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Don Wright Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Wright, Don, 1934-
Title: Don Wright Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1963-1968
Quantity: 4.8 linear ft.
Abstract: Over 500 original editorial cartoons from approximately 1963-1968 and correspondence (1963-1965) with related clippings.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Donald Conway Wright (1934- ), professionally known as Don Wright, is an American editorial cartoonist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1966 and 1980.

Don Wright was born January 23, 1934, in Los Angeles, California. When he was a child, his family moved across the country to Florida and he graduated from Miami Edison High School in 1952. Wright's interest in cartoons began when he took a job as copyboy with the Miami News (1952-1956). Although the News refused to move Wright to the art department, on the grounds he probably would be drafted from that job, they did allow him to become a photographer. Wright was subsequently drafted, served in the U.S. Army as a photographer and ultimately returned to the Miami News as graphics editor in December 1958.

Shortly after his rejoining the News, Wright resigned. Not wishing to lose Wright however, the News offered, as a compromise, to publish some of his cartoons. By 1963 Wright had transformed the original one or two cartoons per week, on local issues, into a regular appearance on the editorial page.

Wright won his first Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in 1966 for his cartoon titled "You Mean You Were Bluffing?". He won the award again in 1980. Wright has also been recognized with the National Headliners Club Award (1969, 1972, 1980, 1982) and is a two-time winner of the Distinguished Service Award from Sigma Delta Chi. Wright has won five awards from the Overseas Press Club and he received a Robert F. Kennedy journalism award in 1983. The National Cartoonists Society named Wright the best editorial cartoonist in 1985. His work has been collected in the books Wright On! A Collection of Political Cartoons (1971) and Wright Side Up (1981).

His work has been syndicated by the Washington (DC) Star Syndicates and the New York Times Syndicate. In 1989, Wright moved to the Palm Beach Post, where he remained until his retirement in August 2008. As of 2009 he continues to draw cartoons distributed by Tribune Media Services.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Don Wright Papers are divided into two series. Cartoons contains approximately 527 original editorial cartoons. Some cartoons are dated (1964-1965) while the remainder are undated and from approximately 1963 to 1968.

The cartoons were drawn with ink and crayon on illustration board. Traces of pencil are visible. The majority of the captions are typed on paper and taped onto the cartoons. Generally, the cartoons are two sizes. The majority are approximately 11" x 14" although there are some smaller cartoons. There are also 38 oversize cartoons with image sizes of 8 ½" x 11 ½" mounted on board measuring 16" x 20".

Prevalent in the collection are Wright's caricatures of president Lyndon B. Johnson and 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater as well as cartoons focused on the Republican Party, the Vietnam War, and the civil rights movement in the American South. Wright routinely criticized the actions of Southern segregationists and offered bold depictions critical of the Ku Klux Klan and the anti-communist John Birch Society. Cartoons about local issues and Florida governor Haydon Burns are also included.

Correspondence (1963-1965) contains primarily incoming letters from readers (including several children), politicians and representatives of various publications and organizations. Typical subjects are requests for copies of cartoons and notes of praise and criticism.

Controversial cartoons discussed in the correspondence include those related to the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater and the law enforcement involved in the civil rights movement. Of particular interest are several items from readers alleging that Wright's work supported communism as well as clippings of cartoons from the paper on which the readers drew and/or voiced their disagreement in ink. Several letters in this tone stemmed from a controversial cartoon (March 9, 1965) in which Wright criticized the Alabama State Troopers for their treatment of civil rights activists.

There is also one signed letter from Barry Goldwater (1963) and a note from cartoonist Syd Hoff.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Dated editorial cartoons are arranged in chronological order and foldered by month. Undated cartoons are arranged in alphabetical order by caption. Correspondence is arranged in chronological order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has collections of over one hundred cartoonists. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Burns, Haydon, 1912-1987 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Gaulle, Charles de, 1890-1970 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Wallace, George C. (George Corley), 1919-1998 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Wright, Don, 1934- -- Archives.

Corporate Bodies

John Birch Society -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Ku Klux Klan (1915- ) -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ) -- Caricatures and cartoons.
United States. Congress -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Associated Titles

Miami news.


American wit and humor, Pictorial.
Caricatures and cartoons -- Florida.
Caricatures and cartoons -- United States.
Cartoonists -- Florida.
Cartoonists -- United States.
Civil rights movements -- United States -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Editorial cartoons -- Florida.
Editorial cartoons -- United States.
Pulitzer Prizes.
Southern States -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Space Exploration -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Caricatures and cartoons.
World politics -- 1945-1989 -- Caricatures and cartoons.


United States -- Politics and government -- 1963-1969 -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Genres and Forms

Cartoons (humorous images)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Editorial cartoons.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Don Wright Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Don Wright 1964, 1968.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: –
Date: 1982
Revision history: 12 Dec 2008 - converted to EAD (MD); 8 Jan 2010 - added detailed scope and inventory (SK)

