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Rom Landau Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Landau, Rom, 1899-1974.
Title: Rom Landau Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1927-1979
Quantity: 12.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the British author, educator, biographer, Arabist. Correspondence (1927-1974); writings, including lectures on Morocco and Islamic culture in general, typescript essays, diaries; book reviews; photographs memorabilia; recordings of songs, music and dance of Morocco and other countries, and of interviews and lectures.
Language: Primarily English, some in Arabic, Dutch, French, and German
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Rom Landau (1899-1974) was a sculptor, author, educator and Arabist. Although born in Poland, he became a British citizen and served as a volunteer in the Royal Air Force during World War II. His particular area of interest was Morocco, and he authored numerous works about Morocco and the Middle East, mainly in the 1950s and 1960s. He taught Islamic Studies at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, and was also an artist and art critic. His extensive knowledge of Arabic issues earned him a place on the Arab committee of the Intelligence Department of the British Foreign Office.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

Note: Portions of this collection, particularly Landau's personal journals, contain representations of racial and ethnic prejudices that were conventional during Landau's life, although no less harmful and inaccurate than they are today. This material is preserved and presented for its historic and research value. Researchers may find some of this content objectionable.

The Rom Landau Papers contains the papers of the British author, artist, educator, and Arabist. Although Landau's particular interest was Morocco, the collection also includes material on Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Palestine.

The collection is divided into six series. Biographical data and public recognition comprises short excerpts of biographical information, instances where Landau was mentioned in the press, etc. Correspondence contains business (1927-1974), personal (1972-1974) and legal material. Writings and art consists of Landau’s papers, manuscripts, lectures, notes, and speeches on the Middle East, political intelligence, religion, and other topics; it also includes a small selection of Landau’s sculpture and a copy of his book, God Is My Adventure. Printed material contains brochures for the University of the Pacific. Memorabilia comprises personal items such as Moroccan art, copies of Landau’s books, a passport, photographs, scrapbooks, silverware, and other miscellaneous items.

Recordings contains reel-to-reel tape audio recordings made by Landua of the songs, music and dance of various countries in the Middle East, and of some of his radio interviews, lectures and other speaking engagements, along with one apparently professional production, King Mohammed V by Leo Diner Films. There are also eight home-made recordings of opera singers and performances. Tapes relating to his Islamic studies are numbered and listed individually; opera recordings are not.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Other than the division into the six series described above, the material is in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Landau, Rom, 1899-1974.


Arab countries.
Authors, English.
Berbers -- Songs and music.
Islam -- Study and teaching.
Islamic countries -- Civilization.
Islamic countries -- Study and teaching.


Africa, North.

Genres and Forms

Book reviews.
Manuscripts (document genre)
Motion pictures (visual works)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Romuald R. Landau Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Rom Landau, 1966-1974.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: Dec 1999
Revision history: 25 Oct 2006 - converted to EAD, minor revisions (MRR); 7 Jun 2010 - tapes returned from Belfer (MRC); 1 Dec 2021 - content warning added (MRC)

