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Lillian B. Gilkes Papers

An inventory of her papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Gilkes, Lillian B. (Lillian Barnard), 1902-1977.
Title: Lillian B. Gilkes Papers
Dates: 1900-1976
Quantity: 3 linear ft.
Abstract: The Lillian B. Gilkes Papers comprises the correspondence, writings, research notes, and memorabilia of the American author, educator, and biographer of Cora Crane (b. 1902). The collection not only illuminates Gilkes' professional writings, but also reveals a personal life marked by political activity and connections with radical artists and writers of the early to mid-20th century.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

American author, educator, biographer of Cora Crane.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Lillian B. Gilkes Papers comprises the correspondence, writings, research notes, and memorabilia of the American author, educator, and biographer of Cora Crane (b. 1902). The collection not only illuminates Gilkes' professional writings, but also reveals a personal life marked by political activity and connections with radical artists and writers of the early to mid-20th century.

Spanning the years 1900 to 1976, the alphabetically arranged Correspondence-Subject Files (Boxes 1-4) consists of any combination of incoming and/or outgoing correspondence, clippings, photographs, miscellaneous printed material, and writings. Correspondence includes that of family members (Louise Davidson, Fannie Gilkes, Fannie E. Taylor); authors (Benjamin Appel, Margaret Culkin Banning, Paul Corey, Martha Dodd (Stern), Janet Flanner, Gladys Benjamin Goddard, Josephine Herbst, Robert Hillyer, Langston Hughes, Helen R. Hull, Ruth Lechlitner, Robert Morss Lovett, Grace Lumpkin, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Jennings Rice, Felizia Seyd, Genevieve Taggard, Richard Wright, Leane Zugsmith); Gilkes' co-authors (Millen Brand, Dorothy Brewster); performing artists (Geradine Farrar, Georgette Leblanc, Eva Le Gallienne, Enrico and Dorothy Caruso); political figures (Henry Wallace); and publishers (Margaret C. Anderson, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, and Charles Scribners's Sons). Subject files contain a variety of documents relating to anti-ballistic missile systems, an anti-fascist anthology project, Gilkes' New York University short story writing class, Nixon and Watergate, the Progressive Party (of which Gilkes was a member), and the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Produced between 1926 and 1972, the twenty-two articles, several book reviews, three books, and notes constitute Writings (Boxes 5-6).

Memorabilia (Box 6) includes photographs of Gilkes; printed material, such as clippings, periodicals, British political pamphlets and flyers, Democratic Party publications, and programs; writings by others; and miscellany, including a World War I armband, a "Normandie" hatband, and a photograph.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The Lillian Gilkes Research Files on the American realist author Stephen Crane and his wife, Cora, are inventoried and housed in the Stephen Crane Collection.

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Subject Headings


Alpert, Hollis, 1916-2007.
Anderson, Margaret C.
Appel, Benjamin, 1907-1977.
Babcock, Edwina Stanton.
Banning, Margaret Culkin, 1891-1982.
Bessie, Alvah Cecil, 1904-1985.
Bigelow, Gordon E.
Brand, Millen, 1906-1980.
Brewster, Dorothy, 1883-1979.
Brickell, Herschel, 1889-1952.
Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Matthew Joseph), 1931-2008.
Caruso, Dorothy.
Caruso, Enrico, 1873-1921.
Corey, Paul.
Davidson, Louise.
Deiss, Joseph Jay.
Dodd, Martha, 1908-1990.
Downes, Anne Miller.
Dykeman, Wilma.
Farrar, Geraldine, 1882-1967.
Fielding, Alfred.
Flanner, Janet, 1892-1978.
Gilkes, Fannie.
Gilkes, Lillian B. (Lillian Barnard), 1902-1977.
Goddard, Gladys Benjamin.
Hard, Margaret M.
Hard, Walter R., 1882-
Herbst, Josephine, 1892-1969.
Hills, Mathilda M.
Hillyer, Robert, 1895-1961.
Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967.
Hull, Helen R. (Helen Rose), 1888-1971.
Le Gallienne, Eva, 1899-1991.
Leblanc, Georgette, 1869-1941.
Lechlitner, Ruth, 1901-1989.
Lovett, Robert Morss, 1870-1956.
Lumpkin, Grace.
McBride, Mary Margaret, 1899-1976.
Namara, Marguerite, 1888-
O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph), 1890-1941.
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, 1896-1953.
Rice, Jennings, 1900-
Schlauch, Margaret, 1898-1986.
Seyd, Felizia.
Taggard, Genevieve, 1894-1948.
Wallace, Henry A. (Henry Agard), 1888-1965.
Whipple, Chandler.
Wright, Richard, 1908-1960.
Zugsmith, Leane, 1903-1969.

