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Harry Wickey Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Wickey, Harry.
Title: Harry Wickey Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1928-1965
Quantity: 2.0 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American sculptor, lithographer, etcher (1892-1968?). Primarily correspondence (1928-1965); also clippings and photographs of Wickey and his work.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Harry Wickey (1892-1968) was an American painter, illustrator, printmaker and sculptor. Born in Ohio, he achieved national recognition as an etcher before turning to sculpture in 1938, when his eyesight became impaired from etching acids. His biography, Thus Far, was published by the American Artists Group.

Wickey's work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Guggenheim Museum, National Academy of Design, Pennsylvania Academy, Salmagundi Club, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, and a collection of his papers resides at the Smithsonian Institution's Archives of American Art. He taught at the Art Students League in New York and was a member of the National Academy of Design and the Woodstock Art Association.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Harry Wickey Papers consists of biographical material, correspondence, and subject files.

Along with the papers themselves, Mr. Wickey provided detailed information and reminiscences about many items in the collection. The text of notes relating to the correspondence (see below) are included in this inventory and a full set of the notes -- which include comments and recollections for almost all items in the collection as well as a chronology of his exhibits, awards, and publications -- may be found in Biographical material.

Correspondence (1928-1965) contains letters sent to Wickey from his close friends with whom he was associated in the field of art. Wickey's own comments and reminiscences are included, set off in quotation marks and concluding with (HW). Subject files contains material relating to exhibitions of Wickey's work and to prizes he won; publications both by and about Wickey; photographs of his etchings and sculptures; photographs and other items relating to his wife, Maria Rother Wickey; reviews of his autobiography Thus Far; personal photographs; and magazine articles on or about his work.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent. Subject files are arranged alphabetically by topic.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Aronson, Boris, 1900-1980
Calkins, Marion.
Durchanek, Ludvik, 1902-
Farber, Clifford.
Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.
Freeman, Lydia.
Fuller, Sue.
Hatch, John Davis.
Homer, William Innes.
Kroll, Leon, 1884-1974.
Myers, Jerome, 1867-1940.
Niemann, Edmund Edward, 1910-
Pleissner, Ogden M.
Randall, Coral Royce.
Reisman, Philip, 1904-1992.
Reynard, Grant T., 1887-1968.
Robinson, Boardman, 1876-
Shapiro, Harry H.
Ward, Lynd, 1905-
Wickey, Harry Archives.
Winser, Beatrice, 1869-1947.
Young, Mahonri Mackintosh, 1877-1957.


Art, American -- 20th century.
Art, American.
Etchers, United States.
Lithographers, United States.
Sculptors, United States.
Sculpture, American, 20th century.
Sculpture, American.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Harry Wickey Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: 1966
Revision history: 16 May 1973 - name index (-); 16 May 2007 - converted to EAD (AMCon)

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Biographical information
Box 1 Miscellaneous - Wickey's own notes on contents of collection, chronology
Incoming correspondence
Box 1 Aronson, Boris 1963 - 64
"One Christmas card and three notes from Boris Aronson, one of the foremost designers of stage sets in the United States. As curator of the Storm King Art Center at Mountainville, N.Y. I was responsible for arranging a Retrospective Exhibition of his work covering a period of thirty years. These included paintings, drawings, sculpture, collages, stage sets, and stage designs. A catalogue of this exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Bailey, William 1964 - 65
"Two letters from William Bailey, artist in residence at the Storm King School, Cornwall, N. Y. One letter relates to recommending him to the Chairman of Admissions, The Schools of the Art Institute of Chicago." (HW)
Box 1 Boyd, Fiske and Clare 1963
"Greeting card and a letter from Fiske and Clare Boyd. Both have been dear friends for many years. I have always enjoyed Fiske's work and believe him to be a very important American Artist" (HW)
Box 1 Burke, Mr and Mrs. Ainslie 1964
"A letter from Ainslie Burke and a letter from Mrs. Ainslie Burke. A folder is enclosed for the Ainslie Burke Exhibition held during September and October 1964. His exhibition was received with much enthusiasm and a number of his works were bought. The Art Center purchased a painting and a water color for its permanent collection. A catalogue for this exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Calkins, Marion Clinch 1928 - 29
