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Per G. Stensland Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

The adult education holdings are collectively known as the
Alexander N. Charters Library of Resources for Educators of Adults.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Stensland, Per Gustaf, 1913-
Title: Per G. Stensland Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1941-1983
Quantity: 11.75 linear ft.
Abstract: Per G. Stensland (born in Sweden) was an American educator and consultant. The Per Stensland Papers include conference papers, correspondence, proceedings, reports, and speeches. The papers reflect Stensland’s teaching activities at various institutions, among them, Teacher’s College at Columbia University, the University of Toronto, the University of Saskatchewan, Kansas State College and the Milbank Memorial Fund. There is material related to Stensland’s activities as a member and field representative for the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE). Correspondents whose letters are of greatest depth and duration include James T. Farrell, Margaret Gayfer, Budd L. Hall, J.R. Kidd, George E. Miller, Paul A. Miller, Gunnar Myrdal, Alexander Robinson, and Dorothy Thomas.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Per Stensland, educator, writer and speech-maker, was a native of Sweden. While in Sweden he studied Gunnar Myrdal and Dag Hammarskjold. Very little else is know about his early life at this time.

He eventually came to the United States, where he was on the faculty of several institutions including Kansas State, Texas Technological College, Teacher's College, University of Saskatchewan, New York University, Hunter College, and the University of Toronto. He was a fellow and coordinator of a five year seminar run by the Milbank Memorial Fund. He consulted for World Health Organization, World Bank, European Economic Cooperation (OEEC), Kellogg Foundation, and others. He also represented the International Council of Adult Educators (ICAE) on a number of projects.

His areas of expertise were medical education, particularly community medicine, community development, educational sociology, nursing education, and teaching strategies. He lectured, taught and wrote on all these subjects.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Per G. Stensland Papers documents Stensland's professional career between 1941 and 1983. It includes correspondence, teaching materials, speeches, papers in printed and manuscript format, offprints, conference materials, reports, and newspaper clippings. Stensland led many workshops so the collection also includes correspondence, articles and working papers written by others. A number of the papers are unpublished.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The material is arranged chronologically within topics, largely preserving Stensland's original arrangement.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The library holds a considerable number of collections related to adult and continuing education. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing. Collections which are particularly relevant include:

International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)

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Subject Headings


Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979
Gayfer, Margaret
Hall, Budd L.
Kidd, J. R. (James Robbins), 1915-1982
Miller, George E., b. 1919
Miller, Paul A., 1917-
Myrdal, Gunnar, 1898-1987
Robinson, Alexander
Stensland, Per Gustaf, 1913- , Archives
Thomas, Dorothy

Corporate Bodies

International Council for Adult Education
Milbank Memorial Fund


Adult education
Educators, United States

Genres and Forms

Speeches (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Per G. Stensland Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Per G. Stensland

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MPH
Date: Sep 1991
Revision history: 17 May 2006 - converted to EAD (MRR)

