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John Dillenberger Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Dillenberger, John.
Title: John Dillenberger Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1938-1994
Quantity: 9.25 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American theologian, author, Dean and President of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. Collection includes correspondence, writings (articles, books, essays, reviews, speeches), memorabilia, and a draft of Paul Tillich's Systematic Theology with annotations by Dillenberger.
Language: Bulk in English, scattered items in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

John Dillenberger (1918-2008) was an American historian of science specializing in the relationship between science and religion. His book Protestant Thought and Natural Science (1960) was considered an authoritative introductory survey of the topic for several decades.

Dillenberger was one of the founders of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, serving as its first president (he also served a second term in 1999-2000) and twice as dean (1964-1969 and 1967-1972). He was also actively involved in history and theology departments at several academic institutions, serving as president of Hartford Seminary, dean of the faculty at San Francisco Theological Seminary, chair of the program in history and philosophy at Harvard University, and president of the American Academy of Religion.

Paul Johannes Tillich (1886-1965) was a German-American theologian and Christian existentialist philosopher. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the twentieth century.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The John Dillenberger Papers consist of correspondence, writings, and memorabilia.

Correspondence includes fellow authors and academics, particularly theologians and historians, from the Graduate Theological Union and other institutions. Notable individuals present in the collection include Bob Jones Jr., John W. Cook, David Daiches, Robert Lansing Edwards, Robert D. Funk, Theodore Gill, Mary Jean Irion, Margaret Ruth Miles, Robert Neville, Samuel I. Newhouse, Kenan Osborne, Paolo Ricca, Robert Scharlemann, Donald Shriver, Hannah Tillich, Jim Waits, J. Lynwood Walker, Barbara Wheeler, Wilson Yates, and others. There is also correspondence with religious, academic, and secular organizations with which Dillenberger was involved (Central Baptist Theological Seminary, First Congregational Church San Francisco, Graduate Theological Union, Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the United Church of Christ), as well as publishers of both books and periodicals (Doubleday, MacMillan, etc.).

Writings by Dillenberger includes articles, book reviews, books, forewords, speeches, sermons, and address. Formats present include drafts, published editions, clippings, and reprints. There is also a copy of Dillenberger's PhD dissertation, "The Hidden God: A study of the concept of the hidden God in recent German theological works and the significance of this concept for contemporary theological thinking."

Writings by others consists of drafts of Paul Tillich's Systematic Theology, in the writing of which Dillenberger assisted Tillich. There is a complete draft of volume 1 plus fragments of other drafts. Revisions to the completed draft are Tillich's alone, while the fragments contain revisions by both Tillich and Dillenberger.

Memorabilia contains calendars, clippings, a few notes on administrative matters, invitations and programs from events attended by Dillenberger, honoraria, Dillenberger's Pastor's Manual from his time as a chaplain in the U.S. Naval Reserves, and assorted printed material including publicity for his books.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence is alphabetical by correspondent name. Dillenberger's writings are subdivided by type; within that, they are arranged alphabetically by title.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

A number of published items by Dillenberger and his wife Jane have been removed from the collection and transferred to Rare Books for cataloging, as follows. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.

  • John Dillenberger, Contours of Faith: Changing Forms of Christian Thought, Abingdon Press, 1969
  • John Dillenberger, John Calvin: Selections from his Writings, Anchor Books, 1971
  • John Dillenberger, John Calvin: Selections from his Writings, Scholars Press, 1975
  • Perceptions of the Spirit in Twentieth-Century American Art, catalog from exhibit at Indianapolis Museum of Art prepared by Jane and John Dillenberger, 1977
  • Jane Dillenberger, The Hand and the Spirit: Religious Art in America, 1700-1900, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, 1972; introduction by John Dillenberger
  • Jane Dillenberger, Secular Art with Sacred Themes, Abingdon Press, 1969

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Subject Headings


Adams, James Luther, 1901-1994.
Dillenberger, Jane.
Dillenberger, John.
Funk, Robert W. (Robert Walter), 1926-2005.
Gill, Theodore A. (Theodore Alexander), 1920-2005.
Irion, Mary Jean.
Jones, Bob, 1911-1997.
McCarter, Neely Dixon, 1929-
Miles, Margaret R. (Margaret Ruth), 1937-
Newhouse, Samuel Irving, Jr., 1927-2017.
Pauck, Wilhelm, 1901-1981.
Pelikan, Jaroslav, 1923-2006.
Ricca, Paolo.
Rosen, James M., 1933-
Scharlemann, Robert P.
Smith, Huston.
Tillich, Hannah.
Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965. -- Systematic theology.
Weizsacker, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1912-2007.
Wheeler, Barbara G.
Yates, Wilson.

