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William Langner Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

The adult education holdings are collectively known as the
Alexander N. Charters Library of Resources for Educators of Adults.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Langner, William R.
Title: William Langner Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1935-1996
Quantity: 94 linear ft.
Abstract: William Langner worked for the Department of Education's Division of Adult Education and Literacy for many years. He was active in raising awareness of education for the disabled (Langner himself was a paraplegic from the age of 18 due to a car accident). Collection includes correspondence (both personal and professional), writings, memorabilia, and large amounts of printed material (papers, reports, handbooks, manuals, etc).concerning adult education.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

William Langner (1932-1998) was born in Morrisville, New York. He attended Morrisville-Eaton Central Schools and, after a family move, graduated from Henry Clay High School in Ashland, Virginia. During his freshman year at the College of William and Mary, while hitchhiking south to Florida for spring break, he was involved in a car accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He spent nearly two years in the hospital after which, undaunted, he enrolled at the University of Virginia where he earned a bachelor's degree in economics in 1957.

Despite his qualifications, Langner struggled for several years to support himself with a series of jobs including advance sales for circuses, advertising sales, owner/operator of an import/export business (Langner and Company), and teacher at the Blue Ridge School in St. George, Virginia. In the early 1960s he served on the Board of Directors of Cordet Foundation, a Richmond, Virginia job training program that specialized in finding employment for the disabled, and in 1964 he opened Commonwealth Tutoring Center in Richmond. Over the next decade Commonwealth Tutoring and its successor organizations -- Educational Development Center (1966?-1970) and Langner Learning Center (1970-1978) -- served hundreds of students from the local school districts as well as offering foreign languages and other training to local executives.

In addition to operating his tutoring schools, Langner served on the Virginia Board of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Governor's Commission on Employment of the Handicapped, the Mayor's Committee on the Handicapped, and the board of directors of numerous social and civic organizations including the local branches of Easter Seals and Goodwill. In 1973, President Nixon appointed him to the National Advisory Council on Adult Education (NACAE) where he served for three years. He received an M.Ed. from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1977 and was an adjunct faculty member there for two years (1977-1979). He also worked as an educational consultant to various business, governmental, and educational institutions. Langner also traveled several times to Central and South America which stimulated a lifelong interest in the region.

Persistent cash flow problems due to old and new medical expenses and intermittent hospitalizations had for years prevented Langner from achieving any kind of financial security, but that came at last in 1980 with an offer of a position with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW). When the Department of Education was split off from HEW, Langner took a position with new department's Division of Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL). While with the Department of Education, he implemented the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disability Center (NALLDC) and was instrumental in organizing the Clearing House on Adult Education and Literacy, which compiled, wrote, and published fact sheets, pamplets, guides, directories, bibliographies, newsletters and other resource material.

Langner was a member of the National GED Advisory Committee from 1981 to 1987 and worked with the GED Testing Service to train test administrators. He participated in the White House Adult Literacy Initiative (1983) and was on the advisory committee for the International Center for the Disabled's "Survey III," and served as advisory board member for the University of the District of Columbia Department of Adult Education. With Boris Bogatz of Gallaudet College, he organized a National Congress for Adults with Special Learning Needs in 1987, which resulted in several annual conferences and grew into the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN), and he coordinated the first World Congress for Adult Learners with Disabilities in 1995.

Langner was a founding member of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) and chair of its Adult Learners with Disabilities Unit. He was a member of the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) and served on the executive committee of its International Associates, and under its sponsorship coordinated the International Network for Adult Learners with Disabilities. He was a delegate to the World Assembly of Adult Education three times and during his career received nearly a dozen awards for his work in education of the disabled. In addition to his professional activities, he was a Freemason, a Rotarian, a member of the education honor society Kappa Delta Psi, traveled extensively, and opened his home to eleven foster sons over the years.

Langner retired from the Department of Education in 1995, intending to purchase a small farm in Florida or Belize. He died in 1998.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The William Langner Papers spans nearly sixty years and includes correspondence (both personal and professional), writings, memorabilia, and large amounts of printed material (papers, reports, handbooks, manuals, etc) relating to adult education. The collection illuminates the growth of interest in adult education of the disabled both at the federal level and at the state and local level. In addition, the large and comprehensive quantity of personal material, spanning Langner's entire life, highlights Langner's refusal to be discouraged or hindered by his disability and illuminates the challenges faced by the disabled during this period. Throughout his life, as the collection amply demonstrates, Langner exhibited impressive perseverance, drive, and integrity; despite recurrent illnesses due in large part to his paraplegia, he not only worked full-time but raised eleven foster sons over the years and traveled to more than thirty foreign countries -- including a trip to the Amazon which required his wheelchair be lashed to poles and carried through the jungle on the shoulders of native guides.

Biographical and personal material contains material relating to Langner's personal life, including correspondence with family and friends; correspondence with and records relating to several of Langner's foster sons; bills and other material from Langner's creditors over the years; various potential business ventures; medical records; resumes and biographical sketches along with genealogical material on the Langner and Rankin families; membership information for clubs to which Langner belonged; and books, brochures, clippings, maps, newsletters and reference material on Langner's two main avocations: tropical agriculture and travel. Included here is a letter Langner received from "The Seven Society," the most secretive of the University of Virginia's secret societies and known for its generosity. The letter was accompanied by a gift of money to help defray Langner's expenses while attending the University.

