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Richard A. Falk Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Falk, Richard A.
Title: Richard A. Falk Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1954-1991
Quantity: 40 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American author, specialist in international law and justice. Collection includes extensive professional correspondence (1962-1991); manuscript and/or published articles, books, essays, lectures, speeches and other material on international law, war, the environment, nuclear weapons, the Middle-East, and population; and research material.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Richard A. Falk (1930- ) is an American author and professor specializing in international law and justice. Born in New York City, he studied at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and graduated in 1952 with a B.S. in Economics. He attended Yale Law School, graduating in 1955 with an L.L.B., as well as Harvard Law School, earning his J.S.D. in 1962. Over his career he has been a faculty member at the College of Law, Ohio State University; the Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice (now Professor Emeritus) at Princeton; Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Chapman University School of Law; and Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (2001-2004). In addition to this distinction, Professor Falk has also been cited as a McCash Faculty and Ford Foundation Fellow.

Professor Falk is the author, co-author, or editor of more than thirty books and numerous essays, including The Six Legal Dimensions of the Vietnam War (1968), A Global Approach to National Policy (1975), Revolutionaries and Functionaries (1988), On Humane Governance: Toward a New Global Politics (1995), Crimes of War: Iraq (2006), and Achieving Human Rights (2008). He is a member of the editorial board of the American Journal of International Law, Foreign Policy, The Nation, and The Progressive, and editor of the Journal of Conflict Resolution. He is Chair of the Board of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and a member of the World Federalist Institute, the Independent International Commission on Kosovo, and the Advisory Board for the American Movement for World Government.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Richard A. Falk Papers consist of correspondence, personal material, printed material, published material, subject files, writings, and memorabilia. The collection at present consists of three separate accessions which have not been physically integrated; however, all material is listed in logical order below, so box numbers are not always sequential.

Correspondence contains a number of letters from well-known Congressmen and other public figures (a partial list of names of such people can be found in the finding aids file). The bulk of material found in printed material, published material and subject files deals with law and with the Vietnam War. Writings contains law-related works, many of which are in rough draft form. A selected index to correspondence listing notable figures (mainly members of Congress), appears at the end of the inventory; note that this index covers the main part of the collection ONLY (boxes 1-35). Correspondence from later additions (boxes 36-38) is not included in this index.

Personal material includes awards, correspondence, government employment information, photographs, and legal, medical, and financial papers.

Printed material includes business cards, newsletters, photocopies of articles, press releases, reports, transcripts, and other items.

Published material includes articles, clippings, galley proofs, magazines, pamphlets, photocopies, reprints, and other items.

Subject files consists of files on various topics related to Falk's areas of interest. Topics represented include -- but are by no means limited to -- noncitizens (much of this content uses the then-common term "aliens"), arms control, the Carnegie Corporation, the Center for International Studies, coercion, disarmament, impeachment, indirect aggression, the Institute for World Order, international law, non-military foreign aid, nuclear proliferation, personal responsibility, reciprocity, South Africa, subversion, the United Nations, Vietnam, and war crimes.

Writings includes among other things articles, books, essays, galley proofs, lectures, and speeches. Also here are rough drafts and typescripts of dozens of pieces written by Falk.

Memorabilia contains conference material, printed material, publicity, and some miscellany.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence is divided into general (organized chronologically) and specific (organized alphabetically by subject). Personal material, Subject files and Memorabilia are arranged alphabetically by topic, while Printed material is arranged alphabetically by type.

Published material and Writings present something of a challenge. These series are arranged inconsistently due to the three main sets of material not yet being physically integrated. Particularly problematic is the writings section, in which some items are categorized by type of material (essays, lectures, pamphlets), some are categorized by writing stage (proofs, typescripts, drafts), and still others are placed alphabetically by their topic. Researchers are encouraged to make a thorough reading of this section of the inventory.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The library holds more than 60 volumes by Falk in its circulating collection; please refer to the Classic Catalog for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Falk, Richard A.

Corporate Bodies

Princeton University. -- Center for International Studies.


Authors, American.
Educators -- United States.
Environmental law.
International law.
International organization.
International relations.
Nuclear warfare -- Moral and ethical aspects.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
War (International law)
World politics.

