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George Brandon Saul Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Saul, George Brandon, 1901-
Title: George Brandon Saul Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1912-1969
Quantity: 10.0 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American educator, author, poet, composer.
Abstract: Correspondence (1930-1969); manuscripts of books, musical scores, poems, and plays; printed materials including articles, book reviews, books, clippings, and short stories; school notebooks; and photographs.
Abstract: Correspondents include Morse Allen, Padraic Colum, T.R. Henn, Desmond Maxwell, Alex Preminger, and Charles W. Stork.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

George Brandon Saul, Ph.D., is an American educator, author and composer of music. He was born in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania, Nov 1, 1901, the son of Daniel Brandon and Mary E. Stamm Saul, and attended the University of Pennsylvania, receiving his B.A. in 1921, M.A. in 1930, and Ph.D. in 1932. A member of the English faculty of the University of Connecticut since 1924, Mr. Saul has been a full professor there since 1942. Since 1956 Dr. Saul has served as a technical writing consultant for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Dr. Saul resides at 4 Gilbert Road, Storrs, Connecticut. He spent a sabbatical year (1966-1967) in Ireland doing research on modern Irish literature.

Mr. Saul is the author of plays, short stories, articles and book reviews, and the composer of musical compositions and songs. His poems have appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies. His pubiished works include The Cup of Sand, 1923; Bronze Woman, 1930; Unimagined Rose, 1937; Only Necessity, 1941; Selected Lyrics, 1947; October Sheaf, 1951; Major Types of English Literature, 1935; Hound and Unicorn, 1966; A.E. Coppard: His Life and His Poetry, 1932; The Elusive Stallion, 1947; Handbook of English Grammar and Writing Conventions, 1953; Stephens, Yeats and Other Irish Concerns, 1954; The Shadow of the Three Queens, 1953; Prolegomena to the Study of Yeat's Poems, 1957; Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats's Plays, 1958; Carved in Finduine, 1966; and The Wild Queen, 1967.

A member of the Poetry Society of America and the Modern Language Association, Mr. Saul lives in Storrs, Connecticut. He married his first wife, Dorothy M. Ayers, in 1925 and with her had one son, George Brandon II. After Dorothy's death 1937, Brandon married Eileen S. Lewis, with whom he had two children, Michael Brandon and Barbara Brigid.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The George Brandon Saul Papers consists of the original accession and two sets of additions which have not been integrated and are listed separately in the inventory below.

1966-1967 accessions

The main accession consists of correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, and published material. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by author (incoming) or chronoligically (outgoing). The Subject file, which is arranged alphabetically, consists of Dr. Saul's college course work and notes, photographs of himself and his faamily, and other related items. Dr. Saul's Manuscripts, arranged alphabetically by title, include articles, books, book reviews, essays, letters to editors, musical scores, plays, poems, short stories, and theses. Published material includes articles, books, book reviews, letters to editors, newspaper clippings, poems, programs, short stories, and theses. Additional material received in late 1966 and early 1967 has been integrated into the main collection and filed in the appropriate box/folder.

1968 additions

The 1968 additions to the George Brandon Saul Papers cover the years 1918, 1930-1931, and 1964-1968, and consist of two series. Correspondence, 1930-1931, 1964-1968, includes letters from friends, associates and publishers concerning the writing and publishing of works, the establishment of an Irish literature program in an American university and a sabbatical leave research trip to Ireland. Important correspondents include Homer Babbidge, 1964-1968; Padraic Colum, 1966; Ruth Hall, 1930-1931; Tony Knowland, 1966-1967; E'oin McKiernan, 1966-1968; and Mrs. Frank (Harriet) O'Connor, 1968. The letters are arranged chronologically, and there is an index to important correspondents on 3x5 slips in Box 1. Manuscript and published material, 1918, 1930, 1965-1968, includes a bibliogrpahy, book reviews, books, a monograph, musical compositions, a novella, and poems by Mr. Saul. Also included is a review of Mr. Saul's book, The Wild Queen. These writings are arranged alphabetically by type and alphabetically by title within each type.