"Letters to Maria and myself from Marion Clinch Calkins, poetess who won the Nation's prize for poetry during the period when it was owned by Oswald Garrison Villard. We met Miss Calkins at the Villard's summer home in 1928. A thrilling experience for Maria and me. As of October 26, 1964 I wonder where she is now." (HW)
Box 1 Curry, Kathleen 1964
"Two letters from Kathleen Curry, the second wife of John Steuart Curry. I had been a close friend of the Currys for a number of years and wanted to include several of his paintings of animals in the Storm King Art Center's 'Animals in Art' exhibition during July and August 1964. A catalogue is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Dintenfass, Terry 1962
"A letter from Terry Dintenfass of the Dintenfass Gallery, N.Y.C. relating to an exhibition of American Prints from 1775 to 1962, in which I was invited to have one of my prints included. A folder of this exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Downes, Virginia 1964
"A letter from Virginia Downes, daughter of Jerome Myers. Having great faith in Jerome Myers, I was most anxious to have an exhibition of his works at the Storm King Art Center. There were difficulties connected with this idea from the beginning. I was thoroughly acquainted with Jerome's work and wanted to include all major works of his in the exhibition that were available. Virginia was opposed to my doing so on the grounds that it was not a good policy. As I would not agree to hold an exhibition on her terms she allowed me to select all items to be included in the exhibition. The catalogue for the Myer's exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
See also Myers, Jerome
Box 1 Duggan, Stephen 1960
"Two letters; one from Warren Leonard, Headmaster of the Storm King School, Cornwall, N.Y., the other from Stephen Duggan, a trustee of the same school. I was resident artist at this school during 1957-1959." (HW)
See also Leonard, Warren
Box 1 Durchanek, Ludvik 1963 - 64
"Letters from the sculptor, Ludvik Durchanek. As curator of the Storm King Art Center I was responsible for the purchasing of his sculpture entitled Mardi-Gras for the Art Center's permanent collection. The catalogue containing Mardi-Gras is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Engel, Michael, Jr. 1962
"Letter from Michael Engel, Jr., President of Audubon Artists Inc., asking me if I would be willing to serve as a member of the Award Jury for the society's exhibition in 1963." (HW)
Box 1 Farber, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford 1936-1945
"Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Farber who were next door neighbors of our family for many years. Clifford was the blacksmith in Stryker, Ohio and I spent many an hour during the summer time brushing flies off the horses while he was shoeing them. After I left the home town he quit blacksmithing and bought a farm near Stryker. On one of my trips to Stryker I modeled a portrait bust of him. He looked at it and said, 'Ain't it a pity that a head like that is ever goin to hafta rot.' On another occassion I dropped in shortly after his barn had been struck by lightning. As we were looking at it he said, 'Harry, you know what a good Christian I am even though I cheat, swear, and drink, but the Lord seems to love me. I ran out of kindlin wood last week, the Lord knew I needed some so he sent some lightnin to hit my barn, and damned if I ain't gonna have enough kindlin for the next ten years.' " (HW)
Box 1 Freeman, Don and Lydia 1955, 1963-1964,
"A drawing and letters from Don and Lydia Freeman, very dear friends since 1930. Together, Don and Lydia have made some A #1 children's books published by the Viking Press, N.Y.C., about a dozen in number. Don has also made illustrations for books and produced a great number of drawings and lithographs, top notch in every particular. They have been living in Santa Barbara, California for the past few years." (HW)
Box 1 Fuller, Sue 1964 - 65
"Letters from Sue Fuller, a very dear friend and extremely fine artist. As curator of the Storm King Art Center I was responsible for purchasing her collage 'Ake-Kas' and her 'String Composition' and several of her prints for the Art Center's permanent collection. A reproduction of 'Ake-Kas' and her 'String Composition' are enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Gamble, Kathryn 1962
"A letter from Kathryn Gamble, director of the Montclair Museum of Art, Montclair, New Jersey." (HW)
Box 1 Genaver, Emily 1951
"A letter from Emily Genauer [sic], art critic for the Herald-Tribune, New York City. In one of her reviews she had been sever[e]ly criticized and I wrote her a letter commending the review."