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Oversize 1 Feb 1964
Feb 6- I Can hardly Hear Myself Figure Their application for More Foreign Aid: foreign aid
Oversize 1 Dec 1964
Dec 2- I Think He Agrees With Me On Why Rates Are Going Up: auto insurance
Dec 6- Take Me To A Leader: Republican Party
Dec 10- I Christen Thee: NATO, nuclear weapons
Dec 13- [Four-Part Cartoon w/ two men talking]: Peace Corps, Mississippi
Dec 16- Tell The Air Force It Just Keeps Coming: Robert McNamara
Dec 20- Drought: Dean Burch, Barry Goldwater
Dec 21- If We Need Anything Else From You Foreigners, We'll Say So: Vietnam War causalities, Nguyen Khanh
Dec 23- Eclipse: King Orange
Dec 30- —Er, Whose Little Boy Are You?: Haydon Burns, Florida, education
Dec 31- C'mon Somebody — One Last Fling: holiday traffic fatalities
Oversize 1 Jan 1965
Jan 4- Takeoff: Congo, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Indonesia
Jan 5- Want To See Some Tricks?: Congress
Jan 6- Tell Me It Isn't A Mirage: Florida, Dade County
Jan 7- Follow Me!: Sukarno
Jan 10 - —Winter Playground For Celebrities Such As Jackie Gleason, Robert Goulet, Jimmy Durante, Murph the Surf--: Miami Beach
Jan 12- It's No Use—He's Going to Pull Through: Medicare
Jan 14- [Elephant standing in doorway point at Barry Goldwater]: Barry Goldwater
Jan 15- Pppphhhhtttttttt!: city politician
Jan 19- [General Assembly United Nations]: U. Thant
Jan 20- [Lyndon Johnson as a shooting star]:
Jan 21- Isn't It Just Too Bad About Where The Liberals Are Going?: anti-communist Christian crusade
Jan 24- Southern Bell Rate Hearings: telephone industry
Jan 25- Carry on, and dread nought: Winston Churchill
Jan 26- —So I Said To Myself, 'Are You Going To Be A Small-Time Cold Bug All Your Life?: illness, Lyndon B. Johnson
Jan 27- Ah Like 'Em Tight, Don't You?: national debt, budget, Lyndon B. Johnson
Jan 28- [Aerojet General Solid Rocket Fuel Testing Chamber]
Jan 31- [State Insurance Commissioner]: insurance industry
Oversize 1 Feb 1965
Feb 3- What's It Worth?
Feb 4- Where'd My People Go?
Feb 7- Of Course, When I Pass On Here, I Will Bring You Many New Proposals, Which Will Mean You Must Revamp Your Entire System These Changes Will Correct A Fundamental–
Feb 10- [Mao Lighting Fuse To Southeast Asia]: Mao Zedong, Asia
Feb 12- [Lasso around a U.S. Dollar with wings]: European and South American countries
Feb 13- [Uncle Sam carrying a U.S. soldier in Vietnam]: Vietnam War
Feb 16- The Four R's: teachers
Feb 17- Hey! Watch Where I'm Leading Us!: China, Alexey Kosygin
Feb 18- [Airport Car Rental Concession]
Feb 19- [Bullseye on the Moon]: space exploration
Feb 21- [headless man "Saigon" walks around]
Feb 23- Death Of A Salesman: Malcolm X, violence
Feb 24- [Collapsed Sugar Market]: Fidel Castro
Feb 25- Ach! Der Hussy!: Ludwig Erhard, William J. Fulbright
Feb 26- [X-Way Designers]
Feb 28- [What your Government is doing]: press
Oversize 1 Mar 1965
Mar 2- Negotiate: Vietnam War
Mar 3- ['Come see us, Podnuh ' LBJ - 'Dear Lyndon: You'd Love Moscow ' Alexei"]: Alexey Kosygin
Mar 4- Burp!: politics, regents
Mar 5- Haydon, Something About Us Makes Him Nervous: Haydon Burns, press
Mar 7- [Watchdogs for Americanism Blacklist]: communism
Mar 9- Evolution: Alabama state troopers
Mar 10- [Governor Alabama]: George Wallace
Mar 16- —Just Lying Around, Cooling It How Goes It With You, Alexei?: Nikita Khrushchev, Alexey Kosygin
Mar 21- He Says we BOTH have to let him up: Lyndon B. Johnson, civil rights
Mar 21- Raise? I Thought They Said Raze!: Supreme Court, Congress
Mar 24- [Astronaut in spaceship looks at footprints in space]: space exploration
Mar 24- [Honest That Gas we're sending to Vietnam is harmless stuff It's only used to control riots Honest, Nothing to it at all]: Lyndon B. Johnson, world opinion
Mar 25- [Briefing NASA]: space exploration
Mar 30- Haw! With Our Roles Off, How They Gonna Know Us?: Ku Klux Klan, Lyndon B. Johnson
Mar 31- [Ambassador Maxwell D Taylor returned Sunday for a week of consultations with 'a feeling that things are turning for the better' in Vietnam]: Vietnam War
Oversize 1 Apr 1965
Apr 4- Slaves: smoking
Apr 6- [Reapportionment]: Florida legislature
Apr 7- Washboard Road: Soviet Union, France, Britain
Apr 8- Let Us Now Assume We Have Only 49 States: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Apr 9- Amour: Florida, Dade County
Apr 13- Old Faithful: Congress, education, Medicare, Appalachia, voting rights
Apr 14- Early Spring Blossom (Dickipoodus Candidatus Prospectus): Richard Nixon
Apr 15- [TFX]: defense spending
Aor 18- Easter Lily: voting rights
Apr 19- He Just Keeps Rollin' Along!: flooding
