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Karl Hubenthal Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hubenthal, Karl,1917-
Title: Karl Hubenthal Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1952-1967
Quantity: 3.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American editorial cartoonist including original editorial cartoons (1952-1966) as well as correspondence, writings and memorabilia
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Karl Hubenthal (1917-1998) was an American sports and editorial cartoonist.

Born in Beemer, Nebraska on May 1, 1917, Hubenthal grew up in Los Angeles, California and graduated from Hollywood High School. Hubenthal got his start in 1935 at the Los Angeles Herald-Express, where his first job was with the Art Department. In 1939 he began to do sports cartoons for that newspaper. Hubenthal left to serve with the Marine Corps during World War II and following the war worked as a freelance advertising artist.

But in 1949 he was drawn back into cartooning at another Hearst paper, the Examiner and in 1956 he became the paper's full-time editorial cartoonist. When the Herald Express was combined with the Examiner in 1962, Hubenthal's cartoons were one of the Examiner's features carried over to the newly combined publication. Hubenthal's cartoons were also syndicated to other Hearst newspapers and he continued to contribute sports cartoons to the paper on Fridays and drew other sports-themed commercial art pieces .

Hubenthal's work has been widely recognized. In 1940, he was named Best Sports Cartoonist at the New York World's Fair and the National Cartoonists Society gave him four awards for his sports cartoons. Through his sports cartoons, he supported the effort to bring the Dodgers baseball team to Los Angeles and Hubenthal routinely cariciatured local teams including the University of Southern California. The American Association of Editorial Cartoonists presented Hubenthal with the National Headliner's Award in 1958, 1960 and 1961. NCS also named him best editorial cartoonist in 1961, 1967 and 1970. Twenty-five Freedoms Foundation Medals were presented to him and he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize several times. He served as president of the AAEC and the Society of Illustrators.

Karl Hubenthal retired in 1982 and died of cancer in Los Angeles on August 13, 1998.

"The nice part of what I do is that I get instant responses. I either get panned, or praised, but at least I know what I'm saying is having some effect. When you don't get mail, that's when you should worry." ( Herald-Examiner, 1982)

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Karl Hubenthal Papers are divided into four series.

Cartoons contains 428 original editorial cartoons drawn by Hubenthal for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. Hubenthal depicted a mix of national and international issues as well as events specific to California and Los Angeles. At times, Hubenthal advocated in favor of certain issues including the prevention of traffic fatalities, increasing expenditures for schools, and supporting the annual Easter and Christmas seal campaigns. In one cartoon he attempted to involve readers in the issue of Alaska's statehood by drawing a star that the reader could clip out and mail to their senator asking them to make Alaska the 49th state.

In portraying political figures, Hubenthal often drew oversized objects for his caricatures to interact with. California Governor Pat Brown wears a gigantic cowboy hat of Lyndon B. Johnson’s while in another, a donkey is surrounded by towering elephant legs labeled with Republican Party candidates and Hubenthal illustrates desires to cut government spending with a small donkey and elephant trying to wield a bulky pair of scissors.

The cartoons were drawn on illustration board with ink, crayon and captions appear in pencil. Nearly all are dated but several are only marked with specific years.

Correspondence is arranged chronologically and consists largely of incoming letters. The letters primarily include fan mail and requests for original cartoons. Notable correspondents include: Ray C. Bliss (May 25, July 6, 1966), Herc Ficklen (Dec. 29, 1966, Jan. 11, 1967), Barry Goldwater (June 17, 1966), Reg Manning (June 3, June 27, 1966), Wayne Morse (March 4, 1966), George Murphy (July 16, 1965, May 21, 1966), and Richard Nixon (May 12, June 1, 1966), as well as members of President Johnson's staff requesting original cartoons for Johnson (July 23, Sept. 4, Nov. 8, 1965; Jan. 5, March 16 and 19, May 25, 1966- often the letters contain a photocopy of the cartoon that was sent to Johnson). A letter from William Randolph Hearst Jr. (May 24, 1966) discusses the work of cartoonist Richard Wallmeyer. There are also letters from Los Angeles Rams coach George Allen and fellow cartoonists Bert Whitman and John Fischetti.

Writings consists of two articles about editorial cartooning written by Hubenthal that appeared in The Quill and California Publisher.

