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Burton Blatt Papers

An inventory of his papers at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Blatt, Burton, 1927-1985.
Title: Burton Blatt Papers
Dates: 1948-2006
Size: 121 boxes (75 linear feet)
Abstract: Writings, correspondence, audio and video recordings, research notes, photographs and other materials related to his influential work in special education and advocacy for people with disabilities
Language: English
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010
Sponsor: The processing of this collection was made possible through generous funding from the Burton Blatt Institute.


Burton BlattBurton Blatt (1927-1985), a renowned figure in the field of special education, was an advocate for the rights of people with cognitive disabilities. During his time at Syracuse University, he promoted the causes most important to him through his work as an educator, administrator, and author.

Blatt was born in New York City in 1927, and he returned home to attend New York University after serving two years with the US Navy in the Philippines (1945-1946). After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 1949, he took his first job as an educator, teaching English and social studies at a public middle school in Brooklyn. During this time, he was also working towards a Master of Arts degree at the Teachers College of Columbia University. He completed his master's in 1950, and with it, he took a more specialized teaching position with the New York City Board of Education, this time teaching children with cognitive disabilities.

As Blatt gained experience teaching children with disabilities, his interest in improving services for people with disabilities grew and evolved. In 1950, while teaching, he began work towards a doctoral degree in special education. During this busy time in his professional life, he was also beginning a new family life. In 1951 he married Ethel Draizen, another New York City native, and the two of them had their first of three sons a few years later. By 1955, Blatt was ready to return to academia, turning his attentions away from an individual special education classroom in the hope of making a larger impact in other roles.

In 1956, Blatt went to Pennsylvania State University as a graduate scholar, where he was awarded a Doctor of Education degree the following year. After receiving this degree, he was asked to join Southern Connecticut State College as both an associate professor and the Coordinator of Special Education. Eager to act upon his vision of improving education services, he co-founded a psycho-educational clinic at Southern Connecticut State College in 1957. Recognizing Blatt's talent, vision, and dedication, the college promoted him in both of his roles in 1959, making him a full professor and the chair of the newly-formed Department of Special Education.

Ready to make similar contributions to a new institution, Blatt joined Boston University as a professor and the chair of the Special Education Department in 1961. Within the same year he joined the faculty, he founded a psycho-educational clinic at Boston University, modeled after the successful clinic in Connecticut. He remained at Boston University for eight years, during which time he began to publish more frequently. It was in these early years of what would be a prolific publishing career that Blatt published his most influential work.

Christmas in Purgatory cover Christmas in Purgatory, published in 1966, is a photographic essay documenting the inhumane, abusive conditions found in state institutions for people with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Blatt visited several institutions, where he often found a sympathetic staff member who would, at great personal risk, agree to show him the most shameful inner wards of the institution. Accompanying him on these institutional visits was Fred Kaplan, a freelance photographer and close personal friend. Kaplan affixed a hidden camera to his belt, and with it he captured hundreds of disturbing photographs that immediately caught the attention of people around the world. President Johnson, who had recently established the President's Committee on Mental Retardation, personally called Blatt to ask for extra copies of the book, and Christmas in Purgatory reportedly influenced the committee's work. Amidst the uproar caused by the book's publication, Blatt faced great pressure to name the institutions depicted, but he refused. The names of the institutions pictured do not matter, Blatt asserted, as one would find conditions that were similar, or worse, in institutions all over the United States.

In 1969, Blatt concluded his time at Boston University to take similar positions at Syracuse University. As in Boston, he was brought on as both a professor and the director of the Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Syracuse University's School of Education. Upon joining Syracuse University, he swiftly established a psycho-educational clinic there, as he had done twice before. His arrival to SU also would be welcomed with some special fanfare. In 1970, in honor of its centennial, Syracuse University named six distinguished Centennial Professors who were meant to stand as leaders in their respective fields. Blatt, a fresh arrival to the University, was chosen as one of them.

Blatt wasted no time in working to live up to Syracuse University's high expectations. In 1971, he founded the Center on Human Policy, a Syracuse University research and advocacy organization that aimed to promote the most pressing causes for people with disabilities, namely deinstitutionalization. Interest in the Center, which Blatt guided as its first director, was immediate. Christmas in Purgatory's harrowing exposure of the conditions of state institutions stirred new interest in the movement for deinstitutionalization. Blatt, a fervent leader of the movement, sought to replace inhumane institutions with humanistic services that could support people with cognitive disabilities to become participatory members of a better society.

The growing momentum of the deinstitutionalization movement drove the Center on Human Policy's early efforts. The Center focused on developing alternatives to institutionalization, researching and publicizing injustices faced by people with disabilities, organizing legal services, and promoting community education on related issues. The Center on Human Policy endured over the decades that followed and grew into The Center on Human Policy, Law, and Disability Studies. As it evolved, the Center has expanded its scope, its network of collaborators, and its methods for achieving progress. Though much has changed, the guiding philosophy remains the same: to promote and develop an inclusive society that values and supports the participation of people with disabilities.

Blast's swift and dramatic contributions to Syracuse University were widely appreciated, and in recognition of his passionate leadership, forward-thinking vision, and administrative skill, the School of Education named him dean in 1976. At the time of his appointment, the School was facing significant challenges. In the 1940s, the School of Education underwent significant reforms that sought to broaden the existing program's narrow focus. Though these changes were greatly successful at the time, over the following decades, the School became overly generalized in its approach to the ever-evolving field of education. Blatt immediately initiated the most significant reforms to the School of Education in the previous 30 years, breaking the School into four major divisions: Study and Teaching, Educational Foundations, Educational Development and Administrative Studies, and (of particular interest to Blatt) Special Education and Rehabilitation. The School of Education had founded a leading, progressive Special Education program in 1946, but this, too, was in need of innovative changes. Blatt was just the person to make the program a superior model once again.

Burton BlattIn addition to his administrative and educational duties at Syracuse University, Blatt was also taking on significant responsibilities elsewhere. In 1976, he was selected as the national president of the American Association on Mental Deficiency, and in 1978, he served as the president of the Syracuse Development Center. He was committed to this kind of organizational service throughout his career, serving as president, coordinator, or consultant to numerous national and local organizations. He also gave his time to acting as an expert witness in dozens of state and federal trials, traveling as a guest speaker, and working on many government appointment councils and committees. For this work, he received extensive recognition. In 1978, he was given an award by the New York State Association of Teachers of the Handicapped for his work, and he had received several similar awards in Massachusetts and Connecticut in years prior.

Despite his many responsibilities, Blatt always found time to write. It was said that he wrote every day, and that work turned into hundreds of publications, including articles, columns, reviews, reports, and books. After the influential publication of Christmas in Purgatory in 1966, Blatt's next few books focused on similar themes of institutional abuse. These included Exodus from Pandemonium: Human Abuse and a Reformation of Public Policy (1970), Souls in Extremis: An Anthology on Victims and Victimizers (1973), and Revolt of the Idiots: A Story (1976), a novel about a revolt in an institution. Institutions underwent significant reforms in the years that followed, but Blatt and colleagues concluded in 1979's The Family Papers: A Return to Purgatory that the institution, by its nature, remained an unworkable model. While continuing to advocate for deinstitutionalization into the 1980s, Blatt also began to write on other topics more frequently, such as special education. Some of his publications from this time include In and Out of the University: Essays on Higher and Special Education (1981) and In and Out of Books: Reviews and Other Polemics on Special Education (1984).

At the start of 1985, Blatt was still as active, involved, and invested in his work as ever. It came as a terrible shock to those who knew him when he died suddenly from illness on January 20, 1985 at 57 years old. Following his death, many people wrote letters to the publications that ran memorial articles and expressed their grief, praise for the great person they knew, and pledges to turn their sorrow into productive action.

Today, the spirit of Burton Blatt's work lives on through the Burton Blatt Institute, an organization that strives to advance the empowered participation of people with disabilities within our shared global society. Opening its first office at Syracuse University in November of 2005, the Burton Blatt Institute has since expanded to include offices in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. Through policy research, the fostering of productive public-private dialogue, and other methods, the Burton Blatt Institute builds upon the compassionate, inspirational work to which Burton Blatt dedicated so much of his life.

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Scope and Content Note

The Burton Blatt Papers contains a variety of materials dating from 1948 to 2006, though the bulk of the collection dates from the 1950s to the mid-1980s. The collection has been divided into ten series:

The first series, titled Professional, consists of curricula vitae, appointment books, dissertation materials, hiring announcements, and other general materials related to Blatt's professional development.

Blatt with Special Class, 1951The Teaching series contains news clippings, course materials, course evaluations, correspondence, recorded seminars, and other items from his time teaching at K-12 schools, Southern Connecticut State University, Boston University, and Syracuse University.

The Research and publications series, the largest series in the collection, shows the extensive effort that went into Blatt's many written works. This series includes manuscripts, correspondence, research notes, and proofs from both his professional academic writing (in books, articles, reports, and other formats) and his literary writing (novels and poetry).

The Service series is another substantial and broad-reaching portion of the collection. It contains writings, correspondence, organizational reports, and committee proceedings from Blatt's time serving universities, national and local organizations, and state and federal governments. He served in many roles, including coordinator, consultant, editor, expert witness, and visiting lecturer, among others.

The Subject files series, which is small, includes handouts, brochures, and writings from assorted sources. The following series, News clippings, is a small grouping of clippings not closely related to other parts of the collection.

Blatt's interest in the writings and research of others is evident in the Other authors series, which collects many articles, books, and audiovisual materials produced by others.

