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Bernard W. Reed Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

The adult education holdings are collectively known as the
Alexander N. Charters Library of Resources for Educators of Adults.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Reed, Bernard W. (Bernard Webster), 1916-1962.
Title: Bernard W. Reed Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1915-1962
Bulk Dates: 1935-1960
Quantity: 3.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, research materials, course materials and a subject file. Reed's dissertation on the origins and history of the Association of University Evening Colleges (AUEC) is well represented, and includes summaries of Proceedings of Annual Conventions, officer rosters, and transcripts of interviews with AUEC executives. There is also information on the Association of Urban Universities (AUU), the National University Extension Association (NUEA), and the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults (CSLEA) as they relate to the AUEC. In addition, there are course materials from his tenure at the University of Chicago, many of which originated from the Industrial Relations Center. The subject file contains material related to adult education and evening colleges.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Bernard W. Reed graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1951, where he became Director of Information Programs (1952-1957), Assistant to the Dean, and assistant professor in the Evening College. He was affiliated with the adult education program of the University of Chicago (1958) and was Dean of the School of Continuing Education Professional Studies at Pratt Institute. He was the editor of Who's Who in the Association of University Evening Colleges (AUEC), and from 1956-1962 he served as editor of the AUEC Newsletter. Dr. Reed died in 1962 shortly after completing his doctorate in adult education from the University of Chicago. His dissertation topic was the history of the AUEC.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Bernard W. Reed Papers are divided into four groups: correspondence, dissertation materials, subject files, and course material. Reed's own classification scheme has been followed in arranging his papers. The inclusive dates of the collection are 1915-1962, but the bulk of the material is dated 1935-1960. The collection contains much primary material on the origins and history of the Association of University Evening Colleges (AUEC) and some primary material from the period 1955-1962 on the National University Extension Association (NUEA)and the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults (CSLEA).

The Correspondence folder consists of typescript and carbon copies of incoming and outgoing letters, all concerning adult education research. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Dissertation materials for the most part have been arranged chronologically by the approximate date of use and creation, not by the publication date of the materials he collected. Materials dealing with the method of writing a thesis are followed by his 1959 proposal, collected data, thesis chapters, and 1960 dissertation. However, from the time his proposal was written until the writing of his thesis began, it is not clear in what order he collected or worked on the material, and the organization is alphabetical for that period.

Material in this section consists primarily of typescript and handwritten notes as well as printed material concerning plans for his thesis and the history of AUEC -- its formation, organization and purposes. There are summaries of the Proceedings of the annual conventions, roster of officers, and portions of transcripts of interviews held with AUEC executives. (The phonotapes from which the transcripts were taken are found within the AUEC collection.) These interviews with founders and early members not only provide details of AUEC history, but include opinions of current adult education methods and organizations.

Also included in this category are three small notebooks, and dittoed and mimeographed materials concerning the activities of the Association of Urban Universities (AUU), NUEA, and CSLEA, especially as they relate to AUEC history.

Subject files contains an assortment of material, most of which deals with adult education and evening colleges. Subjects are arranged alphabetically. In this section, the listed dates are the actual dates of publication, not the dates Reed used the material. In two categories folder contents have been listed within the shelf list. There is an alphabetical list., by author, of thesis abstracts and proposals which Reed collected (including those of notable adult educators Malcolm S. Knowles, A.A. Liveright, and Roy J. Ingham); and a list of book reviews which follows Reed's subject classification scheme. Book reviews are handwritten, typescript, dittoed, mimeographed, carbon, and published material. Abstracts are either dittoed or mimeographed. The complete thesis included in this section is a typescript carbon copy.

Also included are lengthy typescript quotations from a number of books relating to adult education, arranged alphabetically by author. Other folders in this section deal with national and international adult education, the evening college and university extension services, and liberal education for adults. In these folders are special course description, pamphlets, addresses, clippings, and handwritten and typescript notes and quotations on the education of adults. Two remaining folders concern the relationship of education and leisure — mostly typed notes for a paper — and methods of studying one's community.

