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Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan Papers

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998.
Title: Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1872-2012
Quantity: 305.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American pediatrician, author, and peace activist and his wife Mary Morgan. Collection includes extensive correspondence and writings by both Morgan and Spock, Dr. Spock's medical reference files, memorabilia; cartoons, caricatures, articles by and about Spock, clippings, and photographs relating to his political activities (1951- 1998), including material about the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy and his campaign for President as the nominee of the People's Party in 1972; legal files including his estate documents and various court cases in which Morgan and Spock were involved. In addition, there are records of the website and the editions of Baby and Child Care published after Dr. Spock's death (1998).
Language: Primarily English, some French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese (most with translations into English)
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Benjamin Spock (1903-1998) was an American pediatrician, author, and peace activist. He is the author of the worldwide best-selling book The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care (first edition published 1946) as well as twelve other books and dozens of articles on parenting for popular magazines.

Born in New Haven, Benjamin Spock attended Phillips Academy in Andover and then Yale, where he was a member of the rowing crew. After earning his BA in English and History (1925) he continued his studies at Yale Medical School and then at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, receiving his MD in 1929. During his residency, he underwent ten months of training in psychiatry. He opened his pediatric practice in 1933, and for several years taught at Cornell Medical College. In 1943 he began writing what was to be his best-known work, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, more familiarly known as Baby and Child Care. Speaking of the book later, Spock said "I didn't want to encourage permissiveness, but rather to relax rigidity."

During World War II he served in the Navy from 1944 to 1946. Following the war he returned to pediatrics practice and teaching, including at Western Reserve University from 1955-1967, but his concern for children's health eventually led him into political activism. He was a vocal opponent of nuclear weapons and joined the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) in 1962. He was active in the Civil Rights movement, in the campaign against the Nestlé Corporation for its aggressive marketing of infant formula in third-world countries, a proponent of fluoridation of water and spoke out against male circumcision.

As the United States involvement in the war in Vietnam increased, Dr. Spock became more and more involved in anti-war activities, nuclear disarmament, and the peace movement in general. He was instrumental in the creation of the People's Party and in 1972 was nominated as their candidate for President. In 1968 he was indicted, along with William Sloane Coffin and several others for conspiring to encourage young men to resist the Draft. Though convicted and sentenced to two years in prison, his conviction was overturned in 1969. Over the following decades he partipated in dozens of non-violent protests and was arrested a number of times; his last arrest, for protesting the test launching of the Trident 2 missile, was in 1987 at the age of 84.

For both his work as a pediatrician and as a peace activist, Benjamin Spock was the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees including the National Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy's Eleanor Roosevelt Award (1963), the Jane Addams Peace Award (1964), the Stephen H. Fritchman "Heretic" Award (1986), and an honorary Sc.D. from the University of Durham in England.

Benjamin Spock married Jane Cheney in 1927. They had two sons, Michael and John. They divorced in 1975.

Mary Morgan (neé Wright) met Benjamin Spock in 1975. She had been involved with the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) campaign as well as the Transactional Analysis movement, among other issues. They married in 1976. They built a home near Rogers, Arkansas, but spent a great deal of time on their boats Turtle and Carapace, and later moved to the British Virgin Islands. For the last two decades of his life, in addition to being Benjamin Spock's constant companion, she helped him manage his career and health and encouraged his adoption of a macrobiotic diet and yoga.

Benjamin Spock died in 1998. Since his death, Mary Morgan has overseen his legacy through the creation of the website and the subsequent editions of Baby and Child Care.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan Papers includes correspondence, medical reference files, writings, memorabilia; cartoons, caricatures, articles by and about Spock, clippings, and photographs relating to his political activities (1951-1976), including material about the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy; biographical transcripts and interview materials; and material relating to Spock's wife Mary Morgan.

Correspondence-subject filesare in two sections: General correspondence, filed chronologically (boxes 1-140), and an alphabetical section (boxes 143-307) which separates out important correspondents, organizations and topics. Boxes 141 and 142 include biographical information on Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan, records of their wedding and details of his death and memorials.

Records of the company and website are in boxes 308-339. These include internal correspondence and discussion about the business itself (website design and layout, logo development, branding strategies, policies, original content written for the site) as well as extensive material on projects that the company embarked on alone and in conjunction with others, such as Ford's "Boost America" campaign and a series of videos about sickle cell disease.

Legal files (boxes 340-367) include contracts, divorce papers, estate records, litigation documents, real estate records and miscellaneous legal documents and records.

Medical reference files (boxes 368-382) comprise research files kept by Dr. Spock on medical topics ranging from accidents and adoption to workmen's compensation and worms.

Memorabilia (boxes 486- 541 and Oversize boxes 1-14) includes address books, awards and certificates from various organizations, buttons, calendars, clippings, photographs, ship logs for the Turtle and Carapace, personal notes, and a small amount of Wright family (relations of Mary Morgan) material. The photographs -- a mix of negative and prints -- are extensive, and include both personal (Ben as a child, alone and with his siblings; Ben and Mary with friends and family; Ben at home in his last days) and professional (head shots, publicity photos, pictures of Ben at marches, rallies, speeches, etc.).

Recordings (boxes 542-551) are primarily audio and include interviews, recollections ("Stories Ben Told Me"), television and radio appearances, speeches, birthday celebrations, and more. Many of the interviews were recorded by Mary Morgan as part of the writing process for the autobiographical work Spock on Spock. Other recollections were recorded by Mary Morgan and other members of the Spock family in the late 1980s. Many of the recollections have been digitized.

Writings (boxes 383-485) include articles, books (including eight revisions of Baby and Child Care), and speeches and lectures by Benjamin Spock. There is also a small amount of material -- poems, speeches, essays -- by Mary Morgan, and a few items by other authors.

Note: There is a great deal of overlap within the collection, since many of the political organizations as well as publishers with whom Spock worked were closely affiliated, merged or separated, changed names, or worked together on various projects. In addition, different filing systems were used at different times and for different types of material. The researcher is advised to review the entire inventory to ensure locating all relevant material.

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Arrangement of the Collection

As mentioned above, Correspondence is subdivided into General correspondence, arranged chronologically, and a section of identified correspondents, arranged alphabetically. All family correspondence has been placed at the beginning of the alphabetical section. Material relating to and Medical files are arranged alphabetically by topic. Legal material is subdivided by type (estates, litigation, and so on) and within that is arranged alphabetically. Memorabilia is arranged chronologically by type; within that, Photographs are arranged chronologically. Recordings are listed alphabetically by the title written on the item or, if no title was available, a title assigned by processing staff. Writings are sudivided by type (articles, books, etc.) and within each type are arranged alphabetically by title. Writings by Mary Morgan have been placed at the end of this section.

Note: There is a great deal of overlap within the collection, since many of the political organizations as well as publishers with whom he worked were closely affiliated, merged or separated, changed names or worked together on various projects. In addition, different filing systems were used at different times and for different types of material. The researcher is advised to review the entire inventory to ensure locating all relevant material.

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Access Restrictions

April 2018: Material in Boxes 169, 170 and 552 contains sensitive personal information and is restricted until 2068.

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Access to recordings may require advance notice to produce a use copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The colleciton originally contained a large number of books and other published material, among them various English and foreign-language editions of Baby and Child Care. These have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.

Many of the recordings have been digitized.

See also the Benjamin Spock Symposium Collection, the Dr. Spock War Posters Collection, and the Lynn Z. Bloom Collection Relating to Benjamin Spock.

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Subject Headings


Abzug, Bella S., 1920-1998.
Alexander, Bill, 1934-
Allen, Steve.
Alley, Rewi, 1897-1987.
Amter, Joseph A.
Anthony, Beryl, 1938-
Asner, Edward.
Ayers, William, 1944-
Badillo, Herman, 1929-2014.
Baez, Joan.
Baker, Howard H., Jr. (Howard Henry), 1925-2014.
Baker, Russell, 1925-2019.
Ball, George W.
Bayh, Birch, 1928-2019.
Beame, Abraham D. (Abraham David), 1906-2001.
Belafonte, Harry, 1927-2023.
Bellow, Saul.
Bentsen, Lloyd.
Berrigan, Daniel.
Berrigan, Philip.
Blake, Eugene Carson, 1906-1985.
Bloom, Lynn Z., 1934-
Bly, Carol.
Bombeck, Erma.
Boudin, Leonard, 1912-1989.
Bowles, Chester, 1901-1986.
Bradley, Tom, 1917-1998.
Brazelton, T. Berry, 1918-2018.
Brezhnev, Leonid Ilʹich, 1906-1982.
Brown, Edmund G. (Edmund Gerald), 1905-1996.
Bryant, Anita.
Buchwald, Art.
Buckley, James Lane, 1923-
Bumpers, Dale.
Bundy, McGeorge.
Bush, George, 1924-2018.
Byrd, Harry F., Jr. (Harry Flood), 1914-2013.
Calder, Alexander, 1886-1962.
Calderone, Mary Steichen, 1904-1998.
Caldicott, Helen.
Caldwell, Taylor, 1900-1985.
Calley, William Laws, Jr., 1943-
Capa, Cornell.
Carmichael, Stokely, 1941-1998.
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Castro, Fidel, 1926-2016.
Chaplin, Charlie, 1889-1977.
Chicago, Judy, 1939-
Chomsky, Noam.
Church, Frank.
Clark, Ramsey, 1927-2021.
Clemens, Cyril, 1902-1999.
Clinton, Bill, 1946-
Clinton, Hillary Rodham.
Coffin, Tristram, 1912-1997.
Coffin, William Sloane, Jr., 1924-2006.
Cohen, William S.
Commoner, Barry, 1917-2012.
Conyers, John, Jr., 1929-2019.
Cooke, Goodwin.
Cousins, Norman.
Cranston, Alan, 1914-2000.
Crow Dog, Leonard, 1942-2021.
Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly.
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Davis, Ossie.
DeCrow, Karen.
Dellinger, David T., 1915-2004.
Denver, John.
Dirksen, Everett McKinley.
Dobrynin, Anatoliĭ Fedorovich, 1919-2010.
Dodd, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1907-1971.
Donahue, Phil.
Douglas, Melvyn.
Douglas, Paul H. (Paul Howard), 1892-1976.
Eagleton, Thomas F., 1929-2007.
Eaton, Cyrus Stephen, 1883-1979.
Edelman, Marian Wright.
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969.
Elders, Joycelyn, 1933-
Fonda, Jane, 1937-
Ford, Betty, 1918-2011.
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006.
Freud, Anna, 1895-1982.
Fromm, Erich, 1900-1980.
Fulbright, J. William (James William), 1905-1995.
Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster), 1895-1983.
Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006.
Gandhi, Indira, 1917-1984.
Gardner, Hy.
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Hart, Gary W.
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Smeal, Eleanor.
Solzhenit︠s︡yn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-2008.
Spivak, Lawrence E. (Lawrence Edmund), 1900-1994.
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998.
Steiner, Claude, 1935-2017.
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Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-1996.
Yevtushenko, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, 1933-2017.
Young, Andrew, 1932-
Young, Mort.
Young, Whitney M.

Corporate Bodies

ACORN (Organization)
Academy of Medicine of Cleveland
Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
American Board of Pediatrics.
American Broadcasting Company.
American Civil Liberties Union.
American Dental Association.
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
American Friends Service Committee.
American Humanist Association.
American Medical Association.
American Orthopsychiatric Association.
American Pediatric Society.
American Psychiatric Association.
American Psychoanalytic Association.
American Psychosomatic Society.
Americans for Democratic Action.
Amnesty International.
Another Mother for Peace (Association)
Authors' Guild (U.S.)
Black Panther Party.
Blue Plate Productions, Inc.
Bodley Head (Firm)
British Broadcasting Corporation.
CEL Communications, Inc.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Clergy and Laity Concerned
Communist Party of the United States of America.
Community for Creative Non-Violence
Dell Publishing Company.
Democratic National Committee (U.S.)
Duell, Sloan & Pearce.
Emergency Civil Liberties Committee.
Energy Policy Information Center (EPIC)
Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.)
Gray Panthers.
Houghton Mifflin Company.
Infant Formula Action Coalition.
Little, Brown and Company.
Macmillan Company.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.
McCall Publishing Company.
Merv Griffin show (Television program)
Mike Douglas show.
National Broadcasting Company.
National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (U.S.)
National Conference for New Politics.
National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (U.S.)
National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.
National Organization for Women.
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (U.S.)
National Press Books.
National Public Radio (U.S.)
New Party (U.S.)
Nicaragua Network.
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign.
Pantheon Books.
Peace and Freedom Party (U.S.)
Penguin Books USA, Inc.
People's Party (U.S.)
Physicians for Social Responsibility (U.S.)
Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
Planned Parenthood Ontario.
Pocket Books.
Proprioceptive Writing Center.
Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)
Random House (Firm)
Socialist Party (U.S.)
South Viet Nam National Front for Liberation.
Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Southern Poverty Law Center.
Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Student Peace Mobilization Project.
Syracuse University. -- Libraries.
U.S. News & World Report, inc.
USA today (Magazine)
United Farm Workers.
United Nations.
United States. -- Navy.
United States. -- Federal Bureau of Investigation.
United States. -- Office of Economic Opportunity.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
Vietnam Moratorium Committee (U.S.)
Vietnam Summer (Organization)
Viewpoint Syndicate.
War Resisters League.
War Tax Resistance (U.S.)
Washington post.
Western Reserve University.
Women Strike for Peace.
Yale University.

Associated Titles

Ladies' home journal.
Parade (Magazine)
Parenting (Magazine)
Redbook magazine.
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998. -- Better world for our children.
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998. -- Common sense book of baby and child care


Antinuclear movement -- United States.
Child care.
Child development.
Child psychology.
Child rearing.
Children -- Health and hygiene.
Equal rights amendments -- United States.
Infant psychology.
Infants -- Care.
Infants -- Development.
Infants -- Health and hygiene.
Medicine -- Practice.
Nuclear disarmament.
Olympic athletes.
Peace movements -- United States.
Pediatricians -- United States.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Protest movements.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- United States.
War toys.
Water -- Fluoridation.


Argentina -- History -- 1955-1983.
Cuba -- History -- 1959-1990.
Cuba -- History -- 1990-
Cuba -- Politics and government -- 1959-1990.
Cuba -- Politics and government -- 1990-
El Salvador -- History -- 1979-1992.
Hungary -- Description and travel.
Italy -- Description and travel.
Japan -- Description and travel.
London (England) -- Description and travel.
Nicaragua -- Politics and government -- 1979-1990.
Nicaragua -- Politics and government -- 1990-
Russia -- Description and travel.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1945-1989.
Vietnam (Democratic Republic)

Genres and Forms

16mm (photographic film size)
Appointment books.
Calendars (documents)
Cartoons (humorous images)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Genealogies (histories)
Long-playing records.
Manuscripts for publication.
Negatives (photographs)
Sound recordings.
Tape reels.
Video recordings.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan, 1966-2012.

Additional Dick Clark correspondence, gift of Kathy Clark, 2020.

Mark Lavietes correspondence, gift of Mark Lavietes, 2023.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: [Summit record]
Date: 9 Feb 1994
Revision history: 1 Oct 2010 - converted to EAD (MRC); 31 Jan 2015 - correspondence to 1998 processed and added (PRB); 5 Mar 2015 - medical reference, articles added (PRB); 7 May 2015 - recordings added (BF); 2 Feb 2016 - recordings updated (PJM); 15 Nov 2016 - entire collection reprocessed, additions integrated, containers updated (PRB); 23 Mar 2017 - folder added in box 481 (PRB); 19 Apr 2018 - reviewed for restricted material (PRB); 16 Apr 2019 - Box 201/202 contents correction (MRC); 10 May 2019 - Box 234 "New Party" expanded, new box 553 created (MRC); 17 Sep 2020 - additional Dick Clark correspondence added (MRC); 2 Jun 2021 - Rewi Alley correspondence; Box 554/555 memorabilia, "writings by others" (MRC); 5 Apr 2023 - minor updates to media descriptions, dates (MRC); 9 Jun 2023 - Lavietes correspondence added (MRC)

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Note on alternate formats:

Many of the recordings have been digitized.

