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Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records

An inventory of its records at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.
Title: Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records
Inclusive Dates: 1905-1993
Quantity: 34 linear ft.
Abstract: Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records includes Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records (office files, board of directors records, financial records, programs and projects, and publications); Albert Schweitzer Hospital records (communications, medical reports, publications, hospital construction including photographs, blueprints, and financial records, U.S. A.I.D. grant, subject files); Association internationale de l'Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (communications, subject files, publications); Albert Schweitzer Center records (communications and publications); Schweitzer Memorabilia (Albert Schweitzer documents, Helene Schweitzer documents, Schweitzer-related materials, material by and about Schweitzer in various languages). Correspondents include Erica Anderson, Theodor Binder, Jorge Bird, Julius Seelye Bixler, E. Gaine Cannon, Frank Catchpool, Norman Cousins, A.R.T. Denues, Lee and Dottie Ellerbrock, Ford Foundation, Maurice Frey, Lawrence Gussman, Hermann Hagedore, Jerome Hill, Homer A. Jack, Charles Joy, George T. Keating, Reinhard N. Lahde, Leif Erikson Foundation, Charles Lowe, Hans Margolius, Emmy Martin, Louis Mayer, William Maul Measey, William Larimer Mellon, Joseph F. Montague, Edouard Nies-Berger, Simon Obame-Bikoro, Leslie Paffrath, Laura Person, R.P. Dominique Pire, Fergus Pope, Thomas D. Rees, Myrta Ross, Ali Silver, Ruth Sloan, Keith Smith, Isaac N.P. Stokes, Margaret S. Tenbrinck, Paul Dudley White, Andre Wick, V. McKinley Wiles, and Elizabeth L. Young.
Language: Majority in English, German, French, with some material in Japanese, Spanish, and other languages.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF) was founded by American friends of Albert Schweitzer in 1939 to support his hospital and medical work at Lambarene in Gabon (then French Equatorial West Africa), and to disseminate his philosophical and ethical principles, characterized by the phrase "reverence for life."

The ASF was involved in direct support of the hospital through fund-raising and material gifts until operation of the hospital was assumed by the Gabonese government, two years after Schweitzer's death in 1965. Presently, the ASF continues to support the work of the hospital through lobbying for U.S. government aid and raising funds for capital improvements. In 1979, it instituted an internship program at the hospital for visiting Harvard Medical School students.

ASF leaders helped to organize Albert Schweitzer's only visit to the U.S., in 1949, to deliver a lecture on Goethe. The ASF has been active in publishing and disseminating writings, recordings, and films by and about Schweitzer. ASF records include a great volume of both published and unpublished materials. A major project was the compilation of a Schweitzer Bibliography, published in 1981.

The ASF organized two American conferences on Schweitzer, in 1966 and 1977, as well as celebrations of his centenary in 1975. In pursuit of Schweitzer's ethics, it remains active in numerous humanitarian and peace projects, particularly nuclear disarmament.

The ASF has been in constant communication with other Schweitzer-related organizations: (1) the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambarene, (2) the numerous European organizations also dedicated to Schweitzer's work and ethics, under the umbrella of the Association internationale de l'Hopital Albert Schweitzer a Lambarenê et de son Oeuvre (A.I.S.L.) in which ASF itself is active, and (3) the Albert Schweitzer Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, founded in 1966 by Schweitzer's friend and filmmaker, Erica Anderson. The ASF records include a great deal of correspondence, reports, and publications from these organizations.

Due to its dedication to Schweitzer, to the personal friendship of early leaders with him, and to ongoing participation in the ASF by Schweitzer's daughter, Rhena Schweitzer Miller, the records include a substantial amount of memorabilia from Schweitzer, his wife Helene Schweitzer, and extensive publications and clippings files.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records have been divided into several series which reflect its filing practices. Inclusive dates for the collection are 1905-1992, the bulk of which is 1950-1987. A minor correspondence file dated 1990-1992 and some publications dating through 1993 are presently included in this collection; all other records are 1987 or earlier.

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship series is the largest, comprising over half of the records. It is also the most complex, with four subseries as follows.