Apr 21- [Man looks up at a rain drop]: weather
Apr 22- We Hunger To Help Our Little Neighbors: Mao Zedong
Apr 23- Guided Missile: Medicare
Apr 24- [Person wearing an oversized helmet]: Dominican Republic
Apr 25- [Big Steel]: Lyndon B. Johnson, steel industry
Apr 27- Tallahassee Maniac: Florida legislature, Dade County, price fixing
Apr 28- Horrors! Bad Enough We're In A War—Now You're Trying To Win It: Wayne Morse, Vietnam War
Apr 30- [Shastri surrounded by Peking and Pakistan sharks]: China, Pakistan, Lal Bahadur Shastri
Oversize 1 May 1965
May 2- Nothing Will Come Between Us: Dominican Republic, democracy
May 4- [Castro under a gun marked "USMC"]: Dominican Republic, Fidel Castro, armed forces
May 5- Gee. A Little Something For Everybody: political ideologies
May 6- [Statue of Liberty with a larger muscle]
May 10- [Dominican Revolution]: Dominican Republic, Juan Bosch
May 11- [Charles De Gaulle]: SEATO, NATO, foreign policy, U.S. Dollar, common market
May 12- Fly in the Soup: poll tax, voting rights
May 13- [Everglades National Park]: flooding
May 16- [Organization of American States as a turtle]: Lyndon B. Johnson
May 18- Relax He Doesn't Know How To Throw It Yet: nuclear weapons, China
May 19- He's An Accused Murderer: organized labor, right to work laws
May 20- Ask That One Near The End For His Autograph: Ku Klux Klan
May 23- Op Art: Lyndon B. Johnson, Dominican Republic
May 25- Can't Stand Looking At Yourself, Eh?: Congress, Bobby Baker
May 26- [Lyndon Johnson with multiple arms and hands pointing different directions]
May 27- [White Only voting booth]: voting rights, Congress
May 31- [John Lindsay holding an elephant]: Republican Party
Oversize 1 Jun 1965
Jun 1- Now Folks, The Next Act On 'Let's See You Top This!: space exploration
Jun 4- Who Ever Heard Of A Master, Master Sargent?: Sargent Shriver, poverty, Peace Corps, Congress
Jun 6- Issues! Issues!: Republican Party
Jun 8- Doesn't It Bother You That None Return To Roost?: peace, Lyndon B. Johnson
Jun 10- I'd Swear That Thing Was Getting Around?: space exploration
Jun 11- Anybody See A Place To Turn Around?: Vietnam War
Jun 13- [Robert Wagner and John Lindsay holding on to stars over New York City]
Jun 15- Hit 'Em Again, Hit 'Em Again, Harder, Harder—: Vietnam War, Barry Goldwater
Jun 16- Boo!: stock market, William McChesney Martin
Jun 18- —So Much Force And So Little Peace: Dominican Republic
Jun 20- [Korean War soldier over Lyndon Johnson's shoulder]: Vietnam War
Jun 22- [Reappointment]
Jun 23- [Dove on missile marked U.S. Viet Policy]: Vietnam War
Jun 24- [World looks at a maternity ward]: birth rate
Jun 25- [Unity, The New GOP]: Republican Party
Jun 28- —One Order, We'll Done, Coming Up!: reapportionment
Jun 29- Puppet Show: Vietnam War, China
Jun 30- It Helps If You Shut Your Eyes On The Big Dips: stock market, economy
Oversize 2 Jul 1965
Jul 1- Bon Voyage: tourism
Jul 2- [Bird of the Month Wild Eyed Looney fringe]
Jul 4- That Means It Isn't Murder—Just Voluntary Manslaughter: smoking
Jul 7- Whose Side Are They On?: college students, Vietnam War, Ohio, New York, Missouri, Iowa
Jul 8- [Common market]: Charles De Gaulle
Jul 13- The Great Society: Lyndon B. Johnson
Jul 14- [Mars closeups by Mariner IV]: space exploration
Jul 16- Eclipse: Great Society, Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson
Jul 17- I Tell You, I Heard a Horn: space exploration, Soviet Union
Jul 18- T-T-This Town Is B-Big Enough For Both of Us: American Football League, University of Miami
Jul 20- I Saw People On It, But You Couldn't Call That Living: aliens
Jul 21- Amateurs!: Internal Revenue Service, espionage
Jul 22- We North Vietnamese Dress For These Freak Showers: peace, Vietnam War
Jul 25- —Don't Always Look For The Silver Lining: currency
Jul 27- We've Reached A Higher Level Of Discussion: nuclear weapons, disarmament
Jul 28- [Step-up of War in Vietnam]: Vietnam War
Jul 29- [Bird of the Month Kuku Kluck]: Ku Klux Klan
Jul 30- [I Might Need You]: Lyndon B. Johnson
Oversize 2 Aug 1965
Aug 3- Rabbit Ears: Gerald Ford, Vietnam War
Aug 4- My, The Phenomena Are Restless Lately: UFOs, armed forces
Aug 5- [voting Rights bill passed]: Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon B. Johnson
Aug 6- —August 5, I Empted His Astray —: Lyndon B. Johnson
Aug 8- —Har, Har, Hee Hee Hoo Hee Har, Ho Haw!: Medicare
Aug 10- The Pacifist:
Aug 11- Centaur: Greece
Aug 12- I think It's Settling In: Vietnam War, Wayne Morse
Aug 13- [War protest signs 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995]: Vietnam War, Hawaii, California, Philippines
Aug 15- [Civil rights progress]: Los Angeles, Chicago, riots