Correspondence-subject files
General correspondence, arranged chronologically, includes letters from parents, children, and readers of Dr. Spock's books, as well as friends and colleagues. There are also numerous requests for signatures and photographs, manuscript reviews, and endorsements.
After the general correspondence is a small amount of biographical material, including material relating to Spock's marriage, death, funeral, and family correspondence.
Following this is an extensive amount of material arranged alphabetically, containing correspondence with notable or significant figures, or that is significant in topic or amount of material.
Box 1 [General] 1919-1926
Box 2 [General] 1926-1927
Box 3 [General] 1927-1928, 1930, undated - includes early undated material, letters to/from Ben and Jane
Box 4 [General] 1943-1956
Box 5 [General] 1957-1958
Box 6 [General] 1959; 1960 Jan-Feb
Box 7 [General] 1960 Mar-Jul
Box 8 [General] 1960 Aug-Dec
Box 9 [General] 1961 Jan-May
Box 10 [General] 1961 Jun-Dec
Box 11 [General] 1962 Jan-May
Box 12 [General] 1962 May-Sep
Box 13 [General] 1962 Oct-Dec; 1963 Jan
Box 14 [General] 1963 Feb-May
Box 15 [General] 1963 Jun-Nov
Box 16 [General] 1963 Dec; 1964 Jan
Box 17 [General] 1964 Feb-Aug
Box 18 [General] 1964 Sep-Dec; 1965 Jan-Feb
Box 19 [General] 1965 Mar-Sep
Box 20 [General] 1965 Oct-Dec; 1966 Jan
Box 21 [General] 1966 Jan-May
Box 22 [General] 1966 Jun-Oct
Box 23 [General] 1966 Nov-Dec; 1967 Jan-Feb
Box 24 [General] 1967 Feb-May
Box 25 [General] 1967 May-Aug
Box 26 [General] 1967 Aug-Nov
Box 27 [General] 1967 Nov-Dec
Box 28 [General] 1968 Jan
Box 29 [General] 1968 Jan-Feb
Box 30 [General] 1968 Mar-Apr
Box 31 [General] 1968 May-Jun
Box 32 [General] 1968 Jul-Aug
Box 33 [General] 1968 Aug-Nov
Box 34 [General] 1968 Dec; 1969 Jan
Box 35 [General] 1969 Jan-Apr
Box 36 [General] 1969 May-Jul
Box 37 [General] 1969 Jul-Sep
Box 38 [General] 1969 Oct-Nov
Box 39 [General] 1969 Dec; 1970 Jan
Box 40 [General] 1970 Jan-Feb
Box 41 [General] 1970 Mar-May
Box 42 [General] 1970 May-Jul
Box 43 [General] 1970 Jul-Oct
Box 44 [General] 1970 Nov-Dec; 1971 Jan
Box 45 [General] 1971 Jan-May
Box 46 [General] 1971 Jun-Nov
Box 47 [General] 1971 Dec; 1972 Jan-Apr
Box 48 [General] 1972 May-Sep
Box 49 [General] 1972 Oct-Dec; 1973 Jan-Feb
Box 50 [General] 1973 Feb-Jul
Box 51 [General] 1973 Aug-Dec
Box 52 [General] 1973 undated; 1974 Jan-Apr
Box 53 [General] 1974 Apr-Jul
Box 54 [General] 1974 Aug-Nov
Box 55 [General] 1974 Dec; 1975 Jan-Mar
Box 56 [General] 1975 Apr-Oct
Box 57 [General] 1975 Nov-Dec; 1976 Jan-Mar
Box 58 [General] 1976 Apr-Jul
Box 59 [General] 1976 Aug-Dec
Box 60 [General] 1977 Jan-May
Box 61 [General] 1977 Jun-Oct
Box 62 [General] 1977 Oct-Dec
Box 63 [General] 1978 Jan-Mar
Box 64 [General] 1978 Mar-May
Box 65 [General] 1978 May-Aug
Box 66 [General] 1978 Aug-Nov
Box 67 [General] 1978 Nov-Dec
Box 68 [General] 1978 undated; 1979 Jan-Mar
Box 69 [General] 1979 Mar-Jun
Box 70 [General] 1979 Jul-Oct
Box 71 [General] 1979 Nov-Dec
Box 72 [General] 1980 Jan-Apr
Box 73 [General] 1980 Apr-Jun
Box 74 [General] 1980 Jun-Sep
Box 75 [General] 1980 Sep-Nov
Box 76 [General] 1980 Nov-Dec; 1981 Jan-Feb
Box 77 [General] 1981 Mar-Sep
Box 78 [General] 1981 Oct-Dec; 1982 Jan-Feb
Box 79 [General] 1982 Mar-Jul
Box 80 [General] 1982 Sep-Dec
Box 81 [General] 1983 Jan-May
Box 82 [General] 1983 May-Aug
Box 83 [General] 1983 Sep-Nov
Box 84 [General] 1983 Dec; 1984 Jan-Mar
Box 85 [General] 1984 Mar-May
Box 86 [General] 1984 May-Oct
Box 87 [General] 1984 Oct-Nov
Box 88 [General] 1984 Dec; 1985 Jan-Feb
Box 89 [General] 1985 Mar-Apr
Box 90 [General] 1985 Apr-Jul
Box 91 [General] 1985 Jul-Oct
Box 92 [General] 1985 Oct-Dec
Box 93 [General] 1985 Dec; 1986 Jan
Box 94 [General] 1986 Feb-Mar
Box 95 [General] 1986 Mar-Apr
Box 96 [General] 1986 Apr-May
Box 97 [General] 1986 May-Jun
Box 98 [General] 1986 Jun-Aug
Box 99 [General] 1986 Sep-Nov
Box 100 [General] 1986 Nov-Dec; 1987 Jan
Box 101 [General] 1987 Feb-Apr
Box 102 [General] 1987 Apr-May
Box 103 [General] 1987 May-Jul
Box 104 [General] 1987 Aug-Oct
Box 105 [General] 1987 Oct-Nov
Box 106 [General] 1987 Nov-Dec; 1988 Jan
Box 107 [General] 1988 Feb-Apr
Box 108 [General] 1988 Apr-Jun
Box 109 [General] 1988 Jun-Oct
Box 110 [General] 1988 Nov-Dec; 1989 Jan-Feb
Box 111 [General] 1989 Mar-Jun
Box 112 [General] 1989 Jul-Dec
Box 113 [General] 1990 Jan-Jul
Box 114 [General] 1990 Aug-Dec; 1991 Jan
Box 115 [General] 1991 Jan-May
Box 116 [General] 1991 Jun-Nov
Box 117 [General] 1991 Dec; 1992 Jan-Apr
Box 118 [General] 1992 Apr-Jul
Box 119 [General] 1992 Aug-Oct
Box 120 [General] 1992 Oct-Dec
Box 121 [General] 1993 Jan-Mar
Box 122 [General] 1993 Mar-May
Box 123 [General] 1993 May-Jul
Box 124 [General] 1993 Jul-Sep
Box 125 [General] 1993 Oct-Dec
Box 126 [General] 1993 Dec; 1994 Jan-Feb
Box 127 [General] 1994 Feb-May
Box 128 [General] 1994 May-Jul
Box 129 [General] 1994 Aug-Oct
Box 130 [General] 1994 Nov-Dec
Box 131 [General] 1995 Jan-Mar
Box 132 [General] 1995 Apr-Jul
Box 133 [General] 1995 Aug-Nov
Box 134 [General] 1995 Dec; 1996 Jan-Dec
Box 135 [General] 1996 Dec; 1997 Jan-Oct
Box 136 [General] 1997 Nov-Dec; 1998 Jan-Dec
Box 137 [General] 1999 Jan-Dec; 2000 Jan-Jun
Box 138 [General] 2000 Jul-Dec; 2001-2005
Box 139 [General] undated (6 folders)
Box 140 [General] undated (2 folders)
Biographical material
Box 141 Morgan, Mary
Box 141 Spock, Benjamin
Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan Wedding: 1976
Box 141 Congratulatory Notes
Box 141 Gift Acknowledgements and Thank You Notes
Box 141 Invitations and Invitation List
Box 141 Poem by Benjamin Spock
Box 141 Miscellaneous
Death of Benjamin Spock 1998
Box 142 Burial at sea
Box 142 Cartoon "Angel Ben"
Box 142 Condolence messages and thank-you notes
Box 142 Funeral, La Jolla, CA 20 Mar 1998
Box 142 Funeral plans
Box 142 Memorial Service, Rockport, ME 29 Aug 1998
Box 142 Memorial Service Washington, DC 13 May 1998
Box 142 Narrative by Mary Morgan
Box 142 Poems
Box 142 Published obituaries and memorials
Box 142 Rockport Cemetery
Family correspondence
Box 143 Between Benjamin Spock and Mary Morgan
Box 143 Brucker, Elizabeth (sister of Benjamin Spock)
Box 143 Councille, Clifford (first husband of Mary Morgan)
Box 143 Councille, Virginia "Ginger" (daughter of Mary Morgan) 1975-1989 (3 folders)
Box 144 Councille, Virginia "Ginger" (daughter of Mary Morgan) 1990-2000
Box 144 Hooper, Gertrude (cousin of Benjamin Spock) 1979
Box 144 Jordy, Sally (sister of Benjamin Spock)
Box 144 Spock, Anne (sister of Benjamin Spock)
Box 144 Spock, Daniel (grandson of Benjamin Spock)
Box 144 Spock, Jane Cheney (first wife of Benjamin Spock)
Box 144 Spock, John (son of Benjamin Spock)
Box 144 Spock, Marjorie "Hiddy" (sister of Benjamin Spock) 1957-1989
Box 145 Spock, Marjorie "Hiddy" (sister of Benjamin Spock) 1990-2006 (3 folders)
Box 145 Spock, Michael (son of Benjamin Spock) 1945-2001 (3 folders)
Box 145 Spock, Mildred Louise (mother of Benjamin Spock)
Box 145 Spock, Peter (grandson of Benjamin Spock)
Box 145 Spock, Robert (brother of Benjamin Spock)
Box 145 Spock, Susannah (granddaughter of Benjamin Spock)
Box 145 Spock Women's Group 1995
Box 146 "Tortoise Report" 1995 - informal family newsletter
Box 146 Wright, Gary "Frog" (brother of Mary Morgan) and Judy
Box 146 Wright, Virginia and Ralph (parents of Mary Morgan) 1976-1995 (3 folders)
Box 146 Family, miscellaneous
Box 147 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association, New York, NY
Box 147 A.C.T.I.O.N.
Box 147 A.T. Cross Company
Box 147 Abarbanel, Janice
Box 147 Abbott, Franklin
Box 147 Abbott Laboratories
Box 147 Abrams, Diane (2 folders)
Box 147 Abrams, Robert
Box 147 Abzug, Bella and Martin
Box 148 Academia
Box 148 Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Medical Society
Box 148 Academy of Psychoanalysis
Box 148 The Accra (Ghana) Assembly
Box 148 ACORN
Acton, Norman
See United States Committee for UNICEF.
Ad Hoc Committee to Defend 103 Iranian Students
See Hogue, Grady C.
Box 148 Ad Hoc Committee on Emergency Food to End Hunger in the United States
Box 148 Ad Hoc Committee for July 2 Emergency Mobilization
Box 148 Ad Hoc November 8th Mobilization Committee
Box 148 Adams, Joe
Box 148 Adams, John A.
Box 148 Adams, Thomas Boylston
Box 148 Adoptive Parents' Committee, Inc.
Box 148 Adult Education Association
Box 148 Advertisers' Broadcasting Company
Box 148 Affirmist Society
Box 148 Afton Bladet, Stockholm, Sweden
Box 148 An Agenda for Non-Collaboration
Box 148 Agnos, Art
Box 148 The Akron (OH) Beacon Journal
Box 148 The Alabama Journal
Box 148 Alaska Review
Box 148 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University
Box 148 Albert, Paul
Box 148 Albright College, Reading, PA
Box 148 Aldadanov-Wallis, Boris
Box 148 Aldrich Memorial Nursery School , Inc., Rochester, MN
Box 148 Aleksandrian, Emma Artasesovna
Box 148 Alexander, Bill
Ali, Muhammad
See Artists for Amnesty.
Box 149 All-Canada Radio Facilities, Limited
Box 149 Allen, Donna
Box 149 Allen, Leo E.
Box 149 Allen, Robert
Box 149 Allen, Steve
Box 149 Allenwood Project
Box 149 Allerhand, Melvin F.
Box 149 Alley, Rewi - includes printed items and carbon of poem, "Still Mourning the Bombing of Cambodia"
Box 149 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
Box 149 Alsop, Peter
Box 149 Alt, Herschel
Box 149 Alternative, Eugene High School, Eugene, OR
Box 149 Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
Box 149 Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America
Box 149 Ambulatory Pediatric Association
Box 149 American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Box 149 American Academy of Pediatrics 1951-1980 (2 folders)
Box 149 The American Academy of Psychoanalysis
Box 149 American Airlines
Box 149 American Association for the Advancement of Science
Box 149 American Association for the United Nations
Box 149 American Association of Retired Persons
Box 149 American Association of School Administrators
Box 149 American Association of University Professors
Box 149 American Association of University Women
Box 150 American Baby
Box 150 American Bar Association
Box 150 American Board of Pediatrics
Box 150 American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Box 150 American Cancer Society
Box 150 American Chemical Society
Box 150 American Child Guidance Foundation
Box 150 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (2 folders)
Box 151 American Civil Liberties Union (1 folder)
Box 151 American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
Box 151 American Council for the International Promotion of Democracy Under God
Box 151 American Dental Association
Box 151 American Deserters Committee
Box 151 American Diabetes Association
Box 151 American Documentary Films, Inc.
Box 151 The American Ethical Union Foundation
Box 151 American Family
Box 151 American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
Box 151 American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
Box 151 American Friends of Brazil
Box 151 American Friends Service Committee (2 folders)
Box 151 American Heritage
Box 151 The American Home
Box 151 American Humanist Association
Box 151 American Independent Movement
Box 152 American Medical Association (AMA)
Box 152 American Medical Student Association
Box 152 The American Montessori Society
Box 152 American Olympic Committee
Box 152 American Orthopsychiatric Association
Box 152 The American Parents Committee, Inc.
Box 152 American Peace Test
Box 152 American Pediatric Directory
Box 152 American Pediatric Society
See also Pediatrics.
Box 152 American Psychiatric Association
Box 152 American Psychoanalytic Association
Box 152 American Psychosomatic Society
Box 152 American Public Health Association
Box 152 American School Health Association
Box 152 American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry
Box 152 American Society for Microbiology
Box 153 American Society on Aging (2 folders)
Box 153 American Speech and Hearing Association
Box 153 American Veterans Committee
Box 153 The American Weekly
Box 153 American Whig-Cliosophic Society
Box 153 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
Box 153 Americans Exiled in Canada
Box 153 Americans for Democratic Action
Box 153 Americans for SALT
Box 153 Americans Want to Know
Box 153 Amherst College, Amherst, MA
Box 153 Amnesty International
Box 153 Amter, Joseph A.
Box 153 Anderson, John B.
Box 153 Andover Alumni Fund
Box 153 Andrews, Benny
Box 153 Andrews, Thomas H.
Box 153 Anima Peace Technology
Box 153 Another Mother for Peace (1 folder)
Box 154 Another Mother for Peace (2 folders)
Box 154 Antaeus Institute
Box 154 Anthony, Beryl
Box 154 Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith
Box 154 Anti-Imperialist Tribunal of Our America (TANA)
Box 154 Antilles School, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Box 154 Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH (2 folders)
Box 154 Antonetta, Irma
Box 154 AP Newsfeatures
Box 154 APB-TV, Chestnut Hill, MA
Apgar, Virginia
See The March of Dimes.
Box 154 Appeal to Reason, Inc.
Box 154 Apple Computer
Box 155 Aquarian Research Foundation
Box 155 Arab-Israeli Research & Relations Project
Box 155 Argentine Inaugural Ceremonies : United States Delegation
See also Memorabilia : Scrapbook, "United States Special Delegation to the Inauguration of His Excellency Dr. Arturo Illia, President of the Republic of Argentina".
Box 155 Arizona State University
Box 155 Arkansans for Peace
Box 155 Arkansans for Safe Energy
Box 155 Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
Box 155 Arkansas Association for Children With Disabilities, Inc.
Box 155 Arkansas Association for Counselling, Guidance and Development
Box 155 Arkansas Broadcasters Association
Box 155 Arkansas Democrat (2 folders)
Box 155 Arkansas Department of Energy
Box 155 Arkansas Gazette
Box 155 Arkansas Governor's Commission on the Status of Women
Box 155 Arkansas Ground Zero and Nuclear War Awareness group
Box 155 Arkansas Peace Center
Box 155 Arkansas Power and Light Company
Box 155 Arkansas Press Association
Box 155 Arkansas Public Service Commission
Box 155 Arkansas Solar Coalition
Box 155 Arkansas State Hospital
Box 155 Arkansas Times Magazine
Box 155 Arkansas Women's Political Caucus
Box 156 Arms, Suzanne
Box 156 Armstrong, William
Arnold, Thurman
See Public Affairs Institute.
Box 156 Around the Circle Gently
Box 156 Arsenal Family and Children's Center, Pittsburg, PA
Box 156 Arteshesovna, Alexandria Emma
Box 156 Artists for Amnesty
Box 156 Arts for World Unity
Box 156 Ascher, Robert C.
Box 156 Ashwood School, West Rockport, ME
Box 156 Asner, Ed
Box 156 Asnes, Russell S.
Box 156 Assembly to Save the Peace Agreements
Box 156 Associated Newspapers, Ltd. Of Australia
Box 156 Associates for Christian Cooperative Ministry
Box 156 Association for the Aid of Crippled Children (2 folders)
Association for the Care of Children's Health
Box 156 Association Medicale Franco Vietnamienne
Box 156 Association of American Colleges
Box 156 Association of American Medical Colleges
Box 156 Association of Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists, London
Box 156 Aston, Jo
Box 156 Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
Box 156 Atheneum Publishers
Box 156 Atkinson, Buddy
Box 157 The Atlantic Monthly
Box 157 Attica Defense Committee
Box 157 Attwood, Charles R. (2 folders)
Box 157 Auburn University
Box 157 Auerbach, Robert
Box 157 Auerbach, Stevanne
Box 157 Auroville, India
Box 157 Australia 1971
Box 157 Australian Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament
Box 157 Australian Labor Party
Box 157 The Authors Guild [also known as The Authors League of America]
Box 157 Ayers, William Charles ("Bill")
Box 158 Baby Talk Magazine
Box 158 Badger, Theodore
Box 158 Badillo, Herman
Box 158 Baez, Joan
Box 158 Baker, Howard H., Jr.
Box 158 Baker, Russell
Box 158 Balabanian, Norman
Box 158 Bald Knob High School, Bald Knob, AR
Box 158 Ball, George
Box 158 Baltimore Defense Committee
Box 158 Bank Street College of Education, New York, NY
Box 158 Barach, Alvan L.
Box 158 Barber, Arthur
Box 158 Barclay, Dick
Barnard, J. Darrell
See Macmillan Company.
Box 158 Barnard, Neal (4 folders)
Box 158 Barnes, Diana lynn
Box 158 Barrabee, Marcia
Box 158 Barsky, Edward K.
Box 158 Bartlett, E. L.
Box 158 Baruch, Grace K.
Box 158 Basic Books, Inc.
Box 158 Bates Memorial Hospital, Bentonville, AR
Box 158 Baudelot, Olga
Box 158 Baumrind, Diana
Box 158 Bayh, Birch
Box 159 Beacon Press, Boston, MA
See also Pizzo, Patti Daly.
Box 159 Beame, Abraham
Box 159 Beauburn, Michael
Box 159 Beech-Nut Baby Foods - includes script from "The Dr. Spock Show," 1956
Box 159 Beer, Ethel S.
Box 159 Beiser, Helen
Box 159 Belafonte, Harry
Belafonte, Julie (Mrs. Harry Belafonte)
See Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc.
Bell, Colin W.
See The White House Conference on International Cooperation.
Box 159 Bell, Dick
Box 159 Bell, Terrell
Box 159 Bellow, Saul
Box 159 Ben & Jerry's
Box 159 Bender, George H.
The Benjamin Company
See Pocket Books, Inc.
Box 159 Bennett, Charles E.
Box 159 Bentsen, Lloyd
Box 159 Berea College, Berea, KY
Box 159 Bergen, Mary
Box 159 Bernstein, Marvin
Box 159 Bernstein, Richard
Box 159 Berrigan, Philip and Daniel
Box 159 Berry, E.Y.
Box 159 The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Ltd.
Box 159 Bethune, Ed
Box 159 Better Homes & Gardens
Box 159 Better World Forum, Walla Walla, WA
Box 159 Betts, Jackson E.
Box 159 Between the Lines
Box 159 Bibb, Leon
Box 159 Bills, Scott L.
Box 159 Bing Crosby Enterprises
Box 159 Bingham, Hiram, IV
Box 159 Binswanger, Robert B.
Box 159 The Birmingham Temple, Farmington Hills, MI
Box 159 Birth to Three, Eugene, OR
Box 159 Bisexual Center of San Francisco
Box 159 Bishop, Maurice
Box 159 Black Academy of Arts and Letters. Inc.
Box 159 Black Eagle Jazz Band
Box 159 The Black Hills Alliance
Box 160 Black Panther Party
Box 160 Black Perspective on the News
Box 160 The Blade, Toledo, OH
Box 160 Blake, Eugene Carson
Box 160 Blake, Philip
Box 160 Bliss, Edwin
Box 160 Bloom, Lynn Z. 1965-1976 (2 folders)
Box 160 Bloomingdale's
Box 160 The Blue Book
Box 160 Blue Cliff Editions, Inc.
Box 160 Blue Plate Productions, Inc.
Box 161 Blue Plate Productions, Inc. (3 folders)