1969 additions

The 1969 additions to the George Brandon Saul Papers cover the years 1920, 1935, 1937, and 1964-1969 and include correspondence, memorabilia, and writings. Correspondence, 1968-1969, including incoming and outgoing letters, is arranged chronologically. Memorabilia, 1920, consists of three high school notebooks, two for Latin and one for forestry. The bulk of the 1969 additions are Saul's Writings (1935, 1937, and 1964-1969). They are divided into six groups: book reviews, books, musical scores, a play, poems, and a radio broadcast. The book reviews are arranged alphabetically by the title of the book reviewed. Drafts and published copies of books, including books of folk tales and books of poetry, are arranged alphabetically by book title. The musical scores consist of three short pieces and, like the short poems, are arranged alphabetically. There is only one play and one radio broadcast script. Arrangement is alphabetical within each group; book reviews are arranged by the title of the book being reviewed.

Other additions

The collection also has one box containing multiple accessions from 1971, 1976 and 1979, which consists mostly of correspondence and printed material. This unprocessed material is not included in the inventory below and is available only by special permission.

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Arrangement of the Collection

See Scope and content above. Note that since the three sets of material have not been integrated, box numbers are not unique. When requesting boxes, please specify the year in addition to the box number to ensure retrieval of the correct items.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Allen, Morse S. (Morse Shepard), 1891-1967.
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972.
Henn, T. R. (Thomas Rice), 1901-1974.
Maxwell, D. E. S. (Desmond Ernest Stewart), 1925-
Preminger, Alex.
Saul, George Brandon, 1901-
Stork, Charles Wharton, 1881-


American literature -- 20th century.
American literature -- Book reviews.
American poetry -- 20th century.
Authors, American -- 20th century.
Books -- Reviews.
Composers -- United States.
Dramatists, American -- 20th century.
Educators -- United States.
Irish Americans.
Irish-American literature -- 20th century.
Music -- 20th century.
Music -- Poetry.
Musicians -- United States.
Novelists, American -- 20th century.
Poets, American -- 20th century.
Short stories, American -- 20th century.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts for publication.
Musical scores.
Reviews (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

George Brandon Saul Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Dr. George B. Saul, 1966-1969.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: 26 April 1966
Revision history: 1966, 1967 - additions (-); Jan 1969 - additions (MFA); Jan 1970 - additions (SBM); 7 Oct 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC)