Aug 17- This Used To Be A Terrible Place To Live: Watts riots
Aug 18- Records Were Made To Be Broken
Aug 24- Ah Had To Shoot Him Sheriff, He Was Armed: civil rights, clergy
Aug 25- Hey, Tower, Watch This Takeoff: Republican Party, Vietnam War
Aug 26- I Like Some Bass When I Plan Peace Overtures: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson
Aug 27- Watch The Riff-Raff Start Pouring In: immigration
Oversize 2 Sep 1965
Sep 21- [The teachings of Gandhi]
Sep 23- [Global War]: United Nations
Sep 24- Headache: Asia, China
Sep 26- Hitchhiker: right-wing politics, California, Republican Party
Sep 28- One Of Us Must Get Through To The PTA Meeting: John Birch Society
Sep 29- Home Stretch: Congress, Lyndon B. Johnson
Sep 30- [Russian news stand]: Pravda, Izvestia, Wall Street Journal
Oversize 2 Oct 1965
Oct 1- [You Are Now Leaving Hayneville Ala]: justice, Alabama
Oct 5- If You Don't Like It Here, Feel Free To Lea— : Fidel Castro
Oct 6- [United Nations as a baseball player]: India, Pakistan
Oct 8- Gall Stone: Lyndon B. Johnson, Congress, right to work law
Oct 10- Stand-In: Hubert Humphrey
Oct 11- Report from Indonesia: Sukarno
Oct 12- Rhodesia, Spirit of '65: racism, Ian Smith
Oct 13- Well, Back To The Old Grind: Lyndon B. Johnson
Oct 14- Oh, THAT!: Vietnam War
Oct 17- [Fidel Castro with dog heading out to sea]: Cuba
Oct17- You Look Kind Of Funny To Me, Welch: Barry Goldwater, Robert Welch
Oct 18- Peace March: U.S. Flag
Oct 19- —Burned His Credit Card By Mistake: protestors, draft
Oct 21- I'll Keep you Posted: press, Lyndon B. Johnson
Oct 22- Touchy Devils: HUAAC, Ku Klux Klan
Oct 24- [89th Congress]: Lyndon B. Johnson
Oct 25- [Metro—School Budgets Squeezing take of Property Owner]
Oct 26- [Entering Hayneville, Ala]: Alabama, Ku Klux Klan
Oct 28- Let Freedom Ring
Oct 29- [Car with Brazil license plate]: democracy
Oct 30- Aaaaaaaaaaagh! A Goblin!: UNICEF, right wing politics, Halloween
Oversize 2 Nov 1965
Nov 1- [China sitting outside a door marked UN]: United Nations, China
Nov 2- [Bird "Luci" locked in a cage]
Nov 3- [Nelson Rockefeller]
Nov 5- Some Candidates Kiss Babies: Charles De Gaulle
Nov 7- Rhodesian Paper Doll: Ian Smith, Ku Klux Klan
Nov 9- What Second Line?: inflation, aluminum industry, Lyndon B. Johnson
Nov 10- GOOD Morning, Dear!: news
Nov 11- [New York City blackout] (photograph pasted on a cartoon)
Nov 14- [nationwide aluminum products]: Lyndon B. Johnson, aluminum industry
Nov 16- [205th Free Cuba Commandos in Exile]
Nov 18- They Don't Kick The Way They Used To: China, United Nations
Nov 21- I Can Kill Anything Better Than You—Yah, Yah, Yah!: nuclear weapons, Russia
Nov 23- [How the War went today]: Vietnam War casualties
Nov 24- You Know Dear—I'll Bet A Man In Your Condition Could Get A Crack At The Heavyweight Champ: boxing
Nov 26- [Growing Vietnam War casualties]
Nov 28- Tshombe's Out, Tshombe's In! Mobutu This, Kasavubu That—Coup, Coup, Coup! I Tell You, Cheetah, This Place Ain't What It Used To Be: Congo, Moise Tshombe
Nov 30- Blind Man's Bluff: Vietnam War, China
Oversize 2 Dec 1965
Dec 3- W-Who Turned On That Light?: racism, civil rights, Anniston trial
Dec 5- —I Had The Old Sleigh Up For A Dry Run, See? All Of A Sudden, WHOOSH! I Was Sideswiped By Two Guys Driving A Crazy, Metal-Plated Bottle!: Santa Claus
Dec 7- [Charles De Gaulle]
Dec 8- Let's Go Find a Cause: protestors
Dec 10- Ga, Ga, Ga, Out Veet Num: Benjamin Spock, Vietnam War
Dec 14- —Well, Hello, Chollie; It'd Be SO Nice To Have You Back Where You Belong, etc: Charles De Gaulle
Dec 16- Dr. Livingston, I Presume: space exploration
Dec 17- I'm Certain He Won't Let Himself Live Much Longer: Haydon Burns, Florida Legislature
Dec 19- The Great Giveaway Program, Eh? Whatever Became Of Individual Initiative?: Santa Claus
Dec 21- [Hanoi Peace bid]: Vietnam War
Dec 22- [Made in the U.S.A.]: nuclear weapons
Dec 24- Happy Holidays: U.S. Postal Service
Dec 25- Who wants to worry about world problems today- Merry Christmas
Dec- You're In Luck! I Found A Couple Of Seats On A Flight Leaving In 1983: Fidel Castro, Cuba
Oversize 2 A
The Act Is Dead! : elections, Robert King
Admit It! You're Thinking Brutal Thoughts : New York City, police brutality
—After The Trish In Haynesville, I Became Depressed And Developed A Nervous Twitch--: justice
Agnes! You Know How The Big Boy Feels About That Kind Of Stuff': J. Edgar Hoover
Agricultural Program: nuclear weapons, Russia
[Aid To Rhodesia]: Ku Klux Klan
All Clear?: right to work law
Alliance for Progress: Argentina
Altitude Record: food prices
—And How Am I Today, Sweetie? : Lyndon B. Johnson, public opinion
