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Lynn Z. Bloom Collection Relating to Benjamin Spock

A description of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bloom, Lynn Z., 1934-
Title: Lynn Z. Bloom Collection Relating to Benjamin Spock
Inclusive Dates: 1963-1971
Quantity: 7 linear ft.
Abstract: Collection of research material amassed by Lynn Z. Bloom for and during the writing of her 1972 biography of Dr. Spock.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Dr. Benjamin Spock (1903-1998) was an American pediatrician, author, and peace activist. He is the author of the worldwide best-selling book Baby and Child Care.

Lynn Z. Bloom is an American author and professor of English at the University of Connecticut. She is a scholar in the areas of literary biography and biographers, and is the author of numerous books including a biography of Dr. Benjamin Spock.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Lynn Z. Bloom Collection Relating to Benjamin Spock consists of research material amassed by Dr. Bloom for and during the writing of her 1972 biography of Dr. Benjamin Spock. The collection consists of general files, writings, news clippings, notes, biography, published material and audio recordings.

General files contain notes, copies of correspondence, and interviews which cover both Dr. Spock's years as a pediatrician and his work as a political activist.

Writings contain published essays about child care and files recounting the evolution and publication of Dr. Spock's more influential books.

News clippings mostly cover crucial political events of the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as Vietnam War, anti-war protests, civil rights, dissent, and Dr. Spock's Boston conspiracy trial.

Bloom's Notes include 8 spiral-bound notebooks and other material generated while working on her book, while typescripts of the Biography comprise sixteen folders.

Published material contains pamphlets and books, mostly concerning baby care the Vietnam War.

Recordings, audio contain one box of taped interviews with Dr. Spock, Mrs. Jane Spock, and others with intimate insight into Dr. Spock's personal, professional and public life. The collection also includes a tape machine for playing back the tapes.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Within the series listed above, material is arranged in alphabetical order by title or topic.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Access to audiorecordings requires advance notice for production of a use copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

See also the Benjamin Spock Symposium Collection and the Benjamin Spock Papers.

Some of the audio recordings in this collection have been digitized. Please contact the repository for more information.

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Subject Headings


Bloom, Lynn Z., 1934-
Morgan, Mary, 1943-
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998.


Pediatricians -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Manuscripts for publication.
Research notes.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Lynn Z. Bloom Collection Relating to Benjamin Spock,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Lynn Z. Bloom, 1972, 1978.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: circa 1978
Revision history: 1 Feb 2016 - full audio inventory added (PJM); 27 Jun 2017 - audio inventory and boxes updated and corrected (PJM)