The brief Citations of Burton Blatt series contains some examples of citations or discussions of Blatt's work in publications, newspapers and magazines, and other sources.

The Correspondence series is comprised of Blatt's general correspondence. This series organizes large amounts of correspondence into chronological and individual subseries. The chronological subseries dates from 1952 to 1984 (plus some posthumous letters), and the folders of correspondence with specific individuals includes exchanges with some of the people Blatt most admired, such as Seymour Sarason. Also included in this series are the numerous pieces of correspondence Blatt received in response to his article, "The Tragedy and Hope of Retarded Children," published in Look magazine on October 31, 1967.

The Burton Blatt Papers contains only a small series of Personal materials, though in life, Blatt held his family to be what he valued most. This series consists of a few assorted papers related to Blatt's family, his religious life, and his memorial service.

This collection contains materials that users may find objectionable due to ableist and harmful language. The language contained in this collection was prevalent at the time of its creation, although no less harmful and inaccurate than it is today. The collection is preserved and presented for its historic and research value.

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Access Restrictions

Please note that the collection is housed off-site, and advance notice is required to allow time to have the materials brought to the Reading Room on campus.

Access to media items requires advance notice to produce a use copy.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

All requests for use of photographs from Christmas in Purgatory should be addressed to The Center on Human Policy, which holds the copyright.

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Related Material

The Syracuse University Archives holds a faculty file, portrait file, and clipping files on Burton Blatt. Additionally, the Archives holds the School of Education Office of the Dean Collection, which includes Blatt's faculty personnel files and subject files from his time as dean of the School of Education.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Burton Blatt Papers,
University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gifts of Ethel Blatt and Louis Heifetz in 1985.

Processing Information

All materials were placed in acid-free folders and boxes. Processing of the Blatt Papers was done in 2006 thanks to generous funding from the Burton Blatt Institute.

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Created by: Brian Burtt and Maude Falcone
Date: 2006
Revision history: 2013 - converted to EAD (Sean Molinaro); 2023 - style updates and content warning added (MAM)

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Original order was maintained for most of the collection. Some materials are in alphabetical or chronological order.

