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Campaign Collection

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Title: Campaign Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1800-1972
Quantity: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: Ribbons, campaign literature, posters, photographs, clippings, etc. relating to x years of American campaigns
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The first U.S. presidential election took place in 1789. Technically there were twelve candidates but George Washington was the undisputed first choice; the other candidates were really competing to see who would be Vice-President, since at that time the recipient of the second-highest number of votes took that office. Since then there have been 55 presidential elections, hundreds of congressional and senate elections at the national and state level, and thousands of others for lower-level offices. All have involved campaigns with their accompanying paraphernalia: buttons, pins, brochures, booklets, stamps, ribbons, hats, posters, photographs, pamphlets, platform statements, scarves, figurines, bumper stickers, slogans, and more.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Campaign Collection consists of ribbons, campaign literature, posters, photographs, clippings, and more relating to nearly two hundred years of American political campaigns. Most are presidential campaigns but there are a few mayoral and others represented. Candidates represented include Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Dewey, Millard Fillmore, James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, Alf Landon, Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon, Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, William H. Taft, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Martin Van Buren, Harry S. Truman, J. Strom Thurmond, and Harold Stassen. Parties represented include the Democratic and Republican but also the Socialist, States' Rights, Independent, Progressive, and Prohibition parties. There are also a few items from other major events such as the Panama Pacific International Exposition, a banquet for Secretary of the Navy Victor Metcalf, and party conventions.

Special Collections Research Center also has several drawers of campaign memorabilia in the file cabinet along the West wall. These have not been inventoried. Please inquire for more information.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is in no particular order. The inventory is a box list only.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has many collections relating to politics and government. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings

Corporate Bodies

Democratic Party (U.S.)
Prohibition Party (U.S.)
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )


Campaign literature.
Campaign insignia.
Campaign paraphernalia.
Political campaigns -- Souvenirs (Keepsakes)
Political candidates -- Souvenirs (Keepsakes)
Political parties -- United States -- Souvenirs (Keepsakes)

Genres and Forms

Buttons (information artifacts)
Bumper stickers.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Songs (document genre)

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Campaign Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: circa 1990
Revision history: 17 Oct 2012 - addition, M12-147 (MRC)

