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Robert Hillyer Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hillyer, Robert, 1895-1961.
Title: Robert Hillyer Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1906-1962
Quantity: 21 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American author, poet, educator. General, literary, and family correspondence; writings (essays, poems, poetry, reviews, speeches, manuscripts, galley proofs); memorabilia (photographs, clippings, genealogies, daguerreotypes. family Bibles, miniatures, hymnals). Notable correspondents include William Rose Benét, Millicent Todd Bingham, Ben Lucien Burman, Frederick Chamberlin, James Gould Cozzens, Max Eastman, Kimball Flaccus, Horace Gregory, Ralph Hodgson, Robert Huff, Amy Lowell, Archibald MacLeish, Marianne Moore, James B. Munn, Robert Nathan, John Neihardt, Louise Townsend Nicholl, Bliss Perry, Lizette Reese, Lennox Robinson, Paul Rosenfeld, Mark Schorer, Walter Magnes Teller, Mark Van Doren, and Edward Weeks.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Robert Silliman Hillyer (1895-1961) was an American poet. Born in East Orange, New Jersey, on June third 1895, he was educated at Kent School, Harvard College, and the University of Copenhagen. He won the Garrison Prize for poetry at Harvard as an undergraduate and was an editor of the Harvard Monthly and the Harvard Advocate. In World War I he served as an ambulance driver in the French Army at Verdun for which he received a citation, as well as the Verdun Medal, from the French government. After transferring to the American Expeditionary Force in 1918, he rose from private to First Lieutenant and after the war he was attached to the Peace Conference as a courier. Later Hillyer served at the American Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. From 1919 to 1926 he was Instructor in English at Harvard; following that he became Assistant Professor of English at Trinity College, which awarded him an honorary degree on his return to Harvard in 1928. He became Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory at Harvard in 1937, a chair first held by John Quincy Adams.

Hillyer was Phi Beta Kappa poet six times: at Tufts, 1923; Harvard, 1928; Columbia, 1936; Harvard (for the Tercentenary of 1936);William and Mary (for the Hundredth Anniversary of the founding of Phi Beta Kappa at that college, 1939); and Goucher, 1940. He was president of The New England Poetry Club, 1923 - 1925, twice president of The Poetry Society of America 1949 and 1951 - 1953, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Boston and a member of The National Institute of Arts and Letters in New York. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1934.

Hillyer retired from Harvard in 1944 after 25 years of teaching. He accepted a Visiting Professorship at Kenyon College in 1948, and, in 1952, accepted a regular professorship at the University of Delaware. In 1954, the H. Fletcher Brown Chair of English Literature was created and Hillyer became the first incumbent.

An amateur composer and a student of music, Hillyer believed that poetry and music are inseparable. Many of his poems were set to music by various composers, such as Herman Luri, Daniel Pinkham, Gordon Sherwood, Ned Rorem, Mervin Whitcomb, Oscar Harveland, Joseph Clokey and John Drake.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Robert S. Hillyer Papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, and a few items of memorabilia.

The collection of incoming Literary correspondence includes cards, letters, telegrams, notes and other items from poets, authors, playwrights, publishers, and other literary figures, including James Agee, Conrad Aiken, Stephen Vincent Benét, Ray Bradbury, Van Wyck Brooks, John Cheever, Padraic Colum, e.e. cummings, John Dos Passos, Gene Fowler, Robert Frost, Horace Gregory, Aldous Huxley, Helen Keller, Amy Lowell, Arthur Machen, Archibald Macleish, Marianne Moore, Howard Nemerov, Theodore Roethke, Harry Roskolenko, Carl Sandburg, George Santayana, May Sarton, Siegfried Sassoon, Booth Tarkington, Louis Untermeyer, and Marya Zaturenska. Many are letters of appreciation and praise for Mr. Hillyer's works and endeavors, as exemplified by the following quotation from a letter written by Ray Bradbury, on September 10, 1959:

"Quite simply, for a long long time now, you've made me happy, sad, and tremendously alert with your poems. For all this, I want to thank you."

Family correspondence includes incoming correspondence from Hillyer's mother, Mrs. James Rankin Hillyer, siblings Stanley, Lillian and Ethel, and son Stanley H. Hillyer, as well as various other relatives.

Outgoing correspondence consists of 18 folders of assorted letters, cards, telegrams, and other communications from Hillyer to friends, family, and others. Recipients include, among others, John Dos Passos, Ray Bradbury, Louis Kent, and Hillyer's mother.

Four folders of General correspondence primarily consist of fan mail, with a few unidentified items.

Manuscripts consists of handwritten drafts, typescripts, galleys, notebooks, and xerox copies of articles, music, poems, prose, speeches, readings, lecture notes, reviews, and other material written by Hillyer. Many bear Hillyer's handwritten corrections and annotations.

Miscellaneous material contains genealogical material, clippings (both pieces by Hillyer as well as reviews of his work), guest books, photographs, programs for various events, and assorted writings by others.

Memorabilia includes degrees, bibles, photographs, and other assorted items.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Literary and family correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. The remaining series are organized in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Permission to read family correspondence (Box 6) must be granted by Laura V. (Mrs. Stanley H.) Hillyer; upon her death, permission must be granted by either of her two daughters, Elizabeth V. Hillyer or Francesca P. Hillyer. Mrs. Hillyer is also to be contacted when anyone is interested in the scholarly use of Robert Hillyer's works and papers.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Aiken, Conrad, 1889-1973.
Benét, William Rose, 1886-1950.
Bingham, Millicent Todd, 1880-1968.
Briggs, Le Baron Russell, 1855-1934.
Brooks, Van Wyck, 1886-1963.
Burman, Ben Lucien, 1895-1984
Bynner, Witter, 1881-1968.
Chamberlin, Frederick, 1870-1943.
Copeland, Charles Townsend, 1860-1952.
Cozzens, James Gould, 1903-1978.
Damon, S. Foster (Samuel Foster), 1893-1971.
Decker, Clarence Raymond, 1904-1969.
Dos Passos, John, 1896-1970.
Eastman, Max, 1883-1969.
Flaccus, Kimball, 1911-1972.
Fletcher, John Gould, 1886-1950.
Fowler, Gene, 1890-1960.
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963.
Gogarty, Oliver St. John, 1878-1957.
Gregory, Horace, 1898-1982.
Hillyer, Robert, 1895-1961.
Hodgson, Ralph, 1871-1962.
Huff, Robert, 1924-
Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.
Johnson, Thomas Herbert.
Kent, Louis.
Lowell, Amy, 1874-1925.
MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982.
Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947.
Mason, Daniel Gregory, 1873-1953.
Maxwell, William, 1908-2000.
Moore, Marianne, 1887-1972.
Munn, James Buell.
Nathan, Robert Louis.
Neihardt, John Gneisenau, 1881-1973.
Nemerov, Howard.
Nicholl, Louise Townsend.
Perry, Bliss, 1860-1954.
Reese, Lizette Woodworth, 1856-1935.
Robinson, Lennox, 1886-1958.
Rosenfeld, Paul, 1890-1946.
Schorer, Mark, 1908-1977.
Scott, Winfield Townley, 1910-1968.
Speyer, Leonora, 1872-1956.
Teller, Walter Magnes.
Untermeyer, Louis, 1885-1977.
Van Doren, Mark, 1894-1972.
Viereck, Peter, 1916-2006.
Weeks, Edward, 1898-1989.
Zaturenska, Marya, 1902-1982.


American literature -- 20th century.
American poetry -- 20th century.
Authors, American -- 20th century.
Criticism -- 20th century.
Critics -- United States.
Poets, American -- 20th century.

Genres and Forms

Book reviews.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Drafts (documents)
Genealogies (histories)
Manuscripts for publication.
Musical scores.
Songs (document genre)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Robert Hillyer Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. Robert S. Hillyer, 1963

Lopatnikoff letters and manuscript of completed poems, 1943, unspecified gift.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: JSP
Date: Apr 1964
Revision history: 20 May 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 20 Feb 2011 - Lopatnikoff letters, ms of poems (MRC); 27 Sep 2011 - Box 6 restrictions added (MRC)

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Selected Bibliography

Following is a list of selected works by Hillyer.

Eight Harvard Poets. New York: Lawrence Gomme, 1917. Poems by Harvard undergraduates, including Hillyer, E. E. Cummings, S. Foster Damon and John Dos Passos.

Sonnets and Other Lyrics. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1917.

The Five Books of Youth. New York: Brentano's, 1920.

Alchemy: A Symphonic Poem. New York: Brentano's, 1921.

A Book of Danish Verse. New York: The American-Scandinavian Foundation, 1922. Translations from Danish lyric poetry from Oehlenschlager to Johannes V. Jensen (in collaboration with S. Foster Damon and Oluf Friis).

The Hills Give Promise. Boston: B. J. Brimmer, 1922.

The Coming Forth by Day. Boston: B. J. Brimmer, 1923. Metrical arrangements from the Egyptian Book of the Dead together with an essay on the ancient

Egyptian Religion, first published in The Freeman and subsequently reprinted (without the essay) in Van Doren's Anthology of World Poetry.

The Halt in the Garden. London: Elkin Mathews, 1924. Foreword by Arthur Machen.

The Engagement Ring. The Masquerade. Hartford: The Haylofters, 1929.

Prose Masterpieces. New York: Harcourt Brace, 1931 (in collaboration with K. B. Murdock and Odell Shepard).

The Gates of the Compass. New York: The Viking Press, 1931.

Riverhead. New York: Knopf, 1932.

Collected Verse. New York: Knopf, 1933 (awarded the Pulitzer Prize).

Some Roots of English Poetry. Norton, Massachusetts: Wheaton College Press, 1933.

A Letter to Robert Frost and Others. New York: Knopf, 1937.

First Principles of Verse. Boston: The Writer, 1938.

In Time of Mistrust. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1939.

Pattern of a Day. New York: Knopf, 1940.

My Heart for Hostage. New York: Random House, 1942.

Poems for Music: 1917-1947. New York: Knopf, 1947.

The Death of Captain Nemo. New York: Knopf, 1949.

The Suburb By the Sea. New York: Knopf, 1952.

The Relic and Other Poems. New York: Knopf, 1957.

Robert Burns, Bicentennial Address at Library of Congress. Washington: Library of Congress, 1959.

In Pursuit of Poetry. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1960.

Collected Poems. New York: Knopf, 1961.