Box 161 Blueberry Cove, Tenants Harbor, ME
Box 161 Blumenson, Eric D.
Box 161 Bly, Carol McLean
Box 161 B'Nai B'Rith Women
Box 161 Boats (2 folders)
See also Carapace; Turtle.
Box 162 Bochner, Alfred
Box 162 The Bodley Head, Ltd.
Box 162 Boise Peace Quilt
Box 162 Bolles, Edmund Blair
Box 162 Bolton, Frances P.
Box 162 Bombeck, Erma
Box 162 Bond, Douglas Danford
Box 162 Bonnier Magazine Group
Box 162 Book-Of-The-Month Club, Inc.
Box 162 Boorstin, Daniel
Box 162 Boose, Andrew
Box 162 Borstelmann, Lloyd J.
Box 162 Bossard, James
Box 162 Bostick, Winston H.
Box 162 The Boston Children's Museum: The Early Childhood Project
Box 162 The Boston Globe
Box 162 Boston Magazine
Box 162 Boston University
Box 162 Boudin, Kathy (2 folders)
Box 162 Boudin, Leonard B.
Box 163 Boudin, Leonard B. [cont.] (4 folders)
Box 163 Boulton, James
Box 163 Bowles, Chester
Box 163 Boy Scouts of America
Box 169 Boyle, Susan (2 folders)
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 164 Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development
Box 164 Bradley, Tom
Box 164 Brazelton, T. Berry
Box 164 The Brearley School, New York, NY
Box 164 Breathitt, Edward T.
Box 164 Brezhnev, Leonid
Box 164 Bricker, John W.
Box 164 Brickroad Productions
Box 164 Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT
Box 164 Bridget Terry Productions
Box 164 Brighton Presbyterian Church Rochester, NY
Box 164 Bristol Eastern High School, Bristol, CT
Box 164 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
See also : Bringing Up Baby.
Box 164 British Council for Peace in Vietnam
Box 164 Bronfenbrenner, Urie
Box 164 Brookfield (MA) Department of Social Services
Box 164 Brooklyn Association for Mental Health, Inc.
Box 164 Brooks Brothers Clothing
Box 164 Brosin, Henry W.
Box 164 Brown, Bernice
Box 164 Brown, Bruce
Box 164 Brown, Dyke
Box 164 Brown, Edmund G., Jr.
Box 165 Brown, George E., Jr.
Box 165 Brown, Vanessa
Brucker, Elizabeth
See Family correspondence.
Box 165 Bryant, Alice Franklin
Box 165 Bryant, Anita
Box 165 Bryant, Paul
Box 165 Buchwald, Art
Box 165 Buckley, James L.
Buckley, William F.
See Firing Line with William F. Buckley; National Review.
Box 165 Buford Middle School, Charlottesville, VA
Box 165 The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Box 165 Bumpers, Dale
Box 165 Bundy, McGeorge
Box 165 Bunge, William W.
Box 165 Burdick, Eugene
Box 165 Burton, John L.
Box 165 Burton, Phillip
Box 165 Burwell, E. Langdon
Box 165 Bush, George H.W.
Box 165 Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace
Box 165 Butler, Donald
Box 165 Byrd, Harry F., Jr.
Box 165 Byzantine Catholic Church of the Resurrection, Smithtown, NY
Box 165 Cabe, Gloria B.
Box 165 Caedmon Records, inc.
Box 165 Calder, Alexander
Box 165 Calder, Louisa James
Box 165 Calderone, Mary Steichen
Box 166 Caldicott, Helen (2 folders)
Box 166 Caldwell, Bettye M.
Box 166 Caldwell, Taylor
Box 166 Calhoun, Jean S.
Box 166 California Socialist
Box 166 California State University, Chico
Box 166 California Urban Indian Health Council. Inc.
Box 166 A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority
Box 166 Calley, William, Lt.
Box 166 The Cambridge School, Boston, MA
Box 166 Camp Fire, Inc.
Box 166 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Box 166 Campobello Island, NB
Box 166 Campus Americans for Democratic Action
Box 166 Campus World, Inc.
Box 166 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Box 166 The Canadian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Box 166 Canadian Mental Health Association
Box 166 Canadian School Trustees Association
Box 166 Canadian Society for the Prevention of Crime
Box 166 Cannon, Terence
Box 166 Capa, Cornell
Box 166 Capital District Anti-Nuclear Alliance, Albany, NY
Box 167 Carapace - one of Spock's boats; the other was the Turtle (4 folders)
Box 167 Caring for Children, Inc.
Box 167 "Caring For Your Newborn" Video
Box 167 Carlsen, Robin Woodsworth
Box 167 Carlson, Thomas
Box 167 Carlton, Margaret (Mrs. Winslow Carlton)
Box 167 Carmichael, Stokely
Box 167 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Box 167 Carolina Resist the Draft
Box 167 Carstairs, G. Morris
Box 167 Carter, Jimmy
Box 167 Casady, Simon
Case Western Reserve University
See Western Reserve University.
Box 167 Castro Ruiz, Fidel
Box 167 Catholic Press Association
Box 167 Catholic School Board, Diocese of Pittsburgh Special Education Department
Box 167 CBS News
Box 167 Cedar Cross College
Box 168 CEL Communications, Inc. (2 folders)
Box 168 Center for Attitudinal Healing
Box 168 Center for Constitutional Rights
Box 168 Center for Defense Information
Box 168 The Center for Effective Discipline
Box 168 Center for International Policy
Box 168 Center for International Visitors of Greater Boston
Box 168 Center for Science in the Public Interest
Box 168 Center for the Study of Contemporary Belief
Box 168 Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Box 168 Center for the Study of Education and Politics, Inc., Middletown, CT
Box 168 Center for the Study of Psychiatry, Inc.
Box 168 Center for War/Peace Studies
Box 168 Central Arkansas Agency on Aging, Inc.
Box 168 Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Box 168 Central Massachusetts Safe Energy Project, Inc.
Box 168 Central Michigan University
Box 168 Central Neuropsychiatric Association
Box 168 CFCF Radio, Montreal
Box 168 CFRB Radio, Toronto
Box 168 CFTO-TV Limited, Toronto
Box 168 Chacko, Rose
Box 168 Chaplin, Charlie
Box 168 Chapman, Robert C.
Box 168 Charlotte (NC) Observer
Box 168 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Charlotte, NC
Box 168 Charter Group for a Pledge of Conscience
Box 168 Cherry Hill High School West, Cherry Hill, NJ
Box 168 Chessler, Sey
Box 168 Chevalier, Victor
Box 168 Chicago, Judy
Box 168 Chicago Public Schools Controversy
Box 168 Chicago Sun-Times
Box 168 Chicago's American
Box 169 Child Development Center, New York, NY
Box 169 Child Development Group of Mississipps
Box 169 Child rearing study 1960-1981 (7 folders)
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 170 Child rearing study [cont.] 1982-1994, undated (8 folders)
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 171 Child Study Association of America (2 folders)
Box 171 Child Welfare League of America
Box 171 Childbirth Without Pain Education Association
Box 171 The Childhood Project, Inc.
Box 171 The Children and Divorce Resource Network
Box 171 Children in Crisis Conference, New York, NY
Box 171 Children of War Tour
Box 171 Children's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Children's Defense Fund
See Edelman, Marian Wright.
Box 171 Children's Express
Box 171 The Children's Hospital, Buffalo, NY
Box 171 The Children's Hospital Medical Center, Boston, MA
Box 171 Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI
Box 171 Children's Hospital of Orange County, Orange, CA
Box 171 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Box 172 Children's Institute International
Box 172 The Children's Journal
Box 172 The Children's Medical Center of New York
Box 172 Children's Mental Health Center, Columbus, OH
Box 172 Children's Peace Petition
Box 172 Children's Rights of New York
Box 172 Children's School of Science, Woods Hole, MA
Box 172 Chile Action Group
Box 172 Chiles, Lawton
Box 172 China (2 folders)
Box 172 Choi, Tohshik
Box 172 Chomsky, Noam
Box 172 Chopra, Depak (2 folders)
Box 172 Christian Herald
Box 172 Christian Interfaith Party
Box 172 Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, South India
Box 172 The Christophers
Box 173 Chumak, Peter (2 folders)
Box 173 The Chunichi Shimbun
Box 173 Church, Frank
Box 173 The Church Federation of Greater Chicago
Box 173 Cincinnati Action for Peace
Box 173 Cipriš, Željko
Box 173 Circumcision (2 folders)
Box 173 Citizen Diplomacy. Inc.
Box 173 Citizens' Action for Safe Energy, Inc.
Box 173 Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties
Box 173 Citizens Committee for Effective Education
Box 173 Citizens' Committee for Julian Bond
Box 173 Citizens Crusade Against Poverty
Box 174 Citizens Crusade Against Poverty (2 folders)
Box 174 Citizens for a Vote on Vietnam
Box 174 Citizens for Decent Literature
Box 174 Citizens Energy Project
Box 174 Citizens for the President's Education Program
Box 174 Citizens' Forum, Chicago, IL
Box 174 The Citizens Party
Box 174 Citizens to Defeat (OH) State Issue No. 2
Box 174 The City Club, Cleveland, OH
Box 174 City Club of Rochester (NY)
Box 174 City of Cleveland
Box 174 City of New York Department of Correction
Box 174 The Civil Liberties Legal Defense Fund, Inc. (3 folders)
Box 174 CKWS Toronto
Box 174 Clamshell Alliance
Box 175 Clamshell Alliance
Box 175 Clark, Dick
Box 175 Clark, Dick
Gift of Kathy Clark, 2020.
Box 175 Clark, Grenville
Box 175 Clark, Joseph S.
Box 175 Clark, Margaret
Box 175 Clark, Ramsey
Box 175 Clark, Sheldon D.
Box 175 Clarkson N. Potter, Inc./Publisher
¡Claro! Central Latin American Relief Organization
See Hoffman, Abbott Howard "Abbie".
Box 175 Clemens, Cyril
Box 175 Clement, Kenneth W.
Box 175 Clergy and Laity Concerned
Box 175 Cleveland Academy of Medicine
Box 175 Cleveland (OH) Area Peace/Action Council
Cleveland Child Rearing Study
See Child rearing study.
Box 175 Cleveland Committee for UNICEF
See United States Committee for UNICEF.
Box 175 Cleveland Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Box 175 Cleveland Dental Society
Box 175 Cleveland Heights (OH) City Council
Box 176 The Cleveland Medical Library Association
Box 176 Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital
Box 176 The Cleveland Psychoanalytic Society
Box 176 Cleveland Public Schools
Box 176 Cleveland Tutorial Project
Box 176 Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic, New Haven, CT
Box 176 Clinical Pediatrics
Box 176 Clinton, William Jefferson (Bill) and Hillary Rodham (2 folders)
Box 176 Coalition for Alternatives to Shearon Harris (CASH), Durham, NC
Box 176 Coalition for Direct Action at Seabrook
Box 176 Coalition on the Economic Crisis
Box 176 Coalition to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners
Box 176 The Coalition for International Cooperation and Peace
Box 176 Coalition of Labor Union Women
Box 176 Coalition for a National Health Service
Box 176 Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy
Box 176 Coalition for a Non-Nuclear World
Box 176 Coalition for a People's Alternative
Box 177 Coastal Mountain Land Trust, Rockport, ME
Box 177 Cobble Hill Press
Box 177 Cochrane, William M.
Box 177 Coffin, Tristram
Box 177 Coffin, William Sloane, Jr.
Box 177 Cohelan, Jeffrey
Box 177 Cohen, Alexander H.
Box 177 Cohen, William
Box 177 Cole, Maria Hawkins (Mrs. Nat King Cole)
Box 177 Coleman, Lester L.
Box 177 Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth, San Francisco, CA
Box 177 Coles, Robert
Box 177 College of Mount St Joseph on the Ohio
Box 177 Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. (CBS)
See also CBS News.
Box 177 Columbia (University) Daily Spectator
Box 177 Columbia Records
Box 177 Columbia University
Box 177 Commager, Henry Steele
Box 177 Comité Moratoire du Vietnam
Box 177 Commission on the Needs of Women
Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran
See Hogue, Grady C.
Box 177 Committee for Democratic Election Laws
Box 177 Committee for a Direct Attack on the Vietnam War
Box 177 Committee for Health Rights in Central America (CHRICA)
Box 177 Committee for a Humane Abortion Law
Box 177 Committee for May 10th Demonstration
Box 177 Committee for a National Health Service
Box 177 Committee for Nonviolent Action
Box 177 Committee for Nuclear Information
Box 177 Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Inc.
Box 177 Committee for Puerto Rican Decolonization
Box 177 Committee for the Suit Against Government Misconduct
Box 177 Committee of 100 Million to Impeach Lyndon B. Johnson
Box 177 Committee of 1000
Box 178 The Committee of Responsibility, Inc. (2 folders)
Box 178 Committee of the Professions
Box 178 Committee on Psychological Effects of the Nuclear Age
Box 178 Committee on Social Security for Physicians
Box 178 Committee to Aid the Bloomington Students
Box 178 Committee to Aid the Debs, Hall Defendants
Box 178 Committee to Defend the French Students
Box 178 Committee to Defend Iowa Students
Box 178 Committee to Defend Poor and Working People Against Oppression
Box 178 Committee to Defend the Rights of PFC Howard Petrick
Box 178 The Committee to End Radiological Hazards
Box 178 Committee to Free the Mao Tsetung Defendants
Box 178 Committee to Protect Our Children's Teeth, Inc.
Box 178 Committee to Save OSHA
Box 178 Committee to Save Our Children's Minds
Box 178 Commoner, Barry
Box 178 Commonweal
Box 178 Commonwealth Club of California
Box 178 Communication Research Institute, Miami, FL
Box 178 Communications Research Machines, Inc. Consumer Division
Box 178 Communist Party, U.S.A.
Box 178 The Communitarians of the Community Church of New York, New York, NY
Box 178 Community Action for Youth, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Box 178 The Community Church of Boston
Box 179 Community for Creative Non-Violence
Box 179 Community Health Foundation, Cleveland, OH
Box 179 Community Mental Health
Box 179 The Comstock Club, Inc., Sacramento, CA
Box 179 Concern
Box 179 Concerned Mothers' Coalition
Box 179 The Conference on Socialism and Activism
Box 179 Congress of Racial Equality
Box 179 Conscience & Military Tax Campaign
Box 179 Consider the Alternatives
Box 179 Consumer Commission on the Accreditation of Health Services, Inc.
Box 179 Consumer Reports
Box 179 Consumers Union of U.S., Inc.
Box 179 Contact
Box 179 Contemporary Books
Box 179 Conyers, John
Box 179 Cook, Robert M.
Box 179 Cooke, Goodwin
Box 179 Cooper, John Sherman
Box 179 The Cooper Union
Box 179 Copeland, Edward
Box 179 The Cornelian Corner
Box 179 Cortlandt Forum
Box 179 Cosmopolitan
Box 179 Costanza, Margaret
Box 180 Council for a Livable World
Box 180 Council for Basic Education
Box 180 Council on Economic Priorities
Box 180 Council for Exceptional Children, Willowdale, ON
Box 180 The Council on Interracial Books for Children, Inc.
Box 180 Council for International Exchange of Scholars
Box 180 Council of State Governments
Councille, Clifford
See Family correspondence.
Councille, Virginia "Ginger"
See Family correspondence.
Box 180 County Government
Box 180 County Hospital Progress Committee, Cleveland, OH
Box 180 Cousins, Norman
Box 180 Covarrubias, Juan
Box 180 Cox, Donald William
Box 180 Cranston, Alan
Box 180 Cravens, Liz
Box 180 Crawdad Alliance, St. Louis, MO
Box 180 Crawford, Kenneth G.
Box 180 Creative Playthings. Inc., Herndon, PA
Box 180 Creative Television, Inc.
Box 180 Critical Mass Energy Project
Box 180 Croll, Theodore, P. (3 folders)
Box 181 Croll, Theodore, P.
Box 181 Crow Dog, Leonard
Box 181 Crown Publishers, Inc.
Box 181 Cryer, Gretchen
Box 181 Csikszentmihalyi, Mihalyi
Box 181 CTV Television Network, Ltd. Toronto, ON
Box 181 Cuba 1975, 1993 (7 folders)
Box 182 Cuba 1993-2000 (7 folders)
Box 183 Cuba 2002 (2 folders)
Box 183 Current
Box 183 Curtis, Dock
Box 183 Curtis Publishing Company
Box 183 Curtiss, Paul H.
Box 183 Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA
Box 183 Cuu Quoc Weekly Hanoi
Box 183 The D.C. Nine
Box 183 D.C. Statehood Party
Box 183 Dahl, Robert
Box 183 Daley, William R.
Box 183 Damerell, V.R.
Box 183 Danbury Hospital, Danbury, CT
Box 183 Darrow, Daniel Cody
Box 183 Dartmouth Medical School
Box 183 Dartmouth Student Forum
Box 183 Davidson, James Alfred
Box 183 Davis, Angela
Box 183 Davis, Ossie
Box 183 Day, Jack G.
Box 183 Day Care
Box 183 Dayton (OH) Women's Liberation
Box 183 De Anza College, Cupertino, CA
Box 183 Declaration of Scholars and Professionals Concerned About, U.S. War Crimes in Indochina
Box 183 DeCrow, Karen
Dee, Ruby
See Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc.
Box 184 Delacorte Press (2 folders)
Box 552 Delamater, Eugene
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 552 Delaney, Michael
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 184 Delicious!
Box 184 Dell Publishing
Box 184 Dellinger, David
See also Liberation.
Box 184 Dellums, Ronald V.
Box 184 Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Box 184 Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Box 184 Dennison, E. Allen
Box 184 Denver, John
Box 184 Devine, Samuel L.
Box 184 Di Salle, Michael V.
Box 184 Díaz Ordaz, Gustavo
Box 184 The Dick Clark Company, Inc.
Box 184 Dickerson, Carrie
Box 184 Dickerson, Margaret
Box 184 Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
Box 184 Dimowo, Emmanuel Abogunde
Box 184 Direction 80
Box 184 Dirksen, Everett M.
The Disney Channel
See Walt Disney Television.
Box 184 Dissent
Box 184 Distributive Workers of America
Box 184 Dixon, Suzanne
Box 184 Doan, Gilbert E.
Box 184 Doan School, Cleveland, OH
Box 185 Dobrynin, Anatoly
Box 185 The Documentary Guild
Box 185 Dodd, Thomas J.
Box 185 Dogramaci, Ishan
Box 185 Dogwood Alliance
Box 185 Dominick, Peter H.
Box 185 Donnell, Lloyd Hamilton
Box 185 Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Box 185 Douglas, Melvyn
Box 185 Douglas, Paul H.
Box 185 Dove Letters
Box 185 Dow, John G.
Box 185 Down East
Box 185 Draft Resisters Defense Fund, San Diego, CA
Box 185 Dratch, Howard
Box 185 Drew Associates, Inc., New York, NY
Box 185 Drogin, Marc
Box 185 The Drummer
Box 185 Drye, Robert C. (2 folders)
Box 185 The Dublin Conference Group
Box 185 Duca, Alfred M.
Box 185 Duck, Linda
Box 186 Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc. 1945-1965 (3 folders)
Box 186 Dunne, Emmaline B.
Box 186 Dutton Childrens' Books
Box 186 Dyer, Wayne W.
Box 186 E. P. Dutton
Box 186 Eager, Walter J.
Box 186 Eagleton, Thomas F.
Box 186 The Ealing Corporation
Box 186 Earth Environment University, Otsu, Japan
Box 186 East Junior High School, Superior, WI
Box 186 East Pakistan Emergency Refugee Fund
Box 186 East Stroudsburg State College
Box 186 East/West Foundation, Boston, MA
Box 186 East/ West Network
Box 186 Eaton, Cyrus S.
Box 186 Eaton, Joseph W.
Box 186 Ebony
Box 186 Ecocenter, Inc., Fayetteville, AR
Box 186 Edelman, Marian Wright
Box 186 Edelman International Corporation
Box 186 Editions Elsevier Sequoia
Box 186 Editions Québec/Amérique