Corporate Bodies

Charles Scribner's Sons.
Houghton, Mifflin and Company.
Progressive Party (U.S. : 1948)


American literature -- 20th century.
Anti-fascist movements -- United States.
Authors and publishers.
Authors, American.
Biographers -- United States.
Peace movements -- United States.
Political letter-writing -- United States.
Political oratory -- United States.
Progressivism (United States politics)
Teachers as authors -- United States.
Women authors, American.
World politics -- 20th century.


Europe -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.
Soviet Union -- Description and travel.
Soviet Union -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.
United States -- Exiles.
United States -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Drafts (documents)
Notes (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Lillian B. Gilkes Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: SEH
Date: Oct 1993
Revision history: 26 Jun 2005 - EAD file created (MRR); 20 Sep 2006 - References to anti-fascist project added (MRR); 26 Oct 2012 - extent revised (MBD)

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Correspondence-Subject Files
Box 1 A (1 folder)
Box 1 Alpert, Hollis 1949
Box 1 Anderson, Margaret C. 1948-1970, undated
Box 1 Anti-ballistic missile system letters (Gilkes/U.S. senators)
Box 1 Anti-fascist anthology project - Correspondence - 1937-1938
Box 1 Appel, Benjamin 1939-1965, undated
See also Anti-fascist anthology project
Box 1 Authors League of America, the Authors Guild 1951
Box 1 B (1 folder)
Box 1 Babcock, Edwina Stanton 1922
Box 1 Banning, Margaret Culkin 1966-1971, undated
Box 1 Bessie, Alvah 1942
Box 1 Bigelow, Gordon E. 1965-1967
Box 1 Brand, Millen 1949-1954
See also Anti-fascist anthology project
Box 1 Brewer & Warren Inc. 1930
Box 1 Brewster, Dorothy 1923-1968, undated - Correspondence (2 folders); Writings - "The Russian Soul: an English Literary Pattern" - The American Scholar, n.d.
Box 1 Brickell, Herschel 1949-1951
Box 1 Bruccoli, Matthew 1974
See also Lumpkin, Grace
Box 1 C (1 folder)
Caruso, Enrico and Dorothy
See Goddard, Gladys Benjamin
Corey, Paul
See Anti-fascist anthology project
Box 1 Corey, Paul and Lechlitner, Ruth
Costain, Thomas B.
See Goddard, Gladys Benjamin
Box 1 D (1 folder)
Davidson, Louise
Box 1 Correspondence, photographs 1912-1974, undated
Box 1 American Friends of France, Inc and Morgan, Anne 1949-1954 - correspondence, clippings
Box 1 Farrar, Geraldine 1946-1967, undated
See also Taylor, Fannie E.
Box 2 Goddard, Gladys B. 1961-1972
Box 2 Leblanc, Georgette 1916-1923 - photographs
Box 2 Le Gallienne, Eva 1953-1956, undated - correspondence, clippings, photographs
Box 2 Writings - "The Alley" - The New Yorker 11 Jan 1936
Box 2 Deiss, Joseph Jay 1967
Box 2 Dodd, Martha (Stern) 1950-1957, undated - correspondence, clippings
Box 2 Downes, Anne Miller 1943
Box 2 Dykeman, Wilma 1966
Box 2 Farrar, Geraldine
Correspondence (1945-1966, undated); Memorabilia, clippings, photographs, printed (1902-1974)
See also Davidson, Louise
Box 2 Fielding, Alfred 1933
Box 2 Flanner, Janet 1936
Box 2 G (1 folder)
Box 2 Gilkes, Fannie (Lillian Gilkes' mother) 1929-1946, undated - photographs
Goddard, Gladys Benjamin
Box 2 Benjamin family - original and copy photographs, and tintypes (2)
See also Davidson, Louise
Box 2 Caruso, Enrico and Dorothy (Goddard's sister) 1918-1938 - Correspondence (copies), clippings, photographs (mostly copies)
Box 2 Goddard, Torrance [pseud.] / Costain, Thomas B. 1927-1962 - legal and production records for Wings of Song
