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Gerry Wurzburg Papers

A description of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Wurzburg, Gerardine.
Title: Gerry Wurzburg Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1976-2005
Quantity: 33 linear ft.
Abstract: Field recordings and tape logs for four documentary films -- Autism is a World, Educating Peter, Education Peter II (aka Graduating Peter), and Wretches & Jabberers -- plus a few recordings of earlier work and subject files relating to other projects.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Gerardine (Gerry) Wurzburg is an American documentary film-maker and media entrepreneur.

Through her company State of the Art, Inc. she has developed media on current topics and trends in health, education, contemporary history, and social justice. Her work has been released theatrically and broadcast nationally on HBO, CNN, PBS, and ABC and internationally as well as being distributed to extensive non-broadcast audiences. The company's focus is on social marketing campaigns in public health and education, using all forms of media to encourage dialogue and social change in areas ranging from inclusion of the disabled to sobriety to lung cancer. Films produced include Academy Award-nominated documentary short Autism is a World, Academy Award-winning documentary short Educating Peter, and FREDDIE Award-winning film Struggling in Silence.

Wurzburg is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the American Public Health Association, and received an honorary doctorate from Syracuse University in 2011. Several of her documentaries on autism have been produced in collaboration with Syracuse University professor Douglas Biklen, whose research and teaching interests center on the full inclusion of people with disabilties into education, community, workplace and life. Dr. Biklen was an advisor on Educating Peter, Educating Peter II (released as Graduating Peter), co-producer of Autism is a World, and co-producer for Wretches & Jabberers.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Gerry Wurzburg Papers consists of field footage from four documentaries produced by Wurzburg's company, State of the Art: Autism is a World (2004), Educating Peter (1992), Educating Peter II (alternate title: Graduating Peter) (2001) and Wretches & Jabberers (2010). There are also recordings and project files from a small number of other projects.

Autism is a World material contains nearly 200 field tapes recorded during production, as well as several versions of the final production (e.g., captioned, narrated, in Spanish, with and without music track, etc.) There are detailed tape logs for all the tapes, describing the scenes captured and the timestamps for their occurrence on the recording.

Educating Peter material consists of more than 100 field tapes recorded during production of the documentary. There are no tape logs for these tapes.

Educating Peter II, released as Graduating Peter, contains recordings of audio tracks (narration, music); a small amount of correspondence with Peter and his family; more than 300 field tapes spanning seven years (6th grade through 12th grade), a production binder with specifications, permissions, notes, etc.; releases signed by individuals appearing in the recordings; a detailed production schedule; and transcripts and tape logs.

Wretches and Jabberers material consists almost entirely of field recordings from Vermont, Finland, Japan, and Sri Lanka.

Miscellaneous projects consists of recordings and subject files. Recordings include a civics program created for Annenberg CPB, a newsreel on Woody Guthrie, and a documentary entitled We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women. Subject files relate to Never Far from God: Portraits in Ministry; Learn & Live, a documentary on innovative approaches to education created for the George Lucas Educational Foundation; and a project on home health aides.

The vast majority of the tapes in the collection are 20- or 30-minute Betacam-SP tapes. There are also some 60-minute tapes, mini-DV cassettes, U-matic cassettes and a few 16mm reel-to-reel recordings (We Dig Coal). Audiorecordings are on DAT tapes or on CDs in .avr format, and the detailed tape logs are in PDF format.

When requesting a tape, please specify BOTH the title of the production and the tape number(s).

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Arrangement of the Collection

Within each project, numbered tapes are arranged in numeric order while unnumbered recordings are in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Access to recordings or computer media requires advance notice to produce a working copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Biklen, Douglas.
Wurzburg, Gerardine.

Corporate Bodies

State of the Art, Inc.

Associated Titles

Autism is a world (film)
Educating Peter (film)
Graduating Peter (film)
Wretches & jabberers (film)


Documentary television programs.
Down syndrome.
Inclusive education.
Mainstreaming in education.
People with disabilities -- United States.
Women motion picture producers and directors.

