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Gene Basset (b. 1927)

A student of both art and psychology, native New Yorker Gene Basset worked as a sports cartoonist for the Indianapolis Times and, later, the Boston Post. He also served as a theatrical caricaturist for the Brooklyn Eagle. Following a brief stint as the first editorial cartoonist for the Hawaii Star Bulletin, Basset worked as chief editorial cartoonist for Scripps-Howard Newspapers for nineteen years. From 1982 until his retirement in 1992, Basset was an editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal. The Special Collections Research Center has more than four hundred of his original cartoons. The series displayed here comments on events from 1968.

Untie Yourself before It's Too Late

30 November 1968
Domestic Crisis / Brookings Institution

But If I Put the Lid On We'd Have All Sorts of Political Fallout
24 September 1968
Nuclear Arms Spread / Senate / "A" Treaty

I Suppose Another Triumph for Our Glorious System

23 September 1968
Moon Orbit and Re-Entry / Soviet Social Progress

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