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Roy Justus Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Justus, 1901-1983
Title: Roy Justus Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1931-1983
Quantity: 34.5 linear ft.
Abstract: American editorial cartoonist. Collection contains original editorial cartoons, scrapbooks of editorial cartoons, memorabilia and awards
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Roy Braxton Justus (1901-1983) was an award-winning American editorial cartoonist.

Born in Avon, South Dakota in 1901, Justus had his first exhibition while still in high school, a selection of cartoons about World War I displayed in the local drugstore. He attended Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa and went to work as a cartoonist for the Sioux City Tribune where he stayed for 17 years with brief stints in Washington D.C. and in New York with the Associated Press. In 1944, after three years with the Sioux City Journal, Justus became the editorial cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star. His editorial cartoons were also syndicated to newspapers around the United States through the Register and Tribune Syndicate.

Justus served as vice president and president of the newly formed American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC). He was also a member of the National Cartoonists Society, the National Press Club and the Minneapolis Press Club. His work was recognized by several organizations. Justus received the 1965 Sigma Delta Chi Award, several Freedom Foundation awards, the National Headliner’s Club Award and the Christopher Award. Morningside College presented him with an honorary doctorate of letters in 1965.

Justus retired from his duties at the Minneapolis Star in 1975 and died on May 19, 1983.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Roy Justus Papers represent three decades of Justus' career as an editorial cartoonist. In addition to providing a window into Justus' artistic and journalistic career, the collection also documents, in correspondence and photographs, Justus' relationship with president Lyndon Johnson.

Artwork (1938-1975) is subdivided into works by Justus and works by Others. The majority are original editorial cartoons by Justus for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. There is one box of Justus' work for the Sioux City Journal. Most pieces of artwork have dates written or stamped on the back; the years 1942-1946 have been arranged alphabetically by caption, as they are undated. Sioux City Journal artwork is undated but from approximately 1941-1943. Justus usually worked in ink and crayon on illustration board, using thin lines with an image size of 9” x 10 ½”. Captions are written in pencil or ink. Interleaves are original, as received from the donor.

Also in this series are individual cartoons by other artists inscribed to Justus.

Correspondence (1931-1983) contains incoming correspondence and selected replies from Justus. Topics include requests for permissions and other business matters, and responses from readers who frequently included clippings of his editorial cartoons with their specific complaints. There are scattered insulting drawings referring to him as the "king of hate." One frequent correspondent is Willie Day Taylor, President Lyndon Johnson’s assistant, asking for original cartoons for LBJ’s personal collection. There are also letters from Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon, IBM, the Encyclopedia Britannica, cartoonists Rollin Kirby and Jay “Ding” Darling. A number of letters are from Syracuse University Library staff about the donation of the collection, and there is one letter about Justus’ death, addressed to his wife.

Memorabilia (1944-1975) consists of awards, photographs and printed material. Included here are awards in various forms (e.g. medals) from the Freedom Foundation, Sigma Chi Delta and the National Headliners Club, and associated printed material related to recognitions. Also in this series are 51 scrapbooks (1941-1969) containing daily clippings of Justus' editorial cartoons. There is also one scrapbook of other material.

Of particular interest are the photographs, including pictures of Justus at the Johnson presidential library, Justus with Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey circa 1959, AAEC events, cartoonists at the Cape Kennedy Missile Test Annex and portraits of Justus. There are also two candid color snapshots showing Lyndon Johnson behind the wheel of a convertible, with Justus and others in the car including Albany Times Union cartoonist Hy Rosen. The photos from June 1971 were taken at Johnson’s Texas ranch. Almost all the photographs are black and white 8x10s.

Printed material (1921-1975) contains primarily clippings about Justus and his work, and mailings from the AAEC. Included is a review of a Herblock book written by Justus and editorials from newspapers that directly reference Justus, such as published letters to the editor about Justus' work.

The small Miscellaneous series contains indexes, exhibition miscellany, and notes.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Cartoons from the years 1942-1946 have been arranged alphabetically, as they are undated. Cartoons from the years 1947-1975 are in chronological order. Correspondence is arranged in alphabetical order by sender. Files of reader responses are in chronological order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The following published items have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging:

  • "The University of Miami's Lowe Art Museum presents the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists in exhibit," call number: NC1427 .C67 1968
  • "The Great Challenge," as seen by international cartoonists from more than 20 countries, call number: NC1355 .I5 1958
  • "American editorial cartoons," a catalogue of an exhibition held at American Embassy, London, May 11- 22, 1970, and organized by the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, call number: NC1427 .L65 1970
  • "Drawn and Quartered: the world of the British Newspaper cartoon," catalogue of an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London, 13 May to 31 July 1970, call number: NC1477 .L65 1970

Special Collections Research Center has more than 150 collections of cartoonists' papers. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Justus, 1901-1983.

Associated Titles

Minneapolis star and tribune.
Sioux City journal (Sioux City, Iowa : 1887)


American wit and humor, Pictorial.
Caricatures and cartoons -- United States.
Cartoonists -- United States.
Editorial cartoons -- United States.
World politics -- Caricatures and cartoons.


United States -- Politics and government -- 1945-1989 -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Genres and Forms

Cartoons (humorous images)
Editorial cartoons.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Roy Justus Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune Co., 1965-1977 and Mrs. Roy Justus, 1988.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: July 1967
Revision history: 23 Aug 1978 - revised (JMB); 24 Feb 2009 - converted to EAD (MD); 20 Oct 2010 - added detailed inventory (SK); 24 Jun 2011 - edited scope/content; spell check; subjects (AM)

