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Austryn Wainhouse Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Wainhouse, Austryn.
Title: Austryn Wainhouse Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1934-2007
Quantity: 14 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts and memorabilia of the American author and translator of de Sade.
Language: Most is in English, some in French.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Austryn Wainhouse (1927-2014) was an American author, publisher and translator, particularly of French works. He is best known for his translation into English of the complete works of the Marquis de Sade.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1927, Wainhouse graduated from Harvard University and then traveled in Europe, eventually settling in Paris with his wife Mary ("Muffie") in 1949. There he worked for Maurice Girodias at Olympia Press, for whom he produced the first unexpurgated English translation of de Sade's Justine (1953), and was an editor of Alexander Trocchi's literary magazine Merlin. His letters from this period suggest that his bohemian lifestyle and political leanings somewhat puzzled his father, a long-time American Foreign Service employee and the author of numerous books on peace and arms control.

By 1960 Wainhouse was divorced and dividing his time between the United States and Europe. In the mid-1960s he began working with avant-garde publishing house Grove Press to produce an English translation of Sade's complete works, including his Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille. Wainhouse was given the post of Writer-in-Residence at the Jonas Salk Institute in 1971, where his colleagues included physician Jonas Salk and physicist Jacques Monod; in 1972 he won the National Book Award (Translation) for his translation of Monod's Chance and Necessity.

For the next several years he continued writing and translating from his home in Vermont. Then in 1982 he established The Marlboro Press in Marlboro, Vermont, with the goal of publishing English translations of French and Italian works. "[A]s a publisher [I] could pursue no more responsible course and render no service of greater usefulness to the American reading public than to strengthen and multiply its imaginative connections with the rest of the world," he wrote in a brief history of the press. Over the next twenty years the press published more than ninety titles (first under its own imprint and later under the joint imprint of The Marlboro Press/Northwestern University Press), including literary travel, poetry and fiction.

Wainhouse remained good friends with his former wife Mary ("Muffie") and in the late 1990s he and his wife, Deborah Clayton Wainhouse, relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico where Muffie was living. Muffie died in 2001. Wainhouse's affection for France had never waned, and that same year he and Deborah retired to Uzès in the south of France where he died in 2014.

Wainhouse had three daughters, Cassandra, Melissa, and Suzannah, and one son, Henry.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Austryn Wainhouse Papers consists of calendars, correspondence, diaries, financial material, manuscripts, memorabilia, notebooks, Sade material, and a small amount of miscellanea. The collection contains both personal and professional material and spans Wainhouse's entire career, with particular emphasis on his early work including his translations of the Marquis de Sade.

Calendars consists of 31 small desk calendars, spanning thirty years, with Wainhouse's notes.

Correspondence contains both incoming and outgoing letters (Wainhouse often made carbon copies of his letters, even to friends and family). Notable correspondents include Simone de Beauvoir, Alain Accardo, Georges Bataille, Samuel Beckett, Albert Guerard. The most extensive correspondence is with Dick Seaver, his editor for the Sade books at Grove Press; with British poet Christopher Logue, a close friend with whom he corresponded for more than forty years; and with his wife Mary (Muffie).

Diaries consist of a variety of bound volumes, mostly untitled, spanning about forty years. The first volume includes Wainhouse's pithy observations on his Navy experience and clippings of some of his columns. Later volumes cover a summer in Mallorca (Majorca), a year in Geneva, and "Years with Michelle."

Financial material includes ledgers in which Wainhouse entered his translations and fees, royalty statements from several publishers, and some miscellaneous notes.

Manuscripts, one of the largest series, includes original work as well as translations. Original work includes essays (topics include Baudelaire and "Negroness"), short stories (e.g., "The Prince of Janitzio") and novels (Aftosa, Artra, Hedyphagetica, There Comes a Youth), many of which were apparently never published. Also here is Wainhouse's master's thesis on E.M. Forster. Translations include works by Georges Bataille, Maurice Blanchot, Pierre Jean Jouve, Aleksandra Kroh. Formats include handwritten manuscripts, typescripts, typescript carbons, and others, many with annotations and corrections.