Memorabilia contains one folder of biographical information, programs and clippings about Hubenthal's visit to the White House as well as a drawing of Lyndon B. Johnson done in ballpoint pen.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence and editorial cartoons are arranged chronologically.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has collections of over one hundred cartoonists. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Brown, Edmund G. (Edmund Gerald), 1905-1996 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Hubenthal, Karl, 1917-
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894-1971 -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Corporate Bodies

Hearst Newspaper Syndicate.
United States. Congress -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Associated Titles

Los Angeles Herald examiner.


American wit and humor, Pictorial.
Caricatures and cartoons -- United States.
Cartoonists -- California.
Cartoonists -- United States.
Charity -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Editorial cartoons -- California -- Los Angeles.
Editorial cartoons -- United States.
Labor unions -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Taxation -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Traffic fatalities -- Caricatures and cartoons.
World politics -- 1945-1989 -- Caricatures and cartoons.


Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Caricatures and cartoons.
United States -- Politics and government, 1945-1989 -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Genres and Forms

Cartoons (humorous images)
Editorial cartoons.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Karl Hubenthal Papers
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Karl Hubenthal, 1968.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: GBS
Date: Dec 1968
Revision history: 23 May 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC); 6 Nov 2009 - revised bio, scope, added subjects to inventory SK)

