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Cartes de visite Collection

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Cartes de visite.
Title: Cartes de visite Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1859-1900
Quantity: 1 linear ft. (1 box, 322 photographs)
Abstract: Cartes de visite of the 19th century including albumen prints, platinotypes, tintypes and several lithographs. Included are works by American, European, and Asian photographers: Abdullah Freres, E. & H.T. Anthony, Brady National Photographic Art Gallery, J.H. Bufford, Alexander Gardner, London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, William E. Marshall, Mora, A. Sachtler, and Napoleon Sarony. Subjects include celebrities, family portraits, indigenous peoples, soldiers, and travel photos from America, Europe, China, Japan, and the Malay Pennisula.
Language: English, a few captions in Chinese or Japanese.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The carte de visite, sometimes hyphenated as carte-de-visite, was a type of small photograph which originated in France in the late 1850s and became immensely popular in both Europe and the United States. It consisted of a thin paper photograph (usually an albumen print) mounted on a thicker paper card, about the size of a modern-day playing card. Their popularity led to the production of cards with photographs of notable people, which were collected and traded.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Cartes de visite Collection Collection includes albumen prints, platinotypes, tintypes and several lithographs. Included are works by American, European, and Asian photographers: Abdullah Freres, E. & H.T. Anthony, Brady National Photographic Art Gallery, J.H. Bufford, Alexander Gardner, London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, William E. Marshall, Mora, A. Sachtler, and Napoleon Sarony. Subjects include celebrities, family portraits, indigenous peoples, soldiers, and travel photos from America, Europe, China, Japan, and the Malay Pennisula.

"Most of the pre-1867 images [in the Chinese and Japanese character titles] seem to have been taken by European photographers. About 1880-1885, cheap copy issues of both Chinese and Japanese series appeared in the market. These often bear titles in characters only, suggesting that they were intended for local distribution and not for sale in Europe or America." (Durrah, p. 64)

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Arrangement of the Collection

Cards are divided into American and foreign; within that, the majority are arranged alphabetically by photographer. All items are in a single box.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Brady, Mathew B., approximately 1823-1896.
Bufford, J. H.
Gardner, Alexander, 1821-1882.
Sachtler, A.
Sarony, Napoleon.
Walker, Mary Edwards, 1832-1919.

Corporate Bodies

Abdullah freĢ€res.
Brady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries.
E. & H.T. Anthony (Firm)
London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company.


Albumen paper.
Altered prints.
Carte de visite photographs.
Lithography -- 19th century.
Photograph collections.
Photography -- 19th century.
Portrait photography -- 19th century.
Travel photography.


United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Photography.

Genres and Forms

Albumen prints.
Platinum prints.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Cartes de visite Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: [Summit record]
Date: Mar 1983
Revision history: 12 Sep 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 2 Apr 2009 - inventory corrected per items (MRC); 11 Nov 2014 - identified Joseph B. Forster item as Mary Edwards Walker (MRC)