Box 186 Education/Action Conference on U.S. Crimes of War
Box 187 The Education Digest
Box 187 Educational Broadcasting Corporation
Box 187 Educational Consulting Center, Westport, CT
Box 187 Educators for Johnson and Humphrey
Box 187 Edwards, Don
Box 187 Eglash, Albert
Einstein, Albert
See Estate of Albert Einstein.
Box 187 Eisenberg, Howard
Box 187 Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Box 187 El Modena High School, Orange, CA
Box 187 El Salvador
Box 187 The Elder
Elders, Joycelyn
Box 187 Eldridge Cleaver for President Fund
Box 187 Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation
Box 187 Elfenbein, Paul
Box 187 Ellender, Allen, J.
Box 187 Elliot & Elliot Architecture
Box 187 Elsbree, Betty
Box 187 Embassy of Iran
Box 187 The Emereti Census
Box 187 Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
See also National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee.
Box 187 Emergency Committee for a National Mobilization Against Racism
Box 187 Emerson, Haven
Box 187 Encampment for Citizenship
Box 187 The End Hunger Network
Box 187 End the Arms Race Coalition
Box 187 Energy Policy Information Center (EPIC) - also known as Energy Policy Information Institute (2 folders)
Box 188 Energy Policy Information Center (EPIC)
Box 188 England 1970
Box 188 Entelechy Press
Box 188 Enterpoint Foundation
Box 188 Environmental Action Foundation
Box 188 Environmental Defense Fund
Box 188 Environmental Education Group
Box 188 Environmental Health Network
Box 188 Environmental Policy Center
Box 552 Epstein, Stephen (2 folders)
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 188 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
Box 189 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) (7 folders)
Box 190 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) (2 folders)
Box 190 Erikson, Erik
Box 190 Escalona, Sibylle K.
Box 190 Esdaile, Robert
Box 190 Esman, Aaron H.
Box 190 Esquire
Box 190 Esselstyn, Caldwell B.,Sr.
Box 190 Estate of Albert Einstein
Box 190 Evans, Eleanor Vishno
Box 190 Evans House, Philadelphia, PA
Box 190 Evanston (IL) Mental Health Society
Box 190 Evenflo
Box 190 The Evening and Sunday Bulletin, Philadelphia, PA
Box 190 Excerpta Medica Foundation
Box 190 The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church: Division of Radio and Television
Box 190 Eyster, Richard H.
Box 191 Fact Magazine, Inc.
Box 191 Fahnestock, Karol
Box 191 Fair Lawn (NJ) Committee for Peace in Vietnam
Box 191 Fairleigh Dickinson University
Box 191 Fallaci, Oriana
Box 191 Families
Box 191 Family Circle
Box 191 Family Concern
Box 191 Family Development Resources, Inc.
Box 191 Family Journal
Box 191 Family Learning
Box 191 Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
Box 191 Farragut, Thomas J. III
Box 191 Fascell, Dante B.
Box 191 Fast To Save A People
Box 191 Faulkner, Robert
Box 191 Fawcett Publications, Inc.
Box 191 Feder, Donald
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
See United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Box 191 Federally Employed Women, Inc., Fort Knox, KY
Box 191 Federation of American Scientists
Box 191 Feinberg, Abraham L.
Box 191 Feliciano, Carlos
Box 191 Fell, Nicole
Box 191 Fellowship of Reconciliation
Box 191 Feminist Anti-Nuclear Task Force of The Mobilization for Survival
Box 191 The Feminist Majority Foundation
Box 191 The Feminist Press Collective
Box 191 Feurst, Robert
Box 191 Fielding Institute
Box 191 Fielding, William J.
Box 191 Fifth Avenue Peace Parade Committee
Box 191 Film News Now Foundation
Box 191 Findlay College
Box 191 Fingerprinting Children
Box 191 Firing Line with William F. Buckley
Box 191 First Congregational Church, Fall River, MA
Box 191 The First Unitarian Church of Columbus, OH
Box 191 Fishman, Leslie
Box 191 Flanzer, Sally M.
Box 192 Fleming, Anne
Box 192 Fleming, Karl
Box 192 Flippin (AR) Public Schools
Box 192 Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice
Box 192 Fluoridation 1957-1980 - correspondence (4 folders)
Box 192 Fluoridation - articles and statements (2 folders)
Box 192 Focus On Youth
Box 192 Fogarty, John J.
Box 192 Fonda, Jane
Box 193 Food for Peace Program
Box 193 Forand, Aime J.
Box 193 Ford Clemency Program
Box 193 The Ford Foundation
Box 193 Ford, Gerald R. and Betty
Box 193 The Ford Hall Forum, Boston, MA
Box 193 Forslund, Scott
Box 193 Fort Hood Three Defense Committee
Box 193 Fortress Press, Philadelphia, PA
Box 193 Foster Home Recruiting Center, Cleveland, OH
Box 193 Foster Parenting
Box 193 Foundation for Child Development
Box 193 Foundation for New Social Directions
Fox, Dorothea
See Pocket Books, Inc.
Box 193 Fraad, Lewis M.
Box 193 Franklin Book Programs, Inc.
See also Franklin Publications, Inc.
Box 193 Franklin County (OH) Mental Health Association, Inc.
Box 193 The Franklin Library
Box 193 Franklin Publications, Inc.
See also Franklin Book Programs, Inc.
Box 193 Franklin Road Academy, Nashville, TN
Box 193 Fraser, Donald M.
Box 193 Fraser, Willard E.
Box 193 Free South America
Box 193 Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Freedom and Peace Party
See Peace and Freedom Party.
Box 193 Freedom Now For Lt. Howe Committee, Denver, CO
Box 193 Freedom Studies Center, Culpepper County, VA
Box 193 Freeman, Leslie
Box 193 Fremont-Smith, Frank
Box 193 French Olympic Committee
Box 193 Frente Unido Por Defensa Presos Politicos Puertorriqueños
Box 193 Freud, Anna
Box 193 Friedel, Samuel N.
Box 193 Friedman, David
Box 193 Friends Committee on National Legislation
Box 193 Friends of the River
Box 193 Friendship Press
Box 193 Friendshipment :People-To-People Aid to Vietnam
Box 194 Fromm, Erich
Box 194 Frontier College (Canada)
Box 194 FTA Louisville, KY
Box 194 Fulbright, J. William
Box 194 Full-Time Dads
Box 194 Fuller, Buckminster
Box 194 Fun, Travel, Adventure
Box 194 The Fund for Education Concerning World Peace Through World Law
Box 194 FUTURE (Folks United to Thwart Unsafe Radiation Emission)
Box 194 Galbraith, John Kenneth
Box 194 Gallagher, Wes
Box 194 Gallaudet College
Box 194 Gandhi, Indira
Box 194 Gandhi Society for Human Rights, Inc.
Box 194 Gardiner, Margaret
Box 194 Gardner, Hy
Box 194 Garr, Michael
Box 194 Garvin, Charles E.
Box 194 The Gazette and Daily, York, PA
Box 194 Gentles, Ian
Box 194 George Allen & Unwin, Ltd.
Box 194 Georgia State University
Box 194 Gerald Productions, Inc.
Box 194 Gerber, Madge
Box 194 Gerber, Magda
Box 194 Gerrish, Edwin W.
Box 194 Gesell Institute of Child Development, New Haven, CT
Box 194 Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
Box 194 Ghelberg, Howard
Box 194 GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee
Box 194 Gilbert Linkous School, Blacksburg, VA
Box 194 Ginsberg, Allen
Box 194 Gjemre, Ken
Box 194 Glassman, Norman
Box 194 Glazer, Tom
Box 194 Glendinning, Chellis
Box 194 Glide Memorial Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA
Box 194 Global Communications, Limited
Box 194 Goldberg, Arthur J.
Box 194 Goldberg, Ruth
Box 194 Goldenson, Robert M.
Box 194 Goldman, Gilbert
Box 195 Goldwater, Barry
Box 195 Goma Shobo, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Box 195 Gómez, Leonel
Box 195 Good Housekeeping Magazine
Box 195 Good Morning America
Box 195 Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center, Portland, OR
Box 195 Goodell, Charles
Box 195 Goodwin, Richard N.
Box 195 Gore, Albert
Box 195 Gorman-Jacobs, Judy
Box 195 Gottlieb, Sanford
Box 195 Governor's Conference on Families, Little Rock, AR
Box 195 Graaf, Vera
Box 195 The Grant Foundation, Inc., New York, NY
Box 195 Grapevine Publishing Co., Inc., Fayetteville, AR
Box 195 Grass Rooters Interested in Poverty Elimination (GRIPE)
Box 195 Gravel, Mike
Box 195 Gray Panthers
Box 195 Great Neck (NY) Forum
Box 195 The Great Peace March for Global Disarmament
Box 195 Greater Cleveland Committee for Fair Housing Legislation
Box 195 Greater Cleveland Committee for Fair Housing Practices
Box 195 Greater Cleveland Youth Service Planning Commission, Inc.
Greater St. Louis Citizens' Committee for Nuclear Information
See Committee for Nuclear Information.
Box 195 Green, Edith
Box 195 Green Revolution
Box 195 Greenberg, Martin (2 folders)
Box 196 Greene, Felix
Box 196 Greenfield, Marjorie (2 folders)
Box 196 Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles
Box 196 Greenpeace
Box 196 Greenway Productions, Inc.
Box 196 Greer, Germaine
Box 196 Gregory, Dick
Box 196 The Grenville Clark Fund at Dartmouth College, Inc.
Box 196 Gries, Robert Hays
Box 196 Griew, Stephen
Box 196 Grosset & Dunlap, Inc.
Box 196 Grosvenor House, New York, NY
Box 196 Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
Box 196 Growth, Genetics & Hormones
Box 196 Gruening, Ernest
Box 196 Gryphon House, Inc.
Box 196 Gustafson, Eleanor Twitchell
Box 196 Guttman, Rita
Box 196 Guy, Loren P.
Box 196 Guzzardi, Peter
Box 196 György, Korányi
Box 196 Ha'Aretz
Box 196 Hadassah: Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc.
Box 196 Hagen, Yvonne
Box 196 Haig, Alexander
Box 196 Haitian Refugees
Box 196 Hale, Mary
Box 196 Hall, Durward G.
Box 196 Hall, Rosalind
Box 197 Halle, Kay
Box 197 Halleck, Charles A.
Box 197 Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, CT
Box 197 Hamill, Hugh M.
Box 197 Hammerschmidt, John Paul
Box 197 Hampshire College Amherst, MA
Box 197 Hampton District Court, Hampton, NH
Box 197 Han Suyin
Box 197 Harding, Timothy
Box 197 Harlem Restoration Project
Box 197 Harold Mantell, Inc.
Box 197 Harper's Bazaar
Box 197 Harper's Magazine
Box 197 The Harrisburg Defense Committee
Box 197 Hart, Gary W.
Box 197 The Hartford Courant Hartford, CT
Box 197 Hartke, Vance
Box 197 The Harvard Crimson
Box 197 Harvard Law School
Box 197 Harvard Medical School
Box 197 Harvard Parents Committee
Box 197 Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Foundation
Box 197 Hatfield, Mark O.
Box 197 Hatt, Sue Vaillant
Box 197 Havard, James
Box 197 Hawes, Elizabeth
Box 197 Hawthorn Books, Inc. Publishers
Box 197 Hayakawa, S.I.
Box 197 Hayden, Tom
Box 197 Head Start
Box 197 Health & Energy Institute
Box 197 Health & Society National Planning Council
Box 197 Health Liberation News
Box 197 Health/PAC:Health Political Advisory Committee
Box 197 Health Policy Center, Inc.
Box 197 Health Professionals for Peace in Vietnam
Box 197 Health Promotion: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Medicine (O'Donnell)
Box 198 Healthier Children / Happier Futures
Box 198 Hearst Magazines
Box 198 Hefner, William K.
Box 198 Hellersberg, Elisabeth F.
Hellman, Lillian
See Artists for Amnesty.
Box 198 Help Young America
Box 198 Hendren, Kim
Box 198 Hendrick, Ives
Box 198 Hendrix College, Conway, AR
Box 198 Henley, Smith
Box 198 Herhold, Robert M.
Box 198 Herman, Paul R. (2 folders)
Box 198 Herter, Christian A.
Box 198 Hertzog, Arthur
Box 198 Hester, Hugh B.
Box 198 Highland View Hospital, Cleveland, OH
Box 198 Hilgartner, C. A.
Box 198 Hill, J. Lister
Box 198 Hill, Polly
Box 198 Hillcrest Church Evangelical United Bretheren, Cleveland, OH
Box 198 Hillel Academy of Broome County, Binghamton, NY
Box 198 Hillman, Roger
Box 198 Hillsborough Community College - Ybor Campus, Tampa, FL
Box 198 Himmirsky, Krassin
Box 198 Hiroshima House
Box 198 Hirschberg, J. Cotter
Box 198 Hirzy, William
Box 198 Ho Chi Minh
Box 198 Hobson, Julius
Box 198 Hobson, Laura Z.
Box 552 Hodes, Stuart T.
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 198 Hodges, Kaneaster, Jr
Box 198 Hodgson, Godfrey
Box 198 Hoeffer, Beverly
Box 199 Hoehn, Richard A.
Box 199 Hoffman, Abbott Howard "Abbie"
Box 199 Hoffman, Jean Lazarus
Box 199 Hofileña, Fernando P.
Box 199 Hofstra University
Box 199 Hogue, Grady C.
Box 199 Holtzman, Elizabeth
Box 199 The Home and School Institute, Inc.
Box 199 Hooker, John Jay, Jr.
Box 199 Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY
Box 199 Horner, Horace Mansfield
Box 199 Horwood, Carla
Box 199 Hosken, Franziska Porges
Box 199 Hostler, Amy
Box 199 Houghton Mifflin Company (2 folders)
Box 199 Hour Magazine
Box 199 House Officers Wives' Club, Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital
Box 199 Howard University
Box 199 Howland Elementary School, Warren, OH
Box 199 Hubbard, Mary
Box 199 Huber, Rose
Box 199 Huey Newton Defense Committee
Box 199 Hughes, H. Stuart
Box 199 Hughes, Harold E.
Box 199 Hull, George H.,Jr.
Box 199 Human Ecology Fund
Box 199 Human Rights Party
Box 199 Human Service Providers Association of Arkansas, Inc.
Box 199 Humanist Fellowship of Montreal
Box 200 Humphrey, Hubert H.
Box 200 Hungarian Peace Council
Box 200 Hungary (2 folders)
Box 552 Hunt, Cheryl
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 200 Ideal Communications, Inc.
Box 200 I.F. Stone's Weekly
Box 200 Ilg, Frances L.
Illia, Arturo Umberto
See Argentine Inaugural Ceremonies : United States Delegation.
Box 200 Impact Symposium, Vanderbilt University
Box 200 In The Public Interest
Box 200 Independent Student Union
Box 200 Indiana State University
Box 200 Individuals Against the Crime of Silence
Box 200 Indochina Coalition Defense Fund
Box 200 Indochina Peace Campaign
Box 200 Infant Formula Action Coalition (INFACT) 1979-1994 (2 folders)
Box 201 Infant Formula Action Coalition (INFACT) 1979-1994 (4 folders)
Box 201 Ingenue
Box 201 Inglis, Ruth
Box 201 Inouye, Daniel K.
Box 201 "Instant Recall," KingWorld Productions
Box 201 Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior
Box 201 Institute for American Democracy, Inc.
Box 201 Institute for Ecological Policies
Box 201 Institute for a Future
Box 201 Institute for Labor and Mental Health
Box 201 Institute for New Communications
Box 202 Institute for Policy Studies
Box 202 Institute of Society, Ethics and the Life Sciences
Box 202 Institute for the Study of Human Problems
Box 202 Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction
Box 202 Institute for the Study of National Behavior, Inc.
Box 202 Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
Box 202 Instructional Systems
Box 202 Integrated Education
Box 202 Interfaith Center to Reverse the Arms Race
Box 202 International Affairs Institute
Box 202 International Childbirth Education Association, Inc.
Box 202 International Children's Festival, Moscow (2 folders)
Box 202 International Committee Against Mental Illness
Box 202 International Committee Against Racism
Box 202 International Committee to Defend Eldridge Cleaver
Box 202 International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace
Box 202 International Council of Psychologists
Box 202 International Humanist and Ethical Union
Box 202 International Institute for Peace, Vienna, Austria
Box 202 International Meditation Society
Box 202 International Reading Association
International War Crimes Tribunal
See also Tribunal International des Crimes de Guerre.
Box 202 International Workers Party
Box 202 International Year of the Child
Box 202 International Year of Peace Coalition Committee
Box 202 Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization/Pastors for Peace
Box 203 Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association of North America
Box 203 Inter-University Committee for Debate on Foreign Policy
Box 203 Inter-University Committee to Stop Funding War & Militarism, Berkeley, CA
Box 203 Interurban Broadcasting Corporation, Laurel, MD
Box 203 Iona College, New Rochelle, NY
Box 203 Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Box 203 Irwin, Helen Thomas
Box 203 Irwin, Josephine
Box 203 Isabella Geriatric Center, New York, NY
Box 203 Italy 1971-1973 - includes correspondence, souvenirs, official invitations, clippings, etc. relating to the Spocks' trip to Italy (2 folders)
Box 203 IVI Publishing, Inc.
Box 203 Jack, Homer A.
Box 203 Jack and Jill of America, Inc.
Box 203 Jackson, Donald W.
Box 203 Jackson, Greg
Box 203 Jackson, Henry M.
Box 203 Jackson, Jesse
Box 203 The Jackson Company
Box 203 The Jackson Family Honors Concert
Box 203 Jacobs, Jon
Box 203 Jacobs, Paul
Box 204 Jacobson, Maurice
Box 204 Jalmar Press
Box 204 James Madison Elementary School, Westland, MI
James, Stephen D.
See Peace Hostage Exchange Foundation.
Box 204 Japan 1979
Box 204 Japan Publications (USA), Inc.
Box 204 Javits, Jacob K.
Box 204 Jeffrey, David
Box 204 Jenkins, Hugh
Box 204 Jenness v Forbes Civ A No 4855
Box 204 Jeremiah Stamler, M.D. Legal Aid Fund
Box 204 Jester, Ralph
Box 204 Jetro Sensor
Box 204 Jewish Family Service Association, Cleveland, OH
Box 204 Jobs With Peace
Box 204 The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Box 204 Johnson, Charles Felzen
Box 204 Johnson, Clara Sturges
Box 204 Johnson, Lyndon B.
Box 205 Johnson & Johnson
Box 205 Johnston, Robert E.
Box 205 Joint Campaign for Three Letters
Box 205 Jones, Brooks M.
Box 205 Jones, Sandy
Jordy, Sally
See Family correspondence.
Box 205 Journal of Medical Education
Box 205 The Journal of Nursery Education
Box 205 Journal of Peace Research
Box 205 Judith, Anodea
Box 205 Julia Ann Singer Preschool Psychiatric Center, Los Angeles, CA
Box 205 Jurors and Others for Reconciliation, St Paul, MN
Box 205 Kabat-Zinn, Jon
Box 205 KABC Radio, Los Angeles, CA
Box 205 Kahane, Howard
Box 205 Kahn, Arlo
Box 205 Kalish, Donald
Box 205 Kamen, Samuel
Box 205 Kangas, Paul
Box 205 Kansans Against the MX
Box 205 Kansas State University
Box 205 Kaplan, Samuel
Box 205 Kaplan, Todd S.
Box 205 Karelsen, Frank E.
Box 205 Karen Silkwood Fund
Box 205 Karl Video Corporation
Box 205 Karpel, Allison Mack
Box 205 Kastenmeier, Robert W.
Box 205 Kaster, John D.
Box 205 Katz, Milton S.
Box 205 Kaye, M. Hathaway
Box 205 KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, PA
Box 205 Keating, Edward M.
Box 205 Keating, Kenneth B.
Box 205 Kelly, Walt
Box 205 Kelsey, Linda
Box 205 Kennedy, Edward M.
Box 205 Kennedy, John F.
Box 205 Kennedy, Robert F.
Box 205 Kennedy Galleries, Inc. New York, NY
Box 205 Kennell, John H.
Box 205 Kent, Rockwell
Box 205 Kent State University
Box 552 Kern, Donald
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 205 Keys, Donald
Box 205 KFH - FM, Wichita, Kansas
Box 206 KGNR News Radio, Sacramento, CA
Box 206 Khan, Muhammad Zafarullah
Box 206 KHJ - AM - FM - TV, Hollywood, CA
Box 206 Khrushchev, Nikita
Box 206 The Kids Fund
Box 206 Kids Helping Kids, Wakefield, MA
