, Mary R.; Gronowicz, Antoni; Gunther, Ullrich; Gustafson, Richard
Box 3 H
Haag, John; Haas, E. M.; Hagedorn, Hermann; Haggerton, Robert J.; Haiduke, Robert; Hall, Claude Raye; Halleckson, Corrette; Halperin, Irving; Halperin, Mark; Hamblen, Abigail Ann; Hamilton, Bruce; Hamm, V. Wayne; Hammer, Jeanne-Ruth; Hannold, Francis H., Jr.; Harley, Peter; Harrold, Wm.; Harsch, Eugene; Hartman, Dorothy; Hasley, Louis; Haynes, Noel E.; Hearn, Winifred J.; Hearst, James; Hedisa (?), Natalie; Heitsch, Leona Mason; Heller, John L.; Helmick, Lucie June; Hendler, Earl; Hendrick, George; Henze, Helen; Herman, Elliott F.; Harriman, Dan; Hess, Harvey; Hill, Hyacinthe; Hills, Kenneth Wm.; Hinchey, James F.; Hinde, Walter D.; Hirschfeld, Mary; Hobson, Warren; Hoey, Lawrence; Hoffberg, Caroline; Hoggins, Carolyn; Holland, William J.; Hollis, Wm.; Hooton, Harry; Horan, Dennis J.; Hosman, David W.; Hotchkiss, Bill; Howe, Charles H.; Howell, Robert M.; Howery, W.H.; Hoyt, Clement; Huey, Jane; Hughes, G.S.M.; Hughes, Lillian; Hull, Anthony; Hull, William (not APPROACH contributor); Hume, Martha H.; M. Humiliata, I.H.M., Sister; Hunt, Evelyn Tooley; Hunt, Wm.; Hunter, Harry A.; Hunter, Paul; Hunting, Constance; Hyman, Sally
Box 3 I
Ignatowski, David; Inez, Colette; Inman, Will; Ipavec, Julia; Ireson, J.C.; Iver, Elsa; Isbell, Harold
Box 3 J
Jackinson, Alex; Jacobs, Gerald; Jacobs, Lee; Jacobs, M.G.; Jacobs, R. L.; Jacobsen, Ethel W.; Jaffe, Dan; Jaffe, Marie B.; Jamieson, Wm. A.; Janes, Kelly; Janse, Donald L.; Jehle, Herbert; Jewell, Rhoda de Long; Johnson, Edith Warner; Johnson, Geoffrey; Johnson, Louis; Johnson, Margaret Lee; Johnson, Maynard; Johnson, Rick B.; Johnson, Robert K.; Jonas, Ann; Jones, David; Jones, Gerard; Jones, Ilse Nesbitt; Jones, Peter; Jones, Robert C.; Jones, Thos. L.; Jones, Virginia A.
Box 3 K
Kaldegg, Gustav; Kalugin, David; Kamenetsky, Christa; Kaminsky, Stuart M.; Kane, Robert L.; Kann, Emma E.; Kaplan, Elaine Toby; Kaowith, Vicki; Kasberg, K.G.; Katz, Menie; Kaufmann, C.W. Jr; Kaufmann, Donald L.; Keatts, Margee E.; Keen, Michael Elliot; Kelly, Robert; Kelly, J. Wallace; Kempf, Joseph H.; Kempher, Ruth; Kenedy, R.C.; Kenedy, Robert; Kenison, Gloria; Kessler, Jascha; Kessler, Milton; Keyser, George; Keyser, Wilfred; Khall, Sheloh; Khamadi, Miriam; Kiernan, Edith; Kilpatrick, Martha; King, June M.; Kingston, Marion Sherwood; Kipp, Dave; Kirk, Norman Andrew; Kirkner, Phoebe S.; Kirkpatrick, C. W.; Kitaif, Theodore; Kitchen, Anna; Knight, Kenneth (an APPROACH editor); Knoll, Molly; Knox, Hugh; Koppenhauser, Allen J.; Koretz, Gene; Kramer, Larry; Kretz, Thomas, S.J.; Kriebel, John; Krotz, Friedrich Wahelm; Kuenkel, Wolfgang; Kyros, Nicollette
Box 3 L
Lambert, Ronald; Lancaster, R. D.; Lanzi, Elizabeth; Lape, Fred; la Rochelle, Don; Larsen, G.; Larsen, Richard B.; LaSelle, Eunice Pond; Laurita, Raymond E.; LeGrande, W. Ames II; Lems, Carol Silver; Lengyel, T. C.; Lensing, George, Jr.; Leroy, Richard; LePage, Portia E.; Lery, D. A.; Lewis, J.M.; Lewisohn, James; Lextrom, Arvid F.; Lieberman, Morris; Lima, Robert Francis; Lincoln, Maryland; Lind, Laura; Lindeman, Jack; Lipton, Helen; Lisker, Roy; Livengood, Roy; Locke, Jan; Lockridge, Addie; Long, Clayton; Long, Pierre (Marjorie Peters); Lonidier, Lynn; Lord, Gigi; Lorden, Peter; Love, Jean O.; Lowery, Wm. G.; Lovett, James; Lund, Mary Graham; Luster, Helen; Lyman-Martineau, Richard; Lyons, Barbara
Box 3 Mc
McAleer, John J.; McAvoy, Francie; McCandless, Esther L.; McCann, Sharon Quigley; McCord, Howard; McDonnell, Thomas P.; McElroy, Jerry X., S. J.; McGinn, Arthur J.; McKay, Cherry; McLaughlin, Wm.; McLeod, J.; McMorries, M. L.; McMullen, R.; McNamee, Datid W.; McNamee, Edward; McQuilken, Frank
Box 3 Mac-My
MacArthur, Gloria; MacCreary, Marjorie; Macrow, Brenda G.; Makler Gallery; MacLeod, Iris Jean; Major, Clarence; Malaschak, Dolores; Malone, Marvin; Manly, Morse; Mann, Herbert; Mansell, Darrel, Jr.; Margolis, Wm. J.; Mariah, Paul; Marsden, Roy; Marshall, John; Martinek, Joseph; Martz, Wm. J.; Mary Emmanuel, Sister, CSJ; Mary Hild, USA, Sister; Masters, Hilary; Masterson, Daniel E.; Mathews, Richard; Matthews, Wm.; Matzke, Connie; Maxon, Gloria; Meyer, Sharon E.; Mayhall, Jane; Meehan, John J., Jr.; Meeker, Mary; Mendenhall, Dorothy; Merrell, Ronald Y.; Merritt, Frank W.; Messier, Barbara; Metz, Jerry; Meyer, Emil; Meyers, Thomas; Michelman, Dorothea; Miller, Brown; Miller, Drew; Miller, James; Miller, Marcia Muth; Miller, Richard Wallace; Millet, Martha; Mills, Ralph; Mitchell, Juanita; Mode, Michael D.; Modrall, Donald F.; Moffitt, Helen Reed; Mohn, Earl R.; Montgomery, Marion; Mooney, Stephen; Moore, John H.; Moot, Edmund Northrup; Morgan, Robert; Morin, Edward; Morrell, Roger M.; Morris, Mary Louise; Morris, C.H.; Morrison, Lillian; Morse, Jonathan; Moses, Aloe; Moulton, Priscilla; Moyer, Daniel Jr.; Muck, Gordon; Mullins, Helene; Munro, Kathryn; Munro, Ronn; Myers, J. Wm.; Myers, Walter.
Box 3 N
Napora, Paul Edward; Nash, Edmee B.; Navasky, V.; Nealon, Eleanor; Neave, Adam; Neaville, Viena K.; Neely, E.J.; Negelspach, Gerard; Neuberger, Hans; Newberry, Wm.; Newlin, Vivian H.; Newman, Louis; Newman, Montgomery; Newman, Paul B.; Newton, Christopher; Neylon, James; Nicholson, John; Nierenberg, Edwin; Noble, Wm. J.; Noller, Rose; Northnagel, E. W.; Nowlin, Edna V.