Box 2 Johnson, Burgess 1900
Box 2 Pryor, Roger A. 1912
Box 3 Zirato, Bruno and Nina 1967-1974 - correspondence, clippings, photographs
Box 3 Miscellaneous thank-you letters 1928-1976
Box 3 Writings - ms. of unpublished short story, poems (1908), notes, a drawing
Box 3 Memorabilia
Box 3 Clippings, ms. of obituary by L. Gilkes
Box 3 H (1 folder)
Box 3 Hard, Walter R. and Margaret 1952-1971
Box 3 Hemingway, Ernest 1950 - Gilkes' criticisms to editors about reviews of his book, Across the River and Into the Trees - clippings
Box 3 Herbst, Josephine 1937-1938
Box 3 Hillyer, Robert 1949-1953
Hills, Mathilda
See Mayfield, John
Box 3 Houghton, Mifflin and Company 1936
Box 3 Hughes, Langston 1946
Box 3 Hull, Helen R. 1930-1948
Box 3 J (1 folder)
Johnson, Burgess
See Goddard, Gladys Benjamin
Box 3 Korea 1951-1952
Box 3 L (1 folder)
Box 3 League of American Writers (publications) 1938-1941
Leblanc, Georgette
See Davidson, Louise
Box 3 Lechlitner, Ruth and Corey, Paul 1937-1966
Le Gallienne, Eva
See Davidson, Louise
Box 3 Levesque, Jacques-Henry and Angele 1972 - writings, photographs
Box 3 Lovett, Robert Morss 1949-1955, undated
Box 3 Lumpkin, Grace 1930s-1976, undated
Box 3 M (1 folder)
Box 3 McBride, Mary Margaret 1948-1957
Box 3 Mayfield, John 1966-1973, 1977 - includes Hills, Mathilda
Morgan, Anne
See Davidson, Louise
Box 4 N (1 folder)
Box 4 Namara, Marguerite undated
Box 4 Neruda, Pablo undated
Box 4 New Masses 1937-1938
Box 4 New York University Short Story Writing class - miscellaneous correspondence with the institution and Gilkes' students
Box 4 Richard Nixon Impeachment/Watergate 1952-1975 - correspondence, clippings
Box 4 O (1 folder)
Box 4 O'Brien, Edward J. 1933
Box 4 P (1 folder)
Box 4 Political letters 1968-1976 - incoming and outgoing to governors, presidents, senators
Progressive Party
Box 4 Wallace, Henry A. and Ilo 1938-1975
Box 4 Miscellaneous correspondence 1948-1949
Box 4 Clippings 1948-1975
Box 4 Radio and meeting talks by L. Gilkes - typescript ms. and holograph notes
Box 4 Memorabilia 1948 - founding convention pamphlets, programs, delegate pins and IDs
Pryor, Roger A.
See Goddard, Gladys Benjamin
Box 4 R (1 folder)
Box 4 Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan and Baskin, Norton 1949-1954
Box 4 Rice, Jennings 1935-1949
Box 4 S (1 folder)
Box 4 Schlauch, Margaret 1947-1972, undated - clippings
Box 4 Charles Scribner's Sons 1930-1936 - clippings
Box 4 Seyd, Felizia 1951
See also Anti-fascist anthology project
Box 4 Solano, Solita 1962, undated - photograph, writings
Box 4 Southern Tenant Farmers Union and Works Progress Administration (WPA) 1937-1947 - photograph, printed material
Box 4 Stern, Martha Dodd
See Dodd, Martha (Stern)
Box 4 T (1 folder)
Box 4 Taggard, Genevieve undated
Taylor, Fannie E.
Box 4 Davidson, Louise 1915-1917, undated - correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs
Box 4 Varesi, Gilda 1913 - correspondence, clippings, photographs, programs
United States Works Progress Administration (WPA)
See Southern Tenant Farmers Union and Works Progress Administration (WPA)
Varesi, Gilda
See Taylor, Fannie E.
Box 4 W (1 folder)
Wallace, Henry
See photographs in Progressive Party West Side Committee to Aid China
Box 4 Whipple, Chandler 1951
Box 4 Wolfson, Norman 1946 - "Hollow Skin" typescript ms.
Box 4 Wright, Richard 1937-1945
Box 5 Zirato, Bruno 1972
See also Goddard, Gladys Benjamin
Box 5 Zugsmith, Leane 1938 - correspondence, writings
Writings (by Gilke)
Box 5 "Afterword for The Wedding, a Novel by Grace Lumpkin" - typescript ms.
