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E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc. Records

An inventory of its records at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: E.P. Dutton (Firm)
Title: E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc. Records
Inclusive Dates: 1852-1969
Quantity: 89 linear ft.
Abstract: American publishing firm, founded 1852. Papers include those of founder Edward P. Dutton, John Macrae, and the company's business records, inclucing correspondence, letter books, photographs, clippings, publishers' catalogs, authors' scrapbooks, general files, legal files, financial material, production records, and publicity files.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

American book publishing company E. P. Dutton was founded by Edward Payson Dutton in Boston in 1852 as a bookseller. In 1864 Dutton opened a branch office in New York City and in 1869 relocated his headquarters there, where he began publishing as well as selling. In 1906, the company captured an important partner when it became the American distributor of the Everyman's Library series, published by the English firm J. M. Dent.

Dutton remained at the helm of his company until his death in 1923, when he was succeeded by John Macrae (who had started his career at Dutton as an office boy more than forty years before). In 1928, the publishing division was split off into a separate business, E. P. Dutton and Company, Inc., and placed in Macrae's capable hands. E. P. Dutton & Company went on to become one of the leading independent publishers in the United States; authors published included John Hunt, Cleveland Amory, Milton Glaser, Françoise Sagan, Lawrence Durrell, Luigi Pirandello, John Irving, Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Matthiessen, Gavin Maxwell, Gail Sheehy, Ruth Manning-Sanders, La Toya Jackson and Mickey Spillane. Dutton Children's Books is one of the oldest continually operating children's book publishers in the United States whose books include the Winnie-the-Pooh stories.

In 1986, the company was acquired by the Penguin Group and operates now as an imprint of Penguin.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc. Records comprises 21 series: Edward P. Dutton, Memorabilia, Macrae Family, John Macrae files, Publication listings, General files, Authors, Scrapbooks, Legal files, Stocks, Financial, Production files, Publicity files, Foreign correspondence, Children's editor's files, Photographs, News clippings, Letter books, Manufacturing books, Importation books, and Miscellaneous.

The diaries and files of Edward P. Dutton, founder and namesake of the firm, recount the company's growth and development through its first half-century (ca. 1852-1900). Mr. Dutton's Memorabilia includes a map, a journal, and several albums. Some Edward P. Dutton material is also found in the Macrae Family series (see below).

The papers of John Macrae and his descendants, the Macrae family, who ran the company after Dutton's death in 1923, tell of Dutton's growth and direction up through the 1950s. This material includes account books, correspondence, memorabilia, and diaries, as well as numerous items relating to Edward P. Dutton, including correspondence, memorabilia, diaries, and his will.

Publication listings consist of catalogs of books being published for a given topic or a particular season (e.g., Holiday catalogs, Valentine's, childrens books). More than a hundred catalogs span more than 45 years.

General files comprises an assortment of subjects, from agents and authors to publicity schedules.

Authors contains material relating to six particular authors who published with Dutton: Bernt Balchen, Louis Beebe, Phillips Brooks, A. A. Milne, Mark Stein, and Francoise Sagan.

Scrapbooks contains 5 scrapbooks of clippings and other material.

The next three series contain legal and financial material. Legal files include material related to authors, contracts, copyright violations, larceny, name change, royalties, and other legal matters. Stocks consists of minute books, stockholder meeting minutes, account books, and stock ownership information. Financial includes ledgers, advertising records, account books, payroll, order books, and other financial items.

Production files relates to the production of specific titles by Dutton. Titles are given but the author's name is not always listed. At the end of this series are several boxes of book reviews in envelopes, alphabetized by title.

Publicity files contain information about and correspondence with Dutton's authors, including Jane Austen, Aubrey Beardsley, Hilaire Belloc, Algernon Blackwood, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Henry James, W. H. Hudson, Leonard Merrick, A. A. Milne, Dhan Gopal Mukerji, Charles G. Norris, W. Lyon Phelps. Luigi Pirandello, Ezra Pound, Katherine Pyle, Montague Summers, Henry Tracy, Jo Van Ammers-Kuller, Gore Vidal, Mary Webb, H. G. Wells, and many more. Other names of interest appearing in the collection include polar explorer Roald Amundsen, artists Boris Artzybasheff and John Vassos, architect Charles Barry, clergyman Phillips Brooks, literary critic and biographer Van Wyck Brooks, journalists John Roy Carlson and Garet Garrett, labor leader Samuel Gompers, British geneticist J.B.S. Haldane, illusionist Harry Houdini, welfare activist Vida Scudder, radiochemist Frederick Soddy, and many more.

Foreign correspondence contains correspondence with authors or publishers (Cape, Dent, Faber & Faber, Methuen, Rainbird, etc) outside the United States.

Children's editor's files consists of material relating specifically to children's books. The first section contains material relating to childrens authors published by Dutton; almost all items give both the name of the author and the title of the book(s) under discussion. Authors represented here include Borghild Dahl ( A Minnetonka Summer, Stowaway to America), Rosalie Fry ( The Mountain Door, The Riddle of the Figurehead), William Campbell Gault, known for his sports books ( Mr. Quarterback, Speedway Challenge), Jean Craighead George ( My Side of the Mountain), Janet Lambert, known for her girls' stories ( Fly Away, Cinda, Wedding Bells, We're Going Steady), A. A. Milne ( Pooh Birthday Book, The World of Pooh), Rita Ritchie ( The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan, The Year of the Horse), John Schealer (the Zip Zip books), Rosemary Sutcliff ( Beowulf, The Hound of Ulster) and Marguerute Vance, author of historical fiction ( The Empress Josephine, Mary Stuart).

The second section in this series contains information relating to childrens' books in general, for example: American Library Association, book fairs, Children's Book Council, Child Study Association, Horn Book, and nine folders of rejections.

A small number of Photographs are mostly of Edward Dutton and his family.

News clippings concern some of Dutton's authors -- John Ray Carlson, Francoise Sagan -- as well as advertisements and publicity department releases.

Three Letter books contain Country Life Stories, a tribute to John Macrae for fifteen years in advertising (1935), and Acknowledgements.

Manufacturing books and Importation books contain domestic and foreign information, respectively.

A small amount of Miscellaneous material finishes the collection.

Two authors deserve special note. A.A. Milne published his best-selling Winnie the Pooh series in the Unites States with Dutton. This collection contains photographs of Milne's son, Christopher Robin, and the lad's original stuffed animals about which Milne wrote the Pooh books. Also included here is a typescript of Milne's autobiography. The bulk of information relating to Milne is in Milne I through Milne VIII in Publicity files (Box 47), but addition material may be found in Publication listings: The Day's Play by A.A. Milne (Box 9), Authors: Milne, A. A. (Box 11), and Childrens' editors files: Mellin - Milne and Milne-Mudro (Box 77). In addition, Production files contains material on three Milne books: Birthday Party and Other Stories (Box 18), Milne Pop up Book (Box 20), and Peace With Honor (Box 21).

The young French authoress Françoise Sagan published two best sellers, Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile, with Dutton and barnstormed the United States during the mid-1950's on a Dutton publicity tour. The collection contains scrapbooks and correspondence for that campaign. Sagan material may be found in Authors: Sagan (clippings, correspondence, and a story manuscript, Boxes 11 and 12), Production files: book reviews (review of Those Without Shadows, Box 28), and News clippings: Sagan, Françoise (Oversize 2).

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Arrangement of the Collection

Arrangement of the series varies. Edward P. Dutton, John Macrae files, and Foreign correspondence are arranged alphabetically by folder title. Publication listings are sorted roughly into categories (general, holiday, calendars, childrens) and within that roughly chronologically.

Authors series is a brief miscellaneous series listed alphabetically by author's name. The 50 boxes of Publicity Files and Children's Editor's Files are also alphabetized by author, but separated into 2-inch-thick handfuls, each filed in a Shaw-Walker folder labeled only with the first and last author in the folder. The inventory below lists the contents of the folders. Out of print books in the Production Files are arranged the same way, in 2-inch-thick handfuls, alphabetized here by the first words of titles. The five boxes of book reviews (Boxes 24-28) list every folder by its complete title. General Files, Legal Files, and Financial Files list every folder title alphabetically.

Remaining series are in no particular order.

The assorted, different-sized bound volumes in Edward P. Dutton (Boxes 3 and 4), Publication Listings (Boxes 7-9), and Financial (Boxes 15-18) are not arranged alphabetically. They follow a logical order by content, chronology, and the way the volumes most sensibly fit in the boxes.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The Shakespeare Memorial Booklet (1864), originally with the collection, has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging and can be located via the Classic Catalog .

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Subject Headings


Dutton, Edward P.
Macrae, John.
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
Sagan, Françoise, 1935-2004.

Corporate Bodies

E.P. Dutton (Firm)


Authors and publishers.
Publishers and publishing -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Annual reports.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Letter books.
Press releases.
Publishers' catalogs.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc. Records,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: 1 May 1998
Revision history: Feb 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 27 Apr 2011 - fixed name "Crownfield" (MRC); 2 Nov 2011 - fixed boxes 53/54 (MRC); 28 Jun 2012 - bioghist correction (MRC); 10 Aug 2012 - additional items added to Box 7 inventory; oversize material re-boxed and numbering revised (MBD); 25 Jul 2023 - Box 35 Winchell corrected (MRC)

