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Jean Burden Papers

An inventory of her papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Burden, Jean.
Title: Jean Burden Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1931-1993
Quantity: 11 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American poet, author, poetry editor for Yankee magazine. Born 1914. Correspondence, manuscript and published articles, poems, and memoirs; and memorabilia, including photographs.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Jean Burden (1914- ) is an American poet, essayist, anthologist, teacher and editor. Born in Waukegan, Illinois, she attended the University of Chicago, graduating in 1936. She has been West Coast editor of Faith Today and of Yankee magazine, where she later (1955) took a position as poetry editor. She has published books of poetry and of essays, and her work has appeared in numerous national magazines including Poetry, Atlantic, American Scholar, Trace, Saturday Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Better Homes and Gardens, Mademoiselle, Prairie Schooner, Southern Review. She has also published several books on pet care,

In addition to her writing, for nearly ten years (1956-1965) Ms Burden served as administrative officer for the Meals for Millions Foundation in Los Angeles, California. She has taught both privately and in workshops, and since 1966 has done freelance public relations work.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Jean Burden Papers consists of correspondence and audiovisual recordings.

Correspondence-subject files. Correspondents include artists, authors, editors, and publishers, as well as friends and family. Notable correspondents include Russell Banks, Eric Barker, Robert Bly, Arna Bontemps, William Stanley Braithwaite, Gwendolyn Brooks, John Ciardi, Norman Cousins, Peter De Vries, August Derleth, Ivan Doig, Helene Hanff, Archibald Macleish, Rollo May, Christopher Morley, Alfred Neumann, May Sarton, Charles M. Schulz, John Tagliabue, Laurens Van der Post, Alan Watts, Thornton Wilder, and many more.

Recordings include interviews, radio appearances, poetry readings, memorial services, panel discussions, and more. Most feature Burden prominently, but a few are recordings of others such as episodes of Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence-subject files are arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Recordings are arranged alphabetically by title, as written on the item.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Access to audiovisual material requires advance notice to produce a use copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Abbe, George, 1911-1989.
Adler, Carol (Poet)
Akers, Dana Kneeland.
Allen, Sara Van Alstyne.
Ames, Amyas.
Ames, Evelyn Perkins.
Armour, Anobel, 1908-
Aronin, Ben, 1904-1980.
Athill, Diana.
Baker, Phyllis.
Banks, Russell, 1940-
Barker, Eric, 1905-1973.
Barker, Lucy Munro.
Baskett, Lois R.
Blackwell, Betsy Talbot.
Block, Allan, 1923-2013.
Bly, Robert.
Boggs, W. Arthur.
Bond, Harold, 1939-
Bontemps, Arna, 1902-1973.
Borgatta, Isabel Case.
Braithwaite, William Stanley, 1878-1962.
Brasier, Virginia.
Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000.
Broomell, Myron Henry, 1906-
Bullock, Marie, 1911-1986.
Bunche, Ralph J. (Ralph Johnson), 1904-1971.
Burden, Jean.
Carpenter, Margaret.
Carruth, Hayden, 1921-2008.
Chambers, John, -1801.
Cherwinski, Joseph, 1915-
Ciardi, John, 1916-1986.
Ciletti, Jim.
Claytor, Gertrude.
Cole, Lucretia.
Congdon, Kirby.
Cousins, Norman.
Coze, Paul.
Dayton, Irene, 1922-
De Vries, Peter, 1910-1993.
Derleth, August, 1909-1971.
Deutsch, Babette, 1895-1982.
Dickey, James.
Dillon, George, 1906-1968.
Dooley, Thomas A. (Thomas Anthony), 1927-1961.
Eberhart, Richard, 1904-2005.
Exman, Eugene.
Farber, Norma.
Fitzell, Lincoln, 1903-1958.
Flanner, Hildegarde, 1899-1987.
Flanner, Janet, 1892-1978.
Frank, Nancy (Nancy K.), 1954-
Frumkin, Gene.
Funk, Peter, 1921-2016.
Garrett, Eileen J. (Eileen Jeanette), 1893-1970.
Gould, Jean, 1909-1993.
Gullans, Charles B.
Haag, John.
Hale, Judson D.
Hall, Donald, 1928-2018.
Hallinan, Nancy.
Harlow, Michael.
Honig, Edwin.
Howard, Frances Minturn.
Inez, Colette.
Jacobsen, Josephine.
Jerome, Judson.
Joost, Nicholas.
Junkins, Donald, 1931-
Kahn, Hannah.
Kaufman, Mervyn D.
Keith, Joseph Joel.
Kellogg, Hansen.
Kornitzer, Bela.
Kretz, Thomas S.
Kunitz, Stanley, 1905-2006.
Liebler, H. B.
MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982.
Masters, Marcia Lee.
Mathewson, William.
May, Rollo.
