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Continuing Education Photograph Collection

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

The adult education holdings are collectively known as the
Alexander N. Charters Library of Resources for Educators of Adults.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Alexander N. Charters Library of Resources for Educators of Adults
Title: Continuing Education Photograph Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1928-1983
Bulk Dates: 1950s
Quantity: 4.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Records consist of photographs and slides. Organizations represented in the collection include the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults (CSLEA), the Fund for Adult Education (FAE), the National University Extension Association (NUEA), and Syracuse University. There are also portraits of important people in adult education such as Lyman Bryson, Alexander N. Charters, and A.A. Liveright.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The photographs and slides in the collection have been gathered from a number of individuals and organizations in the field of adult education.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The photographs and slides in this collection have been collected from a number of individuals and organizations. Much of the material dates from the decade of the 1950s, best represented by the photographs pertaining to the programs of the Fund for Adult Education (FAE), coincidentally the largest single group of materials.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The materials are arranged alphabetically by organization. A number of portraits are arranged alphabetically within the "Portraits" series.

A group of unidentified photographs follows the alphabetical sequence and, due to format, "Slides" follow the photographs. A folder of printed materials is at the end of the collection. The contents of these are not separately listed, since SEE and SEE ALSO references to them are present in the inventory.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The library holds a considerable number of collections related to adult and continuing education. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

In particular, see also the following:

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Subject Headings


Bryson, Lyman
Charters, Alexander N.
Liveright, A. A. (Alexander Albert), 1907-

Corporate Bodies

Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults
Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
National University Extension Association
Syracuse University
University Council on Education for Public Responsibility


Adult education
Educators, United States

Genres and Forms

Slides (photographs)


Adult education teachers.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Continuing Education Photograph Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of various individuals and organizations over more than ten years

Finding Aid Information

Created by: EEA
Date: Aug 1991
Revision history: 1 Jun 2006 - converted to EAD (MRR); 9 Mar 2016 - additions, rehousing (MRC)

