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National Captive Nations Committee Collection

A description of the collection donated by Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky to Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: National Captive Nations Committee.
Title: National Captive Nations Committee Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1960-1982
Quantity: 3 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, published material, news releases, clippings (information artifacts), photographs, printed material, books relating to the anti-Communist National Captive Nations Committee and to its chairman Lev Dobriansky.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The National Captive Nations Committee is a Washington, D.C.-based anti-Communism advocacy group created in 1959 by Public Law 86-90 under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. PL 86-90 compels every President of the United States to proclaim the third week of July of each year as Captive Nations Week, as commemoration to the "captive nations" (those with Communist governments). The NCNC is a watershed organization which acts as a coordinator for smaller, localized organizations including the Americans for the Freedom of Captive Nations of Los Angeles, California and the Washington Captive Nations Committee of Washington, D.C.. The NCNC distributes publications throughout the year but their peak activity is in July during the observance of Captive Nations Week.

Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky (1918-2008), a professor of Economics at Georgetown University, was the chairman of the NCNC, having written the Captive Nations Week Resolution which became PL 86-90 and gave rise to the committee. Born in New York City to Ukrainian immigrant parents, he was also the president of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) and very active in Ukrainian independence. He contributed to the Shevchenko Monument Resolution, leading to the erection of a statue for the 19th century Ukrainian freedom fighter in Washington, D.C.. He had years of correspondence with Dr. Ku Cheng-kang, honorary chairman of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). Dobriansky was also affiliated with the American Council for World Freedom (ACWF) and a number of other anti-Communist (particularly anti-Soviet) organizations and activists. Dobriansky was appointed Ambassador to the Bahamas between 1982 and 1986 by President Reagan. He retired from Georgetown in 1987.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The National Captive Nations Committee Collection consists of correspondence (both personal and professional), published material, news releases, clippings, photographs, printed material, and books. Most of the material is about the Captive Nations movement, but there is also a large amount of material that is more broadly anti-Communist and not explicitly pertaining to the NCNC. Dobriansky, when donating the NCNC collection, included material like the program to a conference called "The United States and China after Mao," an official copy of the presidential proclamation of Human Rights in 1973, and personal condolences to George Meany's widow.

A large portion of the collection directly relates to the observance of Captive Nations Week between 1960 and 1981, although the material is inconsistent in quantity and format from year to year. There are many clippings from the Congressional Record that document the speeches by Representatives who supported NCNC and the Captive Nations Week. There are also copies of the mass distributed letters written by Dobriansky and sent to the President, Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Mayors, and other figures asking that they officially proclaim Captive Nations Week. The collection includes responses from those political figures. The politicians most active in the NCNC's work were Daniel Flood, Edward Derwinski and Samuel Stratton. Some Captive Nation Week folders have clippings of editorials and announcement of planned events as well as memorabilia, like programs and invitations from Captive Nation Week events from around the world. Of interest may be Captive Nations Week 1977, when President Jimmy Carter was conspicuously late with his proclamation and did not issue it until mid-week, raising much ire within the NCNC.

Dobriansky repeatedly tried throughout the 1960s and 1970s to get a Special Committee on the Captive Nations created in Congress. Multiple resolutions were drafted to this effect and there are many Congressional Record pages with speeches by Representatives Flood and Derwinski in support of this effort but they were unsuccessful.

Throughout the time span of this collection, Dr. Dobriansky corresponded regularly with Dr. Ku Chang-keng (Gu Zhenggang) of Taiwan, honorary chairman of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) and member of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League (APACL). The letters between these two men often discuss the plans for Captive Nations Week events, World Freedom Day events, or WACL conferences. Dobriansky would help Ku arrange for American politicians to speak at events in Taiwan in support of Republic of China there, including Jack Kemp, Jesse Helms, and Strom Thurmond. The collection includes memorabilia from some of those events.