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Literary correspondence
Box 1 Adams, J. Donald 1959 (1 Letter)
4 Sept. 1959 - TLS Mentions difficulties with collaborator on unidentified work in progress.
Box 1 Agee, James 1930 (1 Letter)
7 Jul. 1930 - TLS Refers to recent book published by Yale University Press.
Box 1 Aiken, Conrad 1929-1932, 1935, 1938-1942, 1944-1945 (23 Letters, 1 Christmas Card, 1 Card)
Undated - TLS
[1929] - TLS Mentions work on Emily Dickinson material.
17 Jul. 1929 - TLS Touches on current literary activity.
20 Aug. 1929 - TLS
[1930] - TLS
13 Nov. 1930 - TLS Comments on poems and format of Hillyer's The Gates of the Compass.
Dec. 1930 - Printed Christmas Card. Original poem "A.D. 1930" signed by author.
25 Feb. 1931 - TLS Deals with Aiken's current literary activity with comments on The Coming Forth By Day of Osiris Jones.
19 May 1931 - TLS Discusses the Pulitzer Prize award for that year and comments on contemporary authors.
19 Jan. 1932 - TLS Comments on Faulkner, Sophocles, Rilke and Aiken's current financial situation.
30 Jul. 1932 - TLS Philosophizes on writing with a criticism of Melody of Chaos; comments on Pulitzer Prize for that year and on Edna St. Vincent Millay.
20 Sept. 1935 - TLS Concerns Robin Flower, poet and translator.
2 Feb. 1938 - TLS Mentions summer school with comments on recent trip to Mexico.
6 Feb. 1939 - TLS Relates success of summer school.
21 Nov. 1939 - TLS Agrees to give reading if his teeth are in satisfactory condition on scheduled date.
9 Mar. 1940 - TLS Describes loss of teeth and projects for summer school.
13 Feb. 1941 - TLS Discusses critical reception of author's new book with Cowley on one side and Jarrell leading opposition.
17 Feb. 1941 - Signed Card. Notes a critical attack by Jarrell on author's new book with comments on Jarrell as a critic.
4 Nov. 1941 - TLS
5 Feb. 1942 - TLS Short note delivering annual "Cri de Coeur."
28 Jul. 1944 - TLS Speaks about anthologies.
28 Mar. 1945 - TLS Again discusses anthologies and their sales. Holograph notes on side.
15 May 1945 - TLS Discusses "The Soldier."
Box 1 The Atlantic Monthly 1956, 1958 (1 Letter, 1 Telegram)
20 Aug. 1956 - TLS Encloses assignment of copyright agreement for Hillyer's article In My Library, Late Afternoon.
28 Aug. 1958 - Telegram. Accepts Hillyer's One Kind of Colloquy for publication.
Box 1 Ames, Evelyn 1961 (1 Condolence Card) )
Dec. 1961 - Condolence Card.
Box 1 Armour, Richard 1949, 1960 (2 Cards)
19 Jun. 1949 - Signed Card. Appreciation of Hillyer's article on The Bollingen Award.
29 Nov. 1960 - Signed Card. Appreciation of Hillyer's In Pursuit of Poetry.
Box 1 Bacon, Leonard 1938, 1941 (3 letters)
12 Oct. 1938 - TLS Discusses possibility of Robert Frost leaving Amherst and going to Harvard.
19 May 1941 - ALS Mentions a gift of $50.00 for Grant Code.
15 Jun. 1941 - TLS Further reference to Grant Code.
Box 1 Bate, W. J. 1960 (1 Letter)
9 Jun. 1960 - TLS Former student praises Hillyer's ability to teach students to read aloud.
Box 1 Behn, Harry 1960 (1 letter)
15 Feb. 1960 - TLS Describes current progress on a book of poetry.
Box 1 Benet, Stephen Vincent undated (2 Letters)
Undated – ALS
Undated - TLS
Box 1 Benet, William Rose 1940, 1945, 1947-1950 (9 Letters, 1 Card)
19 Dec. 1940 - ALS Long interesting discussion of Benet's Prayer for England with views on the political situation in Europe.
25 Jul. 1945 - ALS Deals at length with Ezra Pound.
25 Aug. 1947 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for a Times review of one of the author's works.
16 Sept. 1947 - ALS Further comments on the review.
24 Mar. 1948 - TLS Deals with critical attack on Hillyer.
20 Apr. 1948 - TLS Deals with current works and with young Italian poet Colamussi.
28 Apr. 1948 - TLS Refers to Colamussi.
10 May 1948 - ALS Discusses title of a new Hillyer sonnet submitted to the Saturday Review of Literature.
24 Oct. 1949 - ALS Brief letter enclosing a photo of Benet.
19 Jun. 1950 - Condolence Card with note from Benet's secretary thanking Hillyer for his sympathy on behalf of Mrs. Benet.
Box 1 Bingham, Millicent Todd 1945, 1947, 1949, 1955 (8 Letters)
10 May 1945 - ALS Praises Hillyer's analysis of Emily Dickinson's reclusiveness in his article in The Freeman of 18 October 1922.
31 Jan. 1947 - ALS Discusses at length work editing partially published poems of Emily Dickinson.
26 Jun. 1949 - ALS Praises Hillyer's attack on Bollingen Award and comments on Emily Dickinson project.
4 Jan. 1955 - ALS
4 Feb. 1955 - TLS Discusses difficulties in editing of work on Emily Dickinson and notes possibility of Hillyer reviewing same.
24 May 1955 - ALS Mentions disappointment at finding no review by Hillyer in New York Times and expresses desire to see one by him.
28 Sept. 1955 - ALS Regrets missing opportunity to visit Hillyer and seeks his criticism of Emily Dickinson's Home.
5 Oct. 1955 - TLS Mentions unidentifiable Emily Dickinson book.
Box 1 Black, John 1952 (1 Letter)
15 Jun. 1952 - TLS Praises Hillyer's "Hammock In The Orchard" and comments on modern poetry in general.
Box 1 Bonner, Amy 1949 (2 Letters)
8 Jun. 1949 - TLS Praises Hillyer's article "Treason's Strange Fruit" and comments on U.S. State Department attitude toward Pound.
13 Jun. 1949 - TLS Further comments on aforementioned article with copy of a letter written by author to Saturday Review of Literature in reference thereto.
Box 1 Boyle, James Le Baron 1954 (1 Letter)
19 Nov. 1954 - ALS
Box 1 Boyle, Kay 1959 (1 Letter)
4 May 1959 - ALS States Boyle's willingness to second nomination of Howard Nemerov to National Institute of Arts and Letters.
Box 1 Bradbury, Ray 1959-1961 (4 Letters)
10 Sept. 1959 - TLS Appreciation of Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems containing information that Bradbury's story" The Shoreline At Sunset" was inspired by early Hillyer poem.
9 Jan. 1960 - TLS Contains anecdote about John Decker and John Barrymore, with enclosed story.
9 Apr. 1961 - TLS Discusses author's views on writers and critics.
17 May 1961 - TLS Appreciation of In Pursuit of Poetry.
Box 1 Bradford, Gamaliel 1922-1923 (3 Letters)
7 Nov. 1922 - TLS Invitation
16 Nov. 1922 - TLS Discusses Emily Dickinson.
20 Feb. 1923 - TLS
Box 1 Bridges, Robert 1920 (1 Letter)
10 Nov. 1920 - ALS Discusses current political situation in England; comments on Hitler and Germany; refers to attacks on Bridges.
Box 1 Briggs, Le Baron Russell 1916-1917, 1919-1931, 1933 (39 Letters, 2 Cards)
10 Apr. 1916 - TLS
26 Jun. 1917 - TLS To Hillyer's mother concerning the publication of Hillyer's first book of poetry.
30 Jul. 1917 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's book, describes commencement, touches on Hillyer in World War I.
21 Oct. 1919 - ALS
25 Oct. 1920 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's book Alchemy and describes a Harvard football game with Centre College, Kentucky.
22 Nov. 1920 - TLS Discusses Alchemy and One Man's Initiation by John Dos Passos.
30 Dec. 1920 - TLS Mentions comrades of Hillyer's.
3 Mar. 1921 - TLS Discusses translation of Danish lyric poets by Hillyer and S. Foster Damon.
17 Feb. 1922 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's Carmus.
23 Feb. 1922 - TLS Further remarks about Carmus and comments on publishers.
18 Jan. 1923 - ALS Discusses translations being made by
22 Mar. 1923 - TLS Hillyer and Damon. Comments on Carmus.
26 Mar. 1923 - ALS
3 Apr. 1923 - TLS
27 Apr. 1923 - TLS Additional comments on Carmus and Alchemy.
11 Jun. 1924 - TLS
26 Dec. 1924 - ALS Request Hillyer to aid in plans for Radcliffe Poetry Club.
16 Feb. 1925 - TLS
26 Sept. 1925 - ALS Candidly discusses Hillyer's The Halt In The Garden.
19 Nov. 1926 - ALS Discusses the author's retirement activities.
3 Feb. 1927 - ALS Discusses materials for possible use in English 5 at Harvard.
16 May 1927 - ALS
24 May 1927 - ALS
5 Oct. 1927 - ALS
4 Jan. 1928 - ALS
1 Apr. 1928 - ALS Praises Hillyer's The Seventh Hill and notes favorite poems in it.
8 Aug. 1928 - ALS Recommends a student to Hillyer.
25 Aug. 1928 - ALS Discusses student further, and comments on Briggs' essay recently sent to Hillyer.
25 Oct. 1928 - ALS Mentions Hillyer's work in English 5.
4 Apr. 1929 - Signed Card AS Proposes two subjects for next meeting with Hillyer.
15 Apr. 1929 - Signed Card.
20 May 1929 - ALS Analyzes and praises unnamed Hillyer platform poem.
29 May 1929 - ALS Discusses unnamed poem and comments on Briggs' former analysis.
1 Jun. 1929 - ALS Comments further on Hillyer's poem and Briggs' analysis of it.
22 Jun. 1929 - ALS
12 Jul. 1929 - ALS Invites Hillyer and family to Briggs' home.
8 Jul. 1930 - ALS Recommends individual for assistantship in English 5.
24 Oct. 1930 - ALS Briefly praises Hillyer's new unnamed book.
26 Feb. 1931 - ALS
26 Feb. 1931 - ALS
15 Jul. 1933 - ALS Highly recommends E. G. Barton for teaching position under Hillyer.
Box 1 Brooks, Van Wyck 1923-1924, 1933, 1947 (16 Letters)
16 Apr. 1923 – ALS Invites Hillyer to act as on occasional book reviewer for The Freeman.
30 Apr. 1923 - ALS Discusses possible reviews for The Freeman and commends Hewlett's Extemporary Essays.
8 May 1923 - ALS Mentions possible review of book on life and times of Tut-Ankh-Amen.
10 May 1923 - ALS Mentions Hillyer's interest in magic.
28 May 1923 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for a review.
19 Jul. 1923 - ALS Requests review of Egyptian History and Art by Quibell and of two new works by Wallis Budge.
30 Jul. 1923 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's reviews and on an essay by Epicurus.
13 Aug. 1923 - ALS Discusses possible books to be reviewed by Hillyer for The Freeman among them The Gate of Remembrance and Herman Ranke's Aeqyptian.
19 Sept. 1923 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for revised version of review of The Gates of Remembrance and requests copy of mislaid essay.
23 Sept. 1923 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for his essay "The Heart of The Matter" and mentions lost essay "Interpreting The Past."
6 Oct. 1923 - ALS Comments on two books — Shelley: The Man and The Poet and Father Taft.
23 Oct. 1923 - ALS Requests Hillyer's article on Chamberlin's "Queen Elizabeth."
28 Jan. 1924 - ALS States reasons for which The Freeman is to cease publication.
31 Aug. 1933 - ALS
9 Sept. 1933 - ALS Discusses collection of letters of Gamaliel Bradford, the inclusion of a Hillyer letter in the same, and the editing of the Charles Newcomb Journal, for which Hillyer recommended Odell Shepard.
7 Nov. 1947 - TLS Invitational letter of Academy of Arts and Letters.
Box 1 Brown, Abbie Farwell 1924 (1 Note)
10 Mar. 1924 - Signed Note, with holograph copy of author's poem "Saints and Friendly Beasts" inscribed to Hillyer.
Box 1 Brown, Hunly 1949 (1 Letter)
3 Jul. 1949 - ALS Detailed appreciation of Hillyer's "Dissection of Pound, Eliot and Company," with mention of a letter in which Eliot supposedly reversed his opinions on Milton.
Box 1 Buchanan, Helen W. 1949 (1 Letter)
14 Jul. 1949 - TLS Student requests help on thesis concerning Hillyer.
Box 1 Budge, E. A. Wallis 1922-1923 (2 Letters)
28 Nov. 1922 - ALS Grants permission to Hillyer to turn into verse ( The Coming Forth Day) any chapters of author's translation of The Book of The Dead.
28 Mar. 1923 - ALS Congratulates Hillyer on excellence of The Coming Forth BY Day.
Box 1 Burman, Ben Lucien 1952, 1956, 1959-1961 (8 Letters)
20 May 1952 - ALS Describes Burman's book High Water At Catfish Bend.
24 Jun. 1952 - ALS Repeats requests of previous letter and extends invitation.
30 May 1956 - ALS Remarks about Seven Stars for Catfish Bend.
13 Jul. 1959 - ALS Discusses Burman's The Street of The Laughing Camel and possibility of Hillyer's reviewing book for the New York Times Review.
20 Aug. 1959 - ALS
19 Sept. 1959 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for review of author's The Street of The Laughing Camel.
15 Nov. 1960 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's introduction to the author's The Owl Hoots Twice at Catfish Bend.
15 Jan. 1961 - ALS
Box 1 Butterfield, L. H. 1949 (1 Letter)
30 Jun. 1949 - TLS Praises Hillyer's articles on Ezra Pound and Bollingen Award.
Box 1 Bynner, Witter 1939, 1942, 1946-1949, 1952-1961 (31 Letters)
29 Aug. 1939 - TLS
21 Sept. 1942 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's First Principles of Verse.
19 Jun. 1946 - TLS Discusses Bynner's work on Lao-Tzu, his discovery and promulgation of Kahlil Gibran, and comments at length on Gene Fowler.
16 Oct. 1946 - TLS Remarks on Bynner's feud with Amy Lowell and encloses photographs.
31 Jul. 1947 - TLS Mentions the author's Take Away The Darkness.
19 Aug. 1947 - TLS Discusses some of Hillyer's poems, notably "Julia's Room."
16 Jan. 1948 - TLS with holograph addenda. Refers to Hillyer's Poems For Music.
23 Jul. 1949 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's stand on Pound controversy with acid comments on William Carlos Williams and other modern poets; contains quote of Aldous Huxley.
23 Aug. 1949 - TLS Mentions correspondence with W. R. Benet on Pound with clippings enclosed.
19 Nov. 1952 - TLS Mentions "Carl's" outbreak at Poetry Society of America meeting and author's choice for "Academy nomination"--David Morton.
22 Nov. 1953 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on marriage.
24 Sept. 1954 - TLS Discusses nomination of Oliver St. John Gogarty for nomination for Academy Award and contains interesting story concerning earlier failure to win Pulitzer Prize allegedly because of his supposed affluence.
20 Jan. 1956 - TLS
17 Feb. 1956 - TLS
12 Nov. 1957 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's The Relic And Other Poems and comments on his style.
11 Mar. 1958 - TLS Requests picture.
7 Apr. 1958 - Signed Note.
6 Nov. 1958 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's lecture on Robert Burns.
12 Nov. 1958 - TLS Inquires about Royall H. Snow.
5 Oct. 1959 - TLS Writes of Hillyer's poem "Assembling The Family" and mentions current project of Bynner.
10 Aug. 1960 - TLS Comments on Ezra Pound.
8 Nov. 1960 - TLS Comments on Bynner's book New Poems 1960.
5 Dec. 1960 - TLS Encloses letter from Ellery Larsson containing lengthy comments about Hillyer.
10 Dec. 1960 - TLS Discusses Santa Fe as retirement spot.
2 May 1961 - TLS Mentions vote in Academy of Arts and Letters.
15 May 1961 - TLS
21 Jun. 1961 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's Collected Poems and discusses Bynner's health.
25 Sept. 1961 - TLS
28 Nov. 1961 - TLS Further comments on health and Collected Poems.
12 Dec. 1961 - TLS Agrees to recommend Hillyer for Academy Award if Hillyer resigns from Academy.
4 Jan. 1961 - Letter of condolence to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 1 Cane, Melville 1952, 1958 (3 Letters)
1 Dec. 1952 - ALS Sends copy of "Woodberry's" letter praising Hillyer and comments on current activities of Cane.
3 Feb. 1958 - ALS Discusses current activities and encloses an inscribed typed copy of his poem "Enchanted Snow."
28 Jun. 1958 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's The Coming Forth By Day.
Box 1 Canfield, Cass 1956 (1 Letter)
26 Oct. 1956 - TLS Sends advance copy of Millay collection about to be published.
Box 1 Caras, Dean 1961 (1 Note)
29 Nov. 1961 - Signed Note. Mentions plan to produce Hillyer's play The Masquerade.
Box 1 Carman, Bliss 1923 (1 Letter)
30 Sept. 1923 - ALS Requests permission to use Hillyer's "Scarlatti Passepied" and selections from his "Sonnet Sequence" in new edition of Oxford Book of American Verse.
Box 1 Caughey, Elford 1949 (1 Letter)
27 Sept. 1949 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's articles on Pound and poem "The Death of Captain Nemo."
Box 1 Chamberlin, Frederick 1922-1924 (10 Letters, 1 Card)
13 Feb. 1922 - TLS Discusses author's The Private Character of Queen Elizabeth.
6 Mar. 1922 - ALS Encloses a clipping reviewing the author's book.
2 May 1922 - TLS Further comments on reviews author's book received on both sides of Atlantic.
1923 - Card with holograph greeting wishes Happy New Year.
Apr. 1923 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's translations of Danish lyric poets and comments on author's new book, The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth.
8 May 1923 - ALS Further comments on The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth.
20 Sept. 1923 - TLS Discusses the possible effects of a Hillyer review of The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth .
23 Oct. 1923 - ALS Urgently requests that Hillyer delay release of his review of The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth.
16 Nov. 1923 - Encloses clippings and typed copies of reviews of The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth.
8 Feb. 1924 - TLS Thanks for review of author's work in The Freeman, and praises Hillyer's writing style.
26 Mar. 1924 - ALS
Box 1 Chase, Mary Ellen 1935 (1 Letter)
5 Jan. 1935 - ALS
Box 1 Cheever, John 1959 (2 Letters)
4 Jan. 1959 - TLS Refers to Hillyer's essay in The New York Times of Jan. 4, 1959 mentioning author's The Wapshot Chronicle.
15 Jan. 1959 - TLS
Box 1 Chubb, T. C. 1959 (1 Letter)
31 Mar. 1959 - TLS Discusses Bermuda as a possible retirement spot for Hillyer.
Box 1 Chute, Marchette 1961 (1 Note)
2 Apr. 1961 - AS Writes concerning Hillyer's review of Jesus of Israel.
Box 1 Clemens, Cyril 1949, 1961 (2 Letters)
22 Jun. 1949 - ALS Requests Hillyer's definition of democracy for Symposium being organized by Clemens.
16 Dec. 1961 - ALS Concerns facsimile of President John F. Kennedy's tribute to Mark Twain.
Box 1 Coblentz, Stanton 1949 (3 Letters)
3 Jun. 1949 - TLS Compliments Hillyer on his article on poetry in the Spring number of The Lyric and encloses leaflet opposing Ezra Pound published by The League For Sanity In Poetry.
18 Jun. 1949 - TLS Strongly praises Hillyer's article on Pound in the Saturday Review of Literature.
5 Jul. 1949 - TLS Comments on and quotes from review of William Carlos Williams concerning Pound; encloses letter to Luther Evans protesting appointment of Williams as consultant in poetry and article entitled "The Rise of The Anti-Poet."
Box 1 Coffin, Robert P. Tristram 1936 (1 Letter)
8 Jul. 1936 - ALS Praises Hillyer's work and character.
Box 1 Colony, Horatio 1936, 1958 (2 Letters)
16 Mar. 1936 - ALS Concerns Colony's A Brook of Leaves.
24 Apr. 1958 - ALS Notes Colony's "Young Malatesta" and laments on the present state of poetry.
Box 1 Colum, Mary 1938, 1947 (4 Letters)
26 Apr. 1938 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's First Principles of Verse and describes current activities of the author in organizing poetry groups.
10 Mar. 1947 - TLS Discusses some of Colum's poetry.
12 Apr. 1947 - TLS Contains personal news.
24 Feb. [1947] - TLS Discusses Hillyer's review of Colum's poetry.
Box 1 Colum, Padraic 1921, 1949 (2 Letters)
4 Oct. 1921 - ALS Concerns Hillyer's poetry.
22 May 1949 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's "Ode To Aphrodite" and contemporary poetry.
Box 1 Copeland, Charles T. 1923, 1928-1930, 1932, 1935, 1937-1941, 1944 (35 Letters, 2 Cards)
4 May 1923 - TLS
5 Apr. 1928 - TLS Mentions Walter D. Edmonds.
20 Apr. 1928 - TLS
14 Nov. 1928 - TLS Requests Hillyer's phone number.
16 Nov. 1928 - TLS
30 Apr. 1929 - TLS
2 Feb. 1930 - TLS
3 May 1930 - TLS
13 Nov. 1930 - ALS
17 Dec. 1932 - ALS Writes of Walter D. Edmonds and of Hillyer's novel Riverhead.
7 Sept. 1935 - TLS
5 Mar. 1937 - TLS Discusses a Hillyer poem in The Atlantic.
9 May 1937 - TLS Refers to Hillyer's "Letter to Charles Townsend Copeland."
17 Jul. 1937 - TLS Encloses copy of letter from D. Moffat.
6 Sept. 1937 - TLS Comments further on "Letter to Charles Townsend Copeland."
18 Jan. 1938 - TLS Compliments Hillyer on A Letter To Robert Frost And Others.
10 Feb. 1938 -
16 Feb. 1938 - TLS
28 Apr. 1938 - TLS
16 May 1938 - TLS Mentions A Letter to Robert Frost and Others with addenda.
23 Jul. 1938 - TLS Mentions compliment to Hillyer from friend of Copeland.
21 Aug. 1938 - TLS More remarks about A Letter to Robert Frost and Others.
24 Aug. 1938 - TLS Encloses anecdote about John Barrymore.
7 Sept. 1938 - TLS Mentions Copeland's health.
19 Sept. 1938 - TLS Further mention of health.
6 Oct. 1938 - TLS
31 Dec. 1939 - TLS with addenda.
15 Jan. 1940 - ALS Makes date to get professional advice from Hillyer
26 Jun. 1940 - Signed Card. Compliments Hillyer on poem in The Atlantic.
16 May 1940 - TLS Discusses The Collected Verse of Robert Hillyer.
13 Oct. 1940 - TLS Inquires about Hillyer's condition.
26 Oct. 1940 - TLS Discusses the condition of Frank Hersey.
22 Max. 1941 - TLS Reminds Hillyer of luncheon date.
30 Jul. 1941 - TLS Comments on present condition of Copeland.
3 Aug. 1941 - TLS Inquires into Hillyer's present work.
30 Aug. 1941 - ALS Inquires into attitudes of Hillyer and other Harvard men toward war situation.
18 Dec. 1944 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's decision to give up Boylston Professorship and devote all time to writing.
Box 1 Cozzens, James Gould 1949-1950, 1955, 1960-1961 (6 Letters)
5 May 1949 - TLS
10 Feb. 1950 - TLS Detailed appreciation of The Death of Captain Nemo and compliments Hillyer on article about Pound.
10 Aug. 1955 - TLS
7 Nov. 1960 - TLS Discusses In Pursuit of Poetry.
12 Nov. 1960 - TLS Discusses possibility of giving quote for Hillyer's book.
26 Dec. 1961 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 1 Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin) 1938, 1961 (4 Letters) )
14 Nov. 1938 - TLS Requests details about proposed speaking engagement at Harvard before the Morris Gray Fund audience.
20 Nov. 1938 - TLS States certain conditions necessary for his acceptance of the mentioned speaking engagement.
16 Dec. 1938 - TLS
26 Dec. 1961 - TLS Encloses correct copy of poem by author and gives Hillyer permission to use it for unidentified project.
Box 2 Damon, S(amuel) Foster 1924-1928, 1932, 1937, 1947, 1957-1959, 1961-1962 (34 Letters)
24 Jun. 1924 - TLS Talks about author's work William Blake - His Philosophy and Symbols and about "Margery" mediumship.