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General files
Box 1 Anti-war campaigns
Box 1 Article about Spock, Glamour magazine Nov 1971
Box 1 Awards
Box 1 Baby book marketing
Boston conspiracy trial 1968
Box 1 Appeals for financial aid
Box 1 Lynn Bloom's coverage
Box 1 Defense source material
Box 1 Transcripts
Box 1 Campaign for Peace
Box 1 Caring for Your Disabled Child
Box 1 Civil disobedience, Levi trial
Box 1 Criticism from feminists
Box 1 Documentary film, "Dr. Spock and His Babies"
Box 1 Essays, miscellaneous
Box 1 Family and friends
Box 1 Fan mail testimonials
Box 1 Files, Spock
Box 1 First Amendment
Box 1 Fluoridation
Box 1 Houghton Mifflin Company
Box 1 General 1966-1967
Box 1 By David Lyle and Lynn Bloom 1968
Box 1 Lyndon Johnson - correspondence
Box 1 John F. Kennedy
Box 1 Ladies Home Journal
Box 1 Life and work in New York City
Box 1 Medical advice to laymen
Box 1 Medical reports and pamphlets
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Box 1 New Haven
Box 1 Permission to reprint, quote
Box 1 Philanthropy
Box 1 Phillips Andover Academy
Box 1 Philosophy
Box 2 Photographs, Spock family
Box 2 Pittsburgh (2 folders)
Box 2 Praise for Baby and Child Care
Box 2 Private life
Box 2 Radio, movies, television
Box 2 Redbook - correspondence
Box 2 Regrets, speaking
Box 2 SANE [National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy] (2 folders)
Box 2 Schedule 1970
Box 2 Skating, boats, other recreation
Box 2 Spock as a pediatrician
Western Reserve University
Box 2 General
Box 2 Child rearing study (2 folders)
Box 2 Clinical science course
Box 2 Baby articles
Box 2 Baby and Child Care, Pocket Books
Box 2 A belief in man
Box 2 Bibliography
Box 2 Feeding Your Baby and Child
Medical articles
Box 2 General
Box 2 Rochester, Minnesota
Box 2 Political articles
Box 3 Redbook articles 1963-1971
Box 3 Dr. Spock on Vietnam, evolution of the book 1967-1968
News clippings
Box 3 Agnew vs. Spock
Box 3 Anti-war protest 1967
Box 3 Baby and Child Care background and criticism
Boston conspiracy trial 1968
Box 3 General (3 folders)
Box 3 [General] 1968
Box 3 Miscellaneous
Box 4 [General] 1967
Box 4 Speaking engagements
Box 4 Dr. Spock 1969-1970
Box 4 Dr. Spock misbehaves, Esquire article
Vietnam War
Box 4 [General] 1967-1969 (3 folders)
Box 4 Protest 1970
Box 4 Anti-war protest and draft resistance
Box 4 Biography, miscellaneous
Box 4 Lynn Bloom notes on Spock family
Box 4 Miscellaneous
Box 4 Other baby books
Box 4 Notebooks (8 spiral-bound notebooks)
Box 4 Lynn Bloom, typed chapters (10 folders)
Box 5 Lynn Bloom, typed chapters (6 folders)
Published material
Box 5 Child care
Box 5 Protest
Box 5 American Power and the New Mandarins
Box 5 The Baby Manual
Box 5 Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book
Box 5 Bradley Stoughton
Box 5 Emotion and Conduct in Adolescence
Box 5 Facts of Life and Love for Teenagers
Box 5 The Mothers' Manual
Box 5 The Nature of Substance
Box 5 Nuremburg and Vietnam
Box 5 Nutrition
Box 5 When Mercy Seasons Justice: The Spock Trial
Box 5 Student Voices
Box 5 A Time for Action
Box 5 Vietnam
Box 5 Vietnam and International Law
Box 5 The Vietnam Reader
Box 5 Youth and the Establishment
Recordings, audio
Titles and contents have been transcribed directly from the tapes. Dates given in the title may therefore not match the dates of the actual contents.
Box 7 Files, phone calls, etc 09 Jan 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_001)
Side 1A - Erased (this was files from 1949 - 1952) / Side 1B - Files - 1954 Miscellaneous - 1952-1954 "First Year of Baby’s Life" - 1953-1955 "Feeding Your Baby and Child" - 1954 B and CC - 1953 "Feeding Your Baby and Child" / Side 2A - Phone Conversation with Mrs. S. on 1-9-67 - Pitts. psychology courses - Typical "Thank You" Letter from a mother in Japan / Side 2B - 1952 Duell, Sloan [Premiere?] - 1953 Book Business - 1953 Articles - 1953 Personal Mail - 1951 TV Offers - 1954 TV Offers