The collection includes many pamphlets and correspondence from Fred Schlafly, president of the American Council for World Freedom (ACWF) and his wife, Phyllis Schlafly, who eventually joined the NCNC board of directors. Phyllis Schlafly produced the Phyllis Schlafly Report, a conservative, self-published periodical. One issue included in this collection is entitled "What's Wrong with 'Equal Rights' for Women?" with subheadings including "The Financial Benefits of Chivalry," "The Right NOT To Take A Job," and "The Fraud of The Equal Rights Amendment."

There are also many publications by Dobriansky in the collection. He was a prolific writer and contributed to the Ukrainian Quarterly on a frequent basis throughout the 1960s and 1970s. This collection includes two decades worth of Dobriansky's efforts with regard to Ukraine, specifically about religion in Ukraine and the observation of Ukrainian Independence Day. Additionally, there are issues of The Ukrainian Bulletin which mention the Captive Nations movement or cite Dobriansky.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is alphabetized by subject. The subject folders are arranged chronologically with the exception of the four folders, General Correspondence and Dobriansky- Correspondence: A-G, H-N and O-Z, which are alphabetized by the last name of the sender. In the Captive Nations Week folders, where there is a large amount of clippings from the Congressional Record, those Congressional Record pages are foldered separately from and immediately before the rest of the material for that Captive Nations Week.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Some items have been removed and sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please search the Classic Catalog for "Gift of Lev Dobriansky" to locate these items.

The Special Collections Research Center has a large number of collections about the Communist movement in America. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing. For additional anti-Communist material, see also the George S. Schuyler Papers.

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Subject Headings


Dobriansky, Lev E.
Gu, Zhenggang, 1901-

Corporate Bodies

National Captive Nations Committee.


Anti-communist movements -- United States.
Communist countries.
Nationalism -- Soviet Union.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Congressional records.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

National Captive Nations Committee Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Lev E. Dobriansky, 1970-1982.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 28 Sep 2009
Revision history:

