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William J. Walls Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Walls, William Jacob, 1885-1975.
Title: William J. Walls Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1957-1969
Quantity: 6.0 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the African-American bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Correspondence, speeches and sermons, photographs, and clippings.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Bishop William J. Walls, African American churchman and author, graduated from Livingstone College and Hood Seminary. He did graduate work at Columbia University, and received an advanced degree from the University of Chicago.

Walls was an active member of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, originally formed in 1796 in New York City in response to discrimination against blacks in the regular Methodist Church. Walls' home congregation was Thomas Memorial AME Zion in Watertown, New York, long known as an anti-slavery church; notable members included Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Katherine Harris,Jermaine Loguen, and Frederick Douglass.

Among his other duties, Walls served as senior bishop and secretary of the Board of Bishops and as chairman of the Board of Christian Education, Home and Church, and participated in Christian Education conventions on the denominational, national, international, and world levels. He was a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches, the executive committee of the World Council of Methodism, and the General Assembly and General Board of the National Council of the Churches of Christ, and was the ecumenical spokesman for Zion Methodism.

In addition to his church activities, Wall was active in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), serving on the Board of Directors and as vice president. He also found time to write, producing a biography of Joseph Charles Price, founder and first president of Livingstone College, and a definitive history of AME Zion entitled The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church: Reality of the Black Church (1974).

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The William J. Walls Papers consists of correspondence-subject files and two later additions which have not been integrated. Correspondence-subject files are subdivided chronologically. 1981 additions consists of books, correspondence, clippings, personal memorabilia (will, etc) and writings, as well as more than fifty years of the Official Journals of the Zion Church. 1983 additions consists of a single typescript for Prophets of Freedom by Bishop W.J. Walls.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Files are arranged chronologically and within that alphabetically (with some aberrations). Note that box numbers are not unique; please specify accession and box number when requesting items.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Walls, William Jacob, 1885-1975.

Corporate Bodies

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church -- Clergy.
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.


African American Methodists.
African American clergy.
African Americans -- Biography.
Clergy -- United States.
Methodists -- United States.
Sermons, American.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Speeches (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

William J. Walls Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

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Date: Apr 1999
Revision history: 12 Dec 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC)

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Correspondence-subject files ca. 1958
Box 1 "A General"
Abbott, Edward P.
Ackerman, A.A.
Acolatse, Cephas L.
Adjahoe, Juanita
Aggrey, Rose D.
Allen, Frank M. (4)
Allen, J. Roy L. (2)
Alstork, C. Donald, Sr.
American Bible Society
Andrews, D.W.
Armstrong, J.D.
Atkins, F.L.
Atlanta University
Audrey, Franklin A.
Box 1 AME Zion Departments
Box 1 American Bible Society
Box 1 "B General"
Ballard, C.H.
Barnes, Christine
Barnes, Otho W.
Beck, William Tecumseh
Bell, A.C. (3)
Belton, J.A.
Bennett, Alice R.D. (2)
Bennett, Leroy J. (2)
Bennett, Lucile
Bess, Hunter B. (8)
Bethel AME Zion Church
Bishop, Shelton Hale
Blackwell, George H.
Brockelt, Julien
Brooks, George A.
Brooks, T.H. (2)
Brown, F.R.
Brown, Ruth
Brumley, Edward
Buie, George (3)
Burruss, Ann L.
Box 1 Barber Camp
Box 1 Board of Bishops: Correspondence
Box 1 "C General"
Canavati, Saliba K.
Cannady, M.A.
Canty, J. Carl
Carr, Robert K.
Carrington, W.O. (2)
Carter, Cordelia
Catledge, J. Van
Cauthen, J.D.
Cave, Margaret
Churchill, Frank E.
Clark, L.C.
Clark, James
Clarke, E.O.
Clayton, Robert L. II
Clinton Junior College
Cochrane, William G. (2)
Cofield, Jacob P. (2)
Coleman, C.C. (3)
Coleman, S.C.
Connectional Council & Board of Bishops Programs
Lovallo, Connors & Matusick
Cooper, W.A.
The Pittsburgh Courier (6)
Cuthbertson, Reverend M.R. (2)
Box 1 Camp Dorothy Walls
Box 1 Church Federation of Greater Chicago
Box 1 Circular
Box 1 "D General"
Dancy, John C.
Daniels, Theodore W.
Davidson, M.E.
Davis, R.W.
DeBerry, P.L.
Dexter, E.B.
Dixie, Thomas A.
Draft, Ira Lee
Dulles, John Foster
Duncan, Samuel E. (5)
Dunston, Alfred S.
Box 1 "E General"
Eastern Clergy Bureau (2)
Eichelberger, James W. (5)
English, Jeanette (3)
Evans, Carrie Slack
Box 1 "F General"
Fernandez, R.W.
Flowers, J.G.
Ford, Charles (2)
Foster, Richard A.G. (4)
Francis, D. Oliver (2)
French, J.H. (2)
Fuller, Albert L.
Funderburk, J. R.
Box 1 Foreign Letter and Stamps
Box 1 "G General"
Gerald, Joseph S.
Germany, Freeman
Gillian, W.M.
Gladden, J.D. (2)
Glover, O.L.
Goldstein, Arthur I.
Goode, E.L.
Grady, Nathaniel T., Jr.
Grant, Alonzo C.
Green, Elizabeth Lee
Gullette, Ralph W.
Box 1 "H General"
Hadley, Marion M.
Hall, Emma
Hall, Henry L. (2)
Hardge, Arthur L. (4)
Hardge, E.S. Sr.
Hardge, E.S. Jr. (2)
Hardy, Lenora (5)
Hardy, Ruth
Harper, Addie (2)
Harris, Edward C.
Harris, Leon D.
Harris, R.J.
Hatwood, Edgar L.
Hawkins, Mary
Henderson, W.T. (2)
Hill, C.L.
Hill, George J. (3)
Himphie, James
Hinds, Hewley E.
Hogan, E.L. (4)
Hogan, William D. (2)
Hogan, William D. Jr.
Hoggard, J. Clinton "Holly Knollers"
Holmes, John W.
Holmes, J.H.
Holt, Ivan Lee (3)
Holton, Walter
Hopkins, Samuel L.
Hoskins, Fred
Houston, Isaac Lewis (3)
Howcott, Chas.
Hunnicutt, A.C.
Hunt, Wilma Mae
Hunter, F.B.
Hunter, G.W. (3)
Hunter, R.T. (2)
Hyslop, Ralph Douglas
Box 1 "I General"
Illinois Institute of Technology
Inniss, Charles N. (2)
Irwin, William A.
Ithaca Loan Finance
Box 1 Inter-Church Center
Box 1 Invitations
Box 1 "J General"
Jackson, Belvie H. Jr.