Genres and Forms

Manuscripts for publication.
Speeches (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Richard A. Falk Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Richard Falk, 1969-1992.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: CMV
Date: Apr 1980
Revision history: Dec 1991 - additions (JOD); May 1992 - additions (JOD); 12 Nov 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 12 Dec 2016 - index code corrected (MRC); 2 Oct 2019 - "Role of Domestic Courts..." book material added (MRC); 13 Jan 2022 - scopecontent updated to reflect the term "noncitizens" (DTF)

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Box 1 [Chronological] 1962-1973 (26 folders)
Box 2 [Chronological] 1970-1972 (21 folders)
Box 3 [Chronological] 1972-1973 (18 folders)
Box 4 [Chronological] 1973-1975 (20 folders)
Box 5 [Chronological] 1975, 1977-1978, (4 folders)
Box 36 [Chronological] 1984-1987
Box 37 [Chronological] 1991
Box 5 [Chronological] undated (2 folders)
Box 5 A (3 folders)
Box 5 American Foreign Law Association, Inc.
Box 5 American Friends Service Committee
Box 5 American Political Science Association Panel 1973
ASIL (American Society of International Law)
Box 5 Covert Intervention
Box 5 Executive Committee
Box 5 War-Peace Arena
Box 5 Amnesty International Conference 1968
Box 5 Arab-Israeli
Box 5 Arms Control Disarmament Agency Study
Box 5 Atlantic Council
Box 5 B (4 folders)
Box 5 Batra, Tarlok Singh
Box 5 Bishop, William J., Jr.
Box 5 Board of Review and Development (2 folders)
Box 5 C (4 folders)
Box 6 Cambridge, International, etc.
Box 6 Catholic Association for International Peace Conference 1967
Box 6 Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Studies
Box 6 Center of International Studies
Box 6 Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam (2 folders)
Box 6 Columbia Society of International Law
Box 6 Commission to Study the Organization of Peace
Box 6 Commitments
Box 6 Conference on Future of International Law
Box 6 Conference Sites for Peace Talks
Box 6 Council on Foreign Relations (2 folders)
Box 6 Crown, Joseph
Box 6 D (4 folders)
Box 6 Dayal, Rajeshwar
Box 6 E (2 folders)
Box 6 F (4 folders)
Box 6 Fisheries Conference
Box 6 Foreign Policy Association
Box 6 Bruce Franklin
Box 6 Fund for Peace
Box 6 G (3 folders)
Box 6 H (4 folders)
Box 6 Haiphong Letter
Box 6 Hammarskjold Forums 1967
Box 6 Hanoi and Paris 1968
Box 6 Human Rights Committee
Box 7 I
Box 7 Incoming 1960
Box 7 Institute for Global Concerns
Box 7 Institute for World Order
Box 7 International Affairs Seminars
Box 7 International Law Association
Box 7 International Law Society
Box 7 International League for the Rights of Man
Box 7 International Procedures to Protect Private Rights Research Project
Box 7 International Society 1968
Box 7 J
Box 7 Japan
Box 7 Journal of Conflict Resolution
Box 7 K (2 folders)
Box 7 Kunz Volume
Box 7 L (3 folders)
Box 7 Lawyers' Committee on American Policy Toward Vietnam
Box 7 Legal Advisor's Office
Box 7 Legal Order in a Violent World
Box 7 Letter from a Soldier in Vietnam
Box 7 J.B. Lippincott Company
Box 7 London Times article
Box 7 M (5 folders)
Box 7 Mc
Box 7 McCosh Fellowship
Box 7 Mendlovitz-Falk
Box 7 The Middle East in the Contemporary World 1967
Box 7 Miscellaneous personal correspondence 1962
Box 7 N (3 folders)
Box 7 National Council of the Churches of Christ
Box 7 Neutralization
Box 7 Neutralization Revision
Box 8 New York Bar Association Committee of International Law
Box 8 New York Times
Box 8 New York University Conference on Norms
Box 8 Nobel Peace Prize
Box 8 Nuremberg Threshing Group
Box 8 O (2 folders)
Box 8 Observer's Report-South Africa
Box 8 Outgoing correspondence
Box 8 P (3 folders)
Box 8 Pandora's Halo - poems
Box 8 Princeton Press
Box 8 Princeton University Conference
Box 8 Procedural Aspects International Law Institute
Box 8 Politics 317
Box 8 Public Broadcast Laboratory
Box 8 Q
Box 8 R (4 folders)
Box 8 Reader in International Law and International Organization
Box 8 Recommendations (2 folders)
Box 8 References 1963
Box 8 Rhodesia
Box 8 Rockefeller Foundation
Box 8 S (6 folders)
Box 8 Seminar on Law and World Order 1968
Box 8 South Africa, Bishop Mize
Box 8 South West Africa
Box 9 Harold Sprout
Box 9 The Status of Law in International Society
Box 9 Julius Stone
Box 9 Stress
Box 9 Student Forum on International Order and World Peace