Box 3 O
Oates, J. C.; O Broin, Padraig; O'Brien, Wm. P.; O'Conner, L.O.; O'Connor, Mary; O'Connor, Philip F.; Oetaria, Andjar; O'Higgins, Michael C.O.; Oleson, Helmer O.; O'Neal, Valera F.; Opalov, Leonard; Orlen, Steven; Osborn, Rebecca
Box 3 P
Packard, Wm.; Packardson, A. A.; Pakenham, J.; Paladin, Thomas; Palmer, Candida; Palmer, David; Palmer, Margot; Panolt, Jerry; Papayianis, Milton; Paquette, Donald J.; Pack, Jacquelyn; Park, Leora Voss; Peacock, K.C.; Pebworth, Ted-Larry; Peck, Richard E.; Peirce, Rosamond F.; Pelletier, Gaston F.; Pennock, Betty; Percikow, Henri; Perez, Genara Jesse; Perkins, Albert C.; Perkins, Walter W.; Perlman, Jess; Peters, Anne; Petri, Lori; Petty, W. H.; Phillips, Robert S.; Plett [?], Eric; Phillips, T. J.; Pierce, W. W., Jr.; Pilibosian, Helene; Pilate, Gaston; Pinto, Biagio; Pinsker, Sanford; Piser, Harold Palmer; Pitchford, Kenneth; Pobog-Malinowski, Tomasz; Polinsky, Ethel; Porter, Jenny Lind; Porter, Margaret A.; Porter, Norman; Postan, Linda; Powell, Clarence Alva; Powell, Nova (Mrs.); Pratt, Laurence; Preston, John; Prill, Douglas; Pritchard, Sheila; Puechner, Ray; Putname, Mary Ann
Box 4 R
Raab, Lawrence; Ragg, Louis G.; Ralph, George; Ramsey, Jarold W.; Ranz, J.J.; Ratcliffe, Eric; Ratliff, K; Reddin, Myra; Rebert, M. Charles; Rees, Alun; Reib, John Dan; Reich, Don; Reinstein, Herman; Remak, Henry H.H.; Renken, Alecto; Richardson, Dorothy Lee; Richardson, Nels; Rick, Velma Richardson; Ridley, Gustave; Riemann, Robert G.; Riscalla, Louise Mead; Rizzo, Fred; Roberts, Bob; Roberts, Percival R., III; Robin, Ralph; Robinson, Forrest; Robinson, R. L.; Roby, Juliet; Rock, E.S.; Rohr, Anne; Rose, Phyllis; Root, Wm. Pitt; Rosberg, Rose; Rosenblatt, Herta; Rosenhouse, Archie; Ross, Allison; Ross, Dan; Rubin, Maude; R (Ruppert), Christopher; Ruskin, Eugene D.; Rutherford, Vada; Rutsala, Vern
Box 4 S
Sable, Sylvia; Sajkovic, Miriam; Salisbury, Ralph; Salley, Ernestine M.; Sanger, Jan; Sanders, Stark; Sarfrazahmad, Mian; Sargent, S.M.; Saunders, Sally; Sayres, Wm.; Schaefer, Rockwell R.; Scherer, Bob, Jr.; Scheurich, James; Schimmelfennig, Victor; Scheberlein, Marion; Schmidgall, Benny; Schor, Sandra; Schramm, Irene; Schreiber, Roy F.; Schub, Phyllis; Schul, Bill D.; Schwartz, Barry N.; Schweige, Eleanore; Scott, Evelyn; Scott, Herbert; Scroggs, Schiller; Seaburg, Carl; Seibert, R.E.; Seigfred, Shirley; Sellin, Eric; Semenovich, Joseph; Shames, Ann; Shea, Robert J.; Shefner, Evelyn; Shelton, Richard; Shepard, David L.; Sherman, Bobbi; Sherman, Wm. David; Sherwin, Judith Johnson; Shetter, Vim. Z.; Shipps, Sara Beth; Shoemaker, Brant; Shoemaker, Jack; Silas, Barbara S.; Silver, Marian (Arthur); Simmons, Andrew; Simmons, J. Edgar; Simon, Howard; Sims, P.T.; Singer, James; Skardon, Philip; Sleicher, Sally; Smail, Annette K.; Smith, Harry; Smith, Howard E., Jr.; Smith, Marjorie B.; Smith, R.E.; Smith, Wm. I.; Smith, Wayne Leroy; Smythe, Daniel W.; Snodgrass, Betty; Snyder, Maryhelen; Snyder, Richard; Snyder, Wayne Wm.; Solovay, Jacob C.; Songhurst, Robert; Sonya, Kathie; Soule, Daniel; Sparks, Robert W.; Speer, Laurel; Spielberg, Peter; Spinelli, Jerry; Stabley, Rhodes; Stantor, Robert, Jr.; Staplin, Florence; Stark, Kendall; Steele, Robert S.; Steinman, D.B.; Stern, Harold; Sternlicht, Sanford; Steuart, Mary Douglas; Stewart, Dolores; Stewart, Vincent A., Jr.; Stiver, Mary Weedon; Stock, Robert; Stoddard, Hope; Stoffel, Liz; Stokes, Terry; Stoloff, Carolyn; Stone, Gayle Adams; Stone, John M.; StorM, Hester G.; Stout, Robert Joe; Strange, Wm.; Strauss, Erika; Stromberg, Wm.; Sublette, Margaret; Sullivan, Immelda M.; Sullivan, Nancy; Sutter, Ellen; Swaim, Alice MacKenzie
Box 4 T
Taft, Tom; Tanier, Maurice; Tavani, Robert Hartwell; Taylor, Henry S.; Taylor, Kora; Teitelman, Ed; Temple, Wick; Terrell, Jim; Terzian, P. Henry; Tharp, Roland; Thomas, P.D.; Thompson, Mary McCullough; Thorpe, Peter; Tibbets, Y.; Tibbs, Ben; Tifft, Ellen; Tolnay, Thomas; Toosey, Catherine Brewster; Travis, Helen Muriel; Trowbridge, Clinton W.; Trueblood, Elton; Trumbo, Dalton; Trunzo, Russell; Tucker, Agnes C.; Tucker, Edward; Turnbull, Phyllis; Turner, Beulah A.; Turner, Myron; Turner, Neysa
Box 4 U
Ulrich, Wm.; Unterecker, John
Box 4 V
Vale, W.; van de Pol, Michele; VanDerVoort, Richrd L.; Vaudrin, Bill; Vaughan, Robert; Vaughon, Thos.; Vinsel, Art; Vogel, Albert W.; Vogel, Jo; Vonalt, Larry P.; Vorres, Ian
Box 4 W
Wade, John Stevens; Wall, Mary B.; Walker, Don D.; Walker, Ralph W., II; Walters, Jay A.; Wardell, Jack; Warshaw, Nancy; Watkins, Hilda K.; Watkins, Thos. C.; Watson, David Newall; Weathers, Winston; Weaver, James E.; Webb, Joyce W.; Weber, R.; Weigel, Henrietta; Wein, Louis; Weiss, Betty; Weiss, Hymne; Weiss, Irving J.; Weisslitz, E.F.; Westcott, Roger W.; Whatley, Mary; White, Edgar J.; White, James P.; White, Wm. M; Whitney, J.D.; Whitman, Wm.; Wiackley, Mildred; Wilem, David M.; Willard, N.; Williams, Dorothy M.; Williams, Gerald; Williams, Jenna; Williams, Leonard; Williams, Melvin G.; Williams, Miller; Wilson, Ingeborg; Wilson, Richard; Winsor, Philip; Witherspoon, Maude; Wolf, Robert; Wood, Emma S.; Wood, Judy; Woodson, Weldon D.; Worth, Ellis; Wright, Dave; Wright, Jay; Wright, Joseph C.; Wright, Waldo Carlton; Wu, Jack; Wyndhambell, Sherlock; Winters, Anne
Box 4 Y
Yezzetti, E. C.; Yellen, Samuel; Yenawine, Emily; Yglesias, Kenneth; Young, Arthur H.; Young, Elisabeth; Young, Virginia Brady; Yuzon, Amado M.
Box 4 Z
Zabriskie, George; Zamurrad, Malik M.; Zelenka, Robert S.; Zinnan, M. E.; Zittau, Herbert; Zivkovic, Peter D.; Zleh, Koiran
[This subseries includes] APPROACH advertising campaigns, the make-up of the unpublished APPROACH anthology, editorial decisions, correspondence about the 1964, 1965, 1966 Poetry Awards, etc.