Box 7 Spock Interview, lawsuit, SANE [National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy] 02 May 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_002)
Dr. Spock Interview / 1A - Dr. Spock, May 2, '67 on Lawsuit w/ Pocket Books; B and C, Houghton Mifflin; SANE / 1B - Dr. Spock on Lawsuit - 5/2/67 public image, photos
Box 7 Interviews with [William] Wallace, Jane Jenkins, Dr. Streeter, Israel Weissberg 06-18 Mar 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_003)
1A - Dr. [William] Wallace (Cleveland) 3/6/68 / 1B - Dr. [William] Wallac; Jane Jenkins RN, 3/12/68. Streeter MD - 3/15/68 / 2A - Dr. Streeter 3/15/68; Israel Weissberg MD - 3/18/68 / 2B - Israel Weissberg MD 3/18/68
Box 7 Dr. Spock on publishing and lawsuit 09 May 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_004)
1B - Dr. Spock 5/9/67 on publishing - transcribed / 1B - Dr. Spock 5/9/67 on B and C Care, Viet Nam Book and Patient [-?-]. / 2A - File - Pocket Books Lawsuit - transcribed Shinken letter / 2B - Lawsuit, pictures, [-?-] and degrees - awards - transcr.
Box 7 Mrs. Spock; Files and Books 03 Jan 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_005)
Side 1A - Mrs. Spock - Photos 1/31/67 Cleveland, OH / Side 1B - Files: 1954 - "A Baby’s First Year," 1954 - LHJ / Side 2A - files: 1954 - LHJ Talks Accepted, 1954-Book Business, 1955-Recommendation Letters, 1955-Reprint Requests, 1955-Book Business, 1955-LHJ / Side 2B files: 1955-LHJ, 1955 - Pierre the Peilican series, *1956-Pocket Books, Inc., 1953-1955 "Feeding Your Baby and Child"
Box 7 Trial and politics 26 Mar 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_006)
1A - 4/26/68 on trial, politics / 1B - obit someday [?]
Box 7 Mrs. Brucker and Bond interviews 16 Apr-09 May 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_007)
1A-2A - Mrs. Brucker 4/16/68 / 1B - Mrs. Brucker and Bond 5/9/68 / 2B - Mrs. Brucker and Bond 5/9/68
Box 7 Civil issues / Rochester, Minnesota 02 Feb-11 Mar 1969 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_008)
1A: Spock on Civil issues; WRO med. students 2/17/69 / 1B: Civil Issues cont.; misc. comments; Bill Foote as roommate / 2A: Rochester, Minn 2/18/69, 3/11/69 / 2B: Rochester, Minn. 3/1/69
Box 7 Office files, regrets, writing accepted and problem mail (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_009)
1A: 1962 regrets out of town and vocal speaking control; Spock office files C-D / 1B: Spock office files D- 1961-2 Rose Houston; Various 1961-2 files / 2A: 1960 Prob. mail; 1961 Writing accepted (frontier call); 1963 personal, 1961 Prob. mail II / 2B: 1961 Prob. mail II; 1962 Prob. mail (Jan-June); 1962 regrets out-of-town speaking
Box 7 Dr. Joseph Cramer and Dr. Milton Senn 16-20 Aug 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_010)
1A: Dr. Joseph Cramer Aug. 16, 1968 / 1B: Dr. Joseph Cramer Aug. 16, 1968 / 2A, 2B: Dr. Milton Senn, Aug. 20, 1968
Box 7 Cleveland with Jerry Gordon - Vietnam dissent 12-20 Feb 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_011)
1A: 2/12/68 Cleveland Schmitt Auditorium on VietNam / 2A: Jerry Gordon on dissent, cont. 2/20/68 / 1B: cont. of 2/12/68 Cleveland and Jerry Gordon 2/20/68
Box 7 Files and Reminiscences 18 Apr 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_012)
1B: 1967 Children’s Science Records - NCNP; Save Wrangle; Childhood; Fatherhood; Early Practice; Health; Fatherhood; Early Practice; Fatherhood / 2A: Fatherhood, 1967 Writing Accepted; Family Clinic; Child Stpry; Acad. of Med.; Vietnam 4/18/67 / 2B: Files - Amer. Child Guidance Fund; AMA; Amer. Parents Comm.; Appeal to Reason, Inc.; Assoc. for Aid to Crippled Child.; Family Study; Author’s Guild; Bank St. Col. of Educ.; Citizens Com, for Julian Bond; Com. of Respons. for Treatment of War-Burned And War Injured Children; Com. to Protect Our Children; Council for Civic Responsibility / B2 - Mr. Nero’s top drawer; A - Council for Civic Resp.