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Campaign memorabilia
Box 1 Commemorative coin with tassel, Horatio Seymour and Francis P. Blair for president and vice president 1868
Box 1 Ribbons, Kingston Total Abstinence Society
Box 1 Ribbons, Washington Association 1844
Box 1 Ribbons, American Republican Celebration
Box 1 Ribbons, Washington Monument
Box 1 Ribbons July 4, 1800
Box 1 Ribbons Nov. 22, 1837
Box 1 "Election Medals of the Campaign of 1814" 1814
Box 1 Ribbons, Henry Clay 1832
Box 1 Memorabilia and ribbons, Andrew Jackson 1832
Box 1 Ribbon, William Henry Harrison 1840
Box 1 Memorabilia, Inaugural Ball, Tippecanoe, William Henry Harrison 1841
Box 1 Ribbon, Young Native American Association 1844
Box 1 Ribbon, American Republican Procession 1844
Box 1 Ribbon, Welcome Kossuth 1850
Box 1 Ribbon, Commemoration Anniversary, Birth and Death of Zachary Taylor 1850
Box 1 "Medalets of the Presidential Campaign of 1852-1853" 1852-1853
Box 1 Ribbon, Millard Fillmore/Fremont 1856
Box 1 Writings, "Has the War Ruined our Country?" 1864
Box 1 Clipping, NY Herald, Assassination of President Lincoln April 15, 1865
Box 1 Ribbon, US Centennial 1876
Box 1 Writings, Republican conventions and platform 1876
Box 1 Photograph, Hayes 1878
Box 1 Writings, Electors List 1880
Box 1 Photograph, Lucretia R. Garfield 1880
Box 1 Writing, "The Issue of Speech of Roscoe Conkling" September 17, 1880
Box 1 Memorabilia, Inaugural Reception for James Garfield 1881
Box 1 Photograph, Pres. and Mrs. Grover Cleveland 1886
Box 1 Correspondence, Republican Campaign, NY state September 10, 1888
Box 1 Memorabilia, Song Book, Grover Cleveland and Thurmond 1888
Box 1 Memorabilia, Inaugural Ball Souvenir March 4, 1889
Box 1 Writings, Cleveland and Stevenson Club, King Co., Proceedings Nov. 11, 1892
Box 1 Memorabilia, "Play Money" ad for Cleveland Bank 1892
Box 1 Writings, General Bidwell "Don't Throw Your Vote Away" 1892
Box 1 Memorabilia, Inauguration Program, Cleveland, Stevenson March 4, 1893
Box 1 Photograph, Mr. and Mrs. William Jennings Bryan 1897
Box 1 Memorabilia, Tobacco ad for Blackwell Bull Durham Tobacco, "US Grant"
Box 1 Card undated
Box 1 Photograph, Abraham Lincoln
Box 1 Photograph, William McKinley 1843-1901
Box 1 Writing, Republican Campaign Book 1903
Box 1 Memorabilia, 50th Anniversary Republican Party in Jackson, Michigan 1904
Box 1 Prints, Four Generations of the Parker Family 1904
Box 1 Memorabilia, "Buckwell Breakfast" Celebration, Theodore Roosevelt 1904
Box 1 Ribbon, Theodore Roosevelt 1904
Box 1 Commemorative Program Banquet for Victor Metcalf, Secretary of Navy 1908
Box 1 Memorabilia, William H. Taft Invitation 1908-1910
Box 1 Tennessee Election Laws 1911-1915
Box 1 Memorabilia, Invitation, Panama Pacific International Expo. October 14, 1911
Box 1 Writings, Electoral Ticket for Martin Van Buren and Richard Jackson undated
Box 1 Signatures undated
Box 1 Our Presidents 1916
Box 1 Poster, Memorial Service, Warren G. Harding 1923
Box 1 "The Numismatist" vol. 37 Feb. 1924
Box 1 Writing, Music Score "March to the White House" 1924
Box 1 Writing, Calvin Coolidge, his first biography by R.M. Washburn 1924
Box 1 Ribbon, J. McInerney 1924
Box 1 Literature, Coolidge and Dawes 1924
Box 1 Memorabilia, Al Smith license plate 1928
Box 1 Literature, Charles Curtis, Vice President 1928
Box 1 Literature, Herbert Hoover 1928
Box 1 Literature, Herbert Hoover 1932
Box 1 Candidate information, Alf Landon 1936
Box 1 Memorabilia, bumper sticker, Alf Landon/Frank Knox Candidate 1936
Box 1 Memorabilia, play money 1936
Box 1 Memorabilia, Franklin Roosevelt undated
Box 1 Photograph, Governor Alf Landon for President 1936
Box 1 Cook County Ill. Precinct Captain's weekly report, Republican Committee October 19, 1946
Box 1 Writings, Look Magazine article on Wendell Wilkie, F. Roosevelt 1940
Box 1 Literature, anti-Roosevelt 1940
Box 1 Literature, minor parties 1940s
Box 1 Literature, Republican Party 1940-1950
Box 1 Literature, Democratic Party 1940-1950
Box 1 Literature, Republican Party 1942-1948
Box 1 Literature, Republican National Convention 1942-1948
Box 1 Election results, analysis of results of Republican Party 1942
Box 1 Literature, George McKibbin, Republican Party Candidate for Mayor, Chicago, Illinois 1943
Box 1 Literature, Dewey and Bricker 1944
Box 1 Literature, Henry Black, Candidate, Presidential 1944
Box 1 Literature, Socialist Party 1944
Box 1 Literature, F. Roosevelt and H. Truman 1944
Box 1 Memorabilia, Wendell Wilkie 1945
