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Syracuse University Football Collection

An inventory of the collection at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Syracuse University.
Title: Syracuse University Football Collection
Dates: 1889-2014
Size: 39.75 linear feet
Abstract: Programs, tickets, schedules, office files, and other materials related to football at Syracuse University
Language: English
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Historical Note

Football at Syracuse University officially began on November 23, 1889 with an intercollegiate game against the University of Rochester. Though they lost their first game, football teams at Syracuse University would go on to produce a strong organization. Syracuse University has had 41 All-American players throughout its history including Jim Brown, Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis, Floyd Little, Vic Hanson, Tim Green, Larry Csonka, Don McPherson, and Donovan McNabb. Notable coaches with winning seasons include Ben Schwartzwalder, Frank Maloney, Dick MacPherson, Paul Pasqualoni, Doug Marrone, and Dino Babers. In 1959, Syracuse University had an undefeated season under Coach Ben Schwartzwalder, including a victory against the University of Texas at Austin in the Cotton Bowl, thus winning the national championship. Syracuse University's second undefeated season was in 1987 under Coach Dick MacPherson, but that season ended in a tie with Auburn University in the Sugar Bowl. Over the years, Syracuse University football has won 15 of the 25 bowl games they've appeared in.

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Scope and Content Note

The Syracuse University Football Collection includes game programs, tickets, promotional materials, game records, schedules, publications, office files, and other materials about football at Syracuse University from 1889 to 2014.

Please note that the inventory in this finding aid represents only one portion of the collection. These files are processed and comprise reference materials (in REF boxes) that are readily available to researchers. They provide unrestricted, mostly published information about Syracuse University football. The remainder of the collection is unprocessed, not included in the inventory, and unavailable for research.

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Access Restrictions

Please note that the unprocessed portion of this collection is unavailable for research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from the Syracuse University Archives and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Among the Reference materials, posters were moved to the Poster Collection and clippings were moved to clipping files.

Posters related to Syracuse University football can be found in the Poster Collection at the University Archives and photographs in the Photograph Collection. Additionally, the University Archives holds clipping files on football at Syracuse University. The University Archives also holds clipping and portrait files on individual football players and coaches of note.

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Selected Search Terms


Syracuse Orange (Football team)
Syracuse University -- History.
Syracuse University.


College athletes.
Football players.
Football coaches.
Higher education.

Types of material

Souvenir programs.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Syracuse University Football Collection,
University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Transfers from the Syracuse University Athletics Office and gifts of outside donors.

Processing Information

Reference materials were reorganized and placed in new folders and boxes as needed.

Only the Reference materials in this collection were processed. The remainder of the collection (22 boxes and wrapped packages) is unprocessed and not included in the inventory.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Nicole Morello
Date: 2019
Revision history: Jan 2021 - added 1 folder (MAM); June 2022 - updated access restriction for unprocessed materials (MAM)

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Folders are arranged alphabetically.

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Reference materials
REF-Box 1 All-American candidates 1987-1995
Bound materials
Csonka, Larry and Kiink, Jim with Anderson, Dave. Always on the run 1973
Evans, Arthur L. Fifty years of football at Syracuse University 1939 (2 copies)
Football programs 1952
Gallagher, Robert C. The express the Ernie Davis story 2008
Mullins, Michael A. Syracuse University football a centennial celebration 1989 (2 copies)
Pitoniak, Scott. Syracuse University football 2003
Rappoport, Ken. The Syracuse football story 1975 (2 copies)
Syracuse football 1948-1958
Youmans, Gary and Youmans, Maury. '59 the story of the 1959 Syracuse University national championship football team 2003
REF-Box 1 Bowl games - brochures 1989-1999
REF-Box 1 Centennial materials 1989 (2 folders)
REF-Box 1 Football letters 1940-1945
REF-Box 1 Game records 1889-1945, 1978
REF-Box 1 A history of the development of football in Syracuse University 1896
REF-Box 1 Memorabilia 1904, 1914, circa 1950s-1975, 1985-1997, undated
REF-Box 2 Pre-game checklists undated
REF-Box 2 Programs 1894-1930 (9 folders)
REF-Box 3 Programs 1931-1940 (8 folders)
REF-Box 4 Programs 1941-1951 (7 folders)
REF-Box 5 Programs 1952-1957 (7 folders)
REF-Box 6 Programs 1957-1959 (7 folders)
REF-Box 7 Programs 1960-1962 (6 folders)
REF-Box 8 Programs 1962-1965 (6 folders)
REF-Box 9 Programs 1965-1967 (7 folders)
REF-Box 10 Programs 1968-1971 (7 folders)
REF-Box 11 Programs 1971-1973 (8 folders)
REF-Box 12 Programs 1974-1975 (6 folders)
REF-Box 13 Programs 1976-1977 (7 folders)
REF-Box 14 Programs 1978-1980 (7 folders)
REF-Box 15 Programs 1980-1981 (7 folders)
REF-Box 16 Programs 1981-1982 (7 folders)
REF-Box 17 Programs 1982-1983 (7 folders)
REF-Box 18 Programs 1982-1984 (7 folders)
REF-Box 19 Programs 1984-1985 (6 folders)
REF-Box 20 Programs 1985-1986 (7 folders)
REF-Box 21 Programs 1986-1987 (7 folders)
REF-Box 22 Programs 1988 (6 folders)
REF-Box 23 Programs 1988-1989 (7 folders)
REF-Box 24 Programs 1989-1990 (6 folders)
REF-Box 25 Programs 1990-1991 (8 folders)
REF-Box 26 Programs 1992 (6 folders)
REF-Box 27 Programs 1992-1993 (6 folders)
REF-Box 28 Programs 1994 (6 folders)
REF-Box 29 Programs 1995-1997 (7 folders)
REF-Box 30 Programs 1997-2001 (8 folders)
REF-Box 31 Programs 2004-2013 (8 folders)
REF-Box 32 Prospectuses 1941-1972 (7 folders)
REF-Box 33 Prospectuses 1973-1983 (7 folders)
REF-Box 34 Prospectuses 1984-1989 (7 folders)
REF-Box 35 Prospectuses 1989-1992 (8 folders)
REF-Box 36 Prospectuses 1992-1996 (8 folders)
REF-Box 37 Prospectuses 1996-1999 (7 folders)
REF-Box 38 Prospectuses 1998-2002 (7 folders)
REF-Box 39 Prospectuses 2002-2005 (6 folders)
REF-Box 40 Prospectuses 2005-2010 (9 folders)
REF-Box 41 Prospectuses 2011-2014 (6 folders)
REF-Box 1 Publicity 1936-1989
REF-Box 41 Rules and regulations 1894, 1934
REF-Box 1 Schedules 1903-2011 (5 folders)
REF-Box 41 Sideline passes 1940, 1971
REF-Box 41 Songs and yells circa 1920s
REF-Box 41 Special events 1909-1974
REF-Box 42 Special events 1977-2011
REF-Box 42 Tickets 1891-2010 (5 folders)
REF-Box 42 Ticket promotion materials 1950, 1953
REF-Box 1 Ticket sheets 1983-2008

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