Correspondence-subject files comprise the bulk of the collection, and the largest subset of this material (27 boxes) is that from Langner's years at the the Department of Education. This includes vast amounts of internal correspondence as well as weekly work reports, site visit reports, Langner's job performance evaluations, and Sections 310 and 353 grant applications and projects. (See Printed material below for additional Department of Education material.) Other topics or organizations with a significant amount of material include the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education (6 boxes), the GED Advisory Committee (4 boxes), the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) (5 boxes), Langner Learning Center (8 boxes), National Advisory Council on Adult Education (6 boxes), and the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN) (6 boxes).

Memorabilia contains certificates, clippings, letters of appreciation and thanks, Langner's passports, photographs (of Langner and of others), a collection of postcards, and miscellaneous souvenirs.

Multimedia consists of three multimedia programs (videotape with accompanying literature), several floppy disks (some commercial and some Langner's), and two audiocassettes.

Printed material consists of reports, papers, summaries, conference proceedings, newsletters, books, brochures, journals and other material on various topics relating to adult education. Topics include adult basic education, the Adult Education Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, competency-based adult education, correctional education, the GED, international education, education of the learning disabled, literacy, and miscellaneous books, journals and newsletters. Also included here are four boxes of reports, papers, and other printed material from the Department of Education.

The last series, Writings, contains Langner's own writings and spans much of his career. Included here are numerous issues of two newsletters written and edited by Langner while at the Department of Education ("Adult learning activities" and "Adult learning seminars"), drafts and outlines for Langner's work on two books for Cowles Book Company's GED preparatory series, and typescripts of articles, papers, speeches, and presentations, including a few that offer personal reflections on his disability. Also included here are several notebooks, many outlines and fragments of pieces, and an assortment of miscellany (to do lists, notes, reminders, and other scraps).

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Arrangement of the Collection

Material in all series are arranged alphabetically. For material that required subdivision, most are alphabetical but some (e.g. Langner Learning Center, Department of Education) are arranged chronologically to provide a more narrative structure.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The collection originally included a considerable number of books and journals. Books that were duplicates of items already held by Special Collections Research Center or in the circulating collection of the library were discarded. For journals which were already held by the library, duplicate issues were discarded; issues the library did not have were sent to Periodicals for cataloging (these are annotated in the catalog as "Gift of William Langner"). Journals which were not held by the library remained with the collection and may be found in Printed material: Misc journals (Box 146).

The library holds a considerable number of collections related to adult and continuing education. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing of all adult education collections.

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Subject Headings


Langner, William R.

Corporate Bodies

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.
GED Testing Service (Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials)
International Council for Adult Education.
National Advisory Council on Adult Education (U.S.)
National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs.
United States. -- Department of Education.
United States. -- Division of Adult Education and Literacy.


Adult education -- United States.
Educators -- United States.
Elementary education of adults.
People with disabilities -- Education -- United States.
People with disabilities -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States.
Special education.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts (document genre)
Minutes (administrative records)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

William Langner Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of William R. Langner.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 23 January 2008
Revision history: 19 Jun 2013 - multimedia box 162 inventoried (MRC); 11 Jul 2019 - style/formatting updates (MRC)