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Box 1 List of selected publications by PGS
Box 1 Community development
Box 1 Adult education
Box 1 Health and nursing
Box 1 Communication
Box 1 General (5 folders)
Box 1 Adult education study
Box 1 Early study and papers
Box 1 Basic ideas in adult education
Box 1 Book reviews (2 folders)
Box 1 Manuscript review
Box 1 1963-1967
Box 1 1967
Box 1 1968
Box 1 1969
Box 1 1970-1971
Box 1 1970-1973
Box 1 1971-1973
Box 1 1971-1975
Box 1 1975-1978
Box 1 Publications
Box 1 Professional
Box 1 Publication requests
Box 1 Community development Jr.
Box 1 Social sciences and medicine
Box 1 Harvard Business Review
Box 1 Article submissions
Box 1 Backett, Maurice
Box 1 Farrell, James T. "Youth"
Box 1 Miller, George E.
Myrdal, Gunner
Box 1 Correspondence
Box 1 Writings (2 folders)
Box 1 Robinson, Alexander
The arrangement of this series is Stensland's own. In a few cases the folders do not follow an obvious logical order, such as chronological or alphabetical. However, each subseries has its own structure.
Adult Education Centre, Fort William, Newfoundland
Oversize 13 Course materials 1945 - includes Foundations of Adult Education, Sociology of the Community, and Discussion Techniques
Oversize 13 Sociology, general materials
Kansas State College [KA]
Box 2 Community development teaching materials 1948-1952
Box 2 Institute of Citizenship - description of the "extension program" of the Institute
Box 2 Publications and papers by PGS and others
Box 2 Final Report on the Institute of Citizenship 1945-1953
Box 2 "Land-Water-People" [work kit] 1951 - for discussion group
Box 2 Seminar in Educational Sociology 1954 - syllabus, writings, teaching materials
Box 2 Missouri Valley Conference 1949
Box 2 Kansas Commission for UNESCO 1948-1953 - Reports, publications, correspondence
Texas Technological College [TX]
The West Texas Regional Program in Adult Education
Box 2 "The First Year" (report) 1952-1953
Box 2 "The Second Year" (report) 1953-1954
Box 2 Adult education, reports and studies 1953
Box 2 "West Texas Regional Program" by PGS in Texas Libraries 1953
Box 2 Thirteenth Quarterly Summary Report Dec 1956 - memorandum, newsletters; writings re Program in Adult Education
Box 2 West Texas Regional Project on Adult Education 1953
Box 2 Workshops 1956-1957
Regional Conferences and Projects
Box 2 The First Midwinter Forum on Community Development Jan 1954
Box 2 The Second Midwinter Forum on Community Development Jan 1955
Box 2 Seybold Guest Ranch Conference Sep 1956
Teaching Materials
Box 2 Adult Education 1953 - syllabus bound with student papers
Box 2 Seminar in Educational Sociology 1954 - syllabus bound with student papers; misc materials (2 folders)
Box 2 Ideas on Leadership 1954 - syllabus bound with student papers
Box 3 "The Crisis" Statements
Correspondence, documents, clippings related to the Board of Directors of Texas Tech dismissal of several professors and the disbanding of the Adult Education program.
Sardinia Project, European Productivity Agency (EPA) for the European Economic Cooperation (OECC) [SAR] ca 1958
Box 3 Reports
European Seminar on Social Research and Community Development in European Problem Areas, Polarmo, Sicily Jun 1958
Box 3 Seminar papers; program information
Oversize 13 Seminar papers (2 folders)
Box 3 Community Development Conference, Tripoli, 1958
University of Saskatchewan, Center for Community Studies [SASK]
Reports from clinics and workshops
Box 3 Reports 1960-1961
Box 3 Local Government Continuing Committee report 1961
Box 3 Institute on Community Education for Health, Proceedings 1961
Box 3 Community development 1962 - university program notes
Box 3 Saskatchewan Assoc for Adult Education 1963-1966 - conference reports and papers
Box 3 Second Conference on Education for General Practice 1963
Box 3 Toronto Psychiatric Hospital Planning Conference 1964
Box 3 Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Assoc Conf 1966
Box 3 Second Western Conference on Medical Education 1966 - interdisciplinary teaching
Oversize Box 1 3 Staff Conference 1966
Box 3 Adult education overview 1960's
Box 3 Key to Community, Nos 2-5 1966-1968
Box 3 Radio forum program 1963
Milbank Memorial Fund [MIL]
These materials are arranged in the order that they were found.
Box 3 Annual reports 1967-1972
Box 3 Diaries 1968
Box 3 Sixth Anniversary Conference, New York City (NYC) 1965
Box 3 Education Seminar of Faculty Fellows