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Edward P. Dutton
Box 1 Allen - Authors
Allen, W.B.
Dutton, E.P. - Account 1900 - et. seq -
American Booksellers' Association
Box 1 Authors - Big Moose Lake
Archbishop's Test - Letters form Bishop (1915) Mr. Dutton on books
Mr. Dutton - Author - Jay - Farran - Satterlee - Hutchington, etc.
Mr. Dutton - Misc. Authors
Mr. Dutton's Letters for Authors 1898-1899 etc.
Dutton E.P. - Big Moose Lake (1860's?)
Box 1 Book of the Month Club
Box 1 Booksellers - Congress
Bookseller Announcements
Booksellers Breutauos
#1 Booksellers - Letters to - From Mr. Macrae - Various Matters
Re Breutaous's
Congress Miscellaneous
Box 1 Copyright
Re Congress Conpyright 1930-31
Publisher's Affairs Copyright
Box 1 Corres. Creditors - Dutton, Julia
Creditor's Protective Committee of Bretanous's Inc.
Dutton Bulletin, Letter on
Macrae, John - Francis Bird Dutton
Dutton, E.P. Letters Concerning Julia S. Dutton - including her will - (Mrs. E.P. Dutton) Julia Sleeper Dutton
Box 1 Dutton, Martha - Doane
Dutton, Martha S.
Dutton, Dr. Julia (EPD's sister)
Mr. Dutton and Elbridge Brooks (Master of the Strong Hearts) etc.
Channing, William Elley - Dutton and Wentworth
Dutton, E.P. Correspondence with clergymen
Dutton, E.P. as critic
Dutton, E.P. letter at death
E.P. Dutton Bishop Doane
Box 1 Employees - Family
Dutton, E.P. Employees and Co.
Dutton, E.P. Family Mr. Dutton - family affairs - VERY PERSONAL (Many birthday greeting of several years)
Box 1 Family
Dutton, E.P. letter to his parents for Europe
Julia Sleeper Mrs Dutton family Affairs - VERY PERSONAL - Will and Estate Settlements
Mr. Dutton Family Affairs - VERY PERSONAL - including: Horance Dutton, Frances Dutton (Mrs. H), Martha Dutton, F. W. Bird Estate
Box 1 Family - Harper
Dutton, E.P. Family letters 1860-1866 Personal from his father (Geo D.) and a cousin
Re - Graphic Art Code
Dutton, E.P. (Library) Fellowship 1930
Dutton, E.P. - J.W. Harper
Dutton, E.P. Family - Will Harper
Box 1 Harper - Howarth
Dutton, E.P. - 1920 article by J.A. Holden of Pub. Wkly
Halt, Henry to John Macrae
Howarth, F.M. Correspondence with Mr. Dutton
Box 1 Huntington - Ide
Huntington, Bishop Letter of Mr. Dutton and Items
Huntington, W.R.
Ide, Fannie Ogden Letter a critic 1887
Ide and Dutton announcements 1852-1855
Box 2 Inventories - Dutton, E.P. - Personal - Inventories of Ridgefield, Conn. and NYC homes
Box 2 Investments - Dutton, Mr. E.P. Personal Investments
Box 2 Investments - Library
Joint Board of Publishers and Booksellers
Jordan, Charolette B. - Correspondence with Mr. E.P. Dutton, 1897-1898 on Sphinx Lore
Launt, Rev. F.A.D. - E.P. Dutton 1900-1901
Library Correspondence World War I Mr. Nacrae
Box 2 Library - Macrae
Re - Library Scholarships
Publishers Affairs
Library Correspondence Mr. Macrae
Dutton, E.P. - John Macrae (1907-1917)
John Macrae - VERY PERSONAL Correspondence with Mr. E.P. Dutton (1913-1918)
Box 2 Macrae - Moulton
Mr. Dutton and Mr. Macrae - 1918-1921
Macrae, John Booksellers Parker-Los Angeles
Macrae, John Letter from Mr. Dutton's relatives acknowledging books, etc.
Macrae, John Personal letters of condolence (or death in firm to fellow publishers
Mr. Dutton and Mr. Macare - 1901-1921 - Reorganization of firm
Mr. Dutton - C.C. Moon 1893-1895
Dutton, E.P. - Corres. with Rev. Arthur Moulton 1907
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers I - National Association of Book Publishers - Bull. 1926 Mr. Macrae President
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers II 1931-1932
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers III
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers IV
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers V
Letters, documents, notices, etc. including copyright business Jan. and Feb. 1931; Copyright
Box 2 National Association of Book Publishers VI - Copyright
Box 3 National Association of Book Publishers VII 1920s
Box 3 National Booksellers Code - Photos
(untitled folder)
Dutton, Mr. E.P. - Personal
Photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Dutton - Note envelope
Dutton staff photos Publishers' Lunch Club
Dutton (E.P.) - Photos
Dutton (E.P.) - Politics
Potter, Henry C. - Sermon sent to Mr. Dutton by Bishop Potter
Friends of Princeton Library
A letter to an English Publisher from Mr. Dutton (John F. Shaw Co.)
Publisher's Lunch Club
Box 3 Publisher's Weekly - Ridgefield
Publisher's Weekly 1919-1920s Frederic Melcher
Mr. Dutton and Katherine Pyle
Dutton, E.P. - Rodgefield, Conn. home and equipment
Box 3 Ridgefield - Scudder
Dutton, E.P. Ridgefield, Conn. Library Assoc.
Ryan Thoman (1899) Recollections of an Old Musician
Scudder, Vidda - On Mr. Dutton
Box 3 Sleeper
Sleeper family - Mrs. Elizabeth Sleeper Davis
Sleeper, Jacob - Material on and other Sleeper obits also Sleeper will
Box 3 Untitled
Swayne, Edward C. (1890) Letter from ...
1854 - G. Glympse of Boston Society, George Ticknor and E.P. Dutton - town hall a name use of
Dutton, E.P. Arthur Woods (nephew)
Young, Charolette M. Correspondence (1861)
Box 3 Book - Letters
Box 3 Book - Shipman's No. 3 Duplicating Letter Book
Box 3 Map - of Rome - possibly used by Mr. Dutton on 1851?
Box 3 Centennial Scraps Album
Box 3 Journal
Box 3 Book - executive Committee Minutes 1859
Box 3 Photo Album - "On The Ridge" Ridgefield, Conn.
Box 3 Scrapbook
Macrae Family
Box 4 Dutton, Edward P. - Will
Box 4 Book - Personal Accounts July 6, 1907 - April 3, 1911
Box 4 Book - Wholesale Accounts Feb. 1, 1899 - May 1, 1907
Box 4 Book - Accounts Jan. 1, 1856 - Feb. 2, 1856
Box 4 Book - "The Equitable Trust Company of New York" account book
Box 4 Book - Personal accounts 1857
Box 4 Books - 21 - Personal Accounts and Addresses 1879-1899
Box 4 Book - Accounts
Box 4 Book - Accounts
Box 4 Book - Cash, CPD E.P. Dutton Jan. 1, 1867
Box 4 Book - Copies of E.P. Dutton Business Letters June 15, 1877 - August 22, 1881
Box 4 Book - Record of Books and items 1895-1907
Box 4 Book - E.P. Dutton Cash records and some stock records Oct. 27. 1894 - Jan. 2, 1908
Box 4 Book - "Every Day" text, hymn, prayer, and record for every day in the year
Box 4 Book - New Testament Psalms
Box 4 Book - "The Book of Common Prayer" belonging to E.P. Dutton
Box 4 Envelope - Memorabilia - Keys (2 sets) and wedding ring
Box 4 Envelope - Memorabilia - E.P. Dutton Business Cards, Wallet
Box 4 Envelope - Memorabilia - Doll designs and models
Box 4 Books - E.P. Dutton Diaries 1910-1918, 1920
Box 4 Books - E.P. Dutton Diaries 1880's
Box 4 Daily Memorando January 1879
Box 4 Book - Diaries 1870 to 1879; Acts and expenses - trip to England 1870 - two years only
Box 4 Books - E.P. Dutton Diaries 1890s
Box 4 Books - E.P. Dutton Diaries 1900-1909
Box 4 Book - Works of George Eliot Vol. 1 Adam - Bede
Box 4 Book - Accounts Jan. 17, 1867 - July 3. 1880
Box 4 Book - E.P. Dutton Accounts
Box 4 Book - Accounts
Box 4 Book - Family Laundry List
Box 4 Book - Records
Box 5 American - Autobiography
American Institute of Graphic Arts; corres., fliers, insurance policy
50th Anniversary; corres.
Autobiography; corres., printed copy of biog. 75 pgs.
Autobiography, Ms; 77 pages Memo to Midwestern Library Association
Box 5 Book Clubs and Corres., clippings, flyers
Box 5 Book of the Month Club I
Booksellers Letters; corres., clippings
Circulars sent out, etc.; fliers, pamphlets
Book of the Month Club fight - News stories; clippings Book of the Month Club II
letters from editors, publishers and other corres.
letters from Judges; corres.
Box 5 Book of the Month Club III
Literary Editors and Col. Stories - also editorials; clippings, fliers
Releases on fight; legal doc's
Box 5 Bradford - Civic Duties
Bradford, Gamaliel; corres.
Literary Reviews, Millen Brand; corres.
Personal - Kessler Cartoon; corres.
Fishing Cartoons by Ryan Walker; corres.
Civic Duties; corres.
Box 5 Clippings - Clippings; clippings, corres.
Box 5 Clubs - Death
Clubs and Societies; corres., clippings
Memberships, clubs, etc.; corres.
Curious Requests; corres.
Letters and cables from Eng. Publishers and Agents
Letters at time of Death - EBM and JM, Jr.
Box 5 Death I - Letters at time of Death JM, Jr.; Letters at time of Death EBM
Box 5 Death II - Letters at time of Death Opal Macrae
Box 5 Death III - Letters at time of Death EBM and JM, Jr.
John Macrae files
Box 6 Death News Clippings - obituaries, corres., list of names and addresses
Box 6 Dinners - Dutton
Dinners, Receptions, Affairs (Invitations and Acknowledgements) Katherine Metcalf Roos
Documents, Letters Organization, WE Cashin and Mrs. Josy Swift
Dutton, E.P. - Estate Settlement 1928 corres., stocks, legal documents
Dutton, E.P. and Co. Bal. Sheets and Statements 1905-1912
Box 6 Dutton
Dutton, E.P. and Co. Documents in re. Inc. 1901-1902
Mr. Dutton 1919 New Stock of firm, corres. w/Grenville Clark and Henry Smith
Dutton, E.P. and Co. Estate Settlement corres.
Box 6 Eulogy, New York Times Wednesday, February 23, 1944 - article on John Macrae
Box 6 Gifts - Little
Misc. Gifts to this person and that; books, cards sent, donations, corres.
Lindberg, Charles - 1931 Books he asked for - corres.
Literary editors 1920s Letters to and from John Macrae
Literary reviews Editors Macrae's letters to editors
J.J. Little and Ires Co.
Box 6 John Macrae Fellowship - Opal Macrae
John Macrae Fellowship Suggestions corres., misc.
EBM - Business Correspondence; mostly corres. b/w E.M. and J.M. during E.M.'s 1931 trip to London; business and personal
Macrae, John - John Jr. - business corres.
Macrae, Elliot - misc. corres.
Macrae, Opal Wheeler; photos, corres., reviews, announcements
Box 6 Manuscripts
Macrae, John Memorial Service 1947
Macrae, John Manuscripts belonging to: corres.
Newspapers corres. misc. papers and editors
Box 6 Newspapers - corres., misc. Newspapers and editors
Box 6 Passports - Protest
Passports John Macrae 1920-1937
John Macrae - corres. in re passports and visas
John A. Post (Re. "Automobile Liability")
Macrae, John Letters of Congratulation - presiding EPD 1928
Letters of Protest - misc.
Box 6 Reorganization 1928 - Legal documents and corres.
Box 6 Reviews - Sales
Reviews; clippings, corres.
Root, Clark, Buckner and Ballantine; corres.
Root, Clark, Buckner and Ballantine, re: Income Tax; corres.
Sale, Possible, 1928
Box 6 Sarage - Smith
Reverend Theodore F. Sarage, corres.
Smith, Mr. Henry Chapp 1910 - 1928 (EPD and JM); corres.
Box 6 Smith - World War I
Smith, Henry Clapp 1929-1936; corres.
Smith, Joseph S.; corres.
Theatre (taste); corres.
"Turning from the Past Toward the Future" - 1932; corres.
World War I; corres.
Publication listings
Box 7 Catalogue 1877
Box 7 Catalogue 1881
Box 7 Catalogue 1883-1884
Box 7 Catalogue 1884
Box 7 Catalogue 1885
Box 7 Catalogue 1886
Box 7 Catalogue 1887
Box 7 Catalogue 1888
Box 7 Catalogue 1889 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1890
Box 7 Catalogue 1891 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1892 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1893 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1894 (4 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1895 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1896 (3 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1897 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1898
Box 7 Catalogue 1899 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1900 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1901
Box 7 Catalogue 1902 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1903 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1904
Box 7 Catalogue 1905
Box 7 Catalogue 1906
Box 7 Catalogue 1907 (3 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1908
Box 7 Catalogue 1910
Box 7 Catalogue 1911 (2 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1912
Box 7 Catalogue 1913 (3 copies)
Box 7 Catalogue 1914 (2 copies - 1 copy in folder)
Box 7 Catalogue 1915
Box 7 Catalogue 1916 (2 copies - 1 copy in folder)
Box 7 Catalogue 1917
Box 7 Catalogue 1919 - in folder
Box 7 Catalogue 1922
Box 7 Catalogue 1926
Box 7 Catalogue 1926
Box 7 Catalogue 1927
Box 7 Catalogue 1928
Box 7 Catalogue 1928
Box 7 Catalogue 1928
Box 7 Catalogue 1929
Box 7 Catalogue 1930
Box 7 Catalogue 1932
Box 7 Catalogue 1933
Box 7 Catalogue 1934
Box 7 Catalogue 1935
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1936 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1937
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1938 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1939 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1940 (3 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1941 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1942
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1943 (4 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1944 (4 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1945 (6 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1929
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Publications 1930 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - "A List of 1931 Publications and of changes in the Prices of Books Published by E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. Supplementary to Their Catalouge of 1930" 1930-1931
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1933
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1936
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1937
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1938 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1939
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1941 (5 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1942 (5 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1943 (4 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1944 (5 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1945 (4 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1946
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1948
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1950 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1951 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 1952
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1953
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1954 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Publications E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. 1956
Box 8 Catalogue - Books of Quality Spring E.P. Duton and Company 1932
Box 8 Catalogue - Books for Presents - The Best Bookstore E.P. Dutton and Company
Box 8 Catalogue - Gift Suggestions from E.P. Dutton and Company
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Company's Holiday Books for 1902
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Company's Calendars, Booklets, Toy-books, etc. for the Holiday Season 1903-04
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Christmas Books Published by E.P. Dutton and Company for the Year of 1906
Box 8 Catalogue - Christmas Books 1907
Box 8 Catalogue - For the Holiday Season Dutton's Christmas Cards, Calendars and Books 1908-1909
Box 8 Catalogue - Christmas Books 1908
Box 8 Catalogue - Catalogue of Christmas Books for 1911
Box 8 Catalogue - New and Illustrated Holiday Books 1912-1913 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - New and Illustrated Holiday Books 1913-1914
Box 8 Catalogue - New and Illustrated Holiday Books 1915-1916
Box 8 Catalogue - Dutton's Books for Christmas ( 1920?)
Box 8 Catalogue - A List of Books Suitable for Holiday Gifts 1922-23
Box 8 Catalogue - Books for Gifts
Box 8 Catalogue - Dutton's Easter Line - Easter Stock 1908
Box 8 Catalogue - Dutton's Valentines - Stock
Box 8 Catalogue - Dutton's Valentines - Valentine Stock 1908
Box 8 Catalogue - The Dutton Calendars for 1908
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co.'s List of Calendars, Booklets Color, Toy and Gift Books, etc. Holiday Season 1900
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co.'s List of Calendars, Booklets, Color, Toy and Gift Books, etc. Holiday Season 1901
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co.'s List of Calendars, Booklets, Color, Toy and Gift Books, etc. Holiday Season 1903
Box 8 Catalogue - Dutton's Catalogue of Calendars 1909-10 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - Dutton's Catalogue of Calendars 1910-11 (2 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Art Calendars Season 1912 (3 copies)
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Art Calendars Season 1913
Box 8 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Art Calendars Season 1914
Box 9 Pamphlet - The Story of "Everyman" by J.M. Dent - "Everyman" pamphlet, No.2 (8 copies)
Box 9 Pamphlet - No.6 (E. Pamo) by Ernest Rhys
Box 9 Pamphlet - Books for Young People by Brian Rhys - "Everyman" pamphlet, No.7
Box 9 Pamphlet - The Great Travelers and Explorers by Brian Rhys - "Everyman" pamphlet, No.8
Box 9 Catalogue - Ernest Nister Season Fine Art, Fancy, Block, Pocket, and Purse Calendars
Box 9 Catalogue - Ernest Nister's Catalouge 1905
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books for Boys and Girls 1950
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton's Monthly Bulletin: A Journal of Book Comment June 1913 (18 copies)
Box 9 Book - The Day's Play by A.A. Milne
See also:
Milne I through Milne VIII in Publicity files (Box 47),
Authors: Milne, A. A. (Box 11)
Childrens' editors files: Mellin - Milne and Milne-Mudro (Box 77)
Three books in production files: Birthday Party and Other Stories (Box 18), Milne Pop up Book (Box 20), and Peace With Honor (Box 21).
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books for Boys and Girls 1934
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books for Boys and Girls 1935
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books for Boys and Girls 1936
Box 9 Catalogue - Books "To Grow On"
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books for Boys and Girls 1938
Box 9 Catalogue - A List of Books for Children
Box 9 Catalogue - Children's Holiday Books
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Co.'s Calendars, Booklets, Color, Toy and Gift Books for the Holiday Season 1899
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton and Company's Holiday Books for Young People December, 1901
Box 9 Catalogue - New and Illustrated Holiday Books for Children
Box 9 Catalogue - New and Illustrated Children's Books for the Holiday Season 1909-1910 (2 copies)
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1912 (2 copies)
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1913
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1914
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1915 (3 copies)
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1923
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1924
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1927
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1928
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1943
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1944
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1945
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1946
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1947
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1948
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1949
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1950
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1951
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF PUBLISHING 1952
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1953
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1932
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1934
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1939 (2 copies)
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1940
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1941
Box 9 Catalogue - E.P. Dutton's Books For Children 1942
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books For Spring, 1954
Box 9 Catalogue - Dutton Books For Fall 1957 (3 copies)
Box 9 Album - contains various catalogues and clippings
Box 9 Album - contains various catalogues and clippings
General files
Box 9 Centennial History of E.P. Dutton, Inc. 1952
Box 9 Agents 1939-1944
Box 9 Authors: Photos
Box 9 Authors: Reconstruction
Box 9 Book Prices 1932-1943
Box 9 Book Prices 1944-1946
Box 10 Church Publishing - Dutton, E.P. (1852-1879) Mr. Dutton's Accounts of First Years
Box 10 Copyright 1918
Box 10 Corres. Brooks, Van Wyck 1919-1945
Brooks, Van Wyck Correspondence #1 (1919-1921)
Brooks, Van Wyck Correspondence #2 (1922-1936)
Brooks, Van Wyck Correspondence #3 (1937-1945)
Van Wyck Brooks
Box 10 Corres. Brown, C.B.
Brown, Henry Collins
Box 10 Corres. Miller, Marg. 1936
Miller (Mary Maur.) Little Folks in Feathers and Fun Correspondence
Box 10 Corres. Miller, Max
Miller, Max 1931-1933
Miller, Max Fan Mail #1
Miller, Max Fan Mail #2
