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Agehananda Bharati Papers

An inventory of his papers at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Agehananda Bharati, Swami, 1923-1991.
Title: Agehananda Bharati Papers
Dates: 1950-1993
Size: 4 boxes (2 linear feet)
Abstract: The Agehananda Bharati Papers contains over forty years of his writings and a few years of correspondence from religious leaders, writers, and Syracuse University faculty.
Language: English, German, Bengali, Croatian, Danish, Hindi, Japanese, Punjabi, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010


Agehananda BharatiAgehananda Bharati (1923-1991) was born in Vienna, Austria on April 20, 1923, with the name Leopold Fischer. Leopold Fischer’s path to becoming Agehananda Bharati began at an early age, when he first started developing interests in religious life and Indian culture. As a child, Fischer served as an altar boy and planned to be a priest later in life. As a young adolescent, however, he became frustrated and disillusioned with the way he saw Catholicism being practiced. As he began to turn away from the Catholic Church in his teenage years, he increasingly turned towards exploring his interest in Indian culture.

Fischer first developed an interest in India as an eight-year-old boy, when he had the opportunity to talk to Indians who had traveled to Vienna to attend the city’s famous medical school. The visiting students taught him pieces of different Indian dialects, and he, in turn, would help them with their German. His talent for learning languages was quickly apparent. Within the next several years, he would learn five Indian dialects, and in his adult life he would eventually learn more than 15 modern and classical languages.

Upon entering secondary school, Fischer continued to seek out ways to learn more about India. At age 13, he joined his school’s India Club and began formally studying Hindi and classical Sanskrit. These studies proved to be more than just an academic pursuit; they were also part of his personal and spiritual development. Bharati would later write that by age 15, he knew he wanted to leave the Christian tradition and embrace Hinduism.

The elective Indian studies Fischer pursued at secondary school became his academic focus at the University of Vienna, where he majored in Indic Studies, Sanskrit, and comparative linguistics and minored in anthropology, ethnography, and philosophy. His studies were interrupted in 1943, however, when he was conscripted into the German Army.

The German Army placed Fischer in a specialized role that made use of his detailed knowledge of Indian languages and culture. He was assigned to be an interpreter with the Free India Legion, a unit made up of Indian prisoners of war and Indian-born students who were living in Germany at the time of the war. The Free India Legion was conceived of as a way for the Germans to attack British holdings in India by rallying Indians around the cause of fighting for Indian independence, though ultimately this was not strongly pursued, and the Legion was mostly engaged in non-combat roles. After experiencing the rigid personal and intellectual restrictions of military life and the Nazi occupation of Austria, Fischer became even more resolved to dedicate himself to learning about India and Hinduism.

Following the war, Fischer returned to the University of Vienna to complete his degrees in 1948. Immediately afterwards, in January of 1949, he set off to India, to learn more about the culture he admired through firsthand experience and to become a monk in the religion he had first devoted himself to as a teenager. After some time working at the University of Delhi as a lecturer on German language and literature, and some initial experiences with the Ramakrishna Math order of Hinduism that ultimately left him wanting, he decided his path was to become a monk in the Dasanami Sannyasi order. His ethnicity and outsider status, however, made many religious figures resistant to the idea that he should be made more than a novice in the monastery. Refusing to accept such a limiting position, Fischer traveled to a place where devout members of the monastery who had already fulfilled certain duties could pay a sacrificial fee to become a sannyasi, a monk in a stage of life in which worldly attachments are renounced in order to dedicate oneself to spiritual pursuits.

In 1951, Leopold Fischer was initiated into the Dasanami Sannyasi monastic order and was given the name Agehananda Bharati. The name Agehananda means “bliss through homelessness”, which Bharati soon experienced during his required religious pilgrimage, in which sannyasi travel 1,500 miles, from northern to southern India, barefoot and begging for their food. In addition to being a transformative spiritual experience, this journey also provided Bharati with cultural insight that most Western anthropologists could not hope to gain. Bharati would draw from this knowledge upon returning to the academic world to teach.

From 1951 to 1954, he worked as a reader in philosophy at Banaras Hindu University, and in 1955, he was a visiting professor of comparative literature at the Nalanda Institute for Buddhist Research and Pali. After several years of learning and teaching in India, Bharati decided to travel further eastward for his next teaching job. He taught Sanskrit and Indian philosophy in Thailand from 1955 to 1956. From there, his travels took him to Japan to tour as a visiting professor, to British Columbia to work as a guest professor, to Seattle to work as a research associate, and finally to Syracuse, New York in 1961, to work as an assistant professor at Syracuse University. Though he would continue to travel occasionally throughout his life, Syracuse became his permanent home.

Bharati spent the next ten years as a professor at Syracuse University’s anthropology department, teaching some of the subjects in which he was most well versed. During this time, he also wrote his two most celebrated books. His autobiography, The Ochre Robe, was first published in 1962, and the work he called his magnum opus, The Tantric Tradition, was published in 1965. Both works were met with acclaim, which helped Bharati gain international attention, as did the papers he presented at prestigious universities, the guest lectures he gave in other countries, the original anthropological research he conducted in India and East Africa, and the numerous other writings he published during this time period.

In 1971, Bharati was named chair of the anthropology department, and he would serve in that position until 1977. Bharati’s time at Syracuse University continued long after he left the chair position. He continued to teach, both in Syracuse and around the world as a guest lecturer, for many years. In 1987, he received a Fulbright Scholar Award, on which he traveled to universities in West Germany to teach anthropology and Indian culture. In January of 1991, he was named the Ford-Maxwell Professor of South Asian Studies at the Maxwell School.

A few months later, on May 14, 1991, after a lifetime of study, travel, and education, Agehananda Bharati died of cancer.

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Scope and Content Note

The Agehananda Bharati Papers contains numerous pieces of correspondence, hundreds of his writings, and a few materials related to his scholarly career. The collection, dated between 1950 and 1992, is divided into three series.

The Correspondence series includes letters Bharati received from 1964 to 1967. Some of the correspondence relates to professional matters, such as the arrangement of speaking engagements or the process of submitting and publishing articles. Other pieces are somewhat more personal, such as letters from people who were impressed by one of his speeches or young people asking for his advice about how to approach higher education. Bharati’s position as an international figure is reflected in both the multiple languages used to write to him and in the kinds of people who wrote to him with requests or praise, such as Thubten Jigme Norbu, the eldest brother of the 14th Dalai Lama.

Also included within the Correspondence series are letters specifically related to Bharati’s time at Syracuse University. Collected in a separate folder, these letters similarly discuss reactions to Bharati’s speeches or articles, program planning, or general requests.

