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Howard McClusky Collection

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

The adult education holdings are collectively known as the
Alexander N. Charters Library of Resources for Educators of Adults.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hiemstra, Roger.
Title: Howard McClusky Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1929-1990
Quantity: 6.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, reports, speeches, notes, interviews, and other material by and about adult educator Howard McClusky.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Howard Yale McClusky (1900-1982) was a prolific and influential scholar of adult education. Born in Whitesboro, New York, he attended Park College in Parkville, Missouri and earned a PhD from the University of Chicago. He was a member of the School of Education faculty at the University of Michigan for 60 years, where he established the Graduate Program in Adult Community Education and was the administrator of the University's educational gerontology program.

McClusky was generous with his ideas and enthusiasm: in addition to his courses at the University of Michigan he was a visiting professor at ten universities, served on more than a hundred doctoral committees, published in more than fifty different journals and periodicals, served in an advisory capacity to dozens of organizations, and gave more than 430 presentations in 30 states and three countries. He helped found the Adult Education Association (serving as its first president) and the Commission of Professors of Adult Education, and was chief consultant to the W.K. Kellogg and C.S. Mott Foundations' efforts in the community council, community school, and citizen's council movements. Over the course of his career he made substantial contributions to many fields including mental health, public health, community education, community development, psychology, youth work, educational psychology, gerontology, and educational gerontology.

McClusky received numerous accolades over his career, including the Delbert Clark Adult Education Award (1956), University of Michigan Faculty's Distinguished Achievement Award (1958), Michigan Legislature Concurrent Resolution of Tribute (1969), Board of Regents' Citation (1975), Adult Education Association's Pioneer Award (1975), and State of Michigan Legislature's Award for Special Service. In 2002 he was inducted into the International Adult Education Hall of Fame. The McClusky Symposium, which continues McClusky's research exploration, is held annually at the National Adult Education Conference.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Howard McClusky Collection consists of correspondence, writings, reports, speeches, notes, and other material by and about adult educator Howard McClusky. The material was collected by Professor Roger Hiemstra, a colleague and protege of McClusky.

The material has been physically rearranged but retains Hiemstra's intellectual organization, folder titles, and descriptions. There is some overlap between series; researchers would be wise to review the entire inventory to ensure locating all relevant material.

Material About McClusky consists of bibliographies, articles, essays, letters, Hiemstra's research notes, and other material about McClusky. Correspondence contains letters and correspondence, some to and from McClusky and some about him.

McClusky's writings are collected by type in five series: Book chapters, Journal articles, Monographs, Speeches, and Writings, miscellaneous. Outside reports contains reports by various organizations on McClusky, or on topics related to his research interests.

Tapes contains 51 audiocassettes. Topics include speeches and lectures by McClusky, interviews with him and about him, and reminiscences of family, students, and colleagues about McClusky.

Miscellaneous includes bibliographies, lists of various kinds, biographical information, a few photographs, and assorted other material.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The material has been physically rearranged but retains the collector's intellectual organization, folder titles, and descriptions. There is some overlap between series; researchers would be wise to review the entire inventory to ensure locating all relevant material.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Hiemstra, Roger.
McClusky, Howard Y.

Corporate Bodies

Adult Education Association.
University of Michigan -- School of Education.


Adolescent psychology.
Adult education -- United States.
Community education -- United States.
Educational psychology.
Gerontology -- Study and teaching.
Life skills.
Older people -- Education.
Older people -- Psychology.

Genres and Forms

Manuscripts (document genre)
Papers (document genres)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Howard McClusky Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Roger Hiemstra, 2008.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 3 Dec 2008
Revision history:

