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Syracuse University Student Activities Reference Collection

An inventory of the collection at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Syracuse University.
Title: Syracuse University Student Activities Reference Collection
Dates: 1894-2010
Size: 15 boxes (8.5 linear feet)
Abstract: Materials related to student life on the Syracuse University campus.
Language: English
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Historical Note

Photograph of Newcomers' Daze Cover

The Syracuse University campus has been buzzing with student activity since its early years. While the number of activities available to students has increased exponentially over the decades, the University's first students still had a number of ways to occupy their free time. For instance, an 1894 student handbook encouraged students to join the YMCA or YWCA. Later publications advertised intramural sports, organizations like the Ski Club, and University-wide events such as Colgate Weekend and the Winter Carnival. Clubs and activities, ranging in interest from theatre to law, have been in abundance. The University has also seen, on more than one occasion, the organization of the student body behind a particular cause. The student strike of 1970 is a prime example of this, and the student body has rallied around a number of other social and political causes since its inception.

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Scope and Content Note

The Student Activities Reference Collection contains five series of materials related to student life on campus.

The Freshman activities series contains broadsides, tickets, and other printed material for freshman activities, namely Freshman Week.

The General university activities series contains materials related to activities across campus, generally composite papers offering an overview of campus events and acivities.

The Sheets of expression are products of a post-9/11 community grieving exercise involving artistic expressions of grief on bedsheets.

The Student handbooks series contains a large number of student handbooks and guidebooks from 1894 to 2010. These act as overviews of the culture on campus and a reference source for slang, landmarks, and traditions that new students may not know about.

The Student politics, petitions, and strikes series contains information on the 1970 student strike as well as other expressions of student political endeavors.

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Access Restrictions

There are no restrictions for this collection.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from the Syracuse University Archives and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

More information on the University's student activities can be found in the clipping files, the Student Organizations Reference Collection, and the Photograph Collection in the Syracuse University Archives.

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Syracuse University -- History.
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College freshmen.
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Syracuse University -- Students.
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Types of material

Bumper stickers.
Sheets (bed coverings)

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Syracuse University Student Activities Reference Collection,
University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

The materials in this collection have been gathered by the Syracuse University Archives from various sources, including student organizations and alumni.

Processing Information

Materials are housed in acid-free folders and boxes.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Erin Carter
Date: 2015
Revision history: 2019 - Broadsides folder added (NP); May 2023 - handbook added; finding aid updated (HVA)

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The items are arranged by series and in alphabetical order.