The Writings series comprises the large majority of the collection. Spanning over forty years and collecting over four hundred publications, the series contains many works of a truly prolific writer. This series includes articles, reviews of others' work, chapters contributed to books, reports, and abstracts published in journals, books, magazines, and other outlets around the world. Most publications in this series are written either in English or German, but the collection also includes pieces in nine other languages, some of which are written by Bharati and some of which are translations of his work. Items in this collection that are not in English are noted as such.

The Writings series also contains some of Bharati's published books. The collection includes Bharati’s autobiography, The Ochre Robe (1962), The Tantric Tradition (1965), The Light at the Center: Context and Pretext of Modern Mysticism (1976), and Great Traditions and Little Traditions: Indological Investigations in Cultural Anthropology (1978).

The Subject Files series includes some of the papers Bharati presented, other people's writings related to his publications, pamphlets and programs from various events, and some documents regarding the planning of Syracuse University academic programs. Also included in this series is a special issue of the Syracuse University Graduate Student Journal of Anthropology, Syranthropy: “Special Issue in Commemoration of the Life and Teachings of Agehananda Bharati.” This memorial issue, released on February 26, 1991, includes key passages from Bharati’s writings, personal reflections from students who knew him, and excerpts from student letters written to him.

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Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

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Acquisition Information

The Syracuse University Archives presently has almost no information on file about the acquisition of this collection. There is one note from Bharati indicating that he had sent the Archives his curriculum vitae and a list of publications through 1966. The published books in this collection were donated in 1992 by the Undergraduate Anthropology Society in memory of Bharati.

Processing Information

Materials in this collection were placed in acid-free folders and boxes, and acidic materials were placed in protective sleeves.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Kyle C. Wilson
Date: 2007
Revision history: Converted to EAD by Sean Molinaro, 2012.

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The series in this collection are arranged alphabetically, as are the materials within the Correspondence and Subject Files series. Most of the materials in the Writings series are arranged chronologically by year. These writings were originally arranged by a "publication number" assigned to them at some point, which mostly followed a chronological structure. Much of this original ordering is still in place, but the writings with a "publication number" that did not follow the chronological pattern have been re-filed according to their actual year of publication. Published books included in this collection are found in the Writings series and arranged alphabetically.

