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MS 2, which has also been referred to by scholars as the Syracuse Hours or Le Louchier Hours, is a Book of Hours with a date of post-1450. This manuscript of 223 leaves bears a coat of arms that has been identified as belonging to the Le Louchier-De Buillemont family, more specifically to Robert Le Louchier and Anne Croquevilain who were married in 1435.

This Book of Hours of the Roman rite use consists of a calendar, the Hours, the 7 Penitential Psalms, Litany, suffrages, and miscellaneous prayers. The main text is in Latin with rubrics in French. It is written in Gothic bookhand and appears in a layout of one column of 15 rows of text with rubrics in red and the rest of the text in brown/black ink. Family entries follow the main text which record the births and deaths of the Du Questnoy family, later owners of the MS. The manuscript was eventually donated to Syracuse University Library, Department of Special Collections by John M. Crawford.

The four full-page, richly illuminated miniatures, complete with elaborate borders, have a facing page of text with borders and decorative initials which complement the major composition depicted. Decorative borders and decorative initials on these pages and other pages which consist only of the decorative borders and initials, are characterized by a variety of foliage--acanthus, vines, flowers, strawberries, and the occasional animal--and rich, bold colors--blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, and gold leaf. The illuminations have been identified as characteristics of the Tournai workshop and possibly are the work of the Master of Ghent privileges.

For more details on this manuscript, see the description of the MS 2 in table format. Sources for description information are available through the Citations link and other relevant sources, print and electronic, through the Additional References link.

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Index of Selected Images from MS 2

ff.15v-16r, Crucifixion & accompanying text

ff.15v, Crucifixion

f.20r, Border & Initial: Hours of the Holy Spirit

ff.24v-25r, Virgin & Child; Coat of Arms; accompanying text

ff.24v, Virgin & Child; Coat of Arms;

f.45r, Border & Initial: Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary

f.57r, Border & Initial: Prime

f.61r, Border & Initial: Terce

f.65r, Border & Initial: Sext

f.68r, Border & Initial: None

f.71r, Border & Initial: Vespers

f.77r, Border & Initial: Compline

f.85v, Border & Initial: Office from Advent to the Nativity

f.92v, Border & Initial: Office from Nativity to the Purification

f.101r, Border & Initial: Hours of the Spirit

ff.107v-108r, Decorative Initial: Lauds

ff.110v-111r, Decorative Initial: Terce

ff.112v-113r, Decorative Initial: Sext

ff.113v-114r, Decorative Initial: None

ff.114v-115r, Decorative Initial: Vespers

ff.121v-122r, Christ in Judgment & accompanying text

ff.121v, Christ in Judgment

ff.135v-136r, Litany

f.144r, Border & Initial: Office of the Dead

ff.205v-206r, St. Francis receiving the Stigmata & accompanying text

ff.205v, St. Francis receiving the Stigmata

ff.213v-214r, Heavenly Joys of the Very Blessed Mother of God

ff.214v-215r, Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary


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