Memorabilia contains a large number of photographs, two boxes of slides, a few negatives, a scrapbook, and some assorted paper memorabilia (membership cards, etc.) Nearly all of the photos are candid shots of Wainhouse, family, friends, houses, scenes in Europe, etc. They have been sleeved for protection, but since most are undated/unlabeled and they arrived in a single box without any organization, no attempt has been made to arrange or categorize them and they remain in random order.

The collection contains more than twenty spiral Notebooks, though not all are found in this series. In some cases, such as the Juliette notebooks (see Sade material below) they were clearly either translations or drafts of original work; these have been filed under Manuscripts or Sade material, depending on their content. What remains in this series are notebooks whose contents either could not be identified, such as one containing practice exercises in Greek and another labeled "Traveler from Peking."

Sade material represents nearly a quarter of the collection. The bulk of this series consists of manuscripts and typescripts of Wainhouse's translations. There are 13 spiral notebooks filled with Wainhouse's original handwritten translation of Justine, numerous drafts of Letters from Vincennes, drafts of Klossowski's Sade mon prochain, and a handwritten translation of Philosophia dans la boudoir (Philosophy in the Bedroom). Also included here are original works by Wainhouse, such as his essay "On translating Sade," the foreword to Juliette Book III, and a "Translator's preface." There are two folders of publicity, both from Grove and from the press (reviews, articles, etc.), and a few miscellaneous items such as the typescript of "The Boudoir Philosophers," a stage version of Philosophy in the Bedroom written by Eric Kahane.

The few items of Miscellany at the end of the collection consists of photopies of two published novels and a random assortment of clippings and printed material.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Calendars and diaries are arranged chronologically. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent and, within that, chronologically. Manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by title, with all translations grouped alphabetically under that subheading. Memorabilia are arranged alphabetically by type but no further arrangement has been attempted and photographs are in no particular order. Sade material is arranged alphabetically by title or type of material; the folders of publicity have been sorted by year only.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

A number of published books have been removed from the collection for cataloging. A complete list of these items is available on request, or you may search the Classic Catalog for "Austryn Wainhouse" as a keyword.

See also the Grove Press Records.

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Subject Headings


Accardo, Alain.
Bataille, Georges, 1897-1962.
Beckett, Samuel, 1906-1989.
Blackburn, Paul.
Blanchot, Maurice.
Froshaug, Anthony.
Guérard, Albert J. (Albert Joseph), 1914-
Hyvernaud, Andrée.
Hyvernaud, Georges.
Klossowski, Pierre.
Lilienthal, David Eli, 1899-1981.
Logue, Christopher, 1926-2011.
Malina, Judith, 1926-
Monod, Jacques.
Sade, marquis de, 1740-1814 -- Translations into English.
Seaver, Richard.
Spingarn, Lawrence Perry, 1917-
Trocchi, Alexander, 1925-1984.
Wainhouse, Austryn.
Wainhouse, David W.
Wainhouse, Mary.
Wyckoff, Alexander.
de Wet, Louis.

Corporate Bodies

Grove Press.
The Marlboro Press.

Associated Titles



Authors, American.
Authors, French.
French literature -- 20th century -- Translations into English.
Publishers and publishing -- Vermont.
Small presses -- Vermont.
Translations -- Publishing.


Paris (France) -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts (document genre)
Manuscripts for publication.
Slides (photographs)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Austryn Wainhouse Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Purchase, 2013.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 8 May 2014
Revision history: 13 Aug 2014 - bio updated (MRC); 6 Oct 2014 - bio updated (MRC); Nov 2014 - corrected Box 2 (MRC)