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About McClusky
Box 1 AM-1: Radio Programs - The Awakening Community October 8, 1939 - April 5, 1940 - McClusky was the Director of the Programs
Box 1 AM-2: 1969 Directory of Community Councils in Michigan 1969 - foreword dedicates the issue to McClusky
Box 1 AM-3: McClusky's Academic Activities undated
Box 1 AM-4: McClusky’s membership to different organizations/institutions undated
Box 1 AM-5: Table 1: Type of Publication and Type of Authorship (of McClusky?) undated
Box 1 AM-6: Letters to Dr. Tom parsons and others from Roger Hiemstra 1979
Box 1 AM-7: "McClusky Talks on Aging" in: The University of Michigan School of Education, University Innovator, Vol. 11, No. 1, p.19 July 27, 1979
Box 1 AM-8: Letter to Arlon Elser, Program Director W. K. Kellogg Foundation undated - includes request for support from Kellogg Foundation to work on McClusky's contributions to Adult Education
Box 1 AM-9: Letter to Dr. Al Menlo August 4, 1979 - includes excerpts of McClusky's works
Box 1 AM-12: A biographical essay about Howard Yale McClusky undated
Box 1 AM-13: Reference is made to McClusky about the meaning of “Educative" and "Human Psychology" by Prof. Allen Menlo undated
Box 1 AM-14: McClusky’s announcement of the establishment of a fund to partially support student participation in different academic activities. in Ace Reporter, Vol. 5 No.2 Oct. 1978
Box 1 AM-15: Description of McClusky by one of his 1924 students in a letter to the editor September 1979
Box 1 AM-17: Code sheet undated
Box 1 AM-17.1: Working effectively with children and youth – meeting program October 17, 1952
Box 1 AM-18: "The Power - Load - Margin Theory of Howard Y. McClusky as A Model of Teaching" / Dr. Keith Main 1979
Box 1 AM-19: Community Colleges and Community Councils: Partners for Community Improvement? / Douglas Kelley 1979 - Two articles which refer to McClusky's work extensively
Box 1 AM-20: Recollections and Reflections of Professors of Adult Education: Early 20th Century leaders and Pioneers in the Field / Joseph W. Jacques 1973 - McClusky is included as one of the pioneers
Box 1 AM-23.1: Adult and Continuing Education Reporter, Vol. 6 Number 3: Special Issue, "A Tribute to Howard Yale McClusky" February 1980
Box 1 AM-24: Memorial Service for McClusky October 23, 1982
Box 1 AM-25: Notes on McClusky by Roger Hiemstra in Address on: "Community Development and Education" by Howard Y. McClusky May 1975
Box 1 AM-26: A brief tribute to McClusky upon his death in Adult and Continuing Education Reporter Vol. 9 Number 1 September 1982
Box 1 AM-27: Remarks on the Teaching of Howard McClusky / Carl Brahce 1983?
Box 1 AM-28: Letter from Helen McClusky to Roger on disposition of McClusky's books and materials January 4, 1983
Box 1 AM-29: "Howard Y. McClusky, 1900-1982" / Lawrence S Berlin, Innovator, Vol. 14, No 3 December 1982
Box 1 AM-30: Adult Education in Ann Arbor: A Candid Look at the Adult and Continuing Education Faculty at the University of Michigan, Howard McClusky p.41 1979
Box 1 AM-31: Classes taught through extension service undated
Box 1 AM-32: Announcing the death of McClusky August 25, 1982
Box 1 AM-33: Community Adult Education from 1938-1953 - its first 15 years
Box 1 AM-35: Education for Elderly by 2000 in Dowagiac MI Daily News April 5, 1979
Box 1 AM-36: Education for the Aging, University of Michigan March 23, 1979 - article reviewing Dr. McClusky's conception of education and gerontology by the year 2000
Box 1 AM-38: "University of Michigan Professor will give commencement address," The Bryan Times May 17, 1957
Box 1 AM-40: Documents regarding Milan Community efforts with some inputs by Prof. McClusky January, 1946
Box 1 AM-99: A Dynamic Approach to Participation in Community Development undated
Box 1 CO-1: Letter from William E. Becker A comment on McClusky's interview on "An Education for All Seasons" March 26, 1980
Box 1 CO-2: Letter from Doug Kelley on Reference letter from McClusky December 18, 1980
Box 1 CO-3: An invitation to speak to Directors of Community Education March 12, 1968
Box 1 CO-4: A memorandum from Robert A Luke to Dr. McClusky re: Affiliation of the Adult Education Association with the National Education Association and other organizations
Box 1 CO-5: A circular from Coolie Verner to Professors of Adult Education, re: adult education growing rapidly but lacking specific direction or logical progress
Box 1 CO-6: Letters to Mrs. McClusky on Howard's death 1982
Box 1 CO-7: Letter from George W. Sample to McClusky on the Juvenile Question April 21, 1936
Box 1 CO-8: Letters to and from McClusky concerning "Education for Community Leadership" August, 1944
Box 1 CO-9: Correspondence on Discussion Groups as a Channel of Information 1947
Box 1 CO-10: Letter from Alex Sobel August 17, 1957 - includes latest copy of the Council Reporter, request for materials on Community Council history, directions, programs and their effectiveness
Box 1 CO-11: Some correspondence on reports of the Symposiums at the National Institute on Education and the War August/September, 1942
Box 1 CO-12: Letter to Dr. Don C. Charles, Iowa State University Professor, Department of Psychology, regarding submission of a book chapter or an article January 4, 1979
Box 1 CO-13: Letters from Roger on bibliography of McClusky July 19 and July 20, 1979
Box 1 CO-14: Letter from Dr. Francis A. Kornegay to McClusky expressing his enjoyment in reading the latter's article June 26, 1979
Box 1 CO-15: Letter from D. Barry Lumsden, Editor, Educational Gerontology appointing McClusky as Life Honorary Editor of the journal June 10, 1979
Box 1 CO-16: Correspondence between McClusky and Roger Hiemstra 1979
Box 1 CO-18: Letter to McClusky from Roger Hiemstra enclosing a list of doctoral students McClusky chaired 1979?
Box 1 CO-19: Correspondence from the Canadian Education Association requesting McClusky for the publication of the latter's article in their book December 4, 1956
Box 1 CO-20: Letter to Boyd enclosing a memorandum on Educational Research July 7, 1962
Box 1 CO-21: A memorandum from Reports Committee to McClusky on "Adult Education as a Field of Professional Study" February 12, 1962
Box 1 CO-22: A Memorandum to Dr. Olson, Dean , School of Education, containing a report on sabbatical leaves, second semester, 1962-63
Box 1 CO-22.1: Correspondence and later notes on work with the Michigan Credit Union League 1954
Box 1 CO-23: Correspondence with various people on different topics and issues 1951
Box 1 CO-23.1: Correspondence pertaining to the 1980 Adult Education Handbook series
Box 1 CO-23.2: Letter to William Griffith from McClusky on AEA publications July 9, 1982
Box 2 CO-24: Correspondence enclosing Notes for Report to Bruce Fund Committee of which McClusky was a member September 6, 1950
Box 2 CO-25: A report of the Adult Education Conference which McClusky attended June 26, 1951
Box 2 CO-26: Correspondence from Mark Starr to McClusky regarding Workers' Education February 18, 1952
Box 2 CO-27: Copies of letters of different people to McClusky on their appointment to different positions in the AEA plus some writings regarding the organization found in one file 1952
Box 2 CO-29: Letter to Wilbur J. Cohen sending him a supplement to the Biographical material March 29, 1978
Box 2 CO-30: Letter to John Hatfield enclosing a copy of selected professional biographical items (resume) August 24, 1977
Box 2 CO-31: Letter from Frank J. Misplou confirming Dr. McClusky's presentation of the Life-long Learning seminar at the New England Gerontology Centre July 17-19, 1978 December 21, 1977
Box 2 CO-32: Letter from Patrick R. Penland to McClusky enclosing an executive summary and the final report on Self-Planned Learning December 5, 1979
Box 2 CO-33: Letter from Roger Hiemstra enclosing a copy of the article Hiemstra sent to Lifelong Learning March 6, 1980
Box 2 CO-34: Copy of a letter from Burton W. Kreitlow to William S. Griffith and copied to McClusky May 31, 1979
Box 2 CO-35: Letter from William Griffith enclosed with a copy of the revised manuscript of the volume Alan Knox was editing July 3, 1979
Box 2 CO-36: Letters from and to William S. Griffith 1979
Box 2 CO-37: Letter from William S. Griffith concerning edition of books July 25, 1979
Box 2 CO-38: Letter from Huey B. Long enclosing a copy of a review of a book entitled Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education July 15, 1980
Box 2 CO-39: Letter from J. Lin Compton on Tenure Review September 22, 1980
Box 2 CO-40: 1981 KIHCOA Session at this November National Adult Education Conference in St. Louis July 17, 1980
Box 2 CO-41: Copy of a letter from Carl I. Brahce to Murray Jackson on Dr. McClusky’s proposed appointment as chair of the Educational Gerontology Program and as a member of the Educational Gerontology faculty for the 1973-74 Academic Year August 24, 1973
Box 2 CO-42: Letter to Dr. K. Warner Schaie reporting on the Adult Ed Association of the USA conference and the National Mini White House Conference held in November 1980; both he and McClusky attended December 23, 1980
Box 2 CO-46: Copy of a letter from William S. Griffith to Dr. Edgar J. Boone enclosing the first two chapters of the Handbook Volume with some comments March 19, 1978
Box 2 CO-47: Copy of a letter from William Griffith to Edgar J. Boone enclosing chapter VI "Basic Education English as a Second Language " with some comments March 20, 1978
