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Norman Vincent Peale Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Peale, Norman Vincent, 1898-1993.
Title: Norman Vincent Peale Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1920-1965
Quantity: 400.0 linear ft. (ca.)
Abstract: Papers of the American clergyman, author. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and personal files; material relating to the American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, Guideposts, the Marble Collegiate Church, the Committee on Constitutional Government, family affairs, Peale's Look magazine and syndicated columns, pastoral counseling, his radio program Art of Living, and sermons. There is also material about the Kennedy campaign, including discussion of the election of a Roman Catholic, and letters concerning Peale's stand on religious freedom. Correspondents include Smiley Blanton, Dale Carnegie, Stanley S. Kresge, Leonard E. LeSourd, Fulton Oursler, and Lowell Thomas.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993) was an American Protestant preacher and author, best known for his The Power of Positive Thinking.

Born in Bowersville, Ohio, Peale attended Ohio Wesleyan University and Boston University School of Theology. He was ordained as a Methodist minister in 1922 but changed his affiliation to Reformed Church in America in 1932. Soon after, he became pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan a post he kept for 52 years. All of Peale's projects were equally long-lived: his radio program, "The Art of Living," ran from 1935-1989, and in 1945, with his wife Ruth, he founded the popular Guideposts magazine which he served as editor for nearly fifty years and which is still published today.

With psychoanalyst Smiley Blanton, Peale set up a religio-psychiatric outpatient clinic next door to Marble Collegiate Church, with Blanton handling psychiatric issues and Peale religious issues. The two co-wrote several books, including Faith Is the Answer (1940). By 1951 the clinic had evolved into an independent organization, the American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, with Peale as president and Blanton as executive director. Peale was also a co-founder in 1947 of the Horatio Alger Association.

Over his career Peale wrote hundreds of sermons, articles, and papers and wrote or co-wrote more than forty inspirational or religious books. In 1963 a film, One Man's Way, based on his life and work was produced, and in 1984 Peale received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contributions to theology.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Norman Vincent Peale Papers are divided into four series: Correspondence, Subject files, Manuscripts, and Personal files. The material is further divided as follows:

For further information see the individual series descriptions below.

Unprocessed additions

There is also a substantial amount of unprocessed material accessible only with special permission. Please contact the repository listed above for more information.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The majority of material is arranged chronologically and within that alphabetically. See individual series descriptions below for more details.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Written permission of George Hart required to view materials in this collection.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Blanton, Smiley, 1882-1966.
Carnegie, Dale, 1888-1955.
Kresge, Stanley Sebastian, 1900-
LeSourd, Leonard E.
Oursler, Fulton, 1893-1952.
Peale, Norman Vincent, 1898-1993.
Peale, Ruth Stafford, 1906-
Thomas, Lowell, 1892-1981.

Corporate Bodies

American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry.
Marble Collegiate Church (New York, N.Y.)
Reformed Church in America -- Clergy.

Associated Titles

Guideposts (Pawling, N.Y.)


Christian life.
Christianity and politics.
Clergy -- United States.
Clergy as authors.
Devotional literature.
Mental health -- Religious aspects.
Pastoral counseling.
Peace of mind -- Religious aspects.
Psychology, Applied.
Radio in religion.
Religious newspapers and periodicals.
Sermons, American.
Success -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts for publication.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Norman Vincent Peale Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: Dec 1994
Revision history: Oct 29 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 24 Sep 2018 - folder I:B:15 title updated (MRC)

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I. Correspondence
Correspondence is divided into A) General correspondence; B) Special correspondence; C) Regular correspondence.
A: General correspondence
General correspondence is composed of both incoming and outgoing correspondence of a general nature. In this group are letters dealing with such diverse subjects as welcoming people to the Marble Collegiate Church, and the arrangements made concerning the appearance of the Peales on the Edward R. Murrow, Person-to-Person Show. This subseries is arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically, within each year.
General 1934-1937
Box I:A:1 A-D
Box I:A:2 E-L
General 1942
Box I:A:3 A-C
Box I:A:4 D-G
Box I:A:5 H-L
Box I:A:6 M-P
Box I:A:7 Q-S
Box I:A:8 T-Z
General 1943
Box I:A:9 A-B
Box I:A:10 C-D
Box I:A:11 E-H
Box I:A:12 H-L
Box I:A:13 M-O
Box I:A:14 P-R
Box I:A:15 S-U
Box I:A:16 V-Z
General 1944
Box I:A:17 C-F
Box I:A:18 Fr-H
Box I:A:19 In-Mi
Box I:A:20 McA-Rz
Box I:A:21 S-T
Box I:A:22 Tr-Z
General 1945
Box I:A:23 A-Ci
Box I:A:24 Cj-F
Box I:A:25 H-Jm
Box I:A:26 Jn-M
Box I:A:27 Mn-P
Box I:A:28 Q-Ti
Box I:A:29 Tj-Z
General 1946
Box I:A:30 A-Bz
Box I:A:31 C-Ei
Box I:A:32 Ej-Hi
Box I:A:33 Hj-L
Box I:A:34 L-O
Box I:A:35 P-Rz
Box I:A:36 S-U
Box I:A:37 V-Z
Box I:A:37 Reinvestment Folder
General 1947
Box I:A:38 A-B
Box I:A:39 C-Di
Box I:A:40 Dj-F
Box I:A:41 G-I
Box I:A:42 J-L
Box I:A:43 M-N
Box I:A:44 O-Q
Box I:A:45 R-S
Box I:A:46 T-Z
General 1948
Box I:A:47 A-Bq
Box I:A:48 Br-C
Box I:A:49 D-Gj
Box I:A:50 Gk-I
Box I:A:51 J-L
Box I:A:52 M-Ni
Box I:A:53 Nj-Pe
Box I:A:54 Pp-R
Box I:A:55 S-T
Box I:A:56 U-Y
General 1949
Box I:A:57 A-Bq
Box I:A:58 Br-C
Box I:A:59 Co-D
Box I:A:60 E-G
Box I:A:61 H-I
Box I:A:62 J-L
Box I:A:63 Ma-Nh
Box I:A:64 Ni-P
Box I:A:65 Q-So
Box I:A:66 S-V
Box I:A:67 W-Z
General 1950
Box I:A:68 A-B
Box I:A:69 C
Box I:A:70 D-F
Box I:A:71 G-H
Box I:A:72 I-L
Box I:A:73 M-Mo
Box I:A:74 Mn-Pd
Box I:A:75 Pe-Rh
Box I:A:76 Ri-So
Box I:A:77 Sq-Tq
Box I:A:78 Tr-We
Box I:A:79 Wf-Z
General 1951
Box I:A:80 A-Bd
Box I:A:81 Be-Ci
Box I:A:82 Cj-Dal
Box I:A:83 Dam-E
Box I:A:84 F-G
Box I:A:85 H
Box I:A:86 H-Ki
Box I:A:87 Kj-Ma
Box I:A:88 Mc-Mz
Box I:A:89 N-Pd
Box I:A:90 Pe-Ri
Box I:A:91 Rj-S
Box I:A:92 T-V
Box I:A:93 W-Z
General 1952
Box I:A:94 A-B
Box I:A:95 B-C
Box I:A:96 Cr-Di
Box I:A:97 Dj-F
Box I:A:98 G-Ha
Box I:A:99 Hb-I
Box I:A:100 J-K
Box I:A:101 L-Mc
Box I:A:102 Md-N
Box I:A:103 N-Po
Box I:A:104 Pp-So
Box I:A:105 Sp-T
Box I:A:106 Tr-Z
General 1953
Box I:A:107 A-Bd
Box I:A:108 Bc-Bz
Box I:A:109 C-Cn
Box I:A:110 Co-Di
Box I:A:111 Dj-F
Box I:A:112 G-Hm
Box I:A:113 Hn-J
Box I:A:114 K-Lh
Box I:A:115 Li-Mb
Box I:A:116 Mc-Ni
Box I:A:117 Nj-Pe
Box I:A:118 Q-R
Box I:A:119 S-So
Box I:A:120 Sp-T
Box I:A:121 U-We
Box I:A:122 Wf-Y
Box I:A:122 Barcus, Orville
General 1954-1960
Box I:A:123 A-Ap
Box I:A:124 Aq-Be
Box I:A:125 Bf-Br
Box I:A:126 Bs-Ci
Box I:A:127 Cm-Cz
Box I:A:128 D
Box I:A:129 E-Fe
Box I:A:130 Ff-Fre
Box I:A:131 Frf-G
Box I:A:132 Ha
Box I:A:133 Hb-Hud
Box I:A:134 Hue-J
Box I:A:135 K
Box I:A:136 L-Lon
Box I:A:137 Loo-Ma
Box I:A:138 Mb-Moo
Box I:A:139 Mop-N
Box I:A:140 O-Pa
Box I:A:141 Pf-Por
Box I:A:142 Pos-Ri
Box I:A:143 Rj-Sa
Box I:A:144 Sb-Smi
Box I:A:145 Smj-Sto
Box I:A:146 Stp-T
Box I:A:147 U-We
Box I:A:148 Wf-Wz
Box I:A:149 Y-Z
General 1960-1962
Box I:A:150 A-At
Box I:A:151 Au-Be
Box I:A:152 Be-Bo
Box I:A:153 Bp-C
Box I:A:154 Ca-Ci
Box I:A:155 Cl-Cox
Box I:A:156 Cr-Dey
Box I:A:157 Di-Er
Box I:A:158 Es-Fo
Box I:A:159 Fr-Gra
Box I:A:160 Gre-Har
Box I:A:161 Has-Hos
Box I:A:162 Hot-Ju
Box I:A:163 K
Box I:A:164 L-Lo
Box I:A:165 Lu-Mc
Box I:A:166 Me-Mz
Box I:A:167 N
Box I:A:168 O
Box I:A:169 P-Pl
Box I:A:170 Pg-Rf
Box I:A:171 Rg-Rr
Box I:A:172 Rs-S
Box I:A:173 Sat-Sl
Box I:A:174 Sm-Sto
Box I:A:175 Ss-Tf
Box I:A:176 Tg-U
Box I:A:177 V-Wey
Box I:A:178 Wha-Wz
Box I:A:179 X-Z
B: Special correspondence
Special correspondence is divided into three parts: Norman Vincent Peale Correspondence; Joe Levy files; Dr. Leonard Le Sourd files
Norman Vincent Peale correspondence
This subseries contains material relating to the Marble Collegiate Church, Committee on Constitutional Government, Dr. Peale's family and his syndicated columns. Included is correspondence between Dr. Peale and Dr. Smiley Blanton, who together founded the American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry. It also contains correspondence between Dr. Peale and Lowell Thomas, Stanley S. Kresge, Dr. Leonard Le Sourd, W. Clement Stone, and J. Edgar Hoover. Notable among his foreign correspondents in this series is Madame Chiang Kai-Shek.
Correspondence 1932-1943
Box I:B:1 A
Box I:B:1 Abingdon Book Folder 1940
Box I:B:1 Anti-Saloon League
Box I:B:1 Association of Ministers
Box I:B:1 Astor Hotel Meetings 1941
Box I:B:1 B-Bi
Box I:B:1 Bakke, Loletta
Box I:B:1 Baseball Passes 1940-1941
Box I:B:1 Mr. Bertholf re: Church Survey 1939-1940
Box I:B:2 Birthday Greetings 1933
Box I:B:2 Bj-Bg 1932-1943
Box I:B:2 Blanton, Dr. Smiley 1937-1940
Box I:B:2 Mr. Blumenfeld, Case History 1939
Box I:B:2 Book Account from March, 1941 - ("Art of Living," "You Can Win," "Faith is the Answer")
Box I:B:2 Book List II - Answers 1932-1943
Box I:B:2 Book List II - Answers - (Includes Comments by Authors re: Pornographic Literature) 1941
Box I:B:2 Book List II - Publicity 1941
Box I:B:2 Book List III - 1941
Box I:B:2 "Books That Have Interested Me" N.V.P. (mss)
Box I:B:2 Budget 1933
Box I:B:2 Budget, Answers to Letters 1935
Box I:B:2 Bulletins for Hotels 1932-1934
Box I:B:3 Br-Bz
Box I:B:3 Calendar File 1932-1933, 1933-1934, 1934-1935
Box I:B:3 Calendars of Other Churches 1943
Box I:B:4 Chase, Theo. I., Estate 1940-1941
Box I:B:4 Choir Letters - Personal 1941
Box I:B:4 Christian Endeavor 1939, 1941
Box I:B:4 Christian Endeavor Nominating Committee 1941
Box I:B:4 Classis 1943
Box I:B:4 Clippings 1940
Committee on Constitutional Government
Box I:B:4 Post Election Correspondence; Rumely 1940-1941
Box I:B:5 Book Intro.: "The Last Best Hope of Man" 1943
Box I:B:5 Ministers' Letters 1943
Box I:B:5 Speech Material 1943
Box I:B:6 Congratulatory Letters re: Installation 1932
Box I:B:6 Consistory 1943
Box I:B:6 Dedication of Burrel Hall (1/25/38) 1937-1938
Box I:B:6 Denison, William S. 1932-1935
Box I:B:6 Dictaphone File
Box I:B:6 Dies Committee (American Youth Congress) 1939-1940
Box I:B:6 Easter Letters 1940
Box I:B:6 Easter Letters 1943
Box I:B:7 Elberon Church 1940-1941
Box I:B:7 Elberon Church 1943
Box I:B:7 Eubank Correspondence 1940
Box I:B:7 European Trip 1933
Box I:B:7 "Faith is the Answer," 1940-1941, 1943
Box I:B:7 First Methodist Episcopal Church 1932
Box I:B:7 Flatlands Methodist Episcopal Church
Box I:B:7 Hollywood, 1941 - Personal; 1943
Box I:B:7 Home Library (T.B. Costain) 1941
Box I:B:7 Installations 1933
Box I:B:7 Japanese Worth 1943
Box I:B:7 Junior Guild 1943
Box I:B:7 Kagawa Dinner 1936
Box I:B:7 Kansas University Dec. 1941-Jan. 1942
Box I:B:7 Legion of Decency 1941
Box I:B:7 Letters of Reference 1943
Box I:B:8 Mack, J.S. - Radio Fund
Box I:B:8 Macy, M.S. 1941-1942
Box I:B:8 Marble Collegiate Church 1938
Box I:B:8 Marble Collegiate Church, 85th Anniversary 1939
Box I:B:8 Men's Group for Action and Prayer 1940
Box I:B:8 Men's League (J.E. Penney) 1943
Box I:B:8 Murphy, Rev. Harry W. 1933
Box I:B:8 Musical Positions, Applications for 1937-1941
Box I:B:8 National Conference of Christians and Jews
Box I:B:8 National Temperance Society 1939-1943
Box I:B:8 New York Civic League 1939
Box I:B:8 Newman, Cassie
Box I:B:8 News Releases - Carbons 1941
Box I:B:8 News Releases - Mr. Goodman 1940
Box I:B:9 Ney, Major F.J. 1940
Box I:B:9 Notes on Dr. Peale's Books 1939-1940
Box I:B:9 Ocean Grove
Box I:B:9 "One Foot in Heaven" 1941, 1943
Box I:B:9 Pawling 1943
Box I:B:9 Peale Family 1941, 1943
Box I:B:9 Peale, Dr. C.C. 1939-1941, 1943
Box I:B:9 Peale, Rev. Leonard 1939-1941, 1943
Box I:B:9 Peale, N.V. 1942-1943 - biographies; correspondence; personal; 10th Anniversary
Box I:B:9 Peale, Dr. Robert 1939-1941, 1943
Box I:B:9 Peale, Misc. Relatives 1939-1941
Box I:B:10 Mr. Peat 1943
Box I:B:10 Pettingill Releases 1940-1941
Box I:B:10 Pettingill, Samuel B. 1943
Box I:B:10 Preaching Mission
Box I:B:10 Presbyterian Hospital Bed 1941
Box I:B:10 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund 1943
Box I:B:10 President's Council 1942
Box I:B:10 Pulpit Supply Letters 1941
Box I:B:10 Questionnaires for New Members 1934
Box I:B:10 Reeves Case 1943
Box I:B:10 Rehberg Correspondence 1943
Box I:B:10 "The Right to Work" 1943
Box I:B:10 Rochester - Surrendered File 1935-1936
Box I:B:10 Rumely, Edward A. 1940
Box I:B:10 St. Louis, Mo.