Jackson, E. Franklin (3)
Jackson, T.S. (2)
Jackson, William W.
Jarrett, R.H.
Jenkins, J. Dallas
Jernagin, W.H.
Johnson, Elsie M.
Johnson, Ernestine
Johnson, J.A. Babington
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, Joyce
Jones, A.
Jones, Frank E. (4)
Jones, Janie C.
Jones, N.V. (4)
Jones, Richard P.
Jones, William H.
Box 1 "K General"
Karefa-Smart, Rena
Keaton, H.A. (2)
Kendall, C.R.
Kennedy, E.C.
Kennedy, John F.
Khan, Abiel H. (3)
King, Martin Luther, Jr. (2)
Kirnon, H.H. (3)
Kleinwald, Arthur
Kost, Bertha (2)
Box 1 "L General"
Lakeville AME Zion Church
Laws, George (2)
Leak, Hattie M.
Leake, George J.
Linder, M.P.
Lineback, C.L. (2)
Littlejohn, M.L. (3)
Lockhart, Elizabeth
Lockhart, Devera J. (2)
Logan, Bert H.
London, Georgia
Long, Charles H. (2)
Lovell, Dr. Walter R. (2)
Lowe, F.I.
Livingstone College
Box 1 "M General"
Marguis Company
Marsh, Marion (3)
Massey, John F.
Mathews, Fannie
May, Aurthur E. (6)
May, Margaret J. (3)
Mays, Benjamin E.
Michael, E.R.
Michael, Margaret
Miller, Edward
Miller, George Mason
Miller, Howard W.
Miller, Mason
Mills, Florence R.
Monroe, Irene
Montgomery, Leroy J. (2)
Moore, Eleanor
Moore, Ercelle Harmon
Moore, Hugh
Moore, Lula (2)
Mooreland, Sallie V.
Morgan, Eugene E., Jr.
Morris, A. P.
Mother AME Zion Church
Mullen Vester L.
Murdock, John D., Sr.
Murtagh, John M.
Box 1 "Mc General"
McCouley, Darnell C.
McDew, Gladys
McDougal, T.C. (2)
McGuire, P.E. (7)
McKinney, Carnes (3)
McMillan, J.Q.
McMillan, J.T.
McMulle, M.L.
McMurray, G.W. (2)
Box 1 "N General"
Neal, William J. (2)
New York Council of Churches
Nochols, D. ward
Nitchman, Alvin F.
Noble, Mazie (3)
Nooe, Roger T.
Norment, C.E.
Norville, H.B.
Norwood, W.S.
Nurse, Herbert
Box 1 N.A.A.C.P.
Box 1 National Council of Churches, USA
Box 1 New England Conference
Box 1 New York Conference
Box 1 Newspaper Clippings
Box 1 "O General"
O’Dell, L. Howard
Oliver, Douglas and Dorothy
Owens, George
Box 1 "P General"
Paris, William A. (6)
Parks, Cornelia (3)
Pater, Alan F.
Patterson, Gladys
Perdue, Jeanette (2)
Perry, A.A. (2)
Pharr, Pauline and David
Philip, P.P. (3)
Pierce, A.L. (2)
Pierre, Maurice (9)
Plack, Carl R.
Poe, William M.
Pollard, John H. (2)
Powe, Thomas M.
Powell, Edna
Prattis, P.L.
The President’s Committee
Price, J.A.
Priester, Marcus J.
Primas, Brennan Keys
Proctor, Emory C.
Box 1 Photographs
Box 1 Programs and Bulletins
Box 1 Public Relations/Press Matters
Box 1 Publicity
Box 1 "Q General"
Quick, Joseph F.
Box 1 "R General"
Railroad (2)
Redditte, B.
Reed, Samuel B. (2)
Reid, Leon A., Jr.
Remsen, Oscar Jeremiah
Rice, Willa Mae
Rich, C.B.
Richards, Hilda
Richardson, Louis M.
Riddick, T.J.
Roan, Homer S.
Roberts, Clarence H.
Robeson, B.C. (3)
Robeson, Francis C.
Robinson, Dorothy
Robinson, Georgia
Robinson, Jackie (7)
Robinson, Laberta (2)
Robinson, M.B.
Robinson, Major
Rollins, Mary
Rudd, Daisy E.
Rudd, M.S. (9)
Ruffin, Jacob C. (3)
Box 1 Race and Human Relations
Box 1 "S General"
Schrag, Oswald O.
Schultz, S.W. (2)
Seagle, A.D.
Seay, S.S.
Service, Cleon O.
Servis, Harry H. (5)
Shaw, Benjamin G. (3)
Shaw, Herbert Bell
Sherrill, Richard W. (2)
Shufford, Adrian L., Jr.
Shufford, Adrian L., Sr.
Silas, Eulalia L.
Siler, Lee Clinton
Sisco, Ruth E.
Slade, W.W.
Smith, J.F.
Smith Joseph Aggrey
Smith, M.M. (2)
Smith, Percy, Jr.
Smith, Percy, Sr.
Smith, William M. (3)
Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.
Spears, A.E.
St. Clair, V. Loma (3)
Stewart, James E. (9)
Stewart, W.A.
Straud, Hazeline R.
Stringfield, John A. (2)
Box 1 "T General"
Tate, Slaughter and Elizabeth M.
Taylor, L. Barbara
Thomas, Carl Alan (2)
Thombs, Leo L.
Thompson, J.W.
Thorton, Mabel
Tiemeyer, Raymond
Torrence, C.L.
Trent, William J. Jr. (6)
Tsapis, Stanley
Tulans, Victor J.
Turner, G.R. (2)
Turner, Smith (3)
Box 1 Telegrams
Box 1 Tubman, Harriet (home)
Box 1 "U General"
University of Chicago
Box 1 "V General"
Van Dusan, Henry P.
Van Horn, Olive O.
Van Oppen & Co., Inc. (2)
Van Putten, C.L.
Vantage Press (Arthur Kleinwald) (4)
Varner, Sammie Lee
Vogel, Edward
Box 1 "W General"
Wactor, Hildred H. (2)
Wales, Wellington
Walker, William O. (2)
Walters, Zoe A. (5)
Ward, Milton N. (7)
Ward, Paul L.D.
Warfield, Vernice
Waters, V.B.
Watkins, Johnsie W.
Watson, M.R.G.
Watson, Robert M., Jr. (2)
Welcome, Verda F. (2)
Weller, S.W. (2)
Wells, I.J.K.
Wells, J.J.
Wells, Rudolph L.
West, A.B.
Westlehoff, Harold
Wetterhahn, Ross A. (2)
White, Luther L.
White, Reid R.