Box 2 CO-50: Copy of a letter from William S. Griffith to Dr. Allan B. Moore on publishing the Handbook series February 25, 1978
Box 2 CO-51: copy of letter from William S. Griffith to Dr. Linda S. Hartsock regarding expenses for the preparation of each volume of the Handbook series February 24, 1978
Box 2 CO-54: Letters from and to Charles B. Wood regarding trends in Adult Education 1973
Box 2 CO-55: Letter to Professor Jerold W. Apps, Chairman, Commission of Professors of Adult Education reporting that the meeting for the Part-Time Teachers was a decisive success March 13, 1972
Box 2 CO-56: Letter from Andrew Hendrickson expressing their appreciation to McClusky for his acceptance to deliver an opening address at their institute on Development of Education Programs for Older Persons March 10, 1972
Box 2 CO-58: Letters from the Nebraska Educational Television Council for Higher Education, Inc., personnel regarding a supplemental lesson 1971-1972
Box 2 CO-62: Letter from W. Fred Totten concerning an article for the special issue of the Phi Delta Kappan April 29, 1972
Box 2 CO-65: Letter from W. A. Buckmann enclosing a list of board members and a list of institutional members July 11, 1978
Box 2 CO-66: Letter from Mary P. O'Brien on presentation "Coping with Changes in the Later Years" August 10, 1978 - includes draft of program
Box 2 CO-67: Letter from Jacques O. Lebel, Commission Chair ensuring McClusky that plans for him to participate at an AEA Conference session on the 1981 WHCOA were set October 15, 1980
Box 2 CO-68: Letter to J. Lin Compton responding to his note of May 15, and enclosing some documents describing the mission of Compton’s Community Task Force August 22, 1980
Box 2 CO-69: Letters from and to Dr. Roger Hiemstra regarding McClusky's visit to Lincoln for a NETCHE Program 1971-1972
Box 2 CO-71: Letters from and to Dr. Roger Hiemstra regarding information about expansion of Roger's Department of Adult Education February, 1972
Box 2 CO-72: Letter from Mary L. Reiss appreciating Dr. McClusky’s acceptance to speak at the HEW Region V Staff Development Workshop August 29, 1972
Box 2 CO-80: A note to Bill Griffith on preliminary observations concerning the task of the Professors' Publication Committee January 1, 1975
Box 2 CO-81: Letter to Dr. Alton P. Hadlock regarding Adult Education Program Planning undated
Box 2 CO-85: Correspondence from Ray Manty, listing suggestions to the UP March 1, 1944
Box 2 CO-86: Correspondence to McClusky regarding recreation programs in schools April 18, 1944
Box 2 CO-87: A memo to McClusky on the future of the Committee on Education for Aging, AEA November 1, 1951
Box 2 CO-88: Correspondence to Dr. E. L. Kirkpatrick regarding the American Youth Commission December, 1941
Box 2 CO-91: Correspondence with Mrs. Samuel Geraci of Northville Community Council regarding Community Service November 16, 1964
Box 2 CO-92: Correspondence from C. R. Carhohan regarding the development activities of Mount Pleasant Town Hall Michigan and related documents October 19, 1946
Box 2 CO-94: Correspondence from Alvin Zander regarding the School of Education, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor May 24, 1948
Box 2 CO-97: Letter from the President of the AMCA College, Chicago, Lake Geneva July 16, 1930
Box 2 CO-100: Letter from Alan B. Knoll regarding a report on relevance to Adult Education of the College Textbook Educational Psychology by Lee Conback, second edition, dated 1962 August 4, 1965
Box 2 CO-101: A memo to Robert C. Clark regarding the proposed Iowa Dissemination Project August 13, 1940
Box 2 CO-102: Letter to Senator Dick Clark on the Huron College Project in Intergenerational Education September 17, 1976
Box 2 CO-103: Letter to Ms. Carole Tice giving her an abbreviated preview of some of the major outcomes of the evaluation of the TLC Mote Module Project June 26, 1980
Box 2 CO-104: Letter from Charles E. Scholl Jr. enclosing McClusky's paper on "Adult Education for Today’s World," August 17, 1951
Box 2 CO-105: Correspondence pertaining to McClusky’s initial employment at the University of Michigan
Book chapters
Box 2 BC-1: An eclectic introduction to child development undated
Box 2 BC-2: Adult Education as a Field of Professional Study January 22, 1962
Box 2 BC-5: The Adult as Learner, reprinted from: Stanley E. Seashore and Robert J. McNeill (eds.) Management of the Urban Crisis 1971
Box 2 BC-6: The Outlook of Youth in a World at War in Sidonic M. Gruerberg (ed) The Family in a World at War 1942
Box 2 BC-8: The Teachers and the Small Community University of Nebraska Press 1948
Box 2 BC-11: Psychology and Learning undated
Box 2 BC-13: The Community of Generations: A Goal and a Context for the Education of Persons in the later years August, 1975
Journal articles
Box 2 JA-1: An experimental comparison of reading the original and digest versions of an article, Journal of Educational Psychology November, 1940
Box 2 JA-2: Reactions of teachers to the teaching situation – a study of job satisfaction, Howard McClusky and Floyd Strayer, The School Review October, 1940
Box 2 JA-2.1: A philosophy of work experience, Progressive Education February, 1942
Box 2 JA-3: The Status of Youth in Our Culture, reprinted from Education December, 1955
Box 2 JA-4: Age and Youth: A Partnership (Youth as a source of energy if there is planning and laborious constructive effort) May 10, 1941
Box 2 JA-5: Block Organization for Health Education, reprinted from American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 34, No. 6 June, 1944
Box 2 JA-6: Community Influences and Adult Learning, in Adult Education, Vol. VIII, No.2 Winter 1958
Box 2 JA-7: The Psychology of Adults, for Review of Educational Research undated
Box 2 JA-8: Mental Health in Schools and Colleges, pre-print of chapter in Review of Educational Research December 1949
Box 2 JA-9: What's Ahead in Education? reprint from Pi Lambda Theta Journal Vol. XXXI, No.4, pp. 199-202 Summer,1953
Box 2 JA-10: Adult Education about Education, reprint of Chapter VI from Review of Educational Research, co-authored by Herbert Hamlin June, 1953
Box 3 JA-11: The adult education program. Back cover in the Michigan Alumnus March 9, 1944
Box 3 JA-12: General Education and Work Experience, reprinted from Review of Educational Research October, 1944
Box 3 JA-13: The Future of Camping, in The Camping Magazine February, 1937
Box 3 JA-15: The Normal Child and Adolescent, reprinted from Review of Educational Research December, 1943
Box 3 JA-16: Shall I go to High School? reprinted from Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife September 1943
Box 3 JA-17: An Age for Greatness: The Secondary School at War, reprinted from Michigan Educational Journal January 1943
Box 3 JA-18: Planning for Rural Youth, reprinted from the Journal of Educational Sociology Vol. 15, No. 9 May 1942
Box 3 JA-19: The Common Problems and Possibilities of National Agencies Concerned with Community Organization in Community Councils, in Action Vol. 1, No. 4 May 1941
Box 3 JA-20: The School in the Community, reprinted from the North Central Association Quarterly, Vol. XV, No.4 April, 1941
Box 3 JA-22: A Modified Form of the True-False Test, reprinted from the Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 14, pp. 213-224, co-authored with Francis D. Curtis October, 1926
Box 3 JA-24: Psychology and Learning, in the Review of Educational Research, Vol. 35, P. 191-200 June, 1965
Box 3 JA-25: The Psychology of Adults, reprinted from Review of Educational Research, Vol. XXIX, No.3, co-authored with Gale Jensen June 1959
Box 3 JA-27: The Adult as Lifelong Learner: Some implications for instruction in higher education, in Educare Journal Vol. 5 Spring 1978
Box 3 JA-28: A Study of Community Leaders Perceptions, in Adult Education Volume XV Number 4 Summer 1965
Box 3 JA-29: A Modified form of the True-False Test, in General Science Quarterly undated
Box 3 JA-29.1: Howard Yale McClusky, Adult Education Professor and Statesman, in Lifelong Learning October, 1980; undated - also includes correspondence between Roger Hiemstra and others concerning McClusky
Box 3 JA-29.2: The contributions of Howard Yale McClusky to an evolving discipline of Educational Gerontology, by Roger Hiemstra 1981
Box 3 JA-30: Adult Education for Citizenship, reprinted from Review of Educational Research October, 1947
Box 3 JA-31: The Occupational Adjustment of the Youth, reprinted from the National Business Education Quarterly undated
Box 3 JA-321: Reactions of Teachers to the Teaching situation - A study of job satisfaction, reprinted from The Journal Review, Vol. XLV, No 8, co-authored with Floyd J. Strayer October 1940
Box 3 JA-33: Mobilizing the Community for Adult Education, in The Quarterly Review April 29, 1939
Box 3 JA-34: Reducing the error of the Guesstimate, in Michigan Education Journal September 1, 1959
Box 3 JA-35: Some Propositions in Support of the Community School, in The Journal of Educational Sociology undated
Box 3 JA-36: It's happening here! Several Michigan Communities are developing Total Educational Resources through Cooperative Planning Branch County, Dowagiac and Hartland Pioneer, in Michigan Educational Journal April 1939
Box 3 JA-38: Adult and Community Education: Its Promise and Relevance, in Community Educational Journal Volume 1, Number 3 August, 1971
Box 3 JA-39: Where can we look for leadership? in Phi Delta Kappan November 1972