Box I:B:10 Smith, Dr. L.E.H. 1940
Box I:B:10 Special Work Committee 1904-1941
Box I:B:10 Special Work Folder
Box I:B:10 Speech Material - Savings Bonds 1941
Box I:B:11 Staples, Lillian - Case History 1939
Box I:B:11 Stauter, Wesley A 1934-1935
Box I:B:11 Summer Hotels 1933
Box I:B:11 Summer Supply Letters 1939-1943
Box I:B:11 Swallow, Edith 1940-1941
Box I:B:11 Telegrams
Box I:B:11 Tenement House 1934
Box I:B:11 Third Term - Radio Talk - Carnegie Hall 1940
Box I:B:11 Third Term Folder - Unfavorable 1940
Box I:B:12 Third Term Stand - Favorable Letters 1940
Box I:B:12 Undercover 1943
Box I:B:12 Wade, Bishop 1943
Box I:B:12 Mrs. Waitt 1939
Box I:B:12 Warner Bros.
Box I:B:12 Weiss, Rose, and Case Histories
Box I:B:12 Wertheim Material
Box I:B:12 Willkie's Speeches 1941
Box I:B:12 XYZ
Correspondence 1944
Box I:B:13 Abingdon - Cokesbury
Box I:B:13 Associated Ministers
Box I:B:13 Astor Meeting Blackout
Box I:B:13 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:13 Book Publishers
Box I:B:13 Camden Engagements
Box I:B:13 Christian Endeavor
Box I:B:13 Christian Herald
Box I:B:13 Church Council
Box I:B:13 Classis
Box I:B:13 Collegiate Church Office
Box I:B:13 Committee for Constitutional Government, A-Q
Box I:B:14 Committee for Constitutional Government, R-Z; General; Dr. Rumely Consistory
Box I:B:14 Consistorial Reports April 1944
Box I:B:14 Congressional Investigation
Box I:B:14 "Courage to Live"
Box I:B:14 Criticism, Letters of
Box I:B:15 Elberon Church
Box I:B:15 Federation of Churches
Box I:B:15 "Guideposts, Inc."
Box I:B:15 Gwinn, Ralph W.
Box I:B:15 Junior Guild
Box I:B:15 Laymen's Committee
Box I:B:15 Marble Church Fire
Box I:B:15 Matsumoto, Toru
Box I:B:15 McKay, Paul L.
Box I:B:15 Men's League
Box I:B:15 Midweek Services
Box I:B:15 Mobilization / Spiritual Mobilization
Box I:B:15 National Conference of Christians and Jews
Box I:B:15 National Temperance Society
Box I:B:15 New Brunswick
Box I:B:16 Newspaper Comment - 19th Anniversary Service
Box I:B:16 19th Anniversary Service
Box I:B:16 Ocean Grove
Box I:B:16 Palestine, Christian Council On
Box I:B:16 Pawling
Box I:B:16 Peale, Others in Family
Box I:B:16 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:16 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:16 Peale, Norman Vincent - Personal
Box I:B:16 Peale, Capt. Robert C.
Box I:B:16 Peale, Robert W.
Box I:B:16 Peat, Harold
Box I:B:16 Peck, George
Box I:B:17 Pettingill, Samuel B.
Box I:B:17 Political Action Members
Box I:B:17 Prospective Members
Purkas, Ada
Box I:B:17 Rager, Earl A.
Box I:B:17 Reeves, Rev. John R.
Box I:B:17 Reference Letters
Box I:B:17 Reformed Church
Box I:B:17 "Right to Work"
Box I:B:17 Rotary
Box I:B:17 Servicemen's Christian League
Box I:B:17 Soldier's Mail
Box I:B:17 Soundscriber
Box I:B:17 Speaking Engagements Not Filled
Box I:B:18 Speaking Engagements Rejected
Box I:B:18 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:18 Staff Memos
Box I:B:18 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:18 Sunday Memos
Box I:B:18 Testimonial Dinner
Box I:B:19 Testimonial Letters
Box I:B:19 Waldorf Ballroom Meetings
Box I:B:19 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1945
Box I:B:19 Baptisms
Box I:B:19 Book Correspondence
Box I:B:19 Book List
Box I:B:19 Book Publishers
Box I:B:19 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:19 Bretz, Alice Budget
Box I:B:19 Christian Century Articles
Box I:B:19 Christian Endeavor
Box I:B:19 Christian Herald
Box I:B:20 Church Clinic
Box I:B:20 Classis
Box I:B:20 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:20 Constitutional Government, A-Z; General; Dr. Rumely; Detroit
Box I:B:20 Detroit
Box I:B:21 Elberon Church
Box I:B:21 Executives' Club
Box I:B:21 Federation of Churches
Box I:B:21 Junior Guild
Box I:B:21 Lenten Reading List
Box I:B:21 Members, New
Box I:B:21 Men's League
Box I:B:21 Mobilization
Box I:B:21 National Temperance Society
Box I:B:21 New Book on Drinking
Box I:B:21 New Brunswick Theological Seminary
Box I:B:21 Newspaper Releases, Excerpts, Prayers, Etc.
Box I:B:21 Ocean Grove
Box I:B:21 Pawling
Box I:B:21 Peale - Others in Family
Box I:B:21 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:21 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:21 Peale, Norman Vincent
Box I:B:22 Peale, Norman Vincent - Correspondence
Box I:B:22 Peale, Capt. Robert C.
Box I:B:22 Peale, Robert W.
Box I:B:22 Peat, Harold
Box I:B:22 Peck, George
Box I:B:22 Pettingill, Samuel B.
Box I:B:22 Pew, J. Howard
Box I:B:22 Picture Stories from the Bible
Box I:B:22 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:23 The Protestant
Box I:B:23 Railroad Workers' Journal
Box I:B:23 Reference Letters
Box I:B:23 Reformed Church
Box I:B:23 Rotary
Box I:B:23 Sales Executive club
Box I:B:23 Sermon Committee
Box I:B:23 Sermon Excerpts
Box I:B:23 Servicemen's Christian League
Box I:B:23 Servicemen's Committee
Box I:B:23 Soldier's Mail
Box I:B:23 Soundscriber
Box I:B:23 Speaking Engagements not Filled
Box I:B:23 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-I
Box I:B:24 Speaking Engagements Rejected J-Z
Box I:B:24 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:24 Staff Memos
Box I:B:24 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:24 Sunday Memos
Box I:B:24 Town Hall Meetings
Box I:B:24 Under Cover
Box I:B:24 Undercover - Letters to send out with replies
Box I:B:24 V.E. Day
Box I:B:24 "Woman's Home Companion"
Box I:B:24 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1946
Box I:B:25 Abingdon - Cokesbury Press
Box I:B:25 Advertising
Box I:B:25 American Magazine
Box I:B:25 Associate Ministers
Box I:B:25 "Attack" Mail
Box I:B:25 Baptisms
Box I:B:25 Bills - Ketchum
Box I:B:25 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:25 Book Correspondence
Box I:B:25 Budget
Box I:B:25 Christian Endeavor
Box I:B:25 Church Clinic
Box I:B:25 Classis
Box I:B:26 Collegiate Church Office
Box I:B:26 Comments
Box I:B:26 Consistory
Box I:B:26 Constitutional Government; A-Z; Dr. Rumely
Box I:B:26 Easter
Box I:B:26 Elberon Church
Box I:B:26 Every Member Canvas
Box I:B:26 Illustrations
Box I:B:26 Ketchum, M.D. - Treasurer
Box I:B:26 Members, New
Box I:B:26 Men's League
Box I:B:26 Mobilization
Box I:B:26 National Conference of Christians and Jews
Box I:B:27 New Book
Box I:B:27 Ocean Grove
Box I:B:27 Pawling
Box I:B:27 Peale Family
Box I:B:27 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:27 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:27 Peale, Norman Vincent, Personal
Box I:B:27 Peale, Dr. Robert C.
Box I:B:27 Peale, Robert W.
Box I:B:27 Peat, Harold W.
Box I:B:27 Peck, George
Box I:B:28 Pettingill, Samuel B.
Box I:B:28 Presbyterian Ministers Fund
Box I:B:28 Princeton Conference Group
Box I:B:28 Reader's Digest articles
Box I:B:28 Reader's Digest letters, "Faith for Today"
Box I:B:29 Rotary
Box I:B:29 St. Nicholas Church
Box I:B:29 St. Nicholas Church (Clarke)
Box I:B:30 Script - "Gun Glory"
Box I:B:30 Servicemen's Committee
Box I:B:30 Soldiers Mail
Box I:B:30 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-Q
Box I:B:31 Speaking Engagements Rejected, R-Z
Box I:B:31 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:31 Staff Memos
Box I:B:31 Stafford Family
Box I:B:31 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:31 Sunday Memos
Box I:B:31 Twenty-fifth Anniversary
Box I:B:31 250th Anniversary
Box I:B:31 Woman's Home Companion Letters
Box I:B:31 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1947
Box I:B:32 Advertising
Box I:B:32 American Magazine
Box I:B:32 Associate Ministers
Box I:B:32 "Attack" Mail
Box I:B:32 Bills
Box I:B:32 Book Comments
Box I:B:32 Book Correspondence
Box I:B:32 Book Lists - Mailing Lists
Box I:B:32 Budget
Box I:B:32 Budget Letters
Box I:B:32 Budget Lists
Box I:B:33 Classis
Box I:B:33 Church Clinic
Box I:B:33 Clinic
Box I:B:33 Collegiate Church - Letters of Transfer
Box I:B:33 Collegiate Church Photos
Box I:B:34 Collegiate Church Office
Box I:B:34 Comment, Letters of
Box I:B:34 Consistory
Box I:B:34 Constitutional Government
Box I:B:34 Easter
Box I:B:34 Education
Box I:B:34 Elberon Church
Box I:B:35 Every Member Congress
Box I:B:35 Farm Journal Articles
Box I:B:35 Farm Journal Letters
Box I:B:35 Foreign Mail
Box I:B:35 Guide to Confident Living
Box I:B:35 Illustrations
Box I:B:35 Ketchum, Milton, Treasurer
Box I:B:35 Men's League
Box I:B:35 Mobilization
Box I:B:35 Ocean Grove
Box I:B:35 Organ
Box I:B:35 Original List - New Members
Box I:B:36 Pawling
Box I:B:36 Peale Family - Other Members
Box I:B:36 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:36 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:36 Peale, Norman Vincent - Personal
Box I:B:36 Peale, Dr. Robert W.
Box I:B:36 Peat, Harold R.
Box I:B:36 Peck, George
Box I:B:36 Presbyterian Minister's Fund
Box I:B:37 Princeton Conference Group
Box I:B:37 Reference Letters
Box I:B:37 Reformed Church
Box I:B:37 Rotary
Box I:B:37 St. Nicholas Church
Box I:B:37 Sears, F.M.
Box I:B:38 Speaking Engagements Rejected
Box I:B:38 Soldiers Mail
Box I:B:38 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:38 Staff Memos
Box I:B:38 Stafford, Rev. F.B.
Box I:B:39 Stafford Family
Box I:B:39 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:39 Sunday Memos
Box I:B:39 Testimonials
Box I:B:39 Thanksgiving Day Service
Box I:B:39 Western College
Box I:B:39 Wheeler, Howard
Box I:B:39 Women's Home Companion letters
Box I:B:39 Women's Home Companion, favorable
Box I:B:39 Women's Home Companion, unfavorable
Box I:B:39 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1948
Box I:B:40 Advertising
Box I:B:40 American Magazine Articles
Box I:B:40 Articles by Dr. Norman Peale
Box I:B:40 Associate Ministers
Box I:B:40 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:40 Blanton, Dr. Smiley - Problem Letters
Box I:B:40 Book Correspondence
Box I:B:40 Boyer, Merce
Box I:B:40 Budget
Box I:B:40 Budget Letters
Box I:B:40 Church Bills
Box I:B:41 Classis
Box I:B:41 Clinic
Box I:B:41 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:41 Collegiate Church - Letters of Transfer Comments
Box I:B:41 Consistory
Box I:B:41 Dewey - Presidential Campaign
Box I:B:41 Edgar, Albert - Active File
Box I:B:41 East Orange
Box I:B:41 Easter Offering
Box I:B:42 Employment Committee
Box I:B:42 Farm Journal
Box I:B:42 Foreign mail
Box I:B:42 Guide to Confident Living
Box I:B:42 Illustrations
Box I:B:43 Infant Baptisms
Box I:B:43 Ketcham, Milton D.
Box I:B:43 Liberty Magazine
Box I:B:43 Men's League
Box I:B:44 Miller, O.R.
Box I:B:44 Ocean Grove
Box I:B:44 Pawling
Box I:B:44 Peale Family
Box I:B:44 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:44 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:44 Peale, Norman - correspondence
Box I:B:44 Peale, Norman - personal
Box I:B:44 Peale, Mrs. Norman V.
Box I:B:45 Peale, Robert W.
Box I:B:45 Peat, Harold R.