Box 206 Kilbourne, Jean
Box 206 Kimball, Charles A.
Box 206 Kindwall, Josef A.
Box 206 Kinoy, Arthur
Box 206 King, Coretta Scott
Box 206 King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Box 206 King, Martin Luther III
Box 206 King-Anderson Bill (HR 3920) (4 folders)
Box 206 Kingsley Trust Association
Box 206 Kinkead, Eugene F.
Box 206 Kinoy, Arthur
Box 206 Kissinger, C. Clark
Box 206 Kissinger, Henry
Box 206 Klein, Carole Honig
Box 206 Kliman, Gilbert
Box 206 Klimaski, James R.
Box 207 KLMW TV, Fort Smith, AR
Box 207 Klunder, Janice and Douglas
Knopf, Alfred A., Jr.
See also Atheneum Publishers.
Box 207 KNXT, Los Angeles, CA
Box 207 Koch, Edward I.
Box 207 Koning, Hans
Box 207 Kora, Tomiko
Box 207 KOSI Radio Denver, CO
Box 207 KOZK Springfield, MO
Box 207 Kozol, Jonathan
Box 207 KQED, San Francisco, CA
Box 207 Kravitz, Judith
Box 207 Krementz, Jill
Box 207 KSOZ, Ozarks, MO
Kuhn, Maggie
See Gray Panthers.
Box 207 Kummer, Daniel M. (2 folders)
Box 207 Kunstler, William M.
Box 207 Kupcinet, Irv
Box 207 Kurashi-No-Techo-Sha, Tokyo, Japan
Box 207 Kushi Foundation 1992-1994 (3 folders)
Box 208 Kushi Foundation 1992-1994
Box 208 KYW, Cleveland, OH
Box 208 KYW-TV3, Philadelphia, PA
Box 208 La Fontaine, Estelle
Box 208 La Jolla Friends Meeting
Box 208 La Leche League
Box 208 Labor Committee for Peace in Vietnam
Box 208 The Lactation Review
Box 208 Ladies' Home Journal 1951-1963 (3 folders)
Box 209 Lafave Newspaper Features
Box 209 Lake Erie College Painsville, OH
Box 209 Lake Erie Peace and Justice Community
Box 209 Lakewood Hospital, Lakewood, OH
Box 209 Lâm, Truong Buu
Box 209 Lamont, Colin
Box 209 Lamont, Corliss
Box 209 Lampe, Keith Richmond
Lampell, Millard
See KYW Cleveland, OH and Writings by others : Lampell, Millard / Day of judgement.
Box 209 Landers, Ann
Box 209 Landrigan, Philip J.
Box 209 Langner, Marilyn
Box 209 "Late Bloomer: A Radio Series on Aging and Staying Young"
Box 209 Lattimore, Emily
Box 209 Laureates Foundation
Box 209 Lausche, Frank
Box 209 Lavietes, Mark 1986
Gift of Mark Lavietes, 2023.
Box 209 Lawler, Henry
Box 209 Lawrence, Mary Morris Steiner
Box 209 Lawyers Committee Against U.S. Intervention in Central America
Box 209 Lawyers Committee on American Policy Towards Vietnam
Box 209 Leader, Ed
Box 209 Lear, Martha Weinman
Box 209 Lear, Walter J.
Box 209 The Learning Institute, Palo Alto, CA
Box 209 Leary, Timothy
Box 209 The Legal Aid Society - Family Court Branch, Brooklyn, NY
Box 209 Leggett, Robert L.
Box 209 Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Box 209 Lelyveld, Arthur J.
Box 209 Lenauer, Jean H.
Box 209 Lens, Sidney
Box 209 Lescaze, William
Box 209 Lescher, Robert 1970-1975 (3 folders)
Box 210 Lescher, Robert 1976-1990 (6 folders)
Box 211 Lescher, Robert 1991-2000 (5 folders)
Box 211 Let Cuba Live
Box 211 Letter samples
Box 211 Levertov, Denise
Box 211 Levy, Howard
See Puerto Rican Youth Project for National Liberation.
Box 211 Liberation
Box 212 The Liberty Union, Chittenden, VT
Box 212 The Library of Congress Congressional Research Service
Box 212 Licensure
Box 212 Life [magazine]
Box 212 Lilienthal, David E.
Box 212 Liman, Ellen
Box 212 Lindsay, John
Box 212 Lippenyi, Ferenc (Francis)
Box 212 Lippman, Walter
Box 212 The Lisle Fellowship, Inc. Great Lakes Family Camp, Erie, PA
Box 212 LiteWorks Publishing
Box 212 Little, Robert A.
Box 212 Little, Brown & Company
Box 212 London
Box 212 London Free Press, London, ON
Box 212 London Weekend Television
Box 212 "The Longitudinal Tracking of the Learning-Disabled Child," Adams Professional Conference 1974
Box 212 Look [magazine] 1968-1970
Box 213 Look [magazine] 1971-
Box 213 Loomis, Earl A., Jr.
Box 213 Lorant, Stefan
Box 213 Lord, Richard
Box 213 Los Angeles Pediatric Society
Box 213 Louisiana Association for Mental Health
Box 213 Lowell, Juliet
Lowenberg, Miriam E.
See Pocket Books, Inc.
Box 213 Lowenstein, Allard K.
Box 213 Loyal Democrats of Mississippi
Box 213 Ludanik, Stella I.
Box 213 Luria, Salvador E.
Box 213 Lurie, Jim
Box 213 The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Box 213 Lyttle, Bradford
Box 213 M. D. Medical News
Box 213 MacBride, Robert G.
Box 213 Machlis, Joseph
Box 213 Machrowicz, Thaddeus M.
Box 213 Mack, Francis J.
Box 213 MacLaine, Shirley
Box 213 MacLean's
Box 213 MacLeod, Marion A.
Box 213 Macmillan Company (2 folders)
See also Legal files : Macmillan Company.
Box 213 Macrobiotic Organization of St. Thomas
Box 213 MacVean, Mary
Box 214 Maggiora, Carlo
Box 214 Magidson, Herbert
Box 214 Magnum
Box 214 Magnuson, Warren G.
Box 214 Maier, Thomas
Box 214 The Main Event
Box 214 Maine Coast Artists
Box 214 Maine Nutrition Council
Box 214 Maine People's Alliance
Box 214 Maitland, A.G.
Box 214 Maki, Lillian
Box 214 Mali, Jane
Box 214 Man
Box 214 Manchester Guardian
Box 214 Mangal, Kalawatie ("Gloria")
Box 214 Mankato State University, Mankato, MN
Box 214 Mannes, Marya
Box 214 Mansfield, Mike
Box 214 The March of Dimes
Box 214 "The March of Time"
Box 214 March on Harrisburg
Box 214 March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam
Box 214 The Margaret Mead Film Project, Mind Matters, Inc.
Box 214 Marian Davis Scholarship Fund
Box 214 Marquis Who's Who, Inc.
Box 214 Marseille, Walther
Box 214 Marsh, Steve
Box 214 Marshall, Lenore Guinzberg
Box 214 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center
Box 214 Massachusetts Council of Churches: Commission on Church and Race
Box 215 The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (2 folders)
Box 215 Massachusetts Welfare Rights Organiation
Box 215 Massasoit Community College, Brockton, MA
Box 215 Masserman Foundation for International Accords
Box 215 Massie, Robert Kinloch III
Box 215 Maternal Health Association, Cleveland, OH
Box 215 Martin, Judith ("Miss Manners")
Box 215 Mathias, Bob
Box 215 Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
Box 215 Mathiesen, Michael
Box 215 Matsumara, Moritaka
Box 215 Mature Outlook Magazine
Box 215 Mauldin, Bill
Box 215 Maurice Falk Medical Fund, Pittsburgh, PA
Box 215 Max, Peter
Box 215 May 6 Coalition
Box 215 Maynard, Tom
Box 215 Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
Box 215 McCall Corporation
See also McCall's; Redbook
Box 215 McCall Publishing Co. - correspondence pertaining to Spock's book Decent and Indecent (2 folders)
Box 216 McCall Publishing Co. - reviews of Decent and Indecent (2 folders)
Box 216 McCall's
Box 216 McCarthy, Diane B.
Box 216 McCarthy, Eugene J.
Box 216 McCarty, Meredith and Patrick
Box 216 McClaren, Elaine A.
Box 216 McClellan, John
Box 216 McCormack, James R.
Box 216 McCormack, John W.
Box 216 NcDougal, James B.
Box 552 McDowell, Harry B.
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 216 McDowell, Max
Box 216 McEachern, Paul
Box 216 McElroy, John M.
Box 216 McGovern, George
Box 216 McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.
Box 552 McGuff, Paul
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 216 McKenna, W. Brewster
Box 216 McNamara, Robert
Box 216 McReynolds, David
McWilliams, Marion
See Macmillan Company.
Box 216 MD Publications, Inc.
Box 217 Mead, Margaret
See also The Margaret Mead Film Project, Mind Matters, Inc.
Box 217 Media Insights, Ltd.
Box 217 Medical Aid Committee for Indochina
Box 217 Medical Aid Committee for Viet-Nam
Box 217 Medical Aid for El Salvador
Box 217 The Medical Association for Prevention of War
Box 217 Medical College of Georgia
Box 217 Medical Committee for Human Rights
Box 217 Medical Economics, Inc.
Box 217 Medical Passport Foundation, Inc.
Box 217 Medical Professionals for Peace in Vietnam
Box 217 Medical Resistance Union
Box 217 Medical Student Vietnam Pledge
Box 217 Medical Tribune
Box 217 Meharry Medical College, Department of Family & Community Health, Nashville, TN
Box 217 Mehrabian, Albert
Box 217 Meisler, Richard
Box 217 Melman, Seymour
Box 217 Men for Abortion Rights
Box 218 Mendelson, Tenney - pertaining to his campaign for Cleveland Heights Council
Box 218 The Menninger Foundation
Box 218 Menorah Medical center Auxillary, Kansas City, MO
Box 218 Mental Health Association of Stark County (OH)
Box 218 Mercer University, Atlanta, GA
Box 218 Meredith Press
Box 218 Merloyd Lawrence Books
Box 218 The Merrill Palmer School, Detroit, MI
Box 218 Merrow, John
Box 218 The Merv Griffin Show
Box 218 Mesel, Sandy
Box 218 Il Messaggero
Box 218 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. (MGM)
Box 218 Metromedia Producers Corporation
Box 218 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Box 218 Metzenbaum, Howard M.
Box 218 Mezey, Andrew P.
Box 218 Miami Dade Community College
Box 218 Mid-Hudson Council for New Politics, Poughkeepsie, NY
Box 218 Mid-Peninsula Conversion Project, Mountain View, CA
Box 218 Middle Country Council of P.T.A.'s - P.T.S.A.'s, Selden, NY
Box 218 Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ
Box 218 The Midwest Academy, Chicago, Il
Box 218 Midwestern Association for the Education of Young Children
Box 218 The Mike Douglas Show
Box 218 Miller, Arthur
Box 218 Miller, Helen Rand
Box 218 Miller, Sara Jane
Box 218 Mills, Wilbur D.
Box 218 Milner, Lucille B.
Box 218 Milwaukee United School Integration Committee
Box 218 Mind, Inc., Greenwich, CT
Box 219 Ministers Against Narcotics, New York, NY
Box 219 Minnesota Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam
Box 219 The Minnesota Eight
Box 219 The Minority of One
Box 219 Minot, Stephen
Box 219 Minton, Lynn
Box 219 Mirsky, I. Arthur
Box 219 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Box 219 Mississippi Summer Project
Box 219 Mississippians Against Disposal
Box 219 Missoula (MT) Public Affairs Council
Box 219 Missourians for Safe Energy
Box 219 Mitchell, David H. III
Box 219 Mitchell, Phyllis
Box 219 Mitford, Jessica
Box 219 Mobilization for Survival 1978-1987 - correspondence (4 folders)
Box 220 Mobilization for Survival 1988-1992 - correspondence
Box 220 Mobilization for Survival - newsletters
Box 220 Mobilization for Survival Coalitions
Box 220 Moersch, Frederick P.
Box 220 Moloney, James Clark
Box 220 Mondadori Publishing Co., Inc.
Box 220 Mondale, Walter F.
Box 220 Le Monde
Box 220 Money [magazine]
Box 220 Montgomery, John C.
Box 220 Montoya, Joseph M.
Box 220 Mooney, Beatrice J.
Box 220 Moore, Michael
Box 220 Moore, Paul, Jr.
Box 220 Moreland Community Association, Shaker Heights, OH
Box 220 Morey, Robert H.
Box 220 Morgan, Howard
Box 220 Morlion, Felix A.
Box 220 The Morning Show With Jim Conway, Chicago, IL
Box 220 Morris, Edita
Box 220 Morris, Jackson E.
Box 220 Morse, Wayne
Box 220 Morton, Thurston
Box 220 Moss, Frank E.
Box 220 Moss, Henry
Box 220 Moss, Norman
Box 221 Mother to Mother: Another View
Box 221 Mother's Day Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament
Box 221 Mothers for Johnson and Humphrey
Box 221 Mothers Today
Box 221 Mott, Stewart Rawlings
Box 221 Mountain Top Films
Box 221 Moynihan, Daniel Patrick
Box 221 Ms [magazine]
Box 221 Mumford, Lewis
Box 221 Murphy, Mike
Box 221 The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Box 221 Musicians United for Safe Energy
Box 221 Muskie, Edmund S.
Box 221 Muste, A. J.
Box 221 Myrdal, Gunnar
Box 221 Nader, Ralph
Box 221 Natchez, Gladys
Box 221 Nathan, Otto
Box 221 Nathanson, Laura Walther
Box 221 The Nation [magazine]
Box 221 National Action Group
Box 221 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Box 221 National Anti-Klan Network
Box 221 National Assembly on the Future of the Family
Box 221 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Cleveland Branch
Box 221 National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians
Box 221 National Association for Mental Health
Box 221 National Association for Retarded Children
Box 221 National Association of Social Workers
Box 221 National Association on Standard Medical Vocabulary
Box 221 National Audubon Society
Box 222 National Broadcasting Company (NBC) (2 folders)
See also Legal files : National Broadcasting Company (NBC).
Box 222 National Campaign for Radioactive Waste Safety
Box 222 National Campaign to Stop the MX
Box 222 National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect
Box 222 National Center to Slash Military Spending
Box 222 National Chile Center
Box 222 National Citizens' Commission on International Cooperation
Box 222 National Citizens Commission for the Public Schools
Box 222 National Citizens Crusade Against Poverty
Box 222 National Civil Liberties Clearing House
Box 222 National Commission on Children
Box 222 National Committee Against Mental Illness
Box 222 National Committee Against Repressive Legislation
Box 222 National Committee for Children and Youth
See also White House Conference on Children and Youth.
Box 222 National Committee for a Citizens' Commission of Inquiry on U.S. War Crimes in Vietnam
Box 222 National Committee for an Effective Congress
Box 222 National Committee for Free Elections in Mississippi
Box 222 National Committee for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (2 folders)
See also National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
Box 222 National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) 1958-1962
Box 223 National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) 1963-1966 (5 folders)
Box 224 National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) 1967 (7 folders)
Box 225 National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) 1968-1982 (5 folders)
Box 226 National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) 1983-1987, undated (6 folders)
Box 226 National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) - publications (3 folders)
Box 226 National Committee on Health Care for the Aged
Box 226 National Committee on the Emereti, Inc.
Box 226 National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
Box 226 National Committee to Re-open the Rosenberg Case
Box 226 National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act
Box 227 National Conference for New Politics 1966-1968 (7 folders)
Box 228 National Conference for New Politics 1968-1987 (5 folders)
Box 229 National Conference for New Politics - publications
Box 229 National Conference for New Politics - constitution
Box 229 National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc
Box 229 National Conference of Health, Welfare and Pension Plans
Box 229 National Conference of Parents and Teachers
Box 229 National Conference on Military Spending
Box 229 National Consumers League
Box 229 National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Box 229 National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc.
Box 228 National Council for Children's Rights
Box 229 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.
National Council for Civic Responsibility
See Public Affairs Institute, Washington, DC.
Box 229 National Council of Senior Citizens, Inc.
Box 229 National Council to Repeal the Draft
Box 229 National Education Association (NEA)
Box 229 National Educational Television and Radio Center
Box 229 National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
See also Emergency Civil Liberties Committee.
Box 229 National Enquirer
Box 229 National Federation of the Blind
Box 229 The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
Box 229 National Gay Task Force
Box 229 National Geographic Society
Box 229 The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Box 229 National Interim Committee for a Mass Party of the People
Box 229 National Kidney Disease Foundation, Northern Ohio Chapter
Box 229 National Labor Leadership Assembly for Peace
Box 229 National Library Week
Box 230 National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (4 folders)
Box 230 National Museum of American History, Washington, DC
Box 230 National Office of the Committee to Free the Mao Tsetung Defendants
Box 230 National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (2 folders)
See also National Committee for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
National Organization for Women (NOW)
Box 231 Alabama NOW Times
Box 231 National NOW Times
Box 231 Correspondence 1974-1980 (6 folders)
Box 232 Correspondence 1981-1982
Box 232 Essex County New Jersey Newsletter
Box 232 Louisiana NOW Times
Box 232 Membership (2 folders)
Box 232 Nashville Chapter Newsletter
Box 232 National Board Meeting Minutes 1977-1979
Box 232 Policy manuals
Box 232 The Women's Monthly, NOW New York State
Box 232 National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs
Box 232 National Parent Teacher Association
Box 232 National Peace Academy Campaign
Box 232 National Peace Action Coalition
Box 232 National Press Books (2 folders)
Box 233 National Press Books, Inc.
Box 233 National Public Radio (NPR)
Box 233 National Resistance Committee
Box 233 National Review
Box 233 National School Board Association
Box 233 National Science Foundation
Box 233 National Society for Autistic Children
Box 233 National Society for Crippled Children and Adults
Box 233 National Student Conference Against Racism, Boston, MA
Box 233 National Student Speech and Hearing Association
Box 233 National Task Force on Day Care Interior Design
Box 233 National Taxpayers' Union
Box 233 National Town Meeting
Box 233 National Welfare Rights Organization
Box 233 National Women's Conference
Box 233 National Youth Work Alliance
Nationwide Unemployed League
See International Workers Party.
Box 233 Native American Solidarity Committee
Box 233 The Natural Childbirth Association, Toronto, Ontario
Box 233 Natural Science Museum, Cleveland, OH
Box 233 Near, Holly (2 folders)
Box 233 Needlman, Herbert
Box 233 Negotiation Now Bulletin
Box 233 Negro Actors for Action Committee
Box 233 Nero, Norma
Box 233 Nesbitt, E. Marcellus
Nestle Corporation
See Infant Formula Action Coalition (INFACT).
Box 233 Nettleship, Anderson
Box 234 Neubauer, Peter B.
Box 234 Neuhaus, Richard J.
Box 234 Neuman, Jack
Box 234 Neuro-Linguistic Professional Training
Box 234 New Alliance for Gay Equality (New AGE)
Box 234 New America
Box 234 New American Library, Inc. (NAL)
Box 234 New American Movement
Box 234 New China
Box 234 New England Camping Association
Box 234 New England Medical Center Hospitals, Boston, MA
Box 234 The New Media Project
New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