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Box 1 General A - F 1964-1966
Box 1 General G - L 1964-1966
Box 1 General M - R 1964-1966
Box 1 General S - Z 1964-1966
Box 1 Relating to Syracuse University 1964-1967
Subject Files
Box 1 Conference Programs 1964-1965
Box 1 Curriculum Vitae 1963-1966
Box 1 List of Publications 1993
Box 1 Order Form for The Tantric Tradition ca. 1965
Box 1 Pamphlets for University College Seminars 1966
Box 1 Papers Presented undated
Box 1 Syracuse University Education Programs 1964, undated
Box 1 Syracuse University Press Releases 1964-1965
Box 1 Syranthropy - Special Issue in Commemoration of the Life and Teachings of Agehananda Bharati 1993
Box 1 Unidentified Article in Bengali Newspaper Anandabazar Patrika 1983
Box 1 Writings by Others 1962-1979
Box 2 1950 - 1956
"Some Freaks of Discipleship. A Study in Indian Hagiography" (article) (Publication #1) 1950
"Alma Mater vs. Pulpit. A Study in Hindu Scholastic Traditionalism" (article) (Publication #2) 1950
"Hinduism as a Religion for Skeptics" (article) (Publication #3) 1950
"Rādhākrishnan and the Other Vedānta" (book chapter in The Philosophy of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan) (Publication #10) 1952
"The Metamorphosis of Esthetic Value in India" (article) (Publication #11) 1952
"Monasticism as a Way of Life" (article) (Publication #12) 1952
"Philosophy and Sādhanā" (article) (Publication #13) 1952
"Die Lage der Philosophische im heutigen Indien" (report in German) (Publication #16) 1953
"Is Hindu Sculpture Obscene?" (article) (Publication #18) 1953
“On Heroism” (article) (Publication #19) 1953
"Speeches at Mandakkad, Kerala, March 6, 7, 8 & 9, 1953" (English text in a Malayalam publication) (Publication #20A) 1953
"Inductive Reasoning: A Study of Tarka in Indian Logic" (review; Bagchi), "Philosophical Essays" (review; Damle), and "The Nature of Philosophy" (review; Damle) (Publications #66, #67, and #68) 1953-1955
"Bericth über den 28" Indischen Philosophenkongress in Baroda (report in German) (Publication #21) 1954
"Bericht über den 1" Indischen Wissenschaftlerkongress in Hyderabad Dn. (report in German) (Publication #22) 1954
"Belur and Halebid: The Hoyshala Shrines of Mysore" (article) (Publication #25) 1954
"Dogmatism and Our Time" (article) (Publication #27) 1954
"India's Message" (review article, M.N. Roy, Fragments) (Publication #9) 1955
"Das Studium der Philosphie an Den Indischen Universitäten" (report in German) (Publication #28) 1955
"Lebensregeln und Meditation im Indischen Mönchstum" (article in German) (Publication #29) 1955
"Philosophy: East and West" (article) (Publication #35) 1955
"The Monastic Manifesto" (Publication #36) 1955
"On My Monastic Myth - A Reply to Mrs. Barnard" (response article) (Publications #37) 1955
"The Status of the individual in Indian Thought" (article) (Publication #38) 1955
"Radical Humanism and Western Philosophy" (article) (Publication #57A) 1955
"A Mystic's Epistle" (article) (Publication #58) 1956
"Universitäterziehung und Hochschulbildung im heutigen Thailand" (report) (Publication #59) 1956
"A Note on Buddhist Logic" (book chapter in Viśvajyoti, Buddha Jayantī Special Issue) (Publication #60) 1956
"Saffron Robes and Joie de Vivre - Letters from Thailand" (article) (Publication #61) 1956
"Buddhistische Geisteswelt" (review in German; Mensching) (Publication #63) 1956
Box 2 1957 - 1960
"Indian Thought Viewed from a Western Critical Viewpoint" (lectures transcribed in Japanese) (Publication #65) 1957
"History of Philosophy - Eastern and Western" (review; S. Radhakrishnan) and "The Principal Upanishads" (review; S. Radhakrishnan) (Publications #69 and #69A) 1957
"The Changing Face of Japan: A Letter from Japan" (article) (Publication #70) 1957
"The Loves of Krishna in Indian Art" (review; Archer) (Publication #71) ca. 1958
"Die geistigen Kräfte Asiens in Der Krise der Gegenwart" (article in German) (Publication #72) 1958
"The Central Philosophy of Buddhism" (review in German; T.R.V. Murti) (Publication #73) 1958
"The Padārthatattvanirūpanam of Raghunatha Śiromani" (review in German; Karl H. Potter) (Publication #74) 1958
"Geschichte der Indischen Philosophie, Vol. II" (review in German; Frawallner) (Publication #75) 1958
"Philosophy and Psychology in Abhidharma" (review in English; Guenther) (Publication #77) ca. 1958
"The Dalai Lama and Buddhism" (published letters in 3 parts) (Publications #78, 82, and 94) 1959-1960
"Philosophie und Psychologie im Abhidharma" (review in German; Guenther - see also Publication #77) (Publication #76) 1959
"Time and Modality" (review article in German; A. N. Prior) (Publication #81) ca. 1959
"Yoga - Immortality and Freedom" (review in German; Mircea Eliade) (Publication #83) ca. 1959
"Popular Essays in Indian Philosophy"; "Art Experience"; "The Quest after Perfection" (reviews in German) (Publication #84) ca. 1959
" - the Jewel Ornament of Liberation" (review; Guenther) and "Modern Hindi Grammar" (review; Saihgal) (Publications #79 and #80) 1960
"A Note on Albert Schweitzer" (article in German) (Publication #85) 1960
"Metaphysics of Tantrism" (review article, N. Brown) (Publication #86) ca. 1960
"Philosophisches 'klar'" (article in German) (Publication #87) 1960
"Über Eliades Yogaauffassung" (article in German) (Publication #88) ca. 1960
"Weltprobleme am Himalaya" (review in German; W. Leifer) (Publication #89) ca. 1960
"Dattātreya" (review in German; H.H. Chamaraja Wadiyar of Mysore) (Publication #90) 1960
"Philosophical Analysis" (review in German; J. O. Urmson) (Publication #91) ca. 1960
"Indian Philosophical Studies" (review in German; M. Hiriyanna) (Publication #92) ca. 1960
"Die Philosophie des Buddhismus" (review article in German; Frauwallner) (Publication #93) 1960
"The Saundaryalaharī" (review in German; W. Norman Brown) (Publication #95) ca. 1960
"Das Pañcatantra und seine Morallehre" (review; W. Ruben) (Publication #96) ca. 1960
"Jeopardy to Specific Scholastic Pursuits" (article) (Publication #97) 1960
"Existentialism and Religious Belief" (review in German; D. E. Roberts) (Publication #98) 1960
"Mahatma Gandhi - eine Philosophische und Anthropologische Studie" (article in German) (Publication #99) 1960
"Essays in Moral Philosophy" (review in German; A.I. Melden, ed.) (Publication #100) 1960
Box 2 1961 - 1962
"The Hevajra Tantra" (review; D.L. Snellgrove) (Publication #101) ca. 1961
"Tagore and the Hindu Renaissance" (article) (Publication #102) 1961
"The Brahma Sūtras" (review; S. Radhakrishnan) (Publication #104) ca. 1961
"The Brahma Sūtras" (review in German; S. Radhakrishnan - see also Publication #104) (Publication #105) ca. 1961
"Gandhi and Buddhist Atheism" (article) (Publication #106) 1961
"Education of Tribals in India: A Rejoinder to DeMeulder" (Publication #108) ca. 1961