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Adult Education Association of the United States (AEA)
Box 1 Annual conference 1953
Box 1 Rural discussion groups, Bismark, N.D. 1959
Box 1 Survey 1953
American Foundation for Political Education
Box 1 Discussion groups 1958
Box 1 Executives' seminar 1959
American Labor Education Service
Box 1 Leadership training, St. Louis, Mo. 1952
Box 1 School on World Affairs, New York undated
American Library Association
Box 1 Midwinter Conference, Chicago 1953
Association of University Evening Colleges (AUEC)
Box 1 New Orleans Meeting undated
Regional Meeting, R.I.T. 1968
See Slides: AUEC Regional Meeting, R.I.T.
Association of University Summer Sessions
Box 1 Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, N.M. Oct 1968
California, University of, at Los Angeles (UCLA)
Box 1 University Extension, Liberal Arts 1959
Canadian Association for Adult Education
Box 1 [general] undated
Box 1 Discussion program 1956
Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults (CSLEA)
Box 1 Board members, Chicago undated
Oversize 1 Board members, Chicago (oversize) undated
Educational facilities
See Slides: CSLEA Educational Facilities
Box 1 Headquarters - Sara Schaffner House, Chicago 1963
Oversize 1 Headquarters - Sara Schaffner House, Chicago (oversize) 1963
Box 1 Leadership seminar 1953
Oversize 1 Memorabilia - news clips, photographs (oversize) 1959-1960
Box 1 Publications, discussion groups 1954
Box 1 Staff undated
Box 1 Staff - Clearinghouse and publications undated
Oversize 1 Staff - Clearinghouse and publications (oversize) undated
Box 1 [unidentified]
Chicago, University of
Box 1 Alumni reunion 1957
Box 1 Seminar groups 1954
College de Pont-Levoy
Box 1 Interiors, exteriors undated
College in the Country
Box 1 Activities (various states) 1955-1956
Box 1 Delbert Clarke Award
Columbia University
Box 1 Arden House undated
Community Leadership Institute, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Box 1 [general] undated
Cornell University / Syracuse University Adult Education Gathering, Syracuse, N.Y.
Box 2 [general] 1972
Council of National Organizations
Box 2 Executive Committee 1953
Box 2 Television Workshop 1956
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Box 2 Audiovisual techniques in education Jan 1964
Box 1 English Language Institute, Tenn. undated
Film Council of America
Box 2 Appointment of President 1952
Ford Foundation
Box 2 Christmas party for staff 1957
Foreign Policy Association
Box 2 [general] 1955
Freedom Foundation
Box 2 Award, Sioux City, Iowa undated
Fund for Adult Education (FAE)
Box 2 Annual report photographs undated
Box 2 Annual report photographs 1954-1955
Oversize 1 Annual report photographs 1955-57
Box 2 Bigwin Conference 1954 (5 folders)
Box 2 Bigwin Conference negatives 1954? (1 folder of 3)
Box 3 Bigwin Conference negatives 1954? (2 folders of 3)
Board of Directors
Box 3 Meeting 1951
Box 3 Meeting 1954 (5 folders)
Box 3 Business Executives Leadership Seminar, Pomona College 1958
Community Leadership Conference
Box 3 Estes Park, Colo. 1957
Box 4 Washington University, Wildwood Springs Resort, Steelville, Mo.
Box 4 Community Leadership Institute, Rancho Santa Fe, N.M. undated
Box 4 Community Leadership Meeting, Colo. 1952
Box 4 Conference for Executive Leadership, Memphis, Tenn. 1955
Box 4 Conferences: Chapel Hill, N.C. and Ardsley-on-Hudson, N.Y. 1957
Box 4 Denver Fact-finding Survey 1952
Box 4 Discussion groups undated (4 folders)
Box 4 Discussion groups 1955 (3 folders)
Box 4 Discussion program - senior citizens undated
Box 4 Fellowship Selection Committee undated
Box 5 FAE Building, White Plains, N.Y. 1957
Box 5 Interns undated
Box 5 Little Rock, Ark., Study-Discussion groups 1955 (3 folders)
Mass media
Box 5 CBS undated
Box 5 National Selection Committee and grantees 1958-1959 (2 folders)
Box 5 Open House undated (2 folders)
Box 5 Participative art study undated (2 folders)
Box 5 Publications 1952, 1954
Box 5 "Shape of our Cities" - Urbanism Discussion Group, Fall, New York? 1957
Box 5 Staff 1955 (3 folders)
Test Cities
Box 6 Akron, Ohio 1954, 1957
Box 6 Bridgeport, University of, Conn. undated
Box 6 California, University of, at Los Angeles undated
Box 6 Chattanooga, Tenn. undated
Box 6 Chicago Conference 1953
Box 6 Colorado Conference 1952
Kansas City, Mo.
Box 6 Miscellaneous undated
Box 6 Coordinators' Meeting 1954
Box 6 Little Rock, Ark. undated
Box 6 Louisville, Ky. undated
Box 6 Memphis, Tenn. undated
Box 6 Niagara Falls, N.Y. 1953, undated
Box 6 Racine, Wis. undated
Box 6 Rancho Santa Fe Conference undated
Box 6 Saint Paul, Minn. undated
Box 6 Salt Lake City, Utah undated
Box 6 San Bernardino, Cal. undated (1 folder of 3)
Box 7 San Bernardino, Cal. undated (2 folders of 3)
Box 7 Sioux City, Iowa ca. 1956
Box 7 West Texas undated
Box 7 Whittier, Cal. undated
Box 7 York, Pa. undated
Box 7 Unidentified contact sheets
Galaxy Conference
Box 7 Wingspread Conference, Pre-Galaxy Nov 1969
See also Wingspread Conference
Georgia, University of
Box 7 Continuing Education Center undated
Great Books Foundation
Box 7 Discussion groups 1956
Box 7 Executive program, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Feb 1965
Indiana Commission on Aging and Aged, Fall 1975
See Slides: Indiana Commission on Aging and Aged, Fall 1975