Box 3 JA-41: An experimental comparison of the Methods of Correcting the Outcome of an Examination, reprinted from School and Society Vol 40, No. 1035 October 1934
Box 3 JA-48: Mechanical Aids to Education and the new teacher - a Prophecy, reprinted from Education October, 1934
Box 3 JA-50: An Experiment on the influence of Preliminary Skimming on Reading, reprinted from Journal of Educational Psychology October, 1934
Box 3 JA-51: An Experimental Study of Language Patterns, reprinted from the English Journal Vol. XXV No 1, co-authored with Creighton Coleman January, 1936
Box 3 JA-52: An Experimental Comparison of the New Type Test and the Term Paper, reprinted from Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. XV no. 5 October, 1933
Box 3 JA-53: Some propositions in support of the community school - a summary, in Journal of Educational Sociology December, 1959
Box 3 JA-61: What do we want for our children? in the National Parent Teacher Magazine February, 1953
Box 3 JA-63: Youth in Search of Happiness in National Parent Teacher Magazine March, 1940
Box 3 JA-66: The First Fifty Years of the School of Education and Beyond, in the Innovator 1971
Box 3 JA-71: An experience of Hypothyroidism: A case study, reprinted from the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, Vol XXIX No 4 January - March, 1935
Box 3 MO-1: The information self-help approach in approaches to community development 1973
Box 3 MO-3: Pre-Conference Study Guide of the National Conferences of the Adult Education Association of the US November 11-13, 1955 - McClusky was co-chairman of the sub-committee
Box 3 MO-4: Connecticut Teacher Volume 1X N2 November. 1941 - Contains program for convention day on which McClusky was expected to speak
Box 3 MO-5: Innovator, Volume 1 No.3, C January, 1970 - contains information about McClusky
Box 3 MO-6: Bureau of Studies and Training in Community Adult Education, in University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol.19 February, 1948
Box 3 MO-7: Directory of Community Councils in Michigan, by Community and Adult Education Department of University of Michigan 1957 - McClusky was Chairman and wrote a "Foreword" to this directory
Box 3 MO-8: School Responsibility for the Education of Adults, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin April, 1951
Box 3 MO-9: The Mentors -- Educational Values in Transition: New Dimensions, in Living The Beginnings: Interviews with the mentors March 1-2, 1974 - McClusky was one of the mentors
Box 3 MO-10: "Some Current Trends in Community Organization" in Adult Education Bulletin February 1946
Box 3 MO-11: How Community Agencies May Help with Problems of Delinquency, an offprint of Chapter IX (pp.191-213) of the Forty-Seventh Yearbook, Part I 1948
Box 4 MO-12: Mental Hygiene and the Public School, An article in the University of Michigan: School of Education Bulletin, Vol.4, No.1 October 1932
Box 4 MO-13: The Education of the Gifted Child, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol. 3, Number 5 February, 1932
Box 4 MO-14: Conference proceedings of Georgia's Human Resources Third Annual Conference undated - McClusky was a key speaker
Box 4 MO-15: Community Seminar for Adult Education, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol. 10 Number 5 February, 1939
Box 4 MO-16: The Responsibility of the Public School for Adult Education published in Now. . . In Our Town February, 1945
Box 4 MO-17: The Optimum Development of Older Rural youth, in The Contribution of Extension Methods and Techniques Toward the Rehabilitation of War-torn Countries, pp. 215-217 September 19-22, 1944
Box 4 MO-18: Community education/development, co-authored with J. Lin Compton January, 1978
Box 4 MO-18.1: The relevance of psychology for adult education. Later a chapter in Adult Education: An Emerging Field of University Study ca. 1964
Box 4 MO-19: "Education for Community Leadership" in Cranbrook Bulletin Spring-Summer, 1944
Box 4 MO-20: On Placing Facts in Their Proper Setting, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol 11, No. 4 January 1940
Box 4 MO-22: Adult Education and the Public School, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin. Vol. 16, No.5 February 1945
Box 4 MO-23: The School and the Future of the Mental Hygiene Movement, reprinted from the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol. 8, No. 2 November 1936
Box 4 MO-24: A Neglected Laboratory for the Study of Youth, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 3 December 1929
Box 4 MO-26: Community Projects in Adult Education in Michigan, in Community Service News September- October, 1947
Box 4 MO-28: Adult Education - Our Secret Weapon, in Adult Leadership October 1952
Box 4 MO-29: What is the Mental Hygiene Movement Doing to the Schools? reprinted from the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol. 34, Number 6 March 1963
Box 4 MO-31: Community-Adult Education at the University of Michigan, reprinted from the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin Vol. 29, Number 1, co-authored with Gale E. Jensen October 1957
Box 4 MO-32: The Demand for Continual Learning in Modern Society, reprinted from the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Volume 34, No. 8 May 1963
Box 4 MO-33: Howard Y. McClusky and the community councils idea: A bibliographical essay, by Douglas Kelley February, 1980
Box 4 MO-34: The Educative Community in The Community School and its Administration, Vol. V No.9 May, 1967
Box 4 MO-35: The Best Present Ever in Action Newsletter, Vol. 9, Number 5 (pages 1-3) December 1957
Box 4 MO-37: The Course of the Adult Life Span May 1963
Box 4 MO-38: The founding assembly, in Adult Leadership September, 1975
Box 4 MO-40: The Educator and His Reading, reprinted from the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin February, 1935
Box 4 MO-41: The Future of Camping, reprinted from The Camping Magazine Vol IX No. 2 February 1937
Box 4 MO-43: The Adult Education Program, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol 15, No. 4 p. 57 January, 1944
Box 4 MO-44: The Department of Adult Education, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, , Vol 22, No.7 April, 1951
Box 4 MO-45: Self-Help, in The Michigan Alumnus Vol LV No 17 March 26, 1949
Box 4 MO-57: The Rape of Culture, an NBC Radio Discussion by Howard McClusky and Others, in the University of Chicago Round Table, Number 616 January 8, 1950
Box 4 MO-61: Can Adults Learn Community Self-Help, in the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, Vol 17 Number 5 February, 1946
Box 4 MO-62: What research says about adult learning potential and about teaching older adults, in Adult learning: Issues and innovations, Northern Illinois University 1975
Box 4 MO-63: Speculations on the future of education, in University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin January, 1954
Box 4 MO-64: Twelve years of community councils in Michigan, in University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin May, 1949
Outside reports
Box 4 OR-1: Year 1 AEA First Annual Report of the Adult Education Association of the USA June 1, 1951 - May 31, 1952
Box 4 OR-2: A Manuscript on Rural Education Prepared by the Committee on Rural Education March 24, 1942 - McClusky was a committee member
Box 4 OR-3: The Department of Community Adult Education October 15, 1963
Box 4 OR-4: The Liberal Arts Colleges Training Community Leaders, in The Inauguration of Herbert Carleton Mayer as Thirteenth President of Parsons College October 13, 1941
Box 4 OR-5: First Michigan Teachers Education Workshop October, 1941
Box 4 OR-6: Consultant's Report to the School Community Relations Subcommittee of the Citizens Advisory Committee on School Needs, Detroit, Michigan 1958
Box 5 OR-8: Development of the Rural Project in Michigan January 30, 1941
Box 5 OR-9: The AEA-USA: Why and What it must be 1971
OR-11: The Future Belongs to Youth (missing as of 12/4/2008) July 2, 1940?
OR-12: The Occupational Adjustment of Youth (missing as of 12/4/2008) July 3, 1940?
Box 5 OR-13: Memorandum to Dr. E. L. Kirkpatrick on the Project for Rural Youth undated
Box 5 OR-14: Area Conference Report. General Plan for Organization January 1950
Box 5 OR-15: Flint Eighth Annual Community Education Workshop October 31, 1963
Box 5 OR-21: The AEA-USA: Why and What it must be October, 1971
Box 5 OR-23: Pre-conference Study Guide: The Role of Adult Education in the Development of the Local Community, by a sub-committee November, 1955 - McClusky was a co-chairman
Box 5 OR-24: Meeting notes, unknown organization
Box 5 OR-26: Committing the Non Committing: Proceedings of the 4th Annual Midwestern Conference on Garden Clubs November 29-30, 1966
Box 5 OR-27: The Experimental Program of the American Youth Commission in the Ten CCC Camps of the Fifth Corps Area undated
Box 5 OR-28: Report entitled "Rural Education Today and Tomorrow" of the Committee on Rural Education April 22, 1943 - McClusky was committee member
Box 5 OR-42: Thirty-Second Annual Convention of the Michigan Hospital Association November 11-13, 1951
Box 5 OR-43: The American Youth Commission and the Education of Out-of -School Youth July 3, 1940
Box 5 SP-1: On Effective Personality, notes undated
Box 5 SP-2: Speech at Indiana Rural youth Dinner, notes January 11, 1944
Box 5 SP-3: Speech notes October 25, 1943
Box 5 SP-4: Speech notes on Trends in Current Social Scene undated
Box 5 SP-5: Speech notes on Community Participation for Family Living undated