Box 1 Guralnik, Robert 1964
"A letter from Robert Guralnik, a very dear friend and extremely fine pianist. This letter was written while he was on a concert tour in Europe in 1964." (HW)
Box 1 Hatch, John David 1963
"A postcard from John David Hatch, a Museum Consultant and former director of a number of museums. He and I had a meeting together during a visit to the Art Center." (HW)
Box 1 Homer, W. I. 1964
"Two letters from W. I. Homer of the Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University, asking for information regarding the Ferrer Modern School, N.Y.C. Bellows and Henri had classes in this school for several years. I attended these in 1915. Both encouraged me to continue with the type of work I was doing." (HW)
Box 1 Kroll, Leon 1949
"Two items from Leon Kroll relating to my receiving a National Institute of Arts and Letters grant in 1949." (HW)
Box 1 Leonard, Warren 1958 - 60
"Two letters; one from Warren Leonard, Headmaster of the Storm King School, Cornwall, N.Y., the other from Stephen Duggan, a trustee of the same school. I was resident artist at this school during 1957-1959." (HW)
See also Duggan, Stephen
Box 1 Myers, Jerome 1960-1965
"Letters from Jerome Myers, his wife Ethel and his daughter Virginia Downes, all very dear friends covering a number of years. Jerome has always been one of my favorite American artists. One hears little about him at the present time but he will be rediscovered as a first rate creative artist. His wife Ethel created some wonderful sculpture and drawings of New York City types. She will also be rediscovered one of these days. I was responsible for arranging an exhibition of Jerome's work at the Storm King Art Center. A catalogue of this exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Niemann, Edmond E. 1962 - 65
"Thirteen letters from Edmund E. Niemann, an extremely fine artist and a very dear friend. Eddie and I first met at the Art Students League of New York where I was giving a series of lectures on composition in 1940 (or thereabouts). He was a member of the group attending these lectures. We became friends, a deep and most understanding friendship that has continued to this day. I arranged an exhibition of his work at the Storm King Art Center in 1962. Two of his paintings and two of his drawings were purchased by the Art Center at this time. A catalogue of the exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Ogden, Ralph E. 1964 - 65
"Two letters from Ralph E. Ogden, a very wealthy and prominent citizen of Cornwall, N.Y., whose interest in art resulted in the establishment of the Storm King Art Center at Mountainville, N.Y. One of the enclosed letters relates to my wish to purchase two bronzes of animals by the great French sculptor Antoine Louis Barye for the Art Center's permanent collection. The other relates to the schedule of exhibitions to be held in The Art Center during 1965." (HW)
Box 1 Pleissner, Ogden, M. 1961
"Two letters from the artist Ogden Pleissner, director of The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, asking me if I would be willing to serve on the Jury of Awards for Graphic Arts for the 1961 exhibition. I accepted." (HW)
Box 1 Randall, Coral Royce
"One greeting card and three booklets containing poetry of Coral Royce Randall. Coral and I were both born and raised in Stryker, Ohio. She began writing poetry at an early age and I began drawing at an early age. Although Coral is my senior by about six years each of us were interested in what the other was doing. We have not seen one another since we left Stryker. She is now in her 78th year and I am in my 72nd year. She left Stryker when she was 23 and I left when I was 17. We have kept in touch with one another over the years." (HW)
Box 1 Reisman, Philip 1963 - 65
"Letters from Philip Reisman who is a very dear friend and a very good artist." (HW)
Box 1 Reynard, Grant 1932-1964
"Letters and cards from Grant Reynard, a very close friend for the past forty years. He, Maria, and I went to Paris together in 1922. Grant has been President of the Montclair Museum for the past ten years. Most of the cards enclosed came as birthday greetings to Maria and myself, altogether the best birthday greetings I have ever received. As the saying goes 'he is full of hell' and when he departs this life I am certain 'hell will be full of him.' At the age of 77 years he is still going strong. He is a very remarkable person and a very good artist." (HW)
Box 1 Robinson, Boardman 1938
"A letter from Boardman Robinson. I met Robinson for the first time during an exhibition of my drawings, prints, and sculpture at the Weyhe Gallery, N.Y.C. Robinson was very enthusiastic over the works on exhibit. Shortly after meeting Robinson, Carl Zigrosser thought I should apply for a Guggenheim Fellowship for sculpture and advised me to contact Robinson to ask him if he would be willing to recommend me to the Fellowship Committee. Zigrosser knew that Robinson was a member of the committee but I didn't. The enclosed letter relates to my writing to him asking for his support. I must say that my opinion of Henry Allen Moe was and still is at the opposite end of the pole from Robinson as stated in his letter." (HW)