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CV, hiring, and appointment
Box 1 CVs 1958, 1965-1985 (18 folders)
 Spring 1985 vita and bibliography
Box 1 The pilot - announcement as new teacher, Mark Twain Junior High School, Brooklyn, NY December 6, 1949
Box 1 Resignation from P.S. 200, Brooklyn, NY 1957
Box 1 Standard certificate, Connecticut Board of Education July 1, 1959
Box 1 Announcement of Boston University appointment September 1961
 Mention in The Education Digest
Box 1 Personnel record, Southern Connecticut State 1957-1961
Box 1 Personnel record, Boston University 1962-1969
Box 1 Boston University Medical Center, appointment as educator, special scientific staff, Department of Psychiatry June 30, 1967
Box 1 Appointment as director of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Syracuse University 1969
Box 1 Announcement as Syracuse University Centennial Professor 1970
 Syracuse University press release
Box 1 Candidacy for dean, SU School of Education 1976 (2 folders)
Box 1 Dissertation - The physical, personality, and academic status of children who are mentally retarded attending special classes as compared with children who are mentally retarded attending regular classes - the Pennsylvania State University June 1956
Box 2 Drafts undated (2 folders)
Box 2 Dissertation abstract, short article circa 1957
Box 2 Appointment books 1976-1978 (3 folders)
Box 3 Appointment books 1979-1984 (4 folders)
Materials relating to his education
Box 3 Notebook - kinesiology course 1948
Box 3 Education - miscellaneous undated
Box 3 Penn State 1952-1956 (Folder 1 of 2)
Box 4 Penn State 1952-1956 (Folder 2 of 2)
Box 4 NYU commencement 1949
Box 4 Definitions (ED 470) undated (2 folders)
Box 4 Marion Rex Trabue tribute 1956
Honors and awards
Box 4 Who's who in America 1962
Box 4 Splendid scarves club 1962
Box 4 Kephart award (Purdue) 1974
 SU School of Education press release
Box 4 Honorary doctorate, Ithaca College 1974
Box 4 NY Association of Teachers of Mentally Handicapped award 1976
Box 4 Young Adult Institute award 1983
 Write-up from the Young Adult Institute
Box 5 Kennedy International awards undated
Box 5 Bound newspapers from K-12 teaching 1950-1955
 The Children's News, vol. 1, no. 6 - March 20, 1950
 The Children's News, vol. 1, no. 8 - April 4, 1950
 The Children's News, vol. 1, no. 9
 The Children's News, vol. 1, no. 13 - May 22, 1950
 The Children's News, vol. 1, no. 14 - May 29, 1950
Box 5 Newspapers from K-12 teaching undated (2 folders)
Box 6 Newspapers from K-12 teaching undated (3 folders)
Box 6 K-12 teaching materials undated (2 folders)
Box 6 Letters from K-12 teaching 1950-1955 (3 folders)
Box 7 Newsletters March 1950, December 1954
Box 7 Photographs - special classes 1951, 1953
 'With the boys of my Special Class, 1951'
 'With my Special Class, 1953'
Box 7 Verses for young funsters undated
Southern Connecticut State
Box 7 Miscellaneous courses undated
Box 7 Psychology of exceptional children, ED 406 undated
Box 7 Blatt's departure from Southern Connecticut State undated
Boston University
Box 7 Class of 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 - class list 1968-1971
Box 7 Commencement programs 1963, 1967
Box 7 Correspondence 1962-1967
Box 7 Exams 1962-1967
Box 7 Institute on Learning Disabilities 1969
Box 7 Miscellaneous course information 1963, 1968
Box 7 Miscellaneous teaching materials 1962-1969 (2 folders)
Box 7 Objectives of teacher education undated
Box 7 Recommendation for Bernadette Blong 1974
Syracuse University
Box 8 Administration of Special Education undated
Box 8 Bulletins - School of Education April 1973
Box 8 Correspondence: "The scholarly vocation" 1980-1981
Box 8 Correspondence 1970-1981
Box 8 Course evaluations 1970-1975 (4 folders)
Box 8 Course material 1970, 1974
Box 8 Course materials: "The scholarly vocation" 1980
Box 8 Examinations 1971-1973
Box 9 Examinations 1971-1973
Box 9 Faculty communication of scholarly activities March 1971
Box 9 Lecture notes, miscellaneous materials undated
Box 9 Miscellaneous teaching materials undated
Box 9 Nirje, Bengt March 1-2, 1971
Box 9 Telephone seminar for doctoral students - correspondence 1974-1982
Box 9 Telephone seminar for doctoral students - course material, miscellaneous 1971-1980
Box 9 Student work undated
Box 9 Syllabi 1969-1984
Box 9 Workshop on human abuse 1969-1972
Cassette-recorded seminars
Box 10 Sarason, Seymour undated (audio tapes 2 and 3 only)
Box 10 Scholarly vocation seminar 1981 (23 audio tapes)
Box 11 Telephone seminar 1978-1979 (8 audio tapes)
Box 11 Telephone seminar 1979 (1 audio tape)
Box 11 Telephone seminar 1981 (3 audio tapes)
Box 11 Telephone seminar 1982 (4 audio tapes)
Box 12 Telephone seminar 1983 (1 audio tape)
Box 12 Telephone seminar 1984 (4 audio tapes)
Research and publications
Professional and academic
Box 12 Miscellaneous notes undated (2 folders)
Box 12 In and out of books - manuscript material undated
Box 12 In and out of the university - in and out of the professoriate undated
Box 12 In and out of books / in and out of the university - correspondence 1975-1982
Box 12 In and out of the university - manuscript material undated
Box 13 Media reviews, edited by Blatt, manuscript 1976
Box 13 Media reviews, edited by Blatt, published material 1976
In and out of mental retardation: essays on educability, disability, and human policy
Box 13 Manuscript material undated
Box 13 Correspondence 1980-1982 (2 folders)
Box 13 Page proofs undated
Box 13 Announcements and catalogs undated
Box 13 Reviews undated
Box 13 Manuscript materials - general / unidentified undated
Box 14 Manuscript materials - general / unidentified undated (2 folders)
Christmas in purgatory: a photographic essay on mental retardation - co-authored with Fred Kaplan
Box 14 Book 1976 (3 copies)
Box 14 Book, reprint with CD of images 2006
Box 14 Copyright application 1966
Box 14 Correspondence 1966-1984
Box 14 Manuscript material undated
Box 15 Photographs undated
Box 15 Reactions undated (3 folders)
Box 15 Miscellany - reviews, announcements, etc. undated
Box 16 General correspondence 1961-1984 (8 folders)
Souls in extremis: an anthology on victims and victimizers
Box 17 Manuscript materials 1973 (Folders 1-9 of 10)
Box 18 Manuscript materials 1973 (Folder 10 of 10)
Box 18 Correspondence 1971-1975, 1978
Box 18 Page proofs circa 1973
Box 18 Reviews and announcements circa 1973
Box 18 Photograph undated
Exodus from pandemonium: human abuse and a reformation of public policy
Box 19 Manuscript materials 1970 (2 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript materials 1970 (2 folders)
Box 21 Manuscript materials 1970 (6 folders)
Box 22 Correspondence 1965-1974
Box 22 Page proofs circa 1970
Box 22 Reviews and announcements circa 1970
 Announcement from Allyn and Bacon, inc. Publishers
The conquest of mental retardation
Box 22 Correspondence 1979-1984
Box 23 Manuscript materials undated (2 folders)
Box 23 What we can know before studying the field undated
Box 23 18th century writers undated
Box 23 Historical survey undated
Box 23 Antiquity, pre-18th century undated
Box 23 Conceptual underpinnings of the field: what makes it a field undated
Box 23 The metaphors of mental retardation undated
Box 24 Counting the mentally retarded undated
Box 24 Formal and official classification schemes (the search for cause and effects) undated
Box 24 Responsive environments undated
Box 24 Explanations of mental retardation (what's wrong with the retarded person?) undated (2 folders)
Box 24 The controversies undated (3 folders)
Box 24 Responses to mental retardation: treatment, help, accommodation undated
Box 25 The expansion of services, 1950s to 1970s undated
Box 25 Doubts about victory: the emergency of new questions undated
Box 25 The industries undated
Box 25 Social, cultural, political forces undated (2 folders)
Box 26 Rationales and realities undated
Box 26 The elusiveness of moral opportunity: ideals in the practical world undated
Box 26 Teachers undated
Box 26 Doctors, nurses undated
Box 26 Lawyers, judges, politicians undated
Box 26 Officials and administrators undated
Box 26 Banishment: the creation of monsters undated
Box 26 Intelligence undated
Box 26 The educability hypothesis, spectacular methodologists and the Sullivan-Keller paradox undated
Box 26 Mental retardation and life, eugenics, euthanasia, sterilization, and cadavers undated
Box 26 A "revolt of the idiots" movement undated
Perspectives in special education: personal orientations - Co-authored with Richard J. Morris
Box 26 Manuscript materials circa 1984
Box 26 Correspondence July-November 1983
Box 27 Page proofs circa 1984
Box 27 Reviews and announcements circa 1984
Teacher training
Box 27 Manuscript materials undated
Box 27 Correspondence August 1961 - May 1962
Box 27 Announcements undated
Box 27 Review undated
The family album: views of residential settings for mentally retarded people
Box 27 Slides 1978
Box 27 Script undated (Audio cassette and CD)
 Audio recording
Box 27 Transcript for slide show undated
The family papers: a return to purgatory - Co-authored with Andrejs Ozolins and Joe McNally
Box 28 Excerpt in vantage April 9, 1979
Box 28 Article in the new renaissance 1978
Box 28 Reviews and announcements undated
Box 28 Correspondence March 1978-December 1980
Box 28 Gossett's response: remaking an old institution into a developmental center: a return to purgatory refutes, by Kenneth D. Gossett undated
Box 31 Photographs and proofs undated oversizse
Box 32 Photographs and proofs undated oversizse
Box 28 Planned with Neuber - plans for book with Margaret A. Neuber 1960
The intellectually disfranchised: impoverished learners and their teachers
Box 28 Bound copy undated
Box 28 Manuscript materials undated
Box 29 Correspondence 1967
Box 29 Page proofs undated
Box 29 The pariah industry - unpublished, manuscript material undated
The educability of intelligence: preschool intervention with disadvantaged children
Box 29 Published material undated
Box 29 Manuscript materials undated
Box 29 Correspondence 1969
An alternative textbook in special education: people, schools and other institutions - Edited by Burton Blatt, Douglas Biklen, and Robert Bogdan
Box 29 Manuscript materials undated
Box 29 Reviews and announcements undated
Box 30 Correspondence 1965-1979 (4 folders)
Box 30 Educating pre-school culturally disavantaged children - manuscript materials undated (2 folders)
Box 33 Educating pre-school culturally disavantaged children - correspondence 1966
Box 33 Unmailed letters (formerly slides of my life) - autobiography manuscript material 1977
Box 33 A handbook of physical education for retarded adolescents 1952
Box 33 Nature and needs of the retarded; the certainness within probability - unpublished manuscript materials undated
Box 33 Projected book: troubled children and their families: essays on problems, treatments and potentials 1980