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Editorial cartoons (428 items) 14"x 17"
Oversize 1, Folder 1 1952
Feb. 3 What good is a watchdog if we don't feed it?: Los Angeles, civil defense
Mar. 11 - These are sleepless nights!: Russia, NATO
Mar. 23 - Clean sweep!: taxes, California
Apr. 20 - Our happy perennials.: Los Angeles
May 18 - It happens every spring!: vacation
June 2 - Of primary importance!: voting, elections
Aug. 30 - Dead end.: Labor Day, traffic fatalities
Sept. 4 - Miss L.A. and Uncle Sam: Los Angeles, population
Oct. 26 - Quick, while he's not looking...: bossism, California, elections
Nov. 16 - Just what she wanted -- and needed: Los Angeles
Dec. 14 - All us last minute shoppers: Christmas
Dec. 30 - Holiday spirits: traffic fatalities
Oversize 1, Folder 2 1953
Jan. 25 - Grown out of his britches: California, highway construction
Mar. 15 - The hides of March: taxes
Mar. 16 - Rising curve : traffic fatalities
Mar. 30 - Double barreled! : taxes, California
May 29 - Speedway U.S.A. : Memorial Day, traffic
Aug. 17 - Uninvited guest : China, United Nations
Aug. 24 - The millstone: Los Angeles, traffic, industry
Sept. 20 - Batter up! : cost of living, politics
Sept. 27 - At least, it's in sight: taxes
Oversize 1, Folder 3 1954
Jan. 3 - Boy, am I glad to see you!: Congress, elections
Jan. 26 - Flying saucer and cup': food prices
Feb. 22 - Pointing the way: defense, war, peace
Apr. 9 - In a new light: nuclear weapons, highway construction, civil defense
May 12 - We will never learn: diplomacy, peace, communism
June 12 - Elephant walk: Dwight Eisenhower, Congress
June 21 - Siren song : vacation
July 26 - H(ot) A(ir) Bomb! : Congress
Aug. 3 - Blow but sure: Congress, Dwight Eisenhower, politics
Sept. 3 - I'm stalking behind you : Labor Day, traffic fatalities
Dec. 25 - Santa's shadow: Christmas
Oversize 1, Folder 4 1955
Jan. 5 - Now it's his turn... : Congress, Republican Party, Democratic Party
Mar. 16 - Speaking of non-stop drummers... : Vyacheslav Molotov
Apr. 3 - Can barely hear him : China, Nikolai Bulganin
July 14 - Just when it was shaping up, too. : Dwight Eisenhower, Democratic Party, Dixon-Yates contract
July 15 - Dispossessed! : armed Forces, Congress
July 29 - Recommended summer reading : Congress, taxes, Hoover Commission
Sept. 11 - Pardon us if we're skeptical: budget, taxes
Oct. 2 - How about this, "torture course?": armed forces, roads
Nov. 22 - Holiday reminder : Thanksgiving, safe driving
Nov. 27 - Needs inspecting: taxes, Congress
Dec. 19 - Yule-tide: Christmas
Dec. 31 – I’ll pick you up right after the party...: traffic fatalities
Oversize 1, Folder 5 1956
June 14 - What so proudly we display: U.S. Flag
June 17 - It's loaded' with good wishes : Father's Day
Nov. 10 - Tidal wave : elections, democracy
Nov. 23 - It's later than you think: Thanksgiving, Christmas
Nov. 26 - Get in step to stamp out TB.: tuberculosis, charity, Christmas
Dec. 3 - Do you fit the picture?: charity
Dec. 26 - Disillusioned again. : taxes
Dec. 28 - Written of the wind: California, wildfires
1956 - Occasion of note: Hollywood Bowl
Oversize 1, Folder 6 Jan-Aug 1957
Jan. 11 - The state of the nation: foreign policy, domestic affairs
Jan 18- Curb rein: inflation
Jan. 22 - The price tag: government spending
Feb 18 - Altitude race: government spending, birth rate
Mar. 5 - It's time to (Red) Cross this palm with silver: charity
Mar 28 - For best supporting role: Academy Awards, United States
Apr. 3 - Just follow the dotted lines: Congress, government spending
Apr. 19 - Crown of thorns: communism
Apr 21 - Message of the Ages: Christianity, Easter
May 1- The Key: progress
May 2 - Blunted edge: Congress, budget
May 12 - We're still tied: Mother's Day
May 23 - Recipe for havoc: weather
Jun 16- King for a Day: Father's Day
July 4 - Enough light to read by: Independence Day, Russia
Aug. 28 - Practically in the bag: Congress, civil rights, foreign aid
Oversize 1, Folder 7 Sep-Dec 1957
Sep 2 - Any question as to who's the healthiest? : labor, Soviet Union
Sept. 27 - Misguided missile: inflation
Oct. 1 - Out of this world: sports
Oct. 5 - Early development: newspaper boys
Oct. 17 - Sir Walter was a piker!: Queen Elizabeth II
Oct. 26 - The catalyst : science, Britain