Box 7 Face the Nation; Various Files 22 Oct 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_013)
1A: 10/22/67 - Face the Nation re. VietNam, David Dick; Novak-Chicago Sun-Times / 1B: Writing accep. 1964 and 1966. '64 talks accepted; 1964 misc. / 2A: 1964-miscellaneous; 1964-RedBook; 1965-Personal Mail; 1964-SANE
Box 7 Drs. John Kennell, Janet Sax, Jane Kessler and Samuel Spector 20 Mar-03 Apr 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_014)
On Dr. Spock: 1A: Dr. John Kennell 3/20/68 / 1B: Dr. Janet Sax 3/22/68 / 2A: Dr. Jane Kessler 4/2/68 / 2B: Dr. Samuel Spector 4/3/68
Box 1 Files (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_015)
1A: B.Spock’s office reprint files A - Child Psy; 1960 - Rose Houston Cooper / 1B: office - Rose Cooper file / 2A: Files 1955-62 Miscellaneous & Personal Mail; 1960 misc. / 2B: Files - Sane commitment, 1960 misc.
Box 7 Files; Miscellany and Subject Files (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_016)
1A: Files - 1962 Articles Sent; 1962 Duell, Sloan and Pearce; 1962 Talks Accepted; 1962 Job Offers (TV, Radio, etc.); 1962 miscellaneous (Jan.-June) / 1B: 1962 Miscellaneous (Jan. - June); 1967 Miscellaneous (Pile on desk 3-24-67); Subject Files D - Disarmament, Drug Addiction, Dwarfism; E - Eczema, Echo-9, Education / 2A: E - Education, Education Aid Bill, Ego, Encephalography, Embryology, Emergencies, Emotional Dvlpmt, Endocrinology, Enuresis, Enzyme Systems, Epilepsy, Erythroblastosis, Eye; F - Fair Housing, Fallout, Family Health, Family Life, FBI; 1962-Miscellaneous (Jan.-June) / Side 2B: Files - 1962 Miscellaneous (Jan.-June); 1963 Dues, Receipts, Membership; 1962-63 Writing Accepted ("small pieces"); 1962 Organization Regrets; 1962 Politics; 1963 Speaking Regrets
Box 7 Peace movement, politics, reminiscences (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_017)
1A: Israel situation; spending time if Viet Nam war ends; P.D. Poll and results; Americans unable to identify; Anti-Arab prejudice; peace movt.; influence on policy; telegrams to LBJ; SANE Wrangle columnists; 1st control case in psychoanalysis; Jane’s mood swings; John’s auto accident / 1B: SANE wrangle; Board of Sponsors; Ice Skating; O.E.D., inauguration of [indecipherable]; OED -Shriver; Arsenal Health Center Navy - St. Albans, San Diego / 2A: Navy life; Pittsburgh WRV Dr. Bond; quitting smoking, drinking (Jane); Death; goals for sons; self-doubt as adversity; sales of books other than BCC; Bloom - 1963 translation offers; some articles written 1963; memorabilia - Olympics / 2B - Olympics; Files O-W
Box 7 Peace movement; early life and college. (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_018)
Side 1A: Different types in peace movement; world movement; meeting Dr. King; Black Power; civil rgts/peace; Coolidge story and fighting among friends; SANE; strict home and family background; religious beliefs; strict home; spirituality / Side 1B: Oedipal role in spirituality; Childhood in New England, family friends, family background, paternal family, maternal family, parents; SANE wrangle; Childhood - children sensing things, known as the Pet / Side 2A: Childhood - sequence of bros. and sis., relationality to bros. and sis., masturbation, church, romances; College - meeting Jane; Childhood schools; College - Yale days, fraternities / Side 2B: college days and college friends; dancing; Childhood - schools, dancing; decision to become doctor; childhood - writing to MD; college; childhood - emotion, likes and dislikes; Hampden Hall memories
Box 7 Files (mostly related to publishing) (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_019)