Box I:B:45 Peck, George
Box I:B:45 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:45 Problem Mail Sent to Kenneth S. Giniger
Box I:B:45 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:45 Princeton Conference Group
Box I:B:45 Proposed New Folder re: Church References
Box I:B:45 Reformed Church
Box I:B:45 Rotary
Box I:B:46 St. Nicholas
Box I:B:46 Speaking Engagements Rejected
Box I:B:46 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:46 Spiritual Mobilization
See also Mobilization (Box I:B:15)
Box I:B:47 Staff Memos
Box I:B:47 Stafford Family
Box I:B:47 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:47 Sunday Memos
Box I:B:47 "Too Many Churches," American Magazine June 1948
Box I:B:47 United Advance Fund, R.C.A.
Box I:B:47 Western College
Box I:B:47 Woodbury, Clarence
Box I:B:47 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1949
Box I:B:48 Advertising
Box I:B:48 American Bible Society - Mr. Fehlam
Box I:B:48 American Magazine
Box I:B:48 American Magazine article fan mail, etc.
Box I:B:48 Articles by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Box I:B:48 Birthday Greetings
Box I:B:48 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:48 Books Received
Box I:B:49 Boy Scouts
Box I:B:49 Boyer
Box I:B:49 Budget Letters
Box I:B:49 Charlotte Observer
Box I:B:49 Chicago Daily News
Box I:B:49 Classis
Box I:B:49 Clinic
Box I:B:49 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:49 Collegiate Church Letters of Transfer
Box I:B:49 Column Clippings, "Confident Living"
Box I:B:50 Column Mail, Confident Living
Box I:B:50 Comments
Box I:B:50 Consistory
Box I:B:50 Constitutional Government, Dr. Rumely
Box I:B:50 Dickler, Gerald, Attorney
Box I:B:50 East Orange, New Jersey (Murphy)
Box I:B:50 Easter
Box I:B:50 Easter Offerings
Box I:B:50 Elberon Church
Box I:B:50 Employment Committee
Box I:B:50 Faith is the Answer
Box I:B:50 Foreign Mail
Box I:B:50 Guide to Confident Living Serial in Newspaper - correspondence
Box I:B:51 Guide to Confident Living
Box I:B:51 Harriman, Mrs. Grace
Box I:B:52 Illustrations
Box I:B:52 Kansas City Star
Box I:B:52 Ketchum, Milton D.
Box I:B:52 Madison Square Garden
Box I:B:52 Midwood Lodge
Box I:B:52 Men's League
Box I:B:52 Miami Herald
Box I:B:52 Miller, O.R.
Box I:B:52 Not Death at All
Box I:B:52 Notes on Lecture Engagements
Box I:B:52 Pastor's Purse
Box I:B:52 Pawling
Box I:B:52 Peale Family
Box I:B:52 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:52 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:52 Peale, Norman - personal
Box I:B:52 Peale, Mrs. Norman
Box I:B:52 Peale, Mrs. Norman - correspondence
Box I:B:52 Peale, Dr. Robert C.
Box I:B:53 Peat, Harold
Box I:B:53 Peck, George
Box I:B:53 Philadelphia Enquirer
Box I:B:53 Pittsburg Post Gazette
Box I:B:53 Post-Hall Syndicate, Inc., Robert M. Hall
Box I:B:53 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:53 Presbyterian Minister's Fund
Box I:B:53 Recording Instruments
Box I:B:53 References
Box I:B:53 Reformed Church
Box I:B:53 Reprints of Articles
Box I:B:53 Rotary
Box I:B:54 Rotary International, Sun. June 12
Box I:B:54 St. Nicholas
Box I:B:54 S.H. Scott Problem
Box I:B:54 Seating Difficulties, Letters re:
Box I:B:54 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-I
Box I:B:55 Speaking Engagements Rejected, J-Z
Box I:B:55 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:55 Spiritual Mobilization
Box I:B:56 Staff Memos
Box I:B:56 Stafford Family
Box I:B:56 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:56 Sunday Memos
Box I:B:56 Sunday Visitors
Box I:B:56 Syndicate (Newspaper) Correspondence with Howard D. Wheeler, etc.
Box I:B:56 Syndicated Column, "Confident Living"
Box I:B:56 Syndicate Material, K.S. Giniger
Box I:B:56 Western College
Box I:B:56 Woman's Home Companion
Box I:B:56 Woodbury, Clarence
Box I:B:56 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1950
Box I:B:57 Advertising
Box I:B:57 America's Future, Request for Dr. Peale Reprint (II) Program #43
Box I:B:57 Anonymous
Box I:B:57 Apartments N.V.P.
Box I:B:57 Art of Real Happiness
Box I:B:57 Birthday Letters
Box I:B:57 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:58 Books
Box I:B:58 Budget
Box I:B:58 Christian Freedom Foundation, Inc.
Box I:B:58 Christmas Offering
Box I:B:58 Citizen's Committee for Children and Youth
Box I:B:59 Citizen's Committee for Children and Youth
Box I:B:59 Classis
Box I:B:59 Clinic
Box I:B:59 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:59 Column Clippings
Box I:B:59 Column Correspondence
Box I:B:60 Commission on Chaplains
Box I:B:60 Committee for Constitutional Government
Box I:B:60 Consistory
Box I:B:60 Deerfield Academy
Box I:B:60 Dicker, Gerald
Box I:B:60 Easter
Box I:B:60 Employment
Box I:B:60 Faith is the Answer
Box I:B:60 F.B.I.
Box I:B:60 Flint, Maurice
Box I:B:60 Foreign Mail
Box I:B:60 Guide to Confident Living
Box I:B:60 Guide to Confident Living Serial
Box I:B:60 Hanley - Dewey Matter (Letters Re:)
Box I:B:60 Houlberg, Miss Rita
Box I:B:60 Illustrations
Box I:B:60 Ketchum, Milton D.
Box I:B:61 Lake Mohonk
Box I:B:61 Lenten and Easter Material
Box I:B:61 Look Magazine
Box I:B:61 Marble Club
Box I:B:61 Men's League
Box I:B:61 Midcentury White House Conference on Children and Youth
Box I:B:61 Midwood Lodge
Box I:B:61 New Members
Box I:B:61 Newspapers - "Guide to Confident Living"
Box I:B:61 "Not Death at All"
Box I:B:61 Pastor's Purse
Box I:B:61 Pawling
Box I:B:61 Peale Family
Box I:B:61 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:61 Peale, Elizabeth
Box I:B:61 Peale, John S.
Box I:B:61 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:61 Peale, Margaret
Box I:B:61 Peale, Dr. Norman Vincent - personal
Box I:B:62 Peale, Mrs. Norman Vincent
Box I:B:62 Peale, Dr. Robert C.
Box I:B:62 Peale, Mr. Robert W
Box I:B:62 Peale, Mr. William F.
Box I:B:62 Peat, Mr. Harold R.
Box I:B:62 Peck, George
Box I:B:62 Post-Hall Syndicate
Box I:B:62 Prentice Hall
Box I:B:62 Presbyterian Minister's Fund
Box I:B:62 Rainbow Ranch For Boys
Box I:B:62 Reader's Digest
Box I:B:63 References
Box I:B:63 Reformed Church
Box I:B:63 Rotary Club
Box I:B:63 Rumely, Dr. Edward A.
Box I:B:63 St. Nicholas Collegiate Church
Box I:B:63 Seating Problem
Box I:B:63 Serialization, Art of Real Happiness
Box I:B:63 Sons of the American Revolution
Box I:B:63 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:63 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-C
Box I:B:64 Speaking Engagements Rejected, D-Z
Box I:B:65 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:65 Spiritual Mobilization
Box I:B:65 Spiritual Mobilization Luncheon
Box I:B:65 Staff Memos
Box I:B:65 Stafford Family
Box I:B:65 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:66 Sunday Visitors
Box I:B:66 Syndicated Column
Box I:B:66 Syndicated Columns, Jan-Dec
Box I:B:67 Television
Box I:B:67 Western College for Women
Box I:B:67 Whitefield, New Hampshire
Box I:B:67 Young Adults
Box I:B:67 Y.M.C.A.
Correspondence 1951
Box I:B:67 Advertising
Box I:B:67 America's Future - Requests for Dr. Peale Reprint Program #43
Box I:B:67 Anonymous
Box I:B:67 Apartment at Forty-Fifth Avenue
Box I:B:67 Art of Living
Box I:B:67 Art of Living, File Copies
Box I:B:68 Art of Living, Extra Copies
Box I:B:68 Art of Real Happiness
Box I:B:68 Birthday Letters
Box I:B:68 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:68 Books
Box I:B:69 Broadcasting and Film Commission
Box I:B:69 Budget
Box I:B:69 Christian Economics
Box I:B:69 Christian Freedom Foundation, Inc
Box I:B:69 Christmas Cards
Box I:B:69 Christmas Offering
Box I:B:69 Citizens Committee of 100 for Children and Youth
Box I:B:69 Classis
Box I:B:69 Clinic
Box I:B:69 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:69 Column Clippings
Box I:B:69 Column Correspondence
Box I:B:70 Column Correspondence - Faith Healing
Box I:B:70 Column Correspondence - "A Soldier's Dilemma"
Box I:B:70 Comments
Box I:B:70 Commission on Chaplains
Box I:B:70 Committee for Constitutional Government
Box I:B:70 Consistory
Box I:B:70 Deerfield Academy
Box I:B:70 Dickler, Gerald
Box I:B:70 Easter
Box I:B:70 Employment
Box I:B:70 Faith is the Answer
Box I:B:70 Fifth avenue - 1030 Fifth Ave.
Box I:B:71 Foreign Mail
Box I:B:71 Girls' Town, Inc. - Mrs. Gertrude Wixson
Box I:B:71 "Guide to Confident Living"
Box I:B:71 Houlberg, Miss Rita
Box I:B:71 Illustrations
Box I:B:71 Ketchum, Milton D.
Box I:B:71 Langstadter Tax Matter
Box I:B:71 Marble Club
Box I:B:71 Masonic Lodge
Box I:B:71 Men's League
Box I:B:71 Misc.
Box I:B:71 New Members
Box I:B:71 Pastor's Purse
Box I:B:71 Pawling
Box I:B:71 Peale Family
Box I:B:71 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:71 Peale, John S.
Box I:B:71 Peale, Rev. Leonard
Box I:B:71 Peale, Margaret
Peale, Dr. Norman V. - personal
Box I:B:71 Peale/Oursler Column
Box I:B:72 Peale, Mrs. Norman V.
Box I:B:72 Peale, Dr. Robert C.
Box I:B:72 Peale, Mr. Robert W
Box I:B:72 Peale, Mr. William F.
Box I:B:72 Peat, Mr. Harold R.
Box I:B:72 Post-Hall Syndicate
Box I:B:72 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:72 Presbyterian Minister's Fund
Box I:B:72 Protestant Radio Commission
Box I:B:72 Radio Program
Box I:B:72 Reader's Digest
Box I:B:72 References
Box I:B:72 Reformed Church
Box I:B:72 Rotary Club
Box I:B:72 Rumely, Dr. Edward A.
Box I:B:72 St. Nicholas Collegiate Church
Box I:B:72 Seating Problems
Box I:B:72 Soldier's Dilemma
Box I:B:72 Sons of American Revolution
Box I:B:73 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-O
Box I:B:74 Speaking Engagements Rejected, P-Z
Box I:B:74 Special Works Committee
Box I:B:74 Spiritual Mobilization
Box I:B:74 Staff Memos
Box I:B:74 Stafford Family
Box I:B:74 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:74 Sunday Visitors
Box I:B:75 Syndicated Column
Box I:B:75 Syndicated Columns Release, Jan-Dec
Box I:B:75 Television
Box I:B:75 Western College for Women
Box I:B:75 You Can Win
Correspondence 1952
Box I:B:75 Advertising
Box I:B:75 American Humane Assoc.
Box I:B:76 Mr. Anders - Treasurer
Box I:B:76 Anonymous
Box I:B:76 Birthday Letters
Box I:B:76 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box I:B:76 Books
Box I:B:76 Bookstores in Various Cities
Box I:B:76 Broadcasting and Film
Box I:B:76 Budget
Box I:B:77 Burkhart, Roy
Box I:B:77 Christian Freedom Foundation
Box I:B:77 Classis
Box I:B:77 Clinic
Box I:B:77 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:77 Column Clippings
Box I:B:77 Column Correspondence
Box I:B:77 Commission on Chaplains
Box I:B:77 Committee for Constitutional Government
Box I:B:77 Consistory
Box I:B:77 Deerfield Academy
Box I:B:77 Dickler, Gerald
Box I:B:78 Easter Offerings
Box I:B:78 Easter Tickets, Requests for
Box I:B:78 Employment
Box I:B:78 Faith is the Answer
Box I:B:78 Girls' Town Inc. - Mrs. Gertrude Wixson
Box I:B:78 "Guide to Confident Living"
Box I:B:78 Horatio Alger Award
Box I:B:78 Ketchum, Milton D.
Box I:B:78 Marble Club
Box I:B:78 Masonic Lodge
Box I:B:78 Newspapers Carrying Column, "Guide to Confident Living"
Box I:B:78 Men's League
Box I:B:78 Ohio Friends
Box I:B:78 Ohio Society at New York
Box I:B:79 Pawling
Box I:B:79 Peale Family
Box I:B:79 Peale, Dr. C.C.
Box I:B:79 Peale, Mr. John S.
Box I:B:79 Peale, Mr. Leonard O.
Box I:B:79 Peale, Margaret
Box I:B:79 Peale, Norman V. - personal
Box I:B:79 Peale, Mrs. Norman V.
Box I:B:79 Peale - Oursler Columns
Box I:B:79 Peale, Dr. Robert C.
Box I:B:79 Peale, Mr. Robert W.
Box I:B:79 Peale, Mr. William F.
Box I:B:79 Post-Hall Syndicate
Box I:B:79 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:79 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:79 References
Box I:B:79 Reformed Church
Box I:B:79 Rotary Club
Box I:B:79 Rumely, Dr. Edward
Box I:B:80 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-O
Box I:B:81 Speaking Engagements Rejected, P-Z
Box I:B:81 Special Work Committee
Box I:B:81 Spiritual Mobilization
Box I:B:81 Staff Memos
Box I:B:81 Stafford Family
Box I:B:81 Summer Supplies
Box I:B:81 Sunday Visitors
Box I:B:82 Syndicated Columns, Jan-Aug
Box I:B:82 Television
Box I:B:82 Testimonial Dinner
Box I:B:82 20th Anniversary
Box I:B:82 Western College for Women
Box I:B:82 Who's Who
Box I:B:82 Advertising
Box I:B:82 Mr. Anders - Treasurer
Box I:B:83 Anonymous
Box I:B:83 Art of Living
Box I:B:83 Broadcasting and Film Commission
Box I:B:83 Committee for Constitutional Government
Box I:B:83 Confident Living
Box I:B:83 Consistory
Box I:B:83 Deerfield Academy
Box I:B:83 Dickler, Gerald
Box I:B:83 Easter Cards
Box I:B:83 Easter Offerings
Box I:B:83 Easter Tickets
Box I:B:83 Employment
Box I:B:83 Dep't of Evangelism
Box I:B:83 Facts Forum
Box I:B:83 Faith is the Answer
Box I:B:83 Freedoms Foundation
Box I:B:83 Dr. Peale's Genealogy, correspondence with Mrs. Florence Dickinson
Box I:B:84 Girls' Town Inc. - Mrs. Gertrude Wixson
Box I:B:84 Dr. Howard Gist
Box I:B:84 Guide to Confident Living
Box I:B:84 Guideposts
Box I:B:84 Men's League
Box I:B:84 Ohio Friends
Box I:B:84 Ohio Society of New York
Box I:B:85 Ohio Wesleyan
Box I:B:85 People to Contact in Various Cities
Box I:B:85 The Power of Positive Thinking (copies to be mailed out)
Box I:B:86 Readers Digest
Box I:B:86 Testimonials
Box I:B:86 Western College for Women
Box I:B:86 Achor, L.B.
