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Nevart Apikian Entertainment Audio Interviews

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Apikian, Nevart.
Title: Nevart Apikian Entertainment Audio Interviews
Inclusive Dates: 1971-1985
Quantity: 1.0 linear feet
Abstract: Armenian-American Entertainment Reporter. Syracuse University Graduate. Collection contains audio interviews and press conferences Apikian conducted for the Syracuse Post Standard
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Nevart Apikian received a degree in journalism from Syracuse University in 1940. She began working at The Syracuse Post-Standard in 1942 as a news reporter. Eventually she became the theater and movie critic, a position she held for 25 years until her retirement in 1998.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Nevart Apikian Entertainment Audio Interviews consists of 82 audio cassette tapes. The tapes contain recordings of interviews of musicians, performers, film stars, film producers and film directors conducted by Ms. Apikian as well as recordings of press conferences. For each cassette, the name of the movie mentioned or discussed is given, if known. Movies referenced include Alien (1979), The Big Fix (1978), The Boys from Brazil (1978), China Syndrome (1979), The Fury (1978), The Great Train Robbery (1978), Moonraker (1979), Norma Rae (1979), and many more.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Items are arranged in order by ID number, but are listed in the inventory below in alphabetical order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Access to the tapes requires advance notice for production of a listening copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has numerous collections pertaining to television and film entertainment, including the John and Susan Edwards Harvith Interview Collection and the Steven H. Scheuer Television History Interviews. See the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing, or search our collections .

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Subject Headings


Aldrich, Robert, 1918-1983.
Altman, Robert, 1925-2006.
Andrews, Julie.
Arkin, Alan.
Arnaz, Desi, Jr., 1953-
Ashby, Hal.
Bakshi, Ralph.
Bates, Alan, 1934-2003.
Bridges, Beau.
Bridges, James.
Broccoli, Albert R., 1909-1996.
Burnett, Carol.
Caesar, Sid, 1922-
Carroll, Gordon, 1928-2005.
Cassavetes, John, 1929-1989.
Cecconi-Bates, A. (Augusta), 1933-
Chayefsky, Paddy, 1923-1981.
Connery, Sean.
Coppola, Francis Ford, 1939-
Cox, Patricia Nixon, 1946-
Crichton, Michael, 1942-2008.
Curtis, Tony, 1925-2010.
De Havilland, Olivia.
De Niro, Robert.
De Palma, Brian.
Dern, Bruce.
Douglas, Kirk, 1916-
Douglas, Michael.
Douglas, Sarah, 1952-
Down, Lesley-Anne.
Dreyfuss, Richard.
Duff, Howard, 1913-1990.
Dunaway, Faye.
Durning, Charles, 1923-2012.
Duvall, Robert.
Falk, Peter, 1927-2011.
Field, Sally.
Finch, Peter, 1916-1977.
Fisher, Carrie.
Foldi, Erzsebet.
Fonda, Henry, 1905-1982.
Fonda, Jane, 1937-
Ford, Harrison, 1942-
Fosse, Bob, 1927-1987.
Gassman, Vittorio.
Gish, Lillian, 1893-1993.
Gleason, Jackie, 1916-1987.
Grant, Lee, 1927-
Grey, Joel, 1932-
Hackman, Gene.
Hamill, Mark.
Hassett, Marilyn.
Hellman, Jerome.
Heston, Charlton.
Hill, George Roy, 1921-2002.
Holden, William, 1918-1981.
Hope, Bob, 1903-2003.
Hudson, Rock, 1925-1985.
Hutton, Lauren.
Jarrott, Charles, 1927-2011.
Jones, Tommy Lee, 1946-
Kagan, Jeremy Paul.
Kazanjian, Howard.
Kershner, Irvin.
Kiel, Richard, 1939-2014.
Lansbury, Angela, 1925-
Lee, Christopher, 1922-2015.
Lemmon, Jack.
Lennon, John, 1940-1980.
Lester, Richard, 1932-
Lumet, Sidney, 1924-2011.
Mason, James, 1909-1984.
Mazursky, Paul.
McCormick, Pat, 1927-2005.
Merrick, David, 1911-2000.
Merrill, Dina.
Murphy, Michael, 1938-
Newman, Paul, 1925-2008.
Novak, Kim.
O'Halloran, Jack, 1943-
Ono, Yōko.
Palance, Jack, 1919-2006.
Peck, Gregory, 1916-2003.
Peerce, Larry.
Porter, Don, 1912-1997.
Reynolds, Burt.
Ritt, Martin, 1914-1990.
Rivers, Joan.
Rosen, Martin.
Rowlands, Gena.
Sarandon, Susan, 1946-
Schaffner, Franklin J.
Scheider, Roy.
Scott, Ridley.
Simon, Roger L. (Roger Lichtenberg), 1943-
Snodgress, Carrie.
Spacek, Sissy.
Stamp, Terence.
Taylor, Elizabeth, 1932-2011.
Tocco, James.
Tomlin, Lily.
Travolta, John, 1954-
Voight, Jon, 1938-
Warren, Jennifer, 1941-
Weaver, Sigourney, 1949-
Wilder, Gene, 1933-2016.
Williams, Billy Dee, 1937-
Winfield, Paul.
Winkler, Henry, 1945-
Yablans, Frank.