6 Jul. 1924 - ALS Discusses American edition of author's work on Blake and Hillyer's Alchemy.
22 Jul. 1924 - ALS Further comments on Blake and discussion of possible radio program for poetry.
2 Aug. 1924 - ALS Mentions reappointments at Harvard.
13 Aug. 1924 - ALS Deals with spiritualism and the "Margery" mediumship.
30 Aug. 1924 - ALS Concerns mediumship and gives many details of Damon's attitude towards same.
5 Jun. 1925 - ALS Further details the "Margery" mediumship and describes a seance.
26 Jun. 1925 - ALS Discusses the seance at length and describes an incident in the "Margery" mediumship
2 July 1925 - ALS Describes new developments in the "Margery" mediumship in detail and quotes from Walter the ghost
5 Jul. 1925 - ALS Explains the incidents of the "Margery" mediumship as results of strong hypnotic suggestion, automatism and amnesia.
8 Jul. 1925 - TLS Discusses the solution of "Margery" incidents with remarks about the current literary activity of the author.
17 Jul. 1925 - ALS with Enclosures. Explains the entire "Margery" mediumship story and pieces together all details in an effort to give a complete resolution of the Problem. Supporting evidence is supplied. Enclosures as follows: (1) Letter from Grant H. Code explaining his hypotheses on "Margery" incidents and of a private interview with Walter the ghost; (2) Transcript of seance of 29 June 1925 signed by participants; (3) Transcript of seance of 30 June 1925 signed by participants; (4) Letter from Dr. Crandon concerning the reports of "Margery" seances and his reaction to the findings.
29 Aug. 1925 - ALS Describes author's personal difficulties
22 Jan. 1926 - ALS Seeks Hillyer's opinion on Astrolabe as a title for a book of author's poems, and comments on John Drinkwater.
25 Sept. 1926 - ALS Amusingly describes beginning of college year and new lodgings.
21 Nov. 1926 - ALS Discusses Damon's current literary activity especially two poems, "Bridge" and "Commentary On John X."
1926 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for a gift of pajamas and amusingly describes them.
15 Jan. 1927 - ALS Concerns author's book of poems, Astrolabe.
8 Feb. 1927 - ALS Contains new details of investigation of "Margery" mediumship.
23 Feb. 1927 - ALS Describes author's intention to move to Brown University
23 Mar. 1927 - TLS Details scandals following the "Margery" mediumship and comments on Sinclair Lewis' Elmer Gantry.
21 May 1927 - ALS
1927 - ALS Describes author's life and attitudes at Brown University.
31 Oct. 1927 - TLS
14 Oct. 1928 - ALS Mentions James Agee and discusses Damon's school year activities.
1 Oct. 1932 - TLS Amusingly describes laudatory reaction to Hillyer's novel Riverhead.
11 Nov. 1937 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's A Letter to Robert Frost And Others.
11 Dec. 1947 - TLS Discusses current activity.
7 Nov. 1957 - TLS
31 Oct. 1958 - TLS Mentions Damon's work on Blake.
17 Feb. 1959 - TLS Mentions Grant Code in detail and trip to New York.
14 Apr. 1959 - TLS Talks of Hillyer's The Relic And Other Poems.
16 Dec. 1961 - TLS Talks of work on Dictionary of Blake's Symbols.
3 Jan. 1962 - ALS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 2 Damrosch, Walter 1943 (1 Letter)
14 Apr. 1943 - TLS with holograph addenda. Discusses the possibility of setting one of Hillyer's poems to music.
Box 2 Davidson, Gustav 1949 (2 Notes)
18 Jun. 1949 - Signed Note. Encloses letter supporting Hillyer's stand on Pound.
22 Jul. 1949 - Signed Note. Encloses copy of night letter sent to Javits in support of Hillyer's stand in Library of Congress controversy.
Box 2 Decker, Clarence 1957 (13 Letters)
9 Sept. 1957 - TLS Discusses a "Hillyer feature" for The Literary Review mentioning several possible contributors and asking Hillyer's recommendations for articles concerning publishing.
12 Sept. 1957 - TLS Discusses unpublished correspondence to be used in Hillyer feature, accepts "four decades approach" to feature and emphasizes use to be made of Hillyer reminiscence; copy of letter to Winfield Scott enclosed.
17 Sept. 1957 - TLS Mentions Hillyer letters to Thomas H. Johnson to be included in article under discussion and mentions two articles by Oliver St. John Gogarty to be published in The Literary Review.
20 Sept. 1957 - TLS Mentions round-up feature on Gogarty and asks Hillyer to do article; encloses copy of letter to Winfield Scott and Gogarty.
23 Sept. 1957 - TLS Discusses death of Gogarty and mentions article about Hillyer.
26 Sept. 1957 - TLS Sets deadline for Hillyer article; encloses copy of letter to Winfield Scott.
14 Oct. 1957 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's eulogy of Gogarty.
15 Oct. 1957 - TLS Mentions passage in Hillyer letter on Robert Fitzgerald.
6 Nov. 1957 - TLS Names items to be included in feature on Hillyer.
22 Nov. 1957 - TLS Reports on progress of Hillyer feature and mentions use of unpublished Hillyer poems.
3 Dec. 1957 - TLS Discusses progress of Hillyer feature.
6 Dec. 1957 - TLS Names poems to be included in article on Hillyer.
12 Dec. 1957 - TLS Mentions Poetry Society of America dinner and encloses copies of letters to Alfred A. Knopf and Winfield Scott.
Box 2 Dello Joio, Norman 1958 (1 Letter)
7 May 1958 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for sending poems to be set to music.
Box 2 Devoto, Bernard 1936-1937, undated (4 Letters)
11 Sept. Undated - TLS Discusses the publication of a Hillyer poem in The Saturday Review of Literature, with comments regarding the magazine's change of policy.
19 Apr. Undated - ALS
14 Oct. 1936 - TLS Discusses the misprints in a Hillyer poem which appeared in The Saturday Review of Literature.
11 Aug. 1937 - TLS Discusses the review of Hillyer's A Letter To Robert Frost And Others and the problems of New York reviewers.
Box 2 Dodd, Lee Wilson 1932 (1 Letter)
14 Nov. 1932 - ALS Discusses and analyzes Hillyer's novel Riverhead at length.
Box 2 Dos Passos, John 1921-1922, 1925, 1927-1929, 1931, 1937-1938, 1940-1941, 1943-1944, 1947-1949, 1951-1961 (56 Letters, 14 Cards)
18 Jan. 1921 - ALS Concerns the review of Hillyer's Alchemy; autographed review enclosed.
3 Jul. 1921 - ALS Describes reaction to Venice.
14 Nov. 1921 - ALS Notes observations on Persia.
20 Nov. 1921 - ALS Discusses Dos Passos' projects.
10 Jan. 1922 - ALS Discusses present philosophical condition of Dos Passos.
31 Oct. 1922 - ALS Mentions the completion of a book.
20 Jul. 1925 - ALS Discusses personal state of health.
11 Sept. 1925 - ALS Writes about Manhattan Transfer.
27 Mar. 1927 - ALS Congratulations on the birth of Hillyer's son.
17 May 1927 - ALS
31 May 1927 - Signed Card.
23 Jul. 1928 - Signed Card. Describes Finland.
25 Apr. 1928 - ALS Discusses David Gordon case concerning imprisonment for writing "un-American" poetry, and encloses a mimeographed broadside asking for protest against this. copy of poem enclosed.
10 Jan. 1929 - ALS Deals with author's play Airways, Inc. which opened February 19, 1928.
22 Dec. 1931 - Signed Card.
9 Mar. 1937 - ALS
10 Sept. 1938 - ALS Mentions temper of Europe.
29 Jul. 1940 - Signed Card. Talks of a current Dos Passos' project.
2 Apr. 1941 - Signed Card.
20 May 1941 - Signed Card.
12 Aug. 1941 - Signed Card.
8 Sept. 1941 - ALS
10 Dec. 1941 - ALS
24 Feb. 1943 - ALS Mentions current literary activity of author.
24 Mar. 1943 - ALS Discusses author's book Number One humorously.
23 Dec. 1943 - ALS Requests loan of hundred dollars.
26 Dec. 1943 - ALS Contains an essay of sorts on overdrafting an account.
21 Jan. 1944 - ALS Refers to State Of The Nation.
1944 - Signed Card. Thanks Hillyer for loan.
16 Mar. 1944 - ALS Returns loan and inquires about trip Hillyer made.
3 Apr. 1944 - ALS Writes of book State Of The Nation and of a book by Dos Passos' wife.
3 Nov. 1944 - ALS Denies at length that the character "Savage" in State Of The Nation is a caricature of Hillyer.
1944 - ALS Discusses further crisis related to alleged caricature of Hillyer.
19 Sept. 1947 - ALS
13 Jan. 1948 - ALS Writes of eye trouble.
9 Sept. 1948 - Signed Card.
28 Jun. 1948 - Signed Card.
22 Aug. 1949 - (Marriage announcement of Dos Passos to Mrs. Elizabeth Holdridge.)
24 Oct. 1949 - Signed Card.
11 Jul. 1951 - ALS with enclosure.
29 Feb. 1952 - ALS Writes about Hillyer's Suburb By The Sea.
30 Oct. 1953 - ALS
1953 - ALS
Undated - Signed Card.
24 Feb. 1954 - ALS Discusses new book by Dos Passos.
17 Apr. 1954 - ALS Discusses projected visit by Hillyer.
17 Jul. 1954 - ALS Remarks about Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo and Suburb By The Sea.
19 Mar. 1955 - ALS Details of Hillyer's projected visit.
28 Mar. 1955 - ALS
29 Apr. 1955 - ALS
21 May 1955 - ALS Mentions interest in Essenes.
15 Jun. 1955 - ALS
10 Jan. 1956 - Signed Card.
29 Apr. 1956 - ALS Talks of book The Theme Is Freedom.
11 Jun. 1956 - ALS Discusses title to use for book The Theme Is Freedom.
15 Aug. 1956 - Signed Card.
25 Aug. 1957 - ALS Notes trip to Japan.
15 Sept. 1957 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's correspondence.
8 Nov. 1957 - ALS Describes Dos Passos' current condition.
3 Jan. 1958 - ALS
3 Feb. 1958 - ALS
28 Mar. 1958 - ALS
18 Apr. 1958 - ALS
28 May 1958 - ALS
12 Nov. 1958 - ALS
24 Nov. 1959 - ALS Writes about current literary activity.
18 May 1960 - ALS Contains some views on the current international situation.
14 Jul. 1961 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's Collected Poems, and notes history of World War I.
21 Oct. 1961 - ALS
11 Nov. 1961 - ALS
Box 2 Downes, W. L. 1918-1919 (21 Letters)
15 Jan. 1918 - ALS These letters are from a friend serving in AEF during World War I.
3 Mar. 1918 - ALS
12 Apr. 1918 - ALS
5 May 1918 - ALS
21 May 1918 - ALS
26 May 1918 - ALS
28 May 1918 - ALS
3 Jun. 1918 - ALS
8 Jun. 1918 - ALS
4 Jul. 1918 - ALS
17 Jul. 1918 - ALS
26 Jul. 1918 - ALS
5 Aug. 1918 - ALS
6 Sept. 1918 - ALS
26 Oct. 1918 - ALS
6 Nov. 1918 - ALS
10 Nov. 1918 - ALS
21 Nov. 1918 - ALS
26 Nov. 1918 - ALS
15 Mar. 1919 - ALS
17 Mar. 1919 - ALS
Box 2 Duke, Vernon 1937, 1957 (1 Letter, 2 Cards)
15 Mar. 1937 - Signed Card. Discusses setting some of Hillyer's poetry to music.
29 Jul. 1937 - Signed Card. Further remarks about setting some Hillyer poems to music and details Duke's current musical activity.
21 Jan. 1957 - ALS Concerns a Duke opera based on Pushkin.
Box 2 Eastman, Max 1929, 1950, 1954, 1961 (6 Letters, 2 Cards)
5 May 1929 - ALS Requests information about some sonnets by e. e. cummings.
22 Jun. 1929 - ALS Mentions current literary activity.
28 Mar. 1950 - Signed Card.
30 Aug. 1954 - TLS Writes about Poems of Five Decades.
10 Sept. 1954 - Signed Card. Discusses the possibility of a Hillyer review of Poems of Five Decades.
1 May 1961 - TLS Comments on nominees for National Institute of Arts and Letters.
21 Jun. 1961 - TLS Mentions book of Hillyer's.
20 Oct. 1961 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's In Pursuit of Poetry.
Box 2 Eaton, Charles Edward 1958 (1 Letter)
2 Jul. 1958 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's poetry and essays, laments of the general state of modern poetry, and details Eaton's current literary activities.
Box 2 Eberhardt, Richard 1940 (1 Letter)
5 Feb. 1940 - TLS Writes regarding Eberhardt's poetry and includes comments on other poets' activities.
Box 2 Edmonds, Walter D. 1930 (1 Letter)
27 Dec. 1930 - ALS Concerns a review of an Edmonds work.
Box 2 Eliot, T. S. 1932, undated (1 letter and 1 Christmas card)
28 Oct. 1932 - TLS
Undated - Christmas Card.
Box 2 Engle, Paul 1941, 1959 (3 Letters)
27 Dec. 1941 - TLS Regretfully refuses Hillyer's invitation to give Morris Gray Lecture at Harvard.
14 Jan. 1959 - TLS Mentions applicant for position recommended by Hillyer and describes life of State University of Iowa; encloses poem by Engle on Robert Frost.
16 May 1959 - TLS Encloses a book of poetry published by students of State University of Iowa.
Box 2 Faulkner, William 1956 (3 Letters)
1 Oct. 1956 - TLS Two letters under the same cover discussing plans for a meeting concerning President Eisenhower's "People-To-People Program."
20 Nov. 1956 - TLS Further discussion of the "People-To-People Program;" with mimeographed enclosure of facetious proposals and a serious program.
Box 2 Fessenden, Reginald 1924 (3 Letters)
9 Nov. 1924 - TLS Gives some information about The Book of The Dead and talks of some of the discoveries.
19 Nov. 1924 - TLS Invites Hillyer to tea.
3 Dec. 1924 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's Carmus and The Hills Give Promise, and mentions Hillyer's The Coming Forth by Day.
Box 2 Ficke, A. D. 1934 (1 Letter)
17 Oct. 1934 - TLS Replies to Hillyer's discussion of a person identified as "poor Ann."
Box 2 Fitts, Dudley 1947 (3 Letters)
20 Mar. 1947 - TLS Tells of the project editing Pound's Milan Cantos.
20 Jun. 1947 - TLS Writes regarding translation of Oedipus Tyrannos.
11 Sept. 1947 - TLS Writes about Hillyer's Poems for Music, and some essays by Hillyer on Greek literature.
Box 2 Fitzgerald, Robert 1957 (1 Letter)
17 Apr. 1957 - TLS Writes regarding translating the Odyssey.
Box 2 Fitzhugh, Robert T. 1959 (1 Letter)
11 Jun. 1959 - TLS with holograph marginalia. Expresses agreement with Hillyer's Saturday Review of Literature article and suggests that Hillyer has reversed opinion on Pound since days when author was Harvard student; Hillyer denies this in marginal note.
Box 2 Flaccus, Kimball 1956, 1958 (5 Letters)
12 Aug. 1956 - TLS Mentions Flaccus' current activities
15 Aug. 1956 - TLS and contemporary writers. Notes current literary endeavors and encloses a picture of author; also makes caustic comments on "the poobahs of modern poetry."
12 Sept. 1956 - TLS Describes reasons for disliking Gustav Davidson's methods of running Poetry Society of America.
14 Apr. 1958 - TLS Outlines current poetic activity.
16 Apr. 1958 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems.
Box 2 Fletcher, John Gould 1929-1930 (2 Letters)
28 Nov. 1929 - ALS Reports on some of Fletcher's work and mentions some current literature.
7 Dec. 1930 - ALS Discusses Branches of Adam and Hillyer's The Gates of the Compass.
Box 2 Fowler, Gene 1941-1951, 1953-1955, 1960, undated (97 Letters, 1 Telegram; 2 folders)
Undated - ALS
Undated - ALS
Undated - ALS Mentions enjoyment of Hillyer's work.
Undated - ALS Requests Hillyer to criticize two chapters of unnamed book.
5 May 1941 - ALS Encloses newspaper article written by Fowler and comments on current literary situation in U.S. and on current political scene.
17 Sept. 1941 - ALS Notes Timberline and remarks about Bennett Cerf.
14 Jan. 1942 - ALS Writes of Fowler's work with motion picture studios.
27 Jan. 1942 - ALS Mentions health difficulties of son.
9 Nov. 1942 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's My Heart For Hostage and discusses at length Good Night, Sweet Prince.
9 Mar. 1943 - TLS Writes at length on Hillyer's My Heart For Hostage and gives further details of Fowler's biography of Barrymore.
13 Mar. 1943 - ALS Further mentions Heart For Hostage.
23 Mar. 1943 - TLS Discusses possible sale of Hillyer's My Heart For Hostage to movie studios.
2 Apr. 1943 - TLS Mentions possible attitude of Bennett Cerf towards sale of Fowler's book to movie studios.
13 Apr. 1943 - TLS Discusses possibility of Hillyer writing an adaptation of My Heart For Hostage for Selznick.
30 Jun. 1943 - TLS Discusses further possibility of Hollywood job.
22 Nov. 1943 - TLS Consoles Hillyer on personal difficulties.
8 Dec. 1943 - TLS Mentions completion of book on Barrymore and the possible legal and personal difficulties arising therefrom.
29 Jan. 1944 - Telegram. Invites Hillyer to California.
5 Feb. 1944 - TLS Discusses details of Hillyer's trip to California.
9 May 1944 - TLS Expresses pleasure at Hillyer's visit.
8 Jun. 1944 - ALS Comments on current writing assignment.
25 Jul. 1944 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's Farrago.
10 Aug. 1944 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for his foreword to Illusion In Java.
17 Aug. 1944 - TLS Writes again of Hillyer's foreword to author's book.
5 Sept. 1944 - TLS Broaches possibility of Hillyer's Harvard class criticizing Fowler's current literary work.
1944 - ALS Discusses A Solo In Tom-Toms.
11 Sept. 1944 - TLS Encloses foreword to A Solo In Tom-Toms for criticism by Hillyer's Harvard class.
26 Sept. 1944 - ALS
1944 - ALS
2 Jan. 1945 - TLS Describes Fowler's health and refers to enclosure, a letter from Fred White which discusses Hillyer's retirement from Harvard.
29 Jan. 1945 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's current literary activity.
15 Feb. 1945 - TLS Encloses manuscript of A Solo In Tom-Toms for Hillyer's criticism.
1 Mar. 1945 - Telegram. Thanks Hillyer for suggestions about above mentioned work.
6 Mar. 1945 - TLS Discusses author's A Solo In Tom-Toms at length, with reference to Hillyer's suggestions about it.
20 Mar. 1945 - TLS Discusses in detail some revisions of author's A Solo In Tom-Toms and encloses a copy of a letter from Fowler to his publisher noting difficulties in finishing the book and of problems involved with Barrymore book.
23 Mar. 1945 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for his editorial comments, and describes serious incident in author's life.
2 Apr. 1945 - TLS Comments on an ode of Hillyer's.
6 Apr. 1945 - TLS Asks Hillyer to read revised version of author's above mentioned book.
30 Apr. 1945 - TLS
7 May 1945 - TLS
17 May 1945 - TLS
1 Jun. 1945 - TLS
12 Jun. 1945 - TLS Describes in detail visit to Ivy Baldwin, with discussion of projected literary activity.
23 Jun. 1945 - TLS
11 Jul. 1945 - TLS
24 Sept. 1945 - TLS
8 Oct. 1945 - TLS
7 Nov. 1945 - ALS
3 Dec. 1945 - TLS
12 Dec. 1945 - TLS
17 Dec. 1945 - TLS
4 Feb. 1946 - TLS
21 Feb. 1946 - TLS Mentions two short stories by Hillyer, one of them "Sophia's Villa."
30 Mar. 1946 - TLS Discusses Fowler's financial condition with mention of work projects to come.
8 Apr. 1946 - TLS
23 Apr. 1946 - TLS Discusses reviews of A Solo In Tom-Toms and its financial success.
1 May 1946 - TLS
6 May 1946 - TLS Amusingly discusses the literary implications of the "tune hit-parade."
16 Jun. 1946 - TLS Mentions fee for Hillyer's Introduction to Illusion In Java.
23 Sept. 1946 - ALS
17 Oct. 1946 -
25 Nov. 1946 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's work on a serial story.
22 Dec. 1946 - TLS
8 Jan. 1947 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's work on twenty- thousand-word story.
27 Jan. 1947 - TLS Outlines current projects — Rip Van Winkle and life story of Jimmy Walker — and story of Hillyer's.
17 Feb. 1947 - TLS
10 Mar. 1947 - TLS Notes completion of Hillyer's book of poems.
20 Mar. 1947 - TLS Describes meeting Robert Frost.
27 Mar. 1947 - TLS
4 Apr. 1947 - TLS
10 Jun. 1947 - TLS Notes death of friend John Decker.
23 Jun. 1947 -
1 Aug. 1947 - TLS
12 Aug. 1947 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on the Hillyer issue of The Lyric and gives long appreciation of Hillyer's work.
11 Sept. 1947 - TLS
7 Nov. 1947 - ALS Compliments Hillyer on Poems For Music.
13 May 1948 - TLS Discusses plans for book on life story of Jimmy Walker and encloses first two hundred pages of same for perusal by Hillyer; encloses letter to Martin Dunn of Journal-American suggesting Hillyer do some reviews for him.
23 Sept. 1948 - ALS
28 Sept. 1948 - ALS
3 Nov. 1948 - TLS Encloses more chapters of book on Jimmy Walker and comments on financial condition of Hollywood and publishing.
17 Nov. 1948 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for reading manuscript.
22 Jan. 1949 - ALS Comments on completion of Fowler's latest book.
23 Feb. 1949 - ALS Discusses manuscript version of The Death of Captain Nemo with specific criticisms.
30 Aug. 1949 - TLS Mentions The Death of Captain Nemo, discusses Hillyer's Saturday Review of Literature articles on Pound and T. S. Eliot.
27 Sept. 1949 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's move to Kenyon College.
20 Mar. 1950 - TLS Outlines health and current literary activity.
26 Apr. 1950 - TLS Mentions work on Jimmy Durante Story.
18 Nov. 1950 - TLS Mentions further work on Jimmy Durante Story.
29 Oct. 1951 - TLS Comments philosophically on lives of Fowler and Hillyer, and mentions Fowler's decision on life story of William Randolph Hearst.
Apr. 1953 - ALS Notes beginning of new unnamed book.
4 May 1953 - TLS Outlines new book about Sadakichi.
Sept. 1953 - ALS
26 Apr. 1954 - TLS
17 May 1954 - ALS
22 May 1954 - ALS Congratulates Hillyer on honorary degree and new position.
30 Dec. 1955 - ALS Seeks information about Hillyer's condition after auto accident.
4 Jan. 1960 - ALS Comments at length on personal condition and mentions new book in progress, Skyline.
1 Jun. 1960 - TLS Comments further on Skyline.
Box 2 Frost, Robert 1923-1924, 1931-1932, 1934-1935, 1937-1938, 1948-1950, 1953, 1956-1957, 1959-1962 (16 Letters [13 Copies], 1 Telegram, 11 Printed Christmas Poems)
14 Apr. 1938 - ALS Requests Hillyer to be honorary bearer at funeral in Johnson Chapel, Amherst College.
20 Apr. 1938 - Telegram. Explains above request.
20 Feb. 1959 - TLS Suggests date for speaking engagement at University of Delaware.
1 Jan. 1961 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for supporting him in unnamed endeavor.
25 Jan. 1923 - Copy; Mentions Frost poem "The Census-Taker" and compliments Hillyer on his abilities.
12 Mar. 1924 - Copy; Jokes about reading in public for Hillyer.
26 Jul. 1924 - Copy; Mentions further public reading.
4 Feb. 1931 - Copy; Comments on publisher's refusal to let Hillyer review author's book.
28 Sept. 1932 - Copy; Compliments Hillyer in verse.
5 Sept. 1934 - Copy; Comments on Hillyer's entry into the National Institute of Arts and Letters and on his Pulitzer Prize.
23 Mar. 1935 - Copy; Refers to Hillyer's support of author in his efforts to obtain a position at Harvard.
9 Feb. 1937 - Copy; Thanks Hillyer for coming to his rescue in unnamed event and requests help in recommending a fellowship applicant to Radcliffe.
16 Jun. 1937 - Copy
15 Sept. 1937 - Copy; Lengthy appreciation of Hillyer's unnamed book and promise to write more often.
14 Apr. 1938 - Copy