Mayerson, Charlotte, 1927-
Miles, Josephine, 1911-1985.
Miller, Sigmund Stephen.
Miranda, Gary.
Moore, Merrill, 1903-1957.
Morehouse, Kathleen.
Morley, Christopher, 1890-1957.
Nemerov, Howard.
Neumann, Alfred, 1895-1952.
Nims, John Frederick, 1913-1999.
Noyes, Sandy.
O'Hehir, Diana, 1929-
Oakes, Maud, 1903-1990.
Oliver, Mary, 1935-2019.
Owings, Margaret.
Pedrick, Jean, 1922-
Pitter, Ruth, 1897-1992.
Powell, Lawrence Clark, 1906-2001.
Rago, Henry, 1915-1969.
Rajagopal, D.
Raymond, Richard C.
Richardson, Dorothy Lee.
Riggs, Dionis Coffin.
Robbins, Martin.
Roddan, Brooks.
Rollins, Leighton, 1900-1981.
Rose, Karen.
Roseliep, Raymond, 1917-1983.
Ross, Nancy Wilson, 1901-1986.
Sagendorph, Robb Hansell.
Sarton, May, 1912-1995.
Schevill, James, 1920-2009.
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000.
Scott, Winfield Townley, 1910-1968.
Shapiro, Karl, 1913-2000.
Simpson, Louis, 1923-2012.
Smith, Hallett, 1907-1996.
Snow, Wilbert, 1884-1977.
Stafford, William, 1914-1993.
Stoloff, Carolyn.
Swenson, Karen.
Swenson, May.
Tagliabue, John, 1923-2006.
Triem, Eve, 1902-1992.
Untermeyer, Jean Starr, 1886-1970.
Van der Post, Laurens.
Watts, Alan, 1915-1973.
West, Cristy.
Wheelock, John Hall, 1886-1978.
White, Betty, 1924-
Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.
Worthington, Thomas.
Wright, Celeste Turner.
Zimmer, Paul.

Corporate Bodies

Meals for Millions, Inc.

Associated Titles

Yankee (Dublin, N.H.)


American poetry -- 20th century.
American poetry -- Women authors.
Authors, American.
Pet food industry -- Public relations.
Poets, American -- 20th century.
Women authors, American.
Women poets, American.

Genres and Forms

16mm (photographic film size)
Autobiographies (literary works)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Sound recordings.
Video recordings (physical artifacts)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Jean Burden Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Jean Burden, 1969-2009.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: –
Date: ca. 1985
Revision history: 7 Apr 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 1 Jun 2021 - recordings added (MRC)

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Correspondence-subject files
Box 1 Biographical material
Box 1 Burden, David and Virginia
Box 1 Burden family (miscellaneous)
Box 1 Prussing, Rudy E.
Box 1 Prussing family (miscellaneous)
Box 1 A, miscellaneous
Box 1 Aal, Katharyn Machan
Box 1 Abbe, George Bancroft
Box 1 Academy of American Poets
See also Bullock, Marie
Box 1 Ackerson, Duane
Box 1 Adler, Carol
Box 1 Akers, Dana Kneeland
Box 1 Aldridge, Richard
Box 1 Allen, Sara Van Alstyne
Box 1 American Academy in Rome
Box 1 The American Home
Box 1 The American Scholar
Box 1 Ames, Amyas
Box 1 Ames, Bernice
Box 1 Ames, Eli
Box 1 Ames, Evelyn 1955-1984, undated (14 folders)
Box 1 Ames, Joan
Box 1 Anderson, Doug
Box 1 Andrews, Tom
Box 1 Angus, Sylvia
Box 1 Appel, Dori
Box 1 Armour, Anobel
Box 1 Aronin, Ben
Box 1 Athill, Diana
Box 1 The Atlantic Monthly
See also Weeks, Edward
Box 1 Auf der Heide, Lisl
Box 1 Author & Journalist
Box 1 Axeen, Lyssa
Box 1 B, miscellaneous
Box 1 Baker, John
Box 1 Baker, Phyllis
Box 1 Banks, Russell
Box 1 Barker, Eric 1953-1959
Box 2 Barker, Eric 1960-1971, undated
Box 2 Barker, Lucy Munro
Box 2 Barnes, Kate
Box 2 Barnes, Margaret W.
Box 2 Barrett, Susan E.
Box 2 Baskett, Lois R.