Whitfield, Alphonso
Who’s Who in America
Wilberforce University Carnegie Library
Williams, C.C.
Williams, Laura M.
Williams, Sayde J.
Wisdom, David P.
Wolins, LeRoy
Woodhouse, Enoch O. (2)
Woodhouse, Gertrude Tyler
Works, David A.
Wornom, Herman E.
Box 1 Walls, W. J. (personal data)
Box 1 Western New York
Box 1 Western North Carolina Conference
Box 1 World Council of Churches
Box 1 World Methodist Council
Box 1 World Sunday School Convention 1958
Box 1 Writing and Addresses
Box 1 "X,Y,Z" (No contents)
Correspondence-subject files ca. 1959-1960
Box 1 "A General"
Acolatse, Cephas Leonard
Adams, Bert
Adams, Oscar W., Jr.
Adjahoe, Juanita A.
African American Students Foundation, Inc.
Agaard, James A.
Alba, Clarence A.
Allen, F.M. (6)
Allen, J. Roy L. (3)
Allen, JoAnne
Allen, Yorke, Jr.
Anderson, Felix S.
Anderson, Herman L. (3)
Andrews, N.B. (2)
Ardrey, William Carleton
Armstrong, J.D. (2)
Arnaold, Irene M.
Arnold, James A.
Atkins, F.L. (2)
Box 1 Appreciation – Thank You Expressions 1959-1960
Christian Education (Dr. J.W. Eichelberger)
Church Extension (D.W. Andrews)
Church School Literature (Dr. J. Van Catledge)
Connectional Council
Evangelism (Dr. W.S. Dacons)
Finance Department
Foreign Missions – Missionary Seer (Dr. J.C. Hoggard)
General Secretary – Auditor (Mrs. Alstork)
Home Missions – Pension Relief (Dr. A.P. Morris)
Hymnal Commission – Hymnal Matters (Printing)
Public Relations (Mr. Alexander Barnes)
Publishing House (Dr. L.L. Boyd)
Quarterly review – History (Dr. David H. Bradley)
Star of Zion (Dr. W.R. Lovell)
Box 2 "B General"
Babington – Johnson, J.A.
Bagby, John A. (3)
Baker, Vincent S.
Barnes, Otto W.
Batson, Frances L.
Battle, George C. (2)
Battle, J.L. (2)
Beal, James (2)
Bell, A.C. (8)
Bell, Elizabeth (2)
Bell, R.R.
Belton, J.A. (4)
Bennett, Alice R.W. (2)
Bennett, L. Roy
Bess, Hunter B. (4)
Blackwell, William Allen (3)
Blakely, F.R.
Board of Bishops
Bonner, Harrison D.
Borden, Anna
Bradley, Ray W., Jr.
Brandon, Mack, Jr.
Braxton, Gloria (2)
Brockett, J.H.
Brooks, Arthur E.
Brooks, G. Alexander
Brooks, John W.
Brown, Harriet
Brown, J.C. (2)
Brown, Naomi
Brunner, Lillian T.
Buford, K.L.
Buie, G.C., Jr.
Burke, Samuel J. (2)
Burnett, Granville A. (2)
Burruss, Ann
Byrd, Thelma
Anderson, F.S.
Box 2 Brown, W.C.
Box 2 Cauthen, J.D.
Box 2 Hillard, W.A.
Box 2 Jones, R.L.
Box 2 Lartey, S. Dorme
Box 2 Medford, H.T.
Box 2 Pope, D.C.
Box 2 Shaw, H.B.
Box 2 Slade, W.W.
Box 2 Smith, W.M.
Box 2 Stewart, W.A.
Box 2 Tucker, C.E.
Bishops – Correspondence 1959-1960
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Joseph V. Baker Associates, Inc.
Board of Bishops (19)
Murray, J. Kenneth (2)
National Council of the Churches of Christ (10)
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Sky Pilots of America and International, Inc.
United Negro College Fund, Inc.
John Westley A.M.E. Zion Church
Box 2 Bishops – Programs 1959-1960
Box 2 "C General"
Cacter, Cordelia
Calhoun, R.L.
Canavati, Saliba K.
Carman, Harry J.
Carrington, Susie O.
Carrington, W.E. (5)
Carrington, W.O. (2)
Carson, B. Leon
Chambers, Andrew W.
Chandler, Charles
Channel Press, Inc.
Chapman, Daniel A.
Clarke, E.O. (2)
Clarke, Vardrienne
Clement, Rufus E. (2)
Clement, S.I.
Coffey, Josephine C. (2)
Coker, Naomi Hayes (2)
Coleman, Allestis (2)
Collins, J.G.
Cooper, Georgia Payne
Cooper, Izetta
Cooper, W.A.
Council, Richard A.
Crawford, Percy B.
Crumlin, James A.
Curtis, J.C. (3)
Cuthbertson, M.R. (3)
Box 2 Circular – Incoming
Box 2 Circular – Outgoing
Box 2 "D General"
Dancy, John C.
Davies, J. Kenneth (2)
Davis, R.W.
Davis, Jerome
Dill, William T. (2)
Dolley, W.K.
Donald, Laura A. (2)
Douglas, Mary B.
Downing, L.C. (2)
Dulles, John Foster
Duncan, Julia B.
Dunston, Alfred G., Jr. (3)
Durant, W.A.C. (2)
Durham, J.E.
Box 2 "E General"
Early, Estella
Elliot, Anne
Ellis, Mattie F.
Elmore, Lyllian G. (2)
English, Jeanette and Walter
Ezell, W.J. (2)
Box 2 "F General"
Farrar, Alice G.
Fawcett, Crystal Burd (3)
Fergusin, (Mrs.)
Ferrini, Lindo
Feuster, Hattie
Fiawoo, F.K.
Findley, J.W.
Finkley, J.H.
Florian, Frank B. (3)
Floyd, Minnie L.
Foggie, Charles H.
Ford, Clemson C.
Foster, Richard A.G. (9)
Fox, Frederick
Fox, Rosa
Francis, Martha B. (3)
Frasier, M.W.
Frazier, William H.
Freeman, Sue B.
French, J.H.
Fulgham, Elbert M. (4)
Fuller, Albert L.
Funderburk, J.R. (2)
Box 2 Foreign Letters and Stamps
First District Youth Conferences (First Epis. District)
Box 2 New England Conference (First Epis. District)
Box 2 New York Conference (First Epis. District)
Box 2 Western New York Conference (First Epis. District)
Box 2 Western North Carolina annual Conference (First Epis. District)
Box 2 "G General"
Gantt, Edward W. (2)
Garrison, Norman T.
Genzlinger, Dorothea
Germany, Freeman (2)
Gisbon, A.N. (2)
Gladden, Mary J.
