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Eva vom Baur Hansl Collection of Women's Vocational Materials

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hansl, Eva vB. (Eva vom Baur).
Title: Eva vom Baur Hansl Collection of Women's Vocational Materials
Inclusive Dates: 1927-1967
Quantity: 24 linear ft.
Abstract: Extensive collection of materials relating to the education, employment, marital status, and intellectual life of women in society. Material encompasses women in the U.S. as well as in other countries. Topics include education, careers, roles and attitudes, family issues (marriage, divorce, children, home management), well-known women, working women, and many other subjects. Collected by Eva vom Baur Hansl, American author, journalist, radio producer, and lecturer.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Eva Elise vom Baur Hansl, woman's editor and pioneer in women's radio broadcasting, was born to Elise Urchs and Carl Max vom Baur on 29 Jan 1889 in New York City, the youngest of five daughters and a son. She attended the New York Collegiate Institute and after graduating from Barnard College in 1909 became a member of the Intercollegiate Bureau of Occupations, one of the earliest organizations concerned with employment for women. From 1911-1916 she reported the progress of the early feminist movement for the New York Tribune and the New York Evening Sun; at the latter she was editor of the women's page from 1912-1916. In 1915-1916 she directed a course of public lectures at New York University on vocations for women, and from 1916-1918 she organized the League for Women's Vocational Opportunities. She was an associate editor of Parents magazine and organized play-schools and parents' study groups in Princeton and Summit, New Jersey and in Greenwich, Connecticut.

In 1916 she married Raleigh Hansl, from whom she was later divorced. When her two children, Barbara and Raleigh, were grown, she returned to journalism with the Education Department of the New York Times. Her efforts on behalf of the education and employment of women continued for the next four decades. In 1936 she founded Trend-File, a reference service on women's interests and activities, which she maintained for many years. Her long interest in women's activities led to broadcasting when she supervised the research, promotion, and production of three network radio series: "Women in the Making of America" and "Gallant American Women"for NBC, in cooperation with the U.S. Office of Education (1939-1940), and "Womanpower," for CBS in cooperation with the War Manpower Commission (1942-1943).

In 1941 Hansl left New York City to work in Washington with the War Manpower Commission, but after that returned to New York City which remained her home for the rest of her life. From 1947-1950 she was a member of the committee of the World Center for Women's Archives, Inc. in New York City. She lectured at New York University and Columbia University, and wrote several books including Minute sketches of great composers (1931), Artists in music today (1933), Trends in part-time employment of college trained women (1949), and many articles in popular periodicals.

Eva vB Hansl died on 11 Apr 1978.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Eva vom Baur Hansl Collection of Women's Vocational Materials comprises materials relating to the education, employment, marital status, and intellectual life of women in society. The material encompasses women in the U.S. as well as in other countries, and topics include education, careers, roles and attitudes, family issues (marriage, divorce, children, home management), well-known women, working women, and many other subjects. The material is divided into 15 series.

Conferences contains material from conferences on children, education, home and family, labor, and other topics.

Continuing Education material relates to projects at more than 40 American universities.

Education covers all aspects of women's education, including coeducation, community colleges, counseling, curriculum, drop-outs, Head Start, home study, legislation, middle-aged women returning to school, older women workers, teaching, and much more.

England includes topics such as British women in the war, as well as material relating to the British Federation of University Women and the International Federation of University Women.

The History of women's education includes an outline for "Women's Education Begins" as well as pro and con views of feminism and other articles and book reviews.

A large collection of material relating to Home and Family comprises topics such as adoption, birth rates, budgets, child care, women as consumers, dual-job situations, education, health, home economics, migrant families, mothers and daughters, nursing homes, widows, and many more.

International and Foreign Women covers more than 25 countries and also contains material relating to the United Nations and some miscellaneous clippings.

Occupations and counseling encompasses a broad range of careers, not limited to those traditionally ascribed to women. Everything from architecture to veterinary medicine is represented.

Part time employment focuses on the particular challenges and opportunities for part-time working women, and includes case histories, surveys, questionnaires, and much more.

Roles and attitudes towards women, particularly working women, looks at psychological aspects, mass media representations, social tensions, and similar questions.

War Years focuses on the activities of women during World War I and World War II. Topics found here include case histories, civilian women leaders, housing, African-American women (Ms. Hansl's original folder titles have been retained hence the use of the term "Negro"), women as peace advocates, labor shortages, the G.I Bill of Rights, and numerous others.

Womanpower looks specifically at issues of interest to women in the workplace, such as earnings and education, the Civil Rights Act, women as business owners or managers, equal pay, maternity benefits, recruitment of women, working mothers, and more.

General files cover a wide range of topics from affluence and alcohol through grandmothers and horticulture to youth power. Published Material contains newspaper clippings on a similarly wide range of topics.

A small amount of Miscellaneous unsorted material completes the collection.

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Arrangement of the Collection

All series are arranged alphabetically.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

See also the Eva vom Baur Hansl Papers, which contain material relating to Hansl's own career and particularly her radio broadcasts in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Subject Headings


Hansl, Eva vB. (Eva vom Baur) -- Archives.