ASF Office Files: General records of the ASF were filed annually in folders marked "ASF". This series is an encompassing collection of general correspondence, and other material regarding the ASF, Albert Schweitzer, and related topics. Prior to 1972, it includes agendas, minutes, and handouts from Fellowship meetings. From 1945 to 63, while Albert Schweitzer himself was an active correspondent, several folders include lists and annotations for his letters. Only copies of letters from Schweitzer are now included here: all existing originals are filed under Schweitzer Memorabilia.
The organization of the Office Files is not consistent. Before about 1970, much general correspondence was filed separately, in alphabetical order and with several named files. These have been arranged as a subseries of the ASF Office Files. It should be noted that not all correspondence from particular individuals is contained in these files, even within the inclusive dates of a given file. This is especially true for active fellowship members. The volume and complexity of the records precluded a more systematic reorganization of this material.
Among the Office Files were scattered files on particular subjects. In other cases, the Office Files contained an extensive amount of material on a topic of distinct significance. These have been arranged in a subseries of subject files, which include numerous published and unpublished writings and a wide range of other material.
Board of Directors: This subseries overlaps with the Office Files, but focusses upon the official business of the ASF, including agendas, minutes, financial reports, other handouts from meetings, and rosters of the board of directors. From 1975 through 1983, it includes correspondence between the ASF office in New York and members of the board of directors; after 1983 Board of Directors correspondence is filed as a distinct subseries.
Financial Records: This subseries is self-explanatory. The records include numerous correspondence files kept for donors, who often enclosed personal notes, requests, and clippings, and ASF responses to donors.
ASF Programs and Projects and ASF Publications: These two subseries reflect various activities of the ASF in fulfilling its goals regarding Schweitzer's medical and ethical legacy through program sponsorship, U.N. and U.S. government policy initiatives, educational and public relations work, and fund-raising.

The next three series, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, A.I.S.L., and Albert Schweitzer Center, are similar in structure: all include a Communications subseries which, like the ASF Office Files, includes correspondence, agendas and minutes of meetings, other reports, and some conference papers. Much original material in the first two series is written in French (primarily) or German, although translations are generally also included.

Each series also includes a collection of the publications of the respective organizations, that of the A.I.S.L. and its constituent members being the most extensive. A number of subject files are attached to the Hospital and A.I.S.L. series. The Hospital series also includes a subseries of medical reports and statistics.

The final series, Schweitzer memorabilia, includes (1) correspondence (originals, copies and translations) and other writings by Albert Schweitzer, (2) letters, clippings, and an article by Helene Schweitzer, and (3) numerous Schweitzer-related publications, as well as a great volume of clippings, from both American and international sources. A substantial collection (three boxes) of Printed Matter, mostly popular and scholarly periodicals with articles about Schweitzer, is filed by decade of publication. The final box of the records contains a number of books, periodicals, and pamphlets collected by the ASF, in numerous languages; a list of authors, titles, and dates is provided in the finding aid.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The ASF stored files in reverse chronological order, and this arrangement has been maintained. Individual records within folders were generally filed in no obvious order, and where possible or practical these have been rearranged into reverse chronological order as well.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Thirty-one reels of audio recordings have been removed to permanent storage in the Belfer Sound Archives of Syracuse University. A memorandum regarding these is attached to the finding aid.

See also the Albert Schweitzer Papers.

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Subject Headings


Anderson, Erica.
Binder, Theodor.
Bird, Jorge.
Bixler, Julius Seelye, 1894-1985.
Cannon, E. Gaine.
Catchpool, Frank.
Cousins, Norman.
Denues, A. R. T. (Arthur Russell Taylor), 1914-
Ellerbrock, Dottie.
Ellerbrock, Lee.
Frey, Maurice.
Gussman, Lawrence.
Hagedorn, Hermann, 1882-1964.
Hill, Jerome, 1905-1972.
Jack, Homer A. (Homer Alexander), 1916-1993.
Joy, Charles R. (Charles Rhind), 1885-1978.
Keating, George T., 1892-
Lahde, Reinhard N.
Lowe, Charles.
Margolius, Hans, 1902-
Martin, Emmy.
Mayer, Louis.
Measey, William Maul, 1875-1967.
Mellon, William Larimer, 1910-
Montague, Joseph F.
Nies-Berger, Edouard.
Obame-Bikoro, Simon.
Paffrath, Leslie.
Person, Laura.
Pire, R. P. Dominique.
Pope, Fergus.
Rees, Thomas D.
Ross, Myrta.
Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965 -- Societies, etc.
Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965.
Schweitzer, Helene.
Silver, Ali.
Sloan, Ruth.
Smith, Keith.
Stokes, Isaac N. P. (Isaac Newton Phelps), 1906-
Tenbrinck, Margaret S.
White, Paul Dudley, 1886-1973.
Wick, Andre.
Wiles, V. McKinley
Young, Elizabeth L.

Corporate Bodies

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship -- History.
Albert Schweitzer Fellowship -- Political activity.
Ford Foundation.
Leif Erikson Foundation.


Charities, Medical.
Endowments -- United States.
Missionaries, Medical.
Missions, Medical -- Gabon.
Peace -- Societies, etc.
Voluntary hospitals -- Gabon.