Side 1A: 1955 - Insurance Files; Pocket Books; 1956 - Duell, Sloan and Pearce; Legislation; UNICEF; Problem Mail; LHJ; Personal Health (description) / Side 1B: 1956 - Recommendation Letters; 1957 - LHJ; Commercial Support Requests - Non-TV; Book Business; Duell, Sloan and Pearce; Lobbying File; Pierre, The Pelican books / Side 2A: Pierre the Pelican; 1957 - Book Business; Foreign Rights Excerpt Requests; Recommendation Letters; Talk to the Mid-Western Assoc. for Nursery Assoc.; Assoc. for the Aid of Crippled Children; MacMillan Co.; 1958 - LHJ / Side 2B 1958 - LHJ; Duell, Sloan and Pearce; "Feeding Your Baby and Child" revision; LHJ correspondence; MacMillan Co.; Book Business; Recommendations
Box 7 Western Reserve University and Early Career (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_020)
Side 1A: Dr, Jerry Liebman; Friday Afternoon Conferences; Dr. S. as a Physician; Friday Conferences; Kennedy Campaign; Family Clinic; Medicare; Rev. Klunder; Moods; Dr. S.’s Liberalism; Mike’s Appendicitis; Lack of knowledge in Paliatrics; Best Looker-in-Ears; family Clinic; W.R.U. Curriculum; Northern Ohio Ped. Soc. Dinner; Testimonial Dinner, Miss Mary Bergen; Child Research Project / Side 1B - mary Bergen; Child Research Project; "Belief in Man;" Grant Foundation; Dr. S.’s Liberalism; Child Research Project; Dr. S.’s "Over-Simplifying;" Dr. S.’s observations, Attitudes of Pediatricians Towards Dr. S; "Baby Doctor" image; Moods / Side 2A: Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Smith; Dr. S. as a Pediatrician; Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Occupations; Dr. S. as a Lecturer; Dr. S.’s Office in New York; House Calls; Dr. S as Pediatrician; Dr. S as Teacher, Dr. S. as Pediatrician
Box 7 Vernon and Margaret Leppard; Norma Nero 08 Aug-05 Sep 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_021)
Side 1A: Leppard Aug. 26, 1968 / 1B: Vernon and Margaret Leppard, Aug. 26 1968 / 2A: Norma Nero, Sept. 5, 1968 / 2B: OTZ Churl Churl Stories
Box 7 Spock Products, Inc and running for elected office; ; Early Life; Likes and Dislikes; Memorabilia 15-22 May 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_022)
1A: Week of May 15-22, 1967 Spock Products Inc,; Week of May 15-22 Running for VP or Senate; Unable to Lie; Running for VP / Side 1B: Likes and Dislikes - 1. Double Names 2. Compliments 3. Car Drivers; Health; Childhood; Europe in 1931; Likes and Dislikes - 4. People, 5. Interior Decorating, 6. Independence, 7. Books, 8. Movies, 9. Art, 10. Music, Misc.; Idealism in Self / Side 2A: B and CC; Income; B and CC; 1965 Memorabilia File / Side 2B: Letter from Robt. Spock and Ralph McGill; 1965 Memorabilia; 1963 Memorabilia
Box 7 Medicare; Pocket Books; Files (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_023)
Side 1A: 1961-67 - Medicare; 1958-1967 Cl. Sci. Phase I; 1958 Problem Mail; 1944-58 Pocket Books, first fan letter / Side 1B: Nov. 27, 1965 - March on Washington; 1965 - Boats; Dues, Receipts, Contributions; 1964 - 1966 Speaking Regrets; 1964 Organization Regrets; 1963-65 Visitors; 1964 - JFK Letter; Pocket Books; Reprint Requests; Boats; 1965 - Articles Received; Allen Travel Statements / Side 2A 1965 - Hotel Barclay; Organization Regrets; Reprint Requests; 1964 - Dues, Contributions; Writing regrets; 1965 - Job Offers; Rose Houston, Cooper + Schmidt; 1964 - Product Endoresment Regrets; 1965 - Pocket Books; 1965 - Product Endoresement Regrets; 1963 - Houghton Mifflin; 1962 - Miscellaneous / Side 2B: 1962 - Miscellaneous
Box 7 Correspondence (including Duell Sloan and Margaret Mead) (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_024)
