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Robert G. Gregory Papers

An inventory of his papers at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Gregory, Robert G.
Title: Robert G. Gregory Papers
Bulk Dates: 1909-1994
Size: 23 boxes, 1 map case drawer (16.75 linear feet)
Abstract: Papers belonging to Syracuse University professor of history Robert G. Gregory
Language: English, Italian, Gujarati
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010


Robert G. Gregory (1924-2014) was a professor of history in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University from 1966 to 1995. He is the creator of the Kenya National Archives at Syracuse University, an extensive microfilm collection of documents and records pertaining to the British colonial government in Kenya. He served as acting director of the Program of East African Studies at Syracuse University and additionally was elected chairman of the Association of African Studies Programs, a national group.

Gregory received his doctorate degree in British Empire history from the University of California Los Angeles in 1957. As part of his studies he received a number of fellowships to study in East Africa, India, and England. He went on to serve as a civilian historian for the Strategic Air Command. Prior to Syracuse University, he taught at Wake Forest College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he helped bring the first student of color to the campus, a West African exchange student, causing much controversy within the town.

While at Syracuse University, Gregory directed the Program of East African Studies and was chairman of the Africa section of the Foreign and Comparative Studies Program. He created and co-taught an experimental course called Cross-national Issues. Additionally, during some summers he taught in the University College Master of Social Science Program. In his capacity as professor he advised and worked with a number of graduate and doctoral students. He published a number of books on East Africa, including South Asians in East Africa: An Economic and Social History, 1890-1980 and The Rise and Fall of Philanthropy in East Africa: The Asian Contribution.

Gregory secured a number of grants for a project to conduct interviews in the 1960s to 1970s in India and East Africa, as various nations in these areas transitioned from colonial to independent rule. During the course of this research, Gregory took several year-long trips to India and East Africa. Eventually this work would contribute to the Kenya National Archives.

The Kenya National Archives is recognized for its importance in preserving the history of Kenya, as many original reports housed in Nairobi were destroyed in a fire. In 1964 and 1965, a plan to create a safe, centralized microfilm archive was drafted jointly by representatives of the Kenya government, the Program of Eastern African Studies at Syracuse University, and the National Science Foundation of the United States. Much of Gregory’s research ended up in these Archives.

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Scope and Content Note

The collection comprises Gregory’s research, including notes, manuscript drafts, and grant applications, including his applications for funding for the Kenyan National Archives project. Gregory's research and publication notes make up the bulk of the collection. His work as a faculty member is also a portion of the collection, with course materials for various classes and memos regarding the Program for Eastern African Studies being among the materials. During Gregory’s multi-year interview project, he worked with a number of graduate students, including Dana Seidenberg, some of who have research and interviews included in Gregory’s papers.

The Robert G. Gregory Papers is arranged into eight series:

The series Dana Seidenberg contains the notes, research materials, and manuscripts belonging to graduate student and research assistant Dana Seidenberg (MA 1973, PhD 1979). Research materials include excerpts from books and newspapers. Seidenberg conducted research for Gregory and also conducted her own research, focused on South Asians in East Africa.

Grants comprises the various applications for funding completed by Gregory, organized by institution and including application coversheets, notes, and relevant correspondence. These proposals were both personal (relating to Gregory's research and work) and departmental (relating to Syracuse University and the departments with which Gregory worked).

Kenya National Archives contains the materials related to the Kenya National Archives (KNA) at Syracuse University, including indexes, applications for funding, and manuscript versions of papers written for and about the KNA.

Personal materials comprises some materials from Gregory's personal life. These materials include art and poetry written by Gregory, some coursework and notes from his years as a student, and passports belonging to Gregory, his wife, and his children.

Professional activities encompasses Gregory's work as a historian and a member of various departments at Syracuse University and professional associations. Materials include: notes for, programs from, and papers presented at various conferences and panels; book and article reviews written by Gregory; curriculum vitae; and proposals for programs and resources at Syracuse University.

Research and publications comprises the bulk of the collection. Publication materials include books and published papers written by Gregory and others, as well as correspondence relating to the publication of several of Gregory's books and his notes and drafts for various articles. The research portion of the materials includes interviews and notes conducted by several of Gregory's research assistants; Gregory's research materials organized by subject; and most extensively, his handwritten notes organized by topic. Indexes for some of the notes are included.