Box 3 CEMIC, Buenos Aires Jan 1966
Box 3 Bogota meeting Aug 1966
Box 3 Vina del Mar, Chile, Seminar on Teaching of "Medicinia Integrada" Jan 1968
Box 3 West Indies Eastern Caribbean Health Study Seminar 1968
Box 3 UK/Yugoslav Seminar on Comparability in Health Services Sep 1969
Box 3 UK/Yugoslav Seminar - organizing materials
Box 3 UK/Yugoslav Seminar
Box 3 UK and Scotland - interview summaries
Box 3 NYC Seminar on Relationships Between Providers of Health Service and the Community Apr 1969
NYC Seminar
Box 3 Printed materials
Box 3 Seminar notes 1969
Box 3 Brasilian Seminar Jun 1970
Box 3 Mexico City 1972 (3 folders)
Box 3 South America 1970, 1972 - interviews, notes, printed materials
Box 3 Concepcion; Bogota, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Campinas, Campinas; III Conferencia Panamericana de Education Medica; Buenos Aires ca 1970
Box 3 Reports on meetings and interviews 1969-1970
Oversize 13 Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Birmingham, London 1966
Box 4 Charlottesville, Nashville, New Orleans May 1970
Box 4 Washington, DC
Box 4 Miller, George; Hilliard, Jason 1970 - memos and correspondence
Box 4 Sweden 1971
Conferences and Seminars
Box 4 Fertility and Family planning in Latin America 1967
Box 4 Health Services Research Seminar 1969 - includes writings of John Williamson
Box 4 Reorientacion de la Educacion Medica en Colombia 1970 - materials, "teaching and learning" (3 folders)
Box 4 Fourth World Conference on Medical Education 1972
Box 4 Canadian Public Health Assoc, 63rd annual meeting 1972
Box 4 IV Meeting of the Health Sciences Educations Information Center (HSEIC), Washington, DC 1973
Behavioral Sciences and Medical Education Conference
Box 4 First 1969 - correspondence and proceedings
Box 4 Third [canceled] 1970
Box 4 Fifth 1971
Box 4 Sixth 1972
Box 4 Conference on Research in Poverty and Development 1968
Box 14 Gantt charts related to seminar planning
See also Miscellaneous : Table (matrix) related to project or seminar planning
Oversize 13 Herman San Martin ca 1967
Box 4 Correspondence 1969-1974 - notes
Box 4 Correspondence, medical 1970-1974
Box 4 Correspondence 1972, 1973
Box 4 References - publications; research paper
Box 4 Milbank Fund publications (2 folders)
Teacher's College, Columbia University [TC] 1973-1975
Continuing Professional Educational Seminar [CPA] 1974
Box 4 Effective Approaches to Continuing Professional Education
Box 4 Master copy of proposal for CPE Seminar 1974
Box 4 Resources
Box 4 General
Box 4 Bibliography
Box 4 Background statistics
Box 4 Define what is adult education
Box 4 Aims
Box 4 Bibliography 1974
Box 4 Outline, registration and grades
Box 4 Reference and bibliography
Box 4 AV - media
Box 4 Introduction - pre-course planning
Box 4 Teaching II, 9-10
Box 4 The physician II, 11-12
Box 4 Business, 13-14; law, 13-14
Box 4 Self-inventory
Box 4 Medicine, II D
Box 4 Law, II A
Box 4 Synthesis, 15-16
Box 4 Engineer, 17-18, II C
Box 4 Health professionals - offprints, journals and reports
Adult Education Courses [AEC]
Box 4 Course outlines
Box 4 Seminar notes [printed for distribution]
Box 4 Bibliographies
Box 4 Additional materials - notes, writing, printed materials (2 folders)
Box 5 General aims
Box 5 Strategies and roles
Box 5 Setting goals; selecting content; choosing method
Box 5 Definitions and philosophy
Box 5 Agencies
Box 5 The learner, additional materials
Box 5 Attitude; general change
Box 5 Case study, Morningside Heights
Box 5 Learning, overall theories
Box 5 Learning, misc notes
Box 5 Research and learning
Box 5 The learner [part II]
Box 5 Teaching personnel, course listing
Box 5 Contemporary Adult Education (goals and origins)
Box 5 Research
Box 5 University research, other research
Box 5 ICAE, research participants and project
See also Professional: International Council for Adult Education [ICAE]
Box 5 Research on change
Box 5 Research, preliminary outlines, proposal
Box 5 Burke, May 20-21 1975?
Box 5 Commission on Professions of Adult Education (CPAE)
Box 5 First person learning
Community development courses [CD]
Box 5 Miscellaneous papers for community development
Box 5 Teacher education
Box 5 Planning phases
Box 5 Discussion group material
Box 5 Course evaluation
Box 5 Outlines; outline for TD 6691
Box 5 Assignments and notes
Box 5 Introduction (TD 300); bibliography (TD 3300) 1973
Box 5 Materials (TD 3300) (2 folders)
Program planning [PP]
Box 5 Program planning materials