Gore, Jethro
Graham, Tecumseh X. (3)
Green, Elizabeth Lee (2)
Green, Samson
Green, Soforo
Greene, S.L.
Grier, Mary L.
Gullette, Ralph W. (4)
Gunn, Sinclara
Box 2 General Conference Correspondence 1960
Box 2 "H General"
Hardge, Arthur L. (3)
Hardge, Clara E.
Hardge, Elias S. (6)
Hardy, Lenora B. (2)
Harper, A. (Sister)
Harper, A.D. (Reverend)
Harrington, Frances
Harris, Arthaniel E.
Harris, Jeardine N.
Harris, R.J., Jr.
Harris, R.J., Sr.
Harrison, Nina Beatrice Jones
Hart, N.E. (2)
Hayes, E.W.
Hazzard, Samuel Harrison
Hemphill, James T.
Henderson, William T. (5)
Henry, Hayward (2)
Herndon, george
Hewitt, Annie
Hewitt, Minnie
Hicks, Martha
Hill, Ellaleon C.
Hilliard, William A. (2)
Hogan, E.L. (2)
Hogan, B.D.
Hogans William D.
Hoggard, Eva
Hoggard, J.C.
Hoggard, Symra T.
Homes, John W. (2)
Hooker, William J. (2)
Horrington, Emily M.
Houston, I.L.
Howard, Alice
Howard, Lawrence W.
Howard, Louise
Howard, Theodore (2)Hudgins, Mary
Hunnicutt, A.C.
Hunter, F.B. (2)
Hunter, George Washington (3)
Hunter, Gladys H.
Hunter, Lemuel B.
Hunter, R.I.
Hunter, R.T. (5)
Hurl, Helen
Hurley, M.D.
Hyatt, Edward L. (2)
Hyslop, Ralph D.
Box 2 "I General"
Inniss, Charles (3)
Irvis, Howard w.
Isaac, McDonald
Isaacs, Harold R.
Institutions –
Box 2 Camp Barber Memorial
Box 2 Camp Dorothy Walls
Box 2 Clinton Junior College
Box 2 Harriet Tubman Home
Box 2 Hood Seminary
Box 2 Lake Placid Property
Box 2 Livingstone College
Box 2 Livingstone College (President) Dr. S.E. Duncan
Box 2 Lomax-Hannon College
Box 2 Schools and Colleges (Miscellaneous)
Box 2 Inter Church Center
Box 2 Invitations
Box 2 "J General"
Jackson, Clarence P.
Jackson, E. Franklin
Jenkins, J. Dallas (2)
Jepson, J.C.
Jerry, Elsie A.
Jewell, J.W. (4)
Jiles, W.J.
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Frances B.
Johnson, Joyce (5)
Johnson, N.J.
Johnson, Ulysses S.
Jones, H.C. (3)
Jones, Mande
Jones, N.V. (2)
Jury Commissions of Cooke County
Box 2 K General
Keaton, S.G.
Kelly, Adena Z.
Kennedy, John F.
Kilgon, Jackson
Kindt, Helen F.
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Kinney, Lee
Kirnon, H.H. (3)
Kristenson, Kristen (2)
Box 2 "L General"
Lankford, H. Philbert
Latimer, E.
Laws, George W.A. (6)
Laws, Phillippa (3)
Leak, Hattie M. (3)
Leake, George J.
Lee, R.H. Collins (2)
Leffage, Anna
Leibrecht, Walter
Lenoir, William H.
Leuis, Daisey
Leyland, Stanley (2)
Logan, Bert H.
Lomax, Thomas
Lowe, F. Isaac
Lusan, F.A.
Lynum, Mary
Box 2 "M General"
Mack, B.A. (2)
Mack, C. Henry (9)
Mapp, Andrew Wesley (3)
Marguis, Sarah
Marshall, Paul
Martignoni, Carlo V. (2)
Martin, Margaret K.
Mason, George
May, A.E. (3)
May, Margaret J.
Mays, Walter David
Michael, E.R. (3)
Miller, George Mason (2)
Miller, Howard W.
Miller, Isaac H.
Miller, John H. (5)
Miller, W.M.
Millsap, Lillie
Milo, Robert McKenzie
Montgomery, Dabney N.
Montgomery, Leroy J. (4)
Moore, J.A. H.
Moore, Lula (2)
Morgan, B. Earlene Shaw
Moses, Felix W.
Box 2 "Mc General"
McCall, James E. (2)
McDougal, T.C.
McCowley, Darnell
McGuire, Paul (2)
McKinney, Bessie
McKinney, Carnes (3) McKinney, Petty D. (7)
McMillian, J.Q. (2)
McMullen, M.L.
McMurrary, G.W.
Box 2 "N General"
Nathan, Ralph G.
Neal, W.J.
Nelson, Judith M.
Nelson, Rosanna
New England Deaconess Hospital
New York Times Book Review
Newby, Richard L. (3)
Newsweek Magazine
Nicholson, Irene
Nixon, Eva L.
Nixon, Richard M.
Nixon, Thoms R.
Noble, Mazie (2)
Noe, Robert G.
Nooe, Roger T.
Norment, C.E.
Nurse, Herbert
Box 2 "O General"
O’Neal, Edmond J.
O’Neal, W.
Box 2 African and Foreign
Box 2 American Bible Society
Box 2 Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts 1960
Box 2 Church Federation of Greater Chicago
Box 2 Fraternal (Negro) Council of Churches
Box 2 International Society of Christian Endeavor
Box 2 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Box 2 Protestant Council of Churches – New York
Box 3 Southern Conference Education Fund, Inc.
Box 3 State & Local Council of Churches
Box 3 White House Conference on Children & Youth
Box 3 World Council on Christian Education & Sunday School Convention
Box 3 World Council of Churches
Box 3 World Methodist Council
Box 3 "P General"
Pak, Peter (5)
Paris, Rose
Paris, William A. (3)
Parry, Wilbur C.
Pennington, Catherine S. (2)
Perch, Mary and George (3)
Perry, R.P.
Pharr, Adolphus Darius
Philip, P.P. (2)
Philipose, A.K.
Pierce, Alexander Lincoln
Pierce, I. Benjamin (2)
Pierce, Cora E.
Pierce, Suzanne
Pierre, Maurice
Pierre, Rosella C.
Pinkey, Luther
Pogne, King D.S.
Potter, William A.
Powe, Beatrice C.
Powell, Adam C.
Proctor, Emory C.
Pyant, R.L. (2)
Pyle, Howard
Box 3 Photographs
Box 3 Public Relations – News Articles & Clippings
Box 3 Public Relations – News Clippings – General Conference
Box 3 Public Relations – Programs
Box 3 "Q General" (no contents)
Box 3 "R General"
Raab, Henry F.
