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3-D Design Introduction

Books as Objects

Contemporary artists are challenging the traditional attitude of making books. Rather than relying on print as the primary means of communication, these artists are using form.

Historically, the book has taken many shapes in addition to the common codex. Earlier forms include scrolls and clay tablets, accordion-folded and fan shaped manuscripts, and engraved cylinders. Before paper, other materials such as parchment, papyrus, and palm leaves were used. Many artists reflect on this history and draw inspiration from it.

Contemporary book objects demonstrate an infinate variety of forms and materials while trying to exploit the expressive potential of the book's form.

-Adapted from OFF THE WALL, an exhibition of comtemporary book objects by Rita Saliklis and Don Cortese

By Claire Harootunian


Book Project

They were made as a "book about a book". The artist is trying to convey something about the chosen book. It could be the general theme, specific information, or a special emotion or mood. It is hoped the viewer will establish a dialog with these works by questioning the artist's intents.

 All statements by the artists are in their own words.

Index of Exhibitors

  • Joe Aiello
  • Jason Bognacki
  • Melissa Horvitz
  • Erin A. Kelly
  • Mark A. Martin
  • Jody H. Nichols
  • Lucas G. Sheridan
  • Jennifer E. Swanson
  • Courtney J. Vagliardo