Box 2 Behm, Richard
Box 2 Bentley, Beth
Box 2 Berryman, Jo
Box 2 Blackwell, Betsy Talbot
Box 2 Block, Allen
Box 2 Bly, Robert
Box 2 Boggs, W. Arthur
Box 2 Bond, Bruce
Box 2 Bond, Harold
Box 2 Bontemps, Arna Wendell
Box 2 Booker, Stephen Todd
Box 2 Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards
See also Poetry Awards
Box 2 Borgatta, Isabel Case
Box 2 Borgatta, Robert
Box 2 Bowers, Neal
Box 2 Boyers, Robert
See also Salmagundi
Box 2 Braiser, Virginia
Box 2 Braithwaite, William Stanley
Box 2 Bray, Louise
Box 2 Brooks, Gwendolyn
Box 2 Broomell, Myron 1949-1971
Box 2 Broughton, T. Alan
Box 2 Brown, Lea W. ("Topaz")
Box 2 Brown, Richard
Box 2 Bullock, Marie and Hugh
Box 2 Bunche, Ralph
Box 2 Burgess, Stella Fisher
Box 2 Burns, Ralph
Box 2 Burns, William
Box 2 Butcher, Grace
Box 2 C, miscellaneous
Box 2 Caldwell, Katherine
Box 2 Cameron, Eleanor
Box 2 Campbell, Joan
Box 2 Caples, Robert Cole
Box 2 Carlisle, Thomas John
Box 2 Carnation Company
Box 2 Carnegie Corporation of New York
Box 2 Carpenter, Margaret
Box 3 Carpenter, Nan C.
Box 3 Carruth, Hayden
Box 3 Carter, John Stewart
Box 3 Casto, Robert Clayton
Box 3 Chambers, John
Box 3 Chase, Naomi Feigelson
Box 3 Cherwinski, Joseph
Box 3 Chitwood, Michael
Box 3 Ciardi, John
Box 3 Ciletti, Jim
Box 3 Clare, William
Clarke & Way, Inc.
See October House
Box 3 Claytor, Gertrude
Box 3 Clewell, David
Box 3 Coastlines Literary Magazine
Box 3 Cole, Henri
Box 3 Cole, Lucretia
Box 3 Cole, Madelene
Box 3 Cole, Mary
Box 3 Coleman, Jane
Box 3 Colorado Quarterly
Box 3 Congdon, Kirby
Box 3 Coulter, Frances
Box 3 Courtois, Flora
Box 3 Cousins, Norman
Box 3 Coze, Paul
Box 3 Cramer, Barbara
Box 3 Crawford, John W.
Box 3 The Critic
Box 3 Crooker, Barbara
Box 3 D, miscellaneous
Box 3 Dacey, Philip
Box 3 Dalton, Dorothy
Box 3 Daniel, John
Box 3 Darling, Charles
Box 3 Dauer, Rosamond
Box 3 D'Auria, Gemma
Box 3 Dayton, Irene
Box 3 De Frees, Madeline
Box 3 Dempsey, Ivy and Joe
Box 3 DePaur, Leonard
Box 3 DePoy, Phillip
Box 3 Der Hovanessian, Diana
Box 3 Derleth, August William
Box 3 Desy, Peter
Box 3 Deutsche, Babette
Box 3 DeVries, Peter and Katinka
Box 3 Dickey, James
Box 3 Dillon, George
Box 3 Dine, Carol
Box 3 Djanikian, Gregory
Box 3 Dobbins, Mardell Dressler
Box 3 Doherty, Edward Joseph
Box 3 Doig, Ivan
Box 3 Donahey, William and Mary
Box 3 Donnelly, Susan
Box 3 Dooley, Thomas
Box 3 Dorman, Sonya
Box 3 Downes, Edith S.
Box 3 Downey, Bill
Box 3 Drake, Leah Bodine
Box 3 Dubroff, Susanne
Box 3 Duryee, Mary Ballard
Box 3 E, miscellaneous
Box 3 Eaton, Charles Edward
Box 3 Eberhart, Richard
Box 3 Ellis, Betty
Box 3 Ericksen, Jane and Stanford C.
Box 3 [Paul S.] Eriksson, Publisher
Box 3 Exman, Eugene
Box 3 F, miscellaneous
Box 3 Farber, Norma
Box 3 Feldman, Ruth
Box 3 Fellowship Church
Box 3 Fincke, Gary
Box 3 Fischer, John
Box 3 Fitzell, Lincoln
Box 3 Flanner, Hildegarde 1961-1981 (7 folders)
Box 4 Flanner, Hildegarde 1982-1988 (2 folders)
Box 4 Flanner, Janet
Box 4 Fles, Barthold
Box 4 Fogel, Alice B.
Box 4 Folds, Suzanne Lord
Box 4 Ford, Edsel
Box 4 Ford Foundation
Box 4 Fowler, Jay Bradford
Box 4 Fox, Cecilia
Box 4 Frank, Jacqueline
Box 4 Frank, Nancy
Box 4 Freedman, Louis N.