Miller, Max Fan Mail #3
Box 10 E.P. Dutton Award 1941 - no lists, 1 letter only
Box 10 Everyman's Library Memo
Box 10 Finance: Debt
Box 10 Finance Ide and Dutton, Inc.
Box 10 French War Mission
Box 10 Fragment 1947
Box 10 Galley Proofs: Curtis Brown Publishing Bureau
Box 10 "Harlem" 1940
Box 10 Miscellaneous
Box 10 "Our Mountain Garden"
Box 10 Publication Schedules
Oversize 12 Publicity - News sheets - Dutton books 1927
Box 10 Publicity Releases 1951-1959
Box 10 Royal Arcanum
Box 10 Stationary - Unused (4 folders)
Box 10 Terhune
Box 11 Balchen, Bernt "Come North With Me (2 folders)
Box 11 Beebe, Luius and Charles M. Clegg "Mixed Train Daily" photographs and artwork
See also Scrapbooks: Mixed Train Daily (2 scrapbooks, Box 12).
Box 11 Brooks, Phillips - booklet of poems
Box 11 Milne, A.A. (8 folders)
See also:
Milne I through Milne VIII in Publicity files (Box 47),
Publication listings: The Day's Play by A.A. Milne (Box 9)
Childrens' editors files: Mellin - Milne and Milne-Mudro (Box 77)
Three books in production files: Birthday Party and Other Stories (Box 18), Milne Pop up Book (Box 20), and Peace With Honor (Box 21).
Box 11 Sagan (4 folders)
See also:
Production files: book reviews (review of Those Without Shadows, Box 28), and
News clippings: Sagan, Françoise (Oversize 2).
Box 12 Sagan (3 folders)
See also:
Production files: book reviews (review of Those Without Shadows, Box 28), and
News clippings: Sagan, Françoise (Oversize 2).
Box 12 Stein, Mark "The Picture Book of Wisdom" - corres., receipts; bound copy of "The Picture Book of Wisdom"
Box 12 Under Cover 1943-1945
Box 12 Scrapbook
Box 13 Scrapbook
Legal files
Box 13 Authors: Coyle I
Box 13 Authors: Coyle II
Box 13 Authors: Low, Mary C.
Box 13 Authorship: Danvin, "The Near East From Within"
Box 13 Contracts I
Box 13 Contracts II
Box 13 Contracts III
Box 13 Bates, Ralph (Root Clark)
Box 13 Copyright violations - Hollywood Saga Digest Controversy
Box 13 Indebtedness
Box 13 Larceny Against E.P. Dutton, Inc.
Box 13 Mr. Macrae Special Nov. 10, 1928
Box 13 Name Change - Duttons 1928
Box 13 Paper Appeal 1945
Paper Request
Information re: request for additional paper
Information re: request for additional paper
Box 13 Royalties - Rambo
Box 13 Warrant of Attachment
Box 14 Minute Book of E.P. Dutton and Co.
Box 14 Second Minute Book Begun August 5, 1914
Box 14 Dutton Stockholder Meeting Minutes 1928
Box 14 Minutes from Annual Meeting of Stockholders
Annual Meeting of Board of Directors
Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Box 14 Memorandum - from John Macrae, Sr. 1928-1943
Box 14 Memorandum - from John Macrae, Sr. 1944-1952
Box 14 Memorandum - from John Macrae, Sr. 1952-1957
Box 14 Memorandum - from John Macrae, Sr. 1957-1965
Box 14 Scrapbook - from Johnson, Blagden and Co., Inc.
Box 14 Corporation Transfer Tax Record and Stock Book Combined
Box 14 Book of Account, Stockbook and Stock Ledger
Box 14 E.P. Dutton and Co. Stock Book
Box 14 Dutton Stock Ownership 1923-1928
Box 14 Dutton Stock Ownership 1928
Box 14 Dutton Stock Accounts 1944-1968
Oversize 17 Dutton Stock Account Book 1919-1950 (1 volume)
Box 15 Accounts and Book keeping - corres. legal docs., financial statements
Box 15 Annual Report 1929
Box 15 Annual Report 1931
Box 15 Annual Report 1932-1937
Box 15 Annual Report 1939-1943
Box 15 Budget 1926-1927, corres. financial statements, budget report 1927
Oversize 16 Cash Book: Westminster Bank 1932-1937 (1 volume)
Box 15 Checks and Receipts , corres. 1917-1926
Box 15 Christmas Bonus 1917-1929, 1931 Lists of employees and amounts paid
Box 15 Profit and Loss financial reports 1927, 1928, 1939
Box 15 Salary 1943 - Applications, corres., lists of changes
Box 15 Salary 1944 - Applications, corres., lists of changes
Box 15 Salary Schedules 1936-1939
Box 15 Taxes - 1941 corres. and 1933 tax forms
Box 15 Three bound bank books 1930-1932
Box 15 Bound book of manufacturing costs 1874-1881
Box 15 Field Sales Book 1929-1934
Box 15 Manufacturing Book 1901-1906
See also Manufacturing books (Oversize 9 and 10)
Box 16 Ledger 1939
Box 16 Ledger April 1941-April 1954
Box 16 Advertising Records Late 1889-1900
Oversize 17 Balance Sheets 1913-1923
Box 16 Ledger June 13, 1928 - April 1941
Box 16 Ledger June 13, 1928 - April 30, 1931
Box 16 Ledger 1931
Box 16 Ledger 1935
Box 17 Book - Account book 5
Box 17 Book - Account book 6
Box 17 Book - Account book 7
Oversize 16 Payroll 1924-1928 (2 volumes)
Box 17 Book - Pay Roll May 1, 1928 - Feb. 28, 1930
Box 17 Book - Pay Roll March 7, 1930 - Oct. 31, 1931
Box 17 Book - Pay Roll Nov. 6, 1931 - Aug. 25, 1933
Box 17 Book - Pay Roll Sept. 1, 1933 - Aug. 30, 1935
Box 17 Book - Pay Roll Sept. 6, 1935 - Jan. 1, 1937
Oversize 15 Payroll 1937-1942 (3 volumes)
Box 17 Book - Calendars 1897
Box 17 Book - Books 1896
Box 17 Book - Easter 1897
Box 17 Book - Valentines 1897
Box 17 Book - Reward Cards 1897
Box 17 Book - Orders: Calendars 1899
Box 17 Book - Books 1898
Box 17 Book - John Macrae 1899
Box 17 Book - E.P. Dutton & Comp. John Macrae Sept. 1902 for 1903 numbers
Box 18 Book - E.P. Dutton and Comp. John Macrae Valentines and Easter for 1907
Box 18 Book - E.P. Dutton and Comp. John Macrae Sept. 1908for Christmas line 1909
Box 18 Book - E.P. Dutton and Comp. John Macrae In London Sept. 1912 for Fall 1913
Box 18 Book - Valentines and Easter 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915 order placed March 1911
Box 18 Book - Christmas Line for 1914 E.P. Dutton & Comp. J.M. Feb 1914
Box 18 Book - Christmas Line for 1915
Box 18 Book - E.P. Dutton & Comp. J.M. 1914
Production files
Box 18 Abode - Aims
Abode of Snow
A Denauer
The Adventures of Ambrose
Adventures of Luisa in Mexico - James
Aesop's Fables
Ahoy, Peggy Stewart!
Aimez Vous Brahms Sagan
Aims of the United Nations
Box 18 Alexander - Alps
All Fall Down - Herliny
All Fall Down - Ted Key
All That Was Mortal - David Dempsey
Alps and Elephants - Hannibal's March
Box 18 Amedeo - Americanization
Amedeo - Daphne Barely
Americanization of Emily
Box 18 America's Arts
America's Arts and Skills - Editor of LIFE
Box 18 Anchor - Art of Makeup
Anchor for Her Heart - Ellen Newcomb
The Angel in the Hayloft - Niles
Angels of Hudson Bay - Anderson
Anglers and Muscleheads - Gifford
Another Here and Now Storybook
Antartic Adventures - Fuchs
The Art of Makeup - Strewowski
Box 18 Art of Writing - Beauty Markers
The Art of Writing - Maurois
Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
Aurobindo Series
Ball for Little Bear
Bar IV Roundup of Best Western Stories
Bears in the Family
Bear Twins - Hogan
The Beauty Makers - Nedda Lamont
Box 18 Bell - Best Detective Stories
A Bell for Ringelblume - Rosalie K. Fry
Bertie Makes A Break - Felsen
Best Detective 1957
Best Detective Stories 1958 - 13th Annual Collection
Best Detective Stories #16 Holiday 1961
Best Detective Stories of the Year Boucher 19th Annual Collection
Box 18 Best Short Stories - Big Ones
Best Short Stories From the Paris Review
Best Sport Stories - 1959 Marsh and Ehre
Best Sport Stories - 1961 Marsh and Ehre
Best Sport Stories - 1962 Marsh and Ehre
The Best of W.H. Hudson - O. Shepard
Beyond The Great Slave Lake - Tom Lodge
Big Game Animals of N.A.
The Big Ones - Inez Hogan
Box 18 Big Steal - Book of Party Favors
The Big Steal - Basinsky
Birthday Party and Other Stories - A.A. Milne
The Bitter Passion - Wadleigh
Black Spice - Steward
The Bloody Bolchara - William Campbell Gault
Blow the Man Down - Kuehl
The Blus Max - Jack Hunter
Book of Three Festivals - Lillie
Bon Vincient, Veterinarian - E.H. Evans
The Bold Brahmins - Lader
Book of Party Favors and Decorations - Toni Hughes
Box 19 Book of Verse - Canary Adventure
Book of Verse for Children
BOOM! Gralapp
Boone of the Wilderness
Brothers of Silence Gruber
Buffalo Country - Bob Duncan
The Bullet-proof Martyr Howard
But Is It Deductible? Wall Street Journal
Canary Adventures
Box 19 Candy Kane - Child of the Dark
Candy Kane
Captain of the Queen
Candle in the Sky
Beverly Nichols' Cats' ABC
The Case of the Smuggled Ruby
Cats' XYZ
The Centurious Larteguy
Challenge Printing Company
Chief of the Herd
Child of Columbia
Child of the Dark Carolina de Jesus
Box 19 Children of Lilith - Combat Command
The Children of Lilith - Piazzini
Chilmark Miscelany
Chivers' Life of Poe
Chloe Marr
A Choice of Heaven - Scott
Christmas Book
Ciano's Diary
Circus Magic - Maillard
Henry Clifford Letters
To Clothe the Naked and Two Other Plays
Clothes Make Magic
The Coffee Break - Preston
Combat Command
Box 19 Coming Down the Seine - Countdown For Tomorrow
Coming Down the Seine by Robert Giddings
Coming Down the Wye
Concise Encyclopedia of Russia
Concise Etymological Dictionary
Constance Spry Cookery Book
Cotten Web - Hunt
Countdown for Tomorrow - Caidin
Box 19 Crusade and the Cup - Declaration
The Crusade and the Cup
The Cry of a Bird - Yglesias
Curtain for Schubert
Day Is Gone
Day of the Phoenix
A Death at Sea - White
Death Haunts the Dark Lane
Decade in Europe - Barrett McGurn
Declaration Osborne, Wilson,
Box 19 Defeat In The West - Eighth Day of the Week
Defeat In The West
Dixie Raider
The Doctor and His Enemy - Alan Wykes
Dolphin Days
Donkey Goes Visiting
The Doom-Maker by B.X. Sanborn
Doughnuts for Lin
Dulcie and Her Donkey
Dusty for Speed
Easter Chimes
The Eighth Day of the Week - Marek Hlasko
Box 19 Elements of Mechanics - Everyman's English Dictionary
Elements of Mechanics
The Enchanted Castle
The End of Loving
English-Russian Dictionary
Esmond by Una Troy
Esprit De Corps - Lawrence Durrell
Essays on the Gita - Aurobindo
Every Common Bush
Everyman's Dictionary of Music
Everyman's Dictionary Quot's and Proverbs
Everyman's English Dictionary
Box 19 Everyman's Encyclopedia - Excursion To The Sky
Everyman's Encyclopedia
Everyman's Library - The Sea and The Jungle
Everyman's Library Cost Tickets
Everyman's Trademark
An Excursion to the Sky - Olujic
Box 19 Experiment - Five
An Experiment in Mindfulness - Shattock
Exploring for Fun - Burns
Fairy Tales
A Farm for Juliana
Fighting Crime
Finger Prints - Douglas Browne and Alan Brock
First Christmas
First Prize For Danny
Five on a Merry - Go - Round
Box 19 Five Day - Gobbling
The Five-Day Nightmare - Brown
Floreana - Wittmar
The Flower in the Gutter
Foodarama Party Book
Footlights for Mary
For Each Other - Janet Lambert Spring '59
Forever Possess
Foundation of Tibetan Mysticism
Fourteen Men
Friend to All
Galleys - Cost
Giants of China
Gift of Life
Giotto Tended the Sheep
Glory Be!
The Gobbling Billy - James
Box 19 Golden - Green
Golden Apples of the Sun
The Goodly Seed
Grameray Park - Gladys Brooks
A Grave Undertaking - White
The Graveyard - Flasko
Great Prisoners
The Greek Affair - Frank Gruger Fall '64
The Green Man From Mars - Lewis Zarem (Space)
Box 19 Growth - He
Growth of a Nation
The Gypsies
Hanover's Wishing Star
The Haunted Isle
Haunted People
Heather Mary
Henry James; Selected Fiction EML 649 A
He Went For A Walk
Box 20 Here's - Horn
Here's Looking At You Fall '64 (cartoons from WSJ-Preston, ed.)
Hermit In The Himalayas
Hi! Barney!
Hidalgo and The Gringo Man by Fay Griffith. Ills. Karl Oechsli
History of the Maryknoll Sisters - Maryknoll Sisters
History of the Royal and Ancient Game of Golf
Hitler and His Admirals
The Horn and The Sword by Jack Randolph Conrad
Box 20 Horns - Hundred-Dollar
The Horns of Fear - de Lera
Horse Haven
The Horseman's Dict. Bloodgood and Santini
Hot For Certainties Robin Douglas-Home
House of the 1,000 Pleasures - Harris
How to Gain An Extra Hour - Kay Josephs
How to Help the Shut in Child
How You Can Find Happiness
Hudson Copyrights
Huffley Fair - Dorthy Evelyn Smith
The Human Cycle - Aurobindo
Hums of Pooh
The Hundred-Dollar Girl - Gault
Box 20 Ideal - It
Ideal of Human Unity
If You Like Hazel
I Give You My Word and Say the Word
Image of Hell - Fisher
The Improper Bohemians - Allen Churchill
Introduction to Kierkegaard
Isis And Cosiris by Hyde
I, The Jury
It Happened to Hannah
It Is Not So Easy to Live - Arnothy
Box 20 It's - Joseph
It's All In The Family (Project - 1958)
It's Still In The Family - Berenstains
Jefferson Reader
Job of Living by White
John Sloan
Johnswood by Charlie May Sunon
Joseph Boliver de Lee By Fishbein
Box 20 Journey - Kennedy
Journey to Christmas - B.J. Chute
Journey to Persia
Joy to My Youth
Juan of Manila by McSwigan
Jump For Joy
Just Jennifer by Lambert
The Kennedy Government - Opotowsky
Box 20 Kicking - Leap
Kicking Canvas by Captain A.A. Bestic
A Kid for Two Farthings - Wolf Mankowitz
King of the Mountain
La Belle - Coker
The Lady and The Corsair - J.M. Scott
Lady Rich - Coker
Land of Nursery Rhymes
Land of Sky Blue Waters
The Late Lamented - Brown
Latin America New Revised Edition - Schurz
Latin Key to Better English
Leap Through The Curtain
Box 20 Learning - Little
Learning About Love
Letter to a Niece
Life and Times of the Buckshot South - Frank Davis Adams
Lines of Least Resistance
The Lion's Share - Crowther
Literary Criticisms
Little Hercules - Frank Gruber Fall '65
Little League Champions - Olgin
The Little Medelaine
Box 20 Little - Lucky
The Little Ones
Lonely Challenge
The Lonely Graves
The Long Wind
The Longs of Louisiana - Opotowsky
Look Toward the Sea - Frank Baines
Love In Action - Henriques
Love Taps Gently
Lucky Days
Box 20 Lutie - Man
Madeline Young Wife
Magic - Bouisson
Make Way For The Music
The Man Behind You - Bode
The Man of the End Of the Rope - Townend
Man, Rockets and Space
The Man Who Made Wine - J.M. Scott
The Man Who Ran Away - Dodson
Box 20 Many - Modern
Many Happy Returns
Manzoni and His Times
Margaret Tarrant Book
Marshall Fields
Me and Frumpet - Evans G. Valens
Merrick, Leonard
Merry Fiddlers
Milne Pop up Book
Mind of Light
Miss Plum and Miss Penny - Dorothy Evelyn Smith
The Mistress and Other Stories - Gina Berriault
Mixed Train Daily
Mocha, the Djuka by Johnson
Modern Family Manners - Carolyn Hagner Shaw
Modern Music Makers
Box 20 Moon - Music
Moon In My Pocket - Power-Waters
The Moonflower Murder - Nichols
More Marrels of Industrial Science - Capt. Burr Leyson
Mother Penny by Robinson
Mount Everst Reconnaissance
Mr. Love and Justice - MacInnes
Mr. Shakespeare of the Globe by Williams
Mrs. Murphys Underpants - Fredric Brown
Murder in Mind - Howard
Murder Takes A Wife - James Howard
The Museum Mystery - W.J. Campbell
Music In History
Box 20 My - Nathan
My Best Friends Are Apes - Heinrich Oberjohann
Mystery At Hurricane Hill
My Brother Was An Only Child
My Memories of Six Reigns - Princess Marie Louise
Mystery of McClelland Creek - Wandy Jay Campbell
Napolean and Mlle. George - Edith Saunders
Nappy Planted A Garden by Hogan
Nathan A Boy of Capernaum By Lillie
Box 21 Nepal - Nine
New Era of Flight
The News Is Good
Nicodemus and Gng by Hogan
Nicodemus and Goose
Nicodemus and Houn' Dog
Nicodemus and His New Shoes
Night and Hope
Night Raider of the Atlantic
Nine Man Eaters and One Rouge by Kenneth Anderson
Box 21 No - Over
No Idle Words and Having the Last Word by Brown
None Shall Sleep Tonight
No Picnic on Mt. Kenya
O, The Brave Music by D.E. Smith
On Wings of Fire
One For The Money by Lambert
Only Lovers Left Alive by Wallis
Options of Oliver Allston by Brooks
Our Everst Adventure
Our Town Has a Circus by McSwingan
Out - Island Doctor Cottman w/ Blassingame
Over The Reef by Gibbing
Box 21 Paddlewheel - Party
Paddlewheel Pirate - Newell
Painted Lady - Faulkner
Fall 1960 Paperbacks
Paperbacks DEP - NGW Fall 1960
Palace Diary
Paloma by Mrs. Robert Henry
The Parachute Greenwood Spring '64
Party For Poodles
Box 21 Patchwork - Peter
Patchwork Kilt
Patterns and Ceremonies by Meskowitz and Colher
The Panses of the Eye - Knoll
Peace With Honor by Milne
Peacock on the Lawn
Peddler in Paradise
Pelican Prill
Pemberley Shades by Bonaria-Hunt
Peppercorn Days - Jon Rose
Peter Hall by Davis
About Peter Platypus - Hogan
Box 21 Peter - Pictorial
Peter Was a Pirate - Morse
Phillips Brooks
Pick of Punch 1956 - Bentley
Pick of Punch 1957 - Bentley
Pick of Punch 1958 - Bentley
Pick of Punch 1959 - Bentley
Picolo Pomi by Beltramelli
The Pictorial Baseball Instructor
Pictorial History of Texas - Mrs. Grambrell
Box 21 Picture - Police
Pictures of Everest
Pidgy's Surprise - Jeanne Mellin
Pinafore (H.M.S.) - Wheeler
Pink Maple House
Pipkin Sees The World
Pirates of Penzance
Pirandello Copyright
Pixie on the Postoad by Wilson
Plastics in the World of Tomorrow
Platypus at Large - Kelen
Plays for High Holidays by Tobitt and White
Plotters by Carlson
Poems and the Spring of Joy by Webb
Police State by Thompson
Box 21 Poligraphic - Portrait
Poligraphic Co. of America
Pocket Dictionary
Pony Duet by Nancy Caffrey
Poodle and the Sheep by Brown
Pope Pius XII by Lenn and Reardon
Pope Pius XII
Popo's Miracle by Simon
Portrait of Barry by Cynthia Asquith
Box 21 Power - Professional
Power of Karma
Practically Perfect
Practical Mysticism - Underhill
Practical Yoga: Ancient and Modern
The Praetonians - Jean Larteguy
Preparing for Marriage
Primitive India
Principles of Equitation
Prisoner's Bluff
Producing Amateur Entertainment
Professional Amateur - Biography of C.F. Ketting - Boyd
Box 21 Prophet - Rafferty
Prophet of Progress - Boyd
Protocol and the Peabodies
Proud Citadel by Dorothy Evelyn Smith
Proud Fortress - Aller Andrews
Psychic Sense (The)
The Queen's Blade by Norman A. Gillespie
Questions Aoler People Ask - Henrietta Kish
Quiet Corner
Quiet Hour
Raccoon Twins By Hogan
Rafferty - White
Box 21 Raft - Rebel
Raft of Despair
Rampant Refugee by Carlisle
Rampart Street by Webber
Rapture in My Rags - Hastings
Readings In New Canaan History
Read To Me Charlie by Hogan
Read To Me About The Littlest Country by Hogan
Real Enjoyment of Living
Rebel Yell by Ernenwein
Box 21 Rebels - Regency
Rebels Ride Proudly by Ernewein
Reckless, Pride of the Marines
Recollections of Three Reigns
Red Beret
Red Pawns
Red Petticoats
Rediscovery of Morals by Link
Reef by Wheeler
A Regency Visitor
Box 21 Rehearsal - Rich
Rehearsal by Cannon
Relentless Tide by Bonaria-Hunt
The Reluctant Legionnaire
Remember and Forget by Adams
Report from Formosa
Rescue Tug
The Return of The Kid by Wayne
Revolt of Mamie Stover
The Rich Die Hard by Beverly Nichols
Box 22 Richest - Riot
The Richest American - Getty
Riding High
Rights and Writers - Zavin and Pilpel
Ring Around Rosa
Box 22 Rise - Roundabout
The Rise of Simon Lachaume
Road I Know By White
Road to Santiago
Robeen by Robinson
Robin on the Mountain
Rocky Mountain Reader
Rogue In Space
Romance of the Rose
Romantic New Orleans by Tallant
Romantic Rouge by Carswell
Rope Crazy by Robertson
Round of the Year by Strong
Box 22 Royal - Sailors
Royal Road by Simon
Ruby McCollum Woman in The Sewanne Jail
Runaway Toys by Hogan
Run, Killer, Run
Russia and the United States by Sorokin
Rustlers of the Owlhorns
Rusty Carousal by Sylvin
Saddle on a Cloud
The Sage of Conudos - Lucien Marchal
Sailing by Knight
Sailors of Fortune by MacKenzie
Box 22 Saint - Savage
Saint Anthony of the Desert
Saint Santa Claus
Salt In Our Wounds
Salome Goes to the Fair by Witty and Coomer
Sand Against the Wind
San Gennaro Never Says No by Marotta
Saturday Evening Post Cartoons
Sauce and Sensuality by Elizabeth Ayrton
Saucy Sailor
Savage Papua - Andre Dupeyrat
Box 22 Savage - Search
Savage Play
Saw Screams of Scotland Yard: Bernard Spillsbury
Scene from the Saddle - Nancy Caffrey
Science in A Sacred Cow by Standen
Science of Hypnotism by Cannon
Scotch Whiskey by Robb
Scotts' Book by Douglas
Sreaming Mimi by Brown
Sea Hawks of Empire by Baily
Seadragon - Steele
Search In Secret India by Bruton
Box 22 Search - Self
Search For the King by Vidal
Searchlight of Peace Plans
Season of Comfort by Vidal
The Season of Flesh by Reece
Sea Wyf
The Secret of Barnegat Light
Secret Path by Bruton
Selected Poems by Kreymborg
The Self Starting Wheel - Murray
Box 22 Seraphine - Shanghai
Seraphine Went Walking by Serrage
Serene Cincinnatians by Harlowe
Sergeant Chung Ming - Maeter
Serge in Rachmaninoff by Gronowicz
The Serpent's Bite - Arnothy
Seven for a Secret by Webb
Seven Men at Daybreak - Burgess
Seven Thousand Islands
Seventy Years of Life and Labor by Gompers
The Shaggy Dog & Other Murders - Fredric Brown
Shakespeare's Heraldry by Scott-Giles
Shanghai Conspiracy
Box 22 Shapers - Short
Shapers of American Fiction by Snell
She Had A Magic - Brian O'Brien
Shining Rain by Welshimer
Ship With Two Captains
Ships of the US Merchant Marines by Farrington
The Shocking History of Advertising
Shocking Life by Sciaperelli
Short Encyclopedia of Nurses
Box 22 Silent - Sing
Silent Investigations - John Makris
Silver Saddles
Sliverlock by Meyers
Simplified Physics by Small and Clarke
Sine Qua Non - Sine
Sing For America by Wheeler
Sing Morning Star
Sing Your Way To Better Speech by Walsh
Box 22 Sink - Small
Sink 'Em All
Sisters Livingston (The)
A Sister of a Satyr - Angrzeyevski
Six Gun Herritage by Brad Ward
Skeleton in the Closet
Skorzeny's Secret Missions
The Sleep of Baby Filbertson & Other Stories - James Leo Herliney
Sleep Without Armor by P. Shand Allfrey