Course materials dates from Reed's years at the University of Chicago. Reed added substantially to the original course materials, continuing to use course structures as an organizational framework for carefully collected items on adult education topics such as teaching methods, group dynamics, and communication.

The papers in the collection consist of published reprints, news clippings, extensive (typewritten) excerpts, dittos, photocopies, and Reed's own notes. Two courses (Education 346 and 369) date from the years 1957 and 1958, but the collected materials extend up to 1961. Reed's notes clearly indicate that Education 346 was taught by Cyril Houle. Another source for course materials is the Industrial Relations Center (IRC) at the University of Chicago.

These materials originally were collected in large notebooks, divided into packets. This organization has been preserved, except that the notes, handouts, and bibliographies for each unit have been placed in the initial folder of that section. There are several breaks in the sequence of packets, as well as sections where no packet was indicated. In the latter instance, the material remains in its original position in the collection, without a packet number (or letter). Many of the materials are undated.

Separate, complete sets of course materials from the University of Chicago's Industrial Relations Center, Leadership and Human Relations Program (1957, 1958) are included: both the "Conference Leader's Guide" and student instruction books comprise ten booklet sets contained in looseleaf binders. Other materials from IRC courses can be found in folders at the end of the collection, along with other course materials from unidentified sources.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

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Subject Headings


Reed, Bernard W. (Bernard Webster), 1916-1962.

Corporate Bodies

Association of University Evening Colleges (U.S.)
Association of Urban Universities.
Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults.
National University Extension Association.
University of Chicago, Industrial Relations Center.


Adult education -- United States.
Educators -- United States.
Evening and continuation schools -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Drafts (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Bernard W. Reed Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. Bernard W. Reed, 1966.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: SWS
Date: Apr 1971
Revision history: Jan 1977 - unspecified revisions (SWS); Aug 1991 - part two appended (KW); 26 Jul 2006 - converted to EAD, parts 1 and 2 merged, boxes renumbered (MRR)