Randolph, A. Philip (3)
Remsen, Oscar Jeremiah
Rhufin, Fannie H. (2)
Rice, Willa Mae (2)
Richards, Hilda (2)
Riddick, George Edgar
Riddick, Pauline B.
Riddick, T.J.
Rivers, G. Sims
Rivers, Terrether P.
Roan, Homer S. (3)
Robertson, Chauncey H. (2)
Robertson, Jack L.
Robeson, B.C. (5)
Robinson, A.D. (2)
Robinson, Ernest A.
Robinson, Jackie
Robinson, M.B. (6)
Rochester, Enoch B. (2)
Rodney, Rita C. (2)
Rollins, Mary A. (3)
Roosevelt Tire Service
Rose, Edna M.
Ross, Roy G.
Rowe, James
Rudd, Daisy
Rudd, Matthews S. (13)
Ruffin, J.C.
Russell, Louise
Rutledge, Albert W.
Box 3 "S General"
Samson Imports, Inc.
Sanson, Blanche (2)
Sappington, E.A.
Satterwhite, John H. (4)
Savard Brothers, Inc.
Sawyer, Psyche
Schultz, Patrician
Scott, Alice D. (2)
Scott, Mabelle B.
Scott, Ruth
Sebastian, Pearlene A.
Shaw, Benjamin G. (2)
Sheares II, Reuben A. (4)
Shelton, Gene
Sherlock, Hugh B.
Sherrill, R.W.
Shine, Eskimo
Shortridge, W.E.
Shuttlesworth, F.L.
Siler, Lee Clinton (6)
Sink, Henry H.
Sisco, Ruth E.
Smith, Charles and Theodora
Smith, Leslie L. (11)
Smith, Letitia
Smith, Marshall M.
Smith, Moses T.
Smith, Percy, Jr. (2)
Smith, Robert C.
Smith, W.L.
Smith, William M. (2)
Spaudling, McLean (3)
Speaks, R.L. (2)
Speas, L.B. (2)
Speight, S.A.
St. Clair, V. Loma (3)
St. Francis Hotel
Stephen Wise Congress House
Stephens, Raymond E. (2)
Steven, James C.W.
Stewart, James E.W. (5)
Stewart, Richard G.
Stith, Gertrude
Stringfield, John A. (3)
Box 3 Subscriptions – Books, Magazines, Papers
Box 3 "T General"
Talley, John Shaw
Taub, Allan (3)
Taylor, Anne P.
Taylor, L. Barbara J. (3)
Taylor, Shelly C.
Thomas, Carl Alan (2)
Thomas, George (2)
Thomas, Priscilla N.
Thomas, Rodney
Thombs, Leo L. (3)
Thompson, Era Bell
Thornton, Sarah J. (3)
Tillman, Ella M. (2)
Tillman, Harrel G. (2)
Tillman, Henry D.
Tomilson, Millicent (3)
Trent, William J. (2)
Trent, William J. Jr.
Tress, J.S.N.
Trumpe, Carol
Tsapis, Stanley
Tyler, Marion
Box 3 Telegrams – Incoming
Box 3 Telegrams – Outgoing
Box 3 "U General"
Urrows, Henry H.
Box 3 "V General"
Van Doren, Mark (2)
Vantage Press
Vastie, Lillie M.
Vufhuis, Tyrell
Box 3 "W General"
Wactor, Hildred H.
Walker, R.L.
Walker, William O. (2)
Walker, Yvonne O.
Wallace, Ida L. (2)
Wallace, William P.L.
Walters, Zoe A. (4)
Walton, Joseph L.
Ward, Milton Nelson (4)
Waters, V.B.
Watis, R.W.
Watis, R.W.
Watkins, Donnie
Watkins, E.K. (2)
Watkins, Johnsie (5)
Watson, M.R.
Watts, C.W.
Watts, Leon W. II (3)
Wegner, Nicholas H.
Welliek, J.A. (2)
Wells, Floretta E.
Wells, I.J.K (4)
Wells, J.J.
Wentzel, Fred D.
White, A.E.
White, Reid R. (2)
Wilcox, C.L. (2)
Wilkins, H.T. (2)
Williams, Addie (2)
Williams, Dogan W. (2)
Williams, E.M. (4)
Williams, James R.
Williams, M.C.
Williams, Milton Alexander
Williams, Muriel J.M.
Williams, L.A.
Williams, S.H.
Williams, Sarah B.
Williams, Thelma
Williamson, Martha (2)
Witherspoon, N.J.
Woodhouse, enoch A. (2)
Wright, R.R., Jr.
Box 3 W.J. Walls – Personal – Biography, Tributes, Honors
Box 3 W.J. Walls – Personal – Personal Correspondence
Box 3 W.J. Walls – Personal – Speeches and Addresses
Box 3 W.J. Walls – Personal – Writings and Sermons
Box 3 "X,Y,Z General"
Yates, Walter L.
Young, Damon P.
Correspondence-subject files ca. 1961-1963
Box 3 "A General"
Adjahoe, Juanita
Aggrey, Rose Douglass
Agurs, Edward R.
Allen, F.M.
Allen, J. Roy L. (2)
Alstork, Willie G. (2)
Anderson, Herman L.
Anthony, Raymond
Arnold, James A.
Asante, Samuel K.
Box 3 Appreciation – Thank You expressions
Box 3 Christian Education
Box 3 Church School Literature
Box 3 Church Extension
Box 3 Connectional Council
Box 3 Discipline – Hymnals
Box 3 Evangelism
Box 3 Finance Department
Box 3 Anderson, F.S.
Box 3 Brown, W.C.
Box 3 Canthen, J.D.
Box 3 Correspondence (Board of Bishops)
Box 3 Hilliard, H.J.
Box 3 Jones, R.L.
Box 3 Lartey, S. Dorme
Box 3 Medford, H.T.
Box 3 Pope, D.C.
Box 3 Shaw, H.B.
Box 3 Slade, W.W.
Box 3 Spottswood, S.G.
Box 3 Stewart, W.A.
Box 3 Tucker, C.E.
Box 3 Foreign Missions
Box 3 General Secretary
Box 3 Home Missions
Box 3 Publishing House
Box 3 Public Relations Department
Box 3 Quarterly Review
Box 3 Star of Zion
Box 3 "B General"
Babington-Johnson, J.A.
Bachman, John W.
Bagley, Nellie H.
Ballard, C.H.
Banks, Thomas J.
Baptiste, Louis J.
Barnetts, Etta Moten and Claud A.
Battle, George C. (2)
Batts, Mary (2)
Bell, A.C. (4)
Bell, Elizabeth (2)
Bell, R.R.
Belle, Ida
Belton, J.A. (3)
Bennett, Alice R.
Bentley & Simon, Inc.