Slim Gourmet's Soup Book
Small Flags Waving
Box 22 Small - Some
Small Moments
Small Town D.A.
Smuggler's Paradise
The Snake Stomper
The Snow Birch - John Mantley
The Snow Filly - Mitchell
Snow House
Snowplow the Tried to Go South
Society and the Homosexual
So Cold, My Bed
Soldiers of God
Some Follow the Sea
Box 22 Someone - Sound
Someone from the Past - Margot Bennett
Some of Justin - Richard Vaughn
Son of Man
Son of Oscar Wilde - Holland
A Song of Joy and Other Poems - Reece
Song of Roland (The)
Song of Tomorrow
Songs from Now We Are Six
Sorry No Budget - Preston
The Sound - Russell
Sound of Silence
Box 22 Sound - Squarcio
The Sound of Spanish Voices
The Sound of Surprise - Balliet
Sound of Voices
Sounding Summer (The)
South America
Southern Europe
The Spell of the Desert
The Spring of Civilization
Spring's Green Shadow by Cecily Mackworth
Spurs From San Isidro
Box 23 Stage - Still
Stage of Fools
Stairway to a Street
Star Dream
Star Spangled Summer
Starlight and Storm
Starts and Destiny
Steamboat Round the Bend
Steeple Chasing
Still Digging
Box 23 Stolen - Story
Stolen Journey
The Stolen Sphere
Stop Dieting, Start Losing
Stories to Begin On
Stories to Shorten the Road
Stormy Life - E. Heinkel
The Story of Axel Munthe - Munthe and Uexkull
The Story of Everest
Story of Father Dominique Pire
Box 23 Story - Stuck-up
Story The Fiction of the Forties
Story of Mrs. Murphy (The)
Story of Old New York (The)
The Story of Young Edwin Booth - Alma Power-Waters
Stowaway From St. Tropez - Terrot
Strange Evil
Strange Lovers
Strange Return
Straw in the Sun
Straw Wife
Struggle Is Our Brother
Stuck-Up Prince
Box 23 Submarine - Sweet
Submarine Sailor
Substance of a Dream
Summer So Called
Sunday in Virginia
Superior Children through Modern Nutrition
Surgeon's Fight to Rebuild Men
Surpring Summer
Suzanne in Belgium
Sweet Cork of Thee
Sweet Thames Runs Softly
Box 23 Swiss - Tangerine
Swiss Everest Expedition
The Sycamore Warrior
The Synthesis of Yogo - Aurobindo
Table Near The Band (A)
Tales from Anderson
Tales of Two Bunnies
Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural
Tale of A Wishing Shrimp by Vladimir
Take Care of My Little Girl
Taming of the Arts (The)
The Tangerine
Box 23 Teeny - They
Teeny Gay
Tellico Blue
The Temple of the Spirit
Ten Thousand Eyes - Richard Collier
Texas Adoptions
Textbook of European Musical Instruments
That's My Story - Corrigan
Theatre Street - Karsavina
Thelwell Country
There Is A River - Vaughan
There You Are (but where are you?) - Robert Mirvish
Thesaurus of English Words & Phrases - Browning
They Fell From Gods Hands
Box 23 They're - Those
They're On the Way
They Stood Alone
They Walk Again
This Happened To Me
This Life Is Eternal
This Is Sylvia
This Land Fulfilled - Charles A. Bradly
This Pounding Wheel
This Time - This Tide
Those Smith Kids
Box 23 Three - Times
Three's A Crowd - McSwigan
Three Silly Kittens
Three Plays
Tibetian Marches - Andre Migot
Tilly's Strange Secret
The Time of Terror - White
Time of Turning (A)
Time Readers Recipe Books
A Time to Go Home
Tim's Fight for the Valley - Bailey
Time of Melville and Whitman
Box 23 To
To Find A Killer - White
To Hidden Depths - Tailliez
Toil, Taxes and Trouble
To Live As We Wish
To My Brothers Everywhere - Lieberman
Tonty of the Iron Hand
Tony Sees It Through
The Tortured Path
Touched With Fire
To An Unknown Lady
Box 23 Tower - Trumpet
The Tower In The Sky - Joy DeWeese-Wehen
Town with the Funny Name
Towser, The Sheep Dog
Traffic In Innocents - Terrot
Trained for Genius
Travels of Sammy the Turtle
Treasure Beyond Red Mesa
Treasure of Naples (The)
Treasures Long Hidden
Trial By Gunsmoke
Trouble At Tall Pine - Brad Ward
A True Story - Stephen Hudson
Box 23 Tubie's - Typee
Tubie's Monument
The Turf Cutters Donkey Kicks Up His Heels
Turnspit Dog
Twentieth Century Warfare
27th Day
The Twins of Old Flatbush
Twin Seals
Two Against The Amazon
Two Came To Town
Two on a Continent
Box 23 Under - Virginia
Unobstructed Universe
U.S. West, the Saga of Wells Fargo
Vangaurd! The Story of Man-Made Satellite by Martin Caidin
Vanishing Virginian (The)
Vatican (The) - Pichon
Virginia Reader
Box 23 Voices - Wines
Voices of the Evening
Walker's Rhyming Dictionary
Wayside Altars
What Mad Universe
Whistle Down The Wind - Bell
White Figure, White Ground - Hugh Hood
Whoa, Matilda!
The Wild, Blue Road
The Wild Valley - Serern
Box 24 Woman - Young
Woman In The Polar Night
Word In Your Ear (A)
Wondrous Egg of Abou
World of Werner Bischof - Bischof
The Wrong Horse - Bassan
The Yellow Fever - Jean Larteguy
Young Hickory: The Book of President Polk
Young Traveler in France
Box 24 Book reviews (in envelopes) 1957-1959
All That Was Mortal David Dempsey October 27, 1958
All Through The NightRichard Vaughan May 6, 1957
American Foreign AffairsWilliam Lytle Schurz March 27, 1959
The Americanization Of EmilyWilliam Bradford Huie August 12, 1959
Angels On Horseback and Elsewhere Thelwell April 30, 1958
Antiques TreasuryNovember 4, 1959
Around And AboutMarchette Chute September 23, 1957
Balthazar Lawrence Durrell August 25, 1958
Best Sport Stories - 1959 Irving T. Marshall & Edward Ehre June 15, 1959
The Big DiveKendell Foster Crossen Jan. 12, 1959
The Big DrumElizabeth Boatwright Coker May 3, 1957
Bitter Lemons - Folder II - 1st Folder missing 3/12/59 Lawerence Durrell January 13, 1959
The Bitter Passion John W. Wadleigh March 6, 1959
Black SpiceDavenport Steward July 24, 1959
The Blackbird In The LilacJames Reeves Feb. 27, 1959
Blow The Man Down! Based on James H. Williams Arr. & Edited by Warren F. Kuehl April 30, 1959
The Blue Cup And Other StoriesB.J. Chute August 9, 1957
The Blue Cup And Other Stories II B.J. Chute Aug. 9, 1957
Buffalo CountryBob Duncan Feb. 28, 1959
The Camp FollowersUgo Pirro January 8, 1958
Carribean CavalierDavenport Steward August 1, 1957
The CenturionsJean Larteguy January 3, 1962
The Centurions II
Challenge Of The UnknownEd. by Sir Edward Hillary September 22, 1958
The CharlatanChristine Arnothy August 28, 1959
A Child'S GRACE Preface & verses by Ernest Claxton
Photographs by Constance Bannister
1948 and new printing Spring 1957
Christian Dior And I by Christian Dior Sept. 25, 1957
Circus MagicVersus by Sharon Banigan, Pictures by Katharina Millard Sept. 15, 1959
Box 25 Book reviews (in envelopes) 1958-1962
CLE Lawrence Durrell March 30, 1960
CLE Lawrence Durrell (folder II)
Come North With Me: An Autobiography Bernt Balchen Aug. 8, 1958
Congressman From IndiaD.S. Saund August 4, 1960
Coronation EverestJames Morri August 6, 1958
Countdown For TomorrowMartin Caidin March 1, 1958
The Dark LabyrinthLawrence Durrel Feb. 16
The Dark Labyrinth ILawrence Durrell
Decade In EuropeBarrett McGurn May 18, 1959
Don't Grow Old - Grow Up! Dorthy Carnegie
Drag StripWilliam Campbell Gault Sept. 30, 1959
The Echo SongRosalie Fry March 1962
Education And FreedomVice Admiral H.G. Rickover, USN Jan. 30, 1959
Education And FreedomFolder II
Education And FreedomFolder III
The Eigth Day Of The WeekMarek Hlasko Sept. 3, 1958
The Eight Day Of The Week (Folder II)
Esprit De CorpsLawrence Durrell Jan. 13, 1959
Box 26 Book reviews (in envelopes) 1954-1963
Dutton Everyman Paperbacks:
1st 10 Volumes Published Sept. 20, 1957
2nd 10 Volumes Published April 18, 1958
3rd 10 Volumes Published Sept. 30, 1958
Everyman's Classical Atlas J.O. Thomso June 9 1961
Everyman's Dictionary Of Pictoral Art (2 volumes) William Gaunt April 16, 1962
Everyman's Library American Edition I
Everyman's Library Standard Edition II 1959
Everyman's Library Standard English Edition Spring & Fall 1955-1957 Crown Octavo
Extra SpecialJanet Lambert April 30, 1963
Exploring For FunWilliam Burns Sept. 29, 1961
Fairy Tales Of Many Lands I 1st 4 volumes pub. Feb 16 1960 China, Germany, Ireland, Russia
Fairy Tales Of Many Lands II pub. October 20, 1960 England, France, India, Mexico
Fairy Tales Of Many Lands IIIPersia, Japan, Denmark, Greece
The Fastest Man Alive Lt. Col. Frank E. Everest Feb. 18, 1958
Force Of Liberty Leonard Falkner April 18, 1959
Foundations Of Tibetan Mystecism Lama Anagarika Govinda Feb. 19, 1959
Gladstone: A Biography (folder I) Sir Philip Magnus Dec. 10, 1954
The Gobbling Billy Dynely James September 16, 1959
The Graveyard Marek Hlasko September 3, 1959
Greenwillow (2 folders) B.J.Chute May 1, 1956
Howells (2 folders) VanWyck Brooks October 7, 1959
The Improper Bohemians Allen Churchill May 1, 1959
John Adams Foodarama Party Book Joan Admas April 6, 1959
Justine (2 folders) Lawrence Durrell August 21, 1957
Kindergarten: Your Child's Big Step Minnie Perrin Berson September 28, 1959
Land Of The Lamas Peter Goullart October 26, 1959
The Littlest Bear Inez Hogan April 30, 1959
Live Till Tomorrow Carola Haas Auguat 30, 1955
Box 27 Book reviews (in envelopes)
London Tony Armstrong Jones August 15, 1959
The Lovely Day Dorothy Evelyn Smith August 6, 1959
The Meriweather File Lionel White November 27, 1959
Miscell. Adult 1960
Miss Plum And Miss Penny Dorothy Evelyn Smith Feb. 25, 1959
Mountolive (2 folders) Lawrence Durrell March 23, 1959
No House Limit Steve Fisher October 13, 1958
A Pearl To India Vincent Cronin April 17, 1959
Peter Townsend Burrelle's Clippings
Pets At The White Carl Carmer September 28, 1959
Preacher's Kids Grace Nies Fletcher October 2, 1958
A Primer On Communism George W. Cronyn Feb. 18, 1957
The Questions Girls Ask Marjorie Vetter & Laura Vitary May 11, 1959
The Richest American (2 folders) J. Paul Getty March 7, 1960
Russian-English, English-Russian Pocket Dictionary compiled by S.G. Zaimovsky, ed. A.V. Litvinov May 15, 1958
The Road To Santiago Walter Starkie May 28, 1957
Sappho: A Play In Verse Lawrence Durrell Sept. 5, 1958
The Search For The Tassili Frescoes Henri Lhote Nov. 9, 1959
The Self Starting Wheel William Murray June 13, 1960
Sergeant Chung Ming Hans Maeter September 15, 1961
The Serpent'S BITE Christine Arnothy August 16, 1961
The Slient Hostage Sarah Gainham August 12, 1960
The Silent Investigators John N. Markis April 27, 1959
The Silent Investigators (duplications)
The Sleep Of Baby Filbertson And Other Stories James Leo Herlihy Jan. 8, 1959
Small Women Alan Burgess (original folder missing) 1957
Box 28 Book reviews (in envelopes)
"Sorry No Budget" Charles Prestin November 15m 1960
The Sound Ross Russell
The Sound Of Surprise Whiteney Balliett August 6, 1959
SpaceportU.S.A. Martin Caidin May 22, 1959
Sports Of The Times Arthur Daley September 11, 1959
Spread The Truth W.J. Granberg June 30, 1959
Spillane, Mickey Miscellaneous newspaper and magazine comments - NOT REVIEWS
Stiff Upper Lip Lawrence Durrell September 8, 1959
The Stone Roses Sarah Gainham June 13, 1959
Stowaway From St. Tropez Charles Terrot Sept. 29, 1960
Stowaway To America Borghild Dahl March 30, 1959
Successful Sure Fishing Jerry Jansen March 21, 1959
Sunlight On The Lawn Beverly Nichols April 28, 1957
Tale Of A Whistling Shrimp (2 folders) Vladimir B. Grinioff October 30, 1957
The Tangerine Christine de Rivoyre March 11, 1959
Those Without Shadows (2 folders) Francoise Sagan October 28, 1957
The Treasured One Rudivoravan, Princess of Siam Nov. 1, 1957
Tropical Aquarium Fish In Color G. Mandahl-Barth April 15, 1959
Twenty Plus Two Frank Gruber February 13, 1961
Twenty Seconds To Live Elizabeth Land October 6, 1959
Twin Puppies Inez Hogan September 30, 1959
Two Gentlemen (2 folders) Marchette Chute September 14, 1959
The Valadon Drama John Storm March 2, 1959
War For The MoonMartin Caidin Nov. 18, 1959
Whistle Down The Wind Mary Hayley Bell August 12, 1959
Willie Joe And His Small Change Marguerite Vance March 31, 1959
The Wines Of Bordeaux J.R. Roger Dec. 12, 1960
The Wrong Horse Jean Bassan Jan. 27, 1961
Publicity files
Box 29 Abbot - Adams
Abbot, Eleanor Hallowell - Correspondence
Abbott, Lyman - Letters to Mr. Dutton
Abraham, J. Johnson - Surgeon's Log
Abramowitz, Isidore
Abraham, R.M.
Acheson, Arthur
Adams, Cleve F.
Adams, F. - Adams, P.
Adams, Florence
Adams, Julia Davis
Adams, Peter
Adams, Peter
Box 29 Adams - Aksakov
Adams, Peter
Addison, Rev. Charles Morris
Affelder, Paul
An Airman's Letter To His Mother (1941)
Aksakov, Serge
Box 29 Albee - Alexander
Albee, Dr. Fred H.
Aldington, Richard
Alec - Tweedie, Mrs.
Alexander, F. Matthias - Correspondence 1
Box 29 Alexander I
Alexander, F. Matthias - Correspondence 2
Box 29 Alexander II
Alexander, F. Matthias - Correspondence 3
Alexander, F. Matthias - Bio, Photos, and Letters
Alexander, F. Matthias - Reviews
Box 29 Alexander - Almgren
Alexander, F. Matthias - Reviews
Alexander, Hartley
Ali, A. Yussuf
Allan, Doug - How To Write For Television
Allan, H.W.
Allen, Dr. A.V.G.
Allan, Doug
Allen, W.B. (1922-1931) (see Edward P. Dutton: Allen - Authors, Box 1, for 1897-8 correspondence)
Almegren, Mrs.
Box 29 Alsop - Aminoff
Alsop, Gulielma F.
American Book Prices Current
Aminoff, Leonie
Aminoff, Leonie - Old Reviews
Box 29 Aminoff - Ambruster
Aminoff, Baroness Leonie 1930-1931-1932
Aminoff, Baroness Leonie 1928-1929
Aminoff, Leonie - Correspondence
Ambruster, Howard Watson
Box 29 Amundsen - Andrews
Amundsen, Roald - Correspondence
Ancient Map of Fairy Land
Anderson, F.I. Paul R. Reynolds 1928 - 1934
Andersen, Homer Paul
Andrews, Emily R.
Andrews, General
Box 29 Andrews I
Andrews, Marietta
Andrews, Mrs. Minnigerode
Box 29 Andrews II
Andrews, M.M. 1931-1932-1933-1934
Andrews. Mrs. Marietta M.
Box 29 Andrews - Angell
Andrews, Marietta M. 1929
Andrews, Marietta M. 1928
Andrews, Mrs. W.S.
Angell, Norman - Correspondence
Box 29 Angell - Appel
Angell, Norman - Reviews
Angell, Sir Norman 1932-1933-1934
Angell, Sir Norman 1930-1931
Angell, Norman 1929
Angell, Norman 1928
Angell - Appel
Angell, Norman Kennaday & Livingston
Angoff, Charles, ed.
Anson, Peter F.
Apjohn, F.L.
Appel, Benjamin
Box 30 Armfield - Ashton-Wolfe
Armfield, Constance Smedley
Armstrong, William
Armytage, Percy
Arnold, William R.
Artzybasheff, Boris
Arvey, Verna
Asch, Sholom
Ashdown, A. Millicent
Ashton-Wolfe, H.
Box 30 Aspinwall - Aubry
Aspinwall, Alicia Correspondence
Asquith, Cynthia
Atkins, Elisabeth
Aubrey, Octar
Box 30 Austen - Ayers
Austen, Jane
Austin, Ernest
Aveline, Claude
Ayala, R.P. de
Ayer, Margaret
Ayers, Mary B.
Box 30 Baemeister - Bailey
Baemeister, Rhoda
Badenoch, Nena
Baerlein, Henry
Bailey, H.C. Correspondence
Bailey, H.C.
Bailey, H.C.
Box 30 Bailey - Barbasetti
Bailey, H.C. serial rights
Bailey, H.C. Reviews
Baillie-Grohman, William A.
Bainbrigge, Marion S.
Bains, A.E.
Baker, Laura Nelson
Bakke, Dr. E. Wight
Baldwin, Marguerite R.
Baldwin, Marguerite R. 1928-1934
Ballard, Admiral George Alexander
Bamburg, Lillian
Bamburg, Lillian 1928-1934
Barbasetti, Luigi
Box 30 Barbasetti - Barbusse
Barbasetti, Luigi 1932-1933
Barbasetti, Luigi 1930-1931
Barbusse, Henri Bio, Photos & Items
Box 30 Barbusse
Barbusse, Henri Correspondence 1
Barbusse, Henri Correspondence 2
Box 30 Barbusse - Barschak
Barbusse, Henri Articles and Personal Letters
Barbusse, Henri Reviews
Baring, Maurice Correspondence
Barker, Elsa Correspondence
Barker, F. Ellis
Barker, Grainville
Barrett, Richmond
Barrett, Sir William F.
Barschak, Erna
Box 30 Barry
Barry, Charles
Barry, Charles 1934
Barry, Charles 1929-1930
Barry, Charles 1928
Barry, Charles
Box 30 Bashkirtseff - Batchelder
Bashkirtseff, Marie Bio and Reviews
Bashkirtseff, Marie Correspondence
Barker, Elsa Bio & Items - Also Correspondence
Bruton, Paul Reviews
Batchelder, Ann
Box 30 Bateman - Bates
Bateman, H.M.
Bates, Katherine Lee Correspondence 1
Bates, Katherine Lee Correspondence 2
Box 30 Bates
Bates, Ralph Reviews
Bayley, Mary E.
Bates, Ralph Correspondence
Bates, Ralph Bio, Photos, Items
Bates, Ralph Articles and Personal Letters
Box 30 Bayne - Beck
Bayne, Spencer
Baynes, D.J.
Baynes, Ernest Harold Correspondence & Items
Beach, Mrs. Percy
Beardsley, Aubrey Reviews
Beck. Henry C.
Beck, Henry Charelton 1934
Beck, Hanry Charelton 1933
Box 31 Beck - Belbenoit
Beck, Henry Charlton 1930-31-32-33
Beethoven's Letters (& Beethoven) Reviews
Beerbohm, Max Reviews
Beffel, Eulalie C.
Belbenoit, Rene
Box 31 Belbenoit
Belbenoit, Rene Correspondence 1
Belbenoit, Rene Correspondence 2
Belbenoit, Rene Articles & Letters
Belbenoit, Rene Biog., Photos & Items
Belbenoit, Rene Reviews
Box 31 Belbenoit - Bennett
Belbenoit, Rene Reviews
Belloc, Hilaire Correspondence
Bellow, Ida Comstock
Benet, William Rose Reviews
Bennett, Arnols #2 Correspondence & Letter 1913-1932
Box 31 Bennett - Bing
Bennett, C.M.
Bennett, Ernest N.
Bennett, Richard (ILLUS.)
Berenson, Bernhard
Beresford, John D.
Bernays, Edward L.
Berry, Jean
Best Sport Stories Releases
Betts, C.L.
Biber, Barbara
Biegeleisen, J.I.
Bing, Alexander
Box 31 Binns - Blackwood
Binns, Henry B.
Binyon, Lawrence
Birkeland, Joran
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Blackwood, Algernon
Blackwood, Algernon Correspondence
Box 31 Blackwood - Blakeslee
Blackwood, Algernon Reader's Reports
Blackwood, Algernon Reviews
Blackwood, Algernon Reviews
Blaisdell, Elinor
Blake, William Letters
Blake, William Reviews
Blakeslee, Fred Gilbert 1929-1930-1931-1932-1933-1934
Box 31 Blakeslee - Blasco-Ibanez
Blakeslee, Fred Gilbert
Blasco-Ibanez Historis la Guerra Europea de 1914-
Blasco-Ibanez Reader's Reports
Box 31 Blasco-Ibanez I
Blasco-Ibanez Correspondence
Blasco-Ibanez Reprint publishers
Box 31 Blasco-Ibanez II
Blasco-Ibanez #2 Biog., Photos, Items
Blasco-Ibanez #1 Photos & Items
Box 31 Blasco-Ibanez III
Blasco-Ibanez Articles & Features - Personal Letters
Blasco-Ibanez Articles & Personal Letters
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez I
Blasco-Ibanez Correspondence #1
Blasco-Ibanez Correspondence #2
Blasco-Ibanez 1918 Correspondence
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez II
Blasco-Ibanez 1920 Correspondence
Blasco-Ibanez 1921 Correspondence
Blasco-Ibanez 1922 Correspondence
Blasco-Ibanez Correspondence w/ Kennedy & Livingston
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez III
Blasco-Ibanez Contract and Copyright correspondence
Blasco-Ibanez (Untitled)
Blasco-Ibanez (Untitled)
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez IV
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ T. Fisher Unwim and Curtis Brown
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Mrs. Margaret Gillespie
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Frances Douglas DeKalb
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ A/C/ McClura & Co.
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ George Allen & Unwin
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez V
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Foreign Press Service
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez VI
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Constable and Co.
Blasco-Ibanez (Curtis Brown)
Blasco-Ibanez Sr. Sunye - Spanish Chamber of Commerce
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ J.M. Dent & Sons
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w. Thomas Nelson & Sons (Edinburgh)
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ miscellaneous translators
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez VII
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Sempere, Llorca (Valencia)
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Duffield and Co.
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Alfred A. Knopf
Blasco-Ibanez Corres. w/ Simpkin, Marshall
Blasco-Ibanez Reviews
Box 32 Blasco-Ibanez VIII
Blasco-Ibanez Reviews
Blasco-Ibanez Reviews
Box 32 Blathwayt - Blunt
Blathwayt, Raymond
Blatt, H.K.
Bliss, Douglas Percy
Block, Ralph
Bloom, Ursula
Blucher, Evelyn
Blum, Mrs. Albert
Blunt, Rev. T.H. Annotated Prayer Book
Box 32 Boccaccio - Boley
Bockton, Alice M.
Boehn, Max Von
Boettiger, Elizabeth F.
Bohman, Nils
Boley, Jean
Box 32 Bonavia - Boul
Bonavia, Michale Robert
Bond, Frederick Bligh
Bone, David Biog, Correspondence, & Items
Bone, David Reviews
Bonnard, Abel
Bonner, Mary Graham
Bordeaux, Henri
Bosa, Stera
Boul, David W.
Box 32 Boulenger - Bradley
Boulting, William
Bowen, Marjorie
Bowen, P.G.
Bowen, Stirling
Boy Scouts of America
Boyd, Aubrey
Boynton, Richard Wilson
Brace, Timothy
Bradley, A.G.
Bradley William Aspenwall agent 1930-1933
Bradley, Luther D.
Bragg - Brine
Bragg, William
Bradley, Mrs.
Bram, Dr. I
Brazdova-Posse, Amelie
Brebner, Percy James
Bres, Rose Falls
Bretherton, Vivian
Brill, Ethel C.
Brine, Mary D.
Brine, Mary D.
Box 32 Brockway - Brooks
Brockway, Sylvia Correspondence
Brockway, Sylvia
Brooke, Stopford
Brookfield, A.M.
Brooks, Elbridge S.
Box 33 Brooks, Phillips I
Brooks, Phillips Letters to Mr. Dutton, etc.
Brooks, Phillips Carols (letters to Mr. Dutton)
Brooks, Phillips Manuscripts
Brooks, Phillips Unauthorized publications - NY Times ed March 1893
Brooks, Phillips List of sermons
Brooks, Phillips Correspondence #1
Box 33 Brooks, Phillips II
Brooks, Phillips Biog. Materials and Items
Brooks, Phillips Thoughts from, etc
Box 33 Brooks, Phillips III
Brooks, Phillips Theological Seminaries - Mrs. Moors' Gifts to