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Correspondence (1966-1967 accessions)
See also Correspondence (1968 additions) and Correspondence (1969 additions)
Box 1 A
Box 1 Allen, Morse
Box 1 Alspock, Russell
Box 1 B
Box 1 Brownmiller, Arlan J.
Box 1 C
Box 1 Colum, Padraic
Box 1 Cooper, John W.
Box 1 D-G
Box 1 H
Box 1 Hall, Hazel
Box 1 Henn, T.R.
Box 1 Houseman, Lawrence
Box 1 I-K
Box 1 L
Box 1 Loftur, Richard
Box 1 M
Box 1 Maxwell, Desmond
Box 1 Nicholl, Louise T.
Box 1 Norwood, Robert
Box 1 O-P
Box 1 P.F. Collier & Son
Box 1 Preminger, Alex
Box 1 Q-R
Box 1 Russell, H.L.
Box 1 S
Box 1 Saul
Box 1 Stork, Charles W.
Box 1 T-V
Box 1 Wade Adam
Box 1 Witt, Marion
Box 2 1940, 1950-1952, 1956-1958, 1961-1965
Subject files (1966-1967 accessions)
Box 2 Anonymous Drawing
Box 2 Courses Taken at University of Pa. Graduate School
Course Work & Notes
Box 2 American Literature (Contemporary) 1943
Box 2 Anglo-Latin Literature
Box 2 Chaucer & Middle English Philology 1921-1922
Box 2 Classical Element & Italian Influence in English Literature 1926
Box 2 Elizabethan Literature 1920-1922
Box 3 English Essayists 1921-1922
Box 3 English Metrics and Poetic Theory 1930-1931
Box 3 Fine Arts 1922
Box 3 Graduate Studies 1926-1931
Box 3 Greek
Box 3 History of Literature (American & British) undated
Box 3 Irish Rennaissance & Contemporary English Poetry 1921
Box 3 Latin 1922
Box 3 Literary Forms undated
Box 4 Medieval Literature 1926
Box 4 Medieval Literature 1937
Box 4 Miscellaneous English 1923
Box 4 19th Century Poetry 1921, 1922, 1926, 1928, 1930
Box 4 19th Century Prose 1927-1928
Box 4 The Novel, 18th, 19th, & 20th Centuries 1921-1923, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1933
Box 4 Philosophy 1920-1921
Box 4 Restoration to French Revolution 1921, 1929
Box 5 Roman History 1922-1923
Box 5 17th Century Lyric undated
Box 5 Description of Traffic Accident with Sketch 1952
Box 5 Membership Certificate
Box 5 Photos
Box 5 Undergraduate College Reports & Data
Manuscripts (1966-1967 accessions)
See also Manuscripts and published works (1968 additions) and Writings (1969 additions)
Box 5 "A Frenzy of Concentration: Yeat's Verse from 'Responsibilities' to 'The King of the Great Clock Tower' "
Box 5 "Icy Song: The Verse of Elinor Wylie"
Box 5 "Irish Literature"
Box 5 "The Irish Rennaissance"
Box 5 "Minor Irish Miscellany"
Box 5 "Of One Forgotten" June 1951
Box 5 "Of Tales Half-Forgotten"
Box 5 "The Short Stories of George Moore"
Box 5 "Silver Daughter of the Puritans: Winifred Waller of Norwich Town"
Box 5 "Strange Gods and Far Places: The Short Stories of Lord Dunsany"
Box 5 "A Wild Sowing: The Short Stories of Liam O'Flaherty"
Box 5 "Yeat's Verse Before 'Responsibilities' " 1960
Box 5 Advice to the Emotionally Perturbed (Married - Past or Present, Willing, or Doubtful)
Box 5 The Age of Yeats: Irish Literature - table of contents, notes & final alterations
Box 6 Blood Shadow
Box 6 Candlelight Rhymes for Early-To-Beds - carbon
Box 6 Carved in Findruine
Box 6 English in Rhyme for Very Young Folk
Box 6 Fundamental Processes of Elementary Algebra: A Concise Review and Reference Summary
Box 6 In the Shadow of Mountains - original and typescript
Box 6 In Luminous Wind
Box 6 A Little Book of Strange Tales
Box 7 A Practical Summary of English Grammar & Associable Conventions, with Exercises (2 copies)
Box 7 Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats' Plays - with notes
Box 7 Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats' Poems - with notes (2 copies)
Box 7 Quintet