Box 33 Projected book: in and out of trouble circa 1983
Articles and book chapters
Box 33 "Attention and mental retardation" 1968 - Co-authored with Kenneth G. Crosby
Box 33 "Banishment in academe" - draft 1979
Box 33 "The monolith and the promise" 1973
 Article, republished with new title
Box 34 "The monolith and the promise" 1973
Box 34 "Biography in autobiography" 1984
Box 34 "Bureaucratizing values" 1984 (2 folders)
Box 34 "Can a modern American university live with a unique mission?" undated
Box 34 "Chop suey is no substitute for brotherhood" 1982
Box 34 "On competencies and incompetencies, instruction and destruction, individualization and depersonalization" 1976
Box 34 "A concept of educability and the correlates of mental illness, mental retardation, and cultural deprivation" 1970
Box 34 "The Connecticut story: new concepts and a positive approach" 1963
Box 34 "The crisis in education" undated
Box 34 "Curriculum and methods research in special education" - family involvement undated
Box 34 "The dark side of the mirror" - mental retardation 1968
Box 34 "Is deinstitutionalization working?" undated
Box 35 "The didactic case: a disordered child who changed under special medico-pedagogical interventions" undated - Co-authored with Ethel D. Blatt
Box 35 "Dissonant notions concerning disordered children and their educability" 1966 - Co-authored with Frank Garfunkel
Box 35 "On distorting reality to comprehend distention" 1984
Box 35 "Does an honest university have to go out of business?" undated - Co-authored with Andrejs Ozolins
Box 35 "A drastically different analysis" 1979
Box 35 "Early arguments on educability" undated
Box 35 "Educability, human policy, and the future of people with special needs" undated
Box 35 "Educating intelligence" 1964
Box 35 "The emperor would rather get it over with" 1981
Box 35 "The executive" 1976
Box 35 "The expendability criterion" 1981
Box 35 "Faith, science and disability" undated
Box 35 "Fragments from an autobiography" 1980
Box 35 "The franchised school and the educational supermarket" Fall 1972
Box 35 "Friendly letters: on the correspondence of Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, and Alexander Graham Bell" undated
Box 35 "Foundations of human abuse" undated
Box 35 "From institution to community: a conversion model" 1977 - Co-authored with Robert Bogdan, Douglas Biklen, and Steven Taylor
Box 35 "Hail the conquering dolphin: reflections on the pre-service preparation of special class teachers" 1963
Box 36 "Handicap prejudice and social science research" 1984 - Co-authored with Robert Bogdan, Douglas Bilken, and Steven Taylor
Box 36 "Handicapped children in modal programs" 1971
Box 36 "Head Start for the handicapped: congressional mandate audit" 1977 - Co-authored with Gail L. Ensher and James F. Winschel
Box 36 "How I imagine disability is seen through the eyes of scientists" undated
Box 36 "How to change the world without ruining it or yourself" 1984
Box 36 "How to choose a university president" undated
Box 36 "How to destroy lives by telling stories" 1981
Box 36 "How to keep selfishness from gumming up a decent society" undated
Box 36 "Humanizing adult education research: five stories from the 1930's" - foreword 1982
Box 36 "A hypothesis of theories and methods in special education" 1967
Box 36 "Institutionalization / communitization / normalization / mainstreaming" undated
Box 36 "Institutions for the mentally retarded: a war disguised as a debate" 1977 - Co-authored with J. Winschel and G. Ensher
Box 36 "The integration-segregation issue: some questions, assumptions, and facts" 1975
Box 36 Interview - update - SU School of Education newsletter Winter 1972
Box 36 Inventory of completed works undated
Box 36 "Label jars, not people" 1977 - Co-authored with Douglas Biklen and Robert Bogdan
Box 36 "Lady Godiva was a prude: and other brief examinations of people and their institutions" 1981
Box 37 "Man through a turned lens" 1970
Box 37 "Meanderings watching the telethon during a fall afternoon" undated
Box 37 "Measuring and modifying behavior of special education teachers" 1964
Box 37 "Might there always be other reasons" undated
Box 37 "Monopoly" undated
Box 37 "Naked data" undated
Box 37 "The nine pillars of mental retardation" 1975
Box 37 "A note on definitions and precision" undated
Box 37 "On an academic plague" 1982 - Co-authored with Andrejs Ozolins
Box 37 "On dissent: three stages of evaluation" 1971
Box 37 "On the bill of rights and related matters" 1977
Box 37 "On the heels of psychology" 1982
Box 37 "On the language of mental retardation" undated
Box 37 "On writing, reading and teaching" undated
Box 37 "The once and future schools" 1979
Box 37 "Owners and users of the university" 1971
Box 37 "The pariah industry: a diary from purgatory and other places" 1980
Box 37 "Thephylactery factor, priests politic, declaration, and benemortasia" undated
Box 37 "Physical, personality and academic status of children who are mentally retarded attending special classes as compared with children who are mentally retarded attending regular classes" 1958
Box 37 "The politics of human welfare " 1969
Box 37 "Poor Sophie's dead, lucky us, lucky Sophie" undated
Box 37 "Positive approach needed" 1960
Box 37 "The preparation of special education personnel" 1966
Box 37 "The process of learning and the correlates of deprivation and mental retardation" undated
Box 37 "Pros and cons on institutionalization of the mentally retarded" - subject files (article not included in file) undated
Box 37 "Psycho-educational assessment, curriculum development, and clinical research with the 'different' child" 1977 - Co-authored with Frank Garfunkel
Box 37 "Public law 94-142 reconsidered" circa 1980s
Box 38 "Public policy and the education of children with special needs" 1972
Box 38 "Public education and the university" 1974
Box 38 'Purgatory' and recommendations for institutional reform" 1969
Box 38 "The question of scholarship in special education" undated
Box 38 "Research on mental retardation: teaching the mentally retarded" October 1972
Box 38 "Retarded children" 1967 - Co-authored with Charles Mangel
Box 38 "The role of the state teachers college in preparation of teachers of the mentally handicapped" 1959
Box 38 "Round trip to Hartford: will the University of Connecticut realize its mission at the Arsenal School?" June 11, 1970 - With Frank Garfunkel, Albert Murphy, Dan Richardson, Alex Rodrigues, and Leo Sperling
Box 38 "Selected references from the literature on exceptional children" 1964 - Co-authored with William C. Kvaraceus
Box 38 "Self justification" undated
Box 38 "The sheep and wolves, the shakers and movers of special education" undated
Box 38 "A short prejudiced history" undated
Box 38 "Some impressions of the Connecticut child who is mentally handicapped: his past, his present, his future" Winter 1958 - Co-authored with Sally Dean and Nancy Giard
Box 38 "Some observations and questions concerning an unstudied problem in special education" 1963
Box 38 "Some persistently recurring assumptions concerning the mentally subnormal " 1960
Box 38 "The standardization of intelligence tests on Southern Negro public children" 1963 - Co-authored with Frank Garfunkel
Box 38 "The sublime virtue" Fall 1961
Box 38 "Teaching the mentally retarded" 1973 - Co-authored with Frank Garfunkel
Box 38 "Thank God I don't have to thank God it's Friday" 1973
Box 39 "This crazy business: leadership in mental retardation" August 1975 (2 folders)
Box 39 "Towards a more acceptable terminology in mental retardation" 1961
Box 39 "The university of scholarly deeds" Fall 1981 - Co-authored with Andrejs Ozolins
Box 39 "Unsolicited advice to architects" undated
Box 39 "Villages in our field" undated
Box 39 "The wealth behind the bell - the idea behind the act" undated
Box 39 "What scientists can learn from Socrates" undated
Box 39 "What a public of education can do about the education of teachers" April 1980
Box 39 "What teachers need to know" 1977 - Co-authored with Frank Garfunkel
Box 39 "Who are the disabled? what is disability?" undated
Box 39 "Who's left?" undated
Box 39 "Why educational research fails the field, and why it may be forgivable" 1980
Box 39 "The years of subterfuge, hypocrisy and silliness" undated
Box 39 Correspondence concerning articles 1960-1975 (2 folders)
Box 40 Correspondence concerning articles 1976-1985 (2 folders)
Box 40 Permissions to reprint undated
Box 40 "We get the teachers we deserve" 1981
Box 40 "Bandwagons also go to funerals: unmailed letters 1 and 2" 1979
Box 40 "Fragments from an autobiography" 1980
Box 40 "How truants can save the publics" 1982
Box 40 "Faith, science and disability" 1985
Box 40 "Professor stories" February 1983-September 1983
Box 41 "Professor stories" October 1983-April 1985 (3 folders)
Box 41 "Professor stories" - edited versions undated
Box 41 "Professor stories" - flyer undated
Box 41 White obituary - "Wesley Dale White, 1901-1978" 1978
Box 41 "Assessment of the handicapped effort in experimental and selected other Head Start programs serving the handicapped" - Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Syracuse University February 1974
Box 41 "A child advocacy system in New York State" November 1971
Box 41 "Conference on training programs for personnel who work with educationally disavantaged children" 1964
Box 41 "A directory of Connecticut's services for exceptional children" May 1961
Box 41 "Education of handicapped children in Rhode Island" February 1963
Box 42 "Exceptional children in regular classrooms" undated
Box 42 "A field demonstration of the effects of nonautomated responsive environments on the intellectual and social competence of educable mentally retarded children" 1961 (5 folders)
Box 43 "A final report on the assessment of the handicapped effort in experimental regular Head Start" October 1974 (2 folders)
Box 43 "Final report on costs in serving handicapped children in Head Start" September 1974
Box 43 "Handicapped children in modal programs" undated
Box 43 "Head Start for the handicapped" undated
Box 43 "Human report: 1" 1970
Box 43 "Legislative commission studying the education of handicapped children" 1961
Box 43 "Mainstreaming for the mildly retarded" undated
Box 44 "Massachusetts plan for its retarded" 1966
Box 44 "Massachusetts study of educational opportunities for handicapped and disavantaged children" 1971 (2 folders)
Box 44 "A plan for reformation of services for the mentally retarded in Massachusetts" 1968 (2 folders)
Box 44 "Report on children with special needs in New York State" September 1971 (2 folders)
Box 45 "Report on children with special needs in New York State" September 1971 (2 folders)
Box 45 "Research and Sstudies, New Haven" 1958-1959
Box 45 "A review of research: implications for the Head Start handicapped effort" October 1974
