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Leland Boyd Henry Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Henry, Leland Boyd, 1895-1968.
Title: Leland Boyd Henry Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1835-1968
Quantity: 8.7 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American clergyman, social activist. Henry was a Methodist Episcopal, later, Protestant Episcopal minister. Collection includes sermons (1925-1967); speeches; and scrapbooks (1914-1965).
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Leland Boyd Henry (1895-1968) was an American clergyman and social activist. Born June 3, 1895 in Buffalo, New York, the son of Charles Edward and Eva Boyd Henry. he graduated from Buffalo Central High School in 1914. He then entered Syracuse University where he participated in a variety of activities and was successively reporter, associate editor, managing editor and editor of the campus newspaper, the Daily Orange.

In 1918 Dr. Henry graduated from Syracuse, married Ruth Van Arsdale, a classmate, and entered the United States Army as a sergeant with the 39th Infantry in France. There he served on the Marne and in the Argonne and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Upon release from military service he entered Drew Theological Seminary, from which he received the Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1922, and spent the following year in further study at Cambridge University. When he returned to the United States he served as a minister at Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church in Buffalo, the church at Newfane and the Corn Hill Methodist Episcopal Church of Rochester, all in New York State.

In 1930 Dr. and Mrs. Henry became members of the Protestant Episcopal Church and Dr. Henry sought admission to its priesthood. In September he began work as an educational assistant at St. Paul's Church in Rochester and was ordained to the priesthood in 1931. In 1932 he became rector of St. Luke's Parish in Brockport, New York, and in 1937 was called to serve as assistant to the rector at St. George's Church in New York City, a position he held until 1942 when he entered the military chaplaincy. He spent the early part of the war teaching in chaplains' schools but during its later stages served as chaplain on the hospital ship St. Mihiel in the Atlantic and Pacific.

Upon his return to New York in 1946 Dr. Henry was appointed executive secretary of the Social Service Commission of the Diocese of New York, which in the same year was renamed the Christian Social Relations Commission. The National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church appointed him as its observer at the United Nations beginning in 1949. Dr. Henry was a logical choice for this post because of his great concern for problems of world order and his active involvement in seeking creative solutions.

In 1955 Dr. Henry was appointed to the Human Rights Commission of New York City. During his tenure he was actively involved in attempts to improve housing for low-income families and his efforts in this direction brought him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Lincoln University.

Dr. Henry's wife, Ruth, died in 1947 and in 1950 he married his second wife, Beatrice M. Hetzler. A year later he became rector of St. Mary's Church in Scarborough, New York, where he served until his retirement in 1965. He continued with the diocesan commission on a part-time basis until 1957 when he resigned as executive director.

In June 1968 Dr. Henry was awarded an honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology degree by Syracuse University. He died three months later on August 31, 1968.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Leland Boyd Henry Papers consist of writings, memorabilia and printed material.

Writings include sermons, speeches and a study guide. Sermons are dated according to Dr. Henry's own system, by the Sundays of the church year beginning with the Advent season, with the place of delivery noted in each instance. A series of sermons delivered on holidays not included in the church follows. A folder of sermon research material also is included. In almost every instance the sermons are original typescripts revised.

Speeches, mostly revised transcripts, all originate in the period when Dr. Henry was executive director of the Commission on Christian Social Relations of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

The study guide, 1946, was prepared by Dr. Henry for use by church groups in studying the Christian basis for concern about problems of world order. It is a mimeographed copy.

The speeches and the study guide especially reflect Dr. Henry's concern for the implications of the Christian faith for social problems. Although the sermons deal with all the major themes and concepts of the Christian faith, they also reflect his particular social concern.

Memorabilia includes biographical materials, confirmation instruction, orders of worship and miscellaneous items. The biographical materials consist of ten scrapbooks which contain photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, playbills, invitations and a few letters. The confirmation materials are outlines used by Dr. Henry to instruct confirmation classes of young people and adults. The orders of worship were used by Dr. Henry in conducting church services and are arranged chronologically. The miscellaneous materials contain bulletins, programs of Christian Social Relations conferences and a copy of the first newsletter of the Commission on Christian Social Relations.

Printed material consists of books and pamphlets from Dr. Henry's library. The collection consists of copies of the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, published sermons, reports of church conferences and educational materials. Speeches are arranged alphabetically by title.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Sermons are arranged in church calendar order and within that chronologically by year. Where a sermon was delivered more than once, it will be found under the Sunday on which it was first delivered. A series of sermons delivered on holidays not included in the church year are arranged chronologically by the date of the holiday and within that order by the dates on which they were first preached. A miscellaneous series of sermons is arranged alphabetically by title. Memorabilia is subdivided by type and within that arranged chronologically. Printed material is subdivided by type and arranged alphabetically by author or title within that.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Henry, Leland Boyd, 1895-1968 -- Archives.

Corporate Bodies

Episcopal Church, Clergy.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Clergy.


Church and the world.
Clergy -- United States.
Episcopalians -- United States.
Sermons, American.