Box I:B:86 Advertising (Metropolitan Advertising Co.) 1956-1959
Box I:B:87 Albany, Georgia
Box I:B:87 Alexander, Phyllis
Box I:B:87 Alpha Delta
Box I:B:87 Amazing Results of Positive Thinking
Box I:B:87 American Colony Charities Association (Bertha Spafford Vester)
American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry
Box I:B:87 Development Committee Correspondence
Box I:B:87 Record of Contribution
Box I:B:88 Reports, Minutes, Literature
Box I:B:88 Staff Correspondence
Box I:B:88 American Schools and Colleges Association - Kenneth J. Beebe (Horatio Alger Awards)
Box I:B:89 Anderson, South Carolina
Box I:B:89 Arnaz, Mr. and Mrs. Desi
Box I:B:89 Articles and Correspondence 1954-1959
Box I:B:89 Authorized Quotations for Publication
Box I:B:89 Autograph Requests
Box I:B:89 Awards
Box I:B:90 Bay, Mrs. Charles Ulrick
Box I:B:90 Bennett, Milliard
Box I:B:90 Bering, A.L.
Box I:B:90 Bible Story Book
Box I:B:90 Blanton, Smiley
Box I:B:90 Books for Dr. Peale 1953-1955
Box I:B:91 Book Acknowledgements
Box I:B:91 Broadcasting and Film Commission
Box I:B:91 Broadcasting and Film commissions, weekly sermons
Box I:B:92 Brother Andrews
Box I:B:92 Burman, Roger
Box I:B:92 CBS
Box I:B:92 Chicago 1954-1959
Box I:B:93 Christian Freedom Foundation
Box I:B:93 Christian Herald
Box I:B:93 Church Calendars
Box I:B:93 Classis
Box I:B:93 Cleveland
Box I:B:93 Clippings (newspaper)
Box I:B:93 Collegiate Church Correspondence
Box I:B:93 Collegiate Church Ministers (Romig, Palen, Poling)
Box I:B:93 Collegiate Church Reports
Box I:B:94 Financial Report 1953, 1955-1956
Box I:B:94 Columbus, Georgia
Box I:B:94 Columbus, Ohio
Box I:B:94 Coming of the King
Box I:B:94 Commission to Study Evangelism
Box I:B:95 Committee of One Million
Box I:B:95 "Confident Living"
Box I:B:95 "Confident Living" - correspondence
Box I:B:95 "Confident Living" - column on fraternity boys
Box I:B:95 Consistory - correspondence, reports
Box I:B:95 Contracts
Box I:B:95 Cross Reference
Box I:B:96 Dallas, Texas
Box I:B:96 Decatur, Illinois
Box I:B:96 Detroit, Michigan
Box I:B:96 Dickler, Gerald
Box I:B:96 Dictaphone Corporation (Carol Lyttle)
Box I:B:96 Doeskin
Box I:B:96 Edelstein Record Project
Box I:B:97 Faith at Work (Irving Harris)
Box I:B:97 F.B.I.
Box I:B:97 Fifield, James W. Jr.
Box I:B:97 Florida - general, Miami and Miami Beach
Box I:B:98 Florida - misc. (maps, printed matter, etc.), property, correspondence
Box I:B:98 Africa, Austria, Australia
Box I:B:99 Automobiles
Box I:B:99 Belgium
Box I:B:99 Bermuda and Nassau
Box I:B:99 Bon Voyage Messages
Box I:B:99 Canada
Box I:B:99 Denmark
Box I:B:99 Egypt
Box I:B:99 England
Box I:B:100 Formosa II - France
Box I:B:100 General (Maps, Pictures, Travel Folders, Etc.)
Box I:B:100 General
Box I:B:100 Germany
Box I:B:101 Hawaii (Honolulu), Manila (Philippines)
Box I:B:101 Hong Kong, Taiwan and China
Box I:B:101 Holland
Box I:B:101 Italy
Box I:B:101 Japan
Box I:B:101 Near East (Greece, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria)
Box I:B:101 Scotland
Box I:B:101 Norway
Box I:B:101 Spain - Sweden
Box I:B:101 Switzerland
Box I:B:102 Travel Bureaus
Box I:B:102 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Box I:B:102 Foundation for Christian Living
Box I:B:102 F.R.A.S.C.D. (Charles Wesley Lowry)
Box I:B:103 French, George
Box I:B:103 Gainfort, John
Box I:B:103 Giniger, Kenneth S.
Box I:B:103 Girls' Town
Box I:B:103 Gordon, Arthur
Box I:B:103 Graham, Billy
Box I:B:103 Gregory, Jasper
Box I:B:103 Articles, Dr. and Mrs. Peale
Box I:B:104 Bank Balance Statements
Box I:B:104 John Beach
Box I:B:104 William Boal
Box I:B:104 Board of Directors
Box I:B:104 Editorial Office
Box I:B:104 Financial
Guideposts Foundation
Box I:B:105 Rose Weiss
Box I:B:105 General Correspondence 1954-1959
Box I:B:105 Investments Account 1954-1959
Box I:B:106 Investment Account
Box I:B:106 Len Le Sourd
Box I:B:106 Loomis Sayles Investment Reports
Box I:B:106 Operations
Box I:B:107 Promotion
Box I:B:107 Nelson Rector
Box I:B:107 Alan Reid
Box I:B:107 William Stafford
Box I:B:107 Television
Box I:B:107 Hall Syndicate Correspondence
Box I:B:107 Hall Syndicate Statements
Box I:B:108 Hallmark Cards
Box I:B:108 Hallmark Correspondence
Box I:B:108 Harrisburg, PA
Box I:B:108 Heard, Paul
Box I:B:108 High, Stanley
Box I:B:109 I.C.R. Movie (Millard Bennett)
Box I:B:109 Insurance
Box I:B:109 Interesting Letters
Box I:B:109 Invitations
Box I:B:109 Iowa Wesleyan
Box I:B:109 Itineraries 1953-?
Box I:B:109 Kingston, NY
Box I:B:109 Kresge, Stanley S.
Box I:B:110 Kridel, Frank W.
Box I:B:110 Le Sourd, Howard M.
Box I:B:110 Len Le Sourd
Box I:B:110 Lieb, Clarence
Box I:B:110 Articles
Box I:B:110 William Arthur
Box I:B:110 Contract
Box I:B:111 General Correspondence
Box I:B:111 Mr. Eliott - Lookletters 1954-1955
Box I:B:111 Misc. (Reports, Clippings,Etc.)
Box I:B:111 S.O. Shapiro
Box I:B:111 Loomis Sayles (Floyd L. McElroy)
Box I:B:112 Los Angeles
Marble Church
Box I:B:112 Budget
Box I:B:112 Elders and Deacons
Box I:B:112 Misc.
Box I:B:112 Organizations 1954-1959
Marble Church Staff
Box I:B:113 Herman L. Barberry
Box I:B:113 Mary Brining and Lyn Bonneville
Box I:B:113 Burrill, Cronham, Fielding
Box I:B:113 Groll, Hoffman, Jones
Box I:B:113 Juergens
Box I:B:113 Mary Creighton
Box I:B:113 Doris Phillips
Box I:B:113 Eugene M. Pierce
Box I:B:113 Isabell Sacre
Box I:B:113 Shay, Shindell, Van Buren
Box I:B:113 Marble Times 1957
Box I:B:114 Marble Times 1958
Box I:B:114 Masterwork Treasury
Box I:B:114 Material Sent 1954
Box I:B:114 Matsumoto, Toru
Box I:B:114 Mattern, H.C. and Mary
Box I:B:114 Correspondence returned by Mrs. Peale; McCall mail; some question letters 1954
Box I:B:115 McElroy, Floyd L.
Box I:B:115 Memphis, Tenn.
Box I:B:115 Metropolitan Club
Box I:B:115 Mills, Charles B.
Box I:B:115 Miscellaneous
Box I:B:115 Monahan, James
Box I:B:115 Music Scores and Manuscripts
Box I:B:115 NBC Question and Answer Program
Box I:B:116 NBC Question and Answer Program Correspondence
Box I:B:116 NBC Staff Correspondence
Box I:B:116 National Conference of Christians and Jews
National Council of Churches, Committee on Evangelism:
Box I:B:116 Staff Correspondence
Box I:B:116 World Study
Box I:B:116 Conference on Red China
Box I:B:116 Ohio Friends
Box I:B:116 Ohio Society
Box I:B:117 Ohio Wesleyan University Correspondence
Box I:B:117 Ohio Wesleyan Reports
Box I:B:117 Oursler, Mrs. Fulton
Box I:B:117 Owens, Gerald
Box I:B:117 Peale, Dr. and Mrs. C.C.
Box I:B:118 Peale, Charles, Eva and Lucy
Box I:B:118 Peale, Elizabeth
Box I:B:118 Peale, John
Box I:B:118 Peale, Leonard D.
Box I:B:118 Peale, Louise
Box I:B:118 Peale, Margaret
Box I:B:118 Peale, Birthday 1959
Box I:B:118 N.V.P. Biography - Crisis on N.V.P.
Peale, N.V.
Box I:B:118 Boyhood Experiences
Box I:B:118 Engagement and Memos
Box I:B:118 Peale Genealogy
Box I:B:119 General Memos
Box I:B:119 Gordon Biography, Minister to Millions
Box I:B:119 25th Anniversary Marble Church
Box I:B:119 Misc.(Quotes, Criticisms, Favorites, Etc.)
Box I:B:120 Summer Correspondence
Box I:B:120 Silver Wedding Anniversary
Box I:B:120 Peale, Mrs. N.V. - general memos
Box I:B:120 Peale, Robert C.
Box I:B:120 Peale, Robert W.
Box I:B:120 Peale, William
Box I:B:120 Peat, Mrs. Harold
Box I:B:120 Pees, O.W.
Box I:B:121 Phi Gamma Delta - general
Box I:B:121 Phi Gamma Delta - C.J. (Scoop) Wilkinson
Box I:B:121 Philadelphia, PA
Box I:B:121 Pittsburg, PA Allegheny Memorial Cemetery
Box I:B:121 Poling, Daniel A.
Box I:B:121 Power of Positive Thinking
Box I:B:121 Power of Positive Thinking for Young People
Box I:B:122 Amazing Results of Positive Thinking, Requests for Permission to Quote
Box I:B:122 Power of Positive Thinking - book testimonials
Box I:B:122 Power of Positive Thinking - publicity
Box I:B:122 Bible Stories
Box I:B:122 Boardman, Myron L.
Box I:B:122 Christie, L.H.
Box I:B:122 Misc.
Box I:B:123 Royalty Statements
Box I:B:123 Thayer, Marjorie
Box I:B:123 Presbrey-Leland
Box I:B:123 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:123 Protestant Council
Box I:B:123 Rapport, Dr. Albert
Box I:B:123 Readers Digest
Box I:B:124 Readers Digest - reader response on immortality article
Box I:B:124 Reformed Church
Box I:B:124 Rotary Club of New York
Box I:B:124 Rumely, Edward A.
Box I:B:124 St. Louis, MO Chamber of Commerce
Box I:B:124 San Francisco
Box I:B:125 San Francisco Speech Requests
Box I:B:125 Salescience
Box I:B:125 Seventeen East 84th St.
Box I:B:125 Sheppard, Russell
Box I:B:125 Shoemaker, Dr. Samuel
Box I:B:125 Stafford, miscellaneous
Box I:B:125 Sneed, Dr. J. Richard
Box I:B:125 Shrine
Box I:B:125 Sons of the American Revolution
Box I:B:126 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-H
Box I:B:127 Speaking Engagements Rejected, I-T
Box I:B:128 Speaking Engagements Rejected, U-Z
Box I:B:128 Spratt, Elliot J.
Box I:B:128 Stafford, Charles M.
Box I:B:128 Stafford, Frank
Box I:B:128 Stafford, William
Box I:B:128 Stay Alive All Your Life
Box I:B:128 N.V.P. Summer
Box I:B:128 N.V.P. Special, Summer Supply 1959
Box I:B:129 Summer Supply Ministers 1954-1959
Box I:B:129 Summer 1959, Travel and Hotel
Box I:B:129 Switzerland Correspondence 1956
Box I:B:129 Syndicated Columns, Post Hall Offer 1959
Box I:B:130 1025 Fifth Ave.
Box I:B:130 1030 Fifth Ave.
Box I:B:130 Testimonial Letters
Box I:B:130 Thomas, Lowell
Box I:B:130 Union League Club
Box I:B:130 Volk, Kurt H.
Box I:B:130 Ward, Bishop Ralph A.
Box I:B:130 Washington D.C.
Box I:B:130 Washington and Lee University
Box I:B:130 What's Your Trouble?
Box I:B:130 Washington Square Park
Correspondence 1960-1962
Box I:B:131 Advertising
Box I:B:131 Alexander Phyllis
Box I:B:131 Alpha Delta
Box I:B:131 Amazing Results
Box I:B:131 American Colony
Box I:B:131 American Schools and Colleges - Horatio Alger
Box I:B:131 Reports, Minutes, Literature
Box I:B:132 Staff Correspondence
Box I:B:132 Stone, W. Clement
Box I:B:132 Anonymous
Box I:B:132 Art of Living Appeal Letters
Box I:B:132 Art of Living 1960
Box I:B:132 Area Work
Box I:B:132 Atlanta, Georgia
Box I:B:133 Atlantic City, New Jersey
Box I:B:133 Ball, Lucille
Box I:B:133 Beach, John
Box I:B:133 Bennett, Millard
Box I:B:133 Bering, A.L.
Box I:B:133 Birthday Greetings 1962
Box I:B:133 Blanton, Dr .Smiley
Box I:B:133 Books, Acknowledged
Box I:B:133 Bridgeport, Conn.