Actors -- United States -- Interviews.
Actresses -- United States -- Interviews.
Dancers -- United States -- Interviews.
Motion picture producers and directors.
Motion pictures -- United States.

Genres and Forms



Film critics.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Nevart Apikian Entertainment Audio Interviews,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Donna M. Coyle, 2014.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: PJM
Date: 01 May 2014
Revision history: 28 Mar 2018 - recordings, LC names added; description expanded (MRC/IRP); 15 Jun 2018 - id no. 070 updated

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Box 1 Albert Broccoli; Kiel (Jaws), James [?] June 21-79 - audio recording of Albert Broccoli and Richard Kiel, both starred in the 1979 movie Moonraker (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_024)
Box 2 Alien I: S. Weaver; Arthur Cyger [?], Ridley Scott, director - interview with Sigourney Weaver, Arthur Cyger [?], and Ridley Scott, director of "Alien I". More illegible notes (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_041)
Box 1 Augusta Cecconi-Bates (works) (North/South Consonance' Concert, New York City) Oct 17/82 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_032)
Box 2 The Big Fix - Press Conference (1 of 6) - audio recording of the press conference for "The Big Fix" (1978 Film) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_077)
Box 2 The Big Fix - Press Conference (2 of 6) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_078)
Box 2 The Big Fix - Press Conference (3 of 6) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_079)
Box 2 The Big Fix - Press Conference (4 of 6) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_080)
Box 2 The Big Fix - Press Conference (5 of 6) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_081)
Box 2 The Big Fix - Press Conference (6 of 6) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_082)
Box 2 Billy Dee Williams, Mark Hamill and director [Irvin] Kershner (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_073)
Box 2 Bob Fosse; Roy Scheider (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_056)
Box 1 Bob Hope; Nevart Sept 29-1982 - on post-it note reads: "Nevart interviews, phone interview 16:25 minutes" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_031)
Box 2 Bridge too far (I and II) May 21 '77 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_058)
Box 2 Bridge too far (III) May 21 '77 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_059)
Box 1 Bruce Dern (Chicago) 03/18/1978 - written on post-it note: "On movie UA - "Coming Home", apologies" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_011)
Box 2 C3PO - by [?] Darth Vader; Darth Vader and Billy Dee Williams - written on post-it note: "28:35m" (side 1); "box 3" (other side) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_072)
Box 2 Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford; Carrie Fisher - written on post-it note: "25:16m" (side 1); "box 3" (other side) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_071)
Box 2 [Carroll ?] producing "Alien" - illegible handwriting, title might be different (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_042)
Box 1 China Syndrome: Michael Duglas, [James] Bridges; [James] Bridges star, Jack Lemmon March 1979 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_022)
Box 2 Coppola Press Conference (1) - audio recording of Francis Ford Coppola Press Conference; written on post-it note: "on Apocalypse Now" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_060)
Box 2 Coppola Press Conference (2) - audio recording of Francis Ford Coppola Press Conference; written on post-it note: "on Apocalypse Now" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_061)
Box 2 Damien: Don Porter; Bill Holn [sic] - audio recording of Don Porter; William Holden, starred in the 1978 movie Damien: Omen II; more illegible notes on the cassette (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_052)
Box 2 Desi Arnaz and Amy Stryker - Desi Arnaz Jr. and Amy Stryker both starred in the 1978 movie A Wedding; written on post-it note: "many voices" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_067)
Box 1 Dina Merrill, Pat McCormick, Viven John [?] (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_017)
Box 1 The Fonz: Henry Winkler Oct. 27 '77 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_008)
Box 2 Gene Hackman; Ric Lester - audio recording of Gene Hackman and Richard Lester, referencing the 1980 movie Superman II (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_063)
Box 1 Gene Wilder - The World's Greatest Lover (New York City Restaurant) Dec. 8, 1977 - Gene Wilder starred in the 1977 movie The World's Greatest Lover (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_009)
Box 1 The Great Train Robbery: Sean Connery, Lesley-Ann Down, Michael Crichton (New Orleans) Feb. 03-1979 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_021)
