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Oct. 13, 2022, 5 p.m.
Your one stop shop for sports business industry data, news and analysis.
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by Anita Kuiken, Librarian for Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics

Sport Business Research Network (SBRnet), featuring Sports Market Analytics, presents a unique blend of data collected from proprietary consumer-based surveys and syndicated content for a data driven perspective on professional, college and recreational sports. While business databases do cover the sports business industry in-part, none are as dedicated or comprehensive as SBRnet. This is your one stop shop for sports business industry data, news and analysis. Data is available summarized across categories like sporting goods, sport participation, the fan market, college market, single sports, sports gambling and team valuations, allowing the user to make comparisons between sports. Additionally, a user can drill down into specific sports in the following categories: Team, Individual, Outdoor, Racquet, Motor, Water, Winter, Womens and Fitness. Lastly, a resource center points to directories, media, publications and venue information.

There’s something here for everyone! Faculty and student researchers alike love SBRnet content for sport market research data that gives insight into fan-based consumer behavior, brand preferences, sport by sport comparisons and analyses of developing trends in eSports, social media, sport gambling, sporting goods and more. For those who want to make a career in the sport business industry or generally want to tap into trending conversations, check out featured content on themes like “My First Job in Sports,” “Sports Law Expert,” “Events and Conferences” and “First and Pen,” which captures local sport stories from the voices of the underserved and persons of color. Lastly, fitness, outdoor and individual sports enthusiasts will love using SBRnet to see what’s trending and keep abreast of sport-related news from trade publications, blogs, podcasts and other media.

SBRnet is an essential source for students and faculty interested in all aspects of the sports world including but not limited to marketing, entrepreneurship, public relations, media production, broadcasting, communications, licensing and organizational management.

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