Corporate Bodies

Graduate Theological Union.
Hamma School of Theology.
Harvard University.
United Church of Christ.


Christianity and the arts.
Educators -- United States.
Protestantism -- History.
Religion and science.
Religion and the humanities.
Religious thought -- Modern period, 1500-
Theologians -- United States.
Theology -- 20th century.
Theology -- Study and teaching.
Theology, Doctrinal--Historical.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts for publication.
Reviews (documents)
Speeches (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

John Dillenberger Papers
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of John Dillenberger, 1969-1994.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: EFB
Date: 12 Jan 1970
Revision history: 8 Apr 2010 - converted to EAD (MRC); 15 Nov 2021 - additions processed, entire collection rearranged and rehoused (MS/MRC)

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Box 1 Abingdon Press 1966-1969, 1978, 1990
Box 1 Adams, Doug and Margo [GTU] 1978, 1982-1992
Box 1 Adams, James Luther 1984, 1987-1988
Box 1 American Academy of Religion (AAR) 1985-1990
Box 1 American Theological Society 1988
Box 1 Apostolos-Cappadona, Diane [professor; member of AAR] 1984-1989, 1993 - 1 letter in German
Box 1 Archives of American Art 1975, 1981, 1985-1992, undated
Box 1 A, misc
Box 1 Barr, Robert [president, GTU] 1989-1991
Box 1 Baumgarten, Barbara Dee 1991-1993, undated
Box 1 Berling, Judith [dean, GTU] 1987-1993
Box 1 Biblical Archaeology Society 1986, 1988
Box 1 Biddle, Livingston [Ludlow Jr.] [National Endowment for the Arts] 1980
Box 1 Blecker, Michael [president, GTU; president, Saint John's University in Minnesota] 1981, 1983, 1987
Box 1 Bucher, Glenn [president, GTU] 1992-1993
Box 1 B, misc
Box 1 Carson, David E.A. and Sara [bank president; involved with both Hartford Seminary and GTU] 1980-1982, 1989-1990, undated
Box 1 Central Baptist Theological Seminary 1987, 1993
Box 1 Charles Scribner's Sons 1955, 1981-1982, 1985
Box 1 Cherry, Conrad 1979-1981, 1985, 1987
Box 1 The Christian Century 1969, 1987, 1989
Box 1 Cook, John W. [professor, Yale; president, Henry Luce Foundation] 1979, 1987, 1992-1994
Box 1 C, misc
Box 1 Daiches, David [Scottish author] 1979, 1987
Box 1 DeConcini, Barbara [Archives of American Art] 1990-1993, undated
Box 1 Dempsey, Terrence [founding director of St. Louis University MOCRA] 1991-1993
Box 1 Detroit Institute of Arts 1985-1986, 1991
Box 1 Devonshire Jones, Tom [pastor at St. Mark's, Regent's Park, London] 1988, 1992-1993, undated - wife Susan
Box 1 Dillenberger, Jane [first wife] 1989, 1992-1993
See also Miscellaneous, personal.
Box 1 Doubleday & Company 1968-1971, 1974, 1981-1983, 1988
Box 1 Drew University 1953-1954, 1962, 1992
du Plessix-Gray, Francine
See Gray, Cleve.
Box 2 Duke, James. O. 1985-1987, undated
Box 2 Duke University 1950, 1982
Box 2 D, misc
Box 2 Edwards, Robert Lansing [minister, author] 1982, 1987-1988, 1992-1993
Box 2 Elberg, Sanford [UC Berkeley] 1987-1988, 1990, 1992
Box 2 Emory University 1987
Box 2 E, misc
Box 2 Feinstein, Dianne 1983
Box 2 Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 1991-1993, undated
Box 2 Fink, Lois Marie 1982, 1984, 1987-1988, 1993
Box 2 [First Congregational Church, San Francisco] 1984-1987
Box 2 Funk, Robert D. [Westar Institute, divinity denier] 1982, 1986, 1988, undated - includes letters to his wife, Charlene Matejovsky
Box 2 Furniss, Carl T. [Board member, Hartford Seminary] 1981, 1983, 1987
Box 2 F, misc
Gerhart, Mary
See Yu, Anthony C.
Box 2 Gill, Theodore [one of the founders of GTU] 1962-1963, 1979, 1982, 1986, 1991-1993, undated
Box 2 Gottwald, Norman K. 1979
Box 2 Graduate Theological Union (GTU) 1963, 1970-1971, 1982-1989, 1991-1993, undated
Box 2 Gray, Cleve [artist] 1979, 1981, 1986-1987, 1993, undated - includes his wife, author Francine du Plessix-Gray