Also in this series are several sets of index cards that Gregory used for notetaking. Where possible, original order, grouping, and titling of cards was preserved.

Slides and film negatives includes negatives and slides from Gregory's personal life and travels as well as those used in his instruction.

Teaching materials comprises materials from Gregory's time as a professor of history at Syracuse University. Course materials such as exams and syllabi are organized by course, and additionally there are bibliographies and notes for various topics covered in Gregory's classes.

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Access Restrictions

Please note that the collection is housed off-site, and advance notice is required to allow time to have the materials brought to the Reading Room on campus.

Researcher access to the recording requires advance notice in order to produce a working copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from the Syracuse University Archives and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

A folder of material was separated and placed with the Archives' collection on the American Association of University Professors.

The Archives has a clippings file and a portrait file on Robert G. Gregory.

Bird Library at Syracuse University houses the Kenya National Archives, created by Robert G. Gregory.

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Selected Search Terms


Gregory, Robert G.
Honey, Martha.
Seidenberg, Dana April, 1947-
Syracuse University -- History.
Syracuse University.


Africa, East -- Colonization.
Africa, East -- Maps.
Africa, East – Colonial influence.
Africa, East – History – 20th century.
Africa, East – Library resources.
Africa, East – Relations – India.
Africa, East.
College teachers.
Higher education.

Types of material

Card files.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Color slides.
Historical maps.
Phonograph records.
Sound recordings.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Robert G. Gregory Papers,
University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

These materials were donated to the Archives by Theresa Gregory in 2017.

Processing Information

Materials were rehoused in archival folders and boxes. Where possible, original folder titles and content orders were preserved.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Erin Gravley
Date: 2018
Revision history:

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Materials are arranged alphabetically within series.