Box 45 "A statement on policy recommendations on the handicapped effort in Head Start" October 1974
Box 45 "A summary of recent research in special education at New Haven State Teachers College" 1957
Box 45 "Survey of special education services in the public publics of Brookline, Massachusetts" June 1965
Box 45 "Training for teachers" 1967-1968
Reviews, responses, commentary
Box 45 Correspondence, re: reviews 1966-1980
Box 45 Miscellaneous book review manuscript undated
Box 45 Notes for miscellaneous reviews undated
Box 45 Miscellaneous book reviews undated
Box 46 Biklen, Douglas, "Community organizing" undated
Box 46 Blatt and Ozolins review of Joseph and Laurie Braga undated
Box 46 Blatt and Ozolins review of Kate Long undated
Box 46 Blatt and Ozolins review of Prof. Henry J. Perkinson undated
Box 46 Blom, Gaston E. paper undated
Box 46 Building a bridge program (Cohen/Apter) undated
Box 46 Due process in special education undated
Box 46 Educational handicap undated
Box 46 The new clients: legal services for mentally retarded persons 1979
Box 46 Normalization, social Integration, and community services undated
Box 46 The paradox of this self-fulfilling prophesy of individual development undated
Box 46 Psychology of mental retardation undated
Box 46 Response to NYS prevention plan undated
Box 46 Response to Lawrence M. Stolurow's article: "Research on mental deficiency at the Institute for Research on Exceptional Children" 1962
Box 46 Review reprints undated
Box 46 American journal of mental deficiency undated
Box 46 A time for humanists undated
Box 46 Interviews undated
Box 46 American journal of mental deficiency undated (2 folders)
Box 47 Crisis in child mental health undated
Box 47 Hospital and community psychiatry undated
Box 47 Community mental health journal undated
Box 47 Exceptional children undated
Box 47 The exceptional individual undated
Box 47 Inner grace undated
Box 47 Journal of orthopsychiatry undated
Box 47 Juvenile delinquency undated
Box 47 NYS ARC books undated
Box 47 NYU education quarterly response letter undated
Box 47 Psychological problems in mental deficiency undated
Box 47 Psychology misdirected (MS by Seymour Sarason) undated
Box 48 Right to education undated
Box 48 Seymour Sarason's work in progress undated
Box 48 Show me no mercy undated
Box 48 State mental hospitals undated
Box 48 Stripped bare at the follies undated
Box 48 Correspondence, re: miscellaneous introductions undated
Box 48 Baby learns to talk, by Donald F. Maietta and Don Glen Sandy 1969
Box 48 Book in special education, Edward Meyen undated
Box 48 The disposable people, by. Prof. James Gardner and Dr. Art Veno 1979
Box 48 Family of the retarded child undated
Box 48 Humanizing adult education research: five stories from the 1930s, by Ronald Hilton undated
Box 48 Manpower development monograph undated
Box 48 Parents speak out: views from the other side of the two-way mirror, by Ann P. Turnbull and H. Rutherford Turnbull III 1978
Box 49 The Psycho-Educational Clinic undated
Box 49 Syracuse law review - the legal rights of the mentally retarded 1972
Box 49 When a college works with a public school undated (2 folders)
Box 49 Prospectus by Dr. Peter Knobock and Dr. Michael Berres 1984
Box 50 Research notes undated - mostly unidentified 3x5 cards
Box 51 General correspondence regarding fiction submissions 1976-1984 (3 folders)
Box 51 Introduction 1975
Novel: the professor
Box 51 Correspondence 1974-1981 (2 folders)
Box 51 Correspondence with Sidney Kramer (agent) 1983-1984
Box 51 Draft, readers' comments undated
Box 52 First draft undated (2 folders)
Box 52 Manuscript material undated (2 folders)
Box 53 Manuscript undated (3 folders)
Box 53 Uncorrected draft undated
Novel: revolt of the idiots
Box 54 Bound manuscript undated
Box 54 Correspondence 1972-1977 (2 folders)
Box 54 Cover undated
Box 55 Excerpt in arise undated
Box 55 Manuscript undated (3 folders)
Box 56 Manuscript undated
Box 56 Note undated
Box 56 Photographs undated
Box 56 Reviews and announcements undated
Box 56 Novel: Ernest, Ruth, and Uncle Waldo - manuscript undated (2 folders)
Box 56 "Aphorisms of a burned-out pessimist" undated
Box 56 "The day the sun sank forever" undated
Box 56 "Each man's life means everything" undated
Box 56 "He" undated
Box 56 "The pariah's preacher" undated
Box 56 "President's message: storms and quiet before the storm" circa 1970
Box 56 Miscellaneous poetry undated
 Poem, 'Benchmarks of Civilization: 2'
 Poem, 'Faithless Mission'
 Poem, 'Lamentations on Man and Waste'
 Poem, 'On Guilt by Disassociation'
 Poem, 'Test for Poets'
 Poem, 'Zeitgeist of the Obese Society'
Popular media
Box 57 "An interview with Dr. Burton Blatt" discussing Christmas in purgatory Spring 1980
Box 57 "On the bill of rights and related matters" July 1977
Box 57 "Realities in being a parent of an educable mentally retarded child" circa 1956
Box 57 "Unmailed letter: on the educability paradox" September 1970
Box 57 The miracle worker - introduction to teaching guide undated
Box 57 "Criteria for evaluating research proposals" undated
Box 57 "Views from monoliths behind windows to nothing" undated
Box 57 "Suggested activities for student volunteers in special education" undated
Box 57 "The skeptimist: education's ultimate weapon" undated
Box 57 "Values of physical education, recreation, and sports for all" undated
Box 57 Newspaper writings 1966-1984
 Newspaper article
 Newspaper article
 Newspaper article
 Newspaper article
 Newspaper article
Box 57 "The family" Spring 1978
Box 57 "Competencies and Incompetencies in teaching and training teachers" February 1976
Box 57 "The nine pillars of mental retardation" September 1975
Box 57 "Public education and the university in the United States" December 1975
Box 57 "Curriculum and methods research in special education" 1977
Box 57 "Each man has value" February-March 1972
Box 57 "Mainstreaming: does it matter?" February 1976
Box 57 "Special education, yesterday, today and tomorrow: an interview with Frances Connor, Samuel Kirk and Burton Blatt" August 1977
Box 57 "The loyal opposition" October 1979
Box 57 "The loyal opposition" December 1979
Box 57 "The loyal opposition" February 1980
Box 57 "The loyal opposition," excerpt from the family papers April 1980
Box 57 "The loyal opposition: rediscovering the nineteenth century" June 1980
Box 57 "From the bookshelf: in and out of mental retardation" August 1981
Non-print materials
Audio tapes
Box 58 Education in America undated (5" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Educators forum, mentally retarded education undated (5" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Juniors after Stu Tea [?] November 23, 1960 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Counseling parents undated (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Diagnosis of mental retardation March 25, 1960 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Unidentified May 1963 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Juniors evaluation of professional education undated (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Great moments in special education undated (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Seminar January 31, 1963, February 7, 1963 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Seminar February 14, 1963, February 21, 1963 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Seminar February 28, 1963, March 14, 1963 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 58 Seminar - with Dr. Sarason March 21, 1963, March 28, 1963 (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 59 Stove presentation: Ben Slosberg, B. Kirkman, Genevieve Sczepanek, Mike Irwin undated (Audio cassette)
Box 59 Purdue University undated (3/4" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 59 MA, MH photograph undated
Box 59 Notes for draft of slide-tape show on the School of Education 50th anniversary Scholars Fund undated
Box 59 Miscellaneous photographs undated (4 folders)
Box 60 Photographs and negatives undated
Box 60 Photographs and negatives (duplicates) undated
Box 60 Slides, pre-school project undated
Box 60 Slides, miscellaneous undated
Box 60 Slides, Suffer the little children undated
Unpublished works
Conference presentations
Box 60 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD), annual meetings 1970, 1973 (2 folders)
Box 61 American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD), annual meetings 1978-1983
Box 61 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) 1963, 1971
Box 61 Children's disabilities and their relationship to schooling 1967
Box 61 CLAMR presents Burton Blatt on ethics undated
Box 61 Closing the gap: a seminar on designing for everyone 1975
Box 61 Educating the 24-hour retarded child 1975
Box 61 Fighting the deinstitutionalization backlash June 1982
Box 61 Focus on quality October 1978
Box 61 Hartford Institute on Mental Retardation 1957
Box 62 International Association for the Scientific Study of Mental Deficiency (IASSMD) 1976
Box 62 Mainstreaming the exceptional child in the library 1977
Box 62 Moral commitment undated
Box 62 Innovational uses of materials 1969
Box 62 "On humanistic technology..." 1976
Box 62 Miscellaneous conference announcements undated
Box 62 Miscellaneous conference materials undated
Box 62 "The causes and conditions of children's disabilities and their relationship to schooling" undated
Box 62 Centennial lecture: "Man through a turned lens" April 14, 1970
Box 62 "Children's disabilities and their relationship to schooling" undated
Box 62 "The consequences and educational treatment of mental retardation" undated
Box 62 "Crouse College today" (note cards only) undated
Box 62 Dialogue, WHEN-TV Syracuse September 8, 1970, September 16, 1970 - Poor quality (two 1/2" videotapes and DVD)
Box 63 "The educability paradox and the future for people with special needs" August 26, 1979 (2 audio tapes and 2 CDs)
 Audio recording, part 1
 Audio recording, part 2
 Audio recording, part 3
Box 63 Fred F. Finn celebration undated
Box 63 "The future for people with special needs" undated (text and audio cassette)
Box 63 "How to change the world from A to Z" undated
Box 63 "If people could heed good advice" undated
Box 63 Interview by Anne C. Fox, University of Kentucky July 1976 (audio tape and CD, 39 minutes)
 Audio recording
Box 63 Interview by Sue Morse, Syracuse University August 30, 1979 (audio tape and CD, 39 minutes)
 Audio recording
Box 63 "The irony of Jewish education in America" undated
Box 63 "A layman looks at Judaism and the synagogue" February 18, 1966
Box 63 "Mainstreaming, deinstitutionalization and national policy" - speech at the University of Iowa April 22, 1983 (audio tape and CD, 1 hour, 2 minutes)
 Audio recording
Box 63 Notes for miscellaneous speeches undated
Box 63 "On producing better teachers for New York State" undated