Box 7 The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Raynell - translation, with notes and galleys
Box 7 The Wild Queen - with notes (2 copies)
Box 7 The Winged Image and Other Essays in the Yeatsian Era
Book Reviews about George Brandon Saul
Box 7 Bronze Woman 1930
Book Reviews by George Brandon Saul
Box 8 Miscellaneous
Box 8 "The Brief Fiction of Sean O'Faolain"
Box 8 "Early Irish Poetry"
Box 8 "Essays and Verse" 1936
Box 8 "The Irish Renaissance"
Box 8 "Later Irish Poetry: Vernacular & English"
Box 8 "Summary Notes on Yeats' Dramatic Dicta and Accomplishment"
Box 8 "Tumult in Lainster" - original
Box 8 "Withdrawn in Gold"
Letters to Editors
Box 8 Miscellaneous
Box 9 "Ad Dei Gloriam" 1965
Box 9 "At the Cave of Forty Thieves"
Box 9 "The Ballad of Samson"
Box 9 "Butterflies' Night Piece"
Box 9 "Etude in D Major"
Box 9 "Four Songs" and "He Gave His Beloved Certain Rhymes"
Box 9 "Gnomes' March"
Box 9 "Grotesque for Goblins"
Box 9 "Heard Under Cattails" and "The Brewer's Man"
Box 9 "Lyrical Brevities for Piano"
Box 9 "No.1 of Five Carols for Christmastide"
Box 9 "Perhaps on Such a Night"
Box 9 "Ring Out Wild Bells" and "The Watchers"
Box 9 "Rumination, 2nd Theme" 1965
Box 9 "Sonata Toward Winter" 1941
Box 9 "Songs for Tenor Voice" 1965
Box 9 "Two Lovers by the Styx"
Box 9 "Valse"
Box 9 "When on the Marge of Evening"
Box 9 "The Wild Ride"
Box 9 Short pieces
Music (photocopies)
Box 9 "Perhaps on Such a Night"
Box 9 "Rumination"
Box 9 "Ring Out Wild Bells" 1965
Box 9 "Songs for Tenor Voice" 1965
Box 9 "Two Lovers by the Styx"
Box 9 "When on the Marge of Evening"
Box 9 "The Wild Ride" and "No. 1 of Five Carols for Christmastide"
Box 10 "The Fair Eselt" - with notes
Box 10 "Play and Poem" 1922
Box 10 "The Shine on the Waters" (2 copies)
Box 10 "The Trial by Fable"
Box 10 Description of Early Works
Box 10 "Ada and Other Poems" 1919 (2 copies)
Box 10 "All Hallows' Eve"
Box 10 "Ballade"
Box 10 "Book I, Poems (Short)" 1916-1919
Box 10 "Book II, (Short) Poems by G.B. Saul" 1917
Box 10 "Book IV, Poems" 1917
Box 10 "Book VI, An Echo from the Sea Caves" 1917
Box 10 "Book VII, Siren Tide and Other Poems" 1917
Box 10 "Book IX, Additional Poems" 1918
Box 10 "Book X, Poems" 1919
Box 10 "(Book XI, Poems)" 1919
Box 10 (Book, Miscellaneous) 1928-1933, 1934-1936
Box 10 "Curse for a Certain Landlady"
Box 10 "Demure Felice"
Box 10 "Epitaph"
Box 10 "Fair Warning"
Box 10, 11 "Felim's Daughter" - original, 2 copies
Box 11 "The Foot Withdrawn"
Box 11 "Forest Dawn and Other Verses"
Box 11 "The Ghosts"
Box 11 "Houses of Sorrow" 1920
Box 11 "Instructor in English" I & II
Box 11 "A Lean Sheaf" Nov. 1956-Dec. 1960
Box 11 "Lines to a Proud Maiden"
Box 11 "Longing"
Box 11 "Lotus & Other Verses" 1919
Box 11 "A Moral Lesson"
Box 11 "Mrs. X Speaking"
Box 11 "Only Necessity...
Box 11 "Poems by G.B. Saul" 1912
Box 11 "Poems: 1921" (3 notebooks)
Box 11 "Poems" Aug. 1922
Box 11 "Poems" Oct. 1922
Box 11 "Poems" 1922
Box 11 "Poems" April 1923
Box 11 "Poems, August, 1923"
Box 11 "Poems, Spring, 1924"
Box 11 "Poems, 1925-1930"
Box 11 "Poems" Nov. 1947
Box 11 "Postscript to a Halloween" - original and duplicate
Box 12 "Reminiscence"
Box 12 "Sonnets" 1917
Box 12 "A Sophomore Remarks"
Box 12 "Tears, Idle Tears..."
Box 12 "Thirsts"
Box 12 "Verse by George Brandon Saul" 1921
Box 12 "The White Maiden" 1919
Box 12 "Winds and Bells" 1919 (2 copies)
Box 12 "Zoological Aversions"
Short Stories
Box 12 Retellings of Irish Short Stories
Box 12 "Vagaries"
Box 12 "The Vision"
Speeches and Lectures
Box 12 Miscellaneous
Box 12 "A.E. Coppard: His Life and His Poetry to the Publication of the 'Bibliography' " 1931 - doctoral thesis (copy)