Saundaryaśāstra evam Ravindra kā darśan" (article in Hindi) (Publication #109) ca. 1961
"Aesthetical Doctrine and the Philosophy of Tagore" (article; English version of Publication #109) (Publication #110) ca. 1961
"Mudrā - A Study in Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture" (review article; Dale Saunders; jointly with Dr. Leon N. Hurvitz) (Publication #111) ca. 1961
Meditations-Sūtras des Mahāyāna Buddhismus (review in German; R. von Muralt) (Publication #113) 1961
"Albert Schweitzer im Lichte Indischen Denkens" (book chapter in German in Albert Scweitzer: Sein Denken und sein Weg) (Publication #118) 1961
"Sandhābāsā or Intentional Language in Tantras" (article) (Publication #119) 1961
Das Pañcatantra und seine Morallehre" (review in English; W. Ruben) (Publication #120) 1961
"The Naturalistic Tradition of Indian Thought" (review in German; D. Riepe) (Publication #127) ca. 1961
"Esthetical Norm and Value Modification in Modern India (monograph) (Publication #116) 1962
"Cultural Criticism as a Tool for Social Studies" (article) (Publication #122) 1962
"Recent Reflections on M.N. Roy" (article) (Publication #123) 1962
"Spiritual vs. Materialistic - A Corrective Analysis" (article) (Publication #124) 1962
"Modern Hindu Exegesis of a Mahāyāna Buddhist Text" (article) (Publication #125) ca. 1962
"The Later Philosophy of Wittgenstein" (review in German; David Pole) (Publication #126) ca. 1962
"Philosophie und Religion Indiens" (review in German; H. Zimmer) (Publication #128) 1962
"The Concept of Man: A Study in Comparative Philosophy" (review in German; S. Radhakrishnan and P. T. Raju) (Publication #129) ca. 1962
"Srī Bali Parāi - The Historical Background of the Dispute about the Vivekananda Rock" (article) (Publication #130) 1962
"The Mind-Body Dichotomy and Psychosomatic Syndromes in Modern India" (article) (Publication #132) ca. 1962
"In Defense of the Robe: A Rejoinder to Prof. D. McCutchion" (article) (Publication #133) 1962
"Nationalism and Humanism: Two Incompatible -isms" (article) (Publication #134) 1962
"Indian Idealism and Modern Challenges" (review in German; P. T. Raju) (Publication #136) ca. 1962
"Theory and Practice of Mandala" (review; G. Tucci, trl. of Teoria e prattico del Mandala) and "Politische Polemiken im Staatslehrbuch des Kautaya" (review; Friedrich Wilhelm) (Publications #137 and #138) ca. 1962
"Indo-Scythian Studies - Khotanese Texts, Vol IV" (review; H. W. Bailey) (Publication #139) ca. 1962
"Medical Research and Disease Apprehension Patterns in Cross-cultural Perspective" (book chapter in The Cancer Relief Society Souvenir Volume, K. G. Thankama, ed.) (Publication #140) ca. 1962
"Albert Schweitzers Denken in Indiscner Sicht" (chapter in German in Albert Schweitzer, Sein Denken und Sein Weg) (Publication #140A) 1962
Box 2 1963
"Paralelismos Sincretisticos: Un Metodo Heuristico" (article in Spanish) (Publication #141) 1963
"The Sino-Indian Border Situation and the Indian Student in America" (Publication #142) 1963
"Critic versus Pundit and Puritanism - Some Reflections on Prof. McCutchion's Essay" (Publication #143) 1963
"Der Ganapātha zu den Adhyāyas IV und V der Grammatik Pāninis" (review; R. Harre) (Publication #144) ca. 1963
"The Wisdom of Buddhism" (review; Ch. Humphreys) (Publication #147) ca. 1963
"Tongue-Tide - The Battle of Babel" (letter to the editor in Newsweek International) (Publication #148) 1963
"The Kāma Sūtra of Vātsyayana" (review; R. Burton) (Publication #149) 1963
"Cultura y Etica: Un Analisis Critico del Pensamiento Schweitzeriano y Humanistico" (article in Spanish) (Publication #151) 1963
"Sensa and Sensibilia" and "Philosophical Papers" (reviews in German; J. L. Austin) (Publications #152 and #153) ca. 1963
"The Gandhārī Dharmapāda" (review in English; J. Brough) (Publication #154) ca. 1963
"Pilgrimage in the Indian Tradition" (Publication of #155) 1963
"Cultural Hurdles in Development Administration" (chapter in Development Administration: Problems and Concepts, Syracuse University Press) (Publication #156) ca. 1963
"Coup in Vietnam" (letter to the editor in Newsweek International) (Publication #158) 1963
Kinship-term Avoidance and Substitution in North Indian Middle Class Milieux" (article in German) (Publication #159) ca. 1963
"China, Cuba, and Conflict: Ideology vs. Intellect" (Publication #160) ca. 1963
“Attitude of Hindu Scholars & Nationalists to Pre-Nazi Germany and the Third Reich” (abstract) and “Overseas Indians: Cultural Stagnation and the Transitional Situation” (abstract) (Publications #565 and #565A) 1963
Box 2 1964
"The Life and Teaching of Nāropa" (review; H. V. Guenther) (Publication #164) ca. 1964
"Western Psychotherapy and Hindu Sādhanā" (review; H. Jacobs) and "India of Vedic Kapasūtras" (review; Ram Gopal) (Publications #165 and #166) ca. 1964
"Foundations of Empiricism" and "Inside the Great Mirror" (reviews in German; J. K. Feibleman) (Publications #167 and #168) 1964
"Die Ansprüche der Logistiker auf die Logik und ihre Geschichtschreibung" (review; M. Jacoby) (Publication #169) 1964
"Paz Mundial: Analisis de una Posibilidad" (article in Spanish) (Publication #170) 1964
"Prospects of Secularism in India" (Publication #171) ca. 1964
"Possession and Divination among Lohana Hindus in East Africa" (Publication #172) 1964
"The Indians in East Africa - A Survey of Problems of Transition and Adaptation" (Publication #173) 1964
"Contemporary Ethical Theories" (review in German; L. J. Binkley) and "Experience and Culture - The Philosophy of Georg Simmel" (review in German; R. Weingarten) (Publications #174 and #175) ca. 1964
"Political Pressures and Reactions in the Asian Minority in East Africa" (Publication #176) ca. 1964
"A Contemporary Interpretation of Ahimsā" (book chapter in Gandhi: His Relevance for our Time) (Publication #177) ca. 1964
"Symbolik der Beruhrüng in der Hinduistisch-Buddhistischen Vorstellungswelt" (article in German) (Publication #178) 1964
"Love, Miscegenation, and Anthropology" (Publication #179) 1964
"Problems of Asian Minorities in East Africa" (Publication #187) 1964
“What is Sanātana Dharma?” (Publication #569) 1964
Box 2 1965, Publications #180 - #189
"The Contribution of Hinduism to the Modern World" (Interfaith Lecture Series 1964, Wells Express, Wells College Bulletin) (Publication #180) 1965
"Hindu Scholars, Germany, and the Third Reich" (article) (Publication #181) 1965
"L'Enseignement du Vimalakīrti" (review; E. Lamotte) (Publication #183) ca. 1965
"The Intellectual and Modernity: The Occidental Situation" (article in two parts) (Publication #184) 1965
"Untersuchungen zur Kritik des Phänomenalistischen Agnostizismus und des Subjektiven Idealismus" (review in German; A. Konrad) (Publication #185) ca. 1965