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Box 1 1955-1962
Dissertation material
Box 1 Preparation of thesis ca. 1959
Box 1 Proposal 1959
AUEC background
Box 1 Early beginnings ca. 1959
Interviews 1959-1960
Box 1 Cochran, Harry A.
Box 1 Hardy, Leslie P.
Box 1 Holsapple, Cortell K.
Box 1 Lang, Daniel A.
Box 1 Love, Robert A.
Box 1 Miller, Don S.
Box 1 Mills, Henry C.
Box 1 Neuffer, Frank R.
Box 1 Parkinson, George A.
Box 1 Waters, John A.
Box 1 Notebooks ca. 1959
Box 1 Organization and purposes 1960
Box 1 Proceedings 1939-1958, ca. 1959
Box 1 Rosters 1957
Box 1 AAU proceedings 1915-1939, ca. 1959
Box 1 CSLEA activities undated
Box 2 NUEA proceedings 1915-1956, ca. 1959
Thesis 1959-1960
Box 2 Chapters I-III
Box 2 Chapters IV-V
Box 2 Dissertation 1960
Subject files
Box 2 Adult education 1953-1959
Book reviews
Box 2 Bryson, Lyman, Adult Education 1936
Box 2 Bryson, Lyman, The Drive Toward Reason 1954
Box 2 Great Britain Adult Education Committee, A Design for Democracy 1919
Box 2 Hutchins, Robert M., Great Books: The Foundation of a Liberal Education 1954
Box 2 Keppel, Frederick P., Education for Adults 1926
Box 2 Kotinsky, Ruth, Adult Education and the Social Scene 1933
Box 2 Lindeman, Edward C.,The Meaning of Adult Education 1926
Box 2 Livingstone, Richard, The Future in Education 1941
Box 2 Powell, John W., Learning Comes of Age 1956
Box 2 Redfield, Robert, The Educational Experience 1955
History of adult education
Box 2 Adams, Herbert B., Educational Extension in the United States 1901
Box 2 Cartwright, Morse A., Ten Years of Adult Education 1936
Box 2 Grattan, C. Hartley, In Quest of Knowledge 1955
Box 2 Lund, Ragnar, ed., Scandinavian Adult Education 1949
Psychological development of adults
Box 2 Havighurst, Robert J., Human Development and Education 1953
Box 2 Overstreet, H.A., The Mature Mind 1949
Box 2 Pressey, S.L., and Kuhlen, R.G., Psychological Development Through the Life Span 1957
Box 2 Thorndike, E.R., Adult Interests 1935
Box 2 Thorndike, E.R., Adult Learning 1936
Handbooks, directories, bibliographies, research
Box 2 Debatin, Frank M., Administration of Adult Education 1938
Box 2 Ely, Mary L., Adult Education in Action 1936
Box 2 Ely, Mary L., Handbook of Adult Education in the United States 1948
Box 2 Essert, Paul L., Creative Leadership of Adult Education 1951
Box 2 Kempfer, Homer, Adult Education 1955
Box 2 Knowles, Malcolm S., Informal Adult Education 1951
Box 2 Sheats, Paul H., Jayne, Clarence D., Spence, Ralph B., Adult Education, the Community Approach 1953
Box 2 Unesco, Adult Education: Current Trends and Practices 1949
Adult education agencies and institutions
Box 2 American Library Association, Public Library Service 1956
Box 2 Berelson, Bernard, The Library's Public 1949
Box 2 Chancellor, John, ed., Helping Adults to Learn 1939
Box 2 Houle, Cyril O., Libraries in Adult and Fundamental Education 1951
Box 2 Phinney, Eleanor, Library Adult Education in Action 1956
Public and community schools
Box 2 Bogus, Jesse Parker, The Community College 1950
Box 2 Englehardt, N.L., Planning the Community School 1940
Box 2 National Education Association, A Study of Urban Public School Adult Education Progress in the U.S. 1952
Box 2 Snow, Robert H., Community Adult Education 1955
Universities and colleges
Box 2 Burns, Norman, The Community Responsibility of Institutions of Higher Learning 1948
Box 2 Diekhoff, John S., The Domain of the Faculty 1956
Box 2 Dyer, John P., Ivory Towers in the Market Place 1956
Box 2 Houle, Cyril O., The University, the City, and World Affairs 1956
Box 2 Kelsey, Lincoln David, Cooperative Extension Work 1955
Box 2 Lord, Russell, The Agrarian Revival 1939
Box 2 Morton, John R., University Extension in the U.S. 1953
Box 2 Unesco, Universities in Adult Education 1952
Box 2 Kerrison, Irvine L.H., Workers' Education at the University Level 1951
Box 2 Mire, Joseph, Labor Education 1956
Box 2 Stocks, Mary, The Workers' Educational Association 1953
Armed Forces
Box 2 Houle, Cyril O., The Armed Services and Adult Education 1947
Program development
