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John D. Archbold Family Papers

An inventory of his family papers at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Archbold, John D. (John Dustin), 1848-1916.
Title: John D. Archbold Family Papers
Dates: 1886-1921
Size: 3 boxes (1.25 linear feet)
Abstract: The John D. Archbold Family Papers contain correspondence, business documents, and other materials relating to Archbold, his professional life, his family, and their philanthropy.
Language: English
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010


John D. Archbold

John D.Archbold was born in Leesburg, Ohio, on July 26, 1848. His father, Rev. Israel Archbold, was a Methodist preacher who died and left the family practically destitute when Archbold was eleven years old. With his two elder brothers away from home and unable to assist, Archbold supported his mother and sister by doing odd jobs and studying at night. He was sixteen years old when the oil boom started in Pennsylvania, and in 1864 he went to the oil fields and worked his way up to being a refiner and buyer.

Archbold married Annie Mills in 1870, and together they had four children: Mary Lavina (b. 1871), Anne (b. 1873), Frances (b. 1875) and John Foster (b. 1877).

From 1875 until his death, Archbold was an associate of the Rockefellers and was almost as closely identified with the history of Standard Oil as John D. Rockefeller himself. He became the agent of the Acme Company, which proved to be an offshoot of the Rockefeller interests. In 1892 Archbold was elected a Director of the Standard Oil Company; in 1899 he was appointed Vice-President and then President in 1911. Of the first nine trustees of the Standard Oil Company, formed in 1882, Archbold alone remained in this capacity until its dissolution in 1911 at the order of the United States Supreme Court. He then became president of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, a position he occupied until his death.

Archbold had a close friendship with Rev. James Roscoe Day, whom he met while the latter was pastor at St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church in New York. Day put Archbold's name forward to become a member of the Board of Trustees of Syracuse University and Archbold accepted in 1886, going on to be elected president of the board in 1893. Day became Chancellor of Syracuse University in 1894 at Archbold's suggestion. Archbold financially supported the University and helped to fund many building projects, such as Archbold Stadium and Sims Hall.

Archbold died on December 5, 1916. His wife, Annie Mills Archbold, remarried in 1918 to Judge Charles W. Dustin and was thereafter known as Annie Dustin.

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Scope and Content Note

Spanning between 1886 and 1921, the Archbold Family Papers are split into four series: General Correspondence, Subject Files, Standard Oil Co., and Waters-Pierce Co.

The General Correspondence Series is arranged by correspondence for John D. Archbold, his wife Annie Dustin and son John F. Archbold. The series includes personal letters, business-related exchanges, and other types of correspondence with various companies, associations and individuals. Chancellor James Roscoe Day of Syracuse University and John D. Rockefeller are correspondents of significance found here. Syracuse University is mentioned in correspondence with James Roscoe Day, Frederick H. Hurdman, Louis Marshall and William Nottingham.

The Subject Files Series comprises a variety of materials. These include legal documentation, such as Archbold's will, financial materials relating to Syracuse University, biographical information and accounts of Archbold's charitable contributions. Poetry written by and for Archbold is also in this series.

Standard Oil Co. and Waters-Pierce Oil Co. make up the last two series and contain articles, correspondence and legal and financial documentation relating to these companies.

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Access Restrictions

Please note that the collection is housed off-site, and advance notice is required to allow time to have the materials brought to the Reading Room on campus.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

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Archbold family.
Archbold, Anne, 1873-1968.
Archbold, John D. (John Dustin), 1848-1916.
Archbold, John F.
Day, James Roscoe, 1845-1923.
Dustin, Annie.
Rockefeller, John D. (John Davison), 1839-1937.
Standard Oil Company.
Syracuse University -- History.
Syracuse University -- Trustees.
Syracuse University.
Waters-Pierce Oil Company.


College trustees.
Educational benefactors.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

John D. Archbold Family Papers,
University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Adrian Archbold (in 1959) along with other members of the Archbold family (in 1965) donated John Dustin Archbold’s papers to the Syracuse University Archives. In 2011 the Hufty Family donated John Foster Archbold and Annie Dustin's correspondence with Chancellor Day as well as financial documents concerning several members of the Archbold family and their contributions towards Syracuse University.

Processing Information

The materials in this collection have been placed in acid-free folders.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Erin Lee
Date: 2011
Revision history: Converted to EAD, 2012

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The folders are arranged alphabetically within each series.