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Box 1 Calendars 1963-1989 (27 volumes)
Box 2 Calendars 1990-1993 (4 volumes)
Box 3 —, Alex [Trocchi?] 1954-1957, 1960 - from AW to "Alex" with no surname; possibly Alex Trocchi
Box 3 —, Jack 1954-1955, 1977, 1979
Box 3 —, Jean-Paul and Dimitry 1974, 2003
Box 3 —, John [Hunt?] 1951-1952, 1956
Box 3 —, "M" [Michele?] circa 1959 - in English and French
Box 3 —, Pat / Patrick / Padraig 1954, 1956-1958, 1972, 1974 - may be several different people
Box 3 Academie d'Orleans-Tours 1973-1975
Box 3 Accardo, Alain 2005
See also Manuscripts : Translations : Letter to my comrades on the left (Accardo).
Box 3 Aldington, Richard 1955-1956
Box 3 Alfred A. Knopf 1971-1974, 1978 - bulk relates to Monod translation
See also Financial : Royalty statements, Alfred A. Knopf.
Box 3 Arcade Press (Dick Seaver) 1997-1998
Atlantic Monthly
See Davison, Peter.
Box 3 Bataille, Georges 1952-1960, 1967, 1999 - correspondence; clippings about
Box 3 de Beauvoir, Simone 1957
Box 3 Beckett, Samuel 1952-1953, 1956 - includes correspondence between Beckett and Alex Trocchi
Box 3 Beiles, Sinclair 1957-1958
Box 3 Berke, Joseph 1967 - Instutute for Phenomenological Studies; Dialectic of Liberation
Box 3 di Bernardi, Dominic 1998
Box 3 Berry, Wallace and Maxine undated
Box 3 Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation / Tribunal 1966-1967 - includes printed material from the Foundation, bios of members, clippings, etc. (2 folders)
Box 3 Blackburn, Paul 1957-1958, 1970
Box 3 Blanchot, Maurice 1952-1956, undated
Box 3 Bowles, Pat 1960
Briault, Mary
See Wainhouse, Mary (Muffie).
Box 3 Burnell, Robert (Bob) and Connie 1970, 1975
Box 3 Burnett, Virgil 2005 - see also
See also correspondence folder in Manuscripts : Translations : Letter to my comrades on the left (Accardo).
Box 3 Carson Chemical Company 1960
Box 3 Chelsea Green Publishing (Margo Baldwin) 2007 - relates to translation of Kempf book
Box 3 China 1961, 1965-1966
Box 3 Clemens, Cyril 1971 - dubbing AW a "Knight of Mark Twain"
Box 3 Cocteau, Jean undated - fragment of letter, with signature
Box 3 Cohen, Albert - "Coheniana" sent to AW by Ann McGarrell (2 folders)
Box 4 Cohen, Stanley (Weil, Gotshal and Manges) 1969
Box 4 College applications 1969-1971 - letters to various colleges about teaching positions
Box 4 Creeley, Bob 1955, 1968, 1972, 1974
Box 4 Cuba trip 1967-1968 - includes correspondence with Barney Rossett, Dick Seaver, Dionys Mascolo
Box 4 Dalkey Archives Press 1996, 2005
Box 4 Davison, Peter 1969
Box 4 Deberdt-Malaquais, Elisabeth 1967 - relates to rights for extract from Thomas l'Obscur
Box 4 Dixon, Keith 2001, 2003
Box 4 Duncan, Robert 1955-1956
Box 4 Esquire magazine 1965-1966 - relates to "On translating Sade"
Box 4 Feshbach, Sid 2001-2002, 2007
Box 4 Froshaug, Anthony 1956, 1959
Box 4 George Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1968-1969
Box 4 Giono, Jean - bibliography of works
Box 4 Goodwin, Clive 1966, 1970, 1975
Box 4 Grove Press 1955, 1966-1972, 1975, 1980-1981 - Barney Rossett, Fred Jordan, Marilynn Meeker
See also Cuba trip; Seaver, Dick; Financial : Royalty statements, Grove Press.
Box 4 Guerard, Albert and Maclen 1954-1961, 1968-1969, 1974, undated - includes obituary and photocopies of some of Guerard's writings (2 folders)
Box 4 Guerin, Daniel 1956-1957
Box 4 Hazo, Samuel 2001-2002
Box 4 Hopper, John (Jack), AMS Press 1969-1971, 1974, 1977, 1996
Box 4 Hunt, John 1956-1959, 1966-1973, 1982-1983, 1997, 2001, 2003
Box 4 Hyvernaud, Andrée 1995, 1997, undated - includes two manuscripts by Georges Hyvernaud, Silhouettes (illustrated by Victor Ruiz-Huidobro) and Suivre la Guide