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By Justus
Oversize 2 1942-1944 - from Sioux City Journal (53 items)
America's highest honor
Among the casualties
Beginning to see the light, Tojo?
Bringing them back alive!
Chief of the gremlins
Dancing master
The "dietitian"
The dog and his reflection
The "dove"
Engineering problem
The fightin' kid
The greased pig
Hiding behind her skirts
Hirohito's zoo
How deep is our well?
How's fishing, Adolf?
Joe's new blend
Leap year
Looks like the only recourse
May be a vacation would do 'em both some good
Mountain climbing has its hazards!
News item: "American and British forces meet"
No sale
"Now, ain't that too bad!"
Now is the time to redouble our efforts!
On the home front
The outcast
Pistol packin' mama
Refreshing his memory
The rude awakening
Sailor, beware
Satan reproving sin
Self-styled military strategist
Shades of St. Patrick
Shake hands with the devil
Sixty-four dollar question
State's responsibility
Taking the bull by the horns
That "sleeping-sickness" bug is here again
Two sphinxes are twice as silent as one!
Uncle's little helpers
U. S. Navy
Victory gardening
"Vot do you mean - second front?"
The "war don't mean nothing to me!
What are you going to do about it?
Whole hog
Wrong number
Yes - let us be thankful!
Oversize 2 Before 1946 (77 items)
Anxious moment
At home
Atom by the tail
At the Vitale
Back to the sewers
Banking the fire with coal
Black market
Busy hen with one chick
Chivalry in a war-torn world
Discharged production chief
Disturbing influence
Double shot
The dunce
Easter bonnet
Essence of simplicity
Fine reception committee
Five years in a barroom
Fishing for the one that got away
Fishing isn't very exciting this season
Guide that failed
Here, you take over
His last laugh
Hope springs eternal
"I think I see someone coming!"
In desperation
"in giving freedom to the slave we assure freedom to the free"
In the same boat
It's going to take a lot of delousing!
Let's practice non-fraternization here
Little Miss Muffett
Lost week-end
Man on horseback
Man with the hoe
More mouths than worms
The morning after
"My valentine!"
Neat trick, but - gosh!
Not the least of the victims
Now, more than ever
"Oh, the farmer in the dell!"
Old hat for mademoiselle
Open season
Open season again
The outcasts
Poor teacher
Saving face
"See - it really won't be so bad!"
So it may be ours to use
State of the union
Still in the hands of the architect
Still on that detour
Stout heart
The tail does wag the dog
Taps for corporal Hitler
Thriving on starvation
Time again for heroism
Time off to observe St. Patrick's day
Tugging at his own bootstraps
Unbalanced diet
Under the guns
Valuable salvage
Vaporizing effect of the atomic bomb
Victory march
Victory and peace
Wanted: good man to fill important position
We can stand a change of expressions!
"What a wonderful bird is the pelican"
What the well-dressed man will wear
Why the priority?
With but a single thought
World politics
"Your fleet guarantees freedom"
Oversize 3 1946 (37 items)
Jan 1: Happy new era!
Jan 12: Finest pullin' team in the world
Jan 17: We've got the know-how!
Jan 30: How to let go and when?
Mar 18: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Apr 4: Tidal waves
May 2: Ruining a perfectly delightful picnic
May 4: National headache
May 17: Pussy's only choice
May 21: Exploding the ostrich myth
May 25: Peace hath her victories
May 31: Another shift
Jun 1: Home to roost
Jul 18: Babe in the woods
Jul 24: The call of the wind
Jul 27: La-de-e-e-ez- an' gen-tle-mun-n-n
Aug 9: Weaning must come sometime
Aug 21: A tree grows in Minneapolis
Aug 23: The trials of nurse-maiding
Aug 24: A tough one for David
Aug 27: Bodyguard for his adolescence
Aug 28: Sleepless nights
Sep 24: Meet my buddy
Oct 2: Tethered
Oct 9: New neighborhood market
Nov 11: Insecure refuge
Nov 14: Keep the lid on
Nov 16: The new pianist
Nov 23: Let him fly
Nov 26: One brownout the nation could endure
Nov 29: The hare and the tortoise and john l.
Dec 3: Smilin' through
Dec 4: Still plenty of heat
Dec 5: The under miner
Dec 6: One man's poison may be another man's meat
Dec 11: World's champion flagpole sitter
Dec 30: Satellite
Oversize 3 1947 (66 items)
Jan 8: And no place to throw it
Jan 23: Stupendous and colossal
Jan 30: Atom arms race
Feb 6: Expensive fiddler
Feb 12: I tell ya - that fella didn't know his own strength
Feb 13: Erosion cuts deeply
Feb 14: Great day for Dan Cupid
Feb 21: What about the other fifty-one weeks
Mar 1: Problem: how to restore his health - but not his strength?
Mar 2: The hard fact
Mar 5: Joshua commands the sun to stand still
Mar 11: Good-bye!
Mar 12: Headless horseman
Mar 16: Pied piper
Mar 26: Watch your aim, uncle!
Mar 27: Not this!
Mar 29: Still feeling his oats
Apr 2: A bicycle built for two
Apr 12: Somebody's going to get hurt
Apr 20: Restless nesting place
Apr 23: Striking while the iron is hot
Apr 28: The little four
May 2: Dangerous alarm clock
May 4: Scarecrow
May 9: Bossism is bossism whatever the label
May 10: Temptation, the test of character
May 13: Heavy, heavy
May 25: Springtime
May 27: Easy come, easy go!
Jun 1: Liberty bell
Jun 11: About every four years
Jun 13: Who, me?
Jun 14: The laboratory's by-product
Jun 15: Operation free world
Jun 19: Till death do us part
Jun 29: Here's a brush for you, tom, tom sawyer
Jun 30: The race
Jul 4: Where liberty is not taken lightly
Jul 7: The cynic
Jul 13: Maiden in distress
Jul 14: Humpty dumpty
Jul 15: Concentration
Jul 25: International book-of-the-year
Jul 27: Must world unity wait for this
Aug 3: First the one and then the other
Aug 8: The 64 trillion dollar question
Aug 10: The crucial point of evolution
Aug 14: Uncle won it two years ago
Aug 16: The more abundant life
Aug 30: Is this your hired man?
Sep 1: A study in posture
Sep 3: Big stick - and a secret. Too!
Oct 3: Mr. Big
Oct 4: He carries two bags
Oct 5: End of the trail
Oct 9: Hasn't even sobered up from the last bust
Oct 16: Events that could make big news
Oct 26: The man who came to dinner
Oct 29: That immutable law at work
Nov 15: Who done it?
Nov 17: Vanguard
Nov 18: Yes, spinach
Nov 30: Uncle Joe's oyster stew
Dec 16: See, we've got our economy under control!
Dec 25: Indomitable spirit
Dec 29: Is this all we can do about it?
Oversize 4 1948 (113 items)
Jan 2: Looks like an early spring!
Jan 6: Where did you get the umbrella?
Jan 15: Not his language
Jan 17: The goose: I thought this was a refuge!
Jan 21: Still a game of chance
Jan 21: The open door
Jan 27: Is this not a dainty dish?
Feb 8: Butter or guns
Feb 25: Problem child
Mar 14: Cannon to right of him, cannon to left of him.
Mar 16: Isn't the skating season about over?
Mar 23: March winds
Mar 24: Bravo!
Mar 30: Requires a strong perch
Apr 1: The hitch-hiker
Apr 6: Tributes to the general
Apr 8: Presidential primaries
Apr 9: Still champion weight lifter
Apr 11: The issue
Apr 17: Posting a bill on the iron curtain
Apr 19: John, there's somebody snooping!
Apr 20: Immovable object and irresistible force?
Apr 21: A free-booter gets the boot
Apr 22: A little tough on the challenger
Apr 23: You can hardly tell it from vodka!
Apr 24: Witch's brew
Apr 25: Hope springs eternal
Apr 26: Delivering the goods
Apr 28: Plenty of fielding
Apr 30: Suspended animation
May 2: Whistling past the graveyard
May 4: Picture of a gentleman unscrambling an omelet
May 5: Hey, you hounds - I want a shot at that rabbit
May 9: Joe doesn't know Uncle Sam
May 11: The race
May 12: Oasis or another mirage?
May 13: Trying to hitch his wagon to some stars
May 14: In the merry month of may
May 16: Joe doesn't understand our boxing matches
May 17: If only he'd go fishing!
May 18: Which is it going to be
May 19: Skeptical but hopeful
May 20: Here we go again!
May 21: While we're on the subject of rubbish
May 23: This race is to the swift
May 25: The guiding hand
May 26: Ever-blooming
May 28: The seat they are fighting over
May 29: Ordnance expert
Jun 1: Ever expanding horizons
Jun 6: And a side show, too!
Jun 7: Not his master's!
Jun 8: Still chasing his tail
Jun 12: June
Jun 13: The vice
Jun 17: Your campaign button is showing, mister!
Jun 19: All roads
Jun 24: Ladies and gentlemen
Jun 25: Twice did he accept the crown
Jun 28: The democrats inherit a haunted house
Jul 6: Forecast: continued hot
Jul 10: Why don't you take a vacation?
Jul 11: Perish the thought
Jul 12: Not a very auspicious beginning!
Jul 14: No caption
Jul 16: The donkey is on the offensive
Jul 17: The opening gun
Jul 18: Harry's babysitter
Jul 21: The bait
Jul 24: In convention assembled
Jul 25: National goldfish bowl
Jul 27: Charlie McWallace
Aug 1: May be it is just convalescent cussedness!
Aug 11: Versatile Volga boatman
Aug 13: Not on his beat?
Aug 16: Why should I arouse suspicion?
Sep 14: Test of nerve
Sep 15: Playing favorites
Sep 16: Turned to quicksand
Sep 20: Harry's furrow
Sep 29: Voice of experience
Oct 5: Time is of the essence
Oct 8: Prize melon
Oct 11: The wayward bus
Oct 14: Always something to take the joy out of life
Oct 18: Beginning of understanding?
Oct 22: Home to roost
Oct 23: Always that intruder
Oct 26: What the well dressed man should wear?
Oct 27: Balance for Marianne
Oct 28: Harry's Halloween prank
Oct 29: The accuser
Nov 2: Two kinds of curtains
Nov 3: This is my strength, Joe!
Nov 11: Still looking for the dove
Nov 12: Doc Stalin, nerve specialist
Nov 13: Make way for the lady
Nov 15: The firebug and the fireman
Nov 18: Thanksgiving is just around the corner
Nov 19: Man with a hoe
Nov 20: Busy bee keeper
Nov 22: Still unscrambling the omelet
Nov 30: How times have changed
Dec 7: Tin-canned again!
Dec 8: Round four coming up!
Dec 9: Maybe it's only a nightmare
Dec 13: Page from the Bierstadt committee report
Dec 15: The good earth
Dec 17: A meeting we'd like to see
Dec 25: How strong the manacle?
Dec 29: Lullaby
May 1: Do your Christmas mailing early (listed in inventory; not found in box)
May 1: Speaking of coat tails
Oversize 5 1949 (104 items)
Jan 1: What a grumpy old fellow!
Jan 5: State of the union
Jan 14: Any volunteers for this ice-cap rescue?
Jan 24: Sword of Damocles
Jan 31: The thinker
Feb 1: Ever hear the story about the talking bear?
Feb 9: When the doctors disagree
Feb 11: Everybody to the rescue!
Feb 12: A thought for the day
Feb 17: Remember the constitution
Feb 21: Befuddled blacksmith
Feb 24: Harry: you're the worst donkey in history!
Mar 4: Forced feeding
Mar 5: His master's voice
Mar 8: Let's agree to clip our wings!
Mar 9: One expert seems to be as good as another
Mar 11: Boarding house reach
Mar 17: Flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la
Mar 19: His beat
Mar 21: And that means you!
Mar 22: Hope springs eternal
Mar 24: First and second fiddlers
Mar 25: The Ned Bold look
Apr 4: Going to take some persuasion
Apr 5: Seven league boots
Apr 7: The big difference
Apr 12: Memo
Apr 16: Easter bonnet
Apr 20: Here comes another spitball
Apr 22: That stuff is intoxicating, too!
Apr 23: The dawn comes up like thunder
Apr 27: His one last hope
May 3: May flowers
May 4: Remarkable recuperative flowers
May 6: Not too warm a handshake
May 10: The gambler
May 12: Somebody needs a public relations expert
May 16: For a short time, anyway
May 26: Vodka to warm his spirits
May 27: Stronger than any curtain
May 28: The east and the west are still meeting
Jun 4: Well, it's about time
Jun 6: How to divide the worm
Jun 9: Can it happen here
Jun 16: Cradle of civilization
Jul 5: Fiddling
Jul 16: Confused traveler
Jul 18: Where do you think you are going?
Jul 23: Lest we forget
Jul 25: Is the tail wagging the dog?
Jul 27: Be careful, boys - it's loaded
Aug 1: Music hath charms
Aug 4: Bigger and bolder
Aug 5: Hot and humid
Aug 8: Making hay
Aug 11: Here comes another landslide
Aug 16: His greatest enemy
Aug 20: More good neighbor policy in the east
Sep 6: You can't fight ideas with a club
Sep 9: Problems within problems
Sep 12: From one good neighbor to another
Sep 13: Out, damned spot! Out, I say!
Sep 16: Green pastures
Sep 17: Helping him to help himself
Sep 18: Beast of burden
Sep 21: Lead off man
Sep 23: Is there a psychiatrist in the house
Sep 24: No place to hide
Sep 27: The bear came over the mountain
Sep 30: Christopher Columbus was a piker
Oct 1: Transformation of an inferiority complex?
Oct 25: The iceman cometh and cometh
Oct 26: Good nesting place
Oct 27: Yo-yo
Oct 29: Team! Team! Team!
Nov 1: Isn't a woman's work ever done?
Nov 2: Louder!
Nov 4: East indies windfall
Nov 5: Mr. Truman's non-political twin cities speech
Nov 14: But where will Uncle Sam get his security
Nov 15: Statue of slavery
Nov 17: Interplanetary relations might bring startling results
Nov 18: Time and tide-and science
Nov 23: Heads I win, tails you lose
Nov 24: So that others may have a thanksgiving, too
Nov 25: The shield
Nov 26: And now that refreshing old act
Nov 29: Slightly ruffled dignity
Dec 1: The second phase
Dec 2: Merry Christmas
Dec 3: That's bad advice, john!
Dec 5: Bird in a gilded cage
Dec 6: Hard to swat a bee with a club
Dec 7: Open house for our foreign friends
Dec 8: Well, why not?
Dec 10: Will it come to this?
Dec 11: Hearin' things!
Dec 12: A big ear to the ground
Dec 16: Fancy meeting you here!
Dec 21: Competition
Dec 23: Snowbound
Dec 24: Twas the night before...
Dec 26: Who left the backdoor open?
Dec 30: New year's resolution
Oversize 6 1950 Jan-Jun (108 items)
Jan 2: Mercy - another one!
Jan 3: Bag and baggage
Jan 4: Oriental King Canute
Jan 7: No caption
Jan 9: The lady and the dragon
Jan 13: The embrace of death
Jan 18: The rigors of the ice fishing
Jan 25: The rescue
Jan 28: Moving right in!
Jan 31: No sign of budging
Feb 2: Most any time now
Feb 4: Naturally, there are strings attached
Feb 6: Co-authoring the tax bill
Feb 7: The finish line
Feb 10: Little Jack Horner is going to get sick
Feb 13: Joe's awfully busy right now
Feb 15: The assault
Feb 16: Snow from two points of view
Feb 17: Mutual assistance pack
Feb 18: How times have changed
Feb 23: Curbstone repartee
Feb 25: Hope springs eternal
Feb 27: It's a cruel world
Feb 28: How will you have your potatoes?
Mar 4: There he goes again
Mar 6: In this fickle month of march
Mar 11: What do you have in mind, john?
Mar 13: Same old shopworn merchandise?
Mar 14: Up to a point - that is
Mar 15: The only sure winner
Mar 16: The great communist-wolf hunt
Mar 17: Just can't out distance that old pest!
Mar 18: Hasn't he overstayed his welcome?
Mar 20: Is this the fifth or seventh raise?
Mar 22: Tired of the role
Mar 23: What's come over him?
Mar 25: Between the devil and the deep sea
Mar 27: Harry: hey!- that's not a fair deal!
Mar 28: Oh, boy!
Mar 29: Must it be either?
Mar 30: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Mar 31: And now mud!
Apr 1: All fools day
Apr 3: Taking inventory
Apr 4: Let's bury the hatchets
Apr 5: It's spring again
Apr 6: Cause for that chilly feeling
Apr 7: Back seat driver
Apr 8: Another surplus egg
Apr 10: The hook
Apr 11: By jove!
Apr 12: Gentlemen of distinction
Apr 13: National health program
Apr 14: On the horns of a dilemma
Apr 15: Common learnings
Apr 17: Not the safest place to stage a scrap
Apr 18: The rooster who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow
Apr 19: Interesting old dodger, isn't he?
Apr 20: As Harry goes on the huntings
Apr 22: Picture of a gentleman with his own housing problem
Apr 25: May be it is only gas
Apr 26: Who says there's no bipartisan policy?
Apr 27: Waiting for the second boot to fall
Apr 28: Pressing while you wait
Apr 29: From the frying pan into the fire
May 4: Which way is the wind blowing
May 5: He'll never go to jail for this
May 6: Another nation health program
May 8: Early arrival
May 10: Better late than never
May 11: Go west young man
May 12: New white paper
May 13: Cross currents
May 17: Hangover
May 18: Protecting the baby
May 19: First arm forces day
May 20: Strange that I should always bring out the better side of man's nature
May 22: Food for the thinkers thought
May 23: ...she loves me not-she loves me...
May 25: Our nomination for the state bird
May 26: Guilt by association
May 27: Teapot in a tempest
May 29: Hm-m-m-m-m!
May 30: Still looking for a nesting place
May 31: Flood stage
Jun 1: Another minority problem
Jun 3: The confused weatherman
Jun 5: No more ruff stuff
Jun 6: Commencement
Jun 8: Seeing what they want to see
Jun 9: I see by the paper
Jun 10: Looks like the one that got away
Jun 12: The guiding hand
Jun 13: Our greatest defense
Jun 14: He has his own Formosa
Jun 15: June bridegroom
Jun 16: Sailor, beware!
Jun 19: What a blue print
Jun 20: The lion's share
Jun 21: Don't let the blossom fool you
Jun 22: Looks as though a hot war is here
Jun 23: Puzzled veterinarian
Jun 24: The fellow who cursed our cool spring
Jun 26: Smells like something burning
Jun 27: Same old hobnails
Jun 28: Speaking his language
Jun 29: No caption
Jun 30: Competition
Oversize 7 1950 Jul-Dec (102 items)
Jul 1: Something new in a troubled world
Jul 3: The voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau
Jul 4: Miss liberty is no stay at home
Jul 5: The bear's peace proposal
Jul 6: War's waste
Jul 7: Buster needs a new suit
Jul 8: Both caught with their 'intelligence' down
Jul 10: It would have been something to see those boys together
Jul 11: Finally hooked one
Jul 12: Watch your step
Jul 13: No substitute for the voice of America
Jul 14: An historic moment
Jul 17: The end of an interlude
Jul 18: The Trojan dove
Jul 19: War of nerves - new phase
Jul 20: This is not their finest hour
Jul 21: Quick - a child psychologist!
Jul 22: Clear sailing
Jul 24: Booby trap
Jul 25: Jamming
Jul 26: The butterfly and the bumblebees
Jul 27: Candid snapshot
Jul 28: Is this a political party
Jul 29: Return of the prodigal son
Jul 31: Heroic stand on capitol hill
Aug 1: It'll take a lot of scrubbing, Joe!
Aug 2: The long stretch
Aug 3: Snake medicine
Aug 5: If we're looking for a scapegoat
Aug 7: Security council's Nero
Aug 8: The major battle
Aug 9: A prize in every package?
Aug 10: Henry's retreat from Moscow
Aug 12: Bear trap
Aug 13: The gavel
Aug 14: The story of two barrels
Aug 15: Too much bread or not enough butter
Aug 18: It this the voice of America?
Aug 19: How to hoard in one easy lesson?
Aug 20: Freedom begins at home
Aug 21: Activity at the gym
Aug 23: Of course not!
Aug 25: Greetings from Korea
Aug 28: That thirty day sentence is about up
Aug 29: Aladdin
Aug 30: Making the most of the growing season
Sep 1: Progress of man
Sep 2: Silent partners
Sep 3: New Paul Bunyan
Sep 4: Another torch bearer
Sep 5: Okay, call it what you will!
Sep 6: Retire at forty-eight - don't be silly
Sep 7: Excelsior!
Sep 8: Go wash your hands first!
Sep 9: Hitch-hiker
Sep 11: No caption
Sep 12: Last call for breakfast
Sep 13: Suspended animation
Sep 14: Old hand on the helm
Sep 15: Wha' hoppen?
Sep 16: News item: U.S. forces land on enemy's rear
Sep 18: Now let's see - which comes first?
Sep 19: For whom the bell tolls
Sep 20: U.N.'s bad boy is back
Sep 22: Nothing like a hunting trip to keep a fellow in trim
Sep 23: Our favorite decorator is back
Sep 25: We still have free speech
Sep 26: The boomerang
Sep 28: If the punishment fits the crime
Sep 29: Capitalist America
Oct 2: Satellite cat's paw
Oct 3: Have honorable drink, sir!
Oct 4: B-b-but, Mr. President
Oct 7: And he sent forth the dove out of the ark
Oct 9: Major road block knocked out
Oct 10: No time for any grand stand stuff
Oct 11: Tanks and apple carts
Oct 12: Derverted we of the torch
Oct 13: The look outs
Nov 7: Bossism in America
Nov 11: Armistice day
Nov 13: Unscheduled act
Nov 18: No time to be looking at the scoreboard
Nov 22: One last try
Nov 27: Winter sport
Nov 28: Mending humpty dumpty
Nov 30: Behind the eight ball
Dec 6: Snowbound
Dec 7: Treachery is still afoot in the world
Dec 9: The molester
Dec 11: Better watch your step, Joe!
Dec 12: Couple of strategists we can do without
Dec 14: Now, let's be reasonable about this!
Dec 15: No caption
Dec 18: No caption
Dec 19: The big noise
Dec 20: Temperance lecture
Dec 21: No caption
Dec 22: This is no time to fight a duel
Dec 27: The voluntary rollback
Dec 28: Calculated risks
Dec 29: Okay! Now, how about you?
Oversize 8 1951 Jan-Jun (127 items)
Jan 1: Time to turn over a new leaf
Jan 3: She's picking daisies again
Jan 4: Spoiling a lot of fun
Jan 5: Coronation in the house of representatives
Jan 6: And we talk of shortages
Jan 8: State of the union
Jan 9: How Joe would hitch the team
Jan 11: Bedtime stories
Jan 12: Joe and the hornet's nest
Jan 13: All in the same boat
Jan 15: It will clear the atmosphere
Jan 16: Cold water
Jan 17: Shades of been Franklin
Jan 18: King Canute's still making his broom
Jan 19: Application for membership
Jan 20: Headquarters or headstone
Jan 22: Pocket nerve
Jan 23: Mind if I look over your shoulder, Mr. President?
Jan 24: Negotiation difficulties
Jan 25: A janitor's strike here would help
Jan 26: Chinese laundry
Jan 27: Outcast
Jan 29: Life is like that
Jan 30: In training for the big '52 fight
Jan 31: Advance nomination for man-of-the-year
Feb 1: I've got a warrant for your arrest
Feb 2: Some people don't take freedom for granted
Feb 3: Red tape
Feb 5: Halp!
Feb 6: News from home
Feb 7: Appeasement at home
Feb 8: Joe reads two health items
Feb 9: What a strange co-incidence!
Feb 12: Comrades
Feb 13: New spring styles
Feb 14: Something should be done about it
Feb 15: New style at the conference table
Feb 16: Communism's advance agent
Feb 17: Rocky road
Feb 21: And spring is just around the corner
Feb 22: Keeping faith with an ideal
Feb 23: Tax experts
Feb 24: Innocent bystander
Feb 26: Music to Joe
Feb 27: Internal disorder
Feb 28: Alive or stuffed
Mar 1: Everybody's benefit - everybody's duty
Mar 2: This is an emergency
Mar 3: High stakes
Mar 5: The man with the shovel
Mar 6: Could this be the voice of America?
Mar 7: Speaking Joe's language
Mar 8: Kibitzer
Mar 9: The number is four million
Mar 10: Joe doesn't like it either
Mar 13: Vitamin deficiency
Mar 14: The optimist
Mar 15: The shape of things to come
Mar 16: The younger generation
Mar 17: What an act!
Mar 19: Trying to beat the rap
Mar 20: Far from the sunny clime
Mar 21: His rookery
Mar 22: Handicapping the grocery boy
Mar 23: How true, Joe - how true!
Mar 24: If you can't lick 'im, join 'im!
Mar 26: Hasn't even had it on the orad yet!
Mar 27: Dictums one and two
Mar 28: The hand is quicker than the eye
Mar 29: Let us help you fight the devil
Mar 30: Diogenes returns for a quick look
Mar 31: Twas a dirty American trick
Apr 5: Yummy - yummy!
Apr 6: There's spring in the air
Apr 7: Hot potato on the two fronts
Apr 9: The situation is fluid
Apr 10: Beware the little local snipping
Apr 11: Sic'im, mac!
Apr 13: What this country needs
Apr 14: Quick, call a doctor
Apr 16: Welcome medicine
Apr 17: Confusion worse confounded
Apr 18: Flood crest?
Apr 19: Do the clothes make the man?
Apr 21: Untimely passing of a patriot
Apr 21: Difference of opinion
Apr 23: High voltage
Apr 24: Will this, too, 'fade away'?
Apr 25: The balance of power
Apr 26: No time for a chip on the shoulder
Apr 27: Joe's having his troubles, too.
Apr 28: Handicap race
Apr 30: Getting lost in the dust?
May 1: A lot of words get kicked around
May 2: Teaming up against the black hands
May 3: The third party
May 4: When the doctors disagree
May 5: Can hardly feel it anymore
May 7: Butterfly time
May 8: An engraved invitation
May 9: Historical note
May 10: Hard to believe it's the same nag!
May 11: Pardon the interruption, but -
May 14: Not much comfort for the bear
May 15: How to make a hit in Europe
May 16: No secrets about these intentions
May 17: How to set a bear trap
May 18: Voice of experience
May 19: And he's such a fine fellow around home
May 21: All in a days work
May 22: Hot stuff for cat's paws
May 23: Advertising our scenic beauties
May 24: Oiling up the old machine
May 25: Coming right up, sir!
May 26: Ever hear of soil conservation
May 28: The meaning of America
Jun 19: The winner!
Jun 20: Strong winds for milady's hat
Jun 21: More of the same, Joe?
Jun 22: Let's hope an emergency doesn't arise
Jun 23: That talking bear again
Jun 25: Joe's sixth column
Jun 26: Fattening the goose
Jun 27: Tasted awfully good at first
Jun 28: Innocent bystander makes an offer
Jun 29: New interest
Jun 30: Another dangerous drug addiction
Oversize 9 1951 Jul-Dec (141 items)
Jul 1: He can't be serious!
Jul 2: Choking him to death with butter
Jul 3: Mind if I keep my fingers crossed
Jul 4: Liberty didn't just happen
Jul 5: Another lullaby?
Jul 7: A flower grows in Washington
Jul 9: Fever chart
Jul 10: That incurable optimist again
Jul 11: Now, what's he after?
Jul 12: More than a typing exercise
Jul 13: There'll never be a truce here
Jul 14: While the hangmen argue
Jul 16: His meat
Jul 17: The face they are trying to save
Jul 18: Will it be a boy or a girl
Jul 19: The bitter pill
Jul 20: How about a little point 4 in reverse?
Jul 21: Sam's smoked loaded cigars before
Jul 24: Circus fat man
Jul 25: Joe's secret weapon
Jul 26: They're trying to agree to talk!
Jul 27: Low man on the totem pole
Jul 28: Might fine prospects - again!
Jul 30: A bureau that needs junking
Jul 31: May be those Russians did invent the talking machine
Aug 1: Spare a dime for a cup of coffee?
Aug 2: E-e-e-elk!
Aug 3: Genu-wine gold brick!
Aug 3: Ho-hum!
Aug 4: Not even a nibble
Aug 6: Breaking plowshares into swords
Aug 8: Joe's invitation to a peace parley
Aug 9: Same old Trojan horse
Aug 10: Must have run into something
Aug 11: A couple of guys named Joe
Aug 12: Russian ballet
Aug 13: What makes the world go 'round?
Aug 14: This is so sudden
Aug 14: Perils of national defense
Aug 15: Joe's decided to attend the party after all
Aug 16: Public service examination
Aug 17: Most any time now!
Aug 18: Now, watch your step senator
Aug 20: May be the kid is growing up
Aug 21: His contribution to free discussion
Aug 22: Is this another truce talk
Aug 23: Precarious - but a nesting place
Aug 24: Momentary, but welcome transportation
Aug 25: Good news
Aug 27: Youth meeting in free America
Aug 28: One never knows what he'll do next
Aug 29: Western defense necessitates strange bedfellows
Aug 30: Courage - relief is on the way
Aug 31: Jungle talk
Sep 1: Harry's handy file
Sep 4: The agenda is ready
Sep 5: Hounding him
Sep 6: Devil's brew
Sep 7: Such popularity must be deserved
Sep 8: New customers
Sep 10: Peace is not his specialty, anyway!
Sep 12: Badly needed education
Sep 13: Well done, thou good and faithful servant!
Sep 15: !!!
Sep 17: Most powerful weapon of all
Sep 19: Just keeping in shape is all!
Sep 20: The dawn of a new era?
Sep 21: Basis for sweet reasonableness
Sep 22: Much depends on the weather
Sep 24: Plain murder
Sep 25: Surrounded by unfinished business
Sep 26: More cronyism
Sep 28: The battle is joined
Sep 29: Top secrets must be protected
Oct 1: Sure, the neighbors understand, uncle?
Oct 2: Sidewalk superintendent?
Oct 3: Appropriate time to take stock
Oct 5: The wind up
Oct 6: Now the greased pig
Oct 8: Yeah!
Oct 16: Boyle!
Oct 17: Be glad you can give
Oct 18: National rash
Oct 19: I'm doing quite well, thank you!
Oct 20: Hey - that's my money!
Oct 22: Fruit picker
Oct 23: From Kaesong to Panmunjom
Oct 24: Bombs - at home and abroad
Oct 26: New top man
Oct 27: Pop!
Oct 29: Halloween
Oct 30: Preaching against sin
Oct 31: Are these two pictures related
Nov 1: One more try
Nov 2: Company's coming in '52
Nov 3: -and how about the home front, general?
Nov 5: Looms larger and larger
Nov 6: It'll have to be a trick
Nov 7: You'll have to speak for me, too?
Nov 9: We've insulted a gentleman!
Nov 10: And still another armistice day
Nov 13: Making hay while the sun shines
Nov 14: John bull's austerity
Nov 15: He gave his blood-wont you give a little of yours?
Nov 16: Always room for one more
Nov 17: Are you kidding?
Nov 19: Always good for a laugh
Nov 20: Hands across the sea
Nov 21: First order of security
Nov 22: Still cause for thankfulness
Nov 23: Somebody beat him to it!
Nov 24: Shadow boxing
Nov 26: The load gets heavier
Nov 28: There he goes again
Nov 29: What a cruel and unusual weapon
Nov 30: Stretching it to the breaking point
Dec 1: Somebody ought to stop this fight
Dec 4: Voice from the mountain top
Dec 5: Getting ready for the big parade
Dec 6: Shopping list
Dec 7: Ten years after Pearl Harbor
Dec 8: A molehill grows in Washington
Dec 10: False whiskers
Dec 11: Just a little pre campaign clean up
Dec 12: Still laughing
Dec 13: Who says high taxes reduce incentive
Dec 14: Not birds of a feather
Dec 15: Where did you ever get that idea?
Dec 17: And now-greetings from the internal revenue bureau
Dec 18: Will this be your traffic ticket?
Dec 19: List of U.S. presidents
Dec 20: The great hesitation before the dip
Dec 21: Most interesting observer
Dec 22: Some old-fashioned psychiatry
Dec 24: Is there a Santa Claus?
Dec 25: There is always a Christmas
Dec 26: Where's the gift exchange counter?
Dec 27: There's a lot of pressure there!
Dec 28: Diplomacy - modern style
Dec 29: Plunk!
May 4: (no caption)
Oversize 10 1952 Jan-Jun (150 items)
Jan 1: A more seasoned traveler would be better prepared
Jan 2: Hands from across the sea
Jan 3: '52 will be a big year
Jan 4: Tsk! Tsk! - how did that get there?
Jan 5: Where are the rescuers?
Jan 7: Removing this fuse calls for patience and skill
Jan 9: Mudslingers' delight
Jan 10: First things first!
Jan 11: Fine looking team
Jan 12: A step in the right direction
Jan 14: A bowl game to de-emphasize!
Jan 15: Strange banner
Jan 16: Pre-derby training course
Jan 17: Looking for a new business
Jan 18: They've plucked all the feathers
Jan 24: Into the wild blue yonder
Jan 25: You're holding up the game, harry!
Jan 26: Old cronyism here too!
Jan 28: That's not what I call a clean up!
Jan 29: Bookworm of the year
Jan 30: Filibuster in Korea
Jan 31: Sherlock Holmes McGrath
Feb 1: Water boy
Feb 2: Yeah!
Feb 4: More sweat
Feb 5: An elephant never forgets
Feb 6: Horse trader
Feb 7: May the tradition hold
Feb 8: Expensive pet
Feb 9: The seed catalogs are here
Feb 11: And the land of the brave
Feb 12: The two headed dragon
Feb 13: Elementary psychology
Feb 14: Leap year - but election year too!
Feb 15: Just one word from harry
Feb 16: Tangled fuses
Feb 19: Joe's west European ally
Feb 20: Crime and punishment
Feb 21: That crystal ball is shrinking
Feb 22: Not very convincing
Feb 23: And we've just begun
Feb 25: The truce talk go on and on
Feb 26: Hounding him
Feb 27: Anvil chorus
Feb 28: Cheer up!
Feb 29: Rehabilitation of fritz
Mar 1: Fellow travelers
Mar 3: Needed - a rider
Mar 4: Interested stockholder
Mar 5: Treadmill
Mar 6: Carpetbagger from the south, suh!
Mar 7: I've got a rich uncle!
Mar 8: It'll take some aid here, too!
Mar 10: It serves only humanity
Mar 11: The old grindstone
Mar 12: Won't stick!
Mar 13: That shadow's got a punch!
Mar 14: Sleepless nights ahead
Mar 15: Putting some life in him
Mar 17: Bad timing
Mar 18: Bear in sheep's clothing
Mar 19: Strange that so many wants to ride him
Mar 20: Perpetual motion
Mar 21: How do you do, sir?
Mar 22: Picture of a man knitting
Mar 24: Now, to re-unite the little lady!
Mar 25: About this time of election year
Mar 26: The tug-of-war
Mar 27: He likes it hot
Mar 28: Great Russian invention collapses
Mar 29: North of the border
Mar 31: That dread spring fever again
Apr 1: A couple of applecarts
Apr 2: Burdens
Apr 3: As usual
Apr 4: Saving face the hard way
Apr 5: And company's coming
Apr 7: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Apr 8: Political humpty dumpty
Apr 9: Flood stage
Apr 10: Emergency on the home front
Apr 11: I shall not be a candidate - Truman
Apr 14: Now, just suppose-
Apr 15: Little man, what now?
Apr 16: And no labor-management dispute
Apr 17: Adlai Stevenson: I could not accept
Apr 18: See what the waters washed up!
Apr 19: All he'd have to do is rake it in
Apr 20: Ike's on the offensive
Apr 21: Government economics
Apr 22: The great disappearing act flops
Apr 23: Joe's bid for world trade
Apr 24: Sick 'im
Apr 25: Fireman's predicament
Apr 26: Naturally!
Apr 28: Bandwagon load
Apr 29: Atomic cloud
Apr 30: Maybe we should read it more often
May 1: It could be worse
May 2: The haunted house
May 3: Another triumph of Russian science
May 5: Knee-deep
May 6: May candidate flowers
May 7: It certainly does glitter
May 8: A lot o'hay!
May 9: Still at large
May 10: Loving arms of motherland beckon
May 13: Sound wagon with trailer
May 14: Another emergency
May 15: Ouch!
May 16: Lethal cocktail
May 17: This might solve many problems
May 19: Me too!
May 20: Such popularity
May 21: The east and the west met
May 22: Speaking of panty raids
May 23: My - how that thing has grown!
May 24: Mighty pretty picture, bob!
May 26: There is such a thing as over-training
May 27: Precarious flight
May 28: Horrors! Is that somebody's scalp?
May 29: Ya-hoo-o-o-o!
May 30: A hope that never dies
May 31: War was never like this!
Jun 2: It's if he can catch it
Jun 3: Two smokeless stacks
Jun 4: The triumvirate
Jun 5: Heard 'round the world
Jun 6: Going to be a long summer
Jun 7: What's happened to-
Jun 9: When he howls he's hurt
Jun 10: Custodian of the branding iron
Jun 11: Yes, but-
Jun 12: Ring master
Jun 13: School's out
Jun 14: Shucks - only a year?
Jun 16: Too much even for an elephant
Jun 17: Viewing our political campaign
Jun 18: What will the well-dressed keynoter wear?
Jun 19: Spilling the porridge
Jun 20: He might as well take a vacation
Jun 21: My gosh!
Jun 22: Double feature
Jun 23: How not to make friends
Jun 24: A word to the wise-
Jun 25: Speaking his language again
Jun 26: Biggest laugh he's had in a long time
Jun 27: He wins the medal
Jun 28: Interrupted speech
Jun 30: Getting heavier
Oversize 11 1952 Jul-Dec (131 items)
Jul 1: Not just idle curiosity
Jul 2: Mind if I look over your shoulder?
Jul 4: A safe and sane fourth
Jul 5: More lame-duck reform needed
Jul 7: Most popular man in Chicago
Jul 8: Oh-boy!
Jul 9:!
Jul 10: Next in line
Jul 11: Looks as though the drought is broken
Jul 12: Now to get in shape for the big fight
Jul 14: Are you listening
Jul 15: An unregistered voter is no voter
Jul 16: Out of the ashes, a new phoenix
Jul 18: Butch and spike
Jul 19: Spurning the toga
Jul 21: Convention button
Jul 22: Everywhere that Adlai went
Jul 23: Donkey with a splitting headache
Jul 24: Convention notes
Jul 25: The fun house
Jul 28: Thank you - we'll take the nonsense
Jul 30: As if he hasn't enough to worry about already!
Jul 31: Threatened slave shortage
Aug 1: Grimier and grimier
Aug 2: You can lead a donkey to water, but-
Aug 4: The lull before the storm
Aug 5: Fat boy of the Arab world
Aug 6: This music hath charm
Aug 7: Striking a mighty blow for liberty
Aug 8: Hitch-hiker
Aug 9: And no letters, please!
Aug 11: Time's a-wastin!
Aug 12: Family dog
Aug 13: Not this time
Aug 14: Good trick if he can do it
Aug 15: And won't be in November
Aug 16: Bear market
Aug 18: The whip hand
Sep 6: Now for a straight furrow!
Sep 9: ...and he'd always said: there ain't no such animal
Sep 10: One vote lost
Sep 11: Me-ow-w-w!
Sep 12: She ain't mad at nobody
Sep 13: Didn't even leave a scar!
Sep 15: The 64-dollar question
Sep 16: Return visit
Sep 17: That man is here again
Sep 18: Depends upon the view point
Sep 19: Walls of Jericho
Sep 20: Looking at the records
Sep 22: Will he muff this one?
Sep 23: Nixon!
Sep 25: Spotlighting it
Sep 26: Cooking on the front burner
Sep 29: Oops, sorry!
Sep 30: Anybody else want to run?
Oct 1: Longest swan song in history
Oct 2: To some ears it's monotonous
Oct 3: President of the U.S.A. debates the issues
Oct 4: And 364 other days, too!
Oct 6: Book of the month
Oct 7: 27 more days to save your country
Oct 8: Eclipse?
Oct 9: Is this the main tent or a side show?
Oct 10: Flight's end
Oct 11: Race with the stork
Oct 13: Adlai's lamb has quit following
Oct 14: Most popular fellow in the nation
Oct 15: Don't let them take it away-???
Oct 16: Urgent unpartisan business
Oct 17: It's in the bag!
Oct 18: Running interference
Oct 20: Experience says: keeping on chopping wood
Oct 21: Can he carry him 'til Nov. 4?
Oct 22: No cause for alarm
Oct 23: Melancholy days
Oct 24: I fa' down!
Oct 25: When will Adlai get around to this?
Oct 27: The goblins again
Oct 29: Is this the clean up in Washington?
Oct 31: What this country needs-
Nov 1: And time is running out!
Nov 3: Well?
Nov 4: Judgment day
Nov 5: Two minds with a single thought
Nov 6: Phew!
Nov 7: What a nice job that would be!
Nov 10: Unscrambling the omelet
Nov 11: All right, all right - you drive
Nov 12: Signs of the times?
Nov 13: Feeling better already?
Nov 14: He's just not used to that sort of thing
Nov 15: The conference
Nov 17: Shifting the burdens has its problems, too
Nov 18: The shock was terrifying
Nov 19: For him, there isn't
Nov 20: The interregnum
Nov 21: Director of the budget
Nov 22: Hostile Indians are showing up
Nov 24: Invigorating
Nov 25: Tough bargainer
Nov 26: The toast
Nov 27: Still much to be thankful for
Nov 28: Yakity-yak
Nov 29: This is the time of change
Dec 1: Harmony
Dec 2: Last gravy train now leaving
Dec 3: Russian peace ballet
Dec 4: Another political argument settled
Dec 5: Try it on just for size
Dec 6: There's one in every crowd
Dec 8: This is the charitable season
Dec 9: Match maker
Dec 10: Season's greetings
Dec 11: Somebody's ears are burning
Dec 12: The great balancing act
Dec 13: Double purpose nut cracker
Dec 15: Long wait for that inaugural special
Dec 16: Christmas in Moscow
Dec 17: Casualty
Dec 18: The Christmas wreath for many
Dec 19: Harassed nursemaid
Dec 20: Mind if I have a look?
Dec 22: The cynic
Dec 23: Better too late than never
Dec 24: By golly - I believe this is the summit!
Dec 25: A message to Garcia
Dec 26: My gosh - here comes another one!
Dec 27: Open with caution
Dec 29: The inquiring reporters
Dec 30: The grand finale
Oversize 12 1953 Jan-Jun (149 items)
Jan 1: Here, kid - you find the answers!
Jan 2: Doesn't know where to begin
Jan 8: The victor and the vanquished
Jan 9: Birth of a new administration
Jan 10: Which ax
Jan 12: January thaw
Jan 13: Looking the gift horse in the mouth
Jan 14: Luxuries are returning to western Europe
Jan 15: Another page from the master
Jan 16: And last - the z-bomb
Jan 17: Mustn't touch!
Jan 19: Harry has left some booby traps
Jan 20: After 20 years in the wilderness
Jan 21: Quite a chance at the office!
Jan 22: Now, let's see - which comes first
Jan 23: Ike ain't only wun wid troubles!
Jan 24: He'll have his own little garden
Jan 26: Knotty problems
Jan 27: The c-c-cold war
Jan 28: From whipping boy to public servant
Jan 29: Brothers under the skin
Jan 30: Trade not aid
Jan 31: Ghost writer
Feb 2: Chief's special
Feb 3: Spinach. Before the cake
Feb 4: Chickens home to roost
Feb 5: Bronco buster
Feb 6: Getting the works
Feb 7: No timid soul, he!
Feb 9: Howdy neighbour!
Feb 10: Look who's back in town
Feb 11: How'd that get in the act?