Box 4 APPROACH advertising rates
Box 4 Appreciations from APPROACH readers
Box 4 ALMA (Assn of Literary Magazines of America)
Box 4 APPROACH ads in other magazines
Box 4 APPROACH Anthology, mounted pages, Sections I, II and III (3 folders)
Box 4 APPROACH Anthology, carbons
Box 4 APPROACH articles, unfinished
Box 4 APPROACH editors' publications
Box 4 APPROACH inventory
Box 4 APPROACH listings in indices and writers' journals, etc.
Box 4 APPROACH Poetry Prize for 1963
Box 4 APPROACH Anthology, records of decisions
Box 4 Books sent in for review
Box 4 Book and press announcements
Box 4 Katherine & Elizabeth Bragdon Poetry Awards for 1965
Box 4 Katherine & Elizabeth Bragdon Poetry Awards for 1966 (2 folders)
Box 4 Carleton Miscellany, Spring 1966 issue on Little Mags, APPROACH in
Box 4 Circulars, rejections, come-ons of other magazines
Box 4 Clippings for reference
Box 4 COSMPE (Conference of Small Mag/Press Editors)
Box 4 Contacts: Spanish and Portuguese, Brazilian
Box 4 Contest announcements from other magazines
Box 4 Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines
Box 4 Correspondence with bookstores
Box 4 Editorial discussions and decisions 1958-1966 (9 folders)
Box 4 Ford Foundation
Box 4 History of APPROACH, early, unpublished, evaluation by editors
Box 4 Johnson Reprint Corporation
Box 4 Kraus Reprint Corporation
Box 4 Letters from other editors - concerning copyright, lists, acquiring take-over, praise for 10th Anniversary issue #23 Spring, 1957
Box 5 Letters to lapsed subscribers and would-be contributors pre-1962, 1962-1965 (4 folders)
Box 5 Libraries, correspondence with
Box 5 Listing of manuscripts received 1967
Box 5 Little magazine exhibits
Box 5 Lists of friends of accepted authors as tentative subscribers 1957-[1962] (3 folders)
Box 5 Little magazine of the month club
Box 5 Magazine distributors
Prospective subscribers names
Box 5 Friends meetings lists
Box 5 Learned societies and Poet and Critic lists
Box 5 National Association of College Stores
Box 5 National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities
Box 5 New York State Council on the Arts
Box 5 Nominations
Box 5 Philadelphia Inquirer article 8 Jan 1967
Box 5 APPROACH policy
Box 5 Press announcements received
Box 5 Requests for exchanges from other magazines
Box 5 Requests for information for articles and bibliographies of little mags
Box 5 Exchange lists
Box 5 Requests for sample copies and back issues
Box 5 Submissions 1955-1967 (13 folders)
Box 5 Writers' conferences 1958-1964 - contacts and correspondence (9 folders)
Published works
[This subseries includes] published works of our contributors, plus those books judged important for understanding the period from 1947-1967. The items starred are not to be included in the Approach archives. The starred books are standard works but the starred copies have our notations, etc.
Box 6 Bartlett, Elizabeth BEHOLD THIS DREAMER Editorial Jus, S. A., Mexico City 1959 - "Review Copy" written in Bartlett's writing on fly-leaf
Box 6 Bartlett Elizabeth POETRY CONCERTO Vagrom Chap Book #7, Flushing, N.Y. 1961
Box 6 Bell, Charles G. DELTA RETURN Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Ind. 1956 - mimeographed and inscribed copy of "The Number of My Loves" to Philip Silver
Box 6 Baum, Robert ORPHEUS AND OTHER POEMS Odyssey Chapbook #2, Chicago, Ill. 1959 - review notice
Box 6 Bly, Robert "A Broadsheet Against The New York Times Book Review" The Sixties Press, Madison, Minn. 10/10/61 - with publication notice
Box 6 Bradley, Sam ALEXANDER AND ONE WORLD South and West, Inc. Fort Smith, Ark. 1966 - also South & West catalogue
Box 6 Creagh, Patrick, Norman Porter, Desmond O'Grady POEMS Poetry, Rome, Italy 1960 - read in the Roman Theatre at Tusculum on Friday June 24th, 1960
Box 6 Creagh, O Criadain, O'Grady, [no title?] - presented in a public reading at the American Academy in Rome on May 16 1959 inscribed by George Garrett with an invitation to the reading
Box 6 Fairburn, A. R. D. THE DISADVANTAGES OF BEING DEAD and other sharp verses The Mermaid Press Wellington, New Zealand, 1958 - including "Horse Pansies" and an afterword to the author by D. G. with press announcement
Box 6 Fandel, John GLEANINGS The Turner Press Yonkers, N.Y. 1966 - inscribed to Helen Fowler by the author
Box 6 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence "Christ Climbed Down" from A CONEY ISLAND OF THE MIND, New Directions Publishing Corp, N.Y. 1953 Christmas 1967 - reprint in church bulletin
Box 6 Fowler, Albert FOOLS ISLAND (Edmonds revision) 1967 - mimeographed, one of 30 copies made up from original run of 100 copieswith new pages added and one of 3 copies bound Dec. 27, 1967 for private circulation only
Box 6 Fowler, Albert FOOLS ISLAND 1967 - mimeographed, one of 100 copies originally run off for private circulation only, reduced by 30 for the Edmonds revision, single copy bound Dec. 27, 1967
Box 6 Fowler, Albert THE FISH GOD OF YOU FOOL 1963, 1967 - one of 25 copies stenciled and run off on Women Strike for Peace mimeograph by Forrest Coburn, September, 1963, and one of 3 bound Dec. 27, 1967
Box 6 Fowler, Albert TWO TRENDS IN MODERN QUAKER THOUGHT: a statement of belief Pendle Hill Publications, Wallingford, Pa., 1961
Box 6 Gonzalez-Gerth, Miguel DESERT SEQUENCE and other poems Nonpareil Press 1956 - inscribed to the Fowlers by the author
Box 6 Gonzalez-Gerth, Miguel "The Image of Spain in American Literature, 1815-1865" reprinted from Journal of Inter-American Studies, Vol IV, No. 2, April, 1962 - reprint; inscribed to the Fowlers by the author
Box 6 Gonzalez-Gerth, Miguel co-translator with Robert C. Stephenson of Guillermo de Torre's "Contemporary Spanish Poetry" reprinted from The Texas Quarterly Special Issue "Image of Spain," Spring 1961
Box 6 Gonzalez Gerth, Miguel THE INFINITE ABSENCE The Books Stall, Austin, Texas, 1955 - inscribed to the Fowlers by the author
Box 6 Gonzalez Gerth, Miguel, co-compiler with Geoffrey Connell POETRY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, 1953 University of Texas Press, Austin, Texas, 1954 - #488 of 500
Box 6 Lyttle, David THE RE-ENTRY and other poems Goostree Press, Lanham, Md. 1964
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Introduction to Ascetical & Mystical Theology" 1931 - mimeographed, lectures given at the Abbey of Gethsemani
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Christian Worship and Social Reform" undated - mimeographed at the Abbey, not for publication
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "The Climate of Monastic Prayer" Abbey of Gethsemani Novitiate 1964
Box 6 Merton, Thomas, "A Devout Meditation in Memory of Adolf Eichmann" Mimeographed at the Abbey undated
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Mystics and Zen Masters" undated - mimeographed at the Abbey, not for publication
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "The Name of the Lord" Abbey of Gethsemani 1963 - mimeographed
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Peace in the Post Christian Era" - mimeographed at the Abbey, with notation by Albert Fowler that he received it from the author June 1962
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Selections on Prayer" Choir Novitiate, Gethsemani 1961 - mimeographed
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Preface to Japanese Edition of The Seven Storey Mountain" undated - mimeographed at the Abbey
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "A Ruler's Examination of Conscience: some texts from Francois Fenelon" undated - mimeographed at the Abbey
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "St. Anselm & His Argument" Gethsemani 1963 - mimeographed
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "The Tragedy of Father Perrin" 1964 - mimeographed at the Abbey
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Boris Pasternak and the people with watch chains" reprinted from Jubilee July, 1959
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Notes on sacred and profane art"
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "A Martyr for Peace and Unity: Father Max Josef Metzger: 1867-1944"
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Target Equals City"
Box 6 Merton, Thomas "Christian Action in World Crisis"
Box 6 Morgenstern, Christian GALLOWS SONGS University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1967 - translated by Snodgrass, W.D. with Lore Segal; illustrations by Paul Klee; with publication notice
Reference works
[This subseries contains] indices, bound volumes of out-of-print little magazines of the preceding generation, histories of little magazines, general works of reference and anthologies, etc.