Box 4 Fromm, Erich
Box 4 Frumkin, Gene
Box 4 Funk, Peter
Box 4 Furlaud, Alice
Box 4 G, miscellaneous
Box 4 Gallagher, Tess
Box 4 Galvin, Brendan
Box 4 Gardner, Isabella
Box 4 Garrett, Eileen
Box 4 The Georgia Review
Box 4 Gerber, Merrill Joan
Box 4 Gibb, Robert
Box 4 Glaser, Elton
Box 4 Goldman, Judy
Box 4 Golffing, Barbara Gibbs
Box 4 Gottlieb, Lois D.
Box 4 Gould, Jean
Box 4 Green, Jane Nugent
Box 4 Gribbin, George
Box 4 Grossman, Allen
Box 4 [John Simon] Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Box 4 Guideposts
Box 4 Gullans, Charles
Box 4 Gustafson, Joseph
Box 4 H, miscellaneous
Box 4 Haag, John
Hale, Judson
See Yankee
Box 4 Hall, Amanda Benjamin
Box 4 Hall, Donald
Box 4 Hallinan, Nancy
Box 4 Handy, Nixeon Civille
Box 4 Hanff, Helene
Box 4 Hansen, Tom
Box 4 Harleman, Ann
Box 4 Harlow, Michael
Box 4 Harper & Brothers
Box 4 Harris, Claudia
Box 4 Harris, Norene
Box 4 Harrison, Janet E.
Box 4 Harter, Penny
Box 4 Hashmey, Nuri
Box 4 Hay, Sara Henderson
Box 4 Hearst, James
Box 4 Hellyer, Connie Hopkins
Box 4 Helfferich, Reginald
Box 4 Heuser, Gunnar
Box 4 Hillyer, Laurie
Box 4 Hodgen, John
Box 4 Holden, Raymond P. and Barbara
Box 4 Holmes, John
Box 4 Holt Magazines
Box 4 Hongo, Garrett Kaoru
Box 4 Honig, Edwin
Box 4 Hooper, Patricia
Box 4 House Beautiful
Box 4 Howard, Frances Minturn 1953-1956 (3 folders)
Box 5 Howard, Frances Minturn 1957-1990, undated (13 folders)
Box 5 Humes, Harry
Box 5 Hyett, Barbara Helfgott
Box 5 I, miscellaneous
Box 5 Ito, Miyoko
Box 5 Inez, Colette
Box 5 J, miscellaneous
Box 5 Jacobsen, Josephine
Box 5 Jacobsen, Marge
Box 5 Jacoby, Grover
Box 5 James, Gwen
Box 5 Janzen, Jean
Box 5 Jean Burden Poetry Series (California State University, Los Angeles)
Box 5 Jensen, Jeff
Box 5 Jennings, Leslie
Box 5 Jerome, Judson
Box 5 Johnson, Dave and Jane
Box 5 Joost, Nicholas
Box 5 Junkins, Donald
Box 5 K, miscellaneous
Box 5 Kahn, Hannah
Box 5 Karr, Mary
Box 5 Kaufman, Mervyn D.
Box 5 Keating, Diane
Kefferstan, Jean
See Pedrick, Jean
Box 5 Keith, Joseph Joel
Box 5 Keithley, George
Box 5 Kellogg, Hanson
Box 5 King, Nancy
Box 5 Kinkead, Garreth P.
Box 5 Kirk, Lee Crawley
Box 5 Kirkup, James
Box 5 Kirschner, Elizabeth
Box 5 Kizer, Carolyn
Box 5 Kohlsaat, Caroline
Box 6 Kopp, Karl
Box 6 Kornitzer, Bela
Box 6 Kretz, Thomas
Box 6 Krishnamurti Writings, Inc.
Box 6 Kroll, Ernest
Box 6 Kumin, Maxine
Box 6 Kunitz, Stanley
Box 6 L, miscellaneous
Box 6 La Belle, Jenijoy
Box 6 La Bombard, Joan
Box 6 La Cossitt, Henry
Box 6 Laing, Alexander
Box 6 Laird, Ken
Box 6 Lamb, Elizabeth S.
Box 6 Lane, Frona
Box 6 Langland, Joseph
Box 6 Lazard, Naomi
Box 6 Lesemann, Maurice
Box 6 Levenberg, Diane
Box 6 Levy, Robert J.
Box 6 Libbey, Elizabeth
Box 6 Lieberman, Laurence
Box 6 Liebler, W. B.
Box 6 Lineaweaver, Marion McLennan
Box 6 Little, Geraldine Clinton
Loeser, Katinka
See DeVries, Peter and Katinka
Box 6 Logan, John
Box 6 Logue, Carol Jean
Box 6 Lohmann, Jeanne
Box 6 Longchamps, Joanne de
Box 6 Lowe, Naoma and Mac
Box 6 Lunn, Jean
Box 6 M, miscellaneous
Box 6 McDonald, Walter
Box 6 MacLeish, Archibald
Box 6 MacLeish, Roderick
Box 6 McMillan, Jackie
Box 6 MacMillan, William J.