Box 9 Student Recommendations
Box 9 Syracuse book
Box 9 T (2 folders)
Box 9 Tax Protest
Box 9 Theory
Box 9 Tshombe Case
Box 9 U
Box 9 U.S. Sponsoring and Policy Review Council
Box 9 University Conference on Disarmament
Box 9 V
Box 9 Vanderbilt University Lecture 1968
Box 9 Vietnam, letters
Box 9 Vietnam, Lawyer's Committee
Box 9 W (4 folders)
Box 9 World Bank
Box 9 World Conference of Lawyers for Vietnam 1968
Box 9 World Law Fund (2 folders)
Box 9 World Law Fund Conference 1968
Box 9 World Order Models Project [WOMP]
Box 9 World Order Studies Project
Box 9 Quincy Wright Festschrift
Box 9 X-Y-Z
Box 9 Awards
Box 9 Correspondence 1954-1975
Box 9 Curriculum Vitae 1961-1971
Box 9 Financial 1962-1974
Box 9 Government employment information 1961-1962
Box 9 Legal and medical 1962-1969
Box 37 Personal files
Box 9 Photographs
Printed material
Box 9 Application for Review of Judgement No. 158 of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal
Box 9 Articles (2 folders)
Box 10 Articles
Box 10 Business cards
Box 10 Co-Existence and Common Existence
Box 10 Education for a Planet in Peril
Box 10 Invitations
Box 10 Miscellaneous (15 folders)
Box 11 Miscellaneous (7 folders)
Box 11 Newsletters 1962-1975 (2 folders)
Box 11 International Law and the Deprivation of Foreign Wealth
Box 11 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Box 12 Miscellaneous (9 folders)
Box 12 Ocean Sciences, Technology, and the Future International Law of the Sea
Box 12 The Relevance of International Law to Emerging Trends in the Law of Outer Space
Box 12 The Relevance of International Law to the Processes of Economic and Social Development
Box 12 The South West Africa Cases 1966
Box 12 Transcripts (3 folders)
Box 13 Transcripts (5 folders)
Box 13 Press Releases
Box 13 Printed stationery
Box 13 The Procedural Aspects of International Law Institute Reports 1966
Box 13 Reports 1966-1973 (2 folders)
Box 13 Toward Minimizing the Use of Nuclear Weapons
Box 13 Transcripts 1970
Box 13 Work, Wages, and Apartheid
Box 13 World Order Models Project State of the Globe Message 1975 (2 folders)
Published material
Box 13 Articles (2 folders)
Box 13 Bloc activities
Box 13 Wm. [William F. ] Buckley
Box 13 London Times
Box 13 Magazine 1968-1975
Box 13 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 13 Pentagon Study
Box 13 Cuba-Latin America
Box 13 Death on the High Seas
Box 13 International Law
Box 13 Sex, Love, and Human Relationships
Box 14 Miscellaneous 1964-1973
Box 14 Miscellaneous 1967-1975
Box 14 Miscellaneous 1969-1973
Box 14 The Nation 1964-1966
Box 14 Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous publications
Box 14 1963-1971
Box 14 1964-1974
Box 14 1966-1972
Box 14 1967-1970
Box 14 1967-1972
Box 14 Monroe Doctrine
Box 14 National Interest-World Order
Newspaper clippings
Box 14 1962-1975
Box 14 1962-1971
Box 14 1970-1972
Box 14 1971-1973
Oversize 1 Newspapers 1974
Box 14 Pamphlets
Box 14 Peace
Box 14 Peace in Vietnam
Box 14 After Songmy
Box 14 Aquarius (2 folders)
Box 14 Army Field Manual Provisions
Box 14 Articles
Box 15 Brussels Convention
Box 15 Dyson
Box 15 Eichmann Prosecution
Box 15 FDR
Box 15 Jackson Opening Statement
Box 15 Korematsu (2 folders)
Box 15 Lewy
Box 15 London Charter
Box 15 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 15 Moscow Declaration
Box 15 Nurnberg Judgement
Box 15 Reel
Box 15 Reviews of RAF
Box 15 Tokyo Judgement
Box 15 Problems of Infranational Character
Box 15 Admission
Box 15 Diplomatic Protests
Box 15 Regionalism Functions
Box 15 Reprints 1957-1971
Box 15 Social problems
Box 15 Treaty arrangements
Box 15 The Constitutional issue
Box 15 Internal politics
Box 15 Internal War, Laos
Box 15 Other Conflict Reactions
Box 15 War Crimes
Box 15 Vietnam as Civil War
Subject files
Box 36 Academic material
Box 15 Act-State
Box 15 AFSC, war crimes
Box 15 Aliens
Box 15 American Journal of International Law - book reviews
Box 15 Ad Hoc Committee on Policy Positions
Box 15 Committee on Governance
Box 15 Covert Intervention
Box 15 General (2 folders)
Box 15 Panel II: Government Decision-Making
Box 15 Proposal: International Environmental Programs
Box 15 Analogies to International Relations
Box 15 Anshen Institute
Box 15 The Apollo Complex
Box 15 Arms Control at Princeton
Box 15 Arms Control, Disarmament, and World Order
Box 15 Artists Seminar
Box 15 Berlin, Germany
Box 15 Berrigan, general information