Box 6 The Magazine: A Literary Journal bound copies of #1-#6, The Magazine Corporation, Beverly Hills, Calif. 1933-1935
Volume I, Dec. 1933-May 1934
Volume II, Nos. 2-6 July 1934-June 1935
Box 6 POETRY 1913-1922 (1 volume)
covers the following years:
Vol. II No. 3, June, 1913;
Vol. IV No. 5, Aug. 1914;
Vol. VI, No. 6, Sept. 1915;
Vol. VIII No. 2, May, 1916;
Vol. X No. 1, April 1917;
Vol. XII, No. 6, Sept. 1918;
Vol. XV, No. 2, Nov. 1919;
Vol. XVI, No. 4, July 1920;
Vol. XVIII, No. 4, July 1921;
Vol. I, No. 2, Nov. 1922
Box 6 Twice A Year: a semi-annual journal of literature, the arts, and civil liberties special double number Nos. 3-4 Fall-Winter 1939 - Dorothy Norman, editor
Box 6 Twice A Year: A book of literature, the arts and civil liberties, No. VII Fall-Winter, 1941
Vanity press items
[This subseries contains] material from the vanity presses, being the only evidence of poetry we found unacceptable, since rejected mss to the authors, with the few exceptions where the Post Office returned them to us because the address was no good.
Box 7 Barbarash, Robert DOME IN AIR Holly Pond Press, Stamford, Conn. 1962 - with letter from author
Box 7 Katz, Menke LAND OF MANNA Windfall Press, Chicago 1965 - with letter to APPROACH editors from author, dated 9/27/65
Complete files of our exchanges
Box 7 AGENDA 1961-1966 - British, 12 issues a year, William Cookson editor, Oxford (8 issues)
Vol 2, no 4, June 1961, no 5, Sept-Oct 1961
Vol 2 no 6 Mar 1962, nos 9 & 10 combined Sep-Oct. 1962
Vol 3, no 4 Apr. 1964, no 6 Dec. 1964
Vol 4, no 1 April-May 1965, no's 5 & 6 combined Autumn 1966
Box 7 ART AND LITERATURE: an international review 1964-1965 - Lausanne Switzerland, John Ashbery editor (2 issues)
number 3 autumn-winter 1964
number 5 summer 1965
Box 7 ODYSSEY REVIEW: a quarterly of modern Latin American and European literature in English translation 1963 - published by the Latin American & European Literary Society, Richmond, Va. Editor Saul Galin
Vol 3 no 2 June 1963
Box 7 PARIS REVIEW (THE) 1958 - quarterly, publisher Sadruddin Aga Khan, editors: George A. Plimpton, Donald Hall among others, N.Y. (2 issues)
no 18, Spr '58 (5th anniversary issue)
no 19 Summer '58
Box 7 UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CITY REVIEW (THE) 1951-1967 - later The University Review; quarterly journal to provide a medium for the best critical and imaginative writing available, Editors: Clarence R. Decker, John Ciardi among others (64 issues)
Vol 18 no 1 Autumn '51; no 2 Winter '51; no 3 Spr '52; no 4 Summer '52
Vol 19 no 1 Autumn '52; no 2 Winter '52; no 3 Spr '53; no 4 Summer '53
Vol 20 no 1 Autumn '53; no 2 Winter '53; no 3 Spr '54; no 4 Summer '54
Vol 21 no 1 Autumn '54; no 2 Winter '54; no 3 Spr '55; no 4 Summer '55
Vol 22 no 1 Oct '55; no 2 Dec '55; no 3 Mar '56; no 4 June '56
Vol 23 no l Oct '56; no 2 Dec '56; no 3 Mar '57; no 4 June '57
Vol 24 no 1 Oct '57; no 2 Dec '57; no 3 Mar '58; no 4 June '58
Vol 25 no 2 Dec '58; no 3 Mar '59; no 4 June '59
Vol 26 no 1 Oct '59; no 2 Dec '59; no 3 Mar '60; no 4 June '60
Vol 27 no 1 Oct '60; no 2 Dec '60; no 3 Mar '61; no 4 June '61
Vol 28 no 1 Oct 181; no 2 Dec '61; no 3 Mar '62; no 4 June '62
Vol 29 no 1 Oct '62; no 2 Dec '62; no 3 Mar '63; no 4 June '63
Vol 30 no 1 Oct '63; no 2 Dec '63; no 3 Mar '64; no 4 June '64
Vol 31 no 1 Oct '64; no 2 Dec '64; no 3 Mar '65; no 4 June '65
Vol 32 no 1 Oct '65; no 2 Dec '65; no 3 Mar '66; no 4 June '66
Vol 33 no 1 Oct '66; no 2 Dec '66; no 3 Mar '67; no 4 June '67
Vol 34 no 1 Oct '67
Box 8 VOICES: a journal of poetry 1955-1965 - Harold Vinal editor Vinalhaven, Maine (30 issues)
no 156 Jan/Apr '55; no 157 May/Aug '55; no 158 Sept/Dec '55
no 159 Jan/Apr '56; no 160 May/Aug '56; no 161 Sept/Dec '56
no 162 Jan/Apr '57; no 163 May/Aug '57
no 165 Jan/Apr '58; no 167 Sept/Dec '63
no 168 Jan/Apr '59; no 169 May/Aug '59; no 170 Sept/Dec '59
no 171 Jan/Apr '60; no 172 May/Aug '60; no 173 Sept/Dec '60
no 174 Jan/Apr '61; no 175 May/Aug '61; no 176 Sept/Dec '61
no 177 Jan/Apr '62; no 178 May/Aug '62; no 179 Sept/Dec '62
no 180 Jan/Apr '63; no 182 Sept/Dec '63
no 183 Jan/Apr '64; no 184 May/Aug '64; no 3 1964
nos 1, 2 and 3 1965
Box 8 WESTERN REVIEW: a literary quarterly 1955-1956 - published at the State University of Iowa, editors: Ray B. West, Jr. and Paul Engle, Iowa City (4 issues)
Vol 19 no 2 Winter '55; no 3 Spring '55
Vol 20 no 1 Autumn '55; no 2 Winter '56
Box 8 WESTERN HUMANITIES REVIEW 1956-1967 - published by the University of Utah, quarterly Salt Lake City, Utah, editor William Mulder (42 issues)
Vol 10 no 3 Summer 1956 with index for Vol 10
Vol 11 no 1 Winter '57; no 2 Spr '57; no 3 Summer '57; with index for Vol 11
Vol 12 no 1 Winter '58; no 2 Spr '58; no 3 Summer '58
Vol 13 no 1 Winter '59; no 2 Spr '59; no 3 Summer '59; no 4 Autumn '59 with index to Vol 13
Vol 14 no 1 Winter '60; no 2 Spr '60; no 3 Summer '60; no 4 Autumn '60 with index to Vol 14
Vol 15 no 1 Winter '61; no 2 Spr '61; no 3 Summer '61; no 4 Autumn '61 with index to Vol 15
Vol 16 no 1 Winter '62; no 2 Spr '62; no 3 Summer '62; no 4 Autumn '62
Vol 17 no 1 Winter '63; no 2 Spr '63; no 3 Summer '63; no 4 Autumn '63 with index to Vol 17
Vol 18 no 1 Winter '64; no 2 Spr '64; no 3 Summer '64; no 4 Autumn '64
Vol 19 no 1 Winter '65; no 2 Spr '65; no 3 Summer '65; no 4 Autumn '65
Vol 20 no 1 Winter '66; no 2 Spr '66; no 3 Summer '66; no 4 Autumn '66
Vol 21 no 1 Winter '67; no 2 Spr '67; no 3 Summer '67
Miscellaneous magazines
[This subseries contains] magazines that wished to exchange with us but we did not wish to exchange with, etc. Sometimes an established magazine sent us a copy or two.