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Biographical and personal material
Box 1 —, Han
Box 1 —, Kecha
Box 1 —, Peggy
Box 1 2709 Chamberlayne Avenue - house in Richmond
Box 1 Florida
Box 1 Tropical
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Box 2 Amway
Box 2 Arizona State University
Box 2 Belize (2 folders)
Box 2 Berthelette, Mike (foster son) (2 folders)
Box 2 "Bill Page Honda"
Box 2 Birds and birdwatching
Box 2 Board, Sally Ann
Box 3 "Books to order"
Box 3 Bookstore - info on starting a bookstore
Box 3 Boomerangs
Box 3 Business opportunities - specialty foods, franchises, etc
Box 3, 4 Cards - greeting, Christmas, birthday, get-well (5 folders)
Box 4 Chork, Hong (foster son)
Box 4 Colgate University
Box 4 College of William and Mary
Box 4, 5, 6 Creditors, miscellaneous (8 folders)
Box 6 Deal, Willis R.
Box 6 Dictionary of International Biography
Box 6 Emory, Lloyd (foster son)
Box 6 Explorers Club
Box 6 —, Abbie (aunt?)
Box 6 —, Hertha (aunt)
Box 6 Bowman family - Carol (sister) and Graham; Paige and Courtney
Box 7 Francisco family - Donna (sister) and Waddy; Bonnie, Donna Brooke, Jeff, Michael, Peter
Box 7 Langner, — (grandfather)
Box 7 Langner, Helen and Herbert (parents)
Box 7 Rankin, Effie (grandmother)
Box 7 Miscellaneous
Box 7, 8, 9 Financial and legal papers - bank statements, loans, wills, insurance, etc. (7 folders)
Box 9 Florida
Box 9 Foster parenting - miscellaneous
Box 9 Globe Trotters Club
Box 9 Grammer, Ron (foster son)
Box 9 Great Expeditions
Box 9 Greenlaw, Bill
Box 9 Henry (dog) - includes letters to/from First Dog C.Fred (Bush)
Box 9 Henry Clay High School
Box 9 Horowitz, Inge and Harold
Box 10 Import/export business (2 folders)
Box 10 Investments
Box 10 José (bird)
Box 10 Keiningham, Jean and Tom - also includes material from their son Tom, who was one of Langner's foster sons
Box 10 Lipscomb, Francis ("Buddy) (foster son)
Box 10 "Mail order"
Box 10 Masons (Freemasons) - includes issues of Scottish Rite journal (2 folders)
Box 10 Mayer, Thomasia D.
Box 11, 12 Medical papers - bills, prescriptions, diagnoses, reports, correspondence, health insurance, etc (8 folders)
Box 13 Moore, Tommy (foster son)
Box 13 Morrisville-Eaton Central Schools 1939-1946
Box 13 Munro, Connie
Box 13 National Enquirer - clipping, correspondence regarding Langner's Amazon trip
Box 13 Nixon's speech in Los Angeles 1955
Box 13 Ouk, Mon (foster son)
Box 13 Owen, Ed
Box 13 Phan Sam (adopted son) (4 folders)
Box 14 Pok Dul (foster son)
Box 14 "Real Estate"
Box 14 "Regan Inaugration"
Box 14 Resumes and biographical sketches
Box 14 "Retirement"
Box 14 Rotary Club - includes "Tabasco" and "Progress" newsletters (3 folders)
Box 15 Scott, S. Buford
Box 15 The Seven Society
Box 15 Social Security
Box 15 Sothy, Phurkimony ("Sam") (foster son)
Box 15 South American Explorers Club
Box 15 St. John's Church
Box 15 St. Paul's Church
Box 15 Teacher's College, Columbia University
Box 15 "To Do - 1992"
Box 15 Africa
Box 162 Africa, oversize
Box 15 Asia
Box 16 Europe
Box 16 North America
Box 16 Oceania
Box 16 South America
Box 17 Miscellaneous - newsletters, brochures, catalogs, eco-tourism, etc (2 folders)
Box 17 Trimmer, Edward ("Country") (foster son)
Box 17 University of Illinois
Box 17 University of Toronto
Box 17 University of Virginia
Box 18 Washington Symphony Orchestra
Box 18, 19 Miscellaneous (7 folders)
Correspondence-subject files
Box 20 ABE Institute 1994
Box 20 Academic Therapy Publications
Box 20 Adkins Life Skills Program
Box 20 Adult Basic and Literacy Education, Pennsylvania (ABLE) - includes "Focus on…" newsletters (2 folders)
Box 20 Adult Education Association of Virginia
Box 20 Adult Education Research Conference
Africa Study Tour
See Ontario Institute of for Studies in Education (OISE).
Box 20 African Development Foundation
Box 20 Agency for International Development
Box 20 Ali, Patricia
Box 20 Alpha Kappa Psi
American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE)
Box 20 Correspondence 1969-1981 (3 folders)
Box 21 Correspondence 1982-1985 (5 folders)
Box 22 Correspondence 1986-1994, 1998, undated (7 folders)
Box 23 Adult Learners With Disabilities Unit
Box 23 Board meetings 1984, 1985, 1990 (3 folders)
Box 24 Conferences 1972-1977, 1979, 1980-1984 (5 folders)
Box 24 Conferences 1985-1992, 1994 (3 folders)
Box 24 Constitution and bylaws
Box 24 Directories and rosters (2 folders)
Box 24 Newsletters 1974-1976, 1983-1987 (2 folders)
Box 25 Newsletters 1987-1997 (3 folders)
Box 25 Policies and procedures
Box 25 Reports and papers (2 folders)
Box 25 Miscellaneous
Box 26 American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)
See also Heath Resource Center.
Box 26 American Council on Education - includes "Higher Education and National Affairs" newsletter
See also GED Advisory Committee and Printed material: Newsletters: G (GED Items, GED Profiles, GED Research Briefs).
Box 26 American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES)
Box 26 American Foundation for the Blind
Box 26 American Jail Association
Box 26 American Library Association
Box 26 American Optometric Association
Box 26 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) (2 folders)
Box 26 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
Box 26 American Vocational Association
Box 26 Assault on Illiteracy Program (AOIP)
Box 27 Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (ACLD) - include "ACLD Newsbriefs" newsletter (2 folders)
Box 27 Association for Community-Based Education (ACBE)
Box 27 Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) - includes "Five Minutes with ACHE" newsletter (2 folders)