See National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.
Box 234 New Outlook
Box 234 The New Party (7 folders)
See also The People's Party.
Box 553 The New Party (5 folders)
See also The People's Party.
Box 235 The New Party (2 folders)
See also The People's Party.
Box 235 The New Republic
Box 235 New School for Social Research
Box 235 The New Women, New York, NY
Box 235 New World Review
Box 235 New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Box 235 New York Graphic Society, Ltd.
Box 235 New York Herald Tribune Syndicate
Box 235 The New York Hospital, New York, NY
Box 235 New York Institute for Child Development
Box 235 New York Medical College, New York, NY
Box 235 New York Medical Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Box 235 New York Public Library
Box 235 The New York Review
Box 235 New York Society of Clinical Psychologists
Box 235 The New York Times (2 folders)
Box 235 The New York Times Book Review
Box 235 New York University
Box 235 The New Yorker
Box 235 Newborn Rights Society
Box 235 Newman, Arnold
Box 235 Newman, Paul
Box 236 Newsweek (2 folders)
Box 236 Nguyen Dang Quang
Box 236 Nguyen Thi Binh
Box 236 NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Box 236 Nicaragua Network 1985 (3 folders)
Box 237 Nicaragua Network 1986-1994 (7 folders)
Box 238 Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade
Box 238 The Nine Network
Box 238 Nixon, Richard M.
Box 238 No Business as Usual!
Box 238 Nodland, Jory
Box 238 Noel-Baker, Philip
Box 238 Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated education, Tokyo, Japan
Box 238 Norback & Company, Inc, Princeton, NJ
Box 238 North American Congress on Latin America, Inc. (NACLA)
Box 238 North American Newspaper Alliance
Box 238 North Andover People for Peace
Box 238 North Arkansas Community College
Box 238 Northeast Arkansas Childbirth Education Association
Box 238 Northern Ohio Pediatric Society
Box 238 Northern Sun News
Box 238 Norwich Anti-Nuclear Campaign, Norfolk, England
Box 238 [University of] Notre Dame
Box 238 Novak, William
See National Organization for Women (NOW).
Box 238 NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
Box 238 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Box 238 Nuclear Construction Moratorium (H.R. 2608)
Box 238 The Nuclear Litigation Fund
Box 238 Nuclear power - includes material from various organizations, including Mobilization for Survival, Clamshell Alliance, etc. (2 folders)
Box 239 Nuclear power - includes material from various organizations, including Mobilization for Survival, Clamshell Alliance, etc. (3 folders)
Box 239 Nuclear Times
Box 239 Nuclear Weapons Facilities Taskforce
Box 239 Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
Box 239 Nursery Education
Box 239 The Nutrition Association, Cleveland, OH
Box 239 Oakland Community College, Southfield, MI
Box 239 The Observer, London, England
Box 239 Ochs, Phil
Box 239 O'Connor Freedom Fund
Box 239 October Mobalisation, Australia
Box 239 O'Dwyer, Paul
Box 239 The Odyssey Press, Inc.
Office of Economic Opportunity
See United States Executive Office of the President, Office of Economic Opportunity.
Office of Science and Technology
See also United States Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology.
Box 239 Oglesby, Carl
Box 239 Ohio Business and Professional Men and Women for Kennedy-Johnson
Box 239 Ohio Citizens for Action Now
Box 240 Ohio Commission on Children and Youth (2 folders)
Box 240 Ohio Federation of the Council for Exceptional Children
Box 240 Ohio Health Letter
Box 240 Ohio Osteopathic Association
Box 240 Ohio Peace Action Council
Box 240 Ohio School Foundation Program
Box 240 Ohio State Medical Association
Box 240 Ohio University Department of Child Development and Family Living
Box 240 Ohioans for a Reasonable Settlement in Vietnam
Box 240 Ohman, Eleanor
Box 240 The Older Women's League
Box 240 Olds, Sally Wendkos
Box 240 Olympian International
Box 240 Olympic gold medal - Spock won an Olympic gold medal in 1924, while a student at Yale, as a member of the Men's Eights Rowing Crew; the actual medal is not in the collection
Box 240 Omaha World Herald
Box 240 Omni [magazine]
Box 240 Ontario Hospital Association, Ontario, Canada
Box 240 "The Open Mind"
Box 240 Operation Medic
Box 240 Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America
Box 240 Ornish, Dean
Box 241 Osage Association, Inc.
Box 241 Osborn, Elodie Courter
Box 241 Osborn, Robert Chesley
Box 241 Oshtry, Norman Alexander
Box 241 Ottawa (ON) Committee for Peace and Liberation
Our Children
See Woman's Home Companion.
Box 241 Our Lady of Providence Children's Center
Box 241 Ours
Box 241 Out Now!
Box 241 Overlook Hospital, Summit, NJ
Box 241 Oxdems' Midwest Cartoon Fund
Box 241 Oxfam America
Box 241 Oxford University Press, Inc.
Box 241 Oxholm, Maria
Box 241 Oyer, Herbert J.
Box 241 Ozark Institute
Box 241 Ozark Life Center
Box 241 Ozawa, Seiji
Box 241 The Pace Association
Box 241 Pacific-10 Conference
Box 241 Pacifica Radio, New York, NY
Box 241 Packwood, Bob
Box 241 Paese Sera
Box 241 Pageant
Box 241 Palm Beach Roundtable
Box 241 Palmetto Alliance, Columbia, SC
Box 241 Palnick, Elijah E.
Box 242 Pantheon Books (2 folders)
Box 242 Parade [magazine] 1984-1988 (4 folders)
Box 243 Paradise, Jack L.
Box 243 Parallel Films
Box 243 Parent Education Project, Chicago, IL
Box 244 Parenting [magazine] 1985-1994 (7 folders)
Box 245 Parenting [magazine] 1994-1998 (5 folders)
Box 245 The Parent's Journal
Box 245 Parents and Friends for Children's Survival
Box 245 Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education
Box 245 Parents for Responsibility in the Toy Industry
Box 245 Parents' Magazine
Box 245 ParentTime
Box 246 Paris Match
Box 246 The Park School of Baltimore
Box 246 Parker, Steven
Box 246 Parkinson, C. Northcote
Box 246 Passages [magazine]
Box 246 The Pat Collins Show
Box 246 Pauling, Linus
Box 246 Pax
Box 246 Peace Abbey
Peace Action
See National Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, Inc.
Box 246 Peace Action Council of Southern California
Box 246 Peace and Freedom Party (2 folders)
Box 247 Peace and Freedom Party (5 folders)
Box 247 Peace At Home Family Shelter, Fayetteville, AR
Box 247 Peace Council of the German Democratic Republic
Box 247 Peace groups, miscellaneous
Box 247 Peace Hostage Exchange Foundation
Box 247 Peace House, Ashland, OR
Box 247 Peace Independents
Box 248 Peace Links Worldwide, Women Against Nuclear War
Box 248 Peace Organizing Committee, Fayetteville, AR
Box 248 Peace Productions
Box 248 Peace songs
Box 248 Peace Through Communication
Box 248 Peace Through Law Education Fund
Box 248 Peace Torch Marathon
Box 248 Peale, Norman Vincent
Box 248 Pearson, Drew
Box 248 Pediatric Clinics of North America
Box 248 The Pediatric Foundation, New York, NY
Box 248 Pediatric News
Box 248 Pediatricians & Parents for People
Box 248 Pediatrics
Box 248 Pell, Claiborne
Box 248 Penguin Books USA
Box 248 Pennsylvania Conference on Aging
Box 248 Pennsylvania State University
Box 248 The Pentagon Papers Fund
Box 248 People [magazine]
Box 248 People Against Nuclear Energy
Box 248 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Box 248 People to People (2 folders)
Box 248 People's Action for Safe Energy
Box 248 People's Anti-War Mobilization
Box 248 Peoples' Assembly
Box 248 People's Coalition for Peace and Justice
Box 248 Peoples Committee for Metropolitan General Hospital, Cleveland, OH
People's Party
Box 249 Fundraising (2 folders)
Box 249 General 1971-1972 (4 folders)
Box 250 General 1972-1973 (5 folders)
Box 251 General 1974-1980 (6 folders)
Box 252 National Convention 1972 (2 folders)
Box 252 National Convention 1974
Box 252 Presidential Campaign 1972 - printed material; schedules and events (2 folders)
Box 253 Publications, Grass Roots (3 folders)
Box 253 Publications, regional newsletters
Box 253 Publications, miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 254 People's Peace Treaty
Box 254 Pepper, Claude
Box 254 Pepper, William F.
Box 254 Percy, Charles H.
Box 254 Perera, Victor
Box 254 Peretz, Martin
Box 254 Perkins, Faith
Box 254 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Perry, OH
Box 254 Pertz, Sylvia
Box 254 Peter, Laurence J.
Box 254 Pfister, Fred R.
Box 254 Pham Van Dong
Box 254 The Phil Donahue Show
Box 254 The Philadelphia Award
Box 254 Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Society
Box 254 Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
Box 254 PHP Institute, Inc., Tokyo
Box 254 Physicians Committee for Health Care for the Aged Through Social Security
Box 254 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Box 255 Physicians for Automotive Safety
Box 255 Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) 1963-1985 (4 folders)
Box 255 The Physicians Forum, Inc.
Box 255 Pickett, Clarence E.
Box 255 Piedmont Rural Research Cooperative
Box 255 Pierson, Emily M.
Box 255 Pinochet, Augusto
Box 255 Pips Parents House, Los Angeles, CA
Box 255 Pittsburgh Pediatric Society
Box 255 Pizzo, Peggy Daly
See also Beacon Press.
Box 255 The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH
Box 255 Planned Parenthood Federation of America (2 folders)
Box 256 Planned Parenthood of Ontario
Box 256 Planned Parenthood, World Population
Box 256 Plassa, Corinne
Box 256 Playboy
Box 256 Playboy Press Paperbacks
Box 256 Plowshares 8 Support Committee
Box 256 Plymouth Institute, Plymouth Meeting, PA
Box 256 Pochet, Jean Corneille
Box 256 Pocket Books 1946-1959 (4 folders)
Box 257 Pocket Books 1960-1964 (7 folders)
Box 258 Pocket Books 1965-1984 (5 folders)
Box 259 Pocket Books 1985-2000 (6 folders)
Box 260 Pogrebin, Letty Cottin (2 folders)
Box 260 Political Rights Defense Fund
Box 260 Polkinghorn, G. Richard
Box 260 Pomeroy, Harlan and Barbara
Box 260 Poor People's Campaign
Box 260 Popular Mechanics
Box 260 Por Los Niños / For The Children
Box 260 Porter, Charles O.
Box 260 Porterfield, John D.
Box 260 Potomac Alliance, Washington, DC
Box 260 Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr.
Box 260 Practical Psychology for Physicians
Box 260 Prentice Hall
Box 260 Presbytery of Arkansas (Union)
Box 260 President's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime
Box 260 President's Committee on Mental Retardation
Box 260 President's Council on Youth Fitness
Box 260 Pressley House, Large, PA
Box 260 Price, Sherry
Box 260 Princeton University
Box 260 The Progressive
Box 261 Progressive Labor Party
Box 261 Project Air War
Box 261 The Project for Victims of Family Violence,
Box 261 Project Relief, Inc.
Box 261 Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc.
Box 261 Proprioceptive Writing Center, Portland, ME
Box 261 The Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam (2 folders)
Box 261 Proxmire, William
Box 261 Prud'homme, Hector
Box 261 Pryor, David (2 folders)
Box 261 The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
Box 261 The PTA Magazine
Box 261 Public Action Coalition on Toys (PACT)
Box 261 Public Affairs Institute, Washington, DC
Box 261 Public Affairs Pamphlets
Box 262 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Box 262 Public Citizen, Inc.
Box 262 Public Education Association
Box 262 Public Forum on Nuclear Energy, Russelville, AR
Box 262 Puerto Rican Youth Project for National Liberation
Box 262 Pugwash Conferences
Box 262 Quebec Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Box 262 Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (2 folders)
Box 262 Rabinowitz, Peter MacGarr
Box 262 The Radiation Workers Project
Box 262 Radical Education Project
Box 262 Radio Activities Iona College, New Rochelle, NY
Box 262 Radioactivist Handbook
Box 262 Radiotelevisão Portuguesa, E.P.
Box 262 RAI Corporation
Box 262 Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Cleveland, OH
See also Child rearing study.
Box 262 Rainbow Visions
Box 262 Ramah Hebrew School Winnipeg, Canada
Box 262 Ramparts [magazine]
Box 262 The Rand Corporation
Box 262 Randall, Tony
Box 262 Randolph, A. Philip
Box 262 Random House
Box 262 Rangel, Charles
Box 262 Rankin, John
Box 262 Rapoport, Roger
Box 262 Raskin, Marcus G.
Box 263 Rayburn, Sam
Box 263 Raymond, Jill
Box 263 Reach Out, Inc., Denver, CO
Box 263 Reach: The Association for Children with Artificial Arms
Box 263 The Reader's Digest
Box 263 Reagan, Ronald
Box 263 The Record, Hackensack, NJ
Box 263 Redbook 1961-1973 (6 folders)
Box 264 Redbook 1973-1978 (6 folders)
Box 265 Redbook 1979-1983 (6 folders)
Box 266 Redbook 1984-1994 (9 folders)
Box 267 Redbook undated
Box 267 Redbook seminar - includes both the men's and women's (3 folders)
Box 267 Redford, Robert
Box 267 Redress
Box 267 Rees, Thomas M.
Box 267 Refregier, Anton
Box 267 Refuse & Resist
Box 267 Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP), Inc., Washington, DC
Box 267 Reinhart, John
Box 267 Religion and Labor Council of America
Box 267 Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights
Box 267 Republican National Committee
Box 267 Republicans for Peace
Box 267 Republicans-Independents-Democrats United
Box 268 Resist (2 folders)
Box 268 The Resistance
Box 268 The Responsible Society, London
Box 268 Reston, James
Box 268 Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation
Box 268 Reuther, Victor G.
Reuther, Walter P.
See Citizens Crusade Against Poverty.
Box 268 Review [magazine]
Box 268 Rew, Cathy and David
Box 268 Rhode Island Committee for Peace in Vietnam
Box 268 Rhode Islanders for Safe Power
Box 268 Rhodes, James A.
Box 268 Ribicoff, Abraham
Box 268 Richard Fulton, Inc.
Box 268 Richter Productions (2 folders)
Box 268 Rifkin, Jeremy
Box 268 Rip Van Winkle Clinic, Hudson, NY
Box 268 Ritey, Hector J.
Box 268 Rittelmeyer, Louis F.
Box 268 The River City Six
Box 268 The Riverside Church, New York, NY
Box 268 Robertson, A. Willis
Box 268 Robinson, Tommy F.
Box 269 Robson, Lane (2 folders)
Box 269 Rochester (MN) Child Health Institute (4 folders)
Rockefeller, John D. IV
See National Commission on Children.
Box 269 Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Box 269 Rockwell, Norman
Box 269 Rodino, Peter
Box 269 Rogers, Carl
Box 269 Rogers, Fred M. ("Mr. Rogers")
Box 269 Rogers Historical Museum, Rogers, AR
Box 269 Rogers Public Schools, Rogers, AR
Box 270 Rogovin, Anne
Box 270 Rolling Stone
Box 270 Rollins, James Henry
Box 270 Roman, Melvin
Box 270 Romper Room, Inc.
Box 270 Rooney, Phyllis
Box 270 Rosen, Roger
Box 270 Rosenberg, Janet
Box 270 Rosenberg, Lilli Ann
Box 270 Rosenburg, Howard
Box 270 Rosenfeld, Alvin A.
Box 270 Rosenwald, Ruth Frank
Box 270 Rostrum Records, inc.
Box 270 Roswell, Florence
Box 270 Rotary International
Roth, Martin
See University of Durham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.
Box 270 Roth, William
Box 270 Rothenberg, Michael 1981-1991 - co-author of two editions of Baby and Child Care (5 folders)
Box 271 Rothenberg, Michael 1992-1993
Box 271 Rowe Camp and Conference Center, Rowe, MA
Box 271 Roybal, Edward R.
Box 271 Royce Carlton, Inc.
Box 271 Rubin, Jerry
Box 271 Rudder [magazine]
Box 271 Rudolph, Marguerita
Box 271 Runyon, Marie M.
Box 271 Rusk, Dean
Box 271 The Rusk Convocation, Scarsdale, NY
Box 271 Russell, Bertrand
Box 271 Russell, Donald
Box 271 The Russell Tribunal II
Box 271 Russia 1979-1980
Box 271 Rustin, Bayard
Box 271 Rutgers University
Box 271 Ryan, Robert
Box 271 Ryan, William F.
Box 271 Rynearson, Robert
Box 271 Sabatini, Al
Box 271 Sabin, Albert
Box 271 Safe Return
Box 271 Safire, William
Box 271 Saint Joseph's Medical Center South Bend, IN
Box 271 Salada Foods, Ltd.
Box 271 Salamon, Russell
Box 271 Salk, Lee
Box 272 Salmon Falls Educational Center, Hollis, ME
Box 272 Sammartino, Peter
Box 272 Sanchez, Ada
Box 272 Santa Barbara City College
Box 272 The Santa Fe Women's Health Committee, Inc.
Box 272 Sarah Lawrence College
Box 272 Satir, Virginia
Box 272 The Saturday Evening Post
Box 272 "Save Our Sons" Movement
Box 272 Save The Children Fund
Box 272 Sawicki, Eugene
Box 272 Saxbe, William B.
Box 272 Scali, John
Box 272 Schary, Dore
Box 272 Schechter, Steve
Box 272 Schenck, Paul F.
Box 272 Scheuer, James H.
Box 272 Schieffelin, Bayard
Box 272 Schiff, Claire
Box 272 Schlafly, Phyllis
Box 272 Schneider, Vimala
Box 272 Scholarship and Guidance Association, Chicago, IL
Box 272 Scholarship Education and Defense fund for Racial Equality (SEDFRE)
Box 272 Scholastic Teacher
Box 272 Schreiner, Samuel A.
Box 272 Schultz, George
Box 272 Schultz, Ruth and Bud
Box 272 Schumpert Medical Center, Shreveport, LA
Box 272 Schwartz, Robert J.
Box 272 Schwartz-Nobel, Loretta
Box 272 Schwarzman, Madeline
Box 273 Schwebel, Robert
Box 273 Schweitzer, Albert
Box 273 Science & Government Report
Box 273 Scientist and Citizen [magazine]
Box 273 The Scientists' Education Committee on Nuclear Issues, Inc.
Box 273 Scientists and Engineers for Johnson and Humphrey
Box 273 Scott, Hugh
Box 273 Scott and White Clinic, Temple, TX
Box 273 Screen Gems (Canada), Ltd.
Box 273 Scripps-Howard Radio, Inc.
Box 273 Sears
Box 273 Secrest, Meryle
Box 273 Secunda, Victoria
Box 273 Seeff, Norman
Box 273 Seegal, David
Box 273 Seeger, Pete
Box 273 Segenreich, Harry M.
Box 273 Seligman, Eustace
Box 273 Selzer & Selzer
Box 273 Seneca Depot October Action Coalition
Box 273 Seneca Falls Historic Park
Box 273 Separation & Loss Institute
Box 273 September 11 terrorist attacks
Box 273 Seton Psychiatric Institute, Baltimore, MD
Box 273 Shad Alliance
Box 273 Shaw, Robert
Box 273 Sheehan, Daniel P.
Box 273 Sheffield, Frederick
Box 273 Sheinbaum, Stanley
Box 273 Shelov, Steven P.
Box 274 Shephard, Martin
Box 274 Shields, Del
Shiff, Eileen
See Delacorte Press.
Box 274 Shiras, Peter
Box 274 Shriver, Eunice Kennedy
Shriver, Sargent
See United States Executive Office of the President, Office of Economic Opportunty.
Box 274 Shugart, George
Box 274 Shultz, George P.
Box 274 Shumsky, Zena Collier
Sidel, Victor W.
See Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR).
Box 274 Sierra Club
Box 274 Sigma Xi
Box 274 Silver, Lani
Box 274 Simmons College, Boston, MA
Box 274 Simms-Macharia, Gregory
Box 274 Simon and Schuster, Inc. - mostly royalty statements from after Spock's death (5 folders)
Box 275 Simons, Donald
Box 275 Sinai Temple, Michigan City, IN