Box I:B:134 Broadcasting and Films
Box I:B:134 Charlestown, West Virginia
Box I:B:134 Christian Freedoms Foundation
Box I:B:134 Christian Herald
Box I:B:134 Cincinnati, Ohio
Box I:B:134 Classis
Box I:B:134 Collegiate Church correspondence, Ministers, Reports, Etc.
Box I:B:135 "Confident Living"
Box I:B:135 Committee One Million
Box I:B:135 Consistory
Box I:B:135 Contracts
Box I:B:135 Corpus Christi, Texas
Box I:B:135 Correspondence
Box I:B:135 Crank Mail
Box I:B:135 Criticism
Box I:B:135 Dallas, Texas
Box I:B:135 Dickler, Gerald
Box I:B:135 Dictaphone, Corp.
Box I:B:135 Easter Offering 1962
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Everett
Box I:B:135 Thank You Letters and Wedding Pictures and Clippings
Box I:B:136 Wedding Invitation List
Box I:B:136 Excerpts
Box I:B:136 Faith at Work
Box I:B:136 Fawcett publication
Box I:B:136 F.B.I.
Box I:B:136 Fifield, James W.
Box I:B:136 Foreign (general) - maps, pictures, travel folders
Box I:B:136 Austria
Box I:B:136 Australia
Box I:B:136 Denmark
Box I:B:136 Egypt
Box I:B:136 England
Box I:B:136 Formosa
Box I:B:137 France
Box I:B:137 Germany
Box I:B:137 Hawaii
Box I:B:137 Holland
Box I:B:137 Hong Kong, Taiwan, China
Box I:B:137 Ireland and N. Ireland
Box I:B:137 Italy
Box I:B:137 Japan
Box I:B:137 Near East
Box I:B:137 Scotland
Box I:B:138 Switzerland
Box I:B:138 Special FCL
Box I:B:138 Foundation for Christian Living
Box I:B:138 FRASCO Charles W. Lowry
Box I:B:138 George French
Box I:B:138 French Lick, Indiana
Box I:B:139 Girls' Town
GP [ Guideposts?]
Box I:B:139 Articles
Box I:B:139 Board of Directors
Box I:B:139 Editorial Office
Box I:B:139 Financial
Box I:B:139 General
Box I:B:139 General Correspondence
Box I:B:139 Hallmark Cards
Box I:B:139 Hallmark Correspondence
Box I:B:139 Operations
Box I:B:139 Reports and Leonard Peak Correspondence
Box I:B:139 Arthur Gordon
Box I:B:140 Gregory, Jasper
Box I:B:140 William Boal
Box I:B:140 Irving Granville
Box I:B:140 Charles Kerward
Box I:B:140 Leu Le Sourd
Box I:B:140 Loomis-Sayles
Box I:B:140 Nelson, Rector
Box I:B:140 Rose Weiss
Box I:B:140 Alfred P. Haak
Box I:B:141 Hall Syndicate
Box I:B:141 Hall Syndicate Statements
Box I:B:141 Heard, Paul
Box I:B:141 Illustrations
Box I:B:141 Keyes
Box I:B:141 Le Tourneau
Box I:B:141 Menninger
Box I:B:141 Stengel
Box I:B:141 Industrial-Pastoral Counseling
Box I:B:142 Jackson, Mississippi
Box I:B:142 Kresge, Stanley S.
Box I:B:142 Layton, William P.
Box I:B:142 LeSourd, Howard M.
Box I:B:142 Lieb, Clarence
Box I:B:142 Los Angeles, CA
Marble Church
Box I:B:142 Advisory Committee
Box I:B:142 Area Work Budget
Box I:B:142 Budget 1962
Box I:B:142 Budget, Passing Folder
Box I:B:143 Marble Church Cronlarn Choir
Marble Collegiate Church
Box I:B:143 Elders and Deacons
Box I:B:143 Don Hoffman
Box I:B:143 Louise Kay
Box I:B:143 Minister's Reports (Herman L. Barbery, Don Hoffman, E.M. Pierce)
Box I:B:143 Misc.
Box I:B:143 New Members
Box I:B:143 Audrey O'Connor
Box I:B:143 Organizations, B and P.
Box I:B:143 Robert Owens
Box I:B:143 E.M. Pierce
Box I:B:143 Bell Sacre
Box I:B:143 Mary Brivig
Box I:B:143 Mary Ireighton
Box I:B:143 William Groll
Box I:B:144 Marble Times
Box I:B:144 Marble Church, Wimona Grant
Box I:B:144 Metropolitan Club
Box I:B:144 Mills, Charles B.
Box I:B:144 Mt. Holyoke
Box I:B:144 Mt. Holyoke Parents Committee 1962
Box I:B:144 Music Scores and Manuscripts
Box I:B:144 National Conference of Christians and Jews
Box I:B:144 National Council of Churches
Box I:B:144 National Council of Churches - B and F Commission
Box I:B:144 National Council of Churche - criticism
Box I:B:144 New Minister West End Church
Box I:B:145 Ohio Society
Box I:B:145 Ohio Wesleyan University Correspondence
Box I:B:145 Panama City, Florida
Box I:B:145 Mrs. Z.Z. Peale
Box I:B:145 Elizabeth Peale
Box I:B:145 John Peale
Box I:B:145 Leonard Peale
Box I:B:145 Margaret Peale Birthday Greetings
Box I:B:145 Mrs. N.V. Peale - memos
Box I:B:145 General Memos
Box I:B:146 Peale, Robert L.
Box I:B:146 Peale, Robert W.
Box I:B:146 Phi Gamma Delta
Box I:B:146 Poling, Daniel A.
Box I:B:146 Power of Positive Thinking
Box I:B:146 Prayer and Sick List
Box I:B:146 Misc.
Box I:B:146 Myron Boardman
Box I:B:146 Christie, L.H.
Box I:B:146 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:147 Protestant Council
Box I:B:147 Readers Digest
Box I:B:147 Reformed Church
Box I:B:147 Requests for Contributions
Box I:B:147 Rexall
Box I:B:147 Ross, Frank
Box I:B:147 Rotary Club
Box I:B:147 Salew, Mohammed
Box I:B:147 Scottish Rite - Shrine
Box I:B:148 Speaking Engagements Rejected, A-H
Box I:B:149 Speaking Engagements Rejected, I-Q
Box I:B:150 Speaking Engagements Rejected, R-W
Box I:B:150 Stafford, Charles M.
Box I:B:150 Stafford, William Guideposts
Box I:B:150 Stafford, William
Box I:B:150 Stafford, Misc.
Box I:B:150 Summer Supply
Box I:B:151 Summer Supply
Box I:B:151 Sunday Visitors
Box I:B:151 Television Shipping Lists
Box I:B:151 1030 Fifth Ave.
Box I:B:151 30th Anniversary
Box I:B:151 Thomas, Earl G. Record Project
Box I:B:151 Toledo, Ohio
"Tough Minded Optimist" - critical letters
Box I:B:151 Volk, Kurt H.
Box I:B:151 Walton, New York
Box I:B:151 White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Box I:B:151 Wichita, Kansas
Box I:B:151 Wilbur, Ben - TV Project
Box I:B:151 Wilbur, Ben - TV Shipping Lists
Joe Levy files
This file contains correspondence dealing with the Foundation for Christian Living, Presbyterian Ministers Fund, and the 1960 Kennedy Campaign. This file is arranged two ways: one part is listed chronologically, and within the year strictly alphabetically, and the second part is listed chronologically, and within the year, alphabetically by subject.
Correspondence 1960
Box I:B:152 A-Cq
Box I:B:153 Cr-J
Box I:B:154 K-Pd
Box I:B:155 Pe-Z
Box I:B:156 Advertising
Box I:B:156 American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry
Box I:B:156 Anonymous
Box I:B:156 Birthday
Box I:B:156 Books
Box I:B:156 Broadcasting and Film Commission
Box I:B:156 Building Campaign
Box I:B:156 Collegiate Church
Box I:B:156 Clinic
Box I:B:156 Crank Mail
Box I:B:156 Easter Offering
Box I:B:156 Elders and Deacons
Box I:B:157 Employment
Box I:B:157 Fan Mail
Box I:B:157 Foreign Mail
Box I:B:157 F.C.L.
Box I:B:157 Genealogy
Box I:B:157 Guideposts
Box I:B:157 Illustrations
Box I:B:157 Letters Re: Kennedy Statement May 1960
Box I:B:157 Marble Church Form Letter Addressed to Church Members
Box I:B:157 Marble Collegiate Times
Box I:B:157 New Members
Box I:B:157 Poems, Songs, Misc.
Box I:B:157 Political Controversy
Box I:B:157 Prayer and Sick List
Box I:B:157 Prayer Requests
Box I:B:157 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:158 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:158 Letters Re: Protestant Statement May 1960
Box I:B:159 Problems
Box I:B:159 References
Box I:B:159 Reformed Church in America
Box I:B:159 Requests for Articles Requests for Gifts
Box I:B:159 Rotary Club
Box I:B:159 Sermon Excerpts
Box I:B:159 Vacation and Rest Homes Visitors
Box I:B:159 A-Cn
Box I:B:160 Co-Mc
Box I:B:161 Mi-Z
Box I:B:162 Advertising
Box I:B:162 American Foundation of Religion and Psychology
Box I:B:162 Anonymous
Box I:B:162 Books
Box I:B:162 Broadcasting and Film Commission 1961
Box I:B:162 Budget 1961
Box I:B:162 Church House Building Fund
Box I:B:162 Clinic
Box I:B:162 Collegiate Church 1962
Box I:B:162 Column Mail
Box I:B:162 Contributors List
Box I:B:162 Crank Mail
Box I:B:162 Rev. H.T. Donaldson Summer 1961
Box I:B:162 Easter Offering
Box I:B:162 Elders and Deacons
Box I:B:162 Employment
Box I:B:162 Foreign Mail
Box I:B:162 F.C.L.
Box I:B:162 Guideposts
Box I:B:163 Illustrations
Box I:B:163 Marble Church Fund Raising 1961
Box I:B:163 Marble Times
Box I:B:163 New Members
Box I:B:163 Poems, Songs, Misc.
Box I:B:163 Political Controversy Fall 1960
Box I:B:163 P.P.T. - P.P.T.
Box I:B:163 Prayer Requests
Box I:B:163 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:163 Presbyterian Ministers' Fund
Box I:B:164 1961
Box I:B:164 Problems
Box I:B:164 References
Box I:B:164 Reformed Church in America
Box I:B:164 Requests for Gifts
Box I:B:164 Rotary Club
Box I:B:164 Scientific Marriage Foundation
Box I:B:164 Sermon Excerpts Summer Supplies Visitors
Leonard Le Sourd file
This material contains incoming and outgoing correspondence about and by both Dr. Le Sourd and Dr. Peale. It contains letters pertaining to Girls Town, Guideposts, the Hundredth Anniversary, and speaking engagements. This series is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically within each year, and includes some arrangement by subject.
Correspondence 1954
Box I:B:165 A
Box I:B:165 Anonymous
Box I:B:165 B
Box I:B:165 Barbery
Box I:B:165 Benett, Millard
Box I:B:165 Blanton
Box I:B:165 C
Box I:B:165 D
Box I:B:165 Dealey
Box I:B:165 Dedication Services (Chapel, Etc.)
Box I:B:166 Employment Applications
Box I:B:166 European Trip
Box I:B:166 F
Box I:B:166 G
Box I:B:166 Girls' Town
Box I:B:166 Guideposts
Box I:B:166 Halo Christmas
Box I:B:166 H-L
Box I:B:167 M
Box I:B:167 McCall's Magazine
Box I:B:167 N
Box I:B:167 O
Box I:B:167 One Hundredth Anniversary
Box I:B:167 P
Box I:B:167 Peale Associates
Box I:B:167 Peale Personal
Box I:B:167 P.P.T. (answered by H.M.L. and V.J.)
Box I:B:167 P.P.T. Records (R.C.A.)
Box I:B:168 Prayer Correspondence
Box I:B:168 Prentice-Hall
Box I:B:168 R
Box I:B:168 S
Box I:B:169 Sermon Publications
Box I:B:169 Seventeen
Box I:B:169 T
Box I:B:169 V
Box I:B:169 Whan Lee Chang
Box I:B:169 Writing Contributions by N.V.P.
Box I:B:169 W-Z
Correspondence 1955-1956
Box I:B:169 A
Box I:B:170 B-Dd
Box I:B:171 De-G
Box I:B:172 Hb-K
Box I:B:173 L-Pd
Box I:B:174 Pe-So
Box I:B:175 Speaking Engagements (N.V.P. Listing)
Box I:B:175 Speaking A-Z
Box I:B:175 T
Box I:B:175 True Confessions
Box I:B:175 U
Box I:B:175 V
Box I:B:175 W 1955-1958
Box I:B:176 W-Z
C: Regular correspondence
Regular correspondence is arranged chronologically and then alphabetically within each year. There is some subject arrangement.
Correspondence 1960
Box I:C:1 A-Co
Box I:C:1 Chaplains
Box I:C:1 Churches (Assembly of God - United, and misc.)
Box I:C:2 Cr-Fl
Box I:C:2 Foreign Correspondence
Box I:C:2 G-Jo
Box I:C:3 K-L
Box I:C:3 Letter B-L (A-L)
Box I:C:3 Letter B-L (M-Z)
Box I:C:3 Li-Me
Box I:C:3 Misc.
Box I:C:3 New York Life Insurance Co.
Box I:C:3 Mo-Pi
Box I:C:4 Promotional material for 1960 and previous years
Box I:C:4 Q-R
Box I:C:4 Receipts
Box I:C:4 Ri-Z
Correspondence 1961
Box I:C:5 A-Bl
Box I:C:5 Books
Box I:C:5 Bro-C
Box I:C:5 Chaplains
Box I:C:5 Churches (Assembly of God United, and misc.)
Box I:C:5 Co
Box I:C:7 Cr-Fl
Box I:C:7 Foreign correspondence
Box I:C:8 G-J
Box I:C:9 Jo-L
Box I:C:9 Letter B-L (A-L)
Box I:C:10 Letter B-L (M-Z)
Box I:C:10 Li-Mo
Box I:C:11 N-R
Box I:C:11 Receipt
Box I:C:11 Ri-S
Box I:C:12 Se-To
Box I:C:13 U-Z
Correspondence 1962
Box I:C:14 A-B
Box I:C:14 Mr. B's Chaps
Box I:C:14 Be-Bl
Box I:C:15 Bro-C
Box I:C:15 Churches (Episcopal - Methodist)
Box I:C:16 Churches (Presbyterian - United, and misc)
Box I:C:16 Co-F
Box I:C:17 Fl
Box I:C:17 Foreign Correspondence
Box I:C:17 G-Gr
Box I:C:17 Guideposts
Box I:C:17 H-I
Box I:C:18 J-L
Box I:C:18 Letter B-L (A-E)
Box I:C:18 Letter B-L (F-P)
Box I:C:19 Letter B-L (R-Z)
Box I:C:19 Li-N
Box I:C:19 New York Life Insurance Co.