Box 27 Axford, Roger
Box 27 Barrow, Nita (Dame)
Box 27 Baughman, Fred A.
Box 27 Baum, Charlene
Box 27 Beacon College
Box 27 Berk, Neal (circus promoter)
Box 27 Berlitz School of Languages
Blaise, Charles
See Optometric Extension Program.
Box 27 Blue Ridge School
Box 27 Brightman, Sam
Box 28 Buscaglia, Leo - photocopy of letter
Box 28 Bush, George and Barbara
See also Biographical and personal material: Henry (dog)
Box 28 Business Council for Effective Literacy - includes 2 folders of "Adult literacy: Programs, planning, issues" newsletter (3 folders)
Box 28 California Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS)
Box 28 Cambodia and Cambodian refugees (3 folders)
Box 28 Canadian Association for Adult Education
Box 28 Carter, Jimmy
Box 28 Cash, Johnny
Box 28 Cassara, Beverly
Box 28 Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults (CSLEA) - includes "Continuing Education for Adults" newsletter (2 folders)
Box 29 Central Virginia Society for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities
Box 29 Charters, Alexander N.
Clearinghouse of Resources for Educators of Adults (CREA)
See Syracuse University.
Box 29 Cleveland Clinic
Box 29 Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus
Box 29 Coalition of Adult Education Organizations (CAEO) (3 folders)
Box 29 Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations (COLLO)
Box 29 J.F. Coates (publisher)
Box 30 Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) (4 folders)
Box 30 Commission on Educational Credit and Credentials 1983, 1990 (3 folders)
Box 31 Commission on Educational Credit and Credentials 1991, 1993 (4 folders)
Box 31 Commission of Professors of Adult Education (CPAE)
Commonwealth Tutoring
See Langner Learning Center.
Box 31 Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS)
Box 31 CONFINTEA III (Tokyo) 1972
Box 31 CONFINTEA V (Hamburg) 1997
Box 32 Continuing Education Council (CEC)
Box 32 Continuing Education Institute (CEI) (2 folders)
Box 32 Continuing education unit
Box 32 Corcoran, John
Box 32, 33 Cordet Foundation (9 folders)
Box 33, 34 Corporation for Public Broadcasting (2 folders)
Box 34 Correctional Education Association (CEA)
Box 34 Council of Chief State School Officers
Box 34 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
Box 34 Council for Non-Collegiate Continuing Education - includes "Growing Edge" newsletter
See also Continuing Education Council.
Box 34 Cowles Book Company
Cretella, Jay
See National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN) and Wallingford Adult Education.
Box 34 Cristiani-Wallace Bros. Circus
Box 34 Cumberland Hardwoods - includes "Cumberland Tree-bune" newsletter
Box 34 Dalton, John W. (governor of Virginia)
Box 34, 35 Database searches and bibliographies (6 folders)
Box 35 DeMent, Gloria and Stoney
Department of Education
Box 35 1967-1968 [General]
Box 35 1970-1977 [General] (3 folders)
Box 36 1978-1981 [General] (7 folders)
Box 37 1982-1983 [General] (6 folders)
Box 38 1983 [General] - includes National Employ the Handicapped Week planning committee (2 folders)
Box 38, 39 1984 [General] (7 folders)
Box 39, 40 1985 [General] (5 folders)
Box 40, 41 1986 [General] (4 folders)
Box 41, 42 1987 [General] (5 folders)
Box 42 1987 (Feb) Area IV Workshop
Box 42 1987 (Apr) D.C. Monitoring visit
Box 42 1987 Weekly work reports
Box 42, 43 1988 [General] (4 folders)
Box 43 1988 (May) Illinois site visit
Box 43 1988 (Apr) Missouri monitoring visit
Box 43 1988 "National task force focusing on adult learners / older Americans"
Box 43 1988 Weekly work reports
Box 43, 44 1989 [General] (5 folders)
Box 44 1989 Weekly work reports
Box 44 1989-1990 "Technical assistance logs"
Box 45, 46 1990 [General] (9 folders)
Box 47 1990 Compliance review reports
Box 47 1990 Weekly work reports
Box 47, 48, 49 1991 [General] (9 folders)
Box 49 1991 Compliance review reports
Box 49 1991 Weekly work reports
Box 49, 50 1992 [General] (6 folders)
Box 50 1992 Adults with disabilities session
Box 50 1992 NY/New England symposium
Box 50 1992 State directors conference
Box 50 1992 Weekly work reports
Box 50 1992 Wyoming site visit
Box 51, 52 1993 [General] (6 folders)
Box 52 1993 DAEL priorities
Box 52 1993 Weekly work reports
Box 52 1993 Welfare reform task force
Box 52, 53 1994 [General] (5 folders)
Box 53 1994 Weekly work reports
Box 53 1994 "WV corr."
Box 54 1994 "Work group on the recruitment, advancement, and access for people with disabilities"
Box 54 1995 [General]
Box 54 1995 ETS meeting
Box 54 1996 [General]
Box 54 1997 [General]
Box 54 1998 [General]
Box 54 "Abstracts / annotated Bib / corr. Adult literacy"
Box 54 Accessible Computer Technology (ACT) VI conference
Box 55, 56 310 and 353 projects (12 folders)
Box 57 Adult secondary education
Box 57 America 2000 (2 folders)
Box 57 Briefs
Box 57, 58, 59 "Building effective program linkages" conference 1990-1992 (7 folders)
Box 59 Goals 2000
Box 59 Goals and objectives (for others)
Box 59 Help requests
Box 59 Help requests - replies
Box 59 Job descriptions and evaluations 1980-1981
Box 60 Job descriptions and evaluations 1982-1994, undated (4 folders)
Box 60 "LD newsletter"
Box 60 National Symposium on Adult Secondary Education 1984-1989
OVAE/OSERS joint conference
See "Building effective program linkages" conference.
Printed material
See Printed material : Department of Education.
Box 61 "Travel folder" 1981-1983
Box 61 "Univ. & colleges"
Box 61 "Workplace / family literacy programs -- Midwest"
Box 61 Workshop evaluations
Box 61 Miscellaneous undated (2 folders)