Corporate Bodies

Federal Theatre Project (U.S.)
United States. -- Office of Education.
United States. -- War Manpower Commission.
United States. -- Works Progress Administration.

Associated Titles

Gallant American women (Radio program)
Womanpower (Radio program)
Women in the making of America (Radio program)


Adult education -- United States.
Documentary radio programs.
Feminism -- Archival resources.
Feminists -- United States.
German Americans.
Housewives -- United States.
Professional education of women.
Radio authorship.
Radio producers and directors -- United States.
Radio programs.
Radio scripts -- Specimens.
Women -- Biography.
Women -- Education (Higher)
Women -- Education.
Women -- Employment.
Women -- History -- Archival resources.
Women -- Intellectual life.
Women -- Legal status, laws, etc.
Women -- Social conditions.
Women -- United States.
Women -- Vocational education.
Women authors, American.
Women in politics.
Women in radio broadcasting.
Women in the mass media industry.
Women journalists -- United States.
Women's mass media.
Women's rights -- United States.
Women's studies -- Archival resources.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Radio scripts.
Speeches (documents)
Surveys (documents)


Radio producers and directors.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Eva vom Baur Hansl Collection of Women's Vocational Materials,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: ca. 1968
Revision history: 21 Aug 2008 - updated and converted to EAD (MRC)