Box 15 Biological and chemical warfare
Box 15 Boehm Study
Box 15 Carnegie Corporation
Box 15 Carnegie Discussion on the General Assembly
CIS (Center for International Studies)
Box 15 Acting Director R.A. Falk
Box 15 Ad Committee
Box 15 Affiliation
Box 15 Miscellaneous
Box 15 Subcommittee
Box 15 Citizen's Commission
Box 15 Civil Defense
Civil War
Box 15 A-Z (5 folders)
Box 15 Memos
Box 15 Panel 1967
Box 15 Studies: Guidelines
Box 15 Studies: Names and Titles
Box 15 Study Group Addresses
Box 15 Coercion
Box 15 Columbia Course 1963
Box 16 Commission on the Organization of the Government
Box 16 Committee of Liaison
Box 16 Computer course
Box 16 Conference of Laws
Box 16 Consultative Council
Box 16 Convocation, World Environment
Box 16 [General] 1966
Box 16 Middle East
Box 16 P.A. 545 1964
Box 16 Pol. 317 (5 folders)
Box 16 Politics 545 1967
Box 16 Politics Generals
Box 16 Politics of Disarmament
Box 16 Public Affairs 559 1973
Box 16 World Order
Box 16 Creative Arts and World Order
Box 16 The Dependence of Peace Upon Disarmament
Box 16 Diplomatic Immunities
Box 16 Disarmament, general
Box 16 Disarmament without inspection
Box 16 Domestic Implication of the Cold War for Administration of Law
Box 16 The Ecology Culture
Box 16 EP Comments
Box 16 Faculty Committee on Ph.D. Programs
Box 16 Faculty Council on Vietnam
Box 16 Foreign Policy Consensus
Box 16 Fund for Peace, Trustees Meeting
Box 16 Future of WOMP [World Order Models Project] 1973
Box 16 Future Society
Box 16 General Assembly Resolutions
Box 16 General and Complete Disarmament
Box 16 Global Goals, Thomas Jones
Box 16 Grand Jury
Box 16 Greece, Civil War
Box 16 Greece, Lebanon, etc.
Box 16 Herman, Chomsky
Box 16 Human rights (2 folders)
Box 17 Ideology
Box 17 Impeachment
Box 17 Indirect aggression
Box 17 Individual
Box 17 The Individual and the Government
Box 17 Individual SWO
Box 17 Institute for Global Concerns (2 folders)
Institute for World Order
Box 17 Executive Committee
Box 17 Miscellaneous (4 folders)
Box 17 International Adjudication
Box 17 International Aspects of Federalism
Box 17 International Law and US Military Practices
Box 17 International Law and War
Box 17 International Law Committee
Box 17 International Law of International Travel
Box 17 International Relations
Box 17 Kennedy
Box 17 Kissinger confirmation
Box 17 Law and Foreign Policy
Box 17 Law and Public Affairs
Box 17 Law, war, morality, etc.
Box 17 Legislative intervention by United Nations
Box 17 Mathmatica
Box 17 McDougal
Box 17 Military Assistance
Box 17 Morse, Ed
Box 17 National Parks and Conservation Association 1975, 1976 (2 folders)
Box 17 New States
Box 17 Nigeria
Box 17 Non-Aligned Nations
Box 17 Non-Member Issue
Box 17 Non-Military Foreign Aid
Box 17 Nuclear Proliferation
Box 17 Nuclear Testing
Box 17 Nuclear Warfare and Moral Responsibility
Box 17 Obstacles to Disarmament
Box 17 Ohio State University
Box 17 Outer Space and International Law
Box 17 Peace Research and Education
Box 17 Peace, System Change
Box 17 Pentagon Papers Case
Box 17 Personal Responsibility and War
Box 18 Politics Department
Box 18 Politics of Law in International Society
Box 18 Population Control
Box 18 Population Effects
Princeton University
Box 18 Burlingham
Box 18 Course and Faculty Information 1964-1968 (2 folders)
Box 18 Courses, etc.
Box 18 Conference on World Order
Box 18 Miscellaneous (4 folders)
Box 18 World Order Studies Program
Box 18 Possible Candidates for World Order Program
Box 18 Procedural Aspects of International Law Institute
Box 18 Proliferation
Box 18 Quotations
Box 18 Rand-McNally and Company
Box 18 Reciprocity
Box 18 Recommendations 1963-1965 (2 folders)
Box 18 Redress
Box 18 Redress Conference 1973
Box 18 Regionalism (2 folders)
Box 18 Regional Meetings
Box 18 Rosenau
Box 18 Select Vietnam Reading List
Box 18 Self-Determination
Box 18 Shimoda Book
Box 18 Sixth Committee ILC
Box 18 Social Problems
Box 18 South Africa
Box 18 State As Obsolete Statement
Box 18 State of the Globe Message
Box 18 State of the Globe Overview
Steel Seizure
Box 18 Miscellaneous
Box 18 Youngstown Sheet and Tube (3 folders)
Box 18 Subversion
Box 18 Tape of Panel Discussion 1975
Box 18 Theory
Box 18 Thon, War Crimes Book
Box 18 Threats
Box 18 Trade, WOMP [World Order Models Project]
Box 18 Unilateral Claiming Processes
Box 18 UNITAR Project
United Nations
Box 19 Financing
Box 19 Intervention
Box 19 Miscellaneous