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A (1 packet)
R. W. Addis - Unidentified soldier
Anson - General Mitchele
Anthony & Co. - Handel, Rossini, Ruber, Verdi
E. & H. T. Anthony - H[enry] Clay, A[ndrew] G[regg] Curtin (governor of Pennsylvania, 1861-1867); Admiral DuPont; Percival Drayton, U. S. N. (1860); Duryear? [revenue stamp] (Aug. 18, 1864); Charles Elliot; Gen. Grant; Kilpatrick [revenue stamp] (Aug. 18, 1864)
L. A. Atwood - unidentified man (portrait); unidentified woman
B (1 packet)
W. J. Baker - Rosa D'Erina, Erin's prima donna
Chas. K. Bill 1860 - Com. J. E. Barry, U.S.N.
T. H. Blair - unidentified young man
[A] Bogardus - Col. R. Ward; unidentified man [revenue stamp]
Bolton - unidentified woman
[M] Brady - William ? Phila. (1876); G. H. Thomas; unidentified man, head & shoulders [vignetted]; unidentified man, standing
J. Sidney Brown - Dan G. Taylor
J. W. Bryant - unidentified girl
Burlington Photo. Co. - unidentified young woman
Burnham - unidentified man; class supper; bouquet presented by the Misses French and Wright, ladies of class [18]84 (March 22, 1881); football piece (1884 [?])
Burns - unidentified man
D. C. Burnite - unidentified woman, seated [revenue stamp]
C (1 packet)
R. F. Channell - unidentified man, seated; unidentified man, standing
T. W. Clark - unidentified man [vignette]
Geo. N. Cobb - unidentified couple; three children
Cobb & Hempstead - unidentified man [vignetted]
D (1 packet)
Darnell - unidentified man
Decamp & Crane - unidentified woman, standing [revenue stamp]; unidentified woman [vignetted, revenue stamp]
O. R. DeMorat - Corpl. H. C? Shearer, D 'Co' "187" [revenue stamp]
S. Dome & Co. - unidentified child [hand tinted, revenue stamp]
E (1 packet)
Charles W. Eberman - unidentified woman [revenue stamp]
Ennis - John L. Sullivan
Dr. J. W. Ewing - unidentified man [partially hand tinted]
F (1 packet)
F. Forshew - unidentified woman, standing; unidentified man; composer Georgia R. Rockwell
Joseph B. Forster - American physician Mary Edwards Walker, standing, wearing bloomer costume
A. J. Fox - unidentified boy [revenue stamp]
C. D. Fredricks & Co. - unidentified man [vignetted]
Fredericks & Hopkins - Lena Dorr
G (1 packet)
Gardner - unidentified man
Alex. Gardner - Ewyn B. Fariatus? 1861
Chas. L. Gillingham - unidentified woman; "your love, Lotta"
Gills City Gallery - unidentified couple [revenue stamp]
Gilmore's Gallery of Art - two unidentified men seated
John Goldin & Co. - Gen. Wm. A. Averill [revenue stamp]
Groom's Photographic Gallery - Two unidentified men seated [revenue stamp]
L. D. Griffin - unidentified young woman standing
W. G. Grottecloss - unidentified woman, standing, [revenue stamp] (Jul. 9, 1966); unidentified man, seated [revenue stamp] (Jul. 14, 1886)
Gurney & Son - Rose Hersee, "What's in a Name?"; Aimee
F. Gutekunst - "Col John Falconer wounded before Richmond and died in a few days."; unidentified soldier, standing; "For Professor Stoddard with the compliments of O. S. Glipov, Comd. U. S. Navy."; Dr. Blaker 22d Mich. late of 23d Mich.
H (1 packet)
Haines - G.? P.? Rockwell [vignette]
Happy Hours Company - all are red-orange cards, printed in gold: E. L. Davenport; John Brougham; George Peabody; Maggie Mitchell; Clara Louise Kellogg; Brignoli
J. B. Hazleton - unidentified woman seated [revenue stamp]
Hazleton & Deans - unidentified couple, [revenue stamp] (Sept. 28, 1864)
C. O. Hodgman - "Sincerely yours, A. M. Wavinksle [?] Lt. U.S. Navy, November 1877"
Hoelke & Benecke - Gov. Gamble [vignetted]
J. B. Hopkins - unidentified woman standing "Carried through five months imprisonment at Salisbery, Dauirlle & Richmond."
J. Horning's Photographic Rooms - "Yours, Frank Best" [revenue stamp]
Hotchkiss - unidentified man
Howe - unidentified man [vignetted]