Feb 12: Hope springs eternal
Feb 13: How much will the traffic bear?
Feb 14: Man at work
Feb 17: Wasting ammunition - and dangerous, too!
Feb 18: I'm just looking
Feb 19: The farmer in the dell
Feb 20: The briar pipe case
Feb 21: Thought, I was neglectin' you, huh?
Feb 23: First test of strength
Feb 24: U.N. delegate and pet arrive
Feb 25: More complicated than I thought!
Feb 26: Retreat from Moscow
Feb 27: The old meanie!
Feb 28: Horns of the dilemma
Mar 2: The month of spring is here
Mar 3: The replacement has arrived
Mar 4: Psychological warfare
Mar 5: Stalin's rule has ended
Mar 6: About this time of year
Mar 7: Watchful waiting
Mar 8: New weather flag has gone up
Mar 9: New face on the drawing board
Mar 10: The roll of the dice
Mar 11: And then the American home?
Mar 12: Isn't that Joe's old bird?
Mar 13: Enslaved
Mar 14: Paternity case
Mar 16: Will it come to this?
Mar 17: War of nerves and the new boss
Mar 18: May this test never be made!
Mar 19: Fishin' can't be that good!
Mar 20: Down to fundamentals
Mar 21: Are you listening?
Mar 23: Excuse us if we seem suspicious
Mar 24: He sees something already
Mar 25: Two-party senator
Mar 26: The nerve!
Mar 27: No ammunition shortage here!
Mar 28: A needed investigation
Mar 30: Good news - may be!
Mar 31: Is it the same old recipe book?
Apr 1: Finding a good security risk isn't easy!
Apr 2: Completing the inauguration
Apr 3: Is he selling something?
Apr 4: Cut it out - we've got work to do!
Apr 6: Goldilocks will have to be on guard
Apr 7: The confession
Apr 8: The falconer
Apr 9: April showers
Apr 10: Picture of a very busy man
Apr 11: Jack-in-a-box
Apr 13: Longest incubation in history
Apr 14: Too much noise from the gallery
Apr 15: He only offered to hold it a while!
Apr 16: A matter of balance
Apr 17: Grooving one for him
Apr 18: Has spring come for him
Apr 20: Whittling away
Apr 21: When will they free this prisoner?
Apr 22: Anybody got a life preserver?
Apr 23: After 35 years of covered clocks
Apr 24: 0 for the touch of a vanished hand-
Apr 25: Wow-w-w!
Apr 26: Get thee behind me!
Apr 27: The mountain must come to Mahomet
Apr 28: Why should I have to register?
Apr 29: So far, so good
Apr 30: Ike's on the offensive
May 1: He's certainly doing something!
May 2: Washington style note
May 4: Little red riding hood
May 5: A little brain washing of his own
May 6: Strange how quiet the bedfellows!
May 7: The left hand and the right hand
May 9: Will-o'-the-wisp?
May 11: He's almost made up his mind
May 12: I just can't read the bottom lines, doc!
May 13: Bringing an emblem up to date
May 14: A torch without light
May 15: So far his most lethal weapon
May 16: The pig in a poke
May 18: Running away from home isn't
May 19: Even an elephant is not heavy enough
May 20: Woodman, spare that tree!
May 21: The price of liberty
May 22: H-m-m-m!
May 23: The hand is quicker than the eye
May 25: There is a new spring in his walk
May 26: Before its gets beyond repair
May 27: Suspense
May 28: Sour note at the rehearsal
May 29: Co-chairman, joint chiefs of staff
May 30: Peace has come to many
Jun 1: Nothing would please him more
Jun 2: Making it easy for the president
Jun 3: Still other Everests
Jun 4: The large economy package
Jun 4: Diplomas are becoming more burdensome
Jun 5: Fog
Jun 8: These things make a lot of noise
Jun 9: Mary's lamb
Jun 10: The people are still with him
Jun 11: Uncle will have to watch this
Jun 12: Party of the opposition
Jun 15: Drill sergeant
Jun 16: Now what do you suppose he means?
Jun 17: Babe in the tariff woods
Jun 18: Wish we could throw the big one back
Jun 19: Can he take it?
Jun 20: We need a dual purpose ice pack
Jun 22: Among those set free
Jun 23: The mirage
Jun 24: If we could only have a look!
Jun 25: Snafu
Jun 26: The thundering herd
Jun 29: Temporary haven for Georgi
Jun 30: New sign for our foreign friends
Oversize 13 1953 Jul-Dec (129 items)
Jul 1: Washington DC
Jul 2: Dat ol' debbil again!
Jul 3: Accenting it
Jul 4: Freedom celebration
Jul 6: Ever hear the story about the fighting rabbit?
Jul 7: Teamwork
Jul 9: The good ship one world
Jul 10: It'll take a lot of brain washing
Jul 13: Until only one is left
Jul 14: The race is on
Jul 15: Bumper crops
Jul 16: Busy life guard
Jul 17: The bear's dilemma
Jul 18: Undisputed world champ
Jul 20: The inquisitor
Jul 21: Quite an arsenal
Jul 22: Traffic signal
Jul 23: Early applicant
Jul 24: One man's meat is another man's poison
Jul 25: And 275,000,000,000 pounds of pressure
Jul 27: Unfinished business
Jul 28: The first time in history
Jul 29: Back to the farm movement
Jul 30: Humpty dumpty
Aug 4: Guns and butter
Aug 5: Now to demonstrate
Aug 6: Appraising Ike's first six months
Aug 7: Not exactly picnic weather
Aug 8: The man to turn to
Aug 10: International zoo
Aug 11: Another case of atomic secrecy
Aug 12: Mr. Big
Aug 13: Misery loves company
Aug 14: Wrong club, john!
Aug 15: The agenda
Aug 17: Weather vane: wow!
Aug 18: Big but not bottomless
Aug 19: Sort of window shopping
Aug 20: More money
Aug 21: It is for hell bomb
Aug 22: I've got one, too!
Aug 24: On the hustings
Sep 15: Party psychiatrist
Sep 16: Counter crusade
Sep 17: The way of the aggressor is hard
Sep 18: We keep trying
Sep 19: If it isn't one surplus it's another
Sep 21: Same old road
Sep 22: All right, where is the rabbit?
Sep 26: Swish!
Sep 28: Georgi!
Sep 29: Concerning the highway killer
Sep 30: Gentlemen, be seated!
Oct 1: Greatest issue of the day
Oct 2: Two fellows with something in common
Oct 3: Expediency makes strange bedfellows
Oct 5: Adult education
Oct 6: Balancing act
Oct 7: Sounds like a war cry
Oct 8: Another repatriation problem
Oct 9: Lowest form of human life
Oct 10: This hunting season is always open
Oct 11: Atomic question
Oct 12: Always standard equipment on this car
Oct 13: Kids will be kids
Oct 14: The anchor men
Oct 16: Experience is great teacher
Oct 17: Test of skill
Oct 19: Might as well go ahead and show him
Oct 20: Sooner or later he'll have to stand on his own feet
Oct 21: All dressed up for '54
Oct 23: Halloween in Europe
Oct 24: The toll goes up and up
Oct 26: Phantom or reality?
Oct 27: Inflation is still with us
Oct 27: Somebody has lost something
Oct 28: A couple of very busy farmers
Oct 29: Comforting thought for the day
Oct 30: B-but, it really is a wolf!
Oct 31: The lady at Panmunjom
Nov 2: Not as sweet as used to be!
Nov 4: Disillusioned neutral
Nov 5: There's another one!
Nov 6: Graphic art
Nov 7: Perilous security
Nov 9: Tomorrow is safer Minneapolis day
Nov 10: Anyway it won't be dull
Nov 11: The open door
Nov 12: Boy - oh boy - oh boy!
Nov 13: Right in the middle
Nov 14: The millennium has not arrived
Nov 16: Boys! Boys!
Nov 17: Korean famine
Nov 18: Bi-partisan policy
Nov 19: The guide
Nov 20: What a time for flying-saucer stories
Nov 21: Injuns!
Nov 23: Isn't it time to change records?
Nov 24: Korean pipe of peace
Nov 25: King Canute sweeps back the waves
Nov 26: Yes - we should be thankful
Nov 27: Un-American activities
Nov 28: Not the walls of Jericho, Georgi!
Nov 30: Little red riding hood
Dec 1: Just in the nick of the time again
Dec 2: It just had to come to this!
Dec 3: Bermuda exercises
Dec 4: The patience of Job
Dec 5: Now to find a place to hang it
Dec 7: Hard to distinguish one from the other
Dec 8: Ike has the ball
Dec 9: More than a one-man job!
Dec 10: And avoid the rush
Dec 11: Can you beat it?
Dec 12: And still another atom blast
Dec 15: Hot stuff
Dec 16: The rehearsal
Dec 17: Harsh Yule tide note
Dec 18: The cynic
Dec 19: Dear Santa
Dec 21: Christmas card
Dec 22: Competition
Dec 23: Hopeful, but cautious
Dec 24: The fortune tellers
Dec 25: Merry Christmas
Dec 26: Party of the opposition - Russian style
Dec 28: And keep it!
Dec 29: Time marches on
Dec 30: No hard feelings of course
Oversize 14 1954 Jan-Jun (150 items)
Jan 1: All the world's a stage
Jan 2: Speaking softly !
Jan 4: Fireworks for 1954!
Jan 5: Ike reports to the nation
Jan 6: And, of course, lots of pepper!
Jan 7: State of the union
Jan 8: The duet
Jan 9: How to find the needle in the haystack
Jan 10: Two points of view
Jan 11: The talk stage
Jan 12: Into the hopper
Jan 13: Having his fun spoiled for him
Jan 14: Milking time
Jan 15: Came the revolution
Jan 18: Not too well concealed
Jan 19: Just a nuisance around here anyway
Jan 20: Going high hat on us?
Jan 21: May not miss the boat after all?
Jan 22: More hot potatoes
Jan 23: Parity!
Jan 25: The conference
Jan 27: Who would put uncle in the stocks?
Jan 28: Same stuffed dove?
Jan 29: Super patriot
Jan 30: His soft spot
Feb 1: How to get the eagle back in the shell?
Feb 2: The days are getting longer
Feb 3: Viewing it dimly
Feb 4: When is an economist not an economist?
Feb 5: Developing immunity
Feb 6: Shucks, that depression is already here!
Feb 8: The heckler
Feb 9: Emergency fence mender
Feb 10: Clarifying the issues
Feb 11: Now where else does it hurt?
Feb 12: Global significance
Feb 13: Russia's big four conference terms
Feb 15: The chance of a life time!
Feb 16: Same old look
Feb 17: Getting rid of the surplus
Feb 18: Decoration
Feb 19: Just in case he grows into a tiger!
Feb 20: Just to avoid misunderstanding
Feb 22: The Washington cherry tree
Feb 23: Doubled-edged ax
Feb 24: His very existence depends on it
Feb 25: This is not brotherhood street
Feb 26: Bear by the tail?
Feb 27: Melon stealin' time
Mar 1: Far cry from the cold war
Mar 2: Another propaganda opportunity
Mar 4: Tax headaches
Mar 5: Which is the elephant boy?
Mar 6: Lot of meat for a former vegetarian
Mar 8: The salesman
Mar 9: The unheeded traffic sign
Mar 10: Bedtime stories
Mar 11: The mountain labored
Mar 12: An old political custom
Mar 13: The threat from within
Mar 16: Ouch!
Mar 17: Nothing like a lot of spice
Mar 18: Now chasing his own tail
Mar 19: Poof! - there goes another island
Mar 20: The new look
Mar 22: Piggy-back
Mar 23: Boy at the dike
Mar 24: Baby-a-bomb
Mar 25: The surplus problems
Mar 26: Old carnival act
Mar 27: Complete defense against the h-bomb
Mar 29: Up in a cloud
Mar 30: Early arrivals
Mar 31: It's a long, hard winter
Apr 1: Manna!
Apr 2: Her protector
Apr 3: Into the woods
Apr 5: New commanding officer
Apr 6: Still doesn't resemble a dove
Apr 7: European gardening
Apr 8: Priority
Apr 9: Waiting for the guest of honor
Apr 10: Something new for uncle
Apr 12: Speaking of trade barriers
Apr 13: Reluctant fireman
Apr 14: Spring tonic
Apr 15: Packing for the Geneva conference
Apr 16: Wait- it can't be that bad!
Apr 17: Some people just don't like to fly
Apr 19: Too much even for him?
Apr 20: Ringside seat
Apr 21: Going somewhere
Apr 22: Fear is nothing new
Apr 23: Cross fire
Apr 24: A woman's work is never done
Apr 26: Race with the stroke
Apr 27: Broken record
Apr 28: Elusive butterfly
Apr 29: Doesn't he deserve a medal or something?
Apr 30: The two are in complete agreement
May 1: This picture is quite clear
May 3: Fish requires patience
May 5: Difficult enough without a handicap
May 6: Happy days
May 7: Night works
May 8: Well, if it is not Cap'n Rip van Winkle!
May 10: China's open door
May 11: Their ears to the ground
May 12: It's been kinda dry
May 13: Ladi-e-e-es an' gentlemen!
May 14: Three is a crowd
May 15: Conservation for wild life, too!
May 17: Sh-h-h-h!
May 18: New era in the far east
May 19: The condemned
May 20: Notice to trespassers
May 21: Book salesman
May 22: Gideon d. Seymour
May 24: Volunteer fireman
May 25: The brickbats go with the job
May 26: He smells honey
May 27: Problem child
May 28: Ominous cloud over Washington
May 29: Requiescat in pace
Jun 1: Much needed investigation
Jun 2: Final exams!
Jun 3: The whole kit and caboodle
Jun 4: The Geneva conference
Jun 5: Will it be a good or evil genie?
Jun 7: Fate of the brave seafaring man
Jun 8: Monitoring can be such fun
Jun 9: Out of the chute
Jun 10: Mein Kampf - American version
Jun 11: Sitting on it
Jun 12: He can't have one without the other
Jun 14: And without senatorial immunity!
Jun 15: Between the devil and the deep sea, blue sea
Jun 16: From Panmunjom to Geneva
Jun 17: Political courtesy
Jun 18: The custodian
Jun 19: Who said he's finished?
Jun 20: When Sunday painters
Jun 21: This is not bear country
Jun 22: Memo from Washington
Jun 23: As Maine goes, so goes nation
Jun 24: War was never like this!
Jun 26: Away from it all
Jun 28: Will this be the big one that got away?
Jun 29: Will this satisfy his hunger
Jun 30: Above, and beyond the call of duty?
Oversize 15 1954 Jul-Dec (137 items)
Jul 1: Busy days for the rival suitors
Jul 2: And almost as short!
Jul 3: From both home and abroad
Jul 5: Good or bad medicine?
Jul 6: Boy with a bent pin
Jul 7: Man watching atomic arms race
Jul 8: Bear trap
Jul 9: Clean hands might help
Jul 10: Dispossessed
Jul 12: Remarkable recuperative powers
Jul 13: No customers
Jul 15: Budgetary problems
Jul 16: Move over!
Jul 17: Speaker's platform isn't quite ready
Jul 18: Torch bearer
Jul 19: Folks don't stop as much now-a-days!
Jul 20: Chief problem of coexistence
Jul 21: Travelling man
Jul 22: The one that didn't get away
Jul 23: Bound to blow up a storm
Jul 24: The needle in the haystack
Jul 25: Heck- why wait till vacation time?
Jul 27: How long a flight
Jul 28: Now it's her turn
Jul 29: Joe doesn't answer questions
Jul 30: Of course, the itinerary can be changed
Jul 31: The smoke won't clear til November
Aug 1: Wonder why?
Aug 2: Now on the last chapter
Aug 3: Out of hearing range
Aug 4: Greetings
Aug 5: Injuns!
Aug 6: Left holding the can
Aug 7: Cramped quarters
Aug 9: Already pointing with pride!
Aug 10: Changing the slogan
Aug 11: Farming's no snap!
Aug 12: Hitch-hiker's advice
Aug 13: The draft is getting stronger
Aug 14: The anti-communism series
Aug 16: The meeting of east and west
Aug 17: Political hash! Political hash!
Aug 18: Honorable intentions?
Aug 19: Every two years
Aug 20: Power - steering
Aug 21: Superman
Aug 23: Developing a taste for it?
Sep 14: Sowing where the soil is fertile
Sep 15: Picking up the pieces
Sep 16: Double handicap
Sep 17: His secret weapon?
Sep 18: Buttons will be larger this year!
Sep 20: He's got 'em guessing again!
Sep 21: Will this become a marathon?
Sep 22: Looking for a place to test it
Sep 23: Aw - come on out!
Sep 24: These are nerve racking days!
Sep 25: Stirred up something!
Sep 27: Now do-it-yourself devotee
Sep 28: The ticketless rider
Sep 29: Double pressure
Sep 30: Tough spot for William Tell
Oct 1: Learning to live with him isn't easy
Oct 2: And 364 other days!
Oct 4: Optimistic gravediggers
Oct 5: Over confidence is no problem
Oct 6: The big beneficiary
Oct 7: Adult delinquency
Oct 8: Is this your handwriting?
Oct 9: Bouncing crystal ball
Oct 11: Isn't this interference or something?
Oct 13: Tweet
Oct 14: Fine place for a bird dog!
Oct 15: Good little boys and temptation
Oct 16: Burying the hatchet
Oct 18: New seating arrangement
Oct 19: 99.3% pure
Oct 20: Trick or treats!
Oct 21: Precarious romance
Oct 22: The package
Oct 22: Lateral to the coach
Oct 25: Somehow that claw looks familiar
Oct 26: Speaking of bird dogs
Oct 27: Now up to the man with the pencil
Oct 28: Little red riding hood up-to-date
Oct 30: Vantage point
Nov 2: German unification - Moscow style
Nov 3: No rest for the weary
Nov 4: The 64 dollar question
Nov 5: Election statistic
Nov 6: No cause for grieve
Nov 8: The times demand it
Nov 9: Sailor, beware!
Nov 10: Thus endeth the 83rd congress
Nov 11: Veterans day 1954
Nov 12: Thorny question
Nov 12: All dressed up and no place to go
Nov 13: Shooting in the senate chamber
Nov 16: No caption
Nov 17: Change of tactics
Nov 18: Even if they have to fight for it
Nov 19: Did someone say peaceful co-existence?
Nov 20: Most anytime now
Nov 22: Politics makes strange bed-fellows
Nov 23: High and dry
Nov 24: And a strong arm
Nov 25: Still much to be thankful for
Nov 26: Out of the cloud
Nov 27: That new style is here again
Nov 29: I'm getting tired of hash!
Nov 30: Another question of co-existence
Dec 1: Frightening the enemy
Dec 2: New caddy?
Dec 3: Now that looks better!
Dec 4: Santa's toughest job
Dec 6: Another bi-partisan effort
Dec 7: One campaign ends - another begins
Dec 8: An empty stomach makes a poor student
Dec 9: Revised slogan
Dec 10: Branding his elephant
Dec 11: Dad can dream, too!
Dec 13: As a last resort
Dec 14: Beginning to follow everywhere
Dec 15: Rolling out the carpet
Dec 16: Wonder what's inside
Dec 17: Is it just the Christmas spirit?
Dec 18: Unbalanced but stable
Dec 20: The moths and the flame
Dec 21: Still on the loose
Dec 22: No hibernation for this bear
Dec 23: As the new semester begins
Dec 24: The most wanted gift of all
Dec 25: Eternal hope
Dec 27: He'll be along directly
Dec 28: Calendar reformers
Dec 29: Hammer and sickle
Dec 30: The legislative tight-wire
Oversize 16 1955 Jan-Jun (145 items)
Jan 1: He must be new around here
Jan 3: Reception committee
Jan 3: One's afraid he will - one's afraid he won't
Jan 4: After sixteen years of prospecting
Jan 5: Uncle's watch dog
Jan 6: Painting with broad strokes
Jan 7: Our bulwark
Jan 8: Stout fellow
Jan 10: Hitch-hiking isn't enough
Jan 11: Where do you think you are going?
Jan 12: Our very own coexistence policy
Jan 13: And some more teachers
Jan 14: Just a matter of getting used to it
Jan 15: The balance in nature
Jan 17: Two related news items
Jan 18: The high cost of survival
Jan 19: Well, hello, there!
Jan 20: The double life of Chiang Kai-Shek
Jan 21: That demon, temptation, again!
Jan 22: Can't afford to flunk this course
Jan 24: The hot potato
Jan 25: Are there two Chinas or one?
Jan 26: Trying to keep it on ice
Jan 27: Iron curtain co-existence
Jan 28: Just having a look
Jan 29: Before it gets out of control
Jan 30: Where economic doctors disagree
Jan 31: One of our greatest weapons
Feb 1: Cease fire!
Feb 2: Waiting for a more favorable moment
Feb 3: Are the skies clearing?
Feb 4: Back to normalcy in Russia
Feb 7: The Pekingese and the porcupine
Feb 8: A lady in distress
Feb 9: Moscow weather flags again
Feb 10: The bear of many faces
Feb 11: The AFL-CIO merger
Feb 12: With malice toward none...
Feb 13: This is the kind of shooting I favor
Feb 14: A helping hand
Feb 15: Not music to his ears!
Feb 16: The simplified form
Feb 17: The big parade
Feb 18: What is our Formosa policy?
Feb 19: Chicago, San Francisco - who cares?
Feb 21: Still lots of smoke
Feb 22: Calling on miss voter
Feb 23: Let me go - let me go -!
Feb 24: What a place for speech making
Feb 25: Weather outlook: thaw
Feb 26: The big kick-off
Mar 2: More bumps ahead
Mar 4: Mary's little lamb
Mar 5: Better get going, woodchopper!
Mar 7: He even frightens himself
Mar 8: A - blasts
Mar 9: Fishing' just hasn't been good lately!
Mar 10: Still down the middle of the road
Mar 11: Look - two hands!
Mar 12: Speaking frankly
Mar 14: When U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. farmers meet
Mar 15: The rasslin' match
Mar 16: Frank talk from the doctor
Mar 17: Mighty voice of authority
Mar 18: Rival editors
Mar 19: Just one more hurdle
Mar 21: Woes of the librarian
Mar 22: Hope springs eternal
Mar 23: How damaging is the fall out?
Mar 24: Washington melodrama
Mar 26: Sure that isn't another mirage?
Mar 28: The finish line
Mar 29: Probably be around for quite a spell
Mar 30: In the middle
Mar 31: Whistling in the dark
Apr 1: The thirty day reprieve
Apr 2: Chiang's drifting island
Apr 4: A lot of fiddling
Apr 6: Returning the tribute
Apr 7: Timber!
Apr 8: Little red riding hood modernized
Apr 9: Easy wisdom
Apr 11: The big four
Apr 13: The goose and the golden eggs
Apr 14: Counter influence
Apr 15: Persistent suitor
Apr 16: Can you detect any reaction?
Apr 18: Low tide
Apr 19: The Bandung conference
Apr 21: Traveling salesman
Apr 21: Strong stuff
Apr 22: Shaky platform
Apr 23: Lookalikes
Apr 25: How to-let go with dignity
Apr 26: And the meek shall inherit the earth
Apr 27: Two pair
Apr 28: Still in pursuit
Apr 29: Letting George do it
Apr 30: Not a very good training diet
May 2: The long wind up
May 6: No caption
May 7: After the big one
May 9: Remarkable survival powers
May 10: The harbingers
May 11: Real or artificial
May 12: Arrangements committee
May 13: How's your garden?
May 14: When the bear goes up the mountain
May 16: The great tug of war
May 17: Something to keep in mind
May 18: Red bloc's security set up
May 19: Good or bad - it's relaxing!
May 20: Market investigator
May 20: Another drought seems broken
May 21: No shift in this position
May 23: Agonizing reappraisal
May 24: That feeling is growing stronger
May 25: Coming or going
May 26: Experience has made him cautious
May 27: The new regime
May 30: Another memorial day
Jun 1: Bargaining
Jun 2: His ideal neutral corridor
Jun 4: As the Russians depart
Jun 6: At the summit
Jun 7: Modern jolly roger
Jun 8: Platform unchanged
Jun 9: Now, what?
Jun 10: Better than troop movements
Jun 11: The big issue
Jun 14: Diplomatic tightrope
Jun 15: Man-size job
Jun 16: Hitting the ties
Jun 17: 84th congress fireworks
Jun 18: Tourist in America
Jun 20: Brighter year by year
Jun 21: Retreat from Moscow and Peiping
Jun 22: Mind if I look over your shoulder?
Jun 23: And no fair peeking!
Jun 24: Not too attractive a June bride
Jun 25: Already at the summit
Jun 27: Just a non-partisan observation
Jun 28: Diagnosing the new smile
Jun 29: How to let go simultaneously
Jun 30: Davy Crockett a fisherman, too?
Oversize 17 1955 Jul-Dec (134 items)
Jul 1: Somebody isn't tuned in
Jul 4: July 4, 1955
Jul 5: Speech spoiler
Jul 6: Sinking hose in Washington, too?
Jul 7: There goes another theory
Jul 8: High on the summit
Jul 10: The beginning of some understanding?
Jul 11: Boom and bust
Jul 12: Another summit
Jul 13: To the rescue
Jul 14: What a mascot!
Jul 15: The strain is beginning to show
Jul 17: The diggers
Jul 18: When farmers get together
Jul 19: Beginning to pile up
Jul 20: It'll take a lot of pumping
Jul 21: On the agenda sooner or later
Jul 22: A test of sincerity at the summit
Jul 23: A man about to take a vacation
Jul 25: The harvest
Jul 26: Mary's little lamb
Jul 27: Difficulties of the descent
Jul 28: Donkey searching for an issue
Jul 29: Double or nothing
Jul 30: Beating swords into plowshares
Aug 1: The bridge isn't strong enough for that
Aug 2: A couple of other summits
Aug 3: Clean as a hound's tooth!
Aug 4: January forecast: cold and snow
Aug 5: Voice from the dark
Aug 6: Ivan, this is my best tool!
Aug 8: Business isn't booming for everybody
Aug 9: The big shot
Aug 10: Speaking of satellites!
Aug 11: Gristmill
Aug 12: Hurricane Ike
Aug 13: Grinnin' him down?
Aug 15: If at first you don't succeed...
Aug 16: As the stork flies
Aug 17: Fisherman's luck
Aug 18: Selecting his '56th campaign button
Aug 19: Uncle Samson and Delilah?
Aug 20: Smoke nuisance
Aug 22: The by-product
Aug 23: What are your intentions?
Aug 24: Kitten and ball of yarn
Aug 25: Another summit
Aug 26: Step right up, folks!
Aug 27: Love me, love my dog
Aug 29: They're off!
Aug 30: Cure worse than the disease
Aug 31: To spike the big gun
Sep 2: Era of good feeling
Sep 3: Handicap race
Sep 5: Industrial show of his own
Sep 6: Liberty bell
Sep 7: Still in the debate stage
Sep 8: The land of milk and honey
Sep 9: Oh, yeah?
Sep 10: The haunted house
Sep 12: Speaking of over-production
Oct 4: Freedom's bulwark still stands
Oct 5: Change in the '56 prospects
Oct 6: Between smiles
Oct 7: Going to be quite a stew!
Oct 8: The woes of agriculture
Oct 10: That red feather lift
Oct 11: School daze
Oct 12: He's gotta hurry!
Oct 13: Change in the cold war
Oct 14: Monkey business
Oct 15: Easy for the sidewalk superintendent
Oct 17: Another booming business
Oct 18: End of the trail
Oct 19: Warming up for a short '56 race
Oct 20: And now the valley
Oct 21: Look who has the ball
Oct 22: Adlai: but this is not easy!
Oct 24: My, how Halloween has changed!
Oct 25: The cheering isn't too spirited yet
Oct 26: Jubilant farm animals
Oct 27: The corner stone
Oct 28: Political nightmare
Oct 29: Over-production here, too!
Oct 31: Study in expressions
Nov 1: I don't smell any smoke!
Nov 2: The thinker
Nov 3: I've seen him before!
Nov 4: Free ball
Nov 5: Here we go again!
Nov 7: Profile shot
Nov 8: Another balloon barrage
Nov 9: In the waiting room
Nov 10: Dangerous juggling
Nov 11: Just as we're ready for a swim
Nov 12: Political duck hunters
Nov 14: Why does a bear act like a bear
Nov 15: Ladies and gentlemen
Nov 16: They're off!
Nov 17: Prelude to 1956
Nov 18: The Greeks called him atlas
Nov 19: For all the world to see
Nov 21: Feudin' ground
Nov 23: The early bird
Nov 24: His idea of a thanksgiving turkey
Nov 25: Road block
Nov 26: I see they are signaling again
Nov 28: It's an ill wind
Nov 29: The fall-out will be terrific
Nov 30: Not a bit too soon!
Dec 1: Help!
Dec 2: The old story of the ins and the outs
Dec 3: Kremlin body-guard
Dec 5: Christmas gift
Dec 6: Fancy meeting you here!
Dec 7: Against a somber background
Dec 8: Diplomacy race
Dec 9: Phew!
Dec 10: Some farmers just aren't reasonable
Dec 13: Scrooge
Dec 15: His pen is mightier than the sword
Dec 16: Strong head winds
Dec 17: The spirit of Moscow
Dec 19: How big the bag?
Dec 21: Scorekeeper
Dec 22: Slogans or clubs?
Dec 23: Progress - Kremlin style
Dec 24: Unconquerable spirit
Dec 26: May I exchange these for just anything?
Dec 27: The weather is never more than half bad
Dec 28: Strange perch for a dove
Dec 28: Trying to return a package (GOP elephant shoving package of John Birch Society into adjustments window)
Dec 29: Huffing and puffing
Dec 31: This is no bedtime story, kid!
Oversize 18 1956 Jan-Jun (148 items)
Jan 2: Who killed Cock Robin?
Jan 4: There's that question again
Jan 5: Getting ready for the parade
Jan 6: Looks rosy
Jan 7: Another installment due
Jan 9: Peace and prosperity
Jan 10: The big issue
Jan 11: Hog-calling contest
Jan 12: Hold onto your hat, Madame!
Jan 13: Poor fellow!
Jan 14: Suspense
Jan 16: The hero
Jan 17: Shucks!
Jan 18: Election fireworks
Jan 19: Great day for the comrades
Jan 20: Getting sort of crowded
Jan 21: The only cloud in sight
Jan 23: Look who fell in!
Jan 24: The long ride
Jan 25: Hey!
Jan 26: Plenty of grist for the mill
Jan 27: There's that smile again
Jan 28: His hat's in!
Jan 30: Handicap race
Jan 31: Hey - how about cutting some wood?
Feb 1: Confused picture in the form debate
Feb 2: Who's betting on the rabbit?
Feb 3: Better than smoking guns
Feb 4: The honey tree
Feb 5: Nothing but brotherly love
Feb 7: Will Ike run?
Feb 8: Test of endurance continued
Feb 9: Green thumb test
Feb 10: The vanguard
Feb 11: Top man on the totem pole
Feb 13: The new star
Feb 14: Bubble gum
Feb 15: Ambulance chaser
Feb 16: It never rains but it pours
Feb 17: Throwing down the gauntlet
Feb 18: Veto
Feb 20: Hot potato surplus
Feb 21: At the brink
Feb 22: Khrushchev: no one-man rule in Russia
Feb 23: Something he didn't ask for!
Feb 24: Too many cooks
Feb 25: Ike, that's not quail
Feb 27: Harvest time
Feb 28: Much of it will be done with mirrors
Feb 29: Those hats make good targets
Mar 1: Looks like a hole-in-one!
Mar 2: Campaign sound wagon
Mar 3: The prize grows less attractive
Mar 4: The middleman
Mar 5: Who says the office is neglected?
Mar 6: Another brink
Mar 7: Every four years - the William Tell act
Mar 8: Contest without a winner
Mar 9: His whipping boy
Mar 10: Rigid
Mar 11: Olympics shot-put
Mar 12: The snake charmer
Mar 13: Sincere smile
Mar 14: Difficulty in keeping a cool head
Mar 15: Another coonskin cap
Mar 16: A cloud no bigger than a man's head
Mar 17: Has his over confidence back again
Mar 18: Minnesota primary feature
Mar 19: Banishment of a villain
Mar 20: The battle line
Mar 21: The stampede
Mar 22: Ringmaster extraordinary
Mar 23: The meaning of the primaries
Mar 24: The fall-out
Mar 25: Contest between the girls now
Mar 26: More pressure - and hurry!
Mar 27: Broken idol - broken heart!
Mar 28: The creeper
Mar 29: Just as elusive as ever
Mar 30: Lengthening shadow
Mar 31: Important wheel, too!
Apr 1: No, no, Ivan - not that one!
Apr 2: What will the harvest be?
Apr 3: Post-mortem afterthoughts
Apr 4: What a team! (farm bill, campaign politics)
Apr 5: One type of farming that pays off
Apr 6: Chinese laundry
Apr 7: I smell something burning!
Apr 8: The tax payer needs more time
Apr 9: The idol speaks
Apr 10: Safer than fighting the champ
Apr 11: What's cookin'?
Apr 12: Nice recovery
Apr 13: Much noise - little meal
Apr 14: Spoiling a picnic
Apr 15: And a shortage of good ball players
Apr 16: This is how to do it, boys!
Apr 17: Invasion of that tight little isle
Apr 18: Who put pussy in the well?
Apr 19: The weapons are chosen
Apr 20: What's he so smug about?
Apr 23: Political hat styling
Apr 24: Talk about a third party
Apr 25: Medicine man
Apr 26: A war of nerves at home
Apr 27: Springtime
Apr 28: The target moves in closer
Apr 30: Injuns!
May 1: The new peaceful co-existence
May 2: Convention noise makers
May 3: That smile's getting sort of spooky
May 4: International beach combers
May 5: Watching the melon grow
May 7: One surplus after another
May 8: What's in your bag?
May 9: Walls of Jericho?
May 10: Hoosier calm
May 11: Uncle's splitting headache
May 12: Justifiable skepticism
May 14: Come, gentle spring
May 15: Gosh!-do you suppose...?
May 16: Still in the army
May 17: Out of the wild blue yonder
May 18: The big bank
May 19: Old mother Hubbard
May 21: Spring flood
May 22: Most any time now
May 23: Boy - what fire power!
May 24: Forbidden fruit
May 25: Guided missile jitters
May 26: The leaning tower of Asia
May 28: Why not a visit to the U.S.- during political campaign
May 29: Political campaign hybrid
May 30: Spiking it?
May 31: Usual after-dinner snooze
Jun 1: Now is the time for...
Jun 2: Test of courage
Jun 4: All the world is a stage
Jun 5: Not the way to ride coattails!
Jun 6: Graduation and commencement
Jun 7: Inseparable
Jun 8: The unexpected drought
Jun 9: Ready volunteers
Jun 11: Shifting sands of world politics
Jun 26: New chief of staff
Jun 27: Smiling skywriter
Jun 29: How strong the rope
Jun 30: Strain on the god of war
Oversize 19 1956 Jul-Dec (142 items)
Jul 2: Newest display of inventive genius
Jul 3: Which will be the earlier bird
Jul 4: The silly season is here again
Jul 5: One thing is clear
Jul 6: The A-bomb fall-out
Jul 7: Untouched by the flames
Jul 9: Lynching party
Jul 10: Nixon lectures on neutralism
Jul 11: Thanks, doc!
Jul 13: Your speech isn't very convincing!
Jul 14: There it is again!
Jul 15: Hardly a Russian invention!
Jul 16: Campaign handbook
Jul 17: And everywhere that mary went...
Jul 18: Concluding the great debate
Jul 19: International romancing
Jul 20: Advice from the front man
Jul 21: The bear comes over the mountain
Jul 22: Superman
Jul 23: Neutral harry
Jul 24: Making sure that it is
Jul 25: The new thriller
Jul 26: Just in the nick of time
Jul 27: Still in the mirage stage
Jul 28: He's not taking it seriously, is he?
Jul 29: Don't look now, but...
Jul 30: Appraising the 84th congress
Jul 31: Fishin' has never been so good!
Aug 1: Stassen takes leave of absence
Aug 3: King Canute sweeping back the waves
Aug 4: Now, hear this!
Aug 6: Busy season for the doctors
Aug 7: Eve, you're a mighty poor marksman!
Aug 8: The enquiring reporter
Aug 9: The democrats brink
Aug 10: Testing his credulity
Aug 11: Preoccupied
Aug 13: The '56 conventions kick-off
Aug 14: Chef's special
Aug 15: But the prize is more attractive
Aug 16: Democratic convention sketches
Aug 18: All dressed up for the big campaign
Aug 20: Don't believe a word he said!
Aug 21: The San Francisco Open
Aug 22: Good grief, it is the driver
Aug 23: Hardly inspire over confidence
Aug 24: Bringing the health issue up to date
Aug 25: 1956 campaign button
Aug 27: Look out - here comes another one!
Aug 28: Back to normalcy
Aug 29: The Volga boatman gets around
Aug 30: Will it be a shouting contest
Aug 31: No caption
Sep 1: School days
Sep 3: Anvil chorus
Sep 4: One-way traffic
Sep 5: New button
Sep 6: You can always depend on Harry
Sep 7: Political versions of the farm belt
Sep 10: World's most crucial race
Sep 11: Strange bedfellows
Sep 12: As Maine goes...
Sep 13: No longer on Ike's team
Sep 14: He never had it so good
Sep 15: Feeding the elephant again
Sep 17: New pilot
Sep 18: How did he get up there?
Sep 20: Baby sitter
Sep 21: Another truth squad
Sep 22: The chef never misses a thing
Sep 25: The cat and the canary
Sep 26: The serenade
Sep 27: Jack and Jill went up the hill...
Sep 28: Bringing up the big one
Sep 29: Vapor trail
Oct 1: Trailer trouble
Oct 2: The promised land
Oct 3: Pretty strong stuff
Oct 4: Tough target
Oct 5: This is progress
Oct 6: Time out!
Oct 8: Quick - somebody call a truth squad
Oct 9: It ain't hay!
Oct 10: Who's getting the Suez tolls?
Oct 11: Is that something or just a snag?
Oct 12: The high level debate
Oct 13: Losing his grip
Oct 15: The feeler
Oct 16: Don't get any false notions, mister!
Oct 17: The health issue
Oct 18: It's in the bag!
Oct 19: The market looks bullish!
Oct 20: How much fall out?
Oct 22: Ugh!
Oct 23: Such ingratitude
Oct 24: The pen fits the hand perfectly
Oct 25: Pleasing competition
Oct 26: Idol smashing
Oct 27: Nuclear contamination
Oct 29: At last the big issue
Oct 30: Unwelcome interruption
Oct 31: Fireworks have been added
Nov 1: Forecasting the elections
Nov 2: Both: I smell smoke!
Nov 3: The pass
Nov 5: Picking up the pieces
Nov 6: No caption
Nov 7: The next job will require teamwork
Nov 8: The winner!
Nov 10: Woman's work is never done!
Nov 12: Quadrennial left-overs
Nov 14: The captive
Nov 17: Bear hug
Nov 19: The twain have met
Nov 20: Fire!
Nov 21: Defense strategists
Nov 22: Trying to keep corks under water
Nov 23: Disturbing the peace
Nov 24: Delivering the new chinaware
Nov 26: Humpty dumpty's convalescence
Nov 28: The usual aftermath
Nov 29: Middle east Olympics
Nov 30: Dictator
Dec 1: No caption
Dec 3: They come up with every shower
Dec 7: Veteran ambassador of good will
Dec 8: May be he can't read
Dec 10: A couple of splitting headaches
Dec 12: Hot foot
Dec 14: It's a cold war
Dec 15: New light on the subject
Dec 17: Two bags full
Dec 18: Somebody's ears burning
Dec 19: A cold war thaw
Dec 20: Which way is the wind blowing?
Dec 22: Interrupted journey
Dec 24: Who will lend a hand?
Dec 24: Party harmony
Dec 26: Titoitis
Dec 27: He thinks he's got problems!
Dec 28: It won't come off!
Dec 29: Anyway, he's getting his feet wet
Oversize 20 1957 Jan-Jun (147 items)
Jan 1: Ride 'im, cowboy
Jan 2: Crystal ball
Jan 3: Afterthought
Jan 4: Hitching-up time
Jan 5: Hardly inspires a superiority complex
Jan 7: The most troublesome aggression
Jan 8: Close scrutiny
Jan 9: Forecast: continued cold
Jan 10: State of the union
Jan 11: Heavy portfolio
Jan 12: In the waiting room
Jan 14: New thriller
Jan 15: The big club
Jan 16: Drought
Jan 17: No caption
Jan 18: Is he stealing the show?
Jan 19: Fiddling
Jan 21: Gosh!
Jan 22: Still under the gun
Jan 23: Natural aversion for high places
Jan 24: Strong man
Jan 25: Flying-saucers over the mid-east
Jan 26: Reviving a myth
Jan 28: Inflation here, too!
Jan 29: What a target
Jan 30: Tis indeed a trouble-spot!
Jan 31: Lost-one good rickshaw boy
Feb 2: Here comes another hot potato
Feb 4: Tying uncle's hands
Feb 5: Up in a cloud
Feb 6: The cleaners
Feb 7: Same old slippery stuff
Feb 8: New garden venture
Feb 9: Nice kitty!
Feb 11: Persistent Polly
Feb 12: Is this the supreme test?
Feb 13: Road map trouble
Feb 14: Wait 'til he catches his breath
Feb 15: International courting
Feb 16: Is this a sample of Kremlin humor?
Feb 18: Chronic vitamin deficiency
Feb 20: Your greatest sin is your size!
Feb 21: Happy days
Feb 22: Getting a bit spooky
Feb 23: Another education problem
Feb 25: Manna!
Feb 26: The standby
Mar 1: Can't even faze him!
Mar 2: Rabbit trouble
Mar 4: Becoming a social outcast?
Mar 5: Pardon me, but...
Mar 6: Back seat driver
Mar 7: Cannon to the right: cannon to the left of them
Mar 8: Going with the winds
Mar 9: Still angling for the big one
Mar 11: Hitching his wagon
Mar 12: The pull back idea
Mar 13: Nobody's baby!
Mar 14: Errant youth
Mar 15: New role for an old spender
Mar 16: A good time to strike
Mar 17: Challenging all comers
Mar 18: The sphinx speaks
Mar 21: Pin-pointing it
Mar 22: International handicap race
Mar 23: All wrapped up
Mar 25: How're you coming with yours?
Mar 27: Winds of adversity
Mar 28: The burning question
Mar 29: Over-zealous barber
Mar 30: This way out
Apr 1: The hare still has a fighting chance
Apr 2: Devilish advice
Apr 3: Political strip poker
Apr 4: Bigger than the budget
Apr 5: What's in the news, pop?
Apr 6: An earth shaking contest
Apr 8: Come, gentle spring
Apr 9: What's he afraid of?
Apr 10: Political eye test
Apr 11: The kibitzer
Apr 12: Two points of view
Apr 13: Much needed coattails
Apr 15: Lost weekend
Apr 16: Atomic shock
Apr 17: Bunker trouble
Apr 18: It still seems strange to us
Apr 19: But that's no ordinary mouse
Apr 20: Mating season again
Apr 22: A missile by the tail
Apr 23: From Darwin to Dulles
Apr 24: There it is again
Apr 25: On second thought
Apr 26: The great national game
Apr 27: Just proves the animal's healthy!
Apr 29: Who's boss around here?
Apr 30: Speechmakers
May 1: Comrade, this is a vile capitalist plot!
May 2: Atomic missiles arms race
May 3: At the cross roads
May 6: An accelerating race
May 7: Not the size but the label
May 8: It's still a pig in a poke
May 9: Reluctant lifeguard
May 10: So far ;so good
May 13: The farsighted
May 14: Fall out
May 15: He'd stop it altogether
May 16: A bicycle built for two?
May 17: Juvenile observation
May 18: Paying the fiddler
May 20: It's a wise father who knows his own child
May 21: Bringing a cartoon up to date
May 22: Three men on a missile
May 23: The free man's burden
May 24: The moth and the flame
May 25: Dangerous jig
May 27: Another near extinct bird
May 28: Low tide
May 29: The perfect setting
May 30: Definite fall out
May 31: New driver
Jun 1: Coming or going
Jun 3: We thought the dodo was extinct
Jun 4: It could lead to bigger things
Jun 5: June graduate
Jun 6: Stick-up
Jun 7: The bronco
Jun 8: The American ostrich
Jun 10: Democracy begins at home
Jun 11: When the doctor's disagree
Jun 12: What a ghastly idea!
Jun 13: Is this a natural team?
Jun 15: More summit talks
Jun 17: As much chance as a snowball
Jun 18: Kremlin versatility
Jun 19: Out of the darkness
Jun 20: A world leader's difficult role
Jun 21: Tragic demonstration
Jun 22: Branded
Jun 23: A remarkable creature is man!
Jun 24: Endurance contest
Jun 25: Mind if I look over your shoulder?
Jun 26: Mr. President
Jun 27: Tying the two together
Jun 28: Revealing the facts of life
Jun 29: Watch out below
Oversize 21 1957 Jul-Dec (131 items)
Jul 1: Nothing left but the wallop
Jul 2: Geophysical year experiment
Jul 3: Big Bertha
Jul 4: It's about time!
Jul 5: Another Soviet election
Jul 6: Same old helping hand
Jul 8: Who says he's loafing?
Jul 9: And respectable, too!
Jul 10: News item: the galleries were filled
Jul 11: From thrillers to hard facts