Box 6 McNair, Wesley
Box 6 McQuilkin, Eleanor A.
Box 6 McQuilkin, Rennie
See Blackwell, Betsy Talbot
Box 6 Magee, Irene
Box 6 Majerova, Vlasta
Box 6 Mandel, Peter
Box 6 Manfred, Freya F.
Box 6 Marcus, Mordecai
Box 6 Masinga, Edward
Box 6 Masters, Marcia Lee
Box 6 Masterson, Dan
Box 6 Mathewson, William
Box 6 May, Rollo
Mayerson, Charlotte
See Random House, Inc.
Box 6 Meinke, Peter
Box 6 Menebroker, Ann
Box 6 Merriam, Eve
Box 6 Merrifield, Charles W.
Box 6 Middlebrook, Diane
Box 6 Miles, Josephine
Box 6 Miller, Henry
Box 6 Miller, Sigmund and Phyllis
Box 6 Millett, Ricardo
Box 6 Mills, Laurel
Box 6 Mirakentz, Claire
Box 6 Miranda, Gary
Moore, Donald A.
See Carnation Company
Box 6 Moore, Merrill
Box 6 Moose, Ruth
Box 6 Morehouse, Kathleen Moore
Box 6 Morgan, Margaret
Box 6 Morley, Christopher
Box 6 Morris, Alice
Box 6 Mott, Michael
Munger, Hortense
See Roberts, Hortense Roberta
Box 6 John Murray
Box 6 N, miscellaneous
Box 6 Nash, Mildred J.
Box 6 Nash, Valery
Box 6 Nathan, Ruth Notkins
Box 6 National Endowment for the Arts
Box 6 Nelson, W. Dale
Box 6 Nemerov, Howard
Box 6 Nerber, John
Box 6 Neumann, Alfred and Kitty
Box 6 New England Review
Box 6 The New Yorker
Box 6 Nicholl, Louise Townsend
Box 6 Nichols, Douglas
Box 6 Nichols, Jeanne
Box 6 Nims, John Frederick
Box 7 Norris, William Clarkson
Box 7 Noyes, Libby
Box 7 Noyes, Charlotte
Box 7 Noyes, Sandy
Box 7 Nyhart, Nina
Box 7 O, miscellaneous
Box 7 Oakes, Maud
Box 7 [Harold] Ober Associates Inc.
Box 7 O'Conor, Norreys Jephson
Box 7 October House, Inc.
Box 7 Odam, Joyce
Box 7 O'Hehir, Diana
Box 7 Older, Julia
Box 7 Oliver, Mary
Box 7 [Harold] Orenstein, P.C.
Box 7 Osborne, Mary Elizabeth
Box 7 Owen, John S.
Box 7 Owings, Margaret
Box 7 Owings, Nathaniel A.
Box 7 P, miscellaneous
Box 7 Paquin, Olive Weaver
Box 7 Parker, Bonnie Elizabeth
Box 7 Parsons, Kitty
Box 7 Pastan, Linda
Box 7 Payne, Grace Visher
Box 7 Pedrick, Jean
Box 7 Peters, Robert
Box 7 Pfingston, Roger
Box 7 Pitter, Ruth
Poet & Critic
See Bowers, Neal
Box 7 Poetry
Box 7 Poetry Awards
See also Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards
Box 7 Poetry Society of Arnerica
Box 7 Pond, Melora Hobbs
Box 7 Popular Library
Box 7 Powell, Dannye Romine
Box 7 Powell, Lawrence Clark
Box 7 Prairie Schooner
Box 7 Q, miscellaneous
Box 7 Quagliano, Tony
Box 7 R, miscellaneous
Box 7 Radford, Miriam
Box 7 Rago, Henry
Box 7 Rajagopal, D.
Box 7 Random House, Inc.
Box 7 Ray, David
Box 7 Raymond, Richard C.
Box 7 Redbook Magazine
Box 7 Redmayne, Helen
Box 7 Reeves, Winnie
Box 7 Reiter, Thomas
Box 7 Replansky, Naomi
Box 7 Rhoads, Geraldine
See also Woman's Day
Box 7 Richardson, Dorothy Lee
Box 7 Ridl, John
Box 7 Ridland, John
Box 7 Riggs, Dionis Coffin
Box 7 Robbins, Martin
Box 7 Roberts, Hortense Roberta
Box 7 Roddan, Brooks
Box 7 Rogers, Bertha
Box 7 Rollins, Leighton and Catherine
Box 7 Rose, Florence
Box 7 Rose, Karen
Box 7 Roseliep, Raymond 1957-1975 (3 folders)
Box 8 Roseliep, Raymond 1976-1983, undated (11 folders)
Box 8 Rosen, Deborah Nodler
Box 8 Rosenberg, Liz
Box 8 Rosenthal, Irving
Box 8 Rosenthal, M. L.