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Dana Seidenberg
Box 1 Appointment book 1977
Box 1 Asians in East Africa 1955-1956, 1964-1979
Box 1 Book manuscript undated (2 folders)
Box 1 East African standard records 1955-1958
Oversize 1 East African standard records 1952-1954, undated (oversize)
Box 1 Indo-African cooperation 1962-1968, 1973, 1978, undated
Box 1 Legislative council debates 1951-1956, undated
Box 1 Newspaper clippings May 1992
Box 1 Notes - Dissertation undated
Box 1 Notes - East African Indian National Congress undated
Box 1 Notes - Hindu-Muslim split undated
Oversize 1 Research materials - chapter II 1956-1973, undated (oversize)
Oversize 1 Research materials - chapter IV 1942-1954 (oversize)
Oversize 1 Research materials - chapter VII 1953-1960, undated (oversize)
Box 2 Department of Health, Welfare, and Education proposal 1975-1976, undated
Box 2 East African and economics history project 1971-1972
Box 2 Ethiopia microfilm archives 1972-1975
Box 2 Goa microfilming project 1976-1977
Box 2 Indian overseas program at Syracuse University 1974
Box 2 International center proposal 1978
Box 2 National Endowment for the Humanities - ethnicity in Africa 1978
Box 2 National Endowment for the Humanities proposal 1979-1980
Box 2 National Science Foundation 1973
Box 2 United States Office of Education 1976-1978 (2 folders)
Box 3 Various - proposal for second book on Asians in East Africa 1982-1983
Kenya National Archive
Box 3 Compilation of two indexes to the Kenya microfilms 1983
Box 3 Kenya National Archives - creation 1972-1973, undated
Box 3 Manuscript - "The development of a special resource: the Eastern Africa collection" 1984
Box 3 Microfilm, East Africa visit 1971
Box 3 National Endowment to the Humanities proposal - KNA project 1981-1983 (2 folders)
Box 3 National Endowment to the Humanities - final report 1983
Box 3 National Science Foundation grant 1971-1972
Box 3 Primary resources at Bird Library at Syracuse University 1974, undated
Personal materials
Box 3 Art and verse undated
Box 3 Coursework - "British missionaries in India, 1813-1835" May 16, 1951
Box 4 Coursework - dissertation March 1957
Box 3 Coursework - "Four early imperialists" June 1952
Box 3 Coursework - "The development of economic relations between Australia and the United States from 1920 to 1945" January 20, 1952
Box 3 Jerusalem in captivity - A personal message from H. M. King Hussein of Jordan December 9, 1972 - A flexi disc, accompanied by official letter to Robert G. Gregory from Zihayr Mufti, ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United States, dated December 9, 1972. (vinyl disc) (ID#: sua_gregory_rg_001)
Box 3 Manuscript - "Asian political attitudes and influences in Kenya prior to independence 1959-1961" by David I. Finebilt undated
Box 3 Mpala ranch booklet 1996
Box 4 Notebook - Harvard law course on trusts 1957
Box 4 Passports 1955, 1962
Box 4 Shri Brihad Bharatiya Samaj Bombay inauguration souvenir 1963
Professional activities
Box 4 African Studies Association conference 1976-1977 (2 folders)
Box 4 African Studies Association panel 1975
Box 5 African Studies Association panel 1976-1982 (4 folders)
Box 5 American Historical Association panel 1974
Box 5 Association of African studies programs 1975-1983
Box 5 Budgets 1976-1979
Box 5 Cambridge conference on Kenya 1974-1975, undated
Box 5 Correspondence 1972-1985, 1990
Box 5 Curriculum vitae 1966-1981, undated
Box 5 Keuka College table April 8, 1970
Box 5 New York conference on Asian studies 1989
Box 5 Orbis Scientiae 1974-1975
Box 5 Photograph - Masters of social science program undated
Box 5 Photographs 1988
Box 5 Program of Eastern African studies 1974
Box 5 Proposal for a summer institute undated
Box 5 Reviews 1966-1973, 1979-1984, undated
Box 5 South Asia program at Syracuse University 1988, undated
Box 5 Zaire conference 1977
Research and publications
Box 6 African art 1966, undated
Box 6 "Asian economic collaboration in colonial East Africa" 1979-1981
Box 6 "Cooperation and collaboration in colonial East Africa" 1980
Box 6 "Other charities" 1962, 1974, undated
Box 6 "Road transport in Kenya, 1919-39" 1981-1984, undated
Box 6 "The exportation of profits" undated
Box 6 Bibliography undated
Box 6 Biographies 1972-1977, undated
Bound pamphlets - Indians in East Africa 1928-1940, undated
Box 6 Chart - Swahili classifiers undated
Box 6 Corrections from Crane, Robert I. undated
Box 6 Corrections from Gathani, Bachlal 1986-1988
Box 6 Corrections from Shah, L.P. June 1989
Box 7 Bennett, Charles 1973, undated
Box 7 General 1968-1987 (2 folders)
Box 7 Honey, Martha 1972-1975
Box 7 Pandya, Anant 1969-1977, undated