Brooks, Phillips Contracts and Letters
Box 33 Brooks, Phillips IV
Box 33 Brooks, Phillips V - Tribute to him at Death
Box 33 Brooks, V.W. I - Reviews
Box 33 Brooks, Van Wyck II - Articles and Items
Box 33 Brooks, Van Wyck Biog. - Photos and Items
Box 33 Brooks, Van Wyck III - Articles and Letters
Box 33 Brooks, Van Wyck IV - Reviews Flowering of New England
Box 33 Brooks, Van Wyck V
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews New England Indian Summer
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews World of Wshington Irving
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews Opinions of Oliver Allston
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews Emerson & Others
Box 33 Brooks, V.W. VI
Brooks, Van Wyck Rviews Sketches In Criticism / Three Essays on America
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews Pilgramage of Henry James
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews The Ordeal of Mark Twain
Brooks, Van Wyck Reviews On Literature Today
Box 33 Broughton - Brown, H.C.
Broughton, Averall
Brown, Abbie Farwell
Brown, Alice V.V.
Brown, Ethel C. Correspondence
Brown, Ford K.
Brown, Henry Collins Reviews
Brown, Henry Collins Biog. & Photos
Box 33 Brown - Browning
Brown, Louise Fargo
Brown, Margaret Wise
Browne, Robert T.
Browning, Elizabeth (Letters to her sister)
Box 34 Bruff I - The Manatee Reviews
Box 34 Bruff II
Bruff, Nancy #1
Bruff, Nancy Manatee Clippings #2
Box 34 Bruff III
Bruff, Nancy Manatee Clippings #3
Bruff, Nancy My Talon In Your Heart
Bruff, Nancy Cider From Eden clippings & comments
Box 34 Brundidge - Bunce
Brundidge, Harry T.
Bryson, Charles
Bryner, Edna Correspondence
Bucke, Dr. R.M. Correspondence
Bucke, Dr. R.M.
Budge, Ernest Alfred T.
Buffman, Chem. Fd. Co.
Bunce, William H.
Box 34 Bullard
Bullard (Reader's Reports)
Bullard, Marion (1933-1934) deceased Dec. 18, 1950 #2
Box 34 Bullard - Burke
Bullard, Marion
Bunyard, Edward A.
Berdekin, Harold
Burke, Jane Revere
Burke, Jane Revere
Burke, Noel
Burman, Ben Lucien
Box 34 Burman - Butler
Burman, Ben Lucian
Burns, Emile
Burrowes, Elizabeth
Butler, A.J.
Butler, Rohan d'O
Butler, Don Cuthbert
Butler, Samuel - Photos & Circulars
Box 34 Butler I
Butler, Samuel Correspondence #2 (1918-1923)
Box 34 Butler II
Butler, Samuel Correspondence #3 (1924-1934)
Butler, Samuel Clippings - Biographical
Butler III
Butler, Samuel Articles & Items
Butler, Samuel Reader's reports
Butler, Samuel Reviews - Shrewsbury Ed. Unconscious Memory
Butler, Samuel Reviews 1917
Box 34 Butler IV
Butler, Samuel Correspondence #1 (1909-1917)
Butler, Samuel Reviews (Way of All Flesh)
Box 34 Butler - Bynner
Butler, Mrs. W.M. Allen
Byrnes, J.F.
Bynner, Witter
Box 34 Cable - Cadby
Cable, Boyd Correspondence & Letters
Cabot, Mrs. T.H.
Cadby, Mrs. Carine
Box 34 Cadman - Cammaerts
Cadman, Rev. S. Parkes
Caldwell-Johnson, John
Camehl, Mrs. George E. Correspondence on Blue China
Cammaerts, Emile
Box 35 Campbell
Campbell, J.L.
Campbell, J.L. Biog., Photos, Items, and Reviews
Campbell, J.L. American Play Company
Campbell, J.L. 1930
Box 35 Campbell - Cannon
Campbell, J.L. 1928-1929
Campbell, Louseng Funny Feathers
Canfiled, W.W.
Canfield, W.W. correspondence
Cannan, Gilbert
Cannon, Alexander Correspondence
Cannon, Alexander Biog., Photos, and Items
Cannon, Alexander 1934
Cannon, Mrs. Elizabeth Perry
Box 35 Cannon - Carlsen
Cannon, Marion
Cannon, William
Carly, M.
Capes, W.P.
Carl and Eaton
Carleton, Patrick Letters
Carleton, Patrick Biog, Photos, Items, Reviews
Carlisle, Norman V.
Carlisle, Kathleen
Carlsen, C.L.
Box 35 Carlson I
Carlson, John Roy Correspondence #1
Carlson, John Roy Photos and Clippings
Carlson, John Roy Radio
Box 35 Carlson
Carlson, John Roy Lecture Coverage
Carlson, John Roy Promotion Pieces
Carlson, John Roy #1 Walter Winchell's Mail
Box 35 Carlson
Carlson, John Roy #2 Walter Winchell's Mail
Carlson, John Roy #3 Walter Winchell's Mail
Box 35 Carlson III
Carlson, John Roy #4 Walter Winchell's Mail
Carlson, John Roy The Plotters
Box 35 Carlson IV
Carlson, John Roy Sedition Trial
Carlson, John Roy #1 Curious Items
Box 35 Carlson V
Carlson, John Roy #2 Curious Items
Carlson, John Roy Editorial List & Items
Carlson, John Roy Photos of the Gannett's Under Cover
Box 35 Carlson VI
Carlson, John Roy Advertising #1
Carlson, John Roy Advertising #2
Carlson, John Roy Advertising #3
Box 35 Carmichael - Chesterton
Carmishael, W.D.
Carotti - History of Art
Carpenter, J.H.
Carpenter, Jeanne Red Cross 1918 Correspondence
Caven, Stewart
Chain of Prayer Across the Ages
Champion, S.G.
Channon, Henry Biog., Photos, & Items
Chapman-Huston, Major Desmon
Chesser, E.S.
Chesterton, Gilbert
Box 35 Chevreuil - Chrisite
Child, Richard Washburn Correspondence
Child, Richard Washburn
Childe, Charles P.
China Atlas and China Yearbook
New Atlas and Commercial Gazetteer of China
China Year Book
Chrisman, Arthur Bowie
Chrisman, Arthur Bowie Reviews
Chrisman, Arthur Bowie Articles - Newbury Medal etc.
Christian Kit
Christie, Mrs.
Box 35 Christy - Chute
Christy, Arthur
Christmas Book Reviews
Christopher Quarles Reviews
Christy, Arthur
Church Book of Bunyan Meetings
Chute, B.J.
Box 36 Churchill - Clayden
Churchill, May Thirza
Chute, Marchette Gaylord
Cainfarra, Camille M.
Citrine, Walter McLennan Biog., Photos, & Items
Citrine, Walter McLeanna Reviews
Clark, Imogene
Clarke, Charles Ramsay Correspondence
Clarkson, L. (Mrs. Whitelock)
Claxton - A Child's Grace
Clayden, Arhur W.
Box 36 Clemens - Clutton
Clemens, W.H.
Clements, E.H.
Clifford, Mrs. W.K. Correspondence
Clouston, Storer Correspondence and Items
Clune, Frank
Clutton-Brock, Arthur Items
Clutton-Borck, Aurther Biog. - Photos & Items
Box 36 Cobb - Cohen
Cobb, Frank (Cobb of "The World")
Cocke, Mrs.
Coffin, Howard
Cohen, Albert 1931-1932
Cohen, Albert
Cohen, M. (Solal)
Box 36 Cohen
Cohen, Albert 1933
Cohen-Portheim, Paul Reviews
Cohen-Portheim, Paul Correspondence
Box 36 Cohen - Collins
Cohen-Portheim, Paul Biog., Photos, etc.
Calbourne, Maurice
Colman, Elliott
Coleman, Harry J.
Collins, A. Frederick
Collins, James H.
Collins, Norman
Box 36 Collinson - Comfort
Collinson, Clifford W.
Collinson-Morley, Mrs. L.
Comfort, Jane Levington
Comfort, Will Levington Biog., Photos, Items
Comfort, Will Levington 1932
Comfort, Will Levington 1930 1931
Box 36 Comfort - Conrad
Comfort, Will Levington Correspondence
Cone, Helen Gray
Cohen, Lester
Colum. Padriac
Connolly, Reverend Terence, S.J.
Conrad, Jessie Correspondence
Conrad, Jessie Biog., Photos, etc.
Conrad, Jessie Reviews
Consetius - Converse
Consentius, Ernst
Converse, Florence 1929-1930
Converse, Florence Correspondence
Box 36 Converse - Cook
Converse, Florence 1931, 1932-33-34-35-36-37
Converse, Florence Reviews
Converse, Florence Biog. & Photos
Cook, Dan
Cook, Thomas
Box 36 Coolidge
Coolidge, Dane Correspondence
Coolidge, Dane (untitled)
Coolidge, Dane Articles, Special Cols. & Publicity
Coolidge, Dane Biog., Photos, Items
Coolidge, Dane 1928-1934
Box 36 Coolidge - Cornillier
Coolidge, Dane Reviews (old)
Coolidge, Dane Ober
Cappock, Charles
Cooney, Fanny Cory Anne Louise Moore 1929-1932
Copplestone, Bennett
Corcos, Loris
Box 36 Corrigan - Coxe
Corrigan, Douglas Biog., Photos, & Items
Costume and Fashion Reviews
Cothren, Marion B.
Cowles, Edith V.
Cox, Harding
Coxe, George Harmon
Box 37 Coyle I
Coyle, Kathleen
Coyle II
Coyle, Kathleen Correspondence #2
Box 37 Crabites - Crawford
Crabite's, Pierre 1933-1934
Craig, Gordon Biog. and Photos
Craig, Gordon Correspondence
Craig, Kathleen Taylor
Cranmer-Byng, L.
Crawford, Prof. W.J. Correspondence
Crawford, W.J.
Box 37 Cressy - Cross
Cressy-Marcks, Violet
Crosley, Mrs. W.S.
Cross, Christopher
Cross, Mrs. Helene
Cross, Christopher Soldiers of God
Box 37 Crowley - Crowther
Crowley, Aleister
Crownfield, Gertrude
Crownfield, Gertrude
Crowther, J.G.
Box 37 Cugle - Cunningham
Cugle, Charles Correspondence
Cugle, Capt. Charles H. 1933-1934
Cugle, Capt. Charles H. 1928-1932
Cunningham, A.B.
Currie, Col. J.A.
Curtin - Daru
Curtin, Jeremiah Correspondence
Curtiss, F. Homer
Curtis, Paula
Cushman, Allerton
Cutts, A.B. Jr.
Daglish, eric Fitch Biog.
Daily Round - Prayerbook
Dewey, John & Evelyn Reviews
Daisy, Princess of Pless
Dakers, Andrew H.
Dale, Mrs. L.S.
Danzinger, Dr.
Daru, Juliska
Box 37 Daviot - DeFiore
Daviot, Gordon
de Verona, Guido
Davis, C.T.
Davis, Bob (R.H.)
Davis, Ruth Helen
Davisson, Elizabeth Derr
Dawson, Mrs. Scott
Dawson-Scott, C.A.
de Ryola, Rawon Correspondence
de Castro, Adolphe
de Coulevain, Pierre Correspondence
de Coulevian, Pierre Reviews
DeFiore, Victor
Box 37 DeFiore - de La Mare
DeFiore, Mr. V.E.
DeKalb, Frances Douglas (See also Blasco-Ibanez I-III (Box 31) and Blasco-Ibanez I-VIII, Box 32)
deKoven, Mrs. Reinald
Daisy, Princess of Pless
De Koven, Mrs. Ringinald Biog. & Photo
de La Mare, Colin
Box 37 de La Mare - Delayen
de La Mare, Walter Items
De La Posture, Mrs. Henry Correspondence
De La Posture, Mrs. Henry Biog. and Items
Delayen, Gaston
Delayen, Gaston 1932-1933-1934
Box 37 Delayen
Delayen, Gaston Farrell Symons
Delayen, Gaston 1929-30-31
Delayen, Gaston Kennaday & Livingston
De Prantz - DeWitt
De Prantz, Mme (Day Monroe)
De Rusette-Louie
de Sola, Alis Bosy Is Faithful
de Souza, Count Barretto Correspondence
DeWitt, Maragaret
DeWitt, Maragaret 1929
DeWitt, Maragaret 1928
Box 37 Dearmer - Dennis
Dearmer, Percy, Rev.
Deland, Margaret #1 Mr. Macrae's Correspondence w/
Deland, Margaret #2 Correspondence
Delehanty, Elizabeth
Delehanty, Elizabeth Year One
Denis, Paul
Dennis, A.L.P. Correspondence
Box 38 Dennis - Dixey
Dennis, Mary Cable
Dennis, Mary Cable 1933-1934
Dent, J.M. (Memoirs) Reviews
Dent, Richard C.
Dexter, Walter
Dickens Circle
Digby, George
Dixelius - von Astor, Mrs. Hildur
Dixey, Marmaduke
Box 38 Doane - Dohm
Doane, W.C.
Dodd, Lee Wilson Biog., Photos, Items
Dodd, Lee Wilson Correspondence #1
Dodd, Lee Wilson Correspondence #2
Dohm, Dr. A (Jake Lingle)
Box 38 Dole - Dunn
Dole, Nathan Haskell Correspondence
Downer, Marion
Dragounis, Julia D.
Dreier, K.S.
Drew, John Correspondence
Drew, John Biog. and Photos
Drossner, Charles D.
Drury, Horace B.
Duff Gordon, Lucie (Lady)
Dunbar, Aldis Correspondence
Dunbar, Aldis Reviews
Duncan, Lee
Dunn, Violette Kimball
Box 38 Dyson - Edwardes
Dyson, Will
Eaton, Walter Prichard
Eckford, Euginia
Eckford, Euginia 1930-1933
Eddison, E.R. Correspondence
Eddison, E.R. Biog. and Items
Edwardes, Tickner
Box 38 Edwards - Emery
Edwards, A.H. (1920)
Edwards, Dorothy Lee
Einstein, Alfred
Eldridge, Elizabeth
Emans, Elaine V.
Emerson, Caroline D. 1929-1933
Emerson, Edwin
Emery, Samuel 1928-1933
Box 38 Emmrich - Exline
Emmrich, Dorothy
Erickson, Curtis
Evans, Henry O.
Everson, Florence M. 1928-1934
Exline, Frank
Box 38 Fairfax - Farjeon
Fairfax, Beatrice (Marie Manning)
Fairgrieve, James Items
Fairless, Michael Correspondence and Items
Fairless, Michael Reviews
Fales, Dean
Farbridge, Maurice
Farjeon, Eleanor
Box 38 Farnam - Ferguson
Farrere, Claude Reviews
Febrre, L.
Feld, Rose C.
Feld, Rose C.
Feld, Rose C.
Feldman, Harry Allen
Ferguson, James
Ferguson, Rachel
Box 38 Fernau - Ferris
Fernau, Merrmann (The Coming Democracy)
Ferrero, Gina Lombroso - See Lombroso, Gina in Locke - Ludovici (Box 45)
Ferriere, Ad.
Ferris, Helen Biog, Photos, and Items
Ferris, Helen Correspondence
Box 38 Ferris - Field
Ferris, Helen 1928-1933
Ferris, Helen Reviews
Field, Alice W.
Field, C.C.
Field, Hope
Field, Rachel Correspondence
Box 38 Field - Fishback
Field, Winthrow Alice
Fielding, William J.
Fiery, Marion
Findlater, Jane & Mary
Fine, Reuben
Finger, Charles J. Correspondence
Finger, Charles J. 1931-1932
Fishback, Margaret
Box 38 Fishbein - Fleg
Fishbein, Morris
Fisher, Irving
Fiske, Adminral Bradley A.
Fitzgerald, Walter
Flanders, Helen Hartness
Flanders, Helen Hartness 1928-1930
Fleg, Edmond Biog., Photos, and Items
Fleg, Edmond Correspondence
Felg, Edmond 1929-1933
Box 39 Fleg - Foley
Fleg, Edmond Reviews
Fleg, Edmond Reviews
Fletcher, Peter
Fletcher-Vane, Major Sir Francis
Fleury, Barbara Frances
Foldes, Lili
Foley, James Correspondence & Items
Box 39 Forbes - Ford
Forbes, Rosita
Ford, James Correspondence
Ford, Julis Ellsworth
Ford, Julia Ellsworth 1928-1931
Box 39 Foreman - Frnakau
Forman, L.L.
Forgione, Louis Corespondence
Forrest (Golf)
Foss, Major Joe
Foster, R.F. Correspondence
Fox, Frances Margaret
Foy, Eddie
Franchot, Annie W. Biog.
Franchot, Annie W. Correspondence
Fraukau, Gilbert Reviews
Box 39 Frankau - French
Frankau, Gilbert Correspondence
Frankau, Pamela
Frankie In Wonderland
Freeman, Dr. Ira M.
Freeman, Martin Joseph 1930-1934
French, Herbert
Box 39 Freudlich - Funk
Freundlich, Prof. Erwin Biog. & Correspondence
Frey, Nina
Friedman, Elisba Correspondence
Fry, Rosalie
Fuller, Anne
Fuller, Raymond T.
Funk, Wilfred
Box 39 Gable - Gallatin
Gable, J. Harris
Gaines, Ruth
Art and the Great Way Reviews
Gallatin, Albert Eugene
Box 39 Galvez - Garrett
Galvez, Manuel
Garrett, Garet
Garrett, Garet Correspondence #2
Box 39 Garrett
Garrett, Garet 1928-1933
Garrett, Garet (untitled)
Garrett, Garet
Box 39 Garnett - Garvan
Garnett, Mrs. David
Garnett, Edward Correspondence #2
Garnett, Edward Correspondence #1
Garland, Hamlin
Garry, Georgina
Garran 1923
Box 39 Gauvreau - Gibbings
Gauzreau, Emile
Gay Paintings of French Int.
Geijerstam, Af Gosta
Georg, Eugen
Gerard, Francis
Gibbings, Robert
Box 39 Gibbon - Gibbons
Gibbon, John Murray
Gibbon, John Murray 1933-1934
Gibbon, John Murray 1930-1932
Gibbons, The Life of (Allen Will) Reviews
Box 39 Gibbs - Gissing
Gibbs, A. Hamilton Items
Gibbs, Sir Philip Correspondence & Items
Gilbert, Ariadne (W.H. Hudson)
Gill, Jack
Gillian, Florence
Gilman, Lawrence Correspondence
Gilman, S.C.
Ginn, Ann
Gissing, George Correspondence
Gissing, George
Box 39 Gitlow - Goldie
Gitlow, Benjamin Correspondence & Items
Glover, Florida R.
Goddard, Harold, Proe (W.H.Hudson - Birdman)
Godwin, A.H.
Goethe (Everyman's)
Goldberg, Issac
Goldberg, Issac 1919-1920
Goldie, Valentine
Box 40 Golding - Goldman
Golding, Louis Correspondence
Golding, Louis Biog., Photos, & Items
Goldman, Lawrence
Box 40 Gompers I
Gompers, Samuel #1 Correspondence w/ Mr. Macrae 1918-1921
Box 40 Gompers II
Gompers, Samuel Correspondence #2 (1923 - Dec. 11, 1924)
Box 40 Gompers III
Gompers, Samuel Biog. & Photos
Gompers, Samuel Correspondence #3 (Dec.13, 1924 - 1928)
Box 40 Gompers IV
Gompers, Samuel Articles
Gompers, Samuel Reviews - 1943 - 1 Vol. Ed.
Box 40 Gompers
Gompers Samuel Reviews - 2 Vol. Ed.
Box 40 Goncharor - Gordon
Goncharor "Oblomor"
Goodman, Paul (History of the Jews) Correspondence
Gordon, Manya (Mrs. Simeon Strusky)
Gordon, Dorothy
Box 40 Gordon
Gordon, Dorothy 1928-1932
Box 40 Gordon - Grey
Gordon, Dorothy 1933-1934
Gordon. L.L.
Gordon, Col. R.H.
Gordon, Samuel
Gore, John, ed.
Gorrell. Lord Biog. & Items
Gosling, Cecil
Graham, Eleanor Biog. & Items
Granny's Story Box
Grant, Mrs. Cyril F.
Graham, Cyril F.
Gram, Robert
Gray, Madeline
Box 40 Green I
Green, Anne Biog. & Photos
Green, Anne Correspondence
Box 40 Green II
Green, Anne Paris Letter to Mr. Macrae
Green, Anne Paris Letter to Mr. Macrae
Box 40 Green - Grey
Green, Anne 1929-1934
Green, Fitshugh, Lieut. Com. Correspondence
Green, Henry
Green, Julien Macrae, John
Greenlaw, Olga
Greenlaw, Olga
Greewalt, Mary
Gregory, Prof. T.E. Biog. & Items
Grey, Earl (Fly Fishing) Correspondence
Box 40 Griffith - Guthrie
Griffith, Linda A. (Mrs. D.W.)
Griffith, William Biog. & Items
Griffith, Wyn
Grilley, Virginia
Gronowicz, Antoni
Grzesinski, Albert Biog., Photos & Items
Box 40 Guthrie
photocopies of various reviews
Box 41 Guiterman
Guiterman, Aurthur Correspondence
Guiterman, Aurthur Reviews
Guiterman, Aurthur
Box 41 Gwatkin - Halkett
Gwatkin-Williams, R.S.
Gypsy Rickwood
Haas, Aurthur
Hadfield, Miles Biog. & Items
Haffner, Sebastian
Haight, Elizabeth
Haffner, Sebastian
Haire, Norman
Haldane, J.B.S. Correspondence
Haldane, J.B. Items
Halkett, Sarah Stokes
Box 41 Hall - Hambledon
Hall, Bertha Parker
Hall, Fielding
Hall, H.S.
Hallack, Cecily
Hallock, G.T. "The Boy Who Was"
Halstead, Ivor
Hamaide, Mlle A.
Hamblen, Emily S. 1925-1934
Hambledon, Phyllis
Box 41 Hamilton - Hankey
Hamilton, Cicly
Hamilton, Clayton Correspondence
Hamilton, Clive
Hamilton, Stevenson
Hankey, Donald #2 Correspondence
Hankey, Donlad #1 Correspondence
Box 41 Hanna - Hasbrouck
Hanna, Evelyn
Harlow, Alvin F. Correspondence on Eddie Foy
Harper, Wilhelmina
Harper, Wilhelmina 1933-1934
Harr, L.L.
Harris, H. Wilson
Harris, John
Harrow, Benjamin
Hart, Archibold
Hartland, E.S.
Hartman, Gertrude
Hasbrouck, Muriel
Box 41 Haskell - Hazelett
Haskell, Helen Correspondence
Haskell, Helen 1929-1934
Hatcher, Dr. O. Latham
Havergal, Frnces
Hawkins, John & Ward
Hayes, James M.
Hazelett, C.E.
Box 41 Hazlitt - Hedin
Hazlitt, Henry Reviews
Hearnshaw, F.J.C.
Heaton, John L. Correspondence
Heaton, Rose Henniker
Heaton, Rose Henniker
Hecht, George L. Correspondence
Hecht, Goerge L. Correspondence
Hedin, Sven Biog, Photos, & Items
Box 41 Hedin I
Hedin, Sven Reviews
Hedin, Sven 1932
Box 41 Hedin II
Hedin, Sven 1933
Hedin, Alma
Hedin, Sven Correspondence
Hedin, Sven Articles and Personal Items
Box 41 Hedin III
Hedin, Sven Reviews
Hedin, Sven Reviews
Hedin, Sven 1934
Box 41 Heermance - Herford
Heermance, Edgar L.
Hegy, Dr. Reginald
Heine, Heinrich (12 Volumes)
Helion, Jean
Henderson, Daniel Correspondence
Hennessy, Francis X Correspondence
Henry, Stuart Reviews
Henry, Stuart Correspondence
Hepworth, George
Herford, Oliver (Mrs.) etc. Correspondence
Box 41 Herold - Hickson
Herols, Don Correspondence
Herold, Don Correspondence
Hervey, Antoinette and Walter L -
Heydenau, Fredrick
Hibbert, Eloise Talcott
Hickson, James Moore
Box 41 Heitt - Hill
Heitt, Helen
Hill, Ketherine
Hill, Mabel
Box 42 Hill - Hogan
Hill, Patty
Hine, Reginald L.
Hinkinson, Pamela
History of Garden Art Reviews
Hirschfeld, Albert
Hoben, Alice M.
Hodgetts, E. Brayley
Hoffamm, Melita
"Prof. Haffmann" Lewis, Angelo
Hogan, Erlin
Box 42 Hogeboom - Holland
Hogeboom, Amy
Hogen, Inez 1932-1938
Hogner, Dorothy & Nils
Holding, Elizabeth Sanxay Correspondence
Holding, Elizabeth Sanxay
Hole, Dean
Holland, Clive
Holland, Marty
Box 42 Holloway - Hopkins
Holloway, Elizabeth H.
Holmes, Edmond
Holt, Winifred (Mrs. Rufus Mather)
Hooke, Nina Warner
Hooke, Nina Warner Correspondence
Hoover, Herbert
Hopkins, Arthur
Hopkins, Gerard
Box 42 Hopkins - Houdini
Hopkins, Gerard
Horan, Kenneth
Houdini, Harry Articles & Reviews
Houdini, Harry Correspondence
Houdini, Harry Biog., Photos & Items
Box 42 Howard - Hoyt
Howard, Francis Morton
Howe, Gertrude
Howes, Royce
Hoyer, Niels
Hoyt, Mrs. John Sherman Correspondence on "Spirit"
Hoyt, Mrs. John Sherman Correspondence
Box 42 Huddleston - Hudson
Huddleston, Sisley Correspondence
Huddleston, Sisley Biog., Photos & Items
Huddleston, Sisley Reviews
Hudson, W.H. Reviews
Hudson, W.H. Reviews
Box 42 Hudson I
Hudson, W.H. Reviews
Hudson, W.H. Reviews
Box 42 Hudson II
Hudson, W.H. Reviews
Box 42 Hudson III
Hudson, W.H. Articles and Personal Items
Box 42 Hudson IV
Hudson, W.H. Correspondence
Hudson, W.H. Items
Box 42 Hudson V
Hudson, W.H. "Literary Notes"
Box 42 Hudson VI
Box 42 Hudson - Humphrey
Hudson, W.H. Articles & Special Columns
Hugel, Baron Von
Huges, John Scott
Huie, William B.
Hull, A. Eaglefield
Hullinger, Edwin W.
Humphrey, Lucy H.
Box 42 Humphrey
Humphrey, Zephine Correspondence
Humphrey Fahnestock, Zephine 1928-1934
Box 43 Hungerford - Hyslop
Hungerford, Edward
Hunt, H.E.
Hunt, Leigh
Hunt, Violet
Huntington, Bishop F.D.
Huntington, W.R. (Eng.)
Hurley, Vic
Hurrell, A.G.
Hutton, Edward
Hyslop, James H. Correspondence
Box 43 Ichikawa - Ireland
Ichikawa, Haruko Biog., Photos & Items
Imrey, Ferenc and Palen, L.S.
Incentive Taxation Reviews
Initiate (The) Reviews
Inamn, Arthur
Ireland, Alleyne Revs., Adventure With A Genius
Box 43 Ireland - Irwin
Ireland, Alleyne
Ireland, Mary E. (1895)
Irvine, Alexander
Irvine, Harry
Irvine, Laurence
Irving, R.L.G.
Irwin, Will #1 Correspondence
Box 43 Irwin - Jacob
Irwin, Will #2 Correspondence
Irwin, Will #3 Correspondence
Irwin, W.W.
Izzi, Basil
Jackson, Gabrielle Correspondence
Jackson, Henry E.
Jackson, J. Henry
Jacob, Cary F.
Box 43 Jacobson - Jenningson
Jacobson, Harold S.
James, Henry Correspondence
James, Winnifred (Mrs. DeJan)
James, Sandra
James, Winifred
Jameson, Margaret Storm
Jarvis, Major C.S.
Janis, Elise
Jefferies, Richard Items
Jefferies, Richard Reviews
Jeffers, Leory
Jefferson, Beatrice
Jenison, Madge Reviews - Sunrise Turn
Box 43 Jenkin - Joad
Jenkin, A.K. Hamilton
Jenkins, Herbert
Jennings, Alice Denton
Jennings, Hargrave The Rosicrucians
Jepson, Edgar
Jessup, Elon
Joad, C.E.M. Correspondence
Joad, C.E.M. Prof. Biog., Photos & Items
Box 43 Joad
Joad, C.E.M. Reviews
Joad, C.E.M. Reviews
Box 43 John - Johns
John, Evan Biog., Photos & Items
John, Evan Correspondence
Johns, Rowland
Box 43 Johnson - Johnston
Johnson, Mrs. Arthur
Johnson, Avery F.
Johnson, Buford V.
Johnson, Burges Biographical & Items
Johnson, Burges Correspondence #1
Johnson, Harriet