Box 2 G, misc
Hamma School of Theology
See Wittenberg University, Hamma School of Theology
Box 2 Harper & Row 1968, 1975, 1987
Box 2 Hartford Seminary 1977, 1980-1983, 1989, undated
Box 2 Harvard University 1954-1957, 1983, 1985 - includes letter in German
Box 2 Hatfield, Mark O. [US Senator] 1989
Box 2 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. 1988
Box 2 Hubbard, David Allen [Fuller Theological Seminary] 1987
Box 2 Hummel, Gert [German theologian] 1988 - includes letter in German
Box 2 H, misc
Box 3 Indiana, Robert [artist] 1979, 1985
Box 3 Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture (IFRAA) 1984-1985, 1989-1992
Box 3 Irion, Mary Jean [poet, religious writer] 1985, 1987
Box 3 I, misc
Box 3 Jones, Bob Jr. [president, Bob Jones University] 1979-1980
Box 3 Judd, Raymond [chaplain, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX] 1984, 1988, 1992
Box 3 J, misc
Box 3 Kegley, Charles W. 1969, 1981, 1986
Box 3 Kenney, Scott G. [Sunstone magazine] 1979, 1993
Box 3 K, misc
Box 3 Lilly Endowment 1981-1982, 1984, 1986-1988, 1990, 1993
Box 3 L, misc
Box 3 Macmillan Publishing Company 1985, 1987
Box 3 Matejovsky, Charlene - name misspelled by Dillenberger as "Mategeovsky"
See also Funk, Robert D. (her husband)
Box 3 McCarter, Neely D. [Pacific School of Religion] 1986-1988, 1990
Box 3 Meier, Richard [architect] 1984, 1993
Box 3 Mighetto, Frank L. [architect] 1985
Box 3 Miles, Margaret Ruth [theology educator, associated with Harvard and GTU] 1985-1987, 1993-1994
Box 3 M, misc
Box 3 National Endowment for the Humanities 1975, 1977, 1980-1981
Box 3 Negri, Pat [Australian Catholic priest with PhD from GTU] 1991-1993
Box 3 Neville, Robert Cummings [professor, Boston University] 1990-1992
Box 3 New York Times 1969, 1985, undated
Box 3 Newhouse, Samuel Irving Jr. 1980-1981
Box 3 Niebuhr, Ursula Mary (Mrs. Reinhold Niebuhr) 1969, 1971
Box 3 Osborne, Kenan B. [Catholic priest, scholar] 1973-1974, undated
Box 3 N-O, misc
Box 3 Pacala, Leon [administrator, Association of Theological Schools] 1985, 1987, 1989
Box 3 Pacific School of Religion 1977, 1990
Box 3 Pauck, Wilhelm and Marion [historical theologian] 1981, 1992, undated
Box 3 Pelikan, Jaroslav [Yale theologian] 1986
Box 3 Princeton Theological Seminary 1950, 1985, 1988-1989, 1991
Box 3 P, misc
Box 3 Quinn, Patrick J. [architect and dean of RPI's School of architecture] 1979-1981, 1993
Box 3 Rambusch, Robert E. [artist, liturgical designer] 1982, 1991, undated
Box 3 Ricca, Paolo [Italian theologian and author] 1985-1987, 1990, 1992, undated
Box 3 Rion, Michael [Hartford Seminary] 1983-1986
Box 3 Rosen, James [artist] 1990, 1993
Box 3 R, misc
Box 4 "Saint Peter's Church" 1977-1980 - relating to efforts to build an arts center
Box 4 Scharlemann, Robert P. [theologian] 1979-1980, 1988, 1993
Box 4 Schmookler, Andrew Bard [author, speaker] 1979-1980, 1982
Box 4 Scholars Press 1978-1980, 1989, 1993
See also Cherry, Conrad.
Box 4 Scott, Nathan A. Jr. [professor of religion] 1985-1986, 1990, 1992
Box 4 Seeberg, L. 1958 - includes memorial booklet about Bengt Seeberg, sailor who sank with the German battleship Tirpitz in 1944; in German
Shaw, Nancy Rivard
See Detroit Insitute of Arts.
Box 4 Shriver, Donald W. Jr. [president, Union Theological Seminary] 1982
Box 4 Smith, Huston [professor, Syracuse University] 1993
Box 4 Society for the Arts, Religion, and Contemporary Culture (ARC) 1985-1989
Box 4 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 1988-1990
Box 4 Staley, Allen [art historian] 1977-1979
Box 4 Stern, Robert A.M. [architect] 1986
Box 4 S, misc (2 folders)
Box 4 Tillich, Hannah (Mrs. Paul Tillich) 1979, 1987
Box 4 Tremaine, Emily Hall and Burton 1979, 1981
Box 4 Trinity University Press 1989
Box 4 Tuchman, Maurice [art curator] 1987