—And Now, A Question For Mayor Burns: Haydon Burns
Angel: railroad industry, Lyndon B. Johnson
Arc De Triomphe: Charles De Gaulle, Mao Zedong
Arise!: China
As I saw—er—see the situation, Goldwater...: Richard Nixon, Republican Party
Atta Boy, Bill! I like A Good, Hard, Gutsy Campaign: Bill Miller, elections
A (oversize mounted)
—And Finally, Doctor, I Faced The Awful Fact That I'm the Only College Professor who doesn't know what to do ab out Vietnam: Vietnam War
—And When I Come Home, Luci Baines, You'll Be There To Fetch My Pipe and Slippers: Luci Baines Johnson
Oversize 2 B
$$ Burns: Haydon Burns
Baker Affair: Congress, Bobby Baker
Barry Darling, If At Times I Seem Reticent... : Barry Goldwater, Republican Party
Base Says They Are Not All Yankee Missiles!: sports
Bay Pollution Control: pollution
[Benjamin Franklin Bust Broken by a Football]
Big Wheels: Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters, Dave Beck
The Bobby Baker Case: Bobby Baker, Congress
Bobby's Baker: Bobby Baker
Boktok: space exploration
[Burns (porkchops)]: Haydon Burns
[Burns Wind-up Doll]: Haydon Burns
B (oversize mounted)
Budget 1966: Lyndon B. Johnson (as the thinker)
Oversize 2 C
Call Detroit And Make Them Fix It : automobiles
Campaign Maneuvers : Barry Goldwater, Republican Party
Can Be Found Wandering in Southern United States: Republican Party, Democratic Party
Captive Audience: crime, violence, television
Captured U.S. Fliers
The Cheerful Computer: Robert McNamara, Vietnam War, draft
[CIA and Fulbright Committee]
[Civil Rights (lilies)]
[Civil Rights (Southern bloc)]
Civil Rights, Sure—But Not Right Next Door : housing
Cold War Strategy
Congratulations, Lady, You've Been Liberated: Vietnam War
Congress On The Move : taxes, government spending, defense
Conquering the Aggressors : Congo
Coup, Coup! Coup, Coup!: Latin America
C (oversize mounted)
Can You Think Of Anything Else That Needs Shaping Up?: Republican Party, Gerald Ford, Everett Dirksen
[Capsules Returned Safely]: space exploration
Oversize 3 D
D—Don't Let Them Take Me Again!: Republican Party, right wing politics, George. W. Romney
[Dade Seaport]
[Dade Voter]: elections
Dear Ho Chi Minh: Mao Zedong
[Demo Platform] : Barry Goldwater
[Death Toll]: traffic fatalities
Dick Nixon Gave Me This, Right, Dick? Dick! Hey Dick!: Barry Goldwater
[Diem]: Buddhism
Discordant Notes: Barry Goldwater
Don't Forget Who's In Charge Here: Sukarno
Don't Misunderstand Me, I Have Nothing Against Lady Bird's Beautification Program—: Air Force 1
Oversize 3 E
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeya! Let's Go Get 'Em, Men!: Cuba, Barry Goldwater
Ejection Seat: Lyndon B. Johnson, Bobby Baker
End Of The Trail: Congress
—Er, Any Old Business?: bribery, metro commission, Miami
—Er, No! The Name Of The Show Isn't 'Beat The Press!’: Ngo Dinh Nhu
Exodus: Lyndon B. Johnson, Ted Sorensen, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Pierre Salinger, Richard Hatcher
[Extreme Right]: Minutemen
Oversize 3 F
Fallout: China, nuclear weapons
Farris Bryant, Do You Solemnly Sweah— : George Wallace, Orval Faubus, Ross Barnett
Fastest President In The West
For All The Critics: Robert McNamara
Fortress, Latin America: Venezuela
Frankly, I'm Worried, He's Healthy As A Horse: economy
F (oversize mounted)
[Flu Bug]
Oversize 3 G
[Gandhi's peace try, Wilson's peace try]: Soviet Union, Harold Wilson, Indira Gandhi
Gee I Used To Go There and Sit!: Miami railroad depot
Gee! What Could Poor Little Old Me Do?: refugees, kidnaping
Georgia Peaches: Lester Maddox
Go Right Ahead. I Won't Interfere : Dwight D. Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater
[Goldwater Dike]: Barry Goldwater
[Goldwater statements]: Barry Goldwater, press
[Gov't. Report on Smoking]
Ground To Air Missiles: Fidel Castro, armed forces
G (oversize mounted)
Gimme One Good Objection To Compulsory Unionism: New York City, transit strike, right to work law
Go In Peace—Every Chance You Get : New Year's 1966
[The Great Debate] : Vietnam War
[The Great Leap Forward]: nuclear weapons, China
Oversize 3 H
He Said Merry Christmas And Happy New Year—Or Else: Fidel Castro
Heap of Reading: John Birch Society
Heat Wave: race riots
Heeeeeyaaaaaa! Geeeeeyap! Hoooooyahhh!: racism, Haydon Burns
Hello In There—Remember Me?: Vietnam War, United Nations
[Herbert Hoover (1874- 1964)]
He's Gone Rational On Us: Barry Goldwater, Ku Klux Klan
He's Still A Little Reluctant: California, Barry Goldwater
Hey! You Guys Ain't My Tailors Yet!: Jimmy Hoffa
Hi, Y'all! : Nelson Rockefeller, Barry Goldwater
High Pockets : Charles De Gaulle, gold
[Holiday Traffic Toll]: traffic fatalities