Johnston, J.C. Book of the Beloved
Johnston, J.C. Book of the Beloved Correspondence
Box 43 Johnston - Jordan
Johnston, Marian
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Stanley
Johnstone, G.H. Correspondence on "Prosper Merimae"
Jones, Charles Reed
Jones, Daniel
Jones, F. Elwyn
Jones, Henry Arthur Correspondence
Jones, Henry Arthur Correspondence
Jones, Idwal
Jones, Robert W.
Jordan, Kate Correspondence
Box 43 Kaempffert - Karsavina
Kaempffert, Waldemar
Kahler, Wood
Kahn, Eritz
Kaltenbow, H.V.
Karsavina Items
Karsavina Reviews of "Theatre Street"
Box 43 Kaslund - Kaye-Smith
Kaslund, Henning Correspondence
Katz, Armand
Kawakami, K.K.
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Correspondence #1
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Biog., Photos & Items
Box 43 Kaye-Smith
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Correspondence #2
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Articles & Items
Box 44 Kaye-Smith
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Reviews
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Reviews
Kaye-Smith, Shelia Reader's Reports
Box 44 Keable
Keable, Robert #1 Correspondence (1919-1922)
Box 44 Keable - Keeler
Keable, Robert #2 Correspondence (1923-1935)
Keable, Robert Reader's Report
Keable, Robert Clippings, Comments
Keeler, Harry Stephen Items
Keeler, Harry Stephen 1934
Box 44 Keeler I
Keeler, Harry Stephen 1933
Keeler, Harry Stephen 1932
Box 44 Keeler II
Keeler, Harry Stephen 1931
Box 44 Keeler
Harry Stephen Keeler 1927-1928
Box 44 Keeler - Kelley
Harry Stephen Keeler 1927-1928
Harry Stephen Keeler Service for Authors
Kellet, E.E.
Kelley, Florence Finch Biog., Photos & Items
Kelley, Florence Finch Correspondence
Box 44 Kelley - Kennedy
Kelley, Florence Finch Correspondence #2
Kelley, Florence Finch Reviews
Kennedy, H.A.
Kennedy, H.A. 1934
Kennedy, H.A. 1932-1933
Kennedy, H.A. 1928-1931
Box 44 Kerlin - Keyser
Kerlin, Robert Correspondence
Kern, Corrine Johnson
Keyes, Lord (Admiral of the Fleet) Obit.
Keyser, Arthur
Box 44 Keyser - Kinsky
Keyser, Prof. Cassius J. Correspondence #1
Keyser, Prof. Cassius J. Correspondence #2
Keyser, Prof. Cassius J. Correspondence #3 & Items
Keyser, Prof. Cassius J. Reviews
Box 44 Kirby - Kopman
Kirkland, Winifred
Knight, Marjorie
Knox, Howard V.
Knox, Ronald Father Biog.
Kobbe, Herman
Koehler (West Point Manual)
Kopman, Henry Hazlitt
Box 45 Korzybski
Korzybski, Count Alfred 1921 Correspondence #1
Korzybski, Count Alfred 1922-30 Correspondence #2
Korzybski, Count Alfred 1931 Correspondence #3
Korzybski, Count Alfred Reviews
Box 45 Korzybski - Lawrence
Korzybski, Count Articles & Items
Kramer, Anne
Kraus, Rene
Kredel, Fritz
Kugelmass, I. Newton
Kusuh (Judgement of the Orient)
La Nauze, Charles D.
Laird-Brown, May
Lamb Tales from Shakespeare, illus. by A. Rackham
Landrieux, Catherdral de Reins
Lane, Rose Wilder
Langstaff, J. Brett
Lamier, Henry M.
Lascelles, Amy (Yam) 1886-
Lasker, Emmanuel
Lathrop, Dorothy
Lawrence, C.E. (God in the Thicket) Correspondence
Box 45 Lasker - Leblanc
Lasker, Dr. Emanuel 1933-1934
Lasker, Dr. Emanuel 1928-1932
Lawson, Agnes M.
Le Roy, Eugene
Lear, Edward
Lear, John
Leavelle, Charles Richard
Le Blanc, Georgette Items
Box 45 Le Blanc - Letter of Mozart
Le Blanc, Georgette
Lee, Charles Biog. & Photos
Lee, Gerald Stanley Correspondence #1
Lee, Gerald Stanley Correspondence #2
Lee, Gerald Stanley Correspondence #3
Lee, Harry
Leeman, Jean
Lethbridge, Alan
A Letter to My Son (by a Soldier's Mother)
Letters of Lord Byron Reviews
Letters of Mozart Reviews
Box 45 Letters of Richard Wayne - Libban
Letters of Richard Wayne Reviews
Letters and Second Diary of Samuel Pepys Reviews
Letters Winnifred Correspondence Spice of Oxford
Levens Bk. of Latin Letters
Levy, Florence
Lewis and Clarke Contest
Lewisohn, Sam A.
Ley, J.W.T.
Liddon, Eloise Biog. & Photos
Liddon, Eloise Reviews
Box 45 Lieberman - Lockridge
Lieberman, Frank
Liefmann, Robert 1933 Reviews of "Cartels, Concerns & Trusts"
Lillie, Amy Morris
Lilly, Jean
"Liliecronas Home"
Limpus, Lowell M.
Lindsay, Jack
Lindsay, Samuel McCune Correspondence
Link, Henry C.
Literary Yearbook
Littlefield, Walter
Lloyd, Georgia
Loch, J.M.
Lockridge, Lt. Richard
Box 45 Locke - Ludovici
Locke, George H.
Lods, Adolph
Lombroso, Gina
Lombroso, Gina Biog., Photos & Items
Look (Eds.) FBI
Loomis, Roger S.
Lucas, Audrey Biog. & Photos
Lucas, E.V.
Lucas, E.V. Photos
Lubbock, Basil
Luckiesh, M.
Ludendorff, Von Gerard Correspondence
Ludovico, Anthony
Box 45 Luffmann - McDermott
Lynch, Patricia Correspondence
Mabie, Janet
McAdoo, William
Macartney, William
Macbeth, J.H.C.
McCabe, Joseph
MacConnell, C.J.D.
McCoy, John Pleasant
McCrady, Marjorie Ellis & Wheele, Blanche
Box 45 McDermont - MacDonald
McDermont, John Francis 1933-1934
McDermont, John Francis 1928-1932
MacDonald, Major Florence
MacDonald, George
MacDonald, Greville Correspondence
Box 45 MacDonald - McLean
MacDonald, Greville Biog. & Photos
MacDonald, James
MacFoll, Haldane
McFerran, Doris
Macfie, Ronald C.
MacGregor, A.G. Biog., Photos & Items
MacInnes, Tom
McKay, Claude
McKay, Clause Items
McKenna, Robert W.
MacKenzie, Colin
MacKenzie, Compton Mr. Roosevelt
MacKenzie, Compton
Mackie, Ransom A.
McKinney, Laurence
MacSwiney, Terence Correspondence
McLean, Margaret
Box 45 McLean - McNeil
McLean, Margaret
McLean, Margaret 1928-1934
Macmillan, Margaret
MacNaughton, S.B.
McNeil, Everett Correspondence
McNeil, Everett Biog. & Items
Box 45 McNeil
McNeil, Everett
McNeil, Everett Reviews
Box 46 Maddox - Mahogany
Maddox, Goynor
Madariaga, S. de Correspondence
Maeterlinck, Maurice Reviews
Magnus, Laurie Correspondence
Magie, Maurice
Mahogany Association, Inc.
Box 46 Maimonides - March
Maimonides Guide for the Perplexed
Major, H.D.A. et al
Malamuth, Charles
Malcoskey, Edna
Mann, Heinrich
Mann, Heinrich Correspondence & Items
Manners, David J.
Marbury, Elizabeth
March, Nora Correspondence
March, Nora Correspondence
Box 46 March - Marot
March, Phillips A.
Marchant, Rev. James
Marfield, Dwight
Mme. Queena Mario 1933-1934
Mario, Queena
Marnas, M.
Marot, Helen
Box 46 Marriot - Mason
Marriot, Charles
Marriot, John A.R.
Marryat, Captain
Marsh, Helen
Marshall, Bruce Correspondence
Marshall, Bruce Biog., Photos & Items
Marshall, Frank & MacBeth, J.C.H. Biog.
Marhsall, Rachel
Martel, (Capt.) Francis
Martin, Bradley
Martin, Edward
Masefield, John Correspondence
Massey, W.T.
Massingham, H.J. Correspondence
Masterman, Walter
Mason, Lillian, A.N.
Mason, J.W.T.
Box 46 Mastermond - Mears
(Untitled folder)
Matthews, Dean W.R.
Maurois, Andrea
Mavor, James Correspondence
Mavor, James Reviews
Meacham, Lotta Allen Correspondence on "Belle Jones"
Mears, Alice Monks
Box 46 Mechling - Merrick
Mechling, M.
Meier, Frank
Meiklejohn, Mrs. A.
Melrose, Andrew
Melville, Herman
Manke, Frank G.
Mercier, Cardinal
Merezhkovsky, Dmitri
Merrick, Leonard stories written by hand
Merrick, Leonard #1 Correspondence (1906-1919)
Box 46 Merrick I
Merrick, Leonard #2 Correspondence (1920-1924)
Merrick, Leonard #3 Correspondence (1925-1926)
Merrick II
Merrick, Leonard #4 Correspondence (1927-1929)
Merrick, Leonard #5 Correspondence (1930-1936)
Box 46 Merrick III
Merrick, Leonard Reader's Reports
Merrick, Leonard Articles & Special Columns
Merrick, Leonard Articles & Features #2
Merrick, Leonard Reviews
Box 46 Merrick IV
Merrick, Leonard Reviews
Merrick, Leonard Reviews
Box 46 Merrick V
Merrick, Leonard Old Reviews
Merrick, Leonard Literary Notes
Merrick, Leonard Biog., Photos & Items
Box 47 Merrick - Miller
Merrick, Lesley Biog. & Photos
Metzl, Ervine
Meyer, Agnes E.
Maynell, Viola
Mickiewicz Correspondence
Miller (Story Telling)
Miller, Lt. Col. E.D.
Miller, George T.
Miller, Mrs. L.A. (Nellie)
Box 47 Miller
Miller, Leona (prize winner)
Miller, Max Correspondence
Miller, Max 1934
Milne, A. A.
See also:
Publication listings: The Day's Play by A.A. Milne (Box 9)
Authors: Milne, A. A. (Box 11)
Childrens' editors files: Mellin - Milne and Milne-Mudro (Box 77)
Three books in production files: Birthday Party and Other Stories (Box 18), Milne Pop up Book (Box 20), and Peace With Honor (Box 21).
Box 47 Milne I
Box 47 Milne II
Box 47 Milne III
Box 47 Milne IV
Box 47 Milne V - Reader's Reports; Correspondence
Box 47 Milne VI - Correspondence #2 (1926-1927); Reviews
Box 47 Milne VII - #4 Correspondence (1932-1936)
Box 47 Milne VIII - The Pocket Milne
Box 47 Mitchell - Montague
Mitchell, Lucy Sprogue Biog.
Mitchell, Lucy Sprogue Correspondence
Mitchell, Lucy Sprouge Reviews
Mitchell, Brig. Gen. William Correspondence #1
Mitchell, Brig. Gen. William Correspondence #2
Mobhabghab, Faddoul
Modes and Manners of the 19th Century Reviews
Monkshood, G.F.
Montague, Margaret Prescott Correspondence
Montague, Margaret Prescott Correspondence
Box 47 Montaigne - Morman
Montgomery, Doris
Montizambert, Elizabeth
de Montmorenci
Moore, Cora
Moore, Mrs. Evelyn Stuart
Moore, Olive (insert): one folder "Virginia Moore 1928-1934" removed for return to E.P. Dutton September 3, 1974
Morain, Alfred
Moravia, Alberto - Mastrangelo - H
Morgulis, Sergius
Morley, Christopher Correspondence
Morman, James
Box 47 Morris - Morse
Morris, Emanuel G.
Morris, Robert T.
Morisson, Robert 1928
Morse, Elizabeth
Box 48 Book: Kari the Elephant by Dhan Gopal Mukerji
Box 48 Morse
Morse, Elizabeth 1933 - 1934
Morse, Elizabeth 1931 - 1932
Morse, Elizabeth 1930
Morse, Elizabeth 1929
Morse, Elizabeth 1928
Box 48 Morse - Moore
Morse, Frank
Morse, Katherine
Moses, Montrose J. Correspondence & Items
Moses, Montrose J.
Moore, Virginia
Box 48 Moss - Mukerii
Moss, Geoffrey
Mowrer, Paul Scott Biog. & Items
Mowrer, Paul Scott Correspondence
Mueller, Hans Alexander
Box 48 Mukerji I
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1934
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1933
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1932
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1931
Box 48 Mukerji II
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1930
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1930 cont.
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal Kennaday & Livingston
Box 48 Mukerji III
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal Reviews
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1928
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1929
Box 48 Mukerji IV
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal 1929 cont.
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal articles & personal items
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal Correspondence #1
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal reviews
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal reviews 2A
Box 48 Mukerji V
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal Correspondence #2
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal reviews
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal reviews
Box 48 Mukerji VI
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal photographs
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal biological materials
Box 48 Mullen - Munthe
Mulgrave, Dorothy I & Manser, Rith B.
Mullen, Pat (Man of Aran) Correspondence
Mullen, Pat (Man of Aran) photos from movie
Muller, Margarethe
Muller, Dr. Richard Correspondence
Muller, Prof. V.K.
Munn, George F. (Mrs.)
Munthe, Dr. Axel Correspondence #1
Box 48 Munthe I
Munthe, Dr. Axel Correspondence #2
Box 48 Munthe II
Munthe, Dr. Axel 1929 - 1932
Munthe, Dr. Axel 1932 - 1934
Munthe, Dr. Axel Articles & Personal Items
Munthe, Dr. Axel Reviews - Illus. Ed.
Box 49 Munthe - Murray
Munthe, Dr. Axel Reviews
Munthe, Dr. Axel Reviews 1930 –
Murphy, Clyde
Murphy, Lois Barelay
Murray, John (at) Reviews
Murry, John Middleton Correspondence
Murry, John Middleton Items
Murry, Ges. A.
Box 49 My Dolly's Home - Nesbit
My Dolly's Home
Myers, John Myers
Nablo, James Benson
Nahoum, Jules
Narischkin, Princess
Neilson, Frances Fullerton Correspondence
Nesbit, (Mrs. E) (1901, 1903 - ?)
Nesbit, William
Box 49 Neumann - New Testament
Neumann, Robert
Nevinson, Henry (Voice of Freedom)
New Testament in Basic English
Box 49 Newbold - Nightshade
Newbold, Walton
Newbolt, Henry Correspondence
Newton, Mrs. Alma
Nicholl, Louise Townsend
Nichols, Adelaide
Nichols, Norah
Nichols, Robert Correspondence
Nicholson, Norman Fine Review
Nicolai Biology of War
Box 49 Nims - Norris
Nims, William Clement
Niven, Frederick
Noel, E. Percy
Norris, Charles G. Correspondence #3
Norris, Charles G. Correspondence #4
Box 49 Norris I
Norris, Charles G. 1930
Norris, Charles G. 1929
Norris, Charles G. 1928
Norris, Charles G. Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Norris, Charles G. Articles & Items
Box 49 Norris II
Norris, Charles G. Reviews
Norris, Charles G. Reviews
Box 49 Norris III
Norris, Charles G. Biog., Photos, Items
Box 49 Norris IV
Norris, Charles G. Correspondence #2
Norris, Herbert
Box 49 Obata - Older
Obata, Shiggosha Correspondence
Obata, translator of Pe Le, Works of Reviews
Obermeyer, Rosemary
Odell, Joseph H. Biog. & Photos
Odell, Joseph H. Correspondence
Ohanian, Arnim
Old Bristol Potteries
Older, Mrs. Fremont
Box 49 Oliver - Ortmann
Oliver, Dr. Wade
Olsen, James P.
Oman, Carola
Oman, Sir Charles
Oman, Khayan Illus. By Fish
Orchard, W.E.
Ormsbee, David Biog., Photos, & Items
Ortmann, Otto
Box 49 Ossendowski
Ossendowski, Dr. Ferdinand Correspondence
Box 50 Ossendowski - Otis
Ossendowski, Ferdinand Biog., Photos & Items
Ossendowski, Ferdinand Reviews
Osty, Eugene
O'Sullivan, Vincent
Otis, James
Box 50 Overseas Press Club
Overseas Press Club
Overseas Press Club of America
Box 50 Owen - Parkhurst
Owen, John
Packard, Vance
Paisley, E.W. Reviews
Park, Dr. William H.
Packhurst, Helen Correspondence
Packhurst, Helen Correspondence
Box 50 Parsons - Patrick
Parsons, Alice Beal
Parsons, Alice Beal
"Paston, George"
Patri, Angelo
Patrick, Diana Correspondence
Patrick, Diana 1935
Box 50 Patrick - Pearson
Patrick, Diana 1933-1934
Patrick, Diana 1928-1932
Patrick, Diana Watt
Patrick, Diana Biog., Photos, & Items
Paul, H.M. Literary Ethics
Payne, Barrie
Pearson, Adeline
Box 50 Peattie - Peyser
Peattie, Louise Redfield
Peck, Annie S. Correspondence
Penny, Mrs.
Pentamerone, The
Pepys, Samuel (Howarth, R.G. ed.)
Perry, Ralph Barton Correspondence
Pershing, General John G. Correspondence
Pertwee, Ernest
Peterson, Anna J.
Petulengro, Gypsy
Peyser, Ethel R.
Peyser, Ethel R. Brandt & Brandt
Box 50 Phelps I
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1934
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1933
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1932
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1931
Box 50 Phelps II
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1930
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1929
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon 1928
Box 50 Phelps - Pierson
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon Biog., Items, & Photos
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon Correspondence
Phelps, Prof. W. Lyon Reviews
Phillips, Alexandra (Ruth)
Phillips, Duncan
Phillpatts, Eden
Piccard, Professor
Pierce, Dorothy 1933-1934
Pierce, Fredrick Correspondence
Pierson, Clara D.
Box 50 Pinero - Pirandello
Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing Correspondence
Pirandello, Luigi Correspondence #1
Pirandello, Luigi Correspondence #2
Box 50 Pirandello I
Pirandello, Luigi 1934
Pirandello, Luigi 1932-1933
Pirandello, Luigi 1929-1931
Pirandello, Luigi Kennaday & Livingston, Inc. Curtis Brown
Box 50 Pirandello II
Pirandello, Luigi Nobel Prize Story & American Visit 1935
Pirandello, Luigi Articles & Personal Items
Pirandello, Luigi Articles & Personal Items
Pirandello, Luigi Reviews
Box 51 Pirandello I - reviews and Clippings
Box 51 Pirandello II - photos, reviews, clipping, articles, personal
Pirandello - Porte
Pitz, Henry C.
Planck, Dr. Max
Playfair, Giles
Plowman, Max
Pocock, Guy
Pogany, Willy, illus.
Polsky, Thomas
Poliakov, A.
Ponsonky, Arthur
Pope, Mrs.
Porte, John F.
Box 51 Porter - Power
Porter, Laura Spencer
Posse-Brozadora, Amilie
Potter, Miriam Clarke
Pound, Ezra
Power, Effie 1935
Box 51 Power - Powers
Power, Effie 1934
Power, Effie 1928-1933
Powers, John
Box 51 Powys - Protheros
Powers Girl Party
Powys, Llewellyn
Pratt, Theodore
Pretice, Rev. Sartell
Prescott W.H. (conquest of Mexico Illus. Ed.)
Price, Mattack
Pritchard, Virginia Cole
Prodgers, C.H.
Profit Sharing by American Employers
Prosser, David
Protherol, Ernest
Box 51 Proulx - Raile
Proulx, Benjamin A.
Purdom, C.B.
Pyle, Katherine 1916-1922
Pyle, Katherine 1929
Pyle, Katherine 1930's
Pyle, Katherine Reviews
Pyle, Katherine 1928
Queena, Mario
Rackham, Mario
Radziwill, Princess
Radcliffe, William
Raile, Dr.
Box 51 Rau - Reeve
Rau, Neil & Margaret
Rawson, Marion Nicholl
Rawson, Marion Nicholl 1929-1935
Read, Winwood Correspondence
Read, Winwood Reviews
Reece, Byron Herbert
Reece, Byron Herbert
Reeve, Sidney
Box 51 Reeve - Reynolds
Reeve, Sidney A. 1933-1934
Reeve, Sidney A. 1931-1932
Reid, Leslie
Rem, Henri
Rentoul, Anne
Reynolds, Quentin
Box 51 Rhys - Robinson
Rhys, Ernest Biog., Photos & Items
Rhys, Ernest Correspondence
Rhys, Ernest Reviews
Rhys, Ernest 1929
Rice, Conrad C.
Ridley, M.R. Biog. & Items
Ridley, M.R. Correspondence
Ridley, M.R. Reviews
Risenberg, Felix
Ring, Anne
River, W.S.
Robb, Bernard
Roberts, Morley Correspondence
Roberts, Henry
Robertson, Ale
Robinson, Boardman
Box 51 Robinson - Roughead
Robinson, Gertrude
Robinson, Iona
Robinson, Lura
Robinson, Mabel L. Correspondence
Rochter, Olga
Rogers, Prof. Lindsay Correspondence
Roget, (Thesaurus)
Rolland, Romain Report & Items
Rolyat, Jane
Roman, Frederick W.
Romieu, Georges & Emile
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Correspondence
Roper, Edith & Clara Leiser
Rosrall, Toiro David
Rose-Mathematics for Engineers
Rosen, Dr. Friedrich
Rothstein, John
Rouge, Jean deVignes
Roughead, William
Box 52 Ruhl - Sassoon
Rowell, Adeline C.
Ruhl, Arthur
Russell, Bertrand
Russell, Gilbert
Ressell, Wm.
St. Francis, Little Flower of
Saint Jean, Robert de
Saintbury, George Items
Sampter, Miss.
Sanger, Margaret
Sassoon, Siegfried Correspondence
Sassoon, Siegfried Reviews
Box 52 Sassoon - Schwartz
Sassoon, Siegfried Biog., Photos, & Items
Satomi, Kisio
Saunders, Wm.
Sawyer, Charles J.
Saxby, Charles
Schem, Lida C. Correspondence
Schlamm, Dr. Willi S.
Schmidt, Peter
Schniebs, Otto Eugen
Schrenck-Notzing, Baron Correspondence
Schriftgiesser, Karl
Schriftgiesser, Karl Oscar of Waldorf
Schulberg, Virginia
Schwartz, E. Alexander
Box 52 Schwartz - Scott
Schwartz, Louis H.
Schwartz, M.A.
Scott, Cyril Correspondence
Scott, Cyril Biog., Photos, etc.
Scott, Mrs. Dawson
Scott, R.T.
Box 52 Scudder I
Scudder, Vida Biog. & Photos
Scudder, Vida 1930-1931
Scudder, Vida Reviews
Scudder, Vida Correspondence #1
Scudder, Vida Correspondence #2
Scudder, Vida Correspondence #3
Box 52 Scudder II
Scudder, Vida Correspondence #4
Box 52 Selivanova - Sheehan
Selivanova, Nina
Sellar & Yeatman Reviews
Semeonoff, Anna
Serrage, Jane
Sfoza, Count Correspondence
Shawn, Ted
Sheahan, Gary
Shedlock, Marie L. Correspondence & Items
Sheeham, Munay Correspondence
Box 52 Shelley - Sierra
Shelley - Thomas L. Peacock et al Reviews
Shelton, A.C.
Shepard, E.H. Correspondence, Biog., & Photos
Shepherd, Nan
Shmelor, Ivan 1928-1934
Shoemaker, Samuel
Sieff, Mark
Siegfried, Andre
Sierra, Martinez Biog., Photos, & Items
Box 52 Sierra - Sinclair
Sierra, Martinez Correspondence
Sierra, G.M.
Sierra, G.M. Raget
Sierra, Martinez Reviews
Sim, Georges
Simon, Charlie May Correspondence
Simon, Charlie May
Simons, Dr. Irving
Simmons, Walter
Sinclair, May Reports & Items
Sinclair - Smith
Sinclair, May Items
Singh, J.
Skomorowsky, Boris
Slattery, Charles L.
Sloane, Gertrude L.
Sloss, Mrs. Hattie H.
Small, Sidney
Smallzried, Kathleen
Smedley, Constsnce (Mrs. Maxwell Armfield)
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Mrs. Anna M.
Smith, Bertha Whitridge
Smith, Bertman
Box 52 Smith
Smith, George B.
Smith, Gordon
Smith, Lieut J.S.
Smith, Laurence B. 1930-1934
Smith, Laurence B.
Smith, May Riley
Box 53 Smith - Soddy
Smith, Whately
Smith, William B.
Snell, George
Snyder, Mrs. Milton V. (Alice Z.)
Soddy, Sir Frederick Biog., Photos, & Items
Soddy, Sir Frederick Correspondence
Soddy, Sir Frederick Reviews
Box 53 Sokoloff - Southard
Sokoloff, Dr. Boris 1934
Sokoloff, Dr. Boris
Sommerfield, Arnold Biog. & Items
Sommerfield, Arnold Correspondence
Sommerfield, Arnold Reviews
Sorokin, P.A. The Crisis of Our Age
Sorokin, Prof. Pitirim Reviews
Southard, Charles Z. Reviews
Box 53 Southard - Stark
Southard, Charles Z. Correspondence
De Souza, Count Barretto 1927-1934
Sowerbym G & M
Spain, John
Speare, Morris E.
Speyer, Leonora Biog. & Photos
Spurr, Archdeacon B.M.
Stamp, L. Dudley
Stopledon, Olof Old John Items
Stark, Freya Biog., Photos, & Items
Box 53 Stark - Steege
Stark, Freya Reviews
Starkie, Walter Reviews
Starrett, Vincent