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Correspondence-subject files
Box 1 American Civil Liberties Union Feb - Mar 1973
Dr. Dobriansky was a plaintiff in a 1973 lawsuit by the ACLU to access papers dating from 1946-1947 about Forcible Repatriation of Displaced Soviet Citizens – Operation Keelhaul. Citing the Freedom of Information Act, Dr. Dobriansky’s co-plaintiffs were Dr. Bertram D. Wolfe and Dr. Julius Epstein.
American Council for World Freedom (ACWF)
Box 1 International Digest 1977-1978 (4 issues)
Bi-monthly publication from the ACWF.
Box 1 Newsletter 1977-1978
Newsletter for members. Includes descriptions of affiliates’ activities, some book reviews, and submissions from individuals.
Box 1 Press releases 1975-1977 (8 press releases)
Author names are Lee Edwards (secretary, ACWF), John D. Husband, Fred Schlafly (President, ACWF), Joan Sweetland. Cited are Arthur J. Goldberg (American Ambassador, Belgrade) and Lev E. Dobriansky.
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1973-1975
Summary of Publications Meeting. Pamphlet from 1974 WACL conference of Fred Schlafly’s speech. Information from 1975 ACWF conference.
Box 1 Americanism Educational League 1974-1975
Reprint of 1974 article by John G. Schmitz, “Aiding our enemy- A suicidal policy.” Reprint of 1975 article and printed pamphlet by Lev E. Dobriansky, “The New Captive Nations.” Letter from Dobriansky to Edward S. Rankin, Executive Director.
Box 1 Americans for Freedom of Captive Nations 1971 (3 publications)
One of the participating chapters in the NCNC. Based in Los Angeles, California.
Box 1 Annunzio, Frank 1965-1976
Representative from Illinois. Includes resolutions, Congressional Records and correspondence.
Box 1 Asian People’s Anti-Communist League (APACL) 1965-1975
See also World Anti-Communist League (WACL) and Ku Cheng-kang.
The APACL gave rise to the WACL in 1966. Dr. Ku was the president of the APACL chapter of the Republic of China (in Taipei). Includes correspondence and joint communiques from the 19th and 21st conferences.
Box 1 Asian representatives’ luncheon 4/2/1969 1969
See also World Anti-Communist League (WACL).
The NCNC sponsored a luncheon honoring Asian Representatives from the World Anti-Communist League and the Korean Freedom Center. The guests included: Admiral Sohn Won II, Dr. Phan Huy Quat, Dr. Jose M. Hernandez. Folder includes an invitation, correspondence, newspaper clippings, an NCNC press release and a guest list.
Captive Nations Week
Box 1 1960 May 1960 - Jul 1960
Box 1 Congressional Record Jul 1961 (4 identical sets)
Box 1 Correspondence Feb 1961 - Jul 1961
Box 1 1962 Jun - Aug 1962
Box 1 1963 Mar - Aug 1963
Box 1 Congressional Record Jun - Aug 1964
Box 1 Correspondence Mar - Jul 1964
Box 1 Congressional Record Jul - Sep 1965
Box 1 Correspondence Mar - Jul 1965
Box 1 1966 Jan - Sep 1966
Box 1 Congressional Record Jul - Sep 1967
Box 2 Correspondence Dec 1966 - Sep 1967
Box 2 Congressional Record Jul - Sep 1968
Box 2 Correspondence May - Aug 1968
Box 2 Congressional Record Jul - Sep 1969
Box 2 Correspondence Feb - Nov 1969
Box 2 Congressional Record Apr - Dec 1970
Box 2 Correspondence Feb - Aug 1970
Box 2 Congressional Record May - Oct 1971
Box 2 Correspondence Feb - Oct 1971
Box 2 Congressional Record Jun- Oct 1972
Box 3 Correspondence Apr - Nov 1972
Box 3 1973 Feb - Oct 1973
Includes a folder of photographs of Rep. Jack Kemp's visit to China for Captive Nations.
Box 3 Congressional Record Jun - Aug 1974
Box 3 Correspondence Mar - Oct 1974
Box 3 Congressional Record Jun - Dec 1975
Box 3 Correspondence Mar - Sep 1975
Box 3 1976 Jan - Sep 1976
Box 3 1977 May - Aug 1977
Box 3 1978 Apr - Aug 1978
Includes a particularly large number of newspaper clippings.
Box 4 Congressional Record May - Nov 1979
Box 4 Correspondence Mar - Sep 1979
Box 4 1980 Apr - Jul 1980
Box 4 1981 Mar - Aug 1981
Box 4 Clippings May 1960 - Jan 1979
Box 4 Committee for a Free China 1975
Summary of annual meeting, November 1975, and two follow up letters from Lee Edwards, Secretary, about the meeting.
Box 4 Conference programs 1976-1977