Box 7 Quest for equality: Asian politics in East Africa 1985-1993
Box 7 South Asians in East Africa: an economic and social history 1990-1993
Box 7 Supplementary 1965, 1977-1986, undated
Box 7 The rise and fall of philanthropy in East Africa 1990-1993
Box 8 Dar es Salaam merchants chamber circa 1970
Box 8 East Africa and history 1972-1974
Index cards
Oversize 4 Bibliography on Sidney Webb undated
Oversize 3 Debates of legislative council undated
Oversize 3 Dissertation undated
Oversize 3 General undated
Oversize 2 Government of Great Britain - correspondence to and from Kenya, and foreign treaties undated
Oversize 2 Government reports (Kenya only) undated
Oversize 2 History of individual unions undated
Oversize 4 Index to notes undated
Oversize 2 Interviews 1950-1956, undated
Oversize 2 Labour department undated
Oversize 3 Notes on labour party conferences undated
Oversize 3 Notes on monthly parliament debates undated
Notes on the colonial policy of the labour party
Oversize 4 1-360 undated
Oversize 5 361-1349 undated
Oversize 6 1350-2469 undated
Oversize 7 2470-3313 undated
Oversize 2 Officials in Kenya undated
Oversize 2 Ordinances and regulations, notices of rules, Kenya undated
Oversize 2 Outside labour influences undated
Oversize 3 Places and people to see 1950, undated
Oversize 3 Prints to include in the revised dissertation undated
Oversize 2 Strike and union activities undated
Oversize 4 Short biographies undated
Box 8 Indians in East Africa 1972-1973, undated
Box 8 Interviews - conducted by Bennett, Charles 1973
Box 8 Interviews - conducted by Honey, Martha 1973-1974 (3 folders)
Box 8 Interviews - conducted by Seidenberg, Dana 1973-1974
Box 8 Interviews - conducted by Seidenberg, Dana, supplementary 1966-1978, undated
Box 8 Kenya census 1911 undated
Box 8 Kenya - trade unions 1948-1956
Box 9 Chapter on trade, India, and East Africa undated
Box 9 Chapter one: the new secretary of state and the judgment of posterity undated
Box 9 Chapter two: one explanation for failure undated
Box 9 Chapter three: a second reason for failure undated
Box 9 Chapter five: the problem in Palestine - an example of opposition 1957-1958, undated
Box 9 The Indian contribution to the Kenya white paper of 1923 undated
Box 9 Volume on economics and society II undated (3 folders)
MC 23-3 Map - German East Africa, East Africa Protectorate 1909
MC 23-3 Map - Tanganyika 1963
Box 9 Maps and tables undated
Box 9 Mazrui, Ali 1988, undated
Box 9 Newspaper clippings 1987-1989
Box 9 IX.L. Economic contributions: positive: plantations undated
Box 9 Agriculture undated
Box 9 Ainsworth papers undated
Box 9 Anti-Indian riot undated
Box 9 Anti-slavery papers undated
Box 9 Artisans and builders undated
Box 9 Bibliography undated
Box 9 British consular reports on German East Africa undated
Box 9 Cashmore papers undated
Box 9 Charities undated
Box 10 Chinchankar papers undated
Box 10 Clerical undated
Box 10 C.O. 533 Kenya undated
Box 10 C.O. 537 Kenya and GEA undated
Box 10 C.O. correspondence and legislative debates - Zanzibar undated
Box 10 C.O. indexes - Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar undated
Box 10 C.O. register of correspondence undated
Box 10 C.O. register of correspondence for Kenya undated
Box 10 Commerce undated
Box 10 Dishonesty undated
Box 10 D.R. Banaji, Bombay and the Sidis undated
Box 10 East Africa pamphlets undated
Box 10 East Africa standard undated
Box 10 East Africa statistics undated
Box 10 East African community undated
Box 10 East African federation of Ind. Cs of C&J undated
Box 10 East African Indian nation congress (EAINC) undated
Box 10 Economics undated
Box 10 External trade undated
Box 10 Facts undated
Box 10 F.O. register of correspondence undated
Box 10 Gathani and tribune undated
Box 10 Government undated
Box 10 Great Britain, reports undated
Box 10 Hall letters undated
Box 10 Hazlewood, Arthur, Rail and road in East Africa undated
Box 10 Hiffe, modern history of Tanganyika undated
Box 10 Index: notes, Asians, East Africa undated (2 folders)
Box 10 Indexes to notes undated
Box 10 Income tax 1990, undated
Box 10 Industry undated
Box 11 Interviews 1973-1977, 1981-1989
Box 11 Journal of African history undated
Box 11 Journal of the royal geographical society undated
Box 11 Journalism undated
Box 11 Journalism and politics undated
Box 11 Kenya undated
Box 11 Kenya blue books undated
Box 11 Kenya colonial reports undated
Box 11 Kenya colony and protectorate undated
Box 11 Kenya currency crisis of 1920 undated
Box 11 Kenya daily mail undated
Box 11 Kenya legislative council undated
Box 11 KP Chandarias undated
Box 11 Law undated