Box 9 AAUP Bulletin, Autumn issue Sept. 1959 - Vol 45 no 3
Box 9 ALBATROSS: an intercollegiate magazine of student letters Nov 1960 - Vol I no 1; Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pa.
Box 9 AMERICA: National Catholic weekly review, April 20 1961 - Vol 105, no 5; N.Y.
Box 9 AMERICAN FARM & HOME ALMANAC 1966 - Ray Geiger, editor; Lewiston, Maine; with press release
Box 9 AMERICAN SCHOLAR (THE): a quarterly for the independent thinker 1956-1959 - Vol 26 no 1, Winter 1956-57; Vol 28 no 3, Summer 1959; Vol 28 no 4, Autumn 1959; Hiram Haydn, editor, New Haven, Conn. (3 issues)
Box 9 ANALYSIS: first conservative college magazine on the east coast Summer, 1963 - Vol 3 no 3; Philadelphia, Pa.; W.H. Regnery, Editor
Box 9 ANGELS (THE) Spring 1966 - Vol 3 no 1; Judson Dicks, editor, Central Islip, N.Y.
Box 9 ARCHER (THE) Winter 1963 - Vol 11 no 2; Wilfred and Elinor Henry Brown, owners, North Hollywood, Calif.
Box 9 ATLANTIAN Winter 1966 - Vol 25 nos 3 & 4 (special art issue); Tony Aromanto, Editor, Atlanta, Ga.
Box 9 AUTHOR & JOURNALIST June 1964 - Vol 64 no 6, (Poetry Market List issue) published by Vantage Press, Harold Ellithorpe, editor, N.Y.
Box 9 BARDIC ECHOES: official publication of The Bards of Grand Rapids, Mich. 1962, 1964 - Vol 3, no 3 Sept. 1962; Vol 5 no 1, March 1964; Vol 5 no 2, June 1964; Vol 5 no 3, Sept. 1964; Vol 5 no 4, Dec. 1964; Clarence L. Weaver, editor, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Box 9 BARRYTOWN EXPLORER: Mid-Hudson Monthly All the News That's Fit to Print 1964 - Vol 6 no 12 May 1964, Vol 7 no 1 June 1964; Helen R. Chapman, editor, Barrytown, N.Y.
Box 9 BETWEEN WORLDS: an international magazine of creativity 1960-1962 - Vol 1, Summer 1960, Gilbert Neiman, editor, published for the Inter-American University by Alan Swallow, San German, Puerto Rico & Boulder, Colo.; Vol 1 No, 2, 1961 with letter from Westwood Bookstore; Vol 2 no 1, 1962
Box 9 BLACKBIRD: quarterly magazine of letters & the arts Winter 1963-1964 - Vol 1 no 2 , Eugene O. Cozzi, editor, Chicago, Ill.
Box 9 BLACK TEAR (THE) an art magazine for promotion of good contemporary art undated - Jay Kesselman editor, published by Black Tear/Goliards Press, Inc. Milwaukee Wis.
Box 9 BLUE GUITAR: the journal of poetics Spring 1960 - no 17, ; editor and publisher G. De Witt, North Long Beach, Calif.
Box 9 BOOKS ABROAD: an international literary quarterly 1954, 1959 - Vol 28 no 4, Autumn 1954; Vol 33 No 3, Summer 1959; published by University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Okla. Ernst Erich Noth, editor
Box 9 BRIDGE (THE) le petit journal mimeographed . 1947, 1950, 1953, 1955 - Vol 1 no 2, Aug 19, 1947; Vol 1 no 4, Sept 2 1947; Vol 5 no 1 Oct 1950; Vol 7 no 1, Jan 1953; Vol 9 no 4. Apr 1955; Glen Coffield, editor and publisher, Portland, Ore
Box 9 Bryn Mawr-Haverford Revue May 1959 - editors Elizabeth Carr, Joanne Field, Cynthia Lovelace, Richard Patrick, Jayzee, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Box 9 California Quarterly (The) an independent publisher 1956 - Vol 4 no 1; Philip Stevenson, managing editor, Los Angeles, Calif.
Box 9 CAMEL'S HUMP (THE) undated - poetry newsletter published occasionally by CAMELS COMING Nos. 1, 2, 3
Box 9 CARDINAL: The literary Magazine of Wesleyan University Fall 1962 - editor-in-chief, Stuart Byron, Middletown, Conn
Box 9 CATHOLIC WORKER (THE) 1961-1962, 1965-1968 - organ of the Catholic Worker movement, Peter Maurin, ed., N.Y.
Vol 28 no 4, Nov '61; no 10 May '62
Vol 32 no 4, Dec '65; no 5, Jan '66; no 6, Feb '66; no 7, Mar '66; no 8, Apr '66; no 9, May '66; no 10, Jun '66
Vol 33 no 3, Dec '66; no 4, Jan '67; no 5 Feb '67; no 7, May '67; no 8, Jun '67; no 9 Jul-Aug '67; no 10, Sep '67; no 12, Dec '67
Vol 34 no 1, Jan '68; no 2 Feb '68
Box 9 CEA CRITIC (THE) 1961, 1964 - official organ of the College English Assoc., A. Sears, editor Uppsala College, East Orange, N.J. ; same editor moved to Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs NY.
Vol 23 no 7, Oct. 1961; Vol 23 no 8, Nov. 1961; Vol 23 no 9, Dec 1961
Vol 26 no 7, April 1964
Box 9 CENTER DIARY: 12 May-June 1966 - Center for the study of democratic institutions, Santa Barbara, Calif. Robert M. Hutchins, president
Box 9 CHALLENGE: fostering unity in diversity among all peoples Spring 1965 - No. 19; science, religion, philosophy, the arts, human relations, Leland P. Stewart editor, Reseda, Calif.
Box 9 CHAT NOIR REVIEW (THE) Dec. 1961, 1963 - Vol 1 no 1; Vol 2 no 2; Robert Herron Ingalls, publisher and later editor, Edwin G. Schwenn, editor, Chicago, Ill.
Box 9 CHICAGO REVIEW Winter 1956 Spring 1956 - Vol 9 no 4; Vol 10 no 1; University of Chicago; editors-in-chief: Blazer, Lachlan Macdonald
Box 9 CHRISTIAN CHALLENGE (THE) 1966-1967 - organ of the Brethren of Early Christianity, put out from the community farm of the Brethren, Bright, Ontario
no 1, May 1966; no 2, June 1966; no 3, July 1966; no 4 Aug. 1966; no 5 Sept. 1966; no 6, Oct. 1966; no 7 Nov. 1966; no 3, Dec. 1966
no 9, Jan 1967
Box 9 CHRISTIANITY AND CRISIS: A Christian Journal of Opinion, Jan 22 1962 - Vol 21 no 24; editors: Reinhold Niebuhr and John C. Bennett, N.Y.
Box 9 CHURCH REVIEW (THE) - organ of the Church Society for College Episcopal Cambridge, Mass.
Vol 22 no 4, Sept. 1964
Vol 23 nos 1 & 2, Feb.-Apr. 1965; no 3, May 1965; no 4, Sept. 1965; no 5 Nov. 1965; no 6, Dec 1965
Vol 24 no 1, Feb. 1966; nos 2 & 3 Apr.-May 1968; no 4, Oct. 1966
Vol 25 no 1, Aug. 1967
Several occasional papers:
Military Service in a Free Society
The New Student
Technology and Culture in Perspective
Initiative in History: a Christian-Marxist Exchange
Box 9 COLLEGE BOOKMAN (THE) Summer 1966 - no. 8; edited by the librarian, Gene Magner, in Morrisville, State University of New York Agricultural and Technical College
Box 9 COLORADO REVIEW (THE) Winter 1958-1959 - Dept. of English, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo. Editors: R. Collins ("Jay Pell") & F.M. Laticlais
Box 9 COLORADO STATE REVIEW (THE) 1967 - Vol 11 no 1; Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo. editor: Charles Robinson
Box 9 COMMENT IN MOTION: 1967 - no. 2 and no. 4; translations: Grover Jacoby, Variegation Publishing Co. Los Angeles, Calif. with letter
Box 9 CONNOTATION: a quarterly magazine of the arts Spring 1962 - Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, N.J. Stephen H. Goode, editor
Box 9 CONTACT (incorporating Western Review, The San Francisco Collection of new writing, art and ideas) Jan/Feb 1964 - Vol 4 no 3; editors: Kenneth Lamott; Calvin Kentfield, Evan S. Connel, Jr. Sausalito, Calif.