Genres and Forms

Agendas (administrative records)
Blueprints (reprographic copies)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Drawings (visual works)
Financial records.
Manuscripts (document genre)
Manuscripts for publication.
Medical records.
Minutes (administrative records)
Professional papers.
Project files.
Speeches (documents)

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, 1993.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: Sep 1993
Revision history: 13 Oct 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 18 Jun 2012 - LCSH updates (MRC)

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Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records
ASF office files
Box 1 1975-1987
Box 2 1968-1974
Box 3 1941-1967
Box 3 Membership communications 1984
Box 3 Clippings 1980-1981
Box 3 Material gifts for hospital 1955-1972 - correspondence
Box 3 Charles Lowe 1968-1970 - correspondence
Box 3 Rhena Schweitzer [Miller] 1962-1969 - correspondence and trips
Box 3 Harold Williams 1967 - correspondence and reports
Box 3 Visitors to Lambarene 1955-1962 - correspondence
Box 4 A 1954-1966
Box 4 Anderson, Erica 1951-1968
For her two films and two books, see ASF Office Files: Subject Files (Boxes 7-8); see also Albert Schweitzer Center (Box 28).
Box 4 B 1953-1967
Box 4 Binder, Dr. Theodor (Peru Hospital) 1956-1965
Box 4 Bird, Jorge 1968
Box 4 Bixler, Julius Seelye 1944-1965
Box 4 C 1952-1968
Box 4 Cannon, E. Gaine 1957-1971
Box 4 Catchpool, Frank 1968-1969
Box 4 Cousins, Norman 1952-1969
Box 4 D 1956-1965
Box 4 Denues, A. R. T. (CANCIRCO) 1962-1968
DuBois, W.E.B.
See Subject files: Guide to Albert Schweitzer Collections (Box 6)
Box 4 E 1954-1970
Box 4 Ellerbrock, Lee and Dottie 1955-1970
Box 4 F 1956-1966
Box 4 Ford Foundation 1952-1954
Box 4 Frey, Maurice 1962-1964
Box 4 G 1960-1966
Box 4 Gussman, Lawrence 1957-1966
Box 4 H 1956-1966
Box 4 Hagedorn, Hermann 1954-1961
Additional material may be found in the Hermann Hagedorn Papers.
Box 4 Hill, Jerome 1952-1967
Box 4 J 1955-1969
Box 4 Jack, Homer A. 1955-1962
Box 4 Joy, Charles 1950-1966
See also Smith, Keith. See Schweitzer Memorabilia: Photographs (Box 29) for photos by Joy. Additional material may be found in the Charles Joy papers.
Box 4 K 1953-1962
Box 4 L 1927-1971
Box 4 Leif Erikson Foundation 1965-1966
Box 4 M 1954-1971
Box 4 Margolius, Hans 1950-1968 - includes various writings
Box 4 Martin, Emmy 1948-1963
Box 4 Mayer, Louis 1953-1968
Box 4 Mellon, William Larimer 1962-1970
Box 4 Montague, Joseph F. 1964
Box 4 N 1962-1965
Box 4 Nies-Berger, Edouard 1961-1966
Box 5 O 1965-1966
Box 5 Obame-Bikoro, Simon 1963-1970
Box 5 P 1953-1964
Box 5 Paffrath, Leslie 1954-1970
Box 5 Pire, R. P. Dominique 1960-1964
Box 5 Pope, Fergus 1964-1966
Box 5 R 1953-1966
Box 5 Rees, Thomas D. 1962-1967
Box 5 Ross, Myrta 1957, 1971-1972
Box 5 S 1957-1971
Box 5 Silver, Ali 1954-1970
Box 5 Sloan, Ruth 1962-1967
Box 5 Smith, Keith 1960-1967 - includes anthology of Schweitzer quotations compiled by Charles Joy
Box 5 Stokes, Isaac N. P. 1956-1969
Box 5 T 1954-1968
Box 5 Tenbrinck, Margaret S. 1962-1964 - includes three published articles
Box 5 U 1957-1967
Box 5 W 1955-1967
Box 5 White, Paul Dudley 1959-1971
Box 5 Wick, Andre 1954-1970
Box 5 Wiles, V. McKinley 1968-1970
Box 5 XYZ 1955-1964
Requests for information
Box 5 Correspondence A-M 1950-1972
Box 6 Correspondence N-Z 1950-1972
Subject files
Box 6 Schweitzer-related Associations (list) 1984
Box 6 New York State Schweitzer and Einstein Chairs 1984
Box 6 Schweitzer-related writings 1971-1982 - includes items by Hans Margolius, Ernest Mayer, Mickey Goddard, Douglas Steere, Erich Fromm, Manuel M. Davenport
Box 6 Guide to Albert Schweitzer Collections 1979-1982 - includes correspondence, clippings, exchange of letters between Albert Schweitzer and W.E.B. DuBois (photocopied), published guide (1981)
Box 6 Schweitzer bibliography 1979-1981
Box 6 Schweitzer Nobel Prize Address 1978 - reprint for U.N. session, includes correspondence, address by Lawrence Gussman, paste-up, ASF Courier issue
See also Schweitzer Memorabilia: Albert Schweitzer Documents: Nobel Prize Address for the original in French (Box 28) and Schweitzer-related materials: Clippings: Nobel Prize (Box 30)