Jul 12: Nailing it down
Jul 13: Growth of Russian democracy
Jul 15: The delicate balance
Jul 16: Ruining an old nesting place
Jul 17: While there's life there's hope
Jul 18: Mao's blooming flowers
Jul 19: At sea
Jul 20: Demonstrating freedom of the press
Jul 22: A likely referee
Jul 26: Wheel now I have one I can use!
Jul 27: Flunked again
Jul 29: A little scavenging on the side
Jul 30: Another canal to unblock
Jul 31: He could, too!
Aug 1: Down, boy!
Aug 2: Sh..h..h!
Aug 2: Vacation bottle neck
Aug 5: Humpty dumpty
Aug 6: Card from tourist Khrushchev
Aug 7: Atomic buck fever
Aug 8: Strange platform
Aug 9: Amended
Aug 10: Leashed
Aug 12: By the sweat of his brow
Aug 13: Farm problems
Aug 14: Worm's eye view
Aug 15: Thanks, Mr. Secretary!
Aug 16: Have a nice vacation!
Aug 17: Asiatic flu
Aug 19: Same medicine - different labels
Aug 20: A bear in the path
Aug 21: Re-fueling
Aug 22: It isn't easy!
Aug 23: So much noise he can hardly hear
Aug 24: Testing
Aug 26: Sort of getting used to it
Aug 27: 'Round and 'round they go
Aug 28: Invasion of his privacy
Aug 29: Election expressions
Aug 31: A lot of by-product
Sep 2: Above the smoke
Sep 3: Chip on his shoulder
Sep 4: Sh..h..h.. Don't wake him up
Sep 5: No caption
Sep 7: Mirage or rain cloud?
Sep 9: Plenty of sales resistance
Sep 10: Fisherman's return
Sep 11: Busy chef
Sep 12: The ultimate
Sep 13: Balloon watching
Sep 14: Theorist and practitioner
Sep 16: Obliging
Oct 9: The signal is distinct
Oct 10: Seen any flying saucers lately?
Oct 11: No market slump here
Oct 12: Back to school
Oct 14: Not so little
Oct 15: How strong the winds?
Oct 16: The ultimate question
Oct 17: New device in missiles laboratory
Oct 18: The chase
Oct 19: Inevitable smoke
Oct 21: In the wake
Oct 22: Message from sputnik
Oct 23: Hands across the sea
Oct 24: Two types we can do without
Oct 25: Refresher course
Oct 26: Sound wagon
Oct 28: Amended
Oct 29: Headline stealer
Oct 30: Traffic cop's dream
Oct 31: Regaining respectability
Nov 1: The altitude race
Nov 2: The versatile Mr. K.
Nov 4: Wrong boy at the dike
Nov 5: That darned alarm clock again
Nov 6: Now do you accept me as an equal?
Nov 7: First sputnik and then flying saucers
Nov 8: No time for political bickering
Nov 9: No caption
Nov 11: Somehow it has a different ring
Nov 12: The hapless observer
Nov 13: The real I.Q. test
Nov 14: The two-man job
Nov 15: The big question
Nov 16: The marathon
Nov 18: Sudden popularity
Nov 19: New model
Nov 21: In the spotlight
Nov 22: Don't expect bipartisanship here
Nov 23: Just curious, that's all!
Nov 25: Strange way to launch a satellite!
Nov 26: Wanta play ball with me?
Nov 27: Big man on campus
Nov 28: I have a feeling I'm being following
Nov 29: Progress of man
Nov 30: Turbulence
Dec 2: Who's going to drive
Dec 3: John q. Reads his newspaper
Dec 5: Wait till the treatment start!
Dec 6: At the wishing well
Dec 7: It was loaded
Dec 9: We hope it doesn't come to this
Dec 10: Quitting the circus
Dec 11: Spots before the eyes
Dec 12: The hot seat
Dec 13: The big repair job
Dec 14: With a chip on his shoulder
Dec 16: Something new has been added
Dec 17: The hard sell
Dec 18: Alternative to co-existence
Dec 19: Hey! Mr. Scrooge!
Dec 20: Holiday cheer!
Dec 21: Russia's spokesman is already seated
Dec 23: Increasing urgency - and difficulty
Dec 24: The glad hand
Dec 25: Our national defense posture?
Dec 26: Must need resolution
Dec 27: Who called that a bauble?
Dec 28: The crystal ball
Dec 30: Which is the satellite?
Oversize 22 1958 Jan-Jun (145 items)
Jan 1: Swish!
Jan 2: The deep freeze
Jan 3: The tome
Jan 4: State of the union message
Jan 7: Shall we talk this over?
Jan 8: Anybody else like to try it?
Jan 9: Remember, this is not a football!
Jan 10: Direct hit
Jan 13: Making hay while his moon shines
Jan 14: Space man
Jan 15: Not exactly the tunnel of love
Jan 16: The dove returns with a twig
Jan 17: The hare and the tortoise
Jan 18: News item: space police proposed
Jan 20: Nobody's baby
Jan 21: The uncertainties of politics
Jan 22: Still a little dazed
Jan 23: Two man job
Jan 24: The case of the two strait jackets
Jan 25: New way to wear an old hat
Jan 27: Everywhere that mary went...
Jan 28: The snowball
Jan 29: We'll survive if it kills us!
Jan 30: Not designed for space travel
Jan 31: It's a depression
Feb 1: So many hazards these days
Feb 3: Looking up
Feb 4: Before the eclipse
Feb 6: He could jeer from no other platform
Feb 7: It'll take some old fashioned digging.
Feb 8: Logical site for the summit talks
Feb 10: Sort of a missiles program
Feb 11: The first rocket passenger
Feb 12: That looks mighty nice to me
Feb 13: The age of sputniks
Feb 14: Sandstorm
Feb 15: Are you sure he'll go away?
Feb 18: Just his meat
Feb 19: Strain on a pen pal relationship
Feb 20: The need for better light
Feb 21: On the new frontier
Feb 22: Revolt on the farm
Feb 24: Hey - I don't feel that bad!
Feb 25: While we talk
Feb 26: Final exam
Feb 27: No caption
Feb 28: Gradually getting there
Mar 1: Back to negotiations again!
Mar 3: Just window shopping
Mar 4: The early bird
Mar 5: The record summit talk
Mar 6: If a man migrates to other planets
Mar 7: More than idle curiosity
Mar 8: Always a good show
Mar 10: Our biggest dud
Mar 11: Two points of view on the recession
Mar 12: Is this a friendly gesture
Mar 13: A real sense of urgency
Mar 14: First appearances are often deceiving
Mar 15: Top-heavy
Mar 17: Oh,. .what delicious frosting!
Mar 18: In orbit
Mar 19: Mind if I look over your shoulder?
Mar 20: Mediterranean cruise
Mar 21: Preparing for war, eh!!
Mar 22: Delivery boy
Mar 24: Still another spring
Mar 25: The explorer and the vanguard
Mar 26: Wires must be crossed or something
Mar 27: That awful suspense
Mar 28: By's worth it!
Mar 29: 'Round and 'round they go
Mar 31: The target is a little blurred
Apr 1: New propaganda triumph
Apr 2: Receiving the bad news
Apr 3: America's rock of Gibraltar
Apr 4: Vigilant Sam
Apr 5: Cleaner air campaign
Apr 7: Some chores are especially distasteful
Apr 8: No rest for doc!
Apr 9: This would really make headlines
Apr 10: Ah, wilderness!
Apr 11: Why don't you boys get together?
Apr 12: The annual sprint
Apr 14: Crocodile tears
Apr 15: Where are the crowds?
Apr 16: Private Ike
Apr 17: Oh, liberty! Liberty! What crimes are committed in thy name!
Apr 18: How many megatons in that one?
Apr 19: Egyptian hieroglyphics
Apr 21: When the summit is finally reached?
Apr 22: Land flowing with milk and honey
Apr 23: Waiting for the fire alarm
Apr 24: The gentlemen of extinction
Apr 25: Trying to ground the eagle
Apr 26: Increasingly popular style
Apr 28: Rock 'n' roll
Apr 29: What's happened to the champ?
Apr 30: (no caption)
May 1: Springtime
May 2: Age of the spaceman
May 3: Frostbitten
May 5: Direct hit
May 6: Roll-up your sleeves, uncle!
May 8: Won't you join the crusade?
May 9: In the rough
May 10: The wage-price spiral
May 12: The never changing platform
May 13: Fighting fire with gasoline
May 15: Communist logic
May 16: The second look
May 17: Descent from the summit
May 18: Earth satellites up to date
May 19: Stupendous and colossal!
May 20: Among the casualties
May 22: Inner space control needed, too!
May 23: Still standing by
May 24: Grass fire look out
May 26: Unprecedented handicap
May 27: A pig in a poke
May 28: World's fair
Jun 2: What storm?
Jun 3: Unusual interest in the nursery
Jun 4: Nice for the competition
Jun 5: California's remarkable weather
Jun 6: The easy chair
Jun 7: Developing an inferiority complex
Jun 8: Taxi!
Jun 9: Gosh!
Jun 10: Same old east-west harmony
Jun 12: The old guards last stand
Jun 13: Good morning!
Jun 14: Test of an elephant's memory
Jun 16: How much wheat, how much chaff
Jun 17: Change of emphasis
Jun 18: Ever try getting to a meeting on time?
Jun 19: Shades of Joe Stalin
Jun 21: Bear at the dike
Jun 23: Great new soviet invention
Jun 24: One coat tail he doesn't want to ride
Jun 25: Which face to put on to-day
Jun 26: Somebody in paradise blundered
Jun 27: Tenting tonight
Jun 28: Ricochet
Jun 30: Still boss
Oversize 23 1958 Jul-Dec (132 items)
Jul 1: Back again
Jul 3: Ike says: I need him!
Jul 4: Celebrating our independence
Jul 5: What an enticing bait!
Jul 8: Sure you know what you are doing?
Jul 9: Rejuvenation
Jul 10: How far that little candle throws his beams?
Jul 11: Isn't it time you observed this?
Jul 12: Speaking of inventory problems!
Jul 13: Cave man statesmanship
Jul 15: How'm I doing?
Jul 16: Drink another drink
Jul 17: And everything else
Jul 19: Domestic and foreign news
Jul 21: The fuse is getting shorter
Jul 22: Still the Kremlin's most potent weapon
Jul 23: Gentlemen, be seated!
Jul 24: The vagaries of indirect aggression
Jul 25: Looks as if Nikita is gaining on him
Jul 26: Missile away
Jul 28: Me and my shadow
Jul 29: In the land of the mirage
Jul 30: Man going to a meeting
Jul 31: The drumhead
Aug 1: Chinese firecracker
Aug 2: How and when
Aug 4: At the bottom of the summit
Aug 5: Whatever it is it won't be good!
Aug 6: He is no Ferdinand!
Aug 7: Mary's lamb is no myth
Aug 8: Looking for a better 'ole!
Aug 9: Brushing up for school opening
Aug 11: It's a new model
Aug 12: The gusher
Aug 13: A big one for the president
Aug 14: Voices from the valley
Aug 15: Manna!
Aug 16: Undisputed champ
Aug 18: Memories
Aug 19: A plague on both your houses!
Aug 20: The woods are deep and ancient
Aug 21: The new chains
Aug 22: Desert flower
Aug 23: This should be a good start!
Aug 25: Inexhaustible fuel supply
Aug 26: The attack at home
Aug 27: What is the Mideast solution
Aug 28: Salesmen take to the road
Aug 29: The mountain
Aug 30: Here we go again
Sep 1: Labor Day 1958
Sep 2: As uncertain as the weather
Sep 3: Tangled lines
Sep 4: Is this what Minneapolis wants?
Sep 5: Teeter-totter
Sep 6: The art of brinkmanship
Sep 8: Hula-hoop
Sep 11: The celebration was short-lived
Sep 30: What! stunts?
Oct 1: Testing the melon
Oct 3: Testing its obsolescence
Oct 4: Resuming negotiations
Oct 6: The prospector
Oct 8: The shrinking island
Oct 10: The team
Oct 11: That noise is killing me!
Oct 13: Who said apathy?
Oct 14: Disintegrating?
Oct 15: Far east summit meeting
Oct 16: The new low
Oct 17: Man with a basket of eggs
Oct 18: Kill-joy
Oct 20: Bringing up the heavy ammunition
Oct 21: Stray shell
Oct 22: The two schizophrenia cases
Oct 23: Temperance lecture
Oct 24: Frightening, isn't it?
Oct 25: Seven-league boots
Oct 27: Leashed again
Oct 28: It may look crazy, but...
Oct 29: Clarifying the issues
Oct 30: Knocking the stuffing out of him
Oct 31: One prize he won't have to worry about
Nov 1: The psychopath
Nov 3: Time to get out of the rut
Nov 4: The prize!
Nov 5: The aftermath
Nov 6: New two-seater model
Nov 7: Changing doctors
Nov 8: Studying the market reports
Nov 10: Liberal sweepstakes
Nov 12: Get back in the bottle
Nov 13: Touching up the old sign
Nov 14: New political battleground?
Nov 15: Brush-fire war specialist gets a laugh
Nov 17: Much more than a donkey
Nov 18: Muddled magician
Nov 19: Life is getting more complicated
Nov 20: Forced feeding
Nov 21: Back to the mainland strategy
Nov 22: Strong winds
Nov 24: Lonely summit
Nov 25: Jolly old saint nick
Nov 26: Inadequate breastworks
Nov 27: Sunny Alaska
Nov 28: Do I see a slight movement?
Nov 29: Becoming acclimated?
Dec 1: Avoiding the pitfalls
Dec 2: Tough shot for William Tell
Dec 3: Blue-penciling the gift-list
Dec 4: ..but don't panic!
Dec 5: Flight to the storm cellar
Dec 6: Hope springs eternal
Dec 8: Feature of the rodeo
Dec 9: The dictator's greatest irritant
Dec 10: Unaccustomed as I am...
Dec 11: Never forgets
Dec 12: Milestones
Dec 13: Segregation victim
Dec 15: Crucial marathon
Dec 17: The big political battle
Dec 18: The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
Dec 19: Between the devil and the deep sea
Dec 20: Dangerous satellite launching
Dec 22: Fourteenth cold war Christmas
Dec 23: Santa fills Ivan's sock
Dec 24: ...and a happy new year!
Dec 25: Breaking the sound barrier
Dec 26: Crystal balls
Dec 27: Feudin' country
Dec 29: Turning over a new leaf
Dec 30: At home and abroad
Oversize 24 1959 Jan-Jun (150 items)
Jan 1: Voice of experience
Jan 2: Democrat or republican?
Jan 3: Revolution in Cuba
Jan 5: Darn it!
Jan 6: The budget debate
Jan 7: State of the union
Jan 8: The one - two punch
Jan 9: Balancing act
Jan 10: Good presidential advice
Jan 12: Just getting the feel of it
Jan 13: His master's voice
Jan 14: ...not one tiny bit!
Jan 15: Humpty - d
Jan 16: Balancing the budget
Jan 18: The paragon
Jan 19: Well - ain't dat interestin'!
Jan 20: In balance?
Jan 21: Return of the hunter
Jan 22: Legislative escalator
Jan 23: Elephant boy
Jan 24: Revolutionary change in Cuba
Jan 25: The big bite
Jan 26: Back seat driver
Jan 27: Another missile program
Jan 28: The chip is getting bigger
Jan 29: Looks like a thaw or something
Jan 30: Drudgery of modern farming
Jan 31: Hard going
Feb 2: But where is the rabbit
Feb 3: Tough pacemaker
Feb 4: Budgetitis
Feb 5: Making the world safe
Feb 6: First hat in the ring
Feb 7: America working in the dark
Feb 9: Have portfolio - will travel?
Feb 10: Junior citizen asks a question
Feb 11: Most anytime now!
Feb 12: Oriental smog
Feb 13: Monotonous menu
Feb 16: No caption
Feb 17: The irresistible force and the immovable object
Feb 19: Rough stretch ahead
Feb 20: Who killed cock robin?
Feb 21: First, the seed and then...
Feb 23: In the cross fire
Feb 24: The chairman
Feb 25: Kremlin logic again
Feb 26: All set?
Feb 27: Diplomatic elegance
Feb 28: The farmer in the dell
Mar 2: Cold war test
Mar 3: Hope springs eternal
Mar 4: Weather forecast: stormy
Mar 5: Mind: if I look over your shoulder?
Mar 6: New state flags
Mar 7: That' ought to budge him!
Mar 9: The addressee
Mar 10: Communist acrobats
Mar 11: Could I take a look at the gun?
Mar 12: Our own cold war
Mar 13: Hawaiian lei
Mar 14: Renewed emphasis
Mar 14: Global fall out
Mar 16: The race over Berlin
Mar 17: Chipping away
Mar 18: Ike's summit
Mar 19: Music while he works
Mar 20: Inevitable letter from Nikita
Mar 21: Hex on the drawing board
Mar 24: Scientific study
Mar 25: Stepping up the attack
Mar 26: Mid-east politics
Mar 27: Treading lightly
Mar 28: A long, hard climb
Mar 30: Always the restraining hand
Mar 31: The screening
Apr 1: The abominable snowman
Apr 2: Beginning to talk right up to him!
Apr 3: How to let go?
Apr 4: Nice, quiet setting
Apr 6: Up a rope?
Apr 7: Lost ball
Apr 8: The orphan
Apr 9: Powerful figure in world politics
Apr 10: The boy at the dike
Apr 11: Hey - count me in!
Apr 13: But nobody does anything about it!
Apr 14: International chess match
Apr 16: Keep your eyes on the birdie!
Apr 18: Reading the news on space probing
Apr 20: March of the have nots
Apr 21: The dilemma
Apr 22: The big board
Apr 24: Anything new in the bag?
Apr 24: The more the deadlier
Apr 27: Who donnit?
Apr 28: German drink
Apr 29: Keep it out of the mud!
Apr 30: A toast to the future!
May 1: Grist for the mill
May 2: Brainstorming
May 4: New zest for the game
May 5: Suggested site for summit meeting
May 6: The third party
May 7: Headache for Nikita, too!
May 8: No caption
May 9: Better than hobnailed boots
May 11: Another dangerous radioactive fallout
May 13: The alternative
May 14: May flowers
May 15: Mr. K's great hope
May 16: Era of the great confusion
May 18: It's a cruel world
May 19: Stock market arena
May 20: The voyager
May 21: Something is going to burst
May 22: Supersonic stock
May 23: A genuine depression
May 26: Still a lot of snow to shovel
May 27: Poor Uncle Sam!
May 28: The real big guns of the free world
May 29: Now the space age
May 30: Situation unchanged
Jun 1: One-man summit
Jun 2: New champ
Jun 3: The beatnik
Jun 4: June graduate
Jun 5: You'll have to do better than that!
Jun 6: That old pioneering spirit
Jun 7: Superman
Jun 8: Sound wagon
Jun 9: Housing shortage everywhere
Jun 10: News item: post office department predicts mail delivery by missiles
Jun 11: U.S. Geneva stand
Jun 12: Can't you do something about this, too?
Jun 13: They won't do much fighting on that!
Jun 15: The hero
Jun 16: Boomeranging missile
Jun 17: Cutting the pie
Jun 18: Still another surplus
Jun 19: The general's white charger
Jun 20: The hard sell and the soft sell
Jun 22: Mount Everest was easy
Jun 23: Waiting to pick up the pieces
Jun 25: Geneva conference comment
Jun 26: Contempt
Jun 27: Still a baffling character
Jun 28: Clubs are trump
Jun 29: Not soviet idea of free city
Jun 30: Democratic hula
Oversize 25 1959 Jul-Dec (131 items)
Jul 1: Katzenjammer kids
Jul 2: Summit meeting
Jul 3: Just when it seemed all finished out
Jul 6: Can you walk a little closer to me?
Jul 7: Did I do that?
Jul 8: Chronic but not fatal
Jul 9: Contr011ed by one little gadget
Jul 10: To whom it may concern
Jul 11: Fly-swatter
Jul 13: Negotiating under difficulties
Jul 14: Here we go again
Jul 15: A would-be tourist sees America
Jul 16: Fished out?
Jul 17: You fellows better keep talking!
Jul 18: Still looks very promising
Jul 18: Hitchhiker
Jul 19: The second big board
Jul 20: See?
Jul 21: They must think there's gold there!
Jul 22: At long last
Jul 23: Eternal vigilance
Jul 24: Wonder what's going on in there!
Jul 25: The way of the police state
Jul 27: To the storm cellar
Jul 28: Still in the kitchen
Jul 29: Things are looking up!
Jul 30: Hope this does not go to his head!
Jul 31: As elusive as flying saucers
Aug 1: The mountain labored
Aug 3: ..and now he has the invitation
Aug 4: Gosh-could this cause a flood?
Aug 5: The intermediary
Aug 6: Will it come to this?
Aug 7: One summit to avoid
Aug 8: A William Tell shot
Aug 10: Ice or granite
Aug 11: The soothsayer
Aug 12: Good morning gentlemen!
Aug 13: Seems to be something of a thaw
Aug 14: Points of interest
Aug 15: On the legislative golf course
Aug 17: Political totem pole
Aug 18: Watching for that wisp of smoke
Aug 19: Studying the road map
Aug 20: Segregated
Aug 21: The steel picture
Aug 22: Asking for trouble
Aug 24: The anachronism
Aug 25: We'd better take a little vacation!
Aug 26: Reassuring our allies
Aug 27: When you're preparing for a trip
Aug 28: Adlai's faithful little lamb
Aug 29: Is Mao chef..or cook's helper?
Aug 30: The logical poll-taker
Aug 31: At home and abroad
Sep 1: Mao's garden
Sep 2: Treading on eggs
Sep 3: What about this inflation
Sep 4: Trying to jettison the bomb
Sep 5: An old army custom
Sep 7: What did you say?
Sep 8: Is this responsible government
Sep 9: Detecting aggression used to be easy
Sep 10: Mr. K's summit
Sep 11: What big teeth you've, grandma!
Sep 12: Well, Sam?
Sep 14: What a spectacular entrance
Sep 15: Gloomy prospects for the moon
Sep 16: Removing the fuse is a two-man job
Sep 17: The one most concerned
Sep 18: The subject of disarmament may...come up most any time
Sep 19: ..and have a good time
Sep 21: The packed gallery
Sep 22: Beginning to feel the weight
Sep 23: Vacation note to the Kremlin
Sep 24: Looking for the summit
Sep 25: An interested bystander
Sep 26: Well?
Sep 28: The tourist season isn't over!
Sep 29: He'll be tied up for sometime!
Sep 30: Do you have a green thumb?
Oct 1: It's almost unanimous
Oct 2: The hot potato he left behind
Oct 3: Great American debate
Oct 5: Which is he trying to impress most?
Oct 6: Shocking sound from outer space
Oct 7: America's science lab
Oct 8: Holding the boy
Oct 9: Two spheres
Oct 10: Reading the tea leaves
Oct 12: Hey-nix on the fireworks!
Oct 13: Wanted: a good road map
Oct 14: He can't just ignore it
Oct 15: Space frontier just in time!
Nov 10: Is the tail wagging the dog
Nov 13: The voluntary bath
Nov 14: Will he take advantage of this summit?
Nov 16: The hard sell
Nov 17: Highly experimental mating
Nov 18: Destiny, no doubt, decrees it!
Nov 20: In the rockets' red glare
Nov 23: Change of posture
Nov 24: The third force
Nov 25: No caption
Nov 26: In orbit
Nov 27: King Canute
Nov 28: Making progress
Nov 30: Above and beyond the call of duty
Dec 1: Super sputnik
Dec 2: The compact trailer
Dec 3: The 18th hole is a lulu!
Dec 5: Revising it!
Dec 7: The modern Cinderella
Dec 10: The ever-ready executioner
Dec 11: Wonder, what is in the bag!
Dec 12: Mistletoe
Dec 14: Must be the rarefied atmosphere
Dec 15: And they said it couldn't be done
Dec 16: The face at the window
Dec 17: If talk could kill I'd be dead!
Dec 18: The heavy hand
Dec 19: Trying to get into the act
Dec 20: It's only a dream of course
Dec 21: Stubborn stork
Dec 22: ...and a happy new year
Dec 23: We've found the abominable snowman
Dec 24: Welcome home!
Dec 25: The voice of America
Dec 26: Waiting for the cue
Dec 28: The dictator's solution
Dec 29: 1960 convention detail
Dec 30: Not much progress
Oversize 26 1960 Jan-Jun (131 items)
Jan 1: Each entrance becomes more dazzling
Jan 2: Our own 1960 prediction
Jan 4: Step on it!
Jan 5: The enlarged forum
Jan 6: It's Goliath's shield that troubles David
Jan 8: Congress gets down to business
Jan 9: Firing up
Jan 11: The reluctant astronaut
Jan 13: About to be another lynching
Jan 15: The old ringmaster
Jan 16: Disarmament?
Jan 18: Have you noticed the moon lately
Jan 19: Setting the election campaign tone?
Jan 20: Persuasive platform
Jan 21: A long way from Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima
Jan 22: What about me?
Jan 25: This is no phony act
Jan 26: The ordeal
Jan 27: No caption
Jan 27: Will it come to this
Jan 28: Hello! Whiskers!
Jan 29: The game is more dangerous than ever
Jan 30: The bee
Feb 1: Remarkable mutation
Feb 2: Beating swords into missiles
Feb 3: Race to break the stalemate
Feb 4: Wind or rain clouds?
Feb 5: The plight of humpty dumpty
Feb 5: Isn't this drug awfully expensive
Feb 8: Company's coming
Feb 9: Our first astronaut
Feb 11: At the wishing well
Feb 12: Who says tourism is dead in Cuba?
Feb 13: This could lead to something
Feb 15: Getting old
Feb 16: Ready for talks with Mr. K and the west
Feb 17: The side show
Feb 18: Here we go again!
Feb 19: Direct hit!
Feb 20: New textbook
Feb 22: Crescendo
Feb 23: Still in training
Feb 25: You don't dare lay a hand on me!
Feb 26: When the doctors disagree
Feb 27: Lost in the jungle
Feb 29: That slender thread
Mar 1: The evangelist
Mar 2: Do you have a road map?
Mar 3: Nothing like warmed-over stew
Mar 4: Who leads in this missile race?
Mar 5: There'll be a slight delay
Mar 7: The Cuban sugar bowl
Mar 8: Hope springs eternal
Mar 9: Would you repeat that, please?
Mar 10: No caption
Mar 11: Bull market
Mar 12: Prestige vehicle
Mar 14: You're under arrest - come with me!
Mar 15: The law of gravity or something
Mar 16: Climate control
Mar 17: Uncle, your gap is showing
Mar 18: Damn yanks!
Mar 19: Is it an oak?
Mar 21: In orbit
Mar 22: Permanent chairman
Mar 24: Very interesting!'
Mar 25: There - that's more becoming!
Mar 26: Three quarters of a loaf...
Mar 28: Could this be a sign of spring?
Mar 29: May be they didn't invest it, but they certainly perfected it!
Mar 30: Somebody may get hurt
Mar 31: Somewhere just hibernating
Apr 1: Foot in the door
Apr 2: Richard!
Apr 4: New battle of the air waves?
Apr 5: Where you guys think you're going?
Apr 6: Cheese testing
Apr 6: A light that casts darkness
Apr 7: Who's the adult in the background?
Apr 9: No caption
Apr 12: Isn't there a cool surplus already?
Apr 13: Dangerous performance
Apr 14: How to cut the pie?
Apr 15: Mash note
Apr 16: When is a candidate not a candidate?
Apr 17: Getting in shape for the summit
Apr 18: Dirty little interlopers!
Apr 19: He loves me - he loves me not -
Apr 20: Summit preparations
Apr 20: Which way are the GOP winds blowing?
Apr 21: Spreading democracy in the orient
Apr 23: This kind of fall-out is heavy, too!
Apr 25: Do you hear a trumpet?
Apr 25: Some folks are still skeptical
Apr 26: Love me, love my dog!
Apr 28: Still a little awkward in the saddle
Apr 29: Cloud bigger than a man's head
May 2: Dubious honor
May 3: The rush is on
May 4: Another boy at the dike
May 5: Could this be the millennium?
May 6: A hard sell
May 7: Trails and tribulations of a summit
May 9: Coal miner
May 10: Slight revision
May 11: Special delivery, too!
May 12: One sign suggests another
May 13: Summit exhibits a & b
May 14: I've a feeling I'm being watched!
May 16: Which will be the summit mascot?
May 17: Making a molehill out of a mountain
May 18: Powerful dictator or puppet?
May 19: What happened?
May 20: From one summit to another
May 21: The wall that Nikita built
May 23: Testing its political potency
May 24: May be I can still get in the act!
May 25: Who said the summit was a failure?
May 26: Age of the common man
May 27: Watch your step, dick
May 28: Let's keep politics out of this!
May 30: This hurts you more than me
May 31: Which is the real target?
Jun 1: The grandfather clock
Jun 2: Now, if I were to make a choice!
Jun 3: Some folks are still skeptical
Jun 4: Dangerous bull market
Jun 6: Any time now
Jun 28: The damn comes up like thunder...
Jun 29: It's in the bag!
Jun 30: No caption
Oversize 27 1960 Jul-Dec (151 items)
Jul 1: The hobnails are getting bigger
Jul 2: No caption
Jul 4: You can always depend on harry!
Jul 5: Adding something to the act
Jul 6: Will it have to come to this?
Jul 7: As perennial as election
Jul 8: Summits are a precarious business
Jul 11: Strange, so many want to occupy it!
Jul 11: Four up
Jul 12: The fight is on
Jul 13: The band wagon
Jul 14: Unfavorable circus weather
Jul 14: Convention balloon
Jul 18: People to people
Jul 19: Hey - a little less noise over there!
Jul 20: The presidents briefing section
Jul 21: The cat in gloves
Jul 22: Who's circling whom?
Jul 23: Another one?
Jul 25: One of them will be our reader
Jul 26: Great Chicago fire, 1960
Jul 28: Losing locket
Jul 29: Technology waits for no man
Jul 30: Anyone dare call him weak now?
Aug 1: Uncharted course
Aug 2: Grist for the legislative mill
Aug 3: Those farm hands again
Aug 4: African vulture
Aug 5: Off to the political wars
Aug 7: The battleground
Aug 8: Gentlemen, choose your weapon
Aug 9: Fresh from the conventions!
Aug 10: Lost in the political jungle
Aug 11: Wonder when the campaign starts
Aug 12: The big TV debate is all set
Aug 13: Looking for the lost Sister Kenny funds
Aug 15: Whe-e-e-e!
Aug 16: Playful Nikita
Aug 17: Help
Aug 18: The missionary
Aug 19: Now let's see what is our most pressing problem?
Aug 20: Capitol hill archery
Aug 22: Ah, senor - free elections are grand!
Aug 23: It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Aug 24: Hope springs eternal
Aug 26: The nest
Aug 28: Who is king of the beasts?
Aug 29: Where is your party loyalty?
Aug 30: Uncle Sam's melon patch
Aug 31: And may the best man win!
Sep 1: What's going on there, comrade?
Sep 2: Headed for the political hustings
Sep 3: Khrushchev is coming!
Sep 5: Cramped quarters
Sep 6: I don't think they're ready for self-government
Sep 7: Business is picking up
Sep 8: Ho-hum!
Sep 9: A little too neighborly!
Sep 10: Back to school
Sep 12: Here comes the peace-maker!
Sep 13: Unwelcome campaigner
Sep 14: This would be the last straw!
Sep 15: John q. Voter in two poses
Sep 16: More than casual interest
Sep 17: Phew! - what a responsibility!
Sep 19: The band wagon
Sep 20: Shouting is better than shooting
Sep 21: The mouse and the elephant
Sep 22: Not according to plans
Sep 23: Don't you think we ought to try again?
Sep 24: The Russian bear speaks
Sep 26: Static
Sep 27: If I can't have you nobody else can!
Sep 28: The winner!
Sep 29: Bringing home the quarry
Sep 30: Always at the summit
Oct 1: Mr. K. Offers a change in the U.N.
Oct 3: Wonder what makes Ike's so wary?
Oct 4: Campaign buttons
Oct 5: If it isn't one thing it's another!
Oct 6: It's a cruel world
Oct 7: Watch it, Fidel!
Oct 8: Waiting for the cue
Oct 9: He huffs and he puffs
Oct 10: Who'll win this debate?
Oct 11: United ostriches in session
Oct 12: The retreat to Moscow
Oct 13: Cast your ballot today
Oct 14: They're talking about us!
Oct 15: Still another execution
Oct 17: Wow - things are looking up!
Oct 18: Off on a non-political trip
Oct 19: The home stretch is always roughest
Oct 20: Neck and neck
Oct 21: Uncle Sam's prestige abroad
Oct 22: Still a little blurred!
Oct 24: When a feller needs a friend
Oct 25: Bringing up the heavies
Oct 26: The undecided voter
Oct 27: Speaking of prestige
Oct 28: The pollster's headache
Oct 29: Stuck record
Oct 31: Finger painting
Nov 1: Is red china reconsidering?
Nov 2: No caption
Nov 3: The lively corpse
Nov 4: Elections in Cuba, too!
Nov 5: Is roughing illegal
Nov 7: Prize for the winner
Nov 8: Any doubt of our endurance?
Nov 9: Just a bump!
Nov 10: Another winner!
Nov 11: The new atlas
Nov 12: Jack's charger
Nov 14: This baby goes with the white house
Nov 15: Is that cigar habit spreading?
Nov 16: It's crowded up here!
Nov 18: Hey - Charlie, Mac, Konrad...
Nov 19: On the subject of education
Nov 21: Now watch this
Nov 22: Who says the election is over?
Nov 23: Changing administration
Nov 24: A rose is a rose is a rose...
Nov 25: Not very effective
Nov 26: But it's fun!
Nov 28: The ex-philanthropist
Nov 29: This is where I came in!
Nov 30: The winner is Louisiana
Dec 1: The pigeon shoot
Dec 2: Havana cigar
Dec 3: Initiating the new golfer
Dec 5: Infernal combination
Dec 6: The lesson for to-day
Dec 7: Just like new!
Dec 8: Striking a blow for liberty
Dec 9: Now they're both pointing!
Dec 10: Destination unknown
Dec 12: The cabinet maker
Dec 13: Santa's competitor
Dec 14: The geographer
Dec 15: The east and the west have met
Dec 16: Lucky's all yours!
Dec 19: All set!
Dec 20: The balanced rock
Dec 21: Dear Santa...
Dec 22: Steady or shifting?
Dec 23: The leader
Dec 24: Editor for the day
Dec 27: Almost as big as Texas
Dec 28: Here comes another one!
Dec 30: Another new calendar...
Oversize 28 1961 Jan-Jun (144 items)
Jan 2: Redecorating the dome
Jan 3: Tomorrow's jungle
Jan 4: Abominable snow-man again
Jan 5: See no evil-hear no evil!
Jan 6: You're a bad old boy!
Jan 7: To john f. Kennedy...
Jan 9: The long vigil
Jan 10: Ready - go!
Jan 11: That's your ball, jack!
Jan 12: To the victor belong the spoils
Jan 13: I don't think it's getting smaller!
Jan 14: Divided opinion
Jan 16: What's wrong comrade?
Jan 17: The younger generation gets a lecture
Jan 18: Smoldering
Jan 19: Pardon me!
Jan 20: The new leader-must be crazy...
Jan 21: Inviting target
Jan 23: The jigsaw puzzle
Jan 24: Yeah...let bygones be bygones!
Jan 25: No caption
Jan 29: Hands across the sea
Jan 30: Red carpet treatment
Feb 1: An old frontier
Feb 2: Very much alive
Feb 3: What is it?
Feb 4: At your service, sir!
Feb 5: It's an ill wind
Feb 6: Oriental influence
Feb 7: Needed dexterity
Feb 8: The blotch
Feb 9: The sphinx might know, but...
Feb 10: Wait a minute, young fellow!
Feb 11: Missile gap of the future
Feb 13: Here's your new outfit, podner!
Feb 14: The new frontier
Feb 15: One for the road
Feb 16: No caption
Feb 17: What's all the nonsense?
Feb 18: Who's ahead in the missile race?
Feb 20: No matter how you slice it...
Feb 21: Egg heads
Feb 22: Busy fire department
Feb 23: He may be a bit tardy
Feb 24: Here's that frontier!
Feb 25: Dangerous bulwark
Feb 27: The rock
Mar 1: Can I give you a lift?
Mar 2: Hobnailed missionary
Mar 3: Mary's lamb again
Mar 4: They don't dare stop trying
Mar 6: Book burner extraordinary
Mar 8: Urgent invitation to learning
Mar 9: Gentlemen, be seated!
Mar 10: Democracy in action
Mar 11: The first ice age was a minor incident
Mar 13: When the doctors disagree
Mar 14: That's not my egg!
Mar 15: Better late than never
Mar 16: Isn't this sort of risky
Mar 17: Out on the old frontier
Mar 18: Russia's secret weapon
Mar 20: To-day's hot ones
Mar 21: That ol' rock of Gibraltar
Mar 23: Please - someone take me to my leader!
Mar 24: Disarmament conference
Mar 25: Refrigerator salesman
Mar 27: Where it would rest most heavily
Mar 28: Fragile flower
Mar 29: The axman
Mar 30: Dis sort o' thing raises my status!
Mar 31: Did you call, sir?
Apr 1: Strange bedfellows
Apr 3: Running wild again
Apr 4: Working in the shadows
Apr 5: Hardly a dignified posture
Apr 6: Matching skills
Apr 7: Why?
Apr 8: Conference? - sure! - after dinner!
Apr 10: The die-hard
Apr 11: Problems of leadership
Apr 12: Might make a world of difference
Apr 13: Wonder if the cosmonaut noticed!
Apr 14: Whoa, boy - don't panic!
Apr 15: Book-of-the-month - once again!
Apr 17: I'll be when you return!
Apr 18: Twin victories
Apr 19: Spreading!
Apr 20: Where is the target?
Apr 21: Sure-fire action
Apr 22: It certainly was loaded
Apr 24: Inter-planetary travel can't come too soon!
Apr 25: Pointed!
Apr 26: E-e-e-ek!
Apr 27: Quiet!
Apr 28: What kind of frontier is dis?
Apr 29: Could cover a multitude of sins
May 1: Wash your hands first, Fidel!
May 2: No place to hide
May 3: ...and more to come!
May 4: Here's one for all Americans!
May 5: Still very, very, groggy
May 6: The recovery
May 8: What lousy fishin'!
May 9: Keep your squabbling to yourselves!
May 10: The highest of futility
May 11: Which hand do you pick...the right or the left?
May 12: Pity the poor scapegoat
May 15: On and on and on
May 16: Getting higher and higher
May 18: Inflation
May 19: Delirium tremens
May 20: The continuing challenge
May 22: Has anybody seen our canary?
May 23: ...good and faithful servant
May 24: Heady stuff
May 25: Sometimes I even hate myself!
May 26: Literally speaking
May 27: Comrade Nikita
May 29: Damned communist!
May 30: Two basketfuls
May 31: Summit bound
Jun 1: Part of the new frontier
Jun 2: Smoldering
Jun 3: And on the home-front
Jun 5: See?'s easy!
Jun 6: Back to work
Jun 7: Well - hello there!
Jun 8: How are you boys coming up there?
Jun 12: Treacherous head winds
Jun 13: Cold war arsenal
Jun 14: Will Uncle Sam come to this?
Jun 15: Crucial summit
Jun 16: Labor saving technology?
Jun 17: The mountain of granite
Jun 19: Dangerous hunter
Jun 21: Will junior heed the call?
Jun 22: Fruit for Nikita
Jun 24: All smiles
Jun 26: Portrait of the new beatnik
Jun 27: Torture chamber
Jun 28: How'd I get off the turn pike?
Jun 29: Hasn't quite registered yet!
Jun 30: Two minds with a single thought
Oversize 29 1961 Jul-Dec (130 items)
Jul 1: Strange way to fight communism
Jul 4: Four - three - two - one!?
Jul 5: Victim of highway slaughter
Jul 6: Say when!
Jul 7: Testing the winds
Jul 8: Open-up..or close!
Jul 10: What a wonderful invention
Jul 11: Somebody call King Solomon
Jul 12: What an exciting future
Jul 13: How strong the shield?
Jul 14: Maybe he has developed immunity
Jul 15: Carrying water on both shoulders
Jul 17: Perfect soil for communist seed
Jul 18: Old faithful
Jul 19: The one-way street
Jul 20: Our educational race with Russia
Jul 21: Shades of Adolf Hitler
Jul 22: Handicap race
Jul 24: The age of reason
Jul 25: One backache after another
Jul 26: Referee boning up!
Jul 27: Received and answered
Jul 28: Immovable object - irresistible force
Jul 29: How patient is the patient old hen?
Jul 31: Conventional warfare, revised
Aug 1: West European integration
Aug 2: Whoa!
Aug 3: Double trouble
Aug 4: The Kremlin's new space triumph
Aug 5: Must he get the fly swatter?
Aug 6: Much talk - little action
Aug 7: Look out behind
Aug 8: Cosmonaut still in orbit
Aug 10: Watch it, jumbo!
Aug 11: Speaking from-a vantage point
Aug 12: The lady and the dragon
Aug 13: He and his shadow
Aug 14: Crazy birds!
Aug 16: ...that is the question
Aug 17: Stews are his specialty
Aug 18: Perpetual backache
Aug 19: Those blasted Yankee tunes
Sep 13: Mightier than the pen
Sep 14: His greatest woes are self inflicted
Sep 15: The last word in bombs
Sep 16: The squeeze
Sep 18: Time for a shave or something
Sep 19: Dag Hammarskjold
Sep 20: The thinker
Sep 21: Now the devolution of man
Sep 22: And now you!
Sep 23: Squall or hurricane
Sep 25: How to let go?
Sep 26: The hope of mankind
Sep 27: United nations menagerie
Sep 28: Small comfort
Sep 29: But the window is still open
Sep 30: Up for a breath of fresh air
Oct 2: Sea legs
Oct 3: Critics from A to Z
Oct 4: No caption
Oct 5: I'm gettin' quite respectable!
Oct 6: Bomb shelter
Oct 9: Quick, somebody - a tranquilizer!
Oct 10: Clarifying the fall-out dispute
Oct 11: Plaything
Oct 12: Modern head shrinker
Oct 13: He prefers a little privacy
Oct 14: Why don't you fellows cool off?
Oct 16: It's a cruel world
Oct 17: The fourth wheel
Oct 18: I was just foolin'!
Oct 19: It begins at home
Oct 20: The greatest cosmonaut of them all
Oct 21: Tweedledum and Tweedledee...
Oct 23: The privileged and the unprivileged
Oct 24: Literary critic
Oct 25: Prelude to what
Oct 26: More fall-out
Oct 27: Activity on the home front
Oct 30: The reserves
Oct 31: Last of the series
Nov 1: Fifty megaton fall out
Nov 2: I just don't like compacts!
Nov 3: I thought I had buried you!
Nov 4: Hold that line
Nov 6: That's your problem!
Nov 7: The two deterrent forces
Nov 8: Horrors!
Nov 9: Great. Relief from tension, anyway!
Nov 10: Somebody throw me a Marshall Plan or something
Nov 11: Ladies and gentlemen...!
Nov 13: Mr. K's battle
Nov 15: Time bomb
Nov 16: Some sort of shelter is needed
Nov 17: Dangerous fall out
Nov 18: The shrinking world
Nov 20: Restless night in the Kremlin
Nov 21: Smoke nuisance
Nov 22: Shock treatment
Nov 24: The urgent for space travel
Nov 25: So far only a hobby horse
Nov 27: Big restoration job
Nov 28: The caveman's dilemma
Nov 29: Becalmed
Nov 30: And now a few words on politics!
Dec 1: Witch doctor
Dec 2: Double trouble
Dec 4: What are you hiding, Nikita?
Dec 5: Darkest Africa
Dec 6: Capitalist!
Dec 7: I know when I'm well off!
Dec 8: Mr. K doesn't seem to learn
Dec 9: Making it easy for the taxpayer
Dec 11: Walls of Jericho
Dec 12: No caption
Dec 13: Plenty of room for agreement
Dec 14: It depends upon the viewpoint
Dec 15: Atomic arms contest
Dec 16: Just the way he left it
Dec 18: Western hemisphere stylist
Dec 19: Clean house or else!
Dec 19: Strange companions
Dec 20: But you've had your day!
Dec 21: The international twist
Dec 22: Congratulations!
Dec 23: Tis the season to be jolly!
Dec 25: No caption
Dec 26: Another controversial wall
Dec 30: European shopper
Oversize 30 1962 Jan-Jun (129 items)
Jan 3: The barbarian
Jan 4: No bed of roses
Jan 5: Step on him, Jumbo
Jan 6: With increasing breadth
Jan 8: Under new management
Jan 9: A long hard winter
Jan 11: Work clothes or campaign garb?
Jan 12: Hot potatoes coming up!
Jan 13: The needle
Jan 16: Fighting new ideas of the atomic age
Jan 17: The budget
Jan 18: The rock in the road
Jan 19: Having trouble?
Jan 20: Humpty dumpty
Jan 22: Is the tail wagging the dog?
Jan 24: In the middle
Jan 25: First we must recognize that the world is round
Jan 26: ...but that's the wrong label!
Jan 27: Mr. K's position on disarmament
Jan 29: Half-moon
Jan 30: The cheering section
Jan 31: Advice to U.S. on space failures
Feb 1: Not exactly a siesta!
Feb 2: Jack the giant killer
Feb 3: Out of the test tube
Feb 5: Tide's coming in!
Feb 6: To trim the surplus
Feb 7: Write it a hundred times!
Feb 8: Political prospector
Feb 9: The thriller
Feb 10: School of hard knocks
Feb 12: Hysterical history