Genres and Forms

Speeches (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Leland Boyd Henry Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. Leland Boyd Henry, 1969.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: EFB
Date: Nov 1970
Revision history: 20 Aug 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC)

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Box 1 First Sunday in Advent 1942-1964 (11 folders)
Box 1 Second Sunday in Advent 1947-1963 (10 folders)
Box 1 Third Sunday in Advent 1932-1963 (14 folders)
Box 1 Fourth Sunday in Advent 1934-1964 (11 folders)
Box 1 Christmas Eve 1933-1963 (6 folders)
Box 1 Christmas 1925-1964 (12 folders)
Box 1 Holy Innocents Day 1952
Box 1 First Sunday after Christmas 1934-1961 (5 folders)
Box 1 Watch Night 1937-1945 (2 folders)
Box 2 Second Sunday after Christmas 1953-1963 (3 folders)
Box 2 Epiphany 1957-1965
Box 2 First Sunday after Epiphany 1950-1964 (10 folders)
Box 2 Second Sunday after Epiphany 1935-1965 (14 folders)
Box 2 Third Sunday after Epiphany 1948-1965 (10 folders)
Box 2 Fourth Sunday after Epiphany 1952-1965 (7 folders)
Box 2 Fifth Sunday after Epiphany 1954-1965 (4 folders)
Box 2 Sixth Sunday after Epiphany 1962
Box 2 Septuagesima Sunday 1947-1967 (12 folders)
Box 2 Sexagesima Sunday 1948-1965 (12 folders)
Box 3 Quinquagesima Sunday 1948-1965 (11 folders)
Box 3 Lent 1954
Box 3 Ash Wednesday 1936-1965 (8 folders)
Box 3 First Sunday in Lent 1948-1965 (14 folders)
Box 3 Second Sunday in Lent 1946-1965 (14 folders)
Box 3 Third Sunday in Lent 1954-1964 (12 folders)
Box 3 Fourth Sunday in Lent 1962-1965 (4 folders)
Box 3 Passion Sunday 1948-1965 (12 folders)
Box 4 Palm Sunday 1932-1965 (16 folders)
Box 4 Wednesday before Easter 1962
Box 4 Maundy Thursday 1939-1965 (5 folders)
Box 4 Good Friday 1938-1965 (8 folders)
Box 4 Easter Sunday 1926-1965 (19 folders)
Box 4 Lent 1953
Box 4 First Sunday after Easter 1933-1966 (9 folders)
Box 5 Second Sunday after Easter 1940-1965 (10 folders)
Box 5 Third Sunday after Easter 1934-1965 (13 folders)
Box 5 Fourth Sunday after Easter 1949-1967 (11 folders)
Box 5 Fifth Sunday after Easter 1933-1964 (15 folders)
Box 5 Ascension Day 1949
Box 5 Sunday after Ascension 1950-1965 (9 folders)
Box 5 Whitsunday 1932-1967 (14 folders)
Box 6 Trinity Sunday 1952-1964 (8 folders)
Box 6 First Sunday after Trinity 1935-1967 (12 folders)
Box 6 Second Sunday after Trinity 1954-1965 (7 folders)
Box 6 Third Sunday after Trinity 1932-1962 (11 folders)
Box 6 Fourth Sunday after Trinity 1941-1966 (7 folders)
Box 6 Fifth Sunday after Trinity 1941-1965 (12 folders)
Box 6 Sixth Sunday after Trinity 1938-1964 (11 folders)
Box 7 Seventh Sunday after Trinity 1941-1961 (8 folders)
Box 7 Eighth Sunday after Trinity 1932-1963 (9 folders)
Box 7 Ninth Sunday after Trinity 1940-1961 (4 folders)
Box 7 Eleventh Sunday after Trinity 1941-1960 (4 folders)
Box 7 Twelfth Sunday after Trinity 1940-1965 (8 folders)
Box 7 Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity 1940-1965 (11-folders)
Box 7 Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity 1940-1964 (11 folders)
Box 7 Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity 1941-1965 (13 folders)
Box 8 Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity 1953-1963 (5 folders)
Box 8 Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity 1954-1962 (5 folders)
Box 8 Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity 1953-1963 (4 folders)
Box 8 Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity 1952-1964 (7 folders)
Box 8 Twentieth Sunday after Trinity 1941-1963 (8 folders)
Box 8 Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity 1953-1964 (10 folders)
Box 8 Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity 1951-1964 (10 folders)
Box 8 Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity 1951-1964 (5 folders)
Box 8 Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity 1951-1962 (5 folders)
Box 9 All Saints Day 1940-1964 (6 folders)
Box 9 Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity 1951-1956 (3 folders)
Box 9 Twenty-sixth Sunday after Trinity 1936-1964 (7 folders)
Box 9 Memorial Day 1943-1961 (4 folders)
Box 9 Independence Day 1959
Box 9 Labor Day 1953
Box 9 Thanksgiving Day 1938-1963 (8 folders)