Box 9 CREATIVITY NEWSLETTER Feb. 25, 1964 - #6; mimeographed, Glen Coffield, editor, Eugene Ore.
Box 9 CREATIVE REVIEW (THE) a literary quarterly 1960-1963 - mimeographed, editor Glen Coffield Portland Ore.
Vol 1 no 1, Winter 1960-1661; no 3, Summer 1961; no 4, Autumn 1961
Vol 2 no 1, Winter 1961-1962; no 2 Spring 1962
Vol 3 no 2, Spring 1963
Box 9 CRIMSON AND GRAY: the literary journal of Saint Joseph's College Spring 1964 - Philadelphia, Pa. editor: William McLaughlin, annotated by editor
Box 9 CRITIC (THE) a Catholic review of books and the arts 1960, 1966 - Vol 29 no 2, Oct.-Nov. 1960; reprint from Feb.-Mar. 1966 issue (Daniel Berrigan & Sister Mary Corita, I.H.M.); Paul K. Cuneo editor, Chicago, Ill
Box 9 CRITICAL: a review of art and criticism 1963 - no. 6; published by Stuart Publications, Boston, Mass.
Box 9 CROSS CURRENTS: a quarterly review to explore the implications of Christianity for our times Winter 1958 - Vol 8 no 1; editors: Joseph L. Caulfield, Sally S. Cunneen, Alfred di Lascia, Eugene Fontinell, Erwin Geissman, N.Y. City
Box 9 CURRENT: the significant new material from all sources on the frontier problems of today, Nov. 1964 - no 53; associate editors: Andrew E. Norman, Grant S. McClellan, Ira S. Glasser, N.Y. City
Box 10 DECEMBER: a magazine of the arts and opinion 1963, 1966 - Vol 5 no 1, Vol 8 no 1; Curt Johnson editor (a letter from Johnson to Helen Fowler) Western Springs, Ill.
Box 10 DEFINITION: a journal of events and aesthetic realism 1963 - , with broadside; Martha Baird editor (letter from M. Baird to Helen Fowler) put out by Definition Press, N.Y. City
Box 10 DELAWARE VALLEY CALENDAR, Oct. 1967 - Vol 6 no 10; David Rogers Crosby editor, inscribed to Helen Fowler by him, Camden, N.J.
Box 10 DE PAUL LITERARY MAGAZINE (THE) Winter 1963, Spring 1964 - from De Paul University, Chicago Ill. William J. Feeney, editor
Box 10 DIE WELT DER LITERATUR March 19, 1964 - Vol 1 no 1; editor-in-chief Hans Zeher
Box 10 EAST CAROLINA POETRY FORUM SERIES, Trio-in-blues undated - no. 1; David Lawson, Laverne Manners, Woody Thurman, East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C.
Box 10 EAST CAROLINA POETRY FORUM SERIES, Trio-in-gold - Chas Wiley, Barbara Knott; East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C.
Box 10 EAST SIDE REVIEW: a magazine of contemporary culture Jan-Feb 1966 - Vol 1 no 1; S. Shepard Sherbell editor-publisher, N.Y. City
Box 10 ELEGREBA (British) Spring 1959 - no. 3; edited by Roye McCoye Stratton St. Margaret, Swindon, Wilts. (APPROACH plug)
Box 10 ENCOUNTER (THE) 1963, 1966 - Vol 5 no 1, Vol 5 no 2; edited by students of Saint Leo College, Saint Leo, Fla. letter from John Baerst advisor
Box 10 ENVOI: a quarterly review of new poetry (British) undated - no 18; poem by S. Bradley p. 3; editor: E. Mackin, Cheltenham, Glos.
Box 10 ERA Fall 1964 - organ of the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania editor-in-chief: Daniel Alkon; with letter to Elliot Herman from advertising manager
Box 10 EVERGREEN REVIEW March-April 1960 - no 12; editor: Barney Rossett, published by the Grove Press, N.Y. City
Box 10 EVIDENCE Winter 1962 - no 4; Canadian; editors: Alan Bevan, Kenneth Wells, Toronto
Box 10 FELLOWSHIP: magazine of the Fellowship of Reconciliation 1 Jan 1932, May 1967 - Vol 23 no 1, containing Thomas Merton's essay "The Root of War", Vol. 33 no 5; editor Alfred Hassler, Nyack, N.Y.
Box 10 FINE ARTS MAGAZINE 1961 - no. 6; published annually during the University of Connecticut Fine Arts Festival; Lewis Turco editor, Sharon Herlihy and James Leheny co-editors, Storrs, Conn.
Box 10 FOCUS: to focus our minds inward towards integration June 1951 - mimeographed; Peter Docili editor: designer, The Sweeping Leaves Press, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pa.
Box 10 FORUM Winter 1961-62 - Vol 2 no 2; editors: Merrill and Frances M. Rippy, with letter from Frances Rippy; Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind.
Box 10 FORUM ECHOES III Spring 1966 - collection of poems by members of the Dayton, Ohio Poetry Forum
Box 10 FOXFIRE Spring 1967 - Vol 1 no 1, 2d printing; published by English Dept at the Rabun Gap-Nacogdoches School, Rabun Gap, Ga.; editors Lynne Allen and Tommy Wilson, with letter from the editors
Box 10 FREELANCE: the magazine for freelance writers July 1965 - Vol 1 no 1; executive editor: Jerry Gustav Hasford IV; Russellville, Ala.
Box 10 FURIOSO: a magazine of poetry Summer 1941 - Vol 1 no 4; editors: James J. Angleton and E. Reed Whittemore, Jr., New Haven Conn.
Box 10 GADFLY (THE) Feb. 1961 - published by the students at Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa., chief editor: Sara Makemes
Box 10 GALLERY SERIES ONE 1967 - Poets, Harper Square Press, Chicago, Ill.
Box 10 GENERAL MAGAZINE AND HISTORICAL CHRONICLE (THE) Fall 1957 - Vol 60 no 1, with poems by Sam Bradley; published by the General Alumni Society of the University of Pennsylvania, Neda Westlake, editor
Box 10 GEORGIA REVIEW (THE) Spring, 1956 - Vol 10 no 1; published by the University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., editor John Olin Eidson
Box 10 GOOSEBERRY I Spring 1964 - Vol 1 no 1; Mt. Pleasant, Pa., editors John and Susan Cornillon, with letter from editors
Box 10 HANDLE (THE) Fall 1963 - inscribed to Albert Fowler by Will Inman who had poems in this issue; published at the University of Pennsylvania, address Houston Hall, Marc Rosenberg, editor
Box 10 HANGING LOOSE Fall 1966, Winter/Spring 1967, Summer 1967 - editor Dick Lourie, published in N.Y. City
Box 10 HASSLE May 1963 - no 1, with letter from Owens; edited by H. W. Stopher III, Braxton Bryant, Tary K. Owens, Christopher Teele, John Moyer, at Austin, Texas
Box 10 HAVERFORD REVUE (THE) Spring 1960 - Vol 1; published by Haverford College students; editor: Jonathan Z. Smith
Box 10 HERBARIST (THE) 1966 - #32, inscribed to the Fowlers by Mina C. Saunders; publication of the Herb Society of America, Boston, Mass.
Box 10 HORNSPOON 1961, 1962 - Vol 11, Vol 12; published by the Associated Students of Long Beach State College, Long Beach, Calif.