Box 8 Ross, Nancy Wilson
Box 8 Roycemore School
Box 8 Rubin, Larry
Box 8 Rubin, Maude
Box 8 Ryf, Robert
Box 8 S, miscellaneous
Box 8 Sagendorph, Robb
Box 8 Salmagundi
Box 8 Salomon, Isidore Lawrence
Box 8 Sarton, May
Box 8 Sasso, Laurence J.
Box 8 The Saturday Review
See also Cousins, Norman
Box 8 Scheibe, Jane
Box 8 Schevill, James
Schmid, Marcia
See Masters, Marcia Lee
Box 8 Schulz, Charles M.
Box 8 Scott, Winfield Townley
Box 8 [Charles] Scribner's Sons
Box 8 Scroggs, Schiller
Box 8 Serchuk, Peter
Box 8 Sethness, Olin
Box 8 Shapiro, Karl Jay
Box 8 Shenandoah
Box 8 Sherry, Pearl Andelson
Box 8 Shoben, Edward Joseph
Box 8 Simmons, John E.
Box 8 Simpson, Louis
Box 8 Skloot, Floyd
Box 8 Slaughter, William Robert
Box 8 Smith, Dave
Box 8 Smith, Hallett Darius
Box 8 Smith, Virginia
Box 8 Smith, William Jay
Box 8 Snow, Wilbert
Box 8 Somers, Ann
Box 8 Soniat, Katherine
Box 8 Sorrells, Helen
Box 8 The Southem Review
Box 8 Southwest Review
Box 8 Spacks, Barry
Box 8 Spaulding, John
Box 8 Spear, Sarah
Box 8 Spence, Michael
Box 8 Spires, Elizabeth
Box 9 Stafford, William
Box 9 Sternlieb, Barry
Box 9 Stirling, Betty
Box 9 Stirling family
Box 9 Stift, Peter
Box 9 Stoloff, Carolyn
Box 9 Strand, Mark
Box 9 Sugrue, Thomas
Box 9 Sultan, Altoon
Box 9 Sutton, Lee
Box 9 Swain, Raymond C.
Box 9 Sweeney, Barbara
Box 9 Swenson, Karen
Box 9 Swenson, May
Box 9 Swist, Wally
Box 9 T, miscellaneous
Box 9 Tagliabue, John
Box 9 Tatch, Max
Box 9 Taylor, Sarah Wingate
Box 9 Thomas, Warren
Box 9 Thompson, Shannon
Box 9 Thurman, Howard
Box 9 Triem, Eve
Box 9 U, miscellaneous
Box 9 University of Central Florida
Box 9 University Presses of Florida
Box 9 Untermeyer, Jean Starr
Box 9 Urbain, John
Box 9 Urdang, Constance
Box 9 V, miscellaneous
Box 9 Van der Post, Laurens
Box 9 Van Duyn, Mona
Box 9 Viereck, Peter
Box 9 Vinal, Harold
Box 9 Vinuya, Amado A.
Box 9 Voelker, Elizabeth
Box 9 W, miscellaneous
Box 9 Wallace, Ronald
Box 9 Washburn, Owen Ridington
Box 9 Waters, Mary Ann
Box 9 Watts, Alan
Box 9 Way, David
See also October House, Inc.
Box 9 Wayne, Jane O.
Box 9 Weeks, Edward
Box 9 Weismiller, Edward Ronald
Box 9 Wesleyan University Press
Box 10 West, Christy
Westburg, Phyllis
See [Harold] Ober Associates Inc.
Box 10 Westerfield, Nancy G.
Box 10 Wheatcroft, John
Box 10 Wheelock, John Hall
Box 10 Wheelwright, Philip
Box 10 White, Betty
Box 10 White, Joan
Box 10 Whitney, Ross
Box 10 Widdemer, Margaret
Box 10 Wicks, Susan
Box 10 Wieck, Fred
Box 10 Wilbur, Richard
Box 10 Wilder, Thornton
Box 10 Wllard, Ruth
Box 10 Williams, Miller
Box 10 Wimmer, Jerry
Box 10 Witt, Harold
Box 10 Woman's Day
Box 10 Wood, Renate
Box 10 Woods, Christopher
Woodcock, Joan
See Ames, Joan
Box 10 Worthington, Thomas
Box 10 Wright, Celeste
Box 10 Wrigley, Robert
Box 10 Y, miscellaneous
Box 10 Yankee, Inc.