Box 5 SP-6: Speech notes to the League of Women Voters April 3, 1961
Box 5 SP-7: Speech notes to Illinois Congress of Parents and Teachers (loose papers) January 25, 1944
Box 5 SP-8: Speech notes on Trend in Community Education at Educational Conference (loose papers) July 27, 1944
Box 5 SP-9: The Adult as Person - A Recapitulative Brief (speech notes in loose papers)
Box 5 SP-10: Neighborhood Democracy June 5, 1939
Box 5 SP-11: Speech notes Adult Education at Floral Park September 1955
Box 5 SP-11.1: Speech notes to: Governor Kelley’s Committee January 17, 1944
Box 5 SP-12: Speech notes to: Great Lakes Regional Camping Association YWCA, Detroit January 13, 1945
Box 5 SP-13: Speech notes to Toledo dinner Meeting of Family Life Education and Mental Hygiene Council June 5, 1944
Box 5 SP-15: Speech notes to Utah School Administrators' Conference on The Community Centered School March 29, 1968
Box 5 SP-16: Speech notes for National Community School Education Association Carillon Hotel, Miami Beach December 1, 1967
Box 5 SP-17: Speech notes for Michigan School Board Association on Communicating with Our Public September 20, 1967
Box 5 SP-18: Speech notes, Oregon Parks and Recreation Society January 13, 1967
Box 5 SP-19: Speech notes, Sears, Garden Clubs, University of Michigan, on Committing the Non-Committed November 29, 1966
Box 5 SP-20: Speech notes, Community Power and Community School Director April 3, 1968
Box 5 SP-21: Speech notes to Librarians, Audio Visualists October 20, 1966
Box 5 SP-22: Speech, Re-discovering the Community: Some new Frontiers for Physical Education, Saskatchewan Physical Education Association, Fort Qu'Appelle April 5, 1968
Box 5 SP-23: Speech notes, VISTA - MARQUETTE June 27, 1966
Box 5 SP-24: Speech notes, Illinois Adult Education Association, Urbana, University of Illinois April 26, 1968
Box 5 SP-25: Speech notes to a country club May 17, 1956
Box 5 SP-26: Speech notes to Community Council October 15, 1964
Box 5 SP-27: Speech notes on Teacher, Classroom and Society September 26, 1964
Box 5 SP-28: Speech notes on Community Influences and Community Responsibility in Guidance June 26, 1962
Box 5 SP-29: Speech notes on New Frontiers in Child Guidance and Mental Health February 2, 1965
Box 5 SP-30: Speech notes to University of Michigan Resident Counselors August 22, 1966
Box 5 SP-31: Speech notes on The Positive View of the Later Years: The Bright side of Retirement March 6, 1980
Box 5 SP-32: Speech notes on Mental Hygiene Approach to Guidance Ball State Teachers College April 16, 1947
Box 5 SP-33: Speech notes to the National 4-H Club Congress, Stevens Hotel, Chicago, on Civic-Educational Values For a Better Home and World Community December 2, 1947
Box 6 SP-34: Speech notes on Program Could not exist without a community undated
Box 6 SP-35: Educative impact of school materials for adults (?) August 31, 1960
Box 6 SP-36: Speech notes to conference on Schools, Education and Older People September 21-23, 1977 - McClusky participated as Professor Emeritus
Box 6 SP-37: Speech notes to Ecumenical Workshop on Religion and Aging, on The Older Adult: Potential in Church Setting May 11, 1977
Box 6 SP-38: Speech notes to Chelsea High School Commencement, on How to live all of your life June 9, 1967
Box 6 SP-39: Speech notes to Alcona Community School Commencement, on How to life all of your life June 2, 1966
Box 6 SP-40: Speech notes to Virginia Griffin Concepts/postulate undated
Box 6 SP-41: Speech notes to Phi Delta Kappa, on The Learning Society and Implications for Education July 30, 1970
Box 6 SP-42: Speech to the American Youth Commission of the American Council on Education, on The Future Belongs to Youth July 2, 1940 - McClusky was Associate Director of the commission
Box 6 SP-43: Speech to the American Youth Commission of the American Council on Education, on The Occupational Adjustment of Youth July 3, 1940 - McClusky was Associate of the Commission
Box 6 SP-44: Speech notes to National Community School Education Association December 1, 1967
Box 6 SP-45: Where we are...Where are we going? March 30, 1967 - speaker not indicated but it seems to be McClusky's speech
Box 6 SP-46: Progressive Education Chicago undated - first draft; author not indicated, but it seems to be McClusky's work
Box 6 SP-47: Speech notes on What Makes A Community Tick? March 20, 1946
Box 6 SP-48: Speech notes on "Annual County Adult Education Rally and Guest Speaker" April 30, 1947
Box 6 SP-49: Beware of Genius March 16, 1932 - excerpts of McClusky's speech on how to handle gifted children, appeared in the Washington Post
Box 6 SP-50: The Constructive Use of Change in a Changing society, delivered to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development at the 13thAnnual Conference March 6, 1958
Box 6 SP-51: Postwar Education and Rehabilitation 1943-44
Box 6 SP-52: A Speech to Dowagiac Club on Women Activities, 1943-44
Box 6 SP-53: "Why Scouts Must Grow Today" to the Thirty-Second Annual Meeting of the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America May 15-16, 1942
Box 6 SP-54: Youth's Opportunity for a Better Tomorrow, at Banquet Meeting, Youth Section American Country Life Association, Carbondale, Illinois November 6, 1942
Box 6 SP-54.1: Adult as learner, University of Michigan May 18, 1977
Box 6 SP-54.2: The older adult: Potential in the church religious setting, Sandusky, OH September 27, 1977
Box 6 SP-54.3: NUEA presentations April 22, 1967
Box 6 SP-55: Adventure and the Emerging Roles of the Adult Education Leader, at NUEA Michigan Union April 24, 1967
Box 6 SP-56: Speech notes on "The Unused Powers of the Human Mind" January 20, 1954
Box 6 SP-57: Youth and the Crisis of Brotherhood 1943-1944
Box 6 SP-58: Speech notes on Problems of Maladjustment March 26, 1935
Box 6 SP-59: Speech notes on youth March 15, 1935
Box 6 SP-60: Some speech notes on books, properties (Library) Summer 1933
Box 6 SP-61: Don't Have to Put Up With Nothing Fatalistic April 12, 1956
Box 6 SP-62: Speech notes on The Brief History of Mental Health Movement undated
Box 6 SP-63: Speech on Free Enterprise undated
Box 6 SP-64: Goodwill conference September 18, 1948
Box 6 SP-65: Deepest desire (of human beings) is self-preservation undated
Box 6 SP-66: Human Relations July 2, 1963
Box 6 SP-66.1: Institute for training counselors of adults January 9, 1947
Box 6 SP-66.2: Challenge of adult education July 22, 1948
Box 6 SP-66.3: Agricultural Extension and Adult Education, Ames, Iowa December 13, 1951
Box 6 SP-67: "The Adult Learner Tomorrow," Frontenac County Board of Education January 10, 1979
Box 6 SP-68: What Mental Hygiene Means for Teaching (notes) undated
Box 6 SP-70: Notes for speech to the Older Rural Youth Committee April 8, 1940
Box 6 SP-71: Speech notes for Farm Family Project April 30, 1940
Box 6 SP-72: Speech notes on Partnership in Community Life October 18, 1964
Box 6 SP-73: The Life-Centered-home and the Child Centered Community April 2, 1945
Box 6 SP-74: "For youth - Tomorrow Begins Today," Annual 4-H Club Congress December 3, 1944
Box 6 SP-75: The Mental Hygiene of the Teacher March 9, 1945
Box 6 SP-76: Impact of War on School and Community Relations March 9, 1945
Box 6 SP-77: Impact of Atomic Energy Not Yet Felt undated
Box 6 SP-78: Speech points to a meeting of the First Baptist Church November 16, 1947
Box 6 SP-79: Volunteer and Community (notes) January 12, 1948
Box 6 SP-80: High School Self-Government Student Councils Meetings November 7, 1948
Box 6 SP-81: Looking at Ourselves undated
Box 6 SP-82: Speech notes, possibly on rural youth
Box 6 SP-83: Speech notes on Education, Health undated
Box 6 SP-84: Speech notes on Strategy for a Peace Offensive, Kalamazoo, Michigan June 1, 1949
Box 6 SP-85: The Camping Movement comes of Age: Its Social Responsibility March 15, 1947
Box 7 SP-86: Face to face interaction: Why this Process is Powerful February 14, 1956
Box 7 SP-87: Speech notes on margin at Madonna College March 26, 1981
Box 7 SP-88: Speech notes on margin at Indianapolis Airport Hilton September 9, 1981
Box 7 SP-89: The Next Step undated
Box 7 SP-90: Why Scouting Must Grow Today 1942
Box 7 SP-92: On the American Youth Commission December 22, 1941
Box 7 SP-93: An address to a Conference on "The Investment of Life" undated
Box 7 SP-96: The Functions of Education undated
Box 7 SP-99: Key Issues in Public School Adult Education Today October 27, 1962
Box 7 SP-102: Some Problems of Adolescence, WJR Radio Speech January 25, 1931
Box 7 SP-103: Importance, needs, and characteristics of young adults, Young Adult Section Meeting, National Adult Education Conference 1959
Box 7 SP-104: What do we know about community self-help? Detroit, Michigan July 14, 1959
Box 7 SP-105: The idea of a community, East Lansing, Michigan May 19, 1958
Box 7 SP-106: The constructive use of change in a changing society, Seattle, Washington March 6, 1958
Box 7 SP-107: New directions in school-community relations, Detroit, Michigan August 29, 1960
Box 7 SP-108: Conference-seminar on leadership in continuing education, East Lansing, Michigan June 18, 1958
Box 7 SP-109: General summary, National Conference on Human Rights, Philadelphia February 3, 1958
Box 7 SP-110: Trow-Walcutt-McClelland Recognition Dinner May 2, 1964
Box 7 SP-111: Adult education research – a fifty-year perspective, Adult Education Research Conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan April 14, 1979
Miscellaneous writings
Box 7 MS-2: The information self help approach to community development - abstract