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Biographical data and public recognition
Box 1 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 1 Assorted
Box 1 Faber and Faber 1950-1952
Box 1 Letters from important correspondents
Box 1 Arberry, Professor A. J. (Pembroke College, Cambridge, England) -
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1964-1966
Box 1 Paderewski
Peace Corps
Box 1 California State Polytechnic and speaking tours 1962-1964
Box 1 in Morocco summer 1963 - original notes
Box 1 Personal correspondence
Box 1 Publishers
Box 1 Business 1927-1963
Box 2 Business 1963-1979 (3 folders)
Box 2 Personal 1927-1974, undated (7 folders)
Box 2 Legal
Writings and art
Box 2, 3 Morocco (5 folders)
Box 3 Political intelligence (2 folders)
Lectures (university)
See also Memorabilia: Scrapbooks: Lectures (Package 5)
Box 3 Arab history
Box 3 Africa
Box 3 Algeria
Box 3 Arabia and Egypt
Box 3 Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Israel
Box 3 Modern Muslim world
Box 3 Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Tunisia
Lectures and speeches, general
See also Memorabilia: Scrapbooks: Lectures (Package 5)
Box 3 Lectures at Commonwealth Club 1936-1949 - lectures and speeches
Box 3 The supreme spiritual ideal
Box 3 Palestine: Petition or...
Box 3 The secrets of seven
Box 3 Spiritual situation in the Near and Middle East
Box 3 Speech for opening of debate at the Sorbonne
Box 3 Lecture given at the Bishop's Palace, Norwich
Box 3 Lecture at Lady Ravensdale's house
Box 3 Lecture at the S. Finnes book fair
Box 3 Radio address for BBC and West Sussex County Libraries
Box 3 Opening address at the Bishop's Palace
Box 3 Address to the World Congress of Faiths
Box 3 Radio talks given at Radio Diffusion Rabat, Israel
Box 3 Announcements of radio talks on KPFA-Oakland
Box 3 The Moroccans yesterday and today
Box 3 Announcements of radio talks on KPFA-Oakland
Box 3 Lecture information from American Academy of Asian Studies
Artistic work and unbound manuscripts
Box 4 Artist's work
Box 4 Documentation for God is My Adventure
Box 4 Documents, Pilsudski
Box 4 Hassan II and Miss Hislop Has a Good Cry
Box 4 Islam (6 folders)
Box 4 Changed Lives
Box 4 Kasbas of Southern Morocco
Box 4 Last Thirty Years of the Peace Corps in Morocco
Box 5 Miscellaneous
Box 5 Moorish Africa
Box 5 Morocco
Box 5 Miscellaneous
Box 5 Notes and interviews on first year of Moroccan independence
Box 5 Notes, A Summer in North Africa
Box 5 Notes and manuscript, A Summer in North Africa
Peace Corps in Morocco
Box 5 First version
Box 5 Second version
Box 5 Final version
Box 6 Works in progress
Bound manuscripts
God is My Adventure
Box 6 Documents
Box 6 Fourth version
Box 6 Final version
Box 6 Proof and postscript
Box 6 Hassan King of Morocco
Box 6 First version
Box 7 Final version
Box 7 Pilsudski
Box 7 Pilsudski notes
Box 7 Search for Tomorrow
Box 7 First version
Box 8 Second version
Thy Kingdom Come
Box 8 First version
Box 8 Final version
Literature reviews
Box 8 Letter to Andrew, The Brother Vane, Islam Today
Box 8 Love for a Country
Box 8 Islam and the Arabs
Box 8 The Merry Oasis, Human Relations, Odysseus
Box 8 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 9 Paderewski
Box 9 Pilsudski
Box 10 Search for Tomorrow
Box 10 Seven
Box 11 Sex, Life and Faith
Box 11 Thy Kingdom Come
See also Memorabilia: Scrapbooks: Articles and clippings on Landau (Package 5)
Box 12 Deutscher Bote
Box 12 Landau articles in British and American magazines
Printed material
Box 13 University of the Pacific - information, tourist brochures
Box 13 Morocco - tourist brochures, clippings
Photograph albums
Box 17 Poland, Germany, China, U.S.A., England 1917 - ?
Box 17 Italy, Tunisia, Switzerland 1929-1934
Box 17 Poland, England 1935
Box 14-17 Morocco
Box 17 United Kingdom
Box 18 United States 1960s (2 folders)
Box 19 Britain, Morocco (2 folders)
Box 20 Moroccan photographs with Mohammed V and Hassan II (envelope)
Box 20 Rom Landau photographs of American Academy of Asian Studies (envelope)
Box 20 Landau with King Mohammed V and King Hassan II