Bess, Hunter B. (7)
Blackledge, L.B.
Blake, A.J.
Blake, Eugene Carson
Blout, Gwendolyn
Bonner, H.D.
Boyce, Josephine
Bradley, Samuel
Brandon, Mack, Jr.
Bridges, D. Booker
Brooks, G.A.
Brown, Aaron
Brunner, Lillian T.
Bunton, Henry C.
Burke, C.D.
Burke, S.J.
Box 3 "C General"
Caldwell, Louico C. (2)
Campbell, R.D.
Canty, J. Carl
Canty, Marietta
Carey, Archibald James
Carrington, William Edward (4)
Carrington, W.O.
Carrington, William R. (2)
Carson, O. Davis (3)
Carter, Elmer A.
Cauthen, Joseph Dixon
Churchill, Frank E. (3)
Clarke, E.O.
Clarke, L.C.
Clay, Charles G.
Clement, Harold A.L.
Cochrane, William G.
Coffey, Josephine
Coleman, Alcestis (3)
Coleman, C.R.
Coles, L.F.
Collins, Daniel
Con Edison Company – W.E. O’Connell
Cooper, William A. (13)
Copeland, Dorothy M. (2)
Corrothers, D.R.
Councill, R.A.
Cowan, Creola B.
Cram, Ambrose L. Jr.
Cross, Pauline L.
Curtis, J.C.
Cuthbertson, M.R. (2)
Box 3 Circular – Incoming
Box 3 Circular – Outgoing
Box 3 "D General"
Dancy, John C.
Daniel, Ted L. (2)
Daniels, C.H. (4)
Daniels, Lucille
Davis, Joseph E.
Davis, Lola
Deberry, P.S.
Denman, Harry
DesVerney, Bertha
Dinkins, Pearl L.
Donowa, Delancy Grecian (2)
Douglas, Daisy E.
Douglas, Osborne
Douglas, William P. (2)
DuBarry, Mr. and Mrs.
Dunston, Alfred G., Jr. (2)
Durham, John E. (3)
Box 3 "E General"
Edwards, Lorna (2)
Elam, Harry J.
Elmore, Lyllian G. (2)
Box 3 "F General"
Fenderson, William
Fitzgerald, George L.
Flack, French Z. (2)
Fleming, Monroe H.
Floyd, Minnie L.
Foggie, Charles H. (2)
Foil, Linwood
Foster, Ethel
Foster, Richard A.G. (3)
Fowler, Margaret C.
France Royal W. (2)
Francis, Marth B. (5)
Francis, Richard L.
Frazer, John T.
Frazier, Moses W.
Fulghram, E.M.
Box 3 Foreign Letters and Stamps
First District Youth Conferences
Box 4 Freedom Centennial: First Epis. District
Box 4 New England Conference: First Epis District
Box 4 New England Conference
Box 4 Western New York Conference: First Epis. District
Box 4 Western North Carolina Conference: First Epis. District
Box 4 "G General"
Gantt, Carolyn Rebecca
Gill, Lonia M.
Gladden, Mary J.
Goff, Mazie (5)
Goldstein, Arthur I.
Gomez, Joseph
Grady, Nathaniel Thomas
Graham, R.
Grasty, J. L.
Graves Family
Gray, John
Great Sermons Service
Green, Sampson
Gudger, Dean (2)
Gulette, R.W. (2)
Box 4 "H General"
Handy, Ruth A.
Hardge, Arthur L. (2)
Harmon, Josephine (2)
Harper, Addie
Harpur College
Harris, D.
Harris, Roger
Harrison, Eunice
Harrison, Julie
Hartman, Vladimir E.
Harvey, Dexter
Haynes, Olyve Jeter (2)
Hemphill, James T.
Hicks, Martha
Hogh, Blanco Sr.
Hinton, Bessie L.
Hobby, Henry G. (2)
Hoffman, Donals W.
Holt, Bertha (2)
Hoggard, J.C.
Houston, Saide M.
Howard, Theodore D.
Hunnicutt, A.C.
Hunter, George W. (2)
Hunter, R.T. (7)
Hurley, Minnie D. (3)
Box 4 "I General"
Ingle, Norman Jewelers
Irvis, H.W.
Box 4 Invitations
Box 4 Camp Barber Memorial
Box 4 Camp Dorothy Walls
Box 4 Clinton Junior College
Box 4 Harriet Tubman Home
Box 4 Hood seminary
Box 4 Lake Placid
Box 4 Livingstone College
Box 4 "J General"
Jackson, Belvie H.
Jackson, Comeron W.
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. E. Franklin
Jackson, William C.
Jarrett, Richard H.
Jiles, William J. (2)
Johns, Altona
Johnson, C. Asapansa
Johnson, Joyce (5)
Jones, Frank E.
Jones, Harriet B.
Jones, Janie C.
Jones, N.V. (2)
Jones, R.C. (3)
Jones, Raymond
Jones, Wayne R.
Box 4 "K General"
Kelly, Adena Z.
King, Richard E.
Knight, Frederick W.
Box 4 "L General"
Lasartemay, Ruth H. (2)
Laws, G.W.A.
Laws, Phillippa
Lawson, L.A.
Leak, Hattie M. (2)
Leake, G.J. (2)
Leake, M.M.
LeMar, Aris
Lenoir, William H. (3)
Lewis, Louise Foster
Ligins, Marion (2)
Lindsay, Lizzie
Lockhart, DeVera J.
Lohr, Clahr
Lomax, S.R. Mr. and Mrs.
Long, Makepeacet
Lowrey, Simon (3)
Lutheran Church Supply Store
Lyone, Grady
Box 4 "M General"
Maize, George W.
Manufacturers Hanover Trust
Mapp, Andrew Wesley
Marshall, Arthur Jr. (2)
Marshall, C.B. (3)
Matthews, John A.
Mays, Benjamin E. (2)
Michael, E. Raphael (8)
Mihos, George L.
Miller, J. Quinter
Miller, Jessie I.
Miller, John H.
Moore, Irene and I. Albert
Moore, Yuda
Mundy, James A.
Murphy, Carl
Box 4 "Mc General"
McCall, James E. (2)
McDaniel W.L.
McDew, Meana L.
McKay, Rose G.
McKinney, C.G.
McKinney, Carnes
McKinney, Petty D. (3) McKissick, Ernest B.
McMillian, J.Q.
McMillian Joseph
McMurray, G.W. (2)
Box 4 "N General"
Nelson, J.C. (2)
Newton, C.O.
Noflin, Asrean (2)
Norment, Estelle (2)
Nowville, H.B.