Box 5 NASA
Box 5 Parameter
Box 5 Forms
Box 5 General background
Box 5 Summary
Box 5 Bibliography
Box 5 Outlines
Box 5 Grades; participants
Box 5 Registration (TD 5601) 1975
Box 5 Papers, general
Box 5 Workshop
Box 5 Continuing education, nurses 1974
Box 5 Communication and consultation
Box 5 Health Careers Education
Box 5 Old research, change potential 1973
Module Teaching Strategies [MTS] 1976
This subseries contains teaching materials for "Teaching Strategies and Techniques," taught by PGS summer 1975. Included are both a typescript and xerox copy of a his book [?] Teaching Strategies and Techniques.
Box 5 Teaching Strategies and Techniques by PGS undated
Box 5 Modules #1 - 8 - "teaching" or "session" notes (printed materials)
Box 5 Modules #9-10 - "session" notes (printed materials)
Box 14 Project management chart - teaching material graphic [marker on newsprint], 9 sheets
Box 5 I - evaluation I; II:A - session 5; II:B - session 6; II:C&D - session 7-8 (evaluation II); III:A&B - session 8-9 [original folder empty]; III:C&D - evaluation III
Box 6 Module - overheads and notes
Box 6 Module I:A
Box 6 Strategy two; strategy three
Box 6 Strategy four; strategy five
Box 6 Student evaluations
Box 6 Module - extra items
Box 6 Final plans for demonstration
Box 6 Strategy IV ratings and presentations
Box 6 Class sessions 1 - 4 (class TO 5601)
"Continuing Education Needs of Directors of Hospital Nursing Inservice Education in New York State." [Dissertation] 1975
Hunter College, New York City [HC] 1974
Box 6 Institute of Health Science [IHT]
Box 6 Summary of course, "Basic Concepts of Public Health and Health Care"
Box 6 Syllabus; bibliography; basic concepts
Box 6 Outlines
Box 6 Materials
Box 6 Evaluations and exams
Box 6 Notes (2 folders)
Box 6 Handouts
Box 6 International
Box 6 Professional and health planning (materials) (8 folders)
Oversize 13 Professional and health planning (oversize materials)
New York University [NYU] 1975-1976
Sweden / Scotland Seminar 1976
Box 6 Scotland
Box 6 Budget
Box 6 Sweden
Box 6, 7 Sweden, printed materials (2 folders)
Center for International Health Education [CIHE]
Box 7 Notes
Box 7 Correspondence
Box 7 Center proposal, 1st draft with notes on discussion
Box 7 Application, 3rd draft
Box 7 Center application
Box 7 Center application, appendix
Box 7 Proposal, corrections
Box 7 Proposal, corrected copy
Box 7 Fellowship applications (3 folders)
These three files are the same as "Center application files" listed above
Box 7 Advisory committee (2 folders)
Box 7 Contacts; information
Box 7 Correspondence
Box 7 Project comments
Box 7 Timing of Center proposal, suggested
Box 7 Medical center
Box 7 Resources
Box 7 Grant proposal (I)
Box 7 Seminar report 1976
Box 7 Curriculum and course descriptions for international community health education
Box 7 International Internship in Community Health Education project 1975
Box 7 NDEA-Title VI (Language Development Act) meeting 1976
University of Toronto [UT]
Comparative Studies in Adult Education [CSAE] 1977
Box 7 Unit I, II & III, notes
Box 7 Unit I, origins (2 folders)
Box 7 Phase I, materials; phase II
Box 7 Unit II, approaches to learning
Box 7 Unit II, theory of learning & summary
Box 7 Unit III, strategies
Box 7 Unit IV, role of education
Box 7 Methods (teaching) - teaching materials, offprints, notes
Box 7 Activities (general outline) - teaching materials
Box 7 Field trip (July)
Box 7 Philosophy, international examples
Box 7 Comparatives studies and reports
Box 7 University and college education
Box 7 Papers, newsletters
Box 7 University extension administration charts
Box 7 University programs
Box 7 Background (class 4600 A:3)
Box 7 "C"
Box 7 [Education] 1114, general materials 1977 (2 folders)
Box 7 Bibliographies
International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma Ata, Russia [AA] 1978
Stensland was the representative from International Council for Adult Education [ICAE].
Health Project Materials
Box 7 Health Care 1976, country program - printed reports
Box 7, 8 Latin America - printed materials (3 folders)
Box 8 Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) - printed materials (II)
Oversize 13 Yemen Arab Republic - reports
Box 8 Asia (I) - printed materials
Box 8 Western Pacific - printed materials
Box 8 Africa - printed materials (2 folders)
Box 8 Europe - printed materials
Box 8 United Nations - printed materials
Box 8 American Public Health Association [APHA] authors and vouchers - correspondence