Wingspread Symposium
Box 6 Correspondence 1977
Box 6 Writings 1977
Includes program; papers by Michael A. Diana, David Laird Dungan, Lawrence Gussman, Richard H. Hiers, Jackson Lee Ice, Homer A. Jack, Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Michael F. Kipp, Leonard T. Kurland, Antje Bultmann Lemke, George N. Marshall, David C. Miller, Lorus J. and Margery Milne, Caroline L. Moseley, Robert Muller, Christine Stevens, Richard Torrence, Ronald Emerson Wolfe
Box 6 Session transcripts 1977
Box 6 Financial 1977
Box 6 Audio recordings of Wingspread discussion sessions (1977), luncheon (1/14/65), and unknown 1965, 1977 - includes program from Rotary Club luncheon and memo on transfer of tape reels to Belfer Sound Archives for permanent storage
Schweitzer bibliography project (Laura Person)
Laura Person
Box 6 Records 1958-1960 - includes photograph of Laura Person, some correspondence with bibliographic entries, report and expense accounts for ASF
Box 6 Correspondence 1954-1974
Box 7 Correspondence with international libraries 1955-1961 - includes bibliographic lists from several countries in Europe, and Japan
Box 7 Princeton University Library 1956-1986 - includes publications and correspondence, chiefly between Laura Person and Howard C. Rice
Box 7 Book lists 1949-1969
Box 7 Articles and exhibits 1954-1964 - includes lists of newspaper and magazine articles on Schweitzer in America and Europe
Box 7 Microfilms from European publications 1917-1944
Includes series of articles in Spanish by Luise Bresslan Hoff (Poligrafia, 1944); cover pages from Lettres de l'Hopital du Dr. Albert Schweitzer a Lambarene (1930-39), Schweitzer's article, "A New Bow for Unaccompanied Violin Music" ( Musical Times, 1933), two articles by Schweitzer and an obituary for Louis Schweitzer in the periodical ElsassLothringischer Familien-Kalender (1926, 29); a series of Swiss articles in German (about Bach's St. Matthew Passion?)
Box 7 Agency for International Development 1968-1974
Box 7 Surrey, Karasik and Morse 1973-1974
Box 7 Biafra Project 1967-1970
Box 7 Film, Living Work of Albert Schweitzer / Erica Anderson 1966-1970
Box 7 Lions International (Biafra) 1967-1969
Box 7 Walter Munz' visit 1967-1969 - correspondence and clippings
Miriam Rogers; Boston Friends of Albert Schweitzer
Box 7 1950-1968
Box 7 Financial records 1951-1964
Albert Schweitzer Amazon Hospital
Box 8 Theodor Binder 1956-1968
Box 8 Records 1959-1965
Box 8 Book, Schweitzer Album / Erica Anderson 1965-1967 - clippings
Box 8 Seven Arts Television (film, Schweitzer's Africa) 1966-1967
Aspen Convocation on Albert Schweitzer
Box 8 Program and writings 1966
Includes writings by Rhena Schweitzer Eckert, Norman Cousins, Antonia Brico, David Miller, D. A. Werner, Frederick Diekert, Frank Catchpool, Henry Clark, James Pike, John Everett, Waldemar Nielson; two additional writings of Rhena Schweitzer, in French, are included, about her father and reports about the Lambarene hospital
Box 8 Correspondence and clippings 1966
Box 8 Clippings 1966
Box 8 Reviews of Schweitzer biographies 1947-1965
Box 8 Animal Welfare Institute, Schweitzer 1951-1965
Box 8 David Blum, Esterhazy Orchestra 1958-1965
Box 8 Book, Albert Schweitzer's Gift of Friendship / Erica Anderson 1964-1965 - clippings
Box 8 Unitarian Program on Albert Schweitzer 1965
Box 8 Hanna Oberman 1952-1963 - correspondence and visit
Box 8 Columbia Records 1952-1963 - correspondence and clippings
Box 8 Proposed Legal Agreement between Albert Schweitzer and ASF 1962
Box 8 Film, Albert Schweitzer / Erica Anderson 1955-1961 - includes correspondence, legal and financial papers, invitations, advertisements
Box 8 Herbert Phillips, Albert Schweitzer Education Foundation 1955-1961
Box 8 Frederick S. Franck 1958-1961
Box 8 Cathedral Films 1961 - correspondence
Box 8 Typescript, At Home with Albert Schweitzer / Borge Friis 1961(?)
Box 8 Albert Schweitzer Elementary School (Pennsylvania) 1960
Box 8 Radio and television broadcasts 1949-1957
Box 8 Schweitzer Hospital Fund, Marion Mill Preminger 1954-1957 - includes formal papers, correspondence with Mrs. Marion Preminger