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Box 1 Outline of the Eva vB. Hansl Collection 1964
Box 1 Foreword to the Eva vB. Hansl Collection
Box 1 Foreword, partial revised draft Dec 1968
Foreword guide
Box 1 Outlines
Box 1 "Slump and Spark"
Box 1 Postcripts to the collection Dec 1968
Trend file
Box 1 Description of services
Box 1 Index 1937-1939
Box 1 Outline
Box 1 General
Box 1 Career Opportunity and Plans 1960, 1963, 1965 (3 folders)
Box 1 Children in a democracy, White House Conference on 1940
Box 1 Education 1961-1963, 1965 (2 folders)
Box 1 Home and Family 1948, 1965 (2 folders)
Box 1 Labor 1959-1967 (3 folders)
Box 1 On Women 1960-1963, 1966-1967, undated (3 folders)
Box 2 Miscellaneous
Continuing Education
Box 2 Index
Box 2 General
Box 2 College programs
Box 2 Prelude to Continuing Education
Programs at colleges and universities
Box 2 University of Akron
Box 2 Archdiocese of Detroit Institute
Box 2 Barnard College
Box 2 Bennington College
Box 2 Boston University
Box 2 Briarcliff College
Box 2 University of California, Berkeley
Box 2 University of Colorado
Box 2 Cornell University
Box 2 Douglass College of Rutgers University
Box 2 Fairleigh-Dickinson University
Box 2 Florida State University
Box 2 George Washington University
Box 2 Goddard College
Box 2 Indiana University
Box 2 Johns Hopkins University
Box 2 University of Kansas City
Box 2 University of Michigan
Box 2 University of Minnesota
Box 2 Mount Holyoke College
Box 2 Mundelein College
Box 2 New School Social Research (New York City)
Box 2 State University of New York
Box 2 New York University
Box 2 Northeastern University (Boston, Mass.)
Box 2 Oakland University
Box 2 Ohio State University
Box 2 University of Oklahoma
Box 2 Pennsylvania College for Women
Box 2 University of Pennsylvania
Box 2 University of Pittsburgh
Box 2 Purdue University
Box 2 Radcliffe College
Box 2 Rutgers University
Box 2 Sarah Lawrence College
Box 2 Simmons College
Box 2 Southern Methodist University, Dallas College
Box 2 Stephens College
Box 2 Syracuse University
Box 2 Vassar College
Box 2 University of Washington
Box 2 Webster College
Box 2 Wellesley College
Box 2 University of Wisconsin
Box 2 Yeshiva University
Box 2 Programs for women at various institutions 1965
Box 2 Study and continuity
Box 3 Index
Box 3 General (2 folders)
Box 3 Accreditation, adult education
Box 3 Alumnae Surveys
Box 3 Bibliography
Box 3 Campus marriages, career counseling, A. Heywood, career planning, "catalyst"
Box 4 Certification, child development, clippings 1944-1966
Box 4 Coeducation, community colleges
Box 4 Community Junior College
Box 4 Community resources for counseling
Box 4 Cooperative education
Box 4 Costs
Box 4 Counseling and educational television
Box 4 Counseling center
Box 4 Counseling for college women
Box 4 Curriculum, college
Box 4 Degrees
Box 4 Discontinuities
Box 4 Discrimination
Box 4 Doctorates (PhD's and EdD's)
Box 4 Doctorate holders
Box 4 Drop-outs
Box 4 Drop-outs, educational
Box 4 Education for counseling
Box 4 Equivalency
Box 4 Experiments
Box 4 Facts and figures
Box 4 Financing
Box 4 Funds and scholarships
Box 4 Future
Box 4 Graduate work
Box 4 Head Start project
Box 4 Higher education
Box 4 Higher education, doctorate degrees
Box 4 Home study courses
Box 4 Illiteracy
Box 4 Industrial sponsorship of college graduates
Box 4 Job horizons for women - New York State
Box 4 Legislation
Box 4 Management education
Box 4 Marriage
Box 4 Marriage and career
Box 4 Middle-aged women
Box 4 Middle years, counseling and workshops
Box 4 Migrant children
Box 4 Motivation
Box 4 Negro education
Box 4 Non-college bound student
Box 4 Nursing profession
Box 4 Obstacles for women
Box 4 Obstacle removers
Box 4 Occupations, miscellaneous
Box 4 Older workers, education and counseling
Box 4 Organizations
Box 4 Parent survey of education in the United States
Box 4 Partnership Teaching Program
Box 4 Patterns in careers for women (2 folders)
Box 4 Physical sciences, "Role of Women's Colleges in the Physical Sciences" (conference), Bryn Mawr 1954
Box 5 Publications on women's education
Box 5 Quality of education
Box 5 Refresher courses and retraining
Box 5 Research
Box 5 Retarded children
Box 5 Retirement: "It's never too late"
Box 5 Scholarships and fellowships
Box 5 Careers, general
Box 5 Careers as science writers
Box 5 Sex education
Social work
Box 5 Career data and related information
Box 5 Part-time
Box 5 "Southern college women," Fred Schab
Box 5 Student unrest
Box 5 Superior student
Box 5 Talent search
Box 5 Teacher's College at Columbia University, "New course on vocations for girls and women" 1918
Box 5 General
Box 5 Profession
Box 5 Substitute teaching
Box 5 Tests
Box 5 Unskilled jobs
Box 5 Vocational guidance
Box 5 Wastage
Box 5 Women's colleges, status of (Eva vB Hansl)
Box 5 Workshops
Box 5 Education, miscellaneous
Box 5 Counseling, miscellaneous