Box 4 John Calder Publishers 1960
Box 4 Johns Hopkins Press 1973-1974
Box 4 Johnson, Ben 1955, 1957
Box 4 Jonathan Cape 1971-1972 - relates to Ma Mere
Jordan, Ken
See Grove Press.
Kahane, Eric
See Sade : Miscellaneous : The Boudoir Philosophers.
Box 4 Kirk, Emily 2004
Box 4 Klossowski, Pierre 1950-1951, 1955, 1960-1961, 1965, 1969-1970 - relates to Sade
See also Sade : Translations : Sade mon prochain.
Box 4 Kolko, Gabriel 1968-1989
Box 4 Lecture correspondence 1979 - various colleges
Box 4 Legman, G. 1955, 1968
Box 4 Lilienthal, David 1966-1976, 1979
Box 5 Logue, Christopher 1956-1985, 1994-2004, undated (3 folders)
Box 5 Malina diary project (Brazilian Diary of Judith Malina) 1981 - includes correspondence with Malina
Box 5 Marion Boyars Publishers 1986-1988 - includes photocopy of Ma Mere and other pieces with AW's corrections
Box 5 Marlboro College 1971-1973, 1978-1981
Marlboro Press
See also Northwestern University Press.
Box 5 Benedetti 1999
Box 5 Clippings 1995-1998, 2001
Box 5 Gozzano book (David Marinelli) 1993
Box 5 Hans Christian Anderson - photocopy of "A Visit to North Africa"
Box 5 History, archives 2000 - includes brief history of press by AW
Box 5 Miscellaneous 1992, 1995-2002, 2006, undated
Box 5 Marquand, John 1965, 1967, 1971, 1977
Mascolo, Dionys
See Cuba trip.
Box 5 McGarrell, Ann 1999-2003 - includes translations of works by Melania Mazzucco
See also Marlboro Press.
Box 5 Medical papers 1991, 1998, 2005
Meeker, Marilynn
See Grove Press.
Box 5 Merlin 1954-1956
Box 5 Millet, Richard 1997 - photocopied clippings relating to "L'amour des trois soeurs piale"
Box 5 Monod, Jacques 1970-1972 - see also
See also Alfred A. Knopf.
Box 6 National Book Award 1972
Box 6 New Directions Press 1977-1979
Box 6 The New York Times 1965 - letter to the editor from AW
Box 6 Norse, Harold 1955
Box 6 Northwestern University Press 1998, 2000-2006 - see also The Marlboro Press
See also Marlboro Press.
Box 6 O'Donoghue, Derek and Betsy 1960, 1980
Box 6 PEN newsletter 1970, 1972 - includes "Translator's Bill of Rights"
Box 6 Penguin Press 1966-1969
Box 6 Peyre, Henri 1966, 1970
Box 6 Pons, Louis 1962, 1966, 2004 - includes exhibit catalog, AW's notes on Pons
Box 6 Property lists 1956, undated - includes two attached letters, from "Duncan" and "Bill"
Box 6 Publishers, various 1964-1965, 1998 - about Sade
Box 6 de Rache, Andre (editor) 1965-1966
Box 6 Robling, Mary Jo 1995
Box 6 Roditi, Edouard 1955
Box 6 Rosenbaum, Lisa 1960, 1997
Rossett, Barney
See Grove Press.
Box 6 San Lazzaro, G. (XXe Siecle) 1968-1969
Box 6 Schulson, Hyman 1958-1960 - attorney
Box 6 Seaver, Dick 1955, 1958-1972, 1979-1980, 1998, undated - includes substantial Sade material (3 folders)
See also Cuba trip.
Box 6 Shattuck, Roger 1969
Box 6 Shepley, John undated
Box 6 Skira, M. and Mme. 1955
Box 6 Slade, Brenda 1974 - formerly Brenda Parkhouse
Box 6 Slocombe, Lorna (Estate of) 1999
Box 6 Smith, Bill 1956, undated
Box 6 Spingarn, Lawrence (Larry) 1961, 1969, 1974-1975, 1981-1982 - includes thoughts on translating Portuguese verse; typescript of short story, "The Ambassador"
Box 6 Taylor, John 2004, 2006
Box 6 Trocchi, Alex 1955-1956
See also —, Alex, some of which may be Trocchi.
Box 6 U.S. Navy 1946 - evaluation of AW's performance as officer candidate
Box 6 University of Angers 1974
Box 6 University of Nice 1973 - includes c.v.
Box 6 Vogue 1967 - relates to Bertrand Russell Tribunal article
Box 6 Wainhouse, Cassandra (daughter) 1998, 2000
Box 6 Wainhouse, David and Katherine (parents) 1956, 1960-1963, 1971
Wainhouse, Jon (brother)
Box 6 About 1946 - letter from AW to a Mr MacCubbin
Box 6 Drawings by 1934, 1945-1946, undated