Hmmmm?: Brake
How Do I Tell Him He Can't Keep It? : Republican Party
[Hubert Humphrey Best Supporting Role]
Humor Him. It Might Be His Last Convention: American South
Hurricane Watch: weather
Oversize 5 H (oversize mounted)
[House Un-American Activities Committee and Federal Grand Jury Tackling A Ku Klux Klan Sheet ]
Household Item: Vietnam War
Oversize 3 I - J
I Bet You Thought I'd Never Get Here : inflation, taxes
I Can Fly! I Can Fly! I Can— : France, NATO
I Could Just Love Him To Death! : Barry Goldwater
I Do Not Imbibe : George W. Romney, Barry Goldwater
I Only Wear It On Certain Occasions: democracy, Latin America
I Remember It Was 1966 And Somebody Said 'No Sanctuary.' Then Everything Went Blank. :
I Said, Support! Support! S-U-P-P-O-R-T! Like In George Hamilton's Mother— : Vietnam War
I thought you'd never find me!: Supreme Court, urban voters
I Wonder What Makes It So Controversial: Bible, schools
I'll Just Shake Him A Little: Perez Jimenez, Venezuela
I'll Meet You Half Way : Fidel Castro
In Pro Football, Rookies, We Have One Basic Play : draft, armed forces
[Integration Drive]
Internal Disorder : China
It Burns A Little! : Doyle Carlton
It Used To Be So Cuddly: Indonesia, China
It's From George Wallace, Gang! We're Gonna Start A Third Party
It's Gone Berserk! : Congress, Lyndon B. Johnson
It's Great For Sticking People, Too: John Birch Society
Just When It Was Getting Brighter: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson
[Justice Douglas weds 23 year old, Sinatra weds 21 year old]
Oversize 5 I (oversize mounted)
I'm Ronald Reagan—Welcome To 'Death Valley Days : Barry Goldwater, California, Republican Party
I'm The Favorite Tonight: University of Miami, football
[India's Food Supply]: Indira Gandhi
The Iron Curtain: Berlin Wall
Oversize 3 K
Kelly In A Gun—Duel With Me Nayr
Oversize 5 K (oversize mounted)
Knock Off That 'Holy Spendthrift Stuff!
Oversize 3 L
Let Us Begin Again: U. Thant, United Nations, Vietnam War
Let's Hop In Your Car And Speed Over To My Place: traffic fatalities
Let's Stop It Before He Kills Himself: boxing
Light In The Jungle: Vietnam War, elections
The Light Is Out: India, Jawaharlal Nehru
Limousine: Miami mayor
A Little Coaxing, and I might squeeze into those: George Wallace (1965)
Little Does He Know He'll Soon Be Extinct!: Barry Goldwater
Lobbyist: Congress, civil rights
[Longshoreman's Union—Miami Local]
[Look!! The Great Missile—Bomber Gap!!]: Barry Goldwater
Lord Whom?: Rab Butler, Reginald Maudling, Lord Hailsham
Oversize 3 M
[Mac Arthur]: Douglas MacArthur
[Machinists strike]: economy
March On, Brother, It's A Free Road : civil rights
—Maybe Even Deeper : Martin Luther King Jr., bigotry, North, South
Maybe We Can Back It Through Congress!: civil rights, Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy
[McNamara and TFX]: Robert McNamara
McNamara Stepped On The Other One: Barry Goldwater
[Mexico] : Lyndon B. Johnson
[Miami Weather Bureau ]
Moonlighters: University of Miami, government
Motherhood: nuclear weapons, China
Move Over, Buster: space exploration
Must Be One Of Us—You're White: George Wallace
Oversize 3 N
[ Negotiate] : Ho Chi Minh
Never Saw That Mountain: Nguyen Cao Ky
Never Touched Me: Adam Clayton Powell
[New Metro Commission] : cities, Florida
Next, We'll Get Rid Of That Thing!: Brake, voting
[90th Congress and Great Society]
1968? Whatever Gave You That Idea? : Richard Nixon
No Lyndon, I Will NOT Skip Bobby Kennedy's House!: Robert F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson
Nonsense, Hubert. I Wouldn't Trade You For Anybody: Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon B. Johnson
Nothing Personal, Podnuhs: Dade county, T.A. Buchannan, Charles Zmuda, George Leppig
Notice The Difference When We Throw Our Weight Around?: civil rights
Now Who Do We Pick On? :Barry Goldwater, cartoonists
Nuclear Disaster: nuclear weapons, United Nations
Oversize 5 N (oversize mounted)
The 1965 Voting Rights Act Has Been Upheld To Insure EQUALITY
Oversize 3 O
[OAS Sanctions]: Organization of American States
O'boy! A White Christmas! : Miami, retail sales
[Office Of County Mgr[.: Dade County, Florida
Oh, Excuse Me! You Say You're Buddhist Anti-American, Not Viet Cong Anti-American: Vietnam War
Oh, No! You Get Together With Me!: Florida, cities
[Oil Globs]
—One Of Those Wild-Eyed Harvard Boys!
Oops! Right Downtown: bombs
Out! Or We'll Ram You And Hurt Ourselves!: Panama Canal, Lyndon B. Johnson
Oversize 3 P-Q
Pall Taxed
The Peasantry-Riding MY Trains!: Ed Ball
Peddler: guns
Pipsqueak!: nature nuclear weapons, Alaska
Poll Taxed: elections