Box 20 Landau sculptures, portraits of Landau, Landau in R.A.F.
Box 20 Landau aboard H.M.S. Suffolk
Box 20 Landau with King Hassan II (framed)
Package 1 Oversize
Package 2 Oversize
Package 5 Oversize
Box 20 Autograph book
Box 20 Moroccan art
Package 3 Mirror
Box 20 Silver dish
Package 4 Silver dishes
Box 21 Glass bottles (2)
Box 21 Silver creamers (2)
Box 21 British passport
Box 21 Plaque 1963 - from the Peace Corps Morocco Project, dedicated to Landau
Box 21 "Doctor of Human Letters" degree 1967 - from the University of the Pacific
Box 22 Photocopies of photographs and autographs 1960 - from trip on HMS Suffolk
Box 22 Permission of the Queen to wear insignia of Officer of the Order
Box 22 Ouissam Alaouite
Box 22 Account of honorary doctorate granted 11 Jun 1967
Box 22 Clippings on Landau sculpture show
Box 22 Press release on Landau donation - description of Landau books and papers donated to the University of the Pacific, Stockton, California
Box 22 Notes on Landau books and papers
Box 22 Information on 70th birthday
Box 22 Information on book exhibit at British Embassy in Rabat 1969
Box 22 Commencement Address at Kenitra American High School 9 Jun 1969
Box 22 List of articles sent to Moroccan Room at University of the Pacific
Box 22 Journal of trip to Morocco 1937
Box 22 Moroccan journal
This item contains representations of racial and ethnic prejudices that were conventional during Landau's life, although no less harmful and inaccurate than they are today. It is preserved and presented for its historic and research value. Researchers may find some of this content objectionable.
Box 22 Scrapbook on Morocco
Box 22 Leather folder
Box 22 Visit of King Mohammed V of Morocco 5 Dec 1966
Box 22 Press clippings 1966 - visit to Morocco
Box 23 Address book
Box 23 Date books (19 books)
Box 23 Journals (2)
Box 23 Glass handles (2)
Box 23 Medals (2)
Published books
Box 24 Among the Americans 1953 - paperback
Box 24 The Beauty of Morocco 1951 - paperback
Box 24 God is My Adventure 1935, 1936, 1964 - hardcover (3 copies)
Box 24 Hassan II King of Morocco 1962 - paperback
Box 24 Human Relations 1968 - paperback
Box 24 Islam and the Arabs 1958 - proof
Box 24 Moroccan Drama 1956 - proof
Box 24 Morocco Independent 1961 - proof
Box 24 Odysseus 1948 - paperback
Box 24 Personalia - paperback
Box 24 Philosophy of Ibn Arabi 1948 - paperback
Box 24 Search for Tomorrow 1938 - paperback
Box 24 Thy Kingdom Come 1937 - paperback
Box 24 We Have Seen Evil - proof
Languages other than English
Box 24 [unknown Arabic? title] 1907 - paperback
Box 24 [unknown Arabic? title] 1971 - paperback
Box 24 [unknown Arabic? title] 1974 - paperback
Box 24 God Heb Ik Gevonden 1937 - paperback
Box 24 Sexe Vie Moderne et Spiritualite - paperback
Box 24 Sexualitait Geloof En Leven 1948 - hardcover
Package 1 Book jacket
Package 5 Lectures in U.S.A. 1952-1953
Package 5 Lectures 1953-1963
Package 5 Articles and clippings on Landau 1955-1956
Recordings relating to Landua's Islamic studies are numbered and listed individually under the title or descriptive caption written on the box. The few recordings of opera singers and other music are not numbered or listed individually.
Box 25 1. Ahidora commentary
Box 25 2. Ahouash - Guedra
Box 25 3. Arab Contribution to Western Civilization
Box 25 4-5-6. Andalusian (3 reels)
Box 25 7-8-9. Berber music (3 reels)
Box 25 10. The Death of the King of Morocco 7 Mar 1961
Box 25 11. Guedra strip tease [?] "...if we can speak of 'Great' primitiveness..."
Box 25 12. Guedra commentary
Box 25 13. Himno Nacional de Marrvelos, played by Pacific Wind Ensemble
Box 25 14-15. Islam and Christianity (2 reels)
Box 25 16. Landau on present king of Morocco
Box 25 17. Moroccan constitution
Box 25 18. Moroccan national song
Box 25 19. Rom Landau on Morocco 15 Dec 1966
Box 25 20. Rom Landau 23 Jan 1967
Box 25 21. Talk on King Mohammad 7 Mar 1961
Box 25 22. Trouble brewing in Morocco 27 Oct 1965
Box 25 23. Xmas in Morocco 1965
Box 25 24. King Mohammed V - commercial film, Leo Diner Films
Box 25 Miscellaneous opera recordings, unnumbered (8 reels)

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