20 Jul. 1938 - Copy; Discusses difficulty of accepting Position in Harvard Latin Department while continuing as Overseer there and describes course he would like to teach.
11 Aug. 1938 - Copy; Discusses further difficulties in teaching a course at Harvard in the Latin Department.
Undated - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Christmas Trees."
Dec. 1948 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Closed For Good."
Dec. 1949 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Holiday Greetings."
Dec. 1950 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Doom To Bloom."
4 Jul. 1953 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Does No One But Me Ever Feel This Way At All In The Least."
Dec. 1956 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Kitty Hawk 1894."
Dec. 1957 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "My Objection To Being Stepped On."
Dec. 1959 - 2 Printed Copies of Christmas Poem "A Wishing Well."
Dec. 1960 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "Accidentally On Purpose."
Dec. 1962 - Printed copy of Christmas Poem "The Prophets Really Prophesy As Mystics The Commentators Merely By Statistics."
Box 3 Frye, Burton 1949 (2 Letters)
2 Sept. 1949 - ALS Supports Hillyer's position on Ezra Pound but criticizes his review concerning Mark Van Doren; with Enclosure.
18 Nov. 1949 - TLS copy of letter from Frye to Haydon Carruth with postscript to Hillyer.
Box 3 Garrett, Alice 1949 (1 Letter)
18 Jun. 1949 - ALS Strongly compliments Hillyer on his Saturday Review of Literature articles concerning Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot, with description of Pound's relationship to her and her husband; encloses copy of long letter from Pound to her.
Box 3 Garrison, Frank W. 1945, 1948-1949, 1951, 1953-1961 undated (45 Letters, 1 List)
Undated - List of Hillyer Letters to Garrison.
Undated - TLS Comments on Hillyer's opinion of Santayana and the Victorian novelists; mentions recent reading of Byron and relates family history pertaining to that author.
17 Sept. 1945 - Copy; Reminisces about early life and compliments Hillyer on sonnet "To A Poet Sailor" and review of Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke; comments on Albert Jay Nock and book pertaining to him.
26 Mar. 1948 - ALS Describes landscape in literary fashion and comments on literature.
29 Sept. 1949 - Copy; Describes trip home to California from Maine and comments further on work on book pertaining to Albert Jay Nock; compliments Hillyer on The Death of Captain Nemo.
7 Jun. 1949 - ALS
23 Jul. 1949 - TLS Mentions Goethe, Schweitzer, Hillyer's poem A Letter To Robert Frost and Others.
6 Aug. 1949 - Copy; Notes receipt of Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo, and lauds it highly.
29 Jul. 1951 - Copy
8 Apr. 1953 - Copy
26 Mar. 1954 - TL Compliments Hillyer on marriage and mentions Les Voix du Silence by Malraux and Italian Painters of The Renaissance by Berenson; mentions Hillyer's award for his poem "The Bat."
5 Dec. 1954 - TL Points out similarity of his background to Hillyer's and describes London of 1888, 1908 and comments on American presidents.
7 Apr. 1955 - TL
5 Jul. 1955 - TL
14 Oct. 1955 - TLS Mentions Joseph Jefferson.
2 Dec. 1955 - TLS Mentions Ellen Terry, Fanny Kemble and makes philosophical observations on optimism.
27 Jul. 1956 - ALS Discusses current reading with comments on many authors and their work.
27 Nov. 1956 - TL Mentions George Bernard Shaw.
4 Jun. 1957 - TL Comments on Byron and on publication of Hillyer's new unidentified volume.
21 Nov. 1957 - TL Thanks Hillyer for copy of his book, and mentions By Love Possessed.
5 May 1958 - TLS Reminiscences with comments about current reading of author.
5 July 1958 - TLS Reminiscences; encloses piece entitled "The Poet of Bedford Park" on W.B. Yeats for Hillyer's use.
23 July 1958 - TLS Mentions possibility of Hillyer writing article on W.B. Yeats.
25 Nov. 1958 - TLS Notes current literary work of Hillyer and mentions other literary figures with short discussion of their work.
26 Jan. 1959 - TLS Discusses Rousseau's persecution mania and mentions current literary work and reading.
12 Feb. 1959 - TLS Mentions Hillyer column "My Civil War & Suburbia."
13 Mar. 1959 - TL Mentions description of W.B. Yeats enclosed in earlier letter and asks if Hillyer intends to publish it.
7 May 1959 - TLS Discusses Boris Pasternak, Aldous Huxley.
7 July 1959 - TLS Continues discussion of Aldous Huxley at length.
21 Aug. 1959 - TLS Relates incident concerning Sidney and Beatrice Webb and Bernard Shaw.
14 Nov. 1959 - TLS Encloses account of mountain-climbing trip with Norbert Wiener and George Bonyoneos.
1 Dec. 1959 - TL Mentions that he has begun reading Le Salut by DeGaulle.
11 Jan 1960 - TLS
3 Mar. 1960 - TLS Mentions current reading with particular comment on DeGaulle's Le Salut.
31 May 1960 - TLS Mentions Le Salut and quotes from poem by Thomas Thorneley.
18 June 1960 - TLS Praises The National Review and notes current reading.
24 July 1960 - TLS
14 Sept. 1960 - TLS Discusses economics and article in The National Review on the Congo.
19 Oct. 1960 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's lecture on Robert Burns.
5 Dec. 1960 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's review of book on Emily Dickinson by Jay Leyda in Times Book Review and comments on Kennedy election.
1 Jan. 1961 - ALS Compliments Hillyer on In Pursuit of Poetry.
21 Jan. 1961 - TLS Outlines health condition.
12 Apr. 1961 - TLS Mentions health.
5 May 1961 - TLS Offers to return to Hillyer all letters written by him.
1961 - TLS
1 Jul. 1961 - ALS Comments on Garrison's health and on President John F. Kennedy.
Box 3 Gibson, Charles Dana 1938 (1 Letter)
1 Feb. 1938 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's imminent entry into the National Institute of Arts and Letters.
Box 3 Gogarty, Oliver St. John 1952-1957, undated (50 Letters)
Undated - TLS
Undated - TLS
4 Jun. 1952 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on his rhyme and poetry in general; mentions Edith Sitwell.
23 Jan. 1953 - TLS Praises in detail unnamed Hillyer book.
28 Feb. 1953 - TLS Asks Hillyer to sit for head by Jeanne Duplaix.
19 Mar. 1953 - TLS Schedules aforementioned sitting.
7 Oct. 1953 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's plans to review Gogarty's Collected Poems and coming reprints of As I Was Going Down Sackville Street and It Isn't.
12 Nov. 1953 - TLS Describes health.
10 Dec. 1953 - TLS
5 Jan. 1954 - TLS Relates reasons for not attending a dinner to be given by Leonora Speyer and gives Yeats' opinion of Joyce.
16 Jan. 1954 - TLS Mentions new book, Einstein; Leonora Speyer dinner.
6 Mar. 1954 - TLS Comments on Lord Dunsany and Theodore Weeks.
23 Mar. 1954 - TLS Urges Hillyer to review Gogarty's Collected Poems.
9 Apr. 1954 - TLS
26 Apr. 1954 - TLS Mentions projected book and gives origin of its title, Start From Somewhere Else
19 May 1954 - TLS Mentions further forthcoming publication of author's Collected Poems and It Isn't with comment on The Poetry Society of America monthly prizes.
28 May 1954 - ALS Announces publication of Collected Poems.
23 Jun. 1954 - ALS Sends copy of English edition of Gogarty's book of verse.
25 Jun. 1954 - TLS Gratefully acknowledges Hillyer's review of Collected Poems and mentions negotiations for publication of Start From Somewhere Else.
11 Jul. 1954 - TLS Notes author's Unselected Poems, a book of facetiae.
15 Jul. 1954 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's review of Collected Poems and notes conclusion of negotiations for projected book Start From Somewhere Else.
19 Aug. 1954 - TLS
6 Dec. 1954 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for recommendation for $5,000.00 prize from The Poetry Society of America.
16 Dec. 1954 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for invitation to lecture at University of Delaware.
27 Dec. 1954 - TLS
15 Feb. 1954 - TLS Asks that Hillyer not forget his promise to review Collected Poems for The New York Times.
1 Mar. 1954 - TLS Mentions plan to write a book Philosophy of Drinking and tells of dispute in The Poetry Society of America over recording made of a lecture by Lord Dunsany.
25 Mar. 1954 - ALS
15 Jan. 1955 - ALS Condolences on the death of Hillyer's brother Stanley.
Undated - Typed copy of author's poem "Locusts" with typed addenda.
23 Feb. 1955 - TLS Offers to arrange to have Lord Dunsany sit for Jeanne Hillyer.
24 Feb. 1955 - TLS Suggests name for lecture at University of Delaware and comments on Lord Dunsany.
25 Feb. 1955 - TLS Recommends that Hillyer resign from all non-monetary appointments.
12 Mar. 1955 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's resignation from non-monetary appointments.
1 Apr. 1955 - TLS Comments on award of $5000.00 to Padraic Colum.
1 Oct. 1955 - TLS Mentions Gogarty's unnamed book and Hillyer's inclusion.
19 Nov. 1955 - ALS Notes review of unnamed Hillyer poem.
1 Dec. 1955 - TLS Comments on publisher's policies concerning fees for poetry and amusingly describes lecture at The Library Of Congress.
11 Dec. 1955 - ALS Quotes part of unnamed Hillyer poem and encloses A. M. Sullivan's satire on the commercialization of Christmas.
22 Dec. 1955 - ALS
28 Dec. 1955 - TLS Recommends that Hillyer resign immediately from Fellowship of The Academy of American Poets and inquires after details of automobile accident.
10 Mar. 1955 - TLS Mentions sale of poem about supersonic juke-box and comments on possible change in Ode by Hillyer.
22 Apr. 1955 - TLS Quotes poem about supersonic juke-box.
4 May 1956 - TLS Describes Aldous Huxley lecture and mentions lectures by Hillyer on Milton's Lycidas and Davidson on Browning's The Ring And The Book.
12 May 1956 - TLS
8 Jun. 1956 - TLS
14 July 1956 - ALS Asks permission to quote from Hillyer's lecture on Milton in planned address at Dublin University.
5 Sept. 1956 - TLS Describes trip to Ireland.
15 May 1957 - TLS Comments favorably on Hillyer's address "The Pursuit of Poetry" at Marshall College.
19 Aug. 1957 - TLS Encloses book by Clark Kinnard.
Box 3 Green, Theodore Francis 1949 (1 Letter)
13 Aug. 1949 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for letter of August 5th concerning Fellows of American Literature of the Library of Congress and promises that the matter will be brought up at the next meeting of the Joint Committee on The Library Of Congress.
Box 3 Gregory, Horace 1941-1942, 1944-1945, 1947, undated (10 Letters)
Undated - TLS Thanks Hillyer for accepting Invitation to give a reading.
1 Apr. - ALS
25 Mar. 1941 - TLS Requests letter of introduction to Kenneth Murdock so author may use Melville manuscript at Harvard.
1 Apr. 1941 - TLS Notes that this request was granted.
13 Jun. 1941 - TLS
1 Jun. 1942 - ALS Mentions Russell Louis Award.
31 Dec. 1944 - TLS Notes Hillyer's decision to retire.
11 Jan. 1945 - ALS
6 Oct. 1947 - TLS Invites Hillyer to give poetry reading at Young Men's Hebrew Association in New York City.
1947 - ALS Notes Hillyer's acceptance of invitation to give reading.
Box 3 Hampson, Alfred Leete 1929 (2 Letters)
17 Apr. 1929 - TLS Comments on first edition of Emily Dickinson's poems, Further Poems; clipping enclosed.
21 Mar. 1929 - ALS Describes attitude Hampson and Martha Dickinson Bianchi intend to take in editing Emily Dickinson's poems for projected work, Further Poems of Emily Dickinson.
Box 3 Havighurst, Walter 1948, 1956, 1961 (4 Letters)
3 Feb. 1948 - TLS
29 Mar. 1948 - TLS Mentions certain literary work of Hillyer's.
1 Jan. 1956 - ALS
30 Dec. 1961 - ALS Condolences from Mrs. Havighurst to Mrs. Hillyer.
Hay, Sally Henderson
See Lopatnikoff, Sally (Mrs. Nikolai)
Box 3 Hergesheimer, Joseph undated (1 Letter)
Undated - ALS Conducts a long philosophical discussion of literature.
Box 3 Hodgson, Ralph 1945-1952 undated (6 Letters, 13 Poems)
1944 - Printed copy of A Flying Scroll No. 1, a small collection of poems printed on an oblong sheet.
1945 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 2.
1945 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 3.
1945 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 4.
1946 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 5.
1947 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 6.
1948 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 7.
1948 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 8.
1948 - Printed Copy, The Muse & The Mastiff, signed.
1949 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 9, signed.
9 Jan. 1949 - Printed Copy, Silver Wedding and Other Poems, signed.
1950 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 10, signed.
1952 - Printed Copy, A Flying Scroll No. 11, signed.
Undated - ALS
8 Jan. 1949 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's work.
22 Jan. 1950 - TLS
9 Feb. 1950 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo.
17 Apr. 1951 - ALS
22 Apr. 1951 - ALS
Box 3 Holmes, John 1937, 1958 (3 Letters)
9 Sept. 1937 - TLS Discusses Hillyer book to be published concerning Robert Frost, and recent reviews of Edna St. Vincent Millay.
13 Sept. 1937 - TLS Further comments on Frost book, an estimation of Conrad Aiken, and a lengthy discussion of Hillyer work.
29 Jan. 1958 - TLS Encloses picture of daughter.
Box 3 Howard, John W. 1962 (1 Letter)
16 Jan. 1962 - TLS Describes causes of Hillyer's death.
Box 3 Howe, N. A. Dew. 1929, 1936-1937 (4 Letters)
12 Apr. 1929 - ALS
13 Oct. 1929 - ALS Congratulates Hillyer on Phi Beta Kappa Poem.
3 Sept. 1936 - ALS Encloses verses for Hillyer's comment.
27 Aug. 1937 - ALS Notes appreciation of Hillyer's work, A Letter to Robert Frost and Others.
Box 3 Huff, Robert 1960-1961 (6 Letters)
16 Nov. 1960 - TLS
26 Jan. 1961 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's participation in Academy of American Poets Contest and mentions book of Huff, The Swinger: A Book of Dreams.
23 Feb. 1961 - TLS Further discussion of contest and book.
19 Apr. 1961 - TLS Encloses best entries to contest for Hillyer's judgment and mentions essay by Mark Watson.
20 Nov. 1961 - ALS Notes regarding Academy of American Poets Prize.
11 Dec. 1961 - ALS Relates news of Mr. Gerard Delaney, a winner of previous years Reading Poetry Prize.
Box 3 Humphries, Rolfe 1957 (1 Letter)
1957 - Mimeographed with holograph addenda. Invites Hillyer to appear in Ballantine anthology New Poems.
Box 3 Huxley, Aldous 1937 (1 Letter)
22 Apr. 1937 - ALS
Box 3 Jeltrup, Thomas L. 1949 (1 letter)
15 Jun. 1949 - TLS Supports Hillyer's articles on Ezra Pound, with comparison of Pound to Dante.
Box 3 Jensen, Johannes V. 1920-1922 (4 Letters)
28 Oct. 1920 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's poem.
13 Dec. 1920 - ALS
24 Apr. 1921 - ALS
26 May 1922 - ALS
Box 3 Johnson, Thomas H. 1955-1959 (25 Letters)
14 Sept. 1955 - ALS
25 Sept. 1955 - TLS Comments on early Hillyer article on Emily Dickinson.
19 Sept. 1955 - ALS
28 Nov. 1955 - ALS Mentions Hillyer review of book on Emily Dickinson.
4 Mar. 1956 - ALS Mentions work on Emily Dickinson letters and discusses the joys of music.
13 Sept. 1957 - ALS Notes book of Emily Dickinson letters.
17 Sept. 1957 - ALS Mentions book Man's Emerging Mind by N. J. Berrill.
28 Nov. 1957 - TLS Comments at length on book of Emily Dickinson letters.
29 Nov. 1957 - ALS Comments further on Emily Dickinson letters.
3 Dec. 1957 - ALS Discusses at length the relationships of Emily Dickinson and those around her.
19 Dec. 1957 - TLS Comments on Hillyer review of Emily Dickinson letters prior to publication of same.
27 Dec. 1957 - ALS Expresses desire to have Hillyer write further on importance of Browne, an associate of Emily Dickinson.
2 Apr. 1958 - ALS Comments briefly on Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems, relates anecdote concerning Thomas Reed Powell; comments on literary work in progress.
2 Jan. 1958 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems.
6 Jan. 1958 - TLS with holograph addenda. Comments on introduction to book on Emily Dickinson.
29 Feb. 1958 - ALS
19 Mar. 1958 - ALS Comments on response to publication of Emily Dickinson book.
18 Apr. 1958 - ALS
4 May 1958 - ALS
5 Jun. 1958 - ALS
26 Jun. 1958 - ALS Mentions review in Times Literary Supplement concerning Emily Dickinson.
16 Jun. 1958 - TLS
12 Jul. 1958 - ALS
1 Sept. 1958 - ALS
14 May 1959 - ALS
Box 3 Jones, Howard Mumford 1937, 1949 (2 Letters)
17 Sept. 1937 - TLS Analyses Hillyer's work with comments on its implications for modern verse.
20 Jun. 1949 - TLS Supports Hillyer's stand on Ezra Pound and Bollingen Award.
Box 3 Keith, Joseph Joel 1958, 1960 (2 Letters)
27 Feb. 1958 - ALS Discusses current condition of modern American poetry in relation to various magazines.
6 Jan. 1960 - ALS
Box 3 Keller, Helen 1947 (1 Letter)
12 Dec. 1947 - TLS Appreciates Hillyer's poetry.
Box 3 Kent, Louis 1945, 1947-1953, 1955, 1957, 1961 (83 Letters)
Undated 1945 - ALS Analyzes new Hillyer poems "The Inscription," "The Aftertone," "Chanson Triste," "The PhD's."
1 Nov. 1945 - ALS Informs Hillyer of author's success in selling two poems to The New Yorker.
21 Nov. 1945 - TLS Encloses poems and gives detailed description of author's background and literary development.
25 Feb. 1947 - TLS Discusses future publication of his own poems, comments on Hillyer's "Never Come Back" and outlines aid Hillyer gave to the launching of Kent's literary career.
10 Apr. 1947 - ALS Discusses despondency over literary activity and various literary figures including Hillyer.
29 Jun. 1947 - TLS Comments on book by Marya Zaturenska and Horace Gregory and encloses poems and some magazines for Hillyer's inspection.
10 Sept. 1947 - TLS Criticizes poem of Hillyer's at length and mentions Kent's difficulties publishing.
21 Sept. 1947 - ALS Lengthy appreciation of Hillyer's new book with criticism of some of the poems.
12 Oct. 1947 - TLS Further comments on Hillyer's new book and quotes opinion of friend on same.
3 Nov. 1947 - TLS Describes Grant Sanders whose opinion was included in preceding letter, and also describes Kent's life.
4 Dec. 1947 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's work; includes poem "Latitudes" with explanation of same.
14 Dec. 1947 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's "The Garden of Artemis"; criticizes Hillyer's work at length.
21 Jan. 1948 - TLS Comments on Kent's current success and failure to gain publication.
10 Feb. 1948 - ALS
7 Mar. 1948 - ALS Discusses further publication difficulties with quotation of letter from John Crowe Ransom; and mention of young poet Laurie Lee.
13 Jun. 1948 - ALS Discusses reviews of poet Laurie Lee's book in relation to current condition of American literary scene.
25 Jun. 1948 - ALS Discusses attitude toward forthcoming publication of poems.
13 Jul. 1948 - TLS Encloses manuscript of poems.
26 Sept. 1948 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on "The Aftersong."
12 Oct. 1948 - ALS Comments on relationship with Ted Weeks of The Atlantic Monthly and John Crowe Ransom.
25 Oct. 1948 - ALS Mentions reaction to recently published Kent poem and comments on review of a Peter Viereck book by Selden Rodman.
7 Nov. 1948 - ALS Detailed appreciation of The Death of Captain Nemo and comments on unnamed sonnets of Hillyer's.
21 Nov. 1948 - ALS Lengthy appreciation and criticism of part two of Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo.
13 Dec. 1948 - ALS Specifically comments on Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo, discusses author's current literary activity, and refers to T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and W. B. Yeats.
1 Jan. 1949 - TLS Comments further on Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo; encloses two poems.
11 Jan. 1949 - ALS Criticizes The Death of Captain Nemo section by section and encloses a list of line by line objections.
6 Feb. 1949 - TLS Comments further on The Death of Captain Nemo and describes Inez Boulton; mentions sale of two poems; and describes books recently sent by Laurie Lee.
13 Feb. 1949 - ALS Analyzes The Death of Captain Nemo.
24 Feb. 1949 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's meeting with Edith Sitwell and his aid in Kent's admission to The Poetry Society of America; comments on Kent's current literary activity and reading.
13 Mar. 1949 - TLS Describes revision of "Professor Mortimer" and mentions acceptance of "I. Scrivner" by Horizons magazine; encloses copy of "Professor Mortimer."
1 Apr. 1949 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's articles in The Saturday Review of Literature on Ezra Pound and mentions Kent's work on his book.
12 May 1949 - ALS Mentions Hillyer's efforts to obtain award for Kent and discusses current publication of poems by Kent and Peter Viereck; revised "Professor Mortimer" enclosed.
12 Jun. 1949 - TLS Comments on and quotes from Hillyer's The Saturday Review of Literature article on Ezra Pound and comments on Yeats.
1 Jul. 1949 - ALS Comments further and praise of Hillyer's article on Ezra Pound, and quotation of poem to be reprinted in Poetry Awards.
4 Aug. 1949 - ALS Encourages Hillyer to retain faith in worth of The Death of Captain Nemo despite attacks resulting from articles on Ezra Pound in The Saturday Review of Literature.
10 Aug. 1949 - TLS Encloses manuscript for forthcoming book and requests Hillyer's criticism.
28 Aug. 1949 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's criticism of Kent's poems.
30 Sept. 1949 - ALS Compares Kent's and Hillyer's attitude regarding manuscript and mentions adverse reviews of Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo.
23 Oct. 1949 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's articles on Ezra Pound and comments on Kent's current reading.
29 Nov. 1949 - TLS Mentions money received from Shelley Memorial Award and encloses poems.
1 Jan. 1950 - TLS Discusses attack by Dos Passos and others on Hillyer's Ezra Pound articles, describes current literary activity, mentions Louise Bogan, Gwendolyn Brooks, John Crowe Ransom.
22 Jan. 1950 - TLS Criticizes six Hillyer poems, with brief mention of Louise Townsend Nicholl and Peter Viereck's Conservatism Revisited; encloses copy of poem "Lullaby For A Squirrel."