Box 10 INSCAPES 1962 - published by students at Rosemont College, Rosemont, Pa
Box 10 INSIDE BORDENTOWN, a newspaper published of, by and for the inmates of this reformatory - editor-in-chief: William Goode, Bordentown, N.J.
Box 10 LITERARY ARTPRESS Spring 1960, Fall 1960, Spring 1961 - Vol 1 no 2, Vol 2 no 1, Vol 2 no 2; published under the auspices of the English Dept. and Ass. Student Body at Eastern Washington College of Education, Cheney Wash.
Box 10 LITERARY SKETCHES, a magazine of interviews, reviews & memorabilia Apr 1966, Dec 1966 - Vol 6 no 4, Vol 6 no 12; Mary Lewis B. Chapman editor, Williamsburg, Va.
Box 10 LITERARY TIMES Dec. 1963, Mar 1966, Mar 1963 - Vol 3 no 2, Vol 4 no 5, Vol 2 no 4; Chicago, Ill. editor: Jay Robert Nash
Box 10 LITUANUS, 1958, undated - Vol 4 no 4, Vol 7 no 4; Lithuanian Collegiate Quarterly, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Box 10 LONDON MAGAZINE (THE) May 1956 - Vol 3 no 5; British; editor: John Lehman
Box 10 LONG WAY HOME (THE) Dec. 1966 - composed and compiled by the writing fiction class, Southeast Community College, University of Kentucky, Cumberland, Ky.
Box 10 MANHATTAN REVIEW: a little magazine of emerging poetry & fiction 1966 - Numbah [sic] One, Volyoom one numbah two [sic]; editors: Edythe Dimond, Marjorie Marshall, Eric Oatman, NY City
Box 10 MIDWEST QUARTERLY (THE): a journal of contemporary thought July 1965 - Vol 6 no 4, with Sam Bradley's poems; published at Kansas State College of Pittsburg, Dudley T. Cornish editor-in-chief
Box 10 MILAN MI-LINE Spring 1962, Summer 1962 - Vol 1 no 2, Vol 1 no 3; published to give training in purposeful & useful writing by the men of the Milan Federal Correctional Institution at Milan, Mich.
Box 10 MPT (Modern Poetry in Translation) Summer 1966, Spring 1967 - no 2, no 3; British; editors Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbrot, London, England
Box 10 MUSIC WORLD Dec. 1966, May 1968 - Vol 2 no 12, Vol 4 no 5
Box 10 Narceja: revista trimestral de poesia 1959 - no 3, inscribed to the Fowlers by John Nist; editors: Percy Garnier, Domingos Paolielo, Antonio Ramos Rosa, Edgar Bayley, John Nist, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Box 10 NEW CAMPUS REVIEW May 1966 - Vol 1 no 1; published at Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colo.
Box 10 NEW FRONTIERS, May 1962, Winter 1964-65 - Vol 7 no 3, Vol 10 no 1; published by the students of Fairfield University, Fairfield, Conn.
Box 10 NEW MEXICO QUARTERLY Winter 1954-55, Spring 1955 - Vol 24 no 4, Vol 25 no 1; published by the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M., editor: Kenneth Lash
Box 10 NEW STATESMAN 2/25/66 - British; London
Box 10 NEWSPAPER COLLECTOR (THE) - Vol 3 no 1, Vol 3 no 2, Vol 4 no 1 issue #11;, Vol 4 no 2 issue #12; newspaper, magazine, book collecting San Francisco, Calif.
Box 10 NEW WEST (THE) Nov. 1966 - no 1; Ocean Park, Calif. editor: Arnold L. Kaye
Box 10 NUCLEUS (New Zealand) Aug. 1961 - Number 4
Box 10 NUMBERS (New Zealand) March 1957, July 1958, Feb. 1959, Oct. 1959 - #6, #8, #9, #10
Box 10 ODYSSEY: explorations in contemporary poetry and the arts 1959 - Vol 1, no 4; editors: R.R. Cuscaden, Ronald Offen, Chicago, Ill.
Box 10 OUTPOSTS Winter 1958 - Number 39; British; edited by Howard Sergeant, London
Box 11 PANACHE, presenting new writers using the "hiccough" effect introducing contents before introducing itself 1965 - Vol 1 no 1; editors: the contributors, N.Y. City
Box 11 PATHWAYS: literary magazine May 1966 - Vol 1 no 2; mimeographed; sponsored by and for Pen & Pencil Set, Edgar L. Glines editor, Vacaville, Calif.
Box 11 PAX ET LIBERTAS Jan-Mar 1965, Oct-Dec 1967, Jan-Mar. 1968 - Vol 30 no 1, Vol 32 no 4, Vol 33 no 1; published by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Reading, England, editor Phoebe Cusden
Box 11 PEACE: the Drop City Newsletter Mar. '67 - Vol 2 no 3; Trinidad, Calif.
Box 11 PEGASUS 1956 - #16 (Vol 4 no 4); editors: Kate Beltrone, Robert Clairmont, Lucile Coleman, Mary E. Keller, Naomi Marcato, Anca Vrbovska, N.Y. City
Box 11 PENDULUM (THE) of time and the arts, reflecting the culture and charm of the past Nov-Dec 1963, Jan-Feb 1964 - Vol 7 no 50, Vol 7 no 51; mimeographed; Arthur W. Muller editor and publisher Glendale, N.Y.
Box 11 PERSONALIST (THE) an international review of philosophy, religion and literature Jul 1960 - Vol 41 no 3; W.H. Werkmeister editor
Box 11 PERSPECTIVE: a quarterly of literature and the arts Summer 1949, Summer 1954 - Vol 2 no 4, Vol 7 no 2; editors: at University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. Mona Van Duyn, Jarvis Thurston, Sherman Conrad; from Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. same editors with Ralph Nash
Box 11 PINNACLE of literature Autumn 1960, Summer 1961 - editor Elise Pinkerton Steart, Toledo, Ohio
Box 11 PODIUM (Dutch) litterair maandblad May/June 1952 - Vol 8 no 3
Box 11 POESIA DE ESPANA 1963 - #9; Spanish; Madrid, Spain
Box 11 POET'S MISSION (THE) Fall 1962, Spring 1963, Fall 1963 - Vol 2 part 2 no 3, Vol 3 part 1 no 4, Vol 3 part 2 no 5; mimeographed; editor: D. Shepard, N.Y. City
Box 11 POET & CRITIC: a folder of poetry and criticism, Fall 1964 - Vol 1 no 1; William Tillson, editor, Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind., File #1, 1961; revived at Iowa State University at Iowa, Richard Gustafson editor: new focus - a magazine of verse, a workshop in print, a forum of opinion
Box 11 POETRY DIAL Springtime 1961 - Vol 1 no 2; editor: J. William Myers, South Bend, Ind.
Box 11 POETRY DIGEST: America's best-loved poetry magazine Feb-Mar 1957 - Vol 4 no 2; published by National Press, John De Stefano editor, Milldale, Conn.
Box 11 POETRY NEWSLETTER, Apr-Mar 1965 - no 3; editor: Wallace Depew, N.Y. City, mimeographed
Box 11 POTWICK PAPERS, Jan. 1962 - Vol 1 no 1 with letter from Butcher; mimeographed; British; editor: Peter R. Butcher, East Finchley, London
Box 11 POLITICS Sep 1945, Nov. 1945 - Vol 2 no 9, Vol 2 no 11; editor: Dwight Macdonald, N.Y. City
Box 11 QUASIMODO QUARTERLY REVIEW: the magazine of the outside generation Spring 1962 - mimeographed; editor Bill Robins, C.H. Taylor III, E.T. Guidotti, Mexico City College, Mexico City
Box 11 QUICKSILVER: a quarterly magazine of poetry Spring 1962 - Vol 15 no 1, with promotion; editors: Grace Ross and Mabel M. Kuykendall, Taos, N.M.
Box 11 RAMPARTS: The National Catholic Journal March 1963 - Vol 1 no 5; editor-in-chief: Edward M. Keatin, Menlo Park, Calif.