Box 9 Emma Haussknecht visit (1953-1954) 1953-1956
Box 9 Marionette Play, Oganga (Elisabeth L. Young) 1954 - includes script with dedication (in French) to Schweitzer, program, photographs, clippings
See also Financial records: Receipts: Contribution correspondence: Young, Elisabeth L. (Mrs. James) (Box 14)
Box 9 Schweitzer-related writings 1946-1950 - includes items by Emory Ross (3), Everett Skillings
Box 9 Schweitzer visit to U.S. 1949
Box 9 Aspen Lecture on Goethe (English) 1949
Board of directors
Box 9 1979-1987
Box 10 1975-1978
Box 10 1972
Box 10 Correspondence 1984-1987
Box 10 Nominating Committee 1984-1987
Box 10 Executive Committee 1964-1968
Financial records
Box 11 Miscellaneous 1976-1987 - includes bank statements, annual financial reports, correspondence regarding finances, nonprofit forms
Box 12 Miscellaneous 1967-1975
Oversize 1 Cash disbursement Ledger 1962-1979
Box 12 Expenditures 1985-1987
Box 13 Expenditures 1984
Box 13 Expenditures 1982
Box 13 1982-1987 - includes bequest documentation
Box 13 1979-1980
Box 13 1974-1977
Box 13 1972
Contributions - correspondence
Box 13 Miscellaneous 1990-1992
Box 13 A-C 1953-1971
Box 13 D-G 1953-1971
Box 14 H-K 1953-1970
Box 14 Keating, George T. 1949-1971
Box 14 L-M 1953-1970
Box 14 Lande, Reinhard N. 1960-1971
Box 14 Measey, William Maul 1956-1964
Box 14 N-R 1953-1970
Box 14 S 1953-1970
Box 14 T-Z 1953-1970
Box 14 Young, Elisabeth L. (Mrs. James) 1957-1969
See also Subject files: Marionette Play, Oganga (Elisabeth L. Young) (Box 9)
Box 14 Contributor lists 1946-1964
Box 14 Contribution logs 1947-1959
Box 14 Receipt forms 1985-1987
Box 15 Receipt forms 1977-1984
Box 16 Receipt forms 1975-1976
Box 16 Gifts of securities 1953-1970
Box 16 Bequests 1949-1972
Box 16 Auditor's statements 1956-1986
Box 17 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 1956-1971
Box 17 Chemical Bank New York Trust 1956-1966
Box 17 Insurance 1966
Box 17 Tax reports 1947-1965
Box 17 Bonds for hospital pensions 1948-1956, 1965
Box 17 Financial statements 1946-1958
Box 17 Investment funds 1948-1956
Box 17 Account books 1939-1945
ASF programs and projects
Medical Student Program
Box 18 1979-1987 - includes application materials, correspondence, student reports
Subject files
Box 18 Companion to Medical French 1985
Box 18 Foundation Prospect List 1982
Box 18 Manual for Interns 1981
Box 18 Catholic University Program 1986-1987
Box 18 20th Anniversary Commemoration 1985 - includes typescript of article by Jack Impey, "Albert Schweitzer: Prophet of Life"
Dr. Stanley G. Browne
Box 18 1979-1983 - includes materials relative to ASF's nomination of Browne for the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion
Box 18 Publications 1959-1980
Nobel Laureate Project
Box 18 1981-1982 - includes letters signed by Menachem Begin, Norman Borlaug, Linus Pauling, Andrei Sakharov, and Mother Teresa
Box 18 Lord Philip Noel-Baker 1982 - includes correspondence, speech, clippings, obituaries
Albert Schweitzer Centenary
Box 18 Events 1975
Box 19 Correspondence 1974-1975
Box 19 Clippings 1975
Oversize 2 Clippings scrapbooks 1975
Box 19 Concert 1/14/75 1974-1975
Oversize 3 Concert poster 1975
Box 19 Leprosy Rehabilitation Center Proposal 1971-1973
Fund-raising activities
Box 19 1981-1982
Box 19 1972-1974
Box 19 Howard A. Rusk, Consultant 1980-1983
Hospital Campaign
Box 19 1971-1974
Box 19 Board of Directors 1972-1974
Box 19 White House correspondence 1972-1974
Box 19 Edward W. Brooke Dinner 1974
Box 19 Paul Dudley White Luncheon 1972
Box 19 Harold L. Oram, Inc. 1971-1974
Box 20 Contributions 1972-1974
Box 20 Direct mail appeals 1972-1974
Box 20 Foundations 1972-1974
Box 20 Donor Records 1974
Box 20 Benefit concerts 1954-1959 - includes programs, correspondence and clippings
ASF publications
Box 20 Correspondence, etc. 1982-1987
ASF Courier
Box 20 Correspondence, etc. 1979-1986 - includes correspondence, clippings, article typescripts and manuscripts
Box 20 Correspondence, etc. 1975-1977
Box 20 Printed material 1959, 1974, 1978-1987
Box 21 Homer Jack, Schweitzer and Nuclear War 1984-1987
Box 21 John Impey 1985