International Congress of University Adult Educators (ICUAE)
Box 7 Conference 1960
International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)
Box 7 Ottawa, University of 26-27 May 1975
International Seminar of Adult Education
Box 7 Pinebrook Conference Center 2-5 Sep 1970
Box 7 Inter-University Labor Education Committee 1956
Michigan State University
Box 7 Cooperative Extension Services Project 1959
Box 8 National Association of Public School Adult Educators (NAPSAE) undated
Box 8 National Education Association, Division of Adult Education Services undated
National University Extension Association (NUEA)
Box 8 Louisiana State University Caribbean Program 1952
Box 8 Meeting 1966
National Meeting, Miami Beach, 1968
See Slides: NUEA National Meeting, Miami Beach, 1968
Box 8 Region II Meeting, Sagamore, N.Y. undated
Map-Case 108 Seventeenth Annual Conference, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. May 1932
Box 8 Training Field Workers undated
Box 8 University of Michigan Extension Services ca. 1951
Map-Case 108 University of Michigan Extension Services - oversize photo
Box 8 University of Wisconsin ca. 1950
New York State Education Department, Division of Continuing Education
Box 8 I [LOVE] NY Innovations in Continuing Education July 1, 1978 - Jun 30, 1979
New York State External High School Diploma Program
Box 8 Long Island Center undated
New York State Public School Adult Educators Association (NAPSAE)
Box 8 Sagamore, N.Y. May 1969
New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Box 8 Pre-Retirement Preparation Program 1978
Gift of Helen Kowalski, 1978.
Box 8 Blackwell, ? undated
Box 8 Blakely, Robert undated
Box 8 Bryson, Lyman 1954
Box 8 Charters, Alexander N. undated - includes photograph of Charters with noted Brazilian educator Paolo Freire
Box 8 Decker, Floyd F. 1928
Box 8 Diekhoff, John S. 1966
Box 8 Eisenhower, Dwight David undated
Box 8 Flemming, Arthur S. 1955
Box 8 Francis, Clarence and Fletcher C. Scott undated
Freire, Paolo
See Charters, Alexander N.
Box 8 Goldman, Freda undated
Box 8 Goldwin, Robert A. undated
Box 8 Grattan, C. Harley undated
Box 8 Hoover, Herbert undated
Box 8 Houle, Cyril O. undated
Box 8 Kallen, Horace undated
Box 8 Liveright, A. A. undated
Box 8 McCallion, William 1960
Box 8 Nelson, Charles A. undated
Box 8 Norton, Dr. D. Walter 1943
Box 8 Osman, John undated
Box 8 Perkins, Dexter undated
Box 3 Randall, Clarence B. 1956
Box 8 Redfield, Robert undated
Scott, Fletcher C.
See Francis, Clarence and Fletcher C. Scott.
Box 8 Spengler, Edwin H. undated
Box 8 Stewart, James undated
Box 8 Tough, Allen 1983
Box 8 Truman, Harry S. undated
Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.
Box 8 Chautauqua Center -- Film Series 11 Jul 1964
Box 8 Commencement undated
Box 8 Credit management program undated
Box 8 ERIC/AE undated
Box 8 Finla Crawford Center for Continuing Education - Dedication undated
Box 8 Information Resources Seminar 1975
Publications in Continuing Education -- Conference
Box 9 Minnowbrook Jun 1971
Box 9 Sagamore undated
Box 9 Regional Police Academy dedication 1971
University College
Box 9 [general] undated
Box 9 Associate in Arts degree undated
Box 9 ERIC Advisory Group 1964
Minnowbrook Conferences 1967-1968
See Slides: Syracuse University, University College: Minnowbrook Conferences
Box 9 Paul Hoy Helms Memorial Collection 1954
Box 9 Retirements undated
Box 9 Thursday morning roundtable - A. Charters, Sam Brightman
William Pearson Tolley Award Dinner
Box 9 Award to Dr. Moshan S. Mehta May 1969
See also Slides: Syracuse University, University College: William Pearson Tolley Medal Award 2 - Moshan S. Mehta
Box 9 Lalage Bown 23 May 1975
Box 9 Paul Henry Bertelson ? 11 Apr 1983?
Box 9 Regional Seminar, Sydney, Australia 1964
U.S. National Commission
Box 9 Meeting, Washington, D.C. Oct 1968
Box 9 Meeting, Washington, D.C. 10 Mar 1969
Box 9 Workers Education Conference 1950-1952
University Council on Education for Public Responsibility (UCEPR)
Box 9 University of Oklahoma 1962
Oversize 1 University of Oklahoma (oversize) 1962
Victorian Learning and Leisure
Box 9 #1: Mechanics Institutes undated - packet of historical material, some photos; also includes some printed photographs related to the Workers Education Assocation (England)
Gift of Derek Legge, 1981.
Whittier College, Whittier, Cal.
Box 9 Liberal Arts Center for Adults undated
Box 9 Wingspread Conference 1969
See also Galaxy Conference
Women Trade Unionists
Box 9 Annual Meeting 1952
Workers Education Assocation
See Victorian Learning and Leisure.
World Trade Fair, Milan, Italy
Box 9 U.S. Exhibit 1955
Box 9 Unidentified photographs
Box 9 Association of University Evening Colleges (AUEC) 1968 - regional meeting, R.I.T. (34 slides)
Box 9 Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults (CSLEA) - educational facilities (19 slides)
Box 9 Indiana Commission on Aging and Aged (ICOAA) Fall 1975 (38 slides)
Box 9 National University Extension Association (NUEA) 1968 - National Meeting, Miami Beach (26 slides)
Syracuse University, University College
Box 9 Minnowbrook Conference Fall 1967 (6 slides)
Box 9 Minnowbrook Conference 1968 (10 slides)
Box 9 William Pearson Tolley Medal Award - Moshan S. Mehta, recipient (42 slides)
Printed material
Box 9 Miscellaneous

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