Includes: Human Rights After Helsinki (5/19/1977), The United States and China After Mao (11/30/1976), The U.S. and the USSR After Détente (1/27/1977), and an unnamed, undated draft program for a conference with emphasis on Asia.
Box 4 Derwinski, Edward J. 1964-1974
Representative from Illinois. Includes Congressional Records, resolutions, correspondence and a news release.
Dobriansky, Lev E.
Box 4 Correspondence A-G 1960-1981
See Also Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA).
Includes the following correspondence: Copies of mass distributed letters to Congressmen and Senators. Ali Akish, Idel-Ural Independence Committee; O.K. Armstrong, Missouri; Stephen T. Aucock; LeMar Baker, Tennessee; Frank E. Barnett, Department of Defense; Stephen Barrett Kanner; Sylvia Bernstein; Mario Biaggi, New York; Ihnat Billinsky, Philadelphia Captive Nations Committee; Richard Bolling; James J. Delaney; Ray J. Madden; George Brada; Benjamin Bradlee, Washington Post; John Buchanan; Patrick Buchanan; James L. Buckley, New York; Priscilla L. Buckley, National Review; Louis F. Budenz; Algirdas Budreckis, Assembly of Captive European Nations; Edgar C. Bundy, Church League of America; Paul H. Chellis, Constructive Councils of Georgia, Inc.; Chiang Kai-shek, Republic of China; Alois A. Chmela; Rouben Chublarian; Philip C. Clarke, American Security Council; Alan Courtney; Bernice Courtney, WIOD-Radio; Mrs. Richard J. Daley, Chicago; Sam P. Daniel, Jr.; Carolyn A. Davis, George Arents Research Library; Thomas J. Dodd; Harold Driver; David Dunn; Timothy Duskin; Edward L.R. Elson, Chaplain of the United States Senate; Lawrence E. Foust; John M. Fisher, American Security Council; Fr. Alexis, U. Floridi, S.J., SS. Peter and Paul Church of Ludlow, MA; Hiram L. Fong, Hawaii; J. W. Fulbright, Committee on Foreign Relations; William J. Gill; Arthur J. Goldberg, American Embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Charles E. Goodell, New York; David D. Goodwin; Philip Guarino; Don F. Guier, Oklahoma Civil Defense Agency.
Box 4 Correspondence H-N 1960-1981
Includes the following correspondence: George Haessler; Han Lih-wu, Institute of International Relations; Robert H. Hansen, Supreme Court; Billy James Hargis, Christian Crusade; S. I. Hayakawa; Jose Ma. Hernandez, Freedom Center, Seoul, South Korea; Harvey J. Hockstein; Herbert Hoover; Marvin Howell, Sacramento City College Library; Hen-chao Hsieh, Foreign Relations Committee, Legislative Yuan, Taiwan; Hsieh Jen-chao; Henry Lane Hull; Hubert H. Humphrey; Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation Incorporated of USA and Canada; Henry M. Jackson; Raymond J. de Jaegher; Mrs. C. B. Johnson, Mothers’ Crusade for Victory over Communism; Walter H. Judd; Valentine Kalynyk, Americans to Free Captive Nations, Inc.; Myong Whai Kim; David S. King; Lane Kirkland, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO); Thomas H. Knorr; Edward I. Koch, New York; Walther A. Kollacks, German-American National Congress, Inc.; Voldimars Korsts, National Republican Heritage Groups ( Nationalities) Council; Mrs. Michael Kowansky, Ladies Auxiliary Catholic War Veterans of the United States; Anthony Kubek, General C. L. Chennault Library, Troy State University; Henry J. Lacour, Jr.; General Thomas A. Lane; Ray Lapics, KACE Radio, Inc.; Frank J. Lausche; David Lawrence; Ernest S. Lee, AFL-CIO; Jay Lovestone, AFL-CIO; Joseph Lesawyer, Ukrainian National Association; Colonel Juan A. Lezana, Uruguay; Marvin Liebman, the Committee of One Million; Ivan Matteo Lombardo; Russell B. Long; Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate; Taras M. Lukach; Beatrice Mabry; Ray J. Madden; Daniel Marchishin, Captive Nations Committee of New Jersey; George Mardikian; John M. Martin, Jr., Committee on Ways and Means; Stephen May; James A. McClure; John W. McCormack, Speaker of the House; Gary E. McCuen, Greenhaven Press, Inc.; Tom McNamee; George Meany, AFL-CIO; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metrinko; Metod M. Milac, Syracuse University Library; William E. Miller; Philip F. Mooney, Syracuse University Library; Thomas E. Morgan, Committee on Foreign Affairs; RAdm. William C. Mott, USN.
Box 4 Correspondence O-Z 1960-1981
