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The Belfer at 50 Planning Committee and the Belfer Audio Archive would like to express deep appreciation to the following sponsors, which made the Belfer Audio Archive at 50 events possible:
Photo Description
Arts Engage Syracuse University Arts Engage ... making possible the participation of violinist David Harrington and the Kronos Quartet.
Syracuse University Libraries Syracuse University Libraries ... responsible for the Friday evening reception, the film screenings and for providing publicity, promotion, and administrative assistance.
Humanities Center The Syracuse University Humanities Center ... enabling the Syracuse Symposium 2013 panel, featuring Professors Nathan Platte, Stephen Meyer, Marcia Citron, and Louis Niebur; also bringing Gerald Fabris of the Edison National Historical Park to work with classes and to give the Saturday morning demonstration.
College of Arts and Sciences Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences ... making possible the Opening Lecture, given by Professor Paul Théberge.
Goldring Arts Journalism Program Goldring Arts Journalism Program ... bringing Alex Ross of The New Yorker and promoting Saturday’s ‘In Conversation’.
Setnor Setnor School of Music ... giving the orchestra concert, featuring works by Waxman, Rosza and Waggoner.
Belfer Audio Archive Belfer Audio Archive ... enabling the Friday morning seminar, featuring Professors John Harvith, Susan Edwards Harvith, and William Brooks, as well as administration of the project.