Feb 13: World: one of these days I ought to do something about this!
Feb 14: Critical look at the loyal opposition
Feb 15: There's some repairing to be done
Feb 17: The needle in the haystack
Feb 20: Product of the big snow
Feb 21: Phew!
Feb 22: Hard on his dignity
Feb 23: The phoenix
Feb 24: Another orbit needed
Feb 26: Left, center, right...
Feb 27: Bigger and bigger
Feb 28: Help!
Mar 1: Weightlessness problem
Mar 2: Where there's life there's hope
Mar 3: Signal from outer space
Mar 5: View from mars
Mar 6: The man who came to dinner
Mar 7: The hard way
Mar 8: Fuel for the furnace
Mar 9: Speaking of outer space
Mar 10: Two entrances to the same building
Mar 13: No caption
Mar 14: The meeting will now come to order
Mar 15: Hurry-hurry-hurry!
Mar 16: More snow!
Mar 17: Now he's really done it!
Mar 20: Uneasy peace
Mar 21: Name calling everywhere
Mar 23: Something for everybody
Mar 26: Heave ho!
Mar 27: May be we can test our bombs out here!
Mar 29: What a reception
Mar 30: Election results
Mar 31: How to drop the bomb
Apr 3: ...and nobody to the rescue
Apr 4: C'mon...everybody help!
Apr 6: The testimony
Apr 7: The mourning dove
Apr 9: Aladdin is having lamp trouble
Apr 10: For some there is no siesta!
Apr 11: I'll free you of all your drudgery!
Apr 13: The big question
Apr 16: Little David is a big boy now
Apr 18: (no caption)
Apr 19: (no caption)
Apr 20: (no caption)
Apr 23: (no caption)
Apr 24: (no caption)
Apr 25: (no caption)
Apr 26: (no caption)
Apr 27: (no caption)
Apr 28: Blowing the whistle on him
Apr 28: (no caption)
Apr 30: (no caption)
May 1: (no caption)
May 3: (no caption)
May 5: (no caption)
May 7: (no caption)
May 8: (no caption)
May 11: (no caption)
May 14: (no caption)
May 15: (no caption)
May 16: (no caption)
May 17: (no caption)
May 19: (no caption)
May 21: (no caption)
May 22: (no caption)
May 24: (no caption)
May 25: (no caption)
May 26: (no caption)
May 29: (no caption)
May 30: (no caption)
May 31: (no caption)
Jun 1: (no caption)
Jun 2: Can you spare a dime?
Jun 4: (no caption)
Jun 5: (no caption)
Jun 6: (no caption)
Jun 7: (no caption)
Jun 8: (no caption)
Jun 9: (no caption)
Jun 11: (no caption)
Jun 12: (no caption)
Jun 13: (no caption)
Jun 14: (no caption)
Jun 15: (no caption)
Jun 16: (no caption)
Jun 18: (no caption)
Jun 19: (no caption)
Jun 21: (no caption)
Jun 23: (no caption)
Jun 25: (no caption)
Jun 26: (no caption)
Jun 27: (no caption)
Jun 28: (no caption)
Jun 29: (no caption)
Jun 30: (no caption)
Oversize 31 1962 Jul-Dec (130 items)
Jul 3: (no caption)
Jul 4: (no caption)
Jul 5: (no caption)
Jul 6: (no caption)
Jul 7: (no caption)
Jul 9: (no caption)
Jul 10: (no caption)
Jul 11: (no caption)
Jul 12: (no caption)
Jul 13: (no caption)
Jul 14: (no caption)
Jul 16: (no caption)
Jul 17: (no caption)
Jul 18: (no caption)
Jul 19: (no caption)
Jul 20: (no caption)
Jul 21: (no caption)
Jul 23: (no caption)
Jul 24: (no caption)
Jul 25: (no caption)
Jul 26: (no caption)
Jul 27: (no caption)
Jul 28: (no caption)
Jul 30: (no caption)
Aug 1: (no caption)
Aug 2: (no caption)
Aug 3: (no caption)
Aug 4: (no caption)
Aug 7: (no caption)
Aug 8: Continuing smoke signals
Aug 9: Hardly a frontier animal
Aug 10: I've got a secret!
Aug 11: What will the crop be?
Aug 13: The egg he laid
Aug 14: If we're shocked, think of the moon!
Aug 15: Sam - you're feeling fine!
Aug 16: I hope too much isn't expected of !e!
Aug 18: Counting his chickens
Aug 20: Alliance for progress
Aug 21: Man-made volcano
Aug 22: Panning a little gold along the way
Aug 23: Weightlessness
Aug 24: Double cosmonauts
Aug 25: This is an outrage - I don't want to be here
Aug 27: A troubled world
Aug 28: (no caption)
Aug 29: (no caption)
Aug 30: (no caption)
Aug 31: (no caption)
Sep 1: (no caption)
Sep 3: (no caption)
Sep 6: (no caption)
Sep 11: Now for another break-through
Sep 12: Senate's bi-partisan foreign policy
Sep 13: The long vigil
Sep 15: Pointed warning
Sep 19: The arsonist
Sep 20: It's a hard world
Sep 22: Yep - this would end most of our problems!
Sep 24: A bear in the club
Sep 26: Uncle's skeleton closet
Sep 27: His favorite sport
Sep 28: Oh, where are the good old d-d-days?
Sep 29: For the glory of Ole Miss
Oct 2: The man with the hoe
Oct 3: Time marches on!
Oct 4: Chef's delight
Oct 5: Run with it!
Oct 6: How many orbits?
Oct 8: The political viewpoints
Oct 9: ...and now on the home front!
Oct 10: Revised campaign button
Oct 13: Speaking loudly and carrying a small stick
Oct 15: Is everybody listening?
Oct 17: In the nuclear age
Oct 18: A time for cool heads
Oct 19: The way-out election campaigns
Oct 20: Wanted: a welder and not a wrecker
Oct 22: Barefoot boy with cheek
Oct 24: Spoiling for a fight
Oct 25: Unwelcome rider
Oct 26: Getting acquainted
Oct 27: I think I smell something!
Oct 29: Political campaign picture
Oct 30: Near miss
Oct 31: Revolt of the dummy
Nov 1: Stupendous, colossal - horrendous!
Nov 2: Stock market teeter-totter
Nov 4: The boom
Nov 5: Inglorious crumbling
Nov 6: Why there is no Nobel peace prize
Nov 7: Witnessing the signature
Nov 8: When the smoke clears away
Nov 9: Is everybody happy?
Nov 10: Looking for needles in a haystack
Nov 12: What happened to the rabbit?
Nov 13: Still a lot of smoke there
Nov 16: Agonizing reappraisal
Nov 17: Still in orbit
Nov 19: Samson
Nov 20: Coexistence dispute
Nov 21: That lonely feeling
Nov 22: Mr. K., take some tips from capitalism!
Nov 23: It's a cruel world
Nov 26: Dull story
Nov 27: Not the way uncle buys horses
Nov 28: A fine way for grown-ups to act!
Nov 29: The blast off
Dec 1: That ol' rebel yell!
Dec 2: The last appeal
Dec 3: (no caption)
Dec 4: (no caption)
Dec 5: (no caption)
Dec 6: (no caption)
Dec 7: (no caption)
Dec 8: (no caption)
Dec 10: (no caption)
Dec 11: Stimulant or depressant?
Dec 12: I'd swear I saw it move!
Dec 13: The world is divided into two parts
Dec 14: Where'd that come from?
Dec 18: Is there a bounty on doves?
Dec 19: That's what I've been telling you!
Dec 20: Can't you get a firmer grip on that?
Dec 24: Incompatibility in the zoo
Dec 25: Hold it!
Dec 26: Among the disappointed
Dec 27: You fellows having problems?
Dec 28: One ransom note begets another
Dec 29: Are you ready for another try?
Oversize 32 1963 Jan-Jun (144 items)
Jan 1: Happy new year!
Jan 2: They get longer every year!
Jan 2: Just another coffee freak?
Jan 3: One-year plan
Jan 4: He'll have to learn to live with it!
Jan 5: We'll soon know who won the '62 elections!
Jan 8: Are we about to open our deliberations?
Jan 8: The initiation
Jan 10: Still tripping into the 20th century
Jan 12: High-potency vitamins?
Jan 15: The cash bowl kickoff
Jan 16: The greatest cross I have to bear is the cross of Lorraine - Winston Churchill in world war II
Jan 17: Cold war intermission
Jan 18: JFK: shall we carry this or drop it?
Jan 19: Hammer and sickle!
Jan 21: Excelsior!
Jan 23: Shift in the cold war
Jan 24: Strange hitchhikers
Jan 25: Now the big question
Jan 26: What's he hiding?
Jan 28: Heave - ho!
Jan 29: Forbidden books are exciting
Jan 30: Forward!
Jan 31: Cold war on the Potomac
Feb 1: Grand design
Feb 2: Fiddling is fun!
Feb 4: French wine
Feb 5: Pure hav1nal
Feb 6: Juggler supreme
Feb 7: The brood
Feb 8: Our Cuban surveillance saw everything
Feb 9: Nikita: can you beat it?
Feb 11: Shackled?
Feb 12: Washington spectacular
Feb 13: This walking binge is nothing new!
Feb 14: Leaving home
Feb 16: Smoke make sick!
Feb 18: Pep pills
Feb 19: Invasion from Cuba
Feb 20: Aren't you fellows coming?
Feb 22: The poker game goes on and on the ultimate rocket?
Feb 23: Nobody/s darling
Feb 25: While others hike
Feb 26: Competition in the communist world
Feb 27: Longest battle in history
Feb 28: The Spartan (listed as 2/29, but 1963 was not a Leap Year)
Feb 28: Still counting
Mar 1: Time to check the map!
Mar 2: Return of rip van winkle
Mar 4: Is this a fire extinguisher?
Mar 6: International rodeo
Mar 6: Bulldogging in the far east
Mar 7: The soothsayer
Mar 8: Hey, buck up! - you're losing your bugaboo status!
Mar 9: It used to be called a farm
Mar 11: Clarifying the picture
Mar 12: Interpreting modern art
Mar 13: You've got me all mixed u?!
Mar 15: Contemplating the bust of Stalin
Mar 16: The age of reason?
Mar 18: One can get used to anything
Mar 19: Evil genie (technology labor-management strife)
Mar 20: How am I doing?
Mar 21: ...and lose $2,000,000
Mar 22: The best wall against communism
Mar 23: Number one growth corporation
Mar 25: Letter to Uncle Sam
Mar 26: A dim view of earth
Mar 28: I said shave and haircut!
Mar 29: Now to get it to the nests
Apr 2: Platform for democracy?
Apr 3: The race question
Apr 4: Unscheduled stew
Apr 5: Oh, for those good old days!
Apr 6: Clay committee: trim the tail a little
Apr 8: A new bomb?
Apr 9: Coming in for a landing
Apr 9: By-product
Apr 11: Delivery trouble
Apr 12: Viva the alliance for progress!
Apr 13: Another hot line
Apr 15: A prescription for the doctor
Apr 15: She kasn'come to the mountains yet!
Apr 16: Mountain climber
Apr 17: Pedestrian hazards
Apr 18: Just practicing!
Apr 19: Get in there and fight!
Apr 20: Dangerous political football!
Apr 22: The outlaw
Apr 23: How many lives does a cat have?
Apr 24: Another cold-war thaw
Apr 25: Come down and join us!
Apr 26: And that's not the half of it!
Apr 27: Adventure in agriculture
Apr 29: Chronic headache
Apr 29: Agonizing reappraisal
Apr 30: Isn't that your cat?
May 1: Each according to his needs
May 2: School daze on the Potomac!
May 3: The beginning and the end of an era
May 3: Somebody is being buzzed!
May 4: The tattoo job
May 6: Just beginning to take notice
May 14: How's business?
May 15: Fluctuating market
May 16: Images
May 17: One world
May 18: Sh-hh-hh
May 20: One of 'fm always misses 97 fun!
May 21: The stray
May 22: The flower girl
May 23: The other end of it
May 24: But suppose they are real eggs?
May 25: The shield
May 27: It really spells NATO
May 28: 20th century tug of war
May 29: Howdy, old timer!
May 30: Extra - extra!
May 31: Goldwater strut
Jun 1: The first stet is a tough one!
Jun 3: Moment of reconciliation
Jun 4: June
Jun 5: Political gold rush
Jun 6: I and Nikita
Jun 7: Getting a lot of mileage!
Jun 8: The author
Jun 10: One dissenter
Jun 11: Too much even for an elephant!
Jun 12: Toughfr than mt. Yit7r.,t
Jun 13: New hope a century later
Jun 14: And now this!
Jun 15: One race
Jun 17: The big bomb
Jun 18: Also in orbit!
Jun 19: Hazards of the lifeguard
Jun 20: And then you can go fishing!
Jun 21: Gran'ma!
Jun 22: Correction!
Jun 24: JFK's projected mode op travel in Europe
Jun 25: Come on, Barry-you can do it!
Jun 26: Blocking the doorway
Jun 27: I don't get it1'
Jun 28: Where the responsibility finally rests
Jun 29: Immovable object-irresistible force
Oversize 33 1963 Jul-Dec (134 items)
Jul 1: Not very convincing!
Jul 2: Dogging him
Jul 3: Call of the wild
Jul 4: The meeting will now come to order!
Jul 5: Four worlds
Jul 6: Chickens coming home t:) roost
Jul 8: Traffic expert
Jul 9: How about one big, final test!
Jul 10: Agonizing reappraisal
Jul 11: Better than arbitration?
Jul 12: Right at vacation time, too!
Jul 13: So far, so good
Jul 15: The critic
Jul 16: The maniac
Jul 17: Three-legged race
Jul 18: The sit-in
Jul 19: Daydreaming
Jul 20: The blast was devastating!
Jul 22: Troika
Jul 30: Is it a mirage?
Jul 31: Strange bedfellows
Aug 1: Who's afraid op a mouse?
Aug 2: I'm not going to quit testing!
Aug 3: The evil genie
Aug 5: How reluctant?
Aug 6: Another spring
Aug 7: All Gaul is combined into one part
Aug 8: Now for a little clarification
Aug 9: Hurry with that bomb!
Aug 10: In the cross fire
Aug 12: Dog days!
Aug 13: Wick, the insect bomb
Aug 14: Still listening
Aug 15: The war machine
Aug 17: Maybe it's a thaw!
Aug 19: Life of the parties
Aug 20: Promising east-west summit meeting
Aug 21: Charge!
Aug 22: It's a long drop
Aug 23: Common market farm boss
Aug 24: Just right for slicing
Aug 25: Chicken trouble in the east, too!
Aug 26: Tes ban test
Aug 27: Citadel of democracy!
Sep 10: Picking up the chips
Sep 11: School daze
Sep 12: Civil rights tightrope performance
Sep 14: Out on the lone frontier
Sep 16: The great leap!
Sep 19: Proving white supremacy
Sep 20: Battle of the axes
Sep 20: The voters getting smarter? - heaven forbid!
Sep 21: For membership in the united nations!
Sep 23: How about a joint trip to the moon? (JFK and K on their hot line)
Sep 24: Tax and budget ditate
Sep 25: A foot in the door
Sep 26: Now don't let this mislead you!
Sep 27: Latin America sower
Sep 28: More adult education
Sep 30: The express will be a trifle late
Oct 1: Heads: civil rights - tails: tax cut!
Oct 2: The deterrent
Oct 3: By golly - I think I have a leader!
Oct 4: Filed
Oct 5: Detour
Oct 7: It's about time!
Oct 8: Still earth-bound!
Oct 9: Back to barter?
Oct 10: Maybe that's the wrong implement!
Oct 11: Hat in the ring
Oct 12: And to think I wrote that!
Oct 14: The decoration
Oct 16: A good way to be left behind!
Oct 17: So you don't think I'm getting soft!
Oct 18: Burning question!
Oct 19: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!
Oct 20: The age of frustration
Oct 21: The real stuff - or copper pyrites?
Oct 22: Blackball collector
Oct 23: Stop that blasted noise!
Oct 25: Report card
Oct 26: Non-competitive communist 4grld
Oct 26: Still another bomb
Oct 28: Nothing like an intelligent discussion
Oct 29: And it's real!
Oct 30: Half a loaf?
Oct 31: Electioneering
Nov 1: Bicycle built for two (U.S. aid program and foreign govts.)
Nov 2: Another potted flower
Nov 4: Dogging him
Nov 5: We accuse!
Nov 6: - but still full of vigor!
Nov 7: Uncomfortable elephant
Nov 8: The shrunken hat
Nov 9: You like this better?
Nov 11: Too many peanuts
Nov 13: The tenderfoot
Nov 14: The ultra ultra speaks
Nov 15: Have courage - I'm on 'ay way!
Nov 16: America's reaction
Nov 18: Don Quixote
Nov 19: All quiet on the Potomac
Nov 20: Sam is accustomed to more speed!
Nov 21: For utopia it's excruciating!
Nov 22: I can read all but the top one!
Nov 25: The support that is needed
Nov 27: The blocks came tumbling down!
Nov 28: Somebody's watching
Nov 29: Leftovers
Nov 30: How long?
Dec 2: Picture of a man shopping
Dec 3: I like the climate here!
Dec 4: The sit-in
Dec 5: Personally, I think he's doing a iii job (special interest and sleeping congress)
Dec 6: Now, boys, let's rise to the challenge!
Dec 7: Shucks - I didn't want to go to the moon anyway!
Dec 9: Here he is again!
Dec 11: Their own coexistence problem
Dec 12: Computation of the computer
Dec 13: Trying for another notch
Dec 14: Hey, where's the fire?
Dec 16: Diplomatic skating rink
Dec 17: Rechecking the road map
Dec 18: The image
Dec 19: Now you can fly better!
Dec 21: The stuck contortionist
Dec 23: American horn of plenty
Dec 24: Long, hart) winter
Dec 25: Christmas comes every four years!
Dec 26: Those awkward moments of adolescence
Dec 27: Out op the debris
Dec 28: Long detour
Dec 30: This one is for 1964
Dec, no day: Kaleidoscope
Oversize 34 1964 Jan-Jun (147 items)
Jan 1: Hey - meet your new boss (new year 64 kicking boot of world problems)
Jan 3: The major job in '64 (the world sitting on struggling nuclear war)
Jan 4: The hazing (new year '64 and the shifting sands of world politics)
Jan 5: VIP in the galleries (the world reading over LBJ's shoulder)
Jan 6: Harbinger of spring? (US-USSR wheat deal announcing ting of cold war?)
Jan 7: You wok full of vim and vigor (congress facing civil. Rights and tax cut)
Jan 8: Years of great self-examination (GOP and '64 elections)
Jan 9: The interrupted speech (K and crumbling soviet economy)
Jan 10: Big and hot! (GOP mixing presidential campaign stein)
Jan 11: Leading the way
Jan 13: On the reliability of atomic weaponry
Jan 14: Holy smoke (cigarette report)
Jan 15: Speaking of garbage problems (Bobby Baker case)
Jan 16: Another national smoking hazard (air pollution)
Jan 17: Coming through loud but not clear (uncle Sam and south Vietnam)
Jan 18: Must furnish credentials
Jan 20: Recognition (DeGaulle poking red China, it's real)
Jan 21: A place for the frosting (tax cut on cake of economy pledge)
Jan 23: Slight difference of opinion (LBJ's budget message to congress)
Jan 24: Lobbyist
Jan 25: No rose by any other name...
Jan 27: For the glory of the western world (DeGaulle in guise of napoleon)
Jan 28: Fastest acting pep shot I ever saw
Jan 29: Permanent chairman (mutual distrust as head of disarmament conference)
Jan 30: Hurry, Charles (DeGaulle and the two-china issue dragon)
Jan 31: The inquiring reporter
Feb 1: Hard on labels Too
Feb 4: Aladdin's wonderful lamp (GOP and dark horse hopes)
Feb 5: Book-burning (academic freedom)
Feb 6: These are trying times'
Feb 7: Feel better now? (DeGaulle gluing booster shot to red China)
Feb 8: Where's the revolution antitoxin? (Latin America with small pox -Cuba and panama)
Feb 10: New life in old dobbin (congress and elections)
Feb 11: Campaign poster cooking up (GOP painting tougher foreign policy)
Feb 12: Agonizing shot (Chiang as William Tell)
Feb 14: In all good conscience (Minneapolis school bond issue)
Feb 15: Is that to be used on me or Mr. T?
Feb 17: When we become obsolete - then what?
Feb 19: Treadmill on a precipice (disarmament efforts)
Feb 21: Fire (Latin America and revolution)
Feb 22: Okay (U.S. Economy and tax cut)
Feb 24: I demand to know exactly where we're going (Uncle Sam driving a galloping horse of rampaging world)
Feb 25: This is only the primaries
Feb 26: Uncle's nightmare (Yankee go home)
Feb 27: All right - do your stuff
Feb 28: Juggler extraordinare (LBJ)
Feb 29: Will-o'-the-wisp (victory in Vietnam)
Mar 2: Unsilent spring (democrat donkey and buzzing bee of Bobby Baker)
Mar 3: Health hazard (cigarette sales)
Mar 4: Guerrilla warfare (democrat donkey and GOP elephant in jungle)
Mar 5: All we need is common ordinary horse sense - eh, dobbin? (Goldwater and world revolution)
Mar 6: I'll brow fat who bas the logic (civil rights filibuster)
Mar 7: Grand canyon of communism
Mar 7: Pilgrim's progress
Mar 9: A good book to take on a trip (K reading "Virtues of Capitalism")
Mar 10: Babe in the woods (world statesmanship and its problems)
Mar 11: You've read that a million times (re: state sovereignty)
Mar 12: What happened?
Mar 12: What happened?
Mar 13: One of the baser vermin (rats of jury tampering and court of justice)
Mar 14: Post-mortem
Mar 16: California, here we come (Barry and Rocky racing to GOP convention)
Mar 17: Top hats always make good targets (anti-American incidents)
Mar 18: Sign language (cafe Latin America)
Mar 19: Come to full bloom in November
Mar 20: The early bird (Goldwater candidacy for GOP nomination
Mar 21: Exhibit A (DeGaulle holding up Red China)
Mar 23: OK, let's get going
Mar 24: I'm only asserting my minority rights (filibuster and civil rights bill)
Mar 25: One school of thought on tree-pruning
Mar 26: He's always around (public and inflation threat)
Mar 28: Lost ball (Uncle Sam and Vietnam policy)
Mar 29: Uncle's paper curtain (trade restriction politics)
Mar 30: I didn't know foreign affairs could be so exciting
Mar 31: And now the big one (filibuster cannon)
Apr 1: I will not be an appeaser
Apr 2: Tourist season in Latin America (old tourist revolution)
Apr 3: McMaster (GOP lashing whip to democratic donkey cawing monkey of Bobby Baker case)
Apr 5: A hot line that is hot (Mao and Nikita)
Apr 6: Do you think you can make it?
Apr 7: Here comes another one
Apr 8: I've got a secret (DeGaulle and China and the atomic both)
Apr 9: Leader of the free world (Uncle Sam chained to civil rights strife)
Apr 10: Ghost over Washington (MacArthur interview)
Apr 11: His veto (Latin American feudalist)
Apr 13: Reckless driver (GOP and middle-of-the-road politics)
Apr 14: Recommended reading any week
Apr 15: If that isn't an oasis I never saw one
Apr 16: Too many cooks (Mao and Nikita fighting over kettle)
Apr 17: Touch of spring in the air (cold war watering plant)
Apr 18: Not another century (negro in chasm reaching for rope of civil rights)
Apr 20: Always a military gap (god of war screaming for more armaments)
Apr 21: The second step (nuclear war and disarmament)
Apr 22: We really don't need any more
Apr 23: Whiskers to whiskers again (Castro and Uncle Sam)
Apr 24: Peanuts for Jumbo
Apr 25: Come, let us reason together
Apr 27: The supreme test (LBJ and civil rights resistance)
Apr 28: Dramatic switch in the world climate (USSR and China in the snows of cold war)
Apr 29: The magic carpet (DeGaulle flying on top of the world)
Apr 30: LBJ really is inhumane (LBJ lifting GOP elephant by the ears)
May 1: Excuse the inconvenience
May 2: May day toast (Khrushchev and Mao)
May 4: Even the clocks are fighting (standard time vs. daylight saving time)
May 5: Dancing on a volcano (the world on the brink of smoking Cuba)
May 6: Superman and the presidency (Lyndon Johnson as strong man overdoing )
May 6: Piggybacking (Barry Goldwater carrying GOP to San Francisco convention)
May 8: Now hear this (Mao and his A bomb)
May 9: The case of the baby dragon (USSR, and China grown up)
May 11: Gangway! (god of war rushing missile to disarmament conference)
May 12: Carpetbagging in the north (Governor Wallace in the primaries)
May 13: American civil rights (USA still fighting for freedom)
May 14: Help (re: Goldwater candidacy)
May 15: Statesmanship (the segregationist legislator)
May 16: Can't you hear that trumpet, Jumbo?
May 18: Ahoy
May 19: The filibuster (the senate tied to chair, in dripping water)
May 20: Try this for size
May 21: Hazardous firewarden (atomic frightfulness and brush fire wars)
May 22: Agonizing reappraisal (Uncle Sam sinking in mire of southeast Asia)
May 23: Correction
May 25: Into the fray
May 26: Eating crow (Barry and foolhardy statements)
May 28: Staunch supporter
May 29: That's easy
May 30: There may be gold beyond those hills (dark horse approaching California GOP primary)
Jun 1: Soaring, soaring (the vulture H bomb over the troubled world)
Jun 2: I know how they feel in Washington
Jun 3: The volunteer (election politics and the southeast Asia policy)
Jun 4: Branded? (Barry branding GOP elephant with "Au H2O")
Jun 5: Why not victory?!
Jun 6: Fair weather or stork? (USA and USSR in the joint weather satellite program)
Jun 8: All aboard who's coming aboard (Goldwater's ark)
Jun 10: The iceman cometh
Jun 11: Forecast: hot and windy
Jun 16: Elephant and mouse (responsible Republicanism and Goldwater absurdities)
Jun 17: The path has always been hazardous (freedom of expression along the path of human rights)
Jun 18: The solutions are all so simple (Goldwater and his crystal ball)
Jun 19: And now the summit (Uncle Sam climbing the peaks of civil rights legislation)
Jun 20: No torch of liberty (civil rights and violence)
Jun 22: I can't get this free speech bunk (K and U.S. elections)
Jun 23: I will not budge
Jun 24: I smell something and it isn't good (China and Uncle Sam)
Jun 26: (no caption) (three men peeking through key-holes)
Jun 27: Barry certainly stirred up the hornets
Jun 29: You back again? (Berlin looking in at the world)
Jun 30: Visitor (democratic donkey bringing flowers to GOP sick with Goldwateritis)
Oversize 35 1964 Jul-Dec (141 items)
Jul 1: The lecture (racism pointing his club at white supremacy)
Jul 2: Down for the second time?
Jul 3: Battle of Gettysburg (Ike and battered modern Republicanism)
Jul 4: Independence Day (arm of negro holding up American flag)
Jul 6: Which comes first? (GOP candidate or platform?)
Jul 7: What this country needs is a big ice pack
Jul 8: Platform builders (GOP factionalism)
Jul 9: Road sign in San Francisco
Jul 13: Oh I can wear any size or color (Barry and platform committee)
Jul 14: Right in broad daylight (Barry running away with GOP party organization and platform)
Jul 15: The real thing or a hoax? (GOP platform statement on atomic bomb policy)
Jul 16: It's new all right - what is it? (new republican party)
Jul 17: Out of the ashes (civil rights strife, GOP convention)
Jul 18: The thinker (GOP elephant rank and file battered and bruised)
Jul 20: I expect each one of you fifty sovereign states to do your duty (Barry on his mount of crusade against world communism)
Jul 21: Picture of a computer in action
Jul 22: This is not moderation (KKK about to burn the cross of civil rights)
Jul 23: The global interest is completely natural
Jul 24: Victim of extremism (race riots and Uncle Sam's battered image)
Jul 25: They've never looked so big and juicy (GOP and the solid south)
Jul 27: Gosh! That's never match the cow palace (LBJ ringing the bell of nomination for v.p.)
Jul 28: To a united Europe (DeGaulle drinking a toast to mirrored image)
Jul 29: Mary, Mary, how your garden does grow
Jul 30: Extremism in the east
Jul 31: You still here? (conservatives and liberals riding GOP elephant)
Aug 1: Shucks - this is easier
Aug 3: Among the photos or the moon
Aug 4: Something we can do without (political slander stirring up tar)
Aug 5: That? Oh, that's extremism after it's been defined
Aug 6: How long the fuse? (N Vietnam and U.S. military clash)
Aug 7: Crises always excite him (S.E. Asia and the H-bomb)
Aug 9: O.k. but do be careful
Aug 10: The greatest show on earth
Aug 11: Chief casualty in US air strike (Mao and the "US is a paper tiger" doctrine)
Aug 12: Barry explains the meaning of extremism
Aug 13: Uncle is getting himself a new pair of boots (Uncle Sam carrying scroll of the anti-poverty act, his shoes worn out)
Aug 14: Isn't this rather extreme?
Aug 15: Atlantic City spectacle
Aug 17: The white backlash isn't very noisy
Aug 18: The old gray mare (rural America and reapportionment)
Aug 19: Super segregationist (Mao chopping the world into halves - white and colored)
Aug 20: Barry goes a-courtin'
Aug 21: The heat in the kitchen (LBJ stirring up his kettles of problems)
Aug 22: One thing in common
Aug 24: Chief attraction
Aug 25: Ornery critter (LBJ, the Democratic south, and civil rights issue)
Aug 26: Defining and disposing of extremism
Aug 27: Paul Bunyan meets another giant (Humphrey at Atlantic City)
Aug 28: Twentieth century lecture (U.S. foreign policy plank)
Aug 29: Come, let us reason together (LBJ and GOP moderates)
Aug 31: After all, he does have an interest
Sep 1: Oh no (election campaigns running down the voter)
Sep 2: Fear of high places? (LBJ and the polls)
Sep 3: Don't you want to fight for your freedom? (Uncle Sam with rifle, and the fisherman, S. Vietnam politicians)
Sep 4: The first reader - and the last (we must never have an atomic war)
Sep 5: Vacation time for congress
Sep 8: The inimitable Barry
Sep 9: Leaving home (republican and democratic party defectors)
Sep 10: Revisionist art? (K changing signs to read Mao go home)
Sep 11: Here comes Dora II (the fury of politics)
Sep 13: Cautious Sam
Sep 14: The thriller
Sep 15: Op come this is extremely frustrating (the inevitably changing world)
Sep 16: Crow seems to be his dish (Barry and Miller)
Sep 17: I already have a suicide weapon
Sep 18: The ogre (man in laboratory producing death masked "War of extermination")
Sep 19: Busy beekeeper (K and world communism)
Sep 21: Political sirens
Sep 22: Political images are important everywhere (DeGaulle hovering over south America)
Sep 23: The lamentations of Jeremiah
Sep 24: The trials of our public servants
Sep 25: King Canute (reactionary forces sweeping back waves of intellectualism)
Sep 26: You supply the funds - I'll supply the leadership (De Gaulle and alliance for progress in South America)
Sep 28: On the campaign issues
Sep 29: Barry had a little lamb (BG and his convention "Extremist" statement)
Sep 30: I'm so bored and frustrated - let's set it off just for the heck of it (two monkeys and the H bomb on the world)
Oct 1: That old tar brush again
Oct 2: Easier to read and more exciting too
Oct 3: I have complete confidence of a smashing victory (Democratic donkey and GOP elephant in foot race)
Oct 5: Waiting for Hilda (the world peering for the hurricane of China's A-bomb)
Oct 6: How'd I ever get up here? (Barry on the nuclear control cloud)
Oct 7: Melancholy days (voter buried under speeches, leaves falling from political tree)
Oct 8: Is everybody listening?
Oct 9: The wrecking crew (liars and scandalmongers chopping down pillar of America's democratic institutions)
Oct 10: The home stretch
Oct 12: The choice (LBJ and HHH driving car of responsible leadership on road to 21st century)
Oct 13: A free people's best guardian (free press)
Oct 14: We could lose 500 million people and still survive (Mao and the A bomb)
Oct 15: The echo
Oct 16: Mushroom cloud changes shape (Khrushchev's ouster)
Oct 17: Now I am ready(China's Mao holding A-bomb and summit meeting proposal)
Oct 19: Hello, there (USSR bear booting out K's China dragon with A bomb appearing in horizon)
Oct 20: Trick kaleidoscope (political campaign smut)
Oct 21: Desperate assault (Barry tarring LBJ's poll head with moral charges)
Oct 22: Let's not let this one get lost
Oct 23: Sad trail of a campaign wagon (smut and abandoned campaign)
Oct 24: A call to her straying cubs (Russian bear on communist summit)
Oct 25: We just started with one small 'conventional' atom bomb (the world blown to bits)
Oct 28: New member (China, with bomb, entering Atomic Bombs for Peace Club)
Oct 29: To the rescue
Oct 30: Where I stand (Barry standing on his head)
Oct 31: Trying to drag him into the 20th century (moderate republicans tugging at Goldwater faction)
Nov 2: Voters of America will decide (president of U.S. under burden of the globe of destiny of the free world)
Nov 3: Man of the year (long-suffering voter)
Nov 4: One price of freedom (Uncle Sam sweeping up election debris)
Nov 5: Mandate
Nov 6: Viewing the wreck (Barry's smashed oxcart)
Nov 7: And then the ranch on the Potomac (LBJ and HHH facing the ram of duties of office)
Nov 9: New repairman (Brezhnev with glue pot and tape to mend the fallen Humpty Dumpty of communist dogma)
Nov 11: Bubble gum (western alliance and De Gaulle blowing up "The glory of France")
Nov 12: At the bottom of it all
Nov 13: Lover's leap (the bomb rushing civilization to the chasm of oblivion)
Nov 16: Traffic victim (disarmament efforts trodden down by arms race)
Nov 17: And winter isn't too far away (GOP elephant after election, shivering on the doorstep)
Nov 18: Who will control the monster? (nuclear arms)
Nov 19: More stubborn than usual (national interest and election bitterness)
Nov 20: The thinker
Nov 21: And you think you've got troubles
Nov 23: Crosscurrents (nationalism and world alliances)
Nov 24: Nostalgia strikes Europe, too (De Gaulle and his dream of knighthood and castles)
Nov 25: Crowbar (China trying to open door of A-bomb)
Nov 26: Darkest (vulture over Africa)
Nov 27: America's two-party system
Nov 28: Ouch (U.S. Military cutbacks and local economies)
Nov 30: Exercise in futility (LBJ proclaiming world peace)
Dec 1: Beginning to get the hang of it (Russian bear on bicycle of capitalist incentives)
Dec 2: Tis the season (worn out Christmas stocking hung on U.N.)
Dec 3: Rather an awkward position (Uncle Sam trying to crack the Vietnam nut)
Dec 4: The man on horseback (De Gaulle riding "French nuclear Power")
Dec 5: Spelling it out for him (Minnesota legislature reapportionment)
Dec 7: Contemplating his chains (GOP elephant chained to ultra-conservativism)
Dec 8: Planning the itinerary(Santa Claus with his pack of peace on earth)
Dec 9: His behavioral pattern has been altered (bad boy world and the policemen of atomic horror)
Dec 10: The many horns of a dilemma (Uncle Sam and Vietnam)
Dec 11: Window-shopping (GOP looking at candy cane of party unity)
Dec 12: All for world peace
Dec 14: The inevitability of change (NATO and shifting sands of world politics)
Dec 15: Trying for a record? (traffic deaths in Minneapolis )
Dec 16: Living dangerously has its penalties (GOP sick from smoking ultra-right experiment)
Dec 29: Ho ho ho! (the bomb as Santa Claus with his pack of world peace)
Dec 30: The spirited ritur (man in racing auto toasting happy new year.)
Oversize 36 1965 Jan-Jun (131 items)
Jan 1: Listen, young fella
Jan 2: And I resolve to work for peace in the new year (spread of nuclear weapons)
Jan 6: Getting off dead center with a bang (the public and the LBJ program)
Jan 7: Master segregationist (China holding up united nations of the colored races)
Jan 8: In it but not of it (De Gaulle and the western alliance)
Jan 9: A wagon and a star (LBJ hooking congress onto star of the great society)
Jan 12: Sissies! (death smoking a cigarette)
Jan 13: Can you spare a dime for world peace? (girl in rags - U.N. - begging with cup)
Jan 14: Bliss-ful elephant (GOP)
Jan 15: Persistent pussy (Minnesota legislature and sales tax)
Jan 16: Here we go again!
Jan 18: The center seems so popular - now
Jan 19: No place for hobnails (world diplomacy amid a bombs)
Jan 20: The splitting headache (the sick world - resurgence of nationalism)
Jan 21: Morning after (LBJ and the stock pile of the president's job)
Jan 22: Longest siesta on record (Uncle Sam carrying load of the alliance for progress alone, as Latin America sleeps)
Jan 26: Winston Churchill (keeper of Human Freedom memorial wreath)
Jan 27: Jammed (GOP out hunting rabbit, the great society)
Jan 28: Language barrier
Jan 29: Gold rush competition is keen (federal, state, and local claims on tax monies )
Jan 30: Do-it-yourself fit (chine and erector toy - build your own united nations)
Feb 1: Big man on campus (education treading the world)
Feb 2: Walls of Jericho (nationalism blowing trumpet at U.N.)
Feb 3: The challengers (Russian bear end Chinese dragon on summit of world communism)
Feb 4: The sower (Sukarno sowing dragon's teeth in southeast Asia)
Feb 5: The wax job (GOP and harmony polish)
Feb 6: But you're not solving my problems (the sociologist and the computer)
Feb 8: The juggernaut (mechanization and the family farmer)
Feb 9: Why not turn that job over to me? (atomic war and world population control)
Feb 10: Sometimes it's hard to smile (brickbats for Uncle Sam and his world leadership)
Feb 11: This could be my cue (atomic holocaust and faltering U.N.)
Feb 12: Prelude to victory? (Vietnam blowing up the world?)
Mar 1: There ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man's hand (the China problem)
Mar 2: Closer than you think (doomsday is close at hand and the bomb)
Mar 3: Man waiting for a shave
Mar 4: Beginning to feel his oats
Mar 5: Could smash that up in a hurry (atomic horror and Vietnam stalemate)
Mar 6: Change of posture in Vietnam
Mar 8: Boy at the dike
Mar 9: Kaleidoscope (U.S. Public and Vietnam situation)
Mar 10: Hoping for the worst (the vulture of foes of the U.N.)
Mar 11: The missionary (Uncle Sam, tattered and torn with civil rights violations)
Mar 12: Real estate problem (traditional nationalism painting the world in sections)
Mar 13: There are people like that (China screaming I don't wanta co-exist)
Mar 16: Among the victims (the racist beating up U.S. Constitution)
Mar 17: It's not all honey (Russian bear and world communism)
Mar 18: The boiling pot
Mar 19: Gravedigger (De Gaulle digging up NATO)
Mar 20: Another milestone (man in space)
Mar 22: Literacy test (Governor Wallace and federal authority)
Mar 23: Good-neighbor hysteria
Mar 24: Snow - beautiful snow
Mar 25: Might be intelligent life down there
Mar 26: Nonlethal gas at home, too (public and air pollution)
Mar 27: Versatile Charles (Mao signing treaty with De Gaulle)
Mar 29: Theater of seasons (sitting out the snowstorm)
Mar 30: You'd like to see the president? He'd probably like to see you, too (KKK at white house)
Mar 31: O for the touch of a vanish'd hand
Apr 1: What a wonderful invention (the bomb and the Vietnam escalator)
Apr 2: First we've got to do something to improve your image (chairmen bliss and sick GOP elephant)
Apr 3: You ain't seen nothin' yet
Apr 5: Captive nations in revolt (Sioux Indians)
Apr 6: What are they really saying?
Apr 7: Satellite ducklings (mother hen of communism with ducklings swimming away)
Apr 8: How do you let go? (Uncle Sam holding tail of Vietnam dragon)
Apr 9: Ajar
Apr 10: His just dues (ol' man winter drowning in floods)
Apr 12: First comes the wrecker (De Gaulle and the western alliance)
Apr 13: Every so often I need to remind you
Apr 14: Wormy apple (traditional nationalism burrowing through the world)
Apr 15: Skateboard (Uncle Sam on skateboard of Vietnam)
Apr 16: Hard to concentrate (public and spring floods)
Apr 19: Not all weapons are modem (the caveman-destroy the u. N. Forces)
Apr 20: Aerial combat over Washington (the hawks and the doves over the capitol)
Apr 21: The boys stood on the burning deck (Mao and Uncle Sam on ship Vietnam)
Apr 22: Hope springs eternal
Apr 23: Left standing in the debris (the need for flood control)
Apr 24: Why the job is slow (legislators wooing iamb off tree of reapportionment)
Apr 26: Here we go again (impeach Earl Warren and Prof. Sibley)
Apr 27: Heads I win - tails you lose (Mao flipping coin with Uncle Sam over Vietnam)
Apr 28: But, Bob - everybody knows we've got that (John Q., to McNamara with bomb)
Apr 29: The better part of valor
Apr 30: A tough job sifting them out (U.S. sifting out phony revolutions from genuine revolutions)
May 1: My family can take punishment (the world and its catastrophes)
May 3: May flower (world peace amid the weeds)
May 4: Come let us reason together (revolutionaries at gunpoint of LBJ)
May 5: The great debate (collective security of U.N. vs. big power diplomacy)
May 6: And now what'll we talk about?!
May 7: Strain on the fire department (U.S.A. fire department and the world aflame)
May 8: Nature and man against man (hurricane and nuclear bomb clouds)
May 10: Could this be our Uncle Sam?
Jun 15: The contest (De Gaulle racing Father Time)
Jun 16: It is my considered opinion there'll be no need to draft you (atomic destruction of civilization)
Jun 17: One world - and what a world (Uncle Sam policeman of the world)
Jun 17: Riot's greatest devastation (citizenship responsibility)
Jun 18: The outcast (China and U.N. arms talk)
Jun 19: Far above the jungles (Russian bear on tightrope above Vietnam)
Jun 21: The guard (GOP free society association, guarding the grave of super-conservatism)
Jun 22: The torment (Uncle Sam tied at column, as drops of Vietnam water fall upon him)
Jun 23: Thriving on it (world communism eating on grounds of overpopulation, poverty, and ignorance)
Jun 24: What do you intend to do with that? (the world and the dragon of China's nuclear potential)
Jun 25: Still the chief burden (U.N. and big power politics)
Jun 26: Caution (third party cigarettes)
Jun 28: The throwback (the beast of resurgence of nationalism and the a bomb)
Jun 29: Ny watermelon patch
Jun 30: The color line (U.S.S.R and China, the latter painting the Afro-Asian policy)
Oversize 37 1965 Jul-Dec (138 items)
Jul 1: I'm hungry
Jul 2: Rah-rah-rah, we want a touchdown
Jul 3: To think I was born of revolution
Jul 5: And we've had automation ever since (cavemen: we'll call it the wheel)