Box 7 MS-3: Coordinating community-wide bodies undated
Box 7 MS-4: An Experimental Study of Language Patterns, by Howard Y. McClusky and Creighton Coleman undated
Box 7 MS-5: A Quantitative Analysis of the Difficulty of Reading Materials undated - research report
Box 7 MS-6: The Development of the Child Guidance Clinic, introduction/preface undated
Box 7 MS-7: Is the Rural School Obsolete? September 10, 1945 - McClusky being interviewed by Xion
Box 7 MS-8: The Future of Adult Education, London-Ontario May 21, 1943
Box 7 MS-9: What's Ahead in Education undated
Box 7 MS-10: Aging and Organization for Community Action undated
Box 7 MS-11: Notes for a class lecture January 28, 1981
Box 7 MS-12: Notes for speech in Dallas undated
Box 7 MS-13: Notes for speech or lecture undated
Box 7 MS-14: Notes for speech or lecture May 18, 1977
Box 7 MS-15: Community and Adult Education Excerpt, the University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin April-May 1955
Box 7 MS-16: Notes for staff meeting January 19, 1949
Box 7 MS-17: School-Community Relations undated - working/first draft
Box 7 MS-19: Notes on Approaching a Period of Decision on Liberal Arts Colleges, Foundations, Industry, Land Grant Colleges undated
Box 7 MS-20: Notes on Psychology #2 Commitments - obligations
Box 7 MS-23: Lecture notes from lecture on Adult Learning May 24, 1969
Box 7 MS-24: Notes on Persons, Agencies and Organizations, Smaller Community February 28, 1957
Box 7 MS-25: Conclusion to Flint Adult Education Story
Box 7 MS-26: Notes on Psychology of Adults
Box 7 MS-27: Some propositions in support of the community school – a summary August 17, 1959
Box 7 MS-28: The State of Youth in Our Culture undated
Box 7 MS-29: Notes on Revolutionary Lines undated
Box 7 MS-30: Adult Dimensions of Lifelong Learning: Reflections on the Future of the Educational Enterprise Fall 1976
Box 7 MS-31: Adult Education in Oak Park, Michigan undated - report; author not indicated but seems to be McClusky's work
Box 7 MS-32: Continuing and Adult Education: A New Challenge to Higher Education undated - no author indicated, but it seems to be McClusky's work
Box 7 MS-33: Social Responsibility of the Gifted Child undated - author not indicated but it seems to be McClusky's work
Box 7 MS-34: An Educational Strategy for Cultural Renewal undated - part of article/presentation; author not indicated, but it seems to be McClusky’s work
Box 7 MS-35: The Community Approach to Adult Education, reprinted from the University of Michigan School of Education, Bulletin XV March, 1944
Box 7 MS-36: Dissemination of Child Development Knowledge through a Program of Adult Education and Community Action, in Child Development, Vol. 19, No.1 and 2 March - June, 1948
Box 7 MS-37: Marriage and the Family, reprinted from Social Forces: Vol. 19, No.2, co-authored with Alvin Zander October 1940
Box 7 MS-38: Mary Swanson - Teacher, reprinted from Educational Leadership March 1946 - description of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of teacher Mary Swanson by her students
Box 7 MS-39: An Experiment on the Influence of Preliminary Skimming on Reading undated
Box 7 MS-40: The promise and challenge of community development November 10, 1958
Box 7 MS-41: Tools for Democracy: Reasons for discouragement November 22, 1954
Box 7 MS-42: An Experimental Comparison of Two Methods of Correcting the Outcome of an Exam undated
Box 8 MS-43: Phase of a larger problem, probably August 31, 1960
Box 8 MS-44: The Information Self-Help Approach to Community Development undated
Box 8 MS-45: Continuing Education for Children, Youth and Adults undated
Box 8 MS-46: Educational Self Help Approach to Community Development undated
Box 8 MS-47: Lecture/paper notes on three characteristics undated
Box 8 MS-48: The Adult as Learner undated
Box 8 MS-49: Report on Study of Advisory Groups undated - first draft, partial
Box 8 MS-50: The Influence of Different Degrees of Meaningful Background on Reading undated
Box 8 MS-51: Inter-University Conference on the Dissemination and Use of Research Findings About Child and Human Development December 4, 1945
Box 8 MS-52: The Community Adult Education Unit of the Extension Service August 5, 1948 - no author is indicated but likely McClusky, based on style of writing and that he was the head of the unit on which this writing is based
Box 8 MS-53: School Community Relations undated - second draft
Box 8 MS-54: The Teaching Situations Test undated
Box 8 MS-55: The Experimental Use of Comparative Cultures undated
Box 8 MS-56: Counseling and Adult Education undated
Box 8 MS-57: Instructional Programs in the Adult Education Approach to Community Development - A Progress Report, co-authored by Roger Hiemstra November 11, 1968
Box 8 MS-58: The Course of the Life-Span: A Proposed Basis for a Differential Psychology of the Adult Years March 19, 1959 - paper presented at a meeting of Professors of Adult Education, Madison, WI
Box 8 MS-59: The Status of Youth in Our Culture undated
Box 8 MS-60: "One of the Great Teachers of Our Generation" in The Reader's Digest 1952
Box 8 MS-61: Suggested Outline for "The Michigan Citizen's Role in Planning" undated
Box 8 MS-62: The Need For Coming together undated
Box 8 MS-63: Advancement of Specialization undated
Box 8 MS-65: The community in council, Adult Leadership May, 1956
Box 8 MS-66: "The School in the Community" undated - fragments
Box 8 MS-68: Adult education 1953 or 1954
Box 8 MS-69: Coordinating Community-Wide Bodies 1955
Box 8 MS-70: Comments on Dr. Murphy's Paper: Counselor Biases and How They Affect the Client undated
Box 8 MS-71: Postwar Education 1945[?]
Box 8 MS-72: Counseling the 'Tween Age 1945-1946
Box 8 MS-73: Suggested Criteria and Procedures for the Selection of Communities February 23, 1946
Box 8 MS-74: Community Problems May 17, 1944
Box 8 MS-75: Problems of Smaller Business: The Importance of Planning and Team Work November 9, 1944
Box 8 MS-76: A Review of a book by Kenneth D. Norberg American Democracy and Secondary Education 1944 or 1945
Box 8 MS-77: Presentation, Chicago Recreation Commission on Youth and Community Recreation, Sherman Hotel November 22, 1944
Box 8 MS-78: Give Rural Youth a Chance, or, Some Problems and Proposals for Rural Youth February 1944
Box 8 MS-80: Some Suggestions for the Effective Presentation of Material 1943 or 1944
Box 8 MS-81: Education in Work Book on Education, White House Conference on Aging January, 1971
Box 8 MS-82: The Secondary School at War, High School Principals Banquet December 3, 1942
Box 8 MS-83: Community Coordination for Adult Education 1942 or 1943
Box 8 MS-84: American Youth and the Present Crisis May 13, 1941 - paper presented at the Seventh Conference on Education and the Exceptional Child
Box 8 MS-84.1: Panel presentation at the Jefferson Intermediate School August 31, 1960
Box 8 MS-85: Mobilizing the Community for Adult Education April 29, 1939
Box 8 MS-85.1: Community development – a new look April 20, 1961
Box 8 MS-87: Supervisors of Student Teaching National Association 1940
Box 8 MS-88: An Age for Greatness: The Secondary School at War undated
Box 8 MS-89.1: Where we are . . . Where are we going? March 30, 1967
Box 8 MS-89.2: Continuing and adult education – a new challenge to higher education October 27, 1966
Box 9 MS-90.1: Course in community organization September 22, 1965
Box 9 MS-91: Counseling in Adult Education undated
Box 9 MS-92.1: Book review by Howard McClusky of Science and Freedom by Lyman Bryson 1947
Box 9 MS-93.1: Notes, formation of Dexter educational community forum August 18, 1948
Box 9 MS-94: Boy Scouts of America, 32nd annual meeting, St. Paul, MN May 15-16, 1942
Box 9 MS-95: Education: A background paper for the 1971 White House Conference on Aging September, 1970
Box 9 MS-96: Organizing a State Program for Youth April 1945
Box 9 MS-97: Education for the Aging undated
Box 9 MS-1002: The Course of the Life Span: A Proposed Basis for a Differential Psychology of the Adult Years undated
Box 9 MS-30: The Experimental Use of Comparative Cultures, in The University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin Volume 5, Number 7 April 1934
Box 9 MS-101: An Approach to a Differential Psychology of the Adult Potential undated
Box 9 MS-102: Designs for Learning undated
Box 9 MS-103: Education and Aging undated
Box 9 MS-105.1: Statement on participation of rural people in the war undated
Box 9 MS-105.1: Participation of youth groups in civilian defense activities in local communities 1941
Box 9 MS-106: Continuing Education for Alumni in American Alumni Council News December, 1954
Box 9 MS-107: Adult, Continuing, and Community Education: The Shape and Promise of the Field undated
Box 9 MS-109.1: The legacy of the AEA-USA May 8, 1982
Box 9 MS-109.2: "My Philosophy of Community," by Howard McClusky 1947
Box 9 MS-110: The Changing concept of the Laboratory in Teacher-Preparation February 1941 - paper, presumably presented to National Association of Supervisors of Student Teaching
Box 9 MS-111: Contributions to the general domain of adult and continuing education undated
Box 9 MS-112: When should we go on our own? How to help the adolescent break away and be himself September 1936
Box 9 MS-113: Post War Counseling for Tween-Age Youth undated
Box 9 MS-113.1 : Lecture topics on Mental Hygiene of Adolescence undated
Box 9 MS-113.3: Community self help in Michigan July 1, 1946