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General Correspondence
Annie Dustin Correspondence
Box 1 Day, James Roscoe 1920
John D. Archbold Correspondence
Box 1 Adams, Henry H. 1905
Box 1 Ainey, William B. 1912
Box 1 Alleman, Herbert C. 1907-1908
Box 1 Alterbury, Anna D. 1913
Box 1 American Academy in Rome undated
Box 1 American Geographical Society 1904
Box 1 Archbold, John H. 1912
Box 1 Archibold, Cora Hume 1911
Box 1 Barnes, William 1913
Box 1 Barstow, F.Q. 1907
Box 1 Bayne, S.G. 1909-1911
Box 1 Brady, A.N. 1913
Box 1 Cannell, C. 1907
Box 1 Carey, John W. 1913
Box 1 Cherry, T.C. 1914
Box 1 Clapp, Moses E. 1913
Box 1 Clark, C.S. 1911-1912
Box 1 Clune, Michael 1912
Box 1 Coggleshall & Hicks Bankers 1912
Box 1 Comfort, Ralph Manning 1910
Box 1 Corbin, Henry Clarke undated
Box 1 Coutant, R.B. 1913
Box 1 Crane, Yeta undated
Box 1 Day, James H. 1903
Box 1 Dodd, S.C.T. 1906
Box 1 Dull, Daniel 1912
Box 1 Dull, Helene H. 1913
Box 1 Duval, H. Reiman 1915
Box 1 Eddy, Alfred D. 1913
Box 1 Edmonds, Richard H. 1904
Box 1 Eriscom, C.A. 1905, 1912
Box 1 Estabrook, Henry D. 1913
Box 1 Everest, C.M. 1913
Box 1 Fitzgerald, Harrington 1911
Box 1 Flagg, John H. 1905-1907, undated
Box 1 Flagler, Henry M. & Mary Lily 1906-1913
Box 1 Fortville Natural Gas & Oil Company 1913
Box 1 French, John R. 1893
Box 1 Gaynor, William Jay 1912-1913
Box 1 Hanna, Le Sueur & McKinley 1912
Box 1 Hinkley, D.J. 1913
Box 1 Hodgman, G.B. 1913
Box 1 Holmes, Elizabeth Carr 1912
Box 1 Hope Natural Gas Company 1905
Box 1 Howe, William 1904
Box 1 Hurdman, Frederick H. 1914
Box 1 Irving, Minna 1912-1913
Box 1 J.P. Morgan & Co. 1906
Box 1 Kirby, Daniel Noyes 1913
Box 1 Lincoln University Endowment Association 1910
Box 1 Low, Seth 1904
Box 1 Luther Burbank Society 1912
Box 1 Manchester, H.R. 1913
Box 1 Marcus A. Hanna Memorial Chair Association 1904
Box 1 Marshall, Louis 1913
Box 1 McCrea, William A. 1907
Box 1 McMahon, J.W. 1913
Box 1 Milburn, John G. 1913
Box 1 Moffett, J.A. 1907-1913, undated
Box 1 Mulholland, Mabel 1912-1913
Box 1 National Geographic Society 1904
Box 1 New York Botanical Garden 1912-1913
Box 1 Newton, R. Herber 1904
Box 1 North, Louise M. 1913
Box 1 Nottingham, William 1903
Box 1 O'Connor, Rose Goodwin 1912
Box 1 Ohio Company 1905
Box 1 Paine, Augustus G. 1905
Box 1 Paine, Silas H. 1913
Box 1 Parsons, John E. 1905
Box 1 Post, Carroll J. 1907-1912
Box 1 Prizer, Edward 1913
Box 1 Reid, J.M. 1889
Box 1 Rockefeller, John D. 1913
Box 1 Samuel, Marcus 1912
Box 1 Shine, Jas H. 1913
Box 1 South Penn. Oil Company 1905
Box 1 Spencer Tresk & Co. 1905-1908
Box 1 Sterling, P.C. 1913
Box 1 Thompson, Caroline G. 1912-1913
Box 1 Topakyan, H.H. 1913
Box 1 Unidentified 1901-1913
Box 1 Unverzagt, Charles H. 1913
Box 1 Wallace, George Y. 1908
Box 1 Whitehead, Ben G. 1913
Box 1 Wilkinson, William Cleaver 1905
Box 1 Woodward, James Otis 1913
John F. Archbold Correspondence
Box 1 Day, James Roscoe 1911-1921
Box 1 Dustin, Judge C.W. 1917
Standard Oil Company
Box 2 Articles 1905, 1907, undated
Box 2 Book: Moore, Austin Leigh. (193-). John D. Archbold and the early development of Standard Oil. New York: Macmillan.
Box 2 Correspondence 1886-1918, undated
Box 2 Legal Documents 1909, 1912, undated
Subject Files
Box 2 Articles, Newspaper - transcripts 1901, 1906
Box 2 Biographical Material 1908-1917, undated
Box 2 Biographical Material – transcripts from other collections undated
Box 2 Financial Contributions - miscellaneous transcripts undated
Box 3 Financial Contributions to Syracuse University - receipts of Anne Archbold Saunderson 1918-1919
Box 3 Financial Contributions to Syracuse University - receipts of John D. Archbold 1905-1915
Box 3 Financial Contributions to Syracuse University - report 1917
Box 3 Financial Documents - Syracuse University 1914, undated
Box 3 Memberships undated
Box 3 Miniature portrait of Archbold undated
Box 3 New York Kindergarten Association 1902-1912, undated
Box 3 Poetry 1910-1913, undated
Box 3 Will of John D. Archbold 1903
Waters-Pierce Oil Company
Box 3 Article 1912
Box 3 Correspondence 1905-1913
Box 3 Financial Documents 1912
Box 3 Legal Documents 1912, undated

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