Stebbins, Anna E.
Steege, Mrs. Klyda R.
Box 53 Steiner - Stillman
Steiner - Theosophy
Stephenson, Nathaniel W.
Sterling, Mary B.
Stern, Madeline B.
Sterner, Albert
Stewart, Cora Wilson Correspondence
Stewart, Wm. Rhinelander
Stiles, Helen
Stillman, Dorothea
Box 53 Stimson - Strunsky
Stimson, John L. (Henry A.) Correspondence
Stries, Bishop Ernest M.
Stitch, Wilhelmina
Stork, Charles Wharton
Stow, Edith
Street, A.G.
Street of Faces, The
Strawbridge, Mrs. G.H.
Strenkowsky - Serge
Strong, Patience
Strother, Mrs. E.V.
Strunsky, Manya & Simeon Biog. & Obit.
Strunsky, Simeon Correspondence
Strunsky, Simeon
Box 53 Stuart I
Stuart, Jesse Reader's Reports of Mrs.
Stuart, Jesse #1 Biog., Photos, & Items
Stuart, Jesse #2 Biog., Photos, & Items
Box 53 Stuart II
Stuart, Jesse Reviews
Stuart, Jesse Interviews & Stories (Personal)
Box 53 Stuart III
Stuart, Jesse Correspondence #1 1934
Stuart, Jesse Correspondence #2 1935-1939
Box 54 Studdy - Sylvin
Stuart, Jesse Correspondence #3 1940-1946
Studdy, G.E. & Jellicoe, George
Sunbaltern on the Somme (Pub. Anon.)
Sullivan, A.M.
Suppervielle, Jules
Sutton, Vida
Summers, Montague
Sward, Keith
Sylvin, Frances
Box 54 Symons
Symons, Arthur Correspondence
Symons, Arthur Biog., Photos, & Items
Box 54 Taine - Tashlin
Taine, John
Talbot, E.A.
Tamas, Istran
Tashilin, Frank
Tauheuhaus, Prof. J.J. Correspondence
Tashlin, Frank
Box 54 Tashlin - Taubenhaus
Tashlin, Frank Bear That Wasn't - Christmas
Tashlin, Frank Bear That Wasn't - Christmas
Tate, Alfred
Taubenhaus, J.J. (Tanquery, M.C.)
Box 54 Taubes - Tchernavin
Taubes, Fredrick
Taues, Isabella Miller
Taylor, Griffith
Tchernavin, Tatiana 1934-1935
Tchernavin, Tatiana Articles and Items
Tchernavin, Tatiana
Tchernavin, Tatiana Biog., Photos, & Items
Box 54 Tchernavin - Thomas
Tchernavin, Tatiana Reviews
Teale, Edwin Way Biog.
Teall, Gardner
Temple - Ellis, M.A. Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Teuggrea, Gustof
Thayer, Mary D.
The Theolosophical Movement
Thirkield, Wilbur P. and Oliver Huckel 1932-1934
Thirkield, Wilbur P. and Oliver Huckel
Thomas, C. Drayton
Thomas, Lowell
Box 54 Thomas - Thompson
Thomas, Mrs. Theodore
Thompson, Carl D.
Thompson, Carl D.
Thompson, Carl D. 1933-1934
Thompson, Carl D. 1932
Box 54 Thompson, Carl D. - Thompson, H.M.
Thompson, Carl D. 1932
Thompson, Mrs. Charles D. (Mary)
Thompson, Edward McCray
Thompson, Edward Biog., Photos, & Items
Thompson, Edward Correspondence
Thompson, Edward Reviews
Thompson, Grace E.
Thompson, Hugh Miller (Bishop)
Box 54 Thompson
Thompson, Vance Correspondence #1
Thompson, Vance Correspondence #2
Box 54 Thompson - Tomlinson
Thompson, Vance Reviews
Thomson, J. Arthur Biog., Photos, & Items
Thomson, J. Arthur Reviews
Thorne, Harold 1933-1934
Thornhill, J.B.
Timlow, Elizabeth
Tolstoi, Leo
Tompkins, Floyd W.
Tomlinson, H.M.
Box 54 Tomlinson - Tracy
Tomlinson, H.M. Reviews
Toksvig, Signe
Tompkins, Ellen Wilkins
Tracy, Henry C. 1932-1934
Tracy, Henry C. 1931
Tracy, Henry C. 1930
Tracy, Henry C. 1929
Tracy, Henry C. 1928
Box 55 Tracy - Truax
Tracy, Henry Chester Biog. & Items
Tracy, Henry Chester Comments
Tracy, Henry Chester Reviews
Tracy, Henry Chester Reviews - Towards the Open
Trager, Mrs.
Triem, Eve
Truax, Rhoda (Mrs. Aldrich)
Box 55 Truax - The Twelve Hour Day in American Industry
Truax, Rhoda 1932-1934
Tsanoff, Prof. R.A.
Tuell, Annie K.
Turner, Mrs. Horold
Turner, John Hastings
Turner, W.J. Correspondence
Tweedale, Rev. C.L. Correspondence
Twelve Hour Shift in American Industry Correspondence
Box 55 Underhill
Underhill, John Garret Correspondence
Underhill, John Garret Correspondence #1
Box 55 Vallee - Van Ammers-Kuller
Vallee, Rudy
Vaile, P.A.
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo Reader's Report
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo Correspondence
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo 1932
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo 1931
Box 55 Van Ammers-Kuller
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo 1930
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo 1929
Box 55 Van Ammers-Kuller - Vanden Berg
Van Ammers-Kuller, Jo 1928
Vance, Louis Joseph Biog., Photos, etc.
Vance, Louis Joseph Correspondence
Vandegrift, Georg Wonson
Venden Berg, George
Box 55 Van Doun - Vassos
Van Doren, Carl
Van Dyke, Henry Correspondence
Van Dyke, Henry
Van Eps, F.S. and M.B.
Van Santroord, Seymour
Box 55 Vassos - Verrill
Vassos, John and Ruth Correspondence
Vassos, John
Vassos, John Review Solome
Vassos, John Review Ultimo
Vassos, John and Ruth
Box 55 Verrill - Waite
Ventilation Commission (N.Y.) Report
Venturi, Leonello
Vendery, Eleanor
Verrill, A. Hyatt Correspondence & Items
Verrill, A. Hyatt Correspondence
Verrill, A. Hyatt Reader's Report
Victoria Co. Hist. Of England
Vidal, Gore
Vidal, Gore
Von Hutten Bowners
Voronoff, Dr. Serge Correspondence
Voronoff, Dr. Serge Correspondence
Wade, George Woosung
Wade, Rosalind
Wadia, A.R.N.
Waoenknecht, Edward
Wain, Louis
Box 55 Waldman - Wallis
Waldman, Louis
Waldo, Fullerton L.
Walker, Norman
Walker, Kenneth & Boumphrey, Geoffrey
Walkins Rhyming Dictionary
Wallace, Edna Kingsley
Walling, Wm. English Correspondence
Wallis, J.H.
Wallis, J.H.
Box 55 Wallis
Wallis, J.H. 1933
Wallis, J.H. 1930-1932
Box 56 Walsh - Washington
Walsh, Gertrude
Walsh, Dr. Wm. S.
Walton, Eda Lou
Ward, Florence
Ward, Mary Jane Biog., Photos, Items
Ward, Mary Jane Reviews
Warfield, Wallace Photos
Waring, A.L.
Warner, Oliver
Warren, C. Henry
Washington, Dr. John E.
Box 56 Watson - Webb
Watson, Frederick Photos & Items
Wattles, Willard
Wawn, Frank Correspondence & Items
Wawn, F.T. Correspondence
We Indians
Webb, Mary Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Webb, Mary Articles/Personal Items
Webb, Mary Reviews
Box 56 Webb
Webb, Mary Biog., Photos, & Items
Webb, Mary Correspondence 1916-1947
Box 56 Webb - Wheeler
Webb, Mary Reader's Reports
Webb, Mary Reviews
Webb, Mary Reviews
Webb, Mary Reviews
Webb, Mary Fifty-Two Poems (1946)
Webster, James
Wheeler, Upal Sing For Christmas
Box 56 Wheeler - Webster
Wheeler, Upal Sing For America
Wheeler, Upal Sing For Mother Goose
Wheeler, Upal Items
Wheeler, Upal Ludwig Beethoven
Webster, Nesta Biog. & Items
Webster, Nesta Correspondence
Webster, Nesta Reviews
Box 56 Weekly - Wells
Weekly, Ernest Biog. & Photos
Weekly, Ernest Correspondence
Weekly, Ernest Correspondence & Items
Weekly, Ernest Reviews
Weeks, Raymond
Weigall, Arthur
Wellman, Walter
Wells, G.R.
Wells, H.G. Correspondence #1
Box 56 Wells - Westrate
Wells, H.G. Correspondence #2
Wells, H.G. Items
Wells, Maie Lounsbury
Welshimer, Helen
Wendel, Dr. F.C.H.
Westrate, Edwin V.
Box 56 Weyl - Wheeler
Weyl, Dr. H.
Wheaton, Elizabeth Lee Biog., Photos, etc.
Wheaton, Elizabeth Lee Reviews
Wheatley, Vera
Wheeler, Everett P.
Wheeler, Mrs. J.C. (Zoe B.)
Wheeler, Keith
Box 56 Wheeler - White
Wheeler, Keith We Are The Wounded
Wheeler, Post
Whiffen, Mrs. Thomas
White, Alice & Tobitt
Box 56 White
White, Edward Lucas Correspondence
Box 57 White I
White, Edward Lucas Correspondence #1
White, Edward Lucas Reviews
White, Edward Lucas 1932
White, Edward Lucas 1931
White, Edward Lucas 1930
Box 57 White II
White, Edward Lucas 1929
White, Edward Lucas 1928
White, Edward Lucas 1933
White, Edward Lucas 1934
White, Stewart Edward
Box 57 White - Whittaker
White, Gilbert
Whiting, Gertrude
Whiting, Lillian
Whittaker, Lieut. James C.
Box 57 Wilcke - Wilkins
Wilcke, Eva
[Wilder, James]
[Wilkins, Harold T.]
Box 57 Will - Williams, B. A.
Will, Allen Correspondence
Will, Allen (Life of Cardinal Gibbons) Correspondence & items
Willcox, Mrs.
William of Sweden, Prince
Williams, Albert Rhys
Williams, Ben Ames Reviews
Williams, Ben Ames Biog., photos and items
Williams, Ben Ames Correspondence #1
Williams, Ben Ames Correspondence #2
Box 57 Williams, B.A. I 1932-1940
Box 57 Williams, B.A. II 1928-1934
Box 57 Williams, R. - Williams, W.
Williams, Rebecca Y. 1939-1940
Williams, Rebecca Y. Items
Williams, Stanley T.
Williams, Trayne
Williams, W. W.
Williams, Wythe Correspondence #1
Williams, Wythe Correspondence #2
Box 57 Williamson I
Wiiliamson, Henry 1935-1940
Wiiliamson, Henry 1932-33-34
Wiiliamson, Henry Readers reports
Wiiliamson, Henry 1929
Box 57 Williamson II
Williamson, Henry Correspondence I
Box 57 Williamson III
Williamson, Henry Reviews
Williamson, Henry 1931
Williamson, Henry 1930
Williamson, Henry The Pathway (1938?)
Box 58 Williamson - Wilson
Williamson, Henry Correspondence #1 (1923-1928)
Willis, F. Milton
Wilson, David Alec Biog. & Photos
Wilson, D.A. I Reviews of the Carlisle Books
Wilson, D.A.
Box 58 Wilson - Winters
Wilson, D.A. II Reviews of the Carlyle Books
Wilson, Eleanore Hubbard
Wilson, Rev. Henry B.
Wilson, John Fleming
Wilton, Robert (Russia's Agony) Correspondence
Wimberly, Lowry C.
Wimberly, Pearl K.
Winslav, C.E.A. Dr.
Winters, Edgar S.
Winters, Joseph E.
Box 58 Wise - Wolff
Wise, James Waterman 1928-1940
Withers, Hartley Correspondence & Items
Withers, Hartley Correspondence
Withington, Alfreda April
Witkop, Philipp
Wolff, Werner
Box 58 Wood
Wood, Clement Correspondence
Wood, Edith Elmer
Box 58 Wood - Wright
Wood, Lindsay Lemax
Woodbridge, Grace Stone
Woodbury, David O.
Woodcock, Louise P. - Barbara Bibur
Woodhouse, Henry
Woodward, W.E.
Woodward, W.E.
Worth, Cedric
Wright, Constance
Woodward, W.E.
Wright, Richardson
Box 58 Wylie - Yaznik
Wylie, I.A.R. Biog. & Correspondence
Wynner, Edith
Yank Anthology
Weda Yap
Yaznik, Dr. R.K.
Box 58 Young
Young, Col. G.F. Reports and Reviews
Young, Col. G.F. Correspondence
Young, Ella
Young, Francis Brett Corres. #1 (1918-1922)
Young, Francis Brett Corres. #2 (1923-1936)
Young, Francis Brett Biog., Photos, & Items
Box 58 Young
Young, Francis Brett - Articles & Special Column
Young, Francis Brett "Literary Notes"
Young, Michael
Box 58 Young - Zolotow
Young, Owen D.
Young, Evangeline W.
Younghusband, Sir Francis Correspondence
Youngs, Mary Frances
Zamiatin (#2)
Zolotow, Maurice
Zolotow, Maurice
Box 58 A (misc.) - Aldanov
A (misc.)
Abramowitz, Isidore
Admams, Dr. Clifford R.
Adams, Joan
Adams, Frank Davis
Aldanor, Mark
Box 58 Alexander - Anderson
Alexander, Michael
Alexander, Dr. Rolf
Allfrey, P. Shand (Phyllis)
Altrocchi, Julia Cooley
Anderson, Kenneth
Anderson, Patrick
Anderson, William Ashley
Box 59 Angle - Armstrong
Angle, Paul M.
Amory, Cleveland
Andrzeyerski, George
Andrews, Allen
Anstruther, Ian
Armstrong, R.L. Jr.
Box 59 Arnothy - Asquith
Arnothy, Christine
Ashe, Geoffery
Arnold, Lewis
Asquith, Lady Cynthia
Box 59 Aurobindo - Ayrton
Aurobindo, Sri
Austen, Jane
Ayrton, Elisabeth
Box 59 B (misc.)
B (misc.) Ba-Bn
B (misc.) Bo-Bz
Box 59 Bacal - Balchen
Bacal, Jaques and Sloane, Louise
Bacon, Edgar S. D.D.S.
Bailey, Douglas Fields
Baines, Frank
Balchen, Bernt
Box 59 Baldwin - Barbour
Baldwin, William
Balliett, Whitney
Ballard, James
Barbour, Harriot Buxton
Box 59 Barclay - Baron
Barclay, Daphe
Barnes, Henry A.
Baron, A.L. (Abraham Louis)
Box 59 Barrie - Basic Bible
Barrie, J.M.
Barrymaine, Norman
Basic Bible
Box 59 Basic Bible - Bassan
The Basic Bible
Basinsky, Earle, Jr.
Bassan, Jean
Box 59 Basseches - Beer
Basseches, Nikolaus
Bate, H. Maclear
Bauer, W.W. and Edgley, Leslie
Beer, Ethel S.
Beerm Sir Gavin de
Box 59 Beirne - Bendit
Beirne, Francis F.
Bell, Mary Hayley
Bell, Peggy Kirk
Bell, Sam Hanna
Bendit, L.J. and Payne, Phoebe D.
Box 60 Benedictus - Bennett
Benedictus, David
Bennett, Margot
Box 60 Bentley - Berenstain
Bentley, Nicolas
Bentz, Hans G.
Benuzzi, Felice
Berenstain, Stanley and Janice
Box 60 Berger - Berriman
Berger, Oscar
Berriault, Gina
Berriman, A.E.
Box 60 Berson
Berson, Minnie Penin
Box 60 Bertranet - Bischof
Bertranet, Yves
Bestic, Albert A.
Bettemann, Otto L.
Bisch, Jorgen
Bischoff, Werner
Box 60 Bloodgood - Bonavia-Hunt
Bloodgood, Lide Fleitmann and Santini, Piero
Bode, Carl
Boley, Jean
Bonavia-Hunt, D.A.
Box 60 Bouisson - Bo
Bouisson, Maurice
Boulnois, Luce
Boyd, Martin
Box, Edgar
Box 60 Boyd
Boyd, Maj. Gen. Albert
Boyd, T.A. Professional Amateur
Box 60 Boyd - Brady
Boyd, T.A.
Brady, Charles A.
Box 60 Brady - Brinkley
Brady, Leo
Briggs, Martin S.
Bridges, Lucas
Brinkley, William
Box 60 Briscoe - Browning
Brooks, Ewart
Brown, Ivor
Brown, John
Brown, Will C. (C.S. Boyles, Jr.)
Browne, Douglas; Tullett, E.V. and Brock, Alan
Browning, Robert
Box 61 Bruff - Buckingham
Bruff, Nancy
Buchanan, Lamont
Buckingham, Nadia and Etter, Ingrid
Box 61 Buetow - Bernett
Buetow, Rev. Harold A.
Buhl, Harman
Burnett, Whit and Hallie
Box 61 Bush - C (misc.)
Bush, Warren
Butler, E.M. (Eliza Marian)
CA - CO (misc.)
CO (misc.)
Box 61 Caesar - Cacopardo
Caesar, Gene
Cabries, Jacob
Cacopardo, Rev. J.Jerry and Weldon, Don
Box 61 Caley - Campbell
Caley, Hanri
Campanis, Al
Campbell, Dorcas Your Career in Banking
Box 61 Campbell - Carnegie
Campbell-Johnson, Alan
Carmer, Carl
Carnegie (Dorothy) Mrs. Dale
Box 61 Carpenter - Carlson
Carpenter, Ralph E., Jr.
Carr, Glyn
Carlson, John Roy The Plotters
Box 61 Carswell - Chase
Carswell, John
Caulfield, M.F.
Champion, Selwyn Gurney
Charques, Richrd
Chase, James Hadley
Box 61 Chilsote - Church
Chilcote, Thomas E.
Chrisman, Arthur Bowie
Church, Richard
Box 61 Churchill - Clark
Churchill, Allen
Cianfarra, Camille M.
Ciano, Count
Clarck, Brigadier Stanley
Box 61 Claytor - Cleveland
Claytor, Gerturde Boatwright
Clebertm Jean-Paul
Cleveland, Anne and Anderson, Jean
Box 61 Clewes - Cohen
Clewes, Howard
Clewes, Winston
Clifford, Francis
Clifford, Henry V.C.
Cohen, Abraham
Box 62 Coleman - Collans
Coleman, Lonnie
Colin, Paul
Cohen, Israel (also see Paul Goodman in Gompers - Goddin, Box 64)
Collans, Dev with Stewart Sterling
Box 62 Collier - Conerly
Collier, Eric
Collis, Maurice
Colquhoun, Archibald
Conerly, Charlie
Box 62 Conil - Considine
Conil, Jean
Connolly, Francis X
Conrad, Jack Randolph
Considine, Bob
Box 62 Cooke - Coon
Cooke, David C.
Coppel, Alec
Coon, Horace
Box 62 Cooper - Corle
Cooper, Duff (Viscount Norwich)
Cooper, Mae
Corcoran, Austin and Corey, M.J.
Corle, Edwin
Box 62 Corredor - Cotton
Corredor, J. Ma.
Cotton, Emmi
Box 62 Cottman - Cronyn
Cottman, Evans W. and Balssingame, Wyatt
Coxhead, Nona
Cronyn, George W.
Box 62 Cross - Crowther
Cross, Christopher
Crossen, Kendell Foster (Monig)
Crowther, Bosley
Box 62 Cugle - Cunningham
Cugle, Charles H. and Stephens, I.J.
Cunningham, Admiral
Cunningham, A.B.
Box 62 D (misc.) - Daniel-Rops
D (misc.)
Daley, Arthur
Box 62 Davidson - Dempsey
Davidson, Dr. Martin
Davis, Richard Beale
Dean, James E.
Dean, Robert and George
Delderfield, R.F.
Dempsey, David
Box 62 Dent - Derval
Dent, J.M.
Denzer, Peter W.
Derval, Paul
Box 63 Deutsch - Divine
Deutsch, Babette
Dingle, John
Dior, Christian
Divine, A.D.
Box 63 Dogbolt - Douglas
Dogbolt, Barnaby (Dr. Henry Silvette)
Dodson, Daniel B.
Doncaster, Patrick
Douglas, Donald
Box 63 Douglas-Home - Druon
Douglas-Home, Robin
Drewry, Caleton
Druon, Maurice
Box 63 Dudintsev - Dupeyrat
Dudintsev, Vladimir (letters)
Duncan, Robert
Dupeyrat, Andre
Box 63 E (misc.) - Egleson
E (misc.)
Earl, Lawrence
Ebby, Lois and Fleming, John
Egleson, James and Janet
Box 63 Ellenwood - Ellis
Ellenwood, James Lee
Ellis, Amanda M.
Box 63 Erickson
Erickson, Gladys
Box 63 Ernenwein - Evans
Ernenwein, Leslie
Evans, Charles
Box 63 Everest - Falkner
Everest, Lt. Col. Frank K., Jr.
Falkner, Leonard
Box 63 Felix - Flammarion Dictionary
Felix, Christopher
Fere, Natala de la
Fishbein, Morris and DeLee, Sol Theron
Flammarion Dictionary
Box 63 Foldes - Ford
Flenley, Ralph
Foldes, Andor and Lili
Forbes, Rosita
Ford, Ira W.
Box 63 Fortune - Fuller
Fredericks, Pierce G.
Freedman, Ralph
Fryer, Katherine Homer
Fuller, Muriel
Box 64 GA - GM
Box 64 GN - GZ
Box 64 Gambrell - Garland
Gambrell, Herbert and Virginia
Garland, Hamlin
Box 64 Gaskell - Gault
Gaskell, Jane
Gatty, Harold
Gault, William Campbell
Box 64 Gee - Geer
Gee, E.P.
Geer, Lt. Col. Andrew
Box 64 Geographies - Geographies, Dutton Advanced
Geographies, Dutton Advanced
Box 64 Geographies
Advanced Geographies
Box 64 Ghiselin - Giaever
Ghiselin, Brewster
Giaever, John
Box 64 Gibbings, Robert
Box 64 Gifford - Goddard
Gifford, Captain, Tom
Glaser, Hugo
Glasier, Phillip
Goddard, Dwight
Box 64 Gompers - Goddin
Gompers, Samuel
Goodheart, Robert Stanley
Goodman, Paul
Goodin, Peggy
Box 64 Goullart - Govinda
Goullart, Peter
Govan, Gilbert & Livingood, James W.
Govinda, Lama Anagarika
Box 64 Grattidge - Gregory
Grattidge, Capt. Harry
Gregory, Alyse
Box 64 Grininoff - Groussard
Grininoff, Vladimir B. (Boris)
Griswold, George
Groussard, Serge
Box 65 Gruver - Guiterman
Gruver, Harold B.
Guderian, Heinz
Grzimek, Dr. Bernard and Michael
Guiterman, Arthur
Box 65 Guppy - Gutman
Guppy, Nicholas
Gutman, Walter K.
Box 65 H (misc.)
Box 65 Haas - Hamilton
Haas, Carola
Haas, Rosamond
Hackett, Alice
Hale, Garth (A.B. Cunningham)
Box 65 Hasen, Henny Harald
Box 65 Hardy - Hart & Lejeune
Hardy, Jane
Harlow, Alvin F.
Harrer, Heinrich
Hart & Lejeune
Box 65 Hartmann - Heinkel
Hartman, John
Harvey, Jack
Hastings, Phyllis
Hauge, Eiliv and Hartman, Vera
Heinkel, Ernst
Box 65 Henrey, Mrs. Robert
Box 65 Henriques - Herzog
Henriques, Veronica
Henry, B.A.
Herzog, Maurice
Box 65 Hewes - Hlasko
Hewes, Thomas
Hillary, Sir Edmund
Hlasko, Marek
Box 65 Hoff - Holt
Hoff, Syd
Hokinson, Helen E.
Hokinson, Helen E.
Holt, Felix
Box 65 Horgan - Howard
Horgan, Paul
Horowitz, I.A. and Reinfield, Fred
Howard, Frances Minturn
Box 66 Hidnut - Hunt
Hudnut, Elisabeth Ann
Hunt, Sir John
Box 66 Hunt - Hyman
Hunt, Sir John
Hunter, Robins
Hyman, Dick
Box 66 Isaacs - Izzard
Issacs, J.
Issacs, Julius
Izzard, Ralph
Box 66 J (misc.) - Johnston
J (misc.)
Jaeger, Paul
Jelagin, Juri
Johnston, Eric
Johnston, Stanley
Box 66 Jones, D. - Jones, S.
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Sir Harold Spencer
Jones, Robert W.
Jones, Stacey V.
Box 66 Josephs, Ray I
Box 66 Josephs, Ray II
Box 66 K (misc.) - Kehow
K (misc.)
Karolyi, Michael
Keeler, Harry Stephen
Kehow, William
Box 66 Kellems - Kevenson
Kellems, Vivien
Kellino, Pamela
Keveson, Peter
Box 66 Khruschev - Kish
Khruschev, Nikita S.
Kiely, Benedict
Kirkell & Schaffnit
Box 66 Knight - Koch
Knight, Clifford
Koch, Adrienne
Box 66 Kogan, Herman and Wendt, Lloyd
Box 66 Komroff - Kugelmass
Komroff, Manuel
Kovach, Nora and Rabovsky, Istvan
Kreymborg, Alfred
Kugelmass, I. Newton, M.D.
Box 66 LA to LN (misc.) - Lader
LA to LN (misc.)
LN to LZ (misc.)
Lader, Lawrence
Box 66 Laing - Lane
Laing, Alexander
Lamont, Nedda Barnitt
Lane, Bess B.
Box 67 Langer - Leary
Langer, Lawrence
Lawrence, T.E.
Leary, Francis
Box 67 Lederman - LeToumelin
Lederman, Martin
Leeming, John F.
Lehman, Paul Evan
Leighton, Alexander H.
Le Toumelin, Jaques Ives
Box 67 Leyson - Lieberman
Leyson, Burr W. amd Manecke, Ruth
Leyson, Capt. Burr W.
Lieberman, Dr. Elias
Box 67 Life, Editors
Box 67 Life - Lodge
Life - Worlds Great Religions
Lightwood, Teresa
Link, Henry C.
Lockwood, Charles A.
Lodge, Tom
Box 67 Look - McCormick
Look: The Story of the FBI
Lord, David
Lorris and Meun
Love, Mabel
Lucas - Dubreton, J.
MC & MAC (misc.)
McCormac, Charles E.
Box 67 McCuaig - McGaughey
McCuaig, Elizabeth Bonnell
M'Cutcheon, Hugh
McGaughey, William H.
Box 67 McGurn - McKinney
McGurn, Barrett
McIlwaine, Shields
McKinney, Howard D. and Anderson, W.R.
Box 67 McKinney - McMullen
McKinney, Laurence
McLean, Maragaret Predergast
McMullen, Margery
Box 67 Mackworth - Mannerheim
Mackworth, Cecily
Magener, Rolf
Major, Mason, Wright
Mankowitz, wolf
Mannerheim, Baron Carl Gustaf
Box 67 Manners - Marion
Manners, William
Manser, Ruth B and Mulgrave, Dorothy I.
Manzoni, Allessandro
Marchal, Lucien
Maresca, James V.
Marion, Frederick
Box 67 Marotta - Marshak
Marotta, Guiseppe
Marsh, Corinna
Marshak, Samuel
Box 67 Martienssen - Mathews
Martienssen, Anthony K.
Mason, Kenneth
Martin, Troy Kennedy
Mary Francis Louise, Sister
Mathews, Paul Wentworth
Box 67 Meany - Meoni
Meany, Tom
Meckel, Aaron N.
Meehan, Francis
Box 68 Meredith - Meyrell
Meredith, Roy
Meredith, Scott
Merrick, Leonard
Meyer, Jerome S.
Meynell, Viola
Box 68 Micocci - Molnar
Micocci, Harriet Palmer
Migot, Andre M.
Miller, Max
Molnar, George
Box 68 Montgomery - Moskowitz
Montgomery of Almein El Alme in to the River Sangro
Moorad, George Lost Peace in China
Morgan, Murray
Morrel, Martha McBride Young Hickory
Morris, Katherine
Moskowitz and Collier Patterns and Ceremonials of the Indians of the Southwest
Box 68 Mukerji - Murray
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal
Munthe, Dr. Axel
Murray, Venetia
Murray, W.H.
Box 68 Myers, J. - Myers, L.
Myers, John Myers
Myers, Lou
Box 68 N (misc.) - Newell
N (misc.)
Nelson, Edna Deu Pree
Nelson, William and Vandiver, Frank
Newell, Gordon
Box 68 Nicholl - O (misc.)
Nicholl, Louise Townsend
O (misc.)
Box 68 O'Brian - Owens
O'Brien, Brian
O'Mara, Jim
Opie, June
Osusky, Stefan
Owens, Lorena
Box 68 P (misc.) - Papem
P (misc.)
Padellaro, Nazareno
Palmer, J. Arthur
Papen, Franz von
Box 68 Papini - Phillips
Papini, Giovanni
Partridge, Eric
Perowne, Stewart Henry
Pettersson, Hans
Phillips, Alexandria
Box 68 Philpot - Pratz