19 Feb. 1950 - ALS Comments on sale of Hillyer poem to The New Yorker and sale of Kent's "Lullaby For A Squirrel" to same; discusses demise of Tiger's Eye and change in editors at Poetry; poem enclosed.
15 Mar. 1950 - ALS Describes Dylan Thomas' poetry reading in Washington; poems enclosed.
16 Apr. 1950 - TLS Mentions forthcoming publication of book Declensions of The Air.
23 Apr. 1950 - TLS Criticizes Hillyer's poem and comments on two Kent poems.
25 May 1950 - ALS From Louis Kent's wife.
25 May 1950 - ALS Describes anxiety over forthcoming publication of Declensions of The Air.
4 Jun. 1950 - ALS Comments on Louise Townsend Nicholl.
15 Jun. 1950 - ALS Discusses The Merry Go Round By The Falls.
21 Jun. 1950 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's sale of "Under Great Trees" to The New Yorker.
31 Jul. 1950 - ALS Discusses attempts to write blank verse and comments on possibility that his book will be reviewed by Inez Boulton in Poetry; two poems enclosed.
27 Aug. 1950 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's participation in radio program on Dante, and mentions poems of Kent and Hillyer.
17 Sept. 1950 - TLS Discusses current moods and encloses copy of recent poem. 51
1 Oct. 1950 - ALS Discusses forthcoming publication of Declensions of The Air and criticizes
29 Nov. 1950 - ALS unnamed Hillyer poem. Appreciation of Hillyer's work.
15 Oct. 1950 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for his review of author's Declensions of The Air.
14 Jan. 1951 - TLS Describes various reactions to Kent's book and encloses review of same; inquires about Academy Award to e.e. cummings.
7 Mar. 1951 - ALS Comments on poem of James Wright and discusses Hillyer's criticisms.
2 May 1951 - ALS Reviews trip to England.
28 Jun. 1951 - ALS Discusses forthcoming unnamed Hillyer book.
26 Aug. 1951 - TLS Mentions current reading and efforts of Poetry magazine to obtain review of Kent's book.
28 Oct. 1951 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's financial and general condition, mentions publication in Kenyon Review of poems by James Wright.
18 Dec. 1951 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's poem "Suburb By The Sea," Christopher Fry's A Sleep of Prisoners, and Peter and Katinka DeVries.
23 Mar. 1952 - TLS Explains liking for Dylan Thomas and describes poetry reading of W. H. Auden and Robert Frost; encloses poems.
4 May 1952 - ALS
22 Jun. 1952 - TLS Praises Hillyer's poem "The Bats" and describes meeting with Ellen Borden Stevenson.
12 Oct. 1952 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's criticisms of poems; encloses poem.
28 Dec. 1952 - ALS Recounts amusing story about Sir Osbert Sitwell and mentions Josephine Tey's A Daughter of Time; encloses poem.
23 Mar. 1953 - ALS Mentions sale of two poems to The New Yorker and recounts meeting Louis MacNiece.
26 Jun. 1953 - Card AS Untitled poem.
26 Jul. 1953 - TLS Mentions current literary activity; encloses poems.
22 Nov. 1953 - ALS Mentions new writing project, and comments on various modern poets.
30 Jan. 1955 - ALS Sends copies of The Spectator, Andrew Young's Collected Poems, The Annotator, and Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim.
11 Aug. 1955 - ALS
9 Oct. 1955 - ALS Mentions Hillyer's date to read poetry in Washington and comments on Kent's inability to write poetry.
28 Dec. 1955 - ALS Mentions Hillyer's recovery from auto accident.
14 Sept. 1957 - ALS Agrees to send Hillyer some of the letters he has sent over the years for projected article.
21 Sept. 1957 - TLS Encloses letters and comments on them; inquires after Hillyer protégés James Wright and James Gould Cozzens.
15 Oct. 1957 - ALS Compares Hillyer letter to those of Horace Walpole and comments on review of unnamed Hillyer book.
25 Apr. 1961 - TLS
9 May 1961 - ALS Returns Hillyer letters and comments on In Pursuit of Poetry.
4 Jul. 1961 - TLS Discusses earlier relationship to Hillyer and comments on Hillyer's Collected Poems and on review of same.
Box 3 Kiernan, John 1952 (1 Letter)
5 May 1952 - TLS
Box 3 Kittredge, G. L. 1937 (1 Card)
26 Jun. 1937 - Signed Card with message in verse.
Box 3 Knopf, Alfred A. 1949, 1956-1957, 1959-1961 (31 Letters)
2 Feb. 1949 - TLS Describes reactions to Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo and mentions plans for publication; contract letter enclosed.
12 Apr. 1949 - TLS Detailed explanation of difficulties related to publication of Kahlil Gibran's Tears and Laughter.
7 Jun. 1949 - TLS Praises Hillyer's article on the Bollingen Award and raises further questions about the implications of the award.
6 Mar. 1956 - TLS
18 Jun. 1956 - TLS
13 Jul. 1956 - TLS Accepts Hillyer's unidentified volume of verse for publication.
13 Jul. 1956 - TLS
20 Jul. 1956 - TLS
25 Jul. 1956 - TLS
15 Oct. 1956 - TLS
8 Feb. 1957 - TLS
11 Feb. 1957 - TLS
21 Feb. 1957 - TLS
4 Mar. 1957 - TLS
20 Mar. 1957 - TLS Mentions copyright assignments for Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems and design of volume.
27 Mar. 1957 - TLS Discusses production and design of Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems.
17 Apr. 1957 - TLS Requests clarification on publication date of Hillyer poem, with copy of poem enclosed.
29 Apr. 1957 - TLS
29 Aug. 1957 - TLS
16 Dec. 1957 - TLS Mentions Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes and books The Castle and The Trial.
21 Aug. 1959 - TLS Mentions preparation for publication of Hillyer's Collected Poems.
10 Sept. 1959 - TLS
6 May 1959 - TLS Comments on request by McGraw-Hill firm that Hillyer publish In Pursuit of Poetry with them.
20 Jul. 1959 - TLS Comments further on McGraw-Hill plans.
21 Apr. 1960 - TLS Mentions proposed Hillyer volume Collected Poems and encloses statement on business future of Alfred A. Knopf, Incorporated.
16 Jun. 1960 - TLS Mentions target date for publication of Hillyer's Collected Poems.
31 May 1961 - TLS Encloses copy of letter from Peter Viereck.
13 Jun. 1961 - TLS
22 Jun. 1961 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's Collected Poems and In Pursuit of Poetry.
5 Dec. 1961 - TLS Mentions further Hillyer's Collected Poems.
Box 4 Kreymborg, Alfred 1924, 1949 (3 Letters)
2 Oct. - TLS Requests possibility of speaking engagement.
27 Jun. 1924 - TLS Mentions another speaking engagement and current literary activity.
9 Jun. 1949 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on exposing fascism.
Box 4 Leach, Henry Goddard 1949, 1961 (4 Letters)
Undated - ALS
7 Jun. 1949 - ALS
8 Jun. 1949 - ALS
27 Dec. 1961 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 4 Leon, Maurice 1949 (2 Letters)
19 Jul. 1949 - TLS Discusses Jung's relationship to Nazism.
29 Jul. 1949 - TLS Discusses Pound and Jung and encloses copy of letter from Harrison Smith.
Box 4 Lowell, Amy 1923-1925 (4 Letters, 1 Invitation)
2 Nov. 1923 - TLS Mentions impending speaking engagement, Hillyer's poem "Cow," and work by Lowell.
15 Mar. 1924 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's unexplained poisoning and describes poetry reading given by Lowell.
5 Jun. 1924 - TLS Mentions Hillyer letter defending her against critical attack.
Apr. 1924 - Printed Invitation.
13 Apr. 1925 - TLS
Box 4 Lopatnikoff, Sally (Mrs. Nikolai) 1959 (2 letters)
mentions John Wheelwright, Sara Teasdale, Jack Wheelock, Vachel Lindsay, Robert Frost, also her collection of poetry The Stone and the Shell.
Box 4 Luri, Herman 1950, 1958, 1961 (4 Letters)
21 Dec. 1950 - ALS Encloses musical setting of Hillyer's "The Dance will end at midnight" and "Uneventful Return" and names 19 other songs to which author has supplied settings.
14 Dec. 1958 - ALS Appreciation of the work of Hillyer and mention of musical for Hillyer's "Here is My Book."
3 Jun. 1961 - ALS
20 Jan. 1961 - ALS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 4 Lyle, Donald 1949 (1 Letter)
15 Jun. 1949 - TLS Elaborate philosophical discussion, with three enclosures.
Box 4 Mac Dowell, Mrs. Edward 1935, 1937, 1941 (3 Letters)
11 Apr. 1935 - ALS Mentions recommendation made by Hillyer and describes and discusses the character of the MacDowell colony.
16 Jul. 1937 - ALS Discusses rejected applicants and invites Hillyer to the colony.
2 Apr. 1941 - TLS
Box 4 Machen, Arthur 1922-1938 (99 Letters)
2 Nov. 1922 - Copy; Mentions Far Off Things and Things Near and Far.
21 Nov. 1922 - Copy; States interest in New England and makes general comments.
22 Mar. 1923 - Copy; Mentions The Process and discusses mystic experience.
4 May 1923 - Copy; Praises both Hillyer's The Hills give Promise and review of Machen's book by Hillyer; mentions projected book.
23 May 1923 - Copy; Mentions The Process and describes unfavorable review in The Boston Evening News.
20 Sept. 1923 - Copy; Mentions Hillyer's review of Machen's work and his Essay on Epicurus and describes home county.
24 Oct. 1923 - Copy; Discusses attitudes toward rationalism.
25 Apr. 1924 - Copy; Comments on Emily Dickinson and book The Glorious Mystery; mentions Precious Balms.
27 May 1924 - Copy; Mentions desire for a Harvard honorary degree and offers Hillyer aid in publishing poetry in England.
9 Jul. 1924 - Copy; Agrees to write introduction for Hillyer's poems.
4 Sept. 1924 - Copy; Comments on Precious Balms.
15 Dec. 1924 - Copy; Mentions introduction for Hillyer's poems and forthcoming publication of book The Shining Pyramid.
15 Jun. 1925 - Copy; Comments on American author, Miss Wilkins, and mentions book The Canning Wonder.
23 Jul. 1925 - Copy; Comments on mysterious experience of Hillyer and inquires about Weathersfield, Connecticut.
1 Aug. 1925 - Copy
1 Sept. 1925 - Copy
6 Nov. 1925 - Copy; Comments on changes in English life.
25 Feb. 1926 - Copy
29 Mar. 1926 - Copy;
4 May 1926 - Copy; Explains procedure by which foreigners can marry in England.
20 May 1926 - Copy; Comments on Hillyer's decision to marry in America and on strike in England.
17 Jun. 1926 - Copy; Comments on Hillyer's "Prothalamion."
15 Jul. 1926 - Copy; Mentions Hillyer's plans to visit England.
5 Aug. 1926 - Copy
11 Aug. 1926 - Copy
13 Aug. 1926 - Copy
3 Sept. 1926 - Copy; Mentions success of unnamed Hillyer book.
13 Oct. 1926 - Copy; Comments on changing meaning of words; encloses article.
5 Nov. 1926 - Copy; Quotes original verse and compares Hillyer's life to his own.
8 Dec. 1926 - Copy; Describes meeting of Washington Irving and Charles Dickens.
1927 - Copy
26 Feb. 1927 - Copy; Mentions article "Queer Things."
7 Mar. 1927 - Copy; Comments on pleasure, reception of article "Queer Things," and tells Hillyer to send proofs of his book.
30 Mar. 1927 - Copy; Mentions Hillyer's efforts to sell article "Queer Things."
19 Apr. 1927 - Copy; Describes Bligh Bond.
19 May 1927 - Copy
4 Jun. 1927 - Copy; Congratulates Hillyer on birth of his son.
8 Jun. 1927 - Copy
30 Jun. 1927 - Copy
7 Aug. 1927 - Copy
13 Oct. 1927 - Copy; Describes author's fascination for country and difficulties in publication of "Fleet Street."
22 Dec. 1927 - Copy; Comments on Hillyer's obtaining Harvard professorship.
1 Feb. 1928 - Copy; Describes loss of former residence.
9 Mar. 1928 - Copy; Thanks Hillyer for money donated by him.
19 Mar. 1928 - Copy; Appreciation of Hillyer's The Seventh Hill.
25 Apr. 1928 - Copy; Recounts trick played on an American correspondent and mentions Hillyer's "Manorbier."
25 May 1928 - Copy
11 Jul. 1928 - Copy
18 Sept. 1928 - Copy; Describes holiday.
1 Dec. 1928 - Copy; Discusses Hillyer's professorship and mentions "Fleet Street."
8 Feb. 1929 - Copy; Mentions projected books by Cedric Smith and Odell Shepard.
24 Apr. 1929 - Copy; Describes letter to A. E. Waite.
16 Jun. 1929 - Copy; Describes new village to which Machen and family will move.
16 Jul. 1929 - Copy; Comments on unidentified Phi Beta Kappa poem of Hillyer's and compares England and Connecticut; comments at length on being an expatriate.
18 Sept. 1929 - Copy; Comments on architecture, describes attitude toward science and discusses education of son.
13 Nov. 1929 - Copy; Grants Hillyer permission to select Machen item for publication and mentions work on revision of A. E. Waite's The Holy Kabbalah: A Study of the Secret Tradition in Israel.
30 Dec. 1929 - Copy; Discusses Episcopal Church in England and America.
20 Jan. 1930 - Copy; Encloses a copy of Country Life.
29 Jan. 1930 - Copy; Thanks Hillyer for sending money and compares Hillyer's career to his own.
4 Apr. 1930 - Copy; Describes the Lord of Broughton Castle.
20 Jun. 1930 - Copy; Describes essay.
21 Aug. 1930 - Copy; Comments on the state of western civilization.
17 Nov. 1930 - Copy; Comments on Hillyer's The Gates of the Compass.
29 Dec. 1930 - Copy; Comments on linguistic differentiations.
27 Apr. 1931 - Copy
12 Jun. 1931 - Copy
21 Jul. 1931 - Copy; Comments on the League of Nations.
21 Sept. 1931 - Copy; Discusses the possibility of revolution in America and England and comments on Russian developments.
18 Jan. 1932 - Copy; Discusses Irish attempts to blot out English civilization in the Free State.
2 Mar. 1932 - Copy
28 Jun. 1932 - Copy; Comments at length on the Lindbergh kidnapping case.
20 Oct. 1932 - Copy; Mentions Hillyer's novel Riverhead and comments on efforts to turn India into a democracy.
17 Nov. 1932 - Copy; Mentions Galsworthy's reception of Nobel Prize.
13 Jan. 1933 - Copy
6 Jun. 1933 - Copy; Mentions lack of financial success of Hillyer's novel Riverhead, comments on his own financial state and deplores coming of self-government to India.
23 Jul. 1933 - ALS
18 Sept. 1933 - Copy;
8 Dec. 1933 - Copy; Comments on journalism and repeal of Prohibition.
22 Jan. 1934 - Copy; Comments on modern age.
31 Dec. 1934 - Copy
22 Feb. 1935 - Copy; Describes lives of his two children, Hilary and Janet and mentions Odell Shepard.
17 May 1935 - Copy; Discusses Anglicisms and Americanisms.
1 Jun. 1936 - Copy; Mentions would-be biographers and makes further comments on India.
28 Oct. 1936 - Copy; Comments on modern art and mentions T. S. Eliot.
15 Dec. 1936 - Copy; Comments on certain literary figures and mentions Hitler.
8 Dec. 1937 - Copy; Recounts events of last year in his own life.
31 Jan. 1938 - Copy; Mentions Hillyer's obtaining Boylston Chair and describes large numbers of Americans flowing into London.
10 Mar. 1938 - Copy; Mentions Pascal, Plato, Hamlet, and describes Mrs. Norah Hoults' work.
12 Mar. 1938 - ALS Encloses book in which is contained author's The Green Round.
24 May 1938 - Copy
14 Jun. 1938 - Copy; Speaks of Holy Grail legend.
6 Sept. 1938 - Copy; Mentions Hillyer's health, translation project; comments on Progress and Catastrophe by Stanley Casson.
Box 4 MacLeish, Archibald 1935, 1938, undated (7 Letters)
17 Jan. - TLS Discusses injustice.
15 Jan. 1935 - TLS
7 Oct. 1938 - TLS
10 Nov. 1938 - TLS
22 Nov. 1938 - TLS
7 Dec. 1938 - TLS Discusses Frost proposal.
20 Dec. 1938 - TLS
Box 4 Marcum, Howard 1962 (1 Letter)
5 Mar. 1962 - ALS Mentions research paper on Hillyer's First Principles of Verse and requests critical comment on poetry of unidentified person for inclusion therein.
Box 4 Marcus, J. Anthony 1949 (1 Letter)
4 Jul. 1949 - TLS Praises Hillyer's stand on Bollingen Award and offers help in pursuing the matter further.
Box 4 Mason, Daniel G. 1947-1951 (18 Letters)
12 Aug. 1947 - TLS Lengthy appreciation of Hillyer's poems in The Lyric's summer issue.
22 Aug. 1947 - TLS
8 Nov. 1947 - TLS
12 Jan. 1948 - TLS Mentions publication of article "Music for Sharing."
23 Jun. 1948 - TLS Discusses work of poet Riggs.
12 Jul. 1948 - TLS
18 Aug. 1948 - TLS
29 Aug. 1948 - TLS
30 Aug. 1948 - ALS Sends copies of praise for Mason's Symphony No. 1 and comments on Hillyer's opinion of poet Riggs.
16 Nov. 1948 - TLS Encloses copy of Ridgeley Torrence's parody of E. A. Robinson.
17 Nov. 1948 - TLS Describes National Institute of Arts and Letters opening dinner of the season and compares thought of Joseph Wood Krutch and Hillyer on Thoreau.
30 Dec. 1948 - TLS Discusses Stravinsky's admission to National Institute of Arts and Letters, discusses current musical activity of author, and encloses copies of E. B. White poem and fan letter.
16 Oct. 1949 - TLS Discusses forthcoming performances of Mason's Symphony No. 1.
24 Oct. 1949 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's reaction to earlier attack on Bollingen Award and describes performance of Symphony No. 1 at Eastman School of Music.
16 Jan. 1950 - TLS Comments on members of the National Institute of Arts and Letters and on current literary activity.
6 May 1950 - TLS Comments on resurgence of music.
22 Nov. 1950 - TLS Describes current musical activity and Ridgeley Torrence's health.
24 Jan. 1951 - TLS Appreciation of Hillyer's A Letter to Robert Frost and Others and a description of the last days of Ridgeley Torrence.
Box 4 Maxwell, William 1932, 1938, 1949, undated (11 Letters, 2 Cards)
Undated - Signed Card.
Undated - ALS Comments on Hillyer's A Letter to Robert Frost and Others.
Undated - ALS Appreciation of Hillyer's The Gates of the Compass.
Undated - TLS
Undated - TLS
Undated - ALS
Undated - TLS Confirms publication of a Hillyer poem in The New Yorker and mentions Maxwell's completed novel.
Undated - TLS Gives exact date for publication of Hillyer poem.
Dec. - Signed Card. Mentions publication time of novel.
31 Oct. 1932 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's Riverhead.
25 Feb. 1938 - TLS Encloses check for Hillyer poem.
14 Jun. 1949 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's articles concerning Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, et al.
Box 4 McCord, David 1961 (2 Letters)
4 Dec. 1961 - TLS Comments that he didn't realize that Hillyer disliked John Holmes' work. Despite this, he asks that Hillyer write a letter to support Holmes for Fellowship in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Congratulates Hillyer on his work in The New Yorker.
15 Dec. 1961 - TLS Discusses his work and thanks Hillyer for writing about John Holmes. Discusses the omission of his poem "The Crows" in Untermeyer's latest anthology and comments on Hillyer's Fourth of July poem appearing in The New Yorker before his did.
Box 4 McCreary, Fred 1949 (2 Letters)
6 Jul. 1949 - TLS Mentions Robert Lowell and his interest in Ezra Pound's recordings. Congratulates Hillyer on his article on Ezra Pound in the Saturday Review of Literature.
27 Jul. 1949 - ALS Comments on Robert Lowell's mild nervous breakdown. Mentions that Douglas Bush came for supper the night before.
Box 4 McGraw-Hill Book Company 1959-1962 (13 Letters, 1 Telegram)
16 Jan. 1959 - TLS Executive Editor Edward Kuhn writes of his eagerness to publish a collection of Hillyer's best essays.
5 Jun. 1959 - TLS Backed by Editor Kuhn, Associate Editor Gray Williams suggests that Hillyer write a prose work on poetry. The title for the book could be taken from one of Hillyer's addresses, "The Pursuit of Poetry." Williams also thinks that Hillyer's publisher Knopf would give Hillyer Option to do this book for McGraw-Hill.
17 Jan. 1959 - TLS Editor Williams proposes drawing up contract for Hillyer to write the 70 to 80,000 word book In Pursuit of Poetry for spring publication.
4 Apr. 1960 - TLS Editor Williams enjoyed reading Hillyer's book. Also encloses comments on criticisms. Asks if Hillyer wants to sign contract.
10 Aug. 1960 - TLS Williams mentions that College Department at McGraw-Hill wants to do a text-edition of Hillyer's In Pursuit of Poetry. He says further that contract can be amended.
11 Nov. 1960 - TLS Editor Kuhn describes McGraw-Hill's promotion plan for sale of Hillyer's book.
11 Nov. 1960 - Telegram. Sent by Ed Kuhn congratulating Hillyer on publication day of In Pursuit of Poetry.
20 Jun. 1961 - TLS Kuhn asks Hillyer to review manuscript of Jesse Stuart's poems.
2 Oct. 1961 - TLS Leon Wilson sympathizes with Hillyer's disappointment with St. John. He comments that McGraw-Hill would like Hillyer to write his memoirs.
16 Oct. 1961 - TLS Wilson elaborates more fully on plans for second Hillyer book.
2 Nov. 1961 - TLS
28 Dec. 1961 - TLS Leon Wilson expresses his personal sorrow to Mrs. Jeanne Hillyer upon hearing of Hillyer's death.
23 Apr. 1962 - TLS Wilson promises Mrs. Hillyer that a decision will be made soon on Hillyer's material.
11 May 1962 - TLS Wilson comments to Mrs. Hillyer that McGraw-Hill has lost a book because of Robert Hillyer's death.
Box 4 Miles, Herbert Delahaye 1949 (1 Letter)
23 Jul. 1949 - TLS Supports Hillyer position on Bollingen Award and mentions Leonie Adams' reactions to same.
Box 4 Millay, Edna St. Vincent 1940 (1 Telegram)
13 Nov. 1940 - Telegram. Refers to Ann Lindbergh's "insidious pamphlet" and states intention to publish reply.
Box 4 Mills, Emma 1949, 1954, undated (2 Letters, 1 Telegram)
Undated - Telegram. Congratulates Hillyer on his marriage.
31 Jan. 1949 - ALS Encloses letter from Mollie Colum and comments on the Poetry Society Luncheon.
19 Sept. 1954 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's move to Delaware.
Box 4 Monroe, Harriet 1936 (1 Letter)
1 Apr. 1936 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for support of student seeking admission to Harvard and mentions McCreary and Grant Code.
Box 4 Moore, Marianne 1941, 1949, 1958 (6 Letters)
7 Dec. 1941 - TLS Discusses arrangements for poetry reading at Harvard.
12 Dec. 1941 - ALS
18 Dec. 1941 - ALS
7 Feb. 1949 - TLS Agrees to read and criticize The Death of Captain Nemo.
26 Sept. 1958 - TLS Agrees to second Hillyer's nomination of Howard Nemerov to National Institute of Arts and Letters.
20 Oct. 1958 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's article "On Reading Verse Aloud."
Box 4 Moore, Merrill 1938, 1955 (2 Letters)
20 Dec. 1938 - TLS
18 Nov. 1955 - TLS
Box 4 Morton, David 1939-1942, 1956 (6 Letters)
24 Feb. 1939 - ALS
4 Apr. 1940 - ALS Mentions student Phil Young who will be studying under Hillyer.
14 Jun. 1940 - ALS Mentions New Directions publications.
31 Jul. 1941 - ALS
1 Oct. 1942 - ALS Appreciation of Hillyer poem printed in New York Times.
1 May 1956 - ALS Praises Hillyer's The Book of The Dead.