Box 5 General (3 folders)
Box 5 Bibliographies, Fawcett Society
Box 5 British Federation of University Women, Ltd.
Box 5 Clippings
Box 5 Homecraft Course at Oxford
Box 5 Pamphlets - women and work
Box 5 Part-time jobs
Box 5 Reports
Box 5 Social forces
War years
Box 5 British women in the war
Box 5 Education and jobs
Box 6 Women in higher education, International Federation of University Women (2 folders)
Box 6 Outline
Box 6 General
Box 6 American Women's Heritage, The
Box 6 Articles and book reviews
Box 6 Brown University
Box 6 Feminism: Views for and Against
Box 6 Women in history
Box 6 1930s
Box 6 "Women's Education Begins" outline
Home and Family
Box 7 Abortion
Box 7 Adoption
Box 7 Allowances
Box 7 The Anonymous Women
Box 7 Attitudes
Box 7 Automation and the homemaker
Box 7 Babies and birthrate
Box 7 Babiess, prenatal stage
Box 7 Baby sitters
Box 7 Bibliographies
Box 7 Birth control
Box 7 Budget
Box 7 Careers - homemaking
Box 7 Case histories: How they manage
Box 7 Child care
See also Day care
Box 7 Child care centers
Box 7 Child Care International
Box 7 Child care legislation
Box 7 Child welfare
Box 7 Childhood
Box 7 Children, dependent and neglected
Box 7 Children, migrant
Box 7 Children, quotes
Box 7 Children of working mothers
Box 7 Community affairs
Box 7 Community child care
Box 7 Community volunteers
Box 7 Consumer
Box 7 Cost of living
Box 7 Day care
See also Child care
Box 7 Day care - general articles, conference projects
Box 7 Day care organizations
Box 7 Divorce (2 folders)
Dual Job
Box 7 "The Economics of the Family in a Democracy"
Box 7 Home management
Box 7 Hancock Conference
Box 7 How Do they Manage?
Box 7 Hunter College Conference 1957
Box 7 Problems for women
Box 7 Surveys and studies
Box 7 Home management training
Dual Job II
Box 7 Homemaker education
Dual Job III
Box 7 Time and motion
Box 8 Economic Problems of the Family
Box 8 Education and Counseling
Box 8 Family, general (3 folders)
Box 8 Family Care Projects for Working Women
Box 8 The Family Cycle 1947
Box 8 Family, role of
Box 8 Foster care
Box 8 Gifted pre-school children
Box 8 Government aid
Box 8 Grandmothers
Box 8 Growth and development of children, Myrtle McGran
Box 8 Heads of families, women as
Box 8 Health in the home
Box 8 Home and family
Box 8 Home economics
Box 8 Home economics counseling for homemakers
Box 8 Home Economic Association Journal, History of
Box 8 Home related activities
Box 8 General
Box 8 Handicapped
Box 8 Services (2 folders)
Box 8 Skills
Box 8 Miscellaneous
Box 8 Homemaking aids (equipment)
Box 8 Household employees (3 folders)
Box 8 General
Box 8 Literature on
Box 8 Husbands (2 folders)
Box 8 Income, family
Box 8 Juvenile delinquency
Box 9 Labor, family
Box 9 Law, family
Box 9 Leisure for housewives
Box 9 Management, problems of homemakers outside the home
Box 9 Marriage
Box 9 Married Women's Association
Box 9 Migrant families
Box 9 Mothers
Box 9 Young
Box 9 Role
Box 9 Working
Box 9 National Conference on Family Life 1948 - news stories
Box 9 National policy re: the family
Box 9 Nursery education
Box 9 Nursery school
Box 9 Nursing homes
Box 10 Nutrition
Box 10 Orphans
See Widows
Box 10 Parents
Box 10 Parents Without Partners
Box 10 Planning, family
Box 10 Rehabilitation
Box 10 Research on family life
Box 10 Rural women
Box 10 Sex
Box 10 Support
Box 10 Time management
Box 10 Time, saving
Box 10 Time, work and leisure
Box 10 Unwed
Box 10 Volunteer workers and associations
Box 10 Widows (2 folders)
See also Orphans
Box 10 Wives
Box 10 Work cycles
International and Foreign Women
Box 10 Index, partial
Box 10 American women workers
Box 10 American - Soviet relationships
Box 10 Belgian women
Box 10 Canada (3 folders)
Box 10 China
Box 10 Congress of American Women
Box 10 Cuba
Box 10 Czechoslovakia
Box 10 Egypt
Box 10 England
Box 10 France
Box 10 Germany (2 folders)
Box 10 Holland, general
Box 10 India
Box 11 International publications on women
Box 11 Iran
Box 11 Ireland
Box 11 Israel
Box 11 Italy
Box 11 Japan
Box 11 Latin America
Box 11 Poland
Box 11 Puerto Rico
Box 11 Romania
Box 11 Sicily
Soviet Union
Box 11 Education, social security
Box 11 Miscellaneous
Box 11 Sweden
Box 11 Switzerland
United Nations
See also General files: United Nations
Box 11 Foreign women
Box 11 International publications on women
Box 11 Publications, general
Box 11 Publications on women
Box 11 Studies and reports on women
Box 11 Vietnam
Box 11 "Women Speaking" publications
Box 11 Miscellaneous clippings
Occupations and counseling
Box 11 General
Box 11 General, women
Box 11 Actresses
Box 11 Advertising
Box 11 Age
Box 11 Agriculture, women in
Box 11 Architecture
Box 11 Armed Forces
Box 11 Arts - ballet
Box 11 Atomic energy
Box 11 Atomic energy
Box 11 Aviation, women in
Box 11 Bankers, women as
Box 11 Beauty as a business
Box 11 Blue collar
Box 11 Career for women
Box 11 Case histories
Box 11 Computers
Box 11 Dance
Box 11 Design, women in