[Poor or uneducated youths, smart college students]: Lewis Blaine Hershey
Popularity Ratings : Robert F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson
Power Struggle? Heck, No Whoops! This Thing Keeps Falling Off: Mao Zedong
[The Press]: Lyndon B. Johnson
Pressure Gauge : Barry Goldwater
Pull Down To Ignite: Lyndon B. Johnson, Barry Goldwater
[Pure White Dairy]
Quickie Reassessment: Dade county, housing
P (oversize mounted)
[Peace by Shastri]: Lal Bahadur Shastri
Peace Feelers : Vietnam War
[Peking Trade Pact] : China, Fidel Castro
Plastic Planes? Plastic Tanks? Aw, Come On, Lyndon!: steel industry
Oversize 4 R
Rabid Fire: Lyndon B. Johnson
[Racial Chaos]: George Wallace, civil rights
[Racial Dispute] : George Wallace
Racial Intolerance
[Reassessment Windfall] : schools, Florida
[Red China]
Rembrandt: state universities, communism
Remember That Yankee Joke About Carrying Big Stick?: Mao Zedong, Vietnam War
Reopened For Approval: Florida legislature
[Report Of The Warren Commission On The Assassination of President Kennedy]
[Republican National Convention—1964]: Barry Goldwater, John Birch Society
Retirement Looks Good On You Comrade: Nikita Khrushchev
[Rigged Ballot]: amendments
ROAR!(possibly Castro's head on a mouse's body)
Ronald!: Ronald Reagan, California, Republican Party, Richard Nixon
Runt!: space exploration, Sputnik
Oversize 6 R (oversize mounted)
Remember, Lurleen, There Are Four Basic Positions For Blocking A University Doorway: George Wallace
Oversize 4 S
Say, Who's Your Tailor?: Central Intelligence Agency, state department
[School Desegregation]: George Wallace, Alabama Legislature
[Scott Kelly]: Miami
The Second Exit : civil rights
See How Many Are Staying On Our Side?: Berlin Wall, Nikita Khrushchev
Sell TVA : Barry Goldwater, Tennessee Valley Authority
[Senators Investigating Senators]: Congress
Sidewalks of New York: crime
[Slag Steel Company]: steel industry, money
—Sleepy, You Are Getting Sleepy—You Saw Nothing In The Skies— : UFOs
Smile Rover, Show 'Em You Ain't Dead: industry, Dade county
[Smile!—You're on Candid Camera]: space exploration, aliens
Snip Judgment : Perez Jimenez
So Help Me, I Never Took My Eyes Off Him! : Barry Goldwater
So Mild, So Refreshing, Stupid! : smoking
Somehow, People Didn't Get The Message: hate
Something's Rotten In Miami : Haydon Burns
South Dade...458 Magnum... Hundred Yards : hunting
Sovereignty: civil rights, Mississippi
S-S-S- Somebody C-Call A Doctor : Medicare, Republican Party
St. Patrick's Day: world affairs
[Stock market and news]
[STOP! Go Back to January 23 ...U.S. Gov't. ]: railroad industry
[Stop, Sober?, Go ]: drunk driving
Stray :Congress
[Strikebound airlines]: airline industry, Congress
Succession: John McCormack
Suicide: smoking
Suicide Gap: baseball
A Supermarket Boycott Might YOUR Inflation
Survivor: Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan
Oversize 6 S (oversize mounted)
Steady, Down There: taxes, Vietnam War, Great Society, Lyndon B. Johnson
Oversize 4 T
Tal, We're In This Thing Together: Haydon Burns, Miami
Taps Off Diplomacy: Fidel Castro, Lyndon B. Johnson
[Tax Assessor] : taxes
Temperature Change: Barry Goldwater, South
[Test Ban] : nuclear weapons
Thank Heaven! You're Still Looking Up!: Robert McNamara, Vietnam War
[That Rascal Castro Exports Revolution!] : Fidel Castro, Organization of American States
They Serve The Cutest Desserts At These Things: Claude Clutch
They Smell Like Mine! : Bobby Baker, Congress
Things Could Be Worse! We Could Be Living In Philadelphia Mississippi! : Africa
This Has All The Earmarks Of A Communist Conspiracy: Nikita Khrushchev, John Birch Society
This One Never Fails To Launch: national debt
Thrown Any Good Coups Lately?
Tiger In Your Tank: United Auto Workers (1965)
[To Lyndon From All Your Buddies in the House]: foreign aid
Tourist Attraction: St. Augustine, Florida, racism
Tsk, Tsk! I Wonder How It Happened: New York Herald Tribune, unions
Oversize 6 T (oversize mounted)
Take Me To Your Leader: Lyndon B. Johnson, farming
Those Dirty Commies! And Her With Two Busted Arms!: Soviet Union, space exploration, Venus de Milo
Truce: Vietnam War
Oversize 4 U-V
[U.S. Space Records]: space exploration, Soviet Union
Under The Anesthesia, He Dreamt He Was Run Over By A Herd Of Elephants: Lyndon B. Johnson
Unity : Barry Goldwater
[Unpledged GOP Delegates]: Barry Goldwater, Republican Party, Florida
Upper Hand: Nguyen Cao Ky
[Viet Crisis—Cyprus Crisis Ping Pong]: Cyprus, Vietnam War
[Viet Nam]: Lyndon B. Johnson
Viet Nam and Cyprus Lighting Bolts: Cyprus, Vietnam War
[Viet Nam Policy]: Vietnam War, Barry Goldwater, William Scranton