Box 4 Tyree, Alan D. 1987-1989 - discussion of artistic matters for the Mormon Temple Project
Box 4 T, misc
Box 4 "United Church Architecture" 1972, 1978-1983 - letters, notes, pamphlets, etc. relating to architectural matters
Box 4 "United Church of Christ" 1984-1985 - mostly related to architecture
Box 4 "United Church of Christ" 1970-1981 - mostly related to higher education issues
Box 5 "United Church of Christ" 1979-1982 - mostly related to higher education issues
Box 5 Voisin, Carol Jean [ethicist and university administrator] 1987-1988, 1991, 1993
Box 5 Waits, Jim L. [dean, Candler School of Theology, Emory University] 1985, 1987, 1991, 1993
Box 5 Walker, J. Lynwood [president, Northwest Theological Union] 1986, 1988, 1990
Box 5 Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich von [physicist] 1961 - in German
Box 5 Welch, Claude [GTU] 1972, 1977, 1982, 1986, 1988, undated
Box 5 Wheeler, Barbara G. [president, Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn NY] 1984-1985, 1990
Box 5 Wiggins, James 1985-1986, 1988-1991, 1993, undated
Box 5 Willems, Loretta 1989-1990, 1992
Box 5 Winquist, Charles Edwin [professor of religion, Syracuse University and Chico State] 1979, 1985
Box 5 Wittenberg University, Hamma School of Theology 1966-1969
Box 5 W, misc
Box 5 Yates, Wilson [theologian and academic] 1982, 1988, 1992, undated
Box 5 Yu, Anthony C. [professor of religion and literature, University of Chicago] 1988-1990
Box 5 Y-Z, misc
Box 5 Miscellaneous, first name only
Miscellaneous, personal
Box 5 "Hilde" 1962-1964, 1967, undated - letters relating to Dillenberger's divorce from his first wife Hilde, including one to their children
Box 5 "That Peace" 1962 - letters relating to Dillenberger's marriage to his second wife Jane; departure from Drew University; includes a letter to his parents
Box 5 Art and Architecture in the Religious Community Fall 1980 - Faith & Form, entire issue; photocopy of article; New Conversations
Box 5 Artists and Church Commissions: Rubin's 'The Church at Assy' Revisited Spring 1979 - Art Criticism, entire issue; photocopy of article
Box 5 Barth's Letter in America Dec 1941 - editorial, The Union Review; entire issue
Box 6 Bela Vasady, Bridge-Builder Between East and West Jul 5, 1949 - The Messenger
Box 6 The Catholic -Protestant Opening winter 1964 - Season, entire issue
Box 6 The Church and Society winter 1945 - Christianity and Society, entire issue
Box 6 Christianity Not the Only Option Mar 4, 1954 - The Christian Scholar, a collection of essays entitled "A Symposium: Can and Should a College be Christian?"; reprint
Box 6 Christianity, Science and Truth May 1949 - Perspective: A Princeton Journal of Christian Opinion, entire issue
Box 6 Church Union: Theology and Culture Oct 1962 - Theology Today
Box 6 The Diversity of Disciplines as a Theological Question: the Visual Arts as a Paradigm - typescript copy and pages from the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, v.48 no.2
Box 6 [Encyclopedia entries, miscellaneous]
Box 6 English Christianity and the Visual Arts in the Colonies - Semeia 13, entire issue
Box 6 Faith - typescript copy of item eventually published in New Handbook of Christian Theology; correspondence with Joseph L. Price, coordinator of the project
Box 6 Faith and Sensibility fall 1978 - Journal of Current Social Issues, entire issue; also includes an article by Jane Dillenberger
Box 6 From a Persecuted Church [co-written by Dillenberger and Cedric H. Jaggard] Mar 1941 - The Union Review, entire issue
Box 6 From the World of the Artists to the Museum World: Its Implications for Tillich's Views of the Visual Arts - typescript
Box 6 God the Creator Dec 1952 - Counsel
Box 6 Grace and Works in Martin Luther and Joseph Smith May/Jun 1978 - Sunstone, entire issue; photocopied pages