Program organization
Box 2 Reeves, F.W., Adult Education 1938
Box 2 Rural Social Systems and Adult Education 1953
Box 2 Sorenson, Roy, and Dimock, Hedley S., Designing Education in Values 1955
Community study and community development
Box 2 Lippitt, Ronald, Training in Community Relations 1949
Box 2 Ogden, Jess, Small Communities in Action 1946
Box 2 Reid, Jesse T., It Happened in Taos 1946
Box 2 Ross, Murray G., Community Organization 1955
Box 2 Cartwright, Dorwin, Group Dynamics Research and Theory 1956
Box 2 Chase, Stuart, Roads to Agreement 1951
Box 2 Coyle, Grace L., Group Experience and Democratic Values 1947
Box 2 Fansler, Thomas, Creative Power through Group Discussion 1950
Box 2 Homans, George, The Human Group 1950
Box 2 Liveright, A.A., Union Leadership Training 1951
Box 2 Lowy, Louis, Adult Education and Group Work 1955
Box 2 Mueller, Alfred, Principles and Methods in Adult Education 1937
Box 2 National Society for the Study of Education, Adult Reading 1956
Box 2 Schramm, Wilbur, Mass Communications 1949
Box 2 Thelen, Herbert, Dynamics of Groups at Work 1954
Box 2 Klein, Paul, Counseling Techniques in Adult Education 1946
Programs for special groups
Box 2 Cass, Angelica, Adult Elementary Education 1956
Box 2 Donahue, Wilma C., ed., Education for Later Maturity 1955
Bibliographies, directories, research
Box 2 Peals, Ralph A., The Literature of Adult Education 1941
Box 2 National Education Association, Review of Educational Research 1953
Box 2 Unesco, International Directory of Adult Education 1952
Box 2 Community survey ca. 1956
Box 2 Evening college and university extension 1953-1962
Box 3 General-liberal-vocational education 1954-1960
Box 3 International adult education 1954-1960
Box 3 Leisure and education ca. 1960
Thesis abstracts and proposals 1954-1960
Box 3 Averill, Thomas, "An exploratory study of motives associated with self-education" 1959
Box 3 Brian, D. Garron, "Adult education in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" ca.1959
Box 3 Campbell, Frank N., "A study of factors associated with community group activities in Wisconsin 4-H clubs" ca. 1959
Box 3 Chamberlain, Martin N., "The professional adult educator" ca. 1957
Box 3 Coughlan, Robert J., "Levels of management, corresponding work attitudes and the anticipatory socialization of vertically mobile individuals" 1960
Box 3 Crimi, James E., "Adult education curricula in the liberal arts colleges" 1954
Box 3 Halfter, Irma T., "The comparative academic achievement of women eighteen to twenty-five and women forty years of age and over" undated
Box 3 Halfter, Irma T., "A contrast between the structure and functioning of undergraduate collegiate business education, day and evening divisions" undated
Box 3 Hargett, Earl F., "A study of the relationship between self-education and intelligence" 1960
Box 3 Harrison, James W., "Criteria used in planning courses for adults by teachers, administrators, and students of evening colleges" 1954
Box 3 Harrison, James W., "Designing educational pro-grams for adults: a comparison of non-credit and credit courses in university evening colleges" 1957
Box 3 Ingham, Roy J., "A comparative study of two conceptions of adult education: community development and continuing education" ca. 1957
Box 3 Koch, W.H., "An investigation into concepts of citizenship: aspirations and concerns among selected groups of adult. agricultural migrant workers" 1960
Box 3 Knowles, Malcolm S., "The development of a coordinated adult education movement in the United States" undated
Box 3 Larson, Melvin J., "Relationship of certain characteristics of church members to their financial support of denominational higher education" ca. 1956
Box 3 Lee, Robert, "The educational objective of the American public library: an historical study" 1960
Box 3 Lee, Robert, "The American Heritage project: an historical study" 1959
Box 3 Liveright, A.A., "Lay-leaders in adult education" 1954
Box 3 Mees, Carl F., "The historical development of the cooperative agricultural extension service in Cook County, Illinois" 1958