Box 5 "The Apostate: a Story" - Scribner's, Jan 1933
Box 5 "Barnard Property Acquired by the Barnett First National Bank: Some Jacksonville History" - typescript mss. (1 partial)
Box 5 "Experiment at Highlander" - Direction, Nov 1939
Box 5 "Experiment at Highlander" - Writers Teach Writing [1940/1941] "Foreword", for the League of American Writers Writers School Bulletin, Spring 1940 - corrected typescript ms., printed material
Box 5 "Further Discussion of the Angene and Botkin Papers" - The English Journal, Part II, Feb. 1940
Box 5 "Get Together! A True Story About the CIO Agricultural Workers Union" - The CIO News, July 10, 1939
Box 5 "Goldilocks and the Red-Herring: a Tale of the Campaign" - typescript ms.
Box 5 "Hawthorne, Park Benjamin, and S.G. Goodrich: a Three-Cornered Imbroglio" 1970
Box 5 "Hope for the South" - The Fight, Jan. 1938
Box 5 "Letter Back Home" - New Advance, Oct. 1939
Box 5 "Life in the Big Cities" n.d. - The Bookman
Box 5 "A New Voice in the Old South" - New York Citizen, July 1, 1940
Box 5 "Oil for Defense" - typescript ms.
Box 5 "Owen Whitfield" - Equality, Oct./Nov. 1940
Box 5 "Park Benjamin, Henry William Herbert, and William Gilmore Simms: Some New Light on Old Differences" - typescript drafts
Box 5 "Park Benjamin: Literary Agent, Et Cetera" - typescript mss.
Box 5 "Taxation and Inflation" - 1943
Box 5 "To the Editor (The Ridgefield Press, 1943): the poll-tax congressman . . ." - typescript ms.
Box 5 "The Trial of Preacher Blackstone" - Direction, Summer 1942
Box 5 "Writer Defends Her Parley Piece, Stays Unscalped" - The Ridgefield Press, Apr. 20, 1972
Book reviews
Box 6 "Humorous Philosophizing, a Review by Lillian Gilkes" - The Book Review, Oct. 1926
Box 6 "A Study of Selfishness" - New York Tribune, Mar. 2, 1924
Box 6 Miscellaneous reviews by L. Gilkes (1 folder)
Box 6 A Home Study Course in the Technique of the Short Story 1928 - (uncredited author L. Gilkes) prepared under the supervision of the Department of English, Columbia University
Box 6 How to Write for Pleasure and Profit - legal material
Box 6 Short Story Craft - production records - preparatory and legal correspondence with co-author Warren Bower, contributing authors, publisher - miscellaneous letters about book, advertisements, clippings (3 folders)
Box 6 Memorabilia
Box 6 Notes (1 folder)
Box 6 Lillian Gilkes - portrait and ID card
Printed material
Box 6 Lillian Gilkes related 1947-1974
Box 6 Political 1970-1976, undated
Box 6 War poster by L. Gilkes (clipping) 1917
Box 6 Miscellaneous 1940-1972, undated
Box 6 Miscellaneous 1923-1955
Box 6 British political pamphlets and flyers 1975 - from Nicolas Pease (family knew Stephen Crane)
Box 6 Political publications 1942-1946 - Democratic-Independent Club of Ridgefield, Connecticut publications (1943-1945); Democratic Party flyers (1942-1946)
Box 6 Programs 1927-1934
Writings (by others)
See also Correspondence-subject files: Anti-fascist anthology project
Box 6 Albee, George
Box 6 Appel, Benjamin
Box 6 Arguedas, Jose Maria
Box 6 Brand, Millen
Box 6 Corey, Paul
Box 6 Dorais, Leon
Box 6 Field, Ben
Box 6 Gelhorn, Martha
Box 6 Hellman, Lillian
Box 6 Maltz, Albert
Box 6 Nexo, Martin
Box 6 Pereda, Prudencio de
Box 6 Seyd, Felizia
Box 6 Shinaki, Kensaku
Box 6 Warner, Sylvia W.
Box 6 Wolfe, Thomas
Wolfson, Norman
See Correspondence-Subject Files: Wolfson, Norman
Zugsmith, Leane
See Correspondence-Subject Files: Zugsmith, Leane
Box 6 Armband - World War I
Box 6 Hatband - "Normandie"
Box 6 Photograph of Innesley Dorrian

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