Box 62 Miscellaneous undated (3 folders)
Box 62 Department of Justice
Distance Education Training Council (DETC)
See National Home Study Council (NHSC).
Box 63 Dolff, Helmuth
Box 63 Dore, Daniel
Dyslexia Research Institute
See Hardman, Patricia K. .
Box 63 Easter Seal Society - includes National and Virginia branches
Educational Development Center
See Langner Learning Center.
Box 63 Engleman, Vance
Box 63 External Diploma Program (3 folders)
Box 64 Federal Task Force on Disabled Persons (FTFDP)
Box 64 Feldman, Marvin (president of Fashion Institute of Technology)
First National Conference for Adults with Special Learning Needs
See National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN).
First National Congress for Adult Learners with Disabilities
See National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN).
Box 64 Florida Department of Education
Box 64 Foster, Barbara
Box 64 Fountain Square Publishing
Box 64 Futurism / Futurists
Box 64 Galaxy II Conference
Box 64 Gallaudet University (2 folders)
GED Advisory Committee
Box 64 Meeting minutes 1976-1979
Box 64 Meeting minutes 1981-1982 (3 folders)
Box 65 Meeting minutes 1983-1987 (7 folders)
Box 66 Meeting minutes 1988-1990 (7 folders)
Box 67 Meeting minutes 1990-1992 (7 folders)
Box 68 Meeting minutes 1992-1995, undated (7 folders)
Box 68 Geisel, Ritchie (president of Recording for the Blind)
Box 68 Genocide
Box 68 George Washington University
Box 68 Georgia Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (GACLD)
Box 68, 69 Goodwill Industries of America (3 folders)
Box 69 Gorman, Thomas
Box 69 Greensboro Massacre
Box 69 Grefe, Mary
Box 69 Gross, Marsha
Box 69 Gross, Ron
See also Learning Resources Network (LERN) (Gross was editor of LERN's newsletters).
Box 69 Hadley School for the Blind
Box 69 Hardman, Patricia K.
Box 69 Hartley, Robert - Manuscript for book, With Wings as Eagles (2 folders)
Box 69 Hawking, James
Box 70 Heath Resource Center - project of the American Association of Higher Education (5 folders)
Box 70 Hunsaker, Herbert - flier for "Dr. Hunsaker's Oriental Adventures" tour
Box 70 IBM
Box 71 IBM - material from their National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities
Box 71 Information Services Inc.
Box 71 Institute for the Management of Lifelong Education (IMLE)
Box 72 Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy - includes 1 folder of "Mosaic" newsletter (3 folders)
Box 72 International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
Box 72 International Center for the Disabled 1996
Box 72 International Conference on Adults with Disabilities, 1st - planning materials for
Box 73 International Congress of University Adult Education (ICUAE)
International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)
Annual meetings
Box 73 Annual meetings 1975, 1976 (2 folders)
Box 74 Annual meetings 1981-1982, 1984-1986, 1988, 1990 (8 folders)
Box 75 Annual meetings 1994 (2 folders)
Box 76 Correspondence 1975-1998, undated (4 folders)
Box 76, 77 Directories (2 folders)
Box 77 International Network for Adult Learners with Disabilities
Box 77 Langner's notes
Box 77 Meeting minutes
Box 77 A-Z by title - includes "ICAE News," "International Associates Newsletter," "News from the Secretariat," "Pachamama," and "Panorama" (5 folders)
Box 78 Miscellaneous
Box 78 Publication lists and bibliographies
Box 78 Published material (2 folders)
Box 78 Women's programme
Box 78 Miscellaneous
Box 78 International Development Conference
Box 78 International Platform Association
Box 79 International Reading Association (IRA)
Box 79 International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP) 1981 (4 folders)
Box 79 Irlen Clinic
Box 80 Jacques, Joseph
Box 80 Ji Woong Cheong
Box 80 Jordan, Dale
See also LEAD 2000.
Box 80 Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation
Box 80 Jossey-Bass
Box 80 Jurmo, Paul
Box 80 Kansas State University
Box 80 Keller, Helen
Box 80 Kempfer, Homer
See also Continuing Education Council (CEC).
Box 80 Kidder, Carolyn Buell
Box 80 Kirschner Associates
Box 80 Knowles, Malcolm
Box 80 Koloski, Judy
See also National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium (NAEPDC).
Box 80 Kulich, Jindra
Box 80 Kurland, Norman
See also Study Circles Consortium.
Box 80 Lab School of Washington
See also Multimedia : Falling Through the Cracks: Learning Disabled Adults Speak Out (Box 162).
Box 80 Landmark College
Box 80 Landmark School ca. 1977-1981
Box 81 Langner and Associates circa 1951-1963, 1974-1976? - Langner's educational consulting service (6 folders)
Box 81, 82 Langner and Company - Langner's import/export business (5 folders)
Box 82 Langner Foundation - Langner's non-profit, provided scholarships to Langner Learning Center
Langner Learning Center
Langner Learning Center (LLC) was the last of a series of educational institutions owned and operated by William Langner. The first, Commonwealth Tutoring, was formed in 1964. This evolved into the Educational Development Center (EDC) sometime around 1966, which in turn became Langner Learning Center in 1970. At various times, these organizations also comprised the Academic Bookstore, the Handy Craft Shop, and translation services. Since the organizations overlapped both chronologically and financially, material from all of these ventures is contained in this series.
Box 82 [General] 1965-1966 (3 folders)
Box 83 [General] 1966-1970 (7 folders)
Box 84 [General] 1970-1971 (6 folders)
Box 85 [General] 1971-1972 (5 folders)
Box 86 [General] 1972-1973 (5 folders)
Box 87 [General] 1973-1978 (8 folders)