Box 4 Morrison, S. E. undated (1 Letter)
7 Dec. Undated - ALS Comments at length on Jensen's poem on Columbus.
Box 4 Morrison, Ted 1949, 1955, 1962 (3 Letters)
2 Dec. 1949 - TLS Comments on The Death of Captain Nemo.
1 Feb. 1955 - ALS
4 Jan. 1962 - ALS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer with reminiscence of years at Harvard under Hillyer; copies of Mrs. Hillyer's reply and Hillyer's original letter to author enclosed.
Box 4 Moss, Howard 1960 (1 letter)
8 Nov. 1960 - TLS Describes policy of returning manuscripts submitted to The New Yorker.
Box 4 Mowrer, Paul Scott 1959, undated (3 Letters)
30 Sept. 1959 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for criticism and mentions May Sarton, Richard Wilbur, and manuscript of Mowrer's selected poems.
11 Dec. 1959 - TLS Comments on Library of Congress lecture by Hillyer on Burns, by Richard Wilbur on Poe; and compares Hillyer to Frost.
Undated - TS Poem for Hillyer in reply to remark of William Carlos Williams in a New York Times interview.
Box 4 Munn, James B. 1936-1938, 1946, 1949, undated (8 Letters)
Undated - ALS Appreciates Hillyer's Letter to Robert Frost and Other Poems and discusses science as a subject of great poetry.
22 Sept. 1936 - ALS Compliments Hillyer on his book of Letters and accepts dedication of same.
14 Oct. 1936 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's Letter to Bernard De Voto.
14 Nov. 1936 - ALS Comments at length on Hillyer's Letter to My Son.
7 Jan. 1937 - ALS Comments at length and analyzes Hillyer's Letter to Nefertiti.
23 Nov. 1938 - ALS Analyzes elaborately Hillyer's "An Ode for the Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa."
27 Nov. 1946 - ALS
9 Jul. 1949 - ALS
Box 4 Murdock, Kenneth 1950, 1958, 1960 (3 Letters)
16 Oct. 1950 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for invitation to visit Kenyon College and comments on that institution.
16 Sept. 1958 - ALS Comments on unidentified Hillyer book.
4 Jul. 1960 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's retirement.
Box 4 Murray, Middleton J. 1926-1927 (4 Letters, 1 Card)
19 Dec. 1926 - ALS Discusses plan for future development of The Adelphi magazine and publication of Hillyer's "Prothalamion" therein.
30 Jul. 1926 - ALS Discusses further publication of Hillyer's "Prothalamion" in The Adelphi as well as "Tierra del Fuego" and "The Strayed Minstrel."
30 Jun. 1927 - TLS Mentions demise of The Adelphi magazine and plans for new quarterly The New Adelphi and requests that Hillyer review poetry for Same.
4 Dec. 1927 - Card AS Appreciates Hillyer's abilities as a poetry critic.
Box 4 Nathan, Robert 1929, 1949-1950, 1960-1961 (7 Letters)
17 Jun. 1929 - TLS Compliments Hillyer on his articles concerning Pound and Eliot.
25 Jun. 1949 - TLS
9 Aug. 1949 - ALS Appreciates The Death of Captain Nemo.
22 Mar. 1950 - ALS
2 Aug. 1960 - TLS Mentions nomination of Jesse Stuart.
15 May 1961 - TLS
8 Aug. 1961 - TLS Discusses and describes Nathan's forthcoming unidentified book.
Box 4 Neale, J. E. 1934 (1 Letter)
17 Feb. 1934 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for comments and invites him to visit.
Box 4 Neihardt, John 1928, 1949, 1954, 1960 (5 Letters)
23 Mar. 1928 - TLS
13 Aug. 1949 - TLS
13 Sept. 1949 - ALS Detailed appreciation of The Death of Captain Nemo.
11 Sept. 1954 - ALS Promises to vote for Oliver St. John Gogarty for prize.
6 Aug. 1960 - ALS
Box 4 Nemerov, Howard 1947, 1954-1955, 1957-1961 (29 Letters)
1 Apr. 1947 - ALS Criticizes popular magazines and their policies.
9 Dec. 1954 - TLS Praises Hillyer's influence.
30 Sept. 1955 - TLS Request Hillyer's support to receive Guggenheim Grant.
19 Feb. 1957 - TLS Discusses attitudes towards forthcoming unnamed book and life in general.
30 Sept. 1958 - TLS Comments on current literary activity and mentions new position at University of Minnesota.
8 Oct. 1958 - TLS Discusses Nemerov's proposed entry into The National Institute of Arts and Letters.
14 Feb. 1959 - TLS Mentions literary activity and outcome of nomination to The National Institute of Arts and Letters; expresses opinion on outcome of current National Book Award competition.
28 Feb. 1959 - TLS Discusses book of short stories A Commodity of Dreams and mentions St. John Perse, Archibald MacLeish's JB, National Book Award, Dudley Fitts, Billy Abrahams.
25 Mar. 1959 - TLS Discusses poem "Runes" and analyzes James Wright.
18 Apr. 1959 - TLS Comments at length on Lionel Trilling; criticizes astronomy; discusses relationship with The New Yorker magazine, and compliments Hillyer on his "Manorbier" and The Death of Captain Nemo.
14 May 1959 - TLS Discusses forthcoming publication of essays and comments on future literary activity; recounts meeting with Robert Frost.
27 Oct. 1959 - TLS Describes author's health.
10 Dec. 1959 - TLS Comments on Burns' and Hillyer's work.
31 Dec. 1959 - TLS Discusses The Next Phase and mentions New and Selected Poems.
24 Jan. 1960 - TLS
2 Mar. 1960 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's request of University of Delaware officials that Nemerov be named his successor.
28 May 1960 - TLS Describes Nemerov's present state of despair and analyzes its roots.
18 Jun. 1960 - TLS Mentions total sale of last book and grants Hillyer reprint permission for special project.
20 Jul. 1960 - TLS Comments on play commissioned by Union Theological Seminary entitled Endor and comments further on Hillyer's offer to review New and Selected Poems for the New York Times.
5 Nov. 1960 - TLS Mentions unnamed new book and comments on report of Faculty-Trustee committee of Bennington College.
29 Nov. 1960 - TLS Mentions possible paper-back edition of New and Selected Poems and praises unnamed Hillyer book.
24 Jan. 1961 - TLS Comments on review by Kenneth Rexroth of Nemerov's new book and quotes letter sent in reply.
27 Feb. 1961 - TLS Mentions letter in reply to Rexroth's review and award by National Institute of Arts and Letters.
16 Mar. 1961 - TLS Describes musical avocation and mentions Gottfried Benn, Edwin Muir, The Bachelors by Muriel Spark, Graham Greene, Mark Watson, and Billy Abrahams.
3 Apr. 1961 - TLS Acknowledges book sent by Hillyer and comments on "Manorbier."
10 Apr. 1961 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's Collected Poems at length and encloses carbon copy of letter to Mark Watson on Hillyer.
22 Jul. 1961 - TLS Mentions projected trip to Salzburg and current literary activity.
25 Dec. 1961 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 4 Nicholl, Louise Townsend 1953, 1955-1956, undated (9 Letters)
Undated - TLS Thanks Hillyer for complimentary review and philosophizes on the writing of poetry.
Undated - AL Reminiscences about life in general.
16 Oct. 1953 - ALS Mentions Tommy Sloane and Kimball Flaccus.
3 Jan. 1955 - ALS
1 Aug. 1955 - TLS
30 Sept. 1955 - TLS Discusses current financial situation and thanks Hillyer for having obtained award for her.
31 Jul. 1956 - ALS
8 Aug. 1956 - TLS
10 Aug. 1956 - TLS Sends Water and Light and Dawn in Snow and comments on early writing career.
Box 4 Norman, Charles 1958 (3 Letters)
18 Feb. 1958 - TLS Mentions unnamed book in which Hillyer is included in the "Harvard" and "Eight Harvard Poets" chapters.
3 Mar. 1958 - TLS Requests permission to publish Hillyer letter concerning author's "Eight Harvard Poets."
6 Mar. 1958 - TLS
Box 4 O'sheel, Shaemas 1949 (1 Letter)
19 May 1949 - TLS Discusses at length possible reasons for which Ezra Pound wrote Pisan Cantos and the relationship of the Bollingen and Nobel Awards to Fascist revival.
Box 4 Parker, Elinor 1962 (1 Letter)
2 Apr. 1962 - TLS Requests permission for use of Hillyer's "The Dead Man Ariseth And Singeth a Hymn To the Sun" from The Book of The Dead in an anthology to be entitled The Singing And The Gold.
Box 4 Perry, Bliss 1934-1935, 1940-1941, 1944, 1946, 1950 (8 Letters)
8 May 1934 - ALS Informs Hillyer that he has won the Pulitzer Prize by a unanimous vote.
12 Oct. 1935 - ALS
14 Dec. 1940 - ALS Compliments Hillyer on unidentified book of poetry.
14 Feb. 1941 - ALS Comments on W. H. Auden's talent and expresses dissatisfaction with The Atlantic magazine.
27 Dec. 1944 - ALS Encloses copy of Lucien Price's editorial and mentions transfer from Williams to Princeton.
22 May 1946 - ALS
21 Dec. 1946 - ALS
23 Dec. 1950 - ALS Describes health.
Box 4 Pinkham, Daniel 1961 (1 Letter)
3 Nov. 1961 - TLS Discusses publication of two Hillyer poems in choral settings created by Pinkham.
Box 4 Raines, Claude 1953, undated (1 Letter, 2 Cards)
[Illegible date] - Signed Card. Mentions state of movie business.
[Illegible date] - Signed Card.
31 Mar. 1953 - TLS Contemplates notion of including Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo in his lecture tour.
Box 4 Rascoe, Burton 1940 (1 Letter)
2 Mar. 1940 - TLS Discusses Dial literary squabble.
Box 4 Reedy, William Marion 1920 (1 Letter)
4 Jun. 1920 - TLS Appreciates Hillyer's Five Books of Youth.
Box 4 Reese, Lizette 1922-1923, undated (5 Letters)
Undated - ALS Congratulates Hillyer on his marriage.
18 Aug. 1922 - ALS Congratulates Hillyer on acquisition of home.
24 Aug. 1922 - ALS Inquires whether Bruce Rogers is a publisher or printer.
17 Oct. 1923 - ALS Encloses copy of Wild Cherry.
9 Nov. 1923 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for compliments on Wild Cherry.
Box 4 Reppelier, Agnes 1936 (4 Letters)
19 Mar. 1936 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for compliments on her Horace.
21 Jun. 1936 - ALS
27 Jul. 1936 - ALS Mentions Hillyer's A Letter to Robert Frost and Others and Santayana.
7 Aug. 1936 - ALS Describes Santayana's personal attitude towards Harvard and comments on his financial condition.
Box 4 Richards, Laura E. 1935 (4 Letters)
11 Nov. 1935 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for considering author's unnamed article for the Harvard Press.
25 Nov. 1935 - ALS Inquires about book sent by author to Hillyer.
3 Dec. 1935 - ALS
5 Dec. 1935 - ALS Further inquiry about book.
Box 4 Richardson, Bruce 1944 (1 Letter)
5 Jan. 1944 - TLS Expresses regret and joy at Hillyer's decision to leave Harvard and asks who new Boylston. professor will be.
Box 4 Richter, Conrad 1949 (1 Letter)
12 Aug. 1949 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on his attack on Fellows of the Library of Congress.
Box 4 Roberts, Kenneth 1949, 1961 (6 Letters)
22 Apr. - ALS Mentions Hillyer's review of Robert's work in The New York Times.
16 Mar. 1949 - TLS Comments on uncompleted book of which Hillyer has been sent galley proofs; mentions National Institute of Arts and Letters.
7 May 1949 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's attack on Pound and comments on Bollingen Award; mentions Hillyer's reviews.
21 May 1949 - TLS Encloses excerpts from a report on the Fellows of the Library of Congress.
24 Jun. 1949 - TLS Encloses Letter from Robert Hale concerning Fellows of the Library of Congress.
15 Aug. 1949 - TLS Compliments Hillyer on The Death of Captain Nemo.
Box 4 Roberts, Ruby Altizer 1949, 1961 (2 Letters)
7 May 1949 - TLS Announces award of one thousand dollars to Hillyer from The Lyric Associates, Inc., Foundation.
29 Dec. 1961 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 4 Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt 1932 (1 Letter)
10 Feb. 1932 - ALS
Box 4 Robinson, Lenox 1932, 1936, 1947, 1949, undated (8 Letters, 2 Cards)
Undated - ALS
Undated - ALS
Undated - Poem to Robert Hillyer with holograph addendum.
7 Dec. 1932 - TLS Inquires about Hillyer's novel and mentions Yeats.
Apr. 1932 - Poem to Robert Hillyer inscribed.
3 May 1932 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on success of his novel and mentions Yeats; also describes Robinson's activities.
Dec. 1936 - Signed Card.
31 Jan. 1936 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's novel and encloses appeal.
12 Dec. 1947 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's new book. Signed Card.
25 Dec. 1949 - Signed Card.
Box 4 Roethke, Theodore 1942, undated (1 Letter, 1 Card)
8 Apr. 1942 - ALS Discusses Roethke's book to which Hillyer wrote introduction; mentions Hillyer's poem published in Vice Versa.
Undated - Signed Card. Thanks Hillyer for letter about poem "The Waking;" card includes poem "The Restored."
Box 4 Rollins, Hyder Edward 1958 (2 Letters)
26 Mar. 1958 - ALS Discusses Harvard and the English department.
6 May 1958 - ALS Mentions work on Keats and suggests that Hillyer try to review it for The New York Herald-Tribune or The Saturday Review of Literature.
Box 4 Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr. 1938, 1941 (2 Letters)
10 Oct. 1938 - TLS Explains financial condition and regrets inability to subscribe to appeal of Hillyer's.
31 May 1941 - ALS Promises to expedite transfer of unnamed friend of Hillyer.
Box 4 Rosenfeld, Paul 1927-1928, 1932 (7 Letters)
22 Jan. 1927 - TLS Praises Hillyer's fantasy The Happy Episode and requests that he send the rest of the chapters.
28 Jan. 1927 - TLS Discusses at length problems pertaining to Hillyer's short fantasy The Episode and explains why it will be difficult to get it published.
1 Mar. 1927 - ALS Praises last four chapters of Hillyer's The Happy Episode with special praise for Chapter Seven.
5 Jul. 1928 - TLS Announces change in publication dates for The Caravan and presses Hillyer to prepare something for it.
13 Oct. 1928 - TLS Describes and comments on evening in Boston with Hillyer, S. Foster Damon and others.
18 Nov. 1928 - TLS Mentions marked similarity between Hillyer's and Sherwood Anderson's criticism of his novel and analyzes Hillyer's sonnet sequence at length.
24 Oct. 1932 - TLS
Box 4 Roskolenko, Harry 1949 (1 letter)
14 Jun. 1949 - TLS Agrees with Hillyer's article in The Saturday Review of Literature on Ezra Pound.
Box 4 Russell, Ada D. 1929 (1 Card)
17 Dec. 1929 - Signed Card. Praises Hillyer's poem "The Ode."
Box 4 Russell, A.E. 1931 (1 Letter)
24 Jan. 1931 - ALS
Box 4 Sherwood, Robert E. 1952 (1 Letter)
16 Jan. 1952 - TLS Sherwood expresses his pleasure that Hillyer has been asked to write a Time magazine article on him. Discusses possible date of their meeting.
Box 5 Sandburg, Carl 1942, 1958 (2 Letters, 1 Telegram)
12 Mar. 1942 - TLS Regrets inability to accept speaking engagement.
6 May 1942 - Telegram. Confirms unnamed engagement.
14 Nov. 1958 - TLS Mentions author's enjoyment of Hillyer's letters and Pound controversy.
Box 5 Santayana, George 1923 (1 Letter)
9 Nov. 1923 - ALS Explains in detail why it was necessary to make a change in a sonnet of his which Hillyer preferred in the original version.
Box 5 Sarton, May 1955 (1 Card)
6 Feb. 1955 - Signed Card. Praises unnamed lyric of Hillyer's.
Box 5 Sassoon, Siegfried 1960 (1 Letter)
10 Feb. 1960 - ALS Grants Hillyer right to quote from author's "Everyone Sang," mentions current literary projects; discusses Hillyer's review of Sequences.
Box 5 Schorer, Mark 1942, 1955-1956 (8 Letters and 1 Card)
1942 - TLS Encloses copy of unnamed book and tells of plans to have book turned into a play and/or scenario by Hollywood writer Lynn Starling.
1942 - TLS Describes California; discusses writer Lynn Starling and his work on dramatization of Schorer's book; comments on Grahame Greene.
2 Feb. 1942 - TLS
22 Feb. 1942 - TLS Praises Hillyer's new novel; comments further on Mr. Lynn Starling's dramatization of book; thanks Hillyer for information on Harvard speed-up plan.
8 May 1942 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's difficulties with his eyes and discusses Hillyer's interpretation of Schorer's article in The Advocate.
20 May 1942 - TLS
14 Dec. 1955 - TLS Regrets the ending of their correspondence and compliments Hillyer on his poem in the New York Times Book Review.
25 Jul. 1956 - ALS Comments on Japan.
Box 5 Scott, Evelyn 1938 (3 Letters)
1 May 1938 - TLS Discusses existing conditions affecting freedom of the press.
8 May 1938 - ALS Comments further on freedom of the press with specific mention and analysis of the role played by Malcolm Cowley in creating public attacks; mentions Granville Hicks.
29 May 1938 - TLS Praises Hillyer's poems and describes and contradicts scandal spread concerning Emma Goldman; mentions warning given to her by Communist Party members to stop criticizing the party in print or expect boycott of her writing.
Box 5 Scott, Winfield Townley 1957-1961 (12 Letters)
6 Mar. 1957 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for favorable review of his book and discusses certain of Hillyer's criticisms.
12 Sept. 1957 - TLS Agrees to write essay on Hillyer if Clarence Decker so desires.
7 Jan. 1957 - TLS Describes background material Clarence Decker loaned author as basis for article on Hillyer.
23 Sept. 1957 - TLS Mentions receiving a copy of Hillyer's The Relic and Other Poems and asks advice on research for an article on Hillyer.
2 Oct. 1957 - TLS Discusses the development of essay on Hillyer and refers to the Scott Lecture No. 1, The Relic and Other Poems, and A Letter to Robert Frost and Others as bases for his essay.
26 Sept. 1958 - TLS Discusses published article on Hillyer.
5 Oct. 1958 - Card Congratulates Hillyer on "The Graveyard Poem" appearing in The Atlantic Monthly.
10 Jan. 1959 - TLS Comments on second Hillyer review of The Dark Sister.
14 May 1959 - TLS Praises Hillyer's "Eppur Si Muove" and describes projected book to be entitled Scrimshaw; mentions Witter Bynner, Malcolm Cowley, Harold Loeb, William S. Braithwaite, the Trillings, and A. E. Ficke.
1 Oct. 1959 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for reviewing The Dark Sister a second time.
16 Apr. 1960 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's review of book Scrimshaw.
29 Dec. 1961 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 5 Shepard, Odell 1923, 1925 (3 Letters)
16 Apr. 1923 - TLS Expresses dissatisfaction with life at Trinity College.
16 Jun. 1925 - TLS Offers Hillyer teaching position at Trinity College and expresses his strong preference for Hillyer over other possible candidates.
Aug. 1925 - TLS Encloses poem entitled "To Ariel and Miranda for Showing Me the Wonders of the Isle."
Box 5 Simpson, Louis 1949 (2 Letters)
7 Dec. 1949 - TLS Requests that Hillyer recommend him for the position of Junior Fellow at Harvard.
19 Dec. 1949 - TLS Gives Hillyer basic information about procedure for making recommendation for Junior Fellow and explains his reasons for desiring to study at Harvard.
Box 5 Smith, Harrison 1949-1950 (6 Letters)
18 Apr. 1949 - TLS Mentions correspondence with Leonie Adams and reassures Hillyer that The Saturday Review of Literature is willing to back Hillyer's articles concerning The Fellows of American Letters.
21 Apr. 1949 - TLS Differs with Hillyer's approach to article on The Fellows of American Letters of The Library of Congress and makes it clear that these are to create a cause celebre.
2 May 1949 - TLS Praises Hillyer's article on The Fellows of American Letters but differs with concluding paragraph calling for punishment; suggests alternative attitudes.
3 May 1949 - TLS Analyzes Luther Evans attitude towards Hillyer's articles and towards the Fellows.
15 Jun. 1949 - ALS Returns personal letters praising Hillyer's articles.
30 Aug. 1950 - ALS Describes health.
Box 5 Snow, Wilbur undated (1 Letter)
Undated - ALS Mentions coming lecture of T. S. Eliot at Harvard.
Box 5 Pencer, Theodore 1941, 1948, 1961 (3 Letters)
30 Oct. 1941 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for laudatory introduction given Spencer.
3 Jan. 1948 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for suggestions.
18 Dec. 1961 - TLS Thanks Hillyer profusely for his praise of novel and explains in detail the areas in which he disagrees with Hillyer.
Box 5 Speyer, Leonora 1938-1939, 1949 (11 Letters, 2 Typescript Poems)
Undated - Typed signed copy of author's poem "Il miglior fabbro."
Undated - Typed signed copy of author's poem "Again The Swan."
14 Apr. - ALS
12 May. - ALS
28 Apr. 1938 - TLS Discusses editorial and tells of arrangement to supply Hillyer with reprints of same.
28 Mar. 1939 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's sonnet "In Time of Mistrust."
12 Jun. 1949 - TLS Sends copy of letter to William Benet on Hillyer's The Saturday Review of Literature article.
16 Jun. 1949 - ALS Praises further Hillyer's The Saturday Review of Literature.
21 Jun. 1949 - ALS Reports William Benet's refusal to print Speyer’s letter in his column "Phoenix Nest" due to space limitations.
22 Jun. 1949 - ALS Further comments on Hillyer's The Saturday Review of Literature articles; encloses copy of letter to The Saturday Review of Literature on subject.
20 Aug. 1949 - ALS
20 Oct. 1949 - ALS
8 Nov. 1949 - ALS Discusses the health of Edna St. Vincent Millay and the possibility of awarding her the Academy prize.
Box 5 Stuart, Jesse 1944, 1961 (4 Letters)
18 Dec. 1944 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's review "Among the New Volumes of Verse" in the New York Times which praised Album of Destiny.
31 Mar. 1961 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's In Pursuit of Poetry and mentions award from The American Academy of Poets.
25 May 1961 - ALS Praises Hillyer at length for his stand on T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound.
19 Jul. 1961 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's abilities as poet and critic and discusses the influence of Hillyer, Eliot and Pound on American poetry.
Box 5 Sullivan, A. M. 1956, 1958-1959, 1961 (5 Letters)
12 Jan. 1956 - ALS Asks permission to quote from Hillyer's article on General Gallieni and the taxis of Paris.
14 Oct. 1958 - TLS
24 Apr. 1959 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's "Eppur Si Muove" and encloses author's poem on internal problems of Poetry Society of America.
31 Jan. 1961 - TLS Encloses author's "Inauguration Poem" written for John F. Kennedy.
26 Dec. 1961 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 5 Sullivan, Frank 1938 (1 Letter)
2 Mar. 1938 - ALS Discusses music.
Box 5 Tadin, Boris 1948-1949 (8 Letters)
20 Apr. 1948 - TLS
9 Jun. 1948 - ALS Describes Paris and post-war conditions there.