Box 11 Dietetics and nutrition
Box 11 Economics
Box 11 Education, women in
Box 11 Engineering (2 folders)
Box 12 Executives
Box 12 Fashions as business
Box 12 Federal service, women in
Box 12 Financiers, women as
Box 12 Government, women in
Box 12 Health careers (2 folders)
Box 12 Historians, women as
Box 12 Home economics
Box 12 Industrial arts, women in
Box 12 Insurance
Box 12 Inventors
Box 12 Journalism, general
Box 12 Landscape architecture. women in
Box 12 Languages
Box 12 Law
Box 12 Librarians, women as
Box 12 Libraries, general
Box 13 Library profession
Box 13 Library, public, inquiry by Social Science Research Council 1948
Box 13 Libraries, shortages in
Box 13 Mass Media (television, radio)
Box 13 Mathematicians, women, in industry
Box 13 Medical careers
Box 13 Medicine
Box 13 Medicine, women in
Box 13 Meteorology
Box 13 Music
Box 13 Nuns
Box 13 Clippings
Box 13 Index
Box 13 Notes
Box 13 Age (New York City)
Box 13 Bibliography
Box 13 Case histories
Box 13 Chicago Council on Community Nursing
Box 13 Community medical services: hospitals
Box 13 Education
Box 13 Facts and figures
Box 13 Foreign nurses
Box 13 Health rehabilitation
Box 13 Health studies
Box 13 Inactive nurses
Box 13 Kansas State surveys of nursing profession
Box 13 Medical care
Box 13 Miscellaneous
Box 13 Nightingale Project, Eva vB. Hansl 1954 (2 folders)
Box 13 Organizations
Box 13 Part-time nursing
Box 13 Patients
Box 13 Practical nurses
Box 13 Public health nurses, New York City strike 1966
Box 13 Refresher course
Box 13 Research
Box 13 Returnees
Box 13 Shortages
Box 13 Staffing
Box 13 Supply, Peterson
Box 13 Training
Box 13 U.S. public health statistics and analysis
Box 13 Vacancies, unmet needs
Box 13 Visiting nurses
Box 13 Occupational outlook series, United States Department of Labor
Box 13 Occupational pamphlets of the Institute of Occupations 1935
Box 13 Occupational therapy
Box 13 Oceanology - Sea Grant Colleges
Box 13 Odd jobs
Box 13 Ombudsman
Box 13 Organizations, women's
Box 13 Painters, women
Box 13 Personnel
Box 13 Philosophy, women in
Box 13 Photographers
Box 13 Physicists
Box 13 Placement, job
Box 13 Psychology
Box 13 Publishing
Box 13 Radio, women in
Box 13 Retailing
Box 13 General
Box 13 Chemistry and phystics
Box 13 Scholarships in
Box 13 Space technology
Box 13 Sculptors, women as
Box 13 Search for talent
Box 13 Secretary - "Analysis of the Genus Secretary"
Box 13 Social sciences, field work
Box 13 Social work, women in
Box 13 Sororities, college
Box 13 Sports
Box 13 Teaching - Partnership Teaching Program
Box 14 Technicians
Box 14 Telephone workers, women
Box 14 Theatrical producers
Box 14 Travel agents
Box 14 Urban renewal
Box 14 Veterinarian
Box 14 Miscellaneous
Part time employment
Box 14 Articles
Box 14 Atomic Energy Project
Box 14 Helen Baker and Hazel Kyrk
Box 14 Bibliography
Box 14 Case histories
Box 14 College women
Box 14 Comments and arguments
Box 14 Comments, attitudes, and "progress"
Box 14 Discontinuity
Box 14 Fiction
Box 14 Insurance companies
Box 14 Intermittency
Box 14 International
Box 14 Interviews
Box 14 Job search
Box 14 Labor force reports
Box 14 Letters
Box 14 Medicine, women in
Box 14 New York, Denver, Richmond, Milwaukee, Syracuse, San Francisco, Dallas, Providence, Des Moines, Worcester
Box 14 Occupational map
Box 14 Pamphlets
Box 14 Predictions
Box 14 Presentations
Box 14 Projects, miscellaneous
Box 14 Questionnaires
Box 14 Radcliffe on employers
Box 14 Science
Box 14 Social work
Box 14 Status
Box 14 Study of part-time work opportunities for women
Box 14 Teachers
Box 14 Temporaries
Box 14 "Trends in Part-time Employment of College Trained Women" by Eva vB. Hansl
Box 14 Types of jobs
Box 14 Volunteers
Box 14 Woman power
Box 14 Women's part-time and part-year employment patterns in the United States
Box 14 "What They Say"
Box 14 Miscellaneous
Roles and attitudes
Box 14 General
Box 14 General, Volume I (1-16) 1948-1964
Box 14 General, Volume II (17-32) 1948-1964
Box 14 Attitudes towards women, articles re No.s 1-6
Box 14 Dilemmas of
Box 14 Education
Box 14 Hartley Y.W.C.A. Scout
Box 14 Hidden Dissuaders
Box 14 Psychological and emotional attitudes toward
Box 14 Radio and television programs re status of women
Box 14 Role expectations of women
Box 14 Social roles of American women
Box 14 Tensions
Box 14 "Women's Role in Our Society"
Box 14 Miscellaneous
War Years
Box 15 Index
Box 15 Absenteeism and turnover
Box 15 Armed services
Box 15 Attitudes - women and war jobs
Box 15 Bibliography, women's part in World War II 1942
Box 15 Birth rate revolution 1940-1947
Box 15 Bryn Mawr Study
Box 15 Case histories
Child care
Box 15 Day care
Box 15 "Journey Through Chaos" by Agnes Meyer
Box 15 Child welfare, trends in
Box 15 Children and youth, community planning
Box 15 Children's services - Social Security Act Title V 1947
Box 15 Civilian women leaders, conference of 1943-1950
Box 15 Community resources