Box I:C:19 O-P
Box I:C:20 Pi-R
Box I:C:20 Receipts
Box I:C:20 Ri-Sn
Box I:C:21 Sta-Z
Correspondence 1963
Box I:C:22 A-Bo
Box I:C:22 Books
Box I:C:23 Br-Ch
Box I:C:23 Chaplains
Box I:C:23 Churches (Assembly of God United, and misc.)
Box I:C:24 Cl-Fl
Box I:C:24 Foreign Correspondence (A-L)
Box I:C:25 Foreign Correspondence (M-Z)
Box I:C:25 Fr-Gr
Box I:C:25 Guideposts
Box I:C:25 H-Ho
Box I:C:26 Hom-I
Box I:C:26 Industrial File
Box I:C:26 J-L
Box I:C:26 Letter B-L (A-Z)
Box I:C:27 Lo-N
Box I:C:27 New York Life Insurance Co.
Box I:C:27 Ni-O
Box I:C:28 Ol-Re
Box I:C:28 Receipts
Box I:C:28 Ri-Ros
Box I:C:29 S-T
Box I:C:30 Tw-Z
Correspondence 1964
Box I:C:31 A-Bo
Box I:C:31 Books (A-F)
Box I:C:32 Books (G-Z)
Box I:C:32 Br-Bu
Box I:C:32 Business File
Box I:C:32 C
Box I:C:33 Car-Ch
Box I:C:33 Chaplains
Box I:C:33 Churches (Assembly of God Methodist)
Box I:C:34 Churches (Presbyterian United, and misc.)
Box I:C:34 Co-De
Box I:C:35 Do
Box I:C:35 Dorsam
Box I:C:35 Du-Fl
Box I:C:36 Foreign
Box I:C:37 Fr-Gr
Box I:C:37 Guideposts
Box I:C:37 H
Box I:C:38 Har-J
Box I:C:39 Jo-Le
Box I:C:40 Letter B-L
Box I:C:40 Lo-McL
Box I:C:41 M-Mu
Box I:C:42 N-Re
Box I:C:43 Receipts
Box I:C:43 Ri-Sl
Box I:C:44 Sm-St
Box I:C:44 Studio Girl
Box I:C:44 Sto-V
Box I:C:45 W-Z
II. Subject files
Subject files are divided into eleven subseries: A) Prayer correspondence; B) Problem correspondence; C) Look Correspondence; D) Radio file; E) Sermon File; F) Kennedy Campaign; G) Marble Collegiate Church 100th Anniversary; H) Research materials; J) Testimonial dinner; K) Guideposts; and L) Sermon publications. The listing of each subseries below contains a more detailed explanation of its contents.
A: Prayer correspondence
This series contains 1) subject files and 2) prayer letters. Subject files contains correspondence to Dr. Peale, asking for his prayers, lists of prayers available and newspaper clippings pertaining to statements made by Dr. Peale on prayer. Also, there are requests for copies of Dr. Peale's sermons. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically by type, then chronologically. Prayer letters contains correspondence to Dr. Peale asking for his prayers or copies of his sermons. These letters are pleas for his prayers to help with problems of illness; both mental and physical, family problems or prayers for loved ones. They are arranged chronologically. Within this arrangement some are also arranged alphabetically.
Subject files
Box II:A:1 Group Exchange Prayers 1959
Box II:A:2 Letters of Appreciation 1957-1962
Material Sent
Box II:A:2 Prayer Lists 1953-1955, 1957-1958
Box II:A:3 Prayer Lists 1959-1963
Box II:A:4 Prayer List - Church 1961-1962
Box II:A:4 Prayers Answered
Box II:A:4 Prayers - Clippings 1962
Box II:A:4 Sermons Requested and Sent
Prayer letters 1958
Box II:A:5 A-Z and unsigned
Box II:A:6 Prayer letters 1958, March - Sept. 23
Box II:A:7 Prayer letters 1958, Sept. 24 - Oct. 31
Box II:A:8 Prayer letters 1958, Nov. - Dec.
Prayer letters 1959
Box II:A:8 A-C
Box II:A:9 D-S
Box II:A:10 T-Z, unsigned
Box II:A:10 Prayer letters 1959, Jan. 1 - Feb. 6
Box II:A:11 Prayer letters 1959, Feb. 7 - Mar. 31
Box II:A:12 Prayer letters 1959, Apr. 1 - May 5
Box II:A:13 Prayer letters 1959, June 1 - July 31
Box II:A:14 Prayer letters 1959, Aug. 1 - Oct. 14
Box II:A:15 Prayer letters 1959, Oct 15 - Dec. 31
Prayer letters 1960-1965
Box II:A:16 A
Box II:A:17 B-Be
Box II:A:18 Be-Bra
Box II:A:19 Bre-By
Box II:A:20 Cad-Chu
Box II:A:21 Ci-Coy
Box II:A:22 Cr-De
Box II:A:23 Di-Ek
Box II:A:24 El-For
Box II:A:25 Fos-Go
Box II:A:26 Gra-Hap
Box II:A:27 Har-Hic
Box II:A:28 Hie-Hy
Box II:A:29 I-Jones
Box II:A:30 Jones-Kl
Box II:A:31 Kn-Le
Box II:A:32 Li-Ma
Box II:A:33 Mac-Martin
Box II:A:34 Martin-Mo
Box II:A:35 Mo-Ne
Box II:A:36 Ni-Pa
Box II:A:37 Pf-Q
Box II:A:38 R-Ro
Box II:A:39 Row-Sha
Box II:A:40 She-Stet
Box II:A:41 Stev-Th
Box II:A:42 Ti-Waite
Box II:A:43 Walto-Wils
Box II:A:44 Wilt-Z
B: Problem correspondence
This series consists of correspondence to Dr. Peale on personal problems and his answers to the writers. In most cases the pleas deal with health or family problems. Some of the problems are concerns: morality, birth control, unfaithful spouses, mental illness, lack of faith, and job losses. Dr. Peale tries to deal with each case and in some of his answers gives direct advice, but in many instances he refers applicants to the American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry, or a competent psychiatrist or minister in their region of the country. The series is arranged chronologically, and within each year, alphabetically by the correspondent.
Box II:B:1 Problem correspondence 1945-1948
Box II:B:2 Problem correspondence, A-H 1949
Box II:B:2 Problem correspondence, Hannah, Evelyn 1949
Box II:B:2 Problem correspondence, I-R 1949
Box II:B:3 Problem correspondence, S-W 1949
Box II:B:4 Problem correspondence 1950
Box II:B:4 Problem correspondence, A-F 1951
Box II:B:5 Problem correspondence, G-Z 1951
Box II:B:6 Problem correspondence, A-K 1952
Box II:B:7 Problem correspondence, L-Z 1952
Box II:B:8 Problem correspondence 1953
Problem correspondence 1954
Box II:B:8 A-B
Box II:B:9 B-E
Box II:B:10 F-J
Box II:B:11 K-L
Box II:B:11 Answers by LeSourd, A-O
Box II:B:12 Answers by LeSourd, P-Z
Box II:B:12 M-O
Box II:B:13 P-S
Box II:B:14 T-Z
Problem correspondence 1955
Box II:B:15 A-F
Box II:B:15 Mr. Elliot's Letters
Box II:B:15 G-H
Box II:B:16 I-W
Box II:B:17 Rose Weiss' Letters, typed from belts
Box II:B:17 Y-Z
Problem correspondence 1958-1959
Box II:B:17 A-J
Box II:B:18 K-Z
Box II:B:18 A-H
Box II:B:19 J-Z
Box II:B:19 A-O
Box II:B:20 P-Z
Box II:B:20 A-Z
Box II:B:20 A-Z
Box II:B:20 A-D
Box II:B:21 E-R
Box II:B:22 S-Z
Box II:B:22 A-K
Box II:B:23 L-Z
Box II:B:23 A-Z
Problem correspondence 1959-1960
Box II:B:24 A-Z
Box II:B:24 A-Z
Box II:B:24 A-G
Box II:B:25 H-Z
Box II:B:25 A-Z
Box II:B:25 A-Z
Box II:B:26 A-Z
Box II:B:26 A-O
Box II:B:27 P-Z
Box II:B:27 A-Z
Box II:B:28 A-Z
Box II:B:28 A-Z
Box II:B:28 A-F
Box II:B:29 G-Z
Box II:B:29 No reply
Problem correspondence 1960
Box II:B:30 A-B
Box II:B:31 B-C
Box II:B:32 C-E
Box II:B:33 E-G
Box II:B:34 G-H
Box II:B:35 H-K
Box II:B:36 K-L
Box II:B:37 L-M
Box II:B:38 M-P
Box II:B:39 P-R
Box II:B:40 R-S
Box II:B:41 S-T
Box II:B:42 U-Z
Problem correspondence 1963-1965
Box II:B:43 A-Z
Box II:B:44 Ba-Br
Box II:B:45 Bu-Con
Box II:B:46 Coo-D
Box II:B:47 E-Gi
Box II:B:48 Gl-Haz
Box II:B:49 He-J
Box II:B:50 K-Le
Box II:B:51 Li-Me
Box II:B:52 Mi-O
Box II:B:53 P
Box II:B:54 Q-Sa
Box II:B:55 Sca-Stel
Box II:B:56 Stem-V
Box II:B:57 W-Z
C: Look correspondence
This series contains 1) subject files and 2) general correspondence. There is both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Subject files includes correspondence containing questions submitted to Dr. Peale for his Look magazine column. Included is a summary of the type of problems submitted. Among these are letters dealing with divorce, homosexuality, faith, in-laws, death, politics, and personality. These are arranged alphabetically by subject, then chronologically by year. General correspondence includes correspondence dealing with specific subjects submitted by the general public to Dr. Peale. Some of the problems in the correspondence include domestic problems such as infidelity and divorce, religion, politics, health, love, youth, and alcoholism. The file is arranged chronologically and within each year, numerically -- using a number code for problem categories.
Subject file
Box II:C:1 Clinic correspondence 1957
Box II:C:1 Clinic correspondence, homosexuals 1956
Box II:C:1 Faith experiences
Box II:C:1 Letters from readers who use positive thinking 1959
Box II:C:1 Letter possibilities for radio talks
Box II:C:1 Look finance reports 1958
Box II:C:1 Look finance reports 1959
Box II:C:2 Look questions and answers submitted 1954-1959
Box II:C:2 Look question possibilities 1954
Box II:C:3 Look question possibilities 1955-1958
Box II:C:4 Prayer requests 1960
Box II:C:4 Summary of Look correspondence 1956-1958
Box II:C:4 Special letter folder 1958-1960
General correspondence
Box II:C:5 Look correspondence 1954
General correspondence 1955
Box II:C:6 Domestic problems
Box II:C:7 Domestic problems
Box II:C:8 Domestic problems
Box II:C:9 Domestic problems
Box II:C:10 Domestic problems
Box II:C:10 Infidelity
Box II:C:11 Infidelity
Box II:C:11 Divorce
Box II:C:11 In-Laws
Box II:C:12 Religion
Box II:C:13 Religion
Box II:C:14 Religion
Box II:C:14 Occupations and employment
Box II:C:14 Politics
Box II:C:14 General information
Box II:C:15 General information
Box II:C:16 General information
Box II:C:17 Health
Box II:C:18 Death
Box II:C:18 Personality problems
Box II:C:19 Personality problems
Box II:C:20 Personality problems
Box II:C:21 Love problems
Box II:C:21 Youth
Box II:C:22 Youth
Box II:C:22 Alcohol
Box II:C:23 Criticisms, testimonials
Box II:C:24 Subscription, book inquiries
Box II:C:24 No answer sent
Box II:C:25 No answer sent
Box II:C:26 No answer sent
Box II:C:26 Old age problems
Box II:C:26 Look permission folder
General correspondence 1956
Box II:C:27 Domestic problems
Box II:C:28 Domestic problems
Box II:C:29 Domestic problems
Box II:C:29 Infidelity
Box II:C:29 Divorce
Box II:C:30 Divorce
Box II:C:30 In-Laws
Box II:C:30 Religion
Box II:C:31 Religion
Box II:C:32 Occupation and employment
Box II:C:32 Politics
Box II:C:32 General information
Box II:C:33 General information
Box II:C:34 Health
Box II:C:34 Death
Box II:C:34 Personality problems
Box II:C:35 Personality problems
Box II:C:36 Personality problems
Box II:C:36 Love problems
Box II:C:37 Youth
Box II:C:37 Alcohol
Box II:C:38 Alcohol
Box II:C:38 Criticisms and testimonials
Box II:C:39 General criticisms
Box II:C:39 Racial and religious criticisms
Box II:C:39 Comments
Box II:C:39 Subscriptions and book inquiries
Box II:C:40 No answer sent
Box II:C:41 No answer sent
Box II:C:42 No answer sent
Box II:C:42 Old age problems
Box II:C:42 Premarital relations
Box II:C:42 No Name or Address
Box II:C:42 Unsorted
Box II:C:43 Unsorted
Box II:C:44 Look Personal Reply Jan-Jun 1956; Jul-Sep 1956, A-L
Box II:C:45 Look Personal Reply Jul-Sep 1956, M-Z; Oct-Dec 1956, A-Z
General correspondence 1957
Box II:C:46 General Information
Box II:C:47 General Information
Box II:C:47 Health
Box II:C:48 Health
Box II:C:48 Death
Box II:C:48 Personality problems
Box II:C:49 Personality problems
Box II:C:49 Love problems
Box II:C:49 Youth
Box II:C:50 Youth
Box II:C:50 Sub-Teens
Box II:C:51 Alcohol
Box II:C:51 Criticisms and testimonials
Box II:C:52 Criticisms and testimonials
Box II:C:52 Comments
Box II:C:52 Criticisms of Darwin's Theory
Box II:C:52 Religious and racial criticisms
Box II:C:53 Criticisms
Box II:C:53 Book inquiries
Box II:C:53 No answer sent
Box II:C:53 Old age problems
Box II:C:53 Premarital relations
Box II:C:53 No Name, No Address
Box II:C:54 No Name, No Address
Box II:C:54 Unsorted
Box II:C:55 Unsorted
Box II:C:55 D-F
Box II:C:56 G-M
Box II:C:57 N-V
General correspondence 1958
Box II:C:58 Marital-Domestic A-G
Box II:C:59 Marital-Domestic, H-R
Box II:C:60 Marital-Domestic, S-Z
Box II:C:60 Marital-Domestic, unsorted
Box II:C:61 Marital-Domestic, unsorted
Box II:C:61 Religion, A-G
Box II:C:62 Religion, H-W, unsorted
Box II:C:63 Religion, unsorted
Box II:C:63 Health, A-F
Box II:C:64 Health, G-M
Box II:C:65 Health, N-Z, unsorted
Box II:C:66 Death
Box II:C:66 Old Age
Box II:C:66 Youth, A-J
Box II:C:67 Youth, K-Z
Box II:C:67 Juvenile Delinquency
Box II:C:68 Misc. Letters, A-B
Box II:C:69 Misc. Letters, C-K
Box II:C:70 Misc. Letters, L-R
Box II:C:71 Misc. Letters, S-Z
Box II:C:72 Testimonials
Box II:C:72 Comments and Criticisms, unsorted
Box II:C:73 Comments and Criticisms, A-M
Box II:C:74 Comments and Criticisms, N-Z
Box II:C:74 No Reply Letters
Box II:C:75 Old Files
Box II:C:75 Look Correspondence, unsorted
Box II:C:76 Look Correspondence, unsorted
Box II:C:76 Domestic, A-O
Box II:C:77 Domestic, P-Z
Box II:C:77 Religion
Box II:C:78 Health
Box II:C:78 Death
Box II:C:78 Old Age
Box II:C:78 Youth, A-D
Box II:C:79 Youth, E-Z
Box II:C:79 Misc., A-R
Box II:C:80 Misc., S-Z
Box II:C:80 Testimonials
Box II:C:80 Comments
Box II:C:80 No Reply
Box II:C:80 No Name, No Address
General correspondence 1959
Box II:C:81 Domestic, A-O
Box II:C:82 Domestic, P-Z
Box II:C:82 Religion, A-R
Box II:C:83 Religion, S-Z
Box II:C:83 Health
Box II:C:83 Death
Box II:C:84 Old Age
Box II:C:84 Youth
Box II:C:84 Misc., A-D
Box II:C:85 Misc, E-Z
Box II:C:85 Testimonials, A-M
Box II:C:86 Testimonials, N-Z
Box II:C:86 Comments
Box II:C:86 No Reply
D: Radio files
This material includes correspondence requesting copies of Dr. Peale's broadcasts "The Art of Living" and receipts for donations received to help him carry on this work. Included in the correspondence are appeal letters written by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker on behalf of Dr. Peale. Also included are manuscripts and discs of Dr. Peale's radio sermons. The correspondence from listeners includes questions to Dr. Peale on such subjects as alcoholism, divorce, sex, business and finance, grief, marriage difficulties, and personality problems. The material is arranged chronologically and then alphabetically within the year.
