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Painters and Poets Together: The Folder Story


Kite Flying Party

Hartigan, Rivers, and O'Hara

"Meditations in an Emergency"

Painters Pay Tribute to Frank O'Hara

Continued Interest in the New York School

Painters and Poets Collaborate

An Explosion of Magazines


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Continued Interest in the New York School

In 1960, Floriano Vecchi printed a series of four books of poetry and art featuring the New York School, and paired Grace Hartigan and James Schuyler (as well as Frank O’Hara and Michael Goldberg; Kenneth Koch and Alfred Leslie; and John Ashbery and Joan Mitchell). In the case of Hartigan and Schuyler, this was not a collaboration because they worked independently. Hartigan titled the prints many years later, choosing lines from the Schuyler poems published in the volume.

Kent State University, in Kent, Ohio, dedicated a new twelve-story library building in 1971, and invited six poets and seven artists to contribute work in celebration of the event. The editors of Six Poems / Seven Prints made this comment: “Brought together, these works reflect some of the concerns and joys of life in America in 1971.” John Ashbery and Grace Hartigan from the New York School contributed to the project.

Grace Hartigan’s most recent solo exhibition took place in April of 2006 at the C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore. The catalog of that exhibition is displayed.

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