Box 21 Lee Ellerbrock, Reverence for Life 1980
Box 21 Miscellaneous 1975-1976
Includes writings by Alan Cameron, Luis Cueto Coll, Norman Cousins, David L. Dungan, Leo Fishbein, Erwin R. Jacobi, Hermann Mai, Hans Margolius, Rhena Schweitzer Miller, Harold Robles, Otto Spear, Herbert Spiegelberg
Box 21 Albert Schweitzer, The Hospital at Lambarene during the War Years, 1939-1945 1947 - printed material
Box 21 Special projects and awards 1984-1986
Box 21 Videotapes: A Gift from Doctor Schweitzer 1986 2 cassettes (VHS and Beta)
Box 21 Filmstrip: Erica Anderson Presents Albert Schweitzer 1957-1965 - includes filmstrip, script and presentation guide, correspondence, distribution records
Albert Schweitzer Hospital
Box 21 1985-1987
Box 22 1971-1984
Box 23 1967-1970
Box 23 Annual meeting 1983
Box 23 Organizational Review documents 1982
Box 23 Financial reports 1974-1975
Box 23 Correspondence 1953-1962
Medical reports
Box 23 1983-1987 - includes French originals and English translations
Box 23 1973-1975, 1979-1982
Box 23 Miscellaneous 1972-1981
Hospital construction
Box 23 Miscellaneous 1975-1977 - includes photographs, blueprints, financial records
U.S. A.I.D. Grant
Box 23 Miscellaneous 1973-1978
Subject files
Box 23 Lambarene Hospital after Albert Schweitzer 1966-1986 - clippings
Box 23 Suppliers 1958-1970
Box 24 Suppliers 1958-1970
Box 24 Medical studies and evaluations 1961-1967
Box 24 Gifts, clippings 1956-1965
Box 24 Clara Palm Estate 1955-1960
Box 24 Report of visit to hospital 1947 - clipping
Box 24 1979-1987
Box 25 1973-1978
Box 25 1967-1971
Box 25 1963-1965
Box 25 1950-1951, 1961-1962
Box 25 National Schweitzer Associations 1947-1968 - includes groups in Aruba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland
Subject files
Box 25 Schweitzer International Symposium, Cambridge, England 1983 - includes correspondence, schedules and announcements, conference papers
Box 26 Schweitzer slide set, Netherlands 1981
Box 26 Schweitzer Symposium, Deventer, Netherlands 1978 - includes program, published papers
Box 26 Stamp project 1960-1975 - includes correspondence from 1960-81 with letters signed by Edward M. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Jacob Javits, set of stamps from Liberia
Box 26 Foundation Albert Schweitzer Prize, Netherlands 1964-1969
Box 26 Albert Schweitzer College, Switzerland 1954-1968
Box 26 Lambarene Hospital drawing (captions in French, German, English) 1948
Box 26 Schweitzer Sculpture, Netherlands undated - photographs
Box 26 Albert Schweitzer Bulletin (A.I.S.L., in German, English, French) 1976-1981
Box 26 Les Cahiers de l'Association Belge des Amis de Albert Schweitzer (Belgium) 1960-1965
Box 26 Cahiers Albert Schweitzer (France) 1962-1992
Box 26 Radiance (Glinsbach, France; English and French 1981-1986
Box 26 Lettres de l'Hopital du Dr. Albert Schweitzer a Lambarene (France) 1930-1966
Box 26 French publications (in English and French) 1955-1986
Box 26 Rundbrief-- Albert-Schweitzer-Komite in der DDR (East Germany) 1963-1989
Box 26 Albert-Schweitzer-Komite in der DDR: Special Issues 1975, 1980
Box 27 Rundbrief far alle Freunde von Albert Schweitzer (West Germany) 1984-1991
Box 27 Rundbrief far alle Freunde von Albert Schweitzer 1956-1982 - includes earlier titles: two series seem to combine during 1966-1970
Box 27 Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben, Gerhard Kahn (West Germany) 1985-1990
Box 27 West German publications 1959-?
Box 27 Dr. Schweitzer's Hospital Fund (Great Britain) 1929-1982
Box 27 British publications 1960, 1975
Box 27 Albert Schweitzer Bulletin/Eerbied voor het Leven en nieuws uit Lambarene (Netherlands) 1956-1966, 1968-1991 (2 folders)
Box 27 Dutch publications undated - includes set of photo-greeting cards
Box 27 Circulo de Amigos de Albert Schweitzer, Boletin (Spain) 1981-1982
Box 27 Berichte aus Lambarene (Switzerland) 1953-1991
Box 27 Nouvelles de Lambarene (Switzerland) 1958-1972, 1983
Box 27 Briefe aus dem Lambarenespital (Switzerland) 1925-1954
Box 27 Swiss publications 1955-1975
Box 27 Austrian, Polish, Swedish publications 1967-1986
Albert Schweitzer Center
Box 28 1981-1987
Box 28 1979
Box 28 1977
Box 28 1969-1971