Nov. 11 - Mere words cannot express... : veterans
Nov. 14 - Doing his best to explode it : Middle East, Gamal Abdel Nasser
Nov. 15 - Tight squeeze: automobiles
Nov. 17 - Caught in the backwash: nuclear weapons, taxes
Nov. 27 - Early bird: Thanksgiving, Christmas
Nov. 29 - Progress report: stock market, Dwight Eisenhower
Dec. 5 - May we suggest... : Hoover Commission, defense, science, cost of living
Dec. 13 - Reflect a shining example: Christmas, charity
Dec. 22- Bottoms up!: alcohol use, traffic fatalities, holidays
Dec. 27 - Sounding board: disarmament, nuclear weapons, peace
Dec. 30 - "I predict...": prosperity
Oversize 1, Folder 8 Jan-Mar 1958
Jan. 1 - Enter...the space age.: space exploration
Jan. 4 - One resolution we must keep.: nuclear weapons
Jan. 20 - Reuther's 1958 model: Walter Reuther, United Auto Workers
Jan. 24 - Transfusion may be necessary: Dwight Eisenhower, defense
Jan. 29 - Greater horizons: college students
Feb. 6 - Traffic cop needed: aeronautics
Feb. 21 - That one was loaded. : weather
Feb. 22 - First in war--first in space... : defense, space exploration
Feb. 24 - Benson's biggest crop failure : Ezra Taft Benson, farming
Feb. 27 - Trying to tune it in: television, FCC
Mar. 1 - It's there,--just in case: taxes, Dwight Eisenhower
Mar. 2 - Keeping it under the hat: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon
Mar. 3 - It has to be a two-way street: trade, Europe
Mar. 7 - We shot an arrow into the it still wandering around out there?: space exploration
Mar. 26 - Another cold war: FCC, government regulation
Mar. 27 - For best supporting role: Gamal Abdel Nasser, Nikita Khrushchev
Mar. 31 - Hash marks, '58 style
Oversize 2, Folder 1 Apr-Jul 1958
Apr. 6 - Easter's message: Easter
Apr. 9 - No help at all: California, water
Apr. 17 - The back seat driver: Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower
Apr. 28 - 0ur open door policy : economy
May 1 - All around the maybe pole: taxes, Congress
May 7 - Didn't have enough nerve to pull it himself: Congress, unions
May 9 - Another mid-air collision avoided: airline industry, strikes
May 11 - She's got the whole world in her hands.: Mother's Day
May 14 - Can he get it through?: foreign aid, Dwight Eisenhower, Congress
May 22 - Bird of prey: Armed forces, airline industry
May 28 - Only a mirage: taxes
June 2 - The key: schools, elections
June 14 - You can add the 49th star: Congress, Alaska
June 18 - What's brewing in the samovar?: Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev
July 2 - Toughest obstacle on the course: Armed forces
July 3 - It'll be a bang-up week-end: Independence Day, traffic fatalities
July 30 - Patching up the ballet holes: John Foster Dulles, Iraq, foreign aid
July 31 - Tough one to pin down: Nikita Khrushchev
Oversize 2, Folder 2 Aug-Oct 1958
Aug. 3 - Wouldn't it be easier to trim the stack?: government spending
Aug. 7 - Reversing his field: Nikita Khrushchev, Anglo-Americans
Aug. 11 - Help: Help!: Hawaii, labor, Congress
Aug. 13 - Which will it be?: United Nations, peace
Aug. 14 - Building blocks vs. brick bats: United Nations, Dwight Eisenhower, Andrei Gromyko, Soviet Union
Aug. 24 - Inundated!: judicial system, California
Aug. 31 - Couldn't stand the shock': Los Angeles, taxes
Sept. 1 - Dangerous flaw: labor
Sept. 4 - Bird sanctuary: space exploration, peace, United Nations
Sept. 6 - Outgrows 'em faster'n we can make: schools
Sept. 8 - A little extra effort during the summer...means more contentment during the winter! Social Security: Social Security
Sept. 10 - Cannon conference: Formosa
Sept. 19 - We'll be hearing this from now 'til November: labor, Congress, Democratic Party, Republican Party
Oct. 8 - Bringing up the heavy artillery: Dwight Eisenhower, Congress
Oct. 19 - The Jet age: population, birth rate
Oct. 22 - Just when it was cooling off: Quemoy
Oct. 30 - We must make it!: charity
Oct. 31 - The gobble-ins: taxes, California, elections
Oversize 2, Folder 3 Nov-Dec 1958
Nov. 3 - "Get lost." : elections, California, bigotry
Nov. 11 - There are no words... : Veterans
Nov. 12 - Which comes first--chicken or egg?: nuclear weapons, Soviet Union
Nov. 16 - Which kind of genii--slave or master?: labor, Democratic Party, elections