Jul 6: We still have our independence (wrecked autos and survivor)
Jul 8: New model at the airport (Mac - book censorship - flying over airport)
Jul 9: I think you're beginning to look quite respectable (world military and atomic horror)
Jul 10: The two-party system (GOP elephant and democratic donkey in embrace as rocks of faction and splinter are hurled at them)
Jul 12: Asian tom-tom (China beating the drum of Asia and Africa for the colored people)
Jul 13: Twins
Jul 14: Let us reason together
Jul 15: Adlai Stevenson, 1900-1965 (flag at half-mast over U.N. for world peace)
Jul 16: The shot still heard round the world
Jul 17: One point of view (ringmaster Vietnam cracking the whip at elephants U.S.A., China, U.S.S.R.)
Jul 19: Beginning to understand each other? (Russian bear and American eagle talking, as Chinese dragon appears)
Jul 20: The dogie
Jul 21: Bewitched (the world and the atomic bomb serpent)
Jul 22: I made it (Medicare bill - old and hoary - at finish line)
Jul 23: How nice - they're all smiling (men at world disarmament conference table with daggers in their mouths)
Jul 29: Vietnam tightrope (LBJ balancing self with sword and olive branch)
Jul 30: Rank proliferation, I call it
Jul 31: LBJ's consensus
Aug 2: Hot potato for the lady
Aug 3: Double, double toil and trouble (witch De Gaulle mixing western alliance brew in cauldron)
Aug 4: Not gaining much weight (GOP elephant's trunk tied in knot of right wing)
Aug 11: Now you all come down to the speakin'
Aug 12: The emerging nations
Aug 13: He's found a leader (GOP elephant on lead rope held by LBJ)
Aug 14: Now the avalanche (Uncle Sam with hurtling rocks of "100 years of civil rights do-nothingism)
Aug 16: Changing banners (Communism's flag of colonialism being planted in S.E. Asia)
Aug 18: Into each life some rain must fall (big power politics at the U.N.)
Aug 19: Demolition expert (the bomb flattening out world statesmanship)
Aug 20: Not my baby (baby Vietnam being tossed back and forth by democratic donkey and GOP elephant)
Aug 21: Lusty crow of a bantam (Sukarno over Indonesia)
Aug 23: Natural growth
Aug 24: Good reason to go planet-hunting (spec. Ship leaving mans polluted earth)
Aug 25: The carrot and the stick (Hanoi = between negotiation and bayonet)
Aug 27: This is indeed the muster season (GOP right wing elephant scared by mouse of unthinkable thoughts)
Aug 28: Looking right down the barrel (democratic donkey and the GOP white paper on Vietnam)
Aug 30: Sooner or later he'll drop one (the world juggling atom bombs)
Aug 31: (no caption) (space station - Cooper and Conrad were here)
Sep 1: A dove and hawk fantasy
Sep 2: Appeal and response (auto drivers)
Sep 3: It's because I love you so (bear - right wing radicals crushing American freedom)
Sep 4: Sort of a team
Sep 6: Caution corner (Ho Chi Minh and LBJ)
Sep 7: Addenda (66 elections and GOP white paper on Vietnam)
Sep 8: How big is his bent? (policeman Uncle Sam getting calls from all over the world)
Sep 9: Interested observer (China looking at the war)
Sep 10: The work is piling up (conflicts - papers - on U.N. Desk)
Sep 11: The roundup is going nicely (cowboy LBJ and LBJ legislation steers)
Sep 13: There ought to be a law (world law, atomic suicide)
Sep 14: Fallout from nationalism
Sep 15: The hole in his bat
Sep 18: Escalation with a vengeance (the world and world war III prospects)
Sep 20: Brinkmanship (GOP elephant climbing mount of moderation)
Sep 21: Now you be good (U.N. and Chinese dragon)
Sep 22: The house of representatives passes a resolution
Sep 23: Rainy days are reading days (Minnesota in rain, reading of drought, etc.)
Sep 24: The potion (ancient superstitions and hatreds stirring brew in world cauldron)
Sep 25: Refresher course (U.S. And foreign affairs)
Sep 26: He acts as though he's afraid of it (China with sword and U.N. membership card)
Sep 29: Can't blame him for celebrating, but… ("Twins" baseball team waving American League pennant)
Oct 1: In keeping with the times (federal aid for the creative arts)
Oct 2: Always through the fog (disarmament discussions held in shadow of China soldier)
Oct 3: Sticky stuff (GOP elephant and fly paper of John Birch Society)
Oct 5: Another fuse (Indonesia and the world)
Oct 6: Eclipsing a lesser p1anet (baseball larger than the earth)
Oct 7: Resuming the dialogue (Russian bear and Chinese dragon)
Oct 8: And everybody knows the best defense is an offense (the atom bomb)
Oct 9: No ordinary stow (population explosion)
Oct 11: Political beachcomber (ultra conservatism and the 19th century)
Oct 12: Some of the roots are rather deep (Uncle Sam dynamiting tree of state legislature reapportionment)
Oct 13: The bear comes over the mountain (Russian bear to turn west or east?)
Oct 14: Defender of all freedoms (the free press and censorship)
Oct 15: Head shrinker
Oct 16: Rather embarrassing
Oct 18: Monkey on his back (GOP elephant trying to shake off radical right)
Oct 19: Trouble at the honey tree (communists and Indonesia)
Oct 21: Anotier first (Brezhnev brandishing pitchfork of profit incentive in agriculture)
Oct 22: Gallic rooster (De Gaulle - Yankee go home)
Oct 23: There's your blueprints, Mr. President (LBJ, congress, and the great society)
Oct 27: Cold war shift (USSR and USA warming selves in snowstorm of China)
Oct 28: He's having consensus problems, too (GOP moderates and radical right)
Oct 29: Delinquency case (China and its A-bomb)
Oct 30: Two of a kind (boy burning draft card and man burning paper of America's right of dissent)
Nov 1: The affluent societies (nuclear weapons stockpile)
Nov 2: Hang on! (technology and mere man)
Nov 3: This is the age of confrontations (De Gaulle and Uncle Sam)
Nov 4: Wrecking job goes amiss
Nov 6: My country needs me (De Gaulle holding the globe)
Nov 8: At least it's something (GOP and Lindsay victory)
Nov 9: Shame on you (China drunk, on warmongering and violent nationalise)
Nov 10: Whistling out of tune
Nov 11: What the power failure revealed (U.S. security in the spotlight)
Nov 12: For whom? (Rhodesian independence)
Nov 15: The heirloom (young republicans and grand old party)
Nov 16: Still cleaning house (U.S. Supreme court)
Nov 17: Bust of burden (man carrying atom bomb)
Nov 18: Another great leap forward (China and her national economy)
Nov 19: The effective diplomacy (trade and business around the world)
Nov 20: The reluctant dragon
Nov 22: Just my luck to fall heir to this job now (U.S.A. brandishing world leadership)
Nov 23: The hot line (Mao on telephone pole listening in to Washington and Moscow)
Nov 24: The consensus balancing act
Nov 25: China, China - now where is China?
Nov 26: The John Lindsay stride
Nov 27: I may let you join my come market after all (De Gaulle offering stick of candy to little Britain)
Nov 30: The sandwich man (re: John Lindsay)
Dec 1: Painful operation (reapportionment of state legislatures)
Dec 2: The all-inclusive boot (Latin American military juntas crushing communism and legitimate revolution)
Dec 4: Elusive peace
Dec 6: Separating the sheep from the goats
Dec 7: Tarnished halo (De Gaulle after ?trench elections)
Dec 8: Sometimes I feel a bit weary (Santa and his pack of atom bombs)
Dec 9: The timid soul (dessert is treason)
Dec 11: And on another front... (Uncle Sam with pack of food for the starving millions)
Dec 13: Bird's-eye view (Mao leaning on ostrich of U.S. foreign policy)
Dec 14: Tis the season to be jolly (Santa giving LBJ stacks of budget data)
Dec 15: Bronco buster (NATO and atomic bomb control)
Dec 16: No escalation here (the world, carrying dove and laurel branch of peace)
Dec 17: Raising his ugly head again (beast "Preventive War" carrying atomic bomb)
Dec 18: Another power plant damaged (Vietnamese bomb hit on smokestack of great society)
Dec 20: Bedtime story hour
Dec 21: A chastened De Gaulle?
Dec 22: The fatalist (the world on the brink of war)
Dec 23: Twas the night before Christmas(a bomb in the world's stocking)
Dec 24: Santa for the up-to-date family
Dec 27: In the cross fire (bullets of world policing: causing holes in barrel of U.S. Treasury)
Dec 29: But there is no peace
Dec 30: I've got it wobbling (atomic bomb astride political world)
Oversize 38 1966 Jan-Jun (135 items)
Jan 1: Reading the will (1965's legacies to astonished new year 1966)
Jan 3: War rations (Mr. Public seated at table in chair of the great society)
Jan 4: Predicted shortage of plowshares (the world forging another sword)
Jan 5: Man at the dike (LBJ trying to plug holes of wages, Vietnam, et cetera)
Jan 6: In a stupor
Jan 7: The president's message
Jan 8: The only good dove is a dead dove
Jan 10: Old bumper sticker updated
Jan 11: It's still a hot war (Uncle Sam with crates of guns and melting butter)
Jan 12: Aw, shucks, it wasn't much (Russian bear to dove of peace - re: Pakistan-India peace pact)
Jan 13: The election campaign is on
Jan 14: Apparently not on his beat (policeman U.N. ignoring fighting in Vietnam)
Jan 15: The critical eye
Jan 17: Snowballin' time
Jan 18: (no caption) (airplane - the great society - dropping bombs on Vietnam)
Jan 19: Heh-heh (GOP elephant throwing darts at administration)
Jan 20: New management
Jan 21: Horrors! (war astounded at dove of peace on up escalator)
Jan 22: Uncle is showing favoritism (GOP elephant holding Vietnam as he boots the great society)
Jan 24: I think it went down about here (LBJ and his party trying to locate his sunken consensus)
Jan 25: We've got 'em - why don't we use 'em?
Jan 27: The handicap (peace and war at tennis)
Jan 28: Everything will be go-go, if - (LBJ trying to keep inflation crated)
Jan 29: Brinkmanship (face saving on brink of chaos)
Jan 31: It's a cruel world (dove of peace on limb of tree in winter)
Feb 1: Say, officer - there's a little gunplay over here you ought to look into (cowboy LBJ to policeman U.N.)
Feb 2: I think I smell smoke (Geneva disarmament conference and threat of world war III)
Feb 3: Even among the scraps of paper
Feb 4: I always work better in the dark (tyranny trying to put out liberty's torch of freedom of speech)
Feb 5: He misjudges those earthly creatures (old man moon)
Feb 7: The doves (doves building a nest in LBJ's boots)
Feb 8: Idiot - pull yourself together (shades of Carl Marx and fallen Humpty Dumpty of monolithic communism)
Feb 9: What's dis?
Feb 10: Big boom in the bomb market (nuclear horror showing man rising graph)
Feb 11: Yes - yes, Mr. President
Feb 12: Dusting off an old slogan
Feb 14: What is it? (peace and dragon-like creature of Vietnam)
Feb 15: Democracy's safety leash (the military - eagle - on gauntleted hand of civilian control)
Feb 16: There ain't no dragon up there (Vietnam escalation)
Feb 17: Horns of a dilemma (LBJ on bull of Vietnam inflation)
Feb 18: Why should they think me unattractive? (GOP elephant in dress of Minnesota gubernatorial candidacy)
Feb 19: Congressional thaw (LBJ and his melting snow man of presidential consensus)
Feb 21: Sowing the seeds of democracy? (airplanes dropping bomb)
Feb 22: Plight of the delivery boy
Feb 23: I think I feel a little better (GOP elephant and democratic donkey sick, on party dissention tobacco)
Feb 24: Shadowed (atomic horror stalking world diplomacy)
Feb 25: Strange no one has thought of an escalator here (the world climbing rocky steps to disarmament)
Mar 1: Quite a posture (policeman Uncle Sam covering the world with U.S. commitments)
Mar 2: Bobby! (LBJ startled by RFK lighting firecrackers of Vietnam)
Mar 4: Party of the loyal opposition (democratic donkey running away with GOP elephant on tail)
Mar 5: How soon can we start polluting them, too?
Mar 7: Is it incurable, doc? (the world ill in bed with smallpox of nationalism and Dr. Collective Security)
Mar 8: What was that, again?
Mar 9: Bravo, Charlie - we've been trying that for years and years (USSR to De Gaulle, kicking down wall of NATO)
Mar 10: We're already educated'about China
Mar 11: The mirage (world's starving at the mountains of food surpluses)
Mar 12: Who does Lyndon think he is? (De Gaulle in king's raiment, tearing up papers of NATO and U.S. bases)
Mar 14: One can expect these little scrums now ate then (Chinese dragon having his tail cut off by Indonesia)
Mar 15: My eyes must be getting better - I'm beginning to see him quite clearly (Uncle Sam seeing the reality of China)
Mar 16: Man makes his own environment (man in smog and mire of air pollution)
Mar 17: Maybe it's opium (China's military theorists screaming world conquest)
Mar 18: Attempted rendezvous (spacemen Dem. Conservatives and Dem. Liberals)
Mar 19: One inflation problem solved (the burst balloon of LBJ consensus)
Mar 21: What a strange picket
Mar 22: Commercialism (truck of European-Chinese trading co. whizzing by Uncle Sam)
Mar 23: Great day for the censor (Supreme Court obscenity decision)
Mar 24: Isn't that a bit dangerous, Charles? (LBJ to De Gaulle, hanging himself on withdrawal from NATO)
Mar 25: Dammit, I never wanted to be a censor anyway (the Supreme Court sprawled among books)
Mar 26: Earthquake of change
Mar 28: Oriental sphinx (public to China dragon-sphinx -what are your intentions regarding Vietnam?)
Mar 29: The fishin' season is here
Mar 30: Swamp gas (GOP elephant and UFOs, the great society)
Mar 31: A lot of water in this rice paddy (soldier LBJ in swamp of U.S. inflation)
Apr 1: They weren't all good - but, after all they weren't all bad (Russian bear to Chinese dragon - showing pictures of Joe and K)
Apr 3: Fruit falls not far from the tree (De Gaulle eating apples from tree of NATO)
Apr 4: Yeh - this is a bitter pill (LBJ taking pill of tax hike)
Apr 5: In the same ash can (Minnesota GOP dumping Birch Society and communism)
Apr 6: Diplomat at large (cartoon was mailed to Montreal 3/31/67 for competition in the fourth international salon of cartoons - not included in present inventory)
Apr 7: Confusion now hath made his masterpiece (god of war and map of Vietnam)
Apr 8: Come on - there's no one fishing here
Apr 9: Cross-winds (November elections and Vietnam
Apr 11: I shot an arrow into the air (LBJ and his bow of consensus)
Apr 12: Elusive target (political upheaval in Vietnam)
Apr 13: The coolie (China's leaders climbing the rocks to the modern world)
Apr 14: Wigwagging (resurgent isolationism in U.S.)
Apr 15: Here's your hat-but don't go too par away (Madame De Gaulle and Uncle Sam re: NATO)
Apr 16: Now for a little tail-twisting (LBJ and democratic donkey - alliance for progress)
Apr 18: The big domestic issue (smoke of Vietnam over the capitol)
Apr 19: Uncle's most critical shortage (Uncle Sam scraping the barrel of viable so. Vietnam government)
Apr 20: Read a (nice) book today (Supreme Court and national library week)
Apr 21: Why can't you people find a leader among you like this one? (Uncle Sam lecturing to Vietnamese)
Apr 22: The talking dragon (Chinese dragon says no, no to negotiations on Vietnam)
Apr 23: The unknown quantity (tax and government)
Apr 25: Latest word from the rice paddy
Apr 26: Charlie, do you think that's wise?
Apr 27: Real estate shrinkage (big power politics covering the world)
Apr 28: Got any fresh ideas? (American liberals to GOP)
Apr 29: No sanctuary (the dove of peace amidst blasts of war)
Apr 30: War orphan? (the great society all tattered and torn)
May 2: I hope he'll start mellowing soon (Uncle Sam and Mao eyeing each other through telescopes)
May 3: Gosh - the domino theory does work (LBJ and inflation)
May 4: Watch your step, mister (CIA, treading the bill of rights)
May 5: What are you - some kind of nut?
May 6: Tough days for the dogmatists (King Canute Mao and his broom of dogmatic communism)
May 9: Another intoxicant (auto driver drinking "Craze for flashy power and speed")
May 10: The election date is uncertain (Gen. Ky seated on padlocked ballot box)
May 11: Strange American scene (one man-one vote principle)
May 12: Kind of dangerous, isn't it, uncle? (Uncle Sam and elections in Vietnam and Dominican Republic)
May 13: The well-dressed satellite (in guise of Hawkshaw the detective)
May 14: The fall-out is not insignificant (China's nuclear blast)
May 16: How do you reverse this thing? (peace on the escalator)
May 17: Next? (Ky digging a new grave in "Governments of Saigon" cemetery)
May 18: Running the gauntlet
May 19: Why do they call me a militarist? (Uncle Sam holding dove and laurel branch of peace with war boom behind him)
May 21: What a brew (religious war and civil war in Vietnam)
May 23: Follows me 'round like a dogie (cowboy LBJ and the lamb of inflation)
May 24: Tourist in Asia (cowboy LBJ at shrine of Buddha)
May 25: The incomplete angler
May 26: Twentieth century head-shrinker (modern man and the beast of anti-intellectualism)
May 27: Status symbol (Mao holding the bomb)
May 30: Cute little fellow (god of war bouncing baby great society)
May 31: What're plans? (city planners)
Jun 1: Come - let us reason together (Rusk and De Gaulle)
Jun 2: In the spirit of the times
Jun 3: Having second thoughts?
Jun 4: Yes - there are many nervous nellies (ticking bomb of nuclear horror poised on the world)
Jun 6: Running scared (democratic donkey fleeing inflation and Vietnam War)
Jun 21: Wanna fight? (battered DFL donkey to Minnesota GOP)
Jun 22: A couple of soloists (Russian bear and De Gaulle skating on ice of cold war)
Jun 23: No poverty there (the drunken glutton god of war - world's military)
Jun 24: Hope he doesn't inspect me, too
Jun 25: Consensus (Brezhnev and De Gaulle holding up sign yank go home)
Jun 27: Whistling by history's graveyard (NATO, at night, walking past cemetery of dead pacts, treaties, and alliances)
Jun 28: Mirrored (congressional ethics seeing his image as public ethics)
Jun 29: Way of life? (peon Latin America in boot of military juntas)
Oversize 39 1966 Jul-Dec (115 items)
Jul 1: Pitching a little hay (LBJ and threatened farm revolts)
Jul 4: I hope you see the advantages of order and stability (military juntas standing on flattened revolutionary ideas)
Jul 5: Still plenty of excess baggage (GOP elephant with long trunk of extremism)
Jul 6: Ornery critter (LBJ and rampaging bull of inflation)
Jul 7: Who threw that? (boomerang of black racism' hitting man white racism)
Jul 8: Wish they'd all go to the moon
Jul 11: Kind of muddy, isn't it? (GOP elephant and democratic donkey looking into stream of political issues)
Jul 12: If I survive this bout - watch out (Minnesota primary arena)
Jul 13: If you think the West has differences over Vietnam (Russian bear biting tail of Chinese dragon)
Jul 14: His rich uncle (little Ho Chi Minh and big tattered Mao)
Jul 15: Mankind's juvenile delinquency (soldiers in mortal battle)
Jul 18: This is not a movie (GOP elephant and democratic donkey astonished at covered wagon of Ronald Reagan)
Jul 19: Death of a saleslady (bedraggled and tattered peace)
Jul 20: Emergence with a vengeance (emerging nations blowing up western luxury)
Jul 21: Correction
Jul 22: Just one big picnic (pollution covering the world)
Jul 25: Perpetual wresting match (police power and U.S. Constitution)
Jul 26: Is there a veterinarian in the house? (DFL donkey in two pieces)
Jul 27: Spinach (LBJ with election year plate of inflation control and tax boost)
Jul 28: The long stretch (the lion of British Pound pulling thin, with tail tied to East of Suez)
Jul 29: Excuse the interruption, senor (re 2 year extension of alliance for progress)
Aug 1: Must be some big game in there (GOP elephant about to go hunting in political jungle)
Aug 2: Quick - the lariat
Aug 3: Re-examination (re: the gold standard)
Aug 4: On another war front (LBJ swatting flies of traditional off-year election losses)
Aug 5: The deluge (population explosion)
Aug 8: No, no - what will the voters think? (LBJ sinking in waters of inflation being thrown life-preserver of tax increase)
Aug 9: Caught in the crossfire (the great society)
Aug 10: Unscrambling his omelet (chef Sen. Dirksen and batter "tampering with the constitutional guarantees of religious liberty")
Aug 11: Not enough ballast (LBJ with market basket tied to run-away balloon of inflation)
Aug 12: Can I trust you to guard the chickens? (Latin America's alliance for progress and military juntas)
Aug 15: Awkward keeper of the China shop (Mao and broken pitcher of Korea)
Aug 30: The political market (GOP stock racing with inflation)
Aug 31: The horns of a dilemma
Sep 1: Cross between a dragon and an ostrich (Chinese dragon hiding head in sands of dogmatism)
Sep 2: The partners (nuclear arms and suspicion among nations)
Sep 5: Not the way to stop inflation (beggar deflation choking man the economy)
Sep 6: Sad moment in the land of freedom (bayonet of war piercing paper of "Needed enforcement of civil rights")
Sep 7: A little inflation wouldn't be bad (LBJ pumping air into LBJ's consensus)
Sep 8: Reincarnation (Joe Stalin's ghost reading Mao's "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution")
Sep 9: Is it just a shower or...? (GOP elephant in desert as drops of rain fall - congressional election prospects)
Sep 13: The fiddler (U.S. Senate fiddling as civil rights burns)
Sep 14: I'm not going to get into that (GOP and whirlpool of war issues)
Sep 15: Sometimes I really envy the neighbors (Minn. GOP and competing candidates for governor)
Sep 16: The specter (democratic donkey administration in bed, seeing ghost of inflation holding ballot box)
Sep 19: Not a very good road map (LBJ reading chart of presidential ratings)
Sep 20: Principal item on the agenda (U.N. and threat of atomic holocaust)
Sep 21: Counting his chickens (GOP elephant and unhatched eggs of congressional elections)
Sep 23: First real signs of world accord (China accusing Russia: you're getting friendly with that abominable Uncle Sam)
Sep 26: Special kind of tire trouble (LBJ and inflation before elections)
Sep 27: How in thunder did that get there? (Uncle Sam as world cop chained to inevitable limitations)
Sep 28: And wasted power (black power and white power in wasted strength muscle contest)
Sep 29: The new gimmick (censorship and bookstore licensing)
Sep 30: Who said disarmament would fail? (the world blown up)
Oct 3: Humpty Dumpty (LBJ peering over wall at fallen and broken the great society)
Oct 4: Let's use it (idiot holding a bomb)
Oct 5: Thanks for the comment, Mr. President (tramp of big cities reading LBJ's call for cut-backs in expenditures)
Oct 6: And now, before your very eyes (RFK trying to pull rabbit out of hat of unity)
Oct 7: I hate deadlocks - especially the military kind (Latin American general and a bomb horror)
Oct 10: I can really sympathize with LBJ (GOP elephant and GOP consensus)
Oct 11: Hello, there (Russian bear waving to U.S. eagle, seated between snorting Chinese dragon)
Oct 12: Hallucinations (inflation and food prices)
Oct 13: Still freedom's bulwark (the free press)
Oct 14: Sooner or later (satchel ticking - Minn. sales tax)
Oct 17: What a sanctuary (dove of peace in war-torn forest of wild-life refuge)
Oct 20: The mountain is about to come to Mohammed (junked trucks, trains, and planes)
Oct 21: But where are the issues? (charges and counter-charges in Minnesota elections)
Oct 24: When do we get to the roots? (man chopping at tree of civil rights violence with roots of the negro ghettos)
Oct 25: Have mercy (the world entreating the stork of population explosion)
Oct 26: Still the best hope for peace (United Nations flying flag of world law)
Oct 26: Most promising young man of his class (tattered man sitting on suitcase the great society)
Oct 27: About this time in the campaign (tired voter and the elections)
Oct 31: Recognize me? (Mao with the A bomb)
Nov 1: On the home front (the voter being pulled by GOP elephant and democratic donkey)
Nov 2: No place to hide (the world running from nuclear proliferation)
Nov 3: The "ax" in "tax"
Nov 4: (no caption) (bombs crushing world disarmament)
Nov 7: On stage
Nov 8: Experience is not always the best teacher (the world about to blow out his brains with revolver of the atom)
Nov 9: Congratulations (tattered and ragged donkey and elephant shaking hands after elections)
Nov 10: There ain't no such bird (LBJ and flying elephant of GOP consensus)
Nov 11: Why, that's old Mr. GOP, isn't it? (happy, singing GOP elephant striding along beside house for all to see)
Nov 14: No, I am not a defeated candidate - I'm a defeated analyst
Nov 15: The big parade (missile, anti-missile, ad infinitum)
Nov 16: I must have been carried away
Nov 17: Looks more like a hummingbird to me (stork of population explosion)
Nov 18: Grim score keeper (death marking war's casualty list - our side and their side)
Nov 21: Pollution in Europe, too (Nazi-ism waters pouring out of pipe)
Nov 22: Someone's knocking at his door (opportunity with needs of the 20th century at door of GOP)
Nov 23: Not one of our best astronauts (Old bearded man of U.S. China policy astride snail at night)
Nov 24: He ought to bring. Hoe so7ething
Nov 25: Whatever happened to the one-world concept?
Nov 28: Detour (LBJ driving car of great society down road of cutback in highway aids)
Nov 29: New resolve (GOP elephant skipping rope - the 1968 presidency)
Nov 30: Major rendezvous failure
Dec 1: What of the harvest?
Dec 2: Do your Christmas shopping early
Dec 5: Still haunting (GOP elephant shivering in bed at the ghost of the Goldwater campaign split)
Dec 6: Looking him straight in the eye (cowboy LBJ staring at bull - the budget)
Dec 7: Powder keg (Black Power - South Africa, Rhodesia)
Dec 8: Basic war on poverty problem (tattered world bowed down by arms cost bombs)
Dec 9: More recent photo of the moon (nuclear arms banned in outer space, et cetera)
Dec 12: Revised (GOP elephant carrying el GOP is not dead)
Dec 13: Merry Christmas
Dec 13: Merry Christmas (cartoon has been sent on loan to postmaster general, Washington, DC, for an exhibition; not included in present inventory)
Dec 14: Santa's dilemma (Santa LBJ putting a bomb in hung stocking of anti-poverty)
Dec 15: What's a school for, anyway?
Dec 19: Wary snake charmer (GOP enticing one out of consensus basket)
Dec 20: Truces
Dec 21: What did you expect - roses? (nuclear weapons sprouting anti-missiles)
Dec 22: By cracky - a mandate
Dec 23: Persevering fellow
Dec 26: Fancy meeting you here (U.S. And Russia carrying sacks of their wheat to India)
Dec 27: Beatnik (right wing GOP elephant carrying sign the great society is dead)
Dec 28: Will LBJ run in '68? (GOP elephant and LBJ gazing at crystal ball)
Dec 29: The uneven contest (war tanks rushing over dove of peace)
Oversize 40 1967 Jan-Jun (121 items)
Jan 2: The bequest
Jan 3: At last - a consensus
Jan 4: The dialogue
Jan 5: Now don't expect too much - after all I'm only human!
Jan 6: Hey, pop, what do they an by 'credibility gap'?
Jan 10: Still in the bronco stage
Jan 11: Snowmen
Jan 12: Have patience!
Jan 13: Let them eat bombs!
Jan 16: What've you got in your hand?
Jan 17: The united states is bigger than Texas, after all!
Jan 18: Where the action is!
Jan 19: Imbalance of nature
Jan 20: Wow - that's good!
Jan 23: Bang!
Jan 24: What a wonderful bird is the pelican!
Jan 25: A five to four decision!
Jan 26: The chronic case
Jan 27: You've got the ball - run with it!!
Jan 30: Get going! - you're holding up my department!
Jan 31: Co-existence or co-extinction?
Feb 1: Wrecking ball
Feb 2: Things are going to be nice an' green in the spring!
Feb 3: Grand Canyon of communism
Feb 6: One of these days I should do something about this!
Feb 7: Could one of them be a live one?
Feb 8: And now in the zoo!
Feb 9: Just the first act you know!
Feb 10: Like I say - the only good lobby bill is a dead lobby bill!
Feb 13: Escalation with a bang!
Feb 14: The veteran
Feb 15: Isn't intelligence involved in education?
Feb 16: Fouling his nest
Feb 17: Self-appointed traffic cop
Feb 20: Che7's special
Feb 21: - for forty days and forty nights!
Feb 28: Daddy!
Mar 2: Mao's thoughts!
Mar 3: Homework
Mar 6: Not the worst thing I ever saw (Lyndon Johnson, Great Society)
Mar 8: Ebb and flow
Mar 9: Any aberrations or anything?
Mar 10: Where do you think you're going?
Mar 13: Off the wagon again!
Mar 14: An old slogan up-to-date
Mar 15: To be, or not to be - that is the question!
Mar 16: Lecture series on ethics
Mar 17: Knock, knock - who's there?
Mar 20: Well, well
Mar 21: Bonanza!
Mar 22: Still looking for a landing strip
Mar 23: Deciding a delinquency case!
Mar 24: There must be an alternative!
Mar 27: The ugliest thing I ever saw!
Mar 28: Handicap race
Mar 29: - and never the twain shall meet!
Mar 30: The war on poverty!
Mar 31: Peck's bad boy
Apr 3: Five years of progress!
Apr 4: At least you can give me a consensus (Lyndon Johnson, Democrats)
Apr 5: Chinese puzzle craze!
Apr 6: The old soldier
Apr 7: 'Twixt spinach and strawberry shortcake
Apr 10: Not a very good incubator!
Apr 11: Where do I start - top or bottom?
Apr 12: If these birth control nuts had their way where would I get my armies?
Apr 13: The war is not an issue!.
Apr 14: The man who came to dinner
Apr 17: Now to translate that into action!
Apr 18: Every week is national library week!
Apr 19: Go home!
Apr 20: The old lady who lived in a shot', . -
Apr 21: The age of extremism
Apr 24: Those good old styles are returning!
Apr 25: Trying to keep a cork under water
Apr 26: It could have been a lot worse!
Apr 27: Babes in the woods
Apr 28: Hot ones
May 1: Hardy perennial
May 2: About to try it again
May 3: Sooner or later
May 4: Sometimes I think this might become an issue!
May 5: Confrontation!
May 8: Something new has been added
May 9: We can't really blame him, can we?
May 10: Still beating the stuffing out of it!
May 11: Insomnia
May 12: Stupid! - can't you see I'm saving you from communism?
May 15: Can't you read?
May 16: Tough going, up or down
May 16: Tough going - up or down!
May 17: Jerry-built?
May 18: If it ain't one damned thing it's another!
May 19: His own handiwork
May 22: Yeah - I can hear the trumpet, but what does it mean?
May 23: There's another one!
May 24: Some of my best friends are dictators
May 24: Some of my best friends are dictators!
May 25: Prospects, prospects, prospects
May 26: Who will be the candidates in '68?
May 29: Sort op a beatnik approach!
May 30: The roots are deep
May 31: Don't you understand? - you're under arrest!
Jun 1: Whir a crazy place!
Jun 2: We do have com1mitments, you know!
Jun 5: A stranger in these parts
Jun 6: But, lady, this is my life
Jun 7: Now, who will save the maiden?
Jun 8: Damit - say something!
Jun 9: Bullets will never stop him!
Jun 12: Strange what a burden a piece of paper can be!
Jun 13: The reluctant cop
Jun 14: The good-bad guy is still wrestling with himself!
Jun 15: The old gusher
Jun 16: The interlude
Jun 19: The lady and the dragon
Jun 20: A good observation tower
Jun 21: Shouting is better than shooting
Jun 22: The substitute for disarmament
Jun 23: It fluctuates!
Jun 26: While he is at it he'd better dig one for himself, too!
Oversize 41 1967 Jul-Dec (116 items)
Jul 4: Will the mountain come to Mahomet?
Jul 5: Trying to decode the smoke signals!
Jul 6: Spoiling his siesta
Jul 7: Free-election campaigning in Vietnam
Jul 10: The laboratory experiment
Jul 11: A name-something like Solomon
Jul 12: Aren't you interested in defending yourself against communism?
Jul 13: The great nuclear arms race!
Jul 14: And no social security!
Jul 17: Hazards at home, too (Lyndon Johnson, isolationism)
Jul 18: Not the torch of liberty
Jul 19: Plight of the rescuer!
Jul 20: These infernal sonic booms!
Jul 21: So far they're just little brush fires!
Jul 24: The old California wagon
Jul 25: The tinderbox
Jul 28: Boomerang?
Jul 31: The belated conformist
Aug 1: At the bottom of the riot rubble
Aug 2: Post-riot riot
Aug 3: Of all the indignities!
Aug 4: Don't look now, but -
Aug 7: Let's pull for the shore (inflation, Lyndon Johnson, Congress)
Aug 8: Rather old stuff, after all!
Aug 9: Voice from the state department
Aug 10: Dear diary...
Aug 10: Dear diary!
Aug 11: Not enough in this troubled world!
Aug 14: Free election?
Aug 15: And if this is not a paper dragon?
Aug 16: Pennant rash is almost never fatal!
Aug 17: Road to the castle
Aug 19: Sometimes I think Asia might be bigger 'n Texas!
Aug 21: Global vendor
Aug 24: Anything new on Vietnam?
Aug 29: Anything new on Vietnam?
Aug 30: You're running the wrong way! - you're running the wrong way!!!
Aug 31: D0'1ino theory in practice!
Sep 1: Twins on a seesaw
Sep 4: Government sometimes wonders if you, too, have a credibility gap!
Sep 5: What will come out of it?
Sep 6: Kind of a mixed market!
Sep 7: I.Q. test
Sep 8: Rough on the animals, too!
Sep 11: The young conservatives
Sep 12: Burr under the saddle!
Sep 13: Apparently planet earth. Is having a civil nap!
Sep 14: A basic principle of democracy
Sep 15: A good beginning!
Sep 18: Target practice?
Sep 19: Treading on eggs!
Sep 20: Brainwashing is old stuff!
Sep 21: Mao will understand we're not trying for a bull's eye!
Sep 22: What I really want is a consensus!
Sep 25: How about bouncing the bouncer?
Sep 26: Now get going on those anti-anti-missile missiles!
Sep 27: Escalation here too
Sep 27: Escalation here too!
Sep 28: My, how you have grown
Sep 29: The assault
Oct 2: The right of dissent
Oct 3: The great '63 political race!
Oct 4: Puritanism-1967
Oct 5: Vietnam casualties
Oct 6: New thriller - and it isn't fiction
Oct 9: The ultimate escalation
Oct 10: It's a lot harder to fix the roof after it starts raining
Oct 11: The nightmare
Oct 12: How considerate of them - wonder how they're doing on their own planet!
Oct 13: Judeo-Christian bargain days in Minnesota
Oct 16: You're getting warmer (Lyndon Johnson, escalation, World War III
Oct 17: The third force
Oct 18: How about another little drink?
Oct 19: Forward pass!
Oct 20: The old oaken bucket (consensue); signed and inscribed to Elizabeth Wells
Oct 23: A job for king Solomon
Oct 24: Good time for him to go fishing
Oct 25: Considering everything, my convalescence is quite remarkable!
Oct 26: The atomic neurotic!
Oct 27: The persistent camel
Oct 30: I can't hear you!
Oct 31: High voltage
Nov 1: I don't get it!
Nov 2: Ps-s-st!
Nov 6: These are nervous times
Nov 7: The snowball
Nov 8: Those grapes may not be too sour, after all!
Nov 9: The citizen who kept his cool!
Nov 10: Not very well-heeled!
Nov 13: Fanatic poker game
Nov 14: Pacification on the home front, too (Lyndon Johnson, dissenting Democrats)
Nov 15: Another poverty area
Nov 16: Winning the hearts and minds of the Orientals?
Nov 17: Better get going, mister!
Nov 20: Just in the nick of time!
Nov 21: Vietnam census taker
Nov 22: Leashed
Nov 22: Leashed!
Nov 23: High cost of killing
Nov 24: Not even a mirage!
Nov 27: - to beautify the freeways!
Nov 28: The golden calf
Nov 29: I can lick anybody in the house!
Nov 30: No caption
Dec 1: He huffs and he puffs
Dec 4: The dissenter
Dec 6: You too?
Dec 6: You, too!?
Dec 7: Great metropolitan center!
Dec 8: Who'll volunteer to hold down this pressure?
Dec 11: No caption
Dec 12: Thin-ice season!
Dec 13: But, first, define your ideologies!
Dec 14: Does this make sense?
Dec 15: Living by the sword!
Dec 18: Irresistible force and immovable object?
Oversize 44 1968 Jan-Jun
Jan 3: Buck up! You've got a big job ahead of you!
Jan 4: The thinker
Jan 9: Now what do I do with it?!
Jan 10: Go ahead and talk!
Jan 11: The growth of isolationism in this country must be stopped!
Jan 12: Casting its shadow
Jan 15: We're getting some action now!
Jan 18: Another poll
Jan 19: Leftovers - but good!?
Jan 22: Moonlighting
Jan 24: Don't be alarmed - it's foolproof!
Jan 25: Horrors! It's spreading!
Jan 25: Horrors - it's spreading!
Jan 26: I can bring peace to the world!
Jan 29: Great invention in the atomic age!
Jan 30: Leaving no doubt of a need for the commission!
Jan 31: Fiddling!
Feb 2: Here we go again!
Feb 5: Vietnam casualty
Feb 7: No caption
Feb 8: Civilization marches on!
Feb 9: Flower children
Feb 12: My Vietnam coonskin!
Feb 13: I'd like to get my finger on that there button!
Feb 14: I don't want to be critical but we do need more effort on your part!
Feb 19: Population explosion-garbage explosion
Feb 20: Why don't you go away?
Feb 21: Ever think of ditching the whole bloomin' business?
Feb 23: Buck up - throw your shoulders back and smile!
Feb 23: Buck up - throw your shoulders back - and smile!
Feb 26: He couldn't care less!
Feb 27: Are you nuts? - there. Ain't no down escalator!
Feb 28: Which is the more civilized riot-control weapon?
Feb 29: Just right to sweep things under!
Mar 4: Se-e-e-e-x!
Mar 5: The finger!
Mar 11: And how about a 'jab or war?
Mar 12: I've got a secret!
Mar 13: The greater the escalation-the greater the victory!
Mar 14: Funniest thing I ever saw!
Mar 15: Hey Mac! Where did you get those nice juicy apples?
Mar 15: Hey, Mac! - where did you get those nice juicy apples?!
Mar 18: World cop
Mar 19: Sometimes called Chicago!
Mar 20: No caption
Mar 22: What's wrong with it?
Mar 25: I'm tired!
Mar 28: I think this guy is really serious about all this moral values stuff!
Mar 29: Whatsa matter - doncha love me?
Apr 1: I shot an arrow into the air
Apr 2: The situation is fluid
Apr 2: The situation is fluid!
Apr 3: Gee, uncle - you're not planning to leave me all alone, are you?!
Apr 4: Owe on - give it another try!
Apr 5: Ferdinand
Apr 6: My son, my son -
Apr 8: Black man's burden
Apr 9: Time for reflection
Apr 10: I'm about to send you on a most difficult mission
Apr 10: I'm about to send you on a most difficult mission -
Apr 11: Action too often requires tragedy
Apr 12: Pop - I want a gun!
Apr 16: Peace feelers
Apr 17: - and they both want to ride him
Apr 18: Another fellow with gun trouble
Apr 19: I'm not going anyplace, any time!
Apr 22: Where is the dough, Mr. president?
Apr 22: Where is the dove, Mr. President?
Apr 23: Peace poker game
Apr 24: Textbooks
Apr 25: Big, isn't it?
Apr 26: Humphrey, McCarthy, Kennedy, Nixon, Rockefeller, Wallace...?
Apr 30: No caption
May 2: But we must move into the 20th century!
May 7: Caught in a badminton game
May 8: You big bullies!
May 9: Now you must have patience!
May 10: I may have to destroy you to save you!
May 13: A little louder, please!
May 15: Peace ballet
May 16: Where have we gone wrong?
May 17: Go fishing: get away from it all
May 20: The mountain comes to Mahomet:
May 23: Revolution on the campus
May 24: I've won - why don't you quit?
May 27: Beware of falling rocks!
May 28: Beautiful!
May 29: Scrambled eggs coming up!
May 30: No caption
May 31: The echo
Jun 3: Still tilting with windmills!
Jun 4: Now for a little peace and quiet!
Jun 5: Most stubborn domino I ever saw!
Jun 6: Nightmare
Jun 7: No caption
Jun 10: It'll take a lot of repairing!
Jun 11: The cold line
Jun 12: Fall-out
Jun 13: I just use it for target practice!
Jun 14: Say a-h-h-h!
Jun 17: Speaking of gun control!
Jun 18: The case of the stolen elephant!
Jun 19: A hundred years old and better than a new one!
Jun 20: Gosh, what a wonderful gadget!
Jun 21: Ever hear of the 'new politics'? 1972

