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2-D Design Introduction

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2-Dimensional Problem Solving

The fall semester was made up of a series of assignments which led up to the book project. Students visited Special Collections, and were shown a diverse range of traditional and non-traditional book structures by Peter Verheyen and Terry Keenan.

Since this book project is based on the concept of time, students were asked to brainstorm ideas in their journals for a timed 20 minutes, They then gathered in small groups to read back their stream of consciousness writing and associations. After hearing each other's ideas, the groups concluded that everyone has a personal relationship to time and conceives and structures his/her world accordingly.

Before starting their individual books, (some of which are based on their journal writing) the students considered size, shape, structure, medium and color so that every part contributed to the concept. Although each student worked on his/her book, they met in small groups for two class periods for progress reviews and problem solving.

Gail Hoffman

All statements by the artists are in their own words.

Index of Exhibitors

  • Sarah Bender
  • Joel Bialek
  • Sara Colburn
  • Julie Crossman
  • Eileen Daly
  • Holly DeRosa
  • Winslow Eaves
  • Kristen Jensen
  • Ben Jones
  • Sarah Maxam
  • Stephen Moverley
  • Heather Neal
  • Andrew Saluti
  • Adam Schuman
  • Abe Wiley
  • Yvonne Wiktorowski