Includes the following correspondence: Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle; A. Olechnik, Byelorussian Liberation Front; Too Chin Paik, National Assembly, Seoul, South Korea; Drew Pearson; Mrs. C. Peck; Pope John Paul II; Roman Rakhmanny; John R. Rarick; Henry Regnery; Kenneth D. Robertson; Nelson A. Rockefeller, New York; Edward J. Rozek, University of Colorado; Victor Rud; Anna Russell; General Dwight D. Eisenhower; Howland H. Sergeant, Radio Liberty Committee; Glenn A. Savage; Richard M. Scaife, the Carthage Foundation; R. K. Scott, America’s Future, Inc.; William W. Scranton; James C.H. Shen, Embassy of the Republic of China; Juhan Simonson, New Jersey Council of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Americans; Askold Skalsky; Admiral Sohn Won Yil, Korean Anti-Communist League; George Sokolsky; John Sparkman; Mrs. Arnolds Spekke; William B. Spong, Jr., Committee on Public Works; Peter M. Stark; Slava Stetsko, Antibolshevik Bloc of Nations; Ted Stevens; Geoffrey Stewart-Smith, House of Commons; Chaowas Sudlabha, the Free People League of Thailand; Orest Szczudluk; Tran Van Chuong, Embassy of Vietnam; Jacques Trebile; Walter Trohan; Harry S. Truman; Earle W. Tuttle, The Truth; Cyrus Vance, U.S. Department of State; Lee N. Vogel, WQAM Radio; Patrick Walsh, Freedom Council of Canada; John C. Wetzel, America’s Future, Inc.; General Frederick Weyand; James E. Whitmire; Wu Chen-Tsai, China Forum; Clement J. Zablocki; Ardeshir Zahedi, Embassy of Iran; Anthony Zukowsky, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.
Box 4-5 Publications and statements 1965-1979
Includes two books (in Box 4): The Vulnerable Russians and U.S.A. and the Soviet Myth. In Box 5, the folder includes: Reprints from the Ukrainian Quaterly: "Outstanding U.S. Myths on the Captive Nations;" "Ten Reasons Against the US-USSR Consular Treaty;" "The Traditional Captive Nations Week: Red Nightmare, Freedom’s Hope;" "Old Myths, New Realities about Russia: Freedom through understanding;" "A U.S. Policy of Unfinished Liberation;" "Review of U.S. Policy toward the USSR: A major theme for the 1967 Captive Nations Week;" "From Moscow’s Izvestia to Washington’s Post;" "Ten Years of Captive Nations Week." Hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations for the Nomination of James Russell Wiggins. Statement before the Committee on Resolutions, 1964 Republican National Convention. WTOP Radio flier: Dobriansky Discusses Consular Convention. Washington Report: "Forget the Captive Nations?" The Best of The New Guard, 1961-1971: "Why Captive Nations Week?" New Guard: Book review of USA and the Soviet Myth. Devin-Adair Catalog: USA and the Soviet Myth. 2 copies of Testimony for the Republican National Convention, 1972: "Republicans consistently support the captive nations 1952 – 1972." Testimony before the Committee on Internal Security, U.S. House of Representatives, 1973. Pamphlet: Illusions of Détente. Program for public conference, Détente and the Future of the Middle East, Institute for Soviet and East European Studies: Economic Aspects of Détente. Testimony before the Subcomittee on Europe, Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives: Détente, Human Rights and the USSR. Memorandum for the Military Order of the World Wars: The Helsinki Accords, Slavery for Captive Nations? Clipping from The Rising Tide: "The New Captive Nations?" Pamphlet: The New Captive Nations. Commencement Address at Manor Junior College, Pa.: "Whose Shoes are you wearing?" Statement at Hearings on Genocide Convention, Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate. Vital Speeches of the Day, reprint of commencement address: "Whose shoes are you wearing?" Clipping from the National Review: "Another Captive Nations Week." Clipping from the Indianapolis Star: "Who’s next?"
Box 5 Flood, Daniel J. 1965-1975
See also Resolutions 211 (1961), 14 (1965) and 106 (1973).
Representative from Pennsylvania. Includes resolutions and correspondence, particularly letters from other political figures to whom Flood sent official bound copies of The Captive Nations Week Resolution.
Box 5 General correspondence 1962-1980