Box 11 REACTIONS: revue litteraire internationale 1966 - directeur: Jean Beuelin, Bienne Suisse
Box 11 RELIGIOUS THEATRE Fall 1964 - Number 1; editors: James R. Carlson, Warren Kliewer, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Box 11 REYNARD: the magazine of the Quaker fellowship of the arts 1959-1962 - British; editor: Katharine M. Wilson, London
Vol 4 no 2, Jan. 1959; no 3, May 1959
conference number 1959
1961 issue
1962 issue
Box 11 SAN FRANCISCO EVENING LAMP: a magazine of life, literature, art, Americana Fall 1963 - #21
Box 11 SCOPE: a literary review June 1963 - #9; published by and for the students of English 55 and 110 at the University of San Francisco, David M. Kirk editor
Box 11 SEASON: a Quarterly on contemporary human problems Winter 1963 - Vol 1 no 4; published by the Dominican Fathers of the Province of the Holy Name, Oakland, Calif.; editor: Janko Zagar, O.P.
Box 11 SESSION Spring 1963 - Vol 1 no 1; published at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind.; editors: Ben Banicki, Allan Dooley, Gary Mohler
Box 11 SEVEN (formerly The Lantern) 1963 - Vol 1 no 3; editor: James Neill Northe, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Box 11 SHENANDOAH: The Washington and Lee University Review, Winter 1959, Spring 1962 - Vol 1 no 2, Vol 13 no 3; editor Paxton Davis; editor for '62 issue: Cecil D. Epy Jr.
Box 11 SHORT STORY INTERNATIONAL Nov. 1963 - editor J. Malcolm Morris
Box 11 SMITH ALUMNAE QUARTERLY April 1967 - Vol 58 no 3, containing reprint of Constance Carrier's poem on p. 27
Box 11 SMOKY HILL REVIEW Winter 1966 - Vol 1 no 1, with letter from the editor; produced by the publications committee of the Division of Language, Literature & speech, Fort Hays Kansas State College; editor: Robert Day
Box 11 SORTIE Fall 1965, Fall 1966 - #1, #2; produced by the Donna Crouse Workshop Freeport Long Island, to introduce writers to editors and others
Box 11 SOUTH AND WEST: an international literary quarterly Winter 1963 - Vol 2 no 3, with newsletter and application for membership in the S & W brochure club for poetry; Fort Smith Ark.; editor: Sue Abbott Boyd
Box 11 SOUTHWEST REVIEW, Summer 1960 - Vol 45 no 3, (annual literary number); published by Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas; editor Allen Maxwell, asst. editor Margaret L. Hartley
Box 11 SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY (THE) Autumn 1958 - Vol 57 no 4; published by Duke University; editorial board: R. Taylor Cole, B.U. Rachford, Herman Salinger, Lionel Stevenson, Arlin Turner, managing editor: William B. Hamilton
Box 11 SOUTHERLY: a literary magazine, the organ of the English Assn, Sydney Branch, Australia, editor R.G. Howarth, Number 2, Bernard O'Dowd number, 1953
Box 11 SPECTRUM Spring-Summer 1959 - Vol 3 no 2; published by Associated Students of the University of Calif. Santa Barbara; editor Kerry Gough
Box 11 SPIRIT: a magazine of poetry May 1959 - Vol 23 no 2; published by the Catholic Poetry Society of America; editor: John Gillan Brunini
Box 11 STEM: a magazine of poetry, prose, philosophy and religion published bi-monthly for rational righters and reasonable readers who read and rite Feb-Mar 1962 - editor: James Granville Tampa, Fla.
Box 11 STEP LADDER (THE) Winter 1959, Spring 1959 - Vol 42 no 3, with letter to Sam Bradley from Moon, and Vol 42 no 4; originally published by Order of Bookfellows, George Steele Seymour and Flora Warren Seymour founders; now represented by Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.; editor: Samuel Moon
Box 11 THIS AND...exists for the sake of existence; is what its name implies, of the moment and of whatever may follow 1967 - no 10; editor: Michael Garner, mimeographed, N.Y. City
Box 11 TRIAD: poetry, art, music 1958, 1959 - published by William and Anne Byler, New Haven Conn.; with press release
Box 11 UNICORN PRESS 1967, undated - Santa Barbara, Calif.; editor Alan Brilliant
Winter/Spring 1967 catalogue
contents page from Unicorn Journal: an anthology of the finest in belles-lettres
contributors' notes (from Unicorn Folio #1)
Poems by Nikolai Norshen and Miriam Waddingham (from Series 2)
Two Poems by George Hitchcock (from Series 2)
Teo Savory broadside
Seferis Postal Poem
Snyder Postal Poem
Box 11 WABASH REVIEW (THE) Winter 1961 - Vol 9 no 1; published at Wabash College, Wabash, Ind.; editors: G.T. Mohler, Eugene Nelson, J.P. Seaton
Box 11 WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL ARTS LETTER: Sep 1966 - Vol 5 no 8; letter service and digest concerning 20th century patronage, support programs and developments, founded by Daniel Millsaps III, 42nd letter
Box 11 WE OFFER... Jan-Mar 1963 - Vol 1 no 1 (new series) with blank for poetry competition entry; international quarterly of the Poetry Guild; British; editor: John Hoffman
Box 11 W-HOLLOW HARVEST June 1967 - Vol 1 no 6; magazine for Jesse Stuart buffs; Cincinnati Ohio
Box 11 WISCONSIN STUDIES IN CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE Spring-Summer 1960 - Vol 1 no 2; published at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.; managing editor: Alan R. Goldberg
Box 11 WRITER'S EXCHANGE (THE) 1962-1963 - bi-monthly magazine for the use and enjoyment of writers; motto: simplicity with quality; Frederic, Wis.; editor: Ruth Bunker Christiansen; mimeographed
Vol 2 no 1 Jan-Feb 1962
Vol 2 no 4, July-Aug. 1962
Vol 2 no 5, Sep-Oct 1962
Vol 2 no 6, Nov-Dec 1962
Vol 3 no 1, Jan-Feb. 1963
Vol 3 no 2, Mar-Apr 1963
Vol 3 no 3, May-Jun 1963
Box 11 WRITER'S NOTES & QUERIES: the friendliest magazine in print Dec 1962 - Vol 12 no 1, with notice from editors; solely owned and edited by Eino Hendrik Johnson and Evelyn Pauline Johnson; Calhoun City, Miss.
Box 11 XENIA: a magazine of poetry and comment, Fall 1965 - No. 1; edited by Stuart McCarrell and Robert Burleigh; Chicago, Ill.
Library bulletins
Box 9 The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Three Centuries of American Poetry: An Exhibition of original Printings
Box 11 Princeton University, Princeton University Library Chronicle 1966-1968
Vol 27 no 2, Winter 1966
Vol 29 no 1, Autumn 1967
Vol 29 no 2, Winter 1968
Box 11 Princeton University, Wilde and the Nineties: An Essay and an Exhibition by Richard Ellmann, E.D.H. Johnson, Alfred L. Bush, Princeton 1966
Box 11 Syracuse University, Syracuse Poems 1965, selected with foreword by Delmore Schwartz, Syracuse, #218 1968
Box 11 Syracuse University, Syracuse Poems 1966-1967, selected with foreword by George P. Elliott, Syracuse, # 631 1967
Miscellaneous items
Box 12 Back issues of APPROACH 1947-1967
issues 4, 6 (2 copies), 7, 27, 31 (2 copies), 32 (3 copies), 34 (3 copies), 35 (3 copies), 36, 37 (3 copies), 38, 39 (3 copies), 40 (3 copies), 41 (3 copies), 42 (3 copies), 43 (2 copies), 44 (3), 45 (3 copies), 46 (3 copies), 49, 51 (3 copies), 52, 54, 63 (3 copies)
Box 12 Bound volumes of APPROACH 1947-1967 (8 volumes)
no's 1-63
no 64, containing complete cumulative index for no's 1-64
cumulative index no's 1-38 (3 copies)
index to no's 39-42
index to no's 43-46
index to no's 47-50
index to no's 51-54
index to no's 55-58
Box 12 Berdyaev "On Suicide" (3 copies)
Box 13 Expenses and receipts (3 volumes)
Box 13 Names and addresses of subscribers (4 notebooks)
Box 12 Kraus reprints of first 46 issues of APPROACH (3 volumes)

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