"Fringe Reference and Non-Commitment" (Publication #186) ca. 1965
"A Social Survey" (book chapter in Portrait of a Minority: The Asians in East Africa, ed. D. P. Ghai) (Publication #189) ca. 1965
Box 2 1965, Publications #190 - #205
"Indo-African Cultural Ties" (article) (Publication #190) 1965
"Relativism and the Study of Man" (review in German; J. W. Wiggins) (Publication #191) ca. 1965
"Perception, Understanding and Society" (review in German; F. P. Chambers) (Publication #192) ca. 1965
"Prospects for Secularism in India" (book chapter in Jawaharlal Nehru: A Critical Tribute) (Publication #193) ca. 1965
"Decline of Philosophical Thought" (review article based on P. Linke's Niedergangerscheinungen)(Publication #194) 1965
"Directed 'Massification' and the Failure of Philosophy" (review article based on G. Schischkoff's Gesteuerte Vermassung) (Publication #195) 1965
"Interpretation of Deflective Parlance in India: A Paradigm for the Ethnography of Communication" (Publication #196) 1965
"Humanism 'and' Religion: The Problem of Communication" (Publication #197) 1965
"Die Echtheit in Anthropologischer und Konfliktpsychologischer Sicht" (review in German; H. Stoffer) (Publication #198) ca. 1965
"Die Religiös-Magische Weltanschauung der Primitivstämme Indiens: Die Bhagoria-Bhils" (review in English; M. Hermanns) (Publication #199) 1965
"Spirit and Man: An Essay on Being and Value" (review in German; N. Rothenstreich) (Publication #200) ca. 1965
"Philosophy and Linguistic Analysis" (review in German; M. J. Charlesworth) (Publication #201) ca. 1965
The Philosophical Potential of Indian Esotericism. (monograph) (Publication #202) ca. 1965
"Śākta and Vajrayāna - Their Place in Indian Thought" (book chapter in Studies of Esoteric Buddhism and Tantrism) (Publication #203) 1965
"Patterns of Identification among the East African Indians" (Publication #204) 1965
"The Asian Entrepreneur in East Africa" (Publication #205) ca. 1965
Box 2 1966 - 1967
"Plurality and Antimony. Cultural Foundations of Spiritual Conflicts" (review; Michael Landmann) (Publication #207) 1966
"Doctrine and Argument in Indian Philosophy" (review in German; Nanian Smart) (Publication #208) 1966
"Vedānta or the Science of Reality" (review; K. A. Iyer) (Publication #210) ca. 1966
"Gesellschaft für die Erforschung des Buddhismus" (report in German) (Publication #211) ca. 1966
"Clarity is not Enough" (review in German; M. D. Lewis, ed.) (Publication #213) ca. 1966
"Language, Meaning, and Persons" (review in German; N. K. Bannerji) (Publication #214) ca. 1966
"The Unwanted Elite in East Africa" (article) (Publication #215) ca. 1966
"Mithras: Geschiche eines Kultes" (review in English; Vermasseren) (Publication #216) ca. 1966
"The Indian Spirit" (review; K. Satchidarandamurty) (Publication #217) ca. 1966
"El Significado de la Antropologia ambos Lados de Atlantico" (article in Spanish) (Publication #218) 1966
"Hindu Polytheism" (review article; Danielou) (Publication #219) 1966
"East-West Parallels" (review; W. F. Wertheim) (Publication #220) 1966
"The Destiny of the Veda in India" (review; Louis Renou) (Publication #221) ca. 1966
"Nietzsche: The Man and his Philosophy" (review in German; Holingdale) (Publication #223) ca. 1966
"The Decline of Teknonymy: Changing Husband-Wife Appellations in Modern India" (article) (Publication #224) 1966
"Religious Observances in Tibet" (review; R. B. Ekvall) (Publication #241) 1966
"How Sacred is the Sacred Cow?" (Publication #230) 1967
"M. N. Roy, Narcissism and the Anomic Theme in India" (article) (Publication #231) 1967
"The Sādhu's Jargon: A Note on Indian Anti-Intellectualism" (article) (Publication #232) 1967
"Ideology and Content of Caste among the Indians in East Africa" (book chapter in Caste in Overseas Indian Communities, ed. Barton M. Schwartz) (Publication #233) ca. 1967
"Axiomatische Philosophie: Ein Beitrag zur Selbstkritik der Philosophie" (review in German; F. Austeda) (Publication #234) 1967
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"Manicūdavadanoddhrta: A Buddhist Rebirth Story in the Newari Language" (review; S. Lienhard) (Publication #237) 1967
"The Patimokkha: 227 Fundamental Rules for a Bhikkhu" (review; Ven. Nanamoli Thera) and "The Wisdom Gone Beyond: An Anthology of Buddhist Texts" (review; H. H. Prince Dhani Nivat) (Publications #238 and 242) ca. 1967
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"British Analytical Philosophy" (review in German; B. William & A. Montefiore, eds.) (Publication #251) ca. 1967
"Krishna: Myths, Rites, and Attitudes" (review; Milton Singer) (Publication #252) 1967
Box 3 1968
"The Mahimnastava or Praise of Śiva's Greatness" (review; Norman Brown) (Publication #253) ca. 1968
"The Concept of Perfection in the Teachings of Kant and the Gītā" (review; B. S. Gauchwal) (Publication #254) 1968
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"Baha'i Statistics and Self-fulfilling Design: Comment on James J. Keene's 'Redefinitions of Religion'" (article) (Publication #282) ca. 1968
"The Two-Story World" (review in German; James K. Feibleman) (Publication #283) ca. 1968
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"Culture and Cultures: A Linguistic Approach" (abstract) (Publication #301) 1968
Box 3 1969
"The Indians in Uganda" (review; H. Stephen Morris) (Publication #293) 1969
"Mkhas 'Grub Rje's Fundamentals of the Buddhist Tantras" (review; F. Lessing & A. Wayman) (Publicartion #294) 1969
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"Resemblance and Identity: An Examination of the Problem of Universals" (review in German; P. Butchvarov) (Publication #306) ca. 1969
"Principals of Empirical Realism" (review; Donald C. Williams) (Publication #307) ca. 1969
"Polarizacion Conceptual en la Antropologia Moderna" (article in Spanish) (Publication #310) 1969
"Revivalist Movements within Religions" (article) (Publication #311) 1969
"Studies of Nāyaka-nāyikā-bheda" (review; Rākeśagupta) (Publication #312) ca. 1969
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"Ritual Songs and Folksongs of the Hindus of Surinam" (review; U. Arya) (Publication #318) ca. 1969
Box 3 1970 - 1971
“The Hindu Renaissance and its Apologetic Patterns” (article) (Publication #319) 1970
“Śamkara and Bradley: a Comparative and Critical Study” (review; S. N. L. Shrivastava/Motil Banarsidas) (Publication #320) ca. 1970
“Five Indian Movies: Introduction to the South Asian Film Festival” (S.U. Internal publication) (Publication #321) ca. 1970
“Ehre und Beleidigung: Grundfragen des strafrechtlichen Ehrenschutzes” (review in German; Hans Hirsch, C. Miller Verlag) (Publication #322) 1970
“The Logic of Invariable Concomitance in the Tattvacintāmani” (review in German; C. Gekoop) (Publication #323) ca. 1970