Box 1 Writings, "He Trusted the People and they Remember Wendell Wilkie" 1945
Box 1 Literature, NY state 1946
Box 1 Literature, Republican Party 1946-1950
Box 1 Clipping, Report on Presidential Committee on Civil Rights 1947
Box 1 Speeches, acceptance speech, Strom Thurmond and F. Wright, States Rights Candidates 1948
Box 1 Taft-Hartley Law 1948
Box 1 Literature, Socialist Party 1948
Box 1 States Rights Party, Strom Thurmond and Fielding L. Wright 1948
Box 1 Literature, senatorial race, Ken Keating NY
Box 1 Literature, Robert A. Taft for President 1948
Box 2 Literature, Harold Stassen 1948
Box 2 Literature, Henry Wallace 1948
Box 2 Literature, Committee for Constitutional Government
Box 2 Literature, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon 1948
Box 2 Literature, Taft 1948
Box 2 Literature, Democratic National Convention 1948
Box 2 Literature, Republican National Convention 1948
Box 2 Literature, Taft, Dewey, Stassen
Box 2 Literature, Democratic Party 1948
Box 2 Literature, Thomas E. Dewey 1948
Box 2 Literature, D. MacArthur 1948
Box 2 Literature, Harold Stassen 1948
Box 2 Literature, Henry Wallace 1948
Box 2 Literature, Thomas E. Dewey and Earl Warren 1948
Box 2 Memorabilia, cartoons 1948
Box 2 Memorabilia, Thomas E. Dewey 1948
Box 2 Memorabilia, Taft campaign song 1948
Box 2 Memorabilia, Harold Stassen 1948
Box 2 Photograph, H. Truman, Buffalo Courier Express 1948
Box 2 Literature, Republican Convention, Candidate Harold Stassen 1948
Box 2 Writings, Republican Platform 1948
Box 2 Illinois primary official vote April 13, 1948
Box 2 Writings, Socialist Party National Platform 1948
Box 2 Memorabilia, Inaugural Invitation, Truman January 20, 1949
Box 2 Literature, National Liberal Federation of Canada, Bill Poupore 1949
Box 2 Memorabilia, Republican Party 1940-1952
Box 2 Literature, Democratic Party
Box 2 Literature, Onondaga County, New York
Box 2 Literature, Senate and Congress 1950s
Box 2 Literature, Independent Party, Progressive Party 1950
Box 2 Literature, state offices 1950
Box 2 Cartoons
Box 2 Memorabilia, Congressman Walter Riehlman Cookbook
Box 2 Memorabilia, Democratic Party undated
Box 2 Writings, "How your Senator Representative Votes" AFL-CIO PAC 1947-1956
Box 2 Writings, Readers Digest article "The Mistakes that Led to Korea" Nov. 1950
Box 2 Writings, "Why Foreign Aid" - facts about the Mutual Program Security 1951
Box 2 Literature, Earl Warren Nominee for President, Democratic Convention 1952
Box 2 Literature, Congress 1952
Box 2 Literature, Senate 1952
Box 2 Literature, State Offices 1952
Box 2 Memorabilia, Adlai Stevenson 1952
Box 2 Memorabilia, Robert Taft 1952
Box 2 Clippings, Backing Democratic and Adlai Stevenson 1952
Box 2 Republican Convention Official Program 1952
Box 2 Writing, Republican National Convention Roll, Chicago, Illinois July 7, 1952
Box 2 Writing, Telephone Directory, Republican National Convention 1952
Box 2 Photographs, Democrats 1952
Box 2 Photographs, miscellaneous 1952
Box 2 Photographs, Republicans 1952
Box 2 Photographs, Thomas Dewey 1952
Box 2 Photographs, A. Harriman undated
Box 2 Literature, A. Stevenson, John Sparkman, Democratic Candidates 1952
Box 2 Writings, "Guide to 1952 Presidential Convention" 1952
Box 2 Sample ballot 1952
Box 2 Literature, Republican Party 1952
Box 2 Literature, A. Stevenson, John Sparkman 1952
Box 2 25th Republican National Convention July 7, 1952
Box 2 Chicago Republican Platform 1952
Box 2 Literature, Robert Taft 1952
Box 2 Memorabilia, Robert Taft 1952
Box 2 Literature, Eisenhower and Nixon, Presidential candidates 1952
Box 2 Election Bulletin League of Women Voters, Erie County, New York 1952
Box 2 Literature, Convention 1952
Box 2 Literature, Socialist Platform 1952
Box 2 Literature, Republican Campaign, Taft, Nixon, Eisenhower 1952
Box 2 Literature, Democratic Campaign, Stevenson, Russell 1952
Box 3 Literature, Everett M. Dirksen 1952
Box 3 Memorabilia 1952
Box 3 Photo, newspaper, magazine, T. Roosevelt
Box 3 Literature, Independent Grocergram, Glen Taylor, John Dempey
Box 3 Amendment to National Labor Act Prohibition Platform
Box 3 Photograph, photo print
Box 3 Literature, Estes Kefauver for President 1952
Box 3 Literature, A. Stevenson, Democratic Party 1952
Box 3 Literature, Socialist party 1952
Box 3 Democratic platform 1952
Box 3 "The Key to Democratic Victory," Women's Division, Democratic National Committee 1952
Box 3 The Book of Presidents 1952