Nov. 17 - After seeing the new ones: automobile industry
Nov. 20 - Anybody even looking for the key?: foreign policy
Nov. 26 - Not a crumb left for stuffing: California, budget
Dec. 1 - Help fence it in: muscular dystrophy, charity
Dec. 7 - "...What was that?": defense, Soviet Union
Dec. 15 - "...Let nothing you dismay": NATO, Berlin
Dec. 23 - He'll be happy to fill it: Congress, taxes
Dec. 25 - "Yet, in the Bark street shineth an everlasting light...!": peace
Oversize 2, Folder 4 Jan-Apr 1959
Jan. 1 - "C'mon in.": space exploration
Jan. 4 - Next?: New Year's
Jan. 12 - The importance of printing: journalism, International Printing Week
Jan. 25 - The little man who isn't there: taxes, Democratic Party, Republican Party
Feb. 6 - It' s tough to keep 'em in line: Europe, John Foster Dulles
Feb. 9 - Saps: crime
Feb. 14 - With luv to the Gov.: California, Pat Brown, budget
Feb. 18 - Maybe this one will iron it out: Germany
Feb. 25 - Let's stay on the beam: economy, Dwight Eisenhower
Mar. 6 - Unpredictable weather: Nikita Khrushchev
Mar. 12 - Up--down--up--down: peace
Mar. 16 - How to complete the picture: Easter Seals, charity
Mar. 19 - Next stop, Geneva?: Harold Macmillan
Apr. 1 - April Pool?: Soviet Union, peace
Apr. 26 - Lumpy mattress: economy, unemployment
Apr. 30 - Putting his best pussyfoot forward: elections, John F. Kennedy, labor, Congress
Oversize 2, Folder 5 May-Dec 1959
May 6 - Bumper forecast: farming, Ezra Taft Benson
June 4 - Study in still life: foreign policy
June 18 - There are sharks in the air, too': Soviet Union, military
July 24 - His blind spot: Congress, Dwight Eisenhower
Aug. 10 - Yes or no, let 'em know: Dwight Eisenhower, Congress, labor
Aug. 14 - No records this month: steel industry, strikes
Oct. 7 - America's position of strength: prayer
Nov. 22 - Start 'em Humming: Christmas, charity
Nov. 23 - Easing up: federal reserve
Nov. 29 - The new economy model, we presume?: budget, Dwight Eisenhower
Dec. 10 - Fooling no one: elections
Oversize 2, Folder 6 Jan-May 1960
Jan. 4 - Just like our resolutions: Congress, elections
Jan. 20 - Right between the I's: Dwight Eisenhower, budget, taxes, Congress, elections
Jan. 29 - A bigger "A'; test: Charles de Gaulle, Algeria, France, nuclear weapons
Jan. 31 - Right in style: fashion
Feb. 8 - That was no draft!: Lyndon B. Johnson, California
Feb. 14 - "She's my valentine!": Democratic Party, California, John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Stuart Symington, Pat Brown
Mar. 24 - Can-opener: motion pictures, communism
Mar. 28 - The support they need: Easter Seals, charity
Apr. 4 - Oscar for Sinatra: Albert Maltz, communism
Apr. 18 - No more reprieves: taxes
Apr. 27 - Strategic Retreat: Korea, Syngman Rhee
May 10 - Pause for reflection': California, water, Supreme Court
May 22 - To the Hilt!: Dwight Eisenhower, Nikita Khrushchev
Oversize 2, Folder 7 Jun-Dec 1960
June 6 - Try these for size: elections, women
June 9 - Couldn't wait for a draft: Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon,
July 3 - What about reentry problems?: Congress, politics
Aug. 4 - Just a hard to swallow: Cuba, Fidel Castro
Aug. 31 - Countdown: Congress, elections
Sept. 18 - Safety guard: United Nations, communism
Sept. 25 - National plowing contest: Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, farm vote, Ezra Benson Taft
Oct. 19 - Wet matches: John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon
Oct. 30 - "I'm more scared by that one, sonny.": water, California
Nov. 23 - Cigar snuffer: Latin America, Fidel Castro
Nov. 30 - Hands across the sea: foreign aid, Europe
Dec. 3 - Basin Street Blues: segregation, judicial system
Dec. 28 - Delayed Christmas: Democratic Party
Oversize 3, Folder 1 Jan-Jul 1960
Jan. 3 - Expanded--'61: economy, California
Jan. 15 - It's swarming season: Los Angeles, elections
Feb. 8 - Double dilemma: weather, California
Feb. 24 - Cat an a hot tin roof : airline industry, strikes
Feb. 27 - Slow eater: John F. Kennedy, Congress
Mar. 5 - Reverse trend: economy
Mar. 23 - No apple for the teacher: Congress, schools
Mar. 30 - K.O.' d : defense, John F. Kennedy
May 1 - Green corpuscles: investment
May 7 - Fast shuffle: Los Angeles, Sam Yorty, elections