1A: B. Spock - 1959; LHJ letter; Duell Sloan - book business; LA fan - personal mail / Side 1B: 1956 - personal mail, Peotz correspondence, personal mail / Side 2A: Margaret Mead correspondence - 1959; 1959 book business (mostly Pocket Books) / 2B: M. Mead letter; 1960 - talks rejected; disc of Ben’s Hanna office
Box 7 Files E- G; Travels; Files "Radiation - Rooming In" 04-11 Apr 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_025)
1A: office files E-G (including a lot on fluoridation) / 1B: office files E-G; Dr. Spock April 4, 1967 - VIetNam; notes on B+C / 2A: Dr. Spock April 4, 1967 Pittsburgh; Mayo Clinic Dr. S. disc 4/11/67 [?]; Files - "Radiation - Rooming In."
Box 7 Brosin McFarland, Florence Marcus and mothers 15 Oct 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_026)
Pittsburgh 10/15/68 1A: Brosin McFarland 10/15/68 / 2A: McFarland; Florence Marcus & Mothers 10/15/68 / 2B: McFarland; Marcus Pittsburgh 10/15/68
Box 7 Europe; Thoughts and politics. (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_027)
11/3/67 Ben Spock Side 1A: Europe 1967 - Italy, London, Oxford, Stockholm, Greenland; NCNP Convention; Moderates vs. radical proposals; Black Caucus demanded; Point 5 in detail; NCNP - Hope is coalition, Board members + groups / Side 1B: NCNP - Board members + groups; Johnnie May Walker story; JFK’s home in 1960; Quitting SANE Board; Anne Spock; SANE Wrangle; 1st peace march in Cleve.; 50% Americans unaware; NCNP Goals; Peaceful demon. now militant; Civil Disobedience; Pentagon Incident; Peace marches future / Side 2A: Book for teenagers; N.Y - now; Future Teaching; T.V. Interviews - Now; Black Power / Side 2B: Writing for L.H.S., Redbook; Hooper Genealogical Record; New England; N.Y. - now; Childhood; NCNP; T.V. Interviews (Mrs. S.)
Box 7 Files (writing, politics, problem mail) (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_030)
Side 1A - Files: 1959-60 Articles Received; 1960 - Speaking Regrets - Local; Writing Accepted; Special Problem Mail; Recording Offers; MacMillan Life Series; LHJ / Side 1B: 1960 - LHJ; 1958-1960 Boats; 1960 - Gifts Sent and Received; 1960 Houghton Mifflin / Side 2A - Files: 1960 Houghton Mifflin; 1961 Speaking Regrets; 1960 Problem Mail, incl. Taylor Caldwell / Side 2B - Files: 1960 - Miscellaneous File; Kennedy; Politics; 1961 - Duell, Sloan and Pearce; 1960 - Senators and Legislature
Box 7 Reading Letters (politics, ideals, public life) 13 Feb 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_031)
Reading letters 2/13/68 Side 1A: agreeable correspondence; indictment (p.1, 2, 3, 5, 17; side B - 21, 23); thorn in Johnson’s side; attendance at speeches; reference to mother; M.’s death; funeral; father’s death; Dowe [sic] Chemical; Hitler; Childhood; Lack of Morals; Youth’s Idealism; Hippie; Communism; Lyndon Johnson’s lies; Anti-communism paranoia; Dom. Rep. incident; Dodd; Thomas (HUAC); NCNP (p, 11, 12, 22 [B]); Point 5 of Black Caucus; Presidential 3rd party; Dr. King; Local elections; Subversive Act and Contest Bd.; Counteractions; Arrest and Jane’s response; Resist Draft (p. 15, 21 [B side]); Outcome of trial prediction; Optimism in general; Jail Possibility; Make best of situation attitude; Ferber; Credibility Gap; Draft / Side 2B: Eisenhower; Vietnam withdrawal and negotiation; Africa to dissenters; Resist Draft; Peace Marches; Refusal to shake hand; John’s draft status; Population unaware; Hammering things into people
Box 7 Bard; Laud; Jane Spock; Marie Kingon; Norman Thomas - Interviews 06 May 1967, 03-11 Nov 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_032)
1A: Bard and Laud May 6, 1967; Jane Spock 11/3/67 / 1B and 2A: Marie Kingon 11/6/67 / 2B: Norman Thomas 11/6/67
Box 7 Files - letters, problem mail, SANE, miscellaneous (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_033)
1A: 1966 Politics; 1965 - letters, talks accepted; 1965-66 SANE corresp. / Side 1B - Files: 1966 SANE; Problem Mail / Side 2A - Files: 1965-66 Problem Mail / Side 2B - FIles: 1965 Problem Mail; 1966 Miscellaneous (Jan.-June), 1966 Miscellaneous (June-Dec.)
