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Thomas Bonn Collection of Publishers' Interviews

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bonn, Thomas L.
Title: Thomas Bonn Collection of Publishers' Interviews
Inclusive Dates: 1971-1981
Quantity: 1 linear ft.
Abstract: Interviews with publishers, art directors, editors, and others from American publishing houses.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Thomas Bonn was the librarian at the State University of New York (SUNY) Cortland. He authored two books on paperback cover art; as background and research material he interviewed numerous artists, illustrators, art directors, and publishers.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Thomas Bonn Collection of Publishers' Interviews consists of 105 CDs containing audio interviews with editors, art directors, artists, illustrators, legal personnel, and others from American publishing companies on the topic of cover art for paperbacks. There are also a few audio recordings of miscellaneous items -- a panel discussions on science fiction and fantasy art with Isaac Asimov, one CD of music, etc.

The recordings are in .cda format on CD-ROM; the original audiocassettes are no longer with the collection. The date they were transferred to digital format is unknown. The quality of the recordings varies widely but is generally only fair.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The CDs are arranged alphabetically by the name of the interviewee.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has the records of many publishers, including Grove Press, Spiral Press, Street and Smith, and many others. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Bonn, Thomas L.


Book industries and trade -- United States -- History.
Book jackets -- United States -- Design.
Commercial art.
Illustration of books -- United States.
Illustrators -- Interviews.
Paperbacks -- Publishing -- United States -- History.
Publishers and publishing -- Interviews.

Genres and Forms



Publishers and publishing.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Thomas Bonn Collection of Publishers' Interviews,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Transfer from Media, March 2009.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 30 Mar 2009
Revision history: 3 Apr 2009 - converted to EAD; 26 Jul 2016 - updates to 2 items (MRC); 15 Sep 2017 - item IDs added and locations updated (PJM)