Vive La France: Charles De Gaulle, Vietnam War
Volcano: Harlem
Oversize 6 U (oversize mounted)
[U.S. Peace Offensive]
Uneasy Street: Wall Street
Oversize 4 W
Wanted by FBI : Robert F. Kennedy
[Warren Commission Report ]
We're Gaining In The War—There's Just One Gap We Haven't Been Able To Close: Nguyen Cao Ky
We're Not Allowed To Get Involved In The Internal Affairs Of A Foreign Country : Vietnam War
We Must Be Selective About Those Who Elect Us : voting
—Weaving In And Out, Following Another Vehicle Too Closely etc. : space exploration
Weeping Dove : John F. Kennedy assassination
Well, Back To The Old Grind: left wing politics, right wing politics
[West German Bundestag]: Nazism
What Are They Trying To Do, Over—Live?: nuclear weapons, Nikita Khrushchev, Lyndon B. Johnson
What Do You Suppose Is Causing All These Accidents?: traffic engineers
What My Party Needs Is A New Face: Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater
What Noise?: railroad industry, Farris Bryant
Wheeeeeeeeeeee! :machinists union, economy
Wheeeeee! Look at Them Ants Run For Cover: Mendel Rivers, Richard Russell
Where Do We Surrender?: poverty
—With Lots OF New, Grander-Than-Ever Gadjets: automobile industry
[Worthington Case ]
Wretched Little Devil Knows I Have A Heart Of Gold: Fidel Castro
Oversize 4 Y-Z
—Yeah, He's Giving Me A Headache, Too : Stokely Carmichael, civil rights (1966)
The Year Of The Plague: hurricanes (1964)
Yes, Sir, This Is Where You Change Your Party Affiliation : Abraham Lincoln, voting
Yes, Sonny, That's Where Congress Sits...And Sits, And Sits!: Congress
You Are Much Too Fat : Great Society
You Believe In Omens?
You Heard Me, George. Go Home And Start Supper : Lurleen Wallace, George Wallace
You're Un-American!: Vietnam War, protestors, HUAAC
You're In No Condition To Take Over: elections, Nguyen Cao Ky
You're On Your Own!: Charles De Gaulle, France, NATO
Zoooooooooom!: Dade county, highway construction, Florida
Oversize 6 Y (oversize mounted)
Yeah—Things Are Really Looking Up : economy, food prices
You Haven't Seen It Have You—A Little Round Nuclear Thingamajig? : Spain
You Think Being A Cosmonaut Is Dangerous—His Old Man Writes Books!: Soviet Union
Your Skates Or Your Life (New York Transit Strike)
Oversize 4 Untitled cartoons
[Bear with picks teeth and clutches stomach while "stock market" briefcase sits at his feet]
[A small Haydon Burns sits on the back of a donkey]
[Lyndon Johnson pulls a rabbit labeled Manila out of a hat]
[Harold Wilson pulling belt on oversized pants]
[Clayton Powell looks at self as light and shadow make his clothes look striped]
[Mao Zedong swims with casts "Indonesia" and "North Korea" on his feet]
[Lyndon Johnson dips toe into water labeled "1968"]
[Lightning strikes over the Beatles]
[Charles De Gaulle as a peace dove]
[Earth reaches out with a ladder to the moon]
[McNayr vs. Kelly in a gun fight]
[Lyndon Johnson bounces off a donkey's back]
[Lyndon Johnson stretches the U.S. dollar]
[Elephant falls through a platform labeled "civil rights"]
[Elephant in water labeled "Goldwater" looks at a "Nixon" life preserver]
[Cobwebs cover a Hanoi and U.S. peace talk table]
[Chart of high food prices and housewives boycott]
[World rests on United Nations which rests on U.S. dollar]
[Bobby Baker as a bee not caught by the Senate]
[Desert of "politics"s and a Dade County sherif's badge]
[Jacksonville and Duval County School system]
[Voter on pedestal over a crowd of candidates]
[Bryant sticks fingers in ears amidst crime in Jacksonville]
[Lyndon Johnson in Latin America outside a window with Charles De Gaulle]
[Supreme Court hand in between "religion" and "public schools" books]
[Crashed car inside a bottle]
[Nelson Rockefeller, Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon as flowers]
[Man reaches for a tax cut]
[George Wallace in a parade with a Confederate flag]
[Lyndon Johnson in a boxing ring with Nikita Khrushchev and Mao Zedong]
[Barry Goldwater as a snake charmer]
[Communist hand reaches for wheat]
[Mao Zedong blows on Southeast Asia fire while nuclear war looms]
[Two cars marked "accident rate" and "insurance rate"]
[Central Intelligence Committee and Fulbright Committee represented as figures in dark trench coats, face masks and hats]
Oversize 6 Untitled cartoons (oversize mounted)
[Economy looks at inflation in the mirror]
[Lyndon B. Johnson on the brink]
[Charles De Gaulle runs over NATO in a tank]
[Great Society and Viet War costs weighed on a scale by the U.S. Capitol]
[Inter-American Peace Force Dominican]: Dominican Republic
Box 1 1963-1965

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