May 30 - Sorrow upon sorrow: traffic fatalities
May 31 - By a thread: elections, Los Angeles
June 25 - The hub: Los Angeles, aeronautics
July 7 - Handicap race: sports, Russia
July 23 - Plenty to count: Pat Brown, California, elections
July 28 - We don't bluff Nikita: Walter Ulbricht, Nikita Khrushchev, John F. Kennedy
July 31 - In language he understands: Berlin, Nikita Khrushchev
Oversize 3, Folder 2 Aug-Dec 1961
Aug. 4 - "Cut!" : John F. Kennedy, Congress
Sept. 15 - Bumper crop: Los Angeles, county fair
Sept. 28 - Spelling it out: John F. Kennedy, peace
Oct. 1 - Fallout: taxes, Congress
Oct. 11 - Nasty neighbor: nuclear weapons, Mao Zedong, Nikita Khrushchev
Nov. 11 - Constant escort: peace, veterans
Nov. 16 - It's the fall down that's dangerous: communism
Nov. 19 - Deeper and deeper: Congo, United Nations
Nov. 23 - With an extra-big wishbone: prosperity, peace, Thanksgiving
Nov. 24 - Cold turkey: Konrad Adenauer, Berlin
Dec. 17 - "Now you're getting it!": Latin America, John F. Kennedy
Dec. 18 - Light Source: Christmas, charity
Dec. 22 - Dimmer: holidays, traffic fatalities
Dec. 26 - Oh! Oh!: Christmas
Oversize 3, Folder 3 Jan-May 1962
Jan. 1 - Will it have the answers?: politics
Jan. 23 - The iceman cometh: weather, California
Jan. 24 - The right direction: YMCA, children
Feb. 4 - Lowest of the low: violence
Feb. 11 - The big winners: California, water, weather
Feb. 12 - Lincoln Highway: democracy, Abraham Lincoln
Feb. 18 - The only way to attain it: brotherhood
Mar. 23 - Never trust a hitchhiker: John F. Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, space exploration
Apr. 5 - Gulliver is beginning to stir: California, farmers, urban voters
Apr. 13- Spring Steel: inflation, steel industry
May 21 - Lesson in logic: elections, schools, California, Los Angeles
Oversize 3, Folder 4 Jun-Dec 1962
June 20 - Ah-h-h, that's more like it!: Republican Party, California, Joe Shell
July 9 - 3-stage rocket: vacation
Oct. 10 - Tonic to stimulate the Grass roots: Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy
Oct. 18 - Lock it up forever: polio
Nov. 30 - Not so's you'd notice it: cost of living
Dec. 6 - Give them a lift: Christmas, charity
Dec. 20 - Disillusioning: taxes, government spending, John F. Kennedy
Dec. 21 - Modern Mona Lisa: Christmas
Oversize 3, Folder 5 Jan-Jul 1963
Jan. 10 - With the greatest of ease: John F. Kennedy, Congress
Jan. 17 - "Bet we're in it again": budget,
Jan. 31- Reminder: polio, Los Angeles
Mar. 4 - Kick the can: Los Angeles, Sam Yorty, trash
Apr. 1 - Don't be an April fool: voting
Apr. 5 - Needs more trimming than that: John F. Kennedy, foreign aid, Congress
Apr. 7 - Fills the ball: U.S. Dollar
Apr. 15 - Easter nest egg roll: taxes
May 20 - What about our short range target?: space exploration, Cuba
May 23 - That's the point: Orville Freeman, farming, government regulation
May 27 - Another "space" race: schools, election
May 30 - Recessional: Memorial Day
June 5 - Diversion channel: water, Supreme Court, California
July 17 - Sunlight at last: nuclear weapons
July 25 - Dunce cap: Los Angeles, trash
Oversize 3, Folder 6 Aug-Dec 1963
Aug. 9 - "Not so fast, there": common market, tariffs
Sept. 19 - Mast get together first: Congress, Republican Party, Democratic Party, taxes, John F. Kennedy, government spending
Sept. 30 - "How does out grass roots garden grow?": conservation, John F. Kennedy
Oct. 6 - Stamping ground: Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina
Nov. 7 - Which way is the wind blowing?: Democratic Party, Republican Party, elections
Nov. 8 - The cat is out of the cellophane bag: Nelson Rockefeller
Nov. 10 - Waiting--waiting--waiting: civil rights, taxes, Congress, foreign aid
Nov. 14 - "Gracias, Uncle": oil. Argentina
Nov. 15 - Flip-flop, Flip-flop: Nikita Khrushchev
Dec. 6 - 20 year lesson--well learned: Pearl Harbor
Dec. 16 - Make it a white Christmas: Christmas, charity
Dec. 18 - Lending a hand: California, natural disasters
Dec. 29 - Firing-pin ball game: world politics
1963- "You sure we want to go this route?": unions
1963 - Tipping the balance: California, New York, population
1963 - "First y'gotta control the horse!": John F. Kennedy, taxes