Box 15 Conferences, war years and post-war years
Box 15 Consumer
Box 16 Counseling
Box 16 Draft of women
Box 16 General
Box 16 Co-ed
Box 16 General
Box 16 Cutbacks
Box 16 Opportunities
Box 16 Part-time
Box 16 Training
Box 16 Women in industry
Box 16 Employment of women, World War II gains
Box 16 Equal pay
Box 16 Foster home care, Los Angeles 1944
Box 16 Health
Box 16 Health and safety
Box 16 Home front
Box 16 Housing
Box 16 Labor reserves
Box 16 Laws, state labor
Box 16 Marshall Plan
Box 16 Mass media (radio)
Box 16 Negro women
Box 16 Nurses and nursing
Box 16 Office of War Information
Box 16 Part-time workers
Box 16 Peace activities and programs for women
Box 16 Peace advocates, women as
Box 16 Peace, drive for
Box 16 Plant and community facilities
Box 16 Politics
Box 16 Projects
Box 16 Psychology of war
Box 16 Recruitment
Box 16 Robert Scheer, "How the United States became involved in Vietnam"
Box 16 Shortages in the professional fields
Box 16 Women workers
Box 16 Women power
Box 16 Training
Box 16 Unions and labor press, miscellaneous
Box 16 U.S. War Manpower Commission, Women's Auxiliary
Box 16 Veterans
Box 16 Volunteers, war years
Box 16 Wages, war years
Box 16 War correspondents
Box 16 Women in medicine, war years
Box 16 Women in the professions, a war-time survey
World War I
Box 16 Clippings
Box 16 Notes and pamphlets
Post-war years
Box 16 Armed services 1945-1956
Box 16 Armed services counseling
Box 16 Article by Hansl and Hawley (outline)
Box 16 Bibliography
Box 16 Civil defense - decade of defense
Box 16 College women, education and counseling 1950's
Box 16 Decade of Defense
Box 16 Defense
Box 17 Education to meet war and post war demands
Box 17 G.I. Bill of Rights
Box 17 Occupations
Box 17 Post-war employment
Box 17 Post-war employment plans, U.S. Dept. of Labor 1946
Box 17 Reconversion
Box 17 State labor laws
Box 17 Time and leisure
Box 17 Training
Box Box 17 17 Trends in post-war employment opportunities for women (history)
Box 17 Unemployment - Connell Case
Box 17 Wages
Box 17 Women workers
Box 17 Miscellaneous
Box 17 Looking to the future
Woman power
Box 17 Index
Box 17 Introduction
Box 17 Absenteeism and turnover
Box 17 Advancement
Box 17 Armed services
Attitudes toward work
Box 17 Employee
Box 17 Employer
Attitudes toward working women
Box 17 Miscellaneous
Box 17 Related material
Box 17 Automation
Box 17 Case histories
Box 17 Material on women workers
Box 17 Business management, women in
Box 17 Business owners, women
Box 17 Church careers and related data
Box 17 Civil Rights Act, Title VII, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Box 17 Communications industry
Box 17 Computer analysts, operators
Box 17 Conferences, miscellaneous
Box 17 Conferences on women workers
Box 17 Discriminatory practices
Box 17 Earnings (income) and education
Box 17 Earnings, part-time
Box 17 Education
Box 17 Education and woman power
Box 17 Employment, standards for
Box 17 Equal pay for women workers (2 folders)
Box 18 Equal pay for women workers (1 folder)
Box 17 Equal Rights Amendment
Box 17 Equal rights for women, miscellaneous
Box 17 Family characteristics of workers 1957
Box 17 Feminism
Box 17 Finance for the working woman
Box 17 Government jobs, appointive and elective
Box 18 Government jobs, civil service
Box 18 Health care for women workers
Box 18 Home industries
Box 18 Hours, working
Box 18 Industry, women in
Box 18 Intermittency and returnees
Job seeking
Box 18 Resumes, A. Cronin 1962
Box 18 Techniques
Box 18 Job status trends and standards
Box 18 Jobs, first, of college women
Box 18 Jury duty, for women
Box 18 Labor relations bibliography, Cornell University
Box 19 Equal Rights Amendment
Box 19 Fair Labor Standards Act
Box 19 License requirements for various occupations
Box 19 Minimum wage legislation and studies
Box 19 Minimum wage provisions
Box 19 Women workers and
Box 19 Manpower, Challenge of the 1960's (U.S.D.L. Study) (2 folders)
Box 19 Maternity benefits for women workers
Box 19 Migrant labor data and legislation
Box 19 Mobility
Box 19 Mobility and the family
Box 19 Mobilization of women
Box 19 Moonlighting
Box 19 Motivation to work
Box 19 National Manpower Council
Box 19 Negro women
Box 19 Nepotism
Box 19 Night work, New York State Dept of Labor Reports 1941-1948
Box 19 Obstacles for women
Box 19 Overworked and underworked women
Box 19 Part-time employment
Box 19 Predictions
Box 19 Professional woman power
Box 19 Public Policy towards married women's work
Box 19 Recruitment of women
Box 19 Replacement womanpower
Box 19 Returnees - includes case histories
Box 19 Roster, American science, manpower 1964
Box 19 Satisfaction
Box 19 Self-employed, how to be; "Hobby Becomes Business"
Box 19 General - womanpower
Box 19 Teachers - womanpower
Box 19 Surveys, womanpower
Box 19 Tables of Working Life of Women
Box 19 Temporaries
Box 19 Tenure
Box 19 Training
Box 19 Trends in employment