Box 6 The Graduate Theological Union in the San Francisco Bay Area Jan 1965 - The Journal of Bible and Religion, reprints
Box 6 The Graduate Theological Union: Seven Years Later spring 1969 - Nexus, entire issue; photocopied pages
Box 6 GTU Aspirations Are Set Forth by Head of School Jan 1965 - Pacific Churchman, photocopy
Box 6 History and the Kingdom of God Jan/Mar 1954 - Counsel, photocopy
Box 6 The Holy Spirit Outside the Church Jun 1958 - The Bulletin of the Hartford Seminary Foundation, entire issue
Box 6 I Go to War as a Christian May 16, 1944 - The Messenger, clipping and photocopy
Box L 10 The Integration of Theological Faculties Apr 1969 - Concilium, 2 typescript copies; clipping; reprints of translations in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
Box 6 Introduction to Tillich's Theology autumn 1951 - The Drew Gateway, entire issue, clipping
Box 6 Judaism and Protestantism: Some Historic Patterns of Understanding Sep-Oct 1966 - "corrected copy," photocopy of typescript manuscript given at colloquium
Box 6 Justification and Sanctification May 1943 - The Union Review, entire issue
Box 6 The Landmarking of Religious Institutions: a Plea for Vision with Wider Contexts fall 1984 - Faith & Form, photocopy of clipping
Box 6 Luther and the Communication of Christianity to Culture - typescript
Box 6 Major Volumes and Selected Periodical Literature in Luther Studies, 1956-1959 Mar 1961 - Church History, reprint
Box 6 Man and the World Jun 3, 1959 - The Christian Century, entire issue
Box 6 Modern Art and its Relation to Christianity circa 1938 - typescript of term paper from Eisenhower College
Box 7 Nature vs. Biblical Literalism May 20, 1959 - The Christian Century, entire issue
Box 7 Notes From a Theological Perspective Nov 1963 - Social Action, entire issue; photocopy of pages
Box 7 Paul Tillich: Theologian of Culture 1966, 1967 - two different articles with the same title: Challenge: A Theological Journal for the Probing of the Mind, Feb 1966, typescript with holograph corrections; Religion in Life, winter 1966, reprint
Box 7 Perceptions of the Spirit in Twentieth Century American Art May 1978 - American Art Review, entire issue; photocopy of pages
Box 7 A Protestant Understanding of the Church and University June 17-21, 1962 - address from 3rd Quadrennial Convocation of Christian Colleges at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota; in booklet, "The Mission of the Christian College in the Modern World" published by the Council of Protestant Colleges and Universities
Box 7 Protestantism in the United States. Its Temper and Main Tendencies. 1961 - Studium Generale, 14 Jahrg., Heft 2, reprint
Box 7 Reflections of a Protestant Champlin May 1946 - Union Seminary Quarterly Review, entire issue
Box 7 Religious Sensibilities: The Conceptual and Visual June 8, 1978 - address given at New Orleans Religion & the Arts Conference; includes booklet
Box 7 Religious Stimulants and Constraints in the Development of Science spring 1967 - Continuum, clipping
Box 7 Roots of the American Ethos 1978 - photocopied pages from book, Understanding the New Religions, Seabury Press
Box 7 Science and Theology Today Jun 17, 1959; fall 1959 - 2 versions, one in The Christian Century, the other with a handwritten title that could be "Satellite"
Box 7 The Seductive Power of the Visual Arts: Shall the Response be Iconoclasm or Baptism? Mar 1977, Jan 1978 - Andover Newton Quarterly, photocopy; reprint from Liturgy
Box 7 The Society for the Arts Religion and Contemporary Culture Jun 1988 - ARTS, entire issue
Box 7 The Sovereignty of God in John Calvin and Brigham Young Response Sep/Oct 1980 - Sunstone, entire issue
Box 7 Teaching Religion: Problems and Requirements Mar 1954 - Union Theological Seminary Quarterly Review, reprint with pencil comments
Box 7 Theological-Cultural Factors Demanding Union of the Churches Jun 1963 - typescript; clipping from Mid-stream