Box 7 Wainhouse, Mary (Muffie) 1950-1951, 1954-1962, 1965, 1977, 1997-1998, 2001, undated - incoming and outgoing; main correspondent is AW, but there are also a few letters to and from others; last folder includes obituary and text of AW's eulogy at her funeral (as Mary Briault) (4 folders)
Box 7 Waldberg, Patrick 1956, 1965, 1968-1969
Box 7 de Wet, Louis 1964
Box 7 Whalen, Polly 1975, 1977
Box 7 White, Gary Scott 2002-2003 - includes photograph
Box 7 Wieck, Fred 1970-1971
Box 7 Wright, Ellen 1957-1958, 1960
Box 7 Wyckoff, Alexander circa 1955-1982 - majority are undated
Box 7 Miscellaneous, A-Z
Box 7 Miscellaneous, A-Z, first name only
Box 7 Miscellaneous, unidentified
Box 8 [untitled] Dec 1944 - Feb 1952 - first volume includes AW's thoughts on his Navy experience and clippings of his work (9 volumes)
Box 9 [untitled] Feb 1952 - Feb 1955 (3 volumes)
Box 9 Mallorca notes 1955 - summer (June, July, August) (1 volume)
Box 9 Geneva Feb 1955 - Jun 1956 (1 volume)
Box 9 [untitled] Jun 1956 - May 1958 (2 volumes)
Box 9 Paris Jun 1958 - May 1961 (1 volume)
Box 9 Years with Michelle [1958-1961?] - appears to describe the years 1958 to 1961, but no indication of when it was written (1 volume)
Box 10 [untitled] Christmas 1973 - Feb 1981 (1 volume)
Box 10 Black notebook about Elsa relationship 1981 - mostly blank, only about 8 pages are used (1 volume)
Box 10 [untitled] Feb 1984 - Oct 1984 (1 volume)
Box 10 [untitled] undated (1 volume)
Box 10 Ledgers 1948-1959 (4 volumes)
Box 11 Ledgers 1960-1968, 1973-1975 (3 volumes)
Box 11 Royalty statements, Alfred A. Knopf 1970-1984
Box 11 Royalty statements, Grove Press 1965-1987, 1998 (2 folders)
Box 11 Royalty statements, Random House 1976-1978
Box 11 Miscellaneous
Box 11 Aftosa undated - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 12 Artra - typescript with corrections
See also Notebooks : Artra notes.
Box 12 [on Baudelaire] - handwritten with corrections
Box 12 Book review, La France by Larousse - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 12 Book review, Vanna by Emmanuelle Arsan
Box 12 Book review, unidentified book by Daniel Guerin - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 12 [on Camus and Faulkner] - typescript; typescript carbon; both with corrections
Box 12 Cesaire to Maurice Thoux, Secretary General of French Communist Party - handwritten with corrections
Box 12 A Chronicle 1956 - typescript with corrections
Box 12 Comment on the effect of pornographic readings on three persons; cast Don, Dick me
Box 12 Epithalamion
Box 12 Gilles de Rais Introduction Part Two: The historical evidence - see also (2 folders)
See also Translations : Trial of Gilles de Rais.
Box 12 Hannah - typescript
Box 12 Hedyphagetica 1954 - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 12 In Stockholm - spiral notebook with handwritten notes; typescript with corrections
Box 13 Interrogations - handwritten volume
Box 13 Klieje, from A Chroncle of Ghent - typescript
Box 13 Letter to a communist - handwritten with corrections
Box 13 The Medusa's petrifying gaze - appears to be an essay on Sartre; typescript with corrections
Box 13 Memoir - Notes - handwritten notes, photocopied notes, clippings
See also Translations : My Mother in which the piece appeared.
Box 13 [on Negroness] - possibly related to Congress of Negro Intellectuals; handwritten with corrections
Box 13 Nicholas in Byzantz [Byzantium] - typescript with corrections, two drafts
Box 13 Notes on the situtation of the writer - typescript with corrections
Box 13 Pneu crevé en Auvergne - script for short film, with Jacques Gauthier; typescript and typescript carbon, multiple drafts; letter from "Mike" with his evaluation