1963 - Join the line-up: sports, Los Angeles
Oversize 3, Folder 7 Jan-May 1964
Jan. 6 - The belt tightener: economy
Jan. 17 - New orbit: John Glenn
Jan. 23 - Gnats!: Zanzibar, Panama
Feb. 11 - Swoon music : Congress, taxes
Mar. 1 - Return the fourth "R"!: prayer, schools
Mar. 5 - Slow flow: Congress
Mar. 30 - Puny by comparison: nuclear weapons
Apr. 2 - The neighbors downstairs are at it again: Brazil
Apr. 23 - Tourist trap: World's Fair, New York
Apr. 24 - The ties that bind: unions, Lyndon B. Johnson, elections
Apr. 29 - Job opportunity: smoking
May 10 - "James said he was bringing over my present for Mother's Day": Mother's Day
May 15 -Which way will it fall?: elections, Oregon, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., Nelson Rockefeller
May 24 - There is a middle ground: Congress, schools, prayer
Oversize 3, Folder 8 Jun-Aug 1964
June 12 - It won’t stay buried: Pat Brown, California
June 18 - Citation for back seat drivers: farm vote, urban vote, Supreme Court, California
June 25 - Change in climate: Egypt, Scandinavia, Nikita Khrushchev
July 23 - Wing walker: Barry Goldwater, Republican Party
July 24 - "I’m cutting you adrift": Charles de Gaulle
July 27 - Join the line-up: sports, Los Angeles
July 31 - The final straw: Los Angeles
Aug. 12 - Tension test: Cyprus, Vietnam War
Aug. - "You and your paper tigers!": Mao Zedong, Vietnam War
Oversize 3, Folder 9 Sep-Dec 1964
Sept. 13 - Ain’t love grand?: Republican Party, Democratic Party
Sept. 14 – Applying the pressure: inflation, automobile industry, Walter Reuther
Sept. 16 - Buried?: peace
Sept. 24 - ?-?-?: Vietnam War
Oct. 1 - Month of the big wind: elections, Lyndon B. Johnson, Barry Goldwater
Oct. 7 - Tragic backlash: traffic fatalities
Oct. 30 - Boo!: elections
Nov. 19 - That's some backlash: weather, California
Nov. 27 - Helpful sign: Christmas, charity
Dec. 2 - "Hello, Jolly!": business, Christmas
Dec. 7 - About time we got fitted: Los Angeles
1964 - It's all pretty distorted: Republican Party
Oversize 4, Folder 1 Jan-Jun 1965
Jan. 7 - Here comes the medicine ball again: Medicare, Congress
Jan. 13 - To the rescue: Ray Bliss, Dean Burch
Feb. 1 - Fouled: armed forces
Feb. 5 - Buzzard of '65: Lyndon B. Johnson, Congress
Feb. 28 - Buck fever: California
Apr. 9 - What price peace: foreign aid, Lyndon B. Johnson
Apr. 12 - Sunshine at last': weather, sports
Apr. 14 - Bean ball: weather
Apr. 15 - Payton Place: taxes
Apr. 22 - Swollen sinus headache: weather
May 20 - Sidetracked again: transportation, Los Angeles
May 31 - Something for everyone: Lyndon B. Johnson, taxes, labor, business, right to work
June 10 - There goes the silver lining: money, Lyndon B. Johnson
June 11 - Magic act: California
June 16 - Chicken little: stock market, Lyndon B. Johnson, Vietnam War
June 24 - Not built for a Bikini: Pat Brown, California, budget
Oversize 4, Folder 2 Jul-Sep 1965
July 1 - Smoggy semantics: pollution
July 19 - No time to rest an our laurels: space exploration, Russia
Aug. 5 - Identifiable flying objects: Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald R. Ford
Aug. 18 - His favorite trough: crime
Aug. 27 - Compatible or compatable atmospheres?: space exploration
Sept. 9 - Sticky problem: peace, U. Thant
Sept. 23 - Precarious perch: peace, United Nations, India-Pakistan war
Sept. 24 - Hitch hiker: inflation
Sept. 26 - Reluctant suicide: California, supreme court
Oversize 4, Folder 3 Oct-Dec 1965
Oct. 8 - Worry lines: Lyndon B. Johnson
Oct. 20 - Still our best guide book: National Bible Week
Oct. 25 - The great escape: Congress, Lyndon B. Johnson
Oct. 31 - Didn't scare anyone: Fidel Castro
Nov. 5 - How to get the genie into the bottle?: pollution
Nov. 8 - "I'd suggest you stop down to f/22": Princess Margaret
Dec. 1 - That's reaching too far': press, judicial system California
Dec. 2 - Voice in the wilderness: disarmament
Dec. 12 - The novelty does wear off: space exploration
1965 - L.B.J. and me: Pat Brown
1965 - Cipher crazy: need to remember codes and numbers
1965 - "I presume you were delayed by the Ecuadorian Navy?"
Oversize 4, Folder 4 Jan-Feb 1965
Jan. 2 - Bird watcher: Lyndon B. Johnson, peace
Jan. 5 - Spring board: inflation, steel industry
Jan. 6 - Test for a new role: Republican Party, Reagan, California