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Asimov, Isaac (ID#: bonn_t_105)
See Miscellaneous: "Science fiction and fantasy art".
Box 1 Avanti, James 5/6/78 - Artist (ID#: bonn_t_002)
Box 1 Avanti, James 11/3/71 - Artist (ID#: bonn_t_001)
Box 1 Ballantine, Ian 5/5/78 - Editor, freelance (ID#: bonn_t_004)
Box 1 Ballantine, Ian and Betty 10/30/71 - Editors, freelance (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_004-005)
Box 1 Berger, Knox 11/3/71 - Agent, Dell, Gold Key (ID#: bonn_t_006)
Box 1 Berger, Knox 4/28/78 - Agent, Dell, Gold Key (ID#: bonn_t_007)
Box 1 Berseth, John 11/11/71 - Editor, author (ID#: bonn_t_008)
Box 1 Bertoli, Barbara 4/21/78 - Art director, Avon Books (ID#: bonn_t_009)
Box 1 Boni, Albert 10/28/71 - with Chandler Grannis and Winter Heyman (ID#: bonn_t_010)
Box 1 Brooks, Walter 5/1/79 - Illustrator, Dell, Weston, others (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_011-012)
Box 1 Busch, Ron 4/20/?? - Publisher, Ballantine (ID#: bonn_013)
Box 1 Carey, Peter 11/1/71 (ID#: bonn_t_014)
Box 1 Daigh, Ralph 6/1/82 - Publisher (founding), Fawcett Books (ID#: bonn_t_015)
Box 1 Degraff, Robert 10/27/71 - Blue Ribbon, Simon & Schuster, etc. (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_016-017)
Box 1 Degraff, Robert 10/27/71 - Simon & Schuster (ID#: bonn_t_018)
Box 1 Degraff, Robert undated - Simon & Schuster (ID#: bonn_t_019)
Box 1 Degraff, Robert (Mrs.) 3/17/79 - with Mrs. David Noyes, Jr. (ID#: bonn_t_020)
Box 1 Degraff, Robert (Mrs.) undated (ID#: bonn_t_021)
Denota, Barney 5/1/78 (ID#: bonn_t_038)
See Hall, W. F.
Box 1 Doebler, Paul 11/8/71 - with Mary Traina (ID#: bonn_t_022)
Box 1 Dystal, Oscar 4/25/78 - President, Bantam Books (ID#: bonn_t_023)
Box 1 Dystal, Oscar 6/24/82 - President, Bantam Books (ID#: bonn_t_024)
Box 1 Enoch, Kurt 10/20/71 - President, New American Library; also includes Peter Gruenthal (ID#: bonn_t_025)
Box 1 Enoch, Kurt 4/12/78 - President, New American Library (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_026-027)
Box 1 Erikson, Rolf 6/10/82 - Photographer (ID#: bonn_t_028)
Box 1 Fulton, Ken 11/6/81 - "Ken Fulton, John White, etc. Paperback talk at the New York Statler Hilton" (ID#: bonn_t_029)
Box 1 Gignilliat, Elaine 11/9/81 - Cover artist, romance covers; also includes notes on an interview with John Tali or Tolly, who worked at New American Library with Jack Kerouac and Ian Fleming. (ID#: bonn_t_030)
Box 1 Glaser, Milton 11/9/71 - Director, New York Magazine (ID#: bonn_t_031)
Box 1 Goldfind, Norman 4/14/78 - President, Baronet Publishing Company (ID#: bonn_t_032)
Box 1 Graeclon, Salvitore, Laskey & Abel 10/26/71 (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_033-034)
Box 1 Greenburg, Mark 4/21/78 - Advertising and promotion (VP), Warner Brothers (ID#: bonn_t_035)
Box 2 Gregory, William 5/4/78 - Art director, Reader's Digest Condensed Books (ID#: bonn_t_036)
Grannis, Chandler 10/28/71
See Boni, Albert.
Box 2 Gross, George 8/30/79 - Cover artist (ID#: bonn_t_036)
Gruenthal, Peter 10/20/71 (ID#: bonn_t_025)
See Enoch, Kurt, 10/20/71.
Box 2 Hall, W. F. 5/1/78 - with Robert O'Connor and Barney Denota (ID#: bonn_t_038)
Box 2 Harvell, Quentin 4/17/78 - Executive director (ID#: bonn_t_039)
Heyman, Winter 10/28/71 (ID#: bonn_t_010)
See Boni, Albert.
Box 2 Hockvert, Hal 5/5/78 - Production, Pocket Books (ID#: bonn_t_040)
Box 2 Hooks, Michael 8/28/78 - Illustrator, Dell, Avon, etc. (ID#: bonn_t_041)
Box 2 Howe, Wellis 11/12/71 (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_042-043)
Box 2 Immerman, Sol 3/13/68 - Vice President, Simon & Schuster (ID#: bonn_t_044)
Box 2 Immerman, Sol 11/2/71 - Art director, Pocket Books (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_045-046)
Box 2 Immerman, Sol 5/19/78 (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_047-048)
Box 2 Immerman, Sol 5/30/78 (ID#: bonn_t_049)
Box 2 Jonas, Robert 4/30/78 - Illustrator, Penguin, Signet, etc. (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_050-051)
Box 2 Jossel, M. J. 4/24/78 - Advertising and promotion, Dell; also has Ovdover interview (ID#: bonn_t_052)
Box 2 Kemmet, Jerry 4/20/78 - Book manager, Kable News (ID#: bonn_t_053)