Box 13 [on Presénce Africaine] - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 13 Prince of Janitzio - typescript
Box 13 Sketches for an apology 1951 - typescript carbon
Box 13 There came a youth - typescript (2 folders)
Box 14 The undeveloped heart: E.M. Forster 1948 - AW's thesis; typescript carbon
Box 14 Fragments
Box 14 List of translations by AW - includes those done under pseudonym Pieralessandro Casavini
Box 14 Les annees profonde, by Jouve - appears to have been a team effort, possibly student work?; typescripts, carbons with corrections
Box 14 L'Arrete de mort, by Blanchot - photocopy of corrected typescript
Box 14 L'Atelier d'Alberto Giacometti, author unknown - handwritten
Box 14 C'est la guerre, by Calaferte - notebook, handwritten
Box 14 Chance and necessity, by Monod - typescript carbon, photocopies; includes photographs for illustrations
Box 14 Chine d'hier et d'aujourd'hui [excerpt]
Box 14 Comment les riches detruisent la planete, by Kempf - photocopy of corrected handwritten manuscript; see also
See also Correspondence : Chelsea Green Publishing.
Box 14 Excerpt from the memoirs of la comtesse de C+++ relative to the author of "Gamiani" - typescript with corrections
Box 14 Expliquez-moil'existentialisme, by Campbell - typescript carbon
Box 14 Francois, encore un effort... - handwritten with corrections
Box 15 Les guerres sont loin [Lucien's story], by Kroh - notebook, handwritten
Box 15 Les larmes d'Eros, by Bataille 1961 - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 15 Letter to my comrades on the left, by Accardo - numerous drafts, handwritten and typescript; one folder of correspondence with various people including Virgil Burnett (6 folders)
Box 15 Marino Marini, by Waldberg - typescript carbon in French, typescript in English with corrections (2 folders)
Box 15 My mother, by Bataille - includes "Memoir" by AW and other pieces (2 folders)
See also Memoir - Notes, above
Box 15 Sarpedon[?] - typescript with corrections
Box 15 Thomas l'obscur, by Blanchot - typescript with corrections
Box 16 Trial of Gilles de Rais - typescripts with corrections, multiple drafts; see also Gilles de Rais Introduction Part Two: The historical evidence, above (4 folders)
Miscellaneous - fragments, translations by others, etc.
Box 16 Books in my life, by Henry Miller 1952 - published in Points 15
Box 16 Desert world, by Pierre Jean Jouve, translated by Lydia Davis - typescript
Box 16 Excerpts of others' work - Brecht, Chaucer
Box 16 Hecate: The adventure of Catherine Crochat, by Pierre Jean Jouve, translated by Lydia Davis - typescript with corrections
Box 17 Notes and commentary: Barryism, by Matthew Mugg 1952 - published in Points 14; typescript carbon
Box 17 Paris letter, by Matthew Mugg - typescript carbon
Box 17 Reflexions upon the May festival and proposals for a spring offensive, by Hanssen Riley 1952 - published in Points 15; typescript carbon
Box 17 Le wagon à vaches, by Georges Hyvernaud, translated by Dominic di Bernardi - typescript
Box 23 Negatives
Box 23 Photographs circa 1930-2005 - (5 folders)
The vast majority of these are candid shots of Wainhouse, friends, family, etc. Very few are labeled. Lacking dates and descriptions, no attempt has been made to organize these other than to group the obviously older photos together at the beginning. Subjects include Wainhouse himself at home and at events such as a book signing; friends and family; European travels; Vermont; etc. There is also a group of photographs of long wooden tables, possibly made by AW.
Oversize 1 Scrapbook - newspaper clippings, Georgia currency