Includes: letters to or from Vera A. Dowhan or Mrs. Colby Bowden, Secretaries of the NCNC; letters forwarded to NCNC or Dobriansky in c.c.; and other miscellaneous correspondence. Names include: Audrey G. Acker, Nicholas Adams, William F. Ainley, Ivan Bazarko, M. Declan Bransfield III, Christian Science Monitor, Marianne Patrice Clarke, D.P. Musin, Douglas Darby, Lynn Davis, Andrew Dropic, Russ Evans, Mati Koiva, Bob Steele, Henry Flood, Joseph C. Fomler, V. Grundmanis, The Free Press, Bryan J. Holzberg, Indiana University, J.K.Jamieson, Parvis Kazemi, F.M. Kirby, Audrey Kirchhoff, Morris Kominsky, Rudolph Ch. Krempl, Hassan Mohamed Kutbi, Joseph Lesawyer, Norman R. Matschikowski Jr., Donald L. Miller, Allene Nickell, A. Olechnik, Byelorussian Liberation Front, Rudolfs Peksen, Bill Poole, Margit Rohtla, William G. Savage, Anicetas Simutis, John Cobb Smith, Geoffrey Stewart-Smith, George Tong, Lee N. Vogel, William J. Volonte, The Washington Star.
Box 5 Ku Cheng-kang 1963-1981
See also World Anti-Communist League (WACL).
Mostly correspondence with Dobriansky. Includes a copy of "Unity, Anti-Communism and Salvation of Asia," an address by Ku at the 21st APACL Conference.
Box 5 Letterhead 1959-1980
Examples of blank NCNC letterhead and envelopes.
Box 5 Memorabilia 1960-1980
Miscellaneous items: two blank postcards from the Crusade for Freedom with God against Communist, one blank postcard that reads "Security Conference! The Baltic Nations demand: Withdrawal of occupation army freedom self-determination," commemorative non-postal stamps for the captive nations, an invitation to a dinner honoring the visit of 17 congressmen from Vietnam, a program with menu lfor the 1973 Day of Hope Dinner featuring Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Um Sim, Ambassador of the Khmer Republic. Additionally there is an undated 8x10 photograph of Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky, Danielf J. Flood, Rev. Dr. Chas W. Lowry, and Edward J. Derwinski.
Box 5 Nanuashvili, Jan V. 1970-1975
Georgian émigré. Includes correspondence with Dobriansky and a review of his book, What Everyone in the Free World Should Know About Russia.
Box 5 National Republican Heritage Groups (Nationalities) Council 1972-1977
Includes Resolutions for Approval from 1972 and a news release from 1977.
Box 5 News releases 1962-1980
NCNC news releases, press releases, reports and memoranda. Includes: U.S. falls into propaganda trap (1962); Captive Nations’ sponsors gird for fight against non-aggression pact (1963); Wheat for freedom, not for sale (1963); 30 senators, 156 congressmen now members of NCNC, Donald L. Miller appointed Executive Director (1963); Consular convention with USSR scored as president asked to support captive nations unit (1964); Fulbright urged to hold open and frank hearings on consular convention (1965); Memorandum III (1965); Russian invasion of Czecho-Slovakia seen as proof for revamped U.S. policy (1968); 2 copies of Testimony for the Republican National Convention, 1972: Republicans consistently support the captive nations 1952 – 1972 (1972); 3 copies of McGovern no lover of captive nations (1972); NCNC report for ’72 (1972); 2 copies of The mistake was political, not ideational (1976); NCNC report for 1973 (1973); 2 copies of Afghanistan declared a captive nation (1980).
Box 5 Prospectus circa 1964 (1 prospectus)
Box 5 Public Law 86-90 1959
Different copies of the Resolution written by Dobriansky which was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1959.
Box 5 Publications 1960-1973
Publications by the NCNC and its chapters. Includes pamphlets, bulletins, fliers, cards, commemorative stamps and brochure.
Box 5 Publications of miscellaneous organizations 1966-1977
Pamphlets and other printed material. Organizations include: American Conservative Union, Manion Forum Newsletter, Czechoslovak National Council of America, S.O. Jarpa of the National Party of Chile, the Mexican Government, Morris Rothenberg of the Center for Advanced International Studies at the University of Miami, Victor Lasky and the American-Chilian Council, James D. Theberge and the American Chilean Council, James P. Lucier and the Committee on Latin America, National Strategy Information Center, Inc., Students in Defense of Human Rights in the Soviet Union, Ukrainian Student Organization of Michnowsky, Takeshi Furuta and the International Federation for Victory over Communism (Japan), British League for European Freedom, Yaroslav Stetsko and the Press Bureau of the Antibolshevik Bloc of Nations, Committee for the Defense of Valentyn Moroz, The Christophers, the Ukrainian Bicentennial Committee of America and the United Committee of Ukrainian Organizations of New York.