Box 275 Single Parent Family
Box 275 Sisterhood of the Nanuet Hebrew Center, Nanuet, NY
Box 275 Skloot, Steven
Box 275 Skolsky, Syd
Box 275 Slap, Gail B.
Box 275 Smeal, Eleanor
Box 275 Smith, Charles Hendee
Box 552 Smith, Mrs. Leonard
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 275 Smith College School for Social Work
Box 275 Smyth, Mary L.
Box 275 Snow, Edgar Park
Snyder, Mitch
See Community for Creative Non-Violence.
Box 275 Sobell, Mark
Box 275 Social Activist Professors' Defense Foundation
Box 275 Socialist Party
Box 275 Socialist Workers Party
Box 275 The Society for Ethical Culture
Box 275 The Society for the Scientific Study of Sex
Box 275 Society of Public Health Educators, Inc.
Box 275 The Sodom Society
Box 275 Soka University of America
Box 275 Solar-heated house
Box 275 Solar Political Campaign
Box 275 Soledad Brothers Defense
Box 275 Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr
Box 275 Sommers, Henry S. and Nancy
Box 275 South Central Women's Studies Association
Box 275 South Florida Medical Review
Box 275 The South Viet Nam Front for National Liberation
Box 275 The South Vietnam People's Committee for Solidarity with the American People
Box 275 Southern Agitator [magazine]
Box 276 Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games
Box 276 Southern Christian Leadership Conference
See also King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Box 276 Southern Conference Educational Fund
Box 276 Southern Development Fund
Box 276 Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
Box 276 Southern Regional Council
Box 276 Southwest Research and Information Center, Albuquerque, NM
Box 276 Soviet Life [magazine]
Box 276 Soviet Peace Committee
Box 276 Soviet Woman [magazine]
Box 276 Spivak, Lawrence E.
Spock, Anne
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Daniel
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Jane Cheney
See Family correspondence.
Spock, John
See Family correspondence.
Box 276 Spock, Leslie Erskine
Spock, Marjorie "Hiddy"
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Michael
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Mildred Louise
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Peter F.
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Robert
See Family correspondence.
Spock, Susannah
See Family correspondence.
Box 276 Spock Defense Fund (2 folders)
Spock for President
See The People's Party : Presidential Campaign 1972
Box 276 Spock genealogy
Box 276 Spock Projects, Inc.
Box 276 Spock v. David D.C. Civil Action No. 1621-72
Box 276 Spock v. National Security Agency 76 Civ 4457
Box 276 Spokesmen For Children, Inc.
Box 276 Spokeswoman
Box 277 Spring Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Box 277 Springer Publishing Company
Box 277 Squire, Decourcy
Box 277 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Boulder, CO
Box 277 St. John's Rectory, Mechanicsburg, PA
Box 277 St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Box 277 St. Louis Committee for Peace in Vietnam
Box 277 St. Louis Post Dispatch
Box 277 St. Luke's Hospital Center, New York, NY
Box 277 St. Luke's Hospital, Fargo, ND
Box 277 St. Mary's General Hospital, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Box 277 St. Michael's Rectory, Avon, MA
Box 277 St. Peter and Paul School, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Box 277 St. Stephen's Hospital, London
Box 277 Staff Productions, New York, NY
Standish, Peter B
See U.S. Campaign, Berlin, Germany.
Box 277 Stanford University
Box 277 Star [newspaper]
Box 277 The Star Weekly, Toronto, ON
Box 277 Stark County (OH) Mental Health Association`
Box 277 State General Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
Box 277 State of California Secretary of State
Box 277 State of New Hampshire v. Benjamin Spock
Box 277 State of New York Department of Correctional Services
Box 277 State of Ohio Department of Mental Hygiene and Correction
Box 277 State of Texas Secretary of State
Box 277 The State of Wisconsin Board of Health
Box 277 State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo
Box 277 State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz
Box 277 State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook
Box 277 State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical Center
Box 277 Stead, William W.
Box 277 Steele, Virginia
Box 277 Steenstrup, Viggo
Box 277 Steering Committee Against Repression
Box 277 Stein, Martin L.
Box 278 Steiner, Claude
Box 278 Steiner, Rudolf
Stendler, Celia Burns
See Macmillan Company
Box 278 Stepfamily Association of America, Inc.
Box 278 Stephen Birch Aquarium-Museum
Box 278 The Sterling Group
Box 278 Stern, Isaac
Box 278 Stevenson, Adlai E.
See also Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation.
Box 278 Still, Joseph W.
Box 278 Stokowski, Leopold
Box 278 Stone, I. F.
Box 278 Stone, L. Joseph
Box 278 Stop Black Fox
Box 278 Stop the MX Coordinating Committee
Box 278 Storck, Diane
Box 278 Stuber, Susan
Box 278 Student Coalition Against Racism
Box 278 Student Committee for the December 14 National March Against Racism
Box 278 Student Forum on International Order and World Peace
Box 278 Student health organizations
Box 279 Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (2 folders)
Box 279 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Box 279 Student Nurse Organization of Greater Cleveland and Elyria
Box 279 Student Peace Mobilization Project
Box 279 Students for a Democratic Society
Box 279 Stuyck, Ivo
Box 279 Stuyvesant High School, New York, NY
Box 279 Suffolk University, Boston, MA
Box 279 Sugarman, Ellen (4 folders)
Box 279 Sullivan, George
Box 279 Sunbelt Alliance
Box 279 The Sunday Times, London, England
Box 279 Support Our Soldiers, Los Angeles, CA
Box 279 Sure World Productions
Box 279 Susan Saxe Defense Committee
Box 279 Susskind, David
Box 279 Swarovski, Manfred
Box 279 Sweeney, Robert
Box 279 Symington, Stuart
Box 280 Syracuse University (5 folders)
Box 280 Szasz, Suzanne
Box 281 Szasz, Suzanne
Box 281 Szilárd, Léo
Box 281 Szombati, Alexandre
Box 281 Szurek, Stanislaus A.
Box 281 The Tablet
Box 281 Taffel, Ron
Box 281 Talmadge, Herman E.
Box 281 Tanzer, Deborah
Box 281 Target Congress
Box 281 Task Force Against Nuclear Pollution
Box 281 Taylor, Daniel T. III
Box 281 Taylor, Richard S.
Box 281 Teachers College Journal
Box 281 Teachers Committee for Peace in Vietnam
Box 281 Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America
Box 281 Teaching Human Dignity
Box 281 Tempelsman, Cathy
Box 281 Temple De Hirsch, Seattle, WA
Box 281 Tempo [magazine]
Box 281 Terman, Mandel A.
Box 281 Terre Des Hommes
Box 281 Terry, Luther L.
Box 281 Third Unitarian Church, Chicago, IL
Box 281 This Week
Box 281 Thomas, Norman
Box 281 Thompson, Charlotte
Box 281 Thompson, Frank, Jr.
Box 281 J. Walter Thompson Company
Box 552 Thomson, Chilton
RESTRICTED: Restricted until 2068
Box 281 Thomson, George
Box 281 Thornton, Ray
Box 281 Three Mile Island Legal Fund
Box 281 Thundergoat Press
Box 281 Thurmond, Strom
Box 281 Time [magazine] (2 folders)
Box 282 Tipton, Ted J.
Box 282 Today's Education
Box 282 Today's Woman
Box 282 Together
Box 282 The Toidey Company, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN
Box 282 Tomlinson, William
Box 282 Tomorrow Press
Box 282 Toronto Star, Ltd.
Box 282 Tortola Women's Group - composed of female members of the Spock family
Box 282 Town Meeting on the Impact of the Vietnam War on Health, Edcation and Welfare, Ann Arbor, MI
Box 282 Toy Manufacturers Advertising Council
Box 282 Toynbee, Arnold
Box 282 Transperience Center, Miami, FL
Box 282 Travers, Mary Allin
Box 282 Trent, Sumner E.
Box 282 Treuhaft, Benjamin
Box 282 Tri-Continental Information Center, New York, NY
Box 282 Tribunal International des Crimes de Guerre
Box 282 Trudeau, Pierre Elliott
Box 282 Truman, Harry S.
Box 282 Tsarpatsaris, Charles N.
Box 282 Tucker, Jim Guy
Box 282 Tucson Association for Child Care, Inc.
Box 282 Tufts University School of Medicine
Box 282 Tulane University School of Medicine
Box 282 Tulsa Coalition for Parenting Education
Box 282 Turn Toward Peace
Box 282 Turtle - one of Spock's boats; the other was the Carapace (2 folders)
Box 282 Tuskeegee Institute, John A. Andrew Clinical Society
Box 282 TV Guide
Box 282 TV Ontario
Box 282 Twenty-First Century Books
Box 282 Twichell, Paul
Box 282 Twins Mothers' Club
Box 282 Twitchell, Helen
Box 282 Tydings, Joseph P.
Box 283 Tyndale House
Box 283 U Thant
Box 283 U.S. Campaign, Berlin, Germany
Box 283 U.S. China People's Friendship Association
Box 283 U.S. Committee for Scientific Cooperation with Vietnam
Box 283 U.S. and Cuba Medical Project
Box 283 U.S. News and World Report
Box 283 U.S. Newswire
Box 283 U.S. Out of Central America
Box 283 U.S.A. Network
Box 283 U.S.A. Today
Box 283 Ullmann, John E.
Box 283 UltraNutrition Institute
Box 283 Uman, Howard
Box 283 Una Sancta
Box 283 Unger, Paul A.
Box 283 Union of Australian Women
Box 283 Union of Concerned Scientists
Box 283 The Union Society, Cambridge, England
Box 283 Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality (W.A.G.E.)
Box 283 Unitarian Society of Cleveland (OH)
Box 283 Unitarian Universalist Association: Department of Social Responsibility
Box 284 United Auto Workers
Box 284 United Church Board for Homeland Ministries: Division of Christian Education
Box 284 United Church of Christ Commission For Racial Justice
Box 284 United Church of Christ Council for Christian Social Action
Box 284 United Farm Workers
Box 284 United Freedom Movement
Box 284 United Mental Health, Inc.
Box 284 United Nations
Box 284 United Nations Unit on Apartheid
Box 284 United Nations Association of the United States of America, Inc.
Box 284 United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF)
Box 284 United Nations International School
Box 284 United Press International
Box 284 United States Agency for International Development
Box 284 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Box 284 United States Committee for Justice to Latin American Prisoners (USLA)
Box 285 United States Committee for UNICEF (2 folders)
Box 285 United States Department of Agriculture
Box 285 United States Department of the Air Force
Box 285 United States Department of Commerce
Box 285 United States Department of Commerce, Office of Technical Services
Box 285 United States Department of Defense, Public Affairs
Box 285 United States Department of Energy
Box 285 United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) (3 folders)
Box 285 United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Public Health Service
Box 285 United States Department of Justice
Box 286 United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation 1964-1999 (7 folders)
Box 287 United States Department of State
Box 287 United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Box 287 United States Department of State, Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs
Box 287 United States Department of State, Bureau of International Organization Affairs
Box 287 United States Department of State, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs
Box 287 United States Department of State, Office of Public Services
Box 287 United States Executive Office of the President, Office of Economic Opportunity (5 folders)
Box 287 United States Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology - Seminar on Education of the Difficult Thirty Percent
Box 287 United States Federal Security Agency, Children's Bureau
Box 287 United States Government Printing Office (GPO)
Box 287 United States House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor
Box 288 United States House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means
Box 288 United States Information Agency
Box 288 United States National Security Council
Box 288 United States National Student Association
Box 288 United States Naval Institute
Box 288 United States Navy
Box 288 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Box 288 United States of America v. Coffin, Ferber, Goodman, Raskin and Spock 50 U.S.C. App. 462(a) (4 folders)
Box 288 United States of America v. Coffin, Ferber, Goodman, Raskin and Spock 50 U.S.C. App. 462(a) - letters of support
Box 289 United States of America v. Coffin, Ferber, Goodman, Raskin and Spock 50 U.S.C. App. 462(a) - letters of support (7 folders)
Box 290 United States of America v. Coffin, Ferber, Goodman, Raskin and Spock 50 U.S.C. App. 462(a) - letters of criticism
Box 290 United States of America v. Benjamin J. [sic] Spock et al.
Box 290 United States Olympians
Box 290 United States Rowing Association
Box 290 United States Servas, Inc.
Box 290 United States Servicemen's Fund
Box 290 United States Social Security Administration
Box 290 United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH
Box 290 United World Federalists
Box 290 Universal Entertainment Corporation
Box 290 Universities Committee for a Teach-In
Box 290 Universities Committee on the Problems of War and Peace
Box 290 University Circle Teach-In Committee
Box 290 University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
Box 290 University Hospitals of Cleveland (see: Western Reserve University)
Box 290 University of Arkansas (2 folders)
Box 291 University of British Columbia
Box 291 University of California, Davis (UCD)
Box 291 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Box 291 University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
Box 291 University of Central Arkansas
Box 291 University of Chicago
Box 291 University of Connecticut
Box 291 University of Durham, Newcastle on Tyne, UK
Box 291 University of Glasgow
Box 291 University of Hartford
Box 291 University of Illinois Urbana. IL
Box 291 University of Iowa
Box 291 University of Kansas
Box 291 University of Miami (FL)
Box 291 University of Michigan Medical School
Box 291 University of Minnesota
Box 291 University of Missouri - Columbia
Box 291 University of Missouri - Kansas City
Box 291 University of Missouri - Rolla
Box 291 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Box 291 University of N.S.W. (New South Wales) Medical Society, Australia
Box 291 University of North Carolina
Box 292 The University of North Dakota
Box 292 University of Oregon
Box 292 University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA
Box 292 University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry
Box 292 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (2 folders)
Box 292 University of Rochester
Box 292 University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and Strong Memorial Hospital
Box 292 University of Southern California (USC) School of Medicine
Box 292 The University of the State of New York
Box 292 University of Toledo
Box 292 University of Toronto
Box 292 University of Virginia Medical Center
Box 292 University of Winnipeg
Box 292 University of Wisconsin
Box 292 University of Wyoming
Box 292 Up From Under
Box 292 Urrows, Henry H.
Box 292 Utah State University
Box 292 The Utica (NY) Peace Center
Box 292 Vanderbilt, Amy
Box 292 Vanderbilt University
Box 292 Vanik, Charles A.
Box 292 Vayness Company, Ltd.
Box 292 Veliskakis, Konstantin
Box 292 Venstresocialisterne, Denmark
Box 292 Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Box 292 Veterans for Peace in Vietnam
Box 292 Veterans of Radiation Exposure
Box 292 Veterans' Rights Committee
Box 292 Veterans Stars and Stripes for Peace
Box 292 Viet-Report
Box 292 Vietnam Appeal
Vietnam Committee for Solidarity with the American People
See The South Vietnam People's Committee for Solidarity with the American People.
Box 293 Vietnam Courier, Hanoi
Box 293 Vietnam Day Committee
Box 293 Vietnam GI
Box 293 Vietnam Moratorium Committee
Box 293 Vietnam Peace Committee
Box 293 Vietnam Peace Parade Committee
Box 293 Vietnam statement
Box 293 Vietnam Summer (2 folders)
Box 293 Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Box 293 Viewpoint Syndicate
Box 293 The Village Voice
Box 293 The Villers Advocacy Associates
Box 293 Vincent, Mordelo L., Jr.
Box 293 Viorst, Milton and Judith
Box 293 VIP Interviews
Box 293 Virgin Islands Early Childhood Association
Box 293 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Box 293 Visual Information Project, Washington, DC
Box 294 Voeller, Bruce
Box 294 Vogelsang, Johanna
Box 294 Voice of America
Box 294 The Voice of Humanity
Box 294 Voice of Women
Box 294 Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)
Vonnegut, Kurt
See Krementz, Jill.
Box 294 Voters for Peace
Box 294 W. B. Saunders Company
Box 294 W. W. Norton & Company
Box 294 WABC-TV
Box 294 Wachtel, Harry J.
Box 294 Wadsworth, James J.
Box 294 Wagner, Robert F.
Box 294 Walker, Charles
Box 294 Walker, James Dean
Box 294 Walker, Mort
Wallace, Dewitt
See The Reader's Digest.
Box 294 Wallach, Eli
Box 294 Wallerstein, Edward
Box 294 Walsh, Maurice N.
Box 294 Walsh, Winnifred P.
Box 294 Walt Disney Television
Box 295 Walt Disney Television - script
Box 295 Walters, Barbara
Box 295 Walz, Barbara
Box 295 War Bulletin, San Francisco, CA
Box 295 War Control Planners, Inc.
Box 295 War/Peace Report
Box 295 War Resisters International
Box 295 War Resisters League (2 folders)
Box 295 War Tax Resistance
Box 295 War toys
Box 295 War/ Watch Foundation
Box 295 Washburn University
Box 295 Washington DOC: Straight Talk About Health, Seattle, WA
Box 295 Washington (DC) Free Press
Box 295 Washington (DC) Institute of Mental Hygiene
Box 295 The Washington Post
Box 295 The Washington Spectator
Box 295 Washington University, St Louis, MO
Box 295 Wausau (Wisconsin) Area P.T.A. Council
Box 295 Way, Mrs.
Box 295 Wayfarer Marine, Camden, ME
Box 295 WBAI New York, NY
Box 295 WBTV, Charlotte, NC
Box 296 WBZ-TV, Boston, MA
Box 296 WCIX TV Miami, FL
Box 296 WDIV TV4 Detroit, MI
Box 296 WEEI Radio, Boston, MA
Box 296 Weekend Magazine, Ottawa, ON
Box 296 Weil, Gunther
Box 296 Weinberger, Caspar W.
Box 296 Weiss, Peter and Cora
Box 296 Weiss, Ted
Box 296 Weitzman, Lenore J.
Box 296 The Welfare Federation, Cleveland, OH
Box 296 Welner, Renee
Box 296 Wentworth, Carter
Box 296 Werner, Kedren
Box 296 Wessel, Morris A.
Box 296 West Suburban Intercollegiate Council, Chicago, IL
Box 296 West Virginia University