Box II:D:1 Broadcasting and Film Commission 1950-1953
Box II:D:1 Financial file 1954
Box II:D:2 Financial file 1955-1957
Box II:D:2 Appeal Letters 1954-1960
Box II:D:2 Appeal Letters, W.B. Wallace
Box II:D:2 Form Letter 1956
List of Contributions
Box II:D:3 Small 1940
Box II:D:3 Large 1954, 1956
Box II:D:4 Large, $25 and up 1956
Box II:D:4 Over $5 1957
Box II:D:4 Receipts
Radio correspondence
Box II:D:5 Radio correspondence, A-R 1938
Box II:D:6 Radio correspondence, S-Z and Unidentifiable 1938
Radio correspondence 1940
Box II:D:6 A-D
Box II:D:7 E-P
Box II:D:8 Q-Z, and unidentifiable
Box II:D:8 Radio correspondence 1943, 1944
Box II:D:9 Radio correspondence 1945-1946
Box II:D:9 Radio correspondence , A-K 1947
Box II:D:10 Radio correspondence , L-Z 1947
Box II:D:10 Radio correspondence 1948-1949
Box II:D:11 Radio correspondence 1950
Box II:D:11 Radio correspondence , A-J 1951
Box II:D:12 Radio correspondence , K-Z 1951
Box II:D:12 Radio correspondence , A-L 1952
Box II:D:13 Radio correspondence, M-Z 1952
Radio correspondence 1953
Box II:D:13 A-B
Box II:D:14 C-H
Box II:D:15 H-M
Box II:D:16 N-S
Box II:D:17 S-Z
Radio correspondence 1954
Box II:D:17 A
Box II:D:18 B-C
Box II:D:19 D-G
Box II:D:20 H-K
Box II:D:21 L-O
Box II:D:22 P-S
Box II:D:23 T-Z, unidentifiable
Radio correspondence 1955 - arranged by subject
Box II:D:23 Engaged to Known Alcoholics
Box II:D:23 Husbands - Emphasis on Divorce, Finances
Box II:D:23 Husbands - Wives not Wanting to Help
Box II:D:24 Letters from Family (not Wife)
Box II:D:24 Repentant Husbands
Box II:D:24 Social Drinking
Box II:D:24 Women Alcoholics
Box II:D:24 Business and Finance - wills
Box II:D:24 Adopted or Foster
Box II:D:24 Problems relating to Boys, Girls
Box II:D:24 Retarded or Defective
Box II:D:24 Serious Personality or Mental Trouble
Box II:D:24 Sex Troubles
Box II:D:25 Shy
Box II:D:25 Grown and General
Box II:D:25 General
Box II:D:25 Parents, Grandparents Having Trouble
Box II:D:25 Criticisms
Box II:D:25 Young Couples
Box II:D:25 Questions
Box II:D:25 Elderly Couple, Husband wants Divorce
Box II:D:26 Elderly Couple, Wife wants Divorce
Box II:D:26 Wanted for Various Reasons
Box II:D:26 Feel Guilty Because of Divorce - Sin?
Box II:D:26 Finances - Property Settlement in Second Marriage
Box II:D:26 Lonely - Wives, Husbands
Box II:D:26 Nagging Troubles
Box II:D:26 Sex
Extra Marital Relations
Box II:D:26 General
Box II:D:27 Pre-marital, Unwed mothers
Box II:D:27 Brothers and Sisters
Box II:D:27 Duty to Parents
Box II:D:27 Misc.
Box II:D:27 Grief
Box II:D:27 Health
Box II:D:28 Health
Box II:D:28 Last Fling, Elderly
Box II:D:28 of Husband
Box II:D:28 of Wife
Box II:D:28 In-Law Trouble
Love Problems
Box II:D:29 Middle Aged or Over
Box II:D:29 Lonely Hearts
Box II:D:29 Young
Marriage Difficulties
Box II:D:29 Not Reached Divorce
Box II:D:29 Marriage
Box II:D:30 Marriage
Box II:D:30 Misc. I
Misc. II
Box II:D:30 Messy Sex Relations
Box II:D:31 Rambling, Incoherent
Box II:D:31 Requests for Copies of Radio Talks
Box II:D:31 Racial Difficulties
Box II:D:31 Mixed Creeds
Box II:D:31 Statements
Box II:D:31 Neighbors - Gossip
Box II:D:31 Old age problems
Box II:D:32 Personal Appearance
Box II:D:32 Fear
Box II:D:32 General
Box II:D:33 Self-Conscious
Box II:D:33 Mental Illness
Box II:D:33 Worry - Anxiety
Box II:D:33 Program Comments
Box II:D:34 Program Comments
Box II:D:34 Religious Creed and Church
Box II:D:35 Religious Creed and Church
Box II:D:35 Response to Radio Questions and Answers
Box II:D:35 Requests for Themes
Box II:D:35 Unpleasant Personal Characteristics of Husbands
Box II:D:35 Jealous Husbands
Box II:D:35 Cruel, Abusive, Domineering Husbands
Box II:D:35 Irresponsible, Shiftless Husbands
Box II:D:35 Indifferent, Inattentive Husbands
Box II:D:35 Disagreeable, Bad Tempered, Moody husbands
Box II:D:35 Jealous, Discontented, Errant Wives
Box II:D:35 Misc. Husbands
Box II:D:35 Flirtatious, Philandering Husbands
Box II:D:36 Children
Box II:D:36 Teenagers
Box II:D:36 Older, Misc.
Alphabetically by Sender
Box II:D:36 Answered, A-H
Box II:D:37 Answered, I-Z
Box II:D:38 Unanswered, A-C
Box II:D:39 Unanswered, C-G
Box II:D:40 Unanswered, G-K
Box II:D:41 Unanswered, L-N
Box II:D:42 Unanswered, O-S
Box II:D:43 Unanswered, T-Z
Radio correspondence 1956
Box II:D:44 Unanswered, A-F
Box II:D:45 Unanswered, G-Q
Box II:D:46 Unanswered, R-Z
Radio correspondence 1957
Box II:D:46 Unanswered, A-B
Box II:D:47 Unanswered, C-T
Box II:D:48 Unanswered, U-Z, unidentifiable
Box II:D:48 Correspondence answered by Mrs. Graham
Box II:D:48 Expense Account
Box II:D:48 Office Correspondence
Box II:D:48 Office - Mail Requests for N.V.P. Broadcasts
Box II:D:48 Office Notes
Box II:D:48 Office - Record of Mail Received and Sent at NBC
Box II:D:48 Prayers, 1946-1947 Season
Box II:D:49 Prayers, 1947-1949 Season
Box II:D:49 Prayers, 1965, Jan. 17
Box II:D:49 1943-1950, 1952
Box II:D:49 Lists of Illustrations "Art of Living" 1950-1953
Box II:D:49 Lists of Topics "Art of Living" 1954
Box II:D:49 Promotion 1955-1959
Radio Questions used on the N.V.P. Show
Box II:D:50 1955, Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24
Box II:D:50 1955, Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28
Box II:D:50 1955, Mar. 7, 14-18
Box II:D:51 1955, Mar. 21, 28
Box II:D:51 1955, Apr. 4-8, 11, 18, 25
Box II:D:51 1955, May 2, 9, 16, 23
Box II:D:52 1955, May 23, 30
Box II:D:52 1955, Jun. 6, 13, 20, 27
Box II:D:52 1955, Jul. 4, 11, 18, 25
Box II:D:53 1955, Aug. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Box II:D:53 1955, Sep. 5, 12, 19, 26
Box II:D:53 1955, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Box II:D:54 1955, Nov. 7, 14, 21, 28
Box II:D:54 1955, Dec. 5, 12, 19, 26
Questions - Possible Selection for N.V.P. Show
Box II:D:55 1955, Jan 11-Jun 24
Box II:D:56 1955, Jun 30 - Nov. 30
Box II:D:56 Children
Box II:D:56 Edited
Box II:D:56 Unedited
Box II:D:56 Marriage Difficulties
Box II:D:57 New Booklet of N.B.C. Questions
Box II:D:57 Personality - Inferiority, insecurity
Box II:D:57 Rejected
Box II:D:57 Submitted, Oct, Nov.
Box II:D:57 Submitted by Miss Van Buren, July 5 - Nov. 29
Box II:D:57 Submitted by Rose Weiss
Radio Sermons: Art of Living
Box II:D:58 1938
Box II:D:58 1940, Mar.7 - Sep.28
Box Box II:D:58 II:D:58 1941, Apr.4 - Jun.28
Box II:D:58 1941, Jul.5 - Sep.27
Box II:D:58 1942, Jun.6 - Sep.26
Box II:D:58 1942, Jul.4 - Sep.26
Box II:D:59 1943, Feb 27 - Sep 22
Box II:D:59 1944, Jun 3 - Sep 30
Box II:D:59 Month and Day Not Indicated
Box II:D:60 1945, Jun 2-Sep 29
Box II:D:60 1946, Jun 1-Sep 28
Box II:D:60 1947, May 3-Sep 27
Box II:D:60 1948, Jun 5-Sep 25
Box II:D:61 1949, Jun 4-Sep 24
Box II:D:61 1950, Jun 4-Dec 31
Box II:D:62 1951, Jan 7-Dec 30
Box II:D:62 1952, Jan 6-Apr 6
Box II:D:63 1952, Apr 13-Dec 28
Box II:D:63 1953, Jan 11-Dec 27
Box II:D:64 1954, Sep 5-Dec 26
Box II:D:64 1955, Jan 2-Dec 25
Box II:D:64 1956, Jan 1-Dec 30
Box II:D:64 1957, Jan 6-Mar 31
Box II:D:65 1957, Oct 13-Dec 29
Box II:D:65 1958, Jan 5-Dec 28
Box II:D:65 1959
Box II:D:65 1960-1961
Box II:D:66 1962
Box II:D:66 Radio Sermons: Faith in Our Time 1945, Oct 17-Nov 28
Box II:D:66 Radio Sermons: Radio Chapel 1945, Dec 9-30; 1946, Oct 6-27
Box II:D:66 Special sermons 1954 - Easter Seal Message
WSYR (Syracuse, New York) sermons
Box II:D:66 1929, Feb-Nov
Box II:D:67 1930, Jan-May
Box II:D:67 1930, May-Nov
Box II:D:67 1931
Box II:D:67 1932, Jan-Mar
Box II:D:67 No Date
Other Sermons
Box II:D:67 1942 Jan 3-Nov 29
Box II:D:68 1942 Dec 6-27
Box II:D:68 1943 Jan 24-Dec 26
Box II:D:68 1944 Jan 16-Apr 2
Box II:D:68 1944 Sep 17-Dec 10
Box II:D:68 1945 Jan 7-14, Mar 5-18
Box II:D:69 1945 Apr 1-Nov 25
Box II:D:70 1945 Dec 2-30
Box II:D:70 1946 Jan 6-Mar 31
Box II:D:71 1946 Apr 7-Oct 27
Box II:D:72 1946 Nov 3-Dec 31
Box II:D:72 1947 Jan 5-Apr 27
Box II:D:73 1947 May 4-Dec 21
Box II:D:73 1948 Jan 4-Feb 22
Box II:D:74 1948 Mar 7-Dec 26
Box II:D:74 1949 Jan 2-Feb 20
Box II:D:75 1949 Feb 27- Oct 16
Box II:D:76 1951 Mar 4-Jun 10
Box II:D:76 1952 Jan 27-Dec 28
Box II:D:76 1953 Feb 18-Dec 13
Box II:D:76 1954 Jan 3-Feb 28
Box II:D:77 1954 Mar 7-Dec 30
Box II:D:77 1955 Jan 23-Dec 25
Box II:D:77 1956 Jan 1-Jun 3
Box II:D:78 1956 Sep 17-Dec 30
Box II:D:78 1957 Feb 24
Box II:D:78 1957 Mar 8-Oct 27
Box II:D:79 1957 Nov 3-Dec 29
Box II:D:79 1958 Jan 5-Oct 26
Box II:D:80 1958 Nov 2-Dec 28
Box II:D:80 1959 Jan 4-Dec 27
Box II:D:81 1960 Jan 3-Dec 25
Box II:D:81 1961 Jan 1-Jun 11
Box II:D:82 1961 Jul
Box II:D:82 1961 Sep 17-Dec 31
Box II:D:82 1962 Jan 7-Dec 30
Box II:D:83 1965 Jan 17
Box II:D:83 Undated
Box II:D:83 Sermons from the book The Art of Living, and not useable 1939, 1953
Sermon Discs
Box II:D:83 1942 May 17-31
Box II:D:83 1942 Sep 20-Dec 31
Box II:D:83 1943 Jan 3-Feb 28
Box II:D:84 1943 Mar 7-Oct 31
Box II:D:85 1943 Nov 7-Dec 31
Box II:D:85 1944 Jan 2-Apr 30
Box II:D:86 1944 May 7-Dec 31
Box II:D:86 1945 Jan 7-Feb 28
Box II:D:87 1945 Mar 4-Dec 30
Box II:D:88 1946 Jan 6-Oct 27
Box II:D:89 1946 Nov 3-Dec 31
Box II:D:89 1951 Nov 11
Box II:D:89 1952 Oct 4
Box II:D:89 1952 Dec 21-28
Box II:D:89 1953 Mar 29-May 10
Box II:D:89 1956 Jan 1-Jun 3
Box II:D:89 1956 Sep 21-Oct 26
Box II:D:90 1956 Sep 16- Dec 30
Box II:D:90 1957 May 19-Oct 6
Box II:D:90 1958 Sep 21-Oct 26
Box II:D:91 1958 Nov 2-Dec 7
Box II:D:91 1959 Jan 11-May 17
Box II:D:91 1959 Sep 28
E: Sermon files
These files are arranged into four parts: 1) Correspondence, 2) Manuscripts, 3) Sermon Proofs, and 4) Index file. Correspondence consists of letters requesting copies of Dr. Peale's sermons as well as comments on them. This is arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by correspondent. Manuscripts are mostly corrected typescripts, but some of the earlier ones are holoscript. These sermons have been distributed to millions of people the world over. They were originally given by Dr. Peale at his various pastorates over the years, such as: University Methodist Church in Syracuse, Kings Highway Methodist church in Brooklyn and the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. These manuscripts are arranged chronologically by month and year. Sermon proofs contains the galley proofs of sermons given by Dr. Peale at the Marble Collegiate Church. These sermons were published and distributed by Sermon Publications of Pawling, NY. The arrangement of these proofs is chronological. The Index file contains sermon digests, excerpts, notes and illustrations used in Dr. Peale's sermons. This is arranged alphabetically by type of material then chronologically.