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“The Navya-Nyaya Doctrine of Negation: The Semantics and Ontology of Negative Statements in Navya-Nyaya Philosophy” (review in German; Bimal Krishna Matilal) (Publication #326) ca. 1970
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“Pilgrimage Sites and Indian Civilization” (book chapter in Chapters in Indian Civilization, J. W. Elder, ed.) (Publication #328) 1970
“A History of Asians in East Africa; c. 1886-1945” (review; J.S. Mangat) (Publication #329) ca. 1970
“Die philosophischen Grundlagen der wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnis” (review in German; A. Fischer) (Publication #330) 1970
“The Royal Song of Sarāha: A Study in the History of Buddhist Thought” (review; H. V. Guenther) (Publication #332) ca. 1970
“Wahrnehmen, Beobachten, Konstituieren: Phaenomenologie und Begriggsbestimmung der ersten Erkenntnisakte” (review in German; Y. Reenpaa) (Publication #335) ca. 1970
“Kierkegaard’s Authorship” (review in German; G. E. and G. B. Arbaugh) (Publication #336) ca. 1970
“The Use of ‘Superstition’ as an Anti-Traditional Device in Urban Hinduism” (article) (Publication #337) 1970
“Wittengstei, Die Negation Der Philosophie” (review; W. Schulz) (Publication #338A) 1970
“Wittgenstein: Die Negation der Philosophie” (review in German; Walter Schulz) (Publication #547) 1970
“Non-Linguistic Philosophy” (review in German; A.C. Ewing, G. Allen) (Publication #338) ca. 1971
“Innere Entwicklungshilfe: Eine Enthologische Studie in Südindien” (review in English; U. von Ehrenfels) (Publication #339) 1971
“Advaita Vedānta: A Philosophical Reconstruction” (review in German; Eliot Deutsch) (Publication #340) 1971
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“Readings in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences” (review in German; May Brodbeck, ed.) (Publication #342) ca. 1971
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“Speech Acts: An Essay in Philosophy of Language” (review in German; J.R. Searle) (Publication #344) ca. 1971
“Bharati Whom Bharat Could Not Take” (article) (Publication #568) 1971
Box 3 1972 - 1973
“Asian Idea of East and West: Tagore and his Critics in Japan, china, and India” (review article; Stephen N. Hay) (Publication #345) ca. 1972
“Freewill and Determinism: A Study of Rival Concepts of Man” (review in German; R. L. franklin) (Publication #346) 1972
“Philosophic Foundation of Genetic Psychology and Gestalt Psychology” (review in German; Ash Govar) (Publication #347) 1972
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“In Memoriam David McCutcheon” (book chapter in David McCutcheon Memorial Volume; P. Lal, ed.) (Publication #351) 1972
“Analisis Antropologico con Enfoque Cultural de la Sexualidad Humana” (article in Spanish; in 2 parts) (Publication #352) 1972
“The Meanings of Ghandi” (review; Paul P. Power, ed.) and “Le Yoga Tantrique” (review in English; J. Evola) (Publications #355 and #356) 1972
“Essays on the Caste System” (review; C. Bougle) (Publication #357) 1972
“Return to the Source” (review; DelVasto) (Publication #358) 1972
“Sprachtheorie: Grundbegriffe und Methoden zur Unterschung der Sprachstruktur" (review in German; Rudolf Freundlich) (Publication #359) ca. 1972
“Analytical Philosophy of Knowledge” (review in German; A. Danto) (Publication #360) 1972
“Serendipity Suddenly Armed the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgence” (article) (Publication #361) 1973
“Hindus Ignorant of Hinduism - Phoney Swamis Abroad” (article) (Publication #362) 1973
“Symposium on J. L. Austin” (review article in German) (Publication #363) 1973
“Philosophy, Science, and Method: Essays in Honor of E. Nagel” (review article in German; editors S. Morgenbesser, S. P. Suppes, M. White) and “The Reach of Politics: A New look at Government” (review in German; J. K. Feibleman) (Publications #364 and #365) 1973
“Discussions on Wittgenstein” (review in German; Rush Rhees) (Publication #366) 1973
“Russell and Moore: The Analytic Heritage” (review; A. J. Ayer) (Publication #367) 1973
“My Life with a Brahmin Family” (review in German; Lizella Raymond) (Publication #368) 1973
“Hinduism, Psychotherapy, and the Human Predicament” (chapter in Religious Systems and Psychoterapy, Richard H. Cox, ed.) (Publication #369) ca. 1973
Box 3 1974 - 1976
“The Language of Modern Hinduism: Cognitive Models and Ethnoscientific Analysis” (book chapter in Religious Ferment in Asia; Robert J. Miller, ed.) (Publication #370) ca. 1974
“Fictitious Tibet: The Origin and Persistence of Rampaism” (article) (Publication #371) ca. 1974
“Hare Krishna vs. Shiva Shiva: The Bharati-ISKCON Debate at Oakland University” (article) (Publication #372) 1974
“The Private Language Argument” (review in German; P. Butchvarov) (Publication #373) ca. 1974
“The Concept of Knowledge” (review in German; P. Butchvarov) (Publication #374) ca. 1974
“Monasticism” (Entry in The New Encyclopedia Britannica (III), 15th ed.) (Publication #375) 1974
“The Ontological Status of Psychic Phenomena in Hinduism and Buddhism” (chapter in Parapsychology and Anthropology; A. Angoff and D. Barth, eds.; Proceedings of an International Conference held in London, U.K., August 29-31, 1973) (Publication #376) ca. 1974
“Separate Realities: Sense and (mostly) Nonsense” (Publication #377) 1974
“Alienation” (review in German; Richard Schacht) (Publication #378) ca. 1974
“Semantics: An Interdisciplinary Reader in Philosophy, Linguistics, and Psychology” (review in German; D.D. Steinberg & L.A. Jakobovits, eds.) (Publication #379) ca. 1975
“The Kapālikas and Kālamukas: Two Lost Saivite Sects” (review; D.M. Lorenzen); “Godmen of India” (review; P. Brent); “The Afro-Asian Movement” (review; David Kimche) (Publications #380-382) 1975
“Ernest Becker—an Obituary” (Syracuse) (Publication #383) 1975
“Proceeding of the Aristotelian Society Vol. LXX & Supplementary Volume 1969-70” (review in German; Methuen) (Publication #384) 1975
“The Future (if any) of Tantrism” (article) (Publication #385) 1975
“Monastic and Lay Buddhism in the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgency” (article) (Publication #386) ca. 1975
“Studies in the Language and Culture of South Asia” (review; E. Gerow & M.D. Laing, eds.) (Publication #387) 1975
“The Tantric View of Life” (review; Herbert V. Guenther) (Publication #388) 1975
“Essays on J. L. Austin” (review in German; G. J. Warnock) (Publication #389) ca. 1975
“Det Uppdiktade Tibet: Om Rampaismen” (Swedish translation of Bharati's article “Fictitious Tibet: The Origin and Persistence of Rampaism,” see Publication #371) and a reader's published letter in response (Publication #550) 1975