Jan. 8 - Capitol dome: Vietnam War, Congress
Jan. 24 - Less and less cover: draft, college students
Jan. 28 - Super-hardy perennial: peace, Cold War
Jan. 31 - It'll never hold: Lyndon B. Johnson, budget, government spending
Jan. - It's the lower half that counts: nuclear weapons, Alexey Kosygin
Jan. - Ho Chi Minh trail: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam War
Feb. 2 - Frozen solid: weather
Feb. 18 - The great race: peace, Vietnam War
Feb. 27 - Reverting back to the jungle: Africa
Feb. - Shadow or substance?: economy, stock market
Feb. - Surprise ! Surprise: California
Oversize 4, Folder 5 Mar-May 1966
Mar. 3 - Battered birdie: Vietnam War, Congress
Mar. 4 - First salvo: War on Poverty
Mar. 17 - Symptomatic shadow: Watts, civil rights
Mar. 21 - One dud after another: China, foreign policy, Fidel Castro
Mar. 28 - Identifiable flying objects: cost of living, elections
Apr. 1 - Looks lots better wit' arms: sports, Los Angeles
Apr. 1 - April fool!: taxes
Apr. 22 - Grows back fast: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam War
Apr. 25 - Due for a ticket: automobile industry
Apr. 28 - Perilous perch: China
May 6 - The great D Nide: NATO
May 9 - Tight green beret: defense, Robert McNamara
May 16 - Predictable fallout: China, nuclear weapons
May 20 - Fast running out: Vietnam War, Buddhists, Nguyen Cao Ky
May 23 - There's a string to it: draft, Robert McNamara
Oversize 4, Folder 6 Jun-Jul 1966
June 12 - One-two-punch: weather
June 17 - It's the new mod look: government spending, debt
June 22 - Elephant wallow: Republican Party, cost of living
June 23 - Physical: draft, Congress
June 24 - It's all done with mirrors: Congress, ethics, Thomas J. Dodd
July 6 - Hasn't slowed him up much: inflation
July 12 - Spiked: sports, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Poland
July 14 - Oh,--oh, 3: Central Intelligence Agency, Congress
July 15 - Resistance movement: Vietnam War, peace
July 20 - Oriental torture: armed forces
July 23 - "Capsule to ground control--where are you?": cost of living
July 26 - "You're looking under the wrong hood": automobile industry, Congress
July 28 - Steady diet: Alexey Kosygin, peace
Oversize 4, Folder 7 Aug-Sep 1966
Aug. 2 - On the other hand...: traffic fatalities, killings in Chicago and Austin
Aug. 9 - Make up your mind.: budget, taxes
Aug. 10 - It's not the "new look": labor, business, Lyndon B. Johnson
Aug. 11 - Revving up: airline industry, strikes, Congress
Aug. 16 - Rescue this time?: strikes, Congress, Lyndon B. Johnson
Aug. 28 - Tabled again: disarmament
Sept. 7 - Charlie is still on his "trip": Charles de Gaulle
Sept. 11 - Bucket brigade: inflation, taxes, election
Sept. 16 - Tether dynamics: Great Society, inflation
Sept. 21 - Back to work: Vietnam War, United Nations, peace
Sept. 25 - Bottomless pit: peace
Sept. 26 - Bug in our ear: sports
Sept. 29 - Rumor mobile: Lyndon B. Johnson, inflation
Oversize 4, Folder 8 Oct-Dec 1966 undated
Oct. 2 - Smoke sign: violence, voting, civil rights
Oct. 7 - Expansion band: Lyndon B. Johnson, government spending, economy
Oct. 10 - The melancholy days are here again: stock market
Nov. 3 - Edged in black: forest fires
Nov. 13 - Food stamp: consumers
Nov. 14 - We're just out of the foothills: space exploration
Nov. 17 - Someone else is due for surgery, too: Great Society, Congress
Nov. 28 - Tall timber: Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, George W. Romney, Mark Hatfield, Charles H. Percy, Richard Nixon
Nov. 30 - Stamp of disapproval: United Nations, China
Dec. 1 - The suspense is killing us: taxes
Dec. 9 - Nesting in a loaded gun: Vietnam War
Dec. 15 - Bugged: espionage
Dec. 22 - Stuck: budget, defense
undated - It tastes just as bad: housing, Los Angeles
Box 1 1960, 1964
Box 1 1965
Box 1 1966
Box 1 1967, undated
Box 1 "Editorial Cartoons: The Role They Play In a Modern Paper" by Hubenthal in California Publisher Sep 1965
Box 1 "Reflections of an Editorial Cartoonist" by Hubenthal in The Quill Jan 1966
Box 1 biographical material, programs, clippings, 1 drawing 1962, 1965-1967 - drawing of Lyndon B. Johnson done while Hubenthal was at the White House

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