Box 7 Files (boats, books, appointments, personal and problem mail) (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_034)
Side 1A - Files: 1960 - Senators; 1961 - Book File (Pocket Books), Houghton Mifflin Co.; 1960 - Appointments / Side 1B - Files: 1960 - Appointments (con’d); 1961 - Articles Received; 1961-62 Miscellaneous File / Side 2A - Files: 1961 - Miscellaneous; '56-’57 - WRU Business; 1961 - LHJ; 1961 - Boats / Side 2B - Files: 1961 - Boats, Personal Mail; 1960 - Problem Mail; 1961 - Problem Mail
Box 7 Travels and early life /Files and SANE (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_035)
Side 1A: Modes of Travel; Vacations; Boats; Vacations; Childhood; Fresh Air School; Courting jane; Childhood; Andover; Childhood; NY; Marriage in 1929; Syracuse; Marriage (early years); Boating; Adirondacks; Boating; Pittsburgh; Boating; Maids; Vacations / Side 1B: Vacations; Boats; Monthly Articles; Childhood; SANE Wrangle; Health; '67 SANE File / Side 2A: 1967 - SANE, speaking regrets, Syracuse U.; Talks Accepted; 1965 - Misc. (June-Dec), Talks Accepted; 1967 - Talks Accepted, Thank You Forms / Side 2B: 1967 - Thank You Forms, Vietnam Agreements, Vietnam Disagreements; 66-67 - Visitors; 1967 - Writing Accepted
Box 7 College and Post-College Life; Medical School and Early Practice; Mail 21-30 Mar 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_036)
1A 3/21/67: Frontier College; Volunteer camp counselor; N.E. Crip. Children’s Home; Summer tutoring job; Yale Reunions; Yale Loyalties (in general); Southampton job; Frontier College; Med. school; Univ. stastics [sic] re. peace; W.R.U. Family Clinic; New England / Side 1B 3/21/67: Rochester, Minn.; Hosting parties; Jane; Miscellaneous remarks, 1963 prob, mail; 1962 Duell, S. & P. mail / Side 2A: Not Transcribed - 3/30/67; 1963 Prob. mail / Side 2B 3/30/67: Misc., B and C; Med. School; Psych. residency; Psychoanalysis; Private Ped. Practice; Summer plays - Adirondacks; Private practice; Psychoanalysis Training; Peds. vs. psychiatry; Rochester, Minn.
Box 7 Meeting Mrs. Spock, Early Career; Life Before Fame (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_037)
Side 1A - Mrs. Spock: Courtship; Engagement; Honeymoon; NY - 1927; Dr. S. - radio address / Side 2A - Mrs. Spock: NY - 1927; Europe; Mike’s birth; Motherhood; NY - 1931; Liberalism; NY; Ben’s Family; Mike as a child; John; Early Politics; John - now; Romances; TV show; NY - 1943; B and CC; Navy; John’s birth; Pregnancies / Side 2B - Mrs. Spock: Navy; B and CC; Navy; Job Offers; Rochester, Minn.; John’s Celiac Disease; Rochester, Cleveland; Rochester, Pittsburgh; Cleveland; New Yacht; Finances; RedBook; Fame
Box 7 Interviews: Jane Spock, family and friends, Boudin 23 Oct 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_038)
Jane Spock 10/23/68 1A: Misc. / 2A: family and friends / 1B: family and friends / 2B: Boudin - 1/4 used
Box 6 Mrs. Spock: family life and Dr. Spock as husband and father (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_039)
Side 1A Mrs. Spock: Dr. S.’s criticalness; Mike’s beard; Family appearance; NY Apt in 1940; Future travel plans; Annual earnings; Dr. S. as a Father; John; Dr. S. with reporters; 1/2 B and CC by her; Differences between John and Mike; Dr. S. as a husband; joining SANE; Vanity; many moves; TV Show; Retirement / Side 1B Mrs. Spock: Dr. S. as a father; Publicity; Dr. S.’s mother + father; Dr. S.’s siblings; Sailing; courting danger; grandchildren; M’s jealousy of John; Mike and John; Marriage; Dr. S. as a Father / Side 2A Mrs. Spock: Marriage; Dr. Spock: Dr. S. as a father, Andover, Yale, Rebelliousness, Yale, Mike and John, Mike’s schooling, John’s schooling, American education, Caroline Zachery, Maragaret Mead / Side 2B: unsuccessful as therapist; B+CC: confidence in humanity; B and CC; SANE Wrangle; Files