28 Jun. 1948 - ALS
15 Jun. 1948 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for his efforts on his behalf to obtain an advance; discusses travel difficulties.
24 Jun. 1948 - ALS Discusses European trip and possibility of obtaining a position at Harvard in an effort to combat "acrobatic school of poetry."
13 Jul. 1948 - TLS Discusses state of war in Israel and describes air alerts and bombing procedures of Egyptians.
24 Aug. 1948 - TLS Discusses health and conditions affecting it.
9 Jun. 1949 - TLS Compliments Hillyer on his article "Treason's Strange Fruit."
Box 5 Taggard, Genevieve undated (1 Letter)
Undated - ALS Discusses arrangements for Hillyer's participation in Alumnae Week-End Conference on Emily Dickinson; encloses Program.
Box 5 Tarkington, Booth 1938-1939 (3 Letters)
5 Feb. 1938 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's entry into the National Institute of Arts and Letters and comments on Hillyer's recent attack as an Old Guardsman by "the Marx-Matisse-Joyce contingent."
28 Apr. 1938 - TLS Discusses his editorial written for Wythe Williams.
28 Mar. 1939 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for sending him copy of "In Time of Mistrust" and for inscribing it.
Box 5 Tate, Allen 1938 (1 Letter)
23 Feb. 1938 - ALS Comments on the Morris Gray Lecture at Harvard.
Box 5 Teller, Walter Magnes 1958-1959, 1961 (8 Letters)
3 Apr. 1958 - TLS Expresses gratification at Hillyer's interest in biography of Captain Slocum; requests permission to quote Hillyer on Slocum in article enclosed.
21 Apr. 1958 - TLS Mentions projected publication of The Voyages of Joshua Slocum.
6 Oct. 1958 - TLS Hopes Hillyer will review The Voyages of Joshua Slocum.
1 Dec. 1958 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's review of The Voyages of Joshua Slocum for the New York Times.
8 Mar. 1959 - TLS Thanks Hillyer for sending The Lookout.
31 Jan. 1961 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's poem "Moo," In Pursuit of Poetry, and encloses copy of author's Five Sea Captains.
21 Feb. 1961 - TLS
23 Mar. 1961 - TLS Praises Hillyer's In Pursuit of Poetry.
Box 5 Thayer, Scofield 1923 (1 Letter)
31 Oct. 1923 - TLS Encloses check for purchase of Hillyer's sonnet "Tell me, from what dark, smoky, terminal."
Box 5 Todd, Mabel Loomis 1923, undated (1 Letter, 1 Card)
Undated - Christmas Card, Signed.
5 Oct. 1923 - TLS Praises Hillyer's article on Emily Dickinson and invites him to discuss her at some later date.
Box 5 Untermeyer, Louis 1929-1930, 1934-1936, 1940-1942, 1947 (18 Letters, 5 Cards)
11 Aug. - Signed Card.
Undated - Signed Card. Mentions projected high school textbook.
Undated - TLS Discusses author's inclusion of Hillyer's "A Letter to Robert Frost" and "The Assassination" in revision of anthology of Modern American Poetry.
10 Jun. 1929 - TLS Discusses inclusion of Hillyer's "So Soft in the Hemlock Wood," "August Afternoon in a Drowse," and "Prothalamion" in Modern American Poetry.
15 Jun. 1929 - ALS Confirms inclusion of Hillyer's "So Soft in the Hemlock Wood," now entitled "Pastoral," and part of Hillyer's "Prothalamion" in anthology.
9 Sept. 1930 - ALS
24 Oct. 1930 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's The Gates of the Compass.
19 Feb. 1934 - TLS Agrees to read manuscript of Hillyer protégé and discusses literary work on poetry.
18 Apr. 1934 - TLS Mentions Hillyer's loss of house in Pomfret.
22 May 1934 - TLS Analyzes and comments at length on work of Hillyer's protégé.
15 Jul. 1935 - TLS Discusses inclusion of Hillyer's poem "Variations on a Theme" in projected work.
14 Aug. 1935 - TLS Discusses inclusion of Robert Bridge's work in anthology; comments on inclusion of Santayana.
18 Apr. 1936 - TLS Discusses difficulties encountered in creating anthology and comments on Carl Sandburg.
25 Apr. 1941 - TLS Discusses revision of anthology of Modern American Poetry and mentions inclusion of Hillyer's "The Assassination."
17 May 1941 - TLS Mentions Viking prospectus and discusses work in progress; mentions A Treasury of the World's Great Poems.
12 Jun. 1941 - TLS Discusses Hillyer poems to be included in anthology.
11 Jul. 1941 - TLS Comments on neglect of Hillyer's rights by Random House.
19 Jun. 1941 - Signed Card. Confirms inclusion of Hillyer's "A Letter to Robert Frost" in anthology.
20 Mar. 1942 - Signed Card.
4 Apr. 1947 - TLS Questions Hillyer about poet Edward Taylor; envelope bears holograph comments by Hillyer.
30 Apr. 1947 - TLS Describes author's work on Edward Taylor for anthology.
29 Oct. 1947 - TLS Mention's Untermeyer's recent loss, Hillyer's Poems for Music, and The New England Poets.
Box 5 Van Den Arend, Fred 1912, 1914 (4 Letters)
29 Jun. 1912 - ALS A facetious letter discussing plans for entering Harvard; discusses their friendship.
4 Jul. 1912 - ALS Further discusses friendship of Hillyer and author.
3 Aug. 1912 - ALS
11 Sept. 1914 - ALS Describes summer activities and discusses reopening of school.
Box 5 Van Doren, Mark 1938, 1940, 1947, 1949, 1953 (7 Letters)
21 Oct. 1938 - ALS
7 May 1940 - ALS
5 Oct. 1947 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's review of author's book in the New York Times Book Review.
9 May 1949 - ALS
12 Jan. 1949 - ALS
15 Jan. 1949 - ALS
1 Nov. 1953 - ALS
Box 5 Venini, Paolo 1958 (1 Letter, 1 Card)
10 Oct. 1958 - Signed Card.
18 Nov. 1958 - ALS
Box 5 Viereck, Peter 1948-1950, 1953, 1961, undated (13 Letters)
Undated - Typescript copies of new poems with holograph greeting.
Undated - Typescript copies of new poems with holograph greeting.
29 Mar. - TLS Discusses work in Conservatism Revisited and comments on The Death of Captain Nemo.
19 Jul. - TLS Discusses Hillyer's attack on Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot and compares attitudes towards them; comments on The Death of Captain Nemo.
13 Jan. 1948 - TLS Congratulates Hillyer on election to presidency of Poetry Society of America and mentions inclusion in Louis Untermeyer's anthology.
20 Oct. 1948 - TLS Appreciation of Hillyer's comments on book; requests Hillyer to review it if possible.
17 Nov. 1949 - TLS Discusses at length the Bollingen Award to Ezra Pound; mentions author's Conservatism Revisited.
4 May 1950 - TLS Disagrees at great length with some of Hillyer's attitudes towards the Bollingen Award, T. S. Eliot; points out areas of agreement on Ezra Pound.
6 Jun. 1950 - TLS Mentions participation as judges in Hopwood Poetry contest and comments on literary work in progress.
1 Jul. 1950 - TLS Mentions and describes work in progress.
8 Jun. 1953 - Typescript copy of "Same Refrains at the River Charles" with holograph greeting. Typescript copy of comment on poem "Same Refrains at the River Charles" with holograph greeting. Tearsheet of poem "Which of us Two?" with holograph greeting.
25 May 1961 - Copy; Praises Hillyer's Collected Poems to Alfred A. Knopf and requests that Copy; be sent on to Hillyer.
Box 5 Vijayatunga, J. 1957, 1961-1962 (4 Letters)
8 Jun. 1957 - ALS Discusses forthcoming publication of Homage to the Buddha including poem by Hillyer.
7 Jul. 1961 - TLS Discusses use of a Hillyer poem in book.
Undated [1961] - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
9 Jan. 1962 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 5 Waters, Edward N. 1959 (2 Letters)
24 Feb. 1959 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's manuscript of Liszt song "Ihr Glocken von Marling."
25 Feb. 1959 - TLS Encloses photostatic negative of Liszt manuscript.
Box 5 Weeks, Edward 1951, 1958-1962 (9 Letters)
Oct. 1951 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's poem "Through the Drift of Years."
2 Sept. 1958 - TLS Comments on collaboration of Donald Adams and Hollister to write book on Charles Townsend Copeland; inquires about speech of Hillyer.
24 Jun. 1959 - TLS Offers to help Hillyer secure a Mellon Professorship at University of Pittsburgh; mentions omission of Hillyer's birth poem from June issue of The Atlantic.
4 Apr. 1960 - TLS Mentions forthcoming publication of Hillyer's Collected Poems.
15 Jun. 1961 - TLS
23 Oct. 1961 - TLS Comments on Hillyer's projected memoirs, and possibility of finding a retreat in the Bahamas.
1 Jan. 1962 - ALS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
31 Jan. 1962 - TLS Returns to Mrs. Hillyer unpublished Hillyer poem "Song."
1 Mar. 1962 - TLS Letter to Edmund Wilson concerning an excerpt from Hillyer's projected memoirs.
Box 5 Wheelock, John Hall 1958, 1960-1961 (2 Letters, 3 Cards)
14 Feb. 1958 - ALS Inquires about the tax status of Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards.
3 Aug. 1960 - Signed Card. Agrees to vote for Hillyer's candidate for Academy Fellowship under certain conditions; praises Hillyer's poem "Muffled Gong."
23 Apr. 1961 - Signed Card. Thanks Hillyer for choosing Wheelock as recipient of Quarterly Award of The Lyric.
15 Sept. 1961 - Signed Card. Thanks Hillyer for criticizing poem "The Gardener."
27 Dec. 1961 - ALS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 5 Wilbur, Richard 1961 (1 Letter, 1 Card)
28 Jan. 1961 - Signed Card. Mentions unnamed work in progress.
10 Dec. 1961 - ALS Appreciation of Hillyer's unnamed book with special reference to poem "Nocturne."
Box 5 Wilder, Thornton undated (1 Letter)
Undated - ALS A letter of reference to Hillyer concerning a student.
Box 5 Winters, Yvor 1934 (1 Letter)
20 Aug. 1934 - ALS Letter of introduction for student.
Box 5 Wood, Peggy 1941 (1 Letter)
23 Oct. 1941 - ALS Requests holograph copy of Hillyer's poem "Moo."
Box 5 Wortman, Doris 1956, 1958, 1962 (8 Letters)
1 Mar. 1956 - TLS Recounts life.
26 Mar. 1956 - TLS Discusses Hillyer's background.
7 Jun. 1956 - TLS Discusses word puzzles and attitudes of editors towards them.
5 Jul. 1956 - TLS Discusses details of projected visit by the Hillyers.
12 Aug. 1956 - TLS
29 Aug. 1956 - TLS
28 Oct. 1958 - TLS
3 Jan. 1962 - TLS Condolences to Mrs. Hillyer.
Box 5 Wright, Cuthbert 1923-1924, undated (3 letters)
Undated - TL
5 Feb. 1923 - ALS
Dec. 1924 - ALS
Box 5 Zaturenska, Marya 1921, 1941, 1943-1949, 1953, undated (30 Letters, 2 Cards)
Undated - Signed Card. Discusses attitudes of new young poets and describes a party given by Partisan Review.
Undated - ALS Comments on various literary awards and discusses poetry readings.
Undated - ALS Comments on Hillyer's "Prothalamion," Harriet Monroe, Horace Gregory, and mentions personal difficulties.
Undated - ALS Discusses personal matters.
10 Mar. 1921 - ALS Appreciates Hillyer's The Five Books of Youth, mentions Hillyer's aunt, and comments on The Poetry Society of America.
4 May 1921 - ALS Comments on Vachel Lindsay.
7 Feb. 1941 - TLS Discusses forthcoming publications of author and Horace Gregory and mentions W. H. Auden, Theodore Spender, Louis MacNiece, and Richard Blackmur.
14 Mar. 1941 - ALS Comments on Richard Blackmur, the war, and mentions author's and Horace Gregory's new books.
30 Nov. 1943 - ALS Thanks Hillyer for his efforts, in conjunction with Louis Untermeyer, to obtain Academy grant.
29 Jan. 1944 - ALS Discusses recent attacks on Hillyer with special comment on Allen Tate.
21 Mar. 1944 - ALS Comments on Yeats, discusses personal life, mentions Dunstan Thompson’s novel.
3 May 1944 - ALS Discusses influence of California on certain authors and comments on Horace Gregory, Theodore Spenser, Theodore Morrison and Horace Gregory's book The Shield of Achilles.
24 Aug. 1944 - ALS Comments on author's new book of poetry and discusses Karl Shapiro at length.
25 Oct. 1944 - ALS Discusses author's new book and the critical attacks on it, with comments on Louise Bogan and William Carlos Williams.
1 May 1945 - ALS Praises Hillyer's article on Emily Dickinson
14 May 1945 - ALS Comments on Hillyer's residence in Greenwich Village and discusses author's and Horace Gregory's forthcoming book.
27 Jan. 1946 - ALS Discusses author's and Horace Gregory's forthcoming book A History of American Poetry 1900 - 1940.
11 Nov. 1946 - ALS Discusses attacks on author's and Horace Gregory's book with special mention of Delmore Schwartz.
26 Nov. 1946 - ALS Mentions forthcoming Hillyer review of author's and Horace Gregory's book and recounts story about Randall Jarrell.
25 Feb. 1947 - ALS Mentions projected book on Christina Rossetti and comments on Hillyer's projected collection of poems.
7 May 1947 - ALS Mentions further attacks on author's book with extended comment on books by Mary Colum and Samuel Putnam.
1 Sept. 1947 - ALS Criticizes Hillyer's new book Poems for Music.
25 Sept. 1947 - ALS Mentions projected review of Hillyer's book.
24 Dec. 1947 - ALS Discusses the current reputation of various poets including e.e. cummings, W. H. Auden, Stephen Spender.
19 Feb. 1948 - ALS Describes critic-poet party given by Stephen Spender.
5 Mar. 1948 - ALS Comments on Marianne Moore, David Morton, and Allen Tate.
14 Apr. 1948 - ALS Discusses Hillyer's life and work and describes Louise Nicholls; mentions Mary Colum.
1 Aug. 1949 - ALS Discusses projected Hillyer poem The Death of Captain Nemo, and mentions work on Christina Rossetti.
25 Oct. 1949 - ALS Describes current conditions of author's life and mentions projected biography of Swinburne.
27 Oct. 1949 - ALS Discusses current financial situation of author and mentions grant recently received by her.
1953 - Signed Card. Mentions Hillyer's experience at Kenyon College and comments on young American poets and authors met in Rome.
2 Oct. 1953 - ALS Describes author's "writing block" and describes meeting with daughters of Rossetti and mistress and daughter of Ezra Pound; author comments on Pound's poetry in favorable tone. Congratulates Hillyer on his marriage.
Family correspondence
RESTRICTED: Permission to read family correspondence (Box 6) must be granted by Laura V. (Mrs. Stanley H.) Hillyer; upon her death, permission must be granted by either of her two daughters, Elizabeth V. Hillyer or Francesca P. Hillyer. Mrs. Hillyer is also to be contacted when anyone is interested in the scholarly use of Robert Hillyer's works and papers.
Box 6 Hillyer, Mrs. James Rankin 1906-1930
This maternal correspondence consists of 32 ALS written between 1906 and 1930 of which 7 are undated. They are written from Edgarstown, Massachusetts; East Orange, New Jersey; and West Hampton, New York, to Hillyer at Kent School, Harvard University, Tours and Paris, France. The unsuccessful efforts of Hillyer's mother to publish his non-martial prose and poems during the First World War are mentioned. There are comments on Hillyer's pending commission to First Lieutenant. The war-time atmosphere prevailing in America is described as is the national acclaim of Lindbergh. Opinions on equal rights for women are given. The possibility of Hillyer remaining in France at the Sorbonne is discussed.
Box 6 Smith, Marion Couthouy 1914-1930
Correspondence from Hillyer's aunt consists of 12 ALS, written between 1914 and 1930, 1 typed verse with holograph addendum and 1 holograph verse which is undated. Written from New York City, Rye Beach, New Hampshire, and East Orange, New Jersey, they were received in Pomfret, Connecticut, and France. The author, also a poet, frequently discussed problems of writing and publication, and criticized various poems of Hillyer's.
Box 6 Smith, E. O. 1919-1926
Correspondence from Hillyer's uncle consists of 4 ALS written between 1919 and 1926 and one undated poem, holograph signed. They were written from East Orange, New Jersey, 419 West 118th Street, New York City, to Paris and Pomfret, Connecticut. Hillyer's poems are very favorably compared to those of his aunt, Marion Couthouy Smith, and his marriage to Dorothy Hancock Tilton is commented on.
Box 6 Marsh, Lillian Hillyer 1906, undated
Correspondence of sister consists of 4 ALS, one dated 1906, the other two undated and 1 telegram. They contain general family news.
Box 6 Medina, Ethel Hillyer 1951-1954, undated
Correspondence of sister consists of 4 ALS of which one is undated and the others written between 1951 and 1954. They contain certain general family news.
Box 6 Hillyer, H. Stanley 1954
Correspondence of brother dated 1954. Two letters written from New York City to Delaware. They contain general family news and an interesting comment on family genealogy.
Box 6 Medina, Judge Harold R. 1953-1961
Correspondence of brother-in-law consists of 12 TLS dated 1953 and 1961 and carbon copy of 1 TLS to a third person, dated November 14, 1960. Author comments on his law practice and occasionally aids Hillyer. There are frequent appreciations of Hillyers poetry and mentions of the author’s projected writing plans.
Box 6 Hillyer, Stanley H. 1936-1961
Correspondence of son consists of 319 ALS, 19 Signed Cards, and 20 Telegrams. Dated 1936 to 1961, there is childhood correspondence which internal evidence indicates precedes that date. These were written from Pomfret, Connecticut, Exeter, New Hampshire, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pass Christian, Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana, Auckland, New Zealand, Mexico and Europe to New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Greenwich, Connecticut, Gambier, Ohio, California, Delaware, St. Johns, V. I., and Pomfret, Connecticut. Various problems of school life are discussed and curriculum and general conditions are described at length. The relationships between Hillyer, his son, and his wife are commented upon, frequently.
Box 6 Hillyer, Stanley H. 1961-1962
Correspondence consists of 7 ALS to Mrs. Jeanne Hillyer written about 1961 and 1962. They are written from Boston, Massachusetts, and Milan, Italy, to Delaware. Arrangements surrounding the death of Robert S. Hillyer are mentioned.
Box 6 Hillyer, Jeanne 1953-1957
Correspondence consists of 10 ALS, 1 marriage announcement, and 1 birthday card written from various locations by Mrs. Jeanne Hillyer to Robert Hillyer, Stanley Hillyer, Ethel Hillyer Medina, and Lillian Hillyer Marsh. This is personal correspondence concerning family problems and events.
Outgoing correspondence
Box 7 Folder 1
Correspondence consists of 29 ALS, 17 TLS, 1 cable, 1 menu, 1 group of sonnets, and a diary-like letter entitled in Hillyer's hand "Letters of an Ambulancier" dated 1917-1919. These were written from Cambridge, Massachusetts, on board ship en route to France, and from several sections of France to Hillyer's mother, Mrs. James Rankin Hillyer in East Orange, New Jersey. Hillyer announces decision to leave Harvard and join the American Ambulance Corps, his mother accedes and Hillyer's preparations for the trip are described. The trip over is described in detail along with various events taking place in Paris. Hillyer comments on the organization of the ambulance services and gives his impression of the atmosphere of Paris. French attitudes towards the war are noted and analyzed. The French government finally assigns Hillyer and his old friend and ambulance companion, Frederick van den Arend, to the front where they are in the same unit as John Dos Passos, Dudley Poore, and other Harvard men. Hillyer gives elaborate descriptions of living quarters, food service, the conditions of the towns he Sees, the bombing raids, and the actual business of transporting wounded men. Graphic descriptions of the battle fields and the fortifications are given, along with comments on the "Poilu" (French fighting men). A brief description of the general reaction to the Armistice is followed by descriptions of Hillyer's activities as a courier for The American Commission for Peace. Hillyer comments on pacifism, war, conscription, and gas warfare.
Box 7 Folder 2
Correspondence consists of typescript Copies of the letters mentioned in folder 1.
Box 7 Folder 3
Correspondence consists of 14 ALS, 2 TLS, 1 Typescript of a poem, and 2 newspaper clippings dated 1920-1921. These were written by Hillyer from shipboard en route to Denmark; from London; and Copenhagen to Hillyer's mother, Mrs. James Rankin Hillyer; in East Orange, New Jersey. These letters describe London, and Copenhagen at length and compare them to Paris. Hillyer's work as an American Fellow at the University of Copenhagen under the auspices of The American-Scandinavian Foundation is frequently mentioned as is his elaborate social life.
Box 7 Folder 4
Correspondence consists of typescript Copies of the letters mentioned in folder 3.
Box 7 Folder 5
Correspondence consists of 2 Signed cards dated 1917. They were written from Paris to his sister, Mrs. Lillian Hillyer Marsh, and comment on the beauty of Paris.
Box 7 Folder 6
Correspondence consists of 1 ALS written from East Orange, New Jersey, by Robert Hillyer, as a child, to his brother Stanley, away at school. This Letter was written by Hillyer with his father guiding his hand and is referred to in an essay on Pomfret.
Box 7 Folder 7
Correspondence consists of 6 ALS, 2 signed cards, 5 signed notes, and 1 Telegram, dated 1953-1954. They are written from Greenwich, Connecticut and Newark, Delaware, to Mrs. Jeanne Duplaix Hillyer before and after her marriage to Hillyer.
Box 7 Folder 8
Correspondence consists of 4 xerox copies of 2 ALS and 2 TLS dated 1959-1961. They were written from Newark, Delaware, to Mr. Ray Bradbury in California. Hillyer is impressed with the control Bradbury has established over his material and compliments him on it. He also thanks Bradbury for his generous comments on Hillyer's poetry.
Box 7 Folder 9
Correspondence consists of 10 xerox copies of 9 ALS and 1 signed Card, dated 1954-1959. They are written from Newark, Delaware, to Mr. John Dos Passos near Baltimore, Maryland. Hillyer discusses the continuing power of Dos Passos writing and discusses several of his books. He also thanks Dos Passos for the unexpectedly praiseful criticism given by him of Hillyer's The Death of Captain Nemo.
Box 7 Folder 10