Box 12 "The Poetry of Austin Clark"
By others
Box 12 T. Henn
Published material (1966-1967 accessions)
See also Manuscripts and published works (1968 additions) and Writings (1969 additions)
Articles about George Brandon Saul
Box 12 Miscellaneous
Articles by George Brandon Saul
Box 12 "Ancient and Medieval Irish Literature"
Box 12 "The Brief Fiction of Sean O'Faolain"
Box 12 "A Consideration of Frank O'Connor's Short Stories"
Box 13 "Daughter of Vikings: Irah Dineren"
Box 13 "A Delicate Fabric of Bird Song: The Verse of Sara Teasdale"
Box 13 "The Elusive Stallion: Notes on Poetry"
Box 13 "Flinty Bread: The Verse of Abbie Huston Evans"
Box 13 "A Frenzy of Concentration: Yeats' Verse from 'Responsibilities' to 'The King of the Great Clock Tower' "
Box 13 "Icy Song: The Verse of Elinor Wylie"
Box 13 "In Memoriam: Alfred Edward Housman, 1859-1936"
Box 13 "An Introductory Bibliography in Anglo-Irish Literature"
Box 13 "Jeffores on Yeats"
Box 13 "Minor Irish Miscellany"
Box 13 "Note on a Literary Curiosity"
Box 13 "Of Tales Half-Forgotten" (2 copies)
Box 13 "On English Metrics And Certain Absurdities"
Box 13 "On Mercury and Reason: The Criticism of James Stephens"
Box 13 "The Short Stories of Elizabeth Bowen"
Box 13 "The Short Stories of George Moore"
Box 13 "The Short Stories of Seumas O'Kelly"
Box 13 "Silver Daughter of the Puritans"
Box 14 "Strange Gods and Far Places: The Short Stories of Lord Dunsany"
Box 14 "Suggestions Toward a Revised Program in College English"
Box 14 "Thread to a Labyrinth"
Box 14 The Age of Yeats
Box 14 Bronze Woman
Box 14 The Celtic Cross
Box 14 The Cup of Sand
Box 14 The Elusive Stallion
Box 14 Handbook of English Grammar and Writing Conventions
Box 14 In Luminous Wind
Box 14 Major Types of English Literature
Box 14 October Sheaf
Box 15 Owl's Watch
Box 15 Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats' Plays
Box 15 Prolegomena to the Study of Yeats' Poems
Box 15 Selected Lyrics
Box 15 The Shadow of the Three Queens
Box 15 Unimagined Rose
Books by Others
Box 15 Yeats and the Easter Rising, by Edward Malins
Book Reviews about George Brandon Saul
Box 15 Miscellaneous
Book Reviews by George Brandon Saul
Box 16 Anabasis, by St. John Pierre
Box 16 Bars and Shadows, by Ralph Chaplin
Box 16 The Beast in his Hunger, by Harry Brown
Box 16 A Book, by Dyana Barnes
Box 16 Bow Down in Jericho, by Byron Herbert Reece
Box 16 Burning Bush, by Karle Wilson Baker
Box 16 The Burnished Blade, by Lawrence Schoonover
Box 16 The Chanty of the Stars, by John Heath-Stubbs
Box 16 Craftsmen of the Word: Three Poets of Modern Russia, by Leonid Strukhovsky
Box 16 The Creaking Stair, by Elizabeth Coatsworth
Box 16 The Death of Captain Nemo, by Robert Hillyer
Box 16 Dialogue With an Angel, by Sister Mary Jeremy
Box 16 Dostoevsky, by Andre Gide
Box 16 The Enchanted Flood, by W.H. Auden
Box 16 England Reclaimed and Other Pieces, by Sir Osbert Sitwell
Box 16 English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Box 16 Fact of Crystal, by Abbie Huston Evans
Box 16 Fingerboard, by Marshall Schacht
Box 16 A Fountain in Kent and Other Poems, by John Frederick Nims
Box 16 The Golden Nightingale, by Donald A. Stauffer
Box 16 Heavy Hangs the Golden Grain, by Seuman MacManus
Box 16 The Historic Mr. Poe, by N. Bryllion Fagin
Box 16 Inishfallen Fare Thee Well, by Sean O'Casey
Box 16 The Irish: A Character Study, by Sean O'Faolain
Box 16 The Irish Genius, ed. by Devin A. Garrity
Box 16 Late I Have Loved Thee, by Ethel Mannin
Box 16 The Lion and the Lady and Other Poems, by Emma Swan
Box 16 Lost Edition, by Lillian Everts