Box 19 Trends in employment opportunities
Box 19 Unemployment insurance compensation
Box 19 Unemployment of working women
Box 19 Unions
Box 20 Unions and the working woman
Box 20 Upgrading womanpower
Box 20 Utilization
Box 20 Waste of educated womanpower
Box 20 Wealth
Box 20 White collar workers
Box 20 Work experience
Box 20 Working mothers
Box 20 Working wives
General files
Box 20 Index
Box 20 Achievement, Women of
Box 20 Affluence
Box 20 Age statistics
Box 20 Aging, miscellaneous
Box 20 Aging, organizations in the field of
Box 20 Agriculture, U.S. Department of
Box 20 Air pollution
Box 20 Alcohol
Box 20 American Academy of Political and Social Science, Annals of 1947
Box 20 American life, women in
Box 20 American Personnel and Guidance Association, Members Publications
Box 20 Anthropology
Archives, women's
Box 20 General
Box 20 Radcliffe
Box 20 Art
Box 20 Atlanta (Georgia) club women
Box 20 Automobile
Box 20 Aviation
Box 20 Awards and honors
Box 20 Banking
Box 20 General (3 folders)
Box 20 American history
Box 20 Industrial and labor relations, Cornell University Library
Box 20 Periods in US history
Box 21 Special
Box 21 Women
Box 21 Blind
Box 21 Book outlines
Box 21 Book reviews, current
Box 21 Books
Box 21 Books by women
Box 21 Canada
Box 21 Career 1935-1940
Box 21 Cartoons
Case histories
Box 21 General
Box 21 Dual jobs
Box 22 Math and science
Box 22 Part-time
Box 22 Special
Box 22 Censorship, general
Box 22 Household, families, workers
Box 22 Population
Box 22 Reports
Box 22 China
Box 22 Churches
Box 22 Civic and city club, women
Box 22 Civil Rights Act
Box 22 Civil service, England, women in
Box 22 Club women
Box 22 Collectors
Box 22 College education (2 folders)
Box 22 College professors
Box 22 Community projects
Box 22 Congresswomen
Box 22 Consumers (2 folders)
Box 22 Consumers, women as
Box 22 Crime, women and
Box 22 Dancers
Box 22 Defense
Box 22 Defense, home
Box 22 Defense training
Box 22 Democracy
Box 22 Democarcy and freedom
Box 22 Drugs
Box 22 Economics
Box 22 Education
Box 22 Educational enrichment programs for culturally deprived groups
Box 22 Embezzlers
Box 22 Employment
Box 22 Equal rights (2 folders)
Box 23 Equal rights amendments and treaties
Box 23 Equality
Box 23 Euthenics - Vassar College 1923-1940
Box 23 Explorers
Box 23 Facts and figures
Box 23 Fatigue
Box 23 Fellowships for women
Box 23 Feminism 1935-1937
Box 23 Finance
Box 23 Finance, as it affects women
Box 23 Floods
Box 23 Food
Box 23 Founders
Box 23 Four Hundred, women of the
Box 23 France
Box 23 Free speech
Box 23 Freedom Train documents on women 1947
Box 23 Garden
Box 23 Geneva - "Service d'Archives"
Box 23 Germany (2 folders)
Box 23 Glasses
Box 23 Grandmothers
Box 23 Great Society (L.B.J.)
Box 23 Handicap
Box 23 Health 1940s (2 folders)
Box 23 High school girls
Box 23 History
Box 23 Home
Box 23 Horticulturalist
Box 23 Household arts
Box 23 Housework
Box 23 Housing
Box 23 Human relations
Human resources
Box 23 General
Box 23 Conservation
Box 23 Indian-American women
Box 23 Indians, American and foreign
Box 23 Industry
Box 23 Inequality
Institute of Women's Professional Relations
Directory of institutions concerned with training
Box 23 Art in industry 1940
Box 23 Business and industry 1947
Box 23 Health 1936, 1945
Box 24 Health and the arts 1936, 1945
Box 24 Fellowships and other aids for advanced work 1930, 1940
Box 24 Occupations for college women 1929
Box 25 Opportunities in the public service 1940
Box 25 War and post-war employment and its demands for educational adjustments
Box 25 War demands for trained personnel 1942
Box 25 Work opportunities in American fashion design 1941
Box 25 Insurance
Box 25 Insurance - Social Security, Medicare, private policies
Box 25 Interest survey
Box 25 International material
Box 25 Internships
Box 25 Inventions
Box 25 Inventors
Box 25 Jewish women
Box 25 Job opportunities: Girl Scout recruitment
Box 25 Journalism - clippings, notes (2 folders)
Box 25 Jurors
Box 25 Jury duty
Box 25 Kindergartens
Box 25 Labor
Box 25 Labor laws, New York State
Box 25 Lathrop, Julia
Box 25 Latin America
Box 25 Law, women and
Box 25 Laws, state, of special value to women
Box 25 Lawyers, jurors, and jurists, women as
Box 25 League of Nations
Box 25 Legislation, Federal
Box 25 General
Box 25 T.C. discussion groups
Box 25 Leisure time workers
Box 25 Leisure time studies
Box 25 Living biographies
Box 25 Longevity
Box 25 Lucy Stone League
Box 25 Manners
Box 25 Marriage
Box 25 Marriage consultation
Box 25 Mass media
Box 25 Medicaid
Box 25 Medicare
Box 25 Medicine
Box 25 Medicine, women doctors
Box 26 Men in women's sphere
Box 26 Mental health
Box 26 Merchandising
Box 26 Mexico
Box 26 Middle class
Box 26 Middle years
Box 26 Minimum wage law
Box 26 Models
Box 26 Mortality
Box 26 Mothers
Box 26 Mothers and daughters
Box 26 National Service Corps.
Box 26 Negro
Box 26 Negro affairs
Box 26 New Jersey Writers Project