Box 1 Shapiro, Harry H. 1930, 1943-1946, 1949
"Letters from Harry H. Shapiro, a very, very dear friend for many years and the creator of some first class poetry. Harry is no longer with us but memories of his great warmth as a human being and his capacity as a creative person are." (HW)
Box 1 Sloan, Helen (Mrs. John Sloan) 1951-1963
"Letters from Helen Farr Sloan (Mrs. John Sloan). Helen was a member of my class when I was teaching drawing, composition and print making at the Art Students League of New York, 1929-32. She was studying with Sloan at the same time. During this period she created some very fine prints and drawings. She has purchased a number of my prints and drawings and two of my bronze sculptures. A close friendship has existed between us for many years. Maria and I had visited the Sloans while they were summering in Hanover, N.H. Sloan died a week or so after our visit. A catalogue of the Sloan exhibition is enclosed." (HW)
Box 1 Stringham, Edward M. 1958-1961
"A letter from Edward M. Stringham, editor of Contemporary American Artists, the H.W. Wilson Company, N.Y.C.; regarding a proposed publication of a biographical dictionary entitled, Contemporary Artists. My name was selected to be included by a committee composed of Holgar Cahill, James Thrall Soby, and John I.H. Bauer." (HW)
Box 1 Ward, Lynd 1963
"Letter from Lynd Ward, highly respected by me both as man and artist. Lynd was the President of The American Society of Graphic Artists for a number of years. For one year I was associated with him as 1st Vice President. He finally found it necessary to resign as President and I was asked by officials and other members of the society to take his place. Owing to the many meetings being held during each year and as I was living at Cornwall, I did not accept the position." (HW)
Box 1 Windsor, Beatrice 1935
"A letter from Beatrice Windsor, director of The Newark Museum, Newark, N.J. I had known 'Pop' Hart for several years and liked it immensely. I was happy to write the forward for the Memorial Exhibition of his work." (HW)
Box 1 Young, Mahonri M. 1950-1951
"Letters from Mahonri M. Young. I met 'Hon' in Leonia, New Jersey in 1915. He had a small studio near the house where he lived and he rented it to an artist friend and myself, both of us studying with Harvey Dunn at the time. I first met Hon when he knocked on the door of our studio one day and said, 'I want to come in and see what you fellows are doing, O.K.?' He didn't like my friend's work but he liked mine and invited me to spend the evening with him. That evening was the start of a friendship that continued until he died. I owe much to him for the encouragement he gave me during certain periods in my life when things were not going well for me. As I look back on this relationship with him I shall always be grateful for having had the opportunity of being respected by an artist of his stature." (HW)
Subject files
Bronze medal
Box 2 Sesquicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia, Pa. 1926
Box 2 Sesquicentennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia, Pa 1926
Box 2 All American at Bibliotheque National, Paris 1928
Box 2 All American at Victoria and Albert Museum, London 1929
Box 2 Society of American Etchers 1935
Box 2 National Academy (special exhibition) 1939
Box 2 Fifty years on 57th Street 1943
Box 2 Contempory American Art 1943 - 44
Box 2 Graphic Arts in America 1944
Box 2 "A Sculpture Survey" 1947
Box 2 "Juliana Force and American Art, A Memorial Exhibition" 1949
Box 2 1875-1950, the Art Students League Diamond Jubilee 1950
Box 2 Metropolitan Museum of Art - 75th Anniversary Exhibition, 75 Artists Associated with the Art Students League of New York 1951
Box 2 "American Watercolors, Drawings and Prints" 1952
Box 2 A Survey of American Sculpture, Late 18th Century to 1962 1962
Box 2 Three Centuries of Printmaking undated
"Midsummer's Night"
Box 2 Sale of print, Logan Medal 1922, 1926
Noyes Prize
Box 2 "Storm Sweeping the Hudson" 1934
Box 3 Foreword to "Pop" Hart catalogue 1935
Box 3 "The Genius of "Pop" Hart" 1935
Box 3 Newspaper clippings 1940, 1949, 1962
Box 3 Forward to Jerome Myers 1941
Box 3 Foreward to John Stuart Curry 1947
Box 3 Institute of Arts and Letters - exhibition 1949
Box 3 Harry Wickey and His Work undated
Box 3 Works of Wickey - large pictures
Box 3 Works of Wickey - small pictures
Thus Far
Box 3 Reviews of book 1941-1942
Wickey, Maria Rother
Box 3 Owners of works
Box 3 Photos of works
Box 4 Personal photographs
Box 4 Articles on or about Wickey's works

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