Box 16 Modern Greek Poetry, by Rae Dalven
Box 16 Moon Over Manhattan, by Jennie M. Polen
Box 16 Nationalism in Modern Anglo-Irish Poetry, by Richard J. Loftus
Box 16 Northern Lights, by Roger Vercel
Box 16 Paterson (Book Three), by William Carlos Williams
Box 16 The Permanence of Yeats: Selected Criticisms, James Hall & Martin Steinman
Box 16 Prize Stories of 1949: The O'Henry Award, by Herschel Brickell
Box 16 A Quarto of Modern Literature, ed. by Leonard Brown
Box 16 Red Wine and Yellow Hair, by Kenneth Patchen
Box 16 Redemption, by Francis Stuart
Box 16 Second Contemporary Verse Anthology, ed. by Charley Wharton Stork
Box 16 Selected Poems, by Ezra Pound
Box 16 Selected Poems, by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Box 16 The Signature of All Things, by Kenneth Rexroth
Box 16 Stranger at Coney Island, by Kenneth Fearing
Box 16 A Summer in Italy, Sean O'Faolain
Box 16 The Tears of the Blind Lions, Thomas Merton
Box 16 Two Lovely Pearls and Other Stories, by Liam O'Flaherty
Box 16 The Unknown Sea, by Francois Maurice
Box 16 The Wager and Other Stories, by Daniel Connery
Box 16 The Writer on his Art, ed. by Walter Allen
Box 16 Yeats: The Man and the Masks, by Richard Ellman
Box 16 Yeats: A Collection of Critical Essays, by John Unterecher
Letters to Editors
Box 16 Miscellaneous
Newspaper clippings
Box 16 About George Brandon Saul
Box 16 About Ray Browne
Box 16 "All Soul's Monday"
Box 16 "Ballade," "Instructor in English"
Box 16 "Chorus"
Box 16 "Daybreak," "Dust Wandering," "Ending," "The Vision of Death"
Box 16 "Deirdre Remembered"
Box 16 "Epitaph," "Footnote to the Epitaphs," "Mrs. X Speaking"
Box 16 "Fatal Encounter"
Box 17 "Fatal Necessity"
Box 17 "Fragment," "September," "Song," "Sonnet For Eileen"
Box 17 "Gaffer to Grandson"
Box 17 "The Ghost," "The Musician Dead"
Box 17 "The Ghosts"
Box 17 "Ione"
Box 17 "I Thought of You at Fall of Night"
Box 17 "Ladder to an Alexandrine"
Box 17 "The Light Remote"
Box 17 "Little and Lonely Under the Evening Star" (2 copies)
Box 17 "May Night Counsel"
Box 17 "Mens Disconsolata"
Box 17 "Mid-March Pastoral for Eileen"
Box 17 "Mid-Summer Night's Premonition"
Box 17 "Note," "Reaffirmation"
Box 17 "Now in the Lapse of Yule"
Box 17 "Old Philosophy," "Revisitations," "Skeptics," "Vigil"
Box 17 "Postscript to a Halloween"
Box 17 "Query in Age"
Box 17 "Rejoinder"
Box 18 "The Sea-Girl's Vengeance"
Box 18 "Suicide"
Box 17 "Threescore"
Box 18 "The Watchers"
Box 18 Miscellaneous
Box 18 Publisher's List of Books
Short Stories
Box 18 "Inland Storm"
Box 18 "King Noggin"
Box 18 "Lacrimal Rerun: A Story"
Box 18 "The Vermilion-Headed Man"
Box 18 "A.E. Coppard: His Life and His Poetry to the Publication of the 'Bibliography' " - doctoral thesis
Correspondence (1968 additions)
See also Correspondence (1966-1967 accessions) and Correspondence (1969 additions)
Box 1 1930-1931, 1964-1968
Manuscripts and published works (1968 additions)
See also
Manuscripts (1966-1967 accessions)
Published material (1966-1967 accessions)
Writings (1969 additions)
Box 1 Works of Hazell Hall ca. 1930
Book reviews
Box 1 of Walter Maiken's Lord of the Mountain 1967
Box 1 of Saul's The Wild Queen 1967
Box 1 Hound and Unicorn 1966 - collected verse, typescript carbon, revised
Box 1 October Sheaf 1965 - publicity material only
Box 1 Withdrawn in Gold 1968 - essays, incomplete typescript revised
Box 1 "Seumas O'Kelly" - typescript carbon, revised
Musical compositions
Box 1 "Autumn prelude" - repro. of ms.
See also "Prelude in E flat"
Box 1 "Diversion" 1968 - original rough ms. and repro.