Genres and Forms

16mm (photographic film size)
Color film.
Digital Betacam (TM)
Digital audio tapes.
Field recordings.
Floppy disks.
Sound recordings.
Video recordings.


Motion picture producers and directors.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Gerry Wurzburg Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Gerry Wurzburg, 2011, 2012.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 9 Sep 2010
Revision history: 17 Dec 2012 - additions (MRC); 16 Apr 2014 - film added to inventory (MBD); 29 Oct 2015 - box numbers updated (MBD); 30 Nov 2017 - films updated (MRC)

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Autism is a World
Oversize 4 Field tapes #101-139 (39 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_aiaw_101 to wurzburg_aiaw_139)
Oversize 5 Field tapes #140-178 (39 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_aiaw_140 to wurzburg_aiaw_178)
Oversize 5 "CNN Title Sequence for CNN" 10 Jul 2004 (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_aiaw_179)
Oversize 6 Masters, various 2004-2005 (17 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_aiaw_180 to wurzburg_aiaw_196)
Oversize 6 Spanish version 20 May 2005 (1 tape) (ID#: aiaw_197)
Tape logs - detailed logs of contents of all tapes (PDF)
Educating Peter
Oversize 7 Field tapes #1-38 (38 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep_001 to wurzburg_ep_038)
Oversize 8 Field tapes #41-80 (40 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep_041 to wurzburg_ep_080)
Oversize 9 Field tapes #81-118 (38 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep_081 to wurzburg_ep_118)
Educating Peter II (aka Graduating Peter)
Field tapes
Oversize 10 Tapes #1-8, 10, 11 (10 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_0001 to wurzburg_ep2_0011)
Oversize 10 Tapes #801-831, 8th grade (31 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_0801 to wurzburg_ep2_0831)
Oversize 11 Tapes #832-866, 8th grade (35 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_0832 to wurzburg_ep2_0866)
Oversize 11 Tapes #900-904, 9th grade (5 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_0900 to wurzburg_ep2_0904)
Oversize 12 Tapes #905-944, 9th grade (40 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_0905 to wurzburg_ep2_0944)
Oversize 13 Tapes #945-950, 9th grade (6 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_0945 to wurzburg_ep2_0950)
Oversize 13 Tapes #1000-1030, 10th grade (31 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_1000 to wurzburg_ep2_1030)
Oversize 14 Tapes #1100-1129, 11th grade, including 1127a (31 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_1100 to wurzburg_ep2_1129)
Oversize 14 Tapes #1200-1207 and 12A, 12th grade (9 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_1200 to wurzburg_ep2_1207)
Oversize 15 Tapes #1208-1247, 12th grade (40 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_1208 to wurzburg_ep2_1247)
Oversize 16 Tapes #1248-1270, 12th grade (23 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_1248 to wurzburg_ep2_1270)
Oversize 16 Tapes #6001-6017, 6th grade (18 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6000 to wurzburg_ep2_6017)
Oversize 17 Tapes #6018-6020, 6th grade (3 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6018 to wurzburg_ep2_6020)
Oversize 17 Tapes #6031-6067, 6th grade (37 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6031 to wurzburg_ep2_6067)
Oversize 18 Tapes #6068-6101, 6th grade (34 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6068 to wurzburg_ep2_6101)
Oversize 18 "HBO Educating Peter Graduation 06/01" Jun 2001 (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6102)
Oversize 18 "Stolen Moments" (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6103)
Oversize 18 "Peter's Year narration" (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6104)
Oversize 18 "Final audio mix" (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6105)
Oversize 18 "Judy G. extra VO" (1 CD of .avr files) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6106)
Oversize 18 Music tracks, various (7 CDs) (ID#: wurzburg_ep2_6107 to wurzburg_ep2_6112)
Box 1 Contract with HBO
Box 1 Correspondence with Peter and family
Box 1 Production binder - sections include specs, text, audio, music, film, EDLS, notes and logs; last folder contains two CDs with transcripts, photos, graphics, and a number of floppy disks and CDs (3 folders)
Box 1 Production binder computer media - transcripts and interviews, file format unknown (2 CDs, 6 floppy disks)