Box 19 Report on Appreciation of International Law
Box 19 Versus Fasla
Box 19 World Population Conference 1974
Box 19 United States Disarmament Agency
Box 19 University Regulations
Box 19 And International Law
Box 19 Bowen vs. US (3 folders)
Box 19 Duffy Interrogation
Box 19 Elections
Box 19 Frances Fitzgerald
Box 19 Ashley King Letter
Box 19 Lawyers' Committee
Box 19 Levy vs. US Army (2 folders)
Box 19 Miscellaneous
Box 19 Mitchell vs. US
Box 19 Mora vs. McNamara
Box 19 Moratorium
Box 19 Nixon on My Lai 1969
Box 19 Noyd (3 folders)
Box 19 Owens (3 folders)
Box 19 Roger Priest Case
Box 19 Princeton Alumni Panel
Box 19 Princeton University General Assembly
Box 19 Protest: The Moral Issues
Box 19 Reitemeyer vs. McCrea
Box 19 Scripts and Time Sheets
Box 19 Sisson vs. US
Box 19 Statement by Canadian Lawyers
Box 19 Torture
Box 19 US vs. Mitchell
Box 19 Tran Van Dinh
Box 19 Vermont
Box 19 Welsh vs. US
Box 19 War Crimes
Box 19 War Crimes Reader
Box 19 War and National Responsibility 1970
Box 19 War Prevention
Box 19 Warsaw Convention
Box 19 War System
Woodrow Wilson School
Box 20 Curriculum Committee
Box 20 General
World Law Fund
Box 20 Editorial Committee
Box 20 Miscellaneous
Box 20 World Order Conference Papers
WOMP [World Order Models Project]
Box 20 [General] 1970
Box 20 Northfield Conference 1973
Box 20 Specific notes
Box 20 WOMP II [World Order Models Project]
Box 20 World Order Studies
Box 20 Yale Lecture 1962
Box 20 Anarchism and World Order
Box 20 Circle of Responsibility
Box 20 The Revolution in Peace Education
Box 20 United States Versus Russo
Box 20 A World Order Perspective on Authoritarian Tendencies
Box 20 Book jacket, A Global Approach to National Policy
Box 20 Book jacket, This Endangered Planet
Oversize 2 Book information (oversize)
Box 36 Explorations at the Edge of Time - manuscript draft
Box 39 The Role of Domestic Courts in the Development of International Legal Order - setting copy for front matter and 7 chapters (8 folders)
Box 20 Viet II Permissions
Box 20 Cambodia and International Law
Box 20 Civil War
Box 20 Consensus
Box 20 Correspondence Concerning Future of the International Legal Order
Box 20 Course Notes
Box 20 Design for a Preferred World in the 1900's
Box 20 Earlier Version of Chapters 1-6
Box 20 End of War Statements
Box 20 Endangered Planet Lecture
Box 38 "After the Cold War: Rules of the Game" / Richard Falk and Tom Farer - manuscript draft, manuscripts
Box 36 "An American View of the Perugia Convention" Peace & Democracy News - Winter 1984-1985
Box 38 "Democracy Died at the Gulf" - manuscript draft
Box 38 "Framing the Postmodern Mindset" - research material, ms draft
Box 36 "The Gulf War and the Underside of Democracy: Some Reflections" - manuscript draft
Box 38 "Israeli-occupied Territories, International Law, and the Boundaries of Scholarly Discourse: A Reply to Michael Curtis" - manuscript draft
Box 36 "Letters from Prison, American Style: The Political Vision and Practice of Noam Chomsky" - manuscript drafts
"Lybia's Remedies in 1990 for Unexploded Land Mines from World War II and in Relation to Colonial Rule" - manuscript
Box 38 "The Making of Global Citizenship: Learning from the Gulf Crisis" - manuscript
Box 36 "Nuclear Weapons and the Renewal of Democracy" - manuscript draft
Box 38 "Positive Prescriptions for the Near Future: a World Order Perspective" / Richard Falk and Albert G. Milbank - manuscript
Box 38 "Reflections on the Gulf War Experience: Force and War in the United Nations System" - manuscript
Box 38 "The Role of the International Court of Justice" in International Relations - Understanding Global Issues / Peter G. Toma, Robert F. Gorman, editors - photocopy
Box 36 "The Terrorist Foundations of Recent US Foreign Policy" - drafts
Box 38 "The Terrorist Foundations of Recent U.S. Foreign Policy" in Western State Terrorism - proof
Box 36 "Theory, Realism, and World Security" - draft
Box 38 "Theory, Realism, and World Security" - proof
Box 36 "Vietnam and International Law: The Past Recalled and the Future Challenged" - manuscript drafts
Box 38 "World Order After the Cold War: Learning from the Gulf Crisis" - manuscript
Box 38 "World Order Prospects After the Cold War" - manuscript
Box 20 Evidence
Box 20 US State Department Legal Memo
Box 20 Quincy Wright
Box 20 W. Friedmann
Box 20 Galley Proofs, Nation
Box 20 American Journal of International Law