“The Himalayas as a Culture Area: A Novel Methodological Perspective” (book chapter in Main Currents in Indian Sociology, Giri Raj Gupta, ed.) (Publication #390) ca. 1976
“The Achilles of Rationalist Argument” (review in German; Ben Lazarre Mijuskovic) (Publication #392) ca. 1976
“Sadhuization - An Indian Paradigm for Political Mobilization” (Publication #393) 1976
“Monastic and Lay Buddhism in the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgency” (book chapter in Religion and Social Conflict in South Asia, Bardwell L. Smith, ed.) (Publication #394) 1976
“Making Sense out of Tantrism and Tantrics” (Publication #395) ca. 1976
Introduction in The Realm of Extrahuman: Agents and Audiences (book edited) (Publication #396) ca. 1976
“Actual and Ideal Himalayas” (book chapter in Himalayan Anthropology, J. Fisher, ed.) (Publication #398) ca. 1976
“Techniques of Control in the Esoteric Traditions of India and Tibet” (book chapter in The Real of the Extrahuman: Ideas and Actions) (Publication #399) ca. 1976
“The Nature of Necessity” (review in German; Alvin Plantigna) (Publication #401) ca. 1976
“Husserlian Meditations—How Words Present Things” (review in German; R. Sokolowski) (Publication #402) ca. 1976
“Agency and Urgency: The Origin of Moral Obligation” (review in German; Thomas E. Wren) (Publication #403) ca. 1976
“Ritualistic Tolerance and Ideological Rigour: The Paradigm of the Expatriate Hindus in East Africa” (Publication #407) 1976
Box 3 1977 - 1978
“The Anthropology of Hindi Movies” (article) (Publication #404) 1977
“Las Minorias Hispanicas in Norteamerica. Informe Cultural Anthropologico” (The Hispanic Monorities in North America; cultural anthropological report) (article in Spanish) (Publication #405) 1977
“Broad, Noeticness, and other Guentheriana” (article) (Publication #409) ca. 1977
“The Cosmology of Freedom” (review in German; Robert C. Neville) (Publication #410) 1977
“Swami” (review; Douglas Boyd & Robert Briggs) (Publication #411) 1977
“Separate Realities: Sense and (mostly) Nonsense” (book chapter in Extrasensory Ecology: Parapsychology and Anthropology; Joseph K. Long, ed.) (Publication #412) 1977
“The Philosophy of History” (review in German; Patrick Gardiner) (Publication #415) ca. 1977
“Explorations in the Anthropology of Religion—Essays in Honour of Jan van Baal” (review; W.E. A. van Beek, J. H. Scherer, eds.) (Publication #416) 1977
“The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Great Liberation through the Hearing of the Bar Do” (review; Francesca Fremantle and Chyogyam Trungpa); “The Changing Face of Tibet: The Impact of the Chinese Communist Ideology on the Landscape” (review—Pradyumna R. Kar); “Tibetan Sacred Art. The Heritage of Tantra’ (review; Detlef Lauf) (two copies) (Publications #417 - 419) 1977, 1978
“The Banyan Tree: Overseas Emigrants from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh” (review; Hugh Tinker) (Publication #421) 1978
“Text and Context: Collaboration or Collision?” (article) (Publication #422) 1978
“Psychological Approaches to Indian Studies—More Cons than Pros” (article) (Publication #423) 1978
“Readings in Semantics” (review article in German, Farhang Zabeeh, E.D. Klemke Arthur Jacobsen, eds. ) (Publication #424) 1978
Foreword to H. Daniel Smith: The Smith Agama Collection (Publication #426) 1978
“Determinants and Controls of Scientist Development” (review article in German, Karin D. Korr, H. Straser, H. G. Zilian, eds.) (Publication #427) 1978
“Rudolf Carnap—Logical Empiricist. Materials and Perspectives” (review in German; Jaakoo Hintikka, ed.) (Publication #428) 1978
“Search for the Absolute in Neo-Vedānta” (review in German; K.C. Bhattacharya) (Publication #430) 1978
“The Concepts of Space and Time: Their Structure and their Development” (review article in German; Miliv Capek, ed.) (Publication #433) 1978
Box 3 1979 - 1981
“Chaudhuri Shortchanges Hindu Traditions’ Intellectual Content” (review article in two parts of Hinduism: A Religion to Live By; Chaudhuri) (Publication #444) 1979
“Inequality Among Men” (review; Andre Beteille) (Publication #445) 1979
“Tibetan Buddhism in America: The Late Seventies” (article) (Publication #447) 1979
“Religion for the Thinking Person” (article) (Publication #448) 1979
“Sab Āzād Sab Barbād: Indian Parents and their American Children” (article) (Publication #449) 1979
“Systemic Dissimulation in Modern Indian Religious Parlance” (essay) (Publication #450) ca. 1979
“Sans-kritic! Rejoinder to the critics of the Chaudhuri Essay” (Publication #452) 1979
“Sacred Journeys: The Conversion of Young Americans to the Divine Light Mission” (review; James V. Downtown) (Publication #451) ca. 1980
“Comment of Gabriella Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi’s ‘The Female Lingam’” (Publication #453) 1980
“Rise of Anthropology in India” (review; P. L. Vidyarthi, ed.) (Publication #454) 1980
“Uttarī Amerikā vic Bhāratī Parvāsi Ate Nava Hindu Āndolan” (Punjabi translation of “Indian Expatriates in North American and the Neo-Hindu Movements” presented at the Xth International Congress) (Publication #457) 1980
“The Only Tribe Permanently Settled at Airports” (letter to the editor) (Publication #458) 1980
“Cats, Brunches, and the Open Society –Memories of Mhini Road” (book chapter) (Publication #459) ca. 1980
“Hindu Tantrism” (review; S. Gupta, Hoens, Goudriaan) (Publication #460) ca. 1980
“Sacred and Profane Dimension of Love in Indian Traditions as Exemplified in the Gītagovinda by Jayadeva” (review; Lee Siegal) (Publication #461) ca. 1980
“Springing Tiger to Himalayan Rishi: The Persistence of the Netaji Bose Legend” (article) (Publication #462) 1980
“Castaneda and His Apologists: A Dual Mystical Fantasy” (book chapter in The Don Juan Papers - Further Casteneda Controversies, Richard B. DeMille, ed.) (Publication #463) 1980
“Indian Expatriates in North America and the Neo-Hindu Movements” (book chapter in The Communication of Ideas, J.S. Yadava and Vinayshil Gautam, eds.) (Publication #464) 1980
“Peasant Society and Redfield’s Fields” (article) (Publication #467) ca. 1980
“Comment on G. Ferro-Luzzi’s ‘The Female Lingam’” (Publication #567) 1980
“Contributions to South Asian Studies” (book note; Gopal Krishna, ed.); “The Changing Munda” (book note; Schchidananda); "The Transformation of a Sacred Town: Bhubaneswar, India" (book note; Susan Seymour, ed.) (Publications #470 - 472) 1981
“The Guru Industry” (article [incomplete]) (Publication #474) ca. 1981
“Bose and the German Indian National Army: An Unexplored Chapter” (article) and "Discussion: Bose and the German INA" (letters from readers and Bharati published following the article) (Publication #475) 1981
“Tantrism” and "Kundalini" (entries in Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions) (Publication #476 and #477) 1981