Box 88 [General] 1979-1987 (4 folders)
Box 88, 89 [General] undated (6 folders)
Box 89 Clippings, press releases
Box 89 Forms
Box 89 Ryan, Mary Ann - research paper on LLC
Box 89 Student folder (sample)
Box 162 Tax exemption application 1962
Box 90 Transcripts of meetings and conferences
Box 90 Langner Learning Systems
Box 90 Laubach Literacy - includes "Literacy Advance" and other newsletters
Box 90 LEAD 2000
Box 90 Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) - includes 1 folder of "LDA Newsbriefs" newsletters (2 folders)
Box 90 Learning Disabilities Council
Box 90 Learning Press International
Box 90, 91 Learning Resources Network (LERN) - includes many issues of "Adult and Continuing Education Today," "Learning Connection," "Adult Learning Review," "Course Trends in Adult Learning," "Marketing Adult Education" and other newsletters (6 folders)
Box 91 Learning Styles Network
Box 91 Lek, Sambonn
Box 91 Lindamood-Bell Learning Process
See also Multimedia : Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes / Learning Disabilities Association Conference / by Nanci Bell (Box 162).
Box 91 Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA) - includes 1 folder of newsletters ("The Reader," "Literacy Practitioner") (2 folders)
Box 92 Liveright, Alexander
Box 92 Macomber, Janet
Box 92 Margaret Sanger Center
Box 92 Maryland Association for Adult Community Continuing Education (MAACCE)
Box 92 McGraw, Harold W.
Box 92 Metropolitan Washington Association for Adult and Continuing Education (MWAACE) (2 folders)
Box 92 Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Box 92 Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
Box 92 Michaux, Louis
Box 92 Michigan Association for Adult and Continuing Education
Box 92, 93 Mid-Atlantic Center for Community Education (MACCE) (2 folders)
Box 93 Missouri Valley Adult Education Association
Box 93 Montclair State College - includes "Adult Education Clearinghouse Newsletter" (2 folders)
Box 93 Mulcrone, Patricia - includes "Model for Workplace Literacy" from her dissertation
Box 93 Nardini, Joe
Box 93 National Adult Education Professional Development Clearinghouse (NAEPDC) - includes "StateLine" newsletter (2 folders)
Box 93, 94 National Adult Literacy and Learning Disability Center (NALLDC) - includes draft of NALLDC Toolkit, "Linkages" newsletter, other publications (4 folders)
National Advisory Council on Adult Education (NACAE)
Box 94 [General] 1969, 1971 (4 folders)
Box 94 [General] 1973-1975
Box 95 [General] 1975-1976 (5 folders)
Box 96 [General] 1977-1980
Box 96 [General] 1982-1985, 1987
Box 96 [General] undated
Box 96 Activity and information reports 1973-1976
Box 96 Annual reports 1968, 1972-1974, 1976-1977, 1978-1983, 1985 (4 folders)
Box 97 Council handbook
Box 97 Minutes 1973-1975 (4 folders)
Box 98 Minutes 1975-1976 (4 folders)
Box 98 Printed material (2 folders)
Box 98 Program visitation reports
Box 98, 99, 100 Reports, papers, other writings (6 folders)
Box 100 Miscellaneous
Box 100 National Advisory Council on Indian Education - includes 15th (1988) and 16th (1989) reports to Congress (2 folders)
Box 100 National Advisory Council on Vocational Education
National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN)
Box 100 [General] 1987
Box 101 [General] 1987-1990 (6 folders)
Box 102 [General] 1990-1992 (6 folders)
Box 103 [General] 1993-1998 (7 folders)
Box 103, 104 [General] undated (3 folders)
Box 104 Bylaws, articles of incorporation, constitution
Box 104 Clippings about
Box 104 Conferences 1988-1991 (4 folders)
Box 105 Conferences 1992, 1994, 1996, 1997 (4 folders)
Printed material
Box 106 Journal of NAASLN 1991-1994 (4 issues)
Box 106 Newsletter
Box 106 Miscellaneous
Box 106 Miscellaneous
Box 106 National Association for Public and Continuing Education (NAPCAE) - includes almanacs and "Pulse of public continuing and adult education" newsletters (5 folders)
Box 107 National Association for Public and Continuing Education (NAPCAE) - includes "Techniques for teachers of adults" newsletters
Box 107 National Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (NARF)
Box 107 National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL) - includes "NCAL Connections" newsletters (3 folders)
Box 107 National Center for Community Education
Box 107 National Center for Disability Services
Box 107 National Center for Family Literacy - includes "National Center for Family Literacy" newsletter (2 folders)
Box 107 National Center for Learning Disabilities
Box 108 National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE) - includes "CenterGram," "Change Agent," "InterChange," "TASPP Bulletin" and other newsletters (4 folders)
Box 108 National Coalition for Literacy
Box 108 National Community Education Association (NCEA)
Box 108 National Council on Disability
National Council on the Handicapped
See National Council on Disability.
Box 109 National Council of La Raza
Box 109 National Endowment for the Arts
Box 109 National Home Study Council (NHSC) - includes "NHSC News," "Bulletin," and "NHSC Report" newsletters, and two reports: "Predicting Distance Education in the Year 2001 Final Report" (1982) and "New Course Planning" (1989) (3 folders)
Box 109 National Indian Adult Education Association
Box 109 National Information Center for Handicapped Children and Youth (NICHCY)
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)
Box 109 Correspondence
Box 109 Newsletters - includes "Disability Abstracts" and "Rehab Brief" newsletters
Box 110 Program directories (2 folders)