Box 1 Gregory Peck (II) on Boys From Brazil Sept. 21, '78 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_014)
Box 1 Gregory Peck, Jam. Mason; Mason, Schaffner, Director - audio recording of Gregory Peck, James Mason, and Franklin Schaffner, referencing the 1978 movie The Boys from Brazil (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_013)
Box 1 Howard Duff, Nina [?]; Carol Burnett, Lauren Hutton (Chicago) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_019)
Box 1 Howard Kazanjian, Director, Associate Producer "Rollercoaster"; Howard and Carol Kazanjian (Richmond, Virginia) 10/10/1976 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_005)
Box 1 Jackie Gleason; Satellite TV Interview; Universal; Sheraton[?]; [illegible] 1975 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_002)
Box 1 Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon - Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon starred in the 1979 movie China Syndrome (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_023)
Box 2 Joel Grey [5 min], Terence Stamp; Syracuse Stage - written on post-it note: "Syracuse with Nevart" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_069)
Box 2 John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands (2); Dana Cyrch [?] Cinderella [?] Oct [?] Universal - audio recording of John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, and others. Illegible handwritten notes on side 2 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_064)
Box 1 Jon Voight (Chicago) June 18, '78 - written on post-it note: "Coming Home" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_012)
Box 2 Julie Andrews in London; Jackie Gleason in London (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_057)
Box 2 Kirk Douglass in "The Fury" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_046)
Box 2 Liz Foldi - on post-it note reads: "Liz Foldi, dance actress"; Erzsebet Foldi starred in the 1979 movie All that Jazz (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_047)
Box 1 Lord of the Rings: Ralph Bakshi (LA) (I and II) Nov. 04, '78 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_016)
Box 2 Martin Rosen, director "Watership Down"; Larry Peerce, Marilyn Hassett (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_054)
Box 2 Mazursky, Murphy; Alan Bates - audio recording of Paul Mazursky, director of the 1977 movie An Unmarried Woman; Michael Murphy and Alan Bates both starred in the movie (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_040)
Box 1 Midway: Henry Fonda (New York City); Charlton Heston 1976 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_003)
Box 1 Mirror Crack'd: Eliz Taylor (New York City); Super: Jack O'Halloran and Sarah Douglas Dec 16, 1980 - Elizabeth Taylor starred in the 1980 movie The Mirror Crack'd. Jack O'Halloran and Sarah Douglas, starred in the 1980 movie Superman. On post-it note reads: "12:01" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_028)
Box 1 Mirror Crack'd: R. H. [Rock Hudson], Angela [Lansbury], T. C. [Tony Curtis] and El. T. [Elizabeth Taylor]; Kim Novak Dec 17,1980 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_029)
Box 1 Network: Holden; Faye Dunaway, Paddy Chayefsky, Finch, Sidney Lumet (New York City Shepherds) Nov 1976 - audio recording of William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Paddy Chayefsky, Peter Finch, and Sidney Lumet who all starred in the 1976 movie Network (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_007)
Box 2 New Orleans: David Merrick, director of "Semi-Tough" and Burt Reynolds 1977 - note on cassette cover reads: "Slap Shot", Jennifer Warren (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_039)
Box 2 New York City - Apocalypse Now: Coppola; Robert Duvall, etc. Aug, 11 '79 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_062)
Box 2 New York City University - Slap Shot: Travanton Ne Green [?] and Jennifer Warren (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_038)
Box 1 Norma Rae: Director Martin Ritt - On post-it note reads: "on Sally Field" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_026)
Box 1 Norma Ray [sic]: Sally Field; Beau Bridges Feb 1979 - audio recording of Sally Field and Beau Bridges, referencing the 1979 movie Norma Rae (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_025)
Box 1 Part I: Lily Tomlin, John Travolta interview (New York City) Jan. 15-1978; Dec. 15-1978 - Lily Tomlin and John Travolta starred in the 1978 movie Moment by Moment (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_015)
Box 2 Peter Falk; DeLuca [?] - in the 1978 TV Series "Murder Under Glass", Mario DeLuca is a character played by Antony Alda where he partners with Peter Falk (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_048)
Box 1 Phone interview with Jack Palance; Int. Pianist James Tocco Feb 2,1983; Feb 7-1983 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_033)