Box 28 Miscellaneous 1977-1993 - includes issues of Reverence and A.S.F.H. Newsletter
Schweitzer memorabilia
Albert Schweitzer documents
Box 28 Letters 1940-1965 - includes original and photocopied letters, with many translations and annotations
Box 28 Letters undated
Box 28 Correspondence chronology (Laura Person) undated
Box 28 Article, "The U.N. Have No Right to Force Katanga to Pay the Congo" 1962-1963
Box 28 Miscellaneous writings 1946-1962
Box 28 Writings on Nuclear Issues 1958, 1961
Box 28 Sunday Worship at the Lambarene Hospital (German, French, English) 1931, 1958
Box 28 Statement, "A Declaration of Conscience" 1957
Box 28 Article, "Wie mein Lebenswerk entstand" 1957
Box 28 Lambarene Hospital drawings, autographed 1956
Box 28 Nobel Prize Address, "Le Probleme de la Paix" 1954
See also Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records: ASF office files: Subject files: Schweitzer Nobel Prize Address (Box 6) and Schweitzer-related materials: Clippings: Nobel Prize (Box 30)
Box 28 Article, "Medicine in the Jungle" 1954
Box 28 Letter, engraved on print block (in box) November 26, 1952
Speech, Humanity and Peace (German and English) 1951
Box 28 Transcript from Radio Address, "L'Ethique du Respect de la Vie" 1951
Box 28 Article, "Der fur Bachs Werke fur Violine solo erforderte Geigenbogen" 1950
Box 28 Lecture, "Goethe: His Personality and Work" 1949
Box 28 Interview and sermon 1947
Box 28 Tribute to Nathan Soderblom (English translation from Swedish) 1933
Box 28 Report of 1913 Arrival in Lambarene 1914? - includes French typescript of entry from Schweitzer's journal, published in Journal des Missions Evangeliques (May, 1914)
Box 28 Sermon (English translation) 1909?
Box 28 On the Significance of Bach (German) 1905
Box 28 Last Meditation on Reverence for Life undated
Box 28 Ausgewahlte Werke, Tables of Contents undated
Miscelleneous items by Schweitzer
See ASF Office Files: Subject Files, boxes 6-7, 9 and ASF Publications, box 21.
Helene Schweitzer documents
Box 29 Clippings 1950, 1957
Box 29 Correspondence 1937-1956 - includes lists and annotations compiled by Laura Person, particularly of correspondence between Helene and Emory and Myrta Ross
Box 29 Article on Albert Schweitzer 1949
Schweitzer-related materials
Box 29 Chronology for Albert Schweitzer 1971
Box 29 Tributes and memorials 1965-1966
Box 29 Evaluation of Schweitzer, Conor Cruise O'Brien 1966
Box 29 Article, "Letters from Albert Schweitzer in the Colby College Library" / Julius Seelye Bixler 1964
Box 29 Article, "Albert Schweitzer's Bach" 1960
Box 29 Color slides of Schweitzer, Lambarene, Gunsbach 1960?
Box 29 Erica Anderson's Albert Schweitzer Kalendar (picture calendar, German) 1959
Box 29 Pictures and photographs 1948-1951 - includes postcards of Lambarene, Colmar, and Gunsbach, photographs of Schweitzer in Gunsbach and Aspen
Box 29 Articles and notes 1933-1948
Box 29 Lambarene photos, Dr. Charles Joy 1947
See also ASF Office Files: Correspondence: Joy, Charles R. (Box 4)
Box 29 Copper cuts of Lambarene photos (in box) 1947? (5 items)
Box 29 Photo, Dwight Eisenhower, with inscription for Albert Schweitzer undated
Box 29 Dictaphone cassette, marked "Lambarene" undated
Box 29 Miscellaneous or undated undated
Box 29 Newspaper stories and interviews 1946-1975
Box 29 English language articles 1944-1968
Box 30 German language articles 1945-1968
Box 30 French language articles 1951-1965
Box 30 Scandinavian language articles 1953-1959
Box 30 Obituaries for Albert Schweitzer 1965-1966
Box 30 Hospital visitors 1947-1963
Box 30 Awards for Schweitzer 1955-1963 - includes list compiled by Laura Person, with bibliographic notations
Box 30 Languages other than English or German 1954-1961
Box 30 Opposition to Nuclear Weapons Tests 1954-1958
Box 30 Nobel Prize 1952-1954
See also Schweitzer Memorabilia: Albert Schweitzer Documents: Nobel Prize Address for the original in French (Box 28) and Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Records: ASF office files: Subject files: Schweitzer Nobel Prize Address (Box 6)
Treuenfels Obituary Collection
Box 30 International list of obituaries for Schweitzer 1965(?)