Box 7 "Theological Education" 1969 - first draft typescript with handwritten corrections
Box 7 Theological Givens as Theological Orientations 1967 - Mid-stream,clipping; second copy titled "Cambridge Background Paper No.1 prepared at the request of the Executive Committee as a background paper for the 1967 meeting of the Consultation on Church Union"
Box 7 Theological Hermeneutics - typescript with handwritten corrections; handwritten note indicates appeared in New Frontiers of Theology vol II
Box 7 Theology and Abstract Expressionism. Historical Notes and Test Cases. - 4 typescript copies with handwritten corrections
Box 7 Theology and Ethos: the Making and Breaking of Cultural Styles - typescript with handwritten corrections
Box 7 Tillich's Use of the Concept of "Being" Mar 16, 1953 - Christianity and Crisis, clipping
Box 7 Traditional Library Functions and the Economic Factor autumn 1969 - typescript draft with handwritten corrections; photocopy of pages from Theological Education
Box 7 Unraveling the Library Mystique autumn 1980 - Theological Education, entire issue
Box 7 Visual Arts. The Discipline of Seeing [on article page, but table-of-contents has as "The Visual Arts in Worship"] Dec/Jan 1978 - Modern Liturgy, entire issue
Box 7 What is Christian Art? [by Jane and John Dillenberger] Apr 20, 1966 - The Christian Century, entire issue
Box 7 Miscellaneous drafts
Book reviews
Box 8 Miscellaneous 1946, 1950-1963, 1972, 1984-1988, 1992-1993 (2 folders)
Contours of Faith: Changing Forms of Christian Thought
Box 8 Draft A - typescript with holograph corrections (2 folders)
Box 8 Draft B - typescript with holograph corrections (2 folders)
Box 8 Draft C - typescript with holograph corrections (2 folders)
Box 8 Draft D - typescript with holograph corrections (2 folders)
Box 9 Draft E - photocopy of typescript of what appears to be Draft D (2 folders)
Box 10 Galley proof
Box 9 Publisher proof
John Calvin: Selections from his Writings
Box 9 Rough draft, partial - combination of handwritten pages with cut-out photocopies (3 folders)
Box 9 Draft, introduction "The Man and His Life" - typescript with holograph corrections
Box 9 Draft, end matter - Selected Bibliography, Indexes of names and subjects; typescript with holograph corrections
Box 9 Draft, complete - combination of typescript and cut-out photocopied pages, photocopies, some with holographic corrections, pp. 1-170 (3 folders)
Box 11 Draft, complete - combination of typescript and cut-out photocopied pages, photocopies, some with holographic corrections (7 folders)
Box 11 Draft, miscellaneous pages - photocopies from published edition, showing some corrections
Box 11 Production records
Box 10 Galley proof A
Box 10 Galley proof B
Box 12 Galley proof C
Box L 12 Galley proof, miscellaneous pages
Dissertation, PhD, Columbia University circa 1948
Box 11 "The Hidden God: A study of the concept of the hidden God in recent German theological works and the significance of this concept for contemporary theological thinking" - pp. 1-268 (4 folders)
Box 13 "The Hidden God: A study of the concept of the hidden God in recent German theological works and the significance of this concept for contemporary theological thinking" - pp. 269-233
Box 13 Miscellaneous
Speeches, sermons, and addresses
Box 13 Art and Architecture in the Religious Community May 1, 1980 - 41st National Interfaith Conference on Religion, Art, and Architecture; photocopy of typescript
Box 13 "Autobiography" Nov 1968 - West Coast Theological Society; photocopy of corrected typescript
Box 13 Barnett Newman's Significance for Religion and the Visual Arts Feb 15, 1980 - Creatio et Spiritus Award Dinner honoring Barnett Newman, St. Peter's Church, New York; 2 copies, photocopy of typescript