Box II:E:1 Correspondence 1944-1947
Box II:E:1 Correspondence , Sermon Publication Committee 1948
Box II:E:1 Correspondence , A-L 1948
Box II:E:2 Correspondence , M-Z 1948
Box II:E:2 Correspondence 1949-1950
Box II:E:3 Correspondence 1951
Box II:E:3 Correspondence , A-L 1952
Box II:E:4 Correspondence , M-Z 1952
Box II:E:4 Correspondence 1953-1954
Box II:E:5 Correspondence 1955, Jan-Mar
Box II:E:6 Correspondence 1955, Mar-Apr
Box II:E:7 Correspondence 1955, Apr
Box II:E:8 Correspondence 1955, Apr-Sep
Box II:E:9 Correspondence 1955, Sep-Oct
Box II:E:10 Correspondence 1955, Oct-Dec
Box II:E:10 Correspondence, A-G 1956
Box II:E:11 Correspondence, H-N 1956
Box II:E:12 Correspondence, O-Ry 1956
Box II:E:13 Correspondence, Sa-Ty 1956
Box II:E:14 Correspondence, U-Z 1956
Box II:E:14 Correspondence Undated
Box II:E:15 Manuscripts 1922-1928
Box II:E:15 Manuscripts 1933-1936
Box II:E:16 Manuscripts 1933-1936
Box II:E:16 Manuscripts 1941, May, Sep
Box II:E:16 Manuscripts 1942, Jan, May-Jul
Box II:E:17 Manuscripts 1942, Oct-Dec
Box II:E:17 Manuscripts 1943, Jan-Apr
Box II:E:18 Manuscripts 1943, May-Jun, Sep
Box II:E:18 Manuscripts 1946, Feb
Box II:E:18 Manuscripts Undated
Sermon proofs
Box II:E:18 Sermon proofs 1954, 1956, 1957
Box II:E:19 Sermon proofs 1958, 1959
Box II:E:20 Sermon proofs, by subject 1925-1932
Index file
Box II:E:20 Card Index 1953-1957
Box II:E:20 Cut Radio Versions 1942
Box II:E:20 Sermon Digests 1953-1954, undated
Box II:E:20 Sermon Discs 1942
Box II:E:20 Sermon Excerpts, N.V.P. Special 1949-1951
Box II:E:20 Excerpts, Digests, Releases 1944-1946
Box II:E:20 Newspaper Releases and Misc. Excerpts
Box II:E:20 Illustrations 1932, 1935-1938
Box II:E:21 Illustrations 1938-1946
Box II:E:22 Illustrations 1946-1953
Box II:E:23 Illustrations 1950-1955
Box II:E:24 Illustrations 1955-1956
Box II:E:25 Illustrations 1953-1959
Box II:E:26 Illustrations, Easter 1959-1960
Sermon material
Box II:E:26 [General] April 12, 1959
Box II:E:27 Christmas
Box II:E:27 Communion
Box II:E:27 Lincoln
Box II:E:27 Mother's Day
Box II:E:27 New Year's Day
Box II:E:27 Thanksgiving
Box II:E:27 List of Sermons Which have Been Printed
Box II:E:28 Notes and Digests 1947
Box II:E:28 Notes, lists and research material 1922-1932
Box II:E:28 Outline
Box II:E:28 Procedural material
Box II:E:28 Publication Committee 1944
Box II:E:28 Sermon Publication Committee 1947, 1949
Box II:E:29 Sermon Publication Committee 1950-1952
Box II:E:29 Published copies 1944, 1951-1954
Box II:E:30 Published copies 1955-1956
Box II:E:30 Stenograph reports 1940
Box II:E:30 Tape Recordings of Sermon Given in Washington D.C. 1955
Box II:E:30 Topics 1939, 1942-1955
F: Kennedy campaign
This subseries contains correspondence and published material regarding Dr. Peale's attendance at a conference in Washington in Sept. 1960, held by the Citizens for Religious Freedom, a group consisting of 150 Protestant clergymen and laymen, concerning the election of a Roman Catholic for president. As a result of Dr. Peale's participation in the meeting, a number of people wrote to him, some congratulating him for his stand, others denouncing him. This material is filed in three parts: 1) Correspondence For, contains correspondence, mostly from individuals, but there are many letters from church groups and businesses (arranged chronologically); 2): Correspondence Against, correspondence from the general public, clergymen, church groups and businesses (arranged chronologically); and 3) Published material, including leaflets, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and periodicals (arranged alphabetically by type).
Box II:F:1-7 Correspondence for Aug. 15, 1960-Dec. 22, 1960; Jan. 1, 1961-May 12, 1961; undated
Box II:F:8-15 Correspondence against 15 Aug. 10, 1960-Nov. 18, 1960; Jan. 6, 1961-June 14, 1961; undated
Correspondence against 1960-1961
Box II:F:16 Discontinuing Column in Philadelphia Inquirer
Box II:F:16 Kennedy
Box II:F:16 Washington Meeting
Box II:F:16 "What a Protestant Should Do Today"
Published material
Box II:F:17 Leaflets
Box II:F:17 Newspaper clippings
Box II:F:18 Newspaper clippings
Box II:F:19 Newspapers (copies)
Box II:F:19 Pamphlets 1960
Box II:F:19 Periodicals 1959, 1960
G: Marble Collegiate Church 100th Anniversary
This subseries contains correspondence, greetings, a history, mailing lists, minutes and notices pertaining to the 100th Anniversary dinner of the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. Dr. Peale started his pastorate there in 1932. Also included are pictures, programs, invitations, reservations and related items for this dinner. This material is arranged alphabetically by subject or type.
Anniversary Dinner
Box II:G:1 Correspondence Committee
Box II:G:1 Correspondence - general
Box II:G:1 Correspondence - hotel, misc
Box II:G:1 Greetings, special guests
Box II:G:1 History and publicity
Box II:G:1 Mailing lists
Box II:G:1 Minutes, agendas, notices
Box II:G:1 9/20 Organization Dinner
Box II:G:1 Pictures
Box II:G:2 Programs
Box II:G:2 Programs, invitations, proofs
Box II:G:2 Programs sent list
Box II:G:2 Refunds, donations, complimentary tickets
Box II:G:2 Reservations A-K
Box II:G:3 Reservations, L-Z
Box II:G:3 Seating info
Box II:G:3 Speakers
Box II:G:3 Toastmaster
Box II:G:3 Marble Collegiate Church programs
Box II:G:3 Testimonial dinner
H: Research materials
This subseries contains two parts: 1) General, and 2) Prohibition. General consists of correspondence, printed and published material used by Dr. Peale for research in preparing,sermons, articles and statements. It includes material on subjects such as immorality, marriage problems, retirement, unemployment and teenage problems. It is arranged alphabetically by subject. Prohibition includes news clippings, pamphlets and periodicals, programs, and reports relating to prohibition of drinking intoxicants. There are notes used by Dr. Peale for his speeches and sermons against repeal of the 18th Amendment. This material is arranged alphabetically by type.
Box II:H:1 Book - Sermons on George Washington 1932
Box II:H:1 Christianity and Mental Health 1955
Box II:H:1 Correspondence 1931-1936
Box II:H:1 How to Be Married and Enjoy It 1958
Box II:H:1 Illustrations 1927
Box II:H:1 Illustrations for Speaking Engagements 1948-1950
Box II:H:1 Immortality 1954-1955
Box II:H:1 Integration 1958-1959
Box II:H:1 Marriage Problems 1958
Box II:H:1 Massanetta Springs Address 1944-1945
Box II:H:1 Mental and Physical Conditions 1958
Box II:H:1 Perils to Freedom and Spiritual Mobilization 1946-1948
Box II:H:2 Perils to Freedom and Spiritual Mobilization 1946-1948
Box II:H:2 Religious Problems 1958
Box II:H:2 Remarriage - Illegitimate, Illicit Problems 1958
Box II:H:2 Requests for School Papers, etc. 1958-1959
Box II:H:2 Retirement 1954-1955
Box II:H:2 The Secret of Abundance 1958
Box II:H:2 Spiritual Techniques 1950-1952
Box II:H:2 Teen-Age Problems 1958
Box II:H:2 Unemployment Relief Committee 1932
Box II:H:2 Address by Callahan, Patrick Henry 1927
Box II:H:2 Annual Address: Colvin D. Leigh 1932
Box II:H:2 Book: T.N.T. - It Rocks The Earth 1932
Box II:H:2 Bulletins 1930-1933
Box II:H:3 Calling Cards
Box II:H:3 Congressional Records 1931-1933
Box II:H:3 Leaflets 1932, undated
Box II:H:3 Membership Cards 1935-1936
Box II:H:3 News Clippings 1932-1933
Box II:H:4 Newspaper Clippings
Box II:H:4 Notes
Box II:H:4 Pamphlets 1927-1937
Box II:H:5 Periodicals 1930-1954
Box II:H:5 Play by Ethel Clark 1935
Box II:H:5 Programs 1932-1937
Box II:H:5 Report 1933
Box II:H:5 Reprints of Articles 1955
Box II:H:5 Sermons 1933, undated
Box II:H:5 Speeches 1930-1933
J: Testimonial Dinner
This subseries concerns a testimonial dinner which was given in honor of Dr. Peale's twentieth anniversary as pastor of the Marble Collegiate Church on November 18, 1952, at the Hotel Statler. The toastmaster was Lowell Thomas, and among the evening's speakers was J. Edgar Hoover. This subseries includes correspondence, photographs, guest lists, and printed material relating to the social activities involved in the arrangement of this dinner. These materials are arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box II:J:1 Business and Misc.
Box II:J:1 Committee Meeting Nov.6 1952
Box II:J:1 Correspondence
Box II:J:1 Dais, regrets
Box II:J:1 Invitation samples
Box II:J:1 Photographs
Box II:J:2 Program
Box II:J:2 Publicity
Box II:J:2 Refunds, Free Tickets, etc.
Box II:J:2 Regrets, etc.
Box II:J:2 Reservations
Box II:J:2 Reservations, A-B
Box II:J:3 Reservations C-R
Box II:J:4 Reservations, S-Z
Box II:J:4 Samples of Materials
Box II:J:4 Tickets not Paid
Box II:J:4 20th Anniversary Nov 18 1952
K: Guideposts
Guideposts, a widely read inspirational magazine of which Dr. Peale was Editor-in-Chief, is subscribed to by hundreds of thousands of individuals as well as by many firms for their employees. Founders of Guideposts included Lowell Thomas, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, Branch Rickey, Walter Teagle, and Stanley Kresge. This subseries includes correspondence, manuscripts, printed and published materials, photographs, and newspaper clippings pertaining to Guideposts. Among the correspondents are such well known names as Lowell Thomas, Dale Carnegie, Henry J. Kaiser, Stanley Kresge, George E. Sokolsky, and Fulton Oursler. The material is arranged chronologically for the years 1944-1946 and 1945-1951, then alphabetically by subject or correspondent within these two year groups.
[General] 1944-1946
Box II:K:1 A
Box II:K:1 Articles, not used
Box II:K:1 Authors' Letters
Box II:K:1 Authors, Prospective
Box II:K:1 Authors' Suggestions
Box II:K:1 B
Box II:K:1 Bainbridge, William S
Box II:K:1 Benson, Philip A
Box II:K:1 Blanton, Dr. Smiley
Box II:K:1 Bonnell, J.S.
Box II:K:1 Boyer
Box II:K:1 Bradley, J. Chapman
Box II:K:1 C
Box II:K:1 Carnegie, Dale
Box II:K:1 Chamberlaine
Box II:K:1 Clergymen
Box II:K:1 Contributors Letters
Box II:K:1 Crissey, A. Elwell
Box II:K:1 D
Box II:K:2 Detroit
Box II:K:2 De Servensky
Box II:K:2 E
Box II:K:2 Engle
Box II:K:2 Editorial, Atomic Bomb
Box II:K:2 Editorial Suggestions
Box II:K:2 F
Box II:K:2 Filmore, Charles
Box II:K:2 Ford, Henry
Box II:K:2 Form Letters
Box II:K:2 Forman, Henry J.
Box II:K:2 G
Box II:K:2 Guideposts articles, 1st Issue
Box II:K:2 Guideposts articles, 2nd Issue
Box II:K:2 Board
Box II:K:2 Final Draft, 3rd Issue
Box II:K:2 Final Draft, 4th Issue
Box II:K:3 Final Draft, 5th-12th Issues
Box II:K:3 Suggestions
Box II:K:3 H
Box II:K:4 Harris
Box II:K:4 Hays, Brooks
Box II:K:4 Hearst, Publicity
Box II:K:4 Heckman, H.G.
Box II:K:4 Howard, Stephanie
Box II:K:4 Hoyden, Perry
Box II:K:4 I
Box II:K:4 Inquiries
Box II:K:4 J
Box II:K:4