Box 4 "O General"
O’Banyoun, Bessie
Box 4 American Bible Society
Box 4 Church Federation of Greater Chicago
Box 4 Core
Box 4 International Society of Christian Endeavor
Box 4 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Box 4 Miscellaneous
Box 4 National Conference on Religion and Race
Box 4 National Council of the Churches of Christ General Assembly 1963
Box 4 Protestant Council of Churches New York
Box 4 World Council of Churches
Box 4 World Council of Churches Third Assembly
Box 4 World Methodist Council
Box 4 World Council of Christian Education and Sunday School Convention
Box 4 "P General"
Paris, William A. (3)
Park, Charles L.
Parker, Arthur J.
Parks, Cornelia
Penry, E.G.
Perch, Mary B.
Perry, Sandy
Person, M.J.
Philip, P.P.
Philson, Rosa W.
Pike, James A.
Poe, William M.
Poling, Daniel A. II
Porte, Rawle S.
Potter, William A.
Powe, T.M.
Powell, Adam C.
Box 4 Photographs
Box 4 Programs
Box 4 Public Relations: News Articles and Clippings
Box 4 "Q General" (no contents)
Box 4 "R General"
Randolph, A. Philip (2)
Ransom, Revery C. III
Reape, Wilfred V.
Rice, Willa Mae (8)
Richards, Hilda
Rickert, Carrie
Rivers, W.J.
Roan, H.S. (3)
Roberts, Leonard J. Jr.
Robeson, B.C. (5)
Robinson, Bette
Robinson, Hilyard R.
Robinson, Jackie
Robinson, M.B.
Rochester, Enoch B. (2)
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (2)
Rodger, Patrick C.
Rodney, R.C.
Rollins, Mary A. (2)
Romano, Joshua
Ross, Roy G.
Rudd, M.S. (3)
Box 4 "S General"
Sandum, Howard
Schwartz, Lawrence
Scott, N.R. (2)
Scott, David H.
Seamans, Harry W. (3)
Siler, Lee Clinton (4)
Sisler, George F.
Sloan, James McArthur
Smith, Anna F.
Smith, J. Franklin (2)
Smith, Leslie L. (3)
Smith, Letitia
Smith, Moses T.
Snider, W.F.
Spauling, A. McL. (3)
Spears, A.E.
Spregne, R.E.
Stepheno, R.E.
Stewart, James E.W.
Stewart, Richard G.
Stith, Gertrude
Stone, Samuel M. (2)
Stringfield, John A. (2)
Sutherland, Alec
Swartz, Betty
Box 4 "T General"
Taub, Allan
Taylor, Anne (4)
Taylor, Carrie H. (2)
Taylor, Ethel (3)
Taylor, L. Barbara Jones (3)
Thomas, Carl Alan (3)
Thomas, George and Farrel (2)
Thomas, L.L.
Thomas, P. Newby
Thomas, S.P.
Thornhill, Sadie
Thurstn, P.F.
Tillman, Harrel G. (7)
Travalee, Elliot S.
Treavale, Elliot S.
Trent, William J. (4)
Triadaway, Elizabeth
Tucker, Amelia M. (2)
Tucker, Dorothy and Jean
Box 4 Telegrams – Incoming
Box 4 Telegrams – Outgoing
Box 4 "U General" (no contents)
Box 4 "V General"
Vastie, Lillie M.
Vaughn, Florence S.
Vaughn, Shirley M.
Van Putten, C.L. (3)
Box 5 "W General"
Wallace, Ida S.
Walser, Horace C.
Walters, Zoe A. (2)
Walton, Joseph
Wang, Thomas T.H.
Ward, Dr.
Warren, C.C.
Washington, Abraham W. (3)
Waters, V.K. (2)
Watkins, Johnsie
Watson, Emma B. (2)
Watson, J.W.
Watts, Leon W.
Watts, Thomas G.
Webber, G.W.
Wells, I.J.K. (2)
Wells, J.J.
White, A.E.
White Reid R.
White, William Wilton
Whitfield, A. (3)
Whitney, John Hay
Whitted, A.E. (2)
Wicke, Lloyd, C.
Wilcox, Clinton L. (3)
Wilkes, William R.
Williams, Alivette and Mattee
Williams, J.B.
Williams, John W.
Williams, M.C.
Williams, S.H. (2)
Williams, Sarah B. (2)
Wilsen, Horace C.
Winstead, Cattie
Wisdom, David P. (3)
Witherspoon, William Franklin (3)
Woodhouse, Enoch O’D II (2) Woodhouse, Gertrude (3)
Woodson, David (2)
Wynn, Mae Sue
Box 5 W. J. Walls, Personal – Biography
Box 5 W. J. Walls, Personal – Correspondence
Box 5 W. J. Walls, Personal – Speeches and Addresses, Sermons
Box 5 W. J. Walls, Personal – Tributes and Honors
Box 5 W. J. Walls, General Files – Writings and Addresses
Box 5 W. J. Walls, Subject Files – Writings and Addresses
Box 5 "X,Y,Z General"
Yates, W.L.
Correspondence-subject files ca. 1964
Box 5 "A General"
Alstork, C.D.
Anderson, F.S.
Anthony, Elizabeth
Armstrong, David and Elaine
Asbury, L.C.
Box 5 American Bible Association
Box 5 "B General"
Baker, Corrine Statum
Barchoff, Herbert
Bascom, Willia
Baskin, Ronald
Belton, John A.
Blackwell, George L. (2)
Blake, Eugene Carson
Bradley, David H.
Brooks, Ethel W.
Brown, Frank R. (2)
Brown, S.L. (2)
Box 5 Board of Bishops
Box 5 "C General"
Campbell, Sam Vernon
Carey, Archibald J.
Couthen, Georgia Little
Clayton, Robert L.
Clement, Harold A.L. (2)
Councill, Richard A.
Cuthbertsen, M.R.
Box 5 "D General"
Delany, Hubert T.
Donaldson, U.L.
Doubleday and Company, Inc.
Duncan, S.E. (2)
Dunston, Alfred G.
Box 5 "E General"
Eichelberger, James W. (3)
Eta, Y.E.O.
Box 5 "F General"
Fialkow, Jay L.
Foggie (2)
Foster, Richard A.G.
Fraser, Donald M.
Misc. Envelope from Ghana
Box 5 First District Conferences
Box 5 "G General"
Gordon, Charles R.
Graham, Edward Mansfield (3)
Grant, L.
Box 5 General Conference 1964
Box 5 G.C. Correspondence Program
Box 5 "H General"
Harrison, Eunice B.
Hartzler, Omar L.
Hebster, Ben M. (2)
Hilliard, W.A. (2)
Hunt, Earl G.
Box 5 "I General" (no contents)
Box 5 Invitations
Box 5 "J General"
Jacks, William M.
Jackson, Abbie
Jackson, T.S.
Jones, Al.