Box 20 A New Paradigm for International Legal Studies: Prospects and Proposals
Box 20 Book review
Box 20 The Future of the International Legal Order (Vol. III) (2 folders)
Box 20 The Status of Law in International Society (2 folders)
Box 21 History of International Law of Civil War
Box 21 International Courts
Box 21 International Effects: Population
Box 21 International Law and Legal Positivism
Box 21 International Law Seminar
Box 21 Interviews
Box 21 The Irrational
Box 21 ISA: ICJ Namibia
Box 21 Henry Kissinger manuscript
Box 21 Law and Justice
Box 36 "The Antarctica Treaty System: Are There Viable Alternatives?" - manuscript drafts
Box 21 Conference on Impeachment
Box 36 "The Logic and Spirit of Reassurance in Relation to the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972" - manuscript draft
Box 21 New Trends in International Law
Box 21 Stevens Lectures
Box 21 War Lecture
Box 21 War or Peace: The State of the Globe
Box 21 Legislative Intervention
Box 21 Miscellaneous
Box 21 New States Revision
Box 21 Notes 1958
Box 21 Notes 1961
Box 21 Notes, miscellaneous (4 folders)
Box 21 Notes, Vietnam War and International Law
Box 21 Oil and Power
Box 21 Outline
Oversize 2 Page proofs (oversize)
Box 21 Permissions for Legal Order in a Violent World
Box 21 Academy for the Advanced Study of World Community Values: A Proposal Comparative Protection of Human Rights 1978
Box 21 Contribution to Commentary Symposium
Box 21 Global Approach to National Policy (2 folders)
Box 21 Global Conception of National Policy
Box 21 The Global Environment and International Law 1974
Box 21 International Law Aspects of Prisoner Repatriation During Hostilities
Box 21 The Knot With Four Folds (2 folders)
Box 22 Miscellaneous (6 folders)
Box 22 New Directions for US Foreign Policy
Box 22 Nuremberg: Past, Present, and Future
Box 22 The Prisoner of War Issue: Whose Crime?
Box 22 Redress Remarks
Box 22 Renunciation of Nuclear Weapons Use
Box 22 Responding to Severe Violations
Box 22 The Role of Law in Future International Systems
Box 22 The Role of Law in World Society (2 folders)
Box 22 Study of Future Worlds (2 folders)
Box 22 Toward A New World Order
Box 22 Toward Equilibrium in the World Order System
Box 22 What's Wrong With Henry Kissinger
Box 22 What's Wrong With Henry Kissinger's Foreign Policy
Box 22 World Order in the 1990's
Box 22 World Order Models Project [WOMP] (2 folders)
Box 22 Poetry
Box 22 Politics of Law in International Society
Published articles
Box 22 [General] 1966-1974 (2 folders)
Box 23 [General] 1968-1975 (3 folders)
Box 23 The Knot With Four Folds
Box 23 Law as a Contributor to the Maintenance of a Peaceful World
Box 23 Miscellaneous
Box 23 The Relations of Law to Culture, Power, and Justice
Box 23 Relevance of Contending Systems of a Public Order
Box 23 Towards a Warless World
Box 23 The US and the Doctrine of Non-Intervention 1959
Box 23 Regionalism
Box 23 The Relevance of Political Context to International Law
Box 23 Reviews of The Role of Domestic Courts
Box 23 Revisions
Rough drafts
Box 23 A Balance Sheet of Regional Integration
Box 23 America Menaced: The Military-Industrial Complex
Box 23 A Mosaic for an Endangered Planet
Box 23 A New World Order for the 1990's (2 folders)
Box 23 An Explanation of the Extraterritorial Extension of American Antitrust Regulation (2 folders)
Box 23 The Authority of the United Nations to Control Non-Members
Box 23 The Beirut Raid (2 folders)
Box 23 Bipolarity and the Future of World Society
Box 23 The Cambodian Operation and International Law (3 folders)
Box 23 Kenneth S. Carlston
Box 23 Charybdis Responds: A Note on Treaty Interpretation
Box 23 The Complexity of Sabbatino
Box 23 Confrontation Diplomacy
Box 23 The Continuing American Failure in Vietnam
Box 24 Domestic Courts, International Law, and Foreign Acts of States (2 folders)
Box 24 The Ecological Crisis of Our Age
Box 24 The Exclusion of Nuclear Catastrophe
Box 24 Extraterritorial Extension of American Anti-Trust Regulation
Box 24 Wolfgang Friedmann
Box 24 The Four Dimensions of Planetary Danger
Box 24 The Future of Regionalism
Box 24 The Future of the International Legal Order
Box 24 Global Conception of National Policy (6 folders)
Box 24 The Global Environment and International Law
Box 24 Hazards of Freedom at the Global Level
Box 24 Individual Responsibility under International Law
Box 24 International Implications of a Technological Society