Correspondence consists of 52 ALS, 47 TLS, 2 Signed Cards, 8 Typescript copies of poems, and 1 Typescript quotation from a letter dated 1944-1961. Hillyer wrote these from California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; New York City; Old Greenwich, Connecticut; Gambier, Ohio; on board the Gloriana; and Newark, Delaware to Frank Garrison in Santa Barbara, California. Hillyers decision to retire from Harvard and his effort to devote his remaining years to writing, is traced over a period of four years. His life and attitudes during that time are clearly stated. These letters contain explanations of his decision to resume teaching and give details concerning the positions he held. Spread throughout the letters are explanations and expositions of Hillyer's social and political attitudes in addition to literary comments and analyses.
Box 7 Folder 11
Correspondence consists of 58 xerox copies of 25 ALS, 24 TLS, and 9 Signed Cards dated from 1946 to 1957; written from Greenwich, Connecticut; Beverly, Massachusetts, Gambier, Ohio, and Newark, Delaware, sent to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Marion Havighurst in Oxford, Ohio. Hillyer discusses his efforts at successful commercial writing at length. He often analyses his reasons for leaving his teaching career and reflects on his varied reactions to his new-found freedom from responsibility. The Havighurst's efforts at match-making for Hillyer result in a friendship. His lack of success as a commercial writer leads Hillyer to resume his teaching career; this decision is discussed. Throughout the correspondence Hillyer comments on his generally depressed and distracted state resulting from his homelessness and his desire to be taken care of.
Box 7 Folder 12
Correspondence consists of 2 xerox copies of 1 TLS and 1 ALS written from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Stone Harbor, New Jersey, by Hillyer to Joseph Hergesheimer. These two letters contain an interesting discussion of the Shakespearean sonnets.
Box 7 Folder 13
Correspondence consists of 14 ALS, 14 TLS, 1 Signed Card, and 1 Typescript copy of first letter from Hillyer to Louis Kent, and 3 Typescript copies of poems by Kent dated 1945-1947. These letters were written from Stamford, Connecticut; Old Greenwich, Connecticut, and Bloomington, Indiana, to Louis Kent in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Washington, D. C. Primary emphasis of this correspondence is the encouragement and criticism of Louis Kent, a totally unknown poet, whom Hillyer launched. Hillyer compares his own writing problems to those of the new author and succeeds in helping him win the Shelley Memorial Award. Publication of Kent's book, Declensions of the Air, results from his contacts with Louise Townsend Nicholls.
Box 7 Folder 14
Correspondence consists of a Signed Card written from Newark, Delaware, to Oliver St. John Gogarty in New York accepting his invitation to meet Mrs. Jeanne Duplaix, the future Mrs. Robert Hillyer.
Box 7 Folder 15
Correspondence consists of 1 model TLS, and 18 carbons of same and 1 carbon TLS by Mrs. Hillyer. This was sent from Newark, Delaware, to London, England; New York City, New York; Boston, Massachusetts. All correspondence relates to permissions required to quote verse in Hillyer's projected book In Pursuit of Poetry.
Box 7 Folder 16
Correspondence consists of 1 ALS dated 1959, probably never sent. It was written at Newark, Delaware, to Gray Williams, Jr. of McGraw-Hill Book Company in New York City. This letter describes Hillyer's progress on his book In Pursuit of Poetry and estimates its length.
Box 7 Folder 17
Correspondence consists of 1 carbon of a TLS dated 1961. Written from Newark, Delaware, it was sent to Mr. Leon Wilson of McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York City. Hillyer briefly discusses the contract for his projected, never-finished memoirs. He also explains the general theme of the memoirs and attaches a "Prolegomenon for a book of reminiscences of Robert Hillyer" which gives a twelve-section outline of Hillyer's plan for the book.
Box 7 Folder 18
Miscellaneous outgoing correspondence consists of three notes in Hillyer's hand. They are drafts of messages. Correspondent unidentified.
General correspondence
Box 8 Miscellaneous letters, referring to sale of Hillyer's Papers and Library
Consists of 4 TLS, 6 ALS written from Newark, Delaware, to Austin, Texas; Charlottesville, Virginia, and Carbondale, Illinois. Several inquiries are answered and Mrs. Hillyer's plans for creating a presentation catalogue of the collection are mentioned.
Box 8 Incoming correspondence, Aa-Kz
Consists of 75 letters, primarily fan mail.
Box 8 Incoming correspondence, La-Zz (2 folders)
Consists of 138 letters, primarily fan mail.
Box 8 Incoming unidentifiable correspondence
Consists of 58 letters signed with prename only or with unidentifiable surnames, primarily fan mail.
Box 8 Manuscript of Completed Poems
Contains 24 holograph pages of poems, each one signed and dated. Book is dated 1943 but poems are dated 1917 and 1918. No corrections or annotations. Many of the poems are sonnets and some have to do with war ("War Fugue" for example).
Box 9 Manuscript of Practice Notebook for writing prose
Contains 12 holograph pages of corrected prose and 3 pages of corrected poetry. Prose seems to be beginning of autobiographical story.
Box 9 Manuscript of Practice Notebook for writing poetry
Contains 10 holograph pages of corrected poetry.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Prose Draft
Contains 5 holograph pages corrected prose. This is a draft for a nostalgic reminiscence of pre-World War I Days.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Prose Draft
Contains 11 holograph pages of corrected prose. This is an elaborate draft for a reminiscent article about Hillyer's Harvard friends, among them John Dos Passos, Dillywyn Parish, Anne Parish, Lowell Downes, Russell Jackson, Scofield Thayer and John Sibley Watson.
Box 9 Manuscript of Prose Draft on poetry and corrected drafts of poems
Contains 31 holograph pages of prose and poetry drafts. Prose seems to be draft for article or chapter on a definition of poetry; poems are mainly short lyrics.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Drafts
Contains 21 holograph pages of alternating prose and poetry drafts, most are fragmentary. Prose drafts contain two fragmentary fiction pieces and poetry contains humorous poem in heroic couplets.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Prose and Poetry Drafts
Contains 17 holograph pages. The major prose fragment is a story of a reunion in France between Hillyer and a friend.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Drafts of poetry and prose
Contains 25 holograph pages. There is a long autobiographical prose fragment based on Hillyer's friendship with Marguerite Dumaine and family; poetry drafts contain early versions of poem for Hillyer's granddaughter and other poems.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Poetry, Fiction and Essay Draft
Contains 45 holograph pages of corrected fragments. There are 3 versions of a narrative poem, several drafts of poems in the style of Verlaine, a few paragraphs of a short story, a long draft of a review of Richard Hovey's biography, and many drafts of poems.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Poetry Drafts
Contains 78 holograph pages of corrected poetry drafts. There is one prose fragment about an experience in France; the rest of the manuscript contains many drafts of various poems.
Box 9 Manuscript of Corrected Drafts of poetry
Contains 24 holograph pages of poetry drafts.
Box 9 Manuscript of Completed Poems
Contains 14 holograph pages of dated, final versions of several poems. Among the poems included here are "Chanson Triste," "Postlude," "The PhD's," " The Little Music," and "Miss Harvey"; author's comments appear frequently.
Box 9 Manuscripts of corrected poetry drafts
22 holograph pages in ink. There are several fragments of poems and 2 fairly long drafts.
Box 9 Manuscripts of corrected prose and poetry drafts
Contains 21 holograph pages. Several poetry drafts precede and follow a long draft of author's The Pursuit of Poetry, published by Marshall College, Huntington, West Virginia, which served as base for In Pursuit of Poetry.
Box 9 Manuscripts of poetry drafts
Contains 48 holograph pages of which 9 are loose sheets laid in.
Box 10 Manuscript of corrected copy of fiction article
Contains 78 holograph pages of corrected fiction. There are several drafts of poems interspersed.
Box 10 Manuscript of corrected draft of prose
Contains 66 holograph pages of corrected prose.
Box 10 Manuscript of corrected draft of prose
Contains 5 1/4 holograph pages. This is a fragment of the introduction of the textbook version of First Principles of Verse.
Box 10 Manuscript consists of corrected drafts of prose and poetry
Contains 57 holograph pages. This contains a complete draft of a review of Years and Hours of Emily Dickinson by Leyda, a partial draft of a review of The Letters and Epigrams of Sir John Harrington by Norman Egbert McClure, a partial draft of a review of David Daiches' Critical History of English Literature, and a complete draft of The Owl Hoots Twice at Catfish Bend by Ben Lucien Burman; there are also several poetry drafts.
Box 10 Manuscript of corrected review of a book of poetry by John Masefield.
Box 10 Manuscript of corrected draft of reminiscences
Contains reminiscences of Harvard, poet's father and extends through his acquaintance with Kahlil Gibran, Arthur Machen, Cuthbert Wright, John Dos Passos, Frederick van den Arend, and others.
Box 10 Typescript copies of articles from the New York Times Book Review "Speaking of Books" section.
Box 10 Typescript of Farrago.
Box 10 Typescript copy of Miss Jennie with holograph marginal comment by Gene Fowler.
Box 10 Typescript copies of Sophia's Villa.
Box 10 Typescripts of various poems
Academic Spring
A Change of Climate
After Verlaine A Memory
A Popular English Novel
A Reflection A Song
At the Debutantes' Ball
At the Garden Club
A Valentine
Candor in Autumn Cock-of-the-Wind Evening Breeze Four Sonnets 1478
June Bridal
Late Summer Sadness
Lermontov of Pushkin
Like flecks of flame bright leaves are earthward twirling Many Happy Returns, My Dear Fellow
Mockingbird Singing by Night
Most freed from time of all time's intervals
Night Wind
November Nocturne Now
Parnassus - 1935
Promenade in a Capital of the Period
Remembering the Master
Robert from Robert
Somnolent Summer Afternoon
Still Life
The Descendant
The Eternal Return
The Home Place The Inscription The Laggard
The Moment
The Searchlight
The Scenic Railway
The Suspended Moment
The Swirl
The Translation The Two
The Girl in the Garden
The Wild Philosophers
Through the Insomnious Night
Under the Oak Winter Warmth
Word Game
Box 10 Typescripts of various poems
A Bookman's Poem for Christmas
Academic Spring
A Change of Climate
Adam Lay I-Bowndyn
Against my Contemporaries
An Acquisition
Bayeux Tapestry
Before the Wreckers Come
Dusk on the Delaware
Dusk on the Chesapeake
E. D. (1886- )
Hymn for Thanksgiving Day
It is not well to be weatherwise
Juvenilia Retrieved
More than Sky-High
Mrs. Moran New England Epitaph
Nocturne in a Minor Key
One Kind of Colloquy
On the Narrow Brink of Dawn
Perhaps an Elegy
Rough Winds do shake the darling buds of May
Sapphic Ode
Summer Evening
Summer Night
The Bitter Withy
The Bobwhite
The Cardinal Flower
The Chamber of Commerce
The Cherry-Tree Carol
The Dark Garden
The Encounter
The Garden on the Moors
The Hammock in the Orchard
The House
The Hunting Season
The Marauders
The Misses Adams
The Scar
The Song of Jeptha's Daughter
The Star-Tree Carol
The Storke
The Suspended Moment
The Translation
The Wayfarers
Three Guesses
To My Granddaughter Elizabeth
Tourists in a New England Graveyard
With trembling fingers did we weave
Tryste Noel
Voyage to the Island
Box 11 Typescript copies of reviews by Robert Hillyer
Allegory and Suggestion
A New Study of Shakespeare
Ancient Egypt
A Poet Young and Old
Armadas in Miniature
Arthur Machen
Through the Gates of Hercules
Bolts of Memory, New Poems by Emily Dickinson
Ancestors' Brocades, The Literary Debut of Emily Dickinson
Collected Poems
Crabbed Age and Youth
Danish Poetry of the Last Century
Education Unvisited
Egyptian Civilization Father Tabb
Five American Poets
My Incomparable Queen
Nine Books of Verse
On Reading Verse Aloud
Pharaoh Akhnaton
Poets' People
Recent Poetry
Reminiscences of Arthur Machen
Shelley, The Man and the Poet
T'ao the Hermit: Six poems by T'ao Ch'ien
The Ancient East
The Decline of Gusto
The Gate of Silence
A Garland about Me
The Dark Sister
The Letters of John Keats
The Life and Times of Tut-Ankh-Amen
The Merry Songs of Peace
The Poems of Charles Cotton
The Poetic Nuisance
The Season of Flesh
Verbiage, Diction, Poetry What God Has Joined Together: An Essay on Love
Box 11 Typescript copy of untitled story
Box 11 Typescript copy of a fictional letter
Box 11 Typescript copies of early prose articles as follows
Commencement Four Epigrams
Untitled Story
Let's Be Informal (Play)
Mysterious Ways Seven Days and After
Solitude in Literature
Untitled Story
The Hundredth Grave
The Three Brothers
The Travellers
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "Nocturne in a Minor Key"
Box 11 Typescript copy of verse written as a Harvard undergraduate.
Box 11 Typescript copy of Spanish translation of poetry by Hillyer
Box 11 Typescript and several holograph drafts of "Summer Evening"
Box 11 Typescript and several holograph drafts of "The Lifeboat"
Box 11 Typescript copies of "Ode on the Peace"
Box 11 Corrected typescript with holograph drafts of "This is the Moment"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "A Parting"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "Sonnet"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "The Tapestry"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of untitled poems
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "The Scar"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "Perhaps an Elegy"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "The Ivory Tower"
Box 11 Corrected typescript of "The Two"
Box 11 Manuscripts of holograph drafts of untitled poems
Box 11 Manuscripts of holograph drafts of untitled poems
Box 11 Manuscripts of holograph drafts of untitled poems
Box 11 Manuscripts of miscellaneous holograph drafts of untitled poems
Box 11 Manuscripts of holograph drafts of "The Muffled Gong"
Box 11 Manuscript of holograph drafts of "But I by backward steps would move"
Box 11 Manuscript of completed version of "A Memory," holograph, signed
Box 11 Manuscript of beginning of poem "Requiem for Captain Nemo," holograph, signed
Box 11 Manuscript of poem to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, holograph, signed
Box 11 Manuscripts of three holograph lyric poems, signed
Box 11 Childhood schoolwork in holograph, signed
Box 11 Manuscripts of two holograph early poems, signed
Box 11 Typescript copies of poems from The Suburb by the Sea
Box 11 Manuscript of corrected holograph draft of The Death of Captain Nemo
Box 11 Typescript copy of The Death of Captain Nemo
Box 11 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: Lyrics and Shorter Poems I
Box 11 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: The Death of Captain Nemo
Box 11 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: Lyrics and Shorter Poems II
Box 11 Typescript of "E. A. Robinson and His Tristram"
Box 12 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: Variations on a Theme - Sonnets, Pastorals, Prothalamion
Box 12 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: The Gates of the Compass
Box 12 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: Letters
Box 12 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: Lyrics and Shorter Poems III
Box 12 Manuscript of setting copy of Collected Poems: Index of First Lines
Box 12 Manuscript of plate proofs of a portion of Collected Poems
Box 12 Manuscript of plate proofs of Collected Poems
Box 12 Manuscript of author's first proof of Collected Poems
Box 12 Manuscript of page proofs of Collected Poems
Box 12 Unbound copy of Collected Poems
Box 13 Typescript and mimeographed copies of serious prose articles
Untitled reminiscence about East Orange, New Jersey
My Civil War
Emily Dickinson
In Defense of Light Verse
Poetry at Christmas
Robert Bridges and the Testament of Beauty
The Crisis in American Poetry
The Metaphorical Age
The Records of the Pre-Deluge of the Caucasus Isthmus
Box 13 Typescript copies of prose articles
Accept Your Limitations
A Dinner in the Slums
A Country House at Night
A Memorial to Heroes
Conversation Piece
High Tea at Mrs. Dumaine's
James Elijah
John the Baptist
Make a Mistake
Midnight at the Royal Palace
Mr. Copeland's Memoirs
My Heart for Hostage (Synopsis)
Never Go Back
The Bones of Carl Devens
The Bostonian's Return
The Double Countess
The Gargoyles
The Initial Case
The Island
The Knotted Thread
The Portrait of Jacqueline
The Reservoir
The Sunflowers
The Uneventful Crossing
This is My Desk, My Pen, My Paper, My Ink
Wait and See
Why Scoff at Kings
Wreckers' Island
Untitled Story
Box 13 Manuscript of Galley Proof of In Pursuit of Poetry
Box 13 Printed Copy of The Pursuit of Poetry
Box 13 Typescript of reminiscences concerning the supernatural
Box 13 Typescript of reminiscences of early childhood
Box 13 Typescript of reminiscences of Harvard classmates
Box 13 Typescript and carbon copy of article on Roger Sessions
Box 13 Typescript copy of "Thoughts on Approaching Harvard University" by G. S. Terry
Box 13 Typescript copies of various addresses by Hillyer
Box 13 Manuscript and final typescript of three holograph drafts of Centennial Lecture on Robert Burns delivered at Library of Congress January 25, 1959
Box 13 Manuscripts of outlines of readings given in Brown Hall, University of Delaware, 1953-1959
Box 13 Manuscripts of miscellaneous outlines of poetry readings.
Box 13 Manuscript of outline for address to students at Kenyon College 1952
Box 13 Typescript outlines of poetry readings for radio and television
Box 13 Manuscripts of Hillyer's college theme papers
Box 13 Manuscripts of miscellaneous and fragmentary manuscripts
Box 14 Typescript lecture outline on T. S. Eliot, undated
Box 14 Manuscript of holograph lecture outline for English 41 - English 478 - Kenyon College 1948
Box 14 Manuscript of preparation notebook for English 34 - Kenyon College 1948
Box 14 Grade Notebook from University of Delaware 1958-1959
Box 14 Manuscript of preparation notebook for Modern Poetry Class undated
Box 14 Manuscript of preparation notebook for English 417 at University of Delaware 1958
Box 14 Manuscript of class outline and plan for English 64 1948-1949
Box 14 Manuscripts of unidentified musical score (Liszt)
Box 14 Manuscripts of original music by Robert Hillyer
First Prelude
Second Prelude
Box 14 Copies of published songs, using poetry by Hillyer
Early in the Morning
For He is Risen
Morning in Paris
O Make Our Hearts to Blossom
Twentieth Century
Box 14 Minutes of English Department meetings, University of Delaware December 15, 1954, May 4, 1955
Box 14 Xerox copies of poems set to music
April Morning
At Anchor
Autumn Mooring
Be Calm, 0 Soul So Often Tried
Christmas Eve
Early in the Morning
Folk Song: Elegy Forever
Goodnight with Lullaby
Here is My Book
Hickory Hill
Home Port
Julia's Room
Original Sin
Seven Epigrams
Song from Ancient Egypt
So Soft in the Hemlock Wood
The Anchor
The Cardinal Flower
The Dance will end at Midnight
The Ironwood Tree
The Leaf
The Old Love Letter
The Swan
The Untended Field
Three Pastorals
Twentieth Century
Uneventful Return
Young Lovers in Wartime
Box 14 Manuscripts consisting of musical setting of Hillyer's The Garden of Artemis
Box 15 Miscellaneous musical material
Box 15 Genealogical record of Robert S. Hillyer
Box 15 Official papers pertaining to Hillyer
Box 16 Tearsheets of Hillyer articles appearing in the New York Times
Box 16 Tearsheets of magazines and prose stories
Box 16 Tearsheets of magazines and prose stories
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews by Hillyer
Box 16 Tearsheets of articles concerning The Bollingen Award
Box 16 Tearsheets of poetry
Box 16 Tearsheets of review of Sonnets and Lyrics
Box 16 Tearsheets of review of The Five Books of Youth
Box 16 Tearsheets of review of The Gates of the Compass
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of Riverhead
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of Pattern of a Day
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of My Heart for Hostage
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of Poems for Music
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of The Death of Captain Nemo
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of The Suburb By the Sea
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of The Relic and Other Poems
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of In Pursuit of Poetry
Box 16 Tearsheets of reviews of Collected Poems
Box 16 Clipping on The Lyric Award
Box 17 Clippings mentioning Hillyer
Box 17 Obituaries and commentary on death of Hillyer
Box 17 Clippings about Harvard
Box 17 Miscellaneous clippings
Box 17 Copy of The New Republic containing Hillyer's first poem
Box 17 Magazines containing articles by Hillyer
Box 17 Guest book from Pomfret
Box 17 Ship's log and guest book
Box 18 Photographs
Photographs of Robert S. Hillyer, his family, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Taken in various places, the photos are in black and white and several sizes
Box 18 Manuscripts consist of miscellaneous manuscripts by members of Hillyer's family
Box 18 Manuscript consists of Claude Raines' notes for Speech at Hillyer Farewell Dinner at Harvard
Box 18 Program of Memorial Service for Hillyer
Box 18 Memorial issue of University of Delaware Literature Magazine Venture
Box 19 School Reports of Stanley Hillyer
Box 19 Papers pertaining to the publication of In Pursuit of Poetry
Box 19 Robert Hillyer's address book; and appointment books for 1950-1956 and 1960
Box 19 Manuscripts of literary writings other than Hillyer's
Box 19 Manuscripts of literary criticism or essays not written by Hillyer
Box 19 Various programs of literary events

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