Box 10 Yellott, Barbara
Box 10 Yost, Charles and Felicity
Young, Nancy
See Ross, Nancy Wilson
Box 10 Z, miscellaneous
Box 10 Zadravec, Katharine
Box 10 Zeigler, Lila
Box 10 Zimmer, Paul
Box 10 Zimmer, Peg
Box 10 Unidentified
Box 11 Academy of American Poets: Chancellors' Memorial Tribute to Marie Bullock 05/19/1987 - with Hollander, Wagoner, Hoffman, Hecht, Moss, Van Duyn, Wilbur, Nemerov, Swenson, Meredith, Kunitz & Warren (Moss and Warren were unable to attend) (Audio cassette; running time 120:00) (ID#: burden_j_0007)
Box 11 Academy of American Poets: Josephine Miles, Mark Strand, David Wagoner, William Stafford 01/25/1984 (Audio cassette; running time 90:00) (ID#: burden_j_0006)
Box 11 Academy of American Poets: Mark Strand 05/09/1978 - introduced by Gregory Orr (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0005)
Box 11 Academy of American Poets: Richard Wilbur 12/07/1989 - introduced by James Merrill (Audio cassette; running time 90:00) (ID#: burden_j_0009)
Box 11 Alan Watts over KPFK (L.A.) in talk on "The Purpose in Life" & excerpt from Lowell reading poems; More Alan Watts on KPFK & J. Burden in a few poems (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0065)
Box 11 An Adventure In Poetry & Music 03/26/1971 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0040)
Box 11 An Evening with Jean Burden 06/09/1978 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0059)
Box 11 Anthology Tape (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0063)
Side 1 - Howard Thurman, Theologian; Jennette Yeatman, Pasadena poet; Arna Bontemps - writer, librarian of Fiske University; Robb Sagendorph - editor, Yankee; Ann Stanford - poet; John Crowe Ransom - poet; Joel Keith - poet; Nuri Hashman - visitor from Pakistan (part of recordin in Urdu); Oscar Williams - poet; Edward Weismiller - poet, prof. at Pomona; Hildegarde Flanner - poet; Alan Watts - Zen writer, lecturer; Side 2 - Marcia Lee Masters - poet; Evelyn Ames - poet, novelist; Eric Barker - poet; Kenneth Rexroth - poet; Jean Starr Untermeyer - poet (sometime in 50's and early 60's).
Box 11 Beyond the Fringe (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0013)
Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore - in the 50's. Side 1 - 1. Bollard; 2. The Sadder & Wiser Beaver; 3. Deutscher Chansons; 4. Take a Pew; 5. Aftermyth of War; 6. Sitting on the Bench; Side 2 - 1. And the Same to You; 2. Portrait From Memory; 3. So That's the Way You Like It; 4. The End of the World.
Box 11 Continuation & end of Reading at Neighborhood Church (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0064)
Box 11 Continuation of Library of Congress reading by Jean Burden 11/14/1963 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0050)
Box 12 Conversations With Howard Thurman (VHS; running time 118:00) (ID#: burden_j_0016)
Box 11 Eudora Welty Reads 1956 (Audio cassette; running time 98:00) (ID#: burden_j_0011)
From label back: "Eudora Welty, one of America's great storytellers, relates, in her sweetly vibrant Mississippi drawl, five of her finest stories. From the uproariously irreverent ‘Why I Live at the P.O.' and the quieter, richly perceptive ‘A Memory' and ‘A Worn Path,' to the spontaneous ‘Powerhouse' and the insightful voice of women's truths in ‘Petrified Man,' Welty opens up her stories and invites the listener in."
Reel Gal Talk; Romper Room (16mm film) (ID#: burden_j_0031)
Box 11 How do these sound to the poet-singer? Too much liberty? 08/20/1977 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0058)
Box 11 Howard Thurman Memorial Service: Cassette 1, sides 1-2 04/16/1981 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0001)
Box 11 Howard Thurman Memorial Service: Cassette 2, sides 3-4 04/16/1981 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0002)
Box 11 Howard Thurman Memorial Service: Cassette 3, side 5 04/16/1981 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0003)
Box 11 Howard Thurman reading some Jean Burden poems for his own amusement 08/20/1977 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0044)
Box 11 JB & Diane Wild - "May Sarton Service" at Neighborhood Church Jul 1976 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0057)
Box 11 JB at Huntington 04/25/1985 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0060)
Box 11 Jean Burden birthday present for Wally (Audio cassette; running time 30:00) (ID#: burden_j_0047)
Box 11 Jean Burden UCSB Oct 1990 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0061)
Box 11 Jean Burden UCSB Oct 1990 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0062)
Box 11 Jean Burden, Hildegarde Flanner reading over KPFK 10/16/1960 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0037)
Box 11 Jean Burden and Diane Wild reading from poetry, prose and letters of May Sarton at special tribute service Jul 1976 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0043)
Box 11 Jean Burden being interviewed by Jean Harper over WGBH (Boston) May 1971 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0041)
Box 11 Jean Burden being interviewed by Jean Harper over WGBH (Boston) May 1971 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0055)
Box 11 Jean Burden being interviewed by Jean Harper over WGBH (Boston); reading poems over KPFK (L.A.) 1971 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0042)