Box 13 "Brown Chapel" Oct 19, 1955 - typescript, 2 copies
Box 13 Changing Contours of Faith Oct 23, 1964 - inaugural address, San Francisco Theological Seminary; typescript
Box 13 Die Bildenden Kunst und die Kirchen in der Vereinigten Staaten Ein Zweideutige aber Hoffungsvolle Weg Aug 24, 1993 - lecture, Dresden; typescript in German
Box 13 "Dominican Priory" Oct 12, 1966 - dinner speech, Berkeley Priory opening; typescript, , program, address of the Dominican Master General, clipping
Box 13 Dürer and Cranach the Elder Dec 1993 - Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference; photocopy of corrected typescript
Box 13 Educational Gyrations May 21, 1965 - American Baptist Convention; photocopy of typescript with handwritten notes
Box 13 God's Omnipotent Risk Jan 14, 1962 - sermon, University Chapel of Pennsylvania State University; printed booklet with foreword
Box 13 The Grandeur of Humanity: the Lure of Ideal Form in Classical Greece, the Renaissance, and Abstract Expressionism Nov 20, 1988 - American Academy of Religion, Arts Religion and Literature Section; 2 typescript copes
Box 13 [Hartford Seminary] 1980, 1983 - three addresses: address to Board of Directors, Dec 10, 1980 (photocopied typescript); address to Board of Trustees, May 10, 1983 (photocopied typescript); "Morning at the Seminary" worship service on Mar 23, 1983 (typescript with handwritten corrections)
Box 13 Hermeneutical Orientations Nov 22-23, 1963 - Pacific Coast Theological Group
Box 13 Luther and the Communication of Christianity to Culture circa 1947
Box 13 Martin Luther: a man for no seasons 1983 - Sunstone symposium; typescript with handwritten correction, photocopy of speech delivered at the conference, correspondence with Sunstone Foundation
Box 13 "Meeting of Theologians" Feb 15-16, 1963
Box 13 Mystery and the Dynamics of Historical Change Jun 5, 1966 - Commencement address, University of San Francisco; typescript with handwritten corrections, 2 official releases of text
Box 13 National Jewish Chautauqua Society May 3, 1980 - two typescript copies
Box 13 The Nature of Science and Cultural-Theological Concerns undated - typescript speech with numerous handwritten corrections
Box 13 One Faith Oct 18-21, 1965 - Second Pacific Northwest Faith and Order Conference; typescript
Box 13 A Protestant Understanding of Church and University June 1962 - "...A condensation of three lectures given before the Council of Protestant Colleges and Universities"; photocopy of corrected typescript
Box 13 Religion and the Sensibilities of the Artist May 28, 1978 - Fourth International Congress on Religion, the Arts, Architecture and the Environment, Trinity College [Trinity University?], San Antonio, TX; 2 photocopies of typescript
Box 13 Rich and Poor in Spirit Sep 28, 1980 - sermon, Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Hartford, CT; 2 photocopies of typescript
Box 13 The Role of Religion in the Church in Moral, Ethical Values Sep 26-30, 1965 - Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies; 2 typescript copies, one with handwritten corrections
Box 13 [St. Albert's] Jun 5, 1964 - commencement address; typescript
Box 13 Science and Theology: Thoughts on Their Intersection May 21, 1966 - Ripon College; photocopy of corrected typescript
Box 13 Spirit and the Depth of God and Man Feb 2, 1964 - sermon, Schwab Auditorium, Pennsylvania State University; typescript
Box 13 Stanley Memorial Church May 16, 1982 - 2 photocopies of typescript
Box 13 [Tillich address, ARC] undated
Box 13 Theological-Cultural Factors Demanding Union of the Churches undated - Commission on Church Union; typescript
Box 13 A Theological Orientation to the Contemporary Church-State Setting Jan 4-5, 1963 - Commission on Church and State; typescript