Philpot, Oliver
Pichon, Charles
Pirenne, Jaques
Popkin, Zelda
Pratz, Claire and Lingafelt, Georgia
Box 69 Prechtl - Ralph
Prechtl, Robert
Pretorius, Major P.J.
Prewett, Virginia
Queffelec, Hanri
Ralph, Philip Lee
Box 69 Ramsey - Rawson
Ramsey, Robert
Rawson, Marion N.
Box 69 Rees - Robertson
Rees, Gilbert
Reeves, George S.
Richter, Christiane
Roberts, Marion
Robertson, Frank C.
Box 69 Robertson - Romanis
Robertson, Terrance
Robinson, Ione
Rogers, John William
Romanis, Robert
Box 69 Rosenberger - Ross
Rosenberger, Francis Coleman
Ross, George E.
Ross, James Davidson
Box 69 Ross - Rutledge
Ross, James Kenneth Matthews
Ruth, Babe
Rutledge, Nancy
Box 69 S (misc.) - Sakai
S (misc.)
Sagendorph, Kent
Saint Pierre, Michel de
Sakai, Saburo
Box 69 Sanders - Saunders
Sanders, Allegra
Sargeant, Winthrop
Saturday Evening Post
Saund, D.S.
Saunders, Edith
Box 69 Savoy - Scarlett
Savoy, Williard - Alien Land
Scarbrough, George
Scarlett, William (Phillips Brooks)
Box 69 Schachtel - Schiaparelli
Schachtel, Hyman Judah
Schiaparelli, Elsa
Box 69 Scholes - Scott
Scholes, Arthur W.
Schroter, Heinz
Scott, J.M.
Scott-James, Anne
Box 69 Scott - Semeonoff
Scott, Natalie, Anderson
Scott, Paul
Seabury, Samuel
Sellar and Yeatman
Semeonoff, Anne H.
Box 70 Sforza - Shaw
Sforza, Count Carlo
Shattock, Rear Admiral Ernest H.
Shaw, Carolyn Hagner
Box 70 Shepard - Shigemitsu
Shepard, Odell
Sherman, Admiral Frederick C.
Sherman, Ray W.
Shigemitsu, Mamoru
Box 70 Shipton - Sine
Shipton, Eric
Shoemaker, Dr. Samuel M.
Shore, Wilma
Shotwell, James T.
Box 70 Skolsky - Smith
Skolsky, Syd
Skinner, Rosemary
Smith, Emma
Smith, Julia
Box 70 Snell - Spingarn
Snell, George
Solinas, Franco
Sorokin, Pitirm A.
Spingarn, Lawrence P.
Box 70 Sproul - Spry
Sproul, Kathleen
Spry, Constance and Hume, Rosemary
Box 70 Standen - Starkie
Standen, Anthony
Stanford, Doreen
Starkie, Walter
Box 70 Sterling - Steward
Sterling, Stewart
Stevens, William Oliver
Stevenson, Candance Thurber
Stewart, Davenport
Box 70 Storm, John
Box 70 Strenkowski - Strong
Strenkowski, Serge
Strong, Patience
Box 70 Suba - Surmelian
Suba, Susanne
Surmelian, Leon Z.
Box 70 Sutphin - Teale
Sutphin, Wyn Blair
Syverson, Henry
Tallant, Robert
Teale, Edwin Way
Box 71 Tebbel - Terhune
Tebbel, John
Terhune, Albert Payson
Box 71 Terrot - Thomas
Terrot, Charles
Thomas, Jean
Box 71 Thomsen - Thompson
Thomsen, Dr. Alexander
Thompson, Craig
Thompson, Nellie Zetta
Box 71 Tiira - Townend
Tiira, Ensio
Time Reader's Book of Recipes
Todd, James and Janet Maclean
Towend, Paul
Box 71 Traver - Tregaski
Traver, Robert
Travis, William
Tregaskis, Richard
Box 71 Troy - Trussell
Troy, Una.
Trumbull, Robert
Truscott, Lt. Gen. L.K, Jr.
Trusell, Tait and Hencke, Paul
Box 71 Tsanoff - V (misc.)
Tsanoff, Rado Slav A
Tucci, Giuseppe
Turner, E.S.
Tyrrell, G.N.M.
Ulich, Robert
Underhill, Evelyn
United Nations
V (misc.)
Box 71 Vaculik - Van Saher
Vaculik, Serge
Van Saher, Lilla
Box 71 W (misc.) - Wagner
W (misc.)
Waddell, E.Lee
Wagenknecht, Edward
Wagner, Charles
Box 71 Walker - Ward
Walker, Turnley
Walsh, Gertrude
Ward, Brad
Box 71 Wayne - Weigel
Wayne, Joseph
Webb, Mary
Webb, Mary
Webber, Everett and Olga
Weigel, Henrietta
Box 71 Welshimer - Westwood
Welshimer and O'Neill
West, Ray B., Jr.
Westerfield, Hargis
Westley, William
Westwood, Gordon
Box 72 Wetherell - Wheeler
Wetherell, June
Wheeler, John
Box 72 Wheeler - White
Wheeler, Keith
White, Stewart Edward
Box 72 White - Williams
White, Stewart Edward
Whittaker, James C.
Williams, Eunice Pollard
Williams, Prof. Frayne 1934-1940
Box 72 Williams - Willoughby
Williams, Rebecca Yancey
Williams, Roy
Williams, Henry
Willoughby, Maj. Gen. Charles A.
Box 72 Wilson - Winsten
Wilson, Jock
Wilson, Sandy
Winsten, Stephen
Box 72 Wittmer - Wood
Wittmer, Margaret
Wolff, Werner
Womersley, Wilfred
Wood, Alice L. - Sound Games
Box 72 Wood, A. - Wood, W.
Wood, Alice
Wood, Ernest - Practical Yoga
Wood, Wendy
Box 72 Woodbury - Woodward
Woodbury, David O. - Builders For Battles
Woodman, George
Woodward, W.E.
Box 72 Wyllie - Wynner
Wyllie, John
Wynner and Llyod: Searchlights on Peace Plans
Wynner and Llyod: Searchlights on Peace Plans
Box 72 Yank - Yoseloff
The Best of Yank
Yates, Margaret and Brainlette, Paula - Death Casts a Vote
Yeats, J.B.
Yoseloff, Martin
Box 72 Zamperini - Zamiatin
Zamperini, Louis
Zamiatin, Eugene
Box 72 Zilles - Zoff
Zilles, Luke
Zoff, Otto
Foreign correspondence
Box 73 Aa - [George] Allen and Unwin (publisher)
Box 73 Am - Az 1958-1965
Box 73 Baa - Baz
Box 73 Be - Bl
Box 73 Bo - By
Box 73 Ca - Ce
Box 73 [Jonathan] Cape - Cl
Box 73 Coa - Com
Box 73 Con - Da
Box 73 De - Dj
Box 73 Dent (London)
Box 74 Dent (Canada)
Box 74 Do - Ez
Box 74 Faber & Faber (publisher) - Fo
Box 74 Fr - Ge
Box 74 Gi - Gy
Box 74 Ha - Haz
Box 74 He - Hi
Box 74 Ho
Box 74 Hu - I
Box 74 J
Box 74 Ka - Le
Box 74 Li - Ly
Box 75 Maa - Maz
Box 75 Mc - Me - includes Maurice Michael
Box 75 Methuen - Mo
Box 75 Mu - Ny - includes John Murray
Box 75 O
Box 75 Pa - Q
Box 75 Rainbird - Ry - includes Rainbird (publisher) material on D.B. Wyndham Lewis' The World of Goya
Box 75 Routledge - Sh
Box 75 Si - Sti
Box 75 Sto - Th
Box 75 Ti - Wa
Children's editor's files
Box 76 Authors - Correspondence 1950's
Box 76 Ackerman - Bank
Eugene Ackerman
Ralph Andrews
Margot Austin
Bank Street Project
Box 76 Brown - Caffrey
Brown, Ann Llama Bean (declined)
Bluemle Saturday Science (photographs)
Brown, Ann Towson How Does A Garden Grow?
Burns, William Exploring For Trees (declined)
Burns, William Exploring For Fun
Caffrey, Nancy Hanover's Wishing Star
Caffrey, Nancy Horse Haven
Box 76 Caffrey - Campbell
Caffrey, Nancy Pony Duet
Caffrey, Nancy Scene From The Saddle
Caidin, Martin By Apollo To The Moon
Caidin, Martin Aviation and Space Medicine
Campbell, Marion The Wide Blue Road
Campbell, Wanda The Museum Mystery
Campbell, Wanda J. Mystery of Old Mobeetie
Campbell, Wanda J. Ten Cousins
Box 76 Campbell - Chute
Campbell, Wanda J. Mystery of McClellan Creek
Carmer, Carl Pets at the White House
Chute, Joy
Chute, Marchette Around and About
Chute, Marchette Jesus of Israel
Chute, Marchette The Wonderful Winter
Box 76 Children's - Dahl
Rupert of Henziau
The Heroes
Little Lord Fauntleroy
The Little Duke
Cook, Marion Belden Terry's Ferry
Cornwall, I.W. and Maitland Howard The Making of Man
Dahl, Borghild The Daughter
Dahl, Borghild Karen
Dahl, Borghild A Minnetonka Summer
Box 76 Dahl - Engle
Dahl, Borghild Stowaway to America
Dahl, Borghild Under The Roof
Delaune, Jewel Lynn Giraffe's Can Be a Trouble
Derleth, August The Wind Leans West (declined)
Diekmann, Miep The Haunted Island
Dillard Maud Esther Ahoy, Peggy Stuart!
Downey, Glanville Belisarius
Engle, Paul Golden Child
Box 76 F (misc.) - Fry
F miscellaneous Authors
Fairy Tales of Many Lands
Forsyth, Gloria Pelican Prill
Freeman, Michael 1962
Fry, Rosalie A Bell For Ringleblume
Fry, Rosalie The Echo Song
Box 76 Fry, Rosalie
The Mountain Door
Fry, Rosalie Fly Home Columbia
Fry, Rosalie Secret of the Ron Moor Skerry
Fry, Rosalie Mateloi, Little Sailor of Brittany
Box 76 Fry - Gault
Fry, Rosalie The Riddle of the Figurehead
Fry, Rosalie The Wind Call
Fuchs, Sir Vivian Antarctic Adventure
Gault, William Campbell Dirt Track Summer
Gault, William Campbell Drag Strip
Gault, William Campbell Rough Road to Glory
Gault, William Campbell Speedway Challenge
Box 76 Gault
Gault, William Campbell Little Big Foot
Gault, William Campbell Wheels of Fortune
Gault, William Campbell Through the Line
Gault, William Campbell Dim Thunder
Gault, William Campbell Mr. Quarterback
Gault, William Campbell Two-Wheeled Thunder
Gault, William Campbell Road-Race Rookie
Box 76 George - Grant
George, Jean My Side of the Mountain
George, Jean The Hole in the Tree
George, Jean Snow Tracks
George, John & Jean The Dipper of Copper Creek
Glass, Alexander Books on Computer
Goodin, Peggy Edna St. Vincent Millay book (declined)
Granberg, W.J. Spread the Truth
Granberg, W.J. Voyage Into Darkness
Grant, Bruce & Lorence Bjorklund Pirogue
Box 76 Hall-Quest - Harper
Hall-Quest, Olga Jamestown Adventure
Hall-Quest, Olga With Stanley in Africa
Harper, Wilhelmina Easter Chimes revised edition
Box 77 Hughes - Knight
Hughes, Toni Toni Hughes' Book of Party Favors & Decorations
Hutchinson, Paula Dugan of Gravely Dumps
Hutchinson, Paula Mike the Morning Man
Johnson, Grace and Harold
Jupo, Frank J.
Key, Ted
King, Robin The Biggest Hat In The World
King, Robin Burrito
King, Robin Hundl is a Dog
King, Robin The Wondrous Egg of Abou
Knight, Marjorie
Knight Alexander's Christmas Eve
Box 77 Lambert
Lambert, Janet Big Deal
Lambert, Janet Boy Wanted
Lambert, Janet Five's A Crowd
Lambert, Janet Fly Away, Cinda
Lambert, Janet For Each Other
Lambert, Janet Forever and Ever
Lambert, Janet Introducing Parri
Lambert, Janet Love Taps Gently
Lambert, Janet Myself and I
Lambert, Janet Old Titles
Lambert, Janet The Precious Days
Lambert, Janet Spring Fever
Box 77 Lambert - Lamorisse
Lambert, Janet The Stars Hang High
Lambert, Janet Summer Madness
Lambert, Janet Wedding Bells
Lambert, Janet We're Going Steady
Lamond, Henry G. Towser
Lamorisse, Albert The Red Balloon (dropped)
Lamorisse, A., de Daunant White Mane D. Colomb
Box 77 Langdale - McFarland
Langdale, Hazel The Cocker Spaniel
LIFE International Editors Nine Who Chose America
Lyons Sarnoff Story
McFarland and Sports Midget Motoring
Box 77 McGriffin
McGriffin, Lee High Whistle Charley
McGriffin, Lee The Horse Hunters
McGriffin, Lee Rebel Rider
McGriffin, Lee Ride for Texas
McGriffin, Lee Swords, Stars, and Bars
Box 77 McGuire - Massnick
McGuire, Frances The Case of the Smuggled Ruby
McSwigan, Marie Small Miracle at Lourdes
McSwigan, Marie All Aboard For Freedom
Manning-Sanders A Book of Giants
Marsh, Corrina Flippy's Flashlight
Massnick, Forler (Book on Dyna Soar)
Box 77 Mayne - Mellin
Mayne, William The Glass Ball
Mayne, William Underground Alley
Mayne, William A Grass Rope
Mayne, William The Changeling
Meigs, Elizabeth Blue Palomino
Meigs, Elizabeth General
Mellin, Jeanne Horses Across America
Mellin, Jeanne Horses Across the Ages
Box 77 Mellin - Milne
Mellin, Jeanne Pidgy's Surprise
Milgram, Harry Explorations in Science
Milne, A.A. Le Meilleur des Ours translated by P. Martin
Milne, A.A. Pooh Birthday Book
Milne, A.A. Pooh Coloring Book
Milne, A.A. Pooh: His Art Gallery
Milne, A.A. Pooh in I/T/A/
Box 77 Milne - Mudro
Milne, A.A. Pooh Songbook
Milne, A.A. The World of Christopher Robin
Milne, A.A. The World of Pooh
Mitchell, Elyne The Silver Brumby
Mitchell, Elyne Snow Filly
Mitchell, Elyne General
Mudro, Marie A Feather for His Cap
Mudro, Marie Look Beyond Tomorrow
Box 77 Nichols - Oberjohann
Nichols, Beverly The Mountains of Magin (declined)
Miles, Katherine The Angel in the Hayloft
North, Sterling Poe the Crow (tent. title) (dropped)
Oberjohann, Heinrich My Best Friends Are Apes
Box 77 O'Brien - Olgin
O'Brien, Brian Ivory, Apes and Jimibel
O'Brien, Brian Scrimshaw and Sudden Death
O'Brien, Brian Windship Boy
Olain, Joseph
Box 78 Olgin - Peterson
Olgin, Joseph Backcourt Rivals
Olgin, Joseph Little League Champions
Pordee & Young Lucky Days
Peterson, Kai and George Zoppler Prehistoric Life on Earth 1957-1958, etc., 1959
Box 78 Peterson - Power-Waters
Peterson, Kai and George Zoppler Prehistoric Life on Earth 1960
Peterson, Kai and George Zoppler Prehistoric Life on Earth 1961-1963
Power-Waters, Alma The Melody Makers
Power-Waters, Alma Moon In My Pocket
Box 78 Power-Waters - Price
Power-Waters, Alma Young Edwin Booth
Power-Waters, Alma Virginia Giant
Price, Christine Made in the Renaissance
Price, Christine Made in the Middle Ages
Box 78 Price - Reeves
Price, Christine The Story of Muslim Art Fall 1964
Price, Hilda
Reeves, James The Peddler's Dream
Reeves, James Ragged Robins
Box 78 Reeves - Ritchie
Reeves, James Sailor Rumbelow and Other Stories
Riev, E.V. The Flattered Flying Fish
Ritchie, Rita The Enemy at the Gate
Ritchie, Rita The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan
Ritchie, Rita The Secret Beyond the Mountains
Ritchie, Rita The Year of the Horse
Box 78 Robinson - Ruck-Panquet
Robinson Plutarch
Ross, George Know Your World
Ruck-Panquet, Gina Joschko
Box 78 Tefft - Savitt
Tefft, Bess Merrie Maple
Terhune, Albert Payson Lad: A Good Dog Anniversary Edition
Thelwell A Leg at Each Corner
Todd, Bernice Me Too! (declined)
St. Johns and Tworkov My Friend God
Sanger, Marjory B. Greenwood Summer
Savitt, Sam Midnight: Champion Bucking Horse
Savitt, Sam Step-A-Bit
Box 78 Schealer, John
Schealer, John The Sycamore Warrior
Schealer, John This Way to the Stars
Schealer, John Zip-Zip Goes to Venus
Schealer, John Zip-Zip and his Flying Saucer
Box 78 Schealer - Simon
Schealer, John Zip-Zip and the Red Planet
Severn, David Clouds Over the Alberhorn (tent.) (dropped)
Severn, David The Wild Valley Pub. 8/1/63
Simon, Charlie May All Men Are Brothers
Simon, Charlie May A Seed Shall Serve
Box 78 Simon - Smith
Simon, Charlie May The Sun and the Birch
Smith, Geraldine Foster Little Dog Sniff and the Twins
Smith, Peery The Hidden Place
Smith, William Jay Typewriter Town
Smith, William Jay General
Box 78 Smythe - Sutcliff
Smythe, Pat Jump For Joy
Spyri, Johanna All Alone in the World
Spyri, Johanna The Pet Lambs
Strachan, Niona Christopher Jarrett of New Plymouth
Stuart, Dorothy Margaret London Through the Ages
Sutcliff, Rosemary Beowulf
Sutcliff, Rosemary The Hound of Ulster Pub. 2\29\64
Box 78 Valens - Vance
Valens and Seakorg The Elements of the Universe
Valens and Seakorg The Elements of the Universe
Valens and Seakorg The Elements of the Universe
Valens and Seakorg Viruses and the Nature of Life
Valens, Evans Wingfin and Topple (declined)
Vance, Marguerite Ashes of Empire
Vance, Marguerite The Boy on the Road
Vance, Marguerite The Empress Josephine
Vance, Marguerite Dark Eminence
Vance, Marguerite Flight of the Wilding: Elizabeth of Austria
Box 78 Vance, Marguerite
Vance, Marguerite A Flower From Dinah
Vance, Marguerite Leave it to Linda
Vance, Marguerite Jeptha and the New People
Vance, Marguerite The Lamplighters
Vance, Marguerite Mary Stuart
Box 79 Vance - Watts
Vance, Marguerite Secret for a Star
Vance, Marguerite Song for a Lute
Vance, Marguerite A Star for Hansi
Vance, Marguerite Willie Joe and His Small Change
Vance, Marguerite Windows for Rosemary
Vance, Marguerite The World For Jason Pub. 1961
Watts, Mabel General
Box 79 Wehen - Wheeler
Wehen, Joy DeWeese Stairway to a Secret
Wehen, Joy DeWeese The Tower in the Sky
Wheeler, Opal The Miracle Dish
Wheeler, Opal, old titles
Box 79 Wheeler - Wolff
Wheeler, Opal Peter Tchaikowsky and the Nutcracker
Wheeler, Opal Ballet
White, Hilda Song Without End
White, Hilda Wild Decembers
Wolff and Owett Let's Imagine Being Places
Wolff and Owett Let's Imagine Sounds
Box 79 Wolff - Wymer
Wolff amd Owett Let's Imagine Thinking Things
Woodward, Helen Fun Foods and Fixings
Woody, Regina Dancing For Joy
Wymer, Norman Gilbert and Sullivan
Box 79 Yates, Elizabeth
Yates, Elizabeth/MacDonald Sir Gibbie Pub. 8/30/65
Yates, Elizabeth Pebble in a Pool (D.C.F.)
Box 79 Yates - Young Traveler
Yates, Elizabeth Someday You'll Write
"The Young Traveler In Greece" Trease, Geoffrey
"The Young Traveler In India and Pakistan" Trease, Geoffrey
"The Young Traveler In Portugal" Wyatt, Honor
"The Young Traveler In West Indies" Iremonger, Lucille
Box 79 Zappler - Zemach
Zappler, George (Nature Book) Correspondence
Zarem, Lewis The Green Man From Space
Zarem, Lewis New Dimensions of Flight
Zarem, Lewis New Era of Flight
Zarem, Lewis Superjet
Zemach, Margot & Harre A Hat With A Rose
Box 79 Addresses - American Library Association
Addresses (Addresses of Authors & Artists for Spring 1962-1963 Juvenile Books)
AIGA Correspondence
The American Jewish Community Correspondence
ALA Convention 1961
ALA Convention 1962
ALA Convention 1962 Report for Children's Book Council
ALA Convention 1963 Report in Convention
ALA Convention 1963
Box 79 Asia - Ask To See (correspondence)
Asia Society Booklet "Books on Asia for Children")
"Ask To See" Manuscripts 1961
"Ask To See" Manuscripts 1962
"Ask To See" Manuscripts 1963
Box 79 Banigan - Bradley (correspondence)
Sharon Bannigan
Barrie & Rockliff, Eng. pub. gen.
Berna, Paul Cheral Sans Tete
Blackie & Sons, Ltd., Eng., Pub., Gen
Book Fairs 1960 programs
Book Fairs 1962-1963
Bradley, Duane Cappy, the Jet-Propelled Boy
Box 79 Brand - CBC
Brand, Oscar Old Bangum
"Carnival of Books" 1958-1960
Caroline Series
Chappell, Richard
Child Study Association
Box 79 Children's Book Council (correspondence) - Dutton Macrae Award
CBC 1962
Christopher Award
Christy & Moon, Ltd. Eng. Pub. General
Cross, Joe A.
Current Award File
Dent-Bozman, Green, Dent
Diggot, Juliet Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Dutton-Macrae Award
Box 79 Evarts - Letterworth Press
Everts, Hal
Foreign Publishers, Misc.
George, Mabel E. Oxford University Press
Goldin, Augusta R.
Hogarth, Grace (constable & company Ltd. Eng.)
Hope Leresche & Steele, Eng. Agent General
Horn Book
Jones, Olive General Methuer
Juvenile Ads
Letterworth Press, Eng. Pub. Gen.
Box 79 McLaughlin - Macrae, Elliot
McLaughlin, Tom - Workshop for Librarians
Macrae, Elliot
EMB European Trip 1963 Elliot Macrae's Reports
Box 79 Macrae, Elliot - References
EMB Mongolian Trip 1962 Itinerary & report
Mathamatics Magazine April 1962
O'Dea, Catherine T. Correspondence
Office Supplies - book order forms
Organizations, Misc. Requests, information corres. fliers
Phoenix House, Eng. Pub. Gen.
Radio & Television Misc.
Record Projects
Box 80 Rejections I - A (misc.), B (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections II - B 1957-1962
Box 80 Rejections III - C (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections IV - D (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections V - E (misc.), F (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections VI - G (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections VII - H (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections VIII - M (misc.)
Box 80 Rejections IX - S (misc.)
Box 80 Routledge - Wonderful World of Electronics
Routledge, Kegan Paul Eng. Pub. Gen.
Taylor, Judy (Bodley Head)
Thomas Moore Association
Tintin Books - Herge
Tworkov/Duvoisin Picture Parade of Books The Camel Who Took A Walk
Writer's Digest
The Wonderful World of Electronics Ashmead, Gordon)
Oversize 1 Portrait (painted) of E.P. Dutton (5 copies)
Oversize 1 Portrait of E.P. Dutton by Pach Brothers (2 copies)
Oversize 1 Photographs of E.P. Dutton (folder) (3 photographs)
Oversize 1 Portrait (painted) of E.P. Dutton 1919
Oversize 1 Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Dutton taken around 1860 (envelope), with engraving of the Antique Building in Boston
Oversize 1 Photographs of interior and exterior of E.P. Dutton Bookstore (envelope) (7 photographs)
Oversize 1 Photographs from the New York Times Book Review of Dutton authors Vladimir Dudintsev, A.A. Milne, and Van Wyck Brooks (envelope)
Oversize 1 Portrait (reproduction) of E. P. Dutton (16 copies)
Oversize 1 Photographs (folder) (includes photograph of Dutton authors John Vassos, Helen Welshimer)
Oversize 1 Folders of photographs from Pach Brothers, some signed, some with letters to the firm, including many notable names such as J.P. Morgan, Henry Gassaman Davis, William McAdoo, John Milton Hay.
Oversize 18 Photograph of E.P. Dutton holding open book (4 copies)
News clippings
Oversize 2 Carlson, John Ray - scrapbook sheets (not bound)
Oversize 2 Sagan, Francoise - loose clippings
See also:
Authors: Sagan (clippings, correspondence, and a story manuscript, Boxes 11 and 12),
Production files: book reviews (review of Those Without Shadows, Box 28)
Oversize 2 Sagan, Françoise - news clippings (1 volume)
See also:
Authors: Sagan (clippings, correspondence, and a story manuscript, Boxes 11 and 12),
Production files: book reviews (review of Those Without Shadows, Box 28)
Oversize 3 Newspaper Advertisements (1 volume)
Oversize 4 Magazine Advertisements (1 volume)
Oversize 4-5 Advertisements (2 volumes)
Oversize 6 Information on Authors and Books
Oversize 6 Publicity Department Releases 1924-1927
Oversize 7 News of Books and Authors
Letter books
Oversize 7 Country Life Stories - pages of an 1857 Boston newspaper inside volume (1 volume)
Oversize 7 John Macrae: Tribute — Fifteenth Year in Advertising 1935 (1 volume)
Oversize 8 Acknowledgements (1 volume)
Manufacturing books
See also Financial: Manufacturing Book 1901-1906 (Box 15)
Oversize 9 Domestic 1904-1919 (1 volume)
Oversize 10 Domestic 1919-1923 (1 volume)
Importation books
Oversize 11 Foreign 1905-1925 (1 volume)
Oversize 12 Dent Importations 1910-1926 (1 volume)
Everyman's Library
Oversize 13 1906-1936 (1 volume)
Oversize 14 1915-1936 (1 volume)
Oversize 18 Ernest Nister 1912-1925 (1 volume)
Oversize 19 George Routledge and Sons 1912-1925 (1 volume)
Oversize 17 Award - United States Department of Commerce 1957

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