Jun 24: The old shell game
Jun 26: Guns, guns, guns
Jun 27: Looking for a consensus!
Jun 28: It says USA and USSR are talking about gun controls!
Oversize 45 1968 Jul-Dec
Jul 1: Big man on campus
Jul 2: Then it's agreed we have enough!
Jul 3: Democracy is still functioning!
Jul 4: I'm not a racist - I'm a big tipper!
Jul 5: Free agent
Jul 8: Hardly the great American debate
Jul 9: You're out o' style, fella!
Jul 10: She can always expect to be stoned!
Jul 11: One thing the polls make clear!
Jul 12: No caption
Jul 15: Commenting on issues of the day
Jul 30: I said: what is this younger generation coming to?!
Jul 31: He who would play Atlas
Aug 1: I guess we'll have to fall back on you old experts
Aug 5: Miami extravaganza
Aug 6: Darned crossroads again!
Aug 7: The platform
Aug 8: Making like a dove
Aug 9: I would rather be 'right' than be president!
Aug 12: I always say - one success deserves another
Aug 13: Difficult days for dogmatism
Aug 14: The agenda
Aug 15: Good grazing!
Aug 16: Voters of America, I need your help!
Aug 19: The sniffer
Aug 20: The tail wags the donkey
Aug 21: Quiet: - quiet!!!
Aug 22: Upsetting the apple cart!
Aug 23: New hot line
Aug 26: Happy days are here again!
Aug 28: Don'cha understand? You're not supposed to win - your job is to gripe!
Aug 29: What horse?!
Aug 30: Just training for the finals!
Sep 2: No caption
Sep 3: Violence
Sep 4: You're confused? - you don't know what confusion is!
Sep 5: Lesson from Chicago
Sep 6: Why do men climb mountains?
Sep 9: Where one sits makes a difference!
Sep 10: Great American debate!
Sep 11: Watch your step, kid!
Sep 13: But, dick, that's not a football!
Sep 16: Gee whiz! - I didn't even know what I was doing!
Sep 17: The hard core
Sep 18: How do you stop a runaway juggernaut?
Sep 19: Yeah! - we do need law and order!
Sep 23: His campaign speech
Sep 24: I'll steady it for you, Hubert!
Sep 25: 10-9-8-7-6...
Sep 26: The genie
Sep 27: No caption
Sep 30: That'll learn ya!
Oct 1: That's what I call justice!
Oct 2: Escalation!
Oct 3: Brothers
Oct 4: No caption
Oct 7: General, that's what I call courage!
Oct 8: Hijacker
Oct 9: Where's the dump?
Oct 10: Witch's brew!
Oct 11: The debate
Oct 14: What's ailin' ya, anyhow? (Lyndon Johnson, Democrats, Vietnam)
Oct 15: Who says I don't take a stand on issues?
Oct 16: The ultimate in law and order!
Oct 17: Super-demagogue
Oct 18: Re-entry will be the problem
Oct 21: Gentlemen, let's have one last violence binge and be done with it!
Oct 22: Bird watcher
Oct 23: Is man coming of age?
Oct 24: Political scales
Oct 25: Political dilemma
Oct 28: Dick's secret campaign weapon
Oct 29: The monkey on his back!
Oct 30: 01;e man, one vote!
Oct 31: We can take care of that later!
Nov 1: She ought to be used to it by now!
Nov 4: Well-l-l-not exactly a bomb-halt!
Nov 5: His day
Nov 6: Whose war is this, anyway?
Nov 7: Dick's got the ball
Nov 8: Greatest political force on earth
Nov 11: Hey - you guys are rushing me!
Nov 13: This way a little - steady now!
Nov 14: But that's not what I mean by self-determination!
Nov 15: Life is becoming so complicated
Nov 18: What's that again, Mr. Hoover?
Nov 19: Another cliff-hanger
Nov 20: What a bird!
Nov 21: 09, there'll be a debate, all right!
Nov 22: Quick - the insecticide!
Nov 25: There's nothing wrong with you that this won't cure!
Nov 26: How about a little more kickback, Sam?
Nov 27: What are the odds?
Nov 28: Thankfulness is a point of view!
Nov 29: Financial crisis - what's that?
Dec 2: Ladies and gentlemen
Dec 3: The rebound!
Dec 4: If you think this easy try it yourself sometime
Dec 5: Some people have no feeling for our fine old traditions!
Dec 6: Boy! - what an assignment!
Dec 9: Beginning of ideological warfare
Dec 10: Rite flower country
Dec 11: A round table for the Paris peace talks is quite appropriate!
Dec 12: Sounds wonderful, but !
Dec 13: Don't leave me now!
Dec 16: No caption
Dec 17: Traditional holiday toast
Dec 18: For the man who has everything
Dec 19: (no caption)
Dec 27: Something has been added to the old globe
Dec 30: Auld lang syne
Oversize 46 1969 Jan-Jun
Jan 1: Mutiny aboard the space ship!
Jan 2: Read all about it!
Jan 3: Trying to sleep it off
Jan 6: You still hanging around?
Jan 7: There's gotta be money someplace!
Jan 8: Still another agonizing reappraisal
Jan 9: The hot pursuit
Jan 10: Just proves how clever we are!
Jan 13: What they're trying to say is peace!
Jan 14: That looks like a big pie to me!
Jan 15: The new driver
Jan 16: The legacy!
Jan 17: At last. They've got a table!
Jan 20: (no caption)
Jan 21: That nag's gentle at first...
Jan 22: And he sent forth a dove
Jan 23: Mind if I watch?
Jan 24: The medium is the message!
Jan 27: Middle east badminton
Jan 28: The table is o.k. - now it's a question of chairs!
Jan 29: The calm before the storm
Jan 30: Mythland
Jan 31: Consolation prize
Feb 3: Think!
Feb 4: Snow, snow - beautiful snow!
Feb 5: Awkward posture
Feb 6: I pronounce you innocent...
Feb 7: The doctor is in consultation
Feb 11: Double trouble
Feb 12: Sorry about this, kids!
Feb 13: The new chief (U.S. world cop, Nixon
Feb 14: Grim recorder
Feb 17: Thanks, doc!
Feb 18: At last - one world
Feb 19: Now who did all this?
Feb 20: Will this be our heritage?
Feb 21: You'll never be a success until you become more aggressive!
Feb 24: Suggested peaceful use of atomic bomb
Feb 25: This will scare hell out 0' the commies!
Feb 26: Another leaning tower
Feb 27: Have patience over there - I've got him treed!
Feb 28: Uncle Sam should blush
Mar 3: Triumphant return from Europe
Mar 4: Now what. Do you think you're doing?
Mar 5: Where even angels fear to tread
Mar 6: How'd you ever get in here?
Mar 7: Signs of life again
Mar 10: The vanguard (hunger, violence)
Mar 11: Don't be alarmed: he's your protector!
Mar 12: Say, Hubert - are you still interested in this job?
Mar 13: (no caption)
Mar 14: By golly - it's real!
Mar 17: A foot in the door
Mar 18: Most amazing feat of modern times
Mar 19: Does it seem like the road's getting rougher, Spiro?
Mar 20: (no caption)
Mar 21: Just another mirage!
Mar 24: I'm miserable!
Mar 25: The arms race goes on - and on!
Mar 26: The glutton
Mar 27: It's going to take a long time to get out of this!
Mar 28: Flood season
Mar 31: He serves me most who serves his country best
Apr 1: Senate doves
Apr 2: Watchdog
Apr 3: The thin shield
Apr 4: Springtime
Apr 7: Bulletin: we are now making progress (U.S., Vietnam)
Apr 8: Limited vocabulary
Apr 10: Not enough boys at the dike!
Apr 11: How much is too much?
Apr 14: Fat cat
Apr 15: About this time of year
Apr 16: The overweight problem
Apr 17: Here we go again
Apr 18: Must be a nightmare (Nixon's war)
Apr 21: Always the dominant figure
Apr 22: The open society
Apr 23: Nixon: you mean you like it?
Apr 24: How times have changed
Apr 25: I think I saw a foot move!
Apr 28: We're waiting for this demonstration!
Apr 29: The inevitable retreat
Apr 30: Atlas dropped the ball!
May 1: Best-kept secret
May 2: The juggernaut
May 5: And now on the home front!
May 6: (no caption)
May 7: Violence vise
May 8: Where is the offense department?
May 9: I'm afraid I'm losing my popularity (war)
May 27: You've flunked!
May 28: But, Dick - isn't that subversive?
May 29: Remember those good old 'pre-generation gap' days?
May 30: Dangerous side effects
Jun 3: Might change your disposition, too!
Jun 4: What kind of teamwork is this?
Jun 5: Naturally!
Jun 6: Strengthening our ties!
Jun 9: Now, now - after all, it's how you played the game!
Jun 10: Mind blowers
Jun 11: The elusive phrase
Jun 12: Spawning ground
Jun 13: He's gaining on you, dick!
Jun 16: Let's do it in a more friendly spirit!
Jun 17: The cliffhanger
Jun 18: My dear friend, have no fear - I will protect you (U.S. military, dictator Franco, Spanish freedom)
Jun 19: I want good simple solutions to complicated problems - but quick!
Jun 20: Prince and pauper
Jun 23: Great American debate
Jun 24: Earl warren was here
Jun 25: ABM intelligence credibility gap
Jun 26: Return of the crusader (U.S.)
Jun 27: Heh, heh - now what'll I do with it?
Oversize 47 1969 Jul-Dec
Jul 1: What're you griping about - I didn't make any campaign promises, did I?
Jul 2: Perpetual motion
Jul 3: Wait 'til that stuff wears off!
Jul 4: The wanderer
Jul 7: I wouldn't withdraw too rapidly, Mr. President!
Jul 8: But I wouldn't want to live there (Rockefeller, fact-finding mission to Latin America)
Jul 9: Whipsaw
Jul 10: The middle east dialogue
Jul 14: The warmonger
Jul 15: Broke his pick (Vietnam, U.S. foreign policy)
Jul 16: (no caption)
Jul 17: Symbolic stride
Jul 18: Money isn't the only ingredient
Jul 21: The egg
Jul 22: Moonlight
Jul 23: Back in the limelight,
Jul 24: Point of diminishing returns
Jul 25: My, my - how well you look!
Jul 28: The stray
Aug 26: Grab bag (military, foreign economic aid, critical domestic needs, federal budget)
Aug 27: When you can defend yourself we'll withdraw our troops!
Aug 28: Did he say dangerous?
Aug 29: Ah've said many 'times ah'm waitin' for the other side to reciprocate!
Sep 1: The die-hards
Sep 2: Adult education
Sep 3: Go 'way - there won't be any crumbs!
Sep 4: Still trying to allure the dove
Sep 5: (no caption)
Sep 8: All I need is a nice, snappy slogan!
Sep 9: More pollution
Sep 11: Where the action is
Sep 12: Democracy is still breathing-he just fainted fr011 fright!
Sep 12: No quibbling here
Sep 15: Oh what a tangled web we've woven!
Sep 16: Nixon's war
Sep 17: Boy - what a relief!
Sep 18: Self-determination in south Vietnam
Sep 24: One of these days we ought to do something about this!
Sep 25: Lost key
Sep 26: Poor nasty, sinful, wretched me!
Sep 29: You ain't got a thing to worry about!
Sep 30: Now folks, I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do (Vietnamization snake oil, bring the boys home by Xmas, Nixon)
Oct 1: The new Uncle Sam?
Oct 2: Backlash!
Oct 3: Gold rush prospects?
Oct 6: One cease-fire he favors
Oct 7: Now you too?
Oct 8: Hell, no - I won't go!
Oct 9: Disposal
Oct 10: By golly - it works!
Oct 13: Feeding the stork
Oct 14: Gloomy prospects
Oct 15: The split is becoming more evident
Oct 16: Shades of Joe McCarthy!
Oct 20: Now what wise guy did that?
Oct 21: Gosh! - did I do that?
Oct 22: What's gotten into this old nag?!
Oct 23: Generation gap
Oct 24: But Spiro, can't you find a little smaller brush? (Agnew, GOP, tar)
Oct 27: Cease-fire? - that's not my bag!
Oct 28: Not exactly what he ordered!
Oct 29: The agenda
Oct 30: Quick - the cyclamates!
Oct 31: Revised slogan
Nov 3: The fledgling
Nov 4: Still in the waiting room
Nov 5: His baby now!
Nov 6: How arrogant of him to think he's china!
Nov 7: Why is Vietnamization so difficult? They did it up in north Vietnam years ago!
Nov 10: Getting him out with honor (Vietnam, U.S.)
Nov 11: Moral: never argue with a bulldozer
Nov 12: Company's coming!
Nov 13: Continuing alliance for progress
Nov 14: When shall we three meet again?
Nov 17: Effete corps of impudent snobs!
Nov 18: The long wait
Nov 19: The way of the dictator
Nov 21: The toast
Nov 24: Shucks! - even a president is human
Nov 25: Why not a shovel too?
Nov 26: One giant step for mankind!
Nov 27: Institutionalized war
Nov 28: Sh-h-h-h!
Dec 1: What did they expect?
Dec 2: Ah-ha! - now I see the enemy!
Dec 3: That'll be the day
Dec 4: Self-determination
Dec 5: The gift list
Dec 8: Lower your voice!
Dec 9: U.S.A. - 1969
Dec 10: Now do you want to be on Santa's good-boys list?
Dec 11: Determining the dosage
Dec 12: Boy - I've had it! Give me one ticket one way!
Dec 15: Violence in the streets
Dec 16: You'll have to wait - I'm busy with one over here!
Dec 17: And there's another little problem
Dec 18: Here's another one!
Dec 19: Of course it's a long shot, but - !
Dec 22: 'Tis the season to be jolly
Dec 23: 'Tis the season!
Dec 24: Anybody want a Christmas gift?
Dec 26: Pity the poor!
Dec 29: How many more mileposts?
Dec 30: 1970? - I hardly know where we've been in 1969!
Oversize 51 1970 Jan-Apr
Jan 2: Not a very apt pupil!
Jan 5: It's the indignity of it!
Jan 6: Letter from the earthlings
Jan 7: Split in the silent majority?
Jan 8: The white man's burden
Jan 9: Poverty in the cities
Jan 12: Any time is seeding-time!
Jan 13: Uneven match
Jan 14: How to bring us together!
Jan 15: Still the guiding light
Jan 16: Man of the century!
Jan 19: They say the blossoms are beautiful!
Jan 20: Bringing them together!
Jan 21: At least we're getting some action!
Jan 22: Why do I always get the left-overs?
Jan 23: Futuristic painter (Nixon, state of the union)
Jan 26: Too many priorities!
Jan 27: What do you mean - recession?
Jan 28: The heat is on!
Jan 29: Inflation, ya know!
Jan 30: Yes, it's a nasty war!
Feb 2: No recession here!
Feb 3: What did he expect?
Feb 4: On the hook!
Feb 5: The fireman
Feb 6: Don't go 'way - I may call on you after all (U.S. world cop, Nixon)
Feb 9: How about a hedge against inflation?
Feb 10: Dr. Laird calling
Feb 11: Hey - that's my garbage can!
Feb 12: Two little black boxes
Feb 13: Dangerous poker game (Soviet arms, U.S. arms, Mideast)
Feb 16: I ain't goin' to budge!
Feb 17: Big Brother comes in many forms (censorship)
Feb 19: The message
Feb 20: Laos? - I thought it was Vietnam!
Feb 23: Why doncha go out and get a job?
Feb 25: (no caption)
Feb 26: Let's toast the past - there is no future (USSR military, USA military, ABM)
Feb 27: And the secret is coming out (Nixon, American people, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand)
Mar 3: Defying the law of gravity
Mar 4: What's the matter with everybody?
Mar 5: Has he lost his way?
Mar 6: A ray of hope
Mar 9: There's gotta be a rabbit!
Mar 10: If we're really serious about pollution control!
Mar 11: The handicap
Mar 12: The ultimate weapon!
Mar 13: Here comes the life preserver!
Mar 16: What do kids know about politics?
Mar 17: Long road to where? (Vietnamization)
Mar 18: Man and his world
Mar 19: Economic teeter-totter
Mar 20: Whose side are you on?!
Mar 23: (no caption)
Mar 24: What happened?
Mar 25: There'll be a slight delay!
Mar 26: Bring back the mail strike!
Mar 27: It's a big market!
Mar 30: Sort of an endurance test
Mar 31: Now tell me about your dreams!
Apr 1: Is this the only way to fly the flag
Apr 2: Trying to save his honor!
Apr 3: Political campaign slogan?
Apr 6: Hypnotized?
Apr 7: What's the world coming to?!
Apr 8: What's the hurry?
Apr 9: Bull market
Apr 10: Wrong road
Apr 13: Slow learner
Apr 14: Now keep your eye on the ball!
Apr 15: Bringing them together (USA, USSR, atomic horror)
Apr 16: More seasoning than stew!
Apr 17: By golly, we got Earl Warren (Bill Douglas)
Apr 20: - and what is the lesson for today?
Apr 21: What's so bad about pollution when it's for a good cause? (god of war)
Apr 22: Advanced course
Apr 23: Another invitation!
Apr 24: Famous last words
Apr 27: We need another bucket of sand!.
Apr 28: Fancy meeting you here!
Apr 29: I thought we were getting out (Cambodia etc., U.S., the military)
Apr 30: Wall street tango
Oversize 51 1970 Jan-Apr
Jan 1: Go back!
Jan 5: Why doesn't kitty come down?
Jan 6: This isn't really sacred after all!
Jan 7: Ten years of a floundering giant (Indochina, U.S.)
Jan 8: Perilous pollution
Jan 11: I thought you'd gone!
Jan 12: Nice form - now keep rowing!
Jan 13: The early birds
Jan 14: The money game
Jan 15: My poor little world - I may have to destroy you to save you!
Jan 18: The defendant
Jan 19: Revolving doors are wonderful!
Jan 20: The game plan that failed!
Jan 21: His own state of the union address!
Jan 22: A matter of priorities
Jan 25: I told you we were getting out of Vietnam!
Jan 26: Here - unscramble these eggs and• come up with something better!
Jan 27: - and his shadow!
Jan 28: From the mountaintop!
Jan 29: What kind of behavior is this?
Feb 1: Military strategy simplified
Feb 4: The new congress
Feb 5: Revenue sharing with a bang!
Feb 8: - and, Alan, if you boys should see any gold nuggets up there...
Feb 9: Demonstrating the domino theory!
Feb 10: What a long nose you have, uncle!
Feb 11: Who'll administer this - Washington or the states?
Feb 12: Pity the poor ecologist!
Feb 15: One small step for mankind!
Feb 16: And now our domestic problems!
Feb 17: The boy at the dike
Feb 18: Revenue sharing is old stuff!
Feb 19: Full dress for withdrawal?
Feb 23: Doncha want to be big and strong?
Feb 24: Why, there goes the parson (GOP deficit spending)
Feb 25: Advanced studies
Feb 26: Maybe you could be a little more subtle!
Mar 1: Global drug addiction
Mar 2: Latest bulletin
Mar 3: Juggernaut
Mar 4: Another Indochina action shaping up!
Mar 5: The great coat of Minnesota
Mar 8: Counting his chickens
Mar 9: Most fun I've had in years!
Mar 10: Getting ideas!
Mar 11: Thank you, Mr. President!
Mar 12: But I'm not a racist!
Mar 15: Hey, doc, take me back - this is not for me!
Mar 16: Investigating himself
Mar 17: Uncle! - don't you recognize me?
Mar 19: The pause
Mar 22: Now the responsibility gap!
Mar 23: Crossing swords (USSR, China)
Mar 24: Maybe I'm losing my charisma!
Mar 25: More than a sonic boom!
Mar 26: Record of achievement
Mar 29: Maybe we ought to do something!
Mar 30: Kid, you're lookin' great!
Mar 31: Somebody has to pay for it!
Apr 1: Out, damned spot!
Apr 2: This is an outrage!
Apr 5: Will it come to this?
Apr 6: Paper work
Apr 7: Thanks, judge!
Apr 8: Pity the poor pedestrian!
Apr 9: I'm staking my political future on you - now don't let me down!
Apr 12: That inscrutable oriental!
Apr 13: Better than missiles!
Apr 15: Of course in our role we can't get completely out!
Apr 16: Haven't we met before someplace?
Apr 19: Warning!
Apr 20: This is my number one priority!
Apr 21: I feel quite cozy here!
Apr 22: Not our finest hour!
Apr 23: Why can't we let the next generation do it?
Apr 26: Still another spring
Apr 27: This is what made America great!
Apr 28: Some sort of recognition!
Apr 29: Lighting the way to a police state
Apr 30: On trial
Oversize 52 1971 Sep-1972 Feb
Sep 1: Ladie-e-e-es and gentlemen...!
Sep 2: Back to school
Sep 3: Not enough pie - or too many knives?
Sep 6: Victory in Vietnam (Thieu, U.S., self-determination doctrine)
Sep 7: Charge!
Sep 8: The killing goes on!
Sep 9: The freeze is old stuff for him!
Sep 10: Global questions
Sep 13: Automation
Oct 5: World champion shadowboxer!
Oct 6: Throwback?
Oct 7: Homework
Oct 8: If you guys want my services, you've got to help pay for it!
Oct 11: Recalling the good old days!
Oct 12: There ain't no such animal!
Oct 13: Breath-taking!
Oct 14: I like this one-way idea!
Oct 15: Now I expect you fellows to show some self-control!
Oct 18: Speaking of casualties (Indochina)
Oct 20: Getting a feel for it
Oct 21: Another one-man election!
Oct 22: Phase two?
Oct 25: Reconnoitering
Oct 26: How many times has that been recycled?
Oct 27: So you're china - welcome to the club!
Oct 28: Tough going for the buses!
Oct 29: 20th century jousting
Nov 1: He has his phases, too!
Nov 2: Someone will have to rescue the baby!
Nov 3: Well, I got her off dead center! (global politics)
Nov 4: I may have to destroy it to save it!
Nov 5: The troika
Nov 8: (no caption)
Nov 9: I'm going to kick this habit someday!
Nov 10: The bugs will get you if the chemicals don't!
Nov 11: Breaking home ties
Nov 12: But where will he go? (isolationism)
Nov 15: The takeoff
Nov 16: Louder, please!
Nov 17: Floating
Nov 18: I say, walls make good neighbors!
Nov 19: Buddy, can you spare a million?
Nov 22: Now, what phase is this?
Nov 23: Of course, some inflation is 0.k.!
Nov 24: But there's money there!
Nov 25: Are these the helping hands?
Nov 26: Same old phase for him!
Nov 29: Prime defensive stock
Nov 30: Geography lesson
Dec 1: Are you really mad?!
Dec 2: All it takes is a little patience°
Dec 3: Isn't that old moneybags, himself?
Dec 6: Another farm problem!
Dec 7: (no caption)
Dec 8: Speaking of banning unsafe toys (jingoists, super-patriots, nuclear weapons)
Dec 9: Want ad
Dec 10: Putting on the brakes
Dec 13: The boy on the burning deck
Dec 14: No riders!
Dec 17: Landing problems
Dec 20: The. Stocking is still hanging
Dec 21: Talk about crime in the streets!
Dec 22: For some the war is winding down
Dec 23: He's got the ball - or has he?
Dec 24: Goulash
Dec 27: Where's the exchange department?
Dec 28: Coo-coo-oooo!
Dec 30: Which way are the winds blowing?
Jan 3: Annual generation gap (1972)
Jan 4: Inveterate optimist
Jan 5: The growing specter
Jan 6: Still sitting on it!
Jan 7: Exciting foreign policy drama
Jan 10: Into the 11th year of frustration!
Jan 11: No cutback in this rocketry!
Jan 12: There's bound to be a leak!
Jan 13: Slight odds on the elephant!
Jan 14: Not on the president's itinerary!
Jan 17: Living it up (world's resources)
Jan 18: State of the union message
Jan 19: Back to work with gusto!
Jan 20: Lively corpse!
Jan 21: Where there is always sunshine!
Jan 24: It's all academic to me!
Jan 25: Battle of the red ink!
Jan 26: Sort of bullish!
Jan 27: (no caption)
Jan 28: Russian roulette
Jan 31: Secret weapon?
Feb 1: Still America's darling
Feb 2: At the end of the rainbow
Feb 3: Another population explosion!
Feb 7: Humpty dumpty
Feb 8: Another amnesty candidate!
Feb 9: Of course, this is only my own personal point of view!
Feb 10: Pres. Nixon: great step toward peace
Feb 11: Winding down the war!
Feb 14: But I still have my honor (Southeast Asia, colonialism)
Feb 15: Hear no evil!
Feb 16: Missiles to the east of us - missiles to the west of us!
Feb 17: The stay-at-home
Feb 18: Not exactly a thriller!
Feb 21: See - it really isn't very big!
Feb 22: Summit preliminaries
Feb 23: Traitor!
Feb 24: Purr-r-r-r
Feb 25: I suppose his defection to china would be too good to hope for!
Feb 28: It's a political year!
Feb 29: The week that changed the world!
Oversize 53 1972 Mar-Aug
Mar 1: Try to digest that while I prepare for another trip!
Mar 2: Find the one with the earplugs
Mar 3: Disengagement posture
Mar 6: The morning after
Mar 7: The affluent society (political campaigning)
Mar 8: Needed: new wonder drug!
Mar 9: V is for violence!
Mar 10: Now, what did you say?
Mar 13: Kind of gives you a sense of balance!
Mar 14: Gosh! - how can I afford it?
Mar 15: The real driver
Mar 16: Here are some more stabilizers!
Mar 17: Qualifying for the presidency?
Mar 20: Still hot!
Mar 21: Playing chicken
Mar 22: In the land of the free?
Mar 23: I suppose it is a lot of fun!
Mar 24: More crocodile tears!
Mar 27: Election of a president
Mar 28: Some day there'll be a forced landing!
Mar 29: I never liked back-seat drivers!
Mar 30: The ITT hot line!
Mar 31: The long march!
Apr 3: The new protester
Apr 4: Gosh! - I thought you had gone!
Apr 5: Spring has arrived on the city parkways!
Apr 6: The carpetbagger
Apr 7: What are the primary winds saying?
Apr 10: I thought this was nesting time!
Apr 11: Elections now going on in Vietnam!
Apr 12: The presidential open
Apr 13: How it must feel at first!
Apr 14: The shattering burst of-a bubble!
Apr 18: Some people just don't understand!
Apr 19: Serpentine fuse
Apr 20: Invasion on the home front!
Apr 21: Era of the strategist
Apr 24: Watching George do it!
Apr 25: Eyeball to eyeball!
Apr 26: Because it's there!
Apr 27: Even bigger than it looks!
Apr 28: The urgent summit
May 1: I hope I won't have to destroy it to save it!
May 2: Don't you understand? - my security depends on you!
May 3: The road to Moscow
May 4: Put it back together and you still have Vietnamization!
May 5: Help!
May 8: Western civilization has brought us a lot of wonderful gadgets!
May 9: Horse fly!
May 10: Did I hear a bugle?
May 11: Environmental bill collector
May 12: Sailor, beware!
May 15: Uncomfortable platform
May 16: Marking the ballot
May 17: What makes civilians so violent?!
May 18: I do like this uniform!
May 19: You back again?
May 22: Well, pat - this is it!
May 23: Convention drummer
May 24: The big three (USA, USSR, Vietnam)
May 25: Old politics - new technology
May 29: It's a start, anyway!
May 30: Is it real or is it a hoax?
May 31: This deprives me of my rights!
Jun 1: Political popularity chart?
Jun 2: Strange way to train for the championship!
Jun 5: Can everybody hear me?
Jun 6: The era of. Summits?
Jun 7: This has been so successful -
Jun 8: (no caption)
Jun 9: I think I smell smoke!
Jun 12: Has anyone seen a smart dove?
Jun 13: Idealism, limited
Jun 20: Another endangered species!
Jun 21: You, too?!
Jun 22: Coming in for a landing
Jun 23: Ever see such a mad hare?
Jun 27: Pops, why can't we work this out together?
Jun 28: Guess who's the top man!
Jun 29: The grim race
Jun 30: Thou shalt not kill!
Jul 3: Mounting the platform!
Jul 4: Not so fast, mister (ecology, business as usual)
Jul 5: It's music to one pair of ears!
Jul 6: Shucks, the world chess championship is old stuff!
Jul 7: Wonder what he has in his bags!
Jul 10: The convention will now come to order!
Jul 11: Doomsday is just around the corner!
Jul 12: Still wearing the crown!
Jul 13: See how fortunate you are!
Jul 14: To the victor!
Jul 17: Could this be a booby trap?
Jul 18: Give it to me straight, madam!
Jul 19: Vietnamization of America!
Jul 21: Getting away from it all1.
Jul 24: Help you with your baggage, sir?
Jul 25: Which is wagging which?
Jul 27: How do you expect to have any fun in Miami?
Jul 28: To the last drop of blood?
Jul 31: Good vantage point for outer space cooperation!
Aug 1: Never a dull moment
Aug 2: The airport impasse
Aug 3: Still below flood stage!
Aug 4: Wall street ringmaster
Aug 7: Nobody seems happy about it!
Aug 8: The jet 'age!
Aug 10: This is our great tradition, you know!
Aug 11: It's getting awfully hot in here!
Aug 14: Because it's there
Aug 15: You fellows aren't holding a grudge, are you?
Aug 16: Old politics is not dead!
Aug 17: The aim of the bombing is to stop the flow of supplies for the enemy.
Aug 18: 'I'm in no mood for that nonsense!
Aug 21: Poor little earthman!
Aug 22: Boys will be boys - heh, heh!
Aug 23: Happy days are here again!
Aug 24: Everything is tightly scheduled, Henry!
Aug 25: Only coronation befitting America!
Aug 28: Time is of the essence!
Aug 29: Best seller
Aug 30: Hope the folks back home won't think we're bugging out!
Aug 31: Long-range airport planning isn't easy!
Oversize 54 1972 Sep-1973 Apr
Sep 1: What's wrong with sharing the wealth?
Sep 4: The war is winding down!
Sep 20: Nothing secret about this plan!
Sep 21: (no caption)
Sep 22: Something should be done about this!
Sep 25: Above the battle?
Sep 26: The great kidnapping case of 1972!
Sep 27: Chickens home to roost
Sep 28: Political action
Sep 29: Bookworms
Oct 2: And why not?!
Oct 3: The magician outdoes himself
Oct 4: If he's stuck, let him call a tow truck!
Oct 5: Secret weapon?
Oct 6: Loaded cigar!
Oct 9: Thar's gold in them thar hills!
Oct 10: This is exposure enough for me!
Oct 11: We'll get that bird or know the reason why!
Oct 12: The thinker
Oct 13: The show-off!
Oct 16: Acceptable form of pollution?
Oct 17: (no caption) (Nixon, Congress)
Oct 18: Famous last words
Oct 19: Waiting for a break
Oct 20: The 92nd congress adjourns!
Oct 23: Credibility gap
Oct 25: Let me make this perfectly clear (Nixon, Thieu, peace plan)
Oct 26: Concentration!
Oct 27: Why is the dove so timid?
Oct 31: A couple of war prisoners!
Nov 1: Hard to keep his eyes on the bird!
Nov 2: The new ethics!
Nov 3: I've only had a few years of this - don't rush me now!
Nov 6: Togetherness
Nov 7: Democracy's citadel
Nov 8: To the victor...!
Nov 9: (no caption)
Nov 10: Guess who won the election!
Nov 13: With strings attached!
Nov 14: Could we be an endangered species?
Nov 15: Falling in was easy!
Nov 16: Next round coming up!
Nov 17: Unfinished business!
Nov 18: Is this sporting?
Nov 20: The impending collision
Nov 29: Could I be of any help, Mr. President?
Dec 5: Ho-ho-ho!
Dec 6: And negotiations go on and on!
Dec 7: If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the mountain!
Dec 8: Apollo's legacy (one world)
Dec 11: One of the concerned!
Dec 12: Who wants to let go?
Dec 13: Strict constructionist on a tight-wire
Dec 14: The game is becoming more dramatic
Dec 15: Still holding the bag!
Dec 18: Exploring every possibility!
Dec 19: Still in orbit!
Dec 21: Peace dove for Christmas!
Dec 22: What are the stars saying for '73?
Dec 25: Some people just don't believe in me!
Jan 18: The prolonged melodrama
Jan 19: The shorn lamb
Jan 22: Originally called a caper (Watergate case)
Jan 23: Now a toast to universal peace!
Jan 24: Lyndon Johnson's phoenix
Jan 25: At the end of the tunnel!
Jan 26: The hot potato
Jan 29: The triumvirate!
Jan 30: Quick - a new peace conference!
Jan 31: The golden calf
Feb 1: Hope return with honor!
Feb 2: The road back
Feb 5: (no caption)
Feb 6: The weary dove
Feb 7: The main road
Feb 8: I just want to get your name and address and your crop yield!
Feb 9: More than the tip of the tail!
Feb 14: Rebuilding Vietnam
Feb 15: The procession
Feb 16: Instant replay
Feb 19: Another energy crisis!
Feb 20: A nightmare becomes real!
Feb 21: There's a light in the window
Feb 22: He'll be exhausted by midyear!
Feb 23: Is there spring in the air?
Feb 26: Cold war amnesty
Feb 28: Give it a little gas!
Mar 1: The confused thinker
Mar 2: Snipping their way!
Mar 6: The crisis explosion (dollar, education, ecology, energy, pollution)
Mar 7: Administration's reducing exercises
Mar 8: Gotta have more flexibility!
Mar 9: It's his baby!
Mar 12: Hazardous driving
Mar 20: Overflight
Mar 21: Let me make this perfectly clear!
Mar 22: Strange social reformer (administration death penalty plan)
Mar 23: I'll sue 'em for slander!
Mar 26: Back to phase one in Vietnam!
Mar 27: The Watergate caper (GOP)
Mar 28: We're on the road to a solution!
Mar 29: Almost as noisy as a cannon!
Mar 30: - and mind your own business!
Apr 2: The fill
Apr 3: Getting a little top-heavy (Nixon, executive privilege)
Apr 4: Peace doves over Cambodia!
Apr 5: What constitutional crisis?
Apr 6: A matter of distribution (military budget, social services)
Apr 9: The great silent minority!
Apr 12: (no caption) (man, resources, "more, more, more")
Apr 13: The great smear (Watergate)
Apr 16: Could you spare some of those 'impounded funds', dad?
Apr 17: The changing times
Apr 18: Looks like a rerun (Nixon, southeast Asia)
Apr 19: Surfacing (Watergate scandal, GOP)
Apr 20: Yes, sir! - yes, sir!
Apr 23: Citizen on a tightrope
Oversize 55 1973 May-Dec