Box 63 "Outline for a freshman theme" undated
Box 64 Stonehill College, Easton, Mass. June 10, 1977 (1/2" videotape and DVD)
Box 64 "Three teachers" undated
Box 64 Unidentified panel participation in Boston, Mass. March 1, 1978 (2 audio tapes and 2 CDs)
 Audio recording, part 1
 Audio recording, part 2
Box 64 Unidentified speech, possibly in Georgia, November 11 undated - Very poor quality; digitized content includes the full speech, three brief excerpts, and audio without video (2 folders) (three 1/2" videotapes, three DVDs)
 Video clip: History of mental retardation
 Video clip: Advocacy
 Video clip: Mainstreaming
Box 64 University of Iowa Radio Forum: an interview with Burton Blatt April 1983 (audio tape and CD, 29 minutes)
 Audio recording
Box 64 "What a school of education can do about the education of teachers" undated
Box 65 "When we're smart we're very, very smart" undated
Box 65 Various speeches undated
Box 65 Young Adult Workshop and Institute undated
Box 65 Ethics undated
Box 65 Evaluation instruments undated
Grant proposals
Box 65 Educating intelligence 1964
Box 65 A proposal for a national center on educational media and materials for the handicapped 1970
Box 65 Preparation of personnel for the education of handicapped undated
Box 65 Application to Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation 1960
Box 65 BU programs for the mentally handicapped undated
Box 65 Workshop on human abuse 1973
Box 65 Correspondence - summer workshop 1972
Box 65 A child advocacy program in Onondaga County February 1971
Box 65 A comparison of clinical and conventional methods... 1959
Box 66 Proposal for institute on mental retardation undated
Box 66 Kennedy Center for Mental Retardation at Boston University undated
Box 66 A center for the study and education of handicapped infants and children 1969
Box 66 Special Olympics undated
Box 66 The education of mentally retarded children in Massachusetts undated
Box 66 Miscellaneous correspondence, re: proposals undated
Department and university service - Boston University
Box 66 Brightman, Alan Jay undated
Box 66 Schmidt, Bernadine R. application 1963
Box 66 Teacher education preliminary report to the University Long-Range Planning Committee 1970
Box 66 BU miscellaneous undated
Department and university service - Syracuse University
Box 67 Civic literacy seminar 1982-1984
Box 67 The community imperative 1979
Box 67 Continuing assembly Spring 1970
Box 67 Coordinators meetings 1970-1971
Box 67 Coordinators 1971-1972
Box 67 Development of proposal, psycho-educational clinic undated
Box 67 Division report undated
Box 67 Division meetings 1971-1974 (3 folders)
Box 68 Report on Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation 1968-1969
Box 68 Education Council and School of Education 1970-1974 (3 folders)
Box 68 Education Council and School of Education, retreat 1972
Box 68 Faculty meeting as new dean of the School of Education September 20, 1976 (Audio tape and CD)
 Audio recording
Box 68 Gebbie Clinic dedication - speech November 4, 1972 (2 audio tapes and 2 CDs)
 Audio recording, part 1
 Audio recording, part 2
Box 68 Honorary degree committee 1972-1973
Box 68 Institute for Community Psychology 1969-1971
Box 68 Learning disabilities committee meetings 1967-1970
Box 68 Mental retardation area meetings 1977-1982
Box 68 Newman, Edward 1975-1977
Box 68 Planning reports, annual reports 1969-1970
Box 68 Promotion and tenure committee 1969-1974 (4 folders)
Box 69 Promotions and tenure committee 1974-1976 (2 folders)
Box 69 Promotion procedures, Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation 1971-1972
Box 69 Proposed strategy and tactics for the new School of Education undated
Box 69 Report of ad hoc statistics committee 1971
Box 69 School of Education - council meeting minutes 1969-1975 (3 folders)
Box 69 School of Education - miscellaneous undated
Box 69 School of Education - future undated
Box 70 SU School of Education planning document February 1974
Box 70 SU School of Education planning document - overheads February 1974
Box 70 Special Education Division meeting minutes 1969-1971 (2 folders)
Box 70 SURC, possible relationship with School of Education 1970
Box 70 Viewpoints on Academic Affairs (Vice Chancellor John Prucha) January 1976
Box 70 Harold Woodward 1972-1976
Box 70 Faculty meetings, audio cassettes undated (4 audio cassettes)
Lectures and travel
Box 71 Lecture arrangements - correspondence 1956-1965 (10 folders)
Box 72 Lecture arrangements - correspondence 1965-1970 (7 folders)
Box 73 Lecture arrangements - correspondence 1970-1973 (6 folders)
Box 73 Lecture arrangements - correspondence - international symposium on mental retardation March 18-28, 1972
Box 73 Lecture arrangements - correspondence - AMD speech (basic kit) 1973
Box 74 Lecture arrangements - correspondence 1974-1976 (5 folders)
Box 75 Lecture arrangements - correspondence 1977-1980 (6 folders)
Box 76 Lecture arrangements - correspondence 1980-1984 (5 folders)
Professional services - editorships
Box 76 Exceptional children 1970-1972, 1974
Box 76 Journal of education October 1968
Box 77 Journal of learning disabilities 1981-1982, 1984
Box 77 Journal of learning disabilities - correspondence 1983-1984
Box 77 Mental retardation 1963-1964, 1969
Box 77 Selected media reviews 1970-1974
Box 77 Not the swan's song, but there's an analogy buried in here somewhere undated
Box 77 Seminars in psychiatry undated (2 folders)
Box 77 Series: segregated settings and the problem of change undated
Box 77 Torch 1958
Box 77 Training teachers of the trainable 1957
Box 77 University Park Press undated
Professional services - national organizations
American Association on Mental Deficiency (AAMD)
Box 78 Annual meetings 1971-1977 (6 folders)
Box 78 Centennial meeting 1976
Box 79 Centennial meeting 1976 (2 folders)
Box 79 Clements, James 1975
Box 79 Committee on contracts 1974
Box 79 Correspondence 1972-1979 (7 folders)
Box 80 Council meetings March 1976, December 1978 (2 folders)
Box 80 Crissey, Marie Skodak 1975-1976
Box 80 Directories 1976
Box 80 Election 1976-1977
Box 80 Executive committee meetings 1971-1974 (5 folders)
Box 80 Follow-up 1972-1981
Box 81 Invitations 1975-1977
Box 81 Journal 1962-1974
Box 81 Kokaska, Charles 1974-1976
Box 81 Liaison with regional offices 1974-1975
Box 81 Monograph editor undated
Box 81 Monograph series committee 1971-1972
Box 81 Nominations and elections committee undated
Box 81 Planning 1971-1974
Box 81 Presidential Commission on Mental Retardation 1968-1978
Box 82 Report to council May 1975
Box 82 Report to council (draft) 1977
Box 82 Search committee for executive secretary undated (2 folders)
Box 82 Vanier, Jean 1974-1977
Box 82 Vice-president, first undated
Box 82 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) - Teacher Education Division (TED) conference undated
Box 82 Foundation for Exceptional Children undated
Box 82 Massachusetts Association for Retarded Children (MARC) undated
Box 82 Massachusetts Psychological Association undated
Box 82 The Association for the Severely Handicapped (TASH) undated
Professional services - consultancy to other universities
Box 82 American International College 1969
Box 82 Boston University (Sister Agnes McNally project) 1973-1974
Box 82 CUNY 1970-1971
Box 82 Fordham University 1984
Box 82 Illinois Board of Higher Education 1984
Box 82 Indiana University 1968-1970
Box 83 Massachusetts College of Art 1976
Box 83 New York University 1969-1970
Box 83 Ontario Council on Graduate Studies 1984
Box 83 Purdue University 1976
Box 83 Teachers College, Columbia University 1969-1971
Box 83 University of Connecticut 1970
Box 83 University of Kentucky 1969
Box 83 University of Pittsburgh 1969
Box 83 University of Utah 1973
Professional services - manuscript reviews
Box 83 Miscellaneous manuscript reviews undated
Box 83 The deinstitutionalization of the retarded by Sylvia M. Bercovici 1981
Box 83 Review request letter for the exceptional individual 1980
Box 83 Review request letter for the culture of the school and the problem of change 1981
Box 83 In-between years by Robert Everhart undated
Box 83 Willer and Intagliata 1982
Box 83 Professional services - academic recommendation letters undated
Community service
Box 84 ABT Associates, Inc. 1972-1975
Box 84 Advocate - Baker, Milton J. 1974-1976
Box 84 Barrier free environment 1975-1976
Box 84 Boston Public Schools 1967
Box 84 Consolidated industries 1970
Box 84 Educational testing service 1975-1977
Box 84 Fairport Central School District 1978
Box 84 Human teaching for human learning 1973
Box 84 Independent Living, Inc.. 1970-1976
Box 84 McEvoy Educational Center 1972
Box 84 National Society for Autistic Children CNY chapter 1971
Box 84 New York Special Olympics 1980
Box 84 Onondaga County 1973
Box 84 Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children 1974-1976
Box 84 Syracuse - computer based project 1969
Box 84 Syracuse Developmental Center 1976
Box 84 Syracuse - McCarthy School 1971-1976
Box 84 Transitional Living services of Onondaga County 1975
Box 84 Urban Crisis Program 1970-1973
Box 84 Westchester BOCES Advisory Board 1973
Box 84 Workshop on special education - Phoenix 1962
Box 84 Transaction systems 1974
The Center on Human Policy
Box 85 Announcement about CHP 1974
Box 85 Community Living Declaration undated
Box 85 Correspondence 1972-1982
Box 85 Declaration of human policy undated
Box 85 Epidemiologic considerations and children with special needs in New York State undated
Box 85 Meetings - Douglas Biklen and Robert Bogdan 1975-1976
Box 85 Notes from the center - Zeigler, Edward, "The future of social policy for children" November 1973
Box 85 Proposal - Institute for Public Leaders in the Human Services 1970-1981
State and federal government - expert testimony and commentary
Box 85 Belle Chase undated
Box 85 Boyer et al. v. the State of Rhode Island undated
Box 85 Bretch v. Syracuse Board of Education undated
Box 85 Carulli v. Boards of Education undated
Box 85 Connecticut case undated
Box 86 Russell Daniels case undated
Box 86 Delaney v. Syracuse Board of Education undated
Box 86 Doe v. Henderson, Nashville, TN undated
Box 86 Garrity v. New Hampshire undated
Box 86 Goldstein et al. v. Cogun et al (Bartholomay case) undated
Box 86 Kentucky Association for Retarded Children v. Peter Conn et al. undated
Box 86 Larry P. v. Riles undated
Box 86 Lebanks v. Speers undated
Box 86 Lora v. New York City Board of Education undated
Box 86 Maryland Association of Retarded Children v. State of Maryland undated
Box 87 Maryland Association of Retarded Children v. State of Maryland undated
Box 87 Mental health Law Project drug litigation undated
Box 87 NYS Association for Retarded Children v. Carey undated
Box 87 State of NY v. Currier undated
Box 87 Meeting on Pennhurst decision April 27, 1981