Box 5 Resolutions 211 (1961), 14(1965) and 106 (1973): Special Committee on the Captive Nations 1960-1973
See Also Flood, Daniel J..
Dobriansky and others made repeated efforts to create a special committee to address the captive nations. Resolutions 211, 14 and 106 were submitted by Danield Flood. Folder includes signed petitions mailed in to the NCNC, letters of support from the North Shore Chapter “General Stefanik” of the Czechoslovak National Council of America and American Friends of Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, Inc., and congressional records of remarks from Danield L. Flood, Edward J. Derwinski, and Thaddeus J. Dulski.
Box 6 Schlafly, Phyllis 1971-1978
Wife of Fred Schlafly, president of the ACWF. Includes issues of the Phyllis Schlafly Report, personal correspondence and a newspaper clipping of "Captive Nations Week."
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Box 6 Correspondence 1974-1980
See Also Dobriansky, Lev E..
Dr. Dobriansky was president of the UCCA. Includes annual mass-distibuted letters to politicians asking for observation and support of Ukraine’s Independence Day, January 22, 1918. Includes a translation reprint of a 1974 Boris Bannov article and response from Dobriansky as well as other news releases.
Box 6 Resolutions 48, 49, 165, 92, and 18: Resurrecting the Ukrainian Churches 1970-1981
Multiple resolutions were submitted by Representatives Flood, Derwinski, Annunzio, Burke, Delaney, Dodd, Giaimo, Koch, Moakley, Patten, Sarasin, Stratton, Walsh and Wydler to seek the resurrection of the Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic Churches in Ukraine. Includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, and congressional records.
Box 6 Resolutions 979,1126, 1127, and 455: Ukrainian Independence Day 1965-1978
Multiple resolutions were submitted by Representatives Flood, Derwinski, Stratton, Minshall, Dulski, Schaderberg, Bush, Zukowsky, Kleppe, and Schweiker. The resolutions call for a Presidential Proclamation of Ukrainian Independence Day every January 22nd. Includes correspondence with politicians, resolutions, and congressional records.
Box 6 Ukrainian Bulletin 1960-1966 (7 issues)
See Also Dobriansky, Lev E.: Publications and Statements.
Published semi-monthly by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.
Box 6 The White House 1969-1979
Includes correspondence with White House that is not exclusively related to Captive Nations Week. Presidents span from Nixon to Carter.
World Anti-Communist League (WACL)
See Also Ku, Cheng-kang.
Box 6 1967 Conference 1967
Includes the WACL charter, conference program, handbook of information, correspondence about preparations, and a statement by Dr. Dobriansky introducing the NCNC.
Box 6 1968 Conference Sep 1968 - Feb 1969
The conference was held between December 15-20 in Saigon. Folder includes Congressional Record of remarks by Derwinski as well as correspondence between Dr. Ku and Dr. Dobriansky.
Box 6 1969 Conference Jan - Feb 1970
The conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand in December of 1969. Folder contains correspondence and a clipping of an address given by Dobriansky at the conference from the WACL Bulletin.
Box 6 1970 Conference Jan - Oct 1970
This was a combined conference: the 4th WACL and the 16th APACL conferences, held in Tokyo in September of 1970. Folder includes correspondence and conference information.
Box 6 1971 Conference Jul - Sep 1971
Combined 5th WACL and 17th APACL conference held in Quezon City, Philippines. Folder includes invitation to a reception for the delegates, conference program, and correspondence.
Box 6 1972 Conference Aug - Nov 1972