“The Sacred Complex of Kashi: A Microcosm of Indian Civilization” (review; P.L. Vidyarthi) (Publication #478) 1981
“Process, Performance, and Pilgrimage. A Study in Comparative Symbology” (review; Victor Turner) (Publication #480) ca. 1981
“The Meaning of a Hindu Temple in the Diaspora” (article) (Publication #481) 1981
“Karma: Cognition and Behavior in Contemporary South Asian Religion” (article) (Publication #481A) 1981
“Holy Guests and Worldly Natives: Hindu Monasteries in the Kumaon Region” (Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Asian Studies) (Publication #488) ca. 1981
“Update Interview: New Religious Movements” (published interview) (Publication #588) 1981
Box 3 1982 - 1983
“Flowers of Emptiness: Reflections on an Ashram” (review; Sally Befrage) (Publication #482) 1982
“Comment on M. Winkelman’s Magic: A Theoretical Reassessment” (letter to the editor) (Publication #483) 1982
“Dharma Ki Bat” (article in Hindi, “Talking About Religion”) (Publication #485) 1982
“Western Sociologist on Indian Society” Marx, Weber, Spencer, Durkeim, Pareto” (review; G.R. Madan) (Publication #486) ca. 1982
“Grundfragen der Ethnologie” Beitraege zur Gegenwartigen Theoric-Diskussion” (review in English; W. Schimed-Kowarzik & J. Sagl, eds) (Publication #490) 1982
“Fanatics: More Dangerous than Hypocrites? Analysis of Religious Politicization” (article) (Publication #491) 1982
“Religious Presentations (Dāna) in Contemporary India” (article) (Publication #497) 1982
“Hindu Scholars, Germany, and the Third Reich” (Publication #587) 1982
“India: South Asian Perspectives on Aggression” (book chapter in Aggression in Global Perspective; A.P. Goldstein and M.H. Segall, eds.) (Publication #492) 1983
“Śivasūtra et Vimarśinī de Ksemarāja” (review in English; Lillian Silburn) (Publication #493) 1983
“Banaras: City of Light” (review ; Diana L. Egk) (Publication #494) 1983
“Caste et Class en Asie du Sud” (review in English; Jacques Pouchepadass, ed.) (Publication #495) 1983
“Medusa’s Hair: Essay on Personal Symbols and Religious Experience” (review; G. N. Obeyesekere) (Publication #496) 1983
“Tribes of India: The Struggle for Survival” (review; Ch. Von Furer-Haimendorf) (Publication #498) 1983
“Mircea Eliade: Privilegierte Information und Anthropologische Aporien” (book chapter in German in Sehnsucht nach dem Ursprung - zu M. Eliade, Hans Peter Duerr, ed.) (Publication #499) 1983
Box 4 1984 - 1985
“The Life of Marpa the Translator” (review; the Nalanda Translation Group) (Publication #500) 1984
“The Personality of Kerala” (review; A. Aiyappan) (Publication #501) 1984
“History of the Tantric Religion: A Historical, Ritualistic, and Philosophical Study” (review; N. N. Bhattacharya) and “Tantricism: A Study of the Yogini Cult” (review; H. C. Das) (Publications #503 and #504) ca. 1984
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Box 4 1986
“Das dialektische Verhaltnis des Menschen zur Natur: Philosophiegeschichtiliche Studien zur Naturproblematik bei Karl Marx” (review in German; Wolf-Dietrich Schmied-Kowarzik, Verlag Karl Alber) (Publication #518) 1986
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“Hindu Loaves and Fishes” (film review; P. Singer) (Publication #525) ca. 1986
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Box 4 1987
“Esoterisches Wissen” (book chapter in German in Die Zweite Wirklichkeit; A. Holl, ed.) (Publication #531) 1987
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Box 4 1988
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“Gramatika Hodocasca” (Serbo-Croatian translation of Bharati's "Grammatical and Notational Models of Hindu Pilgrimage") (Publication #554) 1988
Box 4 1989 - 1992
A History of Modern Tibet, 1913-1951 (promotional statement, dust jacket of Melvyn C. Goldstein book) (Publication #555) 1989
“History of Indian Epistemology” (review; Jwala Prasad) (Publication #557) ca. 1989
Coming to Our Senses - Body & Spirit and the Hidden History of the West (promotional statement, dust jacket of Morris Berman book) (Publication #558) 1989
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“Fruitful Journeys: They Ways of Rajasthani Pilgrimage” (review; Ann G. Gold) (Publication #570) 1989
“The Dynamics of Polyandry” (review; Nancy Levine) (Publication #571) 1989
"Das Erbe des Grossmoguln. Volkerschicksale zwischen Hindukusch und dem Golf von Bengalen” (review in English; Hans Walter Berg) (Publication #572) 1989
“Religious Revival in Modern India” (essay) (Publication #573) 1989
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“Wahrheit und sprachliche Handlung: Untersuchungen zur sprachphilophischen Wahreheitsheorie” (review in German; Wolfgung Becke) (publications #582) 1989
“Oral Epics in India” (review; S. H. Balckburn, P. J. Claus. S.S. Wadley, eds.) (Publication #583) 1990
“Wandern Seelen Weiter?” (book chapter in German in Neues vom Tod. Heutige Umangsformen mit dem Sterbenmussen, A. Holl, ed.) (Publication #584) ca. 1990
“Hindu Ethics: Purity, Abortion, and Euthanasia” (review; H.G. Coward, J.J. Lipner, K.K. Young) (Publication #585) 1990
“Familienahnlichkeit und Analogie-Zur Semantik genereller Termin bei Wittgenstein und Thomas von Aquin” (review in German; Rudolf Teuwsen, Verlag Karl Alber) (Publication #586) 1990
“The Hare Krishnas in India” (review; Charles R. Brooks) (Publication #589) 1990
“Sanskrit in Contemporary Hindu Monasticism” (abstract) (Publication #590) ca. 1990
“Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels. Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching” (review; Kirin Narayan) (Publication #591) 1990
“Kundalini - Energy of the Depths” (review; Lillian Silburn) (Publication #592) 1990
“Satī: Historical and Phenomenological Essays” (review; Arvind Sharma, Ajit Ray, A. Hajib, Katherine Young, eds.) (Publication #593) 1990
“The Origins and Development of Classical Hinduism” (review; A.L. Basham: Kenneth Zysk, ed.) (Publication #595) 1990
“The Korkus of the Vindhya Hills” (review; S. Fuchs) (Publication #596) 1991
“The Philosophy of Sādhanā with Special Reference to the Trika Philosophy of Kāshmīr” (review; D. S. Sharma) (Publication #597) 1991
“Derrida and Indian Philosophy” (review; H. Coward) (Publication #598) 1992
Box 4 Published Books 1962 - 1978
Great Traditions and Little Traditions: Indological Investigations in Cultural Anthropology 1978
Hindu Views and Ways and the Hindu-Muslim Interface: An Anthropological Assessment 1982
The Light at the Center: Context and Pretext of Modern Mysticism 1976
The Ochre Robe 1962
The Tantric Tradition 1965
Box 4 Undated Drafts
“Tantra” (draft; reference entry) (Publication #603) undated
“Sannyāsa” “Tantras” “Upanishads” “Veda” (draft; reference entries) (Publication #604) undated

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