Box 87 Piontkowski et al v. Syracuse City Schools undated
Box 87 Plymouth Consent decree undated (2 folders)
Box 87 Prince Edward Island undated
Box 87 Renelli / Willowbrook undated
Box 87 Roos v. Rhode Island undated
Box 87 Souder v. Brennan undated
Box 87 Syracuse Law review Issue on mental retardation undated
Box 88 Tennessee Peonage suit undated
Box 88 Townsend v. Treadway undated
Box 88 Webster v. Perry undated
Box 88 Welsch v. Linkins undated
Box 88 Welsch v. Noot undated
Box 88 Milton A. White, et al. v. Village of Manlius undated
Box 88 Willowbrook consent judgment undated
Box 88 Wilson / Beyer v. Boston University undated
Box 88 Wuorri v. Bruns undated
Box 88 Wuorri v. Concannon undated
Box 88 Wyatt v. Hardin et al., Alabama undated
Box 88 Wyatt v. Stickney undated
Box 88 Youngberg v. Romeo undated
State and federal government - government appointments
Box 89 Angelini, Dennis - recommendation 1975
Box 89 Arlington, VA 1971-1972
Box 89 BEH questionnaires 1976
Box 89 Commission on International Year of Disabled Persons, public awareness 1981
Box 89 Connecticut, State of 1961
Box 89 Connecticut State Department of Health 1960-1961
Box 89 HEW SRS - Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare Social and Rehabilitation Service - Mental Retardation Project Review Committee 1971
Box 89 Joseph P. Kennedy. Jr. Foundation 1966-1976 (2 folders)
Box 89 Ladd School, Rhode Island 1965
Box 89 Massachusetts 1967-1970 (2 folders)
Box 89 Massachusetts Bureau for Mental Retardation - Advisory Council 1969
Box 89 Massachusetts Committee on Services to Children 1962
Box 89 Massachusetts Commonwealth Mental Health Foundation 1977
Box 89 Massachusetts Department of Mental Health 1964-1968
Box 90 National Research Council Committee 1976-1977
Box 90 Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government 1983
Box 90 New York City Bureau for Children with Retarded Mental Development 1973
Box 90 NYS Committee on Children 1971-1974
Box 90 NYS Council of Deans of Education 1983-1984
Box 90 NYS Department of Mental Hygiene (DMH) 1973-1974
Box 90 NYS teacher education 1983
Box 90 President's Committee on Mental Retardation 1967-1969
Box 90 Rehabilitation research centers closing 1975-1976
Box 90 Seaside Regional Center, Waterford, CT 1966-1975 (3 folders)
Box 90 Syracuse "financing quality education" November 15, 1983
Box 90 USDESEA schools 1968-1969
State and federal government - institutions and deinstitutionalization
Box 91 Adult Activity Center, Arlington, VA 1970-1972
Box 91 Best, Allen C. - application undated
Box 91 Camphill Village, Copakje, NY 1974-1978
Box 91 Community at Marlboro, Mass. 1972
Box 91 LeFave, Hugh undated
Box 91 Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center 1970
Box 91 May Institute for Autistic Children 1974
Box 91 New England Villages Inc. 1971-1977
Box 91 Oral examinations for director and deputy director of New York State schools 1972-1973
Box 91 Sampson State School 1971
Box 91 Santostefano, Sebastiano - recommendation undated
Box 91 Stonegate School, Durham, CT 1972-1973
Box 91 Willowbrook 1972-1975
State and federal government - proposed legislation
Box 91 Bartley-Daly Act, Massachusetts chapter 766 1974
Box 91 Maynard Reynolds - University of Minnesota 1974
Box 91 NY A-11979, S-10289 undated
Box 91 HR 5163, Quie bill 1973
Box 91 Subcommittee on Special Education 1959
Box 91 Syracuse TMR bill 1972-1973
State and federal government - proposal evaluations
Box 92 Miscellaneous correspondence undated
Box 92 300-75-0225 1976
Box 92 Miscellaneous, re: Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) reviews 1967-1971
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) proposal evaluations
Box 92 Indiana University 1975
Box 92 Institute for Independent Educational Research 1975
Box 92 Levine, Murray 1975
Box 92 Murray State University, KY 1975
Box 92 Ohio State 1975
Box 92 Philadelphia School District 1975
Box 92 Southern Illinois 1975
Box 92 University of Miami 1975
Box 92 University of Oregon 1975
Box 92 Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities 1975
Subject files
Box 92 Miscellaneous handouts undated
Box 92 Miscellaneous collected items undated
Box 92 The Animal School undated
Box 92 Info on cerebral palsy undated
Box 92 Code of ethics on human experimentation undated
Box 92 Cooperative School for Handicapped Children undated
Box 92 Correction of reading errors undated
Box 92 Courage to carry responsibility undated
Box 93 Creed for exceptional children undated
Box 93 The dangerous woman undated
Box 93 Declaration of human rights and responsibilities undated
Box 93 Final exam, education and psychology of exceptional children undated
Box 93 Education of the trainable child undated
Box 93 A feeling of guilt says withdraw undated
Box 93 Food and love undated
Box 93 Fraenkel, William A. - poetry undated
Box 93 Greenblatt, Milton - resignation undated
Box 93 Hearing deficiency - clippings, brochures undated
Box 93 Horizontal overview... undated
Box 93 Hungerford, Richard H. - handouts undated
Box 93 Implications of mental deficiency undated
Box 93 In a great large file, by J. N. Rook undated
Box 93 The indoor pauper: a Study undated
Box 93 Insane asylum, by Art Buchwald undated
Box 93 Institute for Child Behavior Research Autism Study undated
Box 93 Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential undated
Box 93 IQ distribution undated
Box 93 Laws undated
Box 93 Mann manuscript undated
Box 93 Mann operational assistance undated
Box 93 Massachusetts mental health undated
Box 94 Mental retardation - clippings and information undated
Box 94 Miscellaneous subject files undated (3 folders)
Box 94 Newland, T. Ernest, The Severely mentally handicapped child: a welfare responsibility undated
Box 94 NYS school reform and NYS Regents, clippings and materials undated
Box 94 On locusts undated
Box 94 The origin and nature of our institutional models undated
Box 94 Proceedings of the sixth annual conference Pennsylvania Association for the Study and Education of the Mentally Gifted undated
Box 94 Perception test undated
Box 94 Physical handicap and cerebral palsy undated
Box 94 Poetry undated
Box 94 Poor man's soliloquy, by Stephen M. Corey undated
Box 94 Prefixes and suffixes used in medical terms undated
Box 94 The puzzle children poster undated
Box 94 Psychology in the community, galleys undated
Box 95 School reform and teaching preparedness - clippings and articles undated
Box 95 Schweitzer chairs undated
Box 95 Selected bibliography in special education undated
Box 95 Sex education materials undated
Box 95 Skill sequences in arithmetic undated
Box 95 States' regulations undated
Box 95 Teacher training and teacher supply undated
Box 95 Teacher supply undated
Box 95 Third party correspondence undated
Box 95 T.M.R. performance profile undated
Box 95 University Urban Schools National Task Force, proceedings, fifth conference undated
Box 95 Wider horizons proceedings undated
Box 95 Visual impairment - brochures and information undated
Box 96 Visual impairment undated (2 folders)
Box 96 A waiver and agreement undated
Box 96 Williams, Karl, poetry undated
News clippings
Box 96 Shoes undated
Box 96 Miscellaneous news clippings undated (5 folders)
Box 96 Academic life undated
Box 96 Heber/ University of Wisconsin fraud undated
Box 96 Education Week August 24, 1981
Box 96 PCMR news clipping service undated
Box 96 "Physically handicapped - social and Emotional Adjustments" undated
Box 96 New York review of books October 13, 1985
Box 97 New York review of books March 29, 1984
Box 97 New York times magazine July 7, 1957
Box 97 New York review times sections undated
Box 97 Policy undated
Box 97 Race and IQ undated
Box 97 Smith fraud case undated
Box 97 New York times spring survey of education April 25, 1976
Box 97 Southern Connecticut undated
Other authors
Articles by other authors
Box 97 Miscellaneous article reprints undated
Box 97 Miscellaneous book reviews undated
Box 97 Administration in the field of special education undated
Box 97 Articles on research and the history of science undated
Box 97 Brummel's poetry undated
Box 97 Carver dissertation abstract undated
Box 97 The case for deinstitutionalization undated
Box 97 Changes in faculty life styles undated
Box 97 The condition of Jewish studies in America undated
Box 97 The Connecticut story undated
Box 97 Contextual accuracy in interpreting profanity in the inner-city classroom undated
Box 97 Creative infidelity undated
Box 97 Reprints from Dybwad undated
Box 97 The education of intelligence undated
Box 97 An experiment in "experience" undated
Box 97 For a disciplinarian's manual undated
Box 97 The formation of conscience in an age of technology undated
Box 97 The future of the mental hospital undated
Box 97 Graney's review of mental retardation: nature, cause and management undated
Box 98 Growth, equilibrium, and self-renewal undated
Box 98 Haywood, H. Carl undated
Box 98 High schools and universities undated
Box 98 How classroom desegregation will work undated
Box 98 The idiot savant undated
Box 98 Intelligence and race undated
Box 98 The last great disgrace undated
Box 98 Looking ahead for problem children undated
Box 98 Morse-Carey amendment undated
Box 98 The new institutions undated
Box 98 Normaliseringsprincipen... (Bengt Nirje) undated
Box 98 Observation of teachers and teaching undated
Box 98 Prestige and education undated
Box 98 Prevention as a goal for social work undated
Box 98 Quest for a silver unicorn undated
Box 98 A radical idea in the service of a conservative goal undated
Box 98 Research in special education undated
Box 98 Research in the university (Oppenheimer) undated
Box 98 Sarason's review of management of the family of the mentally retarded undated
Box 98 "Social and emotional adjustments", various clippings undated
Box 98 Some aspects of the brain-behavior problem undated
Box 98 Szasz, Thomas undated
Box 98 Teacher education programs in the 1980s undated
Box 98 Teacher training and the plague undated
Box 98 Toward a definition of oppression and social intervention undated
Box 98 Toward a social psychology of flatulence undated
Box 98 The unsung American composer undated
Books / booklets by other authors
Box 98 Academic preparation for college - The College Board, New York 1983
Box 98 ARC resource guide - Association for Retarded Citizens of Oakland County 1982
Box 98 Arithmetic skills for living and learning - State of Rhode Island Department of Education Division of Instructional Services Section of Special Education 1958
Box 99 Assistants for teachers of exceptional children - Cruickshank and Haring 1955-1956
Box 99 Challenging how teachers are educated - Thomas G. Fox, Jr. 1983
Box 99 Child caring instructions - Gula, Martin, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare 1958
Box 99 Children's reading books - Croman, Dorothy Young undated