Box 11 Moab Indians merchants' chamber undated
Box 11 Moab social survey undated
Box 11 Moneylending and finance undated
Box 11 Mookerji, Radhakumud undated
Box 11 Nairobi cultural chamber of commerce undated
Box 11 Outline of book undated
Box 11 Pandit, Asians in East Africa undated
Box 11 Periphes undated
Box 11 Politics undated
Box 11 PRO notes index undated
Box 11 PRO notes on closer union undated
Box 11 PRO notes on East Africa undated
Box 11 PRO notes on Kenya undated
Box 11 PRO notes on Tanganyika undated
Box 11 PRO notes on Uganda undated
Box 11 PRO notes on Zanzibar undated
Box 11 Review of African political economy undated
Box 11 Ribeiro records undated
Box 11 Rift Valley Province undated
Box 11 Road transport in East Africa undated
Box 11 Russell diaries undated
Box 11 Sending money overseas undated
Box 11 Seyidie, Central Province, Skavirondo undated (2 folders)
Box 12 Stonehouse, John undated
Box 12 Tanganyika undated
Box 12 To see undated
Box 12 Trade chapter revision undated
Box 12 Trade union (TU) undated
Box 12 Transport in Kenya undated
Box 12 Transport, northeastern, central, coast provinces undated
Box 12 Transport, Nyonza Province undated
Box 12 Transport in Uganda undated
Box 12 Transport in Tanzania undated
Box 12 UC Nairobi undated
Box 12 Uganda undated
Box 12 Uganda in Modern History by Jan Jelmert Jorgensen undated
Box 12 Unidentified undated
Box 12 Van Dongen undated
Box 12 World War II undated
Box 12 Zafrud Deen papers undated
Box 12 Notebook - travel record 1971-1972
Box 12 Notebooks undated
Box 12 Paper - "Kenya Asians - what have they learned" by Mugu-Okune, F. 1973, undated
Box 12 Photograph - Kenya - trade unions circa 1950s-1960s
Box 12 Post-independence June 30, 1986, undated
Box 12 "Africana archives and innovative teaching: the teacher-scholar's new need for research materials" 1971
Box 14 The Australian journal of politics and history, volume XII number 2 1966
Box 12 "The British East African transport complex" by Irene S. Van Dongen December 1954
Box 12 "Churchill's administration of East Africa: a period of Indian disillusionment" 1966
Box 12 "Cooperation and collaboration in colonial East Africa: the Asians' political role, 1890-1964" undated
Box 12 "Crisis for the British empire: the East African challenge to the Durham tradition" 1960
Box 12 "The development of the Eastern Africa collection at Syracuse University" 1984
Box 7 East Africa royal commission 1953-1955 report June 1955
Box 12 "The evolution of an Indian policy toward Africa" February 15, 1963
Box 12 "H.S.L. Polak and the Indian overseas association" undated
Box 12 "The Indian-African relationship before 1860" undated
Box 14 Kau: the Kenya African union by John Spencer 1985
Box 12 "Kikuyu and Masai responses to the establishment of British administration in the East Africa Protectorate" December 1966
Box 12 "Literary development in East Africa: the Asian contribution, 1955-1975" 1981
Box 13 Luta Struggle circa 1975
Box 14 Research in African literatures, volume 12 number 4 1981
Box 14 Sidney Webb and East Africa by Robert G. Gregory 1962
Box 14 The south Atlantic quarterly, volume LIX number 2 1960
Box 14 Struggle for release Jomo and his colleagues 1963
Box 13 Tanzania governmental records - notes taken by Honey, Martha undated (4 folders)
Box 13 Tanzania newspapers - notes taken by Honey, Martha undated
Box 13 Tanzania private records - notes taken by Honey, Martha 1972, 1982, undated
Box 13 Ties and return to India 1965, 1971, undated
Box 13 Trade 1972, 1982, undated
Slides and film negatives
Box 15 Africa visit 1955-1956 (2 folders)
Box 15 Family life 1961-1962, undated
Box 15 Film negatives undated
Box 15 India trip 1962-1963
Box 15 Race circa 1920s, circa 1950s, undated
Box 15 Women in Africa undated (2 folders)
Box 15 Urban Africa undated
Box 15 Urbanization in Africa undated
Box 15 Yoruban art undated
Teaching materials
Box 15 Africa - bibliography 1966-1973, undated
Box 15 Africa - films and music 1978-1992
Box 15 Cross-national issues 1979-1993 (11 folders)
Box 16 European expansion circa 1966-1994
Box 16 European expansion, graduate readings circa 1966-1994
Box 16 History 176 1977
Box 16 History 301 1978
Box 16 History 466 1978
Box 16 History 467 1978
Box 16 Senior seminar on development 1981
Box 16 Writing skills 1981
Box 16 History department - non-western courses 1979-1982
Box 16 MA and PhD exams 1970-1974
Box 16 Masters of social science program 1977
Box 16 Topic - cities in Africa circa 1966-1994 (2 folders)
Box 16 Topic - inequality 1979-1986, undated
Box 16 Topic - women in Africa circa 1966-1994 (2 folders)

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