Box 2 Producer [?] "Omen II" - illegible handwriting; not clear if the recording is with Harvey Bernhard, producer of the 1978 movie Damien: Omen II (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_053)
Box 2 Producer of Coming Home: Jerome Hellman; Hal Ashby - audio recording of Jerome Hellman, producer of the 1978 movie Coming Home, and Hal Ashby, director of the film (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_065)
Box 2 Richard Dreyfuss, [Roger L.] Simon, [Jeremy] Kagan, director; The Big Fix (2) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_076)
Box 1 Robert Altman; Carol Burnett (Chicago) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_020)
Box 2 [Robert] De Niro (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_074)
Box 2 Screen R[?] Times; [written on post-it note: a woman's voice 1st then] Gregory Peck [into tape] - The Car II; Mirisch, Satellite Beau Geste - Illegible handwritten notes on the cassette (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_055)
Box 2 Sid Caesar, Alan Arkin (Mane, France) - audio recording of Sid Caesar and Alan Arkin, referencing the 1977 movie Fire Sale (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_050)
Box 1 Sissy Spacek; Loretta Rigt [?] Feb 8-980 - on post-it note reads: "22:54" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_027)
Box 2 Susan Sarandon, (LA) and director Charles Jarrott [?] - Charles Jarrott is a director of the 1977 movie The other side of midnight, in which Susan Sarandon starred (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_066)
Box 2 Tomy Lee Jones - direct [?] (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_049)
Box 1 Tribute: Jack Lemmon (Essex House, New York City) Dec 17-1980 - written on post-it note is: "Schotty? Judd movie" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_030)
Box 2 Tricia Nixon's wedding night (18.5 minutes), recorded by Rosemary Woods; A personal message to you (insert your name) from Joan Rivers (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_043)
Box 2 TV: Duff Howard [sic], Flamingo Road, Sheriff [?] - American TV movie and prime time television soap opera starring Howard Duff as the local county sheriff; some handwritten notes are illegible (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_070)
Box 1 Twilight's Last Gleaming: Aldrich, Winfield, Durning 01/20/1977 - audio recording of Robert Aldrich, Paul Winfield, Charles Durning, who all starred in the 1977 movie Twilight's Last Gleaming; note on the label reads: "Inauguration Day" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_004)
Box 2 Universal Pictures - "Slap Shot": interview with Paul Newman (1 of 2) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_036)
Side A and B
Box 2 Universal Pictures - "Slap Shot": interview with Paul Newman (2 of 2) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_037)
Side C
Box 2 Universal Pictures: G[eorge] R[oy] Hill, director of "Slap Shot" (1 of 2) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_034)
Side A and B
Box 2 Universal Pictures: G[eorge] R[oy] Hill, director of "Slap Shot" (2 of 2) (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_035)
Side C and D
Box 1 Universal: Christopher Lee; Lee Grant; Olivia de Havilland; Hollywood: 1. Olivia de Havilland - Airport 77; Universal lot: 2. Alan Arkin - Sherlock H, Freud Oct. 12 '76 - audio recording of Christopher Lee, Lee Grant, Olivia de Havilland, who all starred in the 1977 movie Airport 77, and Alan Arkin, who starred in the 1976 movie The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_006)
Box 2 Unmarried woman: Michael Murphy (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_051)
Box 2 Velvet (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_045)
Box 2 Vittorio Gassman and Desi Arnaz; Desi Arnaz and Lillian Gish - Vittorio Gassman, Desi Arnaz Jr. and Lillian Gish all starred in the 1978 movie A Wedding. (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_068)
Box 1 A Wedding: Howard Duff, Nina Merrill [?]; Carol B., Bob Altman 1978 - audio recording of Howard Duff, Dina Merrill; Carol Burnett, Robert Altman, referencing the 1978 movie A Wedding; written on post-in note: "NYC" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_018)
Box 1 Yablans, Carrie Snodgress; Carrie Snodgress, Brian De Palma 03/16/1978 - audio recording of Frank Yablans, Carrie Snodgress, and Brian De Palma, referencing the 1978 movie The Fury (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_010)
Box 1 Yoko Ono and John Lennon 10/05/1971 (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_001)
Box 2 [blank ?] - written on post-it note: "blank" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_075)
Box 2 [blank ?] - written on post-it note: "Blank" (1/8 inch audio cassette) (ID#: apikian_n_083)

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