Box 6 Mrs. Spock on Dr. Spock’s later career; various files 08 May 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_040)
Side 1A Mrs. Spock 5/8/67: Dr. S’s Health; Dr. S.’s personality; Retirement; Engagement; Reporters; Life in the public eye; SANE; marriage; entertaining; friendships; W.R.U.; friendships / Side 1B - Mrs. Spock: friendships; private practice; private life; marriage - early years; private life; marriage / Side 2A: private life; private practice; private life; wedding; mother-in-law; 1965-66 memorabilia file / 2B - Files: sponsorships (committed); miscellaneous comments; memorabilia - awards; memorabilia - Pres. ILLia
Box 6 Mrs. Spock: Photos and Reminiscences (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_041)
Side 1A - Mrs Spock 1966: Photos; Rowing; Photos; Mrs. S. against Prohibition; Pittsburgh; Political opinion differences; Photos / Side 1B: A.D.A.; Photos; Bossie Quigg; Photos; Santa Claus; Photos; Health; White House Dinner / Side 2A: White House Article; Scientists, Engineers & Physicians for LBJ; Photos
Box 6 Lynn B. on radio, Mrs. Spock, Various files Mar 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_042)
Side 1A: Lynn B on radio via Faulkner / Side 1B - Mrs. Spock 1962: Photos; Honorary Degree; Pocket Chain; Marriage; Photos; Drafting Table; Dr. S.’s Appearance; Photos / Side 2A: Photos; John’s Schooling; Photos; Awards; Furniture; Children; 1967 Files; LB on Spock 3/67 / Side 2B: 1962 - Problem Mail; SANE / 1947 - Insurance; B and CC; Book Correspondence
Box 6 Mike Spock 11 Aug 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_043)
2A: Mike Spock Aug. 11, 1967; 2B: Mike Spock, Aug. 11, 1967
Box 6 Interviews: Robert Stein, Charles Duell, Caldwell Esseltyn, 15 Aug 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_044)
1A: Robert Stein, Aug. 15, 1968 / 2A: Charles Duell (?), Stein / 1B: Caldwell Esseltyn, M.D., Aug. 15, 1968 / 2B: Chas. Duell; Stein?
Box 6 Sue Streeter and Paul White 22 Mar 1968 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_045)
1A: Sue Streeter and Paul White, March 22, 1968 / 1B: Sue Streeter and Paul White, March 22, 1968
Box 6 Lecture on violence in the family; Various files 19 Apr 1967 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_046)
1A: Lecture on violence in the family - 4/19/67 / 1B: Violence in the family - first half; Office files S-T; routine stuff and early '67 letters / 2A: Office files V-Z; 1966 memorabilia / 2B: memorabilia files; 1966; Navy file
Box 6 Various files; Reminiscences of Western Reserve University and early career (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_047)
1A: 1967 Misc. Jan.-June; 1962 on - Appts and Awards; 1967 - Speaking Regrets, Boats, Book File ("Man"), Contributions, Houghton Mifflin, Job Offers, Miscellaneous, Organization Regrets, Peace Groups / 1B: 1967 - Peace Groups, Personal Mail, Pocket Books, Problem Mail; 1958 on - Recommendation Letters; 1967 - Record (Cardmon), Redbook / 2A: WRU - Child Research Project, B and CC, Adolescence, Friday Pediatric Lectures, Criticalness, Dancing Academy (1930s), Social Friends, Conscience-Driven, Health, Boating, Brief Summary of Previous Jobs, Week of May 15-22, Capt. Levy, Switch from LHJ to Redbook / 2B: Capt. Levy; Univ. of Pitts.; W.R.U.; 1967 Misc, and Memorabilia Files
Box 6 Office files "Integration - Medical Economies"; "M - Pediatrics" 1980-01-29 (1 1/4 inch audio tape) (ID#: bloom_spock_048)
1-29-80: 1A: Talks refused '63; Office Files ("M - Pediatrics") / 1B: Office files Ped 4 - / 2A: about 5 min. not recorded at beg.; rest - Dr. S - office files "Integration - Medical Economies."

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