Box 24 Introduction to International Law and Civil War
Box 24 Morton A. Kaplan and Nicholas de B. Katzenbach
Box 24 Korea Article
Box 24 The Legitimacy of Zone II
Box 24 Meeting the Challenges of the World Environment
Box 24 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Box 25 Miscellaneous (15 folders)
Box 26 Miscellaneous (13 folders)
Box 27 Miscellaneous (16 folders)
Box 28 Miscellaneous (20 folders)
Box 29 Miscellaneous (6 folders)
Box 29 New Approaches to the Study of International Law
Box 29 Notes on Transition and World Order
Box 29 The Nuremberg Defense in the Pentagon Papers Case
Box 29 Observations on Political Loyalty
Box 29 On the Quasi-Legislative Competence of the General Assembly
Box 29 On Treaty Interpretation and the New Haven Approach (2 folders)
Box 29 Population Pressure: Malthus and Beyond
Box 29 The Prospects for World Order: Models of the Future
Box 29 The Province of Law in International Relations
Box 29 Quest for World Order and the Vietnam War
Box 29 The Question of War Crimes
Box 29 The Recently Independent States: A Framework for Systematic Inquiry
Box 29 Reforming World Order: Zones of Consciousness and Domains of Action
Box 29 Regional Processes and World Order
Box 29 The Renunciation of Nuclear Weapons
Box 29 The Renunciation of Nuclear Weapons Use
Box 29 The Role of Law in Future International Systems
Box 29 The Role of Law in World Society (2 folders)
Box 29 The Sabbatino Litigation and After
Box 29 Sartre: Freedom and the Law
Box 29 Settling Ocean Fishing Conflicts
Box 29 Some New Approaches to the Study of International Law
Box 29 Some Thoughts on Identifying and Solving the Problem of Compliance with International Law
Box 29 The South West Africa Cases
Box 29 The South West Africa Cases: An Appraisal
Box 30 Struggle in the Middle East
Box 30 Study of Future Worlds (2 folders)
Box 30 This Endangered Planet (2 folders)
Box 30 Toward Equilibrium in the World Order System
Box 30 The Trouble with Galileo's Victory
Box 30 Unilateral Claims to Use of Outer Space
Box 30 Unilateral Claims to Use Outer Space and the Development of World Legal Order
Box 30 The United Nations: Notes on a Systemic Variation
Box 30 United States Arms Policy: 1970-2000
Box 30 Vietnam and the Future of American Policy in Asia (2 folders)
Box 30 War Crimes and Individual Responsibility
Box 30 Why Impeachment
Box 30 World Order Activism: First Steps
Box 30 World Order Today: Patterns, Trends, Prospects
Box 30 Zone II as a World Order Construct
Box 30 Security in Disarmament
Box 30 Southern Africa
Box 38 "The Americanization of the World and the Japanese Challenge" - manuscript
Box 30 Church Center Address
Box 38 "Extremist Perspectives on the Gulf War" - manuscript
Box 38 "Global Problems and the Need for a New Global Order" - manuscript
Box 38 "Group Claims and the Nation-State within the United Nations System" - research material, manuscript draft
Box 30 Hearing Committee on Human Environment
Box 38 "Religion and Politics: Verging on the Postmodern" - research material, manuscript drafts, manuscript; other working titles include "The Renewed Relevance of Religion to International Relations" and "The Postmodern Challenge in the Setting of Public Policy"
Box 30 United States and the United Nations
Box 30 Stanley Foundation
Box 30 Statement on Population Growth and Environmental Policy
Box 30 Strategy of World Order
Box 30 Student notes
Box 30 Student papers (2 folders)
Box 30 A Comment on the Question of Two Chinas
Box 30 An Argument to Expand the Traditional Sources of International Law
Box 30 A Plea for Systematic Procedures of Inquiry
Box 30 Arms Control, Foreign Policy, and Global Reform
Box 30 A Study of Future Worlds (3 folders)
Box 31 A World Order Approach to National Policy
Box 31 Basis of Moral and Legal Responsibility of Corporations
Box 31 The Beirut Raid: A Case Study in the International Law of Retaliation
Box 31 Bipolarity and the Future of World Society
Box 31 The Cambodian Operation and International Law
Box 31 Comparative Protection of Human Rights
Box 31 Conflict of Laws
Box 31 Confrontation Diplomacy
Box 31 The Design of a New World Order System
Box 31 Documents on Dispute Between Malaysia and Indonesia
Box 31 Environmental Warfare and Ecocide
Box 31 The Future of the International Legal Order I (5 folders)
Box 31 Gaps and Biases in Contemporary Theories of International Law