Box 9 MS-114: Adult Education at the University of Michigan undated
Box 9 MS-115: Community Influences and Adult Learning, in Adult Education undated
Box 9 MS-116: Key Issues in Public School Adult Education Today undated
Box 9 MS-119: Last lecture of a series on the mental hygiene of adolescents March 22, 1935
Box 9 MS-120: It’s Happening Here! undated
Box 9 MS-121: The Community of Generations: A Proposed Goal and Content for the Education of Persons in Later Years 1978
Box 9 MS-122: Community Problems and Their Management: A Study of Learners' Perceptions with Implications for Adult Education undated
Box 9 MS-123: Some specific purposes of a Community Council undated
Box 9 MS-124: Education for Decision-Making undated
Box 9 MS-125: Miscellaneous notes March 1964
Box 9 MS-126: Education, Aging and the Long Tomorrow undated
Box 9 MS-127: The Role of the Congregation undated
Box 9 MS-128: The Massive Fact -- Pupil Parent Relations July 9, 1958
Box 9 MS-129: Lectures Assigned to McClusky 1938-1939
Box 9 MS-129.1: Call for community responsibility, Detroit Youth Conference January 28, 1949
Box 9 MS-130: Adult Education at the University Georgia undated
Box 9 MS-131: What's Ahead in Education undated
Box 9 MS-132: The negative suggestion effect of the false statement in the True-False test March 1934
Box 9 MS-133: Summary Remarks and Interpretations undated
Box 9 MS-133.1: Planning for healthy communities September 16-17, 1948
Box 9 MS-134: Six lectures on the Mental Hygiene of Adolescence University of Michigan Broadcasting Service Over WJR 1934-1935
Box 9 MS-135: The Theory of Margin and supportive material April 17, 1969
Box 9 MS-135.1: Group techniques October 18, 1952
Box 9 MS-136: Development of Junior High School Idea 1924
Box 9 MS-136.1: Commencement address, Monroe County Senior Adult Education Program May 31, 1981
Box 9 MS-137: Plans for writing undated
Box 9 MS-138: The Department of Community Adult Education undated - developed by McClusky
Box 9 MS-139: Ideas for Community Development Chapter undated
Box 9 MS-140.1: Adult education and the learning society October 1965
Box 10 MS-140.2: Adult education for citizenship October, 1965
Box 10 MS-141: Adult Non-formal Learning NIE Contract Proposal Summer, 1979 - section by McClusky
Box 10 MS-142: Guidance, speech given in Evanston August 4, 1937
Box 10 MS-143: Youth and the home, speech given in Detroit November 3, 1937
Box 10 MS-144: Continuing Education for Senior Citizens: Rationale and Introduction circa 1969
Box 10 MS-146: Methods and strategies in reaching and teaching older adults, Dallas, Texas September 30, 1976
Box 10 MS-147: Notes from McClusky on an adult counseling project, Grand Rapids, Michigan January 31-February 1, 1947
Box 10 MS-148: Speech notes on Master Law of Life, Blackburn College October 31, 1936
Box 10 MS-149: Work Paper on Adult Education (Confidential and for discussion only) 1959
Box 10 MS-149.1: The child in a changing world June 23, 1936
Box 10 MS-150: Marks of a healthy personality, Muncie, Indiana December 9, 1950
Box 10 MS-151: Education and the present crisis, Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin December 3, 1950
Box 10 MS-152: Life centered education in a child centered community, Evanston, Illinois April 1, 1938
Box 10 MS-153: What can personnel workers contribute to the defense of Democracy? Atlantic City, New Jersey February 29, 1941
Box 10 MS-154: Does America have a youth problem? Ann Arbor, Michigan January 17, 1946
Box 10 MS-155: The Volunteer and the Community Dimension undated
Box 10 MS-156: Mental Hygiene of Childhood and Adolescence, Basic Reading List
Box 10 MS-160: Adult Education Schooling and the Learning Society undated
Box 10 MS-162: Education Under Democracy - Capitalism with special reference to the United States of America December 28, 1934
Box 10 MS-163: Psychological approach to the adaptation of the New Media of Communication in Education February 26, 1935
Box 10 MS-164: List of references, arranged chronologically undated
Box 10 MS-165: In Defense of Teachers
Box 10 MS-166: Mental Hygiene of Adolescence: The Adolescent, his future and orientation to his world March 22, 1935 - sixth lecture of a series broadcast over WJR
Box 10 MS-170: Notes on Iowa State Planning Committee US? State Committee of B.A.E July 22-August 23, 1941
Box 10 MS-171: An experimental comparison of reading the original and digest versions of an article November, 1940
Box 10 MS-172: Notes on Stability in an Age of Uncertainty July 28, 1946
Box 10 MS-174: Notes on setting up a cooperative TUA-AYC Youth Project undated
Box 10 MS-175: Handwritten notes on Steps in setting up Rural Youth Program undated
Box 10 MS-176: Henry Taylor, advice on Rural Project undated
Box 10 MS-177: Questions by McClusky concerning youth 1940
Box 10 MS-178: Notes on meeting undated
Box 10 MS-179: Bureau of Studies and Training in Community Adult Education undated
Box 10 MS-180: The teacher and the small community undated
Box 10 MS-181: Notes written at Lexington, Kentucky November 13, 1944
Box 10 MS-182: Notes from Adult Education Conference February 8, 1947
Box 10 MS-183: Guidance Workshop October 22, 1963
Box 10 MS-186: Some points and notes on Long Range Goals undated
Box 10 MS-187: Summary of Park Community Council Meeting October 1, 1964
Box 10 MS-189: Education for Aging undated
Box 10 MS-191: Intergenerational Relations in Educational and Contributive Perspective undated
Box 10 MS-193: Re-discovering the Person: New Frontiers in Physical Education April 5, 1968
Box 10 MS-194: The Educative Community (Provisional) April 4, 1977
Box 10 MS-195: Lecture notes for H510 June 1-June 11, 1981
Box 10 MS-200: Education and Persons in the Later Years (PLUS): Objectives, Outline, Plan and Guidelines undated - author not indicated but probably McClusky
Box 10 MS-206: Adult Learner and Strategies for Instructors, Madonna College (notes) February 23, 1980
Box 10 MS-207: State Conference of Adult and Continuing Education Association of Nebraska (Notes) April 27, 1973
Box 10 MS-209: Psychology of Adult and Continuing Education Studies October 18, 1979
Box 10 MS-210: Aging and the Caring Community October 25, 1979
Box 10 MS-211: Telephone Network - history of Community Education October, 1979
Box 10 MS-216: Notes on Humanities and Aging Project September 10, 1974
Box 10 MS-219: The Adult as Lifelong Learner: Some implications for instructions in Higher Education undated
Box 10 MS-226: Best present ever, in U.S. Jaycee Action December, 1957
Box 10 MS-228: How to Bring About Institutional Change 1949 or 1950
Box 10 MS-229: On Changing an Institution undated
Box 10 MS-232: New Factors in Youth Adjustment July 10, 1952
Box 10 MS-233: A New Look at Selected Areas of Adult Education December 14, 1960
Box 11 MS-235: Organizing for Community Improvement undated
Box 11 MS-244: Review of manuscript by Leslie L. Chisholm, "Guiding Youth in the Modern Secondary School" July 24, 1944
Box 11 MS-247: Role of the School in Improving Mental Health in the Community -- State University Teachers College, Cortland, New York July 30, 1956
Box 11 MS-248: Later Years May 12, 1983
Box 11 MS-249: The School as a Community Centre, University of Toronto April 3, 1945
Box 11 MS-252: Education for Leadership in Social Responsibility undated
Box 11 MS-256: Load over Power Equals Margin, It is the Ratio Which Counts undated
Box 11 MS-257: Adult Dimensions of Life Long Learning: Reflections on the Future of the Educational Enterprise undated
Box 11 MS-259: An Experimental Comparison of the New Type Test and the Term Paper undated
Box 11 MS-260: Residential Propinquity and Marriage in Branch County Michigan undated
Box 11 MS-261: The Responsibility of Higher Education for Religious and Moral Values undated
Box 11 MS-262: An Educational Service for Michigan Communities May 5, 1955
Box 11 MS-266: Adult Education as Public Relations undated
Box 11 MS-268: An application of Mental Hygiene Principles to the Problems of Adolescence October 20, 1947
Box 11 MS-269: A Philosophy of Work Experience undated
Box 11 MS-272: Adult Education: Its promise and Relevance undated
Box 11 MS-274: The Information Self Help Approach to Community Development undated
Box 11 MS-276: The Pre-Adolescent and Family Background of Adolescence, Ann Arbor, Michigan November 9, 1934 - first lecture of a series on adolescence, broadcast over WJR
Box 11 MS-277: Notes on increasing the margin by increasing the capacity for enjoyment of experiences undated
Box 11 MS-279: Community Planning for Nutrition - Summary of Discussion May 26, 1941 - introduction by McClusky
Box 11 MS-286: An Approach to a Differential Psychology of the Adult Potential, reproduced from Adult Learning and Instruction, Eric Clearing House on Adult Education, AEA 1970
Box 11 MS-288: Field of Research and Training in Adult Education, co-authored with Jenkins and Zanders undated
Box 11 MS-295: Memo to Hon. Charles D. Perkins, Chairman, General Labor Subcommittee on H.R. 10143, A bill for Adult Basic Education February 15, 1962
Box 11 MS-297: The Role of the Local Church December, 1978
Box 11 MS-298: American Youth and the Present Crisis April 14, 1942
Box 11 MS-304: Some Current Trends in Community Organization March, 1946
Box 11 MS-305: Rediscovering the Community - Some New Frontiers for Physical Education undated
Box 11 MS-313: What research says about the change with age in mental ability and cognitive performance with implications for learning in the later years undated