The 6th WACL conference was held in tandem with the 4th World Youth Anti-Communist League (WYACL) conference in Mexico City from August 25-27, 1972. Dobriansky did not attend. Folder includes correspondence, the NCNC resolution submitted for the WACL conference and a table sign.
Box 6 1973 Conference Dec 1972 - Aug 1973
This conference was planned as the 7th WACL conference in London between August 29th and September 1st of 1973, but because the British government would not grant Dr. Ku a temporary visa, the conference was abandoned by the ACWF and Dobriansky. The folder includes planning material and correspondence.
Box 6 1974 Conference Nov 1973 - May 1974
The 1973 conference having been problematic, this 1974 conference became the 7th WACL conference and was held in Washington, D.C. between April 8th and 11th, 1974. Folder includes large quantity of statements and reports as presented at the conference.
Box 6 1975 Conference Jul 1975
Contains letter from Lee Edwards of ACWF and address by Fred Schlafly, president of ACWF, as given at the 8th WACL conference held in Rio de Janeiro in April, 1975.
Box 6 1976 Conference Dec 1975
Contains two documents from WACL Executive Board meetings in preparation for the 9th conference held in 1976.
Box 6 1979 Conference Apr 1979
Contains a clipping from Asian Outlook with a color picture of the inaugural session at the 12th WACL conference held in Asuncion, Paraguay.
Box 6 1981 Conference Apr - Jun 1981
Contains correspondence and a draft program for the 14th WACL conference held in Taipei, Taiwan between July 31st and August 4th, 1981.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1970 Oct 1969 - Jan 1970
Contains correspondence planning World Freedom Day, January 23rd, 1970. Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith was scheduled to attend the events but canceled January 19th because of Senate voting.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1971 Nov 1970 - Feb 1971
Contains correspondence.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1972 Dec 1971 - Feb 1972
Contains correspondence. Senator Buckley attended the events in Taipei.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1973 Oct 1972 - Feb 1973
Contains correspondence. Congressman W.C. Daniel attended the events in Taipei.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1974 Nov 1973 - Feb 1974
Contains photographs and a Mass Rally Program for January 23rd, 1974 as well as correspondence. Senator Jesse A. Helms attended the events in Taipei.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1975 Oct 1974 - Feb 1975
Correspondence about the events which featured Congressmen John T. Myers and other international dignitaries and politicians.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1976 Nov 1975 - Jan 1976
Contains correspondence and "Guidelines for 1976 World Freedom Day Campaign."
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1977 Jan 1977
1 letter from Dr. Ku to Dr. Dobriansky.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1978 Jan 1978
1 letter from Dr. Ku to Dr. Dobriansky.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1979 Jan 1979
1 letter from Dr. Dobriansky to Dr. Ku. Representative Rudd visited Taipei for World Freedom Day in 1979.
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1980 Nov 1979 - Feb 1980
Box 6 World Freedom Day 1981 Nov 1980 - Mar 1981
Contains correspondence. Congressman John Wydler attended the events in Taipei.
Box 6 Miscellaneous 1972-1973
Contains a 1972 press release called "WACL Honorary Chairman Dr. Ku Cheng-kang's Statement on President Richard M. Nixon's Chinese Mainland Visit," circulars from WACL, and a "Report from Sweden" from the WACL chapter there called the Democratic Alliance.
Box 6 World Youth Anti-Communist League 1973
Also called the Liga Mundial Juvenil Anticomunista and the Ligue Mondiale de la Jeunesse Anticommuniste. Includes 2 circulars and 1 announcement from 1973.
Box 6 Miscellaneous 1960-1981
Includes undated biographical sketches for Frank T.T. Sia, Petras P. Dauzvardis, Joseph C. Murphy, and Dobriansky. Includes two submissions for organization directories.

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