May 2: Why do Americans call this 'constitutional' bombing?
May 4: When it rains it pours!
May 7: In the never-never land!
May 8: Gran'ma - what big teeth you have!
May 9: What did he expect?
May 10: Recommended reading!
May 11: Is this America's honor? (Cambodia bombing)
May 14: Final days
May 15: Out of the doldrums!
May 16: How about another commission to study election reforms?
May 17: One alternative!
May 18: Astronomical (resources, ever-expanding economy)
May 21: Singing in the shower
Jun 12: Dirty ol' mongrel - be gone!
Jun 14: Welcome, leonid11!
Jun 15: What a reducing diet!
Jun 18: Antique in the making!
Jun 19: Counting his pennies (U.S. dollar)
Jun 20: Toast to a common cause
Jun 21: From prince to pauper!
Jun 22: It's all go!
Jun 25: What phase is this?
Jun 26: Wanted: another summit meeting!
Jun 27: Crime in the streets
Jun 28: Regaining control of the purse strings?
Jun 29: The king can do no wrong (Cambodia bombing, Nixon)
Jul 2: Separation of powers!
Jul 3: For distinguished service!
Jul 4: Independence Day 1973 (Constitution, Watergate)
Jul 5: I've been swindled (horn of plenty)
Jul 6: Defining obscenity!
Jul 9: This is no white house enemy!
Jul 10: Is it a gusher?
Jul 11: Whistling
Jul 13: The Watergate jungle
Jul 16: Maybe I can get around it!
Jul 17: Do you believe that?
Jul 18: Is this national security?
Jul 19: Real horror story
Jul 20: Phase seven looks more promising!
Jul 23: I've got a secret!
Jul 25: The deluge!
Jul 26: Stout fellow!
Jul 27: Bread basket of the world!
Jul 30: This is most embarrassing, your honor (separation of powers, Supreme Court)
Jul 31: Obesity will reduce your life expectancy!
Aug 1: The farmer in the dell!
Aug 2: Wallowing!
Aug 3: The stern teacher
Aug 6: Anybody listening?
Aug 7: That old spoiler!
Aug 8: The deadly race (Cambodia bombing, Aug. 15 deadline)
Aug 10: I always try to be a gentleman!
Aug 13: Deluge
Aug 14: Picking up the pieces!
Aug 15: Was it worth it?
Aug 16: Ghosts out of Pandora's box!
Aug 17: We must not stay mired in Watergate!
Aug 20: Among the Watergate casualties
Aug 21: Incompatibility (environment, economic demands)
Aug 22: Explaining the grand strategy (Nixon, bombing of Cambodia)
Aug 23: Mortgage rate goblin
Aug 24: See what a little polish will do!
Aug 27: Pull a rabbit out, Henry!
Aug 28: He's having another phase!
Aug 29: The tempter
Aug 30: Student driver
Aug 31: King Richard sweeps back the waves (Nixon, the courts, congressional powers)
Sep 4: First danged thing is an overhaul!
Sep 6: Not this!
Sep 7: Let's have a little harmony!
Sep 10: Go away
Sep 11: Putting zip in the act (political brawl, the economy)
Sep 12: Troubled waters
Sep 14: The power struggle (environmentalists, our standard of living)
Sep 17: The tapes
Sep 18: Look up and not down!
Sep 19: Administration's "peace" budget (military spending)
Sep 20: Storm clouds over Washington
Sep 21: Migration may be heavier this year!
Sep 24: Relief is just around the corner!
Sep 25: Just what the world needs (Pentagon, poison gas)
Sep 26: You guys better shape up! (independent voters)
Sep 27: The bombs!
Sep 28: Awash!
Oct 1: Cover-ups come in many styles!
Oct 2: Double, double toil and trouble
Oct 3: The opposition is defeated!
Oct 4: Twisting slowly, slowly in the wind (Watergate)
Oct 5: There'll be a slight delay!
Oct 9: Old reliable erupts again!
Oct 10: Same old hose trouble (U.N., the big powers, middle east conflagration)
Oct 11: You guys won't have me to kick around anymore (Agnew)
Oct 12: (no caption) (constitutional crises)
Oct 15: Ominous clouds
Oct 16: Cop on a tightrope!
Oct 17: His very best hat, too!
Oct 18: Sophisticated weaponry (oil, Arab nations)
Oct 19: This could be dangerous
Oct 22: Political boycott!
Oct 23: I'm only trying to avoid a Constitutional confrontation (Nixon, U.S. Constitution)
Oct 25: Battle of the tapes
Oct 26: Too much permissiveness?
Oct 29: The winner! (middle east)
Oct 30: The mountain labored...
Oct 31: Can't you see I'm busy? (Nixon, Watergate, foreign affairs)
Nov 1: The president's best record
Nov 2: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive (presidential credibility)
Nov 5: Freedom's greatest institution
Nov 6: The new diplomacy (oil)
Nov 7: The boy stood on the burning deck -
Nov 8: What are the winds saying?
Nov 9: Victory with honor!
Nov 13: - and now another toast!
Nov 14: No, no - not that! (fuel shortage)
Nov 15: Tough balancing act (GOP, Nixon)
Nov 16: Oil
Dec 12: Right on schedule!
Dec 13: Twenty-five years later!
Dec 14: The bandwagon
Dec 17: So sorry!
Dec 18: Market crystal gazers
Dec 19: Fireman
Dec 20: M-m-m4a-m-m!
Dec 21: Oil slick
Dec 24: Superman (Nixon, Kissinger)
Dec 25: Hope springs eternal
Dec 27: Where energy abounds (energy crisis, environmentalists)
Dec 28: International oil bowl game
Oversize 56 1974 Jan-Aug
Jan 1: The wayfarer
Jan 2: (no caption)
Jan 3: The mess he left behind (Watergate, 1973)
Jan 4: A real gusher!
Jan 8: Twins!
Jan 10: Mired
Jan 11: Overruled! (Nixon, the courts, congress)
Jan 14: Uncle Sam's diary
Jan 15: Fly now, pay later!
Jan 16: Reluctant elephant!
Jan 17: Another serious shortage
Jan 18: End of an operation
Jan 21: Henry does it again!
Jan 22: Fishing for fuel facts
Jan 23: Real energy crisis!
Jan 24: The last laugh (fossil fuels)
Jan 25: Exorcism may be the answer!
Jan 28: Defying the law of gravity!
Jan 29: Twisting slowly in the wind!
Jan 30: Nothing like the old steam roller (energy issue, environmentalists)
Jan 31: World diplomacy (big oil)
Feb 1: Get thee behind me! (Watergate, state of the union)
Feb 4: Cheer up bill - here's the good news!
Feb 5: You can't always be number one!
Feb 6: When the doctors disagree!
Feb 7: What's gotten into Richard? (Nixonomics, GOP tradition)
Feb 8: Snake charmer
Feb 11: Inveighing against a volcano!
Feb 13: Dividing up the precious stuff!
Feb 14: While bunny naps
Feb 15: The big bite
Feb 18: Where's the down escalator?
Feb 19: Modern sun worshipers (solar energy)
Feb 20: The great frustration (spirit of freedom, authoritarianism)
Feb 22: There's no lubrication like oil!
Feb 25: Now is the time for all good men...!
Feb 26: The sword of Damocles
Feb 27: That is the question!
Feb 28: The great gold rush-1974
Mar 1: Giving it to him straight!
Mar 4: Putting Watergate behind him!
Mar 5: Has he missed the boat?
Mar 6: On his own!
Mar 7: Looking for his leader
Mar 8: Testing Henry's versatility
Mar 11: What of the harvest?
Mar 12: Quick - some more patches!
Mar 14: Rationing is old stuff!
Mar 15: Business ain't what it used to be!
Mar 18: The throwback
Mar 19: Yo-yo world champion!
Mar 20: We're on the move!
Mar 21: There's a string attached!
Mar 22: Crocodile tears
Mar 25: Not exactly a blessed event!
Mar 26: Streaking!
Mar 27: I'm swimmin' for it! (GOP candidates, Nixon leadership)
Mar 28: Every body needs milk!
Mar 29: The mismatch
Apr 3: Quick, Henry, do something!
Apr 4: The people have spoken!
Apr 8: But oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still!
Apr 10: (no caption)
Apr 12: Whatever happened to that environmentalist fellow?
Apr 15: The age of affluence!
Apr 16: Hardly a reassuring posture! Ringmaster's flight
Apr 17: Amphibious campaign car!
Apr 18:
Apr 19:
Apr 22: This is a most delicate problem!
Apr 23: Reserve-courts quagmire
Apr 24: Playing football!
Apr 25: It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven (big oil)
Apr 26: This is no mirage (oil profits, U.S. real estate, Arab nations)
Apr 29: It ain't easy!
Apr 30: Fisherman's luck!
May 1: Law day - 1974
May 2: - and what did you think of my speech the other night?
May 3: When the have-nots become the haves (industrialized nations, natural resources)
May 6: Hoist with his own petard
May 7: Only rip van winkle is dismayed!
May 8: Man bites dog!
May 9: Torture chamber (Watergate, GOP)
May 14: Not a very scary scarecrow!
May 16: Sitting pretty!
May 17: Out of the jungle!
May 29: Tail wagging the dog!
May 31: Hang in there - I think it's slowing down!
Jun 3: Is he a part of our environment? (human hunger for resources)
Jun 4: Watergate falls
Jun 10: Up and above the clouds (Nixon, mid-east tour, Watergate, domestic problems)
Jun 12: I don't know where to begin!
Jun 13: The winds are stronger at the summit!
Jun 16: Monument to hysteria (subversive organizations, hysteria)
Jun 17: Frenzied teeter-totter (stock market)
Jun 18: The president finds his mandate (Nixon)
Jun 19: Shh-h-h!
Jun 20: Status symbol!
Jun 24: One world
Jun 25: No leaks in a dictatorship!
Jun 26: Defining obscenity
Jun 27: Dancing on a volcano (nuclear proliferation)
Jul 1: The game of summitry
Jul 2: Room for detente here!
Jul 4: July 4, 1974 - two years from our bicentennial
Jul 8: Home, sweet home
Jul 10: Becalmed
Jul 11: Quit griping - it's for your own protection (military budget, American public)
Jul 13: Hardly conducive to détente (USA, USSR)
Jul 29: His most advanced technology (man, the bomb)
Aug 28: The president's swimming pool
Aug 29: The great budget-balancing act!
Oversize 57 1974 Sep-1975 Feb
Sep 6: The kibitzer
Sep 10: Lively corpse (Watergate, Nixon pardon)
Sep 11: Is there no mercy for her? (equal justice under the law)
Sep 13: Bull market!
Sep 16: But Jerry, isn't there a speed limit or something? (Ford, Congressional elections)
Sep 17: U.S. foreign policy?
Sep 20: The scales of justice (mercy)
Sep 23: Who - me?
Sep 25: Oil is power!
Sep 27: The headless horseman
Sep 30: (no caption)
Oct 2: The oasis (oil, industrialized nations)
Oct 4: Anything left for me?
Oct 8: Treading on eggs
Oct 10: The fight on inflation begins!
Oct 15: But not my blanket!
Oct 17: Who says the Presidency is too big for one man? (GOP candidates, Ford)
Oct 18: And what would you say is the chief issue in this campaign?
Oct 22: Watchdog
Oct 25: Sloganeering!
Oct 30: Remember the good old days?
Oct 31: Persistent flow!
Nov 4: Now you listen to me
Nov 5: Haven't you heard - we're heading into an energy crisis!
Nov 7: To the victor belong the spoils!
Nov 11: Frankly speaking (GOP, Dem, political and economic jungle)
Nov 18: The monkey on his back (Nixon)
Nov 19: The pollsters
Nov 21: Mesmerized? (world statement, middle east)
Nov 25: Never underrate a lame duck!
Nov 27: Chairman!
Nov 29: Gee, thanks (HEW, Ford budget)
Dec 3: Hard to kick the habit (oil)
Dec 5: Get on your feet and go to work - we've got to build a new one!
Dec 9: Now get out there and win
Dec 19: (no caption)
Dec 24: (no caption)
Dec 27: I may have to destroy it to save it!
Jan 3: Twisting slowly, slowly in the wind (Watergate convictions, subversion of U.S. Constitution)
Jan 7: Yankee trader!
Jan 13: Recycling the oil dollars (war funding)
Jan 14: It's a cold world (recession, environmentalists)
Jan 21: Congressional reform with a vengeance (seniority system)
Jan 22: What is the tolerable length?
Jan 24: Jerry ford's self-service
Jan 28: The blood donor (U.S., Ford, billions for Vietnam)
Jan 30: (no caption) (congress, government secrecy)
Feb 4: Arm wrestling (ecology, industry)
Feb 10: The new chief (U.S. world cop, Ford)
Feb 12: Triumph of man - the world's only rational creature (nuclear weaponry)
Feb 14: Better than bombers!
Feb 25: Age of enlightenment (Arms, Inc.)
By others
Oversize 1 1930s-1960s
Alexander, F.O. "Still Waiting for Protection" circa 1948
Ivey, Jim "Our Own 'Oscar' Awards" circa 1961-1963
Ivey, Jim "The Natives Are Restless" circa 1960s-1970s
Kirby, Rollin "To Hell with Democracy, Human Rights, Minorities and civilization!" Oct 27 1938
Long, Scott "The Wonderful One Hoss Shay" 1944
McDonald, Stuart "The Beginnings of Collapse" undated
Orr, Carey "Nothing Adds to a Man's Stature in the Community Like a Purty Girl Clingin' to His Coat Sleeve" Apr 1952 w/ colorized photostat
Orr, Carey "After the Flower Girl Comes the Dream Girl" May 1952 w/ colorized photostat
Orr, Carey "The Would-Be John Aldens" Feb 1952 w/ colorized photostat
Orr, Carey "The Nonvoter" Apr 1952
Orr, Carey "Aren't We Having Enough Trouble with the Machinery Without Letting Somebody Drop a Monkey-Wrench in it? 1933
Batchelor, C.D. "Pilgrims' Progress" 1958
Pletcher, Eldon [Roy Justus receiving honorary degree from Morningside College] 1965
Pletcher, Eldon "New Bump!" undated
Shoemaker, Vaughan "Sad News from Casablanca" 1940s
Shoemaker, Vaughan "Berlin Diary" 1940s
Talburt, Harold [GOP election gains and the New Deal] circa 1930s-1940s
Talburt, Harold "The Situation As We Go to Press!" circa 1930s-1940s
Werner, Charles [no caption- DiSalle and rationing] May 23 1951
Werner, Charles "Will They Ever Get it Delivered?" undated
Unidentified (Martin (Newton?) Hall?) : So Goes the 49th Nov 28 1958
Map-Case 1, Drawer 107 1930s-1958
Batchelor, C.D. "Comradeship" 1938
Hutton, Hugh M. "We Can Never Relax" Jul 4 1949
Russell, Bruce "Sez Me!" "Sez Yu(goslavia)! 1940s
Unidentified "Grab Your Partners" circa 1930s-1940s
Box 1 A-D 1934-1983
Box 1 E-I 1931-1975
Box 1 J-P 1932-1983
Box 1 R-Y 1937-1975
Box 1 Letters from readers 1960-1970, undated (5 folders)
Box 1 Syracuse University 1964-1983
Box 1 Taylor, Willie Day 1960-1969
Oversize 1 American Association of Editorial Cartoonists undated - matted certificate
Box 9 National Headliner's Club Jun 1944 - medal
Box 9 Christopher Award Aug 1955 - medal
Box 9 Morningside College honorary degree Feb 1965
Box 9 Sigma Chi Delta 1965 - medal and case
Box 9 Freedoms Foundation 1949-1950, 1952, 1954 - 1 pocket watch, 3 medals (all in cases)
Box 9 Syracuse University Jun 1971 - Justus' support of the library
Photographs and video
Oversize 1 Lyndon B. Johnson 1967-1968 (3 items)
Box 8 Lyndon B. Johnson snapshots Jun 1971 - color (2 items)
Box 9 MacNeil Lehrer Report- Harold Stassen profile May 3 1979 - includes note to Justus (1 U-matic tape)
Box 8 Photographs 1950s, 1971 (2 folders)
Printed material
Box 1 Ephemera 1970
Box 1 Grenville Clark Editorial Page Award 1962, 1965-1966
Box 1 Headliner Award 1944, 1960s
Oversize 1 National Cartoonists Society Annual dinner 1954
Box 1 Sigma Chi Delta 1965-1966
Scrapbooks (52)
Oversize 49 Editorial cartoon clippings Dec 30 1941-Dec 31 1942
Oversize 48 Editorial cartoon clippings 1943
Oversize 49 Editorial cartoon clippings 1944
Oversize 50 Editorial cartoon clippings 1945
Box 2 Editorial cartoon clippings 1946 Jan-1949 Mar
Box 3 Editorial cartoon clippings 1949 Apr-Sep 18 1952
Box 4 Editorial cartoon clippings Sep 19 1952-Aug 6 1956
Box 5 Editorial cartoon clippings Aug 7 1959-Jul 11 1960
Box 6 Editorial cartoon clippings Jul 12 1960-Sep 3 1964
Box 7 Editorial cartoon clippings Sep 9 1964 to Dec 4 1969
Oversize 48 Scrapbook of other clippings circa 1940s-1950s
Box 1 Portrait of Justus draw by Jack McLeod circa 1975 - for Justus' retirement
Printed material
Box 1 Association of American Editorial Cartoonists 1962, 1965-1966, 1969, 1976
Box 8 The Best of Justus 1975 - book
Box 8 Book of proofs of cartoons about traffic fatalities before 1945
Box 8 Clippings 1954-1963, 1965, 1975, 1980 - includes clipping from the Daily People
Box 1 Clippings 1955-1956, 1962-1963, (2 folders)
Box 1 Clippings 1975, 1983 - regarding retirement and death
Map-Case 1, Drawer 107 Clippings 1957-1958, 1960-1965, 1967-1975 - includes annual year end retrospectives and engraver's mat
Box 1 Editorials 1954-1956, 1958, 1966, 1969
Box 1 International clippings 1951, 1955, 1957
Box 8 Judge magazine Apr 9 1921
Box 8 Letters to the Editor 1954-1966, 1968
Box 1 Minneapolis Star Journal and Tribune tintypes circa 1940s
Map-Case 1, Drawer 107 Poster for Illinois Committee National Service Fund of Disabled American Veterans undated
Oversize 1 Proofs undated - negatives
Oversize 1 Proofs 1965, undated - annual year end retrospective
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1954, 1958, 1961
Box 8 Caption indexes, alphabetical, with dates - supplied by donor, not verified for accuracy; encompasses cover cartoons from the 1940s-1970s (2 binders)
Box 8 "The Great Challenge" exhibition circa 1958
Box 8 Idea notes from Justus' desk undated

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