Box 3 Literature, Democratic Convention, candidates Robert Kerr, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Russell 1952
Box 3 Literature, T. Dewey 1952
Box 3 Literature, Oscar Ewing, Nominee for Presidential Democratic Convention 1952
Box 3 Literature, Stuart Hamblen, Dr. E.A. Holtwick, Prohibition Party 1952
Box 3 Literature, Brien McMachon Democrat 1952
Box 3 Literature, Michigan Republican State Central Committee 1952
Box 3 Memorabilia, Harriman 1931
Box 3 Literature, Louisiana Republican Party 1952
Box 3 Literature, Michigan Republican Party 1952
Box 3 Literature, polling information
Box 3 Literature, Prohibition Party 1944-1952
Box 3 Literature, Progressive Party, Vincent Hallinan, Charlotte Bass
Box 3 Literature, Republican Party undated
Box 3 Memorabilia, Eisenhower/Nixon 1952-1956
Box 3 Memorabilia, Eisenhower/Nixon 1952-1956
Box 3 82nd Congress Republican Accomplishments 1952-1953
Box 3 83rd Congress 1953-1954: An Appraisal and Republican Accomplishments
Box 3 Memorabilia, Joyce Larkin, Republican 1954
Box 3 Memorabilia, Thomas Burke 1954
Box 3 Excerpts from State of the Union, Dwight Eisenhower Jan. 7, 1954
Box 3 Memorabilia, Republican Party 100th Anniversary, Ripo, Wisc. 1954
Box 3 Memorabilia, Republican Party 100th Anniversary, Jackson, Michigan Freedom Festival
Box 3 Literature, A. Stevenson, Estes Kefauver 1956
Box 3 Writing, T. Roosevelt, Centennial Committee, Republican Party 1956
Box 3 Memorabilia, Eisenhower 1956
Box 3 Literature, Eisenhower and Nixon 1956
Box 3 Literature, Eisenhower and Nixon 1956
Box 3 Literature, Farmers for Roosevelt undated
Box 3 Literature, Kefauver undated
Box 3 Literature, Labor Party 1944-1958
Box 3 Literature 1948-1958
Box 3 Literature, Senatorial Election 1940-1958
Box 3 Literature, Democratic National Committee 1956
Box 3 Literature, Socialist Party 1956-1958
Box 3 Illustrations, Presidents and Famous Americans, letters relating to collection 1960-1962
Box 3 Ribbons, Columbian Total Abstinence Society
Box 3 Ribbons, Patriotic Order of the Sons of America
Box 3 Ribbons, Lafayette
Box 3 Ribbons, George Washington, Centennial of his birth
Box 3 Candidate information, Woodrow Wilson
Box 3 Ribbons, Washington Temperance Benevolent Society
Box 3 Sample ballots, national and state
Box 3 Ribbons, William Henry Harrison
Box 3 "Interesting Facts about the Presidents"
Box 3 "Political Americana," incomplete run 1960-1965
Box 3 "The Religion of Presidents"
Box 3 Literature, Nixon, Henry Cabot Lodge 1960
Box 3 Photograph, Truman
Box 3 Writing 1960
Box 3 Exhibition Catalogue "America Goes to the Polls" 1789-1960 - highlights of Presidential Polls
Box 3 Photograph, Kennedy inauguration 1960
Box 3 Memorabilia, Barry Goldwater 1964
Box 3 Memorabilia, Senatorial and Congressional
Box 3 Miscellaneous
Box 3 Clippings, Eisenhower/Nixon, Kennedy/Johnson
Box 3 Writings, "Facts for Voters," League of Women Voters 1964
Box 3 Republican New York state
Box 4 Literature, Barry Goldwater/William Miller 1964
Box 4 Literature, Lyndon Johnson/Hubert Humphrey 1964
Box 4 Literature, Taft
Box 4 Literature, Alben W. Barkley
Box 4 Literature, Harriman
Box 4 Literature, Goldwater/Miller 1964
Box 4 Literature, Lyndon Johnson/Hubert Humphrey 1964
Box 4 Literature, Goldwater/Miller 1964 - duplicate copies
Box 4 Memorabilia, Nixon 1968-1972
Box 4 Photograph, Nixon
Box 4 Photograph, Stevenson
Box 4 Photograph, Taft
Box 4 Writings, "Biographical Sketch and Excerpt from his Writing and Address," T. Roosevelt"
Box 4 Writings, Brochure, T. Roosevelt, Analostom Island Memorial Park, Washington
Box 4 Writings, list of T. Roosevelt associations
Box 4 Writings, Brochure, T. Roosevelt National Memorial Park, North Dakota
Box 4 Writings, T. Roosevelt "Rooseveltiana"
Box 4 Photograph, Nixon and Family
Box 4 Literature, Anti-Stevenson undated
Box 4 Photograph, Eisenhower undated
Box 4 Literature, Michigan Republican Party undated
Box 4 Literature, Taft-Hartley Act
Box 4 Memorabilia, Nixon/Lodge bumper sticker
Box 4 Memorabilia, T. Roosevelt
Box 4 Clipping, T. Roosevelt
Box 4 Photograph, Rutherford B. Hayes - printed photo
Box 4 Memorabilia undated
Box 4 Poster, Eisenhower
Box 4 Print and letter, James G. Blaine
Box 4 Print, William McKinley
Box 4 Ribbon, Abraham Lincoln after Emancipation Proclamation
Box 5 Photograph, F. Roosevelt February 13, 1938
Box 5 Photograph, Grover Cleveland
Box 5 Photograph, McKinley
Box 5 Photograph, Garfield
Box 5 Photograph, Thomas Dewey celebration

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