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Leon J. Galloway Collection

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Galloway, Leon J.
Title: Leon J. Galloway Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1711-1962
Quantity: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: Collection created by Leon Galloway of Hicksville, New York, presumably based on his personal interests. Correspondence of military members of the Confederate States of America and Civil War currency. Contracts, land surveys, photo albums, and books about the Hicksite Quakers. Correspondence of the Saunders family.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Leon J. Galloway was the principal of Hicksville High School in Hicksville, New York, a hamlet within the town of Oyster Bay on Long Island. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club in 1937 and the president of the club in 1942. He was also a Quaker.

Elias Hicks (1748-1830) was originally a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in Philadelphia. In the 1820s the group split, partially (though not entirely) over some of Hicks' views including denial of the virgin birth and emphasis on "the light within" over the literal text of the Bible. Followers of Hicks, among whom was Walt Whitman, were known as "Hicksites."

Limited information is available on the Saunders Family. William and Susan Saunders moved their family from London, England to Rochester, New York in 1850. The family members appearing in the collection are William Tyrie Saunders; his father William and mother Susan; his wife Elizabeth; his sisters Elizabeth and Alice; and brothers Charles, Frank, Herbert, and Phillip. In 1851, William Tyrie was a 20 year old engraver-on-wood apprentice in London. He stayed in London while his family moved to America. On 1 November 1851, he married Elizabeth Mary Crews at the parish church of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, London and eventually had six children with Elizabeth. William Tyrie's wood engraving business moved periodically around Lincolns Inn Fields within the Holborn neighborhood of London. William Tyrie died 15 March 1886 at the age of 55, Elizabeth followed her husband 3 May 1905 at the age of 71.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Leon J. Galloway Collection consists of material relating to the Confederate States of America, the Hicksite Quakers, the Saunders family, and some miscellaneous items.

Confederate States of America series includes correspondence from important individuals within the Confederacy, such as Jefferson Davis, Daniel Ruggles, Fitzhugh Lee, Pierre G.T. Beauregard, and many others. The series also includes currency from all states within the Confederacy, Galloway's collected notes on this series, portraits, printed material, and war bonds.

Hicksite Quakers consists of contracts between individuals and land surveys of Hicksville, New York; a letter by Elias Hicks to William B Trish; a handwritten manuscript by David Seaman; photo albums of Quakers with handwritten notes of individuals; and a book describing the Hicksite Quakers and their doctrines.

Within the Saunders family series are letters from William Tyrie Saunders and his family: his father William and mother Susan; his wife Elizabeth; his sisters Elizabeth and Alice; and brothers Charles, Frank, Herbert, and Phillip.

Miscellaneous series is divided into correspondence and memorabilia. Within correspondence are letters directed to Galloway, to the Middletown Monthly Meeting in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; from the executive chamber for the state of New York; and to the headmaster of the Friends Academy in Locust Valley, New York. In memborabilia, there are autograph books of Dr. Theron Wendell Kilmer and Fredrick Bulkley Tuttle. Kilmer was the nephew of Tuttle. Also, there are two first day of issue stamps.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is arranged alphabetically by title, type, or topic, and within each folder chronologically.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advance notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has a substantial amount of material in both manuscript and rare books holdings relating to Quakers and other mid-nineteenth century religious movements. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate printed/cataloged material and to the SCRC Subject Index for a listing of manuscript material.

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Subject Headings


Aldridge family.
Beauregard, G. T. (Gustave Toutant), 1818-1893.
Belknap, William W. (William Worth), 1829-1890.
Benjamin, J. P. (Judah Philip), 1811-1884.
Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893.
Bradley, Joseph H. (Joseph Habersham), 1802-1887.
Bragg, Braxton, 1817-1876.
Browne, William M. (William Montague), 1823-1883.
Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889.
Doty family.
Early, Jubal Anderson, 1816-1894.
Fish, Hamilton, 1808-1893.
Hampton, Wade, 1818-1902.
Hardee, William Joseph, 1815-1873.
Hicks family.
Hicks, Elias, 1748-1830.
Hill, D. H. (Daniel Harvey), 1821-1889.
Lamar, L. Q. C. (Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus), 1825-1893.
Lee, Fitzhugh, 1835-1905.
Lee, Stephen D. (Stephen Dill), 1833-1908.
Longstreet, James, 1821-1904.
Mallory, Stephen R. (Stephen Russell), 1813-1873.
McLaws, Lafayette, 1821-1897.
Mott family.
Ruggles, Daniel, 1810-1897.
Saunders family.
Seaman family.
Seward, William H. (William Henry), 1801-1872.
Sherman, John, 1823-1900.
Smith, Gerrit, 1797-1874.
Stephens, Alexander H. (Alexander Hamilton), 1812-1883.
Taylor, Richard, 1826-1879.
Townsend family.
Willis family.


Confederate States of America.
Hicksites -- United States -- History.
Society of Friends.


Hicksville (N.Y.)
Jericho (Nassau County, N.Y.)
Lincoln's Inn Fields (London, England)
Oyster Bay (N.Y.)
United States -- Church history -- 19th century.
Westbury (Nassau County, N.Y.)