Box 9 Quiet Day for Women 1954-1961 (2 folders)
Box 9 "The Church and War" undated
Box 9 "The Fact and Schism and the Search for Unity" 1961
Box 9 "The Race Problem Today" 1961
Box 9 "The Survival Value of Christianity" 1949
Box 9 "The Teachings of the Bible on War" 1951-1952
Box 9 Untitled (On American Foreign Policy)
Box 9 Research material
Box 9 "Christian Social Relations" 1951-1953
Box 9 "Christian Social Relations in the Parish" 1949
Box 9 "The Church and Society" 1951
Box 9 "Church Social Services Today" 1952
Box 9 "The Churches and War" 1950
Box 9 "The Moral Dilemma of the U.N." undated
Box 9 "Released Time" 1949
Box 9 "The Search for Peace" 1951
Box 9 "United States Responsibility in the World Community" 1953
Study Guide
Box 9 Christian Principles of World Order 1946
Biographical material
Package 1 1914-1918, 1921
Package 2 1922-1923
Package 3 1929-1933, 1946-1947
Package 4 1948
Package 5 1948-1949
Package 6 1950
Package 7 1951
Package 8 1952-1955
Package 9 1955-1957
Package 10 1958, 1963-1965
Box 9 Confirmation materials
Box 9 Orders of worship 1955-1965
Box 9 Miscellaneous (28 items )
Printed material
Box 10 Bible. O.T. Apocrypha. Rev. version. N.Y., Thomas Nelson [ 1895] Signed. (Vol. 1)
Box 10 Bible. N.T. English. N.Y., New York Bible Society, undated (Byrd Antarctic Expedition) Presentation copy. (Vol. 2)
Box 10 Bible. N.T. Greek. N.Y., Macmillan, 1921. Bound with Hickie, W.J.
Box 10 Greek-English lexicon to the New Testament. N.Y., Macmillan, 1921 (Vol. 3)
Box 10 Bible. N.T. Latin. England, Berolini, 1925. (Vol. 4)
Box 10 The Book of Common Prayer. (Pages missing, including title page) Bound with Psalms, in metre. N.Y., Protestant Episcopal Church, 1835. (Vol. 5)
Box 10 The Book of Common Prayer. Cambridge University Press, undated (Vol. 6)
Box 10 The book of offices; services for certain occasions not provided for in the Book of Common Prayer. 2d. ed. N.Y., Church Pension Fund, 1949. (Vol. 7)
Box 10 The calendar and the collects, epistles, and gospels for the lesser feasts and for special occasions. N.Y., Church Pension Fund, 1963. Letter from the Rt. Rev. Horace W.B. Donegan taped in front. (Vol. 8)
Box 10 Cavanah, Frances and Lloyd E. Smith, comp. I am an American; what we all are fighting for. Racine, Wisc., Whitman [ c. 1940, 1942] (Vol. 9)
Box 10 The Church of Scotland. Reports to the General Assembly, 1968. England, William Blackwood [ 1968?] (Vol. 10)
Box 10 Dearmer, Percy, R. Vaughn Williams, and Martin Shaw. The Oxford book of carols. London, Oxford University Press, 1928. (Vol. 11)
Box 10 Dodd, C.H. Three sermons. London, SCM Press, 1954. Inscribed and signed by Dick Beebe.
Box 10 The first and second prayer-books of King Edward the Sixth. London, J.M. Dent [ 1927] (Everyman's Library, no. 448) (Vol. 12)
Box 10 Hymns ancient and modern. Rev. London, William Clowes, 1950. Autographed. (Vol. 13)
Box 10 Lambeth Conference 1948. London, S.P.C.K., 1948 (Vol. 14)
Box 10 Lambeth Conference 1958. [London] S.P.C.K. and Seabury Press, 1958. (Vol. 15)
Prayer book studies. N.Y., Church Pension Fund.
Box 10 I Baptism and confirmation.
Box 10 II The liturgical lectionary. 1950
Box 10 III The Order for the ministration to the sick. 1951
Box 10 IV The Eucharistic liturgy. 1953
Box 10 VI Morning and evening prayer.
Box 10 VII The penitential office. 1957
Box 10 XVII The liturgy of the Lord's Supper. 1966
Box 10 Prayers new and old. Cincinnati, Forward Movement Commission. Annotated. (Vol. 16) c. 1937
Box 10 Prayers for private devotion in war-time. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Printing Office. Autographed by Willard L. Sperry. (Vol. 17) undated
Box 10 Robertson, Frederick W. Sermons on religion and life. London, J.M. Dent (Everyman's Library, no. 37) Signed. (Vol. 18) 1917
Box 10 The Scottish Book of Common Prayer. Edinburgh, Cambridge University Press (Vol. 19) 1929
Box 11 Thirkfield, Wilbur Patterson. Service and prayers for church and home. N.Y., Methodist Book Concern (Vol. 20) c. 1918, 1920
Box 11 The liturgy of the Lord's Supper... (mimeographed)
Box 11 The new liturgy; the liturgy of the Lord's supper,... N.Y. Morehouse-Barlow. 1966
Box 11 Wolf, Frederick and Barbara. Reading pamphlets 1-10. Greenwich, Conn., Seabury Press. c. 1960

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