Box 8 APHA correspondence
Box 8 Conference material; APHA post-conference meeting
Box 8 Health Research plans
Box 8 Notes
Box 8 Journals (3 folders)
Box 8 Reports
Box 8 Reports - WHO (2 folders)
Box 8 Publication - WHO
Reports by Country
Box 8 Reports, international
Box 9 Sanitary
Box 9 World Health Organization
Personalized Care Model Training Project [PCM] 1980
Box 9 Regional Research Council of American - general information; correspondence
Box 9 PCM (4 folders)
Box 9 Special materials
Box 9 Teaching materials (2 folders)
Box 9 Slang; words; communication channels
International Council for Adult Education [ICAE]
See also Teacher's College, Columbia University: Adult Education Courses: ICAE, research participants and project
Box 9 Continuing Professional Education 1977 - proposal (in a binder of materials from J.R. Kidd)
Box 9 Correspondence; newsletter, publications 1980-1983
Box 9 General materials - newsletter; offprint
Box 9 Buttedhal, Paz 1977
Box 9 Gayfer, Margaret 1977-1980 - women's rights
Box 9 Hall, Budd - Participatory Research Project 1976-1981
Box 9 Kidd, J.R. 1974-1981
Box 9 Miller, Paul 1976-1978
Box 9 Thomas, Dorothy 1976-1979
Box 9 General; ICAE questionnaire 1977-1980
Box 9 Publications
Box 9 Finance and expenses [personal and organizational] 1976-1980
Box 9 Seminar on Adult Education and Development, Kungalv Sweden 1979 - correspondence; documents
Box 9 Gothenburg lectures: "Health in a Changing Environment" 1977 (2 folders)
Box 9 Nordic trip report Sept-Oct 1977
Box 9 Zambia workshop 1977
Oversize 13 Dar Es Salaam 1976
Box 9 Primary Care and Education for Development [collaboration of ICAE, WHO and UNICEF, and others] ca 1978 - proposal; correspondence; reports
Box 9 Primary Health Care workshop
Box 9 Office of Education, U.S. - correspondence
World Bank/World Education 1977-1978
Box 9 General
Box 9 Saudi Arabia
Box 9 World Education report 1977
Box 9 Correspondence; memorandum; reports
Adult Learning Services
Box 9 Norman Kurland [New York State Education Dept] 1977-1979 - reports; papers; correspondence
Box 9 Consultation, National Fellowship Program 1977-1979 - correspondence and reports
Box 9 Correspondence, conferences 1981 - letters to Congress re health care funding; conference folder for Alpha Center for Health Planning
Conferences, Workshops and Seminars
Included here is a series of folders located together without a general title by Stensland. It is not clear what Stensland's role was in any of these conferences.
See also International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma Ata, Russia [AA] 1978
Box 9 Leadership Training, Chautaugua Institute 1953
Box 9 Introduction to Mid-Management Seminar ca 1953
Box 9 Local Government Continuing Committee, Saskatchewan, Canada 1960 - training program for local government
Box 10 Arctic Research Laboratory, Point Barrow, Alaska 1962
Box 10 Education for Leisure 1965
Box 10 Federacion Panamericana de Asociaciones de Facultades de Medicina, Bogota 1973
Box 10 Conference on the Professions, University of the State of New York 1977
Box 10 Proceedings
Box 10 Fund for Adult Education undated
Community Development
Included here are papers written by Stensland or other authors, some of which were used as teaching materials. The contents of some files are redundant of materials found elsewhere in the collection. This series is rich in teaching materials and documentation of Stensland's approach to community development and the teaching process itself.
Material on community development is also scattered throughout the collection under various topics.
Theory research, Kansas, Saskatchewan, Texas
Box 10 Theory and parameters
Box 10 Goals of adult education
Box 10 Values; evaluation
Box 10 Adult education 1944-1957
Box 10 Adult education undated
Box 11 Community development 1950-1963
Box 11 Community development 1964-1966
Box 11 Educational sociology 1960-1964
Box 11 Educational sociology 1965-1971
Box 11 General 1962-1963
Box 11 Continuing education 1941-1942
Box 11 "America and Americans," and other early speeches 1941-1948
Box 11 Clipping re speeches
Box 12 Scrap book, Lubbock, Texas
Box 12 Dissertation: John V. Gregory 1956
Box 12 Table (matrix) related to project or seminar planning (approx. 4' x 3.5')
See also Milbank Memorial Fund: Conferences and Seminars: Gantt charts related to seminar planning

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