Genres and Forms

Autograph albums.
Engravings (prints)
Land surveys.
Manuscripts (documents)
Marriage certificates.
Paper money.
Photograph albums.
Postage stamps.
War bonds.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Leon J. Galloway Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Leon J. Galloway, 1978.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 4 Jan 2010
Revision history: 9 Aug 2021 - collection processed (RMH)

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Confederate States of America
Box 1 Donor notes - Galloway's notes on the Confederate States of America series
Box 1 Beauregard, Pierre G.T. 1870
Box 1 Belknap, William W. 1884
Box 1 Benjamin, Judah Philip 1863
Box 1 Blaine, James Gillespie 1889
Box 1 Bradley, Joseph H. 1861-1866
Box 1 Bragg, Braxton 1864
Box 1 Browne, William Montague 1877
Box 1 Davis, Jefferson 1854, 1863, 1880, 1885-1886, 1889-1890
Box 1 Early, Jubal 1872
Box 1 Fish, Hamilton 1869-1870
Box 1 Hampton, Wade 1882
Box 1 Hardee, William Joseph 1865
Box 1 Hill, Daniel Harvey 1887
Box 1 Kimmel, Manning Marius 1862
Box 1 Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus 1886
Box 1 Lee, Fitzhugh 1879, 1886, 1892
Box 1 Lee, Stephen Dill 1885, 1889
Box 1 Longstreet, James 1857, 1884
Box 1 Mallory, Stephen Russell - undated
Box 1 McLaws, Lafayette 1888
Box 1 Ruggles, Daniel 1862, 1885
Box 1 Schurz, Carl Christian 1880
Box 1 Seward, William Henry 1855
Box 1 Sherman, John 1865
Box 1 Stephens, Alexander 1850, 1882
Box 1 Taylor, Richard 1865
Box 1 Welle, Gideon 1836
Box 1 Confederate States of America, miscellaneous 1848-1854, 1857-1868, 1879, 1882, 1885-1892, 1900-1901, 1905, 1908 - correspondence from and to Confederate military members (4 folders)
Box 1 Smith, Gerrit 1870
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1865, 1869 - includes John Bright; Clinton DeWitt; Wendell Phillips; Prince Philippe of Orleans, Count of Paris; and John Russell, 1st Earl Russell
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1859-1863, 1866 - unidentified individuals
Oversize 6 Alabama 1863-1864
Oversize 6 Arkansas 1862
Oversize 6 Florida 1862-1864
Oversize 6 Georgia 1831, 1849, 1854-1865,
Oversize 6 Kentucky 1864
Oversize 6 Louisiana 1834, 1839, 1842, 1862-1864
Oversize 6 Mississippi 1862
Oversize 6 Missouri 1862
Oversize 6 North Carolina 1861, 1863-1867,
Oversize 6 South Carolina 1856, 1861-1863, 1867, 1872
Oversize 6 Tennessee 1862-1863
Oversize 6 Texas 1861-1862
Oversize 6 Virginia 1850, 1861-1862
Box 1 Eastman College - 2 items: one cent and three cent notes
Oversize 6 Confederate States of America 1862-1864
Oversize 7 Confederate States of America 1862-1864
Box 1 Confederate States of America 1862-1864 (2 folders)
Box 2 United States of America 1845, 1862, 1882, 1899, 1908, 1914, 1917, 1923, 1928, 1935, 1953, 1957
Box 2 Dominion of Canada 1878
Box 2 Engravings
Box 2 Photographs
Box 2 Printed material 1896-1898
Box 2 War bonds 1864-1865
Oversize 5 War bonds 1836-1864
Hicksite Quakers
Oversize 4 A book of records of the division of the plain land by Robert Williams 1948 - photostatic reproduction of the original division records of the plain purchase of 1648
Oversize 5 Contracts 1715-1716, 1731, 1744-1748, 1751, 1764-1769, 1778-1780, 1784, 1789-1799,
Oversize 5 Contracts 1801-1806, 1809-1814, 1817, 1821-1822, 1826-1828, 1831-1838, 1841-1844, 1852-1855, 1869
Box 2 David Seaman's manuscript 1787
Hicks, Elias
Box 2 Correspondence 1820
Oversize 5 Marriage certificate 1771
Box 2 The Hicksite Quakers and Their Doctrines by James M. DeGarmo 1895 - history and overview of the Hicksite Quakers and their beliefs
Oversize 5 Land surveys 1711-1714, 1717, 1768, 1780, 1793, 1806, 1812, 1822-1824, 1851, 1864
Box 2 Memorial of Samuel Hicks Seaman and His Wife Hannah Richardson Husband compiled by Mary Thomas Seaman 1927 - extensive family genealogy of predominantly Hicksite Quakers
Oversize 1 Photo album undated - "To Mother from Lottie and Amie"
Oversize 3 Photo albums undated (2 volumes)
Box 3 Miscellaneous 1802, 1806, 1815 - bill of sale, sermon notes, Hannah Tredwell's will, poem by Matthew Green, and late 19th century or early 20th century map of Hicksville
Oversize 5 Miscellaneous 1832, 1844 - list of land sales, unknown contract, blank contract form.
Saunders family
Box 3 Correspondence 1850-1865, 1868 - undated (3 folders)
Box 3 Autograph book, Theron Wendell Kilmer 1888
Oversize 2 Autograph book, Fredrick Bulkley Tuttle undated
Box 3 Correspondence 1837, 1909, 1937, 1944, 1953, 1962
Box 3 Stamps 1965-1966

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