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Freshman activities
Box 2 Broadsides 1915-1921
Box 1 Freshmen banquet 1901
Box 1 Freshman camp - men and women 1940
Box 1 Freshman vespers 1926
Box 1 Freshman Week 1926
Box 1 Freshman Week dramatic program 1929
Box 1 Freshman Week tickets 1930, 1940
General university activities
Box 1 Activities at Syracuse 1950s
Box 1 "Campus conveniences" 1977
Box 1 Circus and carnival 1910
Box 1 "Nifty-fifty" (vaudeville) 1920
Box 1 Student activities and sports ticket books 1923, 1947-1949
Box 1 Syracuse University academic compact 1993
Box 1 "Traditions" 1997
Box 1 Varsity menu circa 1940s
Box 1 "Welcome" 1993
Box 1 Your student fee at work 1977
Sheets of expression
Box 13 Sheet 1: peace and "home sweet home" September 2001 (3 bed sheets) approximately 24' x 5'
Box 13 Sheet 2: retribution rocket September 2001 (2 bed sheets) approximately 13.5' x 8.5'
Box 13 Sheet 3: angel wings September 2001 (1 linen roll) approximately 55' x 7'
Box 13 Sheet 4: American flag star September 2001 (1 linen roll) approximately 37' x 3.5'
Box 13 Sheet 5: "unity" September 2001 (2 bed sheets) approximately 13.5' x 8.5'
Box 13 Sheet 6: "know Jesus, know peace" September 2001 (1 bed sheet) approximately 8.5' x 7.5'
Box 13 Sheet 7: FDNY with Twin Towers September 2001 (3 bed sheets) approximately 24' x 5'
Box 14 Sheets of expression - first year anniversary September 2002 (3 bed sheets)
Box 14 Sheets of expression - tenth anniversary September 2011 (2 bed sheets)
Box 14 SU magazine September 2001 (2 copies)
Student handbooks
Box 1 Campus cues 1959
Box 12 Christian associations' handbook to Syracuse University 1924-1925
Box 1 Dates and data 1963-1972 (6 volumes)
Box 2 Dates and data 1973-1984 (10 volumes)
Box 3 Desk-book 1894-1933 (27 volumes)
Box 4 Desk-book 1934-1940 (7 volumes)
Box 4 Handbook for international students 1978
Box 4 How to avoid mortar boredom 1950
Box 4 How to be a freshman 1945-1946, 1961
Box 5 Newcomers' daze 1943-1947 (5 volumes)
Box 5 Newcomers' daze 1948-1953 (6 volumes)
Box 5 Newcomers' handbook 1943-1949 (6 volumes)
Box 5 Nutshell 1972-1978 (4 volumes)
Box 5 Orange guide 1949-1955 (6 volumes)
Box 6 Orange guide 1955-1963 (8 volumes)
Box 6 Social cues 1960
Box 6 "Student survival guide," Syracuse new times 1990
Box 6 Syracuse University entertainment shopping guide 1988-1990 (2 volumes)
Box 6 Syracuse University student handbook 1984-1988 (4 volumes)
Box 7 Syracuse University student handbook 1988-1994 (6 volumes)
Box 8 Syracuse University student handbook 1994-2002 (8 volumes)
Box 9 Syracuse University student handbook 2003-2008, 2009-2010 (5 volumes)
Box 9 Transfer students 1958-1959, 1961, 1970-1971, 1983 (4 volumes)
Box 9 Unofficial student guide 1993-1994
Box 10 Unofficial student guide 1994-1995
Student politics, petitions, and strikes
1970 student strike
Box 10 Activities schedules 1970
Box 10 Boycott of Coca-Cola 1970
Box 10 Central New Yorker, "From occupation to town meeting" 1970
Box 10 Draft information 1970
Box 10 Faculty and staff positions on strike 1970
Box 10 Fliers 1970 (3 folders)
Box 10 Information bulletins 1970
Box 10 Information concerning grade options May 1970
Box 10 Legal injunction May 1970
Box 10 Memorandum of Dean Ralph A. Galbraith 1969
Box 10 Notes from Dean of Men (Tatham) 1970-1971
Box 10 Petition to make Dialogue a permanent student publication May 1970
Box 10 Poster, University of Maryland May 1970
Box 10 Report to campus by David Ifshin, SG press February 1970
Box 10 Resolution passed by the Library Association of Syracuse University May 1970
Box 10 Shut-down 1970
Box 10 Strike press 1970
Box 11 SU staff newsletter May 1970
Box 11 Suggested school of non-violence 1970
Box 11 Vice President Victor Colway's files 1970
Box 11 Benefit for the Onondaga Indians 1972
Box 11 Bumper stickers undated
Box 11 Committee of One Thousand 1927-1928
Box 11 Defense committee for 12 charged with attempted kidnapping of Henry Kissinger 1971
Box 11 Faculty commitments to education during student unrest 1972
Box 11 Liberal Party candidate for mayor - Karen DeCrow 1969
Box 11 May Day demonstrations 1971
Box 11 Miscellaneous student political endeavors 1965, 1968, 1986
Box 11 Model League of Nations - programs 1927, 1932, 1936-1937
Box 11 Movement to Reinvest in Education (M.O.R.E.) 1994
Box 11 New York times, Open letter to President Johnson calling for cessation of bombing of Vietnam March 1967
Box 11 Peace relay - telephone relay network 1970
Box 11 Petition to the faculty and staff of Syracuse University 1896
Box 11 R.O.T.C. - handbill condemning May 1933
Box 11 R.O.T.C. and industrial protests 1968
Box 11 R.O.T.C. offices sit-in, men's gymnasium 1971
Box 12 Strike of building and grounds employees 1966-1968
Box 12 Student political endeavors, miscellaneous 1965, 1968, 1986
Box 12 Student protest of Bird Library book removal 2009
Box 12 "Syracuse University student boycott (April 23, 1969)" by Jaclyn Kras, with Dr. Acete and Dr. Treyer 1969
Box 12 Vietnam moratorium 1969

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