Box 26 New York State Department of Commerce
Box 26 Nursery schools
Box 26 Obituaries
Box 26 Organizations (2 folders)
Box 26 Patriotic organizations
Box 26 Peace
Box 26 Peace Corps volunteers
Box 26 Pension funds
Box 26 Perkins, Frances
Box 26 Poetry
Box 26 Poets
Box 26 Political life, womanpower (Young report)
Box 26 Political organizations, women's
Box 26 Politics and government, general
Box 26 Politics, women in
Box 26 Pollution, general
Box 26 General
Box 26 Growth and control of
Box 26 Old age
Box 26 Post offices and communications
Box 26 Posture
Box 26 Poverty, economic opportunity profile
Box 26 Poverty profiles (American Association of University Women)
Box 26 Problems of a changing population 1938
Professional, technical and kindred Workers
Box 26 Letters, Dr. Ethel Alpenfels
Box 26 National Science Foundation Report
Box 26 Special fields
Box 26 Profiles, general
Box 26 Providers
Box 26 Psychology
Box 26 Public health
Box 26 Puritan women
Box 26 Quotes
Box 26 Radio (2 folders)
Box 26 Railroads
Box 27 Refugee women, displaced persons
Box 27 Rehabilitation
Box 27 Religion
Box 27 Religion, women in
Box 27 IV Shively Wessiervelt
Box 27 V Research Survey - teachers' research letters - Hawkes and Brumbaugh
Box 27 Retirement planning and resources, general
Box 27 Richest women
Box 27 Roosevelt, Eleanor
Box 27 Royalty
Box 27 Rural
Box 27 Russia
Box 27 Russian women
Box 27 Safety, general
Box 27 Scandinavian women
Box 27 General
Box 27 Letters, National Conference on the Participation of Women in Science
Box 28 Sea
Box 28 Sects
Box 28 Service Bureau for Women's Organization 1955-1966 - annual reports (6 folders)
Box 28 Sex, general
Box 28 Single women and men
Box 28 Social change and forces affecting it
Social Security
Box 28 General
Box 28 Widows
Box 28 Social trends
Box 28 Social welfare (2 folders)
Box 28 South, women in the
Box 28 Status, general (2 folders)
Box 28 Streamlined grandmothers
Box 28 Suburbia, general
Box 28 General
Box 28 Nationality
Box 28 Smith Sisters
Box 28 Women's in the United States
Box 28 Taxes and women's interests
Box 28 Uncommon women
United Nations
See also International and foreign women: United Nations
Box 28 Commission on Status of Women
Box 28 News stories re. women
Box 28 Publications re. women
Box 28 "Women in the World Today"
Box 28 Unsung women
Box 28 Virginia Writers Project
Box 28 Vocations and vocational training (2 folders)
Box 28 Voters
Box 28 War
Box 28 War veterans, women
Box 28 War, women and
Box 29 Wealth
Box 29 Wealth, women of
Box 29 Wife of...
Box 29 Womanpower utilization - letters
Box 29 Women
Box 29 Women and their money
Box 29 Women at work (5 folders)
Box 29 Women in action (2 folders)
Box 29 Women in Dictionary of American Biography
Box 29 Women in modern America - "Emergence"
Box 29 Women, past and present
Box 29 Women, status of, general
Box 29 Women's Charter
Box 29 Women's clubs
Box 29 Women's contribution to national development
Box 29 Women's courts
Box 29 Women's rights
Box 29 Work and marriage
Box 29 World's Fairs, women and
Box 29 Writers, women
Box 29 Young adults and the YWCA
Box 29 General
Box 29 Counseling
Box 29 Culture
Box 29 Delinquency
Box 29 Draft
Box 29 Education
Box 30 Employment
Box 30 Finances
Box 30 Health
Box 30 Law, juvenile court
Box 30 National Service Act
Box 30 Organizations
Box 30 Part-time
Box 30 Revolt
Box 30 Sex
Box 30 Social activities
Box 30 Suburbia
Box 30 Volunteers for youth
Box 30 War years
Box 30 Youth and work in New York City
Box 30 Youth as volunteers
Box 30 "Youth goes into action"
Box 30 Youth power
Box 30 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 30 Miscellaneous, historical background
Box 30 Miscellaneous, general
Published Material
Box 31 "Insider's Newsletter" Sept. 20, 1960-April 24, 1967, undated
Newspaper clippings, A-Z by topic
Box 31 Abortion - Awards
Box 31 Babies - College
Box 31 Community Centers - Discrimination
Box 31 Divorce - Education
Box 31 Employment - Feminine Principle
Box 31 Government and Politics - Human Resources
Box 31 Illegitimacy - Libraries
Box 31 Marriage - Mothers Working
Box 31 Narcotics - Poverty Program
Box 31 Projections - Secretaries
Box 31 Sex Education - Teachers
Box 31 Technological Change - Wives
Box 31 Women (misc.) - Youth
Box 31 Miscellaneous 1944, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1953-1954, 1960, 1964-1966 (9 folders)
Box 32 Biographies and obituaries 1966
Box 32 Clippings 1967
Box 32 Clippings undated
Box 32 General newspaper clippings 1967
Box 32 Unsorted clippings
On Education
Box 32 1947-1964 (9 folders)
Box 33 1965-1966, undated
Box 33 On Labor 1941-1950, 1952-1966 (11 folders)
Box 33 On The atatus of women 1963-1966
Box 34 Miscellaneous 1940-1963 (3 folders)
Box 34 United States Government 1966-1967
Box 34 Unsorted material
Box 35 Unsorted material

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