Box 110 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 111 National Institute for Literacy - includes "Literacy News" and "Policy Update" newsletters (2 folders)
Box 111 National Learning Laboratory
Box 111 National Network of Learning Disabled Adults
Box 111 National Organization on Disability (NOD) - includes "NOD Report" and "NOD Update" newsletters (2 folders)
Box 111 National Public Radio (NPR)
Box 111 National Rehabilitation Association
Box 111 National Rehabilitation Facilities Coalition (NRFC)
Box 111, 112 National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) - includes "NARIC Quarterly" newsletter (3 folders)
Box 112 National Rural Development Institute
Box 112 National Rural and Small Schools Consortium
Box 112 National Spinal Cord Injury Hotline
Box 112 National Task Force on Disability (NTFD)
Box 112 National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA)
Box 112 National Workplace Literacy Project
Box 112 Native Americans (2 folders)
See also National Advisory Council on Indian Education.
Box 112 New Jersey Association for Lifelong Learning (NJALL)
Box 113 NORCECA (North, Central America and Caribbean)
Box 113 North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, Adult Education program review (3 folders)
Box 113 Northern Illinois University
Box 113 Office on Educational Credit and Credentials
Box 113 Ohio State University
See also National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE) .
Box 113 Oklahoma State University
Box 113 Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) - Africa study tour
Box 113 Optometric Extension Program
Box 113 Orton Dyslexia Society
Box 113 Pan American Development Foundation
Box 113 Partners of the Americas
Box 113 Patton, Jim
Box 113 Pennsylvania Association for Adult and Continuing Education (PAACE)
Box 114 Perceptual Dynamics
Box 114 Plum, Kenneth R. - speech from 24th Annual Conference of Adult Education Association of Virginia
Box 114 President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (3 folders)
Box 114 President's Committee on Mental Retardation (2 folders)
Box 114 President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives
Box 114, 115 Project CLEAR (2 folders)
Box 115 Project Literacy US (PLUS) (2 folders)
Box 115 Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
Box 115 Rankin, Jeanette
Box 115 Reagan, Ronald
Box 115 Rebus Institute
Box 115 Rehabilitative Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA)
Box 115 Republican party (2 folders)
Box 116 Resumes (of others)
Box 116 Richmond Area Reading Council
Box 116 Richmond Area Rehabilitation Center
Box 116 Richmond First Club
Box 116 Richmond Mayor's Committee on the Handicapped
Box 116 Richmond Public Schools
Box 116 Rivera, William
Box 116 Roberts, Paul E.
Box 116 Robson, R. Anthony
Box 116 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Royce, Sherry
See Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) of Pennsylvania.
Box 116 Scott, Foresman and Company
Box 116 Siddiqui, Dilnawaz
Box 116 Siwisa, Dennis
Box 116 Smoak, Tom and Betsy
Box 116 Society for International Development (SID)
Box 116 South East Regional Resource Center
Box 116 SpecTrans
Box 116 Stambler, Moses - article on adult educators' visit to India
Box 116, 117 Steck-Vaughn Company - includes "Directions" newsletter
Box 117 Stern Center for Language and Learning - includes "Teaching adults with learning disabilities: Study guide"
Box 117 Study Circle Consortium
Box 117 Study Circles Resource Center - includes "Focus on Study Circles" newsletter (3 folders)
Box 118 Survival International USA
Box 118 Syracuse University - includes "CREA-tivity in New York" newsletter (2 folders)
Box 118 Talbot, Walter D. - speech given at 2d International Community Education Conference
Box 118 TASH (The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps)
Box 118 Teacher's College, Columbia University - includes transcript of Langner's speech at 1991 conference on literacy and adults with severe learning difficulties (2 folders)
Technical Assistance for Special Populations Program (TASPP)
See National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE).
Box 118 Tronstad, Barry
Box 118 Travis, George Y.
U.N. Decade of Disabled Persons
See International Year of Disabled Persons.
Box 118, 119 UNESCO - includes reports, papers, and many issues of "Adult education Information notes" newsletter (5 folders)
Box 119 University of the District of Columbia
Box 119 University of Kansas
Box 119 University of Missouri-St. Louis
Box 119 University of New England (Australia)
Box 119 University of Virginia
Box 119 University Without Walls
Box 119 Virginia Adult Institute for Lifelong Learning (VAILL)
Box 119 Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education (VAACE)
Box 120 Virginia Association of Independent Special Education Facilities (VAISEF)
Box 120 Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
Virginia, Commonwealth of
Box 120 Board of Education/Department of Education
Box 120 Department of Rehabilitative Services
Box 120 Department of Vocational Rehabilitation - includes "Challenge" newsletter (4 folders)
Box 120 Governor's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped
Box 121 Governor's Study Commission on Vocational Rehabilitation - includes 2-volume published report (2 folders)
Box 121 Miscellaneous
Virginia Commonwealth University
Box 121 Correspondence 1969-1978 (3 folders)
Box 122 Correspondence 1979-1980, 1983, 1985, 1988-1990, 1993
Box 122 Correspondence undated
Box 122 Printed material
Box 122 RES-301E - taught by Langner (2 folders)
Box 122 Syllabi