Box 99 Memorial to the legislature of Massachusetts - Dorothea Dix undated
Box 99 The elementary school administrator's practical guide to mainstreaming - Douglas Biklen undated
Box 99 Inside the cuckoo's nest - Jim Gardener undated
Box 99 Jimmeh work - Joe Bernard Jimmeh, Jr. 1966
Box 99 Language skills for living and learning - State of Rhode Island Department of Education Division of Instructional Services Section of Special Education 1958 (2 folders)
Box 99 Law and mental retardation - Canadian Association for the Mentally Retarded undated
Box 99 Mental retardation: an image - Allen A. Dutton undated
Box 99 Neuber see - Margaret Ann Neuber undated
Box 99 Occupational education: realistic guidance - Femiana, Winifred, Bureau for Children with Retarded Mental Development 1947
Box 99 The Paideia proposal: an educational manifesto - Mortimer J. Adler 1982
Box 99 Reinforcement therapy - O. I. Lovaas undated
Box 99 Religious education booklets - Catholic family Living undated
Box 100 Report on Grand Central Station - Leo Szilard undated
Box 100 The right to die - Milton D. Heifetz and Charles Mangel undated
Box 100 Statistical manual of the American Association on Mental Deficiency undated
Box 100 A survey of public school facilities for the mentally retarded - children of Connecticut undated
Box 100 These least - Margaret A. Neuber undated
Box 100 These least supplement - Margaret A. Neuber undated
Box 100 The Walter E. Fernald State School: a photo essay - The Office of Communications, The Walter E. Fernald State undated
Box 100 Book advertisements undated
Box 100 Education book list - Pi Lambda Theta 1970-1971
Box 100 Francis Biddle material undated
Box 100 Miscellaneous brochures undated
Box 100 Non-book brochures undated
Box 100 Miscellaneous newsletters undated
Box 100 The American spectator - edited by R. Emmet Tyrell, Jr. September 1984
Box 100 Bostonia - Boston University 1966
Box 101 Dimensions - The Council for Exceptional Children 1970
Box 101 Educational excellence network - Vanderbilt University 1984
Box 101 Educational leadership - Association for Supervision and curriculum development November 1980
Box 101 Exceptional children - Council for Exceptional Children undated
Box 101 Exceptional parent undated
Box 101 Health/PAC bulletin January 1973
Box 101 Journal of education undated
Box 101 Journal of teacher education undated
Box 101 Kappan undated
Box 101 Mental hygiene news undated
Box 101 Mental retardation undated
Box 101 New York teacher undated
Box 101 Partners undated
Box 101 Psychological bulletin monograph December 1968
Box 101 Psychological monographs undated
Box 101 Spectrum undated
Box 101 Teaching exceptional children undated
Box 101 Time March 19, 1973
Box 101 Training school bulletin undated
Reports by other authors
Box 102 Action for excellence undated
Box 102 Analyses of education reports undated
Box 102 Authority in state agencies for administration of facilities for the mentally retarded undated
Box 102 Clarke report on Australian MR undated
Box 102 Collected journals, BU News February 26, 1963
Box 102 Connecticut State Department of Education definitions undated
Box 102 A descriptive comparative analysis... - McNally undated
Box 102 A directory of Connecticut's services for exceptional children undated
Box 102 The Domestic Policy Association's National Issues Forum undated
Box 102 Education: an action plan... undated
Box 102 Education for mentally retarded children undated
Box 102 Education for mentally retarded children - revision 1962
Box 102 Education under study undated
Box 102 Factors related to high school students' interest... undated
Box 103 Fleischmann report, vol. 1 1973
Box 103 Fleischmann report, vol. 2 1973
Box 103 Fleischmann report, vol. 3 1973
Box 103 The good school of education undated
Box 103 Horizontal overview of the sequential arrangement... undated
Box 103 Improving education: perspectives on educational research undated
Box 103 Johnson Foundation reports undated
Box 103 Mental retardation and the law undated
Box 103 Mental retardation in Connecticut undated
Box 103 Mental retardation in Southeastern Connecticut undated
Box 103 A nation at risk undated
Box 104 New Yorkers view their public schools 1983
Box 104 NYS Regents undated
Box 104 On second thought undated
Box 104 Physical education and recreation for handicapped children undated
Box 104 Planning report for information analysis products... undated
Box 104 Priorities for the nation's schools undated
Box 104 Report of the Special Commission on Mental Health to the Onondaga County Legislature undated
Box 104 Report on the Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation undated
Box 104 Residential facilities in NYS undated
Box 104 The section of Special Education and Mental Hygiene of the Delaware State Education Association undated
Box 104 Special education for handicapped children undated
Box 104 SUNY-Albany Center for Educational Research and Policy Studies undated
Box 104 Survey of NYS programs for the education of handicapped children undated
Box 104 Task Force on Death and Dying February 1974
Box 104 Teacher supply / demand 1984
Box 104 Training for teaching in psychiatry - Samuel W. Bloom May 15, 1967
Box 104 Tele-teaching undated
Box 104 Too many schools of education? undated
Box 105 The Vermont guide for teaching adolescents with special needs undated
Audio-visual materials by other authors
Box 105 HEW microfilm - reports from the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Education, Cooperative Research Branch undated (5 microfilm reels)
Box 105 Sievers dissertation - dissertation by Dorothy Jean Sievers, "Development and standardization of a test of psycholinguistic growth in preschool children" 1955 (microfilm reel)
Box 105 Building Research Advisory Board - Special Advisory Committee on Accessible Environments for the Disabled December 20, 1974 (audio cassette, 19 minutes)
Box 105 Chris Byroads songs - public school teacher for severely retarded deaf-blind students 1980
Box 105 Dybwad, Gunnar 1977 (3 audio cassettes)
Box 106 Keylly and Wachtman undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Mercurio, Joseph undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Yarger, Sam J. undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Code 4A-46-77 undated (2 audio cassettes)
Box 106 Bob Guthere undated (2 audio cassettes)
Box 106 Idiot-savant (NPR) January 1981 (audio cassette)
Box 106 Interview of Don Davies undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Listen to Leona (Lee) Ward: a visit to the Philippine Island undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Public Affairs Broadcast Group #267 undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Search for a cure (Roos) undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Story/testimony of Marian Rose White undated (audio cassette)
Box 106 Szasz undated (audio cassette)
Box 107 Unidentified tapes undated (4 audio cassettes)
Box 107 New perspectives on mental retardation: a five-part public affairs series featuring prominent leaders in the field of mental retardation undated (7" reel-to-reel tape)
Box 107 Photographs undated
Box 112 (oversize) Phonograph album - a message by Dale Evans Rogers to the National Association for Retarded Children (E3KC-0658-1) undated (78 rpm records and CD)
Box 112 (oversize) Phonograph album - hour of St. Francis; these are the hands; angel in the house undated (33.3 rpm records and CD)
Citations of Burton Blatt
Box 107 Cornell alumni news undated
Box 107 Garland Junior College alumnae magazine undated
Box 107 Magazine mentions undated (2 folders)
Box 107 "Mental retardation in the preschool child" undated
Box 107 North American directory of consultants and inservice media in Special Education, Gutkin and Clark undated
Box 108 Newspaper mentions undated (3 folders)
Box 108 Programs for the handicapped undated
Box 108 "Random thoughts on Yom Kippur" undated
Box 108 Teaching evaluation guide undated
Box 108 Chronological 1952-1966 (3 folders)
Box 109 Chronological 1967-1969 (6 folders)
Box 110 Chronological 1970 (4 folders)
Box 111 Chronological 1971 (6 folders)
Box 113 Chronological 1972 (6 folders)
Box 114 Chronological 1973 (6 folders)
Box 115 Chronological 1974 (6 folders)
Box 116 Chronological 1975 (6 folders)
Box 117 Chronological 1976-1984 (9 folders)
Box 117 Chronological - posthumous circa 1985
Box 117 ACSW, Freedman, Joel undated
Box 117 Benoit, E. Paul, Jr. undated
Box 117 Beyer, Henry A. undated
Box 117 Blumenthal, Iris undated
Box 117 Cooke, Robert, E. (M.D.) undated
Box 117 Coplan, James, Dr. undated
Box 117 Coplan, Myron J. undated
Box 117 Daly, Robert W. (M.D.) undated
Box 117 Doll, Eugene undated
Box 117 Donovan, Daniel undated
Box 117 Dybwad, Gunnar undated
Box 118 Gardner, James M, undated
Box 118 Goldstein, Herbert undated
Box 118 Grant, Gerald undated
Box 118 Green, Tom undated
Box 118 Guarino, Robert L. undated
Box 118 Hammerman, Michael undated
Box 118 Heiny, Don undated
Box 118 Huff, Sheila undated
Box 118 Hungerford, Dick undated
Box 118 Johnston, Ron undated
Box 118 Kipper, Bernice M., Dr. undated
Box 118 Kugel, Robert undated
Box 118 Levine, Samuel undated
Box 118 Lindsley, Ogden undated
Box 118 Mangel, Charles undated
Box 118 Mann, Horace undated
Box 118 Marge, Michael undated
Box 118 Mercurio, Joseph undated
Box 118 Mizrucki, Hal undated
Box 118 Neuber, Margaret undated
Box 118 Northrup, Margo undated
Box 118 Pepe, Nick undated
Box 118 Pieper, Betty undated
Box 118 Pregler, Hedwig undated
Box 118 Pulos, Arthur J. undated
Box 118 Reppucci, N. Dickon undated
Box 118 Richardson, Elliot L. undated
Box 118 Roeher, G. Allan, Dr. undated
Box 118 Ruvin, Harold undated
Box 118 Sarason, Seymour undated
Box 118 Sokoloff, David undated
Box 118 Spivak, George undated
Box 118 Throne, John undated
Box 118 Van Son, George L., Dr. undated
Box 118 Wein, Marc R. undated
Box 118 Weingold, Jerry undated
Box 118 Wooden, Kenneth undated
Box 118 Zigler, Edward undated
Box 118 Zitway, George undated
Box 118 Zneimer, Leonard undated
Box 119 Article correspondence - "The tragedy and hope of retarded children" 1967-1968 (6 folders)
Box 120 Greeting cards and postcards undated (3 folders)
Box 120 Bowling undated
Box 120 Personal correspondence undated
Box 120 Blatt-Goodman manuscript 1982-1983
Box 120 Ethel Blatt - primary skills checklist undated
Box 121 Re: his children undated
Box 121 Re: other family members undated
Box 121 Notes undated
Box 121 Medical undated
Box 121 Postage stamp proposal 1985
Box 121 Memorial service - Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University March 3, 1985
 Audio recording
Box 121 Portrait dedication 1986
Box 121 Religious life undated
Box 121 Scholarship fund 1986-1987
Box 121 Travel memorabilia undated

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