Box 1 Production schedule - includes detailed information for each scene/episode
Box 2 Releases - 6th grade through 8th grade (3 folders)
Tape logs - detailed logs of contents of all tapes (39 PDF files)
See also Production binder for paper copies of tape logs.
Box 1 Transcripts: 9th grade 900 series POST transcripts and tape logs
See also Production binder, folder 4 for additional transcripts
Wretches and Jabberers
Oversize 1 Field tapes #1-125, including some B rolls (129 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_001 to wurzburg_wj_125)
Oversize 2 Field tapes #126-244, including some B rolls (127 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_126 to wurzburg_wj_244)
Oversize 3 Field tapes #245-332 (88 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_245 to wurzburg_wj_332)
Oversize 3 Field tapes #333-349 - additional footage: post-segment interviews, editing, screen shots (17 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_333 to wurzburg_wj_349)
Oversize 3 Field tapes #500-522 - additional footage: Tokyo Conference, miscellaneous Japan, Finland (26 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_500 to wurzburg_wj_522)
Oversize 3 Audio, miscellaneous - interviews, Tokyo and Finland conferences, more (6 CDs of .wav files) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_523 to wurzburg_wj_528)
Oversize 2 RTU trailer w/Finnish subtitles (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_529)
Oversize 3 Styleframes (1 CD) (ID#: wurzburg_wj_530)
Tape logs - detailed logs of contents of all tapes (74 PDF files)
Miscellaneous projects
Annenberg CPB Civics Program 1 Minneapolis
Oversize 20 Set 1, tapes #151-166 (17 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_151 to wurzburg_misc_166)
Oversize 20 Set 2, tapes #151-158 and #160-166 (16 tapes) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_151c to wurzburg_misc_166c)
Oversize 19 City Arts Festival '76 (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_001)
Oversize 19 Christmas Carol lobby show (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_002)
Guthrie newsreel
Oversize 19 Guthrie newsreel #1 04 Jul 1976 (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_003)
Oversize 19 Guthrie newsreel #1 copy (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_004)
Oversize 19 Guthrie newsreel #2, Bicentennial Bob [?] (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_005)
Oversize 19 Paul Newman master edit (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_006)
Oversize 24 Personal Decisions [Edited Master] 5 Oct 1985 (1" reel-to-reel videotape; running time 30 minutes) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_007)
We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women
Oversize 24 We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women [Master: Final Copy] 22 Feb 1981 (1" reel-to-reel videotape; running time 60 minutes) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_008)
Oversize 24 We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women (Reel 1) [Master: Dub] 04 May 1982 (1" reel-to-reel videotape; running time 30 minutes) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_009)
Oversize 24 We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women (Reel 2) [Master: Dub] 04 May 1982 (1" reel-to-reel videotape; running time 30 minutes) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_010)
We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women (Reel 1) (Film: 16mm, sound) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_011)
We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women (Reel 2) (Film: 16mm, sound) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_012)
We Dig Coal: A Portrait of 3 Women (Film: 16mm, sound) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_013)
Oversize 19 A Winter's Tale; A Look Behind Enemy of the People (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_014)
Oversize 19 A Winter's Tale; A Christmas Carol; The National Health (1 tape) (ID#: wurzburg_misc_015)
Subject files
Box 2 George Lucas Educational Foundation, Learn and Live circa 1998 - includes one folder of computer files (4 folders, including 3 floppy disks)
Box 3 Home care - pediatric and elderly; includes PR information, production notes, tape logs, transcripts on CD, other material on floppy disks, (3 folders, including a CD and a number of floppy disks.)
Box 3 Never Far from God: Portraits in Ministry

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