Box 2 Kozelek, Frank 5/3/78 - Art director, Berkley Books (ID#: bonn_t_054)
Box 2 Lenk, Edward 5/2/78 - Sales (VP), Ace Books (ID#: bonn_t_055)
Box 2 Leone, Leonard 11/9/71 (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_056-057)
Box 2 Leone, Leonard 5/2/78 - Art director, Bantam Books (ID#: bonn_t_058)
Box 2 Lewine, Harris 5/5/78 - Art director, General Books (ID#: bonn_t_059)
Box 2 Lewis, Freeman 11/4/71 - Co-founder, Pocket Books (3 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_060, 061, 062)
Box 2 Lieberman, Frank 8/15/78 - Cover artist (ID#: bonn_t_063)
Box 2 Maas, Ted 5/3/78 - Dale Books; with Roberta Morgan (ID#: bonn_t_064)
Box 2 Marchetti, Lou 2/21/78 - Artist, Popular Library (ID#: bonn_t_065)
Box 2 Marci, Ted 4/27/78 - Rights and permissions, Doubleday (ID#: bonn_t_066)
Box 2 Marye, May 11/12/71 (ID#: bonn_t_067)
Box 2 Mayer, Helen 11/12/71 (ID#: bonn_t_068)
Box 2 Mayer, Peter 5/4/78 - President, Pocket Books (ID#: bonn_t_069)
Box 2 McVicker, Charles 5/1/78 - President, Society of Illustrators and Paperback Artists (ID#: bonn_t_070)
Box 3 Meade, Walter 4/17/78 - Vice President, Avon Books (ID#: bonn_t_071)
Box 3 Milton, Charles 4/17/78 - Art director, Pocket Books (ID#: bonn_t_072)
Morgan, Roberta 5/3/78 - Dale Books (ID#: bonn_t_064)
See Maas, Ted.
Noyes, David Jr. (Mrs.) 3/17/79 (ID#: bonn_t_020)
See Degraff, Robert (Mrs.), 3/17/79.
Box 3 Nevler, Leona 4/26/78 - Editor, Fawcett Books (ID#: bonn_t_073)
Box 3 O'Connor, Charles 11/9/71 (ID#: bonn_t_074)
Box 3 O'Connor, John 11/9/81 - President, Fawcett Books (ID#: bonn_t_075)
Box 3 O'Connor, Patrick 5/3/78 - Editor-in-chief, Popular Library (ID#: bonn_t_076)
Box 3 O'Connor, Robert 11/5/71 (ID#: bonn_t_077)
O'Connor, Robert 5/1/78 (ID#: bonn_t_038)
See Hall, W. F..
Ovdover, B. 4/25/78 - Editor-in-chief, Jove (ID#: bonn_t_052)
See Jossel, M. J.
Box 3 Palmari, James 4/19/78 - Art director (ID#: bonn_t_078)
Box 3 Palumbo, Mary Ann 5/5/78 - Publicity, New American Library (ID#: bonn_t_079)
Box 3 Papastergiou, Diana 4/18/79 - Production manager, Dell (ID#: bonn_t_080)
Box 3 Perez, Tessie 4/19/78 - Publicity (assistant to publicity directory, Avon Books (ID#: bonn_t_081)
Box 3 Phillips, Dale 5/2/78 - Art director, Fawcett Books (ID#: bonn_t_082)
Box 3 Pinzke, Herb undated - Illustrator (ID#: bonn_t_083)
Box 3 Reed, Walt 9/9/81 - Curator, writer, Illustration House Gallery (ID#: bonn_t_084)
Box 3 Rofheart, Edward 4/18/78 - Art director, Popular Library (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_085-086)
Box 3 Rubinsky, Gerald 4/27/78 - President, Condor Books (ID#: bonn_t_087)
Box 3 Saunders, Norman 4/27/78 - Illustrator, Ace, Bantam (ID#: bonn_t_088)
Box 3 Shimkin, Leon 11/2/71 - Partner, Simon & Schuster (ID#: bonn_t_089)
Box 3 Shimkin, Leon 4/17/78 - Chairman of the Board, Pocket Books (ID#: bonn_t_090)
Box 3 Shircliff, Bernard 4/27/78 - Editor-in-chief, Warner Brothers (ID#: bonn_t_090)
Box 3 Shircliff, Bernard undated (ID#: bonn_t_092)
Box 3 Schnall, Herbert 4/13/78 - President, New American Library (ID#: bonn_t_093)
Box 3 Taylor, Frank 5/3/78 - Avon, Dell (ID#: bonn_t_094)
Box 3 Toby, Carl 4/25/78 - President, Dell (ID#: bonn_t_095)
Traina, Mary 11/8/71 - Production manager, Avon Books (ID#: bonn_t_022)
See Doebler, Paul.
Box 3 Turck, Seymour undated (ID#: bonn_t_096)
Box 3 Walters, Raymond 11/2/71 (ID#: bonn_t_097)
Box 3 Watson, Gary 6/1/79 - Illustrator (ID#: bonn_t_098)
White, John (ID#: bonn_t_029)
See Fulton, Ken.
Box 3 Weybright, Victor 10/29/71 - Weybright and Tally, Inc. (ID#: bonn_t_099)
Box 3 Weybright, Victor 4/13/78 - Senior editor, Weybright and Tally, Inc. (ID#: bonn_t_100)
Box 3 Wollheim, Donald Allen 5/4/78 - Editor, art director, Dell (ID#: bonn_t_101)
Box 3 Aesthetics and effectiveness of cover art undated - interviewee unknown; possibly Barbara Bertolli of Avon (ID#: bonn_t_102)
Box 3 Avati in Utopia, other undocumented articles undated - translated by Piet Schneuders (2 CDs) (ID#: bonn_t_103-104)
Box 3 "Science fiction and fantasy art" - "with Isaac Asimov and friends," Society of Illustrators (ID#: bonn_t_105)
Box 3 Some dinner music 1971 (ID#: bonn_t_106)

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