Box 296 Westchester Academy of Medicine: Dental Section, Scarsdale, NY
Box 296 Wester, Jesse M.
Box 296 Western Institute for Group and Family Therapy, Watsonville, CA
Box 296 Western Kentucky University
Box 296 Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinics, Pittsburgh, PA
Box 297 Western Reserve University 1955-1958 (7 folders)
Box 298 Western Reserve University 1959-1961 (6 folders)
Box 299 Western Reserve University 1962-1963 (6 folders)
Box 300 Western Reserve University 1964-1966 (6 folders)
Box 301 Western Reserve University 1966-1972 (4 folders)
Box 301 Westinghouse Broadcasting
Box 301 WEWS-TV, Cleveland, OH
Box 301 Wheatley, George M.
Box 301 White, Charles W.
Box 301 White, E. B.
Box 301 White, Joel and Allene
Box 301 White Americans to Support Black Liberation
Box 301 The White House Conference on Children and Youth
Box 301 The White House Conference on Families
Box 301 The White House Conference on International Cooperation
Box 301 Whitehead, Fred
Box 302 Whitney, Thomas P.
Box 302 Whitney Communications Corporation
Box 302 Who's Who in American Politics
Box 302 WICE Radio, Providence, RI
Box 302 Wicker, Tom
Box 302 Wilbert Productions
Box 302 Wilder, F. Fessenden
Box 302 Wilkerson, Cathy
Wilkinson, Charles Burnham ("Bud")
See President's Council on Youth Fitness.
Box 302 Willey, Robert
Box 302 William Morrow and Company
Box 302 Williams, Benjamin H.
Box 302 Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
Box 302 Williams, Hosea
Box 302 Williams, Patti
Box 302 Williams, Roger Neville
Box 302 Willis, Judith A.
Box 302 Wilson, Alfred M.
Box 302 Wilson, Dagmar Searchinger
Box 302 WIN
Box 302 Wingerhoff, Nettie
Box 302 Winnicott, D.W.
Box 302 Winter, Ella
Box 302 Winters, Shelley
Box 302 Wisconsin Public Radio
Box 302 Wisdom
Box 302 WJBK-TV, Detroit, MI
Box 302 WKYC, Cleveland, OH
Box 302 WLCY Radio, St Petersburg, FL
Box 302 WLS-TV Chicago, IL
Box 302 WMEX, New York, NY
Box 302 WNAC-TV, Boston, MA
Box 302 WNBC-TV, New York, NY
Box 302 WNET/13, New York, NY
Box 302 WNEW-TV New York, NY
Box 302 WNHC, New Haven, CT
Box 302 WNWS-South Florida
Box 302 WOC Broadcasting Company, Davenport, IA
Box 302 Wolper Productions, Inc.
Box 302 Woman [magazine]
Box 302 Woman's Day
Box 303 Woman's Home Companion
Box 303 Women For:
Box 303 Women for a Meaningful Summit
Box 303 Women for Peace
Box 303 Women Strike for Peace (2 folders)
Women U.S.A.
See Abzug, Bella.
Box 303 Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament
Box 303 Women's American ORT
Box 303 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Box 303 Women's International Liaison Committee for International Cooperation Year
Box 303 Women's Macrobiotic Society Newsletter
Box 303 Women's National Abortion Action Coalition
Box 303 Women's Peace Education Project, New York, NY
Box 303 Woodbury, Marda
Box 303 Woolfolk, William
Box 303 The Wooster Clinic, Wooster, OH
Box 303 WOR-TV, New York, NY
Box 303 World Affairs Information Center, Westport, CT
Box 303 World Assembly for Peace
Box 304 World Book Publishing
Box 304 World Citizen, Inc.
Box 304 World Committee for a World Constitutional Convention, Inc.
Box 304 World Conference on Religion and race
Box 304 World Conference on Vietnam, Stockholm (2 folders)
Box 304 World Constitutional Convention
Box 304 World Federalist Association
Box 304 World Federation for Mental Health
Box 304 World Health Day
Box 304 World Law Fund
Box 304 World Organization for Human Potential
Box 304 World Peace Council
Box 304 World Peacemakers
Box 304 World Poetry Conference, Stony Brook, NY
Box 304 The World Publishing Company
Box 304 World Unity Through the Arts
Box 304 World Without War Publications
Box 304 WPTR, Albany, NY
Box 304 WQXR, New York, NY
Wright, Gary
See Family correspondence.
Wright, Virginia, and Ralph
See Family correspondence.
Box 304 Writers and Editors War Tax Project
Box 304 WTNH-TV, New Haven, CT
Box 304 WTOP-TV, Washington, DC
Box 304 WTVN-Radio, Columbus, OH
Box 304 WUSA Kingsport, TN
Box 304 W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Box 304 WXYZ Radio, Southfield, MI
Box 305 Wyckoff, Hogie
Box 305 Wyden, Peter H.
Box 305 WYES, New Orleans, LA
Box 305 Yaffa Syndicate Pty., Ltd. Australia
Box 305 The Yale Crew Association
Box 305 Yale Medical School Alumni Fund
Box 305 Yale Political Union
Box 305 Yale University
Box 306 Yale University
Box 306 Yale University Alumni
Box 306 Yale University Child Study Center
Box 306 Yale University Press
Box 306 Yamamoto, Shizuko
Box 306 Yankee [magazine]
Box 306 Yankee Books
Box 306 Yarborough, Ralph
Box 306 Yates, Sidney R.
Box 306 Yes On A Committee, Santa Cruz, CA
Box 306 Yevtushenko, Yevgeny
Box 306 Yoakum, Robert H.
Box 306 The York (ON) Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Box 306 Yoshindo Kobunsha, Tokyo
Box 306 Young, Andrew
Box 306 Young, Foster H., Jr.
Box 306 Young, Louise
Box 306 Young, Milton R.
Box 306 Young, Mort
Box 306 Young, Stephen M.
Box 306 Young, Whitney M., Jr.
Box 306 Young Presidents' Oganization, Inc.
Box 306 Young & Rubicam, Inc.
Box 306 Young Workers Liberation League
Box 306 Youth [magazine]
Box 306 Youth Against War and Fascism
Box 306 Youth International Party
Box 306 Zablocki, Clement B.
Box 306 Zachry, Nancy
Box 306 Zero Population Growth
Box 307 Zerosei
Box 307 Zeta Psi Fraternity
Box 307 Ziferstein, Isidore
Box 307 Zimmerman, Mitchell
Box 307 Zucker, Barry
Box 307 Zutran, Eric
Box 307 Zweig, Connie
Following Dr. Spock's death, his widow Mary Morgan continued his legacy through formation of a company and associated website, This series contains material relating to the formation, operation, and eventual sale of the company; development of website content, policies, and structure; and correspondence with companies regarding potential joint projects.
Box 308 [General correspondence] Sep 1996-Apr 2000 (14 folders)
Box 309 [General correspondence] Jun 2000-Nov 2000 (9 folders)
Box 310 [General correspondence] Dec 2000-Mar 2001 (8 folders)
Box 311 [General correspondence] 2001, Mar-Jul (8 folders)
Box 312 [General correspondence] Aug 2001-2004 (9 folders)
Box 313 [General correspondence] 2006-2008
Box 313 [General correspondence] undated (2 folders)
Box 313 Abbot Labs
Box 313 ABC
Box 313 (2 folders)
Box 313 ADHD Toolkit
Box 313 Advance Publications
Box 313 AMC Beauty
Box 313 American Baby Basket
Box 313 American Red Cross
Box 314 American Red Cross (3 folders)
Box 314 AOL (5 folders)
Box 315 AOL
Box 315 AOL
Box 315 Apple Computer
Box 315 Article programs - "program" here refers to topics or subject areas for articles
Box 315 Articles, A-Cl - original articles written for the website (5 folders)
Box 316 Articles, Co-G - original articles written for the website (8 folders)
Box 317 Articles, H-O - original articles written for the website (8 folders)
Box 318 Articles, P-S - original articles written for the website (9 folders)
Box 319 Articles, T-Y - original articles written for the website (9 folders)
Box 320 Authors, potential - resumes, samples, etc.
Box 320 Awards
Box 320 Baby Basics
Box 320 Baby Center Inc.
Box 320 Baby Talk
Box 320 Balmex
Box 320 Barton Schmitt MD
Box 320 BDInteractive (Greg Bender)
Box 320 Bertelsmann
Box 320 Board of Directors 2000, Mar-Jun (3 folders)
Box 321 Board of Directors 2000, Jul-Dec (3 folders)
Box 321 Board of Directors 2001 (2 folders)
Box 321 Board of Directors 2003
Box 321 Board of Directors undated
Box 321 Brand building plan, general
Box 322 Brand building plan, Shandwick
Box 322 Brand building plan, 3 Ring Circus
Box 321 Brand building plan, Tipping Sprung
Box 322 Brand building plan, Tipping Sprung
Box 322 Bringing Up Baby (BBC film)
Box 322 Business plans (4 folders)
Box 322 Certificate of incorporation, Delaware
Box 322 "Chat" functionality
Box 322 Cheerios
Box 322 Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA)
Box 323 Children's Care Portal
Box 323 Cleveland Clinic - proposals for several projects, including parenting library; "Clinic Expert" negotiations (4 folders)
Box 323 Cleveland Clinic
Box 323 Company overview
Box 323 Competitor comparisons (2 folders)
Box 323 Consultant agreements - Kim Heilman, Bjorn Foster, Media Encounters/Larry Grossman, Melissa Tervet
Box 323 Contact lists - board of directors, employee, organizational, personal
Box 324 Cosmetic Essence
Box 324 Corporate bonus plan
Box 324 Disclaimer
Box 324 Discovery, Inc. (2 folders)
Box 324 Distribution strategy
Box 324 Domain names and registration (3 folders)
Box 325 Dr. Spock magazine
Box 325
Box 325 Employee manual
Box 325 Employment agreements
Box 325 Ethics - sample policies, discussions, notes, etc.
Box 325 Experts - lists of, purpose of, etc.
Box 325 Family-friendly car features
Box 325 FAQs - questions and responses, some with discussion (2 folders)
Box 326 FAQs - questions and responses, some with discussion (3 folders)
Box 326 Financial (2 folders)
Box 326 Food Fit
Box 326 Ford "Boost America" campaign
Box 327 Ford "Boost America" campaign (5 folders)
Box 327 Functional requirements
Box 327 Glossary
Box 327 GNC
Box 327 Hachette
Box 328 "Healthy Start" series
Box 328 Hearst
Box 328 Holidays content - articles, toy reviews, etc. (2 folders)
Box 328 Intellectual property - trademark research, licensing discussions, what Spock material the company owned and did not own, etc. (2 folders)
Box 328 Jebsen Agency / Joana Jebsen (2 folders)
Box 329 Johnson & Johnson
Box 329 JP Morgan
Box 329 Kimberly-Clark (Huggies)
Box 329 Leapfrog survey - brand strategy and vision (2 folders)
Box 329 Letterhead and business cards
Box 329 LLC paperwork, Maine
Box 329 Logo research (2 folders)
Box 329 Lucille Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH)
Box 329 Macrobiotics - includes essay by Spock
Box 329 Mailing / organization lists
Box 329 Malpractice issues
Box 329 March of Dimes
Box 329 Martha Stewart (2 folders)
Box 330 Mary Morgan agreements - licensing agreements, employment agreement, resume, etc.
Box 330 "Media Coverage" binder - press coverage of the website; originally in 3-ring binder, pages removed and foldered
See also Press coverage; Press kit.
Box 330 Medical-ethical advisory board
Box 330 Memorandum of Understanding, Shelton and Buckley
Box 330 Merchandising - various possibilities
Box 330 Meredith Corp.
Box 330 Merger agreements
Box 330 MSN
Box 330 Name awareness and marketing study
Box 331 Name awareness and marketing study (5 folders)
Box 331 Newsletters - printouts of various other sites' newsletters, with commentary
Box 331 Nondisclosure agreements
Oversize 6 Notes, miscellaneous - sketches, notes, flowcharts, etc. on large sheets of flip-chart paper; site layout, roles and responsibilities, etc.
Box 331 "Parent Sense" series
Box 332 "Parent Sense" series - includes scripts (2 folders)
Box 332 Parenting channel proposal
Box 332 Parenting library
See also Cleveland Clinic.
Box 332 Parenting magazine
Box 332 Parenting program series (BBC, PBS)
Box 332 Partnership possibilities
Box 332 "Pathways of Learning" quiz (4 folders)
Box 333 Penguin Dutton (Baby Magic)
Box 333 Pharmaceutical partnerships - lists of possibilities
Box 333 Policies - editorial, security, ethics, vacation, travel, etc. (2 folders)
Box 333 Preliminary research
Box 333 Press coverage (2 folders)
See also "Media Coverage" binder.
Box 334 Press coverage
Box 334 Press kit
Box 334 Press releases
Box 334 Privacy - research, discussions, sample policies, etc. (2 folders)
Box 334 Product possibilities
Box 334 Program development process - "program" here refers to topics or subject areas for articles
Box 334 QualKids
Box 334 Reader's Digest
Box 334 Restricted stock purchase agreement
Box 335 Revenue sources
Box 335 Rodale (2 folders)
Box 335 Royalties - from various Spock titles
Box 335 Safety / first aid book (3 folders)
Box 335 Sale - possible buyers, corporate information packet, etc. (2 folders)
Box 335 Sample contracts and agreements
Box 335 Scholastic
Box 336 Scholastic (2 folders)
Box 336 Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton (2 folders)
Box 336 Sickle cell articles (3 folders)
Box 336 Sickle cell videos (NCMHD)
Box 336 Specifications - for website content
Box 336 Spock bios for website
Box 337 Sponsorship policy/ecommerce policy
Box 337 Stay At Home Readiness Kit
Box 337 Stein, Marty - editor of two Spock collections for Pocket Books; see also Writings : Dr. Spock: The First Two Years and Writings : Dr. Spock: The School Years
Box 337 Story ideas
Box 337 Street Law (2 folders)
Box 337 Style guide
Box 337 Sweetchild Software
Box 337 "Take Charge" parenting guides
Box 337 Teens
Box 337 Television and video - miscellaneous tv and video projects and ideas (2 folders)
Box 337 Terminations
Box 338 The Time Factory
Box 338 Tools - quizzes, charts, checklists etc. for posting to website
Box 338 Tribune syndicated agreement
Box 338 TV series focus group
Box 338 ViaCom
Box 338 Walt Disney (3 folders)
Box 339 WebMD
Box 339 Website "about" page - drafts of text, discussions, etc.
Box 339 "Website crew and authors"
Box 339 Website hosting
Box 339 Website images
Box 339 Website structure - diagrams, discussion, etc.
Box 339 Website traffic - reports, analysis, etc.
Legal material
Box 340 Apple Computer, Inc. 1999
Box 340 Blue Plate Productions, Inc. 1988-1998 (2 folders)
Box 340 CEL Communications, Inc. 1986-1987
Box 340 Child Care Productions 1985
Box 340 The Childhood Project, Inc. 1991
Box 340 Curtis Publishing Company 1951-1963
Box 340 Dan-Dee International, Ltd. 2006
Box 340 Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1953-1958
Box 340 HBO 1986
Box 340 Hearst Corporation 1984-1991
Box 340 Houghton Mifflin Company 1961-1986
Box 341 International Merchandising Corporation 1998
Box 341 The Jebsen Agency 1999
Box 341 Kurashi-no Techo Sha, Ltd. 1966
Box 341 M.C.E.G. Productions, Inc 1988
Box 341 Macmillan Company 1967
Box 341 Magni Group, Inc. 1996
Box 341 McCall Corporation 1952-1971
Box 341 Meredith Press 1962-1971
Box 341 Morgan, Mary 1987
Box 341 National Broadcasting Company (NBC) 1955-1987
Box 341 Needleman, Robert 2002
Box 341 Pantheon Books 1989
Box 341 Parenting 1991-1992
Box 341 Parker, Steven 1994-2000
Box 341 Penguin Books USA 1997
Box 341 Pocket Books 1943-2003
Box 341 Ralph Jester Productions 1951
Box 341 Random House 1981
Box 341 Redbook Publishing Company 1975-1991
Box 342 Rothenberg, Michael B. 1982-1990 - co-author of two editions of Baby and Child Care (3 folders)
Box 342 Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1959-2000 (2 folders)
Box 342 Time Warner Entertainment Company, L. P. 1996-1997
Box 342 VidAmerica - The Video Cassette Rental Club, Inc. 1984-1989
Box 342 Walt Disney Pictures 1990-1993
Box 342 ZMC Productions 1998
Box 342 Miscellaneous
Box 342 [General]
Box 343 Benjamin and Jane Spock 1976
Box 343 Clifford and Mary Councille 1975 (2 folders)
Benjamin Spock:
Box 344 000 Correspondence, notes, research, Andrew Cook Claim
Box 345 001 Estate plan (6 folders)
Box 346 001 Estate plan (6 folders)
Box 347 001 Estate plan (9 folders)
Box 347 002 Mary Morgan estate
Box 348 003 Business and copyright matters (2 folders)
Box 349 003 Business and copyright matters, royalty statements (6 folders)
Box 350 003 Business and copyright matters (11 folders)
Box 351 003 Business and copyright matters (6 folders)
Box 352 004 Baby and Child Care (6 folders)
Box 353 005 Trademark (6 folders)
Box 354 006 Probate and tax (12 folders)
Box 355 007 Licensing (2 folders)
Box 356 007 Licensing (6 folders)
Box 357 007 Licensing (3 folders)
Box 358 008 Court papers (9 folders)
Box 359 009 Dr Spock website (3 folders)
See also
Box 360 Inter vivos trusts
Box 360 Personal rights
Box 360 Disarmament fund
Box 360 Agreement between Benjamin Spock and Jane Spock
Box 360 Agreement and renunciation
Box 360 Correspondence
Box 360 Werbin memorandum
Box 360 Trust declaration
Box 360 Working papers
Box 360 Notes
Box 361 Life insurance, Baby and Child Care rights
Box 361 Trusts (2 folders)
Box 362 Trusts (5 folders)
Box 363 Trusts (11 folders)
Box 364 Trusts
Box 364 Mildred Spock
Box 364 Robert Spock
Box 364 Legal residence
Box 364 Benjamin Spock Company, LLC
See also Correspondence-subject files : United States of America v. Coffin, Ferber, Goodman, Raskin and Spock 50 U.S.C. App. 462(a).
Box 364 Benjamin M. Spock v District of Columbia Appeals No. 5860 1971
Box 364 Councille et al. v Arkansas Activities Association LR-C-80-522 1980
Box 364 Goodtime Home Video Corp v. Blue Plate Productions and Benjamin Spock 1989 (2 folders)
Box 365 Morgan, Mary et al. v Marion S. Barry et al. Civil Action 81-1419 1981
Box 365 Miriam Abramovitz et al. v James Aher et al. Civil Action N-77-207 1977
Box 365 Spock v Commissioner of Internal Revenue 1969
Box 365 Spock v David DC Civil Action No. 1621-72 1972
Box 365 Spock v Grundig 1981
Box 365 Spock v N.S.A 76Civ. 4457 1976 (2 folders)
Box 365 Spock v Pocket Books, Inc. 1965
Box 365 Spock v Simon and Schuster, Inc 73Civ. 4958 1973 (2 folders)
Box 366 United States v Hostetter, et al. DC Code 22-3102 1973
Box 366 United States of America v Coffin, Ferber, Goodman, Raskin and Spock 50U.S.C. App. 462(a) 1968-1978 - 20 printed official court documents (2 folders)
Box 366 Miscellaneous
Box 366 Carapace (boat)
Real estate
Box 367 Camden, ME (2 folders)
Box 367 Housing exchange
Box 367 Menlo Park, CA
Box 367 New York, NY
Box 367 Pittsburgh, PA
Box 367 Rogers, AR (2 folders)
Box 367 San Diego, CA
Box 367 Tortola, BVI
Box 367 Visa applications
Box 367 Voter registration
Box 367 Miscellaneous
Medical reference files
These files were accumulated by Dr. Spock over the course of his life as a practicing pediatrian, child health advocate, and author. The topics are retained as listed on the original folders.
Box 368 Abused child
Box 368 Accidents
Box 368 Adolescence
Box 368 Adoption
Box 368 Aggression
Box 368 Air crib
Box 368 Air pollution
Box 368 Allergy
Box 369 Anemia
Box 369 Anthropology
Box 369 Anthropometry
Box 369 Anus
Box 369 Arithmetic
Box 369 Arteriosclerosis
Box 369 Asthmatic children
Box 369 Athletics
Box 369 Atomic explosion injuries
Box 369 Autism
Box 369 Birth control
Box 369 Blindness
Box 369 Bone age
Box 369 Books for children
Box 369 Brain injury
Box 369 Breast feeding
Box 369 Bronchiolitis
Box 369 Celiac disease
Box 369 Cell biology
Box 369