Oversize 2 Slides - most are unlabeled; slides arrived completed disordered and no attempt has been made to organize them.
Oversize 3 Slides - most are unlabeled; slides arrived completed disordered and no attempt has been made to organize them.
Oversize 1 Wooden book cradle
Box 23 Miscellaneous - membership cards, postcards, etc.
Box 17 Artra notes
See also Manuscripts : Artra.
Box 17 Chambord notebook, meeting with Bataille
Box 17 Greek alphabet practice
Box 17 Letter to a black countryman
Box 17 Royal Calligraphe - only about 12 pp are used, rest is blank
Box 17 Traveler from Peking
Sade material
Original work
Box 18 The Figure and doctrine of the Marquis de Sade - typescript carbon
Box 18 Juliette Book III foreword - typescript with corrections
Box 18 On the clandestine: Notes for an homage - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 18 On translating Sade 1966 - typescript, galleys(?), printed version in Evergreen Review
Box 18 Sade lecture 1980 - photcopy of handwritten manuscript
Box 18 Translator's preface - photocopy of corrected typescript
Box 18 Grove 1965-1967 - advertisements, blurbs, etc.
Box 18 Reviews 1965-1967, undated (3 folders)
Translations - titles are given as written on covers
Box 18 Juliette IIa - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 18 Juliette IIb, IIa - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 18 Juliette IIIb - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 18 Juliette IIIc - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliette IIId - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliette IIIe, IVa - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliete IVb - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliete IVc - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliete vi-a - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliette vi-b - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliette vi-c - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliette vi-d - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 19 Juliete VI (cont.) - spiral notebook, handwritten
Box 20 Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille, Volume 1 - typescript
Box 20 Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille, Volume 1 - typescript carbon
Box 20 Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille, Volume 1 - corrected keyboarded translation
Box 20 Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille, Volume 1 notebook 2 - typescript
Box 20 Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille, Volume 1 notebook 2 - handwritten (2 folders)
Box 21 Letters from Vincennes and from the Bastille, Volume 1 notebook 2 - photocopy of handwritten (2 folders)
Box 21 Philosophia dans la boudoir - handwritten
Box 21 Sade mon prochain, by Klossowski 1952 - first drafts
Box 21 Short texts, Book I - several shorter pieces by Sade
Box 21 Unidentified manuscript
Box 21 Clippings - New York Times article on Sade; photocopy of two unidentified pages
Box 21 "During his lifetime..." - 2 paragraphs on Sade, author unknown; typescript carbon with corrections
Box 21 Editor's foreword - no name, but presumably by Dick Seaver as editor
Box 21 Kahane, "The Boudoir Philosophers" - stage version of Philosophy in the Bedroom, by Eric Kahane
Box 21 Klossowski preface, Volume II
Box 21 Sade texts - AW's notes
Box 21 Photocopy of Paulina, by Pierre Jean Jouve
Box 22 Photocopy of The Guiltless, by Hermann Broch
Box 22 Printed material 1955, 1967, 1982, 1995, 1998-1999, 2006 - clippings, prinouts of articles, issue of The Nation from June of 1967

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