Box 30 Americas 1965
Box 30 United States 1965
Box 30 Asia and Africa 1965
Box 30 Australia and New Zealand 1965
Box 30 Europe 1965
Box 30 France 1965
Box 30 Germany 1965
Box 30 Great Britain 1965
Printed matter
Box 31 1990-1992
Box 31 1980-1989
Box 31 1970-1979
Box 31 1960-1969
Box 32 1960-1969
Box 32 1950-1959
Box 33 1950-1959
Box 33 1940-1949
Box 33 1930-1939
Box 34 Publications by or about Albert Schweitzer, various languages and dates
List of items:
Albert Schweitzer, Decadência e Regeneracão da Cultura 1959
—. Minha Vida e Minhas Idéas 1931
—. Minha Infância e Mocidade, Histórias Africanas ?
—. Het Licht in Ons (2 copies) 1950
—. Genie der Menschlichkeit 1957
—. De mi Infancia y Juventud 1954
—. Etudes et Temoignages 1952
—. Out of My Life and Thought (in Japanese) 1939?
—. Een Pelikan vertelt 1980
—. Paix ou Guerre atomique 1958
—. Goethe: der Mensch and das Werk 1949
—. Goethe 1950
—. Afrikanische Geschichten 1956
—. Fra min Barndom og Ungdom 1952
—. ¿Por qué premio Nóbel de la Paz? 1958
—. Glaube, ed. R. Brüllmann 1982
—. The Living Word, Dynamic Maturity Mar., 1966
—. Your Second Job, Reader's Digest (2 copies) Oct., 1949
Albert Schweitzer and Anna Wildikann, Eine Pelikan erzählt aus seinem Leben 1950
—. En Pelikan forteller fra sitt Liv 1954
Susan Hampshire, Susan's Story 1983
George L. Hunt, Ten Makers of Modern Protestant Thought, 1958
Hans Walter Bähr, ed., Albert Schweitzer, (German) 1966
Hans Margolius, System der Ethik (2 copies) 1967
—. Werte und Wege 1977
—. Gedanken; Thoughts 1964
C. F. Andrews, Was ich Christus verdanke 1947
Meno Spann and C. R. Goedsche, Deutsch Denker und Forscher 1954
Anita Daniel, Albert Schweitzer 1963
Sevald Simonsen, Legen i Urskogen: Albert Schweitzer (2 copies) 1950?, 1955
Greta Lagerfelt, ed., Fyrbåken i Irskogen: Albert Schweitzer i Lambarene (2 copies) 1925-1950, 1950
Johann Joseph Fuchs, Die Lehre vom Kontrapunt 1938
Hermann Baur, "Für oder gegen Albert Schweitzer" [offprint from Hippokrates, vol. 23 1962
—. Albert Schweitzer: a Clarification (ET of above article) 1962
Yosuf Karsh, "Albert Schweitzer", Reader's Digest July, 1958
Emory S. Bogardus, "Albert Schweitzer as a Leader", Sociology and Social Research 1957
Noel Gillespie, "With Schweitzer in Lambarene', Wisconsin Magazine of History Spring 1971
Louise Jilek-Aall, Call Mama Doctor: African Notes of a Young Woman Doctor 1979
LeGette Blythe, Mountain Doctor [E. Gaine Cannon] 1964
Leopold Wech, ed., Albert Schweitzer: Fackeltrager der Menschlichkeit 1959
Rhena Schweitzer Miller, "Albert Schweitzer and His Nuclear Concerns Seen Today, Syracuse University Library Associates Courier, Fall, 1986 (offprint)
Fritz Wartenweiler, Der Urwald Doktor: Albert Schweitzer, ?
Harald Tigerström, En Brevskrivartrio 1986
Charles Joy and Melvin Arnold, Albert Schweitzer (Indonesian translation) ?
Robert Blum, Offrande au Docteur Schweitzer; Poémes 1955
Rudolf Grabs, Albert Schweitzer: Weg und Werk eines Menschenfreundes 1954
M. L. R. O'Hara, Handbook of Ethics ?
Alfred Stucki, Albert Schweitzer: ein Christ der Tat 1954
Wijsheid uit het Oerwoud (day book with Schweitzer quotations) ?
Georges Marschal, Un Témoin un Ami 1982
—. Essais sur le fait religieux 1954
Georges Marschal and Henry Babel, L'Homme et la Foi 1957
Peter Lotar, Vom Sinn des Lebens: Ein Gesprach 1951
Lieselotte Hoffman, Ihr Herz schlug für das Tier 1958
Joseph Gollomb, Albert Schweitzer: Genius in der Wildness 1957
Emory Ross, African Heritage 1952
Fritz Buri, Albert Schweitzer und unsere Zeit 1947
Johan B. Hygen, Albert Schweitzers Tanker om Kulturen 1954
Sondra George, Oganga, (unpublished playscript) 1965?
Carl Stiefl, Doctor Schweitzer: a Life for the Younger Reader (unpublished typescript) 1988
About Albert Schweitzer (3 Reader's Digest articles) (2 copies) 1956
Die Zeichen der Zeit, heft 7 1956
Meddelanden från Professor Albert Schweitzers Verksamhet: XI-XIV (1935-38), XVI-XVIII (1940-44), XX-XXV (1947-57)
Scrapbook re: Schweitzer film, letters, clippings 1957
German brochures on books by and about A. S.
Boston Symphony Orchestra program, 1950-51 season
Brochures and pamphlets

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