Box 31 The Global Environment and International Law 1974
Box 31 Individual Responsibility in the Setting of Larger Scale Counterinsurgency Warfare
Box 31 International Effects of Population Trends
Box 31 International Law and the Conduct of the Vietnam War
Box 31 International Law in Domestic Courts 1965
Box 31 International Legal Order (2 folders)
Box 31 The Interplay of Westphalia and Charter Conceptions of International Legal Order (2 folders)
Box 31 The Knot with Four Folds: Unraveling the Future
Box 31 Law, Lawyers, and the Conduct of American Foreign Relations
Box 31 The Legal Status of the United States Involvement in the Vietnam War
Box 32 The Legitimacy of Zone II as a Structure of Political Domination 1969
Box 32 Meeting the Challenges of the World Environment (2 folders)
Box 32 Miscellaneous (16 folders)
Box 32 Neutralization in Southeast Asia 1966
Box 32 New Approaches to the Study of International Law (2 folders)
Box 32 The New States New Trends in International Law 1969
Box 32 Notes on the Consequences of Revolutionary Activity for the Quality of International Order
Box 32 Notes on Transition and World Order
Box 32 Observations on Political Loyalty at a Time of World Crisis
Box 32 Observer's Report on the Trial of the State vs. Eliaser Tuhadeleni and Others 1968
Box 32 On Just Wars: The Case of World War II (3 folders)
Box 32 On Regulating International Propaganda
Box 32 Pandora's Halo
Box 33 Pandora's Halo
Box 33 The Prisoner of War Issue: Whose Crime?
Box 33 The Quest for World Order and the Vietnam War
Box 33 Realistic Horizons for International Adjudication
Box 33 Redress Remarks
Box 33 Reforming World Order: Zones of Consciousness and Domains of Action
Box 33 Regional Politics and World Order
Box 33 Relations of Law
Box 33 Relevance of Political Context to the Nature and Functioning of International Law (2 folders)
Box 33 The Revolution in Peace
Box 33 Settlement of the War in Vietnam
Box 33 Settling Ocean Fishing Conflicts
Box 33 The Significance for World Legal Order of the 1961 Draft Program of the Soviet Communist Party
Box 33 Significant General Assembly Resolutions Since 1966 on the Status of South West Africa
Box 33 The Six Legal Dimensions of the Vietnam War (10 folders)
Box 33 Some Thoughts on Identifying and Solving the Problem of Compliance with International Law
Box 33 Some Thoughts on the Jurisprudence of Myers vs. McDougal
Box 33 Son My: War Crimes and Individual Responsibility
Box 33 The South West Africa Cases (2 folders)
Box 33 The Status of Law
Box 34 The Status of Law (8 folders)
Box 34 Stress-Seeking and the Legal Order
Box 34 Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights
Box 34 This Endangered Planet (8 folders)
Box 34 Toward A New World Order
Box 34 Underlying Causes
Box 34 The United Nations: Various Systems of Operation (2 folders)
Box 35 Vietnam IV
Box 35 The Vietnam War and International Law
Box 35 War Crimes and Individual Responsibility
Box 35 Why Impeachment
Box 35 World Legal Order (3 folders)
Box 35 World Order
Box 35 World Order Today
Box 35 World Order Today: Patterns, Trends, Prospects,
Box 35 Uncorrected Proof of This endangered planet
Box 35 Violence and the International Order
Box 35 WOMP VI [World Order Models Project]
Box 35 Yale Ecology Chapter
Box 36 Conference material
Box 38 Conference material
Box 36 Printed material - periodicals, miscellaneous
Box 38 Printed material - miscellaneous
Box 36 Publicity
Box 36 Miscellaneous

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Selected index to correspondence

This index covers the MAIN ACCESSION ONLY (boxes 1-35). Correspondents from later additions (boxes 36-38) is not included here.

  • Abzug, Bella : 1971; 1972
  • Bayh, Birch : 1971
  • Brooke, Edward : 1969
  • Bush, George : 1971
  • Case, Clifford : 1971
  • Cerf, Bennet : 1971
  • Chomsky, Noam : 1971
  • Church, Frank : 1970
  • Eagleton, Thomas : 1971; 1972
  • Fulbright, J.W. : 1971
  • Harris, Fred : 1972
  • Hartke, Vance : 1972
  • Hatfield, Mark : 1971
  • Hughes, Harold :
  • Humphrey, Hubert : 1971
  • Kennedy, Edward : 1970
  • Kissinger, Henry : 1967
  • McGovern, George : 1968
  • Muskie, Edmund : 1971; 1972
  • Spock, Benjamin : 1971
  • Stennis, John : 1971
  • Udall, Stewart : 1971
  • Vanoeur, Sander :
  • Weintraub, Joseph :

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