Box 1 "4th impromptu" - ms. and repro.
Box 1 "From an old mss." 1918, 1968 - based on "Warrior's scene," ms. and repro.
Box 1 "Prelude in E flat" 1918, 1968 - original ms. and revisions
See also "Autumn prelude"
Box 1 "Skeleton's jig" - ms and repro.
Box 1 "Summer etude" - ms and repro.
Box 1 "Valse: summer evening" - rough ms. and repro.
Box 1 Liadain and Curither: a love story - holograph and original typescript, revised
Box 1 "At my desk" 1968
Box 1 "Bovine elegy" - holograph and original typescript
Box 1 "On reading a medieval romance" 1967
Box 1 "Resurgence" 1968
Correspondence (1969 additions)
See also Correspondence (1966-1967 accessions) and Correspondence (1968 additions)
Box 1 1968-1969
Memorabilia (1969 additions)
Box 1 High school notebooks, Latin & forestry ca. 1920
Package 1 Photograph of Saul
Writings (1969 additions)
See also
Manuscripts (1966-1967 accessions)
Published material (1966-1967 accessions)
Manuscripts and published works (1968 additions)
Book Reviews
Box 1 A Commentary an the Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats by A. Norman Jeffries 1969 - Draft A, Draft B
Box 1 The Development of William Butler Yeats: 1885-1900 by Harold Orel 1969 - tsc anno., 2 p.; also published version in Eire-Ireland, A Journal of Irish Studies, IV, 1 (Spring, 1969), 152-153.
Box 1 In the Middle of the Fields by Mary Lavin 1969 - Draft A, holo. rev., 2 p.; Draft B, tsc anno., 2 p.
Box 1 Sean O'Faolain by Paul A. Doyle 1969 - Draft A, holo. rev., 2 p.; Draft B, tsc anno., 2 p.
Box 1 Yeats at Work by Curtis B. Bradford July 1969 - holo. notes; Draft A, holo. rev., 2 p.; Draft B, tsc anno., 3 p.
Box 1 Sean O'Faolain and Yeats at Work, 1969 - published material, Eire-Ireland, IV, 3 (Autumn, 1969), pp. 121-122, 127-128
Box 1 Yeats's Autobiography/Life as Symbolic Pattern by Joseph Ronsley July 1969 - Draft A, holo, rev., , 1 p.; Draft B, tsc anno., 1 p.
Box 1 Carved in Findruine: Tales out of Irish Tradition 1969? - ts, pt. mat. rev., 100 p.
Box 1 Concise Introduction to Types of Literature in English, - incomplete repro. page proof, rev.; index, tsc rev., 6 p.
Box 1 Hound and Unicorn: Collected Verse--Lyrical, Narrative, and Dramatic . 1969 - incomplete draft, holo., ts rev. ts rev., pp. 1-227; pub. mat., Philadelphia: The Walton Press, anno. & auto
Box 2 A Little Book of Strange Tales July, 1964 - ts, tsc, pt. mat. rev., 34p.
Box 2 Rushlight Heritage: Reflections on Selected Irish Short-Story Writers of the Yeatsian Era 1969 - ts, tsc rev., Sections 1-10 and Appendices; pub. mat., Philadelphia: The Walton Press
Box 2 Unimagined Rose ca. 1937 - page proofs rev.,
Box 2 Withdrawn in Gold: Three Commentaries on Genius ( Studies in General and Comparative Literature, VI) June 1968, December 1969 - tsc rev., 40 p.; page proof rev., 40 p.
Musical Scores
Box 2 "Ramblings" Spring 1969 - holo. rev., anno., 1 p.
Box 2 "Theme in Search of Title," December, 1968 - Draft A, holo. rev., 1 p.; Draft B, repro. holo., 1 p.
Box 2 "Toward New Year's" January 1969 - Draft A, holo. rev., 1 p.; Draft B, repro. holo., 1 p.
Box 2 The Trial by Fable: A One-Act Play 1969 - tsc; originally written in 1942; this revision for Hound and Unicorn
Box 2 "Personal" 1969 - ts rev., 1 p.
Box 2 "Personal" and "Croagh" Spring, Summer, 1969 - published material: The Dublin Magazine, VIII, 1 & 2, 44.
Box 2 "To His Piano" Winter, 1969 - pub. mat., Arizona Quarterly, XXV, 4, 318.
Radio Broadcast
Box 2 "A. E. Coppard and His Forthcoming Volume, Cherry Ripe," on Station WTIC October 19, 1935 - tsc rev., 4 p.

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