Box 11 MS-314: Communities learn from one another 1952
Box 11 MS-317: A Study of the "Talk Contacts" of Adolescent Pupils with their teachers co-authored with Ernest H. Chappelle undated
Box 11 MS-325: Creating Wholesome Attitudes in Youth October 5, 1930
Box 11 MS-327: Parent-Child Relationship at Adolescence, WJR, University of Michigan November 15, 1932
Box 11 MS-329: Community Approach to the Education of the Undereducated undated
Box 11 MS-333: National Organization Section, notes on operation - very rough draft
Box 11 MS-334: The role of education in achieving the older person’s potential undated
Box 11 MS-336: Comments on Dr. Murphy’s paper, "Counselor biases as they affect the client" 1959
Box 11 MS-337: Adult education, conference on education, Haven Hill December 11-13, 1959
Box 11 MS-338: The changing concept of the laboratory school, American Youth Commission undated
Box 11 MS-340: Collection of poetry, prose, and musings by McClusky
Box 11 MS-341: Collection of letters and other material about McClusky
Box 11 MS-342: Musings, reflections, and remembrances about McClusky from family members
Dates given may apply to one or both sides of tape. All are audiocassettes.
Box 12 AT1: Dr. McClusky’s young adult speech, Buffalo, NY November 6, 1959
Box 12 AT2: Side one: HYM on need to relate importance of group discussion and religion viewed at a limit to growing and maturity; side two: 2nd seminar on adult learning – continues discussion of adult maturity; November 5, 1979
Box 12 AT3: Side one: 2nd seminar continued – adult learning and adult materials; side two: need to relate, importance of group discussion, religion viewed as a limit to growth and maturity November 5, 1979
Box 12 AT4: Side one: McClusky, ACE lecture, Introduction by Berlin – agencies responsible for adult education; side two: research, the 1980 Adult Education Handbook Series, impressions regarding the future November 10, 1978
Box 12 AT5: McClusky sessions 1-4
Box 12 AT6: HYM’s ACE lecture, Adult Learning, Schools of thought in Psychology September 23, 1979
Box 12 AT7 : Interview with McClusky, University of Michigan Students, on the history and background of adult education 1968
Box 12 AT8 : Side one: McClusky: History of AEA founding in 1951; side two: McClusky interview with M. Day and E. Thurman March 26, 1979 October, 1978
Box 12 AT9 : Side one (only): St. Louis, Interview with McClusky
Box 12 AT10 : Side one: part 2 in HYM’s adult learning seminar on what is adulthood, maturity, Erikson; side two: HYM explores his schematic for understand maturity and autonomy
Box 12 AT11 : Howard McClusky interview by Roger Hiemstra on contributions June 28, 1979
Box 12 AT12 : Edith McClusky Zinn, Howard’s daughter October 18, 1989
Box 12 AT13 : Edith McClusky Zinn, Howard’s daughter October 18, 1989
Box 12 AT14 : Interview with McClusky and Freire, elderly education, St. Louis
Box 12 AT15 : McClusky interview (both sides)
Box 12 AT16 : Side one: McClusky, ACE lecture, introduction by Berlin, agencies responsible for adult education; side two: research, the 1980 adult education handbook series, impressions on the future November 11, 1978
Box 12 AT17 : HYM, education and lifelong learning development
Box 12 AT18 : Dr. McClusky; Boone
Box 12 AT19 : Dr. McClusky’s birthday party March 15, 1980
Box 12 AT20 : Howard McClusky interview on history of AEA, interviewed by Mike Day (both sides) March 26, 1979
Box 12 AT21 : Side one: Howard McClusky, history of AEA’s founding, 1959; side two: interview with Mike Day and E. Thurman March 26, 1979; October, 1978
Box 12 AT22 : Side one: McClusky, July 3, 1979, discussion of aims of adult education, interview with Mike Day; side two: seminar with Nerry
Box 12 AT23 : Howard Y. McClusky from 1974 to 1982, by Joel Olah (both sides) April 6, 1985
Box 12 AT24 : Interview of McClusky, No. 1 (both sides)
Box 12 AT25 : Interview of McClusky, No. 2 (both sides)
Box 12 AT26 : Interview of McClusky, No. 3 (both sides)
Box 12 AT27 : Interview of McClusky, No. 4 (both sides)
Box 12 AT28 : Remembrances of HYM by Blue Carstenson, part 1 (both sides) March 29, 1985
Box 12 AT29 : Remembrances of HYM by Blue Carstenson, part 2 (both sides) March 29, 1985
Box 12 AT30 : John McClusky (Howard’s son) interview, part 1 (both sides) August 14, 1990
Box 12 AT31 : John McClusky (Howard’s son) interview, part 2 (both sides) August 14, 1990
Box 12 AT32 : John McClusky (Howard’s son) interview, part 3 (both sides) August 14, 1990
Box 12 AT33 : Howard McClusky’s speech at Paul Bergevin retirement dinner April, 1972
Box 12 AT34 : Dr. Howard McClusky, Winterset April 3, 1969
Box 12 AT35 : Howard Yale McClusky, “A Reminiscence,” George E. Parks of Union Academy (both sides) - includes written comments from Helen
Box 12 AT36 : David Peterson’s presentation at the NAEC, Milwaukee November 7, 1985
Box 12 AT37 : Roger Hiemstra’s speech on Howard at the Milwaukee NAEC November 8, 1985
Box 12 AT38 : H501, McClusky’s January 12 lecture in the first session (both sides) circa 1970
Box 12 AT39 : H501, first 45 minutes from McClusky’s January 12 lecture; rest is the beginning of the January 19 lecture (both sides) circa 1970
Box 12 AT40 : H501, Roger Hiemstra’s presentation on Program Development and Evaluation
Box 12 AT41 : H551, various students, part 1 (both sides) November 20, 1965
Box 12 AT42 : H551, various students, part 2 (both sides) November 20, 1965
Box 12 AT43 : Jaycee community development seminar, part 1
Box 12 AT44 : Jaycee community development seminar, part 2
Box 12 AT45 : Jaycee community development seminar, part 3
Box 12 AT46 : Reflections on McClusky by several students, part 1 (both sides) June 8, 1985
Box 12 AT47 : Reflections on McClusky by several students, part two June 8, 1985
Box 12 AT48 : Dr. McClusky – WOM
Box 12 AT49 : Dr. McClusky – W5M
Box 12 AT50 : McClusky symposium, AAACE, November, part 1 2002
Box 12 AT51 : McClusky symposium, AAACE, November, part 2 2002
Box 13 MS-1: Early AEA newsletters from McClusky’s first year as association president
Box 13 MS-18: A Brochure of Community Adult Education of The University of Michigan - McClusky was a member of staff
Box 13 MS-21: Statistical Data Based on attendance at Area Conference from 1947-1954
Box 13 MS-22: McClusky's list of Michigan places having or having had community councils, 1938-1955
Box 13 MS-64: Bibliographical List of McClusky’s works undated
Box 13 MS-67: "Howard Yale McClusky: Adult education pioneer statesman, " later published in Lifelong Learning February 1, 1980
Box 13 MS-79: Group Interaction Charts 1943-1944
Box 13 MS-86: Selected Biographical Items (Professional) 1975-1976
Box 13 MS-89: Bibliographical Collections of McClusky and others undated
Box 13 MS-90: McClusky Interview, p. 190 of an abstract by Christine Thompson Wilson undated
Box 13 MS-92: Miscellaneous adult education material relating to McClusky
Box 13 MS-93: McClusky on "emotional maturity," quoted at length by Raleigh Schooling in Student Teaching 1949
Box 13 MS-98: American Youth and the Present Crisis May 1941 - proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Education and the Exceptional Child
Box 13 MS-104: The Department of Post-Graduate Medicine: A History and Interpretation of its development, by Joan Mason Karr undated - McClusky was a member of her doctoral committee
Box 13 MS-105: A Collection of the Michigan Newsletter 1946, 1947-1953, 1964 - copies
Box 13 MS-109: Report of the Committee on Education undated - McClusky was Chairman of the committee
Box 13 MS-113.2: "Howard Yale McClusky," by Roger Hiemstra November, 1985 - paper presented at the National Adult Education Conference
Box 13 MS-116.1: The psychology and education of older persons, a conference in Guelph (Canada) - May 13-14, 1982
Box 13 MS-117: Letters of condolence to Helen McClusky regarding McClusky’s death
Box 13 MS-118: American Youth Commission materials when Howard worked with them 1937-1939
Box 13 MS-122.1: List of Howard’s speeches, activities, and honors 1926-1979
Box 13 MS-123.1: McClusky bibliography
Box 13 MS-124.1: Tribute to McClusky February, 1980
Box 13 MS-139.1: Material related to programming for older adults, Canada 1979
Box 13 MS-139.2: Sample of a typical final exam for a Howard McClusky course
Box 13 MS-140: Description of Howard McClusky material at the University of Michigan Historical Library
Box 13 MS-157: A summary of discussion and ideas introduced at a seminar from co-author, Roger Hiemstra January 12, 1970
Box 13 MS-213: Dr. McClusky as a member of a Panel on Aging and the Adult Learner: Theories and Models, under the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education November 3, 1980
Box 13 MS-225: Program of the First Annual Institute on Small Community Life May 27-29, 1946 - McClusky is listed as having two presentations
Box 13 MS-335: A history of community adult education at the University of Michigan, 1938-1953, the first fifteen years, Cynthia M. Jones September, 1955
Box 13 MS-339: Qualifying examination for the doctoral candidacy of Michael Day August 1, 1979 - topic was McClusky
Box 13 MS-343: University of Michigan School of Education publications with tributes to McClusky
Box 13 MS-344: Information on McClusky’s parents from Blackburn College
Box 13 MS-345: Information from a Park College yearbook - McClusky obtained his undergraduate degree at Park College
Box 13 MS-346: McClusky photos

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