Box 122 Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Box 122 Virginia State University
Box 122 Wallingford Adult Education
Box 122 Warner, John
Box 122 Washington State University
Box 122 Westberry, Susan
Box 123 Wilson Learning Center (Barbara and Ed Wilson)
Box 123 Wingspread Conference
"With Wings as Eagles"
See Hartley, Robert.
Box 123 Wolfbein, Seymour L.
Woodland Hall Academy
See Hardman, Patricia K..
Box 123 Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Box 123 Zaba, Joel
Box 123 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Box 124 Miscellaneous (4 folders)
Box 125 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Box 126 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Box 127 Certificates
Box 127 Clippings about
Box 162 Commemorative paperweights
Box 162 Guest book
Box 127 Letters of appreciation/thanks
Box 162 Maps, Caribbean and West Indies
Box 162 Nameplate
Box 127 Passports
Box 127 Photographs of Langner
Box 127 Photographs of others
Box 162 Postcards
Box 127 Miscellaneous
Box 162 "Bill's distance learning course files" 2/24/89 - handwritten label, appears to be Langner's personal files (1 floppy disk, 5-1/4") (ID#: langner_008)
Box 162 Business Package #1 / Reports / Supervisor / Outbound Telemarketing / Outside Sales / Profiles, International circa 1987 (1 floppy disk, 5-1/4") (ID#: langner_005)
Box 162 Falling Through the Cracks: Learning Disabled Adults Speak Out / The Lab School of Washington 1985 (1 audiocassette) (ID#: langner_002)
Box 162 Graduating to Independence / Social Security Administration Office of Disability - includes cover letter, packet of supporting material; in binder, as originally published/distributed (1 videocassette; 2 floppy discs 5-1/4") (ID#: langner_018 to langner_020)
Box 162 Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes / Learning Disabilities Association Conference / by Nanci Bell undated (1 audiocassette) (ID#: langner_001)
Box 162 MS-Kermit program disk and documnetation [sic] version 2.31 / Syracuse University Academic Computing Services 16 Jun 1988 (1 floppy disk, 5-1/4") (ID#: langner_004)
Box 162 National Center on Adult Literacy Publications, Volume IV / Should Reading-Disabled Adults be Distinguished from Other Adults Seeking Reading Instruction? (TR93-7) / Prison Literacy: Implications for Program and Assessment Policy (TR93-1) / National Center on Adult Literacy 1984 (1 floppy disk, 5-1/4") , "WordPerfect 5.0 for IBM Compatible" (ID#: langner_003)
Box 162 The PROFILE / Profiles, International / Product: Introduction Package / Reports: 2 circa 1987 - handwritten post-it attached, "Complete and return for a complimentary profile, verbal and written" (1 floppy disk, 5-1/4") (ID#: langner_006)
Box 162 Reading - Level 1, Lessons 1- 14, 19 and 22 / Warren Foundation Turning Point Curriculum - English Communication for the World 1981 - in vinyl case printed with title, Warren Foundation logo, as sold/distributed (8 audiocassettes) (ID#: langner_010 through langner_017)
Box 162 Strategies for Teaching Adults with Learning Difficulties 1986[?] - videotape, "STALD TEST PTS. I AND II"; order form, informational booklet, scoring sheets, and final report "Strategies for Teaching Adults with Learning Difficulties"; in vinyl case as originally distributed/sold (1 audiocassette) (ID#: langner_009)
Box 162 [untitled] - blank label, contents unknown (1 floppy disk, 5-1/4") (ID#: langner_007)
Printed material - in Hollinger cartons, very heavy
Box 128, 129, 130 Adult Basic Education (ABE) (2 boxes + 5 folders)
Box 130 Adult Education Act (4 folders)
Box 131 Americans with Disabilities Act
Box 132 Conferences (6 folders)
Box 133 Competency-based adult education (4 folders)
Box 133 Correctional education (10 folders)
Department of Education
Box 134 Clearinghouse of adult education and literacy - briefs, fact sheets, reports, bibliographies, directories, papers, etc
Box 135 Newsletters (22 folders)
Box 136 Reports and papers 1964, 1970-1990 (18 folders)
Box 137 Reports and papers 1991-1998, undated (15 folders)
Box 137 Miscellaneous
Box 138 GED
See also Misc newsletters: G for several newsletters on the GED.
Box 130, 132 Independent study / distance learning (9 folders)
Box 139 International education
Box 130, 140-143 Learning disabled education (3 folders + 4 boxes)
Box 144, 145 Literacy (2 boxes)
Box 146 Misc books
Box 147 Misc journals
Misc newsletters
Box 148 Partial list of titles
Box 148 Newsletters, A-E - includes "ABE Newsletter" (Virginia Department of Education), "Adult and Continuing Education Today" (Washington DC)
Box 149 Newsletters, F-Net - includes "GED Briefs," "GED Items" and "GED Profiles" (American Council on Education), "Lifeline" (Florida Adult Literacy Resource Center)
Box 150 Newsletters, New-W - includes "What's the Buzz?" (Pennsylvania ABE), "Written Word" (American Association of Advertising Agencies)
Box 151-157 Miscellaneous education material (7 boxes - 6 Hollinger, 1ab)
Published material
Box 158 Adult learning activities
Box 158 Adult learning seminars
Box 158 Adult education materials, co-written with Bonnie Dedeian, Charlie Schmidt - notes, contracts, correspondence, drafts, research material for GED preparatory books (2 folders)
Box 158 Brand talking points
Box 158 Miscellaneous, A-Ev (2 folders)
Box 159 Miscellaneous, Ex-U (4 folders)
Box 159 Miscellaneous untitled
Box 159 Notebooks
Box 160 Outlines, fragments, notes (2 folders)
Box 160, 161 Miscellaneous - notes, reminders, to-do lists, other scraps and fragments (5 folders)

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