Box 11 Jean Burden interview on WGBH by Jean Harper; J. Burden reading own poems over KPFK in 60's 1971 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0056)
Box 11 Jean Burden reading her poems in Dabney Lounge Caltech 04/14/1966 - introduced by Prof. Hallett Smith, Shakespeare scholar (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0038)
Box 11 Jean Burden reading her poems in Dabney Lounge introduced by Hollett Smith 04/14/1966 (Audio cassette; running time 60:00) (ID#: burden_j_0004)
Box 11 Jean Burden reading her poems on WBAI (NYC); Jean Burden reading at CalState LA 05/28/1963; 04/25/1966 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0053)
Box 11 Jean Burden reading poems 05/25/1963; 04/25/1966 - Side I: WBAI (New York); Side II: CalState (L.A.) (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0039)
Box 11 Jean Burden's "Anthology" tape (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0033)
Side 1 - Howard Thurman, Theologian; Jennette Yeatman, Pasadena poet; Arna Bontemps - writer, librarian of Fiske University; Robb Sagendorph - editor, Yankee; Ann Stanford - poet; John Crowe Ransom - poet; Joel Keith - poet; Nuri Hashman - visitor from Pakistan (part of recordin in Urdu); Oscar Williams - poet; Edward Weismiller - poet, prof. at Pomona; Hildegarde Flanner - poet; Alan Watts - Zen writer, lecturer; Side 2 - Marcia Lee Masters - poet; Evelyn Ames - poet, novelist; Eric Barker - poet; Kenneth Rexroth - poet; Jean Starr Untermeyer - poet (sometime in 50's and early 60's).
Box 11 Jean Burden's "Anthology" tape #2 - Jean Starr Untermeyer, poet; Howard Nemerov, poet, critic (early 60's) (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0034)
Box 11 Jean Starr Untermeyer & Howard Nemerov recording in my home 1964 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0051)
Box 12 Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth, Ep. #2-5 06/25/1988 - Ep. 2: The Message of the Myth; Ep. 3: The First Storytellers; Ep. 4: Sacrifice and Bliss; Ep. 5: Love and the Goddess (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0017)
Box 12 Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth, Ep. 6: Masks of Eternity 06/26/1988 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0018)
Box 11 KPFK Hildegarde, Flanner, & Jean Burden - early 60's (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0048)
Box 12 Lewis Lapham; Old and New Poems Donald Hall; Maxine Kumin; Edward Hirsch (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0027)
Box 11 Library of Congress reading by Jean Burden 11/14/1963 - introduced by Howard Nemerov, consultant in poetry (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0035)
Box 11 Library of Congress reading by Jean Burden 11/14/1963 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0049)
Box 11 Library of Congress reading by Jean Burden, continued 11/14/1963 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0036)
Box 11 Mark Strand Apr 1990 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0010)
Box 12 Mark Strand, Cal-State LA JB Poetry Series Apr 1990 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0025)
Box 12 Maxine Kumin, Cal-State LA 04/12/1989 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0024)
Box 11 Maxine Kumin, Cal-State LA 04/12/1989 (Audio cassette; running time 90:00) (ID#: burden_j_0008)
Box 11 Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (Audio cassette; running time 60:00) (ID#: burden_j_0014)
Box 11 Over KPFK in 60's (JB); Over KPFK in 60's (HF) (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0068)
Reel Pet Set #36 With Peter Marshall (16mm film) (ID#: burden_j_0030)
Box 11 Program of poetry & music 03/26/1971 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0054)
Box 11 Solitudes (Audio cassette; running time 60:00) (ID#: burden_j_0015)
Box 11 Spring Music Festival 04/21/1965 - readings, John Baker ; music, Johnny Lucas Quartet (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0052)
Box 11 Tape from Collage KPCC with Carl Selker, spring 1992 1992 (Audio cassette; running time 90:00) (ID#: burden_j_0032)
Box 12 Toni Morrison Nobel Prize 12/12/1993 (VHS; running time 7:30) (ID#: burden_j_0026)
Box 12 Voices & Visions: Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot 1988 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0019)
Box 12 Voices & Visions: Marianne Moore 1988 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0022)
Box 12 Voices & Visions: Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath 1988 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0023)
Box 12 Voices & Visions: Walt Whitman, Hart Crane 1988 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0021)
Box 12 Voices & Visions: William Carlos Williams, Emily Dickinson 1988 (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0020)
Box 11 William Everson 1992 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0012)
Box 12 Zimmer (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0028)
Box 11 Zimmer Poems (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0046)
Box 11 Zimmer Reading 04/17/1986 (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0045)
Box 11 Zimmer Reading (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0066)
Box 11 Zimmer Reading (Audio cassette) (ID#: burden_j_0067)
Box 12 [Unidentified] (VHS) (ID#: burden_j_0029)

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