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MS 7 is a Book of Hours consisting of 251 leaves (and twelve flyleaves) still bound in its original binding of calf leather over wooden boards. The ornamentation of this binding includes animal motifs, a scene of a bagpiper and three dancers, and words which identify the binder as Ludovicus Bloc, a binder in Bruges, Flanders, form 1484-1529. The manuscript ws made in Bruges in 1484-1529 but may have been intended for use in Lierre-en-Brabant. The text was written in Batarde script, with light brown to black ink for the text and red for rubrics. The layout for the main text consists of 16 rows in 1 column. Not only does the binding match another found in the Goldschmidt collection, but the panel with the bagpiper and dancers matches a narrative border for the Annunciation to the Shepherds on f.82r of Syracuse MS 7 and also a page in Vienna, Nat. Bibl. MS. 1984, f. 95v.

The text which follows the use of Rome, is in Latin with the final prayer in French, and consists of a calendar, Hours of the Cross, Hours of the Holy Spirit, Gospel readings, Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Hours of the Virgin, Salve Regina, Prayer of St. Bernard, Penitential Psalms, Litany, Office of the Dead, various prayers and suffrages.

This manuscript is profusely illuminated and contains approximately 63 small and large miniatures with borders and 5 historiated initials, in addition to the usual array of decorative initials and end-of-row space-fillers. The borders surrounding the major illuminations may be designed with bold-colored patterns ornamented with realistically-detailed flowers and foliage, or attempt to recreated special effects such as jewels pinned on to the border, or illustrate a narrative scene. In general, the artwork is characteristic of work done in Ghent & Bruges the beginning of the 16th century.

For more details on this manuscript, see the description of the MS 7 in table format. Sources for description information are available through the Citations link and other relevant sources, print and electronic, through the Additional References link.

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Index of Selected Images from MS 7

Binding by Louis Bloc

ff.13v-14r, Agony in the Garden; Arrest of Christ; Christ being bound

f.13v, Agony in the Garden; Arrest of Christ

f.14r, Christ being bound

f.15r, Christ before Pilate & the Flagellation

f.16r, Ecce Homo ("Behold the Man") & Carrying of the Cross

f.17v, Christ being stripped of his garments & Nailing to the Cross

f.19r, Raising of the Cross & the Crucifixion

f.20r, Descent from the Cross & the Lamentation

f.21r, Entombment of Christ

ff.22v-23r, Baptism of Christ & Historiated Initial of the Holy Spirit

f.22v, Baptism of Christ

f.23r, Historiated Initial of the Holy Spirit

f.24r, Christ appears to the Apostles

f.25v, Pentecost

f.27r, St. Peter and St. John laying their hands upon the people in blessing or healing

f.28r, St. Matthias(?) preaching to and baptizing the Ethiopians

f.29r, St. Peter preaching/instructing

f.30r, St. Paul performing a baptism

f.31v, Historiated initial: Eagle, symbol of St. John the Evangelist

f.32v, Historiated Initial: Ox, symbol of St. Luke the Evangelist

f.34r, Historiated Initial: Winged Man or Angel, symbol of St. Matthew the Evangelist

f.35v, Historiated Initial: Lion, symbol of St. Mark the Evangelist

f.37r, Agony & the Instruments of the Passion

ff.47v-48r, Madonna & Child, Decorative Initial & Border

f.47v, Madonna & Child

f.48r, Decorative Initial & Border, "Incipit missa beate marie virginis..."

ff.55v-56r, Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary & Decorative Initial & Border

f.55v, Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

f.56r, Decorative Initial & Border, "Incipiu[n]t hore beate marie virginis...Ad matuti[n]a..."

f.66r, Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; border of Frolicking Monkeys/Apes

f.77v, Nativity

f.82r, Annunciation to the Shepherds

f.86v, Adoration of the Magi; border of Children Playing Games

f.91r, Presentation in the Temple; border of Sporting Games

f.95v, Flight into Egypt, Massacre of the Innocents

f.104v, Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; border of the Wild Folk

f.109r, Virgin & Child; Five Virgin Saints

f.111r, St. Bernard before the Virgin & Child

f.113r, King David; David & Goliath

ff.133v-134r, Raising of Lazarus

f.133v, Raising of Lazarus; A Man's Death

f.134r, Funeral; Historiated Initial: Skull

f.179v, Crucifixion; Stag Hunt

ff.182v-183r, Virgin with Christ Child

f.182v, Virgin & Child

f.183r, Virgin praying with Christ Child on her lap

f.194r, Christ as Salvator Mundi

f.200v, St. Michael the Archangel

f.201v, St. Peter & St. Paul

ff.202v-203r, St. Andrew & St. Sebastian

f.202v, St. Andrew

f.203r, St. Sebastian

f.204r, St. Anthony the Hermit

f.205r, St. Adrian

f.206r, St. Guidon (also known as St. Guy, or St. Wye)

f.207r, St. John the Baptist

f.208r, St. John the Evangelist

ff.208v-209r, St. Laurence & St. Nicholas

f.208v, St. Laurence

f.209r, St. Nicholas

f.209v, St. James the Greater

f.210v, St. Christopher

f.212r, St. Claudius

f.213v, An Apostle or Saint

f.215r, Veneration of the Blessed Sacrament

f.216r, Crucifixion

f.216v, God the Father

ff..217v-218r, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit

f.217v, God the Son; Christ Triumphant

f.218r, God the Holy Spirit

f.219r, Christ as an Infant

f.221r, St. Agnes

f.222r, St. Anne, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Christ

f.223r, St. Mary Magdalene

f.224v, St. Elizabeth [of Hungary]

f.225v, St. Catherine [of Alexandria]

f.226v, St. Barbara

f.227v, St. Margaret

f.229r, St. Apolonia

f.230r, St. Agatha

f.231r, St. Mary of Egypt

f.231v, St. Cecilia

f.232v, St. Lucy

ff. 234v-235r, Elevation & Communion

f.234v, Elevation of the Body of Christ

f.235r, Receiving the Body of Christ

f.239r, Virgin & Child

f.247r, Christ as Salvator Mundi 



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