Jones, Edwin L, Esq.
Box 5 "K General"
Kennedy, William T., Jr.
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Kyles, Josephine H.
Box 5 "L General"
Lartey, S. Dorme (7)
Leake, Hattie
Little, Andrew
Long, Willie Jr.
Box 5 Local and State Council of Churches: Organizations
Box 5 Livingstone College: Institutions
Box 5 "M General"
Maize, George W. III
Manfred, Ernest F.
Martin, Louis
May, Arthur E.
Mays, Benjamin E.
Mays, Booker T.
Medford, Hampton Thomas
Meeks, Mary H.
Michael, E. Raphael
Moore, Ercelle Harmon (2)
Morris, A.P. (5)
Box 5 "Mc General"
McCall, James Edward
McKnight, W,J,H,
McMillian, J.Q. (2)
Box 5 "N General"
Newton, C.O.
Box 5 National Council of Churches of Christ, USA
Box 5 News Articles and Clippings: Public Relations
Box 5 "O General" (no contents)
Box 5 "P General"
Payton, Benjamin F.
Peterson, Earl
Pope, Daniel Carlton
Porter, Parree
Powe, T.M.
Box 5 Programs
Box 5 Photographs
Box 5 "Q General" (no contents)
Box 5 "R General"
Richardson, L.M.
Riddick, Pauline B.
Robinson, M.B. (2)
Rodney, R.C.
Roy, Ralph Lord
Russell, Eleanor
Willa Mae
Box 5 "S General"
Satterwhite, John H. (2)
Scott, Merinetta H.
Seabrook, J.W.
Seagle, Andrew David
Shaw, Benjamin Garland, Jr.
Shaw, Herbert Bell (2)
Sizer, Ralph M.
Speller, Robert
Spottswood, Stephen Gill (2)
Sweeting, Earl
Box 5 "T General"
Taylor, Ethel
Thomas, George B.
Tross, J.S.N. (2)
Tuller, Edwin H.
Box 5 Telegrams: Incoming-Outgoing
Box 5 "U General"
Uphaus, Willard
Box 5 "V General" (no contents)
Box 5 "W General"
Walker, Marcus
Watts, L.W.
Weaver, Robert C.
Wiggins, Rex
Wilkins, Roy
Williams, E.M.
Box 5 W.J. Walls, Personal Correspondence
Box 5 World Council of Churches
Box 5 World Methodist Councils: Organizations
Box 5 "X, Y, Z General"
Yelton, Nathan H.
Correspondence-subject files ca. 1969
Box 5 "A-B"
Allen, J. Roy L.
Anderson, Felix S. (2)
Bailey, J. Martin
Barber, Alden G.
Brown, Frank R.
Brown, S.L. (3)
Brown, Warren
Box 5 AME Zion Church and Board of Bishops
Box 5 "C-D"
Cooke, Terence Cardinal
Box 5 "E-F"
English, Arthur
Eyo, Okon A.
Felton, Corroll, M.
Floyd, Minnie L.
Foggie, Charles H.
Box 5 "G-J"
Gilliam, W.M.
Gordon, Charles R.
Hemphill, J.T.
Hilliard, William Alexander
Hoggard, J. Clinton
Hyett, Mattie N.J.
Jackson, Abbie C.
Jenkins, J. Dallas
Jones, Raymond L. (2)
Box 5 "K-M"
Khan, A.H. and family
Kyles, Alphonso
Lartey, S. Dorme
Leake, George J. (2)
Meeks, N.L.
Michael, E. Raphael
Miller, John H.
Morris, A.P.
Box 5 Livingstone College
Box 5 "N-R" also Photographs, News Articles
Rice, Willa Mae
Robinson, M.B. (3)
Rogerson, I.E.
Rustin, Bayard (3)
Sherrill, Josephine Price
Sisco, Vicki
Box 5 National Council of Churches 1968-1969
Box 5 Programs: Public Relations
Box 5 "S"
Satterwhite, John H.
Saunder, Tahitha S.
Schuyler, Philippa Memorial Foundation
Shaw, Herbert Bell
Shipman, F. George
Siler, Lee C.
Smith, Gertrude K.
Smith, William M.
Spottswood, Stephen Gill (5)
Stewart, William a. (2)
Box 5 "T-Z"
Taylor, Robert T.
Temple, John F.
Thomas, George B.
Trent, Bill
Tucker, C. Enbank
Turner, Charles C.
Udo, Sampson J.
Walls, W.J. (3)
Warlick, Dan
Walters, Loren
Werner, Hazen G.
Western NC Conference
Wilkins, Roy
Wilson, J. Homer
Wright, Howard E.
Zeff, Daniel O.
Box 5 W.J. Walls, Personal Correspondence
Box 5 World Council of Churches Fourth General Assembly: Organizations
Box 5 Writings and Addresses
Box 5 W.J. Walls, Personal Tributes-Honors
Box 5 Subject Files: Miscellaneous
Box 6 Subject File: Miscellaneous
Box 6 Tribute and Honors
Box 6 Newspaper Clippings
Box 6 Bishop Walls Biographical Data
Box 7 Quadrennial General
Box 7 Subject Files: Miscellaneous
1981 additions
Box 1 Books - Eleventh World Methodist Conference and The Romance of a College
Box 1 Camp Dorothy Walls and other miscellaneous pamphlets
Conference proceedings, AME Zion Church - local and regional conferences
Box 2 African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) Church 1936, 1950, 1966
Box 2 Allegheny Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1937-1939, 1941-1942, 1946-1947, 1949-1951 (2 folders)
Box 2 Blue Ridge Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1963-1967
Box 2 Indiana Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1937-1942, 1945-1947 (2 foldres)
Box 2 Kentucky Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1939-1944
Box 2 New England Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1929-1932, 1934, 1937-1938, 1940, 1942-1951, 1955-1956, 1960-1963 (6 folders)
Box 2 New York Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1945, 1947-1949, 1952-1954, 1957-1959, 1961-1963 (4 folders)
Box 3 Western Alabama Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1925-1929
Box 3 Western New York Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1944, 1946-1949, 1951-1954, 1956, 1958-1964, 1966 (3 folders)
Box 3 Western North Carolina Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 1951, 1955, 1957-1959, 1961-1967 (4 folders)
Box 1 Letters 1946-1975
Box 1 Greeting cards and postcards
Box 1 Newspaper Clippings
Box 1 Personal Material - will, photographs, bills, etc.
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1928, 1918-1952, 1954-1964, 1967-1974, undated
Box 1 Reports by W.J. Walls
Box 1 The Rise of the Negro Church
Box 1 Portfolio for board members of the Zion Church
Box 3 Miscellaneous printed material
1983 additions
Box 1 Prophets of Freedom by Bishop W.J. Walls - type script

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