F. L. Huff - unidentified child
I - L (1 packet)
Israel & Co. - unidentified man standing [revenue stamp]
Johnson's National Gallery - unidentified man, standing
J. O. Kane, published by - E. M. Stanton, Sec. of War
J. Kirk - unidentified man, seated [revenue stamp]
C. B. Knowles - unidentified woman; unidentified man; unidentified child (3)
Isaac S. Lachman - unidentified child [revenue stamp]
Larkin Gallery - unidentified child
J. C. Lesher - unidentified woman
W. O. Luke - unidentified woman; unidentified man
M (1 packet)
Wm. E. Marshall - unidentified man [vignette]
P. B. Marvin (Addis Gallery) - unidentified man [vignette]
Miller & Rowell - John Albion Andrew, 21st Governor of Massachusetts, 1861
W. B. Miles - unidentified man; unidentified woman
Mora - Annie Louise Carey; Offenbach; Anna W. Tiffany
G. D. Morse - unidentified child [hand tinted]
Morse's Gallery of the Cumberland - George Armitage? [vignette, revenue stamp]; R. S. Dodd [revenue stamp]; Geo. H. Winslow [revenue stamp]; unidentified man, standing
Moray & Sturdevant - unidentified man
L. C. Mundy - "What are you going to do about it?" circa 1878
Mundy & Rowell - unidentified child
C. H. McAllister - unidentified man
J. McMillen - unidentified man, standing
N - O (1 packet)
The New York Photographic Co. - Sheridan [vignetted]
Austen & Oliver - "Oswego Nov. 28, 1875 From her Uncle BBB"
F. W. Oliver (Late Austen & Oliver) - Mifs. T. E.
Owen's Gallery - unidentified man
I. G. Owen - unidentified man (3); unidentified woman (8); "Compliments of M. H. Leidmose?"
P - R (1 packet)
Peck Bros. - [Yale College Durrah p. 99] 1860
Percival's Gallery - unidentified women [vignetted]
Pierce & Richardson - unidentified woman [revenue stamp] June, 1866?
M. J. Powers - [map] Position of the 1st Brig. 1st Div. 9th Corp. Before Petersburg, Va.
E. M. Recher - unidentified woman seated [revenue stamp]
J. F. Ryder - Admiral [?]
S (1 packet)
Sarony - William [Cullen] Bryant; Miss Mollenhauser; Miss Stockman; Edward Sothern as Lord Dundreary in "The American Cousin"; unidentified woman [vignetted]
Saylor's New Photographic Gallery - unidentified child, standing; unidentified child, standing
T. M. Schleier - unidentified man [vignetted]
A. J. Schillare - unidentified woman [vignetted]
J. A. Scholten - Fremont & Seagle? copy from a painting by C. Wimar?
Louis Seebohm - Charles Kette U.S.?, 1861
W. T. Seely - Capt. A. L. Wilson
Sharpsteen - Dan Hamilton
Shaw's Mammoth Photographic Rooms - unidentified scene
J. Rennie Smith - unidentified woman; unidentified man
Soule - unidentified woman standing ([vignetted, revenue stamp]
Stoutenburgh & Rose - unidentified woman standing [revenue stamp]; unidentified man, seated
U - Z (1 packet)
Henry Ulke - Francis H. Hines [revenue stamp] August 23, 1868
J. H. Van Travoren - Ike Bself? [revenue stamp] July 4, 1865; unidentified young man standing [revenue stamp]
Vaughn - unidentified woman "Nelson N. Bancroft, Co. G 62nd regt."; N.Y. Vol. 1 Brig. 2 Div. 6th Corps. Washington, D. C." [vignetted]
Warren - Titians [woman in velvet dress standing]
Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown - "Rolana, my aunt at the age of 86." [revenue stamp]
Wenderoth & Taylor - W. P. Penn 1863; "To Miss Amelia, Brittin House with the respectful souvenir & Christian regard of her grateful brother in ? C. Chiniquy? Fte. Anne? Kan Kaker Co. Illinois 26 July 1864."
Williams - unidentified man [vignetted]
L. B. Williams - Georgia R. Rockwell
Geo. H. Wood - unidentified man, seated
Wormell - unidentified woman, standing
Young & Platt - J. P. McEldeny?
F. M. Zuller - "To Wm. P. Moran Esq. with respects of Cecil C. Neil December 16, 1872."
Foreign countries (by photographer)
Photographer unknown (2 packets)
Miscellaneous countries: China, Sumatra, Malay, Java, etc.
A. Sachtler, Singapore (1 packet)
Birmese [Burmese] Idol, Rangoon
Rajah of Chenribon, Java
Unidentified man, writing illegible
Singapore view
Unidentified temple
Temple at Rangoon, Birmah [Burma]
Emp'or of Pooley [?], Java
Malay woman, standing
Dalhonsin? Pien
"A. Louen? at?" woman, standing
Singapore view
Cocoa Nut Grove
Unidentified view
Javanese unidentified woman, seated
Armenian unidentified man, standing
Cocoanut grove, Singapore
Chinese Temples, Singapore
Singapore View
Prince Absoran Samaranj, Java
Singapore View
Madras Officer
Unidentified View
Courthouse & Post Office, Singapore
Unidentified man, seated
Kling merchant
T. Haywood and D. Watson, St. Helena, Simonstown[?] (1 packet)
Jamestown Harbor
Jamestown Harbor
Jamestown and Harbor returning from the Tomb of Napoleon
Tomb of Napoleon
Distant view of Napoleon's Tomb from the road
Spring of water at the Tomb of Napoleon
Unidentified view
Unidentified view
Series with printed captions in English (1 packet)
"A Common 'Kangho' or chair."
"As pensive I thought," etc.
"Bettoes resting in teahouse"
"Sampans" [with paragraphs of explanation]
Chinese or Japanese character titles (1 packet)
Seated woman circa 1880-1885
Four Women circa 1880-1885
Group, men, women, children circa 1880-1885
Foreign (by country or city)
B (1 packet)
R. Marowsky - Mr. & Mrs. Julius J. Krochl
Gustav Schauer - Alex. V. Humboldt's Portrait, Begas.
C-W (1 packet)
Canton, China
Photographer unknown Feb. 17, 1875 - Whoy Esmorehouse
L. Hartmann - woman standing
Abdullah Freres - "Brother of the Sultan that will take the throne when Sultan dies"
Schier & Schoefft - Beverly Kennow, Egyptian Army
Photographer unknown - H.R.H. Alfred Ernest Albert
Henry P. Robinson - soldier standing
Messr's W. Walker & Sons - unidentified man
The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company - Mrs. Scott Siddons
BK or KB - Furst Bismarck; Graf Von Moltke; Kronprinz v. Preussen; Konig Wilhelm T.v. Preussen
V. L. Richardson circa 1875?
F. Rocchini - Belim Castle
E. Neurdein - Duc d'Orleans; Francois Joseph I; Marie Amelie; Bulla Freres
Nauma Fils - unidentified painting
Susse Fres Estienne & Cie - Lt. Gregory
Aug. Ehrich - unidentified woman seated
Rabending und Monckhoven - Empress Elizabeth of Austria
Photographer unknown, subject identified (1 packet)
S. Armsby...Rice Co. Minn.
Count Bismarck
W. R. Bridgmann U.S.N.
Dr. Cummings, Lt. B. F. Brisco Co. "H", Lt. U. S. Davis Co. "H" and acting 2r Mr 23d Mich. Vol. Infty.
Camille Dubois
Gen. Dwight, Bank's Staff
"Jerome Falconer, wounded at the battle of 'Stoneriver' and after six months of great suffering from his wounds yielded up his life a sacrifice on his country's alter"
Rear Adm'l D. G. Farragut
G. W. Harding, Owatonna? Co. Minnesota
Emma W. Henry
Empress Josephine
Abraham Lincoln and his family from a painting
Pauling Lucca
Thomas Lullus? News Agent 5th Corps, Army Potomac 1861
M. E. Church, N. Y. (interior)
M. E. Church, N. Y. (interior organ)
Geo. Norris? or Morris? (black man, seated)
Louis Napoleon
Carlotta Patti sister of Adelina
Jas. M. Prichett?
Lulu Pryor
J. F. Richardson
Buckalew Pa. [?possibly Charles Buckalew, lawyer from Blooomberg, Pennsylvania]
O. L. Spaulding
H. S. Stellwageu?
Major Gen. Geo H. Thomas
Ida Yerance
Civil War General
"The man hung at close of the war for trying to set fire to N. Y."
The Union Generals
War widow
Photographer unknown, subject unidentified (1 packet)
Miscellaneous (1 packet)
J. H. Bufford, Pub. - Joseph Hooker, Maj. Gen. Comd. Div.; Major Genl. Franz Siegel
J. A. O'Neile - unidentified man
The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company - unidentified man [color]
Unknown country of origin
Constant Cook & Wm. H. Russell - Maj. Gen. Hancock Liberty
Miscellaneous (1 packet)

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