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Clarence Daniel Batchelor (1888-1977)

A transplanted Midwesterner, Clarence Daniel Batchelor worked for the New York Mail and the New York Journal as a staff artist and occasional political cartoonist before landing his first full-time job as a political cartoonist for the liberal New York Post. In 1931, Batchelor joined the staff of the New York Daily News as its chief editorial cartoonist. In The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons (New York: Gale Research Company, 1980), Richard E. Marshall noted that at first the News supported the New Deal, "but the paper and its cartoonist eventually grew disenchanted with liberalism and bureaucracy....Batchelor's strong cartoons were drawn with irony, a moralizing viewpoint and direction; with labels and captions written on scrolls, they have the appearance of documents. In effect, with his crisp style and strong ideas, they are proclamations in cartoon form." Awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1937, Batchelor, having retired from the News in the early 1970s, wound up his career at the National Review, a journal of the political right. Between 1963 and 1979, Batchelor and his wife, Allegra, donated over six thousand original cartoons to the Special Collections Research Center.

The Voter: "Looks to Me, Dear, as Though Someone Has Put 'Mock' in 'Democracy'"

Our "Liberals:" Think Nothing of It. Just a Tiny Little Ice Cube

Lunacy / Ship of State / The Known Communist Conspiracy / The 11/12 Peril below the Water Line

Uncle Sam: I Sometimes Wonder If I Can Afford Another Democratic President

Woodrow Wilson: He Kept Us Out of War / FDR: I tell you again and again and again I will not send your sons into a foreign war / Good Old Joe / H$T: 275 Billions of Debt

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