Box 13 Theology, Education, and Life Styles 1971 - Niebuhr Lecture Series, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL (Jan 7) and Stanford Alumni College (Aug 1); three slightly different typescripts, one heavily corrected
Box 13 Transcendent and Secular Claims: A Perspective on the Ministry in this Day Jun 4, 1964 - commencement address, Church Divinity School of the Pacific; photocopy of typescript
Box 14 Unraveling the Library Mystique Jun 1980 - unidentified occasion, Denver, Colorado; photocopy of typescript
Box 14 A Vision and Program for Hartford Seminary - Academic Programs Committee; typescript photocopy with handwritten draft pages
Box 14 The Visual and the Verbal; One Reality, Two Modalities Sep 13, 1989 - Religion and the Arts, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY; 2 typescript copies, 1 with handwritten corrections
Box 14 The Visual Arts and the Church in the United States: Ambiguous but Hopeful Directions Aug 23, 1993 - lecture, Dresden, Germany; photocopy of typescript
Box 14 The Visual Arts, Religion and Religious Institutions Jun 13, 1989 - joint address by John and Jane, Tate Gallery, London; photocopy of typescript
Box 14 Miscellaneous - drafts, fragments, and notes (2 folders)
Box 14 "Notes" late 1970's to early 1980's - appears to be mostly related to the Hartford Seminary Foundation
Box 14 Miscellaneous drafts, fragments circa 1969-1970 - typescript, handwritten, many relating to the Graduate Theological Union (4 folders)
Writings by others
Tillich, Paul / Systematic Theology
Box 14 Draft A - pp. 1-183, including table of contents; handwritten with revisions (4 folders)
Box 15 Draft A [cont.] - pp. 184-1097; handwritten with revisions (13 folders)
Box 16 Draft A [cont.] - pp. 1098-p. 1300; handwritten with revisions (3 folders)
Box 16 Draft fragments - holographs, typescripts, both original reproduction, with annotations and revisions
Box 16 Address by Cleve Gray - on the dedication of liturgical vestments he designed for St. James Parish, Farmington, CT; includes program of the liturgy
Box 16 Administrative records 1969-1970 - proposed budget of urban-black studies center; notes on administrative matters
Box 17 Calendar books 1950-1954; 1962-1982 (25 volumes)
Reviews of Dillenberger's books
Box 16 Contours of Faith
Box 16 God Hidden and Revealed
Box 16 Martin Luther: Selections from his Writings
Box 16 Protestant Christianity
Box 18 Protestant Thought and Natural Science
Box 18 Miscellaneous books
Box 18 "Publicity"
Box 18 Miscellaneous
Box 18 Desk calendars - undated pages, many with handwritten number in upper right corner (4 folders)
Box 18 Diploma, Columbia University PhD 1948
Box 18 Events 1943, 1949, 1955, 1957, 1962-1968 - events attended by Dillenberger, as either speaker, conference attendee, or other; includes conferences, seminars, inaugurations, convocations, commencements, worship services, etc. (2 folders)
Box 19 Events 1970-1993, undated - events attended by Dillenberger, as either speaker, conference attendee, or other; includes conferences, seminars, inaugurations, convocations, commencements, worship services, etc. (4 folders)
Box 19 Honoraria - citations and addresses given for honorary degrees, certificate of appreciation, honorary degrees, etc. (2 folders)
Box 19 Jane Dillenberger - articles and speeches by
Box 19 List of speeches - covers 1963-1966
Box 19 Naval records 1949-1950 - includes discharge papers from U.S. Naval Reserve
Box 19 Pastor's Manual 1943 - from Dillenberger's time as Chaplain in the US Naval Reserves; stamped, date and name embossed on cover in gold
Printed material
Box 19 Articles about or mentioning Dillenberger
Box 16 Articles about or mentioning Dillenberger (3 folders)
Box 16 Graduate Theological Union course catalog 1968-1969
Box 12 Miscellaneous
Box 16 Publisher advertising for Dillenberger's books

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