Box 3 Moorhead, Hugh S., "The Great Books Movement" 1960
Box 3 Orr, Betty, "The study of successful aging: the social role study" 1956
Box 3 Siegle, Peter E., "The social life of a Jewish community" undated
Box 3 Soffen, Joseph, "Training of non-professionals in adult education" 1960
Box 3 Toone, Howard G., Jr., "A comparison of the operating principles of one hundred five university evening colleges" ca. 1957
Box 3 Thesis of Papanestor, William, A study of job satisfaction as related to need satisfaction, both on the job and off the job 1958
Box 3 Cantrell, Loula N., The growth and development of the Atlanta Division, University of Georgia 1953
Box 3 Carnovsky, L., The Library in the Community 1944
Box 3 Creese, James, The Extension of University Teaching 1941
Box 3 Earnest, Ernest, Academic Procession 1953
Box 3 Hamlin, Herbert M., The Public and Its Education 1955
Box 3 Kolbe, Parke R., Urban Influences on Higher Education in England and the U.S. 1928
Box 3 McMahon, Ernest, lecture ca. 1957
Box 3 Orr, Betty, dissertation ca. 1957
Box 3 Rudy, S. Willis, The College of the City of New York 1949
Box 3 Thwing, Charles F., A History of Higher Education in America 1906
Box 3 Valentine, P.F., ed., Twentieth Century Education 1946
Course material
Education 346, Adult Education, Packet 1
Box 4 Syllabus, notes and bibliographies
Box 4 General Definition
Box 4 Overview
Box 4 Andrew Hendrickson (1960 monograph)
Education 346, University Role, Packet 9
Box 4 Notes and bibliography
Box 4 University Training programs
Box 4 University role: legislation
Box 4 University role: addresses and speeches 1958-1960
Box 4 University role: readings
Box 4 University Afield 1926, readings
Education 346, Agricultural Extension, Packet 10
Box 4 Notes and bibliographies
Education 346, Proprietary Schools, Packet 11
Box 4 Notes, clippings, and bibliographies
Education 346, Vocational Rehabilitation, Packet 12
Box 4 Bibliography
Education 346, Libraries, Packet 13
Box 4 Readings
Education 346, Museums, Packet 14
Box 4 Bibliography and general information
Education 346, Group Work Agencies, Packet 15
Box 4 Notes and bibliography
Education 346, Labor Unions, Packet 16
Box 4 Notes and bibliography
Education 346, Industry, Packet 17
Box 4 Bibliography and general information
Education 346, Mass Media, Packet 18
Box 4 Bibliography
Education 346, Adult Ed Agencies, Packet 19
Box 4 Bibliography
Education 346, Family Life Education, Packet 20
Box 4 Bibliography
Education 346, Community Development, Packet 21
Box 4 Community Development: Bibliography
Box 4 Community Development: Clippings, reprints, readings
Education 346, Adult Ed Organizations, Packet 22
Box 4 Notes and bibliography
Box 4 General information
Education 369, Teaching Methods, Packet G
Box 5 Notes and bibliography
Box 5 Notes and readings
Box 5 Teacher Training: Standards
Box 5 Teacher Training: Notes
Education 369, Adult Ed Materials, Packet H
Box 5 Notes, bibliography, and syllabus
Box 5 Canadian Film Board
Box 5 Media
Box 5 Readings and reprints
Box 5 Other
Education 369, Adult Ed Programs [no packet letter]
Box 5 Notes
Box 5 Clippings and excerpts
Box 5 Conferences and general info
Box 5 Adult Ed Programming: Monographs
Box 5 Adult Ed Programming: TV
Education 369, Adult Ed Financing, Packet K
Box 5 Notes and bibliography
Box 5 Excerpts and reprints
Box 5 Reports and data
Box 5 Examples
Education 369, Adult Ed Facilities [no packet letter]
Box 5 Bibliography
Box 5 Report and survey
Box 6 Communications - general materials
IRC, communications booklets
Box 6 Nos. 1-4
Box 6 Nos. 5-10
Group Dynamics - general materials
Box 6 Notes and bibliography
Box 6 National Training Labs
Box 6 Leadership Training (NAPSAE)
Box 6 General information
IRC, Leadership training
Box 6 Notes and materials
IRC, Issues and Ideas
Box 6 1956: Vol. 3, no. 11
Box 6 1958: Vol. 5, nos. 7-11
Box 6 1959: Vol. 6, nos. 1-5, 7-11
Box 6 1960: Vol. 7, nos. 1, 2, 4, 5
IRC